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"raffles risky" Discussed on Bourbon Pursuit

"Yeah we Like in In Karma might might cost ship groups. It's the stupidest thing in the world. But when when mega ball went from fifteen numbers to seventeen hundred nineteen or whatever? The number is not fifteen anymore. We were all very upset because at diluted our chances of winning stuff so we had to create our own weekly drawing which is I got a Bingo machine. Back their son. Some did our own damn drawing. Because I didn't want split a bottle. Seventeen ways almost fifteen ways but yeah. He ended up particularly in some of those secondary raffle sites. You can lose just an absurd amount of money if you don't really check yourself. Yeah Hey Kenny for introducing me to Raffles Risky whiskey in particular after awhile you you figure you know. That's the reason billing it. I had to delete social media during the week. Thanks a lot after awhile. You end up as early. Uganda quit planned But back to the community aspect of this you know we we look at it as an opportunity as as well to branch out. You know Myself Gotten to know people through these communities and in Your Jeremy. As you mentioned you'll travel you'll go somewhere You know I've got connections now and a lot of states you can. You can travel somewhere. Eno- that you can confine and somebody and you can hang out and have a good time. You don't have to go and meet up at a bar somewhere to go and and hang out and ultimately I don't know about you all. I'd actually rather go to somebody's house and dig into their collection and try something unique than I would just rather meet a put a bar well. It's it's funny we My buddy critic lyman was tear probably six months ago. And there's Three guys here locally. They're a part of the Karma groups that were part of We went out to a bar all meet up in about halfway through my trying that Bob Dylan whiskey. We all that stuff. I hate to break off on that. But what did you think of the Bob Dylan Whiskey? I will wasn't a tremendous fan of grow Sydney like it at all. It was growth about it so there is a okay. So it's it's it's difficult. And they got like the bottom of the barrel of the dickel barrels Because it's like metallic you know there's like there's like this crazy like weird metallic note in there. There was something to it that I had not tasted bourbon before. I don't mean that in a good way and it inspired us. We were Fred you mentioned the Esquire. We were down the road from the ESQUIRE. So maybe that was our problem but we all That that drink inspired me to tell her because the dust bar in San Antonio for whiskey at each of our individual houses. Can we please just go there? So that's what we did. No better than the Bob Dylan whiskey. Yeah I'm sorry. I interrupted you but I had to ask your opinion on it now. I don't totally remember. We're going with that but you're absolutely right. That's sucked Fred. I mean a friend of you if you had enough connections now when you go somewhere that you'd rather not go to a bar and you'd rather go to somebody's house and dive into a you know a weller gold vein or Roy Moore Weller some old dusty Kentucky Tavern or Evan Williams or something like that I've had I've had some weird experiences Please do you. I've had some weird ones But I you know. I'll say that I still like to see what's going on in the town five years ago. I was like I don't want to go to a whiskey bar. 'cause I have everything and I don't want to spend that kind of money and rather just Kinda go hang out and see something else Now I'm kinda going back to the I feel like these. These bars are working hard to promote my culture. What I love and I gotta throw him a bone. I gotta I gotTa go in there and pay my respect to what they're doing so that's Kinda how I think of it now is like I. I don't think of it is like you know. Look at them in their prices. Just what they are if they're price gouging. You know be very vocal about that but in often to like I ended up correcting spelling errors and menus. I mean for God's sakes why can't spell will it correctly it's But I I feel like I have. I have a purpose and I'm supposed I need to be visiting. These great temples of that are bastions to whiskey. And you know if if they invite me and I'm GonNa GonNA show you know. Check it out but indeed do I like go into someone's house and going down in the basement and seeing seeing the collection I mean that's like to me it just it doesn't get better than that. Now what's weird is when like you now. I come in the house. And then the guy's wives down there and I'm like Oh oh and the business guy in the Ascott who'd you agree out? Oh Man can get weird so I didn't sleep on their couch like I'm GonNa go till now. Yeah I mean it's it's fun to look at this and and and look at the relationships that you do build over time Because it does seem like a lot of these hopefully will stand the test time. You never really know Because it I don't know maybe this is another kind of question. Is You know as Bourbon becomes more prolific and becomes more scarce As even harder to find these things and and really I don't know how much bigger these networks that people were creating right now can actually get You can they get bigger or or you feel like you know what I've I don't have anymore room in my life for new friends. We're just GONNA Kinda keep it for me. I mean we. I don't know if we actually call episode this but you said the term finding your Bourbon people For me selfishly. I found my bourbon. People my biggest group of people that I care about is about a hundred and fifty people. And that's about as big as it needs to be in. We're all having like I don't know when this is gonNA air but right now there's this whole bsn. Bourbon secondary market thing going on facebook. We couldn't care less and it's been incredibly entertaining for us because I know because established by community. There's not really anything that's GONNA come out that if I really WANNA try it. I can't try it from a store. Pick that comes out to got a buddy with a bottle of Red Hook that I'm going to see if I can't snail announce it all. Yeah model if you can find your your community than these groups of fifty thousand people really. Don't matter all that much so I guess another question is So you've found your people We already decided. Three's enough we're not bring on a fourth call. Hosa we've got our people but how do you? What would you say is is a good way for people to start getting introduced in sort of like vine there. You don't find their Because you say they're missing connections there yangs of the Yangs of of the Bourbon community to me every every good bourbon connection. I've come into is because somebody was doing something nice for somebody else. You know whether it's you know there's last year Almost city liquor ear had a fantastic Elisa. Correct pick bought a bunch of didn't help some friends that otherwise wouldn't have been able to get it get it and they became good friends. That favor is I've been on the receiving end of that favor from different places all over the country and Great Bourbon connections for me rarely come from trying to proust price. Gouge somebody on a whatever store pick of the month. It is but if you know just be cool with people and treat everyone this. You know what guess Cliche but tree people the way you'd WanNa be treated you'll end up knowing some really cool folks. That's what's that's what's happened me. And that's the advice that I typically give people on between Carmen Twenty one kings. I really don't need to know anybody else You guys can't be your friend. Jammie one of my favorite things is like. I get you know when when when I travel. I do often like to kind of connect with someone. Who's a listener reader just like Or you know. Follow me on instagram. I really do try to make an effort when I'm out to like go hang out with people and My favorite thing to do is like learn about their jobs. You know.

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