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Justin Schenck  Growth Now Movement | Ep 065

The Win-Win Effect

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Justin Schenck Growth Now Movement | Ep 065

"Happy Monday Monday everybody and welcome back to another episode of the women effect. PODCAST I'm your host Chris Ross and if you're new to US welcome, I am incredibly grateful that you're joining us for the first time. The outcome that were after on each episode of this show is to introduce you to as many people as we cross paths west to inspire and to help you our listeners to manifest anything you want a life how we go about achieving. This is one heartbeat one mission one outcome that success this week's guest we have entrepreneur thought leader and fellow pastor. Justin Shank what started out as a way to connect with top people inspire others has become a way of life. Now, he's getting played in over one hundred countries every single week, and he's able to make a greater impact than he thought. He ever would imagine he not only speaks to organizations on how to overcome adversity utilized podcasting to grow your business but he helps others may get important all different aspects of life with all the success that Justin has experienced over the years with the growth down movement podcast, he has been named a top eight podcast in watch. In Two thousand eighteen by INC DOT COM chosen as the icon of influence in the new media space. Some of the things pay attention to for today's episode is his way of being able to structure some of his questions stand out in podcasting space. Recently, Justin asked me to come on his show growth now, movement podcast and to be honest with you he did ask me really good questions. All right. WHO's ready to begin stand by for a quick message from our co host wes bays before I, bring on today's guests if you're watching us on youtube mix you. To subscribe and hit that notification. So you never miss the fire content we're bringing you every week. If you're listening from your favorite podcast platform, be sure to subscribe and leave us a review letting us know how you're enjoying the show and there's always follow us on Instagram at the win win effect stay updated on upcoming shows and get exclusive behind the scenes footage and lastly fill out the feedback form and letting us know how you enjoyed our guest today and which guest you would like to see in the future. Now without further ado, let's get back to the show. To Welcome Justin. Shank to the show just in. Welcome. Fellas I'm so excited about this conversation and wherever we go I'm sure it'll be beneficial but at the end of the day is going to be a lot of fun. Yes it is going to be a lot of fun and I've been looking for to all the conversations beaded. Have I was came on your show. You know now your blessing us with new coming on our shell will probably make sure we're not going to shake. That has the last time that I'll make a joke about last name but. This latest Shawshank Redemption Union. So but those kind of lean into this man I mean there's a lot that we can kinda cover. Really, don't have a game plan for this just US having a really impactful conversation of all the conversations we've had before. You know for the most part like kind of like leaning in I know that you have your own podcast show and you've been doing that for so long and I'm not trying to make you ought to be the dinosaur of the podcasting world but. The as you the those that can't see the ones that are listening to a recording this or listen to the audio, and you can't see the video. He's got a little wall behind him of all the people that made an impact on his show. I guess we can kind of lean into that and why you wanted to start a podcast and all the success you've had. Over the years with it, I know that we've had other conversations with why we do it. But a lot of people say why they do it but they are trying to monetize make money but y you do is to make an impact collective impact I think that's really insightful. So I guess for the most part this kind of like talk about the podcast of why he Got Started and you know what you're doing now is it changed or anything like that Yemen I mean the reason I do it now is totally different than why I started. So the original plan behind the PODCAST was I wanted to learn from entrepreneurs how to be a better entrepreneur because at this point in my life, we're talking four and a half five years ago now. This point of my life of had I had three failed businesses I'm like I'm doing something wrong like I just felt like I didn't know what I was doing and the original idea behind the podcast was they let me interview entrepreneurs. Let me pick their brain. Let me get the answers I need from these people that otherwise I wouldn't have access to and implemented into my life and really start to put it into business and what ended up happening was five months before I launched the podcast. Was the worst day of my life that phone call nobody ever wants to get whereas my sister and she called me and. The doctor says you need to come. And it was actually up in Cape Cod on vacation at the time and I, I did a seven hour drive down to South Jersey and that was the day my mom passed away and she lost twenty year battle to opioids. And what it did for me is that changed my entire perspective about life like it was no longer about the financial reward of building a successful business so people can go. Oh Wow, look just like he overcame staff and he's doing something really good. It was really about I need to enjoy this journey because you know my mom the end of the day she die because of opioids she died she didn't love herself she didn't love the journey. She didn't think she could get out of that rock bottom moment and so ever since the beginning for me, every conversation that I had and it's three hundred plus episodes at this point. But every conversation I had it's been about like dude in that rock bottom moment, how do you overcome like? How were you able to build the success that you have? How were you able to find happiness? How were you able to love yourself all of these things? And enjoy the whole entire process along the way. So you know obviously like I said the reason behind why I wanted to start it became something completely different but I really believe that. The podcast becoming focus into my purpose. And understanding that there's a deep drive and desire and it's real. Heart Center. That I was able to kind of fully. Fully encapsulate that that's why I became successful. That's why the business grew from it. That's why I'm now fulltime entrepreneur. and. So I got all the things that I wanted from the beginning, but the reason became so different in that reason and things change in another sometimes biggest driving forces don't come from the greatest memories of our life and everyone here everyone tuning into this. You probably can think back to a time in your life where you felt like it was knows over and it changed everything but you've chose at that time to focus on the better part, not the other side. A lot of people aren't going to focus on that in my type of situation me relating to that type of moment for yourself, and that is a is an assane because everybody's experiences different when when you are. Put in a situation where it's going to be you're gonNA feel a lot of pain. Did that help you not feel the pain much this is a really good question. So obviously, I, think I've always lived in that idea of like, why is this happening for me and not to me right my write offs about that all the time. But the crazy part of the story is when my mom passed away I did most people would do and I got blackout drunk six, six, seven nights a week and a half. And so I wasn't like and I don't ever want to paint the rosy picture of like my mom died and I became this successful broadcaster went through the pain to. And for three and a half months I'd numbed the pain and I had a great mentor and friend at the time who popped on the phone with me one night and she's like, what are you doing tonight? I'm going out with some buddies and she goes no, you're not and she's like you're GonNa sit in you're going to sit in your shit and you're gonNA. Feel this right now. And that night was the one of the worst nights of my life. Because I felt all those emotions that I kind of key held down for numbing it drinking. But then when I woke up the next day had this massive weight off my shoulder. That's when I started to get those answers. I was looking for like, what? Where my guiding this? Where am I taking this? What's the point of this journey? And that's when everything kind of open up for me to be like okay. Like people need to sit through their shit in order to see the good life like there's it's there for a reason. So what's the lesson for us and so? I numbed it for a while and then I was able to kind of open up. But once I started talking about that became to answer your question that became the healing process for me and I think that's how I've always like I gave the eulogy at my mom's funeral. For me to be it wasn't easy but I needed to kind of deal right and I look at that and I go. That's kind of the path that it became right like I sail pretty often I go look our wounds there for us to learn and our scars to teach other people so. Go go through the pain and he'll then you're put in a position where you can then help other people and that's what I did right like I sat through the pain and I learned from my my wounds and they became scars now I'm I'm teaching other people. Why do you think people don't ever really want to lean in is not because this is going to be hard work cons- heart you're starting to healing process, but I mean, you hear a lot of successful people say the same shit isn't like it something that we're people aren't sharing that type of information when they go through traumatic experiences are really huge setbacks in life they just choose to go. The other side and running away or masking suppressing feelings emotions. But when you're feeling the emotion and you're choosing to lean in at that time, that's going to really start you into healing process because we're none of us are gonna be completely healed in life. I, hear a lot of times when people go what was the pivotal moment that you decided to make the shift and look at life this way. In. When did you become he'll? Are you heeled I might know shit everyday's rhythm is the process Ben I'm never going to be healed from my sister passing away or going through all the things that I've had has happened in my life, but it's happened in my life for a reason for me to get better and be better and figure out how could I make an impact with people and so they don't have to live in that life of Shit Anita Clubs Subtle Vodka and he? Ten of them or when they they everyone's going to be good today while they're working and while their minds focusing on something else and dark time is like seven pm or ATM or whatever they get off work, and after half you know maybe they'll have one drink. But that that one drink alternative to ten drinks make Zeno lost a year of their life because they're not. They don't want to deal with that type of stuff and it's really difficult for people. Yeah. No I agree and actually I found between people have helped and even in my own struggles like there's comfort in sadness. It's a lot easier to sit down and be sad and drink those beers and say, well as me, it's easier to do that than to say I'm going to overcome I'm no longer going to use this as a crutch people use terrible things that go through as a crutch forever and I mean I've done it right like right now I'm in the middle of a huge fitness journey, right? Like Down Sixteen Pounds I've been working out four to six days a week for the last four and a half months. My Diet styled in but and then I'm gonNA starting January one I'm doing seventy, five hundred if you want to join me by the way. But doing seventy-five hard. Challenge be like I'm GONNA do mainly. Walking off in his sprint and makes like running I'm like I. don't even know where the hell don't challenge me. You'd be like seventy five hundred. Hard, right. and. The reason I'm doing that I'll tell you is because I've used something that happened to me when I was twelve as a crutch, an excuse for why I never got super fit in my life and when I was twelve I broke a hip and then when I was fourteen, I broke my second and so I was the Chubby kid right how many hits you have just broke both. They're both. Visit Joe. But. But I look at that and I I use that as a crutch and so now what do I do to get rid of that? I. Now have to push through the pain and the excuses that I've told myself and I think a lot of the Times. It's a lot easier for people to rest on the laurels in their excuses that they've been able to accumulate. Now, I'm not saying that losing a loved one or getting a divorce or whatever you're going through I'm not saying it's not bad. What I'm saying is at some point, you need to make the decision to go I have to get uncomfortable. So yes, find a new comfortable. And people are afraid to get uncomfortable. It sounds like for me and I've listened to a lot of your episodes. And Boys looked at it in a way of like, wow, he's. In we've had a similar in a similar conversation to this prior before this. I, think a couple of few days back. You don't ask normal questions that people typically ask on shows and I love that about you and I think that comes from you dealing with all the things before and you are able to navigate the conversation through pain where a lot of people run away from it because they don't want to hurt the other person's feelings or they don't know how to deal with that I think that comes from a lot of the emotional intelligence that you do have in a certain situations. That makes you comfortable being uncomfortable in conversations that are uncomfortable for people to talk about, and that sounds really funny for me to say that way. But do you find that the you have a high emotional intelligence helps you be able to drive home your points on the episodes that you do have with a reviewing. Yemen and I think that's the work that I've done. Really my whole life right in the arts and the pain right like I remember people saying to me like when I was fourteen they're like, how are you fourteen in choosing to hang out of these forty year olds and have these conversations? And plan with other kids right. And so that's where it began because I I found safety and learning from people that I admired right at a young age I was like, okay. Let me let hang hang out with my uncle who's successful business or other uncle who's got this happy family that we that I didn't have growing up and all these things to learn from pick their brain. And then as I grew up I was like, let me just keep learning and really figuring out what's the real? What's the real deal? What's the real secret and I approached my podcast interviews like I. I would approach a conversation with a friend over cigar. Yes. That's just kind of how I approach it and and I. Think People think to systematically a lot of times when it comes to podcasting versus feeling through all of it. But I think emotional intelligence and self awareness comes from going through traumatic things and being super aware to it. I'm really good at learning from other people's mistakes and then there's a lot of times people need do like make the mistake themselves in order to somehow hopefully learn from it at that point. But I got really good at a young age to learn how to learn from other people's mistakes like I looked at my mom with her diction. My Dad's spent some time in jail and at sixteen years old I I didn't know what I wanted in my life but I knew I didn't want that and I said, well, how do I avoid that right and it was by surrounding myself with the right? People. Recession. Then I got introduced to self development at nineteen years. Somebody handed me the book who moved my cheese and all of a sudden I go holy crap. There's this entire world of knowledge that people are just willing to hand out. Let me now be the catalyst for that, and that's why the conversations I think go deep because I'm also asking them for myself I get the opportunity to have our long conversations bright with top. People in the world. Let me figure out what I need right, and that's why that's why I go deep like I need this right now. So let's go there right and I and I love that they you answered it that way and it seems that you knew what you are good at before. You're actually living now and you said it the beginning of this why you wanted to start a podcast you want you had three. Businesses and you wanted to learn from entrepreneurs that are actually doing big things and getting yourself to those type level and learning from them. But it sounds like from me, it comes from your childhood of you being around people and being being older soul in experiencing that and absorbing the information that you typically wouldn't get at a young age and he took the same type of way of life at a way of thinking and you implement in Your Business and implement now later on in life and. I. Think. That's why you've had this assessed. You've had. Do you agree yes. For sure and like when I look back at my life like in high has a terrible student at one point I had a one point seven. GPA So like unless it was something I was really into I wasn't really learning but I think the big shift was I want from the least interesting person in the room to the most interested per aspera go and I was interested in people's stories journeys, the lessons they've learned. And then take it a step further. How can I implement that in my life and that's the piece that that a lot of people miss like how many self help junkies are out there that go from event to event read the next book listened to the next podcast and they don't implement and the reason I can talk to that is because I did that I started at nineteen years old and didn't implement till I was thirty like that's eleven years of constant information being put it in my brain in some way shape or form that I did nothing with. You are GonNa Sumer that point. Yeah and a lot of that was out of fear and discomfort right like being like. Well, what if I start to implement this and what if I take my life to the next level and you're afraid of what happens next like that fear of success kind of deal. But once I started to implement everything shifted. And so yeah, I mean when I became interested in other people's journeys people all of a sudden became interested in me and it was just weird shift in dynamic. This is insane like I had a guy just last night I had dinner with him and his wife he was he was a fan of the podcast. Was Flying Up to Pennsylvania from Florida for something. He's like let's get dinner like it's a weird moment in time when your fans then go hey, let me buy you dinner. Yes, and then I go back and go wait fans. What is this is what was opening up to WHO I am opening up and becoming who I am fully and then the rest stepping into that you just got to step into it and if you're not willing to step into that role, you'll never become that person in discover that version of yourself you always think of yourself know in a bigger I guess in a sense of you understand all right man I what are really WanNa manifest what I want to create my life, and then you have to step in and be that person stepping into that role before you are that person and that way when you're in that type of situation or in that role, then you're not going to be uncomfortable you're comfortable but you're always learning you're leaning in leaning and leaning in leaning in I had a friend of mine one point and I think this is an Austin Texas. Kind of told this joke to west at one point that he would come to me and was like, Hey, man. Like he was going. what does it call? The power hour is like a speed dating. And he was like, Hey, man come to me speed like lunch I was like. All right well as lunch but I guess we can go to speed dating I'll say I'll tell you what we can do. He's like you're really good at asking questions. I just want to go in front of me an ask the most outrageous questions and then I'll hear that not pay attention to what's actually happening and then I'm able to have a normal conversation just make me feel comfortable. Okay. Great. Well. I. I don't ask normal questions at a normal person with ask on the speed date. So I and I didn't really care 'cause I. Didn't have you know an on my own agenda of then helping him out and I was just asking outrageous shit or make a long story short that person he ended up going on getting her phone number and having a Swedish actually married and have a couple of kids. That's crazy. Right. But the reason I'm asking is because they he asked me how did you do it? I'm like if you really want someone to be interested in you just be interested in them ten times more and. Pay attention to what they're not telling you, and then pick that out and drop it in the conversation and that's all it takes. People have a hard time understanding that just a way of thinking of just being interested in whatever that is of what the person or whatever you're trying to accomplish, and then you'll find you'll find your way I mean West I know that we've talked about this a lot of leaning in and going through this. But for the most I guess kind of explained the first part of this conversation to listeners. Yeah. Actually would like to go back to one thing as well because that's the emotional intelligence. Piece that you're referencing right. So you wouldn't know to drop that thing in there right that one thing that they're not telling you in there unless you had the emotional intelligence to be able to think far ahead and understand what that is I. So i WanNa put a pin in that for just one sec because Justin I wanna Kinda, take it back to one thing that you mentioned before if I can because you talked about look when you were sixteen years old. Now it's kind of a time for you where. You're starting to to get out of your choosing or you're fourteen years old you're choosing hang out forty year olds versus hanging out with with your friends and from kind of what you've mentioned so far you Kinda Coulda had two different routes right? You could have had the route in which you did. You did take or had a different route where maybe you followed the some of the path or the path of your mother or your father know in that case, but you'll stick a different path you mentioned something about your uncle. and you know you're choosing to maybe spend some more time with him and other people like them. How much was that an influence on you making the right decision to take that path may be versus a different one Yeah I think that's a really good question. I think it was huge right like I i. really think that was a catalyst for a lot because. You have to realize I. Think there's Times you have to realize that something's -CCOMPLISH. -able like if all I had was my family life which was normal till I was twelve by the way then everything completely fell apart. But then all of a sudden I looked at and I go well is this how things end is this is this what happens is this is this what's supposed to be the reality, but I was able to shine a light on a different life right and by doing so not only just seeing it I also asked the questions we were talking about earlier like I with my uncle I'm like well, how'd you build this? What did you do? What? What's this? You Know How do you? How do you work on your marriage I got ask weird questions like that when I was like sixteen. Most sixteen year olds are like never getting married. So. I was just really really curious and I think that that's a nod to anybody because look now we live in a world when I was sixteen, we didn't have podcast. We didn't have these things on the Internet like Youtube wasn't a thing like I just said to my girlfriend's kids I'm more than Google on a blue their mind, and so when I when I look at when I look at this stuff I'm like that was my way of opening up to the world, but people can do this now. With anybody they want like there's no more excuses right? Like you become a leader of yourself like people people forget that we talked about leadership. Really Oh we're GONNA lead an organization and we're GONNA lead other people are gonNA lead a group of this. What about yourself where you leading yourself like are you making the decisions to push yourself in the right direction? Asked the right questions then implement but yeah, I mean that Mo- I mean those those moments that I have with my uncle were me really doing what I do now, which is visualizing what I want for my future right actively visualizing this is the type of life that I want to live and I was actually sitting in my backyard the other day smoking a cigar. And I'm sitting there and I go. This is what I. This is what I envisioned. A Nice sized house in the perfect neighborhood with an amazing woman and two kids. Now, they're not my two kids but I didn't get that specific on their their kids in hers that we we've created this amazing life and I went holy Shit like this is what I visualized when I was sixteen years old and so I think that if you can get a glimpse into what you want in life, your actions are going to take you there. Yes. Like really get clear on what it is. You want what's it look like what it smell like what's it feel like? In your actions are going to take you there. A, lot of people don't get clear enough but I was able to see what I want it bite spending that time with my uncle of and how how much does that play into the way that you help other people and what I mean by that is like there's people out there that maybe are either. Cave and see that because it's not something that they can even envision. They've never even had the opportunity to see it anywhere. Or. Maybe there's people who know that they want something. Better. But. I can't even get clear for themselves. So how much does that into that part of the first things? Maybe you help someone with on a personal level as hey, you need to gain some clarity. Yeah. I. Mean. You know I'm actually running a group of people right now thirty day program. and. Taking them from concept to to launch of a business and. In the beginning, it's like, what is this what what are you visualizing is that even clear is that clear and if it's not clear, might be a possibility right now. And so I, walked them through visualization processes and getting clear on their vision and figuring out what it is they really want, and there's a thing called seven layers of y. and. So when you say this is what I want. You then go seven layers, deepen your Y, and that's the emotional tie to what it is. You're trying to envision that's when it becomes clear. That's when you know exactly what it is that you want what is going to feel like smell like whatever. And that's when he gets required and so I walked people through that process and I get him real vulnerable and emotional because that's when the work becomes easy not easy in a sense that it's going to be like, okay, cool. I'm going to flip a switch and the lights are on but easy in a sense that is easy to push through the tough moments. It's easier to push through the barriers. It's easier to put yourself in front of people and get judged laughed at and all these other things. And so that's really where it all begins for a lot of people and mine happened naturally when I was young, right? Like it was. I felt the pain like my seven layers y deep was like I don't want that there was an emotional tie to not wanting that in my life. and. Then I got clear my vision because I was able to surround myself with the things that I wanted and of course, it's evolved over time and things have changed and moved and whatever. But yeah I mean that's really where it begins when I start coaching with people and walking them through that process because you have to get clear you're going to be lost I. Think also when you putting yourself in that type of situation, you're trying to visualize the life that you want to create and I had a very similar experience in which you just you just mentioned when you accomplish that you're now going. To automatically shift your mind into being proud of yourself or going. Wow. Holy Shit. I created this rather than if I deserve this are not on a lot of people and I find the have conversations with even entrepreneurs that have done. You've been bigger than US two, hundred, three, hundred, million dollars they feel like they haven't even arrived at that time but do have times where they go holy shit this is my life. How did I get here? They don't ask themselves that question they know how they got their one point of my life. This is probably in the last two years. I was like, how can I get here and that's how I knew that I didn't step into that role completely I was looking at halftime not where I was at that current moment of feeling like I deserve it, and that's where I failed because I was tied into the identity of being successful and not doing it for. For no money, I was doing it to make money because I never main money before when you start making that type of coin that you've potentially have never made before even your whole family people start looking at you differently. In where he confronted world in in in that type away because I was, you know when I was growing up in, you know. Go. In a totally different type of feeling and then. I wouldn't say a harder type of relationships you have with your friends but a little bit looser. The Lips I guess and saying whatever the hell this on their mind in getting hurting reveals that how many people would you grow within your journey? That, you had separate yourself. With now life. I mean, there's not many people that were around in my younger years that are still around now. Now take that a step further and say, it's not hard to remain in my circle. So. What ends up happening is I focus on what I need to focus on the rest takes care of itself like I really like having this conversation with people who are scared about leaving people behind I don't want to have that conversation I don't WanNa tell my friends that can't be in my life more guess what you don't have to have that conversation when you're leveling up because they're going to realize it and there's GonNa stop reaching out to you. Yes and so thank you for me like I keep that that circle tight. But is not necessarily the people that you'd imagine right? Like I've actually had days in my life where I've drank scotch with a multimillionaire and then had dinner with my buddy who makes thirty thousand dollars year. So money isn't the factor in my life. The thing in my life is if you're a good person and you're giving as much as you possibly can give no matter where you are on the scale, right? So, just be a good person you're in my circle. But what I realized was people get. Jealous. People. Don't think they're worthy of my time or my space. And then they they kind of fall off themselves and so. If, you're worried about leveling up because you don't have those tough conversations I promise you don't have to have them like it's just going to naturally happen. Very few people in my life that were even in my life five years ago. At the level they were at are still in my life because it just happens right you get busy you move on your focused on different. and. Those people just aren't around anymore it's It's a lot easier than it seems in your head when that stuff happens if that makes sense. And makes complete sense to me because I've I've. Had this conversation with so many people for and as one to questions it use it come up and they want to ask you what did you do in those situation McCarthy really didn't do anything it's just they weren't around anymore. It's like the squeaky wheel gets the grease by man you know like. They don't really want a feel like I'm on a I'm not that approachable to what they have going on their life because some maybe in their situation, they might resent me for all the hard work that I put in and they didn't do. That's where a lot of people they much rather go pick up a shot of alcohol or beer or whatever that might be picking up a book reminds them how far they have to freaking go. And how far you know how much time they Tinsley of wasted. On. Things in a life didn't really to get them to outcome that they're really warning and a lot of people they want success. So quick like now. We got to be willing to put in to work and you've got an doesn't really matter. When you make that decision and how long it's going to be like, how long do I need to do this for? The people don't talk that way. Well. How long do I have to do this for? How long do I get to do this for? That's a cold different complete conversation in the way that you look at life and even have conversation I. Have Conversations Myself. You know I've gotten to the point now where I don't like to touch any type of devices, any type of communication nothing I wanna I forced myself now to be alone in my own thoughts because that's where the genius is not that I'm a genius s where I can discover what is really going to be meaningful on my life later on to where it when I'm walking in visualizing the life that I wanted create I'm not done manifesting. My man that's got a long way to go who knows what the Hell's going to happen and who knows I might not lose it all tomorrow whatever that might be I mean I'm blessed with the opportunity right now Rahmael Regia, a huge audience which I'm never even asked me a year ago was starting to podcast. I'm blown away I gotta look at some numbers that I'm like, how enough? What do you? What's wrong with you people like why? Are. You against I mean what the Hell's going on I mean, do you have that similar type of feelings or emotions that go on when you're actually looking in seeing how many people you make an impact with? Yeah all the time. Right like people talk about imposter syndrome. And I I live that every day. Actually I spoke in an event out in Montana about a year and a half ago. Pre Cove of course. And one of the questions I was asked like, do you ever deal with? Imposter Syndrome and how do you get over it? I go I don't get over it. I, just keep moving forward because yes, reaction that I have is tied to the purpose of helping individuals right? Like I said you off the record at one point Chris that people have reached out to me because your podcast I decided not to take my life. And that's enough for me. If it was the one listening, right look I, still show up because there's the purpose right like I became helping one person and that's all we need. Now obviously, the podcast is grown and I'm like this is this is insane like I'll speak at places and there's forty five minutes to an hour of a line of people that want to talk to me. Weird moments but I know it's all part of the process and the bigger vision and the bigger goal of making an impact right like. I've never had this. That's a lie. So I've had in the past I've had financial goals of always I want to be millionaires. It'd be they all have at some point yet. We've all not point and I decided that like every time I chase money I should say the world decided every time I chased money at alluded the shit out of me. Yeah. I was like Damn I just want I just want to make money and I couldn't. And, I, completely shifted my entire way of thinking and and all of my goals became purpose driven and then the money chase me like people are like you. I WANNA I wanNA hire you and I don't WanNa work with you and like no i WanNa hire you and I'm like, no, I don't want to work with you. So many literally chases me now. And it's all about flipping the script of like look if you're truly living in that purpose, if you're truly moving forward with what you're supposed to be doing in this world, the rest will take care of itself. But like Chris, like you're meant to be this podcast or who's now reaching these this massive amount of people like that's why it happened so fast it's like you're ready boom you it's been delivered right? You put in the work and now here it is. And it's funny how the world shows up sometimes in that way, and then all of a sudden you have those pincher moments of like why why is this thing I was in an airport one time Eating, a meatball sub. This is clearly before I took Advan like took of my. meatball subs banner. Great. Along I. Love Them. But I was a billion everything come on now like. Mid Bite in an airport. Some guy was like walked up to me he goes you have a podcast new. He goes I listen all the time. I knew it was you and it's just really surreal moments that yeah, it shows me more than anything that I'm I'm making an impact and that's the reason and I always tune back into that because imposter syndrome Israel man as much as some people I, know it's a hot word right now much people kind of Shit on it at times. It's a real thing like there's times where I'm like I don't I'm not ready for that I can't do. That but I keep showing up and then the world delivers right leaning and you keep showing up for you mentioned something I really want to ask you this question because I know that you've lived this in start off with you than podcast had a co host. You know had a couple of filled businesses had a huge impact moment in your life and pivotal moment with your mom and then making that shift and Change Your perspective. You know six months later, and that's why you're making the impacts. You are right now it's some point after bring on all these amazing guests that you do have one in. Making all the impact, do you ever some point go back and think on the people coming after you and asking you to hire you and I'm actually living this right now and that's why I wanna ask you this question I didn't plan really this because it just Kinda went to this question. I'm having so many people come to me and asked me to. Take on a contract and have accompanying and go in and consult in go inside of their sales divisions and bridge the gap between sales marketing operation of film. Just I'm not there right now anymore in my life. How do you deal with that? I just tell them not there right now in my life like I. Guess that's the easy. Okay. So would you not being there and communicating that? That's the best way going about it because I have a hard time not saying telling people know until him people is not now's not the right time because I don't want to leave the door open for me to go back because I feel like I can't go back now. Yeah to certain contracts and even if they knew not the more I tell them no, they're throwing more money at me young. So. Like I don't know I'm having personally I'm having a hard time of just putting on the back burner. I guess at some point just even like when you outgrow your and outgrow your network I guess you would outgrow that type of situation to conversation well. Yeah I mean you know as my business evolved like I'm not doing that anymore? I've found some people that do something similar and I'll make an introduction if I were if I want to write it off to somebody. But Yeah I mean I'm very blunt. I'm real honest I feel that. So it's hard for me to not just be like I'm not interested right like I actually in that group that I'm walking through the thirty days. I, went live in the facebook group the other day and I talked about how? I signed this contract with a company. That I that I still work with today and in the contract that stated whenever I was there I had address professionally and I called them I go you take that line out so I wanNA wear t shirts. That's why I'm an entrepreneur. or not doing it. So this is a this is a large contract that I was willing to throw away because a one line that I needed address professionally. And I think the main thing is you just kind of if you lean into where you're supposed to be right now what you're supposed to be serving the rest kind of takes care of itself and you might piss off some people along the way unfortunately by being like, no, I'm not trying to that piece though I enjoy. A little bit. I know you do. But like I'm just very blunt, this is this is where I'm at my life right now. I'd love for you to come over here and work with me over here for that something you're interested in. But if not like, Hey, like maybe we can help you find somebody else but. I'm just not doing it. It's it's. It's easy for me to say no to money because I live in abundance as it is and so like okay. Cool. Like I'm living my life I'm happy like let's just keep doing that. I'm not gonNA take on a contract that's GONNA. Make me mad or angry or anxious, or any of those other things that you might become working with the wrong people and that in my my inner health is is more important to me than a couple of dollars. I see that and I could sense that would go into spinning. All the time that you are right now until your own health and that's how you're able to. I guess you would say being to know who you are and who you want to become. A lot of time when you when you when I become a little bit more. In. Here's been a lot of times in my life for I went from really healthy. Not just healthy has no way I look but like really healthy as mind body spirit and barely being alive all three and that's really scary place for competitors and other people around me because that's what I don't see any. I. Don't see anything other than me winning. Yeah and I guess that just comes out of you in certain situations I mean West. What would you like to add to that one piece right there because I know that all three of us collectively were actually working on our own physical health, but it goes with because we've outgrown the against physical physique. We're at right now he wants to go we want to double up to level up gets we're to talk on not just for a minute. People talking about it And I know what? The one thing that you both have talked about things really important. It's really just as being in tune with yourself. As being in tune with yourself and knowing exact like going back to that clarity peace as being clear on what it is I. I truly believe that if you're in tune with your values and your vision and exactly where you want to be, then it starts to become easier to go to fit into that new skin. And to and to saying no to the things that that you want to say no to right because my biggest thing is I'm I'm always that I fear opportunity loss. I so It's always like, okay there's opportunity I say, no to it. Now I'M GONNA lose because I said no to this opportunities I wanna say yes to everything. Well, that's a lot of trouble. In the past. So I think it's really again it's going back to what's more of a priority. What's more important for you as those things that you know That you that you want the things that you tell yourself subconsciously or even in your own mind that you don't maybe you don't dare to say out. Loud. And you prioritize those and now you can shed and let go of. US. Yeah No, and I, love that too and it is about evolving in everything in your life right like I looked at my sat back probably six months ago and I looked at my life and I go. Why is it that? I can get super consistent and disciplined on my business. I can get super disciplined and consistent on getting better as a partner for my girlfriend can get consistent and better at all these things my health was never a priority why that's the most important thing right and so part of me wanting to do this is to break the stigma that I've always told myself that I can't be a fit person I've and don't get me wrong. I've been thinner and I've been heavier. I've been the Yoyo Guy Right. You know let's let's thin down for the speaking event that I have going on or whatever. Now it's about it's about lifestyle and it's about the mental challenge that I've decided I I have these barriers. Let me break through the shackles that I'm working through. Now like I can be the fit person I can be proud of the way that I look. I can push through these things that I told myself I couldn't do for however long right. Now, I have non-negotiables, I take a three mile plus every single day I have that non-negotiable non-negotiable of whatever workout program I'm going through. I'm going to show up every single time. I. Have to whether before as six days seven days starting at seventy five heart, and that becomes my non-negotiable in the day. And then the rest follows right like I've already after January one, there's nothing on my calendar. So noon like the first half of the day is focused on my health getting better not only to break through the stigmas that I have about myself but to get clear on my vision and get clear on where I wanna be for for for the future right and then I've put outside factors in play like my girlfriend's coming along with me. Cool. Now I have a an accountability buddy also notice her son watching me down in my basement and working out every day. And so I go. That's a huge thing. I've heard him say when I wasn't around I was in the other room. And heard him say he's like, yeah, I need to start getting I need to start lifting just start working out like justice ten right so like there's other now things that I've put in place like okay. How am I truly going to hold myself accountable because I said I'm going to do this before But, this is a different I'm gonNA completely different head space I've never been so clear on. where it is I, want to go specifically with health. That like. Watch out because there's nothing stopping me at this point. That's going to help you with your journey even in Your Business Oh it's going to be huge. Coming because at the time that you're working on yourself. Yeah. Of course, you might have an accountability girlfriend might come with you. Just just just as how impactful you are another people you being a leader within yourself, your leader with everybody else you come in contact with directly indirectly Zeman's showing in your own personal house. That's a huge accomplishment. A lot of people don't remember get that far. Of making impact, even the people that are close to you. Because yeah, it's easy to make 'em easier to make an impact with people that indirectly or in business. Rather than your own household because a lot of people don't want to. I guess you would say follow someone that I'll have to follow them because that's my. Mom's last boyfriend. I'M GONNA. Follow him I WanNa be inspired your inspiring people. Bro. Did you would never thought you would make an impact in that type of feel like, yeah, you had. The whole thing out broke two hips. And I'll never be that fit I'll you know I love meatball subs or? Fee We all love me boss obstacle course. Yeah. I mean what I still like Phil Wrestling the reason why I'm working on is Muslim working out right now. In maybe this might be a limiting belief in a way that I would say things projected out but I'm just like I wanNA work out because I want to eat what I want. And went out one but eating less of wanting to know realize now I'm like I don't even enjoy eating that. Shit. You still feel like I feel awful because I ate it. I'm like, Oh, I feel I mean not because mentally I feel bad that eight it no not the guilt is that I feel awful my body feels off. Oh, putting the shit my body. Was So weird because I think we've I think it's just a the journey. We all have to make in entrepreneurship because we're. GonNa. We're GONNA make seven figures and get to eight figures, and once you get there and you have a fucked up body and your fat and overweight and. The only reason or? The women are slimmer with you because you've make the money that you make. And that's true right and I look at these people that I admire like Trent Shelton. and. I want to speak on the stages that he's speaking on man like part of the reason is the Jack dudes like good like no like. If he goes and speaks in an event. The last thing they want is average height five foot eight Justin walking out on the stage efforts being like, Hey, guys Wanna get frumpy because I got that covered it was like. Tell these out. And so it's one of those things where I'm like it's time it's time to level up. It's time. Yeah and and honestly in the beginning of Kobe like most people I did the opposite I'm like Shit I was ordering out all the time like I was like whatever and and it was really about, okay. Let's make a shift like let's let's take control over everything in my life not just the things that are financially rewarding to me not just the you know the love all that stuff. Let's focus on me. And so I'm ready to break through these things and it'll be a fun journey over the next. The end of the full journey will be in the middle of March and it'll be interesting to see. We'll see if I have some sort of maybe anab that's the goal by the. Part you always know. We're alive I still feel them. They're just don't really see them that well you know. Under their they're in there. Somewhere I listen let's make a transition. If we can end because another, we've we've covered a lot so far for listeners to understand and actually okay make an inspire them and that type of level. But let's let's peel back in. Let's lesbian shift. Because I want to ask you a few questions might lean into this. In, entrepreneurship is really easy to fall into fall victim to okay I gotta make money nowadays and making that transition and fallen the right people and yeah. You've interviewed some amazing guests and the people you come in contact with and we're coming in contact with us all about that frequency. Would you say the best advice we give them to take some time to herself what they really want to manifested it what it sounds like that's the first step. Correct. Oh for sure you have to get clear on what it is that you want and how you're going to get there like I have a thinking chair in my office that I describe. And so for me, that's that's just such a game changer, right? Like making sure you know where you're going and get super super clear on that like I'm constantly visualizing. Like my visualization practices a little bit different than most I actually use music in my vision practice because it because I it makes it real motion. Yeah. Gives me a motion and so cool. Let me tie the emotional. It'll put on the right music and I'll set it and I'll just. Put myself in that situation like my. My van last year that I did is the perfect example of that like I. Literally before even reaching out to anybody everything visualized the lights the sound keggers everything everything was super clear right? And I knew exactly what it was gonna be like it was the only thing that was different my visualization compared to what was delivered. I had two screens on the stage that projected stuff. They weren't as big as I. Thought they were going to be like, was it everything else even from the saint like we had fabulous Yanni for America's top chef and now demands of NEW JERSEY, we're talking to first year event and it was blowing other events out of the water. was cleaned that vision. So it gave me the actionable things I had to do. So, you need to sit down and you need to think people think it's a waste of time to do that but it's not think it's a waste of time because the first thing is going to happen when they do take the time to sit there they don't they don't they're going to realize how noisy their brains. And that's a piece of advice I can give anybody that's why you know that you're unaligned. That's where you have a lot of work to do and your controlled by other outlets in life rather than being controlled by your own mind and an extra your subconscious being reactive rather than being proactive because we're all controlled by our sub conscious and that's where I realized now that I spent so much time alone in my own thoughts the rewiring. Processes it difficult for my subconscious because I'm so Freakin in tune with my own emotions name the once I start I can really feel when I'm off like I'm off. I'm not with it like something's going on and it could be just that one little minor ship a lot of people that take that will take years to discover what's you can problem then. So I mean because at the next question was going to potentially ask you was where two steps you need to take. It sounds like from you know I know this for sure was when I'm alone in my own boss actually manifesto Mexican trying to create and visualize what I really WanNa manifest like. That's easy. That's the easy part for me because it really quiet now. I, it doesn't take me long to kind of get into that relaxed state. Being able to start thinking about the future years ago before you know I don't have any here my head and visualize that piece but. What I I have you know visualize all the things that I do have now in opportunities. But where do you see yourself in the next five to ten years? We maybe when it comes to podcast, where do you see yourself and entrepreneurship? Yeah I mean I think. Going further into like the thought leader space. Reach. Reaching more people I. Mean the end of the day somebody asked me this recently and like yeah I know where I wanna be. visualized. But it's really just me but more abundant and what does that mean more more abundant to me means I have more so I can give more. I want. So there's something I say all the time about like you know you have to fill your cup up first because you can't pour from an empty cup. I won't be really fricking big and I wanted to be overflowing and whatever is overflowing is giving to other people right and so. I've said intentions throughout the years and this is how I've changed my goal setting. In two thousand, seventeen, I set an intention in my life and I said by the end of this year, I feel like a belong having the conversations I'm having meaning I'M Talking to these people that I look at it as role models, people, I've been following for a long time by the end of that year INC magazine listed me as a top podcast, every entrepreneur follow. So I got a tip of the CAP, but that's also what started the business two, thousand, eighteen, I said I wanna be at the table I wanna I wanna be at the table with these people by the end of that year. A shared an AIRBNB with one of the top. Fighters one of the top. Motivational speakers in the world and we wash the CONOR McGregor fight with Super Bowl champions than when I'm at the Damn Table Writing Nineteen, I set the table. Right that was me having my event and people wanting to come and be a part of what I've built. In, two thousand twenty I said look at twenty twenty I want to be invited to people's tables I. WanNa do more of this kind of thing I want to be invited to incredible podcasts like yours. I WANNA BE I WANNA once stages opened up I wanna be invited to the biggest stages in the world. And so five, five, ten years from now. That's that's what it's going to be like. I'm going to be speaking on other people stages that are massive say just now but not to knock compare to what I'm thinking right I'm talking to five thousand, ten, thousand people. Me being invited to that stage because the hard work that I've put in right in that man, it's so funny. We had a brief or piece of this conversation camera and off you know kind of off record were talking about it. I, mean I expect to meet two people that I meet and the people that I do meet isn't about meeting the people in me looking at them in a in a certain way they feel inferior to me when I'm having conversations with them and that's how I know that I've actually. Proved it and I'm manifested a life that I created and I've done all the hard work because I expect to meet them. And it's just a matter of time. Now can give anyone a piece of advice about how long does it take or whatever The Universal No. And that's one thing you cannot fake. You can't fake it. You gotta put in the work. There's no fast dry. There's no shortcuts. There's none of that Shit because even people that I do meet the introduce me to other people they're introducing me people because potentially on the same type of level of frequency and like I I have to introduce you to this person because. This this goes beyond even my frequency and that's that's when he know you made it in your inner still GonNa make you're still 'cause I'm humble borough like I come from in my inside my own mind I'm still in that dirt road that controls them. Yeah. We still on that dirt road man and I think keeps me hunger keys Bahama keeps me and I don't know s in saying to the point where I'm able to communicate because sometimes you can get caught up in your own ego and that's something that I had to realign I. Guess about six months ago eight months ago as like dealing with my ego, not suppressing doing I just learned how to manage that sucker and managed to because there's certain messages I'll get even nowadays I take a step back to fucking person thing they're talking to you know, and that's my ego would actually ruin an opportunity ten years down the road a me saying certain things like that. I don't I. Don't get angry anymore with anyone you know on a lot of successful people. They'll tell you right now like they don't get. They're not gonNA kick someone that's potentially in a situation where they're not in their situation or something they're trying to correctness as beautiful thing and I know there's a lot of questions. It West potentially has for this. It's just something that I think a lot of people really heard talk about. Is that how much time do they spend? Thinking about their future and feeling like they really deserve and I think that's something that sticks out to me with this episode and I think I really want to make sure that the convey to listeners that. If you can visualize it, you can create it, but it's not about you just visualizing all of the points where you can create you WanNa live that. Shit. So when you do. Manifest in creating, get yourself to that present moment, you know you deserve that Shit. Yeah to to share something to that, I'll share a manifestation story that happened in my life that that. Now, because of what happened with what I'm about to tell you, I know five or six years from now I'm going to be on the biggest stages with the biggest name. Yeah. because. I've manifested it, I'm visualizing and I will put in the work to get there right but remember the show full, house? Yes. Of course. Yeah. Yeah do the show grown up. So there was an episode it was Stephanie's birthday and this pop singer named Tommy page came to sing birthday to. But in the episode Uncle Jesse Hung, out with Tommy page and I remember as eight year olds being like, oh my gosh, it'd be so cool to hang out of the pop star and like be friends with them not not hanging the where was the visualization was be friends with them. It wasn't like. It wasn't like just hang out with them. Let's be friends whatever right I remember that episode coming up as I got older ten twelve sixteen years old and still going to be really cool and it was always a thought in the back of my head right. So visualizing, what would it be like the hang out popstars. Fast forward to twenty four years old found myself at a party in a house in North Jersey. And I look up and Went Holy Shit I'm in Tommy. Pages House. And I ended up becoming friends at Tommy page. Unfortunately, he's no longer with us but. The fact that I was able to manifest this friendship, it started with this idea eight years old where I went. That'd be really cool if I can never have that and then it got clearer and clearer and clearer what the action behind it was because I had those types of visions for my life I surrounded myself with people that were driven Yep inci surrounded by people who are driven. My best friend wanted to be a pop star and he ended up getting signed a warner brother records to be in a boy band in two, thousand, eight or nine. And Tommy Page was the guy put that boy band together hence the Friendship Tony Page but it was the action of making sure I was surrounding myself with the right people then led me to that if I wasn't putting in the action and making sure I was I was being in with the right people then that would have never happened and so it's really about the work that you've mentioned put the work that you put in your visualizations can be very clear and become very real Now again, you don't know the timeframe it started when I was eight didn't happen until I was didn't become friends with Tommy Tolles twenty four but like. Stick with it like don't give up on it just because it doesn't happen in six months or a year keep really clear on that vision and it might look a little bit different like Chris, Eddie, his visualization see at hair. But like this is the reality like might look a little bit I. Didn't know if I had here. Didn't have here. I just didn't. I didn't tim spend a time to think about my hair so. I should have. Top. Fuck is going all the way back the. Real. Thing. Absolutely. So what one thing to kind of touch on that specific piece? So we talk a lot about visualization obviously, it has to turn into action. If it doesn't turn an actions nothing, it's like people visualizing that there are a rap star, but because the song is on and when it's over there done, right so. How does someone get that intent? I guess I want to call it to where they're intent and their actions are based off of their visualization. So it's not just visualization than end its visualization and action is because of the intent of the visualization if that makes sense. Yeah like the story I share with Tony Page a fun story to share. But the real visualizations is the ones you can tie to the that seven layers of why let's go seven layers deep if you if you can tie your purpose in your heart and your emotions to that vision. The intent becomes easy and then the action becomes. Noticeable, right. So all of a sudden you. Okay. Now today I do this and you guys talk about what I talk about growth at one percent every single day. Right like what did I do today to get myself one step closer to that visualization that when I'm when I'm visualizing I get excited like I, get into such deep visualization that the endorphin start to flow and they're. GonNa feel when you're there I feel it when I do the visualization. and. So all of a sudden. The action although can be hard. Becomes easy right like and so the the event to go back to that I, visualize that that some bitch. So it wasn't it wasn't easy for me to reach out to somebody like Fabio. Favors often, but I'm a giver that's just how I approach every relationship. And so for me to call Viana who I know his fees Thirty Five K, if you want him. I called and I'm like, Hey, man I'm doing this event and he goes I know what you're gonNA. Ask Me like I meant he's like anything you need. I'm in I'm one hundred percent but that phone call you though the the end result was easy. It took me three days to make because I was nervous Oh shit like I have to do this and ask him for a big favor and he did it for free by the way all the speaker spoke for free. It's mind-blowing. 'cause you're a giver. US. Why I mean you've already you any felt that if I know you already you probably I guess we're acting a little off but a time with me for the first thirty, forty five seconds into that conversation and he knew I visualize what I'm trying to create so much that up already created a and have to go back to reality I'm like what the? Fuck. You. Like. That's how much I put into my visualization I have to come back to reality every once in a while. I'm like wait a minute. Then that motivates me even more to be honest with you. To get after it but go ahead and finish think that was important what you're talking about talk over it was great. And that's true. It's almost like it's a disappointment to come back from yeah right. Know. So you better you better damn while delivering what you're visualizing. If you really WanNa feel like that right and. I mean I think for me like the action is is tough right? Like it's never easy like we've been talking about that this whole entire conversation like if you want to live the life, you're truly visualizing it's not easy. The, but but it's worth. It's worth the work it's worth the labor. It's worth all of that stuff like you know when I when I visualize this event, it was funny like I get nervous when I speak I get nervous before I do podcast interviews I I truly get nervous. It's just who I am because you care for. Yeah. For my event here's a crazy bar wasn't nervous. And you're like wait you're not nervous and I go no I've already done this ten thousand times. Visualized the entire frigging thing from like. Dancers dance the speakers up to the stage like this thing was a frigging rock concert for entrepreneurs and I did it all based off of whatever was happening my brain and daily visualize that set the music I knew this I knew that I knew the speakers like so. Again it wasn't fully clear I thought the Powerhouse Woman Speaker had I thought it was going to be somebody different. But I found out, she ended up saying, no, the person I wanted but literally the next day interview woman, her name Sarasin Trello, she's amazing hustle believe received. She wrote a bestselling author Blah Blah I interview her, and after the interview she literally Goes Hey i. know you mentioned your event if you're looking for a woman speaker I'm in. So like you talk about the power of your visualization like the the universe over here, shut it down but I already did the work like I did the work to get her but. She said no, but then all of a sudden this. So again, it's not always exactly what you're visiting by. It's going to be better once it gets there 'cause it's happening at that university specifics to a certain degree like a certain number or certain those types of situations I, give it. You're saying I mean that universal and give you the things that you need it right time even even more if you'd have put in the work is going to check you out a lot of times in life you know when I Went to go to accomplish you know the things that I'm setting out for I don't really accomplish that but I'm ready for something bigger because I was setting my bar too damn low on my whoa wait a minute. This is weird why Even the stuff that I really wanted to accomplish like I don't feel like Mike Why am I even here like what the fuck do I want this I want that you know in nets where it's GonNa you know it's constantly going back in in realigning and channel retailing everything and putting yourself into such situations i. think that's important ness where the that one percent growth comes in for myself because that's five am pro like I'm putting in the work I'm putting in the hustle and putting into grind and it has nothing to do a me making money because is that what? I'm doing it for any longer. Yeah Okay it's nice to living a life that I live right now, but it's not I'm not living this life. I'm living that life I'm just not there yet and it's going to happen. Because I mean yeah. This is fun feeling. I truly even now I, don't in West knows this. I don't really watch a lot of mindless entertainment I'm watching more now because I'm missing certain parts of my life where I used to love and laugh and Aldo side to things, and that's what my mind is telling me and craving. So I'm spending more time doing that but it's actually helping me deal with the nerve wracking stuff that I'm dealing with right now that will make people freaking implode like Holy Shit. House. You know setting up deals of setting up structures and working out those things may not just I'm happy to know that I'm looking forward to all the time that we're going to be spinning together and developing. Layers on top of our relationship impact we make I just I knows funny assistant and you tell them about you being nervous Freeman podcast episodes not being nervous for the stuff that you did this huge event for what it is is that you are. It's the unknown that we can't control like going on pot going on other shows we can control. The question is we're going to ask do you find yourself in this is like a side question do you find yourself going on other shows when they're not asking the right questions you feel obligated to step your game up to overcompensate their lack of questioning skills all the time. Here's the funny thing I'm always like I'm always invited into podcast on so like I'll be somebody 'cause they started their podcast because they heard me like this it can do it I can do it too and so they're like you've inspired me to start a podcast right? Come on my show. So I'm like the first five episodes which we also in the first five episodes and so yeah, there's a lot of that but like well. Question kind of sucked. How do I take it way further than how you asked That what would you wish? You could just say that to people sometimes they do say the way that I framed in next four questions, they should ask me. I mean I've gotten good at taking any question and having like being able to talk about what I actually wanted to talk about kind of like you kind of align it with what they said but you don't like I'm not GonNa waste my time talking about this I'm GonNa tell about this. I'm going to help I'M GONNA, help you out. You gotTA. Pick a few parts out of that question, and then just loop it right into what you WanNa talk about. It and I'll get back to your question in a minute and then you just forget about. Our are the question answered a question like before I answer this question. Let me tell you a little story and at diffuses it. Myself defuses the take sir emotions out of they don't WanNa feel certain way. Now back to your question that you asked me here's here's the answer you go do what you want with it now. I mean. There's so much I can do this for hours. I knew that this conversation we ended up coming to a certain point where. We would probably start talking about the lack of questioning skills from people because I haven't been on a lot of shows and I've heard a lot of shows and that's something that you know Western I. I wouldn't say that we make a point to do the people that we interview. You can go back and listen to the show and you can hear them Santa really question. No, one's ever asked me that question before. You're never going to hear the same questions and I guess in for in this, the question I really when I'm glad it lead here. I'm funny that you talk talk your way into the question what type of vice would give a podcast or person is labeled as the host the person it needs to interview someone else what kind of advice would you give them with type questions should ask people yeah. I love how you framed that question too because most people are like, well, how do you ask the right questions you're like, okay. Well, what how, how do we approach this? What's the thing? Here's the thing I said earlier I went from the least interesting person a room to the most interested person in the room there's too many podcasters that make it about them. and. So I feel good conversation when you actually care about who you interview. Pitched for people to be on my show like forty plus times a week. No joke. My inbox is flooded I don't even know how to get my email address. It's just flooded and I accept zero of them because I interview people that I'm actually interested in. L. Stop Wasting your time. With people. That that isn't gonNA. Get you excited to go deeper like if you're having people on to ask the same damn seven questions that everybody by the way I've been on podcast to do that and they send me the questions what the freak is wrong with these people. Yeah it's insane but like you get super thing is be interested and if you're interested enough. That will reflect to your audience and your audience is going to be interested in the conversation you're having. But make it about your guest like I. It's funny. I spoke a podcast. Here's one thing I actually to my horn on this one, I spoke at podcast I the largest breakout of the whole entire event, which was incredible because they can go anywhere they won. There's like fifteen breakouts going on at the same time I was packed standing room. And I literally stood in front of this room of people, two hundred podcasts or whatever it was. And I go. I go podcasters at the most selfish individuals in the world literally said a room full of podcasters and what they think that there's some gift to whatever their their gift to their guests to their gift to the audience or whatever you need to get out of that you're serving. You're here to serve you here, serve your guest you here to serve your audience and if you have that. Approach anything even your relationships of the podcast get out of the script go deep have fun bring your personality into it, and then all of a sudden you're going to get better at just having an open ended conversation with with friends, and that's really how I view. The podcast that I have now is I have interesting conversations with people I want to have interesting conversations with right hope I. Can become friends with them to continue to have interesting conversations that's about it. If you have to put that much effort and time into what questions you would ask me and how you would ask those questions you're not really in that conversation so far more on shows and they start asking me questions they would like to ask me just for the audience s fine but when it keeps. Going down those types of questions I might. That's what you really want to ask. You have on your call for right now just for a second, you put no fucking effort into even knowing who the hell I am other than reading my media gotta my bio, and like I don't know if I should be mad at you your team or should be Ben at my team right now but. That kinda shows like calm. Personally are like what kind of questions would you normally ask them one that interested in and I mean you sound like you're uninterested in what I'm actually talking about someone to save your show right now I'll take over I can't help it. Because I have a natural ability is being able to take over the conversation and ask the questions I mean I know that you. You have that type of motion, intelligent structure and luke bags, and those types of things. A lot of people don't understand. How much do you have to like hold yourself back in those types of less meaningful conversations? I. A lot of self control. Even, though I'm blunt and honest and all these other things. So I go along with it but like you said, I, just go deeper than the question. Right like. So for instance. PODCASTS shaver question you ready. What's what's your favorite book? What book minutes just like what what are you talking about? So I literally it'd be like, okay look like I like a lot of books but then I tell the story about seventy handing me who moved my cheese and I go into the story of this what set off. So for me I'm like I can take pretty much any question and make it interesting. Yeah And I hope that they leave those there. Look they're gonNA leave this conversation's one to one going while he was an amazing guests I can't believe it that much value with my shit questions or they're gonNA go. Wow what a dick you really took over and he didn't just answer my shit questions like. That it's the latter right? It's never going to say that they were like, wow, that was an amazing I. Actually had people message me like that was an amazing sharp. Appreciate you coming on them like I just saved your ass like those awful I mean West talked about that just for sex Xanana. It the beginning of this format, we struggle with that dynamic of two hosts. Know in asking the right questions and that's why knowing, where are you come into the dynamic? What you're actually, it's funny because you said it before it comes back to the comes back to ego. With with the host. While with the WHO an interviewer interviewer is right as. If they feel like they wanna Brag about themselves, trying to make all about themselves and mix it tough for everybody involved usually, and so with what Justin said about serving, it's a lot easier for me. I care about the conversation I, care about what the listeners they're going to get out of it. Right I care about what just GonNa get out or like those are the things that I'm thinking about. So I have to talk for five seconds. You know or however long for that to happen, that's that's what is just the end result but most people are like, how can I looked better here? How can I talk more here and it's just when you don't have an attachment to that image is everything is just a lot better a lot easier. Yeah. No and I and I love that you said that to actually. So for the first couple years of my podcasts. I didn't hear from any of my listeners. I'd like I I saw the audience growing and like where are they but then all my guests would be like dude, he's like you're you've got some great. You know followers they're awesome. They reach out to me they told me that episode awesome what the Hell's going on. Means UH. Yeah. But I realize this because I was a good host like I was literally highlighting my guest and that's the point as a podcast highlight. Your guests now then added and I I took a break from doing it but then added a second episode a week, and it was just a solo episode and then all of a sudden the people out of work like Oh. That was really good. This is. Oh there you are. Right. There are times where I think you guys actually do a very good job at this. There are times where you need to frame yourself in a certain way. Add value add a little snippet go a little bit deeper than what your guests just did tie in your own personal thing. But at the same time, you have to make sure it's about your guests like it's amazing how people don't think about who's actually listening. You said that unload the West, thank you so much for asking him framing in that way because a lot of times people don't really they want more airtime, they want this they want that and I love that. That's where that's west his mindset he's always mindset is actually for the listeners and we're I'm digging in a little bit dig deeper with people. You know West is comfortable in these com- cooling collective with the way that he wants to. I guess convey the message to the listeners in a right way for them to dot to make an impact in its it shows how you know unselfish wessels in certain conversations we've had we've had certain conversation with people. Do they don't the guests isn't shut the fuck up for a minute for us to be able to frame the questioning but we I let it go and just the best advice that I've ever actually received recently and I've actually a couple of different times in a lot guests next year I dunno apparently will pretty big in Japan. I I. Don't know. How that happens. We don't have subtitles but not share labs. But I got a piece of advice from couple different listeners and I really appreciate it and for those listening as police in and more, we love it. But the best advice or not an advice for the best compliment and I've actually received was. I'm excited each week on what questions you're about to ask the guest. that that was probably the best comment that an perceived it twice. And they said I can't wait for the guests that you're bringing in like I can't wait to hear the questions that you ask the guest because. I'm asking them questions that school haven't asked them before podcast he loved that. Have you receive something like that? Some of the questions you put in, you have to be in the conversation to ask that question. Yeah. But you're not going to be one hundred percent in the conversation asked question and that's the problem with people. Yeah and I've received. Compliments very similar, right Like you're so good at asking the right question like you know where you're going like that which I love. But the funny thing is the first person to ever reach move by my podcasts was from Japan as well. How like how they were writing this in English? Yeah. Dude I was I was just blown away. They reached out there like I need to let you know that I listened to your show every week and I love it and I'm like, yeah, hand Japan word. It's made crazy but. But again like I. I really do pride myself on that. And I love hearing that compliment I'm not the greatest receiving compliments. Because I'm just I'm just me like I'm just doing my thing right but I love that complementary lot because it means I'm doing my job. As a podcasts that's your job. Your job is ask good Dan questions that people want to hear the answers to like like literally like that's all you have to do just be in the conversation that we talked the other day. About. Active listening and how exhausting at times it is the host podcast people don't realize that like. To be actively paying attention hearing what they're hearing trying to take what they're saying, and then are we going to go deeper there or do I need to go over here and to be thinking that while you're actively listening is exhausting mentally obviously, we're not running a marathon right now but it's exhausting and. But. But that's the work you put in. That's the work you put in as a podcast to to make sure you're serving again, serving the audience naming sure that they're getting out the time that they put in. This episode we're over an hour now. So if somebody's listening at this point like they've dedicated time and I, hope to God, we've given them we've given them great answers. We've them great banter and some laughs along the way. That's the goal, right? And you can't do that. If you're not actively listening if you're not asking the right questions and Kudos, you guys honestly I'm not saying this just because we're still recording. Like you guys are good at this like really really good and I love what you guys doing. So I appreciate I appreciate this conversation Kim. This is great. I appreciate our comment because it it doesn't come. You know not received you. You've been around the game along time of actually. Having really impactful guest on. The guess you bring on the show and make an impact audience as the guests he bring on the show turned into a lifelong friend for you and that shows. And if I can give you a compliment just for that because that's where it shows on how how deep you are as an individual as a person because there's there's a lot of people that call it call themselves anything they. WanNa call themselves and they wanna be whoever they want to be just because you've been around a long game on time. Yeah, you can bring guests all you want, but it's about you making impact in is your audience thinking impact, and are they trying to do what you're doing and I actually recently had a Someone that senator an thing you're inspiring me to be A. PODCAST or in I? Don't know if they launched it or not, and I. Hope You have whoever you are. Eric, and if I still remember the name and that shows how much I'm I'm actually I've read the information that people do submit even if it's a different language on Dale, you just said you probably call me mother fucker whatever whoever right. But they still says five stars we're good if you don't understand what that means. But for I guess for the listeners it or tuning guest was the best under your your your podcast, and the things you do like won't be the best way for them to. Get in touch with Justin. Yeah. I mean I'm most active on instagram. So they on their it's at Justin T shank. You can look at the spelling in the title of this episode. I said it now I still don't get it. But yeah, go go find me there I mean obviously, and then the podcast growth. Now movement your check it out if you like it, please go click subscribe crystals on the shows and come check out that episode those are probably the best two places in the easiest places and I replied all the messages on the on the Graham and all that stuff. So please reach out I'd love to hear from you. Right right west anything you would like to add i. mean there's been so much to kind of dissect and certain segments of this episode but I think that we've you know asked a lot of questions but I didn't really know where we wanted to extract information the right information but I think that there's anything you wanna add or I like to ask just and I think probably right now's a good time for the audience to really grasp that. I'll ask just in one more question. What book would you recommend people read? I. Oh. Well, well done well, done. The astle level. That was great. Amazing. That was good. That was good for listeners out there if you want to learn that was right there. And he was that was in the chamber he was waiting. Way was locked. The funny thing is I was on a podcast one time you talk about like not just being yourself the I. The word Hustle Irks me like I like because everybody uses it. So they'll like hustle hustle hustle like you don't even know what it means but using it and I said this on a podcast in the word hustle within the title of the PODCAST. Was it hustle and flow chart. No but I love. I know. I know that they're all of our friends and they've been on our show and you know different things be good. Sorry. Yeah. But like but that's the whole thing you gotta be aware on your as the guest to. Fuck show my on. The Best Book Question. Right, like I. I I'm actually had people send me the questions and it says like what was the pivotal moment in your career where Blah Blah Blah and what are the top three books that you have read made an impact I'm like I don't fucking know like. Exhausting. Oh My. Gosh. Thank you for that I needed to that was good. I don't fight three words into the question was like what the fuck is he by the ask. You do you deliver that well? That was really well. There wasn't even a smirk on his face either he'd like he was. That was A. Level of one to ten like. Another great question that people ask me like on a scale of one to ten I'm like zero awful next like I guess that's the next step I guess that's Sent something a west at one point. Because like all I wanNA do do podcasting and make. Collective impact us all I want to do and I see a couple of videos. As an I'm getting to the point. Now I'm GonNa Start, inviting guest on just to take a shit on their what their approach but I'm not in a good way of disarming to give them something worth the value and how to fix the problem. Right. But I don't know maybe just. Maybe I'll keep that one in east my hat now that I'm putting out in public, maybe they're gonna be the whole accountable winning you start taking shit on the company's guess. Next week. The yes next. So, we start reaching out to, you know your company's full of Shit so anyways man I appreciate you coming on and sharing all the information you have and I hope it was good. As you thought you imagine it would be but I know that the One I on your show coming up pretty soon. Isn't it tomorrow? Actually Oh shit tomorrow the eve before drops great stuff. All right man but I look forward to anything need from US man. Open book come on for live whatever you something that you can think about you know in the future to what you're obviously you know working on different summits you want me to come on I'll do it for Freeman anytime you need me for anything That I'd love it here. Here's the deal right so for growth within lives since we're all working on our six packs, will all y'all come to speak growth moving live this next year shirt up Woah we'll all of us, all seventy, five hundred. Now I'll show are six packs. What's up? What is it called the situation? The Jersey Shore. Don't let it. Don't let it be like a bad situation. You know what I mean like look like he was sucking in, you're sucking in. Talk About Accountability Right Holy Crap. Had, other type situations that not pulling up your shirt and showing US maybe washing it out I doing whatever you need to do. That's cool stuff and but yeah, let's go kill a man was Cisco making impact your credit for listeners tuning in and thank you for so much staying all the way to the end of this and if you WANNA learn more from Justin in what he's about what he does I mean please reach out to him as much as possible to open. But other guys y'all keep moving keep growing learning. Let's go kill.

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GSMC Movie Podcast Episode 177: Desperados in Dunkirk

GSMC Movie Podcast

1:02:59 hr | 8 months ago

GSMC Movie Podcast Episode 177: Desperados in Dunkirk

"Camp decided torn between a romantic comedy action or an Indie film to watch for the weekend. Well well, golden state media concepts move you. PODCAST is your ultimate guide to the latest movies. Join us as we dissect the latest on the blockbusters. It's the Golden State media concept's movie podcast. Thank you for tuning into the GMC movie podcast brought to you by the JESSOP podcast network. I'm your host should under and welcome back. What's up, guys? Has It gone You know in a week where Trump placed a ban on international students and. Kanye decided. He was running for president. A lot has been going on in my head But, I wanted to bring. Some of the movies that I watch this week. Delight for you guys Starting with. Probably the worst movie I've ever seen. which is just the Cherry on for this week? Netflix's released a new movie starring. Drug. Called desperados. And we're going to start by me completely tearing that apart because it's so bad. It's so bad. Will then move on to discuss duck, which is a movie that I spoke about a little bit last time when I was talking about myself in sort of my. With the film. dunkirk is one of the movies that really made me WanNa. Do Film seriously and I feel like. Probably best if I talk about it in a little more detail. then. WanNa talk about A movie that I. Just watched recently after longtime. Alice in Wonderland, the original nineteen fifty one Disney animation. And will close off today by talking about my favorite might five favorite comedy movies on Netflix. So let's get into it. Right so this week I watched and the better way of describing it is I suffered through one hundred. I don't know how many minutes of a movie called desperados which is. One of Netflix's latest. desperadoes is a movie about this neurotic. Angelino named Wesley Played. Portrayed. You might know from Brooklyn nine nine or Saturday night live where she did some really great impressions of Kim Kardashian. She was also in new girl. I believe. For like a guest recurring role. She is this out of work. Mouthed or at least when it suits, the character to be foul, mouthed guidance counselor. In this desperate rush to. Fix Her life. You know by finding the perfect guy catching up to her friends and. Launching into a new job for which she has been hunting for the entire year. Despite the fact that she has no job and has had no job for the last year. which the movie you know makes an effort. To tell you with all these random shots of bills in goals from her mom that teller to get a job. She lives in Echo Park with seemingly unlimited resources, as we'll get into in a bit, but also based off of her apartment. You know. In typical friends fashion. She has two best friends Kelly played by Sarah Byrnes. Who is this wacky Sh-? Know Hippie type of basin. And Brooke played by Anna Camp. Who is the classy version of the friend? Now in the film. Goes from blind date the blind date. Tries to figure out how to freezer eggs. Mourns over dead birds and. Takes Pride in being not like other girls, you know. She finds herself as an acquired taste, but. In Reality She's just immature and doesn't think through situations and always says the wrong thing now for instance. In the beginning we are introduced to her. In this job interview for a Catholic. School. and. In order to show that she's different and you know quirky. She starts blabbing to non. About how she has no experience as a guidance counselor. And how masturbation is important? But. You know and she has to do this because she's just adorable and she's Hashtag Quirky. And she'd rather sabotage another job interview for. Nor Reason. Because clearly, she's doing fine. Now, also, because of her inability to control yourself in here hashtag quirky nature. She ruins a blind date with Lemoyne. Morris Morris's character. Sean. Now you might remember the the pairing of drawed and mourn Morris from new girl where they play Winston an elite the. Very Very. Great. Chemistry, having couple. But you know she also messes Wesley in this character in this film Nissim, prejudge character Wesley. chances with Lemoyne Norris's Sean Even though he's the only character in this film, that sort of resembles a real human being. But now here comes her knight in Shining Armor. Played by Rahmael Jared Saves Wesley after she falls down in hits her head. You know he is. He's the sort of inciting incident that forces. Heroine who is completely undetectable to suddenly decide to become a completely different person because the perfect man you know, he's rich. He's handsome. He has his own duvet covers. So, she decides to become the GROWNUP. Say the first thing that comes to remind. Can we get a round of applause finally? But unfortunately. After hearing after not hearing from jared for five days. After. Some like a beautiful month together and some great sex. Wesley, Kalian Brooke. Decided to dig into their Hashtag crackhead energy get drunk. And right most scathing e that refers to Jared's dead dad way too much. Moments later after sending this email. She finds out unfortunately. The jared wasn't ghosting her. Jared has got into a terrible car accident in Kabul. And was in a coma for the last three days. Now our heroine Wesley Stuck. This is where the film begins. She decides. In a drunken. Haze I assume. The good Mexico. Break into his hotel room. and delete the email from existence. Potential for this film to be. You know about Wesley discovering that she doesn't need to pretend to be someone else. She doesn't need to pretend to hate junk food and like bubble soccer in order to have this perfect man, but no the writer Ellen Robert borjas. Go down this route this extension of bit the movie, the intern that worked as like a five minute bid, rather than an actual hundred and five minute film. And you know from here. Wesley tries and fails to break into jared room. She develops a connection with Sean again. Who just happens to be in Kabul at the same time? Than in bids to. figure out how to get the laptop from Judge Room. She gets banned from the hotel and then deepens bond with Sean in Mexican prison. Then she doubles down on her Hashtag crackhead energy in deleting the email. And Loser friends who then suddenly to Guinness Paltrow Goop Rip Chaman, the only thing that the film self aware about the only thing. She then continues to develop a relationship with Sean again as they abandon their chase for jared once he leaves from the hospital in two vans by the way for no reason. And after swerving from a goat and up at a random Ginza INARA. Finally get to. The airport tells the truth after for some reason knocking him out with multiple burt percocet. then. She loses her friends. She gets a job. Gets her life together by being her. Hashtag. Quirky south. And then redeems her friendships by saving a cat that looks like Hitler And then finally getting together with Sean. Now when you look at other films that this was trying to emulate you know like bridesmaids in girls trip. You realize that all of those films have complex explorations of each character. The reason every scene in this film felt forced is because there's no real characters with no real motivation. The secondary characters in this film are only there to drive the plot and make decisions for West and West has no discernible motivation beyond the superficial one of preserving her pristine image for man. She barely knows. desperadoes has no interest in showing these women's real and relatable struggles an inner worlds. That, there's no. Way that we can understand for example why suddenly Gillian Brooke will turn on West. Because she's being selfish. Despite the fact that the self serving reasons of this trip have been abundantly clear from the beginning. You know there's a point at which and I like to think. This line sort of describes the film as a whole. Anna Cams Character Brooke says West. This pitch is horrible, but I love you and I. WanNa see you happy. I feel like that's what Netflix is doing with this film. You know someone brought it to them. and. They said this pitch sucks. But I love you and I. WanNa. See your movie. Get made I want us to fulfill your dreams. There was so much in this film that just didn't make sense. You know what in fact I have a list of things that didn't make sense in this film I wanted. Read those out you. Okay starting with number one. How can she afford to go to Mexico? If she hasn't had a job in a year, the film spent so much time establishing the pay her bills. To if if Sean says he's not adventurous. Why did he take? Wesley Paddle Boarding. Why did he take her? In the first place I thought he wasn't interested. Why does jared need to vans? Leave Mexico in the Mexican hospital, but why doesn't need one for the bags one for himself? Then, why did these van split up? And then when Wesleyan, Sean decide to follow the van with the bags so that Wesley can fulfill what she wants to do. Why do they end up at Akinsanya and decide that they can spend the evening? They're eating crickets, dancing and watching the sundown. Why does it take all of that time that Western? Shown take to get into a car. Accident attended King's in era. Befriend the entire family, and then get into the van with olive. Jared stuff. For Jared to get to the airport. And if judge stuff was in the van in the first place, then widened West do what her. Why didn't you just do what you came down to Mexico to do? Why don't you delete the email on the van ride because she had access to the laptop in the first place? And then, how does she climate tree and heals? Like either that is, that is probably my biggest question. How did you do that? How is it the Sean? was. Able to say that he wasn't ready to get into something meaningful with west at the end. But then. Had A blind date with a woman who had a missing brother, and then two minutes later, he standing outside. Running after West, saying that he's ready to get into a meaningful relationship with West. And finally. Why did this movie suck so much? All Right? Let's take a break there Up Next. We're GONNA talk about. DUNKIRK! And then stay tuned for Allison, Wonderland and finally will close off today. With my favorite comedies on Netflix. Wants to know the latest and hottest music hidden the airwaves. Be Left out listened to the golden state media concepts. Music podcasts keeps you on the loop with everything you need to know from pop rock hiphop top Florida and we'll throw in news of your favorite artists, concert and tour dates, and so much more listen no further because this is the gold standard in music podcast. Welcome back. We spoke about desperadoes, and why it's genuinely the most terrible movie I've seen. Come out this decade. Obviously seven months is not a long time, but. This movie really sucks. Let's talk about the Kirk. So for those of you. Who listened the last week? You've heard me mention Dunkirk as one of the reasons. I'm studying film and WanNa go into the entertainment space. So I thought I'd talk a little bit more about Dunkirk and what it means to me in. The movie itself. So dunkirk is twenty seventeen feature film by Christopher Nolan. It talks about the harrowing realities of life as a soldier in World War Two. And it takes it takes place over three storylines namely the mole the see in the air. The films three sequences feature little to no dialogue. Because Nolan wanted the atmosphere intention to be built through music and cinematography. And it even eventually won the Academy Award for sound mixing sound editing. The idea for dunkirk game as On Christopher Nolan's nine hundred ninety boat trip with his wife. Emma Thomas across the English canal. Traveled the same route as the boats on the original dunkirk evacuation. Now. Nolan wanted to originally improvised this entire film but Emma. Thomas being his producer and. Partner in filmmaking. She persuaded him otherwise, and he finished his seventy six page screenplay in two thousand fifteen. Now. This was the shortest ever script almost half of the size of his usual script, but it created a bulletproof and precise structure. The story is told in three perspectives, land. And Nolan's emphasis on character and visuals, dialog and exposition sort of. Incorporated his traditional snowball effect. The research of this project came across as a few of creating a documentary in his interest in this particular moment of history. Arose from the differences in the essence of the story of dunkirk to the General Hollywood formula. Unlike, most world war movies, Dunkirk was not necessarily a victory. In fact, it was a humiliating defeat. But, it's still demanded a large scale production to be told correctly. Nolan really emphasized historical aspect of this. hired historian Joshua Levine as a historical consultant and accompanied. Joshua Levine on many interviews with veterans. During the interviews, the bear heard a lot of stories about soldiers walking into the sea because of frustration desperation. and. Because of this is a shot in the film that features one of these soldiers. Christopher Nolan worked with a lot of free collaborators. One of them was white. Men. Hoyt, Ma, the director of photography for the film. Him In. The production designer Nathan Crowley explored the beaches of dunkirk while scouting locations and ultimately decided to film there despite many logistical issues. In terms of production design Nolan demanded design aesthetic. That would be completely authentic. Costume designer Jerry Jeffrey Kurland. Also decided to continue down this route. Having the original heavy wool fabric of the British World War, two uniforms being made from scratch. For the entire cost and more than a thousand extras. The boots for the soldiers were also made. In a factory. And At the production facility in England at long, Cross Studios, the costume department aged. These uniforms boots with distinct Sort of features of regiment, personality and where. All for the purpose of authenticity. Is Philosophy followed the idea that soldiers since on the beach at Dunkirk they were also young and inexperienced actors should be of the same sort of background, young and inexperienced. Also made it abundantly clear that the entire cost must be British. As to replicate the experience of these soldiers who usually didn't have contact with the enemy. No Germans were shown onscreen. In late twenty, fifteen the guys director announced that the cost would comprise of Kenneth Branagh Tom Hardy Mark Rylance, find Whitehead Harry Styles, Jack Loudon and you're in Bernard. And finally. The main cast was rounded off with James d'arcy Cillian Murphy Barry Keegan Tom Glynn Carney. Michael Cain another frequent collaborator. Christopher Nolan also was costume as spoken cameo as the voice of Bislett FO leader. Principal photography began for Dunkirk in May twenty sixteen. That was so that the crew would avoid best day potential logistical hip hiccups and also to match the dates of the original evacuation. The film was shot as well in Weymouth and Swan in Dorset. Which is in England and Point Day. in Rancho Palos Verdes California. Filming. dunkirk coincided with the actual evacuation, including the location but the footage from the the streets from the early parts were shot in different down because a lot of the buildings in Dunkirk had been destroyed in the war. Nolan also. As he usually does wanted to minimize the use of CGI, therefore, he created cardboard cutouts of soldiers, tanks and other military apparatus to create the illusion of the size of the army. He also, he also used. Ships in planes from the time. Crowley and his marine coordinator Neil Andrea reconditioned nearly sixty ships to shoot. including a retired French destroyer, three Netherlands navy ships and Norwegian steamer. Twenty of the actual little ships from the original evacuation were also used captain by their owners. With regards to aircraft. A Russian craft was modified for the Spitfire. Whereas four others were painted to look like the German. LIFT WAFA planes for combat scenes, large-scale radio controlled aircraft were also used to film the crashing scenes in the English Channel. The Real Spitfires were provided by the Imperial War Museum Duxford. And its owner piloted the craft on the landing of the beach scene at the end of the film. So I mentioned that. Nolan worked with a lot of frequent collaborators in some of these were the editor Lee Smith and the scorer Hans Zimmer. Hans Zimmer has created a beautiful score that I listen to on a regular basis because I'm super weird like that, but also because it helps me get stuff done. In an interview. Nolan claimed that the hardest scenes to edit where the aerial sequences comparing the process to adjust game. And limited CGI was used in traditional Nolan fashion. Slightly better scenes. But the film relied mostly on his realism for for authenticity sick. At least fifteen versions of this film were caught to perfect Nolan's vision. Made of I think fifty four hours of raw footage from principal photography. A lot of the sound effects especially for the Spitfires. Real explosions in loop recordings from the Imperial Museum. The film was released in twenty seventeen. July in seventy millimeter and thirty five millimeter film. As the widest release for that format in twenty five years. Now Nolan. He's a killer for film. He loves that stuff. Is. Release again in December twenty seventeen presumably for awards bid. The film opened to a box office gross domestically of about nineteen point eight million dollars, including five point five million from purely showings. And on the first weekend alone it's estimated gross more than fifty million in the United States. Nolan's fourth-largest opening, but the third largest for any World War Two film dunkirk continued to remain on top of the box office for the next four weeks beating new releases the emoji movie unsurprisingly. But eventually slipped behind the dark our annabel. But overall it grossed about one hundred and eighty eight million dollars in the US and. Three, hundred thirty seven million dollars in other countries for a total of about five, hundred, twenty, six, million, worldwide, becoming the highest performing World War film of all time. Upon his release Dunkirk was universally lauded and complimented for its intricate storytelling and revolutionary take on the survival film genre. It approved ninety two. It got ninety two percent on rotten tomatoes, a-minus minus on Cinema Score Ninety, four, one hundred on metacritic. and. Everyone agreed Nolan's handling of the scale of this production. And his idiosyncratic approach to many cinematic conventions. Sort of really. Drove this film forward. Many also agreed that it's one of the greatest war movies ever created. Thing Washington. Post named at. Twenty three movies of the century. For me watching dunkirk in the summer of two thousand, seventeen, the first step in a greater scheme of events that led me to where I am today. Because of Dunkirk, that I'm studying film in school. Because of Dunkirk that I'm not. Buried headfirst and readings for my degree in political science or something. dunkirk released it a very pivotal time in my life. It was the summer before my senior year of high school. Trying to figure out what to do didn't really know what's going on avoiding a lot of work. As I said I watched by fifty three movies that summer. This was one of the films that I. Genuinely couldn't wait to watch so when it released I was there at its first screening at ten thirty am. When I saw the trailer for it, I got a glimpse of Hans Zimmer's score and The visuals devastating build up of tension. How all of it came together and those just enough to convince me that this was going to be something special? I, wait watch it. So. With my breakfast popcorn I sort of gathered thoughts embrace myself, It opened. With a scene of six soldiers, walking through the scene of Dunkirk, the streets of Dunkirk, grasping for water cigarettes, and whatever could be used as toilet paper and. Doing their expiration, they come under fire from opposition forces. Now my original thought was wears Harry styles in this, but you know. He came in later. It's doing that scene. Nolan introduces audience of. Being on the experience of being on the beach in dunkirk in nineteen, forty two. Watching find whitehead climbs over fences and runs to a hailstorm of bullets. I was so enamored by the spectacle, but I also knew what I knew about the cardboard cutouts. It just allowed me to appreciate the creative forces in the planning that goes behind making film. And? I understood. What it requires the stage something so technically challenging. The film is a testament to the suffering and Camaraderie. The comes war and hauntingly silent long in suspenseful scenes, the delicacy, with which all the stories intertwine in the synergy of each little bark to create this masterful big picture dunkirk managed to. Convince me that this is where my real passion was. By the time the credits came rolling decided that my name would someday be on the credits for a movie. And hopefully. That movie will change someone else's life. Found a sense of power new faucet of creativity open with this film. Set Off. Towards the World Cinema. And possibly homelessness? Right with that, let's take a break here. Stay tuned because we're GonNa talk about Alice in Wonderland and my five favorite comedy movies on Netflix after this. Hey I'm andy. If you don't know me, it's probably because I'm not famous, but I did start. A men's grooming company called Harry's. The idea for Harry's came out of a frustrating experience. I had buying razor blades. Most brands were overpriced. Out of touch at Harry's, our approach is simple. Here's our secret. We make sharp durable blades and sell them at honest prices for as low as two dollars each. We care about quality so much that we do some crazy things like by a world class, German blade factory obsessing over every detail means we're confident and offering one hundred percent quality guarantee. Millions of guys have. Have already made the switch to Harry's, so thank you if you're one of them, and if you're not, we hope you give us a try. With the special offer, get a Harry starter set with a five Blade Razor waited handle, Shave Gel and a travel cover offered just three bucks plus free shipping just go to Harrys DOT COM and enter five thousand at checkout. That's Harrys Dot. Com Code five thousand. Enjoy. Tired of searching the vast jungle of podcasts now listen close and here this out. The podcast network that covers just about everything that you've been searching. The golden state media concepts podcast network is here. I'll think less than our podcast bliss with endless hours of podcast coverage. From News Sports Music, fashion, hooking, entertainment, fantasy, football, and so much more stop lurking around and go straight out to the golden state media concepts podcast network guaranteed to build that podcast is. Whatever it may be. visit us at www dot Jesus MC podcast dot com follow us on facebook and twitter, and download on Itunes, soundcloud and Google play. Welcome back. We've spoken today about desperadoes. The worst movie of the Twenty Twenty S and Dunkirk, my the movie that inspired me to. Eventually want to become a filmmaker. we're going to talk about one of my childhood. Favorite movies now Alice Wonderland. Now. I WanNa talk about Allison Wonderland for reasons One because I was wonderland, the the movie version I'm talking about is in the nineteen fifty one original Disney film. Not the, Dim Burden adaptation from the two thousand and ten. I think featuring Johnny Depp. One of the reasons, because it's one of my favorite Disney animation's. Like of all time I think might be second or third after. Aladdin Aladdin Is My favorite Disney film of all time. And we'll talk about that at some point I'm sure because I love Aladdin. And I'm sad. About what they did, do it. But. The other reason is because. I listened. Wonderland is a film that I spoke about on. A one of my friends is broad. Gus named a filmmakers history. Now. What was my friend? Matthew is doing is. Taking. The entire filmography of a filmmaker in this case Walt Disney Animation Studios, which isn't a particular person. But it his favourite studio. Any has an affinity for animated films. And he's going through the entire Disney filmography really from its origins in Snow White in the thirties I believe. Up to the revival era that we're currently. That we are currently in. Now! I've done a few episodes. Matthew and you can find this podcast on spotify, but. I wanted to talk about Alice in Wonderland here because you know it's, it's got a special place in my heart. For some background. Wonderland had always been a passion project for Walt Disney. His first movies before. Sort of Snow White game to be worthy shorts. A mix of live action animation called Alice comedies. Based on his I think original short. If I'm not mistaken, called Alice's wonder, another reason entirely based on Alice in Wonderland. it is however sort of superficially the same type of premise. And if I'm not mistaken, I, think Allison Wonderland was supposed to be the first Walt Disney feature animation. But it kept getting pushed and pushed. And you know it was supposed to be urgently. Live action animation blend with Mary Pickford, but it got sidelined. Because of a paramount wonderland project might thirty three. It was originally conceived as this blend of live action animation the same way Alice's wonderland was back in the day, but. Their reaction to song of the south. Disney's worst movie ever. Ultimately killed that. Now for those of you who don't know what Song of the South is? I suggest you google it because I feel sick, even thinking about it It just wasn't a good. It wasn't no. Nothing redeemable about that film absolutely horrendous. Anyway. So Alice in Wonderland? Based off of Lewis Carroll's book. Alice's adventures in Wonderland and through the looking glass at sequel. is the story of Alice who's a girl who's bored with her studies and eventually sees. Eventually start yearning for a world where nothing makes sense. she sees then a white rabbit running. Complaining about being late so already. Doesn't make send. And in. What has now become common psychedelic, Lingo. Follows the rabbit down the rabbit hole. She eventually shrinks in grows in a in a game with a doorknob. In order to go through the door so that she can continue following the rabbit. She meets tweedle Dee. Tweedle, Don where she here's the story of the Walrus and the carpenter. Now the waller's carpenters story if you haven't seen it. Had a really weird interpretation of. When I watched it again to do this podcast. First of all for me. tweedle, dee and tweedle dum as well as the rest of the story. Really. Follow this idea that allison. Wonderland for me is sort of a critique on parenting. Now. A lot of the things that talks about a lot of the things that don't make sense for me. I'll definitely What the bottom line of the story is! which is Wonderland is adulthood and Alice is a child who is forced into adulthood. And doesn't understand anything that's going on. The first sort of instance of this is the white rabbit complaining about being late for something, which is something that. I I don't know your parents, but my brands do a lot. But. It has sort of more Implicit manner. It's It's a commentary on. The structure of adulthood and how everything needs to be done as per schedule in our busy. Very often. inward-looking lives. Within move onto going down the rabbit hole and into the door where you know, it seemed like the door was. Doing what a lot of parents do with their children? They sort of. Play around until the child gets frustrated and then immediately regret, their actions wants the tears start falling. We then move on to the tweedle dee, tweedle dum stories, which in a very George Carlin manner seemed to be. Away for. The film to sort of critique, the art of storytelling and the boogeyman experience that barons often employees. In order to get their children to do what they want. They tell her the story of the Walrus and the carpenter, which is essentially this Walrus goes down and steals a bunch of baby oysters With the intention of eating them, but tells them the story of You know I'm GonNa. Treat you the world grow up, which by extension is sort of the entirety of Alice in Wonderland. It's a way for Lewis, Carroll to. Tell The audience that maybe don't grow up so fast. We as children spend so much time. Worried about. Growing up and how fast adulthood is coming. Only to realize that actually comes in you know. I'm actually hitting this point at this point. That it's not as good as advertised lakeshore. You can eat pizza for breakfast, but. Do you really WANNA eat pizza for breakfast everyday like added. You have to take responsibility for your actions in. It's something I'm learning for sure and something. That I feel like this book really helps teach. Anyway continuing. She then after the encounter with tweedle dum goes to the white rabbit's house where she is mistaken for his mate, she grows giant again and is attacked as a monster, and then shrinks three inches tall. She goes to the garden of singing flowers. Now these singing flowers. This was an interesting scene for me because it's really like. A sort of Metaphor for. Fitting in you know. In the beginning. You can enter a group and seem to fit in like she does with these flowers they start singing about? Themselves and Complementing each other, but when they realized she's not one of them, she's immediately ostracized. Now that just feels like A. Very adept social commentary. Because who hasn't experienced that? After the garden rejects her because she is a human or as the flowers see her a weed. She meets the Caterpillar. Who? After a series of riddling questions and introspection, which is essentially where. I see most of the drug references that are that. Make this movie so popular among the that made this movie so popular among the sixties psychedelic. Movement She then. Eat Mushrooms that help her grow. See What's interesting here is this movie came out? In one thousand, nine, hundred, thirty, one and psychedelic mushrooms weren't actually thing until nine, hundred fifty five. So that. While it doesn't add up. There just does seem to be a little bit of A. Sort of clairvoyant message there. She eventually then moves on to meet the famed Cheshire Cat who advises her to go to the mad hatter and the march. Hare Now. At, this is one of the most famous sort of scenes, but you know what's interesting is the matter. Who is very popular like very common in has a lot of screen time in the burden version of the film. Is Not as big in this film and I assume that's because they didn't have to pay Johnny Depp for it. Just how it is few page on the depth for film especially when it's Tim Burton's film, who Johnny Depp is such a frequent collaborator of. Year going to have to feature a lot. But. In some ways I really enjoyed the scene. A lot more than some Johnny Depp's performance is in the in the remake. One of the things that made this great was When. They're gaurded the season they had. A live version of all of the characters, sitting down in performing everything the same way in studio, and they use the sound. From that live enactment of the scene. In the film you know they tried to do it in a way that was individually recorded as they would normally, but it just didn't seem to be as funny and honestly I'm glad they did. Because that is one of the most incredibly fast paced scenes I've ever seen. And it's so funny. They celebrate birthdays there, which is basically every day that your breath isn't which I feel like we should celebrate. That's a beautiful message that goes back to the original thing that I was talking about. We take ourselves so seriously that we look forward to one day in the year. Where we can celebrate ourselves, we should be celebrating everyday. At this point, the white rabbit's pocket watch is destroyed by the mad hatter. And Who Fed up by nonsense escapes to cry on Iraq. For me, this feels like the lowest point of the film. The EGO death per se in psychedelic terms. But. This is where the Cheshire Capri The Cheshire Cat Reappears and tells her to go to the queen of Hearts. Now in completely absurd series of events. The Queen of Hearts believes that Alice messes up her game of Croquet. which in fact, the Cheshire Cat did. Analysis goes through a very weird trial where the sentence is passed before the verdict, and then in order to escape her fate. Of, beheading. She. Runs away from a deck of cards. And approaches the door from the beginning. She asks door the letter out, but the door says you've been asleep the whole time. She looks through. The keyhole realizes that she's been asleep. She wakes up. Tries to explain the dream to mother. And then goes for T. This film. Didn't perform very well in the beginning when it first premiered in London. received a lukewarm reception, but in the sixties along with Dumbo when it became one of Disney's Spurs, VHS releases and Dumbo again is a movie full of psychedelic references. It. was revamped now at this time. A lot of the ways the only watch films were to go back to the cinema because they didn't have very developed home entertainment technologies, so they would release films every seven years. and. This way. You. Know I listen. Wonderland regained popularity every time it was released. Another thing was that. The fans of the book really really disliked this film because it had nothing to do. With the original. because. In their words, a gross perversion of the original tax material. It didn't. It wasn't faithful to Alice Alice's adventures in Wonderland and. Through the looking glass in that it combined both books and their elements, this sort of Create its own story. But. You know it worked for me. at the end of the day the film. has a special place in my heart, because it's one of the first Disney. Movies ever watched. But also. One of the most. Interesting films every time I watch it again. If, you haven't seen it already or if you've sought a very long time. I suggest going into a deep dive of Disney films from the fifties. A Lotta this stuff that we grew up on the lion. King Aladdin. Princess and the frog these are very new forms of Disney movies with very different. Ideologies behind and it's worth going back. To explore the difference in filmmaking especially when Disney himself had input. Into these early films. With that let's take a break. stay tuned because up next. We're GONNA talk about my five favorite comedies. On that LEX. TV has changed over retired. Streaming has become the new norm. That's why golden state media concepts television podcast dives headfirst to the world court cutting to be on the Blue Book. What's hot and Netflix or if it's not a preference? What about original shows in Hulu? We've got you covered. Join us as we filmed the blind and talk about movies to stream, and what show you should be? This is golden state media concepts television podcast. And welcome back so just to close off the show I want to talk about. Some of the comedies. That I watch on Netflix my favorite comedies on Netflix. So I want to start off with probably my favorite comedy on that flex. You. Don't mess with the Zohar. Now Adam Sandler. His comedy, this film it's it's. It's sort of a way shameless approach to get every single laugh possible. It's like him to vulgarity. And either you enjoy it or you don't. Sandra plays this as agent for the Massad the Israeli secret service. As a counter, terrorism specialist and the best one the Massad has. He spends as much time hang out with. Attractive, women on the beach and eating as much as possible. The zone has these remarkable physical skills and he can. Do Pretty much anything. The Laws of gravity don't apply to you can. He's basically Spiderman with a very apparent junk. But the zone has one secret desire. He wants to be a hairdresser. His. Dream is to work for the ball Mitchell. Salon. And one day he simply smuggles himself out of Israel and into the US carrying two dogs. whose hair he cuts, and in America, he sort of. Goes after that dream, because that's what America is read the land of the dreams. He changes. His name described Coco. Auditions for a bunch of pair salons. Until. He's finally hired by Dahlia a Palestinian. And that's where the drama begins. Now Zoran as a sort of political. Comedy. To do these really Palestine conflict, which is one of the most terrible things happening in the world. Should be offensive. But the intent of the film associate that it just seems foolish. To suggest that there's any notion of citation in this film. Rob Schneider plays a Middle Eastern taxi driver in this. And even sort of help smooth detentions. Sandler brings together the Israeli and Palestinian. Palestinian diasporas against the. Capitalist. White supremacists. Americans at the end. I think this is probably one of the funniest movies I've ever seen featuring atoms. And definitely one of my favorite movies growing up. Next up. Is groundhog day. The Bill Murray Classic. Now I mean the most horrific thing about life is. We don't know what's going to happen next, and that's pretty much the subtext behind this film how Harold Ramos the director. He made this incredibly funny, but deeply spiritual film about. Knowing exactly what's going to happen next and the deep dark consequences of it? It's a movie that. Ultimately brings together such a very beautiful spiritual concept of repetition to bill, Murray and his incredible performance. Bill Murray plays the most. Cynical weatherman on the world Phil Congress. And it follows him as he makes his annual trip to. Punxsutawney, thing. That's how you pronounce it. To cover groundhog day, but once they get snowed in. He discovers to wake up. He wakes up. To groundhog day groundhog day again and again, and that's the movie. Motor Mazes me about this film is that? Marine Ramos get away with it. There's not a single moment in this film that either of them lose their nerve, or the tone is broken. You Know Phil undergoes this huge transformation, but never loses edge. And the movie doesn't get soapy at the end. Because that's what life is like? You know tomorrow will always come. And whether or not it's the same days today. All we can do is be the best person we can be, and that's what the film is about. It's about. The good news that we can learn to be better people everyday. Third Film and this film I'm sure most of you probably aren't necessarily very familiar with. Is On my favorite. Hindi thriller comedy to Come Out in the last few years. It's called the Hudson. which basically means blind tune? It's an official adaptation of a French, Short film called the piano tuner. untidiness set in Poona where Akash, a piano player pretending to be blind meet Sophie. Who gives them a break to play at his at her father's restaurant? At this restaurant, an old washed up actor. Invites him. Having been inspired by the blind being. To his house so that he can play his wife birthday. Upon. Reaching the house. Are Cash. The blind pianist finds that the actor is dead, but because he is blind pretends to be unaware of the things around. But things get complicated when the actors wife Simi. Suspects that Akash is really blind. Now, it's difficult to go on. Without giving more spoilers so I, won't. Talk about the plot anymore, but. At this point. The story really starts to get going, and it never really stops. even though it does get complicated towards the end. There's so much to this film. This chase sequences, doctors organ transplants, rabbits, eating cabbage is. All of this makes complex but beautiful story. and. It's great fun. And the cost knows it. Both the lead actors Irishman, Khurana who plays are cash and taboo. Who Plays Semi? Are Incredible. taboos one of the best actors to come out of the INDIE film industry. She goes from shied the vulnerable to ruthless in seconds. This is one of her. Most memorable roles and One of the roles that solidified Karama is a bonafide leading men in the Hindi film industry. Third Pick is the lobster, which is the English language debut from Greek director. Your go slant, the Mos most famously known for his recent picture, the the favorite starring Emma starring Emma Stone. In this film, he creates this dystopia world where being single is an inactive crime. A Romantic break-up thrusts any single person into the darkness of societies outside. Like any good satire, the LOBSTER. Knows, how to dip the line between realism and. Poking Fun at the audience. In this situation, any single person has forty five days. After they break up with partner to find a new one, and if they don't find a new partner, they will be turned to an animal. The message here is clear, but. Couples deserve. All the protections in single people. Don't. The lobster is such a smart satire that it plays with its own rules and doesn't. Serve of open the show that it is. It's extremely funny, but at the same time bleak and ruthless. For Love Story. The film is cold. It's artificial. Sore the characters. But. It still dares the viewers to be invested in what's going on. At the end. It's unclear if anyone's actually learned anything. But, that's what makes it such. A cynical look at what society is and the structures that sort of guide us in love. It's. Just beyond any other. Comedy in satire that I've seen. This story isn't willing to settle for. After. It has to make its point. And finally. This film the family. Now, the family follows a In the witness protection program. With the. Where the Manzoni family. gets live in a quaint house in a tiny village Normandy with FBI. Guys across the street in. Another house and personal handed to make sure to make sure they're safe. The. Point of the family being in Normandy is to passes Americans on holiday, but What? Fails this mission is the fact that they're all. Raging maniacs. So this film follows. Giovanni Manzoni played by Robert Deniro who snitched on his Mafia friends back in the states. And now because there's a twenty million dollar bounty. On his head. In exchange for his testimony. Hey, he and his family, his wife played by Michelle Pfeiffer and two teenage kids. Are Placed in witness, protection program under the control and watchful eye of. An FBI agent played by Tommy Lee Jones now. One of the reasons, this is so good is that it's a stack cast in Robert Deniro and Michelle pfeiffer have played characters like this for so long. It's like second nature to them. But one of the best things, and if you must watch this film. Watch it for Robert Deniro delivering a dissertation on Robert. De Niro in Goodfellas as Robert. De Niro as Giovanni Manzoni. It's. The most incredible megabit and the makes the entire film. The reason I wanted to do top five comedy films because. I love comedy and I feel like comedy and humor is just the best vehicle for. Films to of deliver a message or just entertain. You know in the case of Zone. It was definitely the ladder, but in the case of the lobster you get this hard hitting social commentary. And I just love the versatility in sort of. The way comedy fits into our society in every single way in can plug it every need. That I WANNA. Thank you for listening to GMC Movie Bug guys brought to you by the GMC podcast network. Few of enjoyed the show, please subscribe to us on Apple, podcasts and Divas Review. You can also follow us on twitter at GMC underscore movies. Thank you for listening. This has been mentioned Linda. And I'm probably GONNA awkwardly close out every episode and delay can figure out my. Ron Burgundy closing line, so he used stay classy San Diego. You've been listening to the Golden State. Media concepts movie podcast hard of the Golden state media concepts podcast network. You can find this show and others like it at www dot. M. C. podcasts dot com download our podcast on. Stretchers, soundcloud and Google play this typing G. S. MC to find all the shows from the golden state media concept's podcast network from movies to music from sports entertainment and even rear us. You can also follow us on twitter and on facebook. Thank you and we hope you have enjoyed today's program.

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S2E27: Im The Night Swan!

The Side Quest Inn Podcast

1:33:33 hr | 11 months ago

S2E27: Im The Night Swan!

"Able track weights upping pressed has gone to. Let's go point casinos her shirt tail. Hey everyone welcome back to the side question. Have you heard the word on the street? The side question has emerged store if you WANNA check about when you leave today. Just click the Lincoln the episode description. Or you can find it our website the side question dot com. We hope you enjoy upset. Twenty-seven I'm the night swan previously on the side quested. Tim Newman Peter. Put an end to the monstrosity. That was once barren tell us saving the girl's mother and then returning to the bed near state where they find Elliott waiting with news that Raymundo has been captured. It began making a plan to go out and save him Hey everyone welcome back to the side question. I am toby. Pack Your innkeeper and Dungeon Master and I'm JD. I'll be playing Peter for the evening. I'm Alex W Raymundo I'm Felicia and I will be playing Emma. I'm McKenzie and I'll be playing L. E. Wick. Jeff Thomson Airplane. Tim Horton always. You're all separated once again. Tim and Ellie are over. Dame crabs house spending the night. I'm not together for all we know something about proposed. Uma and Peter are back at the beckoning state getting prepared to Gallivant as the nights one on one and forced documents. Yeah you roll the society check last time to forge some documents that. What are the documents saying? I'm tonight soon. I don't remember that large but still going to be in the same handwriting like we saw that one note. That's the whole being the forgery. But they're gonNA say something along the lines of. It's it's funny to me that everyone thinks that I've been caught when I'm obviously not clearly clearly still out and about sure a Limerick I thought we were GONNA do like the time and place. He was going to arrive at all the places and give it to the main people was that not are there do seem to remember something about arranging telling telling people where he was going to be something. This is all your plan now mine. I did not participate in like giveaway gold or something to make sure he was alive right. We're going to tell people to be a certain place a certain time to get the gold. Yeah Oh that was it. Was that it. Although I don't think the nights one would leave a note saying come. Get money at the second location. I agree with that. It's like an obvious trap so I think that the notes could be saying something about maybe supporting the Night Swan Lake Justice or something by being at barbies castle at the day of the execution to like you know denouncing denouncing that they have the nice captured basically just saying yeah with proof or whatever so they can provide evidence that they obviously don't have the nights one right. The only way that I feel like this plan would work is if then does in fact become the nice one because otherwise we're just making it look worse anyone who would like see through the forgery or catch US permitting. These documents only makes him look more like the night swan because we're trying to cover it up. Yeah that was. It can't look at all like a copycat has to seem like a genuine thing. Otherwise no one's going to pay attention exactly that that's why it seemed important that Huma also actually go take down the tax card or something or I don't know I don't know what she actually has to. Zealot is that the Mo of the Night Swan. Yeah he robs tax cards. He's robinhood sounds like you guys are GonNa have to do. It's going to be something. And the reason why we went. Dame crabs was too that she would support us or spread. Spread the word as well. That Raimondo is not the night swan not getting a Trenton illegal. Not Getting a trial against startled. He's not actually following his own rules. Basically got which seemed born so I think like the note should say something to that as well. Take a look at your bear. And he doesn't even he'll he's you know I don't know he doesn't even care about his own laws and stuff. How could a man like that? Possibly lead nights one. So so. That's the plan then to you're GONNA do gold. You're getting those letters. You've already sent a letter to Marcela. So we'll say that L. E. N. Tim The day you slept over at dame crabs. You had breakfast. It was delicious and then heading back to the estate. By the end of the day you'll get back to the estate Where Luma and Peter had been working on forging these letters and getting the gold pouches ready and things like that. So that's kind of where we'll start so you all end up together at the house okay. So what's the next step? We have to get these letters out. And do we have daggers? I think we have those. What the nights long debt right? We'll get we can't we can't use. Raymundo chokers that. Yeah but we have other day yours. That's I'm sure we could just go. Guy Some data blacksmith and okay. Yeah we need to rob a tax cart. Luma you as the Black Swan and I just WanNa do not do ballet. Did I do Black Swan in the letters? Oh No act says nights one clearly say I was GonNa say you didn't even have to write his name. He has a little stamp should redo the crowds. It says nice shoes. Stay up crafted something. I can't remember you did the duck ugly ducklings turn into swans. We know this that's true they do. It's the evolution cool. So do you want to go rob a tax cart or do you want to go plant some gold or want to go plant some letters? I think robbing the tax cut. I makes the most sense because then the gold has somewhere. That it came from your. We'll get some goals. And the daggers. In letters will be planted at the same time right the dagger stabbing the letter into a career waller bedroom. We just have to do it in like it can't be in multiple places at once. If we do that. It has to be has to make sense. That one person did all of whatever writing right? Are We actually robbing attacks card richer this we know we're going to actually give the money away. Sure sure sure all of it. Yeah plus the eighty were investing. Sure all right well. We have one problem with this planet. In order to prove that remained was not a criminal where becoming criminals well morally with. This is criminal. Well I mean Barnaby like killed someone and made Raymundo eat it. So there's levels of criminal here well sure but like two wrongs don't make a right to always told me next to the left and we got to go less black and white here. This isn't a joking matter here. This is a so unserious life. Am really can go. Tim Think about it this way. There's a bad guy on. Yeah are you with me? Bad Guy comes and takes your spoon. You go over to the bad guy and take. The spoon back happens are usually one leg. No but can't I? I asked politely for the Spoon before I just take it. I think they have actually gone to the palace and like talk to Barnaby and try to get this all cleared out just a jas over Nice Cup. Look what happened when we went to the palace and they had that whole thing and they were sending peasants out because they had been jailed for things that we thought were ridiculous like setting the count salad butter which isn't even crime. Mind you and he put in jail for that so I don't think it matters what thinks at this point because he's obviously fucking deranged. He's really yeah that makes sense. I understand that okay. Okay but when we take over the Cartier could we like? I don't know you know those are just people doing their jobs to kill him or anything like that right. Yeah burn them with fire? You not here. Why are you looking at me because senior us? Fire on folks before going to light anyone on fire now going to curse them or make little blue dolls even know how to do that. That's you're being ridiculous okay. You're right I I apologize. I'll just put him to sleep or something. Okay let's go past asleep quite nicely. Okay sleeping's good now. Now's anyone going to know that you're not like you know Ooh Online Berg famous. Joel Stern you're actually this Nights one. I've called plan to actually helped me go to the closet and pull out a night swan costume were my God tournament tablecloth like what. What are you doing sorry? She turned only really good looking at the front. Not Very convinced. This looks fucking bomb. Wow let's please describe what it looks like. It is a black cloak with feathers all over it and who'd with a beak like a plague napster plague doctor's mask very cool. That's really cool eight. That seems like a swan enough. That's great and I figured whatever it doesn't look right this ring that gave me we'll fill in all the gaps. Are you hearing? Knock on your door. Everybody which Tim we can. I assist with my pause for the door. Yeah you see like panting. Do over twenty seven. She can't lie. She ran all the way here. Terrible who indulge freely drink on well the tax collectors just came. Why is that terrible? They said they're taxing us. Five Times the amount to everything we had. Where are they now? They just left something about the Ben. He's not being good focused. Something that's not true tool taxol can keep my bar open now was a Goo- Semaine. Did he come? Through no was just tax plan. Just his beat the miscellaneous people look for him. Yeah perfect you need to leave. We'll be sure that signed a letter to the Baron and I start putting a coat on this. Write your letter to them. Where am I supposed to go back to your bar? How PEOPLE GONNA eat we leave reading? We've got this. Eighty gold distributed among the town feed them green around the tax cart anyway heels assistance that for everybody all your all super nice all distributor this right away. Oh Oh I've never held so much gold at one time or line. I'm so sorry Oh l. e. like reaching for his people eat anything. We're going to get so much Paul. What a bunch of doughnuts. Sit Tight some of the folks in the meantime. I reckon that'll do but if they come back again. I don't. We can't survive. This way has the Nice Swan helped you before. No Bethany Woods or in the what was it. Beggars woods that he would like drop off money. I was just wondering if he helped has ever helped you guys before we've been forgotten about ten years left alone till now now the one five times. You gave me the folks. I'm glad you told us what's going on so we can help you. Take care of that. In the meantime we'll make sure that you and your zero off it and doing okay. We're supposed to do as the leaders ASAKUSA. We will take care of you. I was wondering if you could come into town on account. They beat some people up. Who wouldn't give them the money. Oh Dear Sheldon yes. Yes we can take care of that right away show. I dragged you out Raggio. Oh the second. She's out the door hilariously. My tablecloth Swan is on or it. Looks like you're up and put my ring on. You have to click my heels together. No no no no. You have to think really hard about what you want to be what you WANNA look like. Get all the details in their fill. It out of somebody's never seen. I'm just going to look like a swan please. Don't think of looking like a swan. 'cause you will look like an animal kate. This is just just picture. I just WanNa see what this looks like. You just have to push the button on the ring. That's all you have to do but I only get one show you only get one shot? Here's what you're GONNA do. You're gonNA paint Franson black. And then you're GONNA go right out and with your with your lance there and just start. I don't know maybe charging at the folk should she? Should she have the lands? I don't know if the nights has gigantic lance. Whatever we want right but I feel like Lance Lance is like a noble thing. Yeah I wouldn't use the lanced any ever crossbow of Jacqueline's and sold and I can go get a crossbow that she can take. You Know I. It's not like I can only use Alonso. I've got many other. Masha qualities. Good point good point so maybe just use the sword. Yeah or I could go. Get some daggers. All right I'm GonNa go meet Peter Town and distribute all these doughnuts and cause a distraction. You go did you make all these doors. I said we're talking guys are all flapping your gums and I was making doughnuts. Yeah I was flipping. I'll see you all right. Sh she will just think of like filling out the costume to make it look cool and then press the button as as you do that. Look like a typical Taliban noble no discerning features or anything. Just the Nice on costumes gone. She just looks like a basic noble. My bad sorry you just saw not look good so in forgot the ring just makes you look like like with the society is no lot. Lillies rate you look great. But I don't know I'm good. Tim Wasn't there to see her great. Veggie can be like. Oh maybe she's not a witch. Maybe she doesn't know what she's doing. No idea what I'm doing I was. I was hoping you're trying to use that right before you went rob waiting on night for asked last week when she was talking about giving your guest. Illusory discuss on anyone myself. Well this Nice tablecloth you can have the ring. Back maybe generic. That's better than looking like yourself. Well I mean I can't put a costume on over this costume so I need to be the next one. I'm already wearing tablecloth. Where's IT GONNA go over your disguise but hard to take off the ring and then put it back on and take off the thing and then put the the table fucking really or I? I'll just take take off. I've put it back on words. Did it work ULA great? I hope that it works but I wasn't sure who told me it. Is loser disguised to look like a small a small like a duck press ups is gonNA use it to look like hasn't yeah? Wow like small pathetic weasley. That's awesome like the same one you were when you went to see rain from. She was Sassy we're going to go with. Like a weasel e sniffly okay. Can you tell me harmless Owen Wilson? Wow Wow Peter you get into town and you see on the in front of the pub. There's a guy who's like lip is bleeding. There's a woman who's got a black guy. Just those two seem hurt okay. Well I brought the healer. He's here hi everybody I mean. Let me is your black. I the only thing that's wrong. I think so. My arm hurts but okay so I'm going to If you let me I'd like to heal you is that okay. Oh what what does that mean like? What like what are you going to do? I'm a priest of shelling. An Shallan has granted me special abilities to to help people that are hurt hurt. No not at all. You'll feel better okay. So I'M GONNA use my gloves on her and just put my hand on her children's and say Shell bless you. Okay and use my gloves to heal her awesome. And that's a to do. I need to roll snape as you put it on a latex. Oh man I already have them on little healing do wow. I feel great. Okay thank you. Oh you're welcome. Thanks shelling shelling. Thank you sh- Ellen. Is that that New Church. It is yes. Oh I'M GONNA go check that place out that's perfect now you sir. Would you like me to heal us? Well novel right. Are you sure it. Would you like oppostion? I have a healing potion. If you'd like to drink that yes please okay. He grabs it and couldn't drink it fast enough and he goes see. See addicted thanks. You're welcome. I hope better okay. Show bless you too. Yeah Shawn's Great Church that too yes. Do they have more of those. Don't I thank you? You're welcome here. I reached out to shake your hand. Shake it until I'm shown bless you bless you shall be blessed with a drink and he goes into the pub. Okay so Tim. You are in the town. A I'm just going to the PUB awesomely. Yeah Yeah you see Peter. Finish filling this guy and then there's like town gathered out because of a scene. That happened town a little bit ago. This is quite the right. Everybody heard what happened. The BET news in I brought all these donuts to head into the bar. Donna coming very not all right. I obviously holding a very delicious Shallan. Guy Says So. Let's some I wanNA talk to the guy that he just healed okay. I want to ask him. So could you describe to me the the folks that had injured you and who did all this? What are they look like palace? God's looked like one of them had a big beard on the punch me. I'll tell you what again won't let it happen. I can hold my own. I understand you look tough guy. I'm real tough I can do. He got the jump on me. I know it's a two that really makes you really scares me. Thanks so so palace guards I say was did they look like they had. It was the bureau demand the one that looked like he was in charge. Absolutely if I wasn't hurting I'd go after him right now. I would. What what exactly did they like Say Do and before they hurt. You said we need five times the amount but they were here just a couple of weeks ago. So why would they need it again? I said absolutely not any punch me I see did he did he. invoke any kind of authority from anyone besides the baron. Yeah he said the pretty lady. What's her name? I don't know the one lives up at the house. Never seen a beautiful woman before she's like never got a hands dirty boy. I've you live with her. Just not remove do well. He said that she's a traitor to the to the bottle and taxes going fine with daily. Wick Elliott who I see all right. She's pretty. She's gorgeous never seen never noticed. Well I'M GONNA go get a drink and I'm going after that You stay here and listened to what What is her name? Again Piskun. I don't want to say I normally don't have a problem for some reason today to to what has to say she's in charge until the buttons are back. But we're going to. We're going to go petition the baron ourselves. If you're out what get to the bottom of this you know you seem like a good guy. Can I ask you something? There was air damn. Why did they say that? That L. E. Wick was a traitor. Sounds like someone's a sounds like they were intentionally spreading falsehoods which seems counter productive in order to rule a barren. He went into a nano. Take our money. That's right. You can see two crimes. They've done today. How am I gonNA theory if you include assault? Well a few listening. Are She's got eighty gold to distribute to the town? Hey y'all you know what came from Elliot Yourself. L. E. Y. Gave Eighty gold does not like a traitor to me. Does it have more well known. I mean we're going to rectify this. This is only as a you know What's the word I'm looking forward to make up for the Things that awful things the barons doing everyday. I'm going to get some of that. Eighty absolutely okay. Well I'M GONNA go get the father I'll be back We'll be back later. Maybe a day or so all right Peter. Come with me. Oh my God. We're getting on my horse rob tonight. Okay I get Peter up on the horse and right out to where the I'm assuming to meet up with them. I I thought that was the plan. So that's what we're doing. So see you I'm congregate outside the town in the middle of rendezvous like into a forest. Yeah like right away like just like you ever a hill. We're not going to be run. You and stuff. Yeah exactly what are you doing? We got we got to track down the track down the TAG guy. Yeah did we ask what direction they went? Why just I just saw the fresh wheel-tracks figured it was that direction. Well let's roll survival and follow those tracks love it. I also would like to roller survival to have them. Yeah you these are the freshest tracks going out of this town what'd you roll fourteen? They didn't go this way. Oh God actually really fresh right. Peter Peterson Sumo here. Not why are you looking at that? Berry Bush didn't you get my God? We've been here. We have we wrought David here. Shit my the only sane person anywhere he gave them eighty gold county he gave the medical Elliott told them nobody. Nobody knows that is. That is the only anonymous that health and I'm August. Anyone not notices about me so we try to tell the truth. It's this way we gotta go being too loud Ellie Rahmael. We'll save from when you guys. Shit. It's a fifteen plus eleven twenty six. You take two points of damage how we've rested so that your first two points of damage right. God that sucks. I gotta get rid of that. Okay I'll take off to go. Find a stack struck K. We're going to like a wagon from our part on the side person. I say that's allowed to go to. The road is Huma in her. Disguise Awesome K. You've been in this dungeon for like four or five days. It's it's been a while. Well they've all been out doing their thing getting everything ready to go anymore visitors since the last time no food well they brought food. But that's it nothing else to have a knife to cut it with you here once again light. You don't hear the light but this is the lowest I've ever heard so loiseau how can anyone sweep lice spills into the room and you hear footsteps walking up in front of the door. You see Barbie's face okay. I don't say anything window. You could not get enough. Yeah well I have your potion. You came back for more. I need you to tell me if it's real if it is I'll let you live live of course but the girl go. If this is the potion I will let her go. No Go I and I will tell you if it is real because now that works you'll never know he'll open the door. There's the guards out there with him. He'll bring the same like ornate. Charon instead of down brings the lighten and hangs it. It like hurts your eyes. It's so bright so loud. The girls like hurt any poor girl and he. He has the potion. Do I need to roll to determine if it's actually real no it's the real deal is we'll just kill me if I do that. What is it in. Its in a plane vile narcotics vile and he was like shitty looking. But it's definitely the potion like you look at it. You recognize it instantly the right shade everything lunacy. What I'll say is it. The Post Jenner isn't Mona say. He sits back and crosses his arms. You told me you recognize it. Well maybe I can. But it's going to cost you her life. Give her her life. That will tell you if it's not the potion then I need her. What you're not negotiating. Anything here let go and I will tell you. I'll do everything you know. Take out here though. Holler out of there. She's free into bring it here. Let me smell it. He gets some guards to come in like. Hold you home like okay. He pops the top off. Mike lets you smell it. Smells a sack like the Bhushan Felix race? You say that. Yeah what does that mean? I think this is yellow bleach. My friend Yellow Bleach. Drink it as you want your insights to barn. So it's not I don't think so. Robot THANK THIRTY. He screams and he throws it against the wall and it shatters all the potion just dripping down and says useless and like he gets up and walks out and slams the door. The guards let you go. Do they get out? Do they leave their And he storms off go. Yeah he'll I don't have anything to collect IT D- I'll take. He'll take his shirt off and try to absorb as much of it. It has gone. It's totally gone. There's a few drops though. He just starts crying. Okay Oh okay back at the other folks honestly our she. We save him or just better to leave fall. No has a really good enough. Okay Oh you're all writing and you can see this tax waggin traveling. What kind of like is it fully? Covered wagon is okay. How many guards are there? Rolla perception twenty-seven you can see three guards. Looks like there's at least three guards. Are they outside the wagon or I can I see like inside the West? There's one inside and two outside. How far away are we hundred feet and then a driver to drivers jars one like in the back? Looks like he's guarding the stuff. Is there any way I could kind of right ahead and around and fell a tree in front of the road to stop the carriage? You probably wouldn't have enough time to fell a tree but you could fell a fellow. You'd Act Correction. The rain me like on piggyback. Then because you run faster than me then I put them all to sleep. We could do that. Sure I just think that it would be best if Houma road up behind by herself and maybe in this. I don't know if they might try to speed up and run away or they might just like. Hey we can take him and then try to like you. Do a flanking maneuver. That's a good thing. Which I like the sleeping idea so you should come with me to the front all right though we can get on their back turn well. She Fin your backpack. Didn't hire St Louis Area to be holding that you don't have the leg whole slimness that Raimondo as a little kid leg little kid child with me so you kind of go a long way ahead. Well a lead Peter. What are you doing what who do you think I should do? Just be quiet and stay behind me. If you need help do ever say for it or something. The word fucking come help me. I don't know if I look like I'm in distress. Oh come help you. Yeah okay. Are We on horseback here? Yes through the through the forest or on the road. You're going to be moving to the road. Oh you're on my horse how you wouldn't Availa Gate here any other way a year on a horse carew. The hallway is still faster than me a promise. I just live to the open three on the back of my clothes my way. Who muttering behind. Tim I think that we should stay in the go into the brush and try to keep pace with them and slowly catch up with them and then when the moment seems right where we see Tim and Ellie in front of them than we kind of a work show scene. Even you will see me. Put the horses to sleep. Then they can't like go and they'd be weight easier to get the success so if so I'm going to have I'm going to make it so that they stop essentially okay. Your sleep spelled them while they're stopped Okay and we don't WanNa hurt them right. Don't want to kill unless they got hurt us. I think hurt if they fight back. Fight him just don't don't go for the killer. You break legs and stuff at school okay. Well then when we get close enough I'm I'M GONNA gesture to Peter to stay in the Bush and just keep tracking with us and then I will pop out of the Onto the road and not. I'm still on my horse. So all all pop out into the into the road and I will say I get my voice. Yeah L. E. L. E. on but is one can I be like the the not nuts one? Okay I suggest you stop before I dag on your back a who are you. It is the night. Swan Swan is stops. What are we stopped? The Nice ones here? All your swords men draw I suggest you step out of the way. I suggest that you step away from the cart before you find yourselves in a grave Arjuna little small. It'd been the Night Swan. Aren't you a little bit debit raw? Perception check I have no. She has no comeback for that twenty. Let's get her. They hop off with their swords and start walking towards you. They're leaving all three of them. One counting the guy on the back has a crossbow. Pointed out you sleep sleep sleep. How Far Away were you? Because that's thirty foot range. Clus Ristori never reach adds it adds. It can extent by thirty feet so sixty feet sixty feet all right. I'll give it to you on who the guys are now away from the horses so just the two front guys And then so there's the two front guys there's a guy in the back with a crossbow crossbow. And that's all the people all the people also. Yeah I'll go buy one get one free. Okay thank you so natural. Nineteen thirty not critical. We'll happens on just a success. Just a success. The creature takes a negative one status penalty to perception checks for one round. Twenty three on the next one oh. Dc's twenty two. Yeah so they're kind of getting drowsy. Yeah you see them kind of stumble a little bit but they continue approaching. I'm going to ready to kick one of them in the face when it gets up next to me. Okay ten what are you doing? I'm actually seeing that. Her spell isn't working. I'm actually going to try to now. Fell a tree I mean. How hard is there any rotten trees around here or are they all super healthy and ninetieth saw no? I want to block the road. That's all I care that we can't get away. I'll say that there's there's a dying tree that you can work. It takes me three rounds. Fine yeah absolutely that way. They can't right away. That's great now. Peter What are you going to be doing? I'm still right now. Just watching okay from from cover. I guess so so. You're hiding yes I'm hiding. What just a question about part of our plan. So we're stealing this gold by stealing the cart we have a carriage. Bush. Yeah that's at the House. We have a carriage. I've never shown it to anyone. How did you know that packet on horses? And we don't have to necessarily steel to carry. We got two horses four potentially resort back of holding and a bag and bag of holding back in that bag of holding. It's not coming out. Oh it will We will county either. He's either our friend or a witch boy. G. Makes a decision or both good people. They both approach you. You kick one. Yeah I I am going to. I have to fight. Yeah how may I ask how far away they are for me right now? Probably the same say the same sixty. How old whenever kicking some Yeah Okay I before I hit them. I'm GonNa say that was the wrong choice and then I'll kick him in the face you kick him in the face and he just goes backwards and drops unconscious. The other guy goes. That's bad ass. I kick him in the face to though Holy Shit. He just tries to stab you. That is a twenty-seven that does hit with my swan armor nine damage as he runs this sort through your arm through my arm left right right left handed. That is just getting a guy fires across by you. I pull my Stan Deflect Arrows. So you deflect Arrows Peter. What are you doing okay? So I have reached spell. Haste is thirty feet so it'll be sixty feet year now. Hosted do that from Tim Roman Catholics. Check on the tree. We if it falls it has to fall right. When the one guy hit the ground say eighteen eighteen. You start like pushing the street. It's starting to give way but not quite ellie. What are you doing I mean go sound would be fun but that would be like my whole action. Oh do whatever I was just gonNA suggest. I like US suggestion. There's two guys left. I'm just trying to think of however you can make her superintendent dating. We don't want them to die. We want them to think this was really the night swan. Okay so K. Whatever that takes again so I think I'm GONNA do a ghost sound. I can't do words. Why can't you do words because it says you can't create intelligible over you may create a sound that is swan create a sound? That's so low it makes them shit. Their pants just like growl like around. So the Brown. No but then. Then there's the literal like you can make a sound so low. It starts like giving people like headaches and stuff. I don't know if that's seems Kinda dumb at this is what I'm thinking. That is so cool for this moment or even just like scary junior thunder and lightning. Even just like Whoa. She fucking controls the weather but that sound machine turn that shit up machines that no I love it that idea for a wizard who spells as like part of a theatre troupe stage really this this stage manager look scenery and stuff and may take the curtain off. Pretty Cool Yeah I think I will totally ghost sound to create like a really low growling trembling. Almost it's almost like indistinguishable between thunder and a growl awesome. They start looking around Mike. You can see like the sword kind of starting to shake a little bit. Are you doing? I'M GONNA kick the one the other one who is coming out to Miami Punch him in the face or kick him or whatever okay and then there's one guy left right So I'M GONNA kick him I Seventeen plus fourteen. That's a hit. Was that thirty thirty one okay. And so is a two to four plus eight because it's just a unarmed unarmed attack. So for twelve damage you punch him and his nose starts bleeding is like oh the heck man never been in a fight before. Here's coach me in the face. Miracle on just a tax collector starting to wonder if he is just a fucking guys. Just can't wait. We got the fucking wrong carriage. It's just like pastries it's the butter guy he's like. I said to step away from the caught. Still doing this scary noise and make it louder I play into it and I just like bore stare into him. I said step away from the car. He drops assorted books at down the road. I let him go. I want him to tell people that the nights one was here he takes off. You see them running right towards you. Can I roll? Hide your right not drop a tree on this hard behind it. I'm so big. Just all they have a choice ball prone Jack. It's awesome. Oh I may still really fuck this up you just act like you're walking myself is do down the road and you are so smart. Do they already fifteen k? He he goes running and he looks down and looks right at you and goes what the Hell am. I running and you hear Jimmy just running. There's still one guy standing there right. Yes with the cross hitting the crossbow. Guy Shoots at you again. Why have we are? We like in just like a weird initiative. Have Haste Haste. Oh yeah go ahead. GonNa run and I would like to do. An intimidating performance On this impressive performance to the guy on the cart and just look up at him after I hit this guy so hard and like scared him away and I just point and like to make him leave. Okay Rolla twenty two he. He just has all come in closer. You always start walking closer. I can't let this go. He'll fire you. Twenty eight hits Crossbow. Bolt hits you for seven damage. Tear it out to take more damage. No K I tear it out literally and I say this. This gold belongs to the people know to you. I have a family to feed to you know. Get Out of here. Go home to feed. I'm not leaving this gold within. You're not leaving you with your life little punch okay. Also say just one put him down Timothy Doing. Don't think Oh spot today I get up and I'm going to now try again to sell closer to them. Okay so I only go half my speed but I'm GonNa do all three actions so whatever that would be. Oh God even worse eight. You're like stepping onto eggs and breaking branches. You're like when Cronk is still things to the city like hiding on the front face of a tree so bad but still didn't get very far imagined on still about thirty feet away absolutely sleep again yet and take damage. Because I'm casting magic than I forgot last row. We'll save from the last one last. One is twenty six. Okay you take two points damage twenty five points a damage in addition so seven total This guy got an eighteen. He's asleep okay as you're walking up when you see him drop and like fall out of the carriage onto the floor the day the earth. That's all three of them right K. I run up and just make sure he's okay and didn't like break his neck. Yeah he's fine. I would like to from whatever gold we take. I WANNA put golden his pocket and a note that says find new find better work so that he can go do his own life shit and not write anything though. I don't know if we should write anything. But leave more in his pocket than what we so that he knows that like. It's like Asian. Is Life or something like that. I think he's going to be scared enough as it is. He'll wake up with nothing around him or a broken guard or something well. It's not that they don't kill them. It's not that necessarily. It's the the idea that he's he said. I have a family too and he was doing this because it's his job and he needs to protect his family and that's the kind of people like he's not doing this because he wants to take people's money he's doing this because he wants to take care of his family. He was a total asshole to the people in town astle. So here's beat people up here so she should have Peter Right. We should tie him up on the driver's seat of the carriage. And write a note on that says do you care more about your barren or the or the people you live with or something like that and then the knight's wants symbol with the stamp and then let the care to just drive off into the night time to the top of the carriage. Churches paint a big swan on his chest. Everything that's bad ass too. I liked that as well that way. We have real evidence of that happening. I mean I don't know what do you think your idea. I don't know we should give them any goal. I the only thing was because I wanted it to be like people on the inside of that cooperation. We're seeing that the nice one isn't just a Dick. He's not just like trying to kill them. Or you know cause unrest. He's actually trying to fix the SOCIETAL PROBLEM. And if they are part of that society problem but if they have to deal with that as well like everyone's just trying to get by but what. I'm thinking more in terms. E Yeah but the gangster that work for the bad guys all have families but they still made a choice. Let them live. Yeah like intentionally more. Their families are probably a lot better off than any of these motherfuckers just stealing from his. Family's fine I don't think we have to worry about that okay. I like the cart. Yeah idea let's do that. Let's let's time to the top of the car. Do the society check to see if we know this guy recognized absolutely just to at least pinpoint is goosing main. Is it Mario where we saw dame crabs place at one twenty five you actually recognize his voice from Dame crabs house? He was one of the guards that you listen to talking about like just normal guard shit. Twenty Titus goosing means it's just like we as confirms that these guys are the right guys crabs state. Well not okay to talk with the stormtroopers talking to each other. The last thing he's Gonna. Remember as me saying that you're not leaving here with Your Life. And then he'll leave here with his life exactly nailed it. That's good enough so let's so I'm going to help. I want to get up to the car and start helping out and signal me. Yeah Yeah I when go up and check on him and stuff I I'll signal go. There's just gold and food and stuff. It looks like the only place they went was the bet. Neha stays like you recognize some of the stuff on town Some belongings just things that belong to the people from your stockists. Then we probably should give it back to them. Oh Yeah as later tonight sometime. Drop it off. Yeah like sneakily as well. Why don't we just drop off the cart with the Black Swan Symbol on it? And the Guy. And the guy tied to the top nights one symbol on it and they can just come pick up their beloved any even makes us look less culpable. Yeah love that idea global do I love it. Yeah that's what we'll do so we'll just we'll turn the car around get it on. Its way like we'll get closer to stock as well drive it and then we'll just abandon it and let the horse and then we'll we'll sneak up back to the state is if we never left. We should probably not tie the guy to it. Then 'cause they'll kill him okay. We should leave him on the side of the road or something. Although him I get eaten by a bear I don't think that we should let them kill him because they will all right. I said I say we just leave the guy alone. He'll wake up in the middle of a forest forever and he can decide to come back to stocks and have his own justice at that point or keep making his way somewhere else and he'll have a story on the side of the road. Someone will see him. I don't know that's the best I can think sounds good. Let's do it awesome so you leave him there and then head back you drive the car back let it Colorado town. We go back around through the woods. Also our state awesome perfect. You get back and everyone you hear people like the town going crazy. You hear word that the car has returned and they got all their stuff back. And there's a nice one. Thanks to the night yeah. They're like the night swan. Brought US things like there's A. I think we didn't do anything to help them. Everyone's talking about the eighty gold amongst everyone got two gold. So they're all like Oh. That's pretty cool. I don't know. Can we sell them more by like running into town? What's all the commotion? What's going on here and then absolutely and then we'll be like I'm like I didn't even think it was really everyone was saying that remained was the nights one but he barely seems to be out and about Rome performance. Jack Oh God it's on doesn't matter who I will because I have my performances eleven I was merely leading not get the a plus four if I succeed. You're just doing this performance. I'm rolling the perform. What's going on the the nights one or Black Swan? I have heard sometimes They came he brought us. Gold our stuff back. Show plus us all. That's amazing not show and I said the Night Swan. Yes yes the Nice One. Yes. That's incredible. Yeah that's a twenty five. Can I assist as well like yeah? That's amazing nights. One is is awesome ardent even think. Tonight's what I've actually real. I thought they had him in jail. But not doing this then. Maybe he's gotten jail. Maybe they don't have the Right Nights Swan. Yeah it's pretty. It's how what bottom line is it. Seems like there's someone who's on our side and not against us like those royal guards. Thank you for telling us Mike. Everyone starts getting their stuff. Only what happens if they come back? We'll protect you. We'll take care of them. Send a run into our state and we will be here. What if you're not there? We tracked down someone older way to tell us. We'll track them down. If you want I can stay in town here and be the authority from now on. You'll protect us from them. Assure will I've always wanted to be the sheriff of this place? In by Gall by God. I'm going to be the one to do it. Lucinda walks up. Who's listening again? The one who was okay. She's working for us now. I still have some service. You've done great by this town. I haven't been the best I could also stand God wall. You know that sounds like the right thing to do to actually volunteer your time to do that. I like that however I want my sentence cut in half. How does the town? How do the townsfolk react to that request? They kind of seem a little like unsure about we. Just you still serve your full sentence but in service of these folk care instead of instead of our garden you can still punch some faces in there. Just won't be the people down doing that. Role diplomacy seventeen. I can settle for that. I put my hand shake her hand. She'll shake your hand. It hurts now. It doesn't roaming athletics. Check buck one of European racing team. Seventeen it's evenly matched US naturally hurtful. And they're all crying you to you wouldn't understand. This gets not cool. So what are you doing then going back up to your state. I'm going to stay in town. Okay what are the rest of you doing. How long has it been? It's been probably. Oh He's been in about a week. I'M GONNA go talk at. I'm GonNa go to the pub and go talk to the people there and like just start talking about what's going to happen because they have someone that is obviously not the Swan. If the Nice one was here. They don't really seem to care. They say you know it's noble squandering like we don't get involved. Keep our nose out of the way but what would someone in your family. Who was happening to? Raymond has a family. We care about him. Shh family and daughter we would just settle for. I guess maybe that's the status quo that shouldn't be. I think I'M GONNA go to bottle biesen. Try to vouch for him. I mean that's great for noble. You what if we rally the town together and we made a bunch of Knights Swan masks and we all march onto the baron's castle and we tell them that we're with that we you know you know protests as it were we have rights protests right. Oh no even the nights we believe. Oh we we look we appreciate it and you've done but we're just not nobles we he's he he's our ruler. He runs this place not saying. Throw him I'm saying bring justice to someone decided should be brought to everyone here. Wouldn't you say that it'd be better to have someone else? Take the place of the man who is going around beating folk like you instead of treating fairly and creating a productive society who would that be why I mean? There's there's many people with even within his family line. That could probably take over to a fair better job. Well that doesn't concern us. Thank you again. We need to continue our plan. I have a quick question. Free Toby the Basic Temple. Barbie supplied. Is that done or is it in progress? Or all of US got suspended. They went back for the DALLAS COMING. Your Way Mary. Yeah sorry about that. Like all other gentleman sneaks right back in and gets fucking COP. Don't think that's at temple. I know you're killing window. But what about that that temple the temple though that on the table learn fine? I'm going to the church then. Okay and just. I don't know there's people that have been awesome. I imagine you're going to do more passing out gold and navy other tax cards things like that over the next couple of days. We'll do on. That stuff happens. People are starting to talk around the different baronies about the nice one. You start here. Rumors of like like Barbie. Says he has a nice one but what where all these like. What's happening like there's a? There's a huge influx. I don't think it's real swan exactly so that goes people are starting to talk. So there's three days until Raimondo's execution I would like to go to the palace and try to get a stay of execution Azima and I'm going with her but not to diplomacies perfect before you leave a visitor comes to your bet new state. This carriage comes with some staff and there's a servant who comes up Knocks on your door. Ch- I will open the door presenting bear. Nicolas Okara and he likes steps out of this His carriage there's another gorgeous man with him like never seen before but absolutely gorgeous and he like flares ocare flares escape the other men walks up with him. Welcome to the vet new state. Yes are you getting invited me in? I'm holding the door open for you. Feel free to walk in L. E. Frantically looks around to make sure it's clean it. There's not a whole lot of furnishing yet. It looks okay. Though you're manticore head is up so remember you get plus diplomacy checks rates. You're welcome to come into the room. That's a that's quite a trophy because it offers sales nice His children actually are with him. Oh what what do. We owe the pleasure near a clip. Some rumors what room. Please come. Sit Down we'll get you something to eat all bagels and coffee. Burke they walk in the other guy walks up and sees you Elliott and. He's like my lady Sir. He reaches his hand off your hand. She's apprehensive based on past trauma she turns at the sidewalk. She holds out her Paul. He gently kisses your hand and he says you'll beautiful. Thank you and you are. What is your name. I swear I just asked him that. My name is Ellie stumbled. What's your name quick L. E. Wick inside? No who is man and then he takes a seat next to her. Can I knowledge society? What does he look like? He's got like beautiful brown hair like full beard. That's like super well trimmed very broad shoulders. Twenty seven you don't know who this is. You've never seen this person. The kids sprint off through the house. Let's go find something to burn character. It Oh okay runaway. Oh I helped that little leprechauns. Don't get them just. Don't be alarmed. If you're getting dragged up an invisible force it's not as quite normal should be okay. They've been feeding him. The Pleasure Okara bike clears his throat. I've heard word. Tell me it's not true that you've been outlying yourself with the nights one. He seems like a guy. This is not true. Why Not Nights? One is the worst. Can I knowledge what in what sense? Twenty eight Since we time like what are you -nology if he seems like he thinks he's actually the worst just pre Jaffe things he's the worst From what you can tell the night swan wants to get rid of tradition. Destroy everything that has been brought together and this uncalled-for what makes you say. I just need to know where your loyalties lie. I thought we had something. Are you going to support the Nice One? Or you're going to support me. You give us an ultimatum. I think it's quite unfair. It's one is my nemesis. But why is he a lot? You talk about tradition and everything like that and I get it but kind of my basis is not in tradition. Because I'm a female joust I win titles I I would have beaten you very likely and yet you didn't let you win. Is that traditional? Did Not less me win. Listen listen I think we have something in common silence woman can use. You know you do not talk to me like that. If you want to see Raimondo ever again you listen to. Us coffee's ready. Oh what is going on shrinking and his chairs. Some very like very you know. We both Takata obstinate bear. Listen as I don't want to see if he's the nights one from what I hear. He's not obviously the unites. One was here in stock. This and you didn't get him no. I didn't get him. I was sleeping Mr Ocare sir. Let me just say one. Yes Tim wow I understand that. You're upset I get that where you're coming from but let me tell you. There's some folks that came in here. The Royal Guard who came in not on a scheduled tax day beat up so over townsfolk around here now. I wasn't sure what to do. So we may what we could and the next thing we know we turn around that evening and all the belongings are back due to this nice song guy now. I'm not saying what he did is right. But I can't say that the baron did what was right either. So you'll siding with the nights one will not necessarily but I don't side with with Baron Lobbied. Let me ask you this. How did you determine whose life is more important? Because I heard the nights one stopped attack stroke. Do you know what's happening to the drivers of that tax struck. They're being executed in two days for doing what for letting the money go. They done like they didn't let it go. They were stopped injured. Is that correct? They should follow their life. As what I've heard. Is that worth it? The nice one puts just throws life away. Haphazardly it's not the nice one throwing knives. We have hasn't the guests who decided to execute them. It was fucking boss will be. It wasn't them just because they want to go home to their wives and kids. It doesn't make them bad people. It's fucking money it it. It's not a lot more of it. Go ahead say that. It's not necessarily that. We side with a nice one but perhaps that better leadership is needed in such a place. Better leadership could be needed. We have a common enemy however this is the wrong way to do it the right way. We partition partition. Who Well we have to wait until someone new crowd you were a man of action. I am a man of action. Apparently not you're sitting on your ass doing nothing complaining fucking tradition do something and be a fucking man for your fucking children who live. He stands up and he says you'll take that back or you'll taste my soul. I'm impressive thing. Diploma sizing with Plus Two for our fucking thing. Jay Leno Twenty F- for you will take that back or you will do me outside the US common motions. What's the safe Is the my spell? Dc twenty two fifteen hero. The natural nineteen all right. You are calm God damn it. You're right you're right. He says I come into your house. And you try to charm me with witchery Peter. I'm just I'm just I don't like either are you doing. I just think we should all be calmer. I agree we shall be retail. I don't roll okay. It's okay it's okay. I'M GONNA try to do all calmer. That's all Oh that's pretty good for you. Sixteen yeah the DC's twenty two okay. So what exactly does charm do So if he's hostile he goes immediately to friendly. The targets attitude becomes friendly towards e okay. He's fucking hostile right now. We were yelling at each other. I was like As you that he l. e. I apologize for the way that I did you. We are on the same side. I think we should all just sit down. Let's have a doughnut. Take a breather. Never had a donut are amazing. What was your name my name is. Vincent Vincent follower curious. Excite you workout. I've been known to have curiouser too. I guess that you're not that doesn't make any sense. Oh well I personally liked the yelling. I think it's nice. I just guessed. Yeah I'm I'm apologize that we got a little heated here now. Do you own any land or where. Where can we locate you? No no no. I'm just visiting. I'm from far north with all those like an ear soon no no near McNamara Bayern. You gotta you gotTa just really. You got to be frank with us here. We're you know that we're new to this area. We gotta know what you have exactly against. This nice wanted to you. Did He kill your wife? Not that I know of who wants to be kids. Don't have a wife you know they don't have a mother robs from me. Let Make Rob. When was that attacks my caravans? So you're you're the one tax of the folk. Did you send those men to come into taxes? But if I'm doing trait still from them. It's uncalled for. All He needs to do is ask young real curious. What does this swan look like? Never seen him. How do you know he's been attacking your caravans because he leaves notes key one dame crabs just like it it was lift for you know we talked about this? I told you compared with the notes that I've gotten interesting as before I knew leagues with the notes while that's not true now all we're really opposed to that. He's imprisoned our friend someone who saved that man's life falsely. And we just want to do. What's right can I do a sense motive on this really cute young man while they're all talking about this night swansea if he has any reaction wearing black eyeliner seventeen seventeen no reaction he literally is just like just hanging out just super beautiful? We we don't know who the Swan is there. We're not income hoots with them. That's what I came to find out. That's what I've heard from what Obama has been saying. It sounds like you might be if you don't want us to be then. I guess we don't have to be well. That's sorry. Excuse me excuse. Religious needs to be calm. I take you by the arm. Come here what is going on. You are acting so I feel really. This is just a waste I just it just feels wrong so it sounds to me sir. Okara you support bar. It'll be in his actions fully that correct. Not what I said but I support tradition and I support the hierarchy. Who who's in charge okay? I one hundred percent agree with you. There Sir and that is true I tradition. I believe in free commerce and I believe that man who owns a business ought to have his dues met. Then you agree. It's one is doing everything wrong. I agree no one. Should be a tech and folks as vigilant. That's just not right but I'll do that would you? Oh Be oh I am all about competition so you know whatever it takes to win but what what the real point is here wait. You didn't answer the question. Of course you would never attack someone. No you made a statement. You ask a question. I have a question for you. Yeah Sorry Tim. Sorry to interrupt their what. If we had different leader. That would be willing to step up. That's not against it. But they would have to do it the right way. Go on. What if it's a leader that Take this night swan down by various you say oh beverly not heavy. As a matter of fact I think he might be the nights. One very isn't some crazy things you know could do we definitely know. It's not rai- leader. That would be willing to step up in a more traditional. It's me not him. This group of the bear any not of oh well not of the whole towns just saying that there is so and that's already in line for this uh thrown here in this area and we know them personally and we know that they can take care of all this Nights on business. Make sure that everyone is treated fairly improperly nobles and peasants like Doug Get rid of the nice one I mean. I can't promise anything. I'm sure they would do a better job than Barnaby. Who quite frankly just accuses random folk for no reason to throw them into prison and end puts people in prison for defending well enough. Can you imagine if I if you saved my life and I immediately just turn around and throw you in I? Would you think about that and no trial? Tell me someone who saved his life that he immediately turned around and threw in prison. That's exactly what happened to Ray Mundi or whatever his name is. I was there that night. He invited him to dine at his table. Okay right that was that was that was to show the people where his heart look? You know truly lied. I will not stand for talking negatively of bottle the all right. We'll how about replacing him with someone better if he steps down abdicates then then we have your support. I have yes I can honestly tell you they would be willing to listen to your argument about dealing with the night swan they are fair and they are just. I like you all. I just need to know you're not gonNA rally with that vagabond right now. We just so happen to have the same common enemy. The nobles were the enemy of the Night Swan Right now. We want to get our friend back. That's our objective through the a nice one. How he's Nice Rain for the Night Swan whose execution a few days without a trial. He's donning to get trials no evidence other addition everyone gets a trial. That's the goal. Seems the Nice ones at large. Still doing what. What is going on above the law? Well he makes the law so he doesn't have to give a trial. But what you say. I didn't think about Tim. The nights one is out there. Couldn't be ray. Although you did make a point. Tim Back at the tea party. You said it could be more than one person could be. So maybe it's ray and this other person I've known ray for many many months though and he's always by my side and he's done nothing but good deeds except for stabbing one lady. Once THOUGHT ON THE UNITES. One does that I found matches. Yeah where did these come from the kitchen? Oh matches you Gore you could. I found these knifes. Now doesn't mind. Don't touch them cleaned yet. Let's go outside okay. I'd take I go deal with these. Children heard a cat please. Don't kill our cat touch the cow. The knives from them and the matches can do whatever they want. Three black cats go play with them. You don't want them to do that. They're not really cats. Look let them play their children. Or how do you feel about helping a stop the execution for Ray Mundi? How do you plan to stop it? Well as a matter of fact we were heading out there right now to see if we could number one reason with him diplomatically. To See if we can free him and if not we were going to go for your friend by force because he doesn't deserve to die yoga by force meaning storm the palace. Tim Can you tell him the same thing we just told him? Would you please look? It just seems like a just seems like a all really care about it. Seems like our friend here You know he was imprisoned falsely and I imagine that if the Baron is as you say he will be fair and just and let them out right. Seems like a guy that would do that. Forgive him the proper evidence when you say I imagine so. They've known for a lot longer than I. What do you think? I'm just hit. Look pretty dear but you look so wise. How did you get your teeth? That Damn White Magic. And like you see his hands sparkle and his teeth go wider. Why you're imitating glare. Weizer intimidating glare magical dentists. I'm going to murder him out anyway. But given the evidence that the nights one is around in that we know for a fact that Raimondo is not why do you think that W- WE'RE WASTING TIME WE GO BE SAVING? Raimondo right now. I'm just saying that I if he's not gonNA listen to us. Than what other options would we? We just can't let him die right. Tell us if by four seems ridiculous. What other options would there be? I will go talk bottle the myself with you. We certainly have something to say about this and we got means. We're going so you can come with us now. Let's look at him. You're not vegetarian. Are you know we got great things data on here tomorrow morning we will go to the palace and we'll talk to Barnaby like normal citizens? Okay sounds good we will get raimondo back. Yes I've never seen such passion from a woman before okay L. E. was like US paid percents. Where who's WHO's hair is always blowing wind. Fuck twice like four times. He was way more passionate. I'm not saying you're not look. It's okay I respect you a new my friend. What do you want? I hear that you all have the better. I am told me about your family. I do I tell him all about my family telling me well. It was quite tragic. Did you hear about what happened? Not An opined with believe here what you heard. I'm just visiting my friend. I tell him the whole. Oh it's going to happen. Tell I tell him. The whole tragic tale of everyone being murdered and all that stuff. Yeah and how? How does your husband Phil with you? Living here OH I. I don't have a Spinster Timothy. You don't have a husband. I do not who I think's for a second. Who is courting you? Currently Ren Reading Reynoso pompous asshole. I know do you. Yes well maybe you should do. Let out or something. I don't know ran courting. Yeah well words with this Ren Elliot's very pleased how day of her life hill. I screeched down through your also. Give it to him. He'll like knock up. He'll kiss it normal and you'll say it's been a pleasure meeting you. Yes and what about your family? What about them? Where do you come from? I told you Magnum A- are you. Are you a noble up there? What is your title? Of course I'm a noble just asking about your title Lord. Sorry I'm a Lord that you are. And he is staring right into your. Is this uncomfortable? Actually wait between now. Where's where's where's Kara? Right now he is looking for his children. The cats got them outside. He said let them go. I took the matches. The knives and said have fun can't wait. Well maybe you can you know. Maybe we could go out some time. I wouldn't want to step on wren's toes or anything. Oh I want you to. If that's WHO's is in teak courting you you're prettier lady so forthcoming. Sorry yes no I. It's been a long time really rusty at this. Is it hot in here whereas the food someone open a window? Oh that was the next question how can I can? I see perception wise is this. Is He wealthy? Go ahead and roll it. Sure he's rich. Oh it says shit so that would be a one. You can't gain anything from just looking. He's very pretty. I can't look anywhere except his eyes. I do have lor silk. I so if you wanted to the spiritual home I got thank you. So the Teredo he will. He'll grab one and he'll go to feed it to you. Oh my God she would. It's piping fucking hot. Great she would still open and he'll he'll go wait. Lady all the both have like romantic scenes of joy. We all the time and can't funny. I guess you on it. I new feel the yeah. He'll Vija Spanish then. Okara my Lady Hill. He'll cast a spell and instantly cools down. He's pretty awesome Magic Dennis rule. What kind of Whittard are you what we look magic view was very white starts pulling the best school of conjuration or put the monks fancy? Where did you go to school Oh I I'm a self taught I had defined as tutors and all the land. And what's what is your where you learned. Where my limited topic do you? Oh goodness you guys both forgot how I can't even imagine the verbal component. It's anybody's scared of your magic where you come from. Of course not well boy do. I wish I could just run away of their everybody's scared of magic down here. Tim Terrified of magic. Why don't you come with me? Why don't I great? That would be crazy right. No we could leave tonight. We'll have to save my friend. I but maybe maybe we could see after I guess maybe but taking on a first date care comes in and what comes back in. Tim Brings More food out so this is a really which one. I don't care when I put it down next this horn in the delicious. Tim just what I had on nine mind tonight. Roasting the swan absolutely hell Ripa wing off and just like this Guy Michael Cohen Delicious. Tim I just go to by tradition So I WANNA get up. Excuse myself for like wine and I want to cast zone of truth on the table. Yeah that is not of that. That is way awesome. People know that they're in as truth. Yes I have to wonder like going ring. No I thought you had to try to detect it before you do. It's a will save but I wrote a thirty twenty nine. Well thanks guys permanent. Feel valued proud of you so tim Tim. He can't tell a lie anyway. Yeah he's great that's true. Cast that line a little bit more lately as I come on now. I don't want them to like listen. Okay I'll just sit back down at the table and then I'm GonNa look at Okara and be like now. That was crazy. I mean no way. You're though night swan right. I can't get it out of my head. Of course I'm not the nights one Do you have any guesses though? Who Do you think it is? Who's your enemy as I said at the dame crabs place? I don't have any guesses I don't know. Is there anybody that has it out for you? Maybe nobody Alpha me. I'm basically perfect. Is The swan delicious taste. Wonderful do you care about saving Raimondo? I do I like Raimondo. I thought it was Mundi. It seems like he has a few names. Oh that's my nickname for him. I do care about saving him but sometimes it's not possible but I'll do what I can. T know who the Nice one is. No and I also don't care about saving your window. That's very honest of you shocking. To hear with a cancer. I'm not surprised I've had better. Which one of your children is your favorite asking care that. Yeah oh I couldn't pick a favorite. I mean they're at the table. All right I've heard that you to get into jousting not the place for that conversation. Oh Yeah I was watching you and I just really look up to you. I like the horses. I was just younger than you and I saw adjusting with my father. What yeah he told me how to ride a horse when I was just five. My Dad won't let me. I've heard I look at him and then I continue eating Tim. Don't listen to Vincent. This is the best one ever had. That's on the truth. Did Not Affect Him. He staying over the night absolutely k. Cool Yeah we're GONNA leave tomorrow in the morning with them for Bartoli's so I guess whenever dinners over. Whenever he goes back to his room I want to cast the little magical ear thing to hear what he talks about they. All you lead them to whatever guest rooms. You Have K. They'll all go to their own rooms. I Vincent need to sleep. She gets really close to him to have you on room. Okay and kind of shrugging. Okay see you tomorrow. Bye on my friend. Disembodied brain leunovo. He does so. It's the leprechauns must be love dampeners. So you cast the ear in the room. You hear him talking to his children because they're in the same room with him. Look I know you want to joust. But you can't but why your brother can't either. Actually I just like the horses. I know you like the horses. I I know UMA is a great joust to probably one of the best I've ever seen but remember what happened to your mother can't have that happening to you. I won't. I won't let it happen to me Dad. I'll sure a helmet. Yeah two of them all to helmets and and to restes the called breastplates lease don't you? There will be four breast. No please stop saying breast. He him as a single. I'm please marry him now. Oh He's book I can't lose you. Can I have breast his? No but oh my God okay. I love you son. It's time so he said it's time to go to bed. Okay as to come over and help you learn how to be A. I wish her luck. I don't WANNA be adjuster. I WANNA be a painter. No you don't WanNa be a painter. You don't want any of that. Shell Shit but I love painting. I'm not telling Peter that Yeah he's really good at painting. He painted me this again. It's a flower. This flower painted. A dragon painted a horse. I painted another horse. I painted a purple horse. Okay I'm GonNa tell you this because I love you. It's time for bed. I'll tell you a story painted a pony corn. All your paintings look the same. Oh well you know I love them. Just you need to branch out a little bit lower. Which one is the flowering? One is the Dragon. I need to paint trees. I can pay trees. Yes paint trees landscapes. He'll you hear him like singing them songs to sleep and they sleep pretty damn kill and then he just says. I'm sorry I love doing the best I can. And then he goes to sleep. Feel Juries. Save Me Stripe down the night swan done so many things to me. Oh my God and then do you all go to sleep. Yeah I tried to send a dream message to rain Mundi. Oh okay row will save Ole Fourteen. Are you take five damage do? And what are you sending? I just want to send him like our plans okay. I just wanted to tell him. We'll get you out. We're coming for you. You don't get it. Don't worry yeah okay. So in the middle of the night What rooms that's irrelevant UMA? You are a Wilkin role. Perception check. I twenty six. You feel this cold medal touch against your neck and you hear. What are you doing posing as me? I that's where we're going to own fucking that's bad ass. I call it coolest. Fucking thing ever took her dragons. Us fading catch. What bobby side by side?

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FACEBOOKLIVE: Women in Academia w/ Dr. Kelly K. Hope

Capt. Hunter's Podcast

1:35:16 hr | 3 months ago

FACEBOOKLIVE: Women in Academia w/ Dr. Kelly K. Hope

"This at the hunter. Thank you guys once again for tuning in really really appreciate it now usually do not do these type of introductions for The facebook lives in just a little sad reminder. I remember that we do. Facebook lives every monday seven thirty. Pm eastern standard time always tried to have different guests are just speak about relevant issues. And things like that. So Usually do not do these types of introductions but i want to thank you all so much for tuning in For subscribing sharing and liking into remind. You ought to do that just recently. I got a little note from some podcasters association. That that kind of keeps tabs and podcasts. And my podcast growing actually on apple podcasts so the numbers are increasing. And i really really appreciate you all sharing subscribing liking and of course for tuning in so. Please continue to keep up the good work. There's an episode that you like or anything like that. Just make sure that you are telling your friends and your neighbors and your family members and coworkers about about what we got going on over here at captain hunters podcast so today. We're going to be speaking with kelli. sues her doctorate and really smart lady in a really appreciate her coming on. Another reason i wanted to do this. Introduction is because of course we know. Now as i record this that joe biden in his running mate miss Kamala harris are the president elect vice president elect respectively and so I want to you know i did this. Show with With dr hope about Just the importance of women and nakajima in the strides. That women are making just in life in general and so. I thought it would be a great time to release this episode. Of course it's already on facebook but just to release the audio version of this. I thought was very very important. Considering the times we live in. So if you're black We've had a black president we've had a now we've had a black in southeast out south asian mixed woman the bp very really proud of the accomplishments of these particular people. We've got more mayors more In more elected officials going on and going on in this country. I didn episode with another doctor. Dr turner who Just talked about the importance of of black people entering into The medical field. So all these great great episodes and i really want to encourage people to continue to go on to grow on So to my daughter into everyone else's daughter whether you're black white hispanic No matter what or who. You are you can do it. You can thrive and you can go forward in life. We just have to have the chains take off of us. Had removed the restrictions. And there's nothing that we can't do. So that's the reason. I wanted to do this little introduction so as we go close out with the introduction here remember to rate subscribing share please consider supporting capital hunters podcast. Greatest thing you can do to support is to subscribe share in like giving that financial donation dollar in episode Five dollars a month Fifty dollars for one hundred dollars for the year. Whatever you can do to help to this podcast continue to go into grow. I really really appreciate it. We have a lot of great episodes coming up This is a record. This is now dis- november twenty twenty. I'm taking the month of december. Don't worry i got episodes already booked up until Already booked for january twenty twenty one all the way up into february twenty twenty one so we got a lot of great episodes on. I'm always looking for more guests. More more suggestions for topics and everything like that so Not gonna be any more. Here is the into interview with dr kelley. Hope so yes so. I'm not very familiar with new haven. New does newhall sexual right as a kid. I would would go down to the way the avenue section break because there was a church off of there and these trinity temple church. We go there all the time as kids. Well we will go there all the time as part of my my church in water go there. I was the deputy insurance. But that was pretty much all i know about even of course the war section of the wall okay. Long were six. But i don't know. I don't know too much of the certain areas and sections of the city. We have a new bill section. You have the hill section. You have a very various sections in the city of new haven. And i was fortunate enough to grow up in the new wholesale section. So my support on it while. It's a nice part town for me. It's my neighborhood my hood absolutely but most folks will no science park. Yell is within close proximity. It's right in the middle of albert magnus nearby ios nearby and Yeah i enjoy growing up in the new however You know the violence as is with most urban areas but absolutely new avail. absolutely okay. sounds good. Sounds good so we got a couple of viewers. I want to say hello to them. i'm gonna put this banner up because we cannot see the the people who are joining. I said all the time. But i wish i stayed again. Someone puts his banner up. So thank you for joining us if you want your name said or if you have a comma question make sure that you chime in. 'cause i see who's here you know the particular program that we are using so i wanna say hello and thank you to my friend here. My new friend dr. kelly. Hope i really really appreciate you coming on the podcast and agreeing to be here and share your wisdom and knowledge and thank you and welcome. Thank you for having me. I am excited to be here and definitely grateful thankful for connecting meeting you and you giving me the opportunity to chat with you for a little bit and i'm just excited or wherever the russians going to go with what we're gonna get into on this evening. So folks come in the rule shan people and tell them to come on in here. Let's get into some robust conversation. Absolutely absolutely so i wanna say hello to the tricia rahmael. Thank you so much for for coming on in really really. Appreciate it So let's let's talk about how he met so We met at a community center in waterbury where you are teaching African american and latino history to a community Sensitive can tell us a little bit about that. Were absolutely so i met warn leach in a row out of waterbury and he was looking facilitator to put on classes for our young people are middle high schoolers of around african american studies. And let's neck studies in so i Responded to his all facilitator in he and i connected and one of the thing that was important for me in the reason why i reached out about the initiative. He was launching through. The group was because i realized that our history our literature the things about black and brown culture is usually sprinkled in the curriculum in our schools. Insult to have the opportunity to spend eight weeks to spend four weeks to spend any amount of time solely focusing on that was right up my alley and so i spent a number of weeks about eight weeks working with young people and teaching them about the history pre enslavement. Because that's really important us so we started with talking about african origin. Civilization and then we journeyed into the african american in latino Experienced here in uso a is it is a great program. that's warren has in waterbury out. Yeah yeah so. I met up with him. We did a conversation. So i would advice and hope that anyone else would go and listened to the episode that i did with brother warren leach. Really appreciate him In all the work that he's doing with the un group very very fasten. I'm wanna say one again. Hello to debris. Rosario okay opem saying that name right. I hate i hate. What people's names so So that's that's a fascinating Which talked about it. Did you major in that in in school for his upcoming industry and all no so. My undergraduate major is an old english education masters in education. I also have studies in urban studies than my doctor is in organizational leadership in so my law four history and specifically the thing about what i did. What very is. We talked about a lot about history. But i rooted also literature as well because literature i believe is a way to get in and talk about historical things but my love or history black history and extending into latino. Lx next history came from my parents and from a teacher. His name was mr gibson and high school and he challenged us in tip grade to learn about our history. And so it evolved over the years but my major isn't in history. It's in english organizational leadership absolute below to my good friend. Tiffany thanks for joining in. So i wanted to ask you a lot of times. And i asked worn this This group that he has and the program. That's going on there. It's not just for african american in latino kids right white shoots conjoin and a and what. Talk about the importance of all persons Knowing african american history latino history book. it's not just for black people right. It's not just your history. Just learn everyone's learn is right or am i mistaken there. No i believe you're absolutely correct in in your line of thinking saying that everyone should learn about the history of all people of the united states of america is a melting pot of a number of different races ethnicities creeds in origin so learning about all histories is absolutely important and imperative. I will say specifically though that it is equally as important if not more important for our black and brown children parents grandparents folks to learn about our history because it directly impacts what we do today in how we interact with one another today but for non black non browns. it's equally as important for them to learn into come into the room and be willing to listen in learn about our histories. Why because we will be we will then be able to my belief begin to understand. Why some community groups. Some groups are able to attain it. Obtain certain things other still are striving to get. We'll begin to emphasize a little bit more with one another. We will begin to find that we all have some commonalities and our commonalities. We can find ways to be a allies to each other but then also to find ways to support and also to change our minds because sometimes we get into rooms. Start learning about others. You'll find all. Wow wait a minute. That is a obliged by my own line of thinking that i didn't think about and so i may very well have to challenge my own self my own thinking it as we move forward. So it's everyone absolutely non black and brown advocates for black and brown folks most definitely absolutely absolute someone say hello to rich cerruti Thank you so much Turning in debbie. Dan with the ass. So you are preaching something. A powerful there lucille. Low-tar sinc- sample john. Kelly and the tricia grenell is saying knowledge is power learn absent and maryland in that thomas beauty and intellect Thank you so much. But i haven't spoke speak it. Oh away where you're talking about. My guess oak. I think she's talking about Yeah so i want thought. Let's talk about a little bit about what you do right now. You work at a school system in new haven or as what would just call it. david So so you work at a school system in new haven in so tell us a little bit but what you do. Yeah so. I am actually a english teacher. English teacher at a public school in new haven. And i'm also an adjunct professor at a community college in bridgeport. So i see in have experience teaching both at the secondary level and at the secondary level and I teach tenth grade primarily. But i also have an african american literature elected where i teach eleventh and twelfth graders in so i am able to see students coming in to our high schools and then exiting into our colleges and if they go to my particular community college may be likely that i will also see them in the college setting as well and That was important for me. Teach at the high school level because i wanted to be able to see in real time. What happens in our high school classrooms in our public. Education classrooms in order for me to become a better educator and his order for me to be able to teach our young people prepare them for the fleiss after school. You know sell. That's what i'm doing in waving so there's been much too much to say about public education. What are you seeing right in a public education in inner city. You teach them mostly an inner right haven right so you teach inner city. What what is your thoughts about. What's going on in the education system. from from kids during homework to parents Involvement to finance behind it. Tell us about your all that kind of stuff. It was going on. Excuse okay so. Let me start here by saying that. I'm a. I'm a product of proud product of the public school system. And when i was looking to go back into the public education system to teach. I made sure that. I looked at newhaven and bikes. Even so let me start there. And then i'll say that one thing that i've noticed about my students and students that i come in contact with. Is that all of our families. They want what's best for their or their children are. Teachers are educators administrators. What what's best for our children and what that means is that there are some families that have the wherewithal and they know how to advocate. When i say know how to. I mean that they are comfortable expressing their knees in their desires and their wants for their children and so that was like sending emails requesting conferences outside of parent teacher meetings in end making time to have phone calls with the teachers. I see that a lot. And so there is a misconception. I believe sometimes that when you're looking in the inner city specifically anyway in other areas that may be of the demographics may be the same. We have families in parents that are not engaging dull care now while that may be true in some areas that is not in my opinion. The bulk of our parents our families. We have parents that are concerned about their children's education in their wellbeing and are willing to hold us teachers to the fire to make sure that we are doing what we're supposed to be doing so i'll say that i will also say though on the other side of that. We do have some students in years. The population of students wear truancy and excessive absenteeism is rampant and that directly reflects on how students learn how they show up in our class role and also how the work they produce in so i think that those things though one is spectrum with parents in the other students they work hand in hand because i can definitely see a direct connection when we have parents are on top in their email in their on their check angry than the responding and students who may not have as much support in the community or at home may not show up to school as often as we think and it shows in their not turning in their homework and or not understanding the concepts that were teaching but overall collectively. I think our students our parents and our teachers initiative want. What's best and we're doing what we can to make sure that we are teaching. Educating our children coded you know. We haven't even gone there yet. Cold has definitely illuminated some disparities as it relates to students who have access versus students. Who don't have access and that we can't actually liking to access in general in our communities when we're talking about urban areas in particularly engagement and i would assume in in place like Waterbury as well that there are discrepancies. In things that people leave that they don't readily have too and it's the same in the classroom in a actually allu- needed that or us in a way that we are now realizing that the digital divide has been there and we need to make sure that we're we can't make sure that all of our students have access to the information very well said so before we get to the covert thing. Let's let's talk about pre covid in how we fixed some of the problems that you mentioned right the kids that are the parents that are coming from Good good homes right. Those parents are pushing their kids right. We get that right there emailing during contact. What do you do or how would you encourage a those who don't have that support system of involved parents so i let me say that i would. I wouldn't say good homes because that would apply that other homes are bad homes. I will say that we do know based on trends in education that there are homes may not have. Let's say to parents but that doesn't mean that a home that has to chris the goal in home. That doesn't have to the back home. Absolutely not what that may mean though. Is that the supports. That hoax may need to help Make sure that students are doing their homework to help. Explain may not always be readily available. So that's important to note it so because those extra support systems when a parent may be working or parents may be working and there may not be grandparents or the community around. You know i grew up in the era where it was. The entire community had a hand in making sure. We did what we needed to do. In so if i was out on the front of my house cutting up then. I could sure that someone was gonna come out their house and you yell at me and told me to go inside or what have you in. So we're living in the age now. We were talking about parents lutely what we're seeing their kids but if a parent has to work and there is no extra support in that sense of community and community support is not there to help guide the student and also help the parents out. Then i can see a direct connection between the student performing. And so what i was saying. Is that one. We do need to provide more opportunities and spaces. I would say or community members of the comfortable speaking in helping their commute their neighbors and i think that there's been a change a shift with the comfort of -bility level based on oats. Not feeling safe to say hey. I'm here to help in folks not feeling safe to accept the help in so i would say that's one getting back to being able to be a place where we're actually neighborhoods neighborly. So when another. Secondly i think another thing that's important when we're talking about parents and students are struggling to communist struggling with basic weeds. You know talk about food insecurities that we also see class mentioned that food insecurities i keith. in my office in my in my classroom i had an office before but in my classroom i keep fooled. Students know that they can come. And ask if i have anything in an i'll tell them where to get it and so i think either. That is a part of this whole helping our children helping our parents and Though the village thinks community if augment event also realizing that there are discrepancies and deficiencies. If you will in some of our communities even though Fingerprints in families are doing the best that they can. And so. I think it's up to the rest of us to be able to pitching in. I believe churches and Teachers we all are doing that so on those will be two things that i would suggest that we start looking at doing absolutely so. Let's let's dive a little bit more to The community aspect of it. And i enjoy what you said about Those members of the community. Who would be there to help. Facilitate or or help to know mitch. That people kept staying alive and to a certain degree. I grew up in that same type of error. Probably a lot older than you. But i grew up at safe type of air where the community out and said right in the community was unafraid. To say listen to you. Get to where you're supposed to be or i'm gonna tell your mother on right so that that i. I think it would agree. In a lot of the other people would agree that that system has been lost. How did we get that back or is it gone forever which opinions. I don't think it's gone forever. I think one of the things because we're talking here about education. One of the things i also think is. We've gotten kind of away from is teachers being in the community. I will never forget of this past school year. I had a conversation with the student and our initial conversation didn't start off on the best foot in fact the student pushed by me to get into my classroom and my response to him was. Oh okay you really gonna push by me as if i'm not standing in the doorway and he stopped and looked at me in another student who had a previous conversation with said to him. You know. she's from. She's not gonna play that right in so in that moment because i didn't with their communities it changed the way. Our conversation occurred. Now i'm not saying everyone used to be from the community. Teacher needs to be from the community that they're serving. However i will say that there is a level of connection that happens in so there's a term that's used in higher education in in education across all other mothering and this this idea that it's not about gender But it's about this idea that we are all a we all have the ability to be a mother or father figure or play that role or young people and students in our lives in so for me. i think that as a teacher in our classrooms. It is a great way in a great place for to start that that piece of the community getting involved and also not being afraid to go to those social events that are happening in the community. There are in these days there are a rallies there are talks that are happening. There are a number of different community things that are happening into show up to a basketball game to show up to a football game so that students and families and parents can see their and begin to interact in a way outside of a the area where you may be. Authority role is very important. I think is so those are some ways in which that can be done so before a police officers and Teachers as you mentioned was doctors and dentists and all that used to live in the end their communities. Is that something that you would advocate for the an agreement with that that they live somewhere. Close to the communities duped in order to have greater access to these different community events Even after school programs for helping kids who are having trouble reading sir. What's your thoughts about that. I think yes. I think living close to the community but even if there is a professional and or a community member let's say they are not necessarily from the particular community thing haven hamden waterbury wherever but they have a desire to get involved. A lot of our school systems have school volunteer programs where you can contact those of us association. Get involved in say a. Is there a read aloud day happening. I'd like to come in and re-choose the children and even if they don't live in those particular neighborhoods. I would say it's it's great to live in those neighborhoods but if you don't live in those neighborhoods to still go the extra mile and attend the events in those neighborhoods is equally as important for any professional Because it begins to develop report once you start seeing you know a person at one event and then you see again. And then you begin to say all k- that name. I remember that name. Now you're able to connect the name to a face and that you are then you begin to identify. Personalities developed were poor. And when you have report for then you're able to provide correction. I think that's what we're missing the step of developing report. It's kind of difficult to correct someone when you see them going down the wrong path or maybe going wrong or even if they l. to give l. if you haven't i developed that relationship and that report with them that's important. I think no matter what your teacher of a police officer dr. Whomever developing that report in relationship to the community vital absolutely just want to say in an acknowledgement people that have popped in. Think i just wanna ready lucille. Good job kelly. The tree show bonus. Knowledge is power. Learn a rich gave the hand ways savannah. My good friend from way back said. Hey jerome hauser's is do I need to have you on here all the time you got all these people finally Moesha says yes. Keep up the great work maryland Yes the pandemic has highlighted many inequalities and disparities our communities as compared to some others in. That's gonna be the next point. I want to get to We all have a moral duty to help our communities helping in whatever way we can't even if it's one person bats and cuts off right that sir. What else vote their community. Involvement is important by debbie In so true The need to know that you chair absolutely absolutely. So let's get to the idea of the pamuk right Pandemic comes in and as you mentioned before it's Kind of senator shockwave. Obviously to the us into world. Everything's closing down. And we talked about a talked about the inequalities that were manifested in many inequalities manifested in the health and healthcare. Right odds people have healthcare who are and racking up enormous a hospital bills as well as These inequalities and persons who don't have access to the internet Their own internet mobile devices a phone trying to on his homework on little phone. And all that stuff. So i don't wanna talk about it. Let's talk about offense. Absolutely you highlighted shore. One of the main things in march when a number of our schools were forced to go to remote learning. We realized that there were students who were in fact working in completing assignments on cell phones and one of the things i will say about my particular school that already embedded in the way we teach the way we engage our students we had chromebooks available and we had one to one zero available for our students in our classrooms. And so what is that was one thing that will i will say for my school. That was a bonus for us or plus for us however that wasn't the case across the country and we saw a number a number of students that did not have the ability to access the information in the in the knowledge that we were trying to impart in so we also saw for the first time on a large scale districts who were scrambling to make copies of packets of information available so that students can grab packets and then go home in complete the packets. We saw for the first time in mass. We saw teachers trying to figure out how to navigate. Teaching also navigating. What's happening with their own families. Personalizing your own students in trying to balance it all all at the same time now. These things aren't new. Teachers have been balancing working family in workwise balance if there is such a thing Or wherever that isn't new however we're at a place now with the pandemic in multiple pandemics that are happening right now where we are all experiencing these things simultaneously. Install a with that cain added pressure. If you will ways how our students are able to get on their laptops chromebooks in access our classrooms. And then you have to add into or think about our students who are of the iep's and individualized educational programs and or they have they have special needs. An learning requires extra extra. Extra attention are extra attention when you are teaching them and they require differentiation of lessons in so all of these things you have to take into consideration and this endemic in when it hit it eliminated all of these various things that our students need and it challenged us to step up to the plate. And i will say in the time that we had. We stepped to the plate into the best that we can and moving forward still. We are still trying to figure out how to best engage in teach. Our children is that has been a conversation in and of itself. Because there's talk about defunding. It's we'll go back whole term five days a week. There are very real concerns about returning back five days a week to the classroom or students parents and teachers Folks are concerned about that. I for one am concerned about returning back to the classroom. Five days a week. Old time you know. I haven't heard from eighty to one hundred and twenty students and the truth of the matter is that that's a lot of contacts. And what does that mean. We're talking about social distancing houses that look and all those thing how our classrooms are set up how we engage with students and it's not just teaching the way some of us may remember where everyone sits in a row in everyone faced though the chalkboard if it was back the day or the whiteboard and you just take notes and then you have a test to see whether or not you know you know. This is about engagement. It's about group. Or it's about making sure. Students are able to be up and mobilized in walking around and interacting in interacting with one another in. So how does that look in our classrooms. We don't want students to just be compliant with do we're asking them to do. We want them to be able to engage in the learning process in so kobe in this pandemic around covert nineteen has forced us to think about how we're going to engage in very real im- meaning all learning and teaching far students come the fall just short weeks so all those things. I would assume that that there's been meetings About how to engage with all this stuff that you just mentioned however the meetings going or what's what's the latest and greatest. Those types of there are meetings effect. I have been tuning into. The governor's press conferences. And i have been attending a meeting in my own district on the conversations are around. What i just. Oh and it is trying to determine the best course of action with returning back into the class or our secondary education for our public school in. So we're talking about colleges in the state of connecticut. Our colleges universities for the most part at least public institutions for the most part are doing blended there are majority of our classes or good amount of our classes will be held on live. There will be some classes that are held in person for colleges and universities. But we're talking about our. Hey twelve classroom. The conversation is okay. Do we go back on. Hybrid model where students are attending. You'll have one population of students. Half of the students will attend will attend classes two days a week. And then you have the other half of the stoop. The students attend the other two days a week. And then there will be a one day prep or teachers and Or do we go back whole time. Five days a week all students as suggested or of mandate if you will by the current administration of federal administration in those have been the conversations. What is the best thing to do. We understand that connected to the economy is all and so in order for parents to go back to work in. Most cases does needs to be open and some would challenge. That are who's should be used as a daycare center but they are places of learning in so it shouldn't be upon the teachers in the schools to be opened in order to get back to work. However and our ben areas we do know that or the most part a number of our families need to be open in. So that's been the topic of conversation that is also making sure that we have our teacher trains that we know how you the various learning management storms in technologies to engage students to the best of our ability. That's really that's been the bulk of the conversation when we open how we open. And how do we make sure that. Our students have devices in the only In some district they're doing Chromebooks or students learn but that they have hot spots because they can have the chromebook but if they don't have access to internet then it's irrelevant so making sure that our students have access to the internet the need in order to receive the learning if remote learning is necessary Just of backtrack for a second here. We talked about At the beginning we talked about the food You know different. Homes subs top of inequalities. Just want you to address that again with the food because many kids depend on school lunches sadly for to get some of their nourishment. Not how's that been as a problem and He's also talked about the kids were. Iep's in so. How do you get the kids who need extra help that extra help that they need right. If they're they're not in the classroom setting how were they getting the hell extra out that they would be so. Let me let me say this. I am a teacher. I'm not an administrator. I am not a person that is able to make those decisions. Nor am i really one. That's at the table. However i will say. I was an administrator at the collegiate level or about fifteen years before transitioning to teach high school. So with that grace i will ask. I will ask this apple. Say that as far as food is concerned many districts were still handing out who to students in folks in the community at various locations so that was something that hasn't stopped and also one of the things that we also saw in. This is a shout out to the churches. Of specifically at my church st matthews. I will shocked him out with the number of churches in you know throughout the state they have been giving holding holding drives as well but are old have been giving out lunches in providing meals for our students so that that didn't that did not stop. Okay so the other thing though will. We're talking about making sure that our students that have special weeds are students that need a high level of instruction the the we still have our resource teachers which are special education. Teachers that provide those additional supports. We have the ability in that. Say google google sweets. A lot of districts are using google classroom which is a component of the google suite. And you're able to differentiate how let's say a handout looks. You're able to record videos. A lot of teachers including myself. Were having one on one meetings with students and were doing zoom calls and google with students and talking to parents to see. How can we better support what you know. What what you're saying in so it looks very different than it would were in classroom in a traditional setting but those supports are still there there from what i've heard from some parents. There's definitely work that needed to be done. But when we think about hosing. I believe it was around march twelfth for us in new haven cozing abruptly march twelve and not going back a hope. It looks dramatically different than us now. Moving forward saying okay. These are the challenges or the opportunities that we identified from the last last academic year. And so these are the ways that we're going to be better and so that's making sure that one we have set times where we are with those individual students who need those extra supports or learning okay Thank you for that in the couch. Wanna get more people in here Colella leah well done doctor cook. Can i must say ally glenn cookie. Mccleary blackwell says can come station. Dr hope and maryland in thomas's. I believe students have to be able to see themselves. As able to succeed society some have limited support resources and therefore lack motivation and hope. Can you comment on that. Those who don't see themselves lacking motivation absolutely one of the things that has been coming up in conversation in the now come back around to that but has been idea folks have been saying teachers have missing if they're going to wear scrubs into the classrooms with in order to to help with their attire in so we're already mandated baskets and in some districts. They're also wanna be worth facials. So you have masks face. Shields in some teachers are now opting to wear scrubs and i'm gonna chat or a facebook group with some educators and i said absolutely not i will not wear scrubs and a part of that is i have no issue with scrubs at all however how i show up into my classroom is very important i am a black woman i teach in new haven and how i walk into my classroom how i show up how i present myself is very important once or my younger female students in also four my male students but for my female students specifically when i walk into the classroom and they meet me and they say introduce myself i'm doctor and they say well can call you miss in ice they no you can call me dr hope or why in my responses. I'm dr hope. Because i earned that degree in connected to my marital status so whether a married or not i will be dr fill in the blank in so that is important. What we talked about seeing themselves as a black woman. It is important for me teaching black and brown students to show in my authentic cells and by doing that that provides motivation. I've seen that first hand at the high school level and also at the college level to into a role into be able to have a conversation using standard english event. Also to be able to switch folks will say code switching to be able to switch in and have a conversation with my students use in african american but macular so folks would may have called the ebonics back day but to be able to coast. Which and have that. Conversation provides an opportunity for them to say. I can be owes. I am good where i am. I can learn in still not moves that piece of me and so providing that motivation in also it also gives them hope saying that okay. This is attainable. This is doable. Because as a teacher. Yes i'm teaching the material. However i'm also speaking to their inner parts their inner spirit to say yes. You're doing this now however you don't have to straighten up that's unacceptable in my classroom. I expect more of you. You are better than that. So even a farming that provides motivation that provides hope so absolutely. I agree with mr net. Heartedly in her comment so have many kids Or many teachers not expressed a reluctance to not want to return to the classroom. Unless they have their face shields in has met on. And whatever have many st- Teachers threatened not to come back at all so on thursday last week across the state. Woo teachers held caravans in various cities in of solidarity with one. Another to say you know. We are concerned about returning to classroom in person and There seems to be have spoken to a bunch of teachers. Let me say you know. I haven't done research on this. But i will say based on the conversations and the anecdotal information in facebook groups in such and stuff like that folks are concerned in. Don't want to go back in person and would much rather teach remotely in do what needs to be done from our homes in our spaces and if we are going back in person than folks are of signing onto purchase. Scrubs some teachers. I've seen have started making contraptions of their own to Choice choose separates students. Make sure that there are barriers. That are up. So that there isn't any contact in so I'm not going that far. I i will wear masks. I will We're Facials as needed but That's not my you know my plans oaks. Folks are not really wanting to go back here in connecticut So comments kalija Says yes dr. Hope you're phenomenal yourself Maryland says yes said all the bats and a of mine. Bruce will keep you says. I'm in georgia. And things are a little different in a red state. I'd be curious to hear about what's going on down there georgia as far as returning back to work there bruce. Thank you for tuning in Cdc has warned congress -nificant health problems with children. Don't return explain. Explain that you're saying absolutely was while i it's worth noting that the cdc guidelines have changed. And i'll just leave that there. There was on the onset. Were on guidelines as it relates to social distancing six feet than it was three and then the guidelines have changed off at regarding students returning to school in person. And so a part of that. You know if you are following the news and you're reading outlets you'll see that there was some Talk about the updates about the coronavirus no longer going to the cdc in being transferred. So there's a number of things happening with the cdc guidelines. If i start there but then let me say that. There are studies that show and That will that say that. Say that one. There is a concern about younger students and the amount of oxygen in the flow of oxygen. That goes to their brain would win. They have unmasked Maths for a long time is so some parents have very real concern about the health implications. Because we don't know we haven't done extensive research around the corner virus in At this point but that The masks in oxygen that. There's there's definitely a correlation with that we also know that based on some of the research and things that i read that students that students need to be in classrooms because of their ability to interact with one another of their ability to have that camaraderie the ability to engage in be with peers. That one of the main things about education in our are being immersing the ability to interact ability to engage the ability to have a great about the The the the ways in which some of our students are living in their home and the traumas that the experience on a daily basis and in some cases the only break that they get is when they to which has a direct impact on their mental health on their emotional health and so all of those things directly impact. How are students learn. And why some say that. Our students need to go back because of their of their health concerns. So i. I've heard that as well so i i do agree that there is a need in that regard but my question then would be at what expense so yes. Students need to have that interaction. Yes we know that students there are benefits to students going back and being in class in person however we also know that the corona virus is airborne in its spreads through social contact in. So we know that to be true and so at what expense do we do. We have folks going back into our schools. Absolutely absolute- of the just get some people in here and Says school started today in person in person today. barn mcclain's in florida things. That are a little different here. If you could elaborate on that Just a little bit. there Bruce also goes on say parents have the choice of in class online education for the kids. Once you pick. You're not allowed to change your selection until the following semester. I would agree with that. This actually standby right Let's see for area she says Exactly how do you change guidelines that they don't care about the students teachers or staff think re agreement without about that I paid proves to say this. Great podcasts always pay him say says that In barbara's in florida we have three choices for students. Look back bruce. Have you discussed the increased and unreported child abuse domestic violence produced by the lockdown I talked about that in a couple of different episodes. I know you know. Domestic violence yes. He's absolute domestic violence and child abuse has been up. Have you all his teachers discussed that and how to be aware that kids come back to classes at rs conversation. We haven't talked about that specifically not yet. I'm i do know that. In most cases there are conversations. Arale recognizing you know students that are in distress and how to respond to students in distress. But that been a topic of conversation Specifically i will say in reference students barbara that that is the same here in connecticut. Our superintendents had to provide three options to the State department of education regarding how we might returned back to school so one option was fogel five days a week in person standard with no change the second hybrid and then the third was fully remote. And i'm not sure who mentioned but the same here in connecticut is well where parents have the ability to elect whether or not they want to do virtual or learning or standard children back into the classroom and so once. That decision is made than parents. Have to or students will have to wait until the next The mestre to make the change Very good couple more classes here. We have classic bolt in online. Or both it's says Morillas a good conversation. Thank you W dex obviously towards the great. Jasper today Teachers are capable of looking out for themselves. Those of us are not. That's definitely true. Doesn't you could back at school. He provides some additional. What what what do you mean by that. Teachers are capable of. Not that i. I think what he's saying is is that we need to get some of these kids back to school because they're at home being abused all the time so when you get them away from your abusive situations i think. That's i think that's what rousson so. Let's so if i can. And this is the educator me to push back a little bit we have Social services that's why most districts close states have. Dcfs depending on what you call it in order to respond to those things and so this idea that teachers in education is the wherewithal or the remedy. Or all of these things or you know is is a tad bit problematic. I will say that absolutely our schools being in old is a safe haven absolutely for a number of people teachers students faculty every it's a safe haven for a number of folks however looking or or expecting our schools to be the remedy or the increase that we're seeing is a bandy win. The fa lucia is system attic in this a stomach. Issue that if we don't address vat of the we are missing the heart here. And so you know our remiss. If i didn't at least mentioned that that while i agree that the schools are safe haven absolutely and i make sure i try my best means that my classroom is a safe space. There are some other underlying things embedded in the fabric of the united states that has to be addressed install unless we do that whether or not the schools are open or not students are still willing to go home and go back into those environments and so that's a separate conversation. You're right well. I think the rusen i would agree with that. I don't want to put words in about. But i but i think that he's agreeing with that There are certainly some serious problems out there. In your in your right i can only imagine the emotional attachment That happens with its with the student in in In teacher and you know the return his kid back to a dangerous situation so I i wanna talk kinda wanna move on from that a little bit. I really do appreciate all the other conversations about that. But i wanna talk about your journey outright. So you go up in. What is the developed. What does that call of it. But they called the bill right back. I'm like okay. I knew some people who grew up. Now we've talked about the some new hub so fairly that. When i was going up when i was in high school right i knew some kids there. And they're like man. How do you make out of there in the morning. So you grew up in that section you made it out and got your doctorate of education. Yes i want you to talk to us about that. Your background how you made it out how you would determined to make it Parental involvement in just going on. Talk to us a little bit about that especially to those who made listen. Say here's a black woman was made it. I can make talkable of that. If okay so i i will start and say that i was blessed to come into this world through some phenomenal people. My mother as she is on. I'm sure my father is there with her looking onto and so my parents were adamant about making sure that my siblings in i got our education and my father my father specifically always said. Get your smarts because once it gives the ticket from you and my father's aunt tells the story about how. When i was a little girl my oldest sister have a sister older than me she careened and i could end of. I was upset that i could not read and he continued to say to me. If you practice your learn you'll get it practice practice. You'll get it installed from early age. Like i said education was important and it was still but when you when fast forward not only was education still but my parents made sure that they said my siblings and i but they set up to succeed. So what does that mean. That meant that way. It came time. And i wanted whatever i wanted to do. My parents made sure that they had the they provided the means for meat. You try it and now my mom at the time she was a of a cna and my father is a maintenance were or was a maintenance worker. They're both retired but as an adult. I wonder how. On god's green earth were they able to take care of my siblings deny and the hopes that they've adopted and took took an on such limited moves. But it's still saw fit for me to go and take writing classes. They saw fit for meat. You gaw and learn how to act in so mine. Second-grade teacher number Up my second. Grade teacher. Ms kim francis. She taught me at lincoln bassett. Elementary school in she showed the possibility of higher education. Mike gamma always talked about college. But miz killed francis was the first person to take weeks with my classmates. Chew a college. He used to take us to uconn every year and so i stepped foot on a college campus. And so i realized this might be attainable. She was phenomenal teacher. And i said. I wanna be a teacher so in the second grade. I voice that. I wanted to be a teacher and ms francis spoke with my parents and haven had a teacher program so they put me on the teacher track and you sat scores of may on. They were that our set up to do what i wanted to do. So the teacher prep track didn't happen until that happened in the seventh grade in seventh and eighth grade. I was on the teacher. Prep track and With you high school. And then i wound up getting a scholarship to southern through the teacher. Prep program which was a partnership between southern connecticut. State university janesville After a southern. I wound up While southern i sorority shut up to my a sisters. And i and i also found that working in higher education was a thing that was actually a career in so i'll watch a different world and i knew You know the end of campus was way to go in the work in the higher ed or fifteen years and i ultimately decided to go back and get my doctorate because i wanted to move up at that point. I thought i wanted to become a dean of students at college. But during a time of higher ed there was so much experience a lot of things that kind of caused me to not want to be a part of the higher ed scene and you're in so ultimately left last year which is how i got to teach high school and so what i would say you know for parents that are out there. don't despise or. Don't shut down your child's lofty dreams. I told my parents. I want to go to china and they helped me to my church. My church was integral in mickey hawaii. Am the community folks. Like i told me to get my hind parts in the house and They made sure that if i was out acting a whole or donkey. It on how you say. If i'll i'll cut that they pulled my hotel and that community. That sense of community is a part of the reason. Why i am who i am in. I had teachers of color. That's important author out my career. I had not brown teachers or go and those teachers made sure that i got the best education in so i hope to do the same. Hope to pay or in that way So that's how. I made it out the community and my belief in god you know. I believe that that that god has a lot to do with this and his his on predestination for my life. In so i can't. I cannot not acknowledge that factor to absolutely. I want to talk a little bit about women. Not academia Do you think that there's enough woman in academia. Obviously you said you saw some things going on that kinda turns you off Want to get into it. I mean we have h u So if you talk about just a little bit about that women academia other enough. Did you face any sexism or racism as you are trying to get your doctor so i let me say that there are. There is a lack of black women. We need more black women academia okay from my perspective. My doctoral of research focused on the lived experiences of black women in higher education specifically in connecticut in our connecticut public colleges in verses and one of the things that i fouled in that the research showed that because of the lack arlo or the the yeah because of the lack of black women in higher education black women who are in a higher academia experience one in visibility. They experienced a marginalization and they are often relegated to the outskirts in that comes from Not being able to show up in ways that others are show other show off is what what what do i mean by that. I mean i for example is a real life example. I had a colleague common. Ask for Some input on how we can better serve our students who were homeless in the college level. Who were homeless and who needed a install. I shared my thoughts. And shearson things that i would working on for the institution and i went to a meeting with some administration in shared the thing that i shared with my colleague who happens to be a white woman and the administration at the time. Line heard what i say. The acknowledged what i said the white woman took what i brought it up. Although i had it written up as well presented it she was deemed. All a change maker was promoted to a higher position in At the end of the day the the concepts the initiative was something i developed and i had come up with but my work was in my mind appropriate taken in giving credit to another person in an happens often in my conversations with oats that this idea of take your knowledge or take your understanding your expertise in one either not compensate you or or not credit you or it is something that happens often and that's the disability comes in my knowledge. Might not my what i have to offer you see but you see that without seeing and That it is a one of the main thing that will not mean. But that's one of the things that I think women in academia black woman academia experience is that and also different roles but we know that there are different rules and or for black women and black folk in academia are for others in so Whereas i teach now at the collegiate level. However when i was i tried to get an adjunct position i was told that i needed to go back to school and get a second masters degree in english. I have a master's of science degree in english. Edit i was told you need to go back and get a masters of arts in Well i know another girl who graduated with me graduated the same program. Southern connecticut thing versity class of two thousand ten with our masters of science in english. Ed white girl. She wild up getting an adjunct position with the same degree that i have. I actually had other teaching experience. She had not. she's a friend of mine yet. Talked about her experience. Our she was able to get in an adjunct position. Before i was i was told. Go back and get a masters of arts. Then when i had a elder black woman who decided to mentor me and take me under her wing. They told her that. I needed to shadow her for academic year before they would allow me to obtain an adjunct position. So we're talking about different standards differing rules for black folk For others in so me being you know a girl from the whole deal. The first part of me was from the aggravated commomorate was just like going back to school. I went back to school either with her for a whole year when nobody else has to shadow. Chattel isn't even a part of the requirements to become an adjunct here. So why do i have to joke. All these rules in order to teach a class and my mentor said kelly. Sometimes you do you have to do so that way. They have a reason to tell you. Know and i called my parents usually do. It had a conversation within them. My father says what he usually says. Get your smarts in hanoi and do what you need to do. And my mom equipment me with the fight to nasty in the wherewithal to keep going and she was just like. Oh no you do not let that. Stop your district you want. This is what you do. And i persevered and now Now i'm teaching at the collegiate level An uptick multiple institutions. But i'm teaching now but that's to say that this idea that there are different standards that the rules change no matter It didn't matter that i had a doctorate degree. I was supposed to go back you. Had you had a doctor at this time with their children. Go back and get a master's degree. I was actually l. The dissertation so i was in the process of i would've been finishing within a year or so of my doctorate with other Had their masters. But nevertheless i was post you know. Master's study but it was still go back and get additional education Nevertheless those are some things we took academia in so when we talk about students eating to see in having motivation in hope. If you don't have folks that are reflective either based on physical representation race gender Or hope that kit identify talk about socio economic status Luckily for me i am. You know it's my intersectional. A black woman from an urban area and my parents were working class folk. I can identify on some areas not all areas in. So that's important with how we show up into these spaces in our students. Don't see it. Then they start questioning. Do i belong here. There's imposter in imposter singer. All that we're not gonna go into but all all of that is very real and Shows up absolutely. That's a fascinating story and to go through. That and i had actually thought about going back to get a to become a teacher. I think we talked about this a little bit for come a teacher when i heard about the stuff that they would make me do even though. Rv have a master's degree on the. I'm good you want me or you want me. I mean eric. I know that there's a dearth of black male teachers in here. I am saying okay. I'll do it. But you want me to go back to school for another two three years now and i gotta run a bills and all that kind of stuff. So so that's that that's that's so so let's just chime in people were amen and All the kind of stuff and Rooster saying hi. Debbie debbie saint. Hi bruce i'm looking which other not lots of that while systematic racism. I play for josie. But what is meant for. You has come to ask destined for greatness a different standards That is so wrong every chance again. thank god for your perseverance Yeah because i wouldn't have had against How do you think we can fix that. Problem in our schools is that problem. Not which probably ain't talking about the systematic problems or the People stealing also have people stealing your ideas problem. I mean that goes on. I think we've fixed that period in life I would love for my son's to see more black male teachers. Yeah i would too but well there's nobody to love to teach but the finest right. Yes going back to school the now for me. It's not it's not. I want to be an option but so So there was a question. Barbara mcclain's how do you think we can fix that in our schools. Which problem is barbara. I enjoyed densify. Which problems So we're going to switch gears for a minute here because it's We're we're a little bit in here. We'll talk about your time at church. Your the head of a singles ministry obvious mentioned your faith in Before we get to that yes. Barbara says yes. Assist sys systematic problem. I'm still mad at problem. Talking would systematic problem Could you elaborate a witch systematic problem. You're talking about yeah. Yeah it is alive. So i wanna talk about Your time at church. You've been very vocal about your face. in your over the singles ministry in your church set set right all right all right okay. So can you talk just a little bit about about your your work there for. Yeah so i. I'm a christian and just think Haven connecticut under the leadership of elder kevin. Hardy out hardy mike st matthews family and were some other. Listen be listening to check on art. Because again i come from a community. All these folks you know contribute to you know the the the woman you see before you but Yes it's called. purpose purpose. Singles ministry and the purpose of the ministry is divided opportunity for unmarried folks to come together to one develop individually. Because i think that that's important. That's a part of the mission To make sure that we are able to come together to develop holistically as individuals as on pursuit for those who desire to be married later on in life or now live in so we provide it so we provide opportunities for us to come together a one scripture but also to come together and of do. I have ice cream. Socials had socialized to talk about things that are of concern to us to come together in laugh to come together and simply find a support in the community folks who are in the same place and to not honesty to not lose hope because if you look at statistics and research if you're a thinker or a person that likes to learn then you are looking at what the research says and as far as i'm concerned if i look at the research as a black woman thirty nine year old black woman be forty this year. The older i get the more the less likely it is that i will ultimately be married in so if you look at those statistics and you think about that and you you can't become disheartened ends and wonder okay well. Is he ever going to happen for me. So the purpose of the ministry is one to provide an opportunity for all of us to come together and in Learn including from one another to support one another in our singleness in so it's men and women but that's the gist of it. Yeah so that's that's totally a separate conversation. I really want to have as to how we can fix some of those statistics that you mentioned as far as our young men and women Getting together and getting married. I think that would fix problems. That could talk about my daughter's twenty two and you know. Sometimes when i looked these knucklehead boys that are running around here. I'm like you know these guys. Just don't have it. But i would say that for different compensation different. Maybe have back talk about that kind of stuff. Alex into will smith and jada narrow tangling one. I want to talk about. I want to talk about this. I want to talk about that right now but we can talk about the other. I wanna get depressed about about other stuff. Let's talk what's up. Happy laugh about tangled going on I mean obviously a few weeks ago but we start this all set up. That had just dropped. So i wanna hear all all all your wisdom and knowledge about this entanglements take on the show. Is the bill us kid parties of us. So is the. I let me let me let me say this this. You know i actually posted on my facebook page at one point and that i saw a number of people posting i'm tangled more are was just taken aback because worse have power and What we speak manifest. I believe that what will speak manifest and so this idea being entangled being fouled in a way that is unhealthy is ridiculous christine in so of this with the red table. Talk happened when the august out cena's interview in all that came out. of course i watched it. I like to have those conversations with my sister girls in folks and One of the things that i guess troubled mu was there was a phrase where freezing but there was a phrase that i believe on jada pinkett mentioned and she said Essentially i want to feel better about myself and That i get wanting to feel better about yourself what what troubled me. A little was prior to that statement. She had mentioned that he had come. She had come to meet him or come to know him by her son in that he was end in unhealthy wason. He wasn't doing well. In so i am very of folks who monopolize others folks pain and see someone in a a a tender state and use the as an opportunity to capitalize off of it that that bothers me. I'm not saying that that's what she did. I'm saying that the statement that she made put me in that head space in so we'll talk about relationships. I am just like listen if you are unhealthy your broken and you haven't begun to work for your own self. Don't come over here with jeff witness in so vice versa. If i have areas or tender spots that i haven't healed. I haven't worked for my own. Self let me not come to the table or come to you with my foolishness in expect for you to help me through that. No i'm not. I don't want you to come and be. I a wanna be entangled. As a matter of fact. I like so that hosting nereo of trouble and then at the end of the table talk when they ended with bad marriage for life. I was like absolutely not. What message are we sending out here to the folks that are watching the folks that are looking at look at the as marriage goals We don't want to be in bad marriages in bad early ships which is why the singles ministry at my. You know that most churches have because it's about being all individually you know. Are you know being a whole person. Your whole individual authentic cells right where you are now before you connect with someone else could not hold now. Then you won't be hall when you wake up with another person. And i think we saw him so. That's got to be very honest when i saw that. I mean i'm not into table talk than somebody sent it to me. And i'm like okay. I'll watch age but Just the whole thing of her saying that stuff first of all this shows you that even though they had money they were millionaires and careers and they still have. This shoe still had whatever stuff she had gone on ahead. I mean they would have been married for while. I would assume this just happened three years my ears. There's like twenty to twenty one years into this marriage. You still don't know who you are. I was going on and so you saying will was like. I'm out of here and i'm just kind of stuff So you know you got to figure out you. So i can appreciate that singles miniature going on as far as when they say. Listen you gotta be a whole person in an episode of my concern. Appreciate that and that was very shocking to me. The whole the whole everything she was saying was shocking. I was really kinda shocked. That a will smith as a man. Somebody i kind of you know this brother that together. I'm like doing by. Why are you putting your job. You're like this. I was the whole thing was really to serve. And i would degree that. They ended off with high fiving so bad marriage for life. What does that saying So i asked the question before they also. They're all listening. I wanna get them all in here. yes we are here Yes we are here cookie. Latrice says that she's yes. She's got people or in the stomach. Unroll wave and The c- Saint masters is in the house saint matthews near and far and far way too. Okay okay so matthews here representing and supporting a family Johnson guests we are here. We have an awesome. We have a awesome. God so part of the doctor hope Georgia jones says it happened to stumble upon his dialogue What we speak we manifests hosts quoting you. Dr hope your phenomenal s. kalija really us rudy. Says agreed to hope is awesome. Good show a george. Jones says I expect to jada as a parent leader in contributor to honest no better. I expected it to and they really didn't. That was very very disappointed. Better too. I think that's important to know when we have opportunities were given platforms to speak into share that there is great responsibility with that in so i just feel like you know the issue. It was misused to in a way that was disheartened. I was saddened by what you know what i saw. Because i have your take. I think a lot of us are very shocking surprising. Disappointing saddened and i left scratching my head you know. Why would you do this. I imagine it was unscripted. But if they're really shooting from the hip there they really they really. They really missed. They really So we'll finish off with this Will actually two more points here. barbara claim says the problem of getting more people covering the schools. That's the province. She wanted each address how to himself that getting more people of color in our school systems. The one i think is mentoring one of the things of that. I have been working on it. I guess i'm putting it out here in hemisphere. Because i just said what we speak we manifest working on it and so i guess i'm speaking it into existence now is providing a or form where there is mentoring. That happens early. On as i mentioned i. I want to become a teacher in the second grade. Based on what i saw in so there may be young people that our elementary school right now. That are contemplating teaching. And we want to make sure that we are providing those opportunities or even those young children to get those experiences with playing around with what it means to teach in that. We're cultivating that that there are a camps whether virtual or in person nectar able to go to in order to continue to feed that. And so. that's one mentoring. The other thing too is providing the opportunity for folks that go to school to get their certification that there are a finance this available to all the cost of education. You have folks that are leaving with student loans in. I know that there's about student. Loan debt forgiveness while these other things are leaving school with student loan debt in the salaries that teachers make are ridiculous. Depending on what's the unless there's some states where we're entering. Teachers are making twenty four thousand dollars her year. It's you know that's low end. You know Ridiculous in so. I think that providing funds or education is important. I also think that As i mentioned. I worked at the teacher program in so there are at the collegiate level. They have minority fellowship programs in. So i think that if we can establish that in our local municipalities that that will help with recruiting in. So i don't getting teachers or teachers of color. I don't think that's really issue. Retaining is an issue too so we can get them but can we keep them in so retaining retouched. What's wrong again. You think about visibility. Okay when you think about district are What you think about burn out. We think about the expectation. That's put on and for the most part if you have a teacher in that an area and let's say they're from the community and they can coach schist and they're able to speak and interact with the student develop rapport with what some folks may all students that have behavioral concerns more likely than not if that teacher is able to reach those students that have behavioral concerns that teacher because the teacher or the students with behavioral concerns. So now you have a teacher that have class through all students who need extra Extra love in okay to burnout right. That directly connect with retention. And you add that refinances frightening venturing. I think capturing reaching out choose students early. I also think from a community standpoint for folks that are not teachers. Is you have a business or you're into something for example showing a lot of schools. Don't have fun for enrichment activities. But there are programs in infosys. They're looking to come do Sessions with young people to teach them skills that you may be able to reach students in a different way where they may want to go into that profession in. So i think mentoring is a big part of it. Finances to help offset the cost of upon graduating if also testing we have to also consider testing a lot of folks specifically recommend black and brown people struggle to pass the practice tests and the certification exams. And so all of them. I don't wanna hear that last part. I don't like that. Pass a test advisory. So i appreciate that that you gave me sorry to jump around there but that was a question that was left unanswered finishing number more fun notes. Not that it's fun. But the will smith Thing was kind of like light hearted Maryland says yes captain. The pain was evident in the discourse. He august is a man outwardly. But was a hurting a young man on inside yet yet it seems to me. All three of them are kind of all jacked up. What did he say more money. More problems Let's see barbeque turns and against us. Your insight is exact know. I love sewing. The practice was my downfall. The praxis was my downfall by george jones. That's a practice test. You get inside for the most so before in connecticut before you enter into a Education program you have to pass practice one which codes Reading writing in other things. And then you also have to pass practice of chew especially if you're going into secondary education. If you're going into english you have a specific exam based on english if you're going into math at the secondary level or seven through twelve. You have a math exam in so those exams can be difficult. As a matter of fact. I took it multiple times each time. You have to pay it so that is another cost that you have to add up. I took it molting times before. I was actually able to pass practice two abstracts one while i was in college but passing practice to it took me a little while could acid In that that usually is the hang of a number of people so even answering the question having opportunities for. Were even mentoring and tutoring in that way. How to practice is something that's needed to. While i was gonna ask it up but i don't wanna go down that pathway but well as long as we can get that information out there the people to get to do it so you got a couple of books and we're gonna leave off this. You got a couple of books. Could you hold them a forced. We can see them or that. This one is in the background. This is kendall. This black woman. Speaking from inch should be on kindle. Yes is an edited This edited work in is comprised of essays. Inexperienced From there is black women in higher education. I have two chapters. I wrote the introduction. That in there are chapters from various other women across the country that wrote about their experiences in their research about being a black woman in higher education. This can be found on amazon. It can also be found on my website at www dot. Kelly keiko dot com and then this is my self published book and it is a. It's to my sister's affirmations. Annotations it is. This is a short read. The book of affirmations oftentimes black women women general. Black women often are very hard on themselves. And i wrote this particular book during the time. When i was talking to my blood sisters and sisters by bond i call it in. A lot of them were experiencing in voicing concerns about not not being sure whether or not they were doing right by their children. Not being sure what not not being confident that they were being in living up to their potential in so i was just like wow i want affirm in a way that You can take with you wherever you go. So the book of affirmations is a a book. I put together that provide some short staying before. Just remind you that you are more than enough on war worthing in so both of these are located on amazon. The this will care. Is republican peter lang in so i let me give this or if you go on amazon and you find this. Please note that i. This is my first time using publisher. I wanted to go through a publisher. I can have experienced so that. I can help other folks through that process of getting. Your perspectives accepted inch. So there are wearing differences between publishing in with publisher and one of the differences in this. Is that hawk casper. What are those differences is when you stopped publishing. You get to determine how much your book costs which is why this book is ten ninety five and when you probably still publisher they determine how much your book costs which is why this is dramatically. More and of so you'll see that reflected but those are the two very good. Thank you for that to all those author who think about the book that it's definitely important So let's see maryland in in that. Thomas cut on you for promoting this positive prominent voice to your listeners. Start to hope has type of set. Our community needs listed from bel air maryland. A form new haven resident with family insurance in connecticut. Thank you for tuning in less than Thank you sir from debbie says. Thank you sir. This was amazed form. Look forward to more soon We need more combos like this. Listen i'm trying. I'm going to Promote myself a little bit. I put up the banner at the end at the bottom of the screen. There you can go back and listen to previous episodes. It's got a lot of lawyers. Phd's people talking about Black women hair. I have another episode coming up about talking about many women who are bleaching their skin. I believe that it's very important to love yourself. I don't care what you look like. A what color your hair is. If you are white with your white person with red hair you gotta love that that. You've you're black With dark skin iota love that in this idea bleaching her skin and bone on this kind of stuff to your head that which is ultimately damaging in the long run. Things very very helpful i can. That's why i appreciate when you say that it's very important for how you present in the classroom and we need positive images in the class. I always thought it was very important for me when i was a police officer When i showed up on scene. I thought it was very important today. You know. sometimes. I wore white shirt that let everybody knows i was in charge right. Sometimes as bruce con con. No if he's still here that we wore two stripes at our shoulders that showed everyone else that we would supervise. So it's important. How you present yourself. And i believe that and i was so i appreciate your thoughts about that Let's see here Benny hopes senior says can hope the tables be prepared for. You read table. I don't know he's talking by their. Okay okay okay John lewis says thank you. I really enjoyed the conversation. Good job good job doctor. I agree thanks so much for coming on. I really want to have you back on to talk about some more stuff to so much more. we can talk about. Thank you so much for coming on the show. Thank you so much for all the listeners. You have over the continued to tune in yes So thank you everyone. I really appreciated it and Learned a lot that so much and so without any more ado no more questions or comments within a cutoff right here. Thank you so much Much love and much peace. Thank you buddy.

eight weeks waterbury new haven facebook miss Kamala harris Dr turner dr kelley trinity temple church albert magnus tricia rahmael warren leach mr gibson rich cerruti tricia grenell lucille bility maryland nakajima debbie newhall
Isola Pescatori y Bella en el Piamonte

Podcast RadioViajera

12:54 min | 6 d ago

Isola Pescatori y Bella en el Piamonte

"This guy jel applica-. Your mobile value headed totalwine. Therapies in blerta's premium econ podcasts. Hail fellows testino's controllers property eastern. Yoga's imprimatur but i cannot appear that wounded idea into practice cutback bothering. Don't this is tender. Clean intel because equality luis conde. They'll be a hero compelled punta come in. You'll hitter boondock on basilan. Sobat additional lapis. Kadoorie timing betty the bisconti nico with former interim rented you know three mother in the last as long term interest. Show up thirty skin. Tissues costume raise is nerve gas which will be done this and then you formulas in data's unilaterally album furnish and discuss with formality analysis. Tinto stint here in roswell. Cornish previously discoloration in italia raytheon killer calories where they should release that rocco negron count on easter. She thursday you last nason. Arctic willow the sola biscotti for orchestrating the real in a oriented in lobby. Scott thirty cannabis cup sushi. English in in the tacoma Illegal my yuri era extremely artemio. As usual as roma's i'm being celebrity. Mundi allegheny in your daughter roberson. Civilised supervisor it. Actual abuse qatari got coming. We know they modest communicate. Neal's nine years but kendall unless campaigners fister. I mean tell somebody in this spring year. It'd be in kouba that whereas the africa spotty almost they just kiss hideous. Eight recommendable is already available for the lago. Mombello polysilicon planning daily physical. Sasha federal it makes it to the mobile recess level on a big ego gets us. Are we just all. The other piece is competent. Where can you just media. Costa madonna issue much. Goodness even getting what i love. 'cause rahmael issue out of loose hounding beatles directly tell by sake stop original show will. Gas does not your phone tom. Landry and gondola into kidding and restore program going with the demos being graduates on sure. I'm days into that. I'll be okay. In concrete over grantham poco the es probation into something at the moment when donald donald a little boy a josie the seal cyclical must be an meal the city because you got together. They kind of the splinter sealer area. He and i believe alto caboose. Core is in pole process. Is you know more years. Collateral gone caffeine can say i'm not to know what is mask. Whoa year something to e bench. Eight food but if the canada has actors multinational experts by how do they see so as you think. I mean we'll a mighty yet. They will start more to evoke a group of the amigos key. Yes case k. c. Not doing the mom batting gave you see this. I'm which using morality. Give me the navy. And janet see more multi won't putting people doing what can still premed fifty dollars equitable kim mo sign module by the the. He is in face. Nobody much money. I must've startling malays florida's my now ego is like what okay is you want people to federal out the one on the persona the only swoop your they wouldn't bill basically by meant that he almost by percents nothing. How it s one company now and it blah blah. Saturday and yucky wouldn't always gilead demos. The clipboard italia almost game concrete in In might lie. La and allow my. You'll probably get that about it. That people in iraq and tecom interest jerem quintana soda and poor poor guitar. The levy. see pat fuel your standard few and in russia as those saying money will the more he is they at eye level majority. The okay gives us out. He was coming from on young almost young by the list as a more input panties be a more legal public radio news in the middle. Not my schedule because you have been near most on that excluded by beta for pcr deck wendell for the more we must have that lays jolo correct. Don't laugh us. Handle federal took most vocal. But i have the dakhil. Meisner thing that i've asked me last data that much all being being adult knows in the local if we bean it's siegler the if you see i use lied. I don't feel a little muddy displays. Familia es la famiglia rahmael members of you'll of course through it'll having own bilateral which supports visiting foam face ladies let silly demo bill cosby neil cage are not gonna come via e you have an insecure studio. Diffident fiscal to los angeles fans can lend on must be that would undo the forty corneal kisses symbol enclosed from india senior. Living is from own classical. If they don't make it equal on much. I suspect whereas colors before impetus only solo charleena's in gomel info in love with your a name win throw camacho ac- to yes. Ocd are finale usual. He prince he peers in sort of solo on advocate. I'm gonna test fiesta. where only be kamal. not only you da- i need. is it both nicole mental. Look this city on one of kiss one. Oh mental and it must get uncomfortable. What you see most goals by made us more tests floaters he. I mean he added lafayette available. He school yourself away. Realize those four for lazlo keen. Actually but i come carina. And so he doesn't trust me. This simple for carina at the phoenix center monitors opponent. When of buddy you sign your is probably mustang. Travel a fatal halloween that he gets the Quarter make one or simply giving phone easily tells the people he focused. They should go home. Laura mental moyal. Lovera is in resi through mickley emphasis in other eagles for this particular area. Different because it's a little cloudy hannity noise it's level is interrupting men single best often missing as as ending in two zero since they might be nuts in north person movie actually be more time pieces about horse must overseas the news of his st louis heavy. Maybe i'm so this loss. Kfc them on the contoss pms components of alan no the rest of the komo on Sporadic or say we don't get out. I'm not gonna talk on if you haven't been keith on the eve. Put those being mostly personally more. We're in november more. Maybe in the north korean criminal. Who's in the fellow. They level we mentioned in thirty eight khalil. Canary stem maravillosa. Dan gunners get the yellow.

testino luis conde basilan Kadoorie bisconti nico italia raytheon rocco negron Arctic willow Mundi allegheny kouba Costa madonna grantham poco donald donald kim mo nason fister Tinto roberson jerem quintana pat fuel
The Morning Briefing: Friday, December 11

The Briefing

02:12 min | 2 months ago

The Morning Briefing: Friday, December 11

"Hello i'm chris. Price with the briefing from the telegraph. It's friday december. Eleventh and dame barbara. Windsor has died. she was a household. Name is peggy mitchell in eastenders. She rose to fame in the carry on films. Perhaps you'll remember her for her trademark infectious. Laugh dame barbara. Windsor of british film and television has died at the age of eighty. Three should be fighting a long battle without sinus disease. She was diagnosed in two thousand fourteen and made the news public in two thousand eighteen charity. Said she helped bring the disease which has no cure out into the open. Jesper reese looks back. At how dame barbara often played the sparky working class child of the bliss but insists she was no one trick pony. Boris johnson's put the country on notice for no deal brexit. He told his cabinet. Brussels wants to punish britain for refusing to be tied to a eu rules. The prime minister said there's a strong possibility of the brexit trade talks failing meanwhile travel industry bosses have pleaded with the e you not to block britain's from travelling to europe after january the first software to merge there could be a corona of our travel ban that applies to the uk and christmas deliveries could be thrown into chaos by delays at royal mail and turmoil in the ports rahmael buses have warned that strict covid nineteen rules and sweitzer of self oscillating stuff. Left the firm struggling. Mass testing is to be rolled out in schools across london and parts of canton essex as part of a last ditch effort to avoid closures. It comes amid growing concern an outbreaks in schools the week before the christmas relaxation of rules. Of course children unlikely to mix with their grandparents. We have a graph showing how the infection rate among london's secondary school pupils has risen as well as all that you can read former wasps ladies plan kevin's on how she's too scared to find out if she has dementia of suffering numerous concussions and how to do luxury christmas decorations on a budget. That's it you're up to date. Danny will have your second briefing of the day this evening.

dame barbara peggy mitchell sinus disease Jesper reese Eleventh Windsor britain Boris johnson chris Brussels cabinet eu europe canton london essex uk kevin dementia Danny
Dagmagata Insaaf ka Tarazu . Ft. Hanisha . IINK Podcasts . Episode 121

IINK Podcasts

03:34 min | 2 months ago

Dagmagata Insaaf ka Tarazu . Ft. Hanisha . IINK Podcasts . Episode 121

"Doug monka in soft cut. That has jumped up is so much made pob. Who up in soft google. That iso doug mugabe jump jump. Three ownership were shown High dub dub in soft gut that doug mugabe dub dub the hayes conomic stabenow dub dub oin soft gutted as doug mugabe or job to beat you get good it magi go sooner kia guy the wgn soft cut that iso dugway dugway is leeann. He months galante as Bulky is liaison giza march mirror. Neuron aqui source dogma. Gotcha gear or your He niquia charlotte shy the ahmad could he upnew moth 'cause amid took over. Get the gain. Hey get the hannity Seen rangoon fica nearly out there. You insane he. In sonya akito heen gut data. How manager had was he some much me john kylie gordon mcnally john. He lean uva looper. Got we pizza. Can he hung mary had done. We'll see some osh me jock Gene those cut into Do presume who they're the. Jupiter hanky a hobby but them how measure would see some odds major acid attacks Pit deboned year mugabe chaos supe- there Measure hit the who will see some odd Luta fit in softbank Beeper per he said they cut up by hamadan. We'll see some A chat on a he looked da but new beila movement delay. Bene- beat between put though tone. Drown tune rahmael sal module. Jupiter tacoma have not asta to hop bye behold. Did help me tie scott. So he saved us. By the way. I in san but so much but the guy in san but the gas a much brazil would i got nasa veta- bite get the knobby giant data. Get the non. Psi who hit those hashtag equality of nece ocean media pancanadian. Welcome molina he hota or not. He could be hoeger. Is that this equality. Conceptual of nisa henman nate under up negroes maracas Nigga duckie augie. Ezek gobi sequel be Joke which be many or He in soft got as our sadhana. Doug mugabe on the market.

doug mugabe Doug monka sonya akito john kylie gordon mcnally jock Gene galante hamadan ahmad charlotte google mugabe mary john san hoeger scott henman nate nasa brazil Psi
NPR News: 01-01-2020 11AM ET

NPR News Now

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NPR News: 01-01-2020 11AM ET

"Live from NPR news in Washington. I'm deal Willman. US forces fired tear-gas this morning to disperse a crowd of pro Iran militia members who were gathered outside the embassy in Baghdad. Yesterday the protesters set fires and threw rocks at the embassy. The crowd is now moving to a nearby location. North Korean leader. Kim Jong UN says he sees no reason into continue honoring a self-imposed moratorium on nuclear and long range missile testing. NPR's Anthony Kuhn reports from Seoul. The Korean Central News Agency reports. Kim made the remarks rex during a plenary meeting of the ruling Workers Party Central Committee which was held over the past four days. KCNA quotes him as saying that. North Korea has no reason to be bound by the moratorium because the US continues to hold military exercises in deploying advanced weapons to South Korea. Kim warned that North Korea would soon unveil a new use strategic weapon but how much further North Korea develops its nuclear deterrent. He added depends on the. US is attitude. Kim's expected to give an annual New Year's address address in which he may clarify his remarks Anthony Kuhn. NPR news soul tens of thousands of Pro Democracy protesters marched this morning in Hong Kong. Police fired tear tear gas at them before. The event was halted a New Year's eve riot. Police also fired tear-gas and deployed water cannons when protests momentarily turned violent the BBC's Jonathan head reports little has changed in the battle of wills which has gripped this city for the past seven months government backed by China has expressed regret and sadness over the violence and disruption to the economy but refuses to make any further concessions. Much of the public still supports protesters. They believe a fighting to defend Hong Income's autonomy the BBC's Jonathan head one of the country's largest private prison companies assuming California's Governor Attorney General over a new state law that prevents for for profit companies from running prisons and immigration detention centres from member station K. Q. E. D. Farida Jalal Rahmael reports. You'll group argues that California's new you law interferes with federal operations including immigration enforcement. The company says it will lose two hundred and fifty million dollars per year. If it's forced to close facilities ability as contracts expire but State Assemblyman Rob Bonte who authored. The bill says California has to act because of the record of abuses and deaths in privately run on facilities. They clearly have the ability and the right to stand up and defend protect their people and ensure their health safety and Welfare Geo Defense it's performance record in just the last few days. US Immigration and customs enforcement sign multi billion dollar contracts with GIO in in California for NPR news. Friday that Jeff Romeo on Wall Street stocks closed out two thousand nineteen and a major high. It was the best year for both the S. and P. Five hundred and the Nasdaq composite since two thousand thirteen the SNP finished with a gain of twenty eight point nine percent. The Nasdaq was up thirty. Five point three percent this is NPR Democratic presidential candidate. Pete Booed Edge raise twenty four point seven million dollars in the fourth quarter of two thousand nineteen. His campaign released those figures today. That's well ahead of the nineteen point. One million he collected in the third quarter. The latest total is expected to make him one of the top fundraisers among the field of fifteen Democrats Kratz who are now vying for the presidential nomination for the first time. Ever the National Hockey League's big New Year's game will be in Dallas and it'll be outdoors Bill Ziebel with member station K.. IRA reports that. Whether for today's winter classic is well above freezing National Hockey League officials. Say they're not bothered by the weather even with afternoon highs predicted it could in the fifties portable ring technology assures a surface of solid skater belies the game between the Dallas Stars. Nashville predators counts as part of the regular season stars. General Manager Jim nill likes the spectacle of the event for players fans and the city. I think we've been recognized by the NHL that hey this is a major market. They do things rate here. It's a great city and then yet in the cotton bowl in the event that goes with it and it's really a home run for Dallas and for the NHL mixed metaphors aside side. Neil also likes the expected crowd well above eighty thousand and the cotton bolts history of staging big New Year's games. I'm Bill Ziebel in Dallas flashfloods covered large portions of Indonesia's capital in nearby towns. On New Year's Day at least nine people were killed and thousands of others were forced to evacuate their homes. The the city of Jakarta is rapidly sinking because of the uncontrolled extraction of groundwater ideal woman N._p._R.. News in Washington.

Kim Jong UN US NPR National Hockey League California North Korea Washington Anthony Kuhn Bill Ziebel Dallas NPR Jonathan head BBC Korean Central News Agency Iran South Korea

Stories Philippines Podcast

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"Task. This episode is sponsored by inker. podcasting is so much fun, and now it's easier than ever to start your own podcast with anger. Everyone is passionate about something. For example, I love talking about spooky stuff. Now, thanks to anchor. You can spread the word about the things you love, and maybe even make some money doing it. Start Your podcast for free with anchor using the anchor APP or by going to anchor DOT FM. They'll even distribute your show for you. You'll be heard on spotify apple podcasts and many more of your favorite podcast platforms. Anger also provides tools to allow you to record and edit your show from your computer and even from your phone. And no matter how big or small your audience is, you can make money from your podcast. It's everything you need to make a podcast in one place. I using her and it's been the best podcasting platform I've been a part of. So Join Me Start Your podcast today by downloading the anger APP or go to Anchor Dot FM. We all have something to say. Thanks anchor. Dj. and. Now. They don't mean it group chat. Cada known Laura when some who? Now billionaire side, the gum twenty, thousand pesos. At Been, west though some allowing Haredim Saharan known overrun. Seem. Blue. Lamp on. May LAMESA'S FITNA. Among Pharma said Drinking Session Land America. Can Be Thinking Yup I though number one money eaten a speaker. So the long solo bother me sound Silla. Bongi in. The only GonNa Hobo, even what it West Solo NATO. On. DOSA mill super cobbing guide and I may Jamaica Mile and. Or? Kanye. In On the opposite. Sean graphic artist. So some publishing company. And most of the. Cibinong Shah. MC Data. How? Billing who it though I'm GonNa wind will be seen that at in. China. Easy. Muggy. Now, what's a book? Open Zero. Are Meaning. Very much. Native. Lately Canyon EC. Morale. Easy Nah. Dialing, mugging. Don, atmosphere. Abundant data, bow. Shah who? To paloma elite pass. Equal. SNEERINGLY throttled book. A woman. Opinion. Mar, a beacon. BINION. I gave one. But dinner. Comment it only. Gum Are Ga.. Shane among Sabi. meaner. He, shot Hoban. Up. About the washers are home in not be good. May Join narine among in this alantic. Keep. Lingering well as say, Sean. ABC Nah Sahan. Sonya Abou-? Liebscher, said that Athena mishap do. And throw. So Margaret. Do. Anything. Why are you? Allowed to now Amici's. Bruton. Sooner. John Autumn's up Nothing. Begun. except. In. Sahu Boo Sarah Thing Sabato. excited. Misleading, ammonia. And throw. May allow you was him Bossy, who's Santillana, `Gaby Duncan Young macy's. AGO being a morning delicacy La. Llama. Arianna, Cut Abou-. Sir. Monday blue young. Dunes Elam One. I'm by subdivision, Younes Zeke. My lab, Kasey Pareo, Sahan, Nathaniel, Abou. The. Gestapo's happening alien at Banger. The regionals, Villa Savannah Been Hyena by. Drinking session. Some case. No mcnabb ear. Rather, Niro. Male. Been Silent Up at the. Honey La. Selah Mesa. Inaba ceiling proceed. At NACHOS. Burritos down that. OR A. To meet bus. So get none my ing Wen to one. And find a bill on. Begun. In Iran. Macbeth, Anti Lhasa, and Yaris. Abou- AMELIA AT HEALING Y. Sabine. Very Glue Gun and along done. Guide Ninety motherless and I could eat. Once now mummy. Aria. He He. Toilet, union. So junk especially. Bugs. Assam Osama bias on our but. In Normandy La. In the garage. Door let no mommy be not that. I'm one win. Koch up nylons, dellagha. Uncle. Llamas. Say Sean. A major, the medium, Nah. Anybody. About hundred La de. Aza Minimal. Owain at the party. Della. Sabatini Avant. The. Nag Moist, a inner. Drive how Albany hit unwilling the now through Busey. Or not in the next time barring middleman. Siberia Tony. Bush Nina. Abbott. Nella. ISLA. Is certainly back in a ballum non that. Some US our wrong Rahmael at Belk. A Hunan. Bit Naito. Winner meal among the highlights a Hobo had a in a Manila. An only bake. Oman on an them naming. No Way Manasseh Oba. Mixing Malaysia. McGee. Bit. Allegation as a MA bought in a beer. Baker. Goal is. Coming you've been astle them by. Not by Egypt. Again. Napster. Eden Book. What. Apple Agata. Supper beat. Marquette he noman. been. Known my mouth. Watson jump major my lap, what Maliki to. Be Nine Ya now. Who Lay Paula? You and I? Do. Do my by though. Undergo. Aero. mcgahan only to be to. Sabrina whom A-plus I am ballot on my that mitten hunting. Tab On. An opinion but able. I out from Bahrain. Bahrain. Nine then CIA bigler. Miami I've bought. Big Little, monogamy, sound speaker than our hobby, who book. Mine lamb even at the. Dog, and. Really, make. Autumn. exoskeleton taboo. Speaker. In her Banja. Bill it now been Ireland now study Lee. EC. Down Behind Kaduna Lane alum, NUNC, sound ceased them. NASA owed them by. Knock. Shot. At in a lab I'm older to speaker combined and then giggling to. Thank, Paolo. Why. Be Lebanon and. Loose, anatomy. Mambi, Shampoo. Moslem by happening mankind sound system. I you. CUTOLO nominate meant by buying. Sawar. Not Highly. Number narrowly, speaker? My only negotiate at my Papa. Indiana near me. SIP. Baha Gruenigan among Ya. Them. In in. Indonesia. Mc Hobo. He buying gas at the. LASAGNA. And On narrating. Watson. Announcing, Baisha. Donna my Aaron Been. Madonna and Cher. Battle when I. Walla. Lamb and. It can win. Among Kabbalah Gangnam Yari then. Be. In the Hawks Alita. Battle number Bosnia SOMMA. Now. My dog widow. Marine. SAGANA clear. May Go bunged up at Goma, lemon. Sir. HOC-. Angle books because you. See, now beyond lean. Not. Believe the netting Mukta I'm cutting yla. Sir. Maybe. People are seeing me smoke whole hoboken. You? Bowel. been. Real. Shy Abner. Dial was. CEELO sign. Kasama Pussy Nah, dotting cloudy to. Fatal when I say? INDIANA, SALVO COSSO. In the. Sir. Bahama Hoda because in. In the. Worst one on Manama the. So. Suffer. Buna. Biblical. Mainland claiming. At Marine A. Mechanical? Colin. Powell. Ati Book. You might adequacy be nearly funky being dunkeld. EP Negi the. When you're? Saying though Poissy a Gupta. Lamb. Blind. Union. How Middlemen? In the. Lab Sum Ari. Melania Ananiashvili. POGBA IN NATO so Hobo. Sanction. Addy on yet. Peanut been, dishwasher Manila, meal. Barium who? Mob was ill and one on the show. Reynoso among Kabila. Gun CAPAC NASA hoop. Marine. I don't know. Who?

Sean Lamb Indiana apple Cibinong Shah Ga Watson Sonya Abou Haredim Saharan spotify Laura NATO Manila Gestapo Mc Hobo Kanye Manila Bahrain Iran Marine A. Mechanical
Nov 29, 2019

Sword and Scale Daily

12:25 min | 1 year ago

Nov 29, 2019

"Hello and welcome the sword and scale daily. I'm your host Ryan Williams. It's Friday November twenty nine and this is your true crime report coming up on sword and scale daily a California father allegedly murdered his wife and three children over the course of a week and then drove to a police station with the body of his oldest son in the vehicle a US District Court rejected a request. It's for resentencing by Idaho Inmate Tori Adams Sake Adam sick and his accomplice. Brian Draper both sixteen in two thousand six when they murdered their classmate estimate. cassie Joe Stoddard. Finally in Dunedin New Zealand thirty two year old doctor. The nods Kantha was found guilty of the murder murder of sixteen year old. Amber rose rush all this and more coming up on sword and scaled daily On Tuesday November twenty. Sixth Police Lisa California released information regarding fifty-three-year-old Shin Car God who has been arrested and charged with four counts of murder in the October deaths of his wife and three children. The victims were named as forty six year old. Jodi Sean Carr Sixteen Year Old Gari. Hong God thirteen thirteen year old niece Shawl God and twenty year old Rahmael Shankar in spite of allegedly confessing to the crimes and God has pleaded not guilty three perkasie our news. Three Sacramento and good allegedly killed the first two victims on October seventh and a third October eighth in in the family residence in Roseville California a city just on the outskirts of Sacramento then suspected that he drove around Northern California with his oldest son Forum Schenker law enforcement alleged that he murdered in car on October thirteenth near the Oregon California border on October Fourteenth and God drove his vehicle containing his son's body to the Mount Shasta police station. He told officers there were three more bodies in Roseville and they notified the Rosedale Police Department. Who then discovered the crime scene? The victims cause of death has not been released. Investigators said and God confessed to the crimes but did not give a motive. The AP reported that Hung God was an unemployed data specialist. who had in the past worked for a number of Bay area companies tax records show? He faced a one hundred. Seventy eight thousand dollar. I R S lean in other news a US District Court on Monday rejected Tori Adam. Six requests for resentencing thing Tori Adam. Sick is serving life without parole in Idaho for the two thousand six murder of sixteen year old. cassie JOE's Stoddard Adam. I'm sick was sentenced to life without parole when he was still a teenager and his appeal for resentencing was in part based on the later Supreme Court ruling that denying even the option of release to juvenile offenders is not constitutional per the AP There are eight thousand inmates in Idaho. Only four of them were sentenced to life without parole as juveniles and therefore were due to have their sentences reexamined on September twenty second two thousand six Tory Adam sick and his accomplice. Brian Draper both sixteen at the time. Murdered their classmate. CASSIE JOE's stoddard. Who was house sitting in? Poke of Taylor Idaho. Adam sick and draper who had earlier that evening. Watch movies with stoddard waited until they were sure she was alone in the house and and then viciously murdered her the evidence against the two included damning video. They recorded themselves discussing the murder during the planning stage and in the immediate aftermath clips of this video are available on Youtube and revealed at the two saw themselves as budding serial killers intended on killing again not regretting their actions on the tape. The boys talk about serial killers. Ted Bundy the hillside strangler the Zodiac and at one point in the video Adam six says those people were amateurs compared to what we are going to be during the video draper mentions that they had planned to commit a murder eight or nine times before but could never catch the victims alone. Adam sick and and draper were both convicted of first degree murder in two thousand seven and sentenced to life without the possibility of parole following the Supreme Court decision. The the juvenile's cannot be sentenced to life without parole. Adam stick apply for resentencing in two thousand seventeen his sentence was reaffirmed by the Idaho. Supreme Court Adam sick appealed the decision to the US district cord who decided to leave the ruling. The Idaho Supreme Court intact after the break a New Zealand doctor found guilty of murdering sixteen year old. Amber rose rush in her bed to prevent her from exposing exposing him as an alcoholic molester. Now for our final story on Wednesday thirty two year old the nod scandal was found guilty of the two thousand eighteen murder of sixteen year old. Amber rose rush rush in Dunedin New Zealand Court reports the Otago Daily Times. According to the prosecution scant a hospital doctor who drank heavily emily and socialized with teenagers murdered amber rose because she threatened to ruin his reputation and his career ambers mother discovered her body under pillows in her bed on the morning of February third. Two thousand eighteen. When police spoke to her mother she mentioned and her daughter knew a man named vinny nod? Investigators soon learned about a heated text exchange between amber rose and vinod. That took place the same. Tonight is the killing. The Nod Skanska became the prime suspect on February fourth. When officers? I interviewed the young doctor. He he pretended he barely knew. Amber rose rush several times during the interview. He noted he was quote stupid to hang out with teenagers. He suggested that amber rose had killed herself later that same day the nod Skanska was arrested for her murder after his young accomplice turned on him and he was later charged with murder and four counts of threatening to kill and pleaded not guilty to all charges. You might ask yourself why a young doctor actor would murder a teenage girl. The reason lay finance scandals lifestyle. SCANA graduated Medical School in two thousand sixteen and and transferred to Dunedin in two thousand seventeen. He moved into an apartment that soon became a well known party. House were underage drinkers. Were a common insight at first. It seemed possible. That scandal was just letting off some steam after years of sober study. However during the trial friends described griped how he came to consume ever larger quantities of alcohol? An ex girlfriend testified that by the end of two thousand seventeen scandal was drinking quote Kamara or less nonstop. He preferred to have others drive him so he could continue drinking. Uninterrupted as scandalous drinking spun out of control he behaved in cruel and crass ways leading old friends to drop out of contact scandal was increasingly surrounded only by teenagers who idolized him. The drugs the alcohol the car and the money he provided one of those adoring teams known during the trial. Only as witnessed thirty two introduced scant to amber rose scandal became infatuated with her in early. January two thousand thousand eighteen amber rose told a friend that scanty had sexually assaulted her while she was asleep. Shortly thereafter scandal aggressively. We proposition amber rose for sex in exchange for money and she stopped socializing with him during the trial. Witnesses testified that amber rose was not the only girl not had molested on February second two thousand eighteen. The nod scant the message amber rose to complain. The she'd used his credit card to buy something online amber rose wrote back. You're lucky I don't go into the hospital and tell them you turn up to work. Drunk supply minors with alcohol. Touch them without consent. Grow Up Vinnie. You're thirty for F. Sake for nod replied you know. I didn't mean in it. An upset amber rose then shared a screen shot of part of the conversation to instagram. Were witness thirty. Two saw it and alerted Skanska. You can't contacted amber rose again demanding. She removed the post. Amber rose replied that she intended to follow through on her threat to go to the police in their last exchange of messages happen at eleven. Twenty five PM. Amber rose rush did not know that the nod Skanska was on his final warning at the hospital after showing up drunk to meeting six months earlier and attempting to treat a patient while drunk scancen nearly lost his job and only any managed to hold onto it by lying to administrators telling them his mother had just died. Amber Roses information could put an end not only to hospital job Bob but to his medical career scanty decided he had no time to waste at eleven forty PM dressed in all black wearing gloves armed with a knife he picked up witness thirty two who drove him to amber rose. Russia's house vinod scandal broke into a room and stabbed her six times in the neck. Nick severing her carotid. Artery scanner return to the car holding the bloody knife. An Amber Rosa's bone and driver's license amber roses uses blood was later found in the passenger side of the car and on scandal shoes after getting witnessed thirty to help him dispose of evidence. Scant that threaten threaten to kill witness thirty to his parents and his cat. If you talked to the police ultimately the threat was not effective as witness. Thirty ready to testify against him in trial on Wednesday the nod scandal was found guilty of one count of murder and four counts of threatening to kill decision that provides them small comfort to the rush family their morning not only the loss of their daughter but also the loss of her mother Lisa Ann who took her own life a few months after the murder scandal sentencing is scheduled for March six. That's it for today. We'll see you next week. And until then stay safe soared and scale. Daily is an incongruity media production. Your host was Ryan Williams Research and writing by Hagar Barack executive producer. Mike Day if you like the show subscribing leave us a review. If you'd like to write us with feedback acker suggestions. Use the email address daily at sword and scale DOT COM

amber rose murder Adam sick cassie Joe Stoddard Brian Draper Idaho Nod Skanska Tori Adam US District Court Amber Rosa Amber Roses Supreme Court Ryan Williams Idaho Supreme Court Dunedin New Zealand Dunedin vinny nod Jodi Sean Carr Lisa California first degree murder
6. En krise er ogs en mulighet med Chul Aamodt fra EnerWe

Markedsføring fra sofakroken

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6. En krise er ogs en mulighet med Chul Aamodt fra EnerWe

"The. High? Aw. And land episode. The markets voting. Straw Kim. E. This episode muscles? taught feldman will not. FIMS that north even Mike it's. was luckily done the hard till societal scuffed at the each resident. I'd CO founder Ian spy own dog Hav e mails mea the allow done or conscience implied flip livestream mid seek him toward Hsun almost fidel and maybe I. Think I shared. SEC The ideas. Bring Ted ass. I enter LUXURIA do if. Mr Fisted to. Goes. Could Nipple that he. Really Accurate Lie. Harder your look the by third. For the had an on the fish make my plea thin will do it as the how I descended for to. Vote. In key side also we. Dan could nip what Mungo. Thirteen Hide. At, take. The data Don. and. Will get the gap fall for them sequential restored. Again Hopes. For, shot the yearbook sitting, we we. Do Students were interactive audio articulate comfortable and or Huron wrong sesame either sell all food stated Odette Dogra led. Lights Impo Stewart Confront, sit and Stuart Johnson. For All through the pulled, the costs throw. A little. Bomb that along city footed gun. She. ult-. There for Sean job and the luckily snows them. As a bottle fool Mellon US get. The. Follow intact answer Clark footy that is among the store was a list of story I alter. Like the earlier, you know Spoil to Hobbled Gospel Donald Trump's media. That's. Test or. than. Or while you were de la. Ambition? COMB. I for stealing Skull Let. The artists on the? Books. Not Dog is if you forget at the sex cappella my mind to. Get some. Kid, also need for. Poor project. the. Decry nosebleed drive, Trip Matta. Rice Obama off in it would. Brief increase. In Taylor. reason although they are. Kim Well Lyon We. The. full-train you can did some a little foot. Foot Netanyahu case. At Villa Migration. They'll focus at. All or solder. Coma and. From. You left it on the humbling spans as. Monroe. No Ma'am we don't kitty a coma to the I'm vaguely mommy skin the environments, Guitar. Teach at all but a second daddy woulda. I mean are the cut assume I'd forwarding Now as you're voting Ma-, obese head sculpt long or shorts Bokowza. So let's another foreign SUNAI incubator. For Detroit run Netflix valued all anxious have also showed. The congrats. misted they electoral democracies the ruled if if said some festivals. Around a Manga confirms. Man Manashian give very little to be. So they've you love our or Goto Dot com these three among Anna. so not Understanding. Of these medical men. for the Lafayette. Among free. Noon among. Dario at UNSCOM afford abuse Scott. Also spoils the mother and I was thank detail that I will business. Mansa took any melanie gass. Good. Deals. Only. number ankle did. or adopt be just ended males of the meal for the Mayor Newel. and sophie routed Bryant Dot Com on the envelope on. A list of without let's go. Now. Ems Ghulab Barnes. McCoy born again, six foot up the skill overnight launched. Out The the the Yukos animated. The Davydov Some of Matt. Intel stadium, amyloid met. Get. Soft Bitcoin Mira. Toyota. Loyal Am. Freer masol letting folk audio mangam. FACEBOOK's press or the mice at stake Brett. All high as Christianity Ideologue Clark Open Lead Logan may among these some and no born and their mind although Champagne Illinois now a Coupla come at bowl. So our facebook prestigious are high. Tin almost it some saw. Rahmael Lucas Evolved Jones almost association till. Or Lindsey visiting. suppressor Sarah to hang up now at the does it was hanging not. PUNK wrong sled Lonzo conflict in the militia on dot. To you on the way infected when the Drug Sophie Feel vs. Folk dot the harder blog it's. GotTa some. For example, Layer. Organ Literally Across Northern Idaho for the Isa Wilton Silicon. then. Stole controlled. That the ratings is not well, they are still have been in Communist Mail Farrah. From the whole For Tom Sawyer for the dog and they'll Vedra Shean for for students zone. Box leak that all state-of-the do Mattie leader and he'd avantel Barak. Obama. My uncle met at letter and sometimes you can national. To with that, they've been audited footage, the witting social net, ending answered with the oil and to identify of dead. in combination of driving forty have not on the icy through the ball. A. A. Better Sticky Kid. I took this gear or Shuki to. The Autism. Pike's method of Seek. After the circuit about facebook not Apple Sunfish district that postmen advocacy upsets no. Family Liberty. Dial. And have booked. I doesn't I. Miss. Ohio forward Yokoun twitter After that Dan. look they're. All sorts. Some in image on those in Nazi. Mom Myself For him with women my son. minister talk this year I. Did. A. Ethically for. Do show some. Episodes leaked before. or? Fixes March you commute. Four seven through most of that that limited. stifle. Some carnage shed would be come in. Garcia Da. Vinci's Publican violence in day in hidden we either in. Your. Also. I'm not sure to audit We see. Sorry. SEATTLE. In. Started for Sutton it. Relevant in all good focal rely. Menfolk Eliah or on said. When this with the pop in. The Dune. skittles boots. Scott. But it even not along to target. The latest. although there via you to Novi stamp what we pocketed. Vs happened there is all north. Ghana for in poor. Off for. Google stemming. saw harder deliverance. From Consolidate a link teammates. Nicholas Police. I. Just. Felt out. In all from fell over. The Arctic zone stood in a little on the road full consummated relevant in all vocally Arab own and we'll. Talk decided you know On the I am the Iron Google texts Samir on the Bill Ben on that input cost own died at the Benard about nine. Nov. Musty odor did the accident and the. IT AT A. In all. Be till solve. If. All I'm also get the Benard Enamel Stephen Alive. Varda do you hide of Tim Scott by fighting some Data. Is Clyde as. DNA. Not The diop. SOCAL MARICOPA. Wrestle them through about him. Yet heading as a footnote walking. Does. He signed draft to do log the going in for my Teela. Missiles Spur Dome the army at I'll do I o and did have been the Awda your. Hope Aman, Ivy since you mentioned. This. Data, you call did coherency Kinsey. Yeah I. Also the emails auction. I ask you something nabet stop AOL MSN. DOT civilians scenario. Bois. Offer to Laurie Mullah. so CIA kids on. Me Who. Ability. All deadlocked another big the on sets. In email but I'm also the authentic dopamine. Amilton denied my main idea. Let's shift that he present manage feeder. Footer. For my in oil. Or Disc Thira. City and afloat oaken also be the that's just making lot Bondra some out by. All. Best Notre Dhanapala office dependency from and. Then some perspective we get in the ring to do Saturday in Mattia. Cautious The. Joel settled on. Social. And I think another Victim. The, you know. or limit. Yeah of. The intellect break. See Mad we do. It would. Is It was. A that show in gift or lives. Call debt is L. Medicine. So the I enter that's liberty. Mirror. Maybe. Of the. Duke Ellington Child DMED, for. The on. Your. It on occasion or responding Hobby dulling the US. Semester System under for thirty infected via with all over Africa the non leaks possible could knock him out of also mosh abnormal dominated after. The if someone by also. VN beaten. Bitten on his rule met with all my precautions. Via. Be Somebody always not an older dog will need of the flavor of calm just. has to come to somebody I mean Dr, every smoked mass media. Become Contra Awkward Initia- Badra The story is not heading for student is now up the. Start out ceremony had come some by the Saturday. On. My are going to change Shyam. Oliver the Moodley up nine alongside our off and take you to a square foot just the other. In the. Will give coastal livestream. there and not. The data. Bring teeth for and said. Listen. Most the CMO on the street men I'll thank. Elderly fatigue opted and put caused professor. Bruce Samir did. It just told me a Devon's cliff myo see Magna also. was. Excitement Mia to have. A AGAINST MONSTER SEO mystic allies about Netflix or the the. Much. About committing in our. For thought is throw folk. For the. livestream the hostile overcoats call smell the. Nia Foot in. that. Tested. Lives. They'll are incubated flint footer as. Full Stephen. Well. So You bought it for me by full Steve about committing both for the the. Negative mailing forever. podcasts costs saw Safavi about committing after the Appalachian Mir. MIRA. At the focal myth disciplined Gusta Nevada also. The mayor through. Wide or for example, for journalist. All. Gone medicine. So put constantly mocked or possibly via hiding comments OPPO. Will pull out to tell sex gust episode. sign-on small income, not only sell their. Own Way, on the day all night every all swimmingly. For. New. Gusts some. No. Let's put on oxygen. Also Bobby Nod Seton. So throughout the sixers. Are New. Man Died on Saturday no up a party at the. Foot and achieve died died after their smartness in Lebanon. Also an ninety goes for Neubert. Comfort. That audience would on all the yeah I mean that's the. Guiding. and lockdown portal foot. For to shield on delegates actually the last one I am meeting the rent or rent on their sense of bill. Hammond Rap Meteo. Sort of. Savethefood or a thankful. About. Folk nostrils the spotlight Vedra. Emptied some. Nia Saadia Sir To. See Soccer. Folk at A. Hundred with all due and determine industries of the skull which team does he stop? multi-annual Q. What down the way the. Economic and later industry. Took this. with. Your. Marine. Also for help. Sibel. FACEBOOK's likes so full. So mnay of the mouth resulted today on. facebook circuit out of wood and will likes Fennel Jacob Mikhail Mental. Map, Charlotte momentum manatee. Of Storage and. all. The footy lately. So Mr emptied Houston Oban Law BRECON. Mortar store. Dial Law the son. Of William Hart Tummy. devos. For chministries, dot Mi. Familia. at. MULCAHY'S DASH among assume. So tests new masks, Sabatino Leeson. In advance love Olympus Little McKnight Gerhard then could unlock reason. Salat the. Commodity Women that's Rosca. For stole it. Awardee. Muslim. Will take on Jonathan level this in some law or America hottest. Him Nine Russ with men added personally victimized, they pulled costs a. Look. on the log input costs. So I as a for small. Daily. Thing more divided, perfect the Ivanhoe among eventually for long inputs custody. Thank stunned given by by the in fact. in Olympic fixed. Guerrilla won't also record Schulman either perfect. In all the advanced translated put up the obsolete on until. Assocham, retail, lead the. For. Gay Lead the so I think the the debris in data em. Of. For example Soom Sex Illinois way. of the foot will lead. Manley visual to Kosta. superbug picked south reduced by the absolute do an episode not. So He's Does my mother with all the. QB. Are from the whole Doggie for oil and gas gone for for the head elect. Missile Avail sampled customink Ubaidah I'd so we and reliable we'll the Nike by reading Nelson sponsor. Greg on the. Tabby antibody leading are allied lied alive somebody. Matt didn't do back Assad apple some party door literally. mandate. Free in advance. Most with Nella Palmdale. Stop furthering focal the tips in the Navin. Over number setting. Ship in the lead Mexican holidays lead some. Stunning Meghan. and. Sarah who is Folks like study. See I. Honestly Lytton. Of the. Special. Some ask us the Latin. Theorist. Affect last night. I. AM spend the pressure will is. Study. Varda Monster. Top. that. Deny she'll talk for the. Like spitting thrall Bihan it. If you log data also tuck in lesson pastathon. For males.

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Seattle Now: Limited medical care in rural COVID hotspots

Seattle Now

11:32 min | 2 months ago

Seattle Now: Limited medical care in rural COVID hotspots

"Support comes from gershon. Pop-up seattle presenting fifty five voices for democracy a podcast that brings together conversations with intellectuals artists and activists inspired by tomas mon's produced for the bbc during the rise of fascism in europe available on apple podcast and spot of high. Hey it's patricia murphy. It's wednesday and this is seattle now. Rural counties and washington have become covid spots with fewer doctors and limited. Icu beds rural. Hospitals are struggling to find backup when workers also get sick northwest news network reporter. Anna king is here to tell us about the situation east of the cascades but first let's get you caught up the first fully at home. Rapid covid test has been given the go-ahead by the food and drug administration. The agency gave emergency backing to ellum covid. Nineteen home test. It's a nasal. Swab sold over the counter. The fda says you'll be able to buy swab and get your results within twenty minutes washington attorney general. Bob ferguson is cracking down on illegal. Vaping sales investigators from the. Ag's office caught seven companies breaking washington's age checks the investigators posed as minors or used false id's and tried to buy vaping products online. The minimum age for buying vaping and tobacco products in the state is twenty one and the billionaire and novelist. Mackenzie scott has donated a billion dollars of her wealth. Each month for the past four months scott was married to amazon boss. Jeff bezos for twenty five years. They're divorced left. Her one of the richest women in the world. Scott signed the giving pledge in twenty nine thousand nine hundred promising to give away most of her wealth during her lifetime her fortune has skyrocketed by twenty three point six billion dollars this year alone healthcare facilities around king. County are running uncomfortably close to capacity. These are the darkest days so far of the pandemic in the city. The system seems to be handling the load but in more rural counties where there are fewer people there are also fewer healthcare workers and the situation is much different reporter. Anna king is to help us understand. Anna it's always good to talk to you. Thank you for having me. You'd think in a small town. It might be easier to socially distance and control an outbreak because everybody knows each other. Is that actually the case. Though you know. I'm just going to give you a very personal example. My mother is terrorized by the post office in the small town that my mother lives that she has to drive fifteen to twenty five minutes to get to town to get to the little post office when she gets in the post office. There's like four or five or six people in their many without mass trying to get their post and the post officers wear their little mass below their nose or not at all. And so. This is the kind of thing that you deal with a small town. There is no other post office to go to redirect rahmael somewhere else. There is no other grocery store to go to. She has to go to that one grocery store so i think that a lot of time small towns everybody is congregating in these in these one or two locations and there's just not places to get away from people so the pool is much smaller so potentially if someone becomes infected like we're looking at in the town of tenacity it can become a really untenable situation. You've been reporting on to nascar north of oh mak what's happening there you know. I'm struck by how similar this tale is to what happened in seattle early on in covid. In the kirkland area where the most vulnerable and the most at risk people are the hardest hit in the town to nas get out. The north ali extended care. There are now seventeen people who've died. Dozens have been sickened including like nearly half the staff. And this is all since the thanksgiving holiday. It's just been a terrific event just terrifying and it's important to note that this is a town of a thousand people. This is a very very small town. It is a very very small town and everybody has multiple connections. You know you might work a part time job here and then work another part time job. You know handed out lot as at a coffee stand. There's just there's just multiple connections with each person in their families and with a deadly virus like this that inter connectivity can become extremely dangerous extremely quickly. How does what's happening into nascar. Reflect what's happening in other rural counties around the stayed in the town of winthrop and twist in the same county in okinawa county. They are actually doing a lot better than some other surrounding communities and i was talking to some residents the other day that said yeah are two towns. Have just taken a real stand on masks and a real stand on social distancing and we're figuring out solutions to keep our community as safe as we can and the tourists that come to our town that have not been Doing some of the activities that we are doing like wearing masks everywhere we just hand them a mask at every store they enter and say this is the way we do it here and it becomes very clear that this is the this is the moray. This is this is the culture of these two towns and they really wanna stay open for business and so they're really taking it seriously and just because there is an outbreak of covid or a large number of cova cases in a town doesn't mean that the people there don't still need the routine care and the specialty care that they were trying to get before. How is the pandemic impacting. That kind of care. I i guess. I tell a personal story trish which is basically. I needed specialty care. I needed some care. For covert after i had covid i am currently wearing a heart monitor for like two weeks now Almost two weeks. I had to get you know into a cardiologists. My heart's been racing. That's one of the symptoms that you get after covid That people have reported. And it's been really scary. And i called the cardiologists. I had a referral i called. I did all the right things and they were like. Oh yeah we can see you in like january or february. And i was like. I can't wait till that you know. This is super scary. This is really scaring me. And so they did get me in sooner. But now i live in the tri cities which is a larger community. It's a you know it's it's one of the biggest urban areas east of the mountains. We have a lot more resources now if you lived. Let's say even just in pendleton oregon or if you live in you mattila which is only about forty five minutes from us. I mean you're still dealing with a forty five minute drive for care possibly or not enough access for care. And so these specialties are really hard to get like. You might have a primary doctor but if you need anything more complex it might be really really tough. Yeah yeah one of the things. I keep thinking about as we're talking. Anna are those healthcare workers who have been doing this job. Since the beginning and the level of burnout. They're probably all dealing with right now. How are these challenges. Impacting the medical staff in rural clinics. The people i'm talking are just getting really really worn down and really tired. I i just. When i go to wildfires or when i go to landslides i encounter people who are utterly exhausted and are just at their wits and crying at weird points and conversations because they're so exhausted and they're so traumatized. I'm hearing that same exhaustion in the in the voices of the medical staff that i'm encountering as i do these interviews even over the phone. It's really really tough to hear their voices crack and their emotions surface because they are professional people but they're just tested to the limit right now. It's hard to believe that anyone wouldn't take every precaution. Possible after listening and watching care workers do their job over the past few months anna back to this idea of how small communities are different. Will the vaccine have a better or faster impact in a small population. Is there an upside in this for small town. You know everyone you vaccinate will be a real big help. Because in a small community there are less nurses doctors less specialist so each one is precious and if you are able not that the urban ones aren't precious to. I'm not saying that. But i'm just saying there's less of them. So if you vaccinate there's a bigger swath of of world that they impact in rural community anna in seattle u. dub medicine and other health care facilities began to issue the vaccine this week. What's the status of the vaccine in eastern washington. Where you are. I talked to somebody this morning. That said the vaccine is coming to tacoma. Skit and i am really excited for them. You could hear the excitement in their voice. They're really excited to get the vaccine. And they have a super cold freezer internat- get the they bought so they're ready to accept those vaccines and they think that's one of the reasons they might have been kind of on the top of the list in a rural community to get them and at king. I can't wait to check back in with you to hear about how well the vaccine is working in eastern washington. It's always good to talk with you. Thank you so much. Thank you and king reports on everything. East of the cascades for the northwest news network. Great to talk to you anna. Thanks thanks for having me. Thanks for listening to seattle. Now the show is produced by matt. Martin sophie read larry mcgrane carolina chamberlain gomez and jason began at jorgensen. Does our music patricia. Murphy see tomorrow. As this memorable year comes to an end. It's good to know we got through. It together cayuga w has been able to bring you programming. That broadens your perspective. Thanks to our members who step up to support this work if you owe w has been there for you at some point in the past year consider making a financial gift to ensure a new year of telling important stories about our community. Use the link in our description to make your gift today and thanks.

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Kaunas, ciudad creativa de la UNESCO  Las sandalias de Ulises 22

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Kaunas, ciudad creativa de la UNESCO Las sandalias de Ulises 22

"The emeny does is to Dhaka. So let us rams yesterday's releases in one year Kaunda's Alyssa. Must Paul one year? Dna poker monitors in the return. This Peterson affair but Stanton Quila they social Brennan Passer Pereira into that one. Domingo preliminary BAIRRO INDIANA THEY OCEAN NOT CONDOS KOMO. Sean Sue characteristic architect. They the daily stadium. We surveys key. Kaunda's for La La Guardia Durant Daniels in which parameters shaw leaning. There's the emphasis of blood on show. Where is it real heroes? Muhterem feel offended to one year and informative account columnists stem team does the north. This is a mass Denisova Gemma's Hyun bidder must have coast under splendor imbalance Luciano's media Speranza but teeny relative calm Stella Manager. This rap years live curse Brenner. William Must Como Cada this screw Louis. Interpreters they wanNA realize is minimal. Lasagna puzzle nearly Vera. No village Montana's candler coming up with us. Feel this Sunday. Bitty Yan delegator with MasterCard is famous. Y'All muster alerts plan the Rock Hill theatre mental. They'll Bouma Conrad. Why didn't the other Mesquite I'm being in Galilee? Mueller countless Bagel thelonious. Sunday's Pithy Olympia. In temple he analysts parkview. Lsu That built Amina Travers. Issues is because much important at a master's clarify porky countersuits Comores India. Me He made a Parabola is left villa in them. La In dominion though is for it a nuclear Janati looking equally important fear. Though countersue Nehal Alita Hazard Deka Colors have precede or your mother name Blanco. I say in the counters for colour paradigm implicitly to who came here Finger Metro Islam. Celta Dole Kaz Contour in plus n Medica though your free medical of posters. They will face the meal. Carnell Perea He Laboratory Gymnasium Ambush Illinois parameters posters. The to your one or seen live. He completed Sundarban marketers to them. We just into steeples. Iams Lord fantastical yelled Omaha Multimedia Perla Ministerial Israel. News kidneys kick comparatively. High Doina procurement encounters is facile Portillo Policing Gandara. I'll say demand out less CASA. Skip it. I'm years Juanita's. They'll cut contactable. Throwing of course considerable period mobile daily Antarctica. British English is the Hoya the Bush combating gander there. Like I said Renault Tikhonov see reform US single Andro Tuba. Because there's three Damayanti looking finished he berets multiples deportability Euro. Heathrow Polka Sephora is a comedy on square yes to your GRANDPA skippy Newark. Am Sunday Latin. Theon Castio Leila's knee stuff elites elephants hero hundred real real K. Lasca Pass Blancas to Tunica Cobra completer via the Carolinas. Is HE GONNA YA? I commend talk. That does lanyo Miller cintas. Isn't you know. Lower then maestros careers to Tony? Coast start letting my theon so request to your per alto. There's probably three level eligible for tomorrow. Pushkar Gaydos all Levian Radio Mutual Wichita's yours through because yelled poker. Theam that left mass lescar. Heroes Doni goes. They don't believe apparently to on you. That's approximately the real conscience. Castio seen known reputation Cassini's used to practicum and another day. And it's a momentous genius back on this news fit. The charters will be that easy columnist. Wake up on. You have the colonoscopy almost telephone aglow important dillard inputs Elliott antactica Valerie. Marshall we get that Beta Cobra. Which lay sturdier Schindler's study durant video? Introduces US in Illinois meal not interested in Lafayette for Cooper? The innocent woman deal with important flexibility to run during Daniels users maintains weren't as much important. There's restored nathen must similar in India universally patrimonial logic to get us going to GonNa Competitive Dylan Rotella Montana in political rally economically one. Still so they do not make on them. I will never let this be sta being Daniel City and are you in thriller. Sanyo's Miller in industry has be fussiness important. Those who is at least is with the owners. Working to rise one dollars Scipio integrated features voice when interest to us. Serra Nova Miniseries and D. Was IF FOREIGN TAMBIEN. Mementos the explosion call to your. Sanyo's cantaloupe. Multilateral Nacional Ranch Portas no out Alicia this calamity Vanity Protea in counselors. Peterberg will care like base rent class. The counter US influence still Tacoma Memento House in the onus is only just India. I sat up. Don't filter say the appeal at renters. It's any more we pullin Paparella shelter. Olympia is typically ammonia. Start counting us. Nacional Cope wrong. Mr Is exclusively you that Ecosystem Union. Palatial stimulator one. Cuando Sokoto Noxious Kappa. Sarah of this with let you that curriculum forum weekly rather respite underlying turmoil context sociocultural behold this hill on. Not You may most hideous Kane. Bail anonymous throws here with this room. We wrap you you know. Subpoenas analyst Tito deliver US Komo nephew anomaly. You Don Willett competition by cylinder Chilomoni. Anna reads of Nicosia. This do not capital tallow yet. The National Predators Cynthia cool to rally WanNa India who Nica pre-owned last encounter. Some insecure invest to us. He eats rest protest owners Julius case. Who Know does they let you. Though he traditionally gladys. I'm what Clinton consider but Patrimony Rubio Kuni Talia Cal Niece Gallon on the freestyle rather porter paraffin. Forgot to me. Not Interested in that. You know you're were totally to one. Which at the end of the population Torello dyslexia or debuted story. Estan Ricky Amora coordinators visit and this but I also wonderfully Calera daleks showed US instead therefore senile Russia owners of static. Landrieu it bear local scale. One considerable is about is the controversy enters. The my scene vistas their own. Necas SHOULD WE. Didn't he uses some temple. Maximum plan go to the columnists is thrown expedient endless patio. He GonNa win in Conan O'Brien fatality Lucius last night. You know boycott On Kubota steeler. Different Joe this second year does they. Yes is lower. Silica kinetic owners in West. Virginia is Blond Guy Marine born in. Theon that and I'm not that Portugal Osama's guerande deters places wealthy Coche Amazon tre in order rallies. They employ and partee Guetta Jamaa. Theon appear Tara. Tara is Louisville Alicia. A MILLER INTERESTED IN QUARTER VISIT. Montella Bagel winters today. Listen to my local path. You're not really doin' yell. Is Thirst Lottery Muffin? This tell until a control via Deka Linda Conference Cappella Gobierno Barrel. Komo forty across the Latorre firmly copy in Los Angeles no Intel for the world economic by East paralegal articles to. If there's a push pull you take only nearly see to finish progressed. This posed doors. Radio League football contact rainy Lonzo meal Quadra which attend Fuan under interest. Purchase rocketed are more and more linear slick tasks the stock. The they must who architect Tuta poor for more parental regular most of US undergo a meal cancale essay. Lisa is still not dino. Each empathetical Winter you know Calmness Potato Roussel on Kahlo case. Yeah Mas Juanita. Seeker is Cassandra Alpina. Donald lack allies ways people that he Komo Bre cheerio Bischoff Lucille. Fina educational level is the same which either delays thirty multiple relic out on us in over the unfiled. Delta's useless commotion. Keita's Latino Governor Komo or we let today. Yes the Rahmael encounters on in to one. Yeah I WanNa who has been Casino Oscar momentous kit happiness when he goes to read and mutually interested in those in still Navarro in Patras. They Latina going through whom ornamental head. Your you're one of our out the thinners seen going. Guatemala BITTER NASTY IN KITA IS TESLA ONLY COMMIT KITA in lamictal malaria. He can monitor your own. Simba system the Deco E and we are not Grundy Shimoni the last quarter Mesquita sexiest told US caucus across radio. Better not sure a little on. Yes Doris Paces. Wealthy Coche e does shares paranoia those pocketing amateurs was boy are those premier primarily Sicilian. Necessarily aware if you are working percent of the company. L. Moselle is seen abuse Lianglo North neutral manager major metropolitan peyot percent the crucial. Decarlo conway choice is resplendent us and Gandara moderate peak moon because it's Komo Nikolic particularity competition or Mush Massapequa moondog multiple show prestige Matica. The only Governor Harvey took he lawyered throw wiz pathy alka cinema soon enough they are they. Amiga to learn is nice story up for murder from competitor discovery. Puerto Trivia Image Real News. I in the royal to conflict though see. The news year's bitterly to are not coming Canada even the neck. I used to go under the Korolenko plastic open. I Dunno with how they the to Colorado is any level of Manila stainless for it has the daily news by compensate. Those is British cover eaters. Parallel there's no so look compress you know what about own? Ming and gone to tolerate any en que. La Guardia Literature. You will be defenders Mustache. Dna DNR Steinem Acetyl Beta laws against Moore Harada assembly letting them which as he can gagging moods does diners at the end. How establish traffic la breath and which would impo your class cave your but an which is a Malaysian pocket. Full name is can get in there. You can pray. Roaches and there are our leaders. He simply jam which is carried. Cumulus pomo Tanto Paraguana seizures come inclusion. Manual parapro Kinney's laboratory now Stanley rookie. Year must be eighteen. Corporate data owner city of is it RADHA DEMI COW LOSE konstantinas learn. His Kippur can finalize very O.`Neil Together either contradictory news. Yep a Saturday morning at Impera. Didn't they think foam? You've got this tapping statistics owners interesting that we're not. Kanye reporters register for that matter as you could use him. Break Me Maroon da Como in the case on grand complimentary to in got messed up Tambien. Shares at the medicine Shoppe Baratheon goes in theon EMOTIONALLY ISRAEL. Fina popular tune into the cemented. Polaris arrived in deal. Through better CEO Lou are a stack up work as a liberal daily to one year. As and I movie go isn't pass to honest. Probably Basket Economic Dan Let you that. Bobby. The proteome ought picked up initially also step up a young girl. Serena is must grander tourist places vehicles for now what other landowners? Mellon say equal basketball club list speed to the countless per year into Iraq Syria. We Can India National Marketing Director. Conserve our practitioners with Cenotaph meaning illustrated columnists sooner fiamma important. The attitude one. Oh he aesthetic on my European Data Kelly that they are thick. I hit all modalities on new equal review. Your last less time at least a few ask he said I capital. Will Elena does went gus. No the most for kilometers not neither. I'll possibly be released today. And Kazakina seen benefit lavish. They must be affecting piglet funeral internal commercials more sales. Yes died levels younger up. Done perfectly and Schwab. Ac Healers Komala way should number Minto Komo capital to throw the economic rideau temperature. Just put a scooter and programmer so clarice dams yesterday's releases for they say dilates thunder twitter. Kamani star uncommon phase rook lesson. That is really says he supposed charity. Coolers complete those in a look lesson LARYEA SPOON DOT com. Which has remorse and Simple Rama?

US India Castio Leila Mas Juanita La La Guardia Durant Daniels Kaunda Domingo William Must Como Miller Sanyo Minto Komo MasterCard INDIANA Dhaka He Laboratory Gymnasium Ambush Sean Sue Muhterem Bitty Yan Brenner Montana
Full Episode: Monday, December 2, 2019


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Full Episode: Monday, December 2, 2019

"Good evening thank you for joining US tonight. The British Royal Family police scrambling to contain a growing scandal a new interview with the woman accusing Prince Andrew of sexual abuse raising new headlines about the royal whose own defensive of his ties with a convicted sex offenders drawing increasing backlash. Here's ABC's Maggie Rulli. I just been abused by a a member of the royal family. So when you talk about these chains he yeah wasn't changed. who think but these powerful people were my chains? This is the interview. The Palace has been dreading Virginia Roberts Jew free in her own words talking to BBC Panorama about Prince Andrew and the car. Keelan tells me that I have to do for Andrew. What I do for Jeffrey and that made me sick? I just didn't expect it for royalty. Jeffrey alleges the financier convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein and his former girlfriend googling maxwell directed her to have sex with Queen Elizabeth son in two thousand one when she was only seventeen. This is not some sort of sex story. This is a story have been trafficked. This is a story of abuse. And this is a story of your guys is your your guy says royalty Prince Prince Andrew has denied all claims and this BBC interview from November. He maintains he has no recollection of Jeffrey and never had sex with her absolutely categorically. Tell you it never happened. The interview was widely viewed as a disaster for Prince Andrew and the palace. Do I regret that that that he has quite obviously conducted himself in on becoming. Yes I'm becoming. He was a sex offender. I'm sorry sorry. I'm being polite. The prince's interview through the British Royal Family into further turmoil. Would it already been a difficult year. What was your first? Take on that interview. That Prince Andrew gave the Prince Andrew was simply a car crash. He was overseeing media. Trained oversee had no idea what he was doing. I'm was tone deaf befall that was swift and brutal for Prince Andrew who was eighth in line to the British throne he step back from royal duties and reportedly moved. His offices is out of Buckingham Palace. He is paid essentially the ultimate price professionally. He's had to step back from. His public. Duties lost his public role once known in British circles as the party prince now Prince. Andrew has become a pariah. I find it hard to see how he can come back from this now. Prince Andrew's ill-fated Friendship with Jeffrey Epstein steamed began in one thousand nine hundred eighty nine when galet maxwell an old friend of the prince introduced that but he had the most extraordinary ability to bring extraordinary people together That's the bit that I remember is going to the dinner parties where you would meet. Academics politicians people from the United Nations. It was a it was a is a cosmopolitan group of whatever described as us. Eminence Prince Andrew Stayed With Epstein at his properties in New York Palm Long Beach and at his private island in the Caribbean also flew on his private jet the to even remaining friends after Epstein pleaded guilty in two thousand eight to two felony prostitution charges. He was being investigated for allegedly abusing more than thirty underaged girls as part of his plea Epstein registered as a sex offender federal prosecutors had already already prepared a fifty three page draft indictment that could have put Epstein behind bars for decades and instead he got this deal. We'll just pleading to these prostitution charges and ultimately serving thirteen months earlier this year Epstein died of an apparent suicide in jail awaiting eating trial for child sex trafficking charges. The prince has said he never witnessed any of the criminal conduct that Epstein was convicted or accused of but you free says that Epstein and Maxwell Maxwell we're the ones who set her up with Prince Andrew at a club called the trump is most could he have stance and this guy was sweating all over me like his sweat was like it was raining. Basically everywhere. And it's just like grossed out But I knew I had to keep him happy. Because that's Jeffrey and Lynnwood. EXP expect from me Dupree alleges that Maxwell recruited her when she was just sixteen and then groomed her to become Jeffrey Epstein's teenage sex late in court. Filings is in a defamation case against Maxwell Clinton Epstein ordered her to have sex with some of his powerful friends including on three occasions. Prince Andrew Maxwell is not awesome any criminal charges in this case and has insisted that all of jufors allegations including those about Prince. Andrew are false. The royals live or die by the court out of public opinion. The Court of public opinion has already spoken. He's no longer during world his whole life's work hand in a statement in response to BBC Panorama. Buckingham Palace said the Duke. Unequivocally regrets has ill-judged Association with Jeffrey Epstein deeply sympathizes with those affected who want some form of closure adding they said it is emphatically denied that the Duke of York had any form of sexual contact or relationship with Virginia Roberts and he claims to the contrary is false and without foundation do freight. Whose maiden name is Roberts is now thirty five year old mother? She says this picture of the two of them together backs up her account of what happened. Aw He knows what happened. I know what happened. And there's only one of us telling the truth and I know that's me. Nobody can prove whether or not also that. That photograph has been doctored. But I don't recollect that. I ever been taken questioned. The authenticity of the photograph of them together together. She is adamant that it's real and that has been no concrete evidence evidence really that has been tampered with so nothing really really concrete to support their claims that he makes at the least what he's done is provided fuel to the fire of people who are saying. He should be held accountable in some way. This scandal comes when the Royal Family's facing intense scrutiny on the heels of this TV documentary on Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. I never thought that this would be easy but I thought it would be fair. You of course there's a lot of stuff Especially when the majority of his untrue laid bare in remarkable fashion. The extreme pressures the new parents were under not many people massive. I'm okay but it's It's it's a very real thing to be going through behind the scenes. Would it be fed saying really okay. It's and it's really been a struggle. Yes and seemingly confirmed firmed a rift between Harry and his brother William Sonian different pulse at the moment but I will always be there for him and as I know he'll always be there for me. The Prince Andrew Situation is whoa horrifying on many levels. The rules of shut down the bigger risk to the monarchy is actually the unhappiness of Megan and Harry Meghan Harry they sing. They symbolize the future of the monarchy Prince Andrew of course does not the family that has been tested before enduring abdication public divorces and Princess Diana's tragic death at the age of thirty six through it. All the monarchy has endured now which future seemingly secured by Diana's popular popular sons. I didn't think that anyone is looking this scenario and thinking differently about William and Harry for example because of this but these these things did have an impact on how the institution is perceived how the monkeys perceived how it is spoken about Queen. Elizabeth was photographed recently with Prince Andrew. Riding around Windsor through castle a public show of support for her second. Oldest son said this is also a human story about a mother who does love her son But also has snow. Jesse was best for the country for nightline. I'm Maggie Rulli in New York fans across the globe. The Spanish lyrics by one star the help. Them heal from heartbreaking laws. Tonight one on one with Bronx born singer Rahmael Santos whose trail-blazing moves redefining. What it means to sing from the heart? Here's ABC's Stephanie. Romans sixty thousand fans packed into one stadium. The here for one of the biggest names in music. We'll mail some books. He may not be on your platelets but Santos is an American pop icon whose route defined music industry by sticking to his roots and only singing in Spanish. Did you ever think you wanted to sing in English or you knew that. Hey I'm going to sing saying in Spanish from day. One that you know my child might then and then I was GONNA sing smash the thirty eight year old one of the highest. Elliot's paid musicians of two thousand eighteen making more money than Keith. Urban and fellow musician. J. Lo what goes through your mind mind knowing that there are tens of thousands of people this is a crazy. adrenaline is a huge responsibility. And it doesn't matter the amount can be eight in two thousand eight hundred thousand people. I just want to give my best show. This is one of the best period witness each concert. A star studded event tonight bringing one of his biggest fans on stage. Date Cardi B. So for UNIFIL A stadium. That's be fouls Falana Stadium. Maybe one day I will. Oh that'll be the day that I cried. I'll be the day that we gain. I can't talk to me today but did you ED stadium go home because he can come at a time. When arts are increasingly collaborating across cold I I like that? Almost north and teaching steaks and assume cocky cocky. He he's worked with stars like usher years before it was trendy and instead brings rings King Language Artists into his job. A little bit about the your pseudo here you said it kind kind of have has the castle design what was behind that I've been proclaiming. Must solve the king of Machado for a few years now so I figured it was named as the castle awesome concert. This is the south those over the years defining his own career on his terms sometimes Latin artists who sing in Spanish still struggle to be given the same platform as the ones at staying in English. Why do you think that is here in the? US when Latinos are a big part of this country. When I started doing music it was a lot worse like the would not under no circumstances? uh-huh has this program record. That's definitely changing. I remember when I began putting music as a solo artist already. He Had the vision that concept collaborating with artists. Like ushering drink but bringing them into my world. When you're talking about Romance Antos we're talking about probably probably one of the ten best singers working in all American pop right now ultimately revolutionizing and modernizing the genre of chopped up by turning to his heritage? It's a style of music originating from the Dominican Republic most of the lyrics deeply romantic and a stall pick the Dominican community in New York really embraced each out always And what happened in the early. Two thousands is some young people decided they wanted to update the music. Sound those together with his cousin and friends form to band's called Alvin Buddha and brought a fresh urban appeal to the genre. When Tura came out it sounded like nothing else? Just and basically fundamentally altered the course of what Machado sounded like but also what American pop music. Broadly construed could embrace. We kind of like you know. Change the sound of bunch out because we had the south from here we grow listening to rock music head pipes. We will do hip hop beats in the budge. I like a lot of fusion's by the age of twenty one after years of writing music and performing wherever they could they landed their first. Hit with up. CECILLON's that's just a swag that have worked together that own sound corn on the power rangers after a decade of worldwide success. Something's launched a solo career but this time in an era where Latin music is more popular than Edm or country music right here in the US. We we think crossover. We're thinking of a nineties concept. We're thinking of thousands concept in twenty nine teen moving into the twenty twenties. The seamlessness of social media crossing over is an outdated outdated concept. According to spotify their Vive Latino playlist is growing five times faster than any other playlist in their top one thousand look at the generation national stars. We have now. We'll get bad. Bunny look at all breath. These are people who are that concerned. Speak English those introducing English language artists his world long before the industry fully embraced it at first. They didn't get it and when I say that again. I'm not speaking about the fans but just like the industry. It was very difficult to program. It was my child top tune in Anglo radio stations. That's not the case now like you. You know you hear songs. And Cardi aren't being the monies I liked it and Anglo Rating. He's sold out Madison Square Garden and Yankee Stadium twice joining the ranks of Madonna and Sir Paul McCartney and now metlife Stadium One of the largest stadiums in the country. The fat bed Bre Mayo can sell out. All these venues should tell you something it should tell you not. This is a flash in the PAN not that this is cheesy lowbrow music you I should tell you that this is music that has power devoted. Fan Base isn't going anywhere. I think I'm very lucky to have so many fans that that love me and support me and especially you know after so many years I've been doing this for nearly twenty years is one. Oh my only concerts talk. Then I was also enjoying the performance because there I'm just chilling like in in the stages. Listening say login. Does you goes ECON was inspired me so it was. It was beautiful and I felt that and for those of you wondering whether you're late to the Romeo something's fan club all you gotta get put on that. We're going to give you lupus for nightline. I'm Stephanie Ramos. And finally tonight true champions in Iowa city this Lucas Lassina in red making his way onto the high school wrestling Mat for match against opponent Austin Scranton and Blue Lucas a brave fighter with cerebral palsy. His challenges showing true sportsmanship. Unkindness Helping Lucas with the moon seemed practice all season because mom cheering on won the match. Two boys helping off the back together. It was the legendary Notre Dame football coach. New Rock knew who said one man practicing sportsmanship is far better than one hundred teaching it. That's nightline you can always catch her full episodes on Hulu. Thanks for the company in the ARCA. Goodnight more Americans choose A._B._C.'s America's number one source.

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#C57 (caracole to caravel)

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#C57 (caracole to caravel)

"Hello words welcome to the dictionary please. Rate and review on apple. Podcast if you can and eddie any other place that you might be listening to this on. I was sure would love a review. They make me feel happy Get those dopamine is going And then yeah just let the people know about this podcast. That would be great And then you can send me a message if you like. You can check out my social media for four photos and sometimes funny captions if you need a little entertainment Yes here we go. There's a bunch of words Some of these words. I'm not familiar with as usual. So let's go with the first word which is caracol c. a. r. a. c. o. l. e. caracol This is a noun from sixteen fourteen. A half turn to right or left executed by a mounted horse so they actually have a name for when a horse that somebody is on turns halfway to the left or the right. Okay care coal care. Cole is also a verb. So this is French from the spanish caracol which is means snail or spiral stair or just caracul So i see the connection but sits very interesting okay next. We have caracul c. a. r. a. C. you l this is a noun from eighteen. Ninety four the pelt of a curriculum lamb I don't like that The pentacle lamb after the curl begins to loosen Yeah they probably don't have to kill it. Which is good They probably shave it But yeah it's so. It's they changed the spelling because the caracul lamb has ks and this one has seized. I dunno okay. Next is carafe you could say or you could say carafe if you wanna sound a little bit fancier harav. This is a noun from seventeen sixty seven one a bottle with a flaring lip used to hold beverages and especially wine to a usually glass container used to hold and serve coffee. This is a french word from the italian word. Karratha with two fs from the. I think this is argentinian. Let's double check that No it is arabic. I don't know why i had blank on that Yeah because there's an urgent till they speak portuguese spanish some form of that Okay so this is from the arabic word. Gareth g. h. a. r. a. f. a. with a horizontal line over the The middle a gotha okay. Next we have caromed. Bola karumba bola noun from fifteen ninety eight. One eight five angled green to yellow tropical fruit of star shaped cross section called also star fruit. I've heard of star fruit. We can post a picture but it is also called karam. Bola katembo la just like to say cottam boa to a tropical tree of the wood sorrel family that is native to south south eastern asia and is widely cultivated for karam bolas. And the scientific name is of very khurram. bala are of their rura can't even say it Their roya karumba la. This is a portuguese word from marathi karam bal from sanskrit. Karam falah tom falah. It's just a star fruit. Okay next we have. Oh so this one. In our household we have had discussions about this word and how to pronounce it So most people say carmel is just carmel but some people like my wife say caramel. She feels very strongly that you have to say caramel And then there's also just carmel. Carmelo carmel carl. It is spelled c. A. r. a. m. e. l. So yeah. she feels strongly because there is that extra a in there I don't know if there is a word. Let's take a quick look. Let's look at this other page car. No there is no word in this book. That is just c. A. r. e. l. even though sometimes They might spelt that way. It is caramel. So in this household we say caramel This is a noun from sixteen fifty three one and amorphous brittle brown and somewhat bitter substance obtained by heating sugar and used as coloring and flavoring agent. I i didn't. I wouldn't have called it somewhat bitter. I never thought about it being bitter I liked it. It is amorphous and brittle number to a firm chewy usually caramel flavored candy. This is french from the spanish. Kera mellow from portuguese Probably the same word or a similar word which means icicle or caramel from the latin calomel us which means small read and there's more at the word shaam s. h. a. w. m. no clue why caramel okay. So next. we have caramelized with an s. e. that is the british variation of caramelized with z. But see but how do you say it. Do you say caramelized or say. Caramel is at such a mouthful to say that you could say it however you want. I want you to be happy. So caramelizes is a verb from eighteen. Forty two we have one transitive deflation and one intrinsic definition starting with transitive to change into caramel. And then the example is sugar so change sugar into caramel and then the transitive to change to caramel to change. So the first one is to really change into caramel and the other one is to change to caramel. So the first one is where you are doing. The changing you are making the change happen and the other thing the other the in transitive is you are the caramel and you are being changed. Are you are the thing that is being changed into caramel. I think yes. Okay next we have karangi or koran. Jide it's spelled c. a. r. a. n. g. i. d. and you can use the joe or the go sound either way is totally fine. Koran did koran jide adjective for nine hundred thirty one of or relating to a large family of marine spiny thin bony fishes including important food fishes and korean or korean ranjit. it is also a noun. This is from the french kook gay which means shad or horse mackerel and then from the spanish karonga next we have carapace or carapace noun from eighteen. Thirty six one a bony tony or chippiness case or shield covering the back or part of the back of an animal. Let me read that again. A bony or chilton's case or shield covering the back or part of the back of an animal examples are a turtle or a crab Chicken s i think chitlins chattan. Something like that. It's just it's just a material and on organic material that one can grow. I wonder if our nails are chippiness. and Yeah so that it so the shell of a turtle is a carapace number. Two a protective decorative or disguising shell as in the carapace of reserve. He found himself. That is a quote from m m. Mince m. i. n. t. z. His initials or her initials are meme the carapace reserve. He built around himself next. Oh and then this is from this. This is french from the spanish caught. a patch. oh next is carrot c. a. r. a. T. this first. Form is a version of carrot with k. And now we have the second form of carrot with a c. Noun from fifteen fifty five a unit of weight for precious stones equal to two hundred milligrams. So this this form of it is wait The first form of it. I'm not sure what that measurement is but anyway one carat of weight is two hundred. Milligrams this there's a lot of An analogy here in middle english carrot with two ours That is a measure of fineness. Ingold from the middle french corral which is a measure of fairness in gold or in weight in gems from the italian corato which is from the arabic. Kiro what q. I are a which means. Bean pod yes. A a guirut is a bean pod Which is also just a very small. Wait maybe that's a. Maybe it's equivalent to milligram or some low weight. It's like it's just a bean pot it's a carriage And then that is from the greek karate yonne karate how do you pronounce that karate on Which is cara beans. A very similar to bean pod. It's just something very small. It's a small wait From caracas which means horn. And there's more at the word horn okay next. We have caravan. I were i form. Noun from fifteen eighty eight one a a company of travelers on a journey through desert or hostile regions. Also a train of pack animals when be a group of vehicles travelling together as in a file to a a covered wagon or motor vehicle equipped as traveling. Living quarters and then to be is british. Just the three b. definition for the word trailer This is from italian katana from the persian caravan c. a. r. v. a. n. second form of caravan is a verb from eighteen eighty five just in-transit which means to travel in a caravan next. We have caravan caravan or you can have it with one or two ends now from nineteen o nine one one that travels in a caravan and number two is british one. No yes one who goes camping with a trailer next. We have caravan. Serie caravan serie This is a or or it could also be caravans arou- carreno caravanserai caravanserai or caravanserai and So the end is s. a. r. y. or s. e. r. a. Okay now from fifteen ninety nine one an in i n n an in surrounding a court. In eastern countries were caravans. Rest at night number two synonyms are hotel and in a key. Caravanserai caravanserai caravanserai. So this is from persian car. Vance awry spelled in a you know the persian way from carbon which we read before which means caravan plus saray which means palace or in. So if you see a word that has That sort of ending s. a. r. y. s. e. r. a. i s. a. r. a. i s. a. or something like that that means palace or in so it's a place where the people in the caravan can go next is our last word caravel. a are a the l. caravel noun from fifteen twenty seven any of several sailing ships specifically a small fifteenth and sixteenth century ship. That has broad bows high narrow poop. Yes hi narrow poop and usually three masts with latine or both square and letting sales those are sailing terms. I don't know I mean. I've heard of the poop deck But why is it. high and narrow. Is that the Like the railing around the side. I don't know it is a caravel. So we had cara coal carrico or caracol carafe karumba cola kara meal caramelizes karangi carapace carrot caravan caravan caravan serie and caravelle. Oh there was a thought that. I had about a word that i wanted to pick and i can't remember which one it is Can remember but bad kemba caramel camera camera. Which one did i like the best. I can sing a song about whatever our sort of saying song about something There are some interesting words in here. Actually though the caracol the first word and a half turn way a horse I didn't know that a star fruit was called. Karen bola Well i think. I'll just pick caramel as the word of the episode. Because you know as i got a personal connection to that one but there are some real good ones in here real real good words in this episode. I think i don't know about you. I don i really don't know about you. I don't know about you not sure about that. One But yeah i'll just pick caramel as the word of the episode care. Rahmael is a care ramal. You can't say mouth because it's a care a male caramel caramel. I don't know what's going on with me. Thank you very much for listening in until next time. This is spencer dispensing information goodbye.

Karratha Gareth g Bola karumba Bola katembo cottam boa karam bolas khurram karam bal Karam falah tom falah Carmelo carmel carl karangi Jide koran jide la karam carapace reserve bala eddie
Ngaio Bealum, Carlos Rodriguez and Geoff Tate guest

Doug Loves Movies

1:25:49 hr | 1 year ago

Ngaio Bealum, Carlos Rodriguez and Geoff Tate guest

"Uh-huh scary movies that is Always great to be why not yeah it is great to be here because it's Thursday October about art and a shout because that is the funniest mall name that I've ever come they are scary Oh my God there's a giant silence of the lambs what's instead of Jodie foster it's me with a bug on my mouth very very the Pizza Melissa Melissa Pizza because you you're covered at pizza but also it looks like your hand is exploded into one giant slice he asked Chewbacca is too hot to be bacchus way. What's your name fit into two Marcus over here Danielle instead of Dan and oh Dan Capstein why God I wish these glasses were prescription and reading glasses like things away it's the most fucked up is I don't really want to look at things that are close and far at the same not so bad jeff maybe so oh the two of you together and Juno Take Thank God says Michael Sarah just like he did in the movie everything went for them it does not work out have to wear like you able to sit and watch a whole show with that on he's GonNa give elaborate you look like a mascot or something that big head how'd you get a hold of now if you don't buy fucking poster pin from me tonight but do you have a name panda man okay that's everybody looks to do it again that's what he's laughing really hard house to Juneau's they play that Song Yeah Okay Doug plugs back to regular deal M.'s this month in Salt Lake City San Jose Miami you see me theater dot com for tickets see how I forty you buddy coming gross directions department it's true Tom Hanks in Henry Winkler have not appeared from directing Turner and huge at Tom's request he said he could have one person who despises one of the most beloved men in show Thomas GonNa play the nicest man that ever existed fuck and Mister Rogers starting with you'll have your very own for Free Douglas Yousef Willey made like one hundred of them so if you want to purchase one after the show that'd be available hand from my friends at magical butter a glove you could put on your it's a nice green pretty green color and then douglas movies t shirt it's from a place called wise choice tattoo removal it's more painful than being put on I'm told Lady Colorado Traveler over the years you've probably seen all three of these students here at the punch line with not tailgate that's such a fun word to say tate possibly can't believe all three of them wore costumes even wait anymore right away the so I throw it on because it's like when you wait last minute and you've got to pick whatever's that pick and save and you're like breath cold animals pen depend upon the pundit remember that song independent future was that some local Sacramento touting out there just continue talking Taylor scaring triple the Barbie was it was really it was on theme everything I thought so the movie it was scary movie I mean I mean son Rahmael sorry versus the less feet tall in there it is there it is boy that I mean that's fun you can never drive by on the street to if sometimes if they know about it if ed stand up shows this is the only places I am start flash bobbing for Halloween there's one guy right there he's clearly me there's made from were the real Geoff Tate please stand up it's going to be that fucking panda ooh David Harbour and costume sitting next to you the rest of their time they're like Oh you're special to journal has flapper your why longest time like I said to admit I wasn't a rick and morty viewer Eh we already talked to them price standing in the back talking to each other it's a fanny pack boom and I was at the Big Pine Festival and they gave us a swag see those what apple products fucking square on the socket an apple products I bought I bought Martin Warfare Today and they gave me this limited it's income and all kinds of you'll never know what's going to be in there maybe a thousand dollars right I got onto that if I were you you might want to plug in many things at once Tori twenty two hundred so you officially have a full year I they won't forget I have a drink faster this tax I I love but then they've got a really cool little bar called the callback Bar What did you have joint lovingly harvested and carefully cured staff yeah thank you your favorite nor- northern California Cannabis Yeah I mean I won't smoke whatever you have this is a little it was being inland have to do with anything I mean isn't they do a lot of meth around other albums it's too idyllic meth inland? I guess that is what I'm sign I brought the scariest movie I've ever heard h Jeff Great Great smurfs costume Heidi and get the dirt on all you dumb humans humans we call you down it's trying to help brought a movie it's very scary it's called scooby a thirteen so scares Velma Daphne all right does joint but I'm keeping their you know what I said Jackie's yeah you don't even have to Chris fairness there watch caps falling off the guy I've it could be do B. Two B. O. engaged one of them really long the Thursday all right well thank you for making an entrance and just a it also no matter what they're wearing letterman I can't believe I suggesting not Douglas Scary movies so the question changes a little bit at this point you think is really good it could be something you've seen recently or gump because we were in Vegas collect that's on the collector but I'll I'll go wait so earned element because they had horror movies I'm not big big lower guy but I uh-huh with case stuff first nightmare because they immediately changed the rules Freddie doesn't just show up and dreams it's would want to time inside are stupid sleeping brains but anyway stuffing and also is the subject star that movies the subject it came off very gay in this move even though he wasn't supposed to be and it sort of ruined his recruiter is no no no it's like wes craven is in the movie and what Wes Craven's new ZIP those too yeah Yeah Robert Anyone those are good yeah yeah a doing the Freddie was that really thing yeah it was how does the dance the movies he'll do the dance do the Freddie I main logan what and I liked hereditary but not as scary movie but more as a study of now I gotTa Watch it again with a keen and critical eye each yeah I mean it's making me very uncomfortable just you at at the movies like this is really there's one called found footage three that's really yeah I guess yeah could you recommend something that people can access to footage three D so it feels dumber but you could tell by the three D. parts so don't understand is this a three D. movie or not a Three D. movie on my TV so there's probably watch it on your TV carefully eh it's not like a fucked up version two different stereo mono a high fighter systems now since I know Jeff loves the movies parasite also movies have a bit of reading in them yeah yeah words on the screen a lot or screens and almost perfect rating on rotten tomatoes and like what I see the TV commercials on like they're showing too much Oh same with Joe Joe Rabbit if you haven't seen so you like Parasite Jeff the very much I love a movie that's got a point I it was metaphorical and I got it yeah he understood the metaphor Very American title mean explain it what you can't you can't get until the limit means Eddie he just dead series as right that's how I feel about that parasite what do they what do you mean by what has these eagles document okay so that's that's what you'd recommend the Hotel Hotel California sounds like scary place that they do not do a good job uh twisting Glenn fries there Oh let's dig it through your hamper aw Henley in the hammered out much because he usually goes Arkley cat I like it uh-huh you gotta set it for weapons not weapons and wins a name tags tonight Sacremento never disappoints in the name Tag Game Ellen Shit out so I can't even talk anymore we'll be right back saying get that extra confidence in bed with blue dot com blue that's even on a full stomach since they're chewable they work up to twice as fast as a pill who is the fast and easy way to enhance your performance blue choose USA and since Blue Shoe prepares and ships direct they're cheaper than a pharmacy due dot Com Promo code deal to try it free it's hard to pick I know Jeff doesn't like to pick the name tags but uh poster with yeah and his name is mark is movies people appreciate being cast and then she's got a full size candy bars hangs out trick or treating rich people's houses they liked calories thank you like are also Mapa do you like Cheetos Jif no the regular flaming version of the puffy ones to opening have somebody can have pizza girl it's funny because they're not a I've been telling Doug that for years right wire cheetos around I'll guy oh I have in my hand here it's the Sorenson maybe Miller on there that's a really nice one it's a really nice what hang visit my thanks sorry who was right the whole time which is hello time true hopefully soda I took I took the sexy was Johnny Depp Nancy Nancy Okay Cool Yeah I guess what is going to be stupid that's too so that's who we're playing for let's play some games hat and so this is going to be a real tough one tonight I as soon as you want yeah it's two titles like Purple Rain Man is two uh and then hopefully someone will figure it out by that the steam Dory's best please don't share the fuck now I probably wrote it down round out no I mean I know harder time with harvey than with non Johnny Those are the third doc second build is Lee ramic and okay he's all Carlos feels he's only got half and half aw shit that's not it I mean second build in twelve angry man is not a woman so we got Harvey Stevens Lee Ramic and Grammar Gregory Peck Yeah turned out to be and yeah he looks like a friend who came late limited yeah you love that movie survey all right so I guess I have to give it to the first it calls a half winter it doesn't really matter if you just get to go first Order and of course the black national thing I went to a club it's worth saying to at least five got it yeah got some titters laughing tittering ah yeah this is a game where I read the Tagline of two Guy Oh and then the Carlos and then you get it we give up I just say because I am TV because all of my guests glasses and the Ironman Kinda get lighter when you're in indoors you're under the I don't really what's that would you're make me an entire iron man suit I just want classes that are so dark inside Jarvis could you make these glasses lighter Jarve X. Jarvis there's no way could conditioning for the role of Thurston Howell Gilligan's island it's a mad mad mad mad world is a pilot who gets drunk and passes out and time story I'll describe the entire plot of that three three hour weird ass movie this isn't a Pre cast game Jeff Stern here's the tagline don't see it alone all right let's back up detained the only one who didn't smoke weed before the house will do the blind and Shit Yeah that guy's a scary actor we saw I know I still look that scary he like dead star in the movie wasn't that big of a surprise he's Clampitt in tombstones I don't see it alone yeah don't breathe yeah I was scared I was scared the whole time in don't they don't see it alone Guy Oh for the movie you need someone to nudge you when against falsely movie just go up to the box office every goes AK- get seat too comfortable this this place is right next door here they want you to pass you know what the fuck fuck your most of the year okay so don't see it alone GonNa say Blair witch project business history auto we make mistake wasn't it yeah you should have taken somebody that was wow when they were dating there do you WanNa go see this movie with us and I suck to meet six of those about almost six let's anybody's game discover how yeah what is going to be like this one is going to be like paranormal activity five the beginning that'd be really interesting it is that what you want to change your answer to you know scare went to walk the Nazi skinheads or Scary Yeah Traditional Scarier Horror Gore someone reading his letters and it got a guy over here one guy said Yep what's it called son you did you see the colonial Netflix that much but I ate her over the course of a week shit

Dan Capstein Melissa Melissa Pizza Jodie Marcus Heidi Velma Daphne Jackie Chris Danielle thousand dollars three three hour
Comment Dvoiler ses Talents avec Clarence Mirkovic  E031

Le Quart d'Heure d'Inspir'Action

40:53 min | 3 months ago

Comment Dvoiler ses Talents avec Clarence Mirkovic E031

"To unusual podcast gender. Mostly we could also check. Suomen super cast the swap. It is extra dimapur. Two toss almost from the usual recently casualties for ninety coupon gessen. She's got a sedan was off by selling your the venue a new knit community Fbi pitching sagacity title. It best at do single die. Fixtures guinea did put does your to tash not class novick good profession that recent maghaberry poll Tips pool. You don't diversity new tunnels each It'll to put on sale clowns so loud and thomas could handle it combines. You don't cmo podcasts. Cushite is expire poor potted say deter class act please yonder solo podcast in title adultery. Adultery six you care komo Claus class able you. Don't your fish fennell in new thermo nationals. Meet yard on. Mulcair won't go. Don't you so difficult alaska. It for treasures. I need our. She said well Topic here you saw is political personnel lamb near demisch danica job it so combat records portion and i found the malevolent pope. I companion pass on his own. I mean who combustion professional proverty this son who's it will keep mid to see pain. We don't look stress. I clowns clear. New policy kusei Digital also paula. Cortisol exit is. Don't tell you a behemoth uefa cool. See choose detail. Her kids truly gets She asmat cuvee. she could officially conceded. Don't ambiente compete say. Read sukey switzerland here at all. But were proficient ed piece of fancy donald job spell. It gets usually twelve On the home safely He's not and twelve and prisoner. Paternity bala civil. Not clearly. do not sell. Podcast does your bed. Editors the house cecil Ganja deke jammed methods from the case repair dominique commercial amount of the among follow excessive homicide occupy bound pot on poem. Y ella qianjiang. Victor develo kit funkeiras from swap City much issue. Shashi show trump proficient jimmy. Utah at toby. my wa wa goes eli Efficacy of hummel topped promoter Diplomacy professional Best coupon profits unity. Vehicles set quotas waiting on america swimming. Msg swollen. A sagacious gave us a city. Betty james damore exhibitors democracy Easy along on production was he look at. The demand is more macro cheated on Lesion jovi the maneuver to two side to support aladdin from multiple muscle package abraham bottom. The tonia weekly food do the Uphold upon with israel. Do pathogen his spinal. Shot to the vivo with c. ensemble The vivo these emotion battery says socio civil muskie tacoma damage the squiggle swansea. Where did you mention food gives. You said that will too dull tinian. She's still Though kiss kasama paul democracy. John sipakit crews at oak few. She'll could deal this bond between the high-seas decisions make ticket. was duncan. become a motel processor on town. Kiki kit to drop his arm Tacoma's come circles lavar backwards. The leading the delhi. Those movies the best fans rusev cuisine. Movies ben on bottle. Best crusade set you i. it don't see I don. I got by with the issues. Came up in a dozen vacuum. Of course aku golden fayssal Could shoot according to white called to connect millions. You'd like to talk because you still cpap Way exact debut confinment in Till to do the best. Do mahala on o'malley coaching in more sock. Only rahmael or mash governor dubois issued plasma with don. Aol modernise at Your canal posted this guy If you'd have to treat no value rallies now. I'll take a position that you don't choose not to fly with fair to avail was not preschool. Scalise up little When we asked them whereas let you pick moss algae kindy ban on. Never see the sipa poma acceptable for momo to tab male four six picked on civil Going to see pleasantville. Do to get this year Ac now on multi schweinfurt among all districts listrik humanly might be. Moi's scoop usual deep down. I let Shown to to deposi you neo. We begin the incident. His poor migrated hans mcclellan's. He found how they could. Jam up from. Sarobi tidy detached from the conference usa who had more roost. Extra experiment avenue all deputies. What are we save. More motel found. Sounds the usually in just to look. Goofy uptick initial the contributes. You'll move by mom. I contribute show sedate asia. I'm used connect dizzy additional Keita played quite severe disease. It is it s. What semi-criminal do Keyser high over donor akita who've panama shelby proficiency. Don't come much good. They don't care. Louche become ac- parody best when they really proficient off the to trust one shoulder. Teddy doc mosit- dooney unexpectedly leanna backdoor lavi proficient bookie discipline. In were kicked off at the president doesn't position to team at least on. Brian fail due to quincy. We each plus get through plans for sean plan boobs saskia by foxy ma value deal. what much more. But you have known prude. Sobat roseanne leverage over yet connected me app launch context to the new he Malpica i'm situation E- poker vivo. Sandra from tradition. You did way desuetude. Puppets competitor plummer. Gp's omeday barrier or yet don't care if heavy to pashupathy. She passed without a mother. Really really detailed companion combined mcnally duty. Audrey tounsi now padilla but qualified regional. The phone see now. Pashto is also patient. Vivian will not do. Some hydros gave my mom autumn kicker. Just all true that you work with these to your society Taylor con son sitcom than imagine. Michelle shit Josh initially brook area but some more. Pg professor of physics at tonton vancouver should you saw chesham santia routine me. Monkey mkaku shoes put my views. She make us christopher because christopher christopher we move climb seizures. She actually would serve liquor. She saw someone. Gandhi is moscow. Chevy by reprimand. You don quincy punch punches quincy Issue cool bound Of it the pied beyond proficient monday tomatoes best scooters somethig plans on wall is something gouzer jewish leaves. Utd zepa issue quick heavyset. Slot design your mom. Kim physi- whatever mosul took upheld. Cashew curry equador coaching critical. Accuracy city admitted off at college. I on did patrol michigan his second without a christmas. Young as you don't say a from a off it's fake complete morrison That in nashville zone will work as crew said then. Mocking chamois kosei community. Did you sexual fantasy secretary Camp poem off to a pipe input power plants. That's only the originally planned. Back to sean edgy. Digital says it sit to suggest said you survive on your sons paul. Martha's precautionary lucy to sit says. Patty of it that eagerly investment hawker around. Who's going phone. Best on issues of its dipak. Mclaughlin concord s soi Swap as new with shows phenomenal the now west westbound over highly. Jolly he in pajamas spicy. you abc to become much. Could ideally beyond on court found registered. Some patrice christie. May even without he vacant demon ceo. I don't pass his does anti-nuclear pashto told you should echo community Could even our. You won't have to casey the in on Div some ash mashburn memorial pedal guy on ac year. You'll know what you have to get. Crucial is yet to rocket kutuzov honed through sagan year again. Yeah was it How gesture we really riskier. yup. I met Says situational me your plan moyo on the tv wants to get to positive and have to show us to still maximum of the nation on pre school smooth mole rats behalf More twitter Mcnew petrolia seattle jomo decision issued vessel. Change ma'am. Attendance memorial says the the the difficult poran more. The news is shown them with the asia. Show dishes you talk. Shows that show set hundred. Dr cosima by you do appear on a job reconcile. That song looks monday. She'd you more komo's duport hibernate. Pilot pio visit succeed consecutive lou accuser. Sickest fail to treat only media catered affair asia an veep as good. Yeah scoop bags are the The lapd peak mall issues year only some deep of iraqi coochie she Fatty geisha parity the digital discount of from tweak eos football mckeon measure dodgers tiny piece of duper guest. That is that mischief. Maybe stick program see. You can see that tom. Ishijima multi colored dixie Is this a school them. Memorial pre pylon poop fam- wage coach lou. Thirty put Foam as soon if not much beyond nano mayo going. She people question also is what you buttigieg usually get them in a pellet along the johnsons rejected by mexico. Don't do donizetti companion Best crews to gonna danz are a foot fetish quantify beyond would you soco's sante shows coffee beyond asia. She'll loopy took indigo on ski ski menu. Roggio victoria garbage bins on the this little way but actually to danila is shown. Low resume behind this kid with cherry do bois. Nicolay details sep. Believe or who were on it. Don't kid if you don't come in capacity keanu. Paramedics record. Crews animal advocate zones. Mucr result his sons. A for apple is focused. More lucky soon please. Young officials animal facile oath. He got past four hundred issue. Talk ac- is on sale continues on post issues dole congress from who they are conventional pro to one on it and say we want to jimmy kiss kush fabian. It gets boy develop paper. Calm you fescue. Save ramallah shoe online valorize routier exponential to some criminal of hallway much. Who found out buses repair. We are predominantly me. She took to get on the a actual On nazis to baku shortly for short For the shoes a presidio promote won't pussy value easy prosciutto canoe power to issue kupa swim Pre on pure always know toy Daca issue to ponder problem for her. I'm not scuba example. Marshall food Ecodiesel on with the rookie camp on assistance. We admit you said to leave. And i'm all to okay bush's mac. Michiko because when they causal deal deshaun to regroup on ano- put cata fan. Josh on the fastest may recall my cou secrecy and get campion tunnel portions. Soon natural putting the puzzle the corporate conan o. L. avalon issue pleasures to magic Compare welfare to simply one more. As it was the motown officer a local hugo preuss dante had been his cover mickley issues on a kid. She fought natural pawar beyond accusors magika. Don't mush retook that asia. Should sean sushi pat to quote spicy shoe claiming we modest wishful whole secure mostly at both ways. Pc why bessant year get digested could be adjusted tunnel on narrow by judea at ballymena as smoke. Athletes sued dental south. National spicer. Cima exam. The coolness won't on us from talent Artistique loy iraq. No i don need budget to nip marty. Iep let me assure you mentioned the Bad widow neon country on holiday only international on to have prolonged key of loopy yukon additional rookie debut. Packet attic it gone exalted and all baptist We by example can only could launch party stick lopeti donkin artistique Infest santisima shows it. Off to stick by the machine is swelled would would delos. Hdz move title the move. Could beatles schweizer Shoes channel conditions key fed's. He can compete on secret couscous. Kona up he's gonna appear fair rockhampton. Only in kennedy on don't kayla natural soi cap Talent es rootedly competance. It uses heart. I presume At aachen compete on a bad you to on assess approved more facile. Saloon lethal kayla. Alabama's may be true upon check. It is good to hand the example towed delo. Yes don't sweat by clunkers company will compete on the shit on it. Secret gratuity. Shuttered pajama cheeky. Don't kill avi appre Acadian downtown it. Not only on compete. Don's don't get mcnasty effort to appear could appear several. The piracy is it. they are only. Don't compete down the that only visit liquid. You don't get out the long pool of wa natural markham the pius it dignity translate commodity or agency pope around chicago padre mikhailova said facility decompose e a little bit more pitchy boo polar who pay the oscar app. Visit is terrific samuel l. is spotted him on that you are more they could facilitate where you ll issues comes up. You said the position who posses amis city or you should want the most yasushi. You're a implants. Rose by exhaust plume don Yet is keen your on why they complicit p. e. analysis lutoslawski kept the whole pohjola. Shoes songs were happy. Offered an oxygen washco peninsula. These kalash control backup abdu prompt. The walk neglect you peak monet on what dysfunctional put that only compete on nicole Trivia tennessee seem that you'll notice is some For new is nine one. That donald says he says he thought they know. How is it comes back. The value is among the iraq on to plan. Shoes on new doniger on it will be on tonight on nipah. When he went back was he complained. Pitched do me a the. do michelob. Komo for the wealthy imbalanced puts the supposedly is Is religion have come only to Soci- quest quest how often do devos khotan shona have. I won't put him on a book approves and we who doesn't have a detachable coochie johnny breach easy along Converse she don't michio only midgets bed youtuber on the tomorrow who Suicide count consortium have. I won't gap it at first Quite mu lita lump of concierge kisco chamois econ connor in this kimmel. Special quantum's Who newcastle said suspects Michio necker oh pie to an iphone yet. Yeah yeah prudential spirit you see compete on several janta long we could. Could you have cancer welfare key to play them. All america trade classical jackpot check. But i played along. Could you only the explicitly the notion buying subject as we all met. But not the diplomat. Ano- joie appeared hussy for the excess apple pie pufus research. They made me nauseous. Yankee memo plan does not go to turn on quality spotty scoliosis ninety four Bahamian ten with us tweet foods bags. Spa this all focus on credit us. Both a lebron there. Yep if the book what you write. This was spotted thermometer waco finding may we miss him or v. Wait it looks piper For family me luther ownership out haramaty pisano's ns we producers Out i pacific is strong. Sequel not is transposition emitter to calmly competancy leaker Allegedly a priori japan vetoed. utd z. See today he's do it. Control of acid zhongxun deluge said direction. Why lebed's could reduce it. You settled belhassa. Typical new may only bogey dude. Tv debut pace. He bundles. At welcome this loyalty to sound pesky for lagoon e loop lizzy of the facility sheba. The pierre's on the web journal ways to Win vami of its nuclear. Pas on responded with capabilities shall reap as kusuma city. Plant off on your plan. People don't look on that Best officials The politics a first cotton. Our shush dissuade them separate multi experience the individuals by pitted cheapo. Tweeden on new bags option may crazy usage. Dijon exam sightsee. By told me sean as i make cuisine apis grew with edgar on kupuna. Feminism kiev eu. On fair fits you only do is nissan. Was the a shootout won't resign a on inside your plan to speak fifties. We step at the hospital. A pet plant plant shoes do not optimistic. Shimon do dista- to the Styles of allen's E kuri at sap who had a shampoo woman zoltan the chrissy tippy hosted. These on is to come twelve repulsive fan new. The pacific strong don't timoti fitch appraisal own glow of shoes some competent nauseam. Well as we keep the do piece Would you talk you turkey. Very high flashier amid posing vinny how are notorious journalism fusi And not sipo. Some new commander Simone soup salvo. Don't quit avec you up with the deputy algae some dijon on monday by confused young native pitchy Get along at facility manifestation continental they demand only karen avid liaisons said. They just have knee deep. Amelia diplomas on this Comparison at negative bank combines on continue clown clued series. Poor superposition a professional. Ma'am you could compare it on. Sale is confusing. You cook key gets to work on his condition. We don't offer me at hog on not kennedy and one by addict news emmy Conaty tibo limit chris. Potato and valerie's initial poem lihalakha kupuna level always push was accepted to the piece Financially tunnel on campus position. Lemke stronger rhodri. World rica's confirmed beyond the us from anymore. Natural monkey as paul new allows you to compare it can busey's hover post collegue show honda's his militias on april. Hello lou remember products themselves. Guess keep festival new shock l. tash prepaid gilead shackled. Tashaun you chief griswold. Screw survey professor. Paul new on casinos from kupuna. Komo's battiste montana molly tash and our left with me a ballot fan. Also don't audited fair governor menagerie make man yeah dishes the leash sioux from beyond so hypnotised natural. Moishe account la galaxy. Police give you really want been niebler. Presented premodern coup mama he. Ac biolo- emara. She said he daily. Sheila elect twenty cookie. Lebron connected by between museum Excessive issues guess what i said. I partied on. Dome kubelik skier. Diversity do parachute barbosa troop salvi comparison when Amid holly compassion. When boosts young idea to ski up twenty. Sarah kits twenty do man is only can rely upon professional yet is farmers from the phone. Happy i don't know to remain at mushroom computer equity eleven doesn't tweak allows me more easy automatic. Ml closest cashews A yakuza hongkou of economic zone stumbled tunnel twinkle fit. Well are more difficulty of Pillory e mail geico pass S i'm at chevron luke alone office the pullman memorial okay busey's fantasies activity to take astronomy Slip was aperture proponent. Soirees the moments on cooped about john wesley Me at amount gamut of our q. Show new nuku kid. Who said won't be Piano auden tate device jeb tires organizationto canessa. She twat a clue was him. He would use lemon shows povo off civilian pope savage political parties from the nationals koopman push-ups tash donna trevi. Sociale mikhail Keepsake y'all got newsday soiree. Music is fed natural. exclusive at the prevail to excuse ave to the fellow. Dj come sandwiches yesterday. We hope latino yes l. Raw cheesy nick. Evapotirya liberty was multi or a ps rookie. Is it kiva. Don't date regional loonies. Alessandro twosies initiative nasa. No kerm truly context A poc to seema. Who surveyed for facile zapruder. Off it to mamma wha- giant to face you buy last core punk assi composed turtles sees you still out that on the who knows if bassey is up. Don't know of nevada from a were who's everytown position. The don't tell you may lose some since she gets you. Cruz is we won't present on on site to preschool. Modeste process hipaa the toy she. Non apps won't come up on day to Punish with don wig was on t. Coca session could no people due to safety or when we city by city kikuchi city by compound in our most chemo. Seek you see luther local radio. Tv up another novitsky liking. Donald says yorba multiple identity cynical. Mike is is donald Martic new that you will get the not quick. They don't they don't minorities above is executive it pitcher ceos. He was not mama was on welfare. Puff do natural mom of these Before breath hussy t meteo your watch to me gun. Southern besson timid jonquet from the van. Mammy is some trauma. Shu-jeou simone say woman home. Somebody if shows my belly belly about it obviously panel taibbi lousy secret capacity significative. Cousy caputo potatoes and one excel on finishes beyond A poc to monica tianhe one forced three. I guess see basketball lou on now. This going on for c. Besson he gets to sip. T. moment list hustling lonzo. Meave bit components on flags rigs leagues tweaks really panels on the talent. We could twelve put their additional nook. Soci- santa is on the look. Seventy emotional negative choson Security dish was kissing my exploit. It actually stays muscular a chevy deficit palm tian telephone. Poke major not Ski keanu yen The swap savvier cushy. John puberty goodness to dictator officer. Houston now ethnical canny hundred Of simple twin. Msci maze I'm on i to throw the opponent explicitly says it's found palmer app. Don't do mandela. Who congressional specific mommy shampoo and we'll and ed promo who seeks shakespeare. His this keel. Nina's martha new mris on the Susan vc cooper mercedes. 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So the don't get the police potato the bags Plum shoes getaway prefer on controversy. Tana ella agency lau secret is on really santiago anti-indian e- complete lapore. That kill knicks. Sushi komo you monique. And plus official don't view on komo women in vico songs media alert goodness aca associated completely on street but on the kids. Don't get don't get. Don't get you to assume from nonprofits On peers the puzzle Do mckee eastbound. Don't become to clean the main she's Pio squeeze kindle to represent Bhutia pony biden is more quickly. Upset marshes me is clearly multiple buttigieg today. Tunnel and on found won't with the plan could save issued Found to away nami where lives champion. Pitchy tuskegee about was twelve members casino. Gazeta mayo off it. The tim o. C. tabu still miss one of our anyway two until the oldest india children's until now it s cueva wafer have yet to to just deputy dick rarely also is on those coa gal. It could totally cool say exempt battery bottles won't amid the debris seat. I don't forget to win molecule lift exhaustively it and all the also city walk-off tutors footage bruce fever Loss i lead highest with obagi point com slash. Podcast taught. He'll set ap's to children's was saga surely tunnel. Less than push to pathogen from say potty cloudy she would shawnee see my coochie point zero saddam to switch pattern and more nba usuals. Usual fare high hemorrhage from permit. abbott multi. engine dude is important. So i did. I saw xiang let it. Disapora did but just founder sneer. just nash them what. Tv to detainees Yet they contact is just a also it will let shane pointability

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JOY 9: Je angst overwinnen en doen wat je altijd al wilde met Anniek Corporaal

The JOY Effect

38:40 min | 2 months ago

JOY 9: Je angst overwinnen en doen wat je altijd al wilde met Anniek Corporaal

"Votes all should have to dan. My yahoo byard site. Matt's you felt yourself advocate Go home you hang jorges and different beena on. You're in stopped us at this. For how a knee corp. manohar. Hey nathan long notes home in the house lama and in days often inning. The joystick port cost fulfil say. Who's i'm the car in the critical and unstoppable and date. What's also do monster velka. Mbai dejoy effect the cost for hopefully kirsty energy and sparkling will open contest to simple with design the and and of amer yellow entergy faith stop sitter on hear. How data the storm in resonate for outer dang. Build over eric as a. Yeah i have low arma from your full donate imbalance in iraq you deem antioch donkey velvet your life start manually. Hopefully helping elting and lots of start. On nick young belco by the joy effects bent. Floppy yar botts are hill deep and he'll learn yard shots and dr cohn album which may tobacco. Yeah this four adults Opium of dots to coach. Telephone your be benyamin from dan. Households even any corporal big chauffeur for he'll in albany gosse marketing committee nortel Had blood and veterans Excellent the music and medical on all sides in my caveat Beating out. Chris scottsdale bond market county. Popica- or cold multi year the ofa. Y'all objects to anywhere. Local number of autism stocks of the tobacco events focus needs to mitch in foul among. They had ended of any the house now. Acting like all the funerals will show. Submitted committed any maximal shammas whole guarding in and by his shave offering holland. Open all my from to self glenn bouquets and at long the donnie It's upsell by natal's yes inhaler gold Islands our wealth In gladly that will map each. Mcdonald's canoe males in an old site elaine. Amir up or she'll flock me at a copy. Rioting off flock is she'll ifa and our industrial michael into mere data show benico commits gospel. Mark's united in dot. Okeyo luke. Lloyd amol my nam and i will be a moment rink. Eighty date rights. We'll buy jagna ears tobacco but who bay copywriting Couple who By eric's in in in today after talk a manager godsey and dot com mcdonell do Bonker nationally dr is okay to blache Us luke in the lurker lurker mentioned in. Its but that is aimed. Insole fanta mentioned the all hill more foul and nine noticeable fall to look like Pupil on beijing colliding have an Geico dot com below today. stop New rose And our veterans global the maximum negative roles and tunica Equal dr Teeth and the distill old school Oil now portion ninety two katie for updating autozone on issues on Connect aca flipped Waltz added The clam phonology loss. I'm a dodge feel defending luke. There's still a little doubt in your garage. Onslaughts accountability dot ca like saddam. Show fatta meat on with the commission council of tuna kfc folk the clerk. A madine validate clones. And show me in the all officer. Have you done in deep. Yoda the falange. Alpha book sky for atari lost bedecked of hygiene not format. Make you vaccinate much. There's no he'll off stocked Ap leave this rally board which a withering heights author action column hall analysts. I i a jane. Allston the That's okay making me amid the a. p. follow talk of a leave their whole posse of actual also nikai ghana human inequality coupled with niki precision extinct Digits all shine this vel Before the arts hawk for new including in a big screw or a metal black ish for shea found in albuquerque holding out and jackal left fair. London acquis lounge feet addition barrel. Luca oakland Needs to On who donate comic dumbbell d'oeuvres vail in homage to heal. Stole mogo. you're outta New happy dishes and book train. Abc won't beaufort saskatoon. Who'd popo vo or an api leafless for followed them. Thinking will too late to take Long a long Shamass condemn semi active like comfy. Long-settled said lakers sixty miles amdo shamma dot org to campaign and the santa comfy launch to. Mac day the he used to come out. And i hope and equal by dr forgot to your anymore tonight. Williams snow in and out lord faculty halt into exile Vol don Ritchie close the checked making. She's shown managers Bill by by begin to stop dude at a guy kushner skycam when he got the mccone off. Offer feet in the Tiles walls now. They forbade annika line over. Does he kept. Its to act noise. Saddam mike fulton eel into santa schafer. Who you when you stop you over. The line headed our hawks or data to create create s. Old wardha and so-called from okay. We'll go east and for how offer emailed the and i actually. I actually lay in the end. I'm a vehicles for herself at this in forty two meals in four shelf. Some kazakh sukuzi holds out months in a book. Have a gesture of justice. Ran on on a Laugh around my own Now mere enroll self owns the newseum board. She obama neat cuisines award and Full will have and of course easily. a left hembo midi ask Dot org. i mentioned There is marquee shelf. Lamar kleiner this choice of special national stan and except or fell audible doctors the nationals stool the now. Don't don't work. Docs festival votes in the your is your But finns russell kimani buddy. Now it's only at nome initial allman copy will need to to lure standing Vacancy tillerson Higher in the Asked me to That in this yeah always nausea jest. S- tom and harvey file fell out flight on some no she eater they're baker sorta make mazel the flatulence Coffees needs To she for how might big magilton dubuque elements in stoked oil vici- defining reality dina may have come back in and Invasion invasion you told fool of Each in dis-official nashes although yer Show a normal of all of us theory if an inhaler dicker Overhang but they'll eat steak tanakh spy harmful oak supports Zeke bar in Multi hill Snatched or to check from all towns radii Show in the have a bowel to heal. Yeah may nice nicely. Might allow them to go home to. I knew have a year later. The each before it's Forty for as twelve twelve dude for documents who take now Off think of the commu- on Bill for zena nice. I look epic it. But we'll get yourself in olive foles invectives asia in issues jahmai Of air pollution. The full time you get to the kinra may To shall may That's overly Filled in luke came on the air discussing Excuse diet to fashion. I fe- Animals Sets dr on account. gummer's Boniek sets d- elif bouquets Skyping book in a book load. Luke maye Car it's gotcha so nash. Ope sort of in the bill developed with all the is just equal. how form is all Fan excretion near the always any day. Knock-kneed this Mir in the in the blog accident about my individuals In the middle of the air force out he got a switch in the medical be. Rioting show ormondroyd inculcate And they'll stop off to watch the check oboe fast. A donkey medicis each filthy nigel. Stein dismantle Meinhard in a heartbreaking emol olympic stats removed. Honest to top dot com fool of all in douglasville bang judaic in authority. Cologne needs to bump for this shift. Lock beer three and a half Eappen hold on indie titles S hill into shawn's and donkey. Well that you show open. He'll her can borrow from what you've checked. My indie tight young sneak. I knew who my in. Dpd odor blanks china all day in memento comb and location net. Welcome you need your own me do for that you bongo. Yeah going at a great. I knew in their states michigan gospel again home. You need to duke any all the packer who to bear Horn oklaho- national mock oklahoma. They're five elecricity oak from eight naive aged only Sham leaving each just. Also dna these oakley four town young. I should defend Critical fearful stock said this negative Act only make sort of Fueled else shot. Yeah yeah. Overlapping sunday's Doc nfl and yeah in a org news. The skull and talk states create bischel. Do you have in my office. I'd i'd like to difficulty of as the the full of momentum the boca now edition Oak needed Your phone she s she. No mental filter swapped four shelves. Cap de feels often focus. Okay we'll meet a abc heating. Mar a bob. Cena the fighting divall nine delta Banks a house in Bernardo potions laugh also stream and dimensity Just don't let fear off the heck Like took forecast focused on mojo. Yeah yeah kushner acre boca. The fourth place look after On my whole the united opposition. Grand more yeah. Yeah taken up in anything. Actually you continue to Ads that's it's for dementia de off to collapse baby. You should combine Ave she old in Time to new hope the american bay into the camera issue to donate but they should needs aged but painted knicks. May tanaka does not hide out ending. Meets old data to make being being due to our position probably longer bins. Yeah yeah he'll come Opennow mushahid did. Nate lumped under buck on the cusp dietnamo. Mild focal your long long of implementers asia and for the lifestyle shave ganic on need a nikkei mechanica of the gosper managing director of austrian. This is nato invaded dating. And he'll launch an amendment ham beckton or lead again. You look john. Lucas backhoe discussing the but it's also take lattakia. We almost you have roy. Agriculturalists laster steuck mar and the Leif died in a company to lesnar barracks and boots any Fulltime poi- Tall about oak to do that for him to gyco tyou saves. you don't really not involve canola. Many nickel fulltime erica. My average states. They'll how from jess. Yeah yeah yeah who who is just comb adults. I kept all the angst over older. Yeah yeah not bad. Dina aim hiding is they could go. My father alternate often nets new super cook. I opened the athletes on walks. Taped Who airtight up. Meet From the already knew aged maya gonna keep our Leija girl obliged yarmouk Mazda global dasa blanca and they'll take multi out my eight my infamous for their phone and if How high full of article adonia So i think you do jack the safest also my it jemma behind faldo over How she's not dossey. Last lasted shake domico free due to Do in an ankle mocked all the director. The halos lockin Large democracy when leach out the week nickel elka. Graham neutral decipher applicable on animal. Following had refueling makino hain. And i'm a big bowl Av celtic From akina blocked the whole region ultimately Lepto marta Even nas the dourthouse. All off into a fan Actually marta Over fell in his oklahoma's talk. The nhl arched fisherman's phone equal crave moments. Cotone of Don't you'll the opec effort didn't mir in a komo show on its own. That's actually wash over to my may opened. If need night the veteran will come in at full boorda push vacated. they'll come out i contain. Click bill that you've show lungs of mawson didn't put before he's also managed to aimal impo not. Yeah if it's if milk a chain of iron meta when you do have you invented for you start with four shuttle. Smart glass Stats info from adult. Your documents. such marts she mocked yanic etc. Nothing a stop to make enough to shave monetization based ankle volvo entity schnell. ace talk. beijing. Hate okubo Gonna kook modesto toyota basic saying Production ahead aarp After six nights he kind of teenagers. Show al fifteen years provoke vercoe. That's like asking the book in Shiffman home jacques Meat signed By near don't evolve by each to look very cheery marty. She the inflicting I have a gushing. Algae not stem. Yeah he'll feel captioning back nitsana The last year she was in use states functioning Matter in all ears fouled. She's not can kill famous special to las vegas fast belmar Hotels in commodity Flipped for traditionally night stopped sold on bell. I think but not the not. My nahshon diva deer feeder and he seem that took all light mets in the four over half how been due to Gina bonds yet do yeah. Yeah in Feeding infant to hijack he'll still pursue bene- cash. He'll stank beijing and sohar in this adopting of the dot org Tickets go need help To oklahoma dina. Hotlanta jhelum. Our or kim booking had liquor leisure in your the combined adult dislike also make a bomb adults similar to fool. Phone henna made over the book. That doesn't make today distancing token mccombs down to be so phone asiedu him up to stay home. Show we offer you. Hope that makes you almost aspects. He follows estimate. Mix data looker. The oxy's called Lack dinner of my outer of nine member do the clean air if dietl Smack meaning styles fake develop meets on the deana meek in a book Dude opa youngest ammo mclean being accuse bell car. Did official galaxy dash eight. Okay he idaho vacant the mojo in. That's yeah that was baked bomb for magic lots of mojo come neat yeah ecstatic. Show officers. Get them in all the goodies commodity machine moments in the bolton chico committed housing hopefully she go deal fund the laser steed up she kneecap checkup off your cell ranchi. Show like yourself so build the actual building. Yeah a happy editor. Who families Book for mental two laser from this excuse will help you open the top billion speckled logos. Guzman savell over the line matica involved in a building in payments dominate senior kia michelle show asp rates from some high in number conditions over the bill in chicago. Today fecta down not for yourself. You'll feel hoot camera etc old dolphin. Not a judge okay. Had to drive placer. We asked if tokyo clements do involve action. But i've done on your almost made. Forder don't com incremental mentioned dots air. Fateh nice show on local data in extra these matija vitamin b. Hockey mayo could mike the dominator active users for for audible sold mccade. Meyer your ira. Who had to. Who had on. Stop mahood fins dot com. Either i know of no ebay. The angels over cobra a cloud of ill by Actually nayef boss boss. Boss laugh of my hands and in fact yogesh interstates Actor medicine oak hill blind and hoopla about and the golden ancil multiple. Men's national. Come my. I'm janine the phoenix folded into under On betas used by the old Financial high New states makes near this east after by the aid to develop fully local to track in his mahalo Yeah initial release for for for the laser Hope on ganic dogs to own Mcfaul have overdue yet Nodding another end so needs gra insights from china. Needs in food as into car each rahmael in all the sides could Clips these stoppable. Grab stand up longer. Constitutes cruciate Me dr knock on not eight up. Eighty flash to get kinik. Obama jail yachts full funding by a mall at the over moot at home news. A very different. I could boot for looks into that apple by scruples as from letters system but it also affects booked up for her looks related caitlyn. He can escapes once blackish a deep ideo. Mina that Yeah is a at on the waiting. Defend to yes shook up. Yeah lots of baseball kasey fats. Over the mensa the mujtaba woman in libya joyful all moon answer to over vienna ownership moved from all the facts damages union host. And okay to be slow to stem man and a and a man eissa fulsome this y'all detain it's concrete so flavored when you have to put off the book happily Of alka tips. Ram amityville lefavor the oak. All ya'll amid shown at klein in imbaba hold logo and Mighty in the fastest survey later in still positive Auction needs in lighter at Minute hotdog for drying out after an on their thing. I know it's cliche only at the look at a book that the in the Alexia dossiers in index. Ducks paved formica. Folks showed from its fakher. Doun head coach may adults calling. This nightmare comes off. i think off. Mac liaison hassle time of Mcafee subdue bio heart lift golden jewel film near new dale po box. This could affleck this new mexican newish rats new easiest Julia ackerman's from being inching. ono spell out from near eighty two of Ankle a net. Madonna advocate focus. Unique lane of the do open four the tho bank meal. It's its outer hostile here. Bobbins of dots. Now he died hipped also eats his hosanna cliche leave each were to hey at miami handsomer in Do it yeah disney's Volmer woman may stay relapse. Okay so stiff. If you're going do taco do toco eighth. And i'll need tomorrow to decrease Vereker erica Upstart phone opd on on. It's not twitter. Betting fan Off to hold on the whole put them in ogle stuff. My on the phone will make ya don't mar in need to nikola angst of Nothing seton yokozuna. Almost why you knew shell for dealt the home each need at this. I'm a bullshit it to to favor. Excruciating scott yeah that's the the bullshit and that's Aim at the stats. major obsolete. The ops announcement. Yeah unless it's Of joy head and just focus on your inner joy i i ended up actually astakhov out. What does the lesnar mir. the she'll be accurate. Data can feel ethnical info stachel. Show food off. She call each Feeds yet still failed orange fox missiles berkshire crave from into the bullish. Rifat look if you do yeah help me out. Remember meet meet this osho aged Fordham you're doing in Talk meet high took after these ought to feeding into bitcoin home. Yeah yeah The out of it might go home on the niger in iraq and she'll malaysian oak. Ownersh says all died in the ban and the mu keith for the national malaysia you do is new a new blyth onwards and i shall for today every on this real often from the from the radio toledo through in career later. Now i think medico Stay mouth too much provided fields. Or gosh actually she deal batmobiles shaffer geico not to to bake you. Localish enabled holders out makes made. That's dr Zeno the took me you the naccache from my ex holograms old. I can eat menu our line. So homeboy gumbo foibles of beer. Yeah yeah missiles. All no no. Yeah yeah expanded get of look ask starts surveys. It from aveda agnes director of marketing you. Coney casio each innovator. Yeah only do our for fox. Sony mobile it goes Wholesome incident management and marketing. Gutsy knickebocker bay. Lightning should take the victim you can do they. Hello dots in the indoor. Stalemate yourself stilton boorda mattress. Bending julia shaker. John need door over political tobacco. What about to be able to me shows. It's been yeah. Yeah yeah they're still not self. Hey y'all book. Football for haiti listened to vehicle mensa. Michelle of both yemen. Bull and brunen. Icu paperback hardcover. In new question to also e-book Weekend the accolade Will meet stope Would off locks lock. It may be. They may have any faith in. Buddy phoolan bill trae for my motherland. All your and months after eight four for a new box over full. Yeah make redonda. Yeah yeah four sipho on the book for full fight liquid joy and wants it closed at the medicine and able to notify film on stagno dune life on month on smith lick and on with mccaffrey shelf. This donkey val that. He bought the half full hug. Yeah even the basement full on that yet. Yet addition fallow boondoggle signed for for molefi. She files back over to follow over over. The least it said hearts for the two houses in the agony open glacier vladimir to locale ula chain Leafed that out yeah. Yeah you have dogs in Joy yet. For either thankful and fish is acre. Olga jawa mission. God crossed in shake it up from opening oxy material men. Should i wanna have you want a begins you happy. Isles oakland philology nya from oxy's in my hopes coaching bahama keeping nygov helping hopefully shiitake out. The joy you at it goes to michael fanatic. Inland god clinton is free out. Remix helping put school nationwide over.

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Coffee Pot Process Mapping  - ASQ 1422 Dinner Presentation


24:21 min | 1 year ago

Coffee Pot Process Mapping - ASQ 1422 Dinner Presentation

"Hey everyone welcome to another episode of Quality Matters. I'm your host this Dr Seuss Chambers introducing this on my own. This Week Kyle had the opportunity community to speak to the bay area chapter of A. S. Q.. And he talked to them about coffee. Pot Process Mapping. I think this should be interesting. I actually did not attend his Speaking live and in person so I'll have to listen to this in see. See what he has to say and hopefully didn't embarrass me. Hope you guys enjoy it. Today's global economy quality matters. Benjamin Franklin once wants quit. The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sleekness of low price is forgotten quality. Matters is here to talk about all all things quality so whether you're looking to improve your business getting ready for an audit or dealing with failed inspections tune-in check us out out and then get back to doing work that matters really doing they'd give for letting me come here this I I love love Duma stuff. It said. It's a lot of fun for me so take a little bit about myself so you kind of knew were coming from the topic. Here is definitely only Devlin handled things in a non traditional manner. I guess I guess you could say. I came from a very traditional background. Getting into quality management I am Mike. My degree is management information systems. I've got seven different. It certifications and that was what I'd intended to do. It was going to go into computer. Science and that was assistant administrator and those systems administrator for a small company helped us work with the hospital spital. But I don't recommend with this work. It's been all day long just reset and user names and passwords. It's not fun but man but small company so within about a year I just totally worked with cell phone job and so I had a wife. I had had a baby Abyan. Well that's not a good position to be in when you don't have any work to do is realistically you just going to be. Let go the hiring. It consultant to manage it from there. Sasha so sure poking and prodding and found someone else to do because you really liked the company enjoyed working there and with people at work with and I get told no turnaround around right. We'll couple weeks went by and I was already looking for jobs. I put my resume on Donald. How many times and I said that I was going to go find something else? And they said three times in a staff meeting took notice that they needed a technically minded person to head up. The Health on Safety Program Company was about double the size in the ones you before. They're going a lot really good. And your needs has melt safety issue. So I'll take care of that. I'll figure it out so I come up with thirty my ass. Wolper got you know forklift certified. When did all that and so we've got a good health safety program going on as pillow? Health and safety inevitably finally Marville environmental issues than the taken care of. And so you know. I'm a young ambitious guide. Cer- take care of all the environmental issues. Listen all the pre permits and whatnot and dealing with the CDN TCU and all of that and then I dabbled a little bit with the the quality side of things because they all just is you know they all intersect so well will sometimes they do. The and so- management came to me and they said call. What do you think about getting this is so and those certified sounds great when you want to do is like well? I did live with three weeks ago like deadline. I know anything about this. It's like well we were supposed to have had nine thousand one and fourteen thousand one eighteen thousand one. We're supposed to have completed three weeks ago. It's like Whoa sure would have been asked about that. Like yeah. Well we need to do it now. Okay now what do we need to buy. And so he pulls out his phone and posters calendar and. It's like well eleven months in the two weeks three days. You sure I'll get it done so I was already working fifty hours. A week is lots. Take Care of you know. And so as shirt on the program together and we started recording are non-conformities and managing inventory. which is another thing that got thrown? My way was even toward management. Says a whole lot of fun we get four million dollars toward that. No one's ever kept up with that. That's that's a blast. My eight mile weekly hours you know we start creeping up so sixty hours and seventy and so. I'm I'm working seven days a week and finally I spent a couple of weeks working over one hundred hours each week. and which if you do the math. That's basically every waking hour plus losing a little bit of sleep and my wife posted the pike caches. Just couldn't here tonight. She usually does stuff with me She came to me and and gave me under no uncertain terms that. You're you're going to find a solution to this problem and so decided okay on the figure this out and so the brush of my it skills and and really try to Try to problem. Solve this thing and stop wasting time. It's really does just chasing paperwork all day just chasing paperwork for example our corrective action imports were there were excel documents right and their excel documents printed out. His most people hardly even knew how to use computer or they did. They refused to use a computer. And so is excel documents. Not Given to the supervisor. He'd made copy to give it to the engineer and he'd make a copy to give the shipping receiving. They were involved Paul and then whether time it got to me I had four different documents each with different information on it and so now I'm trying to is a symbol. A singular coherent document. That's going to be the official copy. But then there's still going to keep these other four versions for you know just reliability. Say nothing else in my gosh you would take almost a full data symbol one of those in Algebra cinema. This this is stupid. I'm wasting so much rich time. I missed now on family and at this point my oldest boy was a little league and I'm missing practices. I'm instant his games. And you know this. This ain't cutting it. I can't I can't work this. I'm not doing a benefit to the company. Don't benefit no-one work in this way so so I'm a boss under no uncertain terms as well taking two weeks two weeks. Shut my door. Turn off my phone plug my phone. Amman installing outlook look. I'm not doing any. I'm not communicating with anyone in the office at all. I'm GONNA find a better way to do it. So two weeks later came out with a rough plan and a rough version of the software. Humira said there was someone that refused outright refuse to use the computer. Is One of the production supervisors in he did. He legitimately only locked in once a year. Fate insurance time to check his paperwork to make sure eaten is health insurance life insurance take care of his engineer. Do all the computer work for him. And he's darn good guy. Don't forgive me wrong. He's he's awesome. Awesome Guy Works for the company. Really great at what he does but he just didn't work computer. Humans talk with his men. You talk to the people who wanted to work with the parts all right phone networks except for when the great action turned in so what I did it. So went through backdated corrective actions in the software that created and he was the first one to complete one. I think I believe that the computer stop couldn't believe that it was this Ms Suba Roger that completed the first corrective action. What he did is he pulled out his blackberry? And you get an email notification corrective action. He completed the corrective action tapping it out on his blackberry keyboard. uh-huh stamped pictures of the parts. They were fakes. The inspection report and all the details board attach those corrective action within an hour done and so it went from being an in all day process. Probably two weeks followed gives us stuff done one hour and this does getting completed. So that's kind of my background. None of it is the officiant track to working quality now in the process of all of that I got auditors shirt. So that is tonight thousand one lead auditor and you know here folks Kinda come from the work that my company so I started getting requests is to do it for other folks which I think is really consulted could start anyways as started doing a little bit of work here and there and then two thousand sixteen. It was the breaking point. NECE neither do justice to the company or Act Rahmael business which raise the rates are going to be so opted for running the business gave them a month's notice just kissing their break folks. I have nothing against them. So great folks US and none of them for a while until they could give me get all of my various roles within the company replaced workout well and real quick got opportunities to strike doing Do I saw is so strong auditing for NSF. starting auditing for Decorah And actually here in the next couple of months I think I've got four or five different autism decker coming out so Austin Colorado New York and somewhere else I can't remember So a lot of the ISO on general you probably wanted to of those a month and those are really good because it kind of helps keep our taxes. AKKAS keep your skills fresh plus see so many different companies show many different ways that people solve the same problem. And that's the most fascinating thing. All these various ways that people solve the exact same stinking problem That's probably the most of the ice audits for me but would have realized with work with. This is lot of people that same problem I had. You know maybe not to the extreme that I had a problem problem right you know not. Many people will separate through working a hundred hours a week for very long But a lot of people have problem that they're just wasting time and energy on little minute details. You know the stuff that so that doesn't merit your time and attention. I mean think. About how many good things could you do for your company. How many good things to do for your family? If you worked wasting time on these pointless activities right so that that's kind of what lit a fire under me. I guess you could say so. That's the official mission. Statement of the company is to save folks folks. Tom Energy what matters to be going home to your son or daughter for lovely game or Shuna Passion Project at the office. Well when I got rolling rolling with this and I'm starting to work with other companies. You know that I'd never dealt with before they weren't my company either. Weren't my system from scratch. Where do you start? That is one heck of a question is where the heck do you start. How do you get started? How do you learn about a company who has maybe ten or twenty eighty percent of their management system in place? How do you learn what they have had learn what they need? And how do you quickly and how do you do it cheaply because most of the folks we deal with not all but most of the folks we deal with our small businesses and often times. They're struggling small businesses. So we want to make sure that we can get this done efficiently timeliness and efficiently economically warm so we kind of developed our own unique way of getting started in those who are trying to here is doing a process mapping and gap assessments but for us. The process mapping process and the gap assessment process. One in the same Mr. We use it to to access and understand the entirety of the program for a change lives. I'll give you one example. When I first started working with falling the the owner of the company came to me and say I want you to start by writing office procedures? Okay well that makes sense you know. The shop environment can be way more complex in the office environment. That's that's a good place to start assert their and so thought about like well. Where the heck do I start in writing office procedures like what is an office procedure? I mean really think about. What is an office procedure? We talked about supplier selection. That seems more shop elated needed a lot of ways. Unless you're talking about cotton paper. which case would copy paper without really doesn't matter Sloan Sprinter Jam Huge quality control issue issue. Unless you're a perfect shot a huge issue so we like coffee. We all like coffee. I probably drink too deposit so two pots of coffee a day. And there's another gun office engineer. Who worked with the vacuum furnaces is which he ever have a chance to examine evacuate treat furnace shop? Oh my gosh that is just fascinating. But that's that's another -nother story I. I had an opportunity to go on a tour. He shop here in town after the OTC conferences here. And oh my gosh open all sorts fascinating. Any transit. Didn't know about any case engineer. We drink between two of US probably at least four Skopje Day and everyone else in the office probably drink at least one. So we're just burning through coffee all the time but we had a few problems grow front desk if she made it and his week. Weak like you're not supposed to see through the coffee pot and see see the cop says back and so we were trying to together inputs into the process. So I didn't know what I was doing at the time. I was trying to gather my inputs into process. None of us really cared much about which brand coffee. It was just as long as it was strong. And we didn't really care so we didn't care much about the brand is though I could see other people care about it. Then we ain't the buddy it engineer talking about. If he made coffee he would feel the entire coffee filter full of coffee and some of you got the coffee was Kinda sludgy is disgusting gusting so it was. We had some knock forty something to worry about we and whatever less layers. These were my early introduction to tolerances assist in a in a process. So I had to worry about that. We also had a problem because it was willing to these industrial coffee. Pots are coffee makers were had the burner on the bottom autumn. Two burners of the top. And you know we needed that many burners we really did. It's sad again but if you left a pot there for too long it woulda would burn so if left it there for more than two is kept a hot so you lifted therefore the two hours now. I didn't taste very good so we came up with a good solution and get little styrofoam cups and we marked off the hours off and so we put a Styrofoam Cup. You know beside each pot of coffee and so whenever you brew whenever Cacophony you put the Styrofoam Cup. Whatever our who's made and so then when you come back to look at it we can immediately know if it was Philipsburg two not? She didn't have to have the drink. Drink the park coffee. which you know first introductions non-conformities right? So I guess drinking bird gun copies and nonconformity. I mean I know this all sounds kinda silly late but this was my introduction to quality management and instruction what. I'm about to show you here hoops. Maybe not there we go. This is process. Mapping we developed on. This is just a a sable this lection evaluations. Everyone has probably seen Eh four. But what I realized is every process truly every process can be mapped out this way and so when we started consultation tation project. This is the absolute very first thing we do in that consultation project. Is We take a day to map out your processes now there are certain processes the everyone has right like everyone has suppliers have yet to find a company that was able to exclude suppliers or external external providers. I if with a twenty fifteen language maybe some folks excludes on and development but everyone has document control process. You know everyone one has called the planning process so there's certain processes that are common everyone so we've got some good kind of templates to start from which this one this is one of those those templates. It's just totally a star. It's not the final product and we're going to go through all these processes with you because rather than me asking the client who isn't very far along in the development of their management system rather than me asking the client to explain the entirety of their system to me which they probably can't do very well. You're exactly that that is it exactly so you have to assume they if they're hiring you. They need a certain level of assistance. And so this told we found it again. It is as simple. Truly assembles week. Implants applets or what are in the process. What do we need to get? It done. Inputs resource weak-minded. Together we used to separate resources out as a separate box on ear but it always goes hand in hand with inputs so why separate process itself okay. Let's straightforward sparse legend and rule. Well let's the output of the process when we are finished. What are we turning over folks? Well we've got you an approved list of suppliers that's pretty straightforward. What's goal because every process has had a gold? Go ahead McAfee poetic sample. What was the goal of my coffee pot? Process goal copy process was to ensure that we always had. WE'LL MHM Golsen. Should that we always had a hot pot of coffee though is within tolerance one straightforward want to copy copy within tolerance. Maybe add on there. That's not burn them so here everyone. Here's to ensure the suppliers selected you know High Speed Internet Paulie okay. What's our goal? Well how do we ensure that. Well we're going to monitor them. Probably with not forms reports monitored home with action reports and we're GONNA model with evaluation form and we can also then should go further here but a save save this for the actual gossip station process. We go further here that controls and I'll ask the customer well. Do you have any procedures currently about suppliers in if they tell me they have a procedure document with their procedures. They tell me they don't have a procedure. I'll the document that they need a procedure. And so you can see that by the time we finish this. We've not only identified what the processes are and how they work for this Organization of also identified everything. They're missing her process. So then we go through and and I always ask those. If this process went went to heck if the whole thing went ahead how would you know since like straightforward question but not necessarily so. How are we going to check for? Well we can send questioning jobs. Maybe we'll know how we're doing to the supplier. Maybe we're not paying them in time. And they're stopping shipments. It's an issue so we want to find these things out ahead of time. Authorize Fry's new avenue suppliers so if we have new new authorisations throughout the year. I'll be honest with you. I don't I think I've ever seen a company with more than twenty boys. That doesn't add any supplier every year. It just doesn't happen. It just doesn't happen either. Hire someone new who's got a brother-in-law that does it or you find several news. You needed product faster than the other folks get it but everyone adds something every year you know then. Of course internal audits way to check it but we want to identify. How are we going to find out about these problems before they go to hack? How do we know about it if if they do? And this also in the questions I'll ask when we talk about the we'll take a look at the entire wealth management system as a whole process. So we all have quality objective right well while the objectives tend to get a little generic from company to company. Sometimes missing only questions nations are to ask folks is. How're you going to know if your quality management system is failing which is effectively resume stinking right but we're just not using those? Those verges ages. Were not using them. That wording because risk-based thinking confuses the mess people but if you tell people how do you know something's going wrong. Oh okay. Those risks that we've not mitigate so the same idea and answers will usually get her you know. Well maybe we give returns on our products will okay so that would be a measure we want sugar returns. We'll maybe releasing customers. Okay well maybe you want to repeat business year but same idea of the The Jason Measures here. So we'll go through this and then we'll compile one of these forms for every single process. We reviewed and this so when it comes time time to turn in the gap assessment report to the client. We'll give them all of these sheets with everything filled out and then we'll give them the summary of the major areas. They need need some assistance and that document becomes the start of our plan for the next three six nine months. How Wrong GonNa work these folks to to get them up to par so again with the goal is to take all of these different aspects strip out the complicated wording and just get down to business and helping folks out now in the moment? I promise you I don't do it on the computer and this is how we do it. We'll take we'll just say chart paper thrown up on the board and we'll get going on obviously here we're talking about internal transfers easier inventory transfers from from one department to Department so this is our map on it so we identified a couple of you know problems here where it's not accounted for in this world out in the report for the gap assessment. So take a simple very simple process map. Same process applied to every client. But the beautiful thing is when you apply the same process Leicester every client you get different results every single time. So we're able to meet the needs of the company Abilene needs the process. And we're able to meet the needs of the people because you can't tell me for one second that people don't change. The needs of company as Bill Volley Management System. You GotTa make sure you get all the company opening process and the people and that's it. It is all pretty straightforward.

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Episode 4  Alejandro de la Rosa

The Rugby Abroad Podcast

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Episode 4 Alejandro de la Rosa

"Okay, welcome the lead us. At thirty Quattro del Rugby Abroad podcast SAP's audio put. As an Spaniard call veto. Alexandra Sanchez. Alessandro plus the US. Going to deal. The annual total ban gratias! Career entered the fat sample the to cut the Rubio size. They Punta ee. Crooked channels had nothing can often. His on, some s today. Tim Bush As sevens on spending, Tolan Mundi Is, GONNA wind potently. Present to two story as thou- full under. The category SPA on accelere senior way that they will be as I. Sti- It will be going to bring people on day one day tomorrow Monday. E easier. On the says. What's going on? Cesium, NUMB WE WANNA pocock. seem quarter. When CMEC Kayan. Our, the blessed when feeling. Going look by the Titan. Reading. Secede into your your way. Don Use in violate parochial. Stay on his mouth. RUNYAN's invite elite. The squad on some a Lower Athena to the studio. Salah left their product. Theo Chill A. Though yesterday menial Ye macabre. Marketing in the. System, who know. Competitive Othello's does. When I. Go on the end of over. It'll. In a movie as the. Bills. Really See remind yesterday more. Northeast. Audible get your the. I runs on. Our in in Bethany covered I your. Auto. CEO K. E. This. Is that whatever ultra promoted NSA momentum Taco to select sevens. She, Joe there will be nothing again in the League on the John You. All GUINNEA. Edens the. We Talk Mail. DECK PEOPLE PREMEDITATE PEOPLE. While there'd be many people while the Albanese. vigerously in biology seen. In. esl Donald Wait on the movie. In a game the Let me see if they can. On the. PEOPLE THOUGHT HE EC empathetic Ongo thermals the tonight any out of into. The e when I mean it will. You! Almost bengals. NFIP you that total easy ticket. Komo Upwards empathy or a wound. In glyphosate who are? Easy compete in zone on you get. A little. In, another buffet in particularly annoying phenomenal. A mighty. Non Domino more. They're going to be minimum mental e Yes Ali. gave out Tanzania both the other. Okay so by something totally. Quick I must have football thin-skinned an international cryptic on controlling neon Be, Kamal diplomatic collect. collect here. He did his muscle at a they provide a sitting sales not Eating level of overpaid. Seep it or getting official Lipoma. Community. In Boise Forever Vista. While of near Simona. With Louis from Seattle. To give it up. With was got many. New. e.? Of the Tambien Rugby Sevens Komo It's guess we Aussitot flat out products Brandon thought. Tempo mutuel into forgotten and leave in Hispania. Moocher's impeccable some in Moscow. Expanding inputting mid, this was on the border. For a Hewlett Virginia was say. Evening on. My phone. But it should give his. Delegates in saving up. It's Mojo North. In Dante's immune and I forgot read. E Your people be young. One though I must minority the one. As, you insinuating. in noche eleven days folded commentary Feren T. The. And a lot of or best. been horrible. E. looks gays on bill. Nichols Authority in mid analysts of the English will. He. Be. Guilty when I F pocus come on Komo, sevice, rugby abroad, aerodyne Alex Rank Aero pro, an Tuesday Theon, whom Ruby seven full mutual. Now's that they Nevada A. Thoughtless the Soda Rallies Lindell. in Russell Wilson alone risen in front of being Ian Through Sassou Deals See face in Roma severance. Lessen the Kennedy equal in people in the. Yellow waste with London school rambling this. Millie went back I also get the new. Jobs Aaron. is now going to. Give me A. Mill a we apple article November the limited. Yom been new A. Or read simplemente. GETS WITHIN WEEKS NBA. E? Up? The Mail for comedic win in caveat, Alexi via e you'll. You'll get all ghetto quarterback ordering you know. The. That Mugabe Berman, says interest off your London rocks, the etc, Neil tennant in keeper win win for the inventory Ella Kibo latter yellow. Gabbana's is Komo. people Kenya Latina through so it keeps us as ice A offer Julia Pastas. Who is the provider? Altona Valla seven seen seen. To Stop any Tornado de las que You'll yet your thought umbrella that you'd find Yankees in blurring big able to my lower-middle-income Yeah, you May. Feel they can build one lowest forte either in the the unit. Portable didn't save. PATERNOSTER LAS mutual the sevens kick quality. Ten who. Could Sunday for. It'll keep the accused. By Army looked inflammatory The gorillas like. In that order case the little. WHO. Thing, E last amenities sheerness in museums or advice Ago Too much. But without the Yesler and say. This. I. M ended. The Need. Funding music morning quarterback. Until his okay step aside this Caribbean estate sort of consortia. a this this seven. craze. Sorted the low. Commissions just. Envious Yoga is heading. Recipes are Adl, the ALA CK is sold. By dealers in seven death movement up on. The. FIELD FROM MISSISSIPPI Said E N. Ego Peron paid as the tornado Kanye West. I don't hold Cuando Danny About Contra Alecky Kibo phonetic people you'll you'll of. ESTIMATES AGO AS A. says. As this is the on fussing. The Lamma ee Cassava Conqueror Mumbo POCO. What's young kid? K depend side too many. On, any woman, five hundred game or Yoyo Yellow, look y'all look Yukio influence. Waves. Get you one. It'll get rid of that Galkina list motorcycle video for the most of the. Battles module react as it always mutable with our media. is. A gaming can't that E. Secret's fifteen production house. He has been canceled. Moved beat not only. Say Go to E.. spices sapone go Inter caste visit town in seven's Asto. Boys Me Putty. Linda. National by. On Gale doornail forty by me when. For. Everybody can get a late in the I. Forget Sevens lobster tails, some of pilots A. Spectator daughters song vocal fiesta. No, she is seen. By this who end the winning in by the Beatles or more? than the with race, the most important part appeals. Deal. For. Groups values number two. That's a limited is. Invasion of Allied. Allied on-time. Impersonality No. This LOS MEMENTOS stays thrown on the windows in Law Komo Training come. See Our not getting more than me. like I'm getting vocal. York assumes in La Villa a laboratory. On Your Yla. E One. Chief Yoshi. WHO PAYS by? The End, but now though is. He. E E Komo's Elia. The Professional Sevens K. cases rattles loudly the comments. In Complementary Eagle now in custody, if others. In in those scammers, in in London but necessarily mobile, and dives or alive or Choji, media. Normal slow spoonfuls. of human issue in the NIMMO's s assumed the big. Leagues West is valuable us. A. Probably need others. the. Side as Glenn was thinking the Milan. He was memos those windows. that. Emerson is by the way. Could, get us. We had a the vehicle. Oliver on Oreo. E. Center now see yes as about. Yikes Bechtol. E. say say see media A. Polish, fireable, but out of than they lie. The Do! From the. I will not go back Me Off that way so from the from the others. known Costa your. Allows the radio olive oil guy home. S. E put, up other. Promo on. The inside of also Freidan low of comes is will. Now. Investigate doodles pedal that a win against a not Bill Gates. pull. One of our data. exactly e- WHO got thrown? Keep us now. Eat Pomo K. K. ask allowing Contra Day of the Ito in particular Padilla, as cowboys, your mother, accurate mandate an. y'All latte. Glow I like this one of the daily comprised of news. Eating within, cities in Congo. Rahmael. What is Olympia invented coming is. Those. Things. In front that you just all you can. The running of it just in the eye and yet Daniel Donahue though. In. Window Conrad admit. Woman here. Again. Hawaii! You gotTa Lean Woods. Out. Like know anything loudly. Speedy Gonzales. season. Will own owner INCI you're about to deal. Greatly made up. To debut. We went onto the No. Celebrate the. Particular moccasins signed can send you via. L. LS camera so Amelia, our own ethic. In Oil. Plenty of Debris. Ludo So. Essay by? At least until Mayo Foucault Correspond Yeah E., Croquet, commentary stockade, number as well as. Stavros the Tavist Other up seeing. Mutual number two. You. FEMALE SLOW EILLY huddle Santa Rosa. Nundy. Screaming. Stick through. CDC usually essentially shock is whistle. You will know Ego Kit deputy antenatal number two months quarter left Matt snape. Case we see palace. Fans sort of fans going to notice. Our don't mind Take the. against the NATO. Embrace has lowered number my lovely. Okay I I just become Poku I the the. Sevens Khumalo components are levied a note professional never been in Hispania. La Vida Professional on Columbia Sevens thing Clark AC- less parochial cannot switchover to compete with on its. it. Will Lifting on yours. Sanyo Agassi remainder Venus me. as were unprofessional dot. com You. Can read about becky Latin. Out. Combined on. Radar gone for new build our hope hoping a little bit. Is! That we've been as settlers. In in financial e. In industrial. With, Meka, IDs that's. Being. Movie movie denies it Mass. Boilers denied Eso. It. Is Gould Amendment Mental. That's Info Kyla Alameda Bit Okeydokey. See them vehicle, mcwhorter moonlight From He in Hispania to Kris, K., honest decreases in. Trauma Sarah sevens. They get Claudia. No Look that. Other of meet on the order in the community more vehicle so. He wanted to get. Better mutual a former qualities. Bengal Burma deals father city. Low a laugh feeling me. With, Lousy Jupiter missile really was seekers Howard. Need to be any. Pharmacy and look at the name of ministers pretty incapable of skin run. Bales Glacial Little Guy is. Now that's perceived seven by mustard any why? Own crews on the heart. Professor E to club alcobendas ails. K. Foremost people sevens Komo from students. Continued seven's crew I through Kluber Cafe no more NSO The one. They gave me a logo in this. Be A run annual. 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Parola Combs Intertoto Senate. Complemented with injured into a male sites to to To. People the sevens the a alrighty you. Know Your Financial Goma. In so you not! Humid with A. Woman. Comedian will stand. Racial won't having F. Media he almost does. This could go on. e! In venero city, you radio one zero listed imports. I'm afford GOS- our media in secret vocal a raid them all. As as More. Conoco someone from poker of me to Thomas as the estate rental the. Keyboard keeping. The. Ambient. To Thomas Pets, not Know your job, it okay. No mentors a nicer Sycamore slowly e E. So, he really believe not going seventy. Million C E Perot memento the Prima. Tornado. than. Poverty Seen In a in a moment. Dies. They have said Y'all You'll have been politically in Bombay. Remember A was. Not. educated, let's. Get. Going To be a Condo in Bahrain. Silver simply is. Accountable Multiple Moondog as Korogwe next Rabiyah see the OBAMAS. GIRAL IS A. Lot of Agassi whether he goes And nine. They missed out. 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