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"raja muttawakil" Discussed on WNYC 93.9 FM

"You're listening to the BBC World Service. This is news. The port city of data was brokered ceasefire came into force amid December. There were great hopes of that he could hold and then spread to other parts of the country, which has been a ball for nearly four years. And for the moment, a precarious calm is said to prevail in Hodeida. But until a nationwide ceasefire takes hope millions of Yemenis face famine and continue to be victims of the conflict between the Saudi led coalition backing the government, and who the rebels supported by Ron the European parliament has been discussing Yemen today subcommittee on human rights has been hearing evidence from among others Roger mature to co co-founder of the Yemen's Montanaro guys -ation for human rights. I asked her what she told them. These should know that their countries can do a lot to stop the war in Yemen and not only to provide humanitarian aid. So peace in Yemen is very possible. But it needs a political world and a pressure from the international community. And also there are some European countries hostile setting weapons so some parties to the conflict like this netted Saudi Arabia, and this is a kind of feeling the war. This is also should stop. How was that message received by the European parliament? I was just surprised how much they know about Yemen now because I was here in two thousand sixteen and a hearing about the drones in Yemen. They didn't know much about Yemen in general, but this time it is very clear that is a lot of attention in Yemen, and they were eager to hear more and they asked good questions. So I guess it's the moment for them to to move and also to do a pressure that can lead to something was very positive, but on that specific question of European countries. Halting weapons sales. Did you get a positive response? Yes. And they say that they. I have worked in this. And they have asked for this and different ways. And they want to keep the pressure in this and some European countries. They stopped sitting to us idea Arabia. Paxton many of them, so suddenly like, France and other countries. I mean, you say the the European Union or European states could do more Sweden who hosted those talks last December which have resulted in a ceasefire in Hodeida. What is the latest information? You have from her data, it's assists fire, but not confidences fire. So again, if the international community just kept its iron this and kept trying to push an parties to make the hoodie agreement at least succeed, then that this can lead to many steps toward peace. But the Swedes talk happened only after the political pressure after the hashtag case happened. So when they decided to push all participate conflict too good to Sweden, they just made it. So are you saying that the the warring parties agreed to that ceasefire simply because they were being pressured from outside that they didn't actually. Really want to stop fighting. Exactly. They don't want. They don't care about the millions. They don't care about any procedures that can make the situation this miserable. It happened only because the pressure they are really to p pushed and when I say pressure, it should be balanced pressure. If you have a biased pressure just against one conflict and not the other this kind of pressure didn't work and not work. I mean, you've spoken about the need for European states to stop selling weapons to the Saudi led coalition, but what about the role of Iran in this and the kind of support that they give to the Hootie rebels in fees. We call them like the cheap allies for Iran. So he'll fees are not Hezbollah Yemen is surrounded and all the imports is controlled by Saudi Arabia and the United so. Yeah, Iran, they have their own way to interfere, and they should stop this also. But the the power. Our and this war and desertion is in the hands of the collision more than Iran. Raja Muttawakil co-founder of Yemen's Montanaro organization for.

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