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243 - Finding Your Bourbon People with Jeremy Mandel

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243 - Finding Your Bourbon People with Jeremy Mandel

"And Pairing your expertise on the distilling process with key business knowledge such as finance marketing operations. Then you need to check out. The distilled spirits business certificate from the university level. It's an online program that can be completed in as little as six courses. The program is taught by both business faculty and corporate fellows. So you're getting real experience from experts at the most renowned distilleries companies and startups in the distilling industry. We're talking leaders from Brown Forman. Bhimsen Tori Jack Daniels and more get enrolled to this online program at U. OF L. Dot me slash Bourbon pursuit. My Dad's famous line is nothing said is on episode. One is if you're if you're drinking beer. You're watching the party if you're drinking bourbon. You are the party this episode two hundred and forty three of Bourbon pursuit. I'm Kimmy one of your hosts and how about some pursuit series news. Now we don't WanNA use this as a self serving platform but lots of people want updates on what's happening. So here's the latest last week Ryan. I visit our broker where we get to do. What's sort of unusual in the bulk source market where we get to actually hand select every barrel? Now we've talked about this before and you're going to hear about it more but this time. We tasted through twenty two barrels and wound up chosing three barrels of tenure Tennessee Bourbon and then we also selected two barrels of a special Ri-. We've got a few months until the Riley bottled but this stuff blew our minds at only four years old because it had such fruity and bubblegum flavor is that I think it's going to take everybody by surprise we've also purchased four barrels from Finger Lakes distilling and we'll releasing more those relatively suit. We've got other things in the works as well and you can get all those updates upcoming barrels in our patriarch community. Lastly we have finally touched down in Georgia and more specifically in Atlanta where there are select retailers with limited amounts of episode twenty one and it tastes just like candied. Pecans next week. We have two more barrels going up for sale to our patron community first before they are released. The general public and one of these barrels is our first ever fifteen year old bourbon release. It might just be one of my favorites because you know. I love that Oak. All right. Let's get on with the industry news right now corona virus on everyone's radar and we all know the travel industry is hurting because events held worldwide are being canceled. But what does that mean for the spirits industry? Chinese consumers are really tailored more to Scotch in Cognac? Am By you where it's going to be hit hardest. The has already cut its full year. Twenty twenty profit forecasts by two hundred sixty million as bars and restaurants in Greater China remain empty beams in Tory said that the corona virus situation is creating challenges in key. Asian markets and. It's twenty thousand nine hundred full year results for no record anticipates. The outbreak will have a severe impact on its China and travel retail business and cut its guidance for organic growth in profit from reoccurring operations for fiscal two thousand twenty two four percent from its previous expectations of five to seven percent in response to the industry demand for greater clarity during global threats. I W SR DRINKS MARKET ANALYSIS. Which is the leading authority on data and intelligence on the global beverage? Alcohol market has revealed plans to launch. The I W SR CORONA virus risk assessment model also known as cram tool quantify and forecast the impact of key global events giving industry leaders data driven insights in situational forecast to navigate the situation and manage risks to commemorate the celebration of its. One Hundred Fiftieth Anniversary old forces opening the first ever. Whiskey row retreat. It's GonNa be a unique immersive Bourbon apartment experience. One lucky winner ended. Guests will be invited to stay at whiskey row retreat during National Urban Day on June fourteenth in the entire guests experience at the whiskey. Row Retreat will center around unprecedented access to the production of the Bourbon. The brand and the people behind old forester the contest winner. Andy guests will be invited to partake in special activities at the old force or distilling company including experiencing the process of creating a barrel joining Jackie's. I can in a single barrel selection and custom cocktail such as learning how to make the brain signature perfect old fashioned to enter the whiskey row retreat contest. Vange twenty-one an older can enter by sharing on why they think they should be chosen to win in. Stay at the whiskey row retreat. And you can do this by visiting old forester dot com slash. Whiskey row retreat. The entry for deadline is April twentieth of twenty twenty four roses small batch select is expanding beyond its twenty nineteen initial launch of only being five states new markets were small Bachelorette will be available in the coming months include Colorado Florida Illinois Indiana Massachusetts Michigan Missouri New Jersey North Carolina. Ohio Tennessee Washington and Wisconsin independence. Dave Company Andy. Boswell family who you might remember Brad. Boswell the CEO back on episode one eighty five are giving one million dollars to the University of Kentucky to further spirits research. At the James B Being Institute Kentucky Spirits the Gift Will Fund eight New Maturation Facility. That will allow the DEEM INSTITUTE TO EXPERIMENT WITH BARREL AGING SPIRITS PRODUCED IN ITS RESEARCH. Still Ary the only one of its kind in the United States. This new warehouse by a six hundred barrel capacity and become an interactive classroom and laboratory were students and scientists can tackle real life industry issues. Do you find yourself talking to the same people every day about Bourbon and realized you talk to them more than some of your best friends from school. Think we're all in that same situation? Now that's what today's episode is all about. Bourbon has magical element to it. That seems to bring people together across every demographic and share a common bond. But perhaps you're getting started and you want to figure out. How do you find your Bourbon? People we sit down with Jeremy Mandel. He's an Admin and founder refused facebook communities and he's also one of our patriots supporters. We go through what it takes to find connections with other like-minded individuals that can be done either online with people around the world or perhaps it's in your own backyard with meet up groups urban societies and much more. You'll come away at the end of this realizing you've probably followed some of these same steps already without even realizing it and hey if you want to be part of another community join us on Patriots where you're seven hundred plus members strong and growing every single week as a final reminder. We are doing our twenty twenty bourbon pursuit audience survey and we want to know more about you our listeners. So if you've got thirty seconds to spare and I promise it's only thirty seconds. Please visit urban pursuit dot com slash twenty twenty survey all right. It's time for the show. Here's Joe from Barrel Bourbon. And then you've got Fred Minic with above the jar. It's Joe from barrel. Bourbon myself on our master Distiller Trips Simpson spent weeks choosing barrel to create a new batch meticulously sample every barrelled. Make sure the blend is absolutely perfect next time. Ask you bartender barrel Bourbon. I'm Fred Mimic and this is above the char money. Oh we talk about it. It's the root of all evil. La Wish we had more of it and people tell themselves that money can't buy you happiness. Will you know money is very very very important? And right now you have distillers from Washington to Florida and from Texas to South Dakota all scrambling going to banks. Venture Capitalists Private Investors Angel Share. People Friends family. Hell you might even just randomly run into someone on the airport. Hit him up for money. There are so many people looking for money in this space and people. Just don't understand whiskey. I sometimes wonder what the world would look like. And the distilling business if mainstream businesses understood. What this world encompassed that in fact at Bourbon is its own audience. Bourbon is as big as a sports team or a NFL franchise or even a sports league. It's bigger than a lot of television shows and people would actually just kind of wake up and look past the alcohol aspect. We may be hearing about brands that he never even knew about. But because somebody can't get the money that they need to start the distillery of their dreams we're not gonNA hear about him and there are people like Cedar Ridge in Iowa where the farmer the winemaker. He leveraged his house everything that he owns his land. I mean I think he might even leverage the kidney to to start the brand Cedar Ridge. He kept believing in it. He kept believing in it and he kept leaving it and then finally got a big big break and that is just it. Everybody needs a break in this business but it all starts with the money and I'll be damned if there's just not enough of it to go around and that's this week's above the char. Hey did you know that I have got a new podcast? It's in the music interview section. So helped me become The number one music interview podcasts. On apple over there and search for my name the Fred Mimic show. And then we'll have the number one bourbon podcast and the number one music interview podcasts. Go check it out until next week cheers. Welcome back to the episode of Bourbon. Pursuit the official podcast of Bourbon. Kenny Ryan and Fred here talking about a fun cultural topic this is this is something that even this podcast witnessed started. If it wasn't for the type of pot or the topic that we are actually talking about tonight in it's kind of really I guess you could say it's a way that you you branch out a little bit you end up growing. We've all had friends that we get through school and college or work or anything like that and then you'd finding oh I can find friends and other things such as hobbies and and really urban is one of those things that we talked about. All the time it's what brings people together and That's kind of what brought this. Podcast together I mean Ryan was really on the idea of A. Let's start Bourbon. Podcast and I think I know this guy named Kenny. Yeah we weren't really friends on so we were. We were acquaintances at that. Point Really Ironically enough we both liked. Edm before Before Bourbon so that was the introduction and then the bourbon kind of brought together but yes. Bourbon has definitely like. I'm amazed at how many people in how vast network has become just because of Bourbon. And like it's crazy like nuts. It's a cool very cool thing and very humbling. Things so yeah. I'm excited to talk about because it's been so blessed to meet. Somebody fortunate. People Fred included nudges doing your yard. We're now friends how I feel. You were actually friends before that too. Yep exactly so I feel good because we're fred now. We're you know we're facebook official friends so I feel like I made it. Yeah you can get to see everything that's happened in our personal lives and kind of grown since they're now now we're getting to the point where I think is there a day that goes by. We all don't text each other. I don't think there is actually. Yeah so it's like it's like Text like part of an episode takes chain started like six. Am Kenny jumps in about ten. Yeah you get started way too early. I don't know how you do it. Not By choice. Got a five year old. Elbowing me in the back. Adding it up so our guest this chimed in there so let's go ahead and introduce them and and kind of really start talking about the to the subject so tonight we're joined by Jeremy Mandel. Jeremy is a member of our patriarch community and came to us with this topic so Jeremy. Welcome to the show. Thank you been listening to. You forever will happen here. Hopefully we're making a dream come true tonight on pursuit. Thanks for putting up with us all these years. I can't even the long Da. Dum Meet Your idols terribly lame. Jeremy let's hear your coming of age tale of Bourbon. How did how did you really get into? It was their first zipper. Some sort of introduction growing up had a you know like I would imagine a lot of people do just in high school. I guess I shouldn't say that but I'm pretty sure it's common we've even even master distiller say they started. We had a little poker with some friends and there was. We would always try and get a bottle of something for our games and We found a dinner truly was finding We were fine. We found a bottle with a nice little horse on top and it was a round little ball and My goodness it was delicious. So that was back when you go into a store and buy some land But that kind of kicked it off. went through college and then Probably two three years after graduating college and went to the University of Arizona Was talking to a buddy of mine Tori Levy who was in my fantasy football league. He beat beat all of us and when I sent him the money. He sent me a picture of him. Cracking a a pappy fifteen and I had read about that but I never had it or even knew anyone that could get it so I said how the heck did you get that thing. And then he showed me. Oh my goodness there is Bourbon on the Internet though it was just kind of a spiral from there But you know from there you meet a whole bunch of people which. I'm sure we're GONNA talk about create a little bourbon community in. That's kind of how this whole series cardboard boxes behind me came to be. Yeah we're about to say that. That kind of justifies your your level of commitment to this. I think I think all of us have a room in the house or closet of something that has boxes of herb is just they? Just cardboard boxes stacked reconcile So much as it's a level of cheapness to I I certainly don't want to pay four dollars for a box so my goodness yeah Amazon package. I'm like is this going to be good for future? Use to ship something it gets. It gets the point now where you can train your significant other when they understand what the the right size boxes and it'd be like honey. I saved this for you. Yes my wife said. You know this perfect box to get some of those little stupid bottles that you do with the stupid bottles. The two ounce the two ounce sample I gotcha but it's perfect for your little stupid bottles. She supportive of the hobby. That's great Supportive in that. This is existing but she certainly gives me crap all the time. Oh yeah well. Isn't that her job though to give you Little Shit? I think so. Yeah just joined the club at that point. You're fine so I guess let's go ahead and kind of talk about you. Know we can eat share some of these stories of how we got introduced to. And I don't know if we ever heard your story like Kinda how we're you know did. Did somebody introduce you to Bourbon in sort of how to that that process? Yeah I've man. I was drinking Bourbon Actually drink in high school like that so I was not You know the only time that I had drank high school definitely was wasn't Bourbon. He was smoking. I use doing hard drugs. He's doing those double dragon drinks so when I went to college I became a big You know beam drinker and You know on my first legal drink was you know Jim Beam White and I remember going into the liquor store at that time and there was like old fitzgerald and well. I mean think. I've all thought about this a lot. I wish I could travel back in time to stillwater Oklahoma when I was just turning twenty one which would have been two thousand and and just like clean those shelves out because they were loaded loaded with stuff that now I would you know. I've spent four or five hundred to twelve hundred dollars on so it's I definitely was not drinking well but when I when I was drinking Bourbon. It was always Jim Beam White label if I was like In wanting to live high on the hog get maker's mark. But but who's who's the person introduce you like. Did you actually just go into the store and say like I think I feel like Drinking Fraternity Party? I have? Yeah so who gave me the bottle? I don't know know I will say probably the moment that I fell in love with it. It was It was probably on a fraternity boss on our way to New Orleans from baton. Rouge I we were there for like some kind of convention man it just it just it felt it was very tasty. I love the taste of it and then I found myself like ordering Jack or Jim Instead of beer or sometimes both and You know at that at that young age and then when I was when I was in Iraq I couldn't you know is against the general orders to to have You know to have liquor or have anything so I would have friends You know poor out listerine bottles and fill it with Jim. Beam Jack Daniels at the time and does your stupid bottles. Yeah if you were if you were if you compare like a traditional bottle of listerine next to like beam or Jack there the same color so the MP's couldn't Couldn't crack it open. Because they couldn't they wouldn't necessarily think to look at that but So that's how he's doing. I actually did have. There was a a unit That would go into northern Iraq in our bill and they would buy cases of liquor and occasionally like the South African contingent. That was there they would break it out so like. Bourbon is all in my adult life. Bourbon has always played a role in terms of like where I really fell in love with it. We asked with. You is with my wife. You know because she's she's a big bourbon drinker like you know and I started in. I was just drinking. It was I- appreciating it prior to her probably not. I don't think I appreciate it many things until my wife now. I WANNA make sure she gets that sound bite. What about you Ryan? We're we're I think we talked. I think this is actually episode. One right episode. One of verbiage suit is where we talk about ours. But let's go ahead and rehash years. Yeah so thinking back. Down Memory Lane was in Bardstown as you may or may not know from but No yeah definitely man. That's all on you get like Bourbon royalty. Dna in your blood. Yes in law connections yes throughout but now the first time it was like at a field party and My buddy his name. Piketty annot we're name but he had Evan Williams and coke Let me try that. In his first Amish converging on it was like oh this tastes like sweet nectar like this. This is amazing and then from there. Yeah just drank so much. Jim Be White Label in college. Oh my God I can't even drink it now like game and look at it because it brings back so many bad memories but good memories but Didn't start getting serious till I duNno after college. I mean my dad does a lot of work for the Bourbon Industry. He's a machinist so he does toland our pair and I would deliver parts to him are for him to the different distilleries in our member. You know just seeing the bottles they would always give him stuff and then I would take it to a vividly. Remember taking like Semalaysia Craig. Twenty one's in Noah Mills fifteen in taking him to college parties in like totally mixing a coke or Ginger Ale and like just had no clue what you know what I had and So yeah just kind of progress from there and then like really appreciate. When I went I went to school at Rutgers in New Jersey. Kinda nobody there really knew it. So kind of preached the Gospel of there and Kinda started really dive into and then I met Kenny and then found out. There's this whole world of collecting and trading and flipping collected. You know all this stuff and then soggy go down that rabbit hole and then I'm like well why don't we? I can't just like have the Hobby. I gotTA start a business about it in Kansas Leisurely. Enjoy Bourbon with friends so Like let's start a podcast but Yeah it's now you know. I'm no one's a stranger to me and so like I've just reached out to anybody that has the same interested in me. I'm not afraid to talk to them and reach out to them. So I've met so many people that enjoy bourbon and it's been like crazy and it's cool because I'm from there when I grew up. No one gave us shit about it. Now everybody gives a shit about it. You know just seeing The town flourished and stuff. It's pretty cool. The absolutely we'll touch more in like meeting New People and stuff with inside a Bourbon All kind of recap mine. I know I've probably said it before. I have the same sort of cone tail as Fred over there. So I joined a fraternity on the University of Kentucky's campus. And I I mean I remember back. It was ten dollars for a twenty four pack of Natty. Light and being an UNDERGRAD. Yeah you always get ten bucks. You give it to one of the juniors or seniors within the fraternity. They'd run out. You come back that's your that's your. That's your drink and for the evening However remember hanging out with some of the older upperclassmen in yeah they were all sitting around drinking bourbon and coke and back then our drink a choice was kentucky tavern that was that was our Goto and that was kind of like my first introduction. They were actually known as a fraternity was actually known as one of the biggest urban drinking attorneys on campus. I don't know if that was a good thing or bad thing at the time but because everybody knows what happens if you get a little to bourbon drunk when you're little young and stupid but back then it was It was a it was a way to kind of get an introduction to it so of course mixing Bourbon and coke however at the time you know this was also a time when you're drinking not to sit there and enjoy your drinking to consume and and have a good time and you know all that aside you don't feel as bloated when you have a few bourbon cokes after you do have like eight to ten eight to ten twelve beers so it actually made you feel a little bit better going throughout the night and now the next morning interrupted by. Dad's famous line is nothing says on episode. One is if you're if you're drinking beer. You're watching the party if you're drinking bourbon you are the Party so I've always loved that line but anyways so let's go on to the next t shirt but yeah I mean that's that's sort of how it started for me in ever since I did that like I was always one person that was kind of like preaching like always do Bourbon Cokes. During college seemed like the easiest way to do it. Not only that is me and my roommate. At the time we became social shares. Social Chair is a a a nice word to say party planner for back in college in the fraternity days and so our biggest. Actually this is what I truly miss. About College is that your biggest worry is where we're GONNA party on Thursday and Friday night and that's that's what you had to set up and so backed in. Uk was a very dry campus. And you couldn't have any alcohol within south paternity houses at all so our goal was say. How do we have house parties and still serve liquor? And so what we did. Is We get? We got those massive gatorade jugs that you see on the sidelines of football stadiums and we filled those and it was one handle a Kentucky tavern to two leaders of diet coke and so everybody drink bourbon and coke at the parties and that's how we We continued to flourish for a while but after after college than is kind of when the appreciation started I didn't stop drinking bourbon it was diverted cokes and that's where the progression starts where you start getting rid of the coke. You start getting rid of the ice and you start. Learning to drink at need. Old Forester became staple for me Every once in a while splurging on small batch. You Know Fred you you talked about going back to the store and thinking of all those bottles that you could have had my God. Even I went to the liquor store and when I was there buying for parties I would buy probably gosh cases of six or one point seven five liters of of Kentucky tavern every single week. I don't think I even looked at any other bottles on the shelves. I always looked at bigger out work. Could I get the cheapest prior like odds overpriced yet? I mean that was. I didn't really know any better at the time. Indiana's even when I even after college. I didn't really know any better either I I was drinking forwards a small batch. I didn't know limited limited editions even existed until I was working at a company and I. There's a guy that worked there in. We talk about Bourbon all the time. We'd sit there and talk about bottles. We come together in one introduced me to limited editions and this was Twenty twelve late early twenty thirteen timeframe something like that and he's like. Hey I got a few extra things. I'll just tell them that cost because I'm just overflowing and so. He sold me a four hundred twenty fifth anniversary. An old ripped squat bottle. A Jefferson's I think it was twenty. One may be in their all retail. At the time I was just like. Oh Gosh like eighty bucks a bottle. He sure about this and and so. That's that's kind of what got me onto that train. And then of course as Jeremy said you find out about online forums in the whole world of different things. Start opening up to you of things that you never even knew existed. And that's I think that's really where the rabbit hole starts for most of us and I think that's kind of where the conversation keeps going for a lot of us here because the online community is really where a lot of the relationships are built. It's also a Lotta relationships. Go to die and get pig. Let's be honest. There's a lot of butthurt that happens out there so feelings journals vergamo world. What are you talking about? Yeah right you mentioned one thing and then all of a sudden you've got people either hating on your Lovin. Yeah so Jeremy. Kinda talk about your introduction into like the Bourbon online communities so my buddy. Tory said Hey I got this happy. Fifteen finally found a good use for facebook So I got invited to one of those deals saw that I love Bourbon wise was Blanton's and got on there and within five minutes I saw somebody was selling bland's it was dated in like nineteen eighty eight. And I didn't realize the WISC the existed before I drank it though bought that nineteen eighty-eight Blanton's and still have about a quarter of it And really from there. It's sort of just went into a network can almost fall into this accidentally and I'm sure that y'all's experiences a very similar But you know you find some people. They've got good relationships with and now report of a few groups that really proud to be a part of and it's been really cool and you know I've got a network really across the country coast to coast and actually even out of the country just from those stupid facebook groups. Can you in like in most major towns if you need to sleep on someone's couch in your new Bourbon? I'm going to Florida for business on Friday and I am crashing in the spare bedroom of a bourbon friend that night. No way it's awesome. We'RE GONNA be drinking well. Have you met him before in person? Yes a couple of times. Actually I have not picked a barrel together but we got to take part in what to me is. My favorite part about a lot of this stuff is the charity component And there was a guy in Florida Had a really terrible cancer diagnosis and Young Guy. About Twenty one years old twenty two maybe And without getting super deep in the details of it I went down there last year because we raised him bow Seventeen eighteen thousand bucks and I went down there to To go with him to present the money to imminence family and that was the first time that I crashed his Crashes Place that we met that time. Like here's here's a check. By the way. Can I stay? So this is actually the crashing at his house but we have But that's that's always a lot of fun. Of course you know my my wife thinks it's ridiculous but we're in this city I gotta go see this Guy So but yeah you get this network and I'm sure you guys are all the same in that regard you've got kind of people all over the country that you know from random guy helped me fine this thing. I was looking for and of course my my wife would say. Why are you looking for that? In the first place you have two hundred something three hundred but this sounds familiar. Never heard that before but But Yeah it's you know you form these communities we've we've been able to do a lot of good We've been able to do a lot of bad too but But it's a lot of fun and it's a soul kinda separate world that you get to be a part of all around this brown water stuff that we all agree up. I was GONNA ask you talking about like meeting with individuals but do you ever like Like throw get togethers. Were your your buddies that you've met online or whatever you go to a house or you go to a bar. Do you all have like special events or anything like that. So nothing. That's terribly scheduled but one of the urban groups minutes called the Karma and we did the first one was. It's kind of always centered around barrel picks so about a summer of twenty seventeen. We all got together for roses. Big pick couple other things that I'm not remembering right now But you know there was a thirty thirty five of us to get together remember. We all went to haymarket one night and that was his last And it's all these people who I recognized from one single picture But it was really cool so we we've done that a couple of buddies We re barreled all bunch of Nashville number one. I think it was from Buffalo Trason. We threw it up in a barrel of buddies farm in Tennessee and we all got together about two months ago to see if it sucked And fortunately it didn't suck so he had a weekend at AIRBNB on river or lake or some body of water. And it's a it's a great time and saw those people end up becoming some of your best friends. It was really a really bizarre but actually ends up happening that way every time. I go meet my Bourbon or Internet firms. My Wife's like what are you doing going to be your Internet friends. You're going to be on dateline one of these times. The the barrel pick that I went to my wife was convinced I was going to be ripped and merge she was. Oh Gosh I think we all get that that every once in a while. I think my wife is getting more attuned to it Because of course you know through our community through Patriot week. We get emails all the time we try to make it. We can have people saying you know we'd love to just come and meet up for a drink and sometimes we can make happen and she's always Kinda like all right. I'll just make sure you text me need to table in case. I remember one thousand going to meet with Kenny couple patron guys and I got an Uber. And Timmy's like text me as soon as you get there and like make sure as soon as you leave takes me and I'm like okay. I'm promise I'm GonNa make it home. They're not gonNA kill me or a tag team we can. We can take anybody but back to go ahead Jamie. Let's say you guys look tough. You can take him Kinney's not I haven't worked out in a while gotTA wire your wiry. Yup I am so. Let's go back to the you know the community aspect of this You know you had mentioned Karma I mean are you. Are you in in with the other groups and stuff like that where you kind of find those ins and I guess are there. Are there certain types of groups that create more bonds than others? What do you get if you mix Seattle craft? Texas heritage and Scottish know how that's to bar spirits to our spirits traces its roots to a ranch in rural Texas run by the founder Nathan Kaiser's family for six generations Nathan grew up on the ranch was stories of relatives. Bootlegging moonshine and after moving to Seattle. He wanted to keep the family traditional live any opened to bar spirits in two thousand twelve. They're very traditional distillery. Making everything from scratch in each day starts by milling thousand pounds of grain. Their entire product lineup consists of only two whiskeys their moonshine and the only bourbon made in Seattle. Both bottles are being featured in Rack House. Whiskey clubs next box rock house. Whiskey club is a whisky the month. And they're on a mission to uncover the best flavor stories that craft distilleries across the US to offer rock house ships out two of the feature distilleries finest bottles along with some cool merchandise in a box delivered to your door. Every two months go rack house. Whiskey CLUB DOT COM to check it out and try some to bar for yourself use code pursuit for twenty five dollars off your first box. What's up everyone? I'm John? Henderson your admin over at the Bourbon suit discounts over as a coordinator for the Christmas fundraisers held by the Bourbon pursuit. I'd like to thank everyone who contributed. I couldn't be more proud of this community. One perk of joining the Berber pursued on Patriot is it. You get access to real time chat with other members along with Kenny Ryan and Fred. Discord from photo sharing example swabs to events where ultra limited releases like Willett balls are exchanged. There's always something going on right now. Over three hundred members of the Patriot community have joined in connecting over our passion for Bourbon. If you're not on patron now's a great time to join us and get involved with the community in a whole new way. Come check it out for yourself and be part of the behind the scenes chat photos and video calls. We'd like to have you join us. Live virtual boy where we all discuss. A pursuit series release chairs are there certain types of groups that create more bonds than others so community wise on the part of two groups. That really are my bourbon community. I would say One is Karma that was a cost plus Shit group which. I'm sure we'll talk about what that is. But essentially it's I because of that. I feel comfortable that if there's ever anything I want to try From some What's a good example I'm a poor roses that four roses might top of the line Particularly the Oh yes. Oh Recipe and liquor barn had a OS Oberle the month ago or so I got two bottles over there and but I'm down in Texas next because of the connections that made my cost cost ship group Karma. That's been a great deal. You meet all kinds of great people also part of a barrel. Picking Group called. Twenty one kings and I've made a bunch of great connections there. I'm going actually going to be up in Kentucky a couple of weeks to pick a four roses barrel on Willett Ri- barrel and that's really. It started more as a. We want to be able to pick barrels and not shared among two hundred people kind of thing. But you know you make these connections with. It's really interesting. There's not a lot that I've experienced in the world. The bonds people together like picking a barrel Bourbon. The I don't know what the secret sauce will. I know what the sauces the common denominator you pick a barrel of somebody your pals You know you talk talk the whole thing through with a painstakingly excellent process if you do it right and I've been really lucky to get to do it a few times and I'm really excited to get to do it again. Here in a couple of weeks But it's been a really cool experience. You know you get get Really really good Bourbon Awry or whatever it is. You're picking and you get to make connections with people would at least for me. Certainly I never would have made those connections otherwise now. I'm totally with you and I I guess that also kind of thinks about Really where it is the relationship start. And how does it build it? I I have the same things With with two other buddies that really we we knew each or we didn't really know each other and then we've kind of found each other through Bourbon. Their personal lives You start knowing about their children. You know about their vacations. You know about You know where they're buying a house. Ra's yeah everything getting. But I mean that's that's kind of like how it kind of blips like that where you should. I say really kind of snowballs. Where you you kind of have this common foundation and then from there you start talking to them more than you did. The people that you went to school with years ago And and they become something because it seems like Bourbon is like an everyday thing. It's constantly changing and the people that care about it always in tune with. Yeah absolutely the. It's really nice. Aside from just the personal connections is just great to have a network Othello. Dorks talk about that stuff with you know. There's I live in San Antonio which is You know it's got a good bourbon community here but sort of from a maturity level It really only became a big thing down here in the past. Three to six months So you know. I always thought the esquire bar had a really nice bourbon select choir it's fantastic And you know they do. The the Santo Cocktail Conference down here. Career was in the back of the room. Less time you did one. You can stay on the couch next time. Yeah that's right do you mind. I mean Saint Anthony's expensive. Yes if you don't mind golden retriever sniffing around. You can always got a couch here but there. There's a few people here and there but like as compared to say like Houston Houston's nine I know you guys had the the Houston urban society on a while back. That's been a big deal for a few years now. So like just as an example and I mean no disrespect in saying this in the San Antonio Group the old Ezra seven year is a big damn deal right now and it's a it's an excellent drank and I really like it for what it is. But if you've been into the hobby really deeply for five plus years then you know you're drinking other stuff too So it's locally. It's not as far down. The line is like a Houston or obviously anywhere in Kentucky Which made the online community is a really great thing for us. I guess another question with that is are you seeing a lot of so you have your local society and that's another place where a lot of people can go in and find some of those perfect connection this. Bourbon friends that live. They live in your local area. Most the time you might find it on the Louisville page the San Antonio Page and then you see each other meeting and then all of a sudden things happen through there. Yeah the IT's funny I'm hosting In Ryan you joked about Iras. But that's that's what I do for a living. I can't tell you how many times one of my bourbon friends would send me a text message or in emails like hey you mind if I ask you about this thing so actually do know about a lot about the Ira Bourbon Esp on earth. Gift but Yeah you end up. I just right before we got on here. My Buddy Josh Hayes. Give me a call at talked to him for about a half hour and Bourbon didn't come up So it's really cool connections like that. You know another thing that we kinda talked about earlier to kind of keep this train going with the kind of online community theme is. We're talking about Raffles. In how these these kind of groups that are based off raffles it also kind of creates a little bit of Camaraderie Because you've got people that they all try to play the same number and they fight each other for it and they get to know each other through there or there's somebody that consistently wins somebody else's raffle all the time. And so you have you have this also built into even though it's an expensive hobby but it's something yeah we Like in In Karma might might cost ship groups. It's the stupidest thing in the world. But when when mega ball went from fifteen numbers to seventeen hundred nineteen or whatever? The number is not fifteen anymore. We were all very upset because at diluted our chances of winning stuff so we had to create our own weekly drawing which is I got a Bingo machine. Back their son. Some did our own damn drawing. Because I didn't want split a bottle. Seventeen ways almost fifteen ways but yeah. He ended up particularly in some of those secondary raffle sites. You can lose just an absurd amount of money if you don't really check yourself. Yeah Hey Kenny for introducing me to Raffles Risky whiskey in particular after awhile you you figure you know. That's the reason billing it. I had to delete social media during the week. Thanks a lot after awhile. You end up as early. Uganda quit planned But back to the community aspect of this you know we we look at it as an opportunity as as well to branch out. You know Myself Gotten to know people through these communities and in Your Jeremy. As you mentioned you'll travel you'll go somewhere You know I've got connections now and a lot of states you can. You can travel somewhere. Eno- that you can confine and somebody and you can hang out and have a good time. You don't have to go and meet up at a bar somewhere to go and and hang out and ultimately I don't know about you all. I'd actually rather go to somebody's house and dig into their collection and try something unique than I would just rather meet a put a bar well. It's it's funny we My buddy critic lyman was tear probably six months ago. And there's Three guys here locally. They're a part of the Karma groups that were part of We went out to a bar all meet up in about halfway through my trying that Bob Dylan whiskey. We all that stuff. I hate to break off on that. But what did you think of the Bob Dylan Whiskey? I will wasn't a tremendous fan of grow Sydney like it at all. It was growth about it so there is a okay. So it's it's it's difficult. And they got like the bottom of the barrel of the dickel barrels Because it's like metallic you know there's like there's like this crazy like weird metallic note in there. There was something to it that I had not tasted bourbon before. I don't mean that in a good way and it inspired us. We were Fred you mentioned the Esquire. We were down the road from the ESQUIRE. So maybe that was our problem but we all That that drink inspired me to tell her because the dust bar in San Antonio for whiskey at each of our individual houses. Can we please just go there? So that's what we did. No better than the Bob Dylan whiskey. Yeah I'm sorry. I interrupted you but I had to ask your opinion on it now. I don't totally remember. We're going with that but you're absolutely right. That's sucked Fred. I mean a friend of you if you had enough connections now when you go somewhere that you'd rather not go to a bar and you'd rather go to somebody's house and dive into a you know a weller gold vein or Roy Moore Weller some old dusty Kentucky Tavern or Evan Williams or something like that I've had I've had some weird experiences Please do you. I've had some weird ones But I you know. I'll say that I still like to see what's going on in the town five years ago. I was like I don't want to go to a whiskey bar. 'cause I have everything and I don't want to spend that kind of money and rather just Kinda go hang out and see something else Now I'm kinda going back to the I feel like these. These bars are working hard to promote my culture. What I love and I gotta throw him a bone. I gotta I gotTa go in there and pay my respect to what they're doing so that's Kinda how I think of it now is like I. I don't think of it is like you know. Look at them in their prices. Just what they are if they're price gouging. You know be very vocal about that but in often to like I ended up correcting spelling errors and menus. I mean for God's sakes why can't spell will it correctly it's But I I feel like I have. I have a purpose and I'm supposed I need to be visiting. These great temples of that are bastions to whiskey. And you know if if they invite me and I'm GonNa GonNA show you know. Check it out but indeed do I like go into someone's house and going down in the basement and seeing seeing the collection I mean that's like to me it just it doesn't get better than that. Now what's weird is when like you now. I come in the house. And then the guy's wives down there and I'm like Oh oh and the business guy in the Ascott who'd you agree out? Oh Man can get weird so I didn't sleep on their couch like I'm GonNa go till now. Yeah I mean it's it's fun to look at this and and and look at the relationships that you do build over time Because it does seem like a lot of these hopefully will stand the test time. You never really know Because it I don't know maybe this is another kind of question. Is You know as Bourbon becomes more prolific and becomes more scarce As even harder to find these things and and really I don't know how much bigger these networks that people were creating right now can actually get You can they get bigger or or you feel like you know what I've I don't have anymore room in my life for new friends. We're just GONNA Kinda keep it for me. I mean we. I don't know if we actually call episode this but you said the term finding your Bourbon people For me selfishly. I found my bourbon. People my biggest group of people that I care about is about a hundred and fifty people. And that's about as big as it needs to be in. We're all having like I don't know when this is gonNA air but right now there's this whole bsn. Bourbon secondary market thing going on facebook. We couldn't care less and it's been incredibly entertaining for us because I know because established by community. There's not really anything that's GONNA come out that if I really WANNA try it. I can't try it from a store. Pick that comes out to got a buddy with a bottle of Red Hook that I'm going to see if I can't snail announce it all. Yeah model if you can find your your community than these groups of fifty thousand people really. Don't matter all that much so I guess another question is So you've found your people We already decided. Three's enough we're not bring on a fourth call. Hosa we've got our people but how do you? What would you say is is a good way for people to start getting introduced in sort of like vine there. You don't find their Because you say they're missing connections there yangs of the Yangs of of the Bourbon community to me every every good bourbon connection. I've come into is because somebody was doing something nice for somebody else. You know whether it's you know there's last year Almost city liquor ear had a fantastic Elisa. Correct pick bought a bunch of didn't help some friends that otherwise wouldn't have been able to get it get it and they became good friends. That favor is I've been on the receiving end of that favor from different places all over the country and Great Bourbon connections for me rarely come from trying to proust price. Gouge somebody on a whatever store pick of the month. It is but if you know just be cool with people and treat everyone this. You know what guess Cliche but tree people the way you'd WanNa be treated you'll end up knowing some really cool folks. That's what's that's what's happened me. And that's the advice that I typically give people on between Carmen Twenty one kings. I really don't need to know anybody else You guys can't be your friend. Jammie one of my favorite things is like. I get you know when when when I travel. I do often like to kind of connect with someone. Who's a listener reader just like Or you know. Follow me on instagram. I really do try to make an effort when I'm out to like go hang out with people and My favorite thing to do is like learn about their jobs. You know because I find that we have in people's police people's beliefs because what I have found is is that Bourbon is not it doesn't attract one race or one occupation or one Political or religious beliefs. I mean it attracts everybody and to me. That is what's so beautiful about this category is that. I could be in a room with a staunch Democrat and a starch Republican. And they absolutely hate each other politically but just sit there and talk about. How beautiful A new rift barrel pick is and we'll talk about that now. They have three. They might get into some some fighting but once they crossed the threshold. But it's Kinda like you know Henry Clay you know the Great Kentucky Statesman. He said he wants said that Bourbon was used to lubricate the wheels of justice. It's like this great like door opener for conversation. I think even if you have the three drinks if you had come come each other from replace respect in one of my momma good friends that I've met Injured Goodman is a dairy far left person. I am not And he lives in New York City. I was there for business meeting We went to one of the bars there. He bought me some finish. Seventeen Ri- nope finish twenty-one Ri- And we talked politics for good our and we walked out of there not hating each other in. Its magic. How that happens. Nowadays you practically can't do it. Yeah what problems did you solve on and out now getting none from the we? We solve the problem of how to get more. Oh Yes oh for roses but we salt any any national issues. Although that's become a national issue but you know it's it's a conduit for really good conversation to like that that I never would have had otherwise when we continue to have frequently and then when it gets to be too too much we both saying. Hello we don't WanNA fight with each other. Let's so I kind of talked about it earlier with my connection pretty much. My Mentor taught me that. These are limited edition. Releases are and he was able to like. You said he gave needed a at at at cost so just to make sure that. I'm not dealing with a story like this. I want you all to kind of talk about what are what. Are Those relationships that you formed that? You've gotten like a really really good bottle of Bourbon out of just because of fostering relationships like that. I I've had a lot. I've had a lot of gifts and the gentleman. The gentleman passed away. Unfortunately he was His name is del Hamilton and he He was like the last He was the guy who like got cola approvals for still weller and he was like the last Last Guy United steelers the before you know before they closed the weller and so he has this you know. He had an incredible collection and I helped him figure out what some things were. What some bottles men and you know. Wages and he came to my legend series at the Kentucky Derby Museum we just. We just became friends. I I would visit him at Christmas in he would come in. We'd have launched play with my kid and He gave me a nineteen thirty five bottle of weller not was like a Green Green Label. Blend and It was fantastic and the first time I opened it. I cracked it. Open with Tom CLICO from top chef. Has just that right after my top chef appearance and I wanted to celebrate with them and so I- cracked it up with them so I had like to to really cool friends. You know that that Bottle kind of connected me to coming out of the gate. Strong here Ryan. I think you should follow that. Well you I've had some great connections and relationships with people like bill. Thomas was kind enough to invite me to his house and stayed the night. Crashes waiting crashes couch. We had a room but But just his collection like we were at his bar and he's like guys. Let's just go to my house. It's so much better here. And he had a green. You Know Green label or not Green Green Bottle van. Wyk Arrive One early editions. It's the best bottles of ever had Drew Kohl's Wien grew up with him from willits. I mean he's he's one of the kindness generous people he shares a ton of stuff from me but the the one the person I remember the most is probably my brother in law. I won't name any names but he works at Heddon Hill and he likes Bourbon but he knows how like obsessed I am with him and he always goes out of his way to give me like a parkers or an old fits release. That just came out like he always is just finding ways to give me something and I'll always cherish that. So it's all it means a lot to me. That's that's a relationship by blood. That's hardly fostered overburdened. Inside but we grew up friends before brother-in-law's we were friends before so but yeah those those are the bottles that are that need the most me absolutely in my case it was really about people knowing what my tastes are and as I kind of grew up in the hobby and grew up in a community of people that would know the things that I enjoy and would suggest that I try something in. Oftentimes the suggestion would come with a two ounce bottle of it showing up at my doorstep. And that's how I figured out that I love national distillers products Some I was telling somebody kind of the things that I liked about certain things that were my favorites and then before I knew there was a bottle of nineteen sixties old granddad bonded That showed up at my doorstep and I guess I should be upset with them because it's caused me to lose a whole lot of money after that. It sounds like that sounds like Ryan Ryan. Went on a huge old granddad. Kick for a while out. Gosh nearly for me. Any of that. Old Nationalist Ciller stuff is really just killer. Kinda hits me right and whatever. My sweet spot is for whatever reason on tonight? We're we're friends now. Hey I got some stuff to send you but That for me is the big is one of the cooler parts of the community. Is You know people who know you. And I know other people's tastes and if I see something for example I got a buddy who is a big q lover at for roses and I am not anytime. I see a really good Q. I know exactly who it's going to a CPA office in Indiana Because I just I I know that somebody that will appreciate it for more than I really is. I mean and I think that's a good way to kind of start wrapping this up because we we really hit on a lot of things of really how. How do we have? We find your people right. I mean it. It all starts by a friend or somebody. Introduces you to Bourbon. It's very rare that any of us just stumble it on our own or Or maybe maybe you do get turned onto it by social media or for the general media. Tv purposes stuff like that but for the majority of us. There's somebody that gives us that introduction and I think that we have all been in a situation too and I know anybody. That's probably listening to this podcast. You know you're you're one of the geeks out there. You're one of the people that truly hone in on this craft. And you really appreciate it. So odds are is that you're sharing the love of Bourbon with somebody else. And so that's just how everything continues to flourish and grow and then from there yet then it becomes like L. At me on. Facebook magid if you groups and then at that point you you've just you're all in and as as Germany had mentioned earlier in the boxes. Just start showing up on your front door and and your pay pal account gets a little lower but that's just out works. Best is our so Jomon. Jeremy Thank you so much for joining tonight this again. A fun topic In I'll go ahead and kind of let you kind of see what you're gonNA say there. I don't think I was gonNA say any that you're looking at me. It's the rule of thumb is just I mean and it's the rule of thumb for more than suburban community. But don't be an asshole So you know if you if you just a nice guy. It's amazing Kinda actions. You're coming up with twenty one kings is picking a buy a barrel of Willett Ri- You're in a couple of weeks and I'm fortunate enough to be one of the people doing. I never would have gotten the chance to do anything like that. Had not been able to be a part of these communities. It's really cool. It's cool experiences. Got To Adam really thankful for that. I guess the other bad thing about being these communities to I didn't realize for years I could just drive down to Willett and just go pick up bottles in the gift shop and I could've been I could've been doing it all along and I just I just didn't know so that's the that's the bad part but it's a it's also a good thing. Is You have a lot more appreciation for what you do. Have so Again everybody thank you so much for joining tonight. Jeremy do you have any kind of social handles or anything like that? Where people can find out more about you. Anybody who wants to? I guess I'm around on facebook. Jeremy Mandel twitter at Jeremy. Mandel instagram at Jeremy. Mandel if you WanNa talk to me for some strange reason I'm available. He'd never now. I know where to send Fassino ESO ZAGREB WHO to call all of Euro. Aso's to me and I'll figure out some way to repay you'll be happy about very interesting very interesting. I know you kind of want to just go pick a whole barrel of. Oh Yes oh now just automatically. Yeah I like I have one It was for my Picks the icons of whisky when I picked those fucking which was at the the seventeen or eighteen. We had all the recipes it was. I think that was a I think it was like eleven year old. Yeah that was. I think. Twenty seventeen when that was really good. Yeah it's incredibly Dorky. That I can just pull out of my head. No so that was when I was with Whisky magazine and that we did that in. That was like the only times you saw all the all the recipes and now it's back when for roses. I mean I think they brought out forty barrels for us to taste and guide. You lucky if you get four now so as the way the world now all right. Let's go let's go ahead and we'll we'll sign off so again. Jeremy Thank you so much for coming on tonight. That was a pleasure talking to you in seriously. Thank you so much and bringing this topic up because it's fun to to really take a retrospective look into really kinda how we all got here in and why many people are still actually listening to this podcast because they all have some sort of coming of age tale. That's probably very very similar. So make sure you check out. Jeremy on all his social handles makes you check out in pursuit as well as Fred Mimic on the twitter. The facebook in the INSTAGRAM's in if you're like Jeremy and you WANNA help support the show. He's part of our community. You can be part of our community as well. Patriot dot com slash pursuit. Think your body that is part of it and thank everybody that joined in the chat and watch us live another perk of just being a part of the communities. You can be a part of these things as they're happening and Chat along with us so with that. Thank you everybody and talk to you all next week.

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