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"rachel mineta retina" Discussed on Hall of Shame

"Guys. I'm Rachel Mineta Retina and this is Paul of Shame Rachel today. I WanNa talk to you about something near and dear to our hearts to our heart. Yes okay okay Cleveland. I figured you were going to say that all right. Should I get some Kleenex Ready? Should I think you should like definitely put on a cozy sweater and really buckle down for this one? Oh four star little background. I'm from Cleveland. Ohio obviously football town. The football hall of fame is just down. The road in Canton and football is like interwoven into our lives. Like it's just a piece of life in Cleveland totally the way. I guess I could equate it to hockey for you or I mean I. Guess if you want to generalize anyway when my dad first moved to the states from sports was sort of the thing that connected him to this new country and he initially lived in Queens so he was a Yankees Fan. Just fine you forgive him. It was the seventies but I think the thing that really solidified that connection for him. was becoming a football fan and Cleveland. Do you think he wanted to get into sports so that he had something to talk about with people he wanted to fit in more yeah. I don't think he did it so consciously I think he was a huge cricket fan in India but I think it's something that translates you were fan growing up and now you're football fan and it's just like away to connect to wherever you move. You know when your dad moved to. You said he start. He landed in Queens I. What was he doing? How old is he? What was his deal? He was a medical resident. Excuse he was a mock me six or whatever. Yeah it's wild. That's so funny my mom so they got. They were arranged which is so interesting different podcasts. And so they got married and then he moved here a few years before my mom joined him and she said when she got here he had not yet bought addresses but his clothes were organized in these paper bags. Love that they were organized. Still Organ you can. We dedicate an entire podcast. Just on your dad because he already sounds so fascinating. Thank you we can. I love this. Well I'll tell you what his phantom passed down to me and my little sister so it's continues the legacy continue when I moved to La. I used to go to Dublin's on sunset. Maybe remember it and I would watch football. I would watch the browns because that was an official browns backers bar so the browns backers are an official on. Are you a part of the browns backers? Yeah do you have like a jacket or something? There's no jacket you just kinda joined. But it's like an organization of Browns fans outside of Cleveland. Can I join you should join? It has like three hundred thousand men doing this girl. I know browns backers. I can't believe you haven't already anyway. Look we browns fans as you and I both know are super loyal. This is one of the most storied franchises in football with a long rich history but also a painful one super painful and that is where I want to take my story today okay. So we're this is interesting to me because I'm a new browns fan. Only about two seasons old. I know even just after two years. Okay I it. There's a lot of pain and suffering the same sex and now I'm here until the end but I've always heard these horror stories about how the browns were so bad for so long so I guess this is going to be.

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