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"rachelle pope pope" Discussed on OnEducation

"At home and with your family and our guest. This week's educator and author Rachelle Pope Pope. Let's see if I knew how to do this right. You're getting getting on like getting on a bike. Yes we've been okay. We did the interview already and screw up anything. So I think we're all right so yeah We should start with updates. We you've got lots of lots going on. It's like you know we're backing there's no no rest now So impact education conference is starts to this week. I know this weekend. And we're getting super excited to be able to go and meet all of you guys make sure by the booth and if you have it registered for the conference they they'll do that right Mike Yeah I have no doubt that they can still register conference. You can probably still even register for our podcasting workshop. By the time you hear this you'll only have a day or three to register. But it's seventy five bucks you get to spend the whole afternoon with Glennon. I talking talking about how to podcast in your classroom. You will literally leave with a podcast. WELL WE'RE GONNA command. We're GONNA demand that you leave with podcast and we'll kind of set you up with the the means needs to do all of that. Come in join us for the workshop. If you're coming We also are working with one of our sponsors fidgets on a high school educators giveaway. They're giving away their center kits. I think we're going to get about one hundred of them. So if you come by the booth booth you talk to our friend Connor. Who's going to be working with us? He's GonNa show you how to subscribe to the podcast and sign up for our mailing list. And when you do all that you're going to get something for free man. How bad can that be? Get to listen to the best. Damn podcast in the world and you get you get some cool. Up electrtonics at the same time as a win win win everybody holy crap triple one day the right we're going to start talking about OTC A little bit more now. That we're kind of geared gearing up for that and I guess one of the things to put on everybody's radar is the the cool epic games. FETC EPIC Games party that is being kind of hosted by Steve Isaacs and myself Related the two unreal engine and more probably more relevant fortnight in education. There is so much stuff going on with forty-nine I can't share even in half of the stuff that's happening but a lot of cool stuff is happening. There's a giant contest happening right now with a twenty five thousand dollar reward award for writing. Basically writing lesson plans. I mean it seems like you guys know how to do some of that stuff so so come on people write great upset lesson plans. Take a look Through either Steve's twitter feed or my twitter feed or frankly a lot of people have been sharing it but the contest details those. We'll put them in the show notes as well but WE'RE GONNA also put the event bright Link to this epic Games Educator Network Party that's being hosted. There are very limited spots left. I believe it was full at one point which is I mean first off? That's amazing about sold. How I believe that we were able to convince them to open it up for more spots so I don't know what the status is now but at some point point you know we opened up some spots and so you know come to the if you're coming at BTC this is GonNa be the place to be at least on Thursday night? It's Thursday January sixteenth. Five thirty till eight thirty man. Be There Miami. Miami Miami means. Oh listen guys. We're going to talk on Miami Beach. It can't get much better than that. It's going to be cool. The ultimate nerd experience. That's what it should be called in quotes so Mike I was talking about this. You're back and you're from one of the places in the world. Where did talk about a Goto destination? You Know Bugging List Destination China so I was like okay. I gotta ask him some questions like kind of what did you do kind of recap and then you know tell us. What was your favorite things? Thanks that you saw you did or whatever might be your experiences or whatever may be and then I wanna talk about because I saw some of your twitter posts the food and drink and then at the obvious it tell us whether or not you're you would recommend to us that you would go that we should go there or sure you know all those thick so start off with what did you do. All right. the main purpose of the trip was to visit with one of the companies as we deal with. Make Block They are probably the largest in terms of like capital investment in terms of like value of the company. They're the largest educational -CATIONAL robotics company in the world And we deal with them exclusively in Canada so They're they're big and they they basically we We were there for two things. Related to make block They they run what's called. It's a global robotics competition and it's very popular so think like first Lego League So so similar to that in the sense that there's an arena and it's it's mainly it's it's kids And it's it's very glitzy and it's thing it's a big thing It's very popular in Europe and in South America. It's only really early not popular in North America. And that basically speaks to the dominance of I And how popular the first. Lego League is that that make X. hasn't broken through but we're we're learning more about it and Hopefully at least bringing it to Canada Next year so so we went there to watch. I got to watch the finals. The global the World Championship finals of the of the competition from the arena floor. So first off it's the finals for Helen. Arena so about the size of This is GonNa be hard. I don't know what the comparison is in the United States like junior hockey arena in Ontario seats. About five thousand. People are so yeah so it was in a like basically the size of junior hockey arena And it wasn't it wasn't totally full but it was a decent amount of people there and so we were on the floor though which was super cool and actually if you go on my twitter account and go to? I think there's a place where you can go to like like videos I periscope te most of the finals So you can see how kind of school it was. Cool was to be there. It was like about a forty five minute periscope cope That might be worth checking out because it was it was pretty neat to see like the television interviews and like the boom cameras and like there was lights and lasers and unlike a huge screen that it was all like the color color commentary and like every play by play It was wild so so so that was That was kind of the main reason we were there. And then make block had their their global kind of distributors conference conference. It was like a one day set of meetings and and Ramey Gaddis are the the owner of logic academy did a little speech and we actually won an award award. which we weren't seeing we didn't know was happening at all But we won make blocks Best Stem global double stems solutions provider. which is you know? That's a pretty big deal. I mean they have distributors all over the world. They consider us the best so That was pretty ride right. I mean we WANNA they. They gave us a a cash award and we got a pretty sweet trophy and it was pretty neat so we met with a bunch of other folks Partners companies people. We don't deal with people we do deal with And it was so so it was. It was definitely only a work trip. There wasn't a lot of sightseeing And kinda that's would what we were there for for sure. Yeah so as you were As you get to experience any park as you landed in Hong Kong and then you went to mainland China Year was what were some of your favorite parts. I mean that's got to be a crazy. immersive experience yeah. Yeah so It's hard to verbally explain. How absolutely massive some of these cities are I've tried to like for everyone out there. Like especially if you haven't been Imagined the biggest city you've ever seen most people will say something nothing like New York City or La And some people would say like Toronto so the even even La is pretty relatable in this but I'll talk with Toronto so in Toronto There's the CNN tower which is huge And then there's probably about about three or four skyscrapers that are about a hundred floors high which is a very tall building like. That's that's tall. And then there's about five or six maybe that better about eighty floors high and then and then Kinda the rest are in the sixty four high and that's kind of similar to most urban cities that I've I've been to There's Four or five standout towers and then there's there's some mid range and then most but think think about that core that core of buildings that are that are are big. Stretch that as far as you can see in every direction direction I'd like literally as far as your horizon will go and that's what Guangzhou and Shenzhen Look like like when you look out the window window. All you see is eighty slower skyscrapers every every retrofitting every direction. It is a monolith analyst of a city That is the it's the it's it's it's beautiful in. Its weird weird sort of way. It's absolutely stunning to look. We arrived in Shenzhen our first night Very late much later than we were expecting customs going through you. Chinese customs is crazy that scary and intimidating even for lack of better words not fun at all uh-huh through it's like big site relief and then okay we're here and everything's fine. We're not GONNA get arrested anymore but when we got we finally got ought to the the first the first night to the hotel we stay that and you I. The the hotel didn't start until the twenty third floor so like there were twenty three floors before the fifty floor hotel that we were staying in so I was on sixty some odd floor and an eye open these these giant windows and looked outside and I just I just was breathless. Almost I couldn't believe what I was seeing like. It's just like I said as far as you can see eighty four buildings as far as the and they're all lit up like in with like giant Chinese Chinese lettering on the sides. Lots of like. It's like that that core of Manhattan that you think of with the billboards and stuff. It's a lot like that But everywhere in again on all of these buildings it was I take I take. I shared a couple of pitchers of it It's absolutely stunning. So by far my my favorite part of the week and a half or so that I was in China was we did a on. On the second night we were in Guangzhou which is just a just a bit north of Shenzhen so there's Hong Kong and then Chen is just across the river so we didn't even actually go into Hong Kong the city at all we saved in the Hong Kong airport. You take a ferry From Hong Kong and it goes kind of around a couple of islands and right into Shenzhen. So you're in mainland China and you don't even leave the airport so then Shimshon is rate right in the at the bottom right across the river from Hong Kong and then you drive an hour north to to show. We took a bullet train. So I've never taken like rail or it was about So it took about twenty five minutes to take what would normally be about an hour an A half drive or so and it was fast like it was exactly what you think it would be was incredibly fast and everything just flows flies by you..

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