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"ralph kearney" Discussed on KQED Radio

"They might be Giants. The new album Here comes science. John Flansburgh and John Linnell here in the studio with us said, Rocking Away and also on on the drums. Marty Bella back there. Not saying very much is now part of any other folks who play with it. And people in the bank. Yeah, yeah, way. Actually, we're just about to go out on tour. We're doing this, Um, family shows as well as ah Flood show where we're playing our 1990 breakthrough album Flood in sequence. Um, that's kind of a once in a lifetime deal for us, and then we're doing this whole new show for adults. But joining us onstage is this fellow then Ralph Kearney, who's famous. Among musicians for being the guy who plays on all the Tom Waits, sort of the classic Tom Waits, middle period circus music albums. He's a multi instrumentalist. You placed a lot different kinds of horns, and he's going to be joining us and it Z. I'll be very interesting working with somebody who's got such a clear voice as a as a musician. It's It's very like being like the rest of us. Yeah, we're just We're just hacking along, but we also have a dent. Dan Miller plays guitar and anyone caught plays bass. So it's it'll be a six piece where you gonna be. Where can people see you everywhere where they lost and got a schedule? Little I could tell you next time I would say good good. Our website. Maybe Johnson. Go to Facebook. Facebook has got all that information. We're we've got all these and also they're all these videos. If you want to see videos of these songs with the entire album here comes sciences been made into a DVD on there. So they're all these animated videos accompanying The music and there, really some of them are really quite remarkable. We might see you in an MTV video. I don't think MTV is planned video say more, but but if if they were, they certainly know. I mean, it's It's shocking to everywhere, especially especially musicians. I have two daughters and I went down that that lifestyle music is more of a lifestyle expression these days, But I don't think I don't know if they really warm up to science, The hutch I'm Ira Flatow and this is science Friday from W. N. Y C studios. Well, the radio guys, I'm Ira Plato. If you've ever been on the radio before the no nonsense fighting. This is a big deal. Wow. I'm very flattering, You know, because because we all wish we could do something else. I wish I could play a musical instrument. Yeah. I mean, I think you just like I was just hoping that we'd be on science. Right? One of us got. I wish you all right on. Is there a topic you'd like to take on that? You haven't done yet. A subject, man. We're thinking we were tossing out ideas for the next, uh, Disney produced Giants record instructional music for young people were thinking Maybe there goes your civil rights could be the next one. I was was one idea. I think plans plans. Birkhead. Yeah way Have we have come to sindical ist? We could do like a history like sort of. Ah, People's History of America. Val's history of America. Well, we've got about 2.5 minutes left. We got a quick song. You could sing. You could think. Oh, sure. What should we do? We could do you wanna hear a non science so I'm sure whatever. We only had a couple of minutes, but I don't have anything in it. We'll play us out to the end of the show. And why don't we do a song that's factually incorrect..

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