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"rajon rondo catherine" Discussed on Celtics Lab Podcast

"I'm actually. I'm looking forward to a few preseason losses. I think a couple of might be good for the squad. One thing good transition out of you you just use the word leadership and something that could happen tomorrow. That could happen. A few weeks ago really know. Is that boston might name. Not just one team captain to which is something that brad stevens was really against the back of my celtics hub days. It was every season you could write. Brad stevens should name a captain. Yeah so this might happen. So it's been teased that there will be two and at first i was like oh i know who the two are now. I have decided that. I definitely don't with the two arthur chris. Who do you if you the coach. Who would you name and either because you've heard whispers or because you have an inkling cudi think may be named the if i was ma. It would be jalen. And jason. I think there's a power to enabling your younger players in giving them that title I think i'm emboldened a little bit by that. Because marcus smart said i don't care after not I don't think horford particularly care if you don't understand the cases for both horford inspired And they that might ultimately be the way they tip. And i guess there's probably value naming the more veteran guys in the more vocal guys At least marcus. His case to be those those leaders. What's what i'm somewhat fearful of is like this. Roster is still very fluid and so if you get the midseason it. All of a sudden bradley beal becomes available. Sorry you traded him to to get him and you know that doesn't just it like just aesthetically that doesn't that doesn't look great you know. And but maybe they don't care like this is a team. That name rajon rondo catherine. Even though brad was totally against the detroit On slater so You know it. It's just the title. It's something that's supposed to inspire a little bit more leadership. I don't think that's a bad thing for them to have voices. But you know the more. I think about it. I you know when. I look at that list of captains in celtics history. You know part of the reason. That like the ricky davis or whatever gave us with their names on that list that jump out. Because i'm like how are they captain. You know like it's about the cousy and russell and pearson havlicek and all these guys that you're familiar with and then i don't know how i feel. Look back like they had six months. Where al horford captain on his second tenure at age thirty five so give it to jalen and jason and let them run calkins for the next ten years and You know..

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