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"ralph albertazzi" Discussed on Everything Everywhere Daily

"The aircraft delivered in nineteen sixty two was given the number. Sim twenty six thousand. It was i used on november tenth. Nineteen sixty two to fly president kennedy to the funeral of former first lady. Eleanor roosevelt. sim twenty. Six thousand wasn't used from nineteen sixty two to nineteen ninety eight and served every president from kennedy to clinton although it wasn't always the primary plane this plane was made famous for being the location of linden johnson's inauguration and it was also involved in a fly over during president. Kennedy's funeral followed by fifty fighter. Jets sim twenty. Six thousand is currently on display at the wright patterson museum. Sim twenty seven. Thousand was another modified boeing seven seven which entered service in nineteen seventy two. When i say. I'm twenty seven thousand is put into service. The twenty six thousand became a secondary plane. The sim twenty. Seven thousand was dubbed the spirit of seventy six by richard nixon. Any headed painted on the nose. This was the plane. That famously took president nixon to china. When nixon resigned his resignation took effect when he was in the air over missouri. The pilot colonel. Ralph albertazzi changed the call sign of the aircraft. When the appointed time arrived by notifying kansas city. Air traffic control. That air force one was now. Sim twenty seven thousand. Because the president was not on board during the tenure of president ford. The plane was equipped with defensive systems for heat seeking missiles and he was also the first to start calling the plane itself. Air force one. Not just the call. Sign sim twenty. Seven thousand also served presidents. Ford carter reagan bush clinton and the other bush. It's last flight was on august. Twenty ninth two thousand one. When it flew president george w bush and his family to the ranch outside waco texas. Sim twenty seven. Thousand is now on display at the ronald reagan presidential museum in california in nineteen ninety. The current presidential planes were brought into service the boyne. Vc twenty-five is a modified. Military version of a boeing seven forty seven and there are currently two of them they have the codes. Sim twenty eight thousand and s. Am one thousand nine thousand. These planes have capabilities. That previous presidential aircraft lacked. They can refuel in flight. Which means they can basically fly indefinitely. They have enough communications equipment on board to run the entire military from the air. After the attacks on september eleventh they were upgraded. Such the president can do a live broadcast on board to the entire nation. All of the wiring aboard the aircraft are shielded to protect it from a nuclear electromagnetic pulse and there is twice as much cable as what is normally found a seven forty seven. Sim twenty eight thousand twenty. Nine thousand are probably the most sophisticated aircraft in the world from a communications perspective. The current planes have sleeping quarters for the presidential family and other members of the presidential staff as well as a seating section for members of the press. They're is four thousand square feet of space available on.

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