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"rally zank" Discussed on Sitting Ringside

"But obviously you know it's fight week We're gonna try to get him on next next thursday night So yet that that jimmy was like a surprise for him to sign the contract in the next. You know fighting ben ben. Rothwell like Alex's favorite fighter too where you at alex race this card is probably gonna be at at most seven right now giving it a six. I'm giving it a solid six ratings on paper. I mean it's probably like a six but thing in the most. It's going to get bro. i don't care how fun. It's a knockout on every fight. It still going to be in cody car fucked up here starting from the top. I mean there is i mean. I do care about a few flights on this car. I don't care about the card at its entirety. But yeah starting with the rob cody garbrandt. cody garbrandt. Supposed to come in more calculated not just necessarily hit. The brel starts swinging because against fought that could be his demise and I wanna go rob. But i think cody garbrandt could put him awakes. Route plots kinda like just a one two guy Think are bats quick. I think you'll be smarter taken down. I don't know. But rob fontana one of those guys. And i pick against him wins and i hate taking cody garbrandt. But i'm going to pick him in. This fight could be a random decision win to as much as everybody thinks it's going to be. A knockout could be a random decision dominant. Went from cody garbrandt. I gotta agree. Brome going with cody. No hair garbrandt. Now me man. That's the last time. I saw his fight because his hair was all looks. Like all patchy you should change the name from no love to no hair. No pick up on. I mean the his last three winds were were pretty good wins. I mean i know that the from bird unanimous decisions. He did win his last fight. Against marlin moore is in the first round if cardigan Calculated or whatever. It doesn't matter rupf constantina bring it. It's it i just don't like cody carbon l. And best case scenario for garbrandt. Like i said if he does win a decision. That really won't look good. He's gotta come out there and get a finish and then there's possible like tidal talks. You know what i mean. Because he thought he was going to be shoot in the fight. The sent hagans the dealers. Shaw's the top people at one thirty five. But i think he's a little ways out but a big knockout win over font with a good place. But still got tony. Dillashaw and san hagen number one contender fight. And it's very possible. They do like a Interim title at one thirty five. Algae main sterling isn't biting anytime soon. So that's kind of his message narrative piper about you so we'll see man what other fight on this car because we don't have enough time calming event. Does yon yon and carlos arza number one contender fight. My opinion are less bars. Has beaten marina. Rodriguez has beaten top talent. And a is also hotel yama. They're the most. Kobe tested Guinness book of world records wanted every time you turn around coach yama. He's coached the world. He's at every event. He was with fernando sunday here. He is in vegas Coaching carlos Carlos bars may in fact neon on a route to rematch Rosa eunice but john is earned her keep to be in this position of fighter at co main event. I like carlos bars. I won't pick against her until she loses and she's fought the best you can't but john that's a fight at somebody don't know about that. Could come out of nowhere and really challenge for the title dislike rally zank.

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