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"Lemon chan the dude here. Chaos bar and grill. Come on and have lunch. Expect going to have a great day here today with the state baseball's today i think so. Yeah danville and lafayette is like tonight. Like seven thirty or something. Where where are those games. They're playing out at the ballpark. I think aren't they the legend stadium or is it you. I don't know well wherever it is telling me. i may go to a game. It's a good day to sit out in the sun. Watch a little baseball. i'd love it. Go watch today's a perfect day for it. So where is it. I gotta check i dunno. Will you find that. It's always been whitaker bank ballpark but now i'm not sure it's still there. I'm not sure if they moved to the uk as whitaker bank. I'm going to eat lunch and go and see whoever's play I talk about that. Olympic swimmer down. Since i remember the man who just told me he wasn't wearing the underwear he started talking hiked his leg up on the chair. Yeah which as you could think might have had things happen rachel king ker. She's from creek. She swims for cow. And she's going to make the olympic swimming team. Well congratulations yes. Rachel kiecker and somebody just told me that a girl. I went to college with that. Her has a daughter who almost made the olympics barely. We haven't even had the olympic trials yet. I don't know what. I think they're swimming that going on now. I thought the ncaa tournament was going on. Maybe that's what's going on now. I don't know who knows all right. So i this is what i'm told i don't i don't have any reason to think this isn't true. That bashir could pass an executive order. Which would go into effect in stay into effect until january and then the legislature could either codify make it into law or strike it down but that he could do something that potential to get us to january. If that's true. You know if i wanted to the pastor's i'm saying to it. Yeah aren't you. And i would wait as long as possible thirtieth june thirtieth at the last minute on the savior. This is what we're gonna do to save help kentucky university of louisville and ekg everybody'll say that gives me a little more optimism. Because what i was trying to think is all of these bodies congress than ncaa the kentucky state legislature. They all move so slow. How in the world can happen two weeks. Here's something that could be done in one day right and i will tell you he will be celebrated their. He's if that's possible he'll have to do. Even the people have been mad at cow. You don't think. Count chris mac and those guys mark stoops are going to be like going. Hey governor at a boy. Yeah so i think. That's you know if i'm the kentucky legislature republicans. Shame on you for giving him the chance to given him a chance to have a huge spotlight. Yeah that was a mistake probably. Yeah let's see if he does it. I wanna make sure that's true. I'm surprised that's the law in kentucky. Maybe i shouldn't be but i'm surprised that if the legislature is not in session the governor could just make law. I didn't know that was true. Also does seem like that should be true. Everything the more learn about kentucky laws the more on like what what are we doing. You can't have an ice cream in your back pocket. I mean what's that law about. I don't understand. let's go over some new stuff here. First of all the somerset scramble goes on sale today. Oh it does so. I will announce how to do that towards the end of the show. So if you have a team that would like to play in somerset. Of course the lexington scramble is this afternoon or friday and that sold out the louisville scramble goes on sale a few weeks. But if you'd like to play somerset which is always fun because it's a little more intimate You know we don't have quite as many teams so we ended up having a lot more town with everybody. If you want to do that we will. We will tell you how in just a little bit let's go for some new stuff. First of all the powell county t-ball fight all yeah has gone national. And i'm gonna tell you. I think we deserve credit for that or blamed depending on how you look at it because nobody was talking about it until we did and the story we put on. Facebook went everywhere. Did it. it was one of our most read story. Yesterday it's gonna be our most read story today. It's it's the story and then. Cbs news picked it up last. But i mean it's it's the reason they pick it up is it's ridiculous. It is totally ridiculous. A bunch of grown people losing their minds. And so it's ridiculous and not surprise there there. I've seen two different videos. Is that all. that's out there. I've only seen to that show a lot. Yes one looks like. It's the beginning of the fight dude. Ritzy shirt off. Which by the way is such a mountain thing. Yes it is. At the moment the fight starts the shirt goes goes off. I mean that's like business shirts off and my favorite part about the second video clip where it seems to be kind of at the end of it. The the mom is screaming. You know this is for the kids. Be you know where this triple what you're doing in front of the kids and she's like where's my blinken. Kid that's my favorite part. I think that's the woman taking the video. The woman taking videos to take the video is screaming at the people. Go and this is for the kids for the kids. Where's my bleeping. Kids that to me is awesome. I think that's really really funny. Yeah i mean so. They've canceled the t-ball ball tournament. Cancel the tournament. They've also said that starting next year they're not keeping score let. I didn't think they did keep score and t-ball telling you can score is there's a lot of places that don't we all know. I think there's a lot of places now that don't keep scrolling t-ball for this probably for the but think about this. They're going to stop keeping score because the parents can't stay under the kids can't the because the parents came and that's always been the worst part has been in the younger ages. That like it. Ain't you we exaggerate a little bit by performances. I i'll say something wants. But i don't cuss and i'm not gonna threaten to fight somebody you don't think there's any scenario. You would get defied at one of negative. No way that i mean. It's not like seen in. It's a rooster. Sparkling rod on preston tried to run me over telling me if another parent went out there. Ryan wouldn't be following with his shirt off if that kid apparent would after my kid i guarantee i'd be out there on him would be went after your kid. I don't think that's going to happen but if a went after your kid. I've been where parents have jumped over the fence and went on the field deal on an official or something jumped the fence. Yep wow so. If you're so the so the stanton parks department put out a statement that.

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