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Wednesday, Dec. 18: Rachel Brosnahan and Luke Kirby

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Wednesday, Dec. 18: Rachel Brosnahan and Luke Kirby

"Subscribe to our podcast to get hot topics delivered every afternoon. And while you're at it rate US and Labor Review it's your mid week motivation. Catch the view is live residential poison pen this scathing letter president trump fired off to speaker. Pelosi locie will this preemptive strike at today's historic impeachment. Vote change anyone's mind. The Yang Gang are the supporters orders of dark horse candidate. Andrew Yang the Bernie rose of election twenty twenty Plus Stars of the Golden Globe nominated hit series the marvelous marvelous. Mrs Mazel Rachel Brosnahan and Luke Kirby here come Hump Day had toppings with whoopie. I'll be huntsmen joy Behar Sunny Halston and Meghan McCain. Now let's get things started wasn't going to be good goodness I've I feel I feel like somehow we've all been together before I don't know why feel so connected this way but I feel like I know no. I'm just spilt electrically connected to all of you as we speak. The House is debating on the historic. Vote that will take place later today on whether or not to impeach you know who he called in some of his friends ends or cronies. Stephen Miller to help fire off a really kinda angry letter at Speaker Nancy Pelosi and was also asked asked his thoughts on about what's going down. Take a look for the back. You know I don't take any zero to put it mildly. They took a perfect phone call that I had with the president of Ukraine. An absolutely perfect call. You know they all know nothing. We're said wrong on that. Call to impeach. The president of the United States for that is a disgrace and it's a market our country. It's actually going to be a mark on your presidential record. What's in would really sooner? I guess made me laugh because I thought of all these guys sitting around saying okay and then what are you going to say about her own. No I know she nancy. NC PULLED OC is a big all. What what should we say which? I wonder how much I miss I mean. Why are you sitting around with folks writing letters to l'esprit? Wha what were you know. He didn't write. It hasn't read six pages much much less written or no he went. He wrote some of this. He wrote some tell you. I looked at me. An English teacher. There was syntax commas and periods and everything. Stephen Miller Sandra Stephen you can you can read read like a very long tweet this yes probably six s the longest thing he's ever written. But what does this do to someone who has built his entire. LUGOSI's off of his name. His brand we'll be make a good point if they vote to impeach him. The first thing that's GonNa come up when you google trump is the third president to be impeached right That's GONNA cost some severe scary this letter for tear terribly written a lot of grammatical errors but it makes it a lot harder for someone like myself who's trying to take take trump out of it and think about the bigger picture of what impeachment means and how hard we should make it for. President be impeached because this letter was just complete narcissism awesome. And it's the exact opposite of what I think about the president and what they should be the one of the best qualities I've always thought for president is humility because humility means You're willing to listen to someone. Humility means you're willing to admit when you've made a mistake. Yes none of those he did in this letter and none of those he ever is willing to do. You know so you can't read this to yourself. Is this what I always thought of to leave this country. Is this the type of person that I want. Cycle Fry Tiller. It was very bizarre art. And I mean it's it's on the Internet you know. I hope people will read it at six pages. It single single Spain. It's very entertaining but it's also bizarre. I've read it about five times because every time I read it. You know I wear a fitbit and my heart kept on getting faster and faster the my heart rate because it was scary. Sorry I I felt pity that concern and then I got scared for the country for the country because I started thinking about the twenty fifth amendment. If I'm being honest I started thinking about his fitness to lead the country because it sounded it sounded like the rantings of someone that was unstable. Here's the thing I I was thinking. What's the motive for the hysteria? You know this guy We know if he doesn't win he's out there he could go to jail and I think that he's a he's really frightened. I really do think he's frightened. I mean this guy used two million dollars foundation money for his own use. That was supposed to go to veterans. I believe you know he has. He has a okay. Has Hush money to stormy down Daniels. That's hanging out there as a crime. There's all sorts of things he's done I don't think he. I thought that I don't think he realized the severity of what it means. Is Angie impeached to have everybody sit around and say we think something and has gone on and we need to do all of this. I think they eat. I believe in my heart that he thinks he's going to be able to make A. What do you call when he writes something something in he can change the way stuff happen? That's hard and now he can't pardon himself I don't think he could use. But what's the what's the thing when he makes this when he makes it. Look thank you executive to say. I think he thought he could make some sort of executive decision and shift. This and I think it's just starting to be clear jammed this house. I mean I think the letter is unpresidential. Obviously obviously a very aggressive But the politics of impeachment. We're GONNA be talking about probably for the next few months. Nancy Pelosi in March told The Washington Post for impeachment. Impeachment is so divisive to the country tree that unless there's something so compelling an overwhelming and bipartisan which is the part that I zeroed in on. I don't think we should go down that path because it divides the country now. Eighty eight percent of Republicans begins our guest impeachment. Tolsey Gabbard actually offered a censure for Democrats which I thought that would probably be a better way to get Republicans on board to censure versus impeachment and I was talking taking some friends of mine last night. Who Don't follow politics? I envy their lives deeply but they were under the impression that being impeached today means he's out of office and I had to explain it goes. What's the trial? And then if he goes to trial and then he won't be able to run again but the likelihood of going to the Senate and passing through is almost nothing. So the politics of this. I just don't know where Democrats lie given the every polling from whatever pull you read from CNN on onboard more conservative outlets show that the popularity is waning so at a certain point. We're going to come to the end of this and I don't think Democrats are going to get what they want. So what happens next. But that's we'll get what they want. I think Democrats are going to get what they want. And I think that this is no longer about getting him out of office. It is putting on the record for everyone to see whether you agree with it or not that we followed the directions that the founders of put down and said if you think something is happening it's the same with the with the not the whisperer law. My God art there were there. Were things that have been put into place so then people want him removed though like Democrat. I think there's a swat. Obviously there are a lot of people who I guess what I'm saying is regardless of whether he goes or not the fact that we are as Americans entitled to question the Actions Of this man sitting in office and they are job. Congress at their job is to say. If they're saying there's something wrong we need to make sure there's not because you should be. You should be the pinnacle now. We know that human beings but you should be the panicle. Your Dad was the pinnacle you know whether I agreed with him about everything was never the point. The point was I never questioned where he stood for for the country. When you start questioning where a president actually stands for the country whether you're right left or center it's a problem? It's always a huge on both before and this is about MCI. Well Yeah it's supposed to be about oversight right it's supposed to be about a separation of powers it's supposed to be about. No one is above the law and I think this this house is is taking its oath seriously and is being guided by the constitution so in this letter in an opportunity for him to get the upper hand here where we think he's going to be presidential and that way way and I think part of the problem with everyone in politics as you just said that a lot of things have gone out the wayside. I'm no longer not living in the present. I can't expect professional presidential presidential ethical behavior anymore. I'm living in the politics of this and telling Democrats it'd be one and feel the rage of Democrats all day. Soon as I leave my apartment I know you want him out or at least a lot of you do and I just don't know if this is the way to do it because once it gets to the Senate I don't think Mitch McConnell as you say everyday Joe You WanNa do this and I know it's going to be on the record but I also know you want him pulled out of the White House. The golden handcuffs. Yeah I I feel very good about today that we're doing this and I also think that the Democrats need to push this idea that they are holding up up witnesses that we need to hear in the neutron on the Senate we need to hear from Mulvaney who need to hear from Bolton. We need to hear from Giuliani. The fact that those those people are not going to be witnesses means that they have something to hide. Americans need to know that Republicans need to know that Republicans need to know that their country is being misused by the people in charge. Seventy one percent of Americans want witnesses what they say we. We're going to bring people that we want you. You can say let's bring. It has to reach of Maine to the trial but the bottom line is we didn't for Clinton yes we we did it for a with Nixon. Yeah do the same thing. Follow the same staff same. There's no one rule for you and another roof. Follow the same steps because whether the you're Democrat or Republican or someone who is in the middle we're all Americans and these all the laws. Yeah if you take us out this web then you've gotta take everybody will it happen. Bullpen say who can say. We'll be right back later of love. Average Joe Biden's personal physician says he's super healthy and fit to serve but witness age. Still be an issue for voters. Here's this week. Christmas has come early to the view. Because we're unwrapping the hottest topics around name another show on television. That does we are ready. GERWIG bringing her view. We're not about Helen. Hunt and Paul Reiser. And our holidays aren't complete without Darlene. Love bringing down the House on the view this week gun. ABC later stars of the Emmy winning series. The Marvelous Mrs Mazel Rachel Brosnahan and Luke Kirby the Democratic candidate Andrew Yang has been able to hang in there longer than some governors and senators who've already dropped out and and analysis of his supporters found that their overwhelming overwhelmingly young man. Okay so as the Yang hang gang this election this elections Bernie Bros.. No this is the Yang Yang Tang has about two percent more than I do. Okay the guy. Israel has already said which are booker inspire me like him a lot. But I don't say anything happening there. He's coming being on the show. We'll ask him how he's doing but he's doing fine they have he hasn't had to drop out. Yeah I know but bucks pretty well he may be. But you know the great thing thing about this as there are great ideas. And all of these folks and everybody's got some great Dan so he has this effervescence to him. The way he campaign's the thing that I like most about as he looks like he's the only person that's genuinely having a really great time. y'All it's eggs and I think that's significant right now given that everybody is miserable on that stage stage except for him and he gives very candid answers and by the way his base of support is very young. It's eighteen to twenty nine year. Eighteen twenty nine years old very is nine percent and the older people tend to vote in higher. Numbers is still significant. When you're talking about the new generation coming up and I do think when you're talking about the whiteout are the back? There are no minorities left on the stage. Conversely he's still standing very strong. I also I think. His story is the best representation of America and democracy because his adamant. He's it's dad grew up in China on a peanut farm where he said he slept with no floor under him now. His son is in the next debate as close as we are to the caucus akkas and the primaries and to your point meg when you see him. He represents the opposite qualities of what we see right now in the White House he's self deprecating. He's funny I think he's relatable to young people people because he's talking about ideas. That may not go anywhere that maybe people aren't talking about now but they will probably start talking about talk about getting money back actually Amazon Amazon and all those big companies. And you need to come up with you need to include us in this big party. y'All Abbott I like it I like I like the dividend. I think think that's fine but I I. I don't know I always feel like people are sort of trying to make Andrea thin and I don't think he's a thing I mean if we always say that you need. The African American vote to become the democratic take nominee. I mean he's tied at three percent with may appear Buddha judge. He's tied with Mayor Bloomberg who all have a lot of problems with the African American community. He can't get that vote. I do not want. He don't say Ono he's at all is what it isn't. He's still bear. This is where from a media blackout. He has not yet. We've talked about this many times on the show they'd given where he is ranking in pulling alling nationally he should be getting a good amount of press as other candidates that are doing on the same level and he has not the with exposure has come get. He's still my darkhorse speed. Epic I'M GONNA keep saying hang it over and over again because he represents everything that the old guard is not in the conversations. We're having about automation in the United States from America and auto workers being put out a place in places like McDonalds where you're just going to put in numbers and then you're gonNA come out. That conversation is only being done in the base because of this man and I respect that as well. You know these congressman these people who are running don't don't do. What trump did he was on the phone more than a teenage girl? If you recall he was we want trump every every show on the phone and they would put him through his lies in the dirt have happened. Remember this was one of the first places that made ham legit jet which ABC. Oh yeah you know. And so Bag Reality Gladys is very well but as a as a candidate because as they did a whole interview with him and then other people follow through may say one could ask. The question is because does he is a minority that he's not giving liens. Well he's certainly creating a ton of excitement among his social media a lot of people are you know I've got the gang rallies right. Is he going to really be the nominee. I think the dark more but I think if you're cory booker. Her Amy Klobuchar. You're sitting senators and your polling beneath him. Something about your message is resonating in the same way and I just like grassroots candidates were changing narratives changing conversations stations. And I think I wish the media would give him more credit than he has been given unless all say which we've done this show. Well we say it ain't over till us over. We don't know who's who do and I'm not counting anybody out until they're out. Yeah because the idea that we say this isn't going to work. That's what everybody else does. We say anything thinking happy. We know we add a black president. Nobody thought that was going to happen before we had a woman. Okay no I'm telling. Never forget my mother saying I never never thought ever 'cause you could be president but you never really thought you can be president and then anything can happen. Every black man got the vote. The four women did yes. That's always the cake that's always there. They are men and that's what it is when we we lack men. Don't get US wrong but y'all you know go out in front of stuff we'll be men. Yeah so Adam. Driver starring in one of the year's biggest movie star wars the writes Skywalker but he got up and left an interview with an NPR Interview because he doesn't like watching themselves on screen right. He doesn't want to see the scene where he sings and then another movie. He's saying. Starring doggone called marriage story right. You know and people seem to be surprised prized by a song in the middle of America. But he doesn't want to watch it he doesn't WanNa Watch it and he doesn't want to hear it and then I said to him. We won't do it or something he said don't do it. And and they did it so he got up and walked out so wrong to walk out. Don't you think Oh yes. Since we don't have we don't have the Kudo has been been good. We've done famously. Walked out on bill. O'Reilly one. You know what you think. You're the only one that's hard on yourself was. We're our own worst critic and you could be one of the most famous talented people in this world and you still are your own worst critic. I feel form. I don't think he was. I don't know exactly what happened but my my sense is he wasn't trying to be rude. Maybe really does have a hard time watching himself. And grasses don't do don't do it doesn't like watching. He actually said someone asked him does. Does it throw you off to hear yourself. And he says yes he says he watches himself and then he always hates it and then he wishes he could change it but he can't and then he has a tendency to try to change it. Go over it and it. It affects the way yeah forms. I hate watching myself. I'm always told you should watch this. You should watch my idea show. I started watching myself. And then I wanted to edit all this stuff and I started having meetings with people and it was a complete nightmare I just I think you have to respect that. If you are a type A personality that it can be really difficult difficult. I don't WanNa Watch. I've made fifty movies. I don't WanNa Watch you don't and you don't watch the other things I was there I was there. I did it why I did like watching it. It's like watching a rerun. Yeah and it's also a former marine and that's where his background is which is always way semper fi him and so I think if you come from marine marine background where you'd actually served and now you're arguably one of the biggest actors in the world at this point probably seeing yourself for him is I know like my brother worships him just because my brother was in arenas well I will say we interview celebrities almost every day here and I'm always very specific about what they are and are not comfortable talking about your personal life. I'm not going to push anything because I have too many times. It done too many interviews where I say. Don't WanNa talk about this. I don't want to do this. It makes me uncomfortable. Cut to the first question and people are just absolutely nasty about it and so I think it's a sad the breakdown between clean media and basically all public figures. This happens a lot with folks. You know. People don't understand you're seeing a movie. I live the movie. I you're seeing a scene and I'm thinking you thinking. Oh my God. That's so deep what she's doing and I'm thinking oh I remember. I had the biggest headache that day. And then my back one out. The woman was so nasty to. That's what you're thinking about when you're watching what you're doing. You know what you did so people will just have to understand that you don't necessarily want to relieve relieved that I used to wear whatever person who'd like dragged everybody into watch him say. Look what I did hear. Oh Yeah what a Weirdo. Well it's like I always say trump. I'm sure he does. He made a quick read that can shows clips of himself a shout. Does he loves to watch. But you know it's true that That people who have talent arose question as I always say it's only the mediocre over are always at their best You know because they think they're great and they're not but people who actually have the ability like now. That wasn't good off. I'm I'm sure I'm just like I wrote. I know this already. I know have this movie because I was in. But you want to see and once. No don't parts marks come to know maybe because it doesn't tell you I made a movie once somebody and when we saw it is like that is not the movie we May. I don't know who did. This is not the move and everyone in the same way and I thought I'm not doing this again. Yeah I'm not doing it again. Watch now because people you know that gets edited and you see you know. I'm happy I like seeing the poster. They don't need to see the movie and you know what that's how I feel about myself right now. I don't need to see me on TV right now. I'm going away. We'll be back once upon a time. We were introduced to a world. Hold on like any other Elsa. Promise me Redo this together. Okay but now. A new journey lies ahead I'm ABC Ginger. Zee Meat as we go inside frozen too with the animators composers and storytellers. Who are bringing the next chapter in the frozen saga to life inside frozen to a behind the scenes look at the making of frozen to from? ABC and Dizzy. Listen now for free on your favorite. podcast asked at sponsor to we talk about holiday topic but we were just talking about. Are you guys getting all these crazy calls on your on your home. Yes I am I crazy. Did we have a thing that said you can't call these people and you you wrote a whole thing and you sent a do not yes. I opted in a race that you're talking about Robo calls. I guess Sir Personal Calls People Finding number are unlisted number. I'm Jay numbers they're saying is is joy there air. Hello my husband said she doesn't live here anymore. Okay hung up but I mean I. I don't like that that's right. I have an unlisted number and so they can find your number. They have your address. I we get letters from people in Indiana. I mean you know some mostly have a picture which I'm fine with that I don't send it because then I would tell them they. They got it to me. I address Chris. I'm changing my numbers. Everything's changing now. Yeah well just you know. Put it under a whole i. In terms of Robo calls and stuff they just increased has gone up more because I feel like every other call now is somebody. I don't know from a numbered. That kind of looks like that number. I know they find your area and then I think Oh this must be my cousin who the Hell I. If they don't leave a message deleted deleted and right do not now. Don't even answer. The phone would never answered the Paul Unique and every day I get why to reset your facebook password winter facebook along time ago facebook is spying on all of us and I don't need more I in the sky government stuff for them to know about me. Thank you for Clapping Jerry Dangerous Eh. Just having a phone I think can be dangerous. Beware too there was a company called me recently. They said they were apple. And someone to my computer. Oh I made the mistake. See they say that. They went into my computer abby. I won't wait. Ended up in the moment realized because they they become your friend on the phone. Yeah this is normal and then you're in your computer like photos very cute and you're like this. This is not there so good. Would it make apple and you're reading next week about how these purves are on the get into the game. Yeah facial hello and they they make their little kids and the kids starts talking and you never know with that. Don't you really have to monitor every time your kids are doing on the voice. They're all out there. I don't think that these are France and lettuce is like your grandmother. Yeah don't tell anything I list. Is Grandma problem. Even Grandma's can be weird your grammy. It's not as strange. So your grandma commissioned Michelle. We'll be right back winning stars Rachel Brosnahan and Luke Kirby take their relationship to the next level on the new season of the hit series. The Marvelous Mrs Mazel there live on the view. Next the emmy winning do Rachel and move back from the third season of the Marvelous Mazer as to oh comics who cross paths on stage and off. Take a look what I'm doing here. Are You living here in Florida. At some point every Jew must lives from Florida. It's in the Tora. Wow it's weird I never picked you living anywhere exist signs disappoint you but I do live places and right. Now it's here. I got a key I get mail. I wear a apron tight. Heard shy was in town so I thought I would stop by and say hello. Hello Hello Goodbye please. Welcome Rachel Brosnahan and Luke Kizza blog. Now well it's always a shock shock. You see something and if somebody comes out. And they don't have all gone. I went back to me. Thank enjoy congratulations on the show you. You're a new fourth coming up fourth season. They just picked you up again. This is phenomenon this show fantastic. Congratulations to you the rituals. You've been here a couple of once or twice before Once I was so sick I know you didn't have a voice live or making. We're making up for it now. The Look you had this is your first time here. I understand that you have a little bit of a bone to pick with watt to just a little bit. I have heard about this LASAGNA. But I promise I won't ask you to make me any good because I'm not. I understand that I want to be hostile. I still have to win all the awards again. Yeah I watched the video try making it. Yeah Yeah Yeah. It's very simple there am again. Oh Mama Leoneans captain. It looks fantastic. I don't but you don't say what is how long you put it in the oven for. Oh well I'm sorry you're not no actually I freeze it first on cooked and then defrosted defrosted and then thirty minutes or forty minutes three fifty yup and that's it. That's not that complicated to figure out. I could've done trial and error no other thing how. How the Milwaukee and the guy I love it? We got sued and the eggs. You mix them together but how many well read the the big thing that you put to exit now. You're not going to have her special touch. There's something called. All that joy puts in that he picks duster a man can dream. You're so funny I love this show and I'm halfway through the third season so I don't want you spoil it for any of us but I also have the chemistry between you to of course be housewife turned comic Lenny Bruce who was a real stand comedian. Well known we conic absolutely you play him very well in the show. I keep thinking this is going to be at this. Because there's sort of this this this chemistry where are you want them to get together. But you're a mentor at the same time. Is it ever going to happen. I mean you'll have to keep watching to find out I suppose deposed but I don't want it to happen and I've gotten I've gotten in so much trouble for saying that I just I love. I love their friendships. So much. And I love how Lenny when he sees mergers and equal and treats her like one and he's the reason she became a comic and I worry that if they crossed that line neither of them are really in a place. Where we're really lenny? Bruce was so dysfunctional. Big Drug Addict. I don't really see you this character with any birds. She's too she's too wholesome that I think he he loves it. I think yes I think Glenn is very fond of. I think the biggest problem with them crossing the line is that they would have to get married I. It doesn't have the budget for that. We're talking about Lenny. Bruce who is is. I said iconic dysfunctional channel and also. He was called sick sick comic in his day because he was so obscene. But now I don't think he would make it do you. I mean I don't know what happened to him in these in these. PC time he's been fine. Yeah I mean I be dragged off this. He was dragged off on obscenity charges and put in jail for that yeah but he was speaking to the establishment at the time which was the church and the government and they picked. That's what got him into trouble. Bowl was that he was going up against something. That was very strong and felt threatened. God legitimately threatened by him speaking truth to power I and when whenever they deemed whatever he said offensive he chose the point that what he found offensive about them and I remember he he was also breaking laws that were in existence at the time. We don't have these obscenity kind of conversations anymore because everything's up see no because because we've moved. The Bar has moved so much but I think he would. You know this would be the perfect environment for him. Now would he it. Would he be as funny because one of the reasons he was funniest because there was no one lie can yeah so you know not a shock value in there. Well entomologists. Hey I know you think this I know you have said it in your head. And I'm saying that loud deal with his daughter. Kitty visited you set right. Did she give you any tips upset about her dad and he has inside information. You look a lot like your essence. Is there the aura. Go ahead. She was great. She's been so kind of supportive. Gave Her blessing away. And did she tell you anything about him. You could use it. She said she she. She told me that he had a pragmatic mind quiz. Manning yeah which I thought was the greatest way to define when listening to him. He's bouncing around the console console many mirrors and and I just thought that that describes it perfectly honest questions. US Joy so what actually well. I love this question. Just about criticism the character midge about at this time. I'm being a mom and never being with your kids. Yeah it's it's a yes trying to live your dream we still we as women. We struggle with this to this day. And I've heard you guys talk about it. What did you make of the criticism of the character? It's been really interesting you know. She's borrowed from a perfect mom. MENCH has a super unhealthy body image. Does she measures every part of her body. She's certainly passing that down to her daughter who she measuring her forehead. It's not ideal by. I've heard words thrown around like. She's an abusive abusive parents. She's abandoned her children. She neglects them. And it's like but this is a woman who is pursuing a brand new dream. The children's father has stepped up. He's he's he's there at home with them while. TV Show TV. Show Dan Fifties. It's not about twenty twenty but it's amazing. How the conversation the station looks the same? You have four loving grandparents Zelda's families using words like a band neglect. What is that about a woman who's WHO's trying to do it all who's trying to says that people are not comfortable with the idea that well but you know women are always a bitch to each other? You're never good enough. And here's the bottom line. None of us are ever good enough. Yeah that's that's the struggle and that's the joy alive so back up lengthened in the work of other of other women because it never mind. We think we know what it's supposed to be. It's a lot of gallons a lot of guilt. We had a lot of gifts and pressure. Lou You ran the New York marathon not a great transition. That wasn't interested. Good hiring bad you'll marathon. I will say other than running through the finish line. It was pretty miserable experience. Yeah just laid. When they're finished? What is the best part? Because you're done but there's summer data me. They look so happy. I don't think I looked at it. It was it was horrible. Yeah no I after Mao Sixteen. I thought this has got to stop the nobody should do not especially ended the point. Here's don't listen to him. You should train a little bit that way. A bus. Stephanie Nile. Sir I come back. y'All wonderful you come back again because make it even stranger for you to live Luke. Urban season three of marvelous. Mrs Mazo is available on Amazon Prime Video. Now and you can catch Luke on Stade's AIDS tonight in Judgment Day at the Park Avenue Armory here in New York January eleven and we will be right back tomorrow writer director Greta Greta Gerwig on getting the beetle stars in Young Hollywood for her version of little women flood. The season's hottest holiday toy and four hundred years. After America's shameful legacy of slavery began the Creator of the Sixteen Nineteen Project Nicole Hannah Jones and stationed nineteen star wars scourge bridge. Joe Sure how they're bringing things full circle towards a future of hope and change so the break dot com to come and take a picture with these folks so I'm doing when it now so we'll get the picture now. We WanNa have a great day. Take a little time to enjoy the view.

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Find out what happens when the Knicks generation stops being polite and start getting real again in baseball. Click on the Facebook watch icon and search the real world on watch MTV's, the real world, Atlanta, streaming now only on Facebook watch. They wanna know. Fame it welcome to weekly, the podcast real and everything you need to know about the celebrities. You don't. I'm Bobby finger. I'm Lindsey Weber and we're done with our tour. You won't hear us beg you for ticket sales any more. Right. I'm more, I think I'm happy about that. Then our audiences. No more. No more humiliating, please to buy, Cuba, leading begging. Yeah, we shut up. We sold out a beautiful audience in DC, and Boston. And we did amazing topical jokes. I hope you guys loved are topical humor so many digitally Maddie's somebody visuals visuals. We listen to lindsays mom heckling us. No, those knowing she had gold. She heckled. She's a bit of a heckler also, you know, the tour is quote unquote, over, but will we may be doing New York shows in the fall 'cause we live here, technically not a tour. It's like holy so doing something in our backyard. It's just fine. It's on a tour except we would never do a show in bobby's backyard. It's too small. No. Also, you would get completely obliterated by mosquito gas. It would have to be a free show because you'd want your money back. Otherwise. Oh, what else is going on today? There's important breaking news to talk about, and that is that Rachel Brosnahan lakes. Every kind of water hold up every record scratch, every kind of water Rachel Brosnahan legs, it every cowboy likes it likes it still likes it airplane water likes it Vitas water. Some of those are seltzer is not waters. She just likes every kind of weather you're telling me if you send Rachel Brosnahan two places where water is not safe to drink out of the tap. She would be like, oh, I like every kind of water. Yeah, that's a bold claim that she goes to a hotel. And they're like, okay, so be sure to just drink the bottled water because the water out of the tap, like your body's probably not used to it. So just avoid, and she's like, no, I like every kind of water does that you're not. Bowl on, like a Taurus trip, 'cause she loved the HBO show. Turnover ball and they're like, Rachel do not drink the water here, and she's like, don't worry. I love every how to water if you put a guy kind of near the water, it will like go crazy. And she's like, no, I know. But I love that kind of why does Rachel Brosnahan like every kind of water because she's making money from subtle. Yeah, that's true. So this was the headline on the kite. They interviewed Rachel Brosnahan. And honestly, like every single publication that got this press release of upper racial Brosnahan doing spun, for set affil- posted it. I don't know what happened you guys. I mean something something happened where every single publication posted about this watershed, right? And so they were like, hey, Rachel Brosnahan is now. Combining with Richard rows ahead is now working with Seta fell like she's a new spokesperson for it. Would you want to do an interview with her and talk about her life, but also her her water and like hydration instead of Phil, and they were like sure the cut took the bait who else took the bait plenty of people took the bait people, a chance to talk original Roseanne about among other things water. I'm in women's wear. Daily took the bait. Everyone literally I could not find someone who had not written about Taylor's up on my God about Rachel Brosnahan, instead of fill, like this is the most Wild Thing that this was something because if you put any those separately, you're like, would you want to write about Rachel Brosnahan, no doing right about set of film? No together. Still, no, I love the, the try to work in the marvelous. Mrs may Zell thing into the Rachel Brosnahan loves water and set of fil angle. So you have when you try to do that you get sentences like this. So this is Rachel, Brosnahan, speaking in what is essentially gibberish when I was in high school. I was over treating little breakouts. And then I was really dry. My mom recommended the gentle skin cleanser at the time I felt like I had a medicine cabinet that looked like midges as in midge as L filled with products that we're all supposed to do something different simplifying that really changed my skin looks and behaves. You don't need to stretch this like metaphor like you don't need to start talking about your character. We don't care whereas Rachel bras and also revealed her must have be product. She take with her. If she had to travel back in time, quote, I would take the central gentle skin cleanser with me. Yeah. Well, you're you take the, you'd also take the ten million dollars at you're getting to do this ad ten million. I'm exaggerating. It's like I'd also take antibiotics. I take toothpaste like I would take any modern convenience makes like so funny. The first person to ever do of fill spawn. It's just so funny funny to me that they chose Rachel Brosnahan like it's the perfect pairing of like bland innocuous, like who doesn't not like Rachel Brosnahan? I guess, like perfect audience, you know, old jus just kidding. She's not do as just wild that she is not Jewish night wild besides like everyone else on that show who plays a member of her family, and like immediate front group, like actually Jewish. I mean it's not about who other people on that show, not being Jewish with be equally kind of weird, too, but it's just that the show itself is like, is it the show you ju- Jewish people love it, because they're like, wow, this is such like an accurate. People like Jewish families. Sure. Sure. But even non Jewish people like it, too, it's just more like it's this, like title character in this show. That's like mostly about, like old Jews and she's just not Jewish. But that's not the point of the set fill thing. You don't need to be Jewish to use said, affil- FYI in case you were misled the point of the of the Rachel Brosnahan said, of Phil thing is that yes, we said that every single publication of the internet took the bait. We weren't quite honest with you. Yes. Every publication to take the bait, but Daily Mail in taking the bait was like, look, we're not going to do what you want. We're going to take the bait but we're going to give it our own spin. And so, because it's the Daily Mail, you can't trust them. You can't trust them. They'll do whatever they want Rachel process. The hand sits pretty in floral frock, as she unveils partnership at a Phil dot dot dot after reflecting on aunt Kate spades death. One year on while incredibly rude. You know, like the editor at the Daily Mail was like, we can't just post about Rachel Brosnahan said, affil-, come on though, as if that's so far below their standards. That's true. Well, sure. But they got a spice it up. And honestly, I know it's a little bit of a problematic spicy, but it's spicy they could've they could've posted about Rachel Brosnahan teaming up with their set of fell if she hadn't worn like paisley very demure full-body dresses, and the, the photos, she's covering every inch of her skin, if she were wearing like if she were showing off her slim pans, if she were showing her ample cleavage and or assets, maybe they would have taken the bait. But now completely I had to go a different route also. Show is your face. You know, it's face watch, you've got a, you don't just show your skin. They're not showing her assets. They're not showing her slim pin, so they were like, well, we gotta talk about a death. Let's find a tragedy. All right. Her aunt, I was just thinking as I was looking at the word set a Phil, what a very like engineered name for something that is supposed to be like cleansing clean so that they're trying to spin it to be like cool and young. There's no you're gonna get a word said, affil- to be like cool for young people. You have to change the name and they're not changing the logo like you know, they're not trying to make it like pink and rainbow. Josie y lick it still looks like medicine local looks like medicine, right? It looks like something that's in your grandma's cabinet would fun. It is in your grandma's cabinet, and your grandma's, Rachel Brosnahan. But anyway, said, Avila's, not paying us to do this ad. So let's move onto the next topic. What's funny about this? We talked about this. Are we talked about this in our live show and it wasn't until you added the actual copy? And here that I knew at this was four. But there was this just Jared headline that I saw that said, Kristen bell index shepherd surprised expectant moms, while shopping that seems like a bad idea. Right. Like you don't really wanna be surprised the moms vulgar shopping name number the number one people, you don't want to surprise are pregnant people, I mean other surprise your water just broke surprise, surprise, surprise your labor. Can you imagine? You're like deck is that deck show. Is Dax Shepard of them now are, are them. Are they as a couple like them's? Honestly, I think they really they, they strong armed their way into them them. So it worked, I think, as a caller them's to be honest with you, even though he is still like confusing entity whose make them sometimes his podcast helps him. I think so they did they'd surprise this poor pregnant mom named Candice Baldwin at a WalMart in Arkansas. Oh my God. Aware the what the hell and because they have these products they have children's products called Hello, Bello. They're like two regular Jessica Alba's, which they sell at WalMart. They include diapers wipes baby wash diaper rash. God, that is setting yourself up for some kind of problematic issue. I it makes me something something is not good. There is an ingredient. There is an ingredient in one and or all of them. Oh my God. It is going to it is going to give a baby rash that it's going to put Christabel in the headlines once again, it's too, so they snuck up on this poor pregnant woman said some highs, and she immediately gave birth. And then the baby was named Kristen bell. All one word crystal. So that's not that's not as fun as it was at the show, because you really need the visual, but I don't recommend yooglie. It's terrifying. It's so scary. It looks like a horror movie poster. Speaking of scary, John Travolta's daughter is now an actress that we are supposed to be taking seriously. I mean, are we taking the bait where there's a lot about taking the bait? Are you taking eight right now? I'm taking the bake some talking about her. Right. I guess I'm I mean, I'm we always take the bait who am I kidding. But what what's so interesting about this is that, like, you know, these are kids, John Travolta's kids are never seen or heard from. They are very much kind of hidden behind civil, they're not any work. They're hidden by the Clearwater, Florida gates or whatever where they live. But because she wants to be an actress, or maybe he wants her to be an actress, or who even knows what's going on here we are getting this insane obvious rollout of this woman. She is. I think she's like sixteen how old is she she's nineteen? She's nineteen. Yes. She's, she's looks like her father. She's ready to act, and she's not only being put in this straight to VOD role. Her father is also starring in the movies to give it a little we'll give it a little boost. But the problem is that, like John Travolta, starring in a movie is not really like gonna give it the boost that, I draw anymore, this girl needs, even Morgan Freeman Senate and not helping you. And it's like a straight eight not very straight to video de knockoff of like midnight in the garden of good and evil or something it's just like a it's just like a basic Noir movie. It's dumb. It's like the south. He's a play the play the opening of the trailer because opening of the trailer has though some of the most like terrible Xposition I've ever heard my entire life Murray. Ms Carson Phillips. I'm hollywood. Electric drink smoke. So she joined Instagram. But the thing was all the press releases happened like all the people, everyone wrote about it, when she joined Instagram, which was even creepy, or because she joined Instagram just like a normal person would and she got all this press. And then the Scientology people were like, or the people who write about Scientology in like a critical way like she was just at this big party. She's definitely involved, and now they're trying to make her an actress and clearly like John Travolta's. Like paying for a lot of this or cashing, a lot of faith person's paying to Lindsey don't discount. Kelly, Preston's Bank account, followed by ready Meghan, Trainor, God, extra TV and Randall Emmett films, meaning those Vander pump Guy Fawkes. Why is he following her? I don't know. I have no. I'm not a fan of that. I love that this photo. Oh, I Gatti trolled was in Godley. Oh, she was. And she was also in Godley. She little role in it. She a little role in it. So this photo is really funny that you put in here. It's her selfie like in the mirror, and it says, and she has. Kind of a hair wrap on. And she says, channeling my inner Frenchie, hashtag, beauty school dropout, hashtag, Greece about two inches of Greece on this podcast in a month, what I find funny about this is that, like, do you really expect a lot of nineteen year olds to be really, really big fans of Greece, and, like mentioned it in their interim captions that, like I don't maybe do. But what, what you're getting at is like, is this the only movie that this Travolta daughter has ever seen? I would maybe agree with you. If you told me that if you got like. Like an interview with one of their housekeepers who knows all the facts, and like signed a million NDA's. He'd be like okay. Okay. Housekeeper tell me everything, you know about John Travolta's life like wink, wink, wink. Tell me everything, and he's like you know what I could go into that for days. But really the strangest thing about the family is that the daughter has only seen grace. It's the only movie I've ever seen. What that is not what the lead would the would be. Nobody's like you know what I've been watching John Travolta's, like you know, life for a long time. And the only thing that made my blood run cold was noticing that Ella has only seen grace, it would not surprise me if their culture is really, really small, like a really small amount of things, what are the res may labour been allowed to do? I mean, they definitely you know, have watched their mom in the she will be loved video. Maroon five video a million times, but aside from that. Did you guys know that? Did you remember that? I didn't I had to look it up. She she and she will be left, you know, what other movie that she would have had to have watched battlefield earth, because both of her parents were in, and it's about Scientology bright. Oh, god. That's so sad. So greece. And battlefield diet of only John Travolta movies, if you had to, I don't know. I feel like it's like Kito something happens to your brain ketosis. But, like when you've only consumed battle go into ketosis, but you could be like Michael is the best movie. My goal, but you have to you have to only watch them for like a couple of weeks. You know, for your by actually go into shock like go into ketosis Travolta's. And then once you're in Travolta's. Once you're in once you've reached Travolta's, you're like fully. You're onboard with all of his movies, like, oh, my God. Have you seen old dogs? I- conic. Well, because you don't have much to work with so old dogs is, like it's high on your list, only gonna love the movie. Michael, you're right. Michael, michael. I did like Michael, but that's fine. What is really is? Now they're doing press, but they're doing press together. Which I hate ridiculous. I'm behind the camera mouthing every word. She's doing her moves. My wife Kelly. She gets hysterical. Watching me watcher. Because I just wanted to go, great, the whole set vested and everything poor, Ella the she hadn't acted since. The film of the Robin, and they gave her the most complicated seeing four in the morning, Chet decry, hold a gun consider all sorts of things, and she nailed it. And the and the. Nobody's going to see this movie and yet John Travolta gets a lot of attention. So when he does press, he gets attention, but, like what he's promoting is not like equal to what he's doing. The press for DNA mean so he's on these big shows doing press with his daughter, and they're promoting this movie. That's like. You know. Right. I wanna I wanna read my favorite my favorite line from people story because people's, like happy to take the bait. They'll talk about for days. They don't care. But my favorite we all won't mention we all just like won't say that the reason why we still care about John Travolta's, because of Scientology do you know what I mean? We all won't say it. I mean, I'm saying you, you even put the screen shot in here on eligible, his Instagram. One of the top comments is Jenna elfin being like stunning. Of course, that's one of our top comments like, does she have any friends outside of her parents and Scientologists friends that bubble is so tiny I mean. No, they send out a newsletter to all the celebrities and Scientology, and they're like, hey, can you go like comment on L Travolta's, Instagram? I'm that's a joke. But the I could believe that to be real. Oh, absolutely. I mean, I believe everything. Yeah. This line from people I love to help prep for her dramatic role. As a young widow in the poison rose. Ella turn to Travolta for acting advice on the set what tell prep for dramatic roles young, willow widow L attorney to Travolta. I'm sorry, that is. More proof that she doesn't know what he wanted else. Her father knows he's, he's method just getting he's not method. Do not want to know if he could fly, I know he can't fly only little angels comply, because means who I just thought. Yes in her life. I'm not that kind of that was a really fun moment on Friday morning when I was packing for our final trips at Boston and DC when I was like, should I take my week interbank like my little league duffel bag? You know that blue in that I have, or do I take the away because the wind can hold so much more. But also Vits overhead. So I was like you just gotta take the away, even took the away anyway. And I had so much extra space and packing. When you have a lot of extra space, so luxuriant July so early. You just threw it all in and zipped it up, and it's so much fun. When you have nothing and you take the bag around and with wheels, and it's so much fun. We love aways. Lindsey love hers. They're different colors. We don't get the mixed up. I got the blue. She's got the red. It's a lightweight durable shell that's made to last for a lifetime of travel. There's one hundred day trial that let's try it for one hundred days, which is great. Do it the summer if you're traveling a lot. 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So if you want, another one, good away, travel dot com slash who weekly twenty and use promo code who weekly twenty during checkup angel. I want to talk about my favorite story of the week to it. Yes, I love the story because it has a beginning middle and an end once again, this bitch is in the news, and I don't mean Olivia Munn. It's a dog. The dog. It's always fun of us bitch. When you actually mean a female joke in the book, that's the book of jokes that I bought for this podcast. No joke is better so lithium on. Olivia Munn dispatch. Listen to this, like word this how he was. I this is how I was first revealed to the story this page. Six headline Olivia Munn dispatched by dog-walking app, wag after alleged dog mapping, so it's sort of, like I have so many questions one is like, what is wag Wiesel, IBM, uninvolved did Olivia mode, do the dog napping? Is it for dog that was saying, like grammar has never grammar is shook, you know, Olivia Munn dispatched by dog-walking apt, wag after alleged, Doug napping, New Yorker, copy editors just got like shivers down their spines hearing read that there are there, ten. Yeah. That might be overestimating. They have some so long story. Short wag is this app that Libya ion is sort of creatively involved in she is the quote creative strategist, which is sort of a vanity title. I think she was an investor too. So she has like stake in this apple wag wag does it? It's an apple in your phone for people who need dog walkers, and it comes with when. Never you sign up for it, you get this special lock box to put on your front door and only wag people wag dog. Walkers have access to this key. And so when you need a dog Walker. They just send someone someone who has wag accreditation and they show up to your house. They use the wag code, they pulled the key. They walk your dog. They put it back. So someone in battery park this neighborhood in New York used wag someone came to walk. They're cute little dog, and they ran off with it. They know this because there's, like only people have access to the lock box, also. They have security cameras in their building, and they sell the wag dog Walker grabbed the dog and run out the door. Okay. So when they were when they came home and realize that their dog was missing. Of course. They're distraught. They contact wag. And what does why do wag connects them to none? Other than creative strategist lithium on. And they were on the phone with her from four AM to six AM. Imagine that being on the phone to lithium from four AM to six AM talking about your loss to dog instead of what the police, it's just crazy to me that they just. Like connected her to Libya month, but actually, what I think I read a little bit deeper into this, and I think it's a little bit different than what we thought about what we thought at the show, I think the people wrote about it on Instagram and a lithium. Unlike founded do you know what I'm saying? Oh, so they complain. So basically what I think happened. Let me show you where I found this information. Oh here. So they say their investigation didn't kick into high gear in until they tagged Munn an investor with the company. So these smarties actually were like. Oh, our dog is lost Olivia Munn, like come like fucking, tell us what to do about this. You love wag, so they tagged her and Shuba called them. So she calls them and they're like, oh, I guess we got what we wanted. But like we didn't want this, like then they have to be on the home with a lithium on for hours, right hours, literally two hours. They said two hours four in the morning, then they finally call the cops and the cops get the footage and get the dog back. They don't you? There was footage. Virtually like this guy was who did, the, the robbing is an idiot, and he liked didn't realize that number one that was a camera in there. Number two, not many people have access to the swag lot box, and they have his fucking name because he wasn't wag Walker. Like it was the guy they suspected it being they went to his house. They got the dog back, reunited NYPD NYPD took a nice little photo of them reunited with the dog. But the next funniest thing about this is this commercial for wag that Olivia Munn was in a couple of years ago because she joined wag in what twenty fifteen she was like I'm investing, and wag creative immigration. I have a passion for like dogs and dog walking because we know that's a Libya's thing. It's like shelter dogs and dog walking she's pivoting tack is not a bad thing to invest in. But if I was like trying to not be the face of dogs getting murdered, then I wouldn't want to invest in something that could possibly. That's like being like I know Uber is a good idea. But everyone involved in it is miserable. And like, hey, you know what I mean that's I don't really want to be associated with something that seems like it's going to be like 'cause more ill. This is black advantage of people who use of the workers really have to be choosing your financial gain over, like what it might do to your reputation or emotional, sanity. Because you're basically responsible for this thing that, like, wag that has strangers going into other strange other people's houses. Yeah. I think that's a lot of that's a lot of the criticism. With wag the that we've that we've read a lot of friends who use it. And who a lot of people who walk who have? Walkers, like are like, why would I use wag I, I want the same person that I can trust lag. Which you would think like you have a dog work for their bag. You could say like can the same person just keep coming back like all still go through the app. You can't do it. So don't do it. You're it's going to be a good person that it's fine them on Instagram and hire them on the side. You know, though, I will say this isn't the worst possible news, because it shows that like these people got caught pretty soon, actually because sure sure, whatever share him. But it shows that their vetting process is unreliable. There's so as good just take the dog. Yeah. There's an ad for wag that. We're gonna play a little part of here. It's really hard to, to deal with unless you can see it. But basically, what's happening is a lithium on his in a house that she's, you know, making us assume as hers, but it's the most like basic normal looking house that elite him would never step foot in Lebanon live in. And she says goodbye to her golden, the pupil before going to excuse me. What is that by sweetie going to work? And then she cuts the dog. And then she goes out the door. Or the dog is like alone and sad. Yeah. The funniest thing that I can possibly imagine in the whole entire world is a golden retriever a loyal beautiful golden retriever looking up at Livia Mon and saying and saying. Have a good day at work Livio wild. This joke of yours how long how long? The dog getting Livia man's name wrong, just like the idea of her being late at work, alluvial wild K, like I'm going to work have a nice day and the dogs like what's your job like in it's brain? It's like you have a job like what's your to me near golden retrievers are probably like what's your job? But especially to Olympia Munn like what's your job? He got to work. I love you. A good day at work alluvial wild turns out, her job is like Dougie detective donkey detective, and it should be as we finish up posters that the show, but it would like Olivia Mondagi detective makes as much sense as most Hollywood. I mean most hallmark original mysteries. So they should just do it a live. Doug did she finds dogs? Great. And also promotes wack wack would pay for the movies. It'd be a great business idea. I mean, all this is actually good press for Lydia Mon who likened, wag is still recovering from the bad press. She just got, you know, I already sort of forgot about the bat called out, you know, the she called out the blog. She was like you need to calm down. What's next here? Oh, you love the store, and says, really fun. Does these glide? So here's the thing, Diddy, and Cassie, do you know who those people are, of course, guess Diddy? Cassie dating a longtime long long long long time. DVD's ex. Wife, Kim porter. I don't know if they actually were married had kids together. Kim Puerto recently died. It was really tragic. It was like Sutton, did he kind of probably went through it. His kids are definitely going through it, but he's been dating Cassie who's kind of this, like one hit wonder who in a very ten way. Everyone's like trying to root for to get a single kind of, but she also to be fair isn't trying like Tanaka to get she she'll clearly release stuff, but not. Really? But she's beautiful and her and did he had been together for a long time often on almost like they broke up. They got back together, what ever, but Diddy the thing about him. Is that if you like you don't even need to put your ear to the ground and gotta just like you can just put your ear like tilted towards the ground, you'll hear kind of that? Like he is not a very faithful person. He's got a lot going on as you can imagine with, like people on the side, bla-bla-bla. Like that's not that's allegedly. But like it's kind of out there. He had like a few. Different kind of side, chick characters floating around him for a while. Just check out, you know, the message boards at lipstick alley. If you need any more information, right? I mean, run, you know where to go right? But anyways recently, it just came out. So didn't Cassie broke up like. Four months ago. Like very recently few months ago, maybe they'd been going up longer. But like officially came up there, broken up. I was gonna like, oh, they might get back together because they're just the type that would just assume they would but literally a few days ago, it was announced that Cassie is not only dating someone else, but she's pregnant, so literally, she's pregnant by this new boyfriend, who turns out to be her personal assistant who Turner per oh, sorry. Turns out to be her personal trainer who turns out to have been hired by Diddy himself. So like a few months ago there were rumors. It was like did he believes that Cassie cheated on him with the personal trainer? The source explains. Why did he believe there is absolutely overlap says the source Cassie wanted a personal trainer? So did he hired Alex, Alex, fine. He's very hot for her then casting out start hooking up before her relationship with us over, I believe that Cassie was so traumatized by having a beam relationship with Diddy. This ego maniac essentially, that any like hot, cute guy, like who got. Knew her. She was like, great like he's very nice. Like he's very nice supportive, emotionally and physically, as your trainer also physical trainers, like people have this, it's not rare for people to hook up with their physical trainer. I mean look at what the job is, you know. No. And the but the grossest thing about this, this entirely is that, like, Diddy posts, of course, a picture of them and is like congratulations to Cassie at Cassie and Alex, no. At he knows his handle. It doesn't put it there. I wish you all nothing. But love and happiness. God bless. And it's like I saw somebody posting this on Twitter. They put a screen shot of that in a screen shot of Chris Brown like kind of harassing what's her face his ex with a K. What's her name Boca? Rucci trim. Yeah. He was like, member, he was kind of harassing her and Instagram being like that loser like he's dressed poorly. Whatever somebody put that screen shot next to this one a duty. And it was like same energy because even though did he's like all love all love hidden beneath that. But like not very far beneath, like just right. Under the. It's basically surface level. Yes. This kind of like fake fake love thing I got my eye on you. I always will, you know, I mean, we'll us Twitter handle. Of course, he has his Twitter profile, of course, he has his eye on them so weird. He's doing the little heart hands over his eyes, but it's sort of it sort of looks like it's if you it looks like he's doing the little heart hands, but really, it's kind of like he's using he's using binoculars yet. Life. And he's like, I'm watching you Cassie and I'm watching you Alex. It's true though. I mean I it's deals like a dark hole a little bit. There's a lot going on there in you just under all his has been. He's just extremely good at seeing like so jovial and like just happy and good. And like there's nothing wrong. But, like they're all there something, there's like always something. So this happened, and I'm like, so happy for Cassie her boyfriend super hot. He seems really nice. I mean if you look at his I mean, I don't know him. But, like if you'll get his Instagram he seems cool. He seems like he does fitness for a lot of celebs, and they do scrolling through shirtless photos. He seems really cool. Whatever the comparison is Diddy. So I'm like, I feel like she upgraded severely severely, and she deserves it. And she also deserves another hit single because honestly. You know, me and you is not enough. Sure. But I've been think. What's next? Okay. Dakota Johnson is she I'm I think, to Johnson's kind of who you, you think so, so we're allowed to talk about this. I think so. Their Dakota Johnson. And Chris Martin supposedly allegedly according to actually at this point, it's been a lot. They haven't confirmed it, but it's been a lot of tablets at their budget and say officially confirmed yet, but it seems right? They broke up. But you know it's so funny. It's like they broke up. And this is strange to me. And maybe I'm like off. They broke up because people wrote that he that she wasn't ready to have children, and he wanted to have children, and maybe I'm crazy. He's the older one. She's younger one. Here he has children. So he wanted to have more children with your Dakota Johnson, baby. And she wasn't ready again. She's twenty nine so she does it is. She could have children in a few years. She doesn't he. He wanted that extremely desirable. Melanie Griffith, Don Johnson DNA. Yeah. Yeah. I it's a it's a hot commodity, but so so did sodas many movies? And that's why she's cast. But that's why but I just thought the reasoning was so strange, if you'd said she wanted kids, and he didn't I be like okay, well, here, he has kids like that makes sense. You know whatever like he's older. But it's the opposite, which maybe I'm like being kind of, like, you know, a little bit boring traditional, but it just interests. It's an interesting renew. It's all these tablets are giving. It's absolutely interesting, and it's absolutely sort of a left a, a left turn from what you'd expect. It's coming from out of left field. That's what I mean. It's also a left turn which could be sometimes left turns are weird, but you included this in here, and I'm glad you did because I remember these, these sorts of headlines when this photo came out on Derek blasberg Instagram of Derek, blasberg, iconic celebrity friend and Gwyneth. Paltrow. Hop vamps talk in the industry. Sort of all eating dessert together Dakota when of Derek, and it was like oh, yeah. J- win of his happy that Dakotas in the family are joining the family. This is something that's going to be long term even. But that doesn't mean marriage like Dakota and Chris or in it to win it. Gwyneth Paltrow, quote has worked hard to include Dakota Johnson into her family says source incredible source by and I believe that, you know, I believe that Gwen Paltrow wants to work to KOTA Johnson into her family like that. I'm not sure insane again. She wants a little bit of that Melanie Griffith done Don Don Johnson. DNA. She's don't we don't we all don't we all, but I kind of thought Chris Martin Dakota Johnson were good definitely going to be they seemed like boring enough to just continue to be a thing Marino. Marino, and she was fully I still think she's pregnant, she's still pregnant, I think they're still going to get married not pregnant. You just realize that I just realized that this is directly proving disproving, what we said, but I don't really think it's changing my mind. He's still thinks she's pregnant even going to call them and be like, but did you see that gender reveal like one year ago, gender reveal, yet they had a well gender of your it was balloons? It was like blue balloons are pink balloons. And we were like gender Avila says pregnant in the whole world, the whole world is like a pregnant, right? Do you know who is definitely pregnant though, who who is definitely pregnant sorts Negga? Oh, there's no way in hell. Oh my God. That woman is pregnant Catherine's words nigger as pregnant coda Johnson. And if we're zero for three I will eat my hat, eat it Crowley crow in my hat. Will you hit your JoAnne had? No, I don't alley. I'll eat one of the who weekly has fully eat it. If we are wrong three for three pregnancies because now we've gotten wrong to KOTA we've gotten maranda Miranda. And we're maybe about to get wrong. Katherine Schwarzenegger right about Katherine. Katherine Pratt, excuse me. Feel Catherine proud about is going to get birth and approximately. What did she get married last week seven months, then seven months? Right. You have to have to give birth so you can plausibly lie about when the pregnancy occurred like you have to it has to be a two or three months, you know, variable. Yeah, she's definitely pregnant. And if she is not pregnant, she does not have a baby in the next eight months. Let's say Lindsay will eat her who weekly had. I'll eat it. Just like Wendy will eight crow. I'll eat the hat, just like Kerry Katona. Ada, greasy bacon cheeseburger, while topless on the beach in Mykonos before washing. It down with a chocolate Sunday after spending all week at a health retreat. I love this incredible. Photo exclusive. This woman is straight up topless eating a burger on a beach just like not stopping for air love her. What a legend. I didn't know about Kerry Katona really. I just knew that I'd seen her name a lot. She's like a tabloid. Like I con did I see her in. I see you're on the Daily Mail so often that I've sort of gotten blinders to it's late. And I was like I don't even know who she is. Like, I knew she was sort of Egli a singer, but it wasn't until looking at the Wikipedia that I was like, oh, it's not even like I would know anything she saying, you know, like, yeah, but you would know that she was so hugely popular in England. So I didn't know I really atomic kitten like could not tell you a song of theirs that was popular because I really didn't cross over. And not only was she a singer in atomic kitten. She married a guy from Westlife the other guy conic British boy band that. They had one hit in United States, but I don't know what it was. But was it? Remember? And so then she divorced him. So she's had three marriages and I think she has five kids, and then she now, and so now she is like, basically this, like, reality show legend, she's been on, like, every reality show that there, even is this woman has not only been in all of the reality shows, you've heard of in the UK so like, I'm a celebrity get me outta here. Big brother. She also had an amazing slew of shows that we're just MTV shows about her that were called Kerry Katona crazy in love. Kerry, Katona whole again, and Kerry Katona. What's the problem? So basically, what is the problem? Did we ever find that out? I think bipolar and alcoholism and a few other things are the proper. Look actual problem. Wasn't just wondering what the problem is. That's the problem. But this woman seems like she's like a tabloid fixture, and I'm I see her name all the time. And obviously these photos of her literally eating a burger on the beach photo exclusive prove that. She is a legend, but you can do anything she wants and she will get covered. And also, like you don't eat a burger like that on the beach topless, unless you want to be photographed. You know, which is fun, lit, right? Also, she gets married and divorced, a lot, which is really good tabloid fodder. Right. And she was even held she was even once held hostage, which is like incredible. I mean bad, but also like you know who, who held her hostage she was held hostage at her home in Cheshire, three men entered her home? Oh, wow. Beijing. That's but nobody was nobody was harmed, the men left with the blamed a blue BMW and some valuables and they found the car, and it was stressful. Very stressful. For maybe that is problematic for me to be like, no big deal. It was a big deal. It's very scary. She seems like a huge deal. Yeah. I do want to want to talk about these, these captures that you put it. Because when you sent me this last night, I was like, oh, wow. This is something else, well-deserved break. She's I'm busy, honing her figure. It's a GI Jane's bootcamp retreat in Greece for the past few days. Stump ships sumptuous. She wore her blonde lock. Side away from face with lime. Green headband. Lester, platinum main interfered with her, greasy, treat you spilled Hon. She opted to leave off our top as she chomped on the fast foods sporting a flimsy pair of pink. Pale bottoms incredibly, the, the burger does extremely good. I will say, though, I hate the phrase Kerry, Katona doesn't stop for era. She devours greasy bacon cheeseburger, we'll topless on the beach. Of course, she has to stop for air, you, stop very you're dead. She stopping for air feeling that would be no one's not. Went bugged you is that this this? She has to live. She has to breathe air. She has to live. She's going to continue eating greasy burger, also the I thought that I think it's a president of the Daily Mail. Blurs out nipples. I thought they were a little more progressive than this. Yeah. You know. Yeah. I mean I'm really do it as a gag just because it's so funny to have two black Xs on the nipples now. I think that they do that because they have to blur the nudity. No, it is hilarious. Oh two blades really funny, but it's just like it's immoral. It's more visually compelling with the black boxes. What I'm saying, like if you told me that they could do it, and not get any violations. I would believe that also if you want to read more about Kerry tone, I haven't finished it, but the guardian has an incredible like profile about her that, that was written in two thousand thirteen a while ago. But, you know, the, the sub head is plastic surgery, two divorces. I think it's now three drug addiction, the birth of her children, a second bankruptcy. The former atomic kitten has lived a life on a reality TV, but. She a victim of the celebrity machine, or just brilliant at exploiting it, which is always the line that you walk with these people. You know, just you never know. It's like, are you is this, you know? Is this someone? We love to love we love to hate. We love to love to. She know what's going on with her, and it seems like she is kind of the Igna of that thing I will, I will end by saying, I agree with James Burton who was a commenter from Plymouth United Kingdom. He commented on this story of the Daily Mail nine hours ago. She's great isn't. She. Yeah, look, I, you'll we're going to get a few calls from British people being like, oh, Kerry Katona. We love her. We love her. You know, she seems fun. She seems like a sort of lower key, who was an American Americans liberty who sort of business. Air, Nicole Smith. But just but not as who Phoebe price, kind of a very Phoebe price. Yeah. Just in, like the real the thirst for attention. Like this lead to just do like very weird things that no one else. Typically does just for the sake of being photographed brand. Good. Right. And again, the burger looked so good. And the burger Lewis and credible. And you should never stop, like, whether you're topless on the beach, whatever never stop yourself from eating a burger in full in full view of the paparazzi. I mean, these are paparazzi photos with long lens. These are like we're standing right in front of you taking. Right, right. Yeah. News, then euless meat fish rings. Listen, you engage it three minutes about me. We're talking about right. Well, I've been engaged gateway times Amari, Debbie one of them. My first thing was from Brian, which gave to my mom to put on a little finger. Sorry, mum sorry, mum on high DJ, by the way. And she was having a hard time and so on EBay for five hundred pound. And the second one I gave back to make speeches. I have still does because I thought it well. That you don't eat. Delicious burger. Why not have a nice little treat and stop for Benes? At Christina Milian years. This. This story like I love and entrepreneur old, Bobby like hates, the fact that she's selling Benes, Matric boy, don't understand just like the way that it's being presented as as in, like, of course, I don't, I don't know where it came from because she's an awesome. She's not from New Orleans, where as we're popularized. She turned fucking New Jersey. I never I don't know her to be like a fun salons isn't from New Orleans, but she's there all the time. Like I don't I don't know her to be like a New Orleans advocate New Orleans like time resident, but here, she is suddenly just like I don't even know where to be a sweets person. It's just everything about it came out of nowhere. And what do I know what you know about? He's like, well, I know one thing I know that love don't cost the thing, and I. Cost credible. What else do you now? That's it co K. So you, you who know one thing about Christina Milian says, I don't like that. She's selling benefits from a truck, because I do not know her to be a person to sell by news. From a truck. Kind of. Yeah. Okay. Yes. That's what I think. That's what I think I see her as a young entrepreneur, an I love a business. So I think it's great that she's selling Benny from a truck. The place is called a box truck is the titular box. She selling them in L A, I think mostly, yes. There's a truck, and she's in it. Sometimes she works with her daughter, her daughter looks miserable her daughter's like, oh my God. Mom. Why are you doing this? Sucks me a little sad. The daughter like hates being an aid truck. It seems but she's going all in this website. If you went this website, you just be like, wow. I've never seen anyone more excited about their business on Christina Milian is forbidden gay box L. Here's a great quote on the about page, that says that's just a photo of her arms crossed. And then that it says, quote, who doesn't love coffee and bananas, co-founder slash owner, Christina Milian, who doesn't co-founder, Sasha owner, Elizabeth Moores, who doesn't who doesn't love gluten intolerance, and maybe who are trying to cut out sugar because Benes are really just square doughnuts covert, and they're more closer to, like fried dough, which is don't have the right there. Asia's and from Trump, Kellyanne, give me a bene from a truck hell ya. I'm here for it made by Christina Milian dip it up low dip below. But you don't dip. You don't putt triggered of his cover them. That's the sequel that's the second song. To dip it low just been Yay boxes. Instagram has really great. Just another sweet Sunday full of as and there's Christina, Milian eating Ben yeas now I what been as I want been yet. They're fucking delicious. I love this. The blast did this great thing where they were. They reported a Tana Maggio the like youtuber that whatever who cares. She went out for a late night snack. And she ended up at Christina millions truck, and Christina Milian was like, hey Totta, and everyone's like, and then it was just Christina Milian on like, and Donna Maggio like hanging out, or whatever it was great. The sharks on Sharpton could be really proud of it because she's like this. She tweets that liquor fulltime job, will they also would be like they also would be like this is not a scalable business enterprise. You cannot be in every single truck, they'd be like I'll be a customer, but I won't be an investor without reason. I'm out the problem for me is, is a didn't really love the taste of it a really wanted to, but I'm a. And then one of them would be like I'm trying to I'm trying to cut out sugar, my diet for that reason, I'm out. I love everybody say, I don't like your product. I'm out like I tried it. And I think it's bad or like I like Barbara takes a sip of some disgusting protein drink, and she's like, I think it's disgusted that all live in New York. But the scent of summer New York is like getting on the subway and being like at the same time you're like relieved that the air conditioner is really on blast, but also like smelling, everybody's different sense. The sense of summer like poopie sweaty coffee. Rhett just makes those together, and you'll have New York the scent, which is why it's important to have a good sense that rises above the pack of Somerset xactly but for you, who doesn't wanna smell, like poop, or coffee, or whatever, maybe once my coffee, but all those things all those New York things you should get into flirter, the smell of flirter instantly can transport you to like ABI more beautiful place instantly because there's nothing beautiful about New York in the summer. Don't listen to Carrie Bradshaw. Flirt, makes great smelling. Clean sustainable fragrances every floor sent is for anyone all that matters is what you like. And unlike other fragrance companies floor is transparent discloses every ingredient and why it needs to be there. And when you wear Fleur, someone's going to go. Ooh, what's that smell because they're very unique smelling? I have all these floor sense, like peppered throughout my different bags. So I'll just surprise myself by having it available to me. I really enjoy the one that's called olmstead and vote, which sounds just as fancy as it is. There's one called gray lock which like kinda smells like pine, these, these are great sense that will just block out any of the like disgusting. Sweaty nece that just will exists in your day to day life in the summer as us the when I smelled that smell them and us think of, like good summaries as opposed to, like, smelling garbage and thinking of pads summer memories. So make new sent memories with or go to floor dot com today and use our promo code who to get twenty percents off your first custom flirt, sample set pick three cents to try and get credit towards a full-size bottle of your favorite scent. That's promo code who at flirt dot com. That is. P. H L U, R dot com, promo code, and you'll get twenty percent off your first three fragrance samples. And I'm out. But was she wary aware was she seen? She posted. Why Onondaga Graham, she's the who clean? Cavo onto. What's Rita ORA up to who is this woman? So what is read up to? She's up to so much to big things huge things she was photographed at a charity event. Hugging hairy prince or an old friend old friend all that go way back old friend, Harry to go so far back. If anyone knows read or is, it's fucking Prince Harry, I got Terry Prince Harry of whatever wail of Wales. They hugged, it was very sweet very, you know, very nice who's at a charity event. She was happy, but the true heads remember when Rita was on, was on Wendy, and said that she didn't see that Meghan Markle. She didn't think that Meghan Markle and Harry, we're gonna work out. Remember that? Are you wild about Harry I am? It wasn't you thing is over. Hey, I feel like like I just saw that picture. And for us, it's like we still get like flushing when we see the Royal family, but Harry any day of the week. Don't you think? Over william. Allowed back in the country after I say, how over William d think he'll marry the girl. I say, no, I don't know. I still don't know if I believe it, you know that they're in a relationship. Do I believe? I don't know. What did they stay in my prints? All right. Okay. I never my really well, okay. Okay. Any my dreams that just for me? Just no. I don't think he works out. I don't know if you can see you Wolfman around the bucket and pilot, so they won't get married. But I do believe it's real relationship, but they won't get married, although their head that was that was the big that sort of what the headlines from that meeting ended up being about, as opposed to them being like, wow, Wendy has on the woman that she shaded so many times. Because that was when Rita goes on Wendy, and read a nose and Wendy knows that every time we read, or as brought up on Wendy readers, like I don't Wendy is, like, I don't know who this woman is. Yes. As a reader shows up, she's like it's me. I'm the woman and what he's like I love you. Great. I've always been a fan and he's like you're amazing incredible. What do you think about Prince Harry, Meghan Markle, and Rita, Licken idiot is like he's my prince? I love this. Great. He's the best. I really don't know Meghan, but I love Harry so cut two years, later Rita is hugging. Harry, she's in full support of Megan. Of course. Now we all are. Of course, everyone is you hate to be. You have to be on the right side of history, and the right side of history is Meghan side. New baby photos, just released babies born are but Archie theory is grabbing babies. Don't look anything. No, they don't. They look like aliens. They look like anything. They look like aliens. Yeah. The what we think aliens look like it's like first of all, don't even show it like don't chose baby photo until they're at least two years old. When they look like a person Rita also performed apparently the World Cup is happening right now. Did you know that I knew know I knew that I knew that and read it performed at one of the events. One of the games which game did she perform at soccer aid soccer eight? So soccer aid is a charity related to soccer but not a soccer game. You know what I couldn't tell you. But she performed there in a one legged gene and a shirt that was cut to shreds. She looks great. She looked great. Of course, the metro had a little fun with her hill, gag, little a little a little fun at our expense. They said poor Rita, or his top evidently, went through the shredder as she takes to soccer age stage, road and jealous. I will say, not as a funded by the top, I am by the bottoms. The top is kind of cool, the bottoms, look just strange because she's wearing a pair of jeans one, Gena short one gene is long kind of like the Eva max of jeans. Yes, they have Mexicans the right leg is probably cut just under the crotch. So it's maybe like a you know, like a six inch actual like pant leg and the other leg of the gene is full length. Crazy, actually the other dancers are wearing jeans with both legs, I she's read, our after where one leg. And also my other thing is if you're dancing, and running around one leg, gene is not going to be your best friend there. No just wear, no leg jeans wear short. Shorts short shorts. No, like genes. Yeah. Whoops. Where Jean shorts, I met where Jean shorts read it just wear jeans shorts. You know, I love in the summer getting up putting on my no leg sheets. I know like jeans my favorite pair of pants. I love my no leg. I could if if the right celebrity started calling them, no jeans. We'd also call them we would also read or called them Nola genes, we would all start calling them intellect jeans soccer night. Soccer eight nineteen what happened? Read Auras wardrobe choice to stretch track dang, it is distracting. But the performance was actually good. I watched the whole thing it's good. She sang ritual which I am which is growing on me. I didn't love it at first, and I don't like it more and more now the performances fun. She doesn't really do much. She's never been a huge dancer. But she does like she surrounds herself with dancers, which is good here. Here's some tweets, I hope you to orbits help soon so sad. She doesn't even have enough money to buy a full pair of jeans has to accelerate one joke. I will say read ores got so much money, do not have to worry about it. Read Auras trouser, an accurate presentation of British summer, the okay, I know, I'm all, but what happened to her jeans, a third pondered that was me. Why is read or wearing a full one trouser leg in one short? It's not like you're in bed, where you have one foot in and went out. Oh, wait. That one. That one, I can relate who can relate. I do that. I do that. You've one leg in one leg out. Just like right up, gene. If it's if it's the summer and it's like not super hold. I don't have have. I don't have the air conditioning. And yet, one when they got you got to do that got away. Gotta stay Kohl that really has nothing to do with the Rita ORA wearing one leg. Gene, one like, no, gene. Did read or do by one leg at the second half price? Offer one leg jeans. Is that the trend now hashtag soccer aid? Trend. It's, it's read or setting the trend is what it gives them something to talk about. Her fashioned is amazing because she somehow keeps wearing things that get people to say, like, what are you wearing which is incredible in good ways? I feel like when you're aesthetic is, is insane. You never look in saying, you and when I feel like when you're young fashion designer, and you want to, like make a statement or like do weird thing, read it, you'll know you know that Rita will wear it like call her up, she's down. Look at Jellicoe Houston wore this outfit. We'd be like wow, Angelica Huston. His dressed insanely. But I look at it Rita and I'm like this. You're like fashion fat, y chose Anjelica Huston. But, you know it is though, weird to be that she did. I guess she didn't do a lot of moving, but like to it's one thing to wear this out on the town, it's like fashion take a photo, but moving around and a one leg, gene, it does not seem like a fun thing for me. No, not at all. Oh my God without we're done with does seem like a fun thing. Ending the episode. Thank you for listening. Thank you. Most of all for coming to our live shows the tours over, and it was so successful, we had so much meeting, all of you. It was really a whirlwind ride, and it took months and months and months and months and months, totally weren't onto our the whole time. It was an accent or right? Worked very tired. Thank you so much shot out to everyone except Dulles airport. What a nightmare place everyone who came to our everyone who paid firm Ingraham and waited in line to meet us. That's insane. And you guys are wondering. Or whether they said crunch crunch, or they said, Bryce, Dallas Howard, whether they were Daily Mail headlines. I mean, we just like love you guys like you are genius your little genius, and the hooligan who made Patricia Clarkson shirt, last time my Patricia Clarkson, tote, and then the, the P fell off. And then it just like completely Tricia 's, he made me a new one. A new one don't have a new Patricia Clarkson, Patricia Clarkson, rich anyway, thank you so much. Follow us on Twitter, Instagram Facebook review us on apple podcasts money on dot com weekly new episode today. Yeah today, and we will see you on Friday with our call and show. Call in six nine who them to leave questions, comments concerns by have a great one. Pep by. You will. They wanna know. Pain. Sane it of a good day at work, Livio wild.

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Rachel Brosnahan, 'The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel'

Popcorn with Peter Travers

18:52 min | 1 year ago

Rachel Brosnahan, 'The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel'

"Hi everybody I'm Peter Travers and this is popcorn where we tell you what's popping in the culture and one of my favorite TV series ever the marvelous. Mrs Mazel is back for season. Three and and Rachel Brosnahan. I don't know where you keep your awards now. The just a high up there on my on the toilet yeah. You're not kidding. No no no no no disrespect. No no no you just love them and that is the throne toilet. It's I I I appreciate being able look at them in there. When I'm dropping we went right to their toilet? It was really so Ross before we let that all go into this. Let me try to take control again due to diligence and say what. What can you tell us about season three? I've seen five I episodes. You're not allowed to either even though I didn't sign the nondisclosure. Oh I won't spoil it. But what can we say So season one followed Midge. Finding her voice again after her whole life fell apart and season to Kinda followed the ripple ripple effect of how that affects her family and everyone else in her life and season three takes on the road and finds her Learning how how to be a comic in a bigger way for bigger audiences more technically proficient comic. You're opening bomb cash is opening for Shaya Baldwin Baldwin. which is huge? It's like this big big step. Yeah exactly and they they were big and you have zero wrong experience in stand up. Yeah as none and I and that won't change anytime soon. I don't know because I keep thinking as we watch. Pige grow and her effectiveness age. You would just say to yourself. You know what Rachel because I'm sure you talk about yourself in the third person after you win an emmy at home in the Mirror John. Good job range. It's another person. You've you've never had the temptation to just go to a club. No I mean go to a club texture. Do No absolutely not known known with you. What's wrong with you wouldn't love it? No I wouldn't. I'd never be able to get back on stage again. I mean I you know. I've I've told this joke far too many times but but I used to say you know when you when you sign up to play a surgeon on television. It's not recommended that you try to perform surgery. It wouldn't go well for anyone. I feel the same way about during standup I amy. Dan One's told me I don't even know if they remember this. But before we started shooting the series that they would write something for me to do and send me out to open mic night or something and and I fought back and forth with amy because I said I genuinely so worried that I would get up and just tank and then I would never be able to shoot the show. I would never be able to move past it. And that's one of the things I admire about Midge and and people who do standup for living as they move past it they get back on the horse right away way. I think that would crush me. That would be it but you seem so fearless. Thank you not really do you. You Get up there you know you have your manager. Yeah she says outsourced by the way also keeps getting best. She's one of those things and I was saying something to you before we started. I WanNa say it again on air. About how these there's eight episodes in season. They all look like movies movies. Each one does which means you guys. Just don't shoot this in an hour and a half a good part of the year. Do we spend about six six months shooting eight episodes but that's why they are the quality. They are the colors and the costumes and the hair and makeup and the cinematography the lighting the set design. I mean it. It feels like we're shooting a movie every ten to fourteen days. It's extraordinary. It's like nothing else I've ever been a part of and I've also never been a part of something where the crew and the actors and the office. PA's every single person in there are hundreds of people working on this show at any given moment feel interwoven. Every single person's job is so vitally important in every single person's job is seen onscreen and that's not always the case. Ace everything about it just looks amazed. Yeah so pool to keep because no no. I don't think I'd want those clothes are fitted with a very tight course. I don't think I'd want to try to get into without the contraptions underneath. You also have the cast of casts and it does seem like a family. Yeah and to do more due diligence. I think we should look at a clip from okay season three something. Let's see. I thought you chose them. I didn't want you have an emmy and Golden Globes. You can just say. Here's here's how it's done. You've got control. Can we run this clip. Please why are you mad at me. Your daughter's a comedian. So house. Oh it's the German Ed. She gave you the Liman blood you gave the pot was your penis. She was talking about staged not mine. Whoops my mother just said that Yup because penis is a funny word? I've learned this about comedians. They say funny words for cheap laughs please. If you had a penis she'd be talking about you. It's not me. Wouldn't you talk about your mother's penis if she had four hours and hours and hours well. They're your parents. Yeah Yeah parents in laws husband next question Mark Siblings. Yeah that's the whole Tony Shillue. Who so great as you're there was the scene? I can't talk about because it was in season to your father. Got To see you perform for the first time and and there he is watching this in our even though it season three now he's still yeah attitude about. Nobody has a better horrified face than donation of yeah this season. We're definitely feeling the fallout of midges. Big secret getting revealed to everyone I think. Even you know even though Midge and a have kind of tumultuous relationship I still think there's a lot of mutual respect there but it's been a little bit harder for rose to come around mom. Yeah well there's a lot in the season that people can learn about both of them but I'm not going to say. Is it as much fun as it looks to. I mean find sometimes the wrong where we shoot so many pages a day. Were we just want to bang out and make sure we have everything and and we're always short on time you know we. We're always so envious of shows that have a blooper reels because they have enough time to make mistakes but we have so much fun together and we have so much fun getting to talk about the show and and even when it's the hardest were were constantly being pushed and challenged. And we're so creatively satisfied and creatively satisfied as a group route. And you can't really ask for more than that. No it's like okay you well. We won't go that far. Still now that when success obsess happens which did pretty quickly in season one does that change. Everybody's attitude not to have more have a little more swagger when no if anything I get it up the bar you know this. This is a group of people who are consummate professionals. They've been doing this forever. Tony and an Alex and Marin even Michael and you know we all know what. It's like to be a part of something that we're really proud of that. Nobody nobody ever sees more or doesn't get the opportunity to be proud of it as we are. And I think we're just counting our lucky stars at the show found an audience that we keep getting to make it gets the getting to work with this group of people we feel so genuinely lucky and we just WANNA keep making sure that it's just as good if it's not even better the next season than it was before we could feel that because it can't change in more onto something else that's happening even though on forbidden to say look at you just everyone does to me and the coroner so you ever see yourself when you started saying when was it you were born outside Chicago. Yeah I was born in Milwaukee and Move to move to the Chicago land area and I was four Grew up in the Chicago suburbs and always knew. I wanted to be an actor but didn't always please know that it was a career always wanted to do it but it kind of felt more like a hobby and that at some point I'd have to find a real job. What was that first? Step up toward it actually happening. Just when I started looking at colleges and thinking about what I wanted to study I realized that there was nothing I wanted to do more within this and and I can't remember who senator where I read it but I but somehow it stuck with me thing that someone had said about. They're not being an option to have a plan. B There is no such thing as a plan. B If you're going to do this you have to do it all the way and and risk big and maybe fail big. But you can't can't. You can't have a backup plan in the back of your mind otherwise you'll go do that because it's so hard sometimes especially when you're first starting and I I dove in. Did you support at home or your parents saying yes Rachel you can do it. There's no plan B.. I think they think they were more in support. Important having some kind of no no parent wants their kid to come home and be like I'm going to be an artist of any kind. You know I didn't they. They would have preferred preferred that. I pursued something more practical and become a lawyer doctor but those things easy as pie. Hi Doctors Plan. Yeah exactly yeah on the side but I think they they did a great service by by not handing everything to me not handing the tools I needed to do it. They basically said if if you WanNa do this then you're gonNa have to make it happen and you should probably take some acting classes and you should probably start babysitting a lot to pay for those and they wanted me to prove it to them but also I think to myself and I'm and I'm really grateful for that now. I read somewhere that when you were in high school you did. You're on the wrestling team. I can't imagine you do L. L. Outfit. No you know it's funny that's become everyone's favorite fun because you stopping stop and say really grew up in a really athletic family. My Dad played tennis. My brother played hockey. My sister played soccer and we all ordered and skied. No one did that but I but I had a lot of friends who joined the wrestling team and been doing it since junior high and always wanted to do it and And I love off the fact that it wasn't even though it was primarily considered a boys sport actually divided by weight class. So if you weigh the same you might have a different skill sets but but you're you're competing against one another in gender has nothing to do with it. I loved it. It was so hard in the workouts. WERE INSANE BUT I. I really enjoyed that. It was both a team sport and individual sport at the same time I wish I could have continued with it but I made musical Michael and then I think they left up onto Tony. Put on a catsuit. You don't say to your husband your family and friends let Russell Russell. No not these couple of cocktails. I still think it would be a great idea without the thing went and the headgear again. There's still take time today. You know no Mara. Neal's the dream I sneeze here too so you you start and you go to. NYU Tisch school. So it's a thing. What was I saw that your first movie on the movie critic I never saw the unborn? Never did all the way separate. Yeah it was. It was a very very small part. Yeah I was in high school and I I got an audition and my small agents at the time kind of made it sound like it was going to be the big audition the biggest opportunity I'd ever have in my whole life and I skipped school and missed a very important task and wet for it and then somehow ended up with this part. My mom had to be on set with me and I was playing. I think high school or maybe a college student but but I was definitely the only person of that age On this everyone else was like much older and I got sewn into this little top but it was a great experience. I had no idea what I was doing. You know someone said to me that in order to act on film and TV you should just mumble. All your lines go public but I have to work that because she did series TV right. He did like one here. Gossip girl here something else there. Yeah yeah it was cool wall. It's kind of like learning. What is I loved wanting to do it? That way I was in school and learning ton And was getting little opportunities to pop in and out of various television shows and films that were shooting in and out of New York sometimes a line here a couple lines there and and it was a great opportunity to be able to try things and and sometimes feel like I've failed miserably and then go back to school which is such a safe place and say I tried all this stuff that I thought I was supposed to do and none of it worked. Please help me. I feel so lucky that that it's it's been such a a a slow a slow burn so we've talked a little bit about your movie career. That is now your producer. Yeah you're getting to produce your own stuck. Success is good when you can do that. It's been fantastic. Your mission statement as a producer. Well well I you know right now. The project producing a film called. I'm your woman that I'm also starring in which is being directed by a wonderful wonderful woman named Julia heart all she stevens Stevens she did? She's phenomenal and co-producing with Jordan Horwitz. She and Jordan wrote the script together and I'm really just getting started would but part of what I'm hoping to do is also producing that. I'm not in you know I've been given this platform because of this project that people love so dearly and I and I'd like to share it. I'd like to be able to help uplift and center artists who deserve a shot in a piece about platform men who might not have that opportunity elsewhere That's something that I'm really excited about and still trying to figure out how to how to do. Well it's exciting hiding scary at the same tournament for all you know really a good thing because we know now that you're not going to pursue not going to do another another thing where you're a standup comic ever. It's just there's no did you take inspiration from any of the women comics that do this. I looked a lot to a woman named gene. Carol who's kind of a lesser known early female comic. She's certainly one of the pioneering nearing comedians. But I originally thought that Midge was inspired by her later learned that that's a true but but she was A. She's so good so so quick and was three steps ahead of her audience at any given moment. And there's there's a brilliant brilliant clip that I feel like became the foundation for Midge where Jeanne Carols dropping jokes left and right on some some show. Maybe the ED Sullivan Show. I'm not sure. And and she drops a joke so quickly that the audience. It doesn't quite catch it. And she waits a half a beat for laugh and then immediately goes come on come on come on run. It says says the joke again and I was like Oh my gosh I think it is her two gene. There's definitely a lot of Jing Carol. Well this is the first time you've been on this show even though we've talked before so you don't really know that we end a little song and since you have such vast experience in musical theater I go. I don't know what you first musical role ones fumble in the scarlet pimpernel. y'All that was it. DUMBLE member will. Is there. Some mm song that's in your heart my heart. That's a lovely way of saying that you know. I don't know why this song came back into. My mind. Signed my heart recently but my dad is a big Jimmy Buffett fan you and we grew up on my dad would drive me to school in the morning and and it was kind of a special time for us to spend together and we just blast Jimmy Buffett so cheeseburger in paradise favorite. So give me a little bit of it. Okay so it goes a little something like this. These words it's been awhile Zucchini Fettuccini and Bulgar Auger. We on a big warm bun and a huge hunk of meat did did a cheeseburger in paradise parrot. They look at that with your. It's great to hear thank you so this is so nice.

Midge Rachel Brosnahan Chicago Tony Shillue Jimmy Buffett Peter Travers Michael Shaya Baldwin Baldwin. Mrs Mazel Jing Carol Ross Jordan Horwitz producer PA wrestling amy Dan One hockey soccer
Rachel Brosnahan

Sunday Sitdown with Willie Geist

30:41 min | 4 months ago

Rachel Brosnahan

"Hey guys guys here with another episode of the sunday. Sit down podcasts. My thanks as always clicking and listening to long. I am particularly excited about this today. Tell you why not. Just because we have a great guests for you. Rachel brosnahan star of the marvelous. Mrs maisel where she plays the lead character of course for what she has won two golden globes and an emmy award a show just about everyone loves. And if you haven't seen it other people in your life are harassing you to see it and you really need to do that. So that's number one number two though is that we got together and did this interview in person as you guys know from listening to these since well march. I guess early march. We've been almost exclusively with a couple of exceptions on zoom. And they're great. And i always am grateful for the time that we have together a loses a little bit in intimacy end sound quality and everything else so when you get a chance to get together and rachel was kind enough to say yeah. Let's do it. We're both in new york so we met at. Pj clark's great burger place. If you don't know about it lincoln center and we were. It was the two of us we had a tape measure of between as before we sat down. We're seven feet apart. We gave it an extra foot and just a small crew and it was pretty down dirty and we just got together and sat down in this burger place and we talked about her incredible new movie called. I'm your woman which is going to have a lot of people talking. i promise. It's really her first. Big starring movie role and. She's really good in it. And she's a producer on the film as well so we talk about the movie we talk about as she's getting ready now within a matter of days now to go out and shoot the next season. Yes there's more marvelous. Mrs maisel coming What else can i tell you. I didn't know rachel beforehand. A lot of times and i've gotten to know a lot of these people over the years We just met in. That burger joint. And i was so thrilled that she would come. And sit with me. Seven feet apart and Sit down and talk about her career and her life and something. she doesn't do a lotta. she told me she doesn't do many profiles. She told me after she said. I don't do these. I became an actor. So i didn't have to talk about myself so that i can always be somebody else. So hopefully you enjoy a rare conversation with an incredibly talented and generous actress. Rachel brosnahan right now on the sunday. Sit down podcast. Rachel great to see thanks doing this. This is a little odd. Just say it right. I was gonna say romantic but yes a little bit. I told you read before we sat down. We literally had detained measure out so we could have seven full feet between us which is kind of where we are. I mean over achieving. I appreciate for you. We add the extra foot day. Lester you needed seven feet. So what speaking of what of the last nine or ten months ben like for you as we've all been staying at home trying to keep ourselves busy you're going to go into production with mrs maisel soon. Been like strange strange for everyone. You know being here in new york. It was scary early on and And as you said everyone's been looking for ways to save busy in our in our industry to stay creative. And i feel really lucky that we had a number of projects in post production in development so thankful for this time to catch up and an amazing artists zoom so much zooming happening last couple of months but we were actually in post production for. I'm your woman when we when when all of this started so. It was a lot of a lot of virtual. Editing and viewing of the film and eighty are in my office with some quilt sin. It was strange. But i think people would be shocked to hear even at that level like a big hollywood movie. It's just you closet with some blankets. Absolutely it closet with some blankets trying to figure out the instructions on this box. They kind of looks like a bomb. You know it's it's all. Glamour is very glamour. I understand you took up. A lot of us have been binging took up survivor. the reality show. Yeah just catching on it. Well or watch was okay. Good i was. We're that nerdy. Yeah it was a re. We watch the second pass. Would you pick up on a second. Viewing rachel that you missed the you know a game play. I feel like. I've been thinking a lot about strategy. No it was just. It was such a good escape. Really nice escaping. It was the thing where at the start of it you know. We went down in a in a pod with with two friends who were with us when we all found out that the world was shutting down and we all went down together and we were looking for something to keep us occupied and there are forty seasons of survivors so we knew that likely no matter how long this went on we'd covered. And that's that's really yeah. I also think everything excused right now like people are like whatever you need to do to get through if you wanna watch survivor twice. God bless i'll be exactly the same. Whatever gets you through. Is it gratifying. In some way to know how many people have been watching the marvelous. Mrs maisel during this time that i mean it's it's one that keeps coming up. People said what you do in court either watching for the first time all three seasons. Or i'm watching it. Yeah it's been so nice to hear that made people laugh and brought people joy during a time when sometimes both of those things have been really hard to come by heard. A lot of stories from people are reaching out saying then finding the show. We're watching the show again. Got them through a hard time. And i'm grateful to have been able to be a part of something that helps people escape for a minute. Yeah we'll talk more about that. But i'm super interested talking about i'm your woman because i told you i watched it yesterday and it's so so good i promise joe wouldn't jinx you but i just have a sense that people are gonna be talking about this for a while your performance as jean. What grabbed you about the story. And what grabbed you about the character. I was so moved by jeans. Journey through motherhood this unexpected johnny towards motherhood without doing two inch way And her struggles with it. And also that gene is an ordinary woman by by most counts and ordinary woman of the seventies. Who's been thrust into these extraordinary circumstances. And and i appreciate stories that recognize the usually non linear journeys towards growth of ordinary women. Not everyone comes out of the womb wanting to change the world. And i'm grateful that a woman like gene has been centered in this genre that so traditionally male dominated and that's our director julia hart. Who's interested in in swinging the lens on a character who who often lives on the fringes of these films but who's definitely there and has had an experience as well. I like the way julia described as you said. I wanted to know what happened. Diane in the godfather wants the door closed. And you could say that about sharon stone in casino or lease going round. Tell us exactly exactly so without giving away too much of the story. Kind of set up the action to the extent. You can yeah. It's hard because everything give something away but we meet gene who is a fairly traditional nineteen seventies housewife Her husband eddie. Who we come to learn is a criminal. Gene finds herself unexpectedly on the run with her. Young child and Fighting for their survival and they need a family. can't they meet a family. Who helps them on their journey and who becomes somewhat of a chosen family for them through this story. So do you guys little car chases. I know. i'm trying to think of a question that does not have spoiler embedded so we'll let it go but just about her specifically what did you. What did you see in her. Because i know you pick these characters very carefully. You have a nice luxury of doing that. Obviously midges another one of them. But what did you see in her. They said okay. That's worth the investment of time and effort. Well they said. I was so interested in her in this quiet woman who felt so alone in her experience. Who felt alone in this experience of finding out that she couldn't have child who was dealing with. Ptsd when the movie opens and and it feels so different. From some of the roles. I've had the privilege of play over the last couple of years. This is a woman who who leaves primarily silence who chooses her words incredibly carefully who is lost inside her head for for a great deal of this film and certainly the pieces that we you know. The seems that we don't see her in. Yeah it it just felt like i felt like i didn't understand her when i first read the script and understand what motivated her. I didn't know why she was making the decision making and for me. That's always a sign that something that i'm invested and i'm dying to explore more fully. Who this person is that that that feels like the the most important marker to take on a new part is that i. I don't get it but that's such an interesting way to put it. Because i think intuitively. Think oh i get this person. I need to go play that character but for us. Some of that mystery is is appealing the character. Yeah it feels like that's the dream to be able to reach inside people's heads and hearts that you don't fully understand it's an exercise in empathy and and and a constant in it's always scary and and that's the dream to be able to play roles like that over and over and over again. There's also the element of period piece which is fun in terms of the the outfits and the cars and your kitchen design wallpaper dreams fun to step into again as you did want to step into a different place in time. Yeah i love that. Period pieces like sign movies and movies involves some kind of world building let you transform more completely and dive a little bit deeper into a character and into a world that feels far away and i mean are brilliant production designer gave buckley created these incredible sets and and what a gift to be able to walk into these rooms. I mean the motels sets are some of my that we had a number of sets in motels and they were just so colors were so vibrant and the carpets were amazing. And the lamps. And it just feels like you'd time traveled and you get out of your own way and just start living in this space in the moment set watch you think like wow every cabinet and every chair. Kitchen every piece of carpet. Somebody really thought about this to make this a convincing world. War is it fair to say. This is your first major starring role in a movie. Is that classifying that correctly. So what is that like then to carrying the movie the cast is incredible but certainly the star of the movie. What does that feel like as an actor. I hadn't really thought about it in those to make you nervous like. Oh god the job. No i hadn't i hadn't really thought about it in those terms and i think part of that is because this was also this is also my first time producing a film and so i was involved from a much earlier. Stage in the process than actors traditionally get to step in and that also means that i got to collaborate from a much earlier stage in the process. Then we're usually invited to and so it just has. It's been such an extended process which has been a real gift. And i think in some way of taking pressure off of just occupying role or having to think about it because we have producing to do But i but i mean i can't. I can't imagine a better film to be able to call that than this one. And two have been able to work with julia heart and jordan horwitz and my friend marsha stephanie blake one of my dearest friends carly is one of our casting directors and brilliant arinda kenny and our babies. Justin and jameson. charles. I mean this. This is a dream and then It's been it's been amazing and it's so nice to be able to finally talk about every are so to the layman. Who might be watching this. What does it mean to be a producer on the movie. How does that change your job. Because i think some people say okay. Rachel's star put her name on it. She's the producer sometimes happens. I think yeah but in this case it sounds like you're really in the trenches helping this movie what it is. Yeah and i'm so grateful to have been invited into that position by jordan horwitz who produced a film with alongside and julia heart. Our director they are they're married. They're married couple. They are also writing partners. They work together all the time. And i'm so grateful to invited into their beautiful partnership a lotta people talk the talk about wanting to include more women in positions of leadership and and julia jordan. Really walk the walk in in all of those different discussions but it was a choice and a deliberate one for them to invite me into the space and to elevate me into this position and to allow it to be far more than vanity project. Jordan was incredible mentor. I mean he's produced an incredible movies. Lala land i'm still pinching myself. But he also one of the greatest things that he did as a mentor was also allow me the space to find my own voices of producer and to grow The long winded way of saying that what it really means is to be involved from a much earlier stage to be involved in script development to be involved in conversations about Budget and how how you wanna make the film and to be hiring all the different departments and involved in casting basically have a hand in every piece of the making of a of a film or television project And then stay with the film after you've finished shooting because then in post production where you're editing and and And working on color and sound and figuring out how you wanna roll the film out into the world and strategy and And i've learned an incredible amount from working on cool that involved with the obvious next step or would be directing there. It's not put you on the spot to say yes something now but do you. I mean having been on this incredible television show. You're on in this great movie that you're in now does that. Does that serve. Get those gears moving for you. But i love directors of love directors as an actor and so grateful for directors like julia who are so interested in that collaboration. I admire so many brilliant directors. I don't know that. I have that desire at this point. I'm loving stepping into this new space in producing I'm a. I'm for an actor and for an artist. I'm i'm a pretty logical logical brained person and so i think the the constant Putting together the puzzle pieces and figuring out how the actual process of making the sausage from produce oriels. Standpoint is really exciting to me that it's an exciting challenge And so. I'm i'm focused there right now. An acting up guys. Thanks for listening to the sunday. Sit down podcast. Stick around to hear more from rachel brosnahan. Right after the break the curse the document we. I had a light a candle. I'm chuck rosenberg on my podcast. The oath i talk with people who served with integrity and honor men and women who liked the way this week. Former head of the guantanamo review task force meddlesome. The initial idea of guantanamo was. Ill conceived that there could be sort of a legal black hole where we could all detainees and it remains a problem in our history i think counterterrorism perspective. Join me for season for the oath and msnbc podcast search for the oath wherever you're listening right now and subscribe new episodes every wednesday. Welcome back to the sunday. Sit down podcast now. More of my conversation with rachel brosnahan. We're sitting here on the upper west side where we lower west side. maybe And you're just as we sit here a couple of weeks away from beginning shooting on season four of the marvelous. mrs maisel. what does it feel like right. Now to be ramping up to another season it feels so nice if fields so exciting to be able to get the family back together again soon. We haven't seen each other in more than a year now got. That seems a great annoy each other early this year before everything shut down but it feels like it's rammer and as long as we've been apart since we started making the show so it's been so exciting to be back at the a little bed trying on costumes hang on hat saying hello to everyone. We miss each other and are really excited to get back so obviously not gonna ask you to give any way. But where do we find niches. You walk into this. This fourth season other than fired. I believe on an airport tarmac. He has ever call to be completely honest. That is the last. That's the that's the last i know. I haven't seen scripts yet for this season. No and i have no idea what we're in store for. I usually i feel like. I usually know a little bit more than i currently heading into another season. But i know there were gonna way i've seen some costumes. They're amazing lots of hats to come in in this season. Lots of insane hats to come this year. But i have no idea what words in store for. Visit a scary thought that or do you trust the writers enough that it's going to be okay. I both absolutely. I know that they're going to come up with some brilliant stuff. I know they're going to make us wanna tear our hair out and we're gonna have to learn to hundreds of pages of dialogue a week but that's half the fun you know you're saying earlier before we started that. You're a little bit of an introvert. You've said that publicly to. I'm not yet telling tales outside of school. Play a character midge. Who is not just an expert but a stand up comic which is like the scariest profession. You if you're that kind of person totally. How did you approach that. When he first started. And say okay. I have to really be somebody. I'm not know if it is. It's dreamy in that. It continues to be reach. I feel like sometimes. Or at least i've heard from other people that being on a series for a number of years it can start. It can start to get older. Can start reveal like you're doing the same thing over and over again that the great gift of working on this show that it never gets easier. It never feels idiot. Feel like such a reach and that's very exciting. I've tried a lot of things. I have an amazing acting coach named teddy bear ski. I couldn't do anything without ted. We've worked together for for seven years at this point so pre prenatal That helps lots of preparations Coffee lots of coffee. Power posing the. I've actually tried it. Oh oh you know i mean. I won't do it in here but you just stand with your feet firmly planted on the ground and put your hands on your hips and hold your head up. Take them and just hoped that it comes to you. Hope the confidence convince yourself. Yeah i heard someone say that once and got really desperate in a moment of great insecurity and tried it and then was like i think this works and and now i've found myself in various states of petty code and don behind you outside a third. We started with a garbage truck. We've completed a gift. We've closed the new york circle having a dog. He's now observing it. The whole thing over here power. They found myself in various states of Of petty code and sound and various clothing standing in the mirror hoping the confidence comes so and that doesn't change. i mean you've been through three seasons. You still feel that little pit in your stomach. When it's time to get up on stage and be midge up there yes definitely but it doesn't let you be complacent and i feel like it. You know when you approach every job if you are an anxious nervous person as i as i certainly. Am and a lot of ways especially when it comes to things that i'm passionate about especially when it comes to work i think when you feel like you have nothing to lose you. You just stand at the at the edge of the plank every day and and make the decision to to dive off and just see what happens and and if you can if you can step off. I think it it makes you grow. It makes your work better and more dynamic but the kids do you think. There's those some benefit. I talked to a lot of to have a little of that imposter syndrome. Or this is all going to end tomorrow or like because it keeps some edge for you when you go into a set absolutely. It keeps you grounded. Keeps you great full because genuinely every job could be your last. And i know that i'm not alone in feeling that way that ended my career every time i step onto a set. You know it keeps you keeps you moving forward. You have no other choice really. You can either be paralyzed by that feeling or or keep going and i take great solace knowing that that i'm not crazy and i'm not alone that that you know i. I remember years ago. Shooting shooting something for a couple of days with sam neill and sam neill stepping onto sat on the very first day. Finishing a brilliant take of something amazing and going boo. It never gets easier. And i just remember being like amazing getting many years into this. You still feel that way. You feel seen. Somebody else feels that way. Yeah and it. Lets you know that that if they can keep going so can you. Yeah absolutely wild to you. When you started this i guess well. It rolled out three and a half years ago. The first season you knew you had something good but you could never have imagined it's become what it has become which is emmy winning and golden globe winning and winning i think twenty total. Emmys for you won two golden globes. What do you think when you think about this sort of cultural phenomenon that the show you made has become we just. We can't believe it. This is a group of actors so many of us started in theater who have been on a lot of stuff who have been on a lot of stuff that we loved and we thought was amazing and felt with with equally talented actors and writers and producers and show runners and and that just never quite found its audience. You just never know. And so we feel so lucky that not only are we of this thing that continues to challenge us that makes us better actors and better people and we get to work with these insanely talented folks in every single department of this show but that it also an audience and that other people feel the same way that we do. That's that's crazy and not something to take for granted at all. It might be a hard thing to talk about the inside. But what do you think it is about this show. That is so captured. People's attention imagination. There's something in it for everyone. There are all of these different characters from different walks of life. The character center is someone who even if naively a fair amount of time leads with hope and joy and is reinventing herself past when she thought that was possible for her you know. She thought that her life was set at twenty six years old and and And at that time for a lot of people it was and she's she's throwing down and figuring out who she is and what she wants and now you have. Her parents undergoing a similar journey. You have suzy who represents a completely different energy in this show. Yeah i think it makes people happy. It has beautiful clothes and bright colors. And and yeah. Those are the things that i hear the most often from from people who loved the show. Is the audition story true. That you almost didn't make it to audition because you were so sick. Yeah and that. Maybe you don't even remember the condition because you were so sick. yeah yes it feels like a total blur. I had some kind of terrible flu. Which now seems crazy that i went at all in the moment that we're living in but then you know you could after a certain of time but i was so sick i really couldn't get on a plane. I it was one of those. I've never been knocked on my behind like that from from illness before. And i i just. I was like sweaty and gross and and it was like on the tail end. It had been like twelve days or something at the time. I finally went but with nervous. Because you know it was. A big opportunity was sweaty and disgusting and felt like i had lost my whole mind and i'm so grateful that i actually had tissues stuffed in the back of my pants. At one point. I took off my shoes. Because you know my feet. Were so sweaty that i was sliding around them it was. It was a disaster. But but probably very midge say maybe that worked for you and some backward way. Incredible when asked about yearly departed. Such a cool idea avenue. Amazing women standups. Yeah friends of yours together. Described project a little bit. Yeah so yearly departed is a satirical funeral for the year. Twenty twenty where some of the funniest women that we know and love are going to lay this dumpster. Fire of a year to rest by delivering eulogies for some of the things. We've lost from casual sex to beige. Bandaids and beyond. And we had this incredible cast sarah silverman tiffany haddish pattie harrison. Natasha rothwell natasha zero. It's it's it was incredible in the midst of a wild pandemic to be able to is very cathartic to be able to get these women together and say goodbye to twenty twenty. Four twenty twenty was over us. Yeah we are head writer. Best cow old is unbelievable. I don't know if you're familiar with her work. And she was a writer on kimmel for a number of years and this is her first time stepping into this position and she's unbelievable mass incredible writers room. Yeah it was one of those things where you just put up the bat signal to your friends and you're like hey we're getting the superheroes together avenue were like we're getting the folks together. Well it was a largely. I mean a lot of the folks who we ended up working with new women from a writer's room new bass tiffany new art director. Lindemann does so it was just it. Was this amazing group of women coming together to make this thing. We had so many women in positions of leadership in front of and behind the camera. Our director our dp. Our editors are composer. It was so much fun to build a look around on these zoom meetings. And just see all these women looking back at us it shouldn't still feel radical but it does. It was amazing my big thanks again to rachel for a great conversation while you wait for season. Four of the marvelous mrs maisel. You can catch rachel's film. I'm your woman. And the comedy special yearly departed both streaming right now on amazon prime video. My thanks to all of you as always for tuning in if you want to hear more of my full length conversations with our guests every week be sure to click subscribe so you never miss an episode and of course. Don't forget to tune in to sunday today. Every weekend on nbc. I'm willie geist. We'll see you right back here next week on the sunday. Sit down podcast. Hey it's chris hayes. This week on my podcast wise is happening. I'll be talking with writer right thompson about nostalgia memory the south and bourbon one of the things. That really blew my mind. Doing this book is finding out that kentucky for instance was in the union of course bourbon. Which is the most nostalgic mythologised of drinks. Of course bourbon is made in a place that now pretend that lost a war at actually one. So when you're looking at the south you do need to understand the the powered seductiveness of mythology and always be aware of the fact that if you aren't looking out forward it will get you at this week unwise happening search for wisest happening wherever. You're listening right now and subscribe.

Mrs maisel Rachel brosnahan mrs maisel jordan horwitz julia heart rachel Pj clark rachel brosnahan julia hart golden globes new york marsha stephanie blake arinda kenny Rachel emmy award julia jordan lincoln center julia
Quibi: Why the $2billion video app is failing

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24:57 min | 11 months ago

Quibi: Why the $2billion video app is failing

"The theatres have closed, but the show look on, play me. PODCAST is thrilled to present a new series. The show must go on featuring provocative productions from some of North America's most acclaimed creators for the stage. Sit back and experience everything from chilling thrillers to Gut wrenching dramas to arriver in comedies each month experience, the exhilaration of theatre from the comfort of your own home. Plenty available wherever you get your podcasts. This is a CBC PODCAST! Hi, I'm Josh Block. Do you know about Qube. Maybe you've seen ads on twitter or Instagram, or maybe you or someone you know has subscribed though I be less certain about that. Quincy is a new mobile only streaming APP that offers Hollywood quality short videos. It was launched a mind blowing amount of money. Big Name Stars in CEOS Jessica the Mr chance the rapper Mr. the rapid I'll be out in. Kendall and are not going well for maybe the money is almost gone. The audience has not turned off and that's not all. Today what happened equity and why? This is number. Joining me now as Catherine Van Erin Donc shows staff writer for New York magazine and Vulture Dot Com. Catherine Hello, thanks for joining us. Thanks so much for having me. I want to start with the name Qube. It's sort for quick bites. How does that stack up out of that name? Stack up against other names like Netflix's and Snapchat Tiktok Hulu like what's in a name. You know every company has a has a Goofy name that was unfamiliar to us, and we accept that my my issue with Qube and I think. One of the things that that I I probably shouldn't judge it on, but I can't get out of my head. Is that what it was Qube? I was like okay. It's another one of these names. It doesn't mean anything to me, but I. Maybe it will just become one of those words that in five years sounds completely normal. Except then they explained that it was quick vice. Is that what it stands for? Quick by. After you can watch on your phone with tons of awesome original shows, and then as soon as I knew, there was an explanation for this silly word, it just felt like this wildly over engineered thing, and I couldn't get out like to me. It just immediately sounded like it was a kiosk in an airport where you're going to buy very underwhelming sandwich, you know. And I've never been able to move on. Well I understand that the original name was actually supposed to be something completely different, and maybe not any better. No so there was a wall, Street Journal report that came out recently that is about the relationship between Kubis founders and one of the details in that was that it was originally going to be called Mukasey the like small Sushi meal for people who can afford to have really lovely small bite Sushi meals and. I felt. That name is so much worse, but also somehow like true or to what they were imagining. This would be I everything I learned about quickly. I, just I am amazed new. Well I WANNA. Ask You about what could be is supposed to be. What actually is the problem that Quimby is trying to solve? Yes so there are these chunks of time throughout the day where we are watching video on our phones we tend to be watching it in the context of like stuff that we scroll across on social media on your twitter. Feed on your facebook. And almost everyone watches video on their phone in a vertical format. And you just have huge black bars above and below the video that you're watching and. Very little of what you're watching is actually made to play on the phone so. Quad's idea was what if we actually made an APP that was designed to create video that was four. Your phone and everyone who is making all of that video knew that that would be the context that people were going to be watching it, so you can watch it in vertical. They also made it so that you could watch it in in horizontal, and you could switch back and forth the videos are meant to be short so that if you're watching it, say while you're commuting or if you are sort of inbetween meetings if you're waiting for an uber these little moments in time throughout your day when everyone's fiddling with their phones already, what if you had bespoke video to fill in those little moments uniform full screen images like you've never seen before from world renowned creators. With perspective on all two story. On the small screen so that was really the the. Initial conception of Qube and they then got this huge stable of entertainers to create content for that platform from Academy Award winner. Pete fairly comes to comedy starring Dave Franco and Bill Murray Kiefer Sutherland and Boyd Holbrook, starring in the fugitive brand new take, and so when they launched, there was this sense of like. Okay! This could be a completely different. Way To watch video. They could be inventing something interesting and do here. and I think that was the hope. is the brainchild of these two veteran executives. You have Jeffrey Katzenberg and MEG. Whitman and Kassenberg course is known for his role at Disney produced. Animated Films Like the Little Mermaid and Aladdin and it's not dissimilar to what HBO did in the Nineteen Nineties when they came along and said. We're not TV were HBO. We're not short-form. We're quitting and you have meg Whitman who was a former head of Ebay and Hewlett Packard. I had this little mental model of Great. Consumer, tech businesses I is are the Trans the wind at your back or the trends rights. Friends are dead on here. What did that signal to? You think to investors. About the potential of this APP. They were very successful in signaling. How confident they were in this idea and I think the the two of them together felt like this perfect lineup of the exact kinds of people that could make something like this. You want somebody with entertainment experience. Somebody. Is Who knows the business and who has a sense of what people actually WanNa be watching, and then you also have somebody with the experience of launching a new Tech Company and getting people to change their behaviors around the technology that they're using and understanding. What's going to be appealing to investors and how to make you I work in an all of the? Technical stuff that is crucial if an APP like this is actually going to be appealing for a lot of people and they were able to raise. An incredible amount of money I mean I. Think almost like one one point eight billion dollars. Yes yes, which. I, it's hard to imagine. How exactly all of that money? Got Spent, as quickly as it did, but the reporting at least in the Wall Street Journal. In some other places is that they have been burning through cash very very rapidly and they will be out of that original one point eight billion by the like by this fall, and if they want to continue through next summer, they are going to have to fundraise again. We'll presumably one of the ways they have been spending. Those cash is pulling in these major stars I. mean the list is remarkable Jennifer Lopez Lebron James Alba Steven Spielberg Chrissy Teigen I mean it goes on and on in terms of these kind of a-list celebrities. They've brought in to create and produce content for the APP. Celebrities will each be giving away. One Thousand Dollars I didn't know how to create school, but let's figure it out. Let's learn the people are. The cases are real, and the judgments are legally binding this is. Absolutely and they also are doing a lot of have made a lot of deals with pre existing. Particularly, when for their like newsy shows, preexisting titles, so they have like sixty minutes show stories that risk questions about our society but race power. We're going to take you there, so you can be part of got experience. There are also licensing agreements that they must be spending quite a a lot of money on between those and the fact that they had to sort of make all of this. This content from scratch because they wanted to launch with a with a significant library of stuff Yes, that is that is where a lot of the money has gone, but they also have are a huge company. They have even still even after executives have have started slowly leaving. They still have about two hundred and fifty employees, so it's A. It's a significant outlay of cash for them. Was I wanna ask you about the actual roll out of. I think one of the decisions that that skeptics have an critics have keyed in on was that the content is only available on the. APP on your phone so you can't initially. You haven't been able to cast it onto a television. You can't take a screen shot of it I mean you can't really share it. What what kind of impact does that had? I in terms of the success of the rollout. It is incredibly annoying and I think it has been a bigger element in Quebec underwhelming performance. Then qube itself might have imagined particularly because a lot of the content is. Not that great, and some of the most interesting stuff is also the goofiest, and I am very aware of how powerful it is to have somebody say like. Have you seen this ridiculous thing like that is a great way to get people interested in this this thing that you are trying to advertise. And there was in fact, this one clip of equality show that did go semi viral. It was a clip from a horror show by SAM. Again big name. Called Fifty states of fright and Rachel Brosnahan and the premise is that her arm gets cut off, and her husband makes her a golden arm of command that is. His. As long as your body absorbing the gold through your skin. Very, liken do. You've got to take off that prosthetic now, and it is so silly an over the top and stilted and everything about it feels incredibly awkward, and there was a clip that somebody took using one phone to record the different phone playing this episode of Rachel Brosnahan Saying I. If I die. Bury me with my goal norm great. And people shooting the video or Giggling, Frequently in the background, yes, great viral stupid content could have been a pretty good driver for them, because I know a lot of people like to watch a a train wreck right, and then maybe if they come for the train wreck, they stay for other stuff that may actually be more interesting to them or or that. They would actually like if you can't share screen shots if you can't make. Make this a thing that people are talking about with each other. You're never going to be able to build that kind of audience. appreciation for these sorts of things, because also when people like things, they like to make more content about it. That's what you want and so qube really by by making that something. That was very hard to do. I think that was an unexpected problem for them. You know I downloaded. The APP took a look at it and I was impressed. It looks really slick, and obviously there's a whole range of content there things like the golden arm, but there's also a a show called sixty and six, which features US Pulitzer Prize, winning correspondent Wesley Lowery. and. It looks really good I I the the content was impressive among the first people we came across at the memorial. Was Tyrone Carter former NFL? Player for the Minnesota Vikings response to hurt. Because Minnesota got ugly truth. I need to let you know about your book. There are some things on Qube that I I'm comp- I'm completely sold by that is one of them I am actually oddly fond of a very strange comedy. Show called. Nikki, fresh. Starring Nicole Richie and looking for music that only I can make. This contract. where she plays a sort of half parity version of herself as a trap artist, who is making music for like hipster Moms who like organic foods and then? For you strange music for Everybody Teachers Rabbis Burgos. And Gays and Lionel Ritchie's shows up and calls her ridiculous. I mean this is the thing that I would love to be able to. You know you could imagine a conversation about. I have to say though in almost every one of these cases. As you watch these shows, even the good ones. You can feel the ghost of what they want to be. Still while you were watching them in reduced qube for like nothing about. Well nothing on being on nothing about being. On this. Platform. Improves them sometimes there are. The news stuff tends to translate a little bit better. Because it is meant to be more about the news of the day, and so the fact that it feels kind of ephemeral is is all right because it is today's news, but the fictional shows you don't want them to feel ephemeral. You don't want them to feel like this little light trivial thing you want people to like them and care about them, and maybe come back to them and share them and think about them, but they always they are the fact that they are so short and that the the the. You can't talk about them with anyone else. Gives them this odd airless nece. Watch it and then it's just. You can't even remember the experience of watching it like Oh. Right I I. Did actually spend quite a bit of time watching. Nicky fresh, but. I but I never talked about it with anyone again. I can't take any screen shots of it. And it was in these tiny little chunks that it was like it was making fun of itself for how short it was, so it's sort of doesn't stick in your head at all right. When I commuted once upon a time before the the pandemic would see people watching like segmented versions of of late night, television or news bites, or you know funny videos or not. It was rare that I was to see someone watching net flicks on on a subway I. Think the content that they were making. It almost didn't matter how good it was. It was always going to be completely useless in the way that people actually use their phones but I also think the content. If you're if you're aiming for a group of people who are on their phones all the time, and who maybe don't want to be watching Netflix. Probably should be aiming for more like a Gen Z. younger millennial audience, and the content that they're making some of it is for that, but a lot of it is much more for like I'm thirty five, clearly, the shows that they are making r with a user like me or even older in mind and Rick. I just doubt that that was ever going to be a group that was suddenly going to be thrilled about only watching videos on their phone. He smashed pretty much. Every billboard and streaming record that matters it has already been stream more than a billion times. People still to this day point to this is the moment everything changed, but whether you agree with those claims they're not. This podcast isn't really about him. either. You're not an astute businessman, or you're inherently racist. When it comes to black music in this country, this is not a drake podcast available now on, CBC listen or wherever you get your podcasts. I'm Dr Hillary McBride. Let me. Take your microphones rarely go. My therapy office. It's where my clients hurt. He'll and ultimately thrive. You're going to hear private conversations that we rarely ever have with ourselves. Let alone share with others. Welcome to other people's problems. Maybe along the way you'll discover that other people's problems are a lot like your own. Season Three's out now. Subscribe on CBC Listen Or Wherever you get your podcasts? I WanNa, ask you about the launch. It costs five dollars a month to be a subscriber to qube and that's five dollars a month with ads eight dollars without ads. They've been running a fourteen day free trial. How have subscriptions gone. Not Great really not, great. Metrics hit me. Was the metrics whether we got? How many people have downloaded so far? More than three million, and certainly in a couple of weeks period of time to to do that is pretty pretty phenomenal. Current pace is fewer than two million paying subscribers in its first year, which is paltry, although keep in mind, you're the target. The Caribbean set was seven million when it was first launched. It was right when most of North America was. Starting to grapple with corona virus, and so suddenly, the nobody is actually leaving their houses. Nobody is doing this kind of commuting behavior that could be was designed to be watched during and so Katzenberg and Whitman had there are some quotes that were floating around where it was like well part of the problem with these launches that. Pandemic and we could not have foreseen this coming and so. Part of the reason nobody's watching. It is that it was designed for behavior. That doesn't exist anymore. was there ever a point when you guys second-guessed yourselves about the lawyer Light Grazie I can kind of understand that except in this most recent report. said was that they are continuing to having problems problems with subscriptions, not because of Corona virus, but because of the sudden wave of global protests for black lives matter, and after the death of George Floyd they feel uncomfortable. Promoting could be so. That's actually why they have a subscription problems. In an interview with New York Times initially Katzenberg said I attribute everything that has gone wrong to the corona virus everything. Everything meanwhile now the problem is is black lives, matter and some point you have to wonder. Could Qube have only been successful in their minds if nothing in the world was happening? So what are you going to be looking for next with Qube? What what do you anticipate will be their next move? Look I. at this point, it does feel pretty hard to turn the ship around. But I don't think it's impossible yet. they raised one point eight billion dollars, so even though they have spent a ton of it, they still have money left in the bank. They could do two things they could hang on long enough based on the fact that they actually have new content still coming out when a lot of TV and movies do not. And then. After that, they could add some kind of like sharable social element to the APP. They could enable screen shotting which I think. They is going to be difficult. Because it's a, it's a for them. It's copyright licensing problem, but if for them I would, I would I would tell them that it is a priority I would also look. They got all of these big entertainment names to sign on to make a kind of thing. The didn't really exist yet. Like the idea of what a qube show is with something. Everyone was just trying to imagine without having any models, and so it is possible that you could now go in as a as a creative. You know some a director. A producer watch a lot of could be. Be Stuff and say oh. I can now see what I think works, and what doesn't work and I could imagine how to improve it, and then instead of just flying blind, you are actually basing your creative decisions on on models of success and failure in the past, and thus could get better right like you could imagine people looking at what already exists and trying to improve on and then actually making something. Even if I were a very interesting creative person who was like seeing this is an opportunity. I feel like I would probably wait for the next company that tries this rather than signing onto the titanic of this. It's difficult to be the first yeah. Yeah? Catherine. Thank you so much for your thoughts on this. It is my pleasure. Talk. And just before you go today news to get you caught up on and DP leader Jagmeet Singh was kicked out of the House of Commons on Wednesday after calling a Bloc Quebecois, MP racist does the honorable member for burnaby south have the unanimous consent of the House to move the motion. I'm sorry. This exchange happened after an MVP motion on systemic racism in the RCMP failed to receive unanimous consent Singh refused to withdraw his comments or to apologize to block number eleven. Tell the AN. And was asked to leave for the remainder of the day that MP Donnelly seen no, but make eye contact with me and just kind of. Precious hand, dismiss it in a moment I got angry. Angry. I'm sad now. Because why can't we act? And after a long campaign by Prime, Minister Trudeau Canada has lost its bid for a seat on the UN Security Council. This marks the second consecutive time. Canada tried to lobby for a spot. Ireland Norway won the election for the two available nonpermanent seats. I'm Josh Block Sees Marl. For more CBC podcasts. GOTO CBC DOT CA slash podcasts.

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Heartland Newsfeed Radio Network

Heartland Newsfeed Radio Network

5:01:00 hr | 5 months ago

Heartland Newsfeed Radio Network

"For more information about talking with your kids about underage use of alcohol and other drugs visit underage drinking dot. Samsa dot gov. I'm just a caveman. Your world frightens and confuses mayor. Rick tiddle wants to hear from you. The phone call is free. Y'all just dial one eight hundred eight seven eight lay to yourself on the air right now. Call him up now. Lazy ass one. Eight hundred eight seven eight lay man. I'm talking to my team. You're my assistant. Okay you're supposed to back me up and go get juice boxes when i tell you now. Go get me a juice box. You know you're talking to talking to juice box guy crazy. I'm not crazy. i'm just thirsty. How go to. Why are you there. What are you grabbing a. Just box fox boy. I'll tell you that yes you are. You know i'm not right. Thank you for that and welcome back to this show. It's great to have you with us. Rectal with you. Coast to coast and around the world on american forces radio network very happy to be joined by cinematographer bryce fortner. He's here to talk about the the new movie of which he was the dp. The director of photography. It's a thriller on amazon called. I'm your woman first of all bryce Thanks for putting up with us. We had some gremlins in the first hour. So thanks for being flexible work. Oh yes now. Let's talk about This movie which is On amazon as i mentioned and speaking of amazon the amazon the great. Rachel brosnahan plays the lead protagonist in this and gene Were you tempted to. I mean whenever you make a seventy s. They're all sorts of things that you can do to affect that. Look what what did you do to sort of get that. Feel for the the movie. What's on the julia heartened record. I had a lot of conversations about that. And we we kinda landed upon even want to do a bunch visually to to the seventy so at least in terms of camera. We didn't want any kind of stylistic thing to get in the way of the emotion or story or the characters so we actually really made sure that the the wardrobe and production. I and the cars spoke more towards the period than anything. I did on my end. We didn't watch. They didn't want to be distracting attention to itself. So we wanted to world speak seventies last night mckenna now when it comes to film and such things. I think that you know a lot of us. No difference between like sixteen. Thirty five seventy millimeter. But when it comes to lenses we don't know about that and i saw that you used a cook special. Flair anamour fickle. And what is what is that Well i it is an animal glens as opposed to like on our phones and those cameras and things like that are just cyril and lenses. Were kind of like lenses. Were i forget what they were around. But if it just gives you that kind of wider screen image and the way they do that it stretches out the it gives it it it kind of us even done a squeeze format minute stretch it out and gives it this kind of really interesting. It's like more classic like cinematic approach Or at least what you kind of in your mind right imagine a medic and a special player option was 'cause they could get him more fix where we're pretty new Relatively new compared to other tested Especially player option. It actually just heightened with layers that you get just ever so slightly Which is nice. Because we we weren't again china over at least do something very seventy but if there was something they gave us a little extra layer here and there. We were all forged the country but we didn't it wasn't like older lenders can be very distracting with players. And things like that so this is at least like we got some random place here and there. But it wasn't wasn't crazy. You know the i always hear about you know cinematographers and they have their own of course academy award category and to me and i'm not in the industry obviously but i've always kind of found that you know that the creativity of the writer and the director. It doesn't end there because the dp has so much influence on. How a movie is gonna look. Have you ever worked on a project. Where you had complete carte blanche. Have you ever worked on a project where you had to follow every order of the director. I've i've been. I've been on both and to be honest like i. I prefer someone the middle. I is that to be a cop out but i. I wanna a collaboration. Because i do think can bring a lot to it but i don't i want to be collaborative i wanna i want. My job is to bolster that performance and performances and the writing and the direction so for me working in cannibus. Somebody closely is a lot more fun and like nothing to do your thing. i'm great. that's not that fun to create like like being challenged but it's definitely stuff. I've been places where it's like. You know what this land here this height you know license track and do this. And it's like you know. Great shot. But i didn't. I wasn't really involved in the process. So i like i like somewhere in the middle and i think the projects better no doubt about it and i. I think it's interesting to stylistically. That director photography's can be so Flexible like a wally. Pfister could work with christopher nolan on inception but then do a money ball you know or a guy like robert richardson. He works with tarantino and scorsese but then he does oliver stone. I mean it's just it's it's unlimited. Right yeah yeah. That's what. I loved. Three when i was trying to figure out what i wanted to do. In making 'cause i was actually i was an ethic up and then i dealt with an injury line but i thought my future is going to be And so film presented itself in what i wanted to. I don't to be a director. But then when i kind of realized that as a cinematographer i could jump into other people's worlds and they could all be so different. Looks like so exciting to me because it could be like julia direct with a woman who did a movie critic disney. We like a young adult film. Which wasn't the most exciting on paper but it was like such a fun project and actually the person who have done that. I can share with my six year old son. So taking him to the premier in a little suit and everything and walking red carpet was like super fun so But it's like an unexpected things. It's like i don't know what my shop could be. It could be western. Could be a tv show could be commercial. That's scary but no. It's very cool Years ago i got the interview. She all edgy. Four and we talked about children of men and how it goes. It goes like fifteen minutes but every time you turn a corner. There's a tank blowing out the side of the building and that was their annual news. Becky who a lot of people think is one of the very best in the business when you watch that. Were you thinking about where you're watching it as a fan like the rest of it or were you watching it as a dp like thinking house he pulling this off. What was interesting about that. Movie for me was I that like an early test phoenix. I hadn't really heard anything about it. Didn't know anything about it and it's very hard for me to turn my snow tiger brain off on watching something. I watched that movie. I got so engaged. I i wasn't even aware that those were super long cakes and choreographed as well as it was. I just knew that i was in it. And that's commute. It was just like i try to. I try to look for those moments as you'll be washington also trying to create those moments. Hopefully people are aware of like. Oh look how slick we're being. It's only come when you see it after the like. Oh well that's why that was so intense was all taking and it's like she's gonna bite lenders i feel so immediate Yeah i mean the only thing. I can compare that to i. Guess is the beginning of nineteen. Seventeen where it's like a guy with a steady cam walking backwards down actual trench for twenty minutes and that was it was a little hard for me to turn my brain up on your so. Where like okay. Where the cuts and things like that but They did a good job and he looks amazing. So tell us a little bit more about I'm your woman and some of the things have which you're most proud about it I think there's a couple of things one of the things that i'm maybe strange in those kind of who we were able to make a movie. That that's centered so much around babies 'cause obviously babies can't read the script they can't act and there's some kind of big moments in the movie that were depending upon performances from abc. So it was very like you know. Let's see what happens. And i felt really nice about it. There's a couple of times we have these moments with the baby sleeping and it's not something you can be like okay. Maybe you're six points per ten years leads act like you're asleep so you have to kind of create a shock. What we did is we set up a shot and lighting And then we went to lunch to lighting in place in the mom says the babies and super the baby in the crib issue needs to or rachel come back and hold the baby asleep and get her shots and it's like a really kind of special to like we're quietly get these special moments that i think are really amazing. It's a moment Rachel comes in and puts a sock on the baby and kinda like gives them good night and it's like a really special moment you know that could have had a baby awake but sleep And then affecting that. I i'd never done. Carcases or car crashed before So that was very intimidating. Thank you to do to walk into. But then ultimately like the people that are pretty well a lotta in a lotta time to get right. But that's very satisfying. Remember that first car crash me thought that was better cinematographer. Bryce foreigners joined us the new movie on amazon prime. I'm your woman right when you sign into amazon prime. It's one of the things that pops up. And of course we all know rachel brosnahan who plays the main protagonists the housewife In this movie. And it is a very good flick. Bryce congratulations and Let's catch up on your next one man. I think you're content. No doubt about it. I remember talking to a cinematographer years ago. And and he always had this dichotomy between natural light and artificial light. And it's when you people get into. I know it sounds pretentious. And i say my craft but that's such a huge thing like a lot of times you shouldn't theater and go but to them they're like oh i should add natural light for that. That's why these guys get paid a lot of cash all right when we come back on the other side polly's sharp on sports violent ahead the number one gift in this stressful year. Relax asian from home medics now at up to thirty percent off soothing stress for over thirty years. Medics is the top home massage products brand with gives for every aching muscle on your list with select items up to thirty percent off and free shipping on orders over fifty dollars. Holiday supplies won't last shop now at h. o. Med dot com the perfectly relaxing perfectly. Giftable gift is at home. 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On the american forces radio network. It's our pleasure to welcome to the show. Paulie shore longtime comedian and movie actor here to talk about a new film. That's brand new out from lionsgate right. Now it's called guest house with stevo and a lot of other guys from the store and pollyanna comedy nerd. And i've been interviewing comedians for years and whenever i get a chance whether it's the seller in new york or or the store down there i always go. In fact i was at the comedy store. I was in the. Or about five days before the pandemic shut everything down. How you guys been handling it down there. Well it's not good. I mean it's the whole thing is not good. I mean you know I just think it's really sad. I think there's a way to survive and live without shutting down And i think the way that the governors have gone about this all wrong. I mean i think that businesses are hurting in. I don't know it's just you know. Obviously we're gonna get through it you know and we'll surpassed but i just think it sucks that you know you. Can you know i've been doing shows. I- utah salt lake city. A couple of weeks ago did fine. We just did have capacity shows. I did miami beach. They there are sitting on top of each other. They don't care about that in there. But i think with california i think it's disgusting I think you know. I was born and raised in california my whole life and i think what they're doing is wrong. I get people are dying. But i also get people have to live and i think if you you you sit away from each other. You separate you wear masks. You wash your hands. You can go out and live your life so it's pretty sad. I think it's sucks and speaking of the store. I actually bought showtime just so. I could watch that. Mike binder doc. I absolutely loved it. And i know you had you and your bro. You a part in it as well when you sit back and you and you watch it and the ups and downs of that place and all your mom did to represent comedy and that seen what was it like when you saw the finished product. It's kind kinda hard for me. You know because my mom and dad had died and That was a triple You know it's It's it's not like i'm happy. Go lucky polly watching this and oh this is so fun. you know. it's like it's heavy. You know it's my mom and everyone else looks at our. Has its lady that you know. She's she started comedy and You know. I look at her as my mom. You know just like you have a mom. So it's hard you know and like when you're sitting up there and your mom's office and like i think mike binder said you know i don't even think i've ever been up here when you're sitting there and your mom's office looking around at everything i mean you can't help but be stalled for all that right as far as what what do you mean you know it. Just you see you know you. Just think about the times when your mom mom's running that place and and you know making her break in careers really was some of the decisions you made. Yeah you know it's it's you know. I'm happy that her office is still exactly the way it is. You know my brothers have left it that way and i guess we've left it that way for that reason because you know even physically. She's not there she's she's her spirit there. So you'll you get rid of office and then you getting rid of her mouth which It sounds a little corny. But you know You know that's her. That's her place you know. She's the one that built it no one else and And i think that's you know why people really respect. The club is is is a her And what she did. So it's you know it's You know she gave the stage. She gave stages to these comedians to develop their craft and take chances and And you know you wanna kinda like keep that there you know. Yeah and and plus the people who got known as store guys you know. Like i was lucky enough to seek kennison and of course letterman back in the day. But it's almost like a family. I think a couple of years ago. I was down in the main room and they had a a best dub argus and it was yak off and it was. It was merrin guys who your family members Yeah it's a family of brothers I'm in vegas right now and out here. There's a lot of comics from the store. You know with alan stevens last week. He's he's here. Karl abo- is here. He's actually dying of cancer right now. Which is pretty heavy. And you got guys like steve. Pearl and steve kravitz. All these different guys are living out here and so yeah jimmy walker. I talked to louis. Anderson's out here. Here he basil's out here so yeah we all they all kind of babysat me. I'll took care of me and they're all you know. My family got more questions for paulie shore and we'll get to guest house here in in just a second but in over the years whoever comes to the punch line or cobs they lucky enough for me to to get the headliners on my show person. So i've got to know him. Bobby lee and he me. He wrote stories and arias. Another one of my favorites are shift gear. Steve o's been in as well. I know that he's in the movie. And i just think about those roads stories. I remember watching that documentary with you. And you know you'd be in the middle of nowhere and someone's like hey aren't you paulie shore. I mean you. You can't help but get recognized everywhere you go still to this day. Very unique look right. Yeah so handsome. Actually that guy. No no i know what it's weird is i still to this day. I'm in shock everywhere. I go people know me. And it's it's very weird. Because i'm like well. Maybe i did something that people enjoyed. And i'm i'm so hard on myself. You know i'm. I'm so like even when relationships with women it's so hard for me to like really trust and let go of control and and let someone in you know I started the process with adopting puppy. So i have a puppy now so it feels really nice to come home and have someone here in. It's just unconditional love and So i don't know when people come up to me and they say they say things to me I saw this so that it's it's pretty remarkable you know and i try to Let in as opposed to being kind of surface the like okay. Great you know. Like i really try to listen to what they're saying because the stuff that they're saying is pretty. It's pretty special on. It means a lot. It makes me feel and it's part of the reason that i keep going you know Because you know. I've connected with some. You know some some way you know with people and it's it's pretty nice you know and all we're talking hall races and all ages it's not you know one demographic so i'm very honored in very you know happy in fortunate you know that that Whatever i did stock you know it's stuck you know there's no doubt and we're about the same age so i saw your your career when you were white hot about as hot as you can get and of course a lot of times show business will chew you up and spit you out and you didn't go away you you stuck through it and you're still going. What what was that like. When you know you're at the top and then everyone's like is old news and then you come back again. Well it's i think it's similar to what everyone got thrown with this pandemic. I mean no one ever expected this would happen. I mean there's probably so many horror stories out there what this has done to people's lives that haven't even scratched the surface yet. So i think life is about shifting. You know and that's what i did. You know When things were hot things are hot. And i almost purposely sabotaged myself and mike or skiing out myself but my career so i could connect with people because if you really think about my life growing up in beverly hills and at the comedy store in mtv in the movies. I mean i had. I would say a silver spoon. Was i mean i had i worked for it. I did you know put in my time. And all that stuff. But i was. You know around. You know it's cradled by the comics. And the store and mtv and movies and i and when i turned thirty five whatever it was. I'm like you know what screw this like. I wanna be alone. I wanna. I wanna be alone. I don't wanna be with you. Know my big agents. I don't wanna be a manager. I don't wanna be starring in films. I don't wanna be. I just want to connect. And that's to me. When i really became a i don't want to say a great comic. But that's to me. When i became more relatable in that's to me you know was when my career really took off. Which was when. I did pauly. Shore is dead and and you know that was twenty years ago and if you look back on the stuff i've done i've done tons of stuff from then till now But i've done it by myself. Kind of under the radar and i got really good at directing and producing and writing and acting in graphics and music and mixing and online stuff. I learned how to make stuff. I can make anything with any budget. Someone gives me because. I put myself in a situation where i was. I spit myself out on the street. You know what i mean. 'cause i never had that and you know looking back on it now. You know it was. It was something that was inside of me like you know what. I'm not feeling this thing anymore. I got i gotta go go and beat alone and so you know i'm able to make stuff because of my career slowing now it into no. I'm getting the sign that i got to wrap it up. I know you got another interview. I got about one hundred more questions for you. But i wanna make sure everybody checks out guest house. It is outrageous raunchy. Comedy paulie shore plays guest. That will not leave stevo. Bobby lee chris catan erikgriffin a lot of others in it. It's available now. Dvd from lionsgate polly. Let's catch up again. It's on it's on netflix. Netflixif just came on netflix. Today oh awesome. It's on netflix as well. Let's let's catch up again. All right man stay up. And i love how keen favorite to doubt about it. I know where that is. Paulie shaw everyone. I'm rick that'll come on back. Airlines have just reduced their prices even more thirty days in advance and save big. Want the absolute lowest prices on your airline tickets. Then call the low cost airlines travel hotline right now for prices so low. We can't publish them anywhere. The only way to access our low rates and save up to seventy percent is to call save hundreds on your vacation tickets by calling right now. 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Marcus mariota filling in for derek carr. Last night in the off season. He signed a two year. Seventeen point six million dollar deal The raiders actually did something smart. This is the best backup quarterback they have had since they have moved back to oakland bar. None i go down the list of the gronkowski's and the fries and the hollis's in the wilson's this guy is the best backup that they've had So seventeen and a half million dollars. Seventeen point six. I should say for two year deal. But the fact that he took more than sixty percent of the snaps last night. Got him a crisp two hundred thousand dollars and if they would have won that would have been an extra one hundred and twenty five thousand dollars. So you think about a night out in vegas and making two hundred k s not bad but i just think who thought of this who thought of this incentive. Okay well if he comes into the game and he's gonna get a two hundred thousand dollar bonus. No no no no no no no it might be the fourth quarter and we're in garbage time okay. Well maybe he has to play half the game now now. That's not enough okay. How about sixty percent of the snaps. Oh okay how much do i get two hundred thousand. So his seventeen point six million dollar contract just went to seventeen point eight. And i'll tell you what cars hurt doesn't look like he's gonna play next week against dolphins Mariota could be someone that the raiders could trade. You know you think about it. If they've jon gruden wants to draft quarterback even though they should draft defense. he's under contract for another year. He could be a very good trade peace and this is good for him as well because he was discarded by tennessee. A number two overall pick five years. I'm rick come back on sports talk. You're listening to the heartland newsfeed. Radio network newsfeed dot com. This stream is supported by advertisers and contributions by follow us on facebook twitter and instagram. Us crackdown on china. Lisa brady fox news. The trump administration using an economic blacklist to send message commerce department announced seventy seven more chinese companies including semiconductor manufacturer. Sem i see in a chinese. Drone manufacturer will be on a new. Us trade blacklist secretary wilbur. Ross made the announcement zoll about is these companies that are tied to the people's liberation army ross added. The goal is to stop. Us technology from helping china and build its military china usually hacks into us companies and steals their secrets says the justice department caught chinese state sponsored. Hackers doing to us stealing twenty fourteen. Fox's jennifer griffin at the pentagon. The us also accusing china again of human rights abuses the world health organization. Says it'll send an international team to wuhan china next month to investigate. The origins of the corona virus pandemic america is not alone in the recent record. Surge of covid the worldwide. Total now tops. Seventy five million cases. Fox's simon owen is live in london. Lisa britain's prime minister says he is hoping to avoid another corona virus down but boris johnson warns the uk is seeing sharply rising case numbers. He's urging families to think carefully about mixing over the holidays. Keep it short. Keep it small. You know have have yourselves a very little christmas. Meanwhile french president emmanuel macron who was diagnosed with covid nineteen yesterday says. He has a cough and headaches. He speculates his infection was caused by moment of negligence. Or bad luck. Lisa thanks simon. Just getting word house speaker. Nancy pelosi got the pfizer covid vaccine in her office. Today as vaccinations for lawmakers begin barucha is listening to twenty twenty has already reshaped how we work and it's almost over. Businesses across the globe are challenged to be their most efficient which means every higher is critical. 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Post which means more quality candidates will see it fast get started on indeed dot com slash fox offer valid through december thirty first terms and conditions apply the us supreme court is giving the trump administration more time in its bid to keep undocumented immigrants out of the twenty twenty cents in a ruling. The high court said. It's too soon to decide whether it's legal for president trump to exclude people living in the us illegally from the census count. the case. could be revisited. If the policy affects the apportionment of congressional seats the three liberal justices dissented. The census bureau has said the head. Count may not be finished in time for the white house to submit a final report. Before inauguration day rachel sutherland fox is a bomb. Regard to a rickshaw kills at least fifteen children and afghanistan wounding twenty others a provincial officials. Has the bomb went off. After the motorized rickshaw a village to sell goods and was surrounded by kids no immediate claim of responsibility. The taliban which has been peace talks with the afghan government is claiming. The kids picked up an unexploded. Ordinance detonated accidentally. There's another ruling in a long running legal battle between a state and a well-known online poker sites the kentucky state supreme court ruling thursday that pokerstars dot com must pay over one billion dollars to kentucky for illegal gambling losses. It's presently illegal to play online poker for money in kentucky but a state law allows people who've lost five dollars or more in illegal bets to file a lawsuit to recover that money within six months after which that law says any other person quote unquote. Ken sued to recover the money. A statement from pokerstars parent company saying it quote strongly disputes the basis of this judgment paul stevens fox news to airline passengers who got into disturbances on flights in august after being accused of not wearing face masks are now facing possible civil penalties. The faa proposing fifteen thousand dollars against one seventy five hundred against another one of those passengers accused of groping a flight attendant. Curiosity stream is the net flicks for documentaries with on demand. Access to thousands of documentaries award-winning exclusives at original programs for just twenty dollars a year watch anywhere on any device and cancel anytime and for a limited time get twenty five percent off curiosity stream dot com slash fox interest accrues from date of purchase but his wave paid in full within tall months. We've adjusted our operations to serve you safely. Following all cdc guidelines visit renewal by anderson dot com for details rick till knows his sports. I hate that guy. I love that guy all my gosh. He's still fine. Rick tiddle brings home the bacon. Fry it up in a pan and then he eats it. Ricky t in the his official business watch. Thank you so much. And welcome back to the show rick tittle with you Bill bellamy on the other side stand up comedian joan Getting reports from shamsher rania. That jeremy lan has signed a deal with the golden state warriors pending approval from the chinese basketball association property of the beijing. Docs this is a california kid. Excuse me Oregon uh la raised in palo alto and palo alto high school and then ended up going to harvard. Not too bad to get him at harvard. And then joe have made a point of franken to the the warriors grew up Loving and as soon as he signed with the warriors nike signed him. They were thinking about. Maybe this would be something. And he'd have a cult following and he was of course. The first american of chinese or taiwanese descent the play in the nba and then subsequently to earn a championship as a bench player with toronto beating the warriors ironically. But he didn't get a lot of blank. Because he's playing with steph curry and monte ellis a setup to reno to the reno bighorns you might remember that and during the lockout the next year he did go to china i remember he played with the dong guan leper like dong juan leopards and then the warriors cut a and he went to the rockets and the rockets cut them and the knicks got him. The knicks cottam. The knicks brought him back and then lin sanity and sued. I don't think the and make the team canny. Maybe i don't know we'll see anyway. Warriors citing. I'm gonna we know like of loves the guy. One eight hundred eight seven eight play need to get into little ritzier big shot to the troops on af ethene incredibly capable the tune in app the iheartradio app v stitcher app as well plus the are ended. It will cost you the cable radio. Never kill provider. Emails rickett sports pilot dot com websites dot com and the twitter. It'll come back with bill. Bill hey what do you want a dot at all. I don't know what a young low water we yesterday. All the like the same like monday or tuesday to stop these days. Nothing is normal. Everything is weird but you could still save big when you switch to progressive. That won't change not to or any other da progressive dot com prescription sales arising quickly but with at another lead baker dale's bakery going to feel the heat. Pay your baking loan today. I have to handle this order for the restaurant down the street. Who but who's going to handle the pastries he needs to hire indeed. Indeed you do the moment you sponsor job on indeed you get shortlist of quality candidates from our resume database indeed delivers two and a half times more hires than the other branded jobsites combined according to breezy. 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Loan debt paid hundred four three nine seven five one eight hundred four three nine seven eight five one eight hundred four three nine seven eight five one eight hundred four three nine seven eight five one hello again an vehicle through the shoulder on something off rick kittles got a black belt in keeping it real. Thanks for that. Welcome back to the show. Eight non bill bellamy wanted to remind you that the britney spears limited edition series will hit you baby one more time with exclusive gear and collectibles and to celebrate her reign as the queen of pop loot crate and britney spears of party to bring fans the britney spears limited edition series. This four crate series celebrates britney's biggest chart topping hits including. Oops i did it again. Toxic and circus the first limited edition series crate is an oman's to britney certified fourteen times platinum debut. This kickoff to britney's story musical career is filled with exclusive merchandise and collectibles. 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This limited run series is one of a kind so give us a sign and grab all four crates before they're gone and you can go to loot dot cr slash ruining again loot dot cr slash brittany and she spells. It be are any y. You ain't got no alibi. You ugly ugly all right Just getting back to the second because they didn't just lose a game to a rival inches lose another. Afc game didn't see the playoffs. Go down the tubes and my fifty dollars bet with bet. Us dot com for the raiders to win the super bowl. The when two thousand five hundred dollars. I rip that thing up. But they lost their starting quarterback. Derek carr marcus mariota. Mariota came in as i mentioned after the team's second possession after carded his groin or as my also choose to say growin he go right. Grow and stretch left growin stretch. What is he not know. What a grind is jon. Gruden said the injury is quote. Pretty significant yeah. You can look at it Car has not missed a game since he broke his leg three years ago and Mariota will be forced to take over as the raiders signature caller. And i guess get some another two hundred grand bonus every game but they're playing adolfo over As the raiders signal caller. And i guess get some other two hundred grand bonus every game. But they're playing the dolphins and you think about the losses to you know atlanta and the should have lost to the jets. And you think will indianapolis in miami or the next two games at the raiders. Win both of those during the play offs they got destroyed by indie and then san diego. What are they called. That one was a big hurt. So the miami wine. I mean the raiders Need there are seven and seven. They need to go nine. People been saying to your friend get a different face and posting on their feed. They're super agree. The thing they say online are cruel and they're not true. So tell your friend. i'll stand up for you. don't worry. 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There was a being. Are you saying michael accident has come back for. I am michael jackson. See i called newradio. You talk with god throughout your life. You heard this voice that you recognized as god telling you. Do you believe magic inviting you to look out the window. Were you then. Saw jackson coming down from a rainbow ray of light coming from the sky. So what happened then. Did he invite you to his playland or whatever it is he has later. The virgin birth happened again. We're happy happened that night He he could resurrect golden jackson's baby. I'll have baxter listened the free talk live seven nights week six to nine. Pm central time on the heartland newsfeed radio network. Dot com to work went to seton hall. Prep and then you went to rutgers. And i'm just to the did you ever think about trying to go to seton hall I thought about it. But i was on the campus already so i wanted to different Field my my high school was on the same campus seton hall and i was like this. This is not. I'm not gonna do another. So i would have been been there for eight years now. Now i got you and that's the thing too. I appreciate that comedians. That keep going. Like i love it when jake johannsen or dana google. These guys come in. they're just still roll on. And you think about the industry when you started and now everything is online or on apps or downloads. But she's still got it. Go on you you you were flexible. You and what i think is really awesome is that there really is nothing to compete with live. As of yet though people are doing live streams and stuff like that. I think live in person is really the experience and you know. That's the traditional way of comedy. You know from days pale and kevin hard and even old school guys like george carlin williams and all. I mean the live. Experience is what we do. You know the our voice our perspective you know interacting with the crowd that's to me is what comedy is now. There's no doubt. And i know some people say like sam marill said he was doing a rooftop show and you could see people laughing but it wasn't hitting them like an club and obviously people are in your cars. I mean it's you feel like you're dying when you might be killin right right when you when you are i did a zoom a hosted zone show and you just don't feel the laughter the same even though you know what you're saying is funny it just it just hit different because like comedian instinct. You feel that energy is right in front of you. I don't think there's a replacement for for that. The comedian or the fans. Actually you know just one more question for you mentioned chapelle and we know he has a beef with certain entities and and the rights to the chapelle show and he feels like he got screwed and it looked like he did. Do you get any cash. When people say booty call i mean. Do you have royalties exactly. Like i think i got screwed too. So maybe they can get my money. 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A game. rick tittle eighty two hundred chicken wings at your mama's house last night now. Back to fat boy. Thank you for that and Need to get to some rick's picks here in the national. Football league. hit is going to win. And who's gonna lose already. Oh for one. As i picked the raiders to win last night and They choked and if you lose to a team that has four wins at that point season. It's a choke choke in a joke. Whatever you want We have some games. Montana we have to. Actually the broncos will be the first game they'll host the bills and The bills at ten and three the broncos five and eight. It's never easy to win at mile high. But i think the bills will take care of bills. Nece the packers will be hosting the panthers and a couple of years ago. This would have been a barn burner now. It's a snooze her at lambeau. The packers You could say the best team in the nfc. And they have ten wins and the panthers have four. The matt rule a revolution has not worked yet even with bridgewater. And of course you've got. Mccaffrey played three games this year. So that one is not hard to pick. It's the pack. Pick a pack. Pack of pick the dolphins by the way the raider fans like me. And we'd chew on that loss for ten days ten days. The dolphins host the patriots the patriots also on life support in the afc at six and seven dolphins can really solidify a spot in the There's a wild card with a win. Now the raiders of loss. There are eight and five and the Of course you know. Oakland las vegas. We'll be rooting for the patriots. And i can't but I you know every time. I watched justin. Herbert which is twice this year. I just think it does. Miami regret not taken this kid. Six six rookie touchdown record for passes already. I'll pick the dolphins the win that game the vikings host the bears both these teams disappointing The vikings at six and seven and the bears at six and seven and. I'll just go with the home team in this one. I'll go with minnesota. A air started off five and one adult. Ouch let's go to charlie and manhattan. Charlie it's all over my friend. I'm glad i'm fifty three and not thirty three. Because i think i would have tossed my tv out the window last night Listen i put that game on. Grooten he he he His play calling your first and goal at the four yard line. What chance to win the game and they ran. They ran jacobs twice. And then that terrible play call to the fullback. Which even if he completed wouldn't have gotten into the end zone waller field. He was unstoppable all night I don't want to hear about the defense stunk with a backup quarterback who played really well and and they still had a chance to win and they should have one and you know you can argue whether they should have gone for it on fourth knowing that you had to kick the field goal there and just pray that you've come to the play which obviously they didn't They played the run a little better. But as as Twenty one but calloway quarterback Eightman was saying thanks. If she doesn't he says it's unbelievable. How the defense is showing no resistance and and especially over. I mean over the middle defense at one play all night. We purchase the sack. After the mariota that force it pushed it to fifty three yard. Field goal I i mean you know it. This is on gruden second year in a row. They've collapsed He he and the other coach would be maybe a secret getting a little long because mark davis thanksgiving walk on water. And here's the keys to the castle like you mentioned yesterday. I i don't know. I don't know what's what's your own. What's your take from yesterday. I mean that that last drive. I mean the defense defense. But what's your what's your take. I listen It was as i was saying before. There are so many instances in the game that could have been one in loss and they got lucky with a couple of missed field goals. I think the that you're right that the throat in gold. That's the last guy i would have thrown into. And he was on the three yard line anyway going out of bounds. The thing that upset me the most was not the play before the game ended the ball's bouncing around the end zone. The player that upset me the most was. I thought carlson was going to set an nfl record with a sixty five yard field goal to end the game and cole has gone through his hands. Like north dallas forty. I think that's the one where i just started to chew on my pillow. Yes because i was texting a buddy of mine and we both said he's gonna hit this. He's gonna hit this inside in indoors. He has a strong leg and then the guy the guy i wish this is Wish i concur i Very loud audible sound in my home that go. You know what. I was at the game in oakland. And jankowski was kicking my way lane. Kiffin sent him out there for a seventy one yard field goal. I think that game adam that and the other team called time out and he called it off. And i'm thinking he can hit it. The guy's a big vat polish rifle. He can hit it. Let them try it. And then once again we got chip. I mean what what. What's your i mean. This is the second year in a row where they've collapsed. Yes we know. The defense is historically bad atrocious. But but this is a team that also beat the saints. I i'll be in earlier in the year. They beat the chiefs. Beat cleveland so they'd beaten quality teams. They have quality wins and then to. It's almost like that loss to the chiefs in in at home. Awfully completely took the out of their sales. It did and i'm sorry. I gotta run to a break charlie here. But i'll tell you what. Jon gruden is just overrated. He's a five hundred coach. Let's talk again. My man have a great weekend. Have you written a become a published author with publishing the nation's oldest publishing services company countless authors have trusted dorrance for nearly a hundred years to bring their book to the market are professional team will editor text design your book pages and create an appealing eye-catching custom cover plus our author's benefit from custom book promotion marketing campaign. That makes your book available where people buy books like amazon and brick and mortar bookstores. So make this free call right now to claim your free author's guida publishing don't wait another day take one step closer to realizing your dream of becoming a published author and seeing your name in print. 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We know that vaccines are now out there. we're not getting our hands on them for a while but still they're out there and Want to talk about This with the sofia. L. thomas who we are very happy to have on the phone. She is the president of the american association of nurse practitioners so feel welcome to the show and i understand the full freedoms of the united states. If you don't wanna take medicine you don't have to. A lot of people have religious beliefs. They don't believe in medicine and that's fine. I don't want to disparage against anyone's religion. But i think if you have half a brain you knock out things like measles mumps rubella polio. Anything that can be taken care of with medical science. I would do it i will. I will take the for. I don't care if it's visor moderna. Or whatever i'll take the first one available i think you'd be an idiot not to but as i said there are some people saying twenty percent of america has already decided they don't want it. So how are we going to get the message out that they should well. I think You know you. He summed it up very clearly. If there's anything that we can do to prevent any kind of disease in this country certainly We should take advantage of it You know. I think what's what's so important to note is that the codex vaccine has really been developed with all the science in mind. It's been amazing to watch. How operation warp speed was able to develop The vaccine so quickly but still keeping in mind the safety and They had these vaccine doses. Ready to go They were developing millions of axiom before it was even approved so it's just amazing how the pipeline was done This vaccine really works in a different way that other vaccines have worked at basically Held your body that They need to make a protein that will trigger an immune response. And your inside your body so if you get the vaccine. You're not actually getting a dose of kobe. Ed it's not a weekend or inactivated germ that's going into our bodies. This is a completely different type of vaccine and it tells our body to make an immune response and if the co vaccine enters our body if we get infected that immune response then immediately goes and knocks out that virus. Say we don't get sick with the cova stand. You know people looking back in history. The way african americans retreated during the syphilis study and in vietnam. You know troops being told. Don't worry about that agent orange all over you. I understand skepticism. I don't understand when it comes to this. But how do you allay those fears. I think the most important thing is Education you know the the food and drug administration to cdc of our federal partners really worked hard all year long on this. This is a multi Group effort to try to bring these Immunizations forward. Because we want to keep people healthy you know African american and communities of color are the people that really suffered the most this year during the covid nineteen pandemic. They're the ones that had the most complications. And they have all these entities so we wanna do everything we can to protect all americans and this vaccine will do that so I really wanted to dispel any myths. That people would have about getting the vaccine certainly. I'm going to get it My whole family will be getting it and mike. My nurse practitioner And healthcare professional colleagues are currently getting it right. Now we see their social media posts all over social media. They're proud to be saying they're getting the in nineteen vaccine because they want to stop cova nineteen in the tracks and the only way we can do it is by everybody getting their vaccine so we can get the herd immunity. I've always regarded nurse. Practitioners in very high esteem. I disregard you guys as doctors without the mercedes you know. You're in the trenches. You seem to know just as much as doctors do. What is it been like for you. As a healthcare per fashionable in this most trying times i have to say since this all started a i think all healthcare professionals are tired. We're worn out We are caring for patients every day in our offices in hospitals clinics. There's they cheated like nobody's cheated before. I'm pam who sell fox news. President trump telling that to fox's brian kilmeade during an exclusive interview where he pledged to move forward with election challenges despite mounting defeats in court. It's one thing to say you know you ran a great race congratulations. I'm okay with that. But they didn't they didn't run a good race a horrible race from the basement. They're in a race where he didn't even run. The president claims he beat joe biden. Big in georgia michigan wisconsin and pennsylvania. Biden's victory is expected to be recognized tomorrow by the electoral college. Supporters of the president. Say it's not over until they say it's over. They rallied in washington dc yesterday. Donald trump never stop fighting. The demonstrations were peaceful until it got dark then. There were fights with counter protesters and even stabbings the first doses of pfizer as coronavirus vaccine or heading to hospitals across the country. Where tomorrow frontline. Healthcare workers could start being inaugurated. This vaccine requires a storage temperature of minus ninety four degrees fahrenheit and a second shot twenty one days after the first pfizer says it's late stage trial data shows. The vaccine is ninety five percent effective later this week. The fda will review a second covid. Vaccine that one is by madera. Fox's rich edson. There were no breakthroughs. During trade talks between the united kingdom and the european union exhaustive discussions remain deadlocked although both sides have expressed willingness to keep negotiating british. Prime minister boris. Johnson says the most likely outcome is a no deal brexit which would mean terrace and other barriers. America's listening to fox news. Life can be stressful. Even under normal circumstances twenty twenty has challenged even the most difficult times of life these days. You need stress relief. That goes beyond quick fixes. That's head space head. Space is your daily dose of mindfulness in the form of guided meditations in an easy to use app head. Space is one of the only meditation apps advancing the field of mindfulness and meditation through clinically validated research. So however today's news hits you head space really can't help you feel better heads. Bases approach to mindfulness can reduce stress improve. Sleep boost focus ended creature overall sense of wellbeing backed by twenty-five published studies on its benefits head. Space has six hundred thousand five-star reviews and over sixty million downloads. You deserve to feel happier and head. Space is meditation made simple. Go to head space dot com slash fox. That's head space com slash fox for a free one-month trial with access to head spaces full library of meditations for every situation. This is the best deal offered right now. Head to head space dot com slash fox. Today the navy is no longer searching for a sailor who reportedly fell overboard from the us s roosevelt last week for fifty five hours search and rescue teams scoured the waters off the coast of southern california after a lookout spotted. What appeared to be a person. The missing sailor to year old ethan. Goolsbee of san antonio was identified by his family according to a local tv station a defense policy. Bill has president trump on a collision course with congress defying a veto threat from president trump. The senate signed off on the national defense authorization. Act the as or eight hundred four. The nays thirteen that majority would be enough to override a veto from president trump. The house also approved a defense bill. With a veto proof majority the annual bill provides pay raises and authorizes funding for military facilities and programs president. Trump has promised a veto over provisions that limit truth roles and renamed military base is named for confederate figures and for not including a provision that would eliminate liability protections for social media companies in washington. Jared halpern fox. News forecasters are keeping an eye on a couple of developing storms. One of them is impacting oklahoma southern kansas and the texas panhandle some pretty significant snow here some spots over six inches of snow. Falling by the end of this that moves in and becomes a big rain maker in the southeast tomorrow and then the third storm out across parts of the west has centers still offshore that becomes a major winter storm. Force across parts of the northeast fox meteorologist rick reich views rocks and soil samples from the moon or heading back to earth inside a chinese space capsule. It's the first time in more than forty years. That moon rocks have been collected. China has set up labs to study the specimens and is also planning to share the rocks with other countries in the future. Beijing hopes to send it back to the camp. Newsouth america's ready to get back to work but to win the new economy. You need every advantage to succeed. Smart companies run on net suite by oracle the world's number one cloud business system. Schedule your free product to a right now at nets week dot com slash fox net sweet dot com slash fox. Hey let me ask you something. Would you see your three year. Old child on a window sill. Would you seat them beside a lit fireplace or by the deep end of a pool. One last question. Would you seat your child in a car seat. That's not correct for them. Car crashes are leading killer of children ages one to thirteen secure their future seat them in the correct car seat. For more information visit safercar dot gov slash therightseat a message from the national highway traffic safety administration and the ad council. I'm bobby with today's carbonic minute funny things not not jokes. Bill cosby vaudeville. An ally mcbeal but car noises which can point to serious problems are no laughing matter when i come back. I'll give you the contract. Poke your your battery goes dead. Everything could come to a stop. Don't take a chance on getting stranded. Stop by o. Reilly auto parts and get your battery tested free of charge. 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Lisa brady fox news. The biden transition team says not everyone who would normally work in. The white house will be there in january because of the ongoing pandemic. the trump white house has had multiple cove outbreaks. It's also now confirms that the president elect and his wife will get their first dose of pfizer's covid vaccine next week. You're listening to heartland newsfeed. Radio network live twenty four seven at heartland newsfeed dot com. This stream is supported by advertisers and contributions by follow us on facebook. Twitter and instagram's kovic contingency at the white house. Lisa brady fox news. The biden transition team says not everyone who would normally work in. The white house will be there in january because of the ongoing pandemic. the trump white house has had multiple cove outbreaks. It's also now confirms that the president elect and his wife will get their first dose of pfizer's covid vaccine next week but vice president-elect harris the following week vice president mike pence had it today along with the second lady and us surgeon. General jerome adams gonna marathon in the last couple of miles of a marathon as the vice president. Says they're always. The hardest shots have also started for congress house speaker. Nancy pelosi received her first dose of the corona virus vaccine this afternoon. The shot was administered by dr. Brian monaghan the attending physician of the us. Congress members of congress are being offered vaccines as part of a continuity of government plan. Senate majority leader. Mitch mcconnell is also expected to be vaccinated. He is urging americans do have faith in the vaccine on capitol hill jared halpern fox news. Another round of covid relief still isn't a done deal in congress but top lawmakers keep saying they're very close. 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Cyber security officials have warned the hack also poses a grave risk to state local and tribal governments along with infrastructure and private sector organizations abidin transition officials says they never agreed to a holiday break in transition meetings with defense officials. This after a statement from the defense chief. That mentioned eight mutually agreed to pause while denying a report that the biden team was being blocked at the pentagon. Perhaps the most well known electric car company is about to join wall. Street's most prestigious businesses tesla join the standard and poor's five hundred effective monday becoming the sixth largest company in the index because index funds include stocks in the snp fund managers by the stock and sell others. 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We've adjusted our operations to serve you safely. Following all cdc guidelines visit renewal by anderson dot com for details from san francisco. I'm a sports byline broadcasting network. You're listening to wrestling observer by with your hosts bryan alvarez and mike. Let's how's it going. Everybody bryan alvarez here on wrestling observer live. We are here every day. Monday through friday new pacific three eastern sunday three pacific six eastern. It is a weekend edition of the show and a busy weekend. Last pay per view. Event of the year is coming up. Tlc twenty twenty on sunday. And of course we'll be talking about that this coming sunday on the show and then afterwards twitch dot tv slash ship were w video only for subscribers. We'll have a live po. Show on sunday night. Talk and all of the matches all the angles et cetera. Ntil tlc and if you happen to be thinking about signing up for that show on sunday might be a good day to do it today because this evening. Seven thirty eastern four thirty pacific myself in land storm will be doing a live. Qna and all of your questions. And it's going to be a fun time. Only for subscribers to twitch dot tv slash affordable you video the audio will be up afterwards for subscribers to wrestling observer dot com video and video affordable you online dot com as well but you can watch live and participate tonight at seven thirty two which dot tv slash affordable video far as news. Today we'll go over the full card for. Tlc we have six matches announced including the new one that we talked about yesterday. The firefly inferno match with randy. Orton ended the fiend. What does that mean. i presume. We'll find out on smackdown. Presuming anything and deputy a fool's errand but they didn't announce that a couple of days ago and we have smackdown coming up tonight. So i presume they'll tell us what a firefly infernal matches. Although that is a raw match in his smackdown shell so. Maybe they'll just say they're going to have a firefly inferno match. We got a w n annex t ratings for wednesday night. I was virtually spot on yesterday. Although i do think that. Aws slightly better but the awa numbers down the in embers. Which quite frankly is what you'd expect after two big weeks of a w and then returning to normal we've also got updates on matt riddle instead me deal smackdown segments for tonight and so much more beckenham. Oh mike semper. We'll take a lot of feedback from you today as well wrestling observer life. Are you looking for great sports memorabilia with the fastest shipping industry checkout auction of champions dot com the fastest growing sports memorabilia. Auction house in the country. Auction of champions has a huge variety of psa ten greeted rookie cards the largest selection of fanatics licensed jerseys and the best customer service in the business with all items authenticated by third party companies like jesse and beckett. 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I don't work for any video game company. So i'll tell you what's worth money and what stinks also cheat codes interviews your calls. I'll give away a game release dates all that and more every sunday night. Right here on the sports. Usa broadcast network listening to wrestling observer. Live with bryan alvarez and mike. Vv on the sports byline broadcasting network show bryan alvarez here wrestling observer live mike super v also wrestling observer dot com following a week in which they did their best ratings of the year dynamite average. Eight hundred six thousand viewers last night down nineteen percent from the previous week overall audience of seven hundred and sixty six thousand viewers a sixteen point to increase over last wednesday the xanax team in eighteen. Forty nine dynamite finished third on cable with a zero point three two rating down twenty eight point nine percent from the twenty twenty high at the show recorded last wednesday and exte- finish thirty four on the charts. They point one at nine of eleven point eight percent from last week and he did in fact win a demo other than over fifty this week as they drew a point one three in males twelve to thirty four to dynamites point one one and x t drew a point three seven rating to dynamites point. Three zero in people over fifty dynamite was first on all of cable and men eighteen to forty nine point four nine rating people eighteen to thirty four. They were second on cable with a point two nine last week they dropped fifty percent to a point one five this week combined audience one point five seven one million viewers and a point five one in eighteen forty nine. This combined total beat raw this week. Although rose point four one eighteen to forty nine did beat dynamites point three two so we are at a point regularly here. Where if you put an x. T. and w. numbers together. They're beating raw pretty much every week now and they're about tied with smackdown now. I did not exactly call this yesterday. But i was very close. I said i believe eight. Forty eight fifty eight. W in around seven fifty ish for exte- aws a little lower than add in was about their and my reasoning was quite frankly that aws too big shows they had. Winter is coming. They built this show up for a long time and it featured. What you could argue was the biggest match ever in their history for the title on free television. They debuted staying on that show. So one would argue that the next week the ratings also going to be big because everybody's into tune in to find out what happened with sting and no point. Did i think that these numbers were going to stay at that level when they went back to doing normal shows again and quite frankly with the numbers at that level that was going to chip away exte- and thus when awa went back to doing normal shows annexed t was going to rise because some of the viewers would come back. And that's pretty much exactly what happened now. The show finished third on cable. The sky is not falling. There was one slightly concerning thing about the show that is that dynamite opened very very strong one of their biggest first quarters ever and then after the opening segment they had a big plunge and the numbers were down for the rest of the evening. Now if you watch a w every week they have a very very specific pattern to the way they do things and the pattern is you do your big opening match and then the announcer sit there and they run down everything that is coming on the show and if you look at what they had scheduled for the show it was not a giant marquee show and if you look historically at aws numbers if you've got the big stars appearing on the show if you've got your john moxley's you're young bucks tag team match. They did announce it. Kenny omega was wrestling intimate event. But it was against joey genera. Who is jewish was. We saw joey hill on the show. I don't even remember it's been forever. They did not have a huge marquee. Lineup it was a show designed to try to get new act over. And i think that there were a portion of fans at tuned in. They looked at the lineup for the show and they decided whatever i'll either. Dvr it or watch it next week and see what's on the show. Those people that dropped off the show after the first quarter they did not go ten x t and did not see gigantic rise in our to is these were fans who were interested in a w they looked at the lineup. They did not see a bunch of things they wanted and they decided they weren't gonna watch wrestling that evening. Obviously that's not a great thing but the show still did third on cable. I read all sorts of things yesterday. About how this was a disaster. It's not a disaster. Everything is fine. It's obviously not fantastic but everything is fine. Those ear numbers. It's far for disaster. Wednesday night was a good night for everybody. You know i was thinking w is going to be down for the reasons that you mentioned. I thought they were going to be around eight forty and they were obviously lower than that. So that's a little bit disappointing. I thought i was going to be generous in giving an xt about seven hundred and twenty thousand frankly. I thought it was going to be around seven and because three the last four weeks they've been under six hundred and eighty thousand. So i was thinking like seven twenty was going to be kind of generous and they did much better than that. But you know for anybody who thinks the sky's falling for he. W you know they stayed over eight hundred thousand that's important. That's five of the last. Six weeks in that. Six week was thanksgiving so nothing to complain about for for aew. And if you're an exte- fan don't bother with trying to throw anything in the face of anybody with aew. I mean when you finish what thirty four on cable and still not great but look try to essentially positives. It was a very good show. And i think the people that did tune in annexed that cold open. I thought was a really good idea to do. And i think from there. They had a good show and one of the big things about it was wasn't very busy. You know and the stuff that they did present matter now. You can say what you want about some of the things that they're doing but oftentimes annexed. He can be this really antiseptic. it can be boring. It can be can be very plotting show. And i didn't think that was the case this week. They got off to a good start with great match with a lot of action. Leon roth in the way and coscia in there so that was a great way to start it off the tony storm promo the shots. He promo then. You had ciampa and rust then you had the deal. Not grizzled young veterans. Okay maybe that dip a little bit there. They're going to have to try to get them over. But now convince. I thought that deal with tyler. Russ it wasn't overdone. It just showed him give him a pound and and leading them outside the ring then after that we had a riley done. Then we had a rea- promo which was really good and then we had designedly boa thing which for right now until we see actually play out some more. I'll give it to him. I'll i'll stay intrigue down that for right now. The man with the silver eyebrows. We'll see what happens there. But for their then he was shot seen indian then the show kind of until the main event but i thought for the first three quarters of that show is really good. And if you're an annex man. I thought it float along great so awa fans i think got what they wanted out of their deal and i think next. He had a good night to so all in all wednesday. I thought was hey. It's the wrestling night in. I think it delivered across the board right if you want to. Give us your thoughts here today. It's very easy to do. So start off with a text messages here and forty five seven eight zero seven five. Six six is the number that is four to five seven eight zero seven five six six by take some phone calls a little bit later on today. Can also email brian and wrestling observer dot com bryan alvarez sunday. Tlc drew mcintyre aj styles. Nyah jax shayna bays rivers is oscar. And we don't even know after twelve weeks of storytelling on the last show. They removed lana and after twelve weeks. We have a match and we don't even know who else partner is. Roman reigns vs kevin owens. Sasha banks versus carmella. God forbid new. Davis is hurt business and yes the fiend. Bray white will face randy orton at a firefly inferno match now if you've watched a lot of. Wb programming lately. We've had a bone yard match. We've had a firefly funhouse match. We now have a firefly inferno match and we add whatever that thing was on on. A w eight w inex- t the johnny gargano in the house of horrors or whatever was some naturally. They spun the wheel and then like as a matches going on. They explain it just means not kunal counter. Whatever falls count anywhere so my point is there's no guarantee to tell us what this match is. They never told us. Really what it bone yard match was the ever told a firefly funhouse match would be. They never told us what the match would be with. Gargano increased. we had to get the show and find out so we're after the break in silver live attention timeshare owners. This is an urgent consumer or from the timeshare exit hotline a national company specializing in helping consumers legally get out of their expensive timeshare contracts. We're offering you a way to legally get rid of your timeshare. So if you're fed up with the maintenance fees that keep on coming and what to learn if you can terminate your timeshare legally and permanently call today even if you've tried before and we're unsuccessful in getting rid of your timeshare call today and see if we can help. We offer complete one hundred percent. 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Learn about free programs offered by the credit card companies hospitals. And even the government that can help slash your debt call a debt destroyer now for free information call now eight seven seven. Three six zero zero four zero two eight seven seven three six zero four zero two eight seven seven. Three six zero zero four zero two. That's eight seven seven. Three six zero zero four zero two. You're listening to wrestling observer. Live with bryan and mike semper. Vv on the sports byline broadcasting network brain alvarez here wrestling observer live mixing reveal wrestling observer dot com so seems everybody's expecting the mystery partners going into being charlotte's and i have absolutely no idea if that's the case do not go on the internet report that i'm saying it's gonna be charlotte. I've absolutely no idea. I could absolutely see them replacing. Lana was charlotte and then charlotte could go in their lawn and makes her big return. She helps put niger extra table. The baby faces win the titles. But in fact lana doesn't become one half of the take team champions because it does appear that boy. We're going to push this. Lana oregon push her. But we actually don't think she should even be happy to take team champions. That's what i'm getting out of this as a fan. I don't know why even bother like that's okay. Can you put fake women's tag team belts online away even bothering pushing her even get it. It's okay it's okay if you wanna push her now into a feud with anybody else but like outside of this picture and just outside of the rest of these three people in general. That's that's fine. I've had my fill of this so she can do whatever she wants. Lower down against whoever is going to be there. I don't care but charlotte being added to this match would immediately make it better in every possible way. Lana can still put everybody through table at the end with the help of of charlotte nosko charlotte nassima with belts. Then we have the possibility of singles matches shayna in charlotte or asta chain are. However they're gonna play this thing with women's title over there don't know don't care bud. The matches improved which means the shows improved and everybody may get what they want out of this and that includes lana again fine against. I don't know who's on the women's roster who would be he'll there they seem to have a lot of baby faces they have mandy. They have naomi they're still sitting on. I don't know when she's coming back at some point You know dana brooke obviously. They love her so she still in the knicks there. But i mean there's gotta be something to do that's got nothing to do at all with the title picture or anybody frankly of wrestling value person near says knowing me there's no guarantee we will see either radio and or the fiend. Burn on sunday last time an inferno match happened in w e was kane versus bray white at summerslam to thirteen bray pinned kane. Neither man had to be burned to win that particular match. Really remember the one where kane put his big black love on and a glove ended up in the fire in his hand was on fire and you ran away and that was it has the only one i remember. Only remember the gave us some fire. Mvp gimmick with his back on fire and everything. And i wasn't that one yeah. I don't know how cinematic this is going to be. But i think if any match calls for a. Isn't this the one so you can do any number of things that you wanna. I'm surely i mean it. Could i mean this is. This is prime for a cinematic mansion of slough. I expect i expect somebody to get lit on fire or starting in the ring. Starting them it in wherever the hell they're at they're in the thunderdome there and then it spills out and then you. Have you pick up the cinematic portion there and then you could always come back or whatever you want to do a mean. I've a feeling there's going to be a lot of video. Magic worked in this. I presume that he's just gonna put the fina box. Lit the buck like the box on fire. The box will be reduced to ashes. And there's no fiend. In there used his magic as i figure the finish is going to be but i mean if you do it on fire and he goes out and then you pop the box open and magic. It's alexa bliss there and we don't know what happened to the fiend. What do low magic or something like that and just go completely lexington. vox melissa. If you're doing this in front of a live audience like you gotta have some. You got a bird somebody and if something goes wrong like something goes wrong the napping in a cinematic match like you can literally switch outraged. Your and for some skinny bald stuntman and like that dude on fire he goes running. I mean there's a million ways to do this year. oh man. This person year says talking about vince hitting the panic button. These are impromptu ideas in the last two years that we're supposed to fix raw fans are the authority air. Remember that one. Two years ago to the week was when they told us that. We're sorry. this show sucks. You are now the authority. We're going to make this all better. That showed it two. And a half million viewers ron monday. Didn't one and a half million. They lost a million viewers in two years after giving that speech superstar. Shakeup wildcard rule brand bad brand. Invitational hiring bishoff aiming his executive directors no commercials during matches rod dark raw underground and retribution. I heard as i'm sure many of you did. Oh man vince. Vince got those numbers and if he pitched a fit he was furious. Cares moments he gonna do. Yeah i mean what is he going to do. I ever woods everything from well. The brand extensions get end. He's finally get assigned punk. It's like dude. Seeing punk is not gonna make any difference whatsoever. You would probably get a short term bump and then it's going to be right back where it is right now. There's nobody you're bringing in. That is going to turn any of this around because it's not about bringing in somebody new. This is a systemic problem. That is irreducible. What cm punk sudden. They're gonna right. Great story lines. Hello no this guy. Did a list of one two three four five six seven eight nine ideas in the last two years. None of men anything. We're still at all time lows. That's not the problem. The problem is vince and pritchard. Gotta go that's the problem. You can spout this and that and this problem that problem interviews talent store bubba the day vince and pritchard have got to go and if they don't they could bring in. Jesus on the christmas edition of raw is not gonna make any difference whatsoever. Jesus might be in. There might might make that difference there. But then vince which just a week. Vince with wanna beat him again like he like he did with god there when he got a team for shawn michaels but i think what people also forget about the million person drop in the last two years is i'd have to go back and check the pro wrestling edition of the elias sports book for this one but i think they had lost what about two and a half million people in the three years before that so this is been a downhill slope for a while. It just the the ball picked up a lot of speed in the last two years and look prove it. They can say anything that they want. Stephanie can talk to the other. Dave meltzer until you know. She's blue in the face and say how they are about making individual superstars and this that and the third prove it prove it drum up some interest in your product grow up some interest in those fans that have walked away from. Ya would seem to be everybody under the age of fifty you know. Where are you. Add trying to shake things up. What are you doing because nothing seems to be working. You can pitch wineman complained and belly ache. All you want about people like us that are talking about this but the reality is we're at least watching it. We're at least numbers for you in. We're watching it and we don't like what we're seeing is plenty of other people. Don't like with pair seeing what you should be concerned about instead of bitching about us and people like us and fans like us who are throwing their hands up in wanting something better wanting something different wanting something that actually works here is remembering the fact that all these other people have walked away from you so you can say anything that you want and you could point to your tv money and you can do this and that and that's great. You know we look at your demographics and go mike. Kids not watching wrestling and his friends are watching wrestling. And it's not just something anecdotal. It's facts it's laid out there in the numbers so you know prove it thence prove it bruce and if you can't get the hell out of the way you know you're getting in the way of progress you're impeding business for your own company dummies. It's time if anybody else can shake it up. It's time to be shaken up you. Can you get much worse. Can you get much worse. We use the lavish annex t. We're an impact and tna and point out the fact that they seem to have one point three to one point five loyal die hard million viewers every week. Look over at right now with raw. Look where we're at with wednesday nights you know. The rising with a rising tide lifts all ships. If wwe and rob or super strong right now everybody would be better off. Nobody wants to see wwe in the pits. Nobody wants to to speak badly. I'm sure there's some people that do that revel in. Wwe's misery and reveled in these numbers. That's great that's fine but unless you're tony kahn. And you're making money off of it. The rest of us are just wrestling fans that want something better so it's time to start shaking things up and doing something better and not just give lip service to it. Actually doing something about it last time. The joey danila was on. Aws he lost any squash match to chris. Jericho so my point stands that advertising omega versus giannella was not a strong match for a w matt riddle people talking about that so is from the observer this week story here actually on our front page. Quite dave meltzer in this week's wrestling observer newsletter. Wgn matt riddler a close on a new three year. One point two million dollar deal. When i first saw that headline man could for that guy. One point two million a year for three years. Now that's one point two million over three years four hundred thousand dollars a year now. I'm not saying that that's not a lot of money but like when you look at what some of these people were offered a year ago to stick around and debbie because they were afraid of them. Going to aid w four hundred is a laughable laughable offer. We'll see if he takes it. I don't think he's gonna make like a million dollars if he did go to. Aew but it is funny that we've gone from offering everybody double the money to stay to now. Hey matt will give you four hundred thousand over the next three years at an extra fifty thousand dollars every time he works in saudi arabia. Well he ain't going there anytime soon. So don't look forward to add money but there you go i you know i don't know what to say about that. Maybe changed the percentages when it comes to merchandise because they're not making any on the road you know they're for the forget about the fact that w w got a gazillion dollars you know. How much are they going to make in traditional ways. I mean things are changing so guys and how they negotiate are going to have to change in open know what they're doing back in a moment observer live all progressive presents. The sounds of the old. The year is twenty nineteen and someone is waiting for the previous to start in a movie theatre. Hey you want anything popcorn soda now. Nothing has been of the brought to you by progressive. We're drivers can still switch and save lives twenty nine thousand nine co today. Progressive dot com progressive casualty. Insurance company and affiliates. Now is a great time to replace your worn out windows during the renewal by anderson twenty-five years savings event upgrade your home today by four windows and get the fifth one free plus get twelve months with no interest. No money down no payments call. Now get four windows and get the fifth one free installation and warranty included renewal by anderson. Takes every cdc recommended safety precaution to protect your family for twenty five years. 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Eight hundred four one zero four seven seven one. Eight hundred four one. Oh four seven seven one. That's eight hundred four one. Oh forty seven seventy one. You're listening to wrestling observer. Live with bryan alvarez and mike semper v on the sports byline broadcasting network show bryan alvarez here wrestling observer live mike simple also wrestling observer dot com. Why do i need to put my apple. Id password in every other day. And it messes up everything archives dude. Are we going to be able to hear. From ryan and cumberland maryland ranting about stuff. Anyway so all right ryan. Oh my god yeah i got it. It's being used another. I got it on the air. What's going on question about the w impact working relationship. Is it pretty much. The flex nikki mountain w working relationship back in the nineties. If they get a good manager and he's throw champion since we're sort of lacking he'll manager for kenny omega. Are you calling don kelly. Jim cornet is kenny. Omega yokozuna in your world is this war is this. what's happening here. I think ryan might be on something. Here is down callous. Just an imitation is don kearney. As tony shivani called him is he just a cheap imitation of jim quarterback going out there with his little yoko for manitoba. You caused him to hang up. But that's good care plus here today all right. Let's start over again. I'm a start all over again. I think i got this working jamie. You're on the air what's going on jamie. Yes oh yes hi. Good afternoon That jamie actually. I have a question for brian. I was a big fan of your figure for weekly newsletter. And it's been a while since Yes scott what's going on. I know who this is anymore. Brian how are you. I'm doing fine. What's your question about my. My newsletter is not being published right now on hiatus. Wcw back on happy holidays to you. All right thank you. Scott scott walton. Everybody thought that was all damned. A called from a gimmick jamie there may his wife but anyway yes run. We're on the season premiere of figure. Four weekly occurred and now we're just waiting for the next season to start out. But i got a one year old and a four year old so now don't expect the next season beginning time soon for a gay guy is out there somewhere to spin and right now and he has words. He needs to get out brian. He he needs an outlet for those words. Well now we're gonna go to According to the call stigma jigger here a building on the air. What's going on. We're talking to a building. Everybody non carlos from houston texas. I am in fact in a building. Shot up to the twit home. Look that but i was hoping his name was actually building and it would be like disco on. The phone is not the evil architect. Yes building Yeah i know there's never going to happen But talking about the ratings if usa network truly is stubborn about keeping wb programming to three hours on monday a solution could be for them to combine annexed uk and raw For a total of three hours on monday. That way the annex k roster get some much needed. Tv on our our usa saying here buddy. No way usa would never go for that would be for annex t uk their third hour silk stockings back on six hundred and eighty thousand. Yeah probably six hundred eight thousand and our one then and then the number would go up farrah. No that's i tell you. That is pro wrestling. That is that is cool as a fan to think about but the reality of that is just. There's no way. I mean if n ext he wouldn't be that thing or a special presentation out of the the wwe vault a really cool documentary series or something like that. There are no way to put an x. T. you uk on there. They might as well put the whatever xt's annexed t show that they're talking about. They'd be better off putting that on there. Can you imagine what happened next to uk. If they put that in where the first hour of roy used to be. I give it three weeks or the last hour i mean. It doesn't work on either side. They would they would pull that so fast. I mean modern family reruns. Probably do better than i hate to do the every time i've seen next. Uk it's a good show. I love the people lot and everything. But there's you there's no way you can look at that programming wise. The characters that are on there for zillion reasons. There's no way that would work. This goto bellows falls. What a great name for a wrestling town. You're on the air what's going on. Hey what's going on guys. Shut up to twist chat this dagan of course Bell solves allison's vermont buried under two of snow so anyway just wanted to get Specifically mike starts digging his way out of that no fall. I am digging my way out of the two feet right now that they can get I want to ask your thoughts on potentially the most participated match of the year which is touro yano versus bad luck fall a in a potential body slam or last corner bad match. What you guys think about this I'll try to do better next time. You do a lot better than this one buddy. Yeah i'm so what is it here now. The of course because the k. o. P. title you get to vote on. What boom stipulation. Exactly and i know that that folly has said he wanted to have it be a body slam challenge but i thought i had also seen that yano is either for the body slam challenge or then offered up this this the ring pad deal but so it's like well if torreon wants a body slam match in folly once a body slam match why are they just have a body slam match then but didn't they just do that. I mean they. They're actually doing real voting for this. I'm not sure if those are. Those two options are the best there but the match isn't going to be the best. It is what it is. And i would assume to be honest with you that folly gets victory and he can have somebody you know. Walk around with the trophy for him or something like that but i'll go. I'll go with follow. Getting the victory in that deal no matter what all right according to the caller. Id right here. We're gonna talk right now to know you're on the air what's up. I don't know about moses but oh no down saving better than most Brooklyn right well take to make mo four minute. Monologue go ahead. Caller was awesome. I got two quick questions for you one. I guess hypothetical and then just kind of like a follow up. The hypothetical is if herald may wasn't in charge during this whole time would've new japan been the first place any w invaded rather than impact. And then my other question which has nothing to do with new japan. I noticed riddles. Probably going to get re signed. I have to ask. Why don't you like he spoke. Coley coley was hilarious. Well too. I wanna thank you very much for the call. Yeah sometimes the stuff he does is funny but like he's one of the best wrestlers in the world. He's out there with bro nuts. Now as far as this herald may herald maze gone. They still invaded impact. And i mean. I guess we're probably a little bit closer than they were. We were a year ago but it does not appear that a new japan a w. agreement is right around the corner so i don't know what would have happened a year ago. If there was no herald may absolutely no earthly idea. I think there may be more interaction with with guys. But i mean don callous has been an impact and impact was going to be looking for something no matter what and i just something about this makes again makes a lot of sense if you're don cows and trying to get some attention for impact and he got a lot of friends in. Aew which he does. I mean you know from a real life point of view. This makes a lotta sense. You know who knows what would have happened if actually let me jump in real quick because we're talking about something that no it made no difference because we're in the middle of a pandemic and there's us and japanese travel restrictions zero chancer invading new japan. Right now either. They had an agreement. And that's absolutely the case. Now when it comes to the matt riddle s coli. We've talked about this if they're going to do something wacky than have k- quick or ron killings and matt rental steel keith lee and then you know driving around and smashing into something and then they blame it on. I don't know they blame it on elias. And they blame it on jackson reicher. And then keith. Lee can pull his force whittaker during the game and just completely destroyed those guys and hopefully get rid of them for good spurs near says who do you think should takeover raw and smackdown vince. Dude get everybody working for. Wwe and put him in a lineup. And i'll find the dumbest ones there and remove them and then the rest of them. Just take your pick. I mean i've seen it a million times whether you love or hate a w the fact of the matter is they're doing depending on what you think they're fine or very well run by a guy who never did anything interesting ever in his life. Use a fan. So you're telling me that in a company with five hundred workers. Actually people working for the company employs wrestlers. Whatever like you can't find one guy could do a more competent jabbed miss. I guarantee you could find under guys or girls. Anybody maybe not. Nyah have read some goofy things on her twitter. Let's go to canada. You're on the air what's going on. Hey brian hey mike hey squirrel. Hevner shadow twitter chat. I just wanted to ask What is the last great booking decision. Vince is made now. I'm coming at this question from the perspective of wrestling fan. But if i were an investor i would be really concerned about the direction that the product is taking because at a certain point like the amount of viewers you know the amount of viewers and especially in the key demo like that's going to hurt whatever prophets. Wwe making and the last thing. I can think vince booked would have been sept cashing in mania on roman. All right. well thank you very much for the call. I mean you could say that was good booking decision but it made f zero difference to anything so i mean there are thing here to think about. Is the last thing that i saw vince do that. I thought was really clever. Was when he was coming up with every idea under the sun to try to get. Roman reigns cheered. None of them worked but they didn't work because the fan base was determined to boo. This guy under an under no circumstances were they going to cheer him. The ideas themselves were actually very clever. However we are also talking about a story line that had involvement from paul heyman. So i can't even tell you i don't know but given that paul was involved in brock was involved. I mean every single one of those clever ideas might have come from paul. So i can't even tell you. The last really clever idea that vince mcmahon had that made a real difference. I can't even come up with one. It's easy to remember. Some of the lens again. Li bashing corbin and then continuing to shove him down everybody's throat or you know the the ballad of becky lynch daniel bryan both people that they will claim that they look we elevated them and they were at the top of the company. They were big stars. That was absolutely done when you did everything you could. You try to turn. You tried to bury them. You try to enhance other people. You try to do all those things. And in fact what's always hurt roman reigns. The worst has been the shadow of brian. That's lingered over him as far as who the fans actually wanted to be on top of that company. The crazy part was roman reigns would have been just as over and just as big of a star but you had to try to make everybody choose one or the other and you saw that they happened with becky. Lynn charlotte flare. So that's right now. This is his late. Legacy is going to be those people in their stories. She mentioned the ridvan of honor. Final battle twenty twenty taped the week ago. But this is the lineup. Will face brody king. For the world heavyweight title jay lethal and jonathan gresham versus mark briscoe and peo- for the tag team titles dragging lee versus the winner of a four way to determine a new wage or the same wage television. I think that's on the they're doing that for free. The first hour for free will actually have that match on there. That four away. that's right. Jonathan gresham also facing flip gordon in a pure rules match flip. Gordon look gorgeous in a pure rules match. 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Free call now to nationwide student loans and learn how you can reduce your student loan debt. Eight hundred four three nine seven eight five one. Eight hundred four three nine seven eight five one. Eight hundred four three nine seven eight five one eight hundred three nine seven eight five one listening to wrestling observer. Live with bryan alvarez and mike zimmer. Vv on the sports byline broadcasting network. Show brian elber. Is here wrestling observer. Alive a mike sympathy also wrestling observer at dot com. We've got a real brain surgeon here and my text message. Somebody gonna read this but it's a funny one says quote. Nobody wants to see me fail except us because we only have a show because of their failure show since nineteen ninety. Nine buddy is successful. Show when they were doing well have a successful show when their show sucks they go to. Business is still have. Show them right. They go through the moon. Guess what. I have a show. And i make a lot of money i would prefer history. You're listening to the heartland news radio network broadcasting live twenty seven hundred newsbeat. This stream is supported by advertisers and contributions by follow us on facebook twitter and instagram. Beat the clock in washington and lisa brady fox news. Even though both sides want more covert relief the details remain devilish and the running out of time for a larger package. That's needed either way fox's jared halpern live on capitol hill hours away from a government shutdown midnight. Congressional leaders are still trying to hammer out a final deal on a corona virus. Relief package and spending bill. The plan would combine one and a half trillion dollar government funding measure with additional covid. Relief a bipartisan framework would provide about nine hundred billion dollars. Economic stimulus allocated the small businesses unemployment insurance and direct payments of about seven hundred dollars per individual lawmakers from both parties however have said they want to see those payments increase lisa while the white house says president trump remains willing to get the covid vaccine when the time is right vice. President mike pence had pfizer's vaccine earlier today the president elect and his wife plan to get it next week and shots are now underway for members of congress as well. Michigan governor gretchen. Whitmer is easing some of her covid restrictions started on monday december. Twenty first high schools will be able to return for in person. Learning making this change now allows schools to consider locally if offering face to face learning for high. School works for their community. Whitmer says college students can return to campus for the winter semester. But not until mid-january. She's allowing entertainment venues including movie theaters to reopen with capacity restrictions citing decline in michigan's corona virus cases. However whitmer is extending a ban on indoor dining until january fifteenth covid nineteen is now killed over three hundred twelve thousand people in the us. America is listening to pox needs. Don't let the smart speaker be the only smart one in the room instead of binging on mindless entertainment or leading the news. Get your blood pressure up. Feed your brain at curiosity stream. Curiosity stream has been called the net flicks for documentaries with on demand access to thousands of documentaries award winning exclusives and original programs for just twenty dollars a year. You can get smarter. Entertainment a curiosity stream dot com. Watch anywhere on any device and cancel anytime whether it's roman ormer or convective cooking. They go deep on all subjects with nonfiction shows like amazing. I know world pompeii disaster street. 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Investigators picked up under vase for allegedly using the identity of california. Senator dianne feinstein. State assemblyman republican. Jim patterson also criticizing california's employment development department calling it either complicit or incompetent jeff monosso fox news the. Us government considers d'alene maxwell and extreme flight risk. She's the ex girlfriend of jeffrey epstein accused of enabling his years of sexual abuses federal prosecutors today a federal judge to reject maxwell's proposal for a twenty eight million dollar bail package epstein killed himself in prison last year while facing six trafficking charges. The la clippers under investigation over allegations of foul. Play in free agent talks. The nba is investigating claims by johnny wilks. They helped the los angeles clippers. Orchestra oral agreement with kawhi leonard to sign him in free agency. Last year looks at filed a lawsuit against the clippers and team consultant jerry west seeking two and a half million dollars for using his connections with his uncle. Dennis robertson to make the deal happen. Leonard cast aside those allegations in a press conference on thursday. My whole by a out here milk people try to find any way to get some and so he probably won't be the best a know of other. People are the clippers in a statement. Called wilson claims baseless. Fox's matt napolitano an hour to the close. The dow is down to twenty nine lisa. Brady fox oxy's curiosity stream is the net flicks for documentaries with on-demand access to thousands of documentaries award winning exclusives and original programs for just twenty dollars a year watch anywhere on any device and cancel anytime and for a limited time. Get twenty five percent off at curiosity stream dot com slash fox. 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Radio theatre wanted to get away from all the fbi and he's in war burma among the unexpected. The unexpected the unexpected. Now here's your host wyatt. Talks basin adam stars in an episode of grand central station as it was originally broadcast sixty nine years ago today. December eighteenth nineteen fifty one miracle at christmas. Yeah christmas is just a week away tuning in on this. Tgi friday's edition eighteenth of december. Three hundred fifty third day of twenty twenty thirteen days remaining until we get to twenty twenty one happy birthday new jersey. You became the third state to ratify the constitution on this date and seventeen eighty seven in eighteen ninety two. The first performance of tchaikovsky nutcracker held in saint petersburg russia Nutcracker has taken on such a meaning in being linked to christmas the nutcracker i performed on this date in eighteen ninety two the shipping port atomic power station in pennsylvania the first civilian nuclear facility to generate electricity in the us went online and this date in one thousand nine hundred fifty in one thousand nine hundred seventy two president. Nixon announced the us would engage north vietnam in operation. Linebacker to a series of christmas bombings after peace talks collapsed with north vietnam on the thirteenth of december nineteen seventy-two known because the north vietnamese not only going back on their word. They never have kept klay. Worried about is present ever stopped the bombing in the first place had johnson not stop at. This would have been over a long time ago. i know pounding is a hurt c. Of many americans but If bitten amis in on keeping his war going threatens american lives and the lives of friends. Then i'm all for bonding and bonding and embodying. Keeping an up until they come to the table and say. I want to quit. And i don't think that north vietnam to spain type of much longer. It was on this date in one thousand nine hundred seventy nine. President carter pressed congress to support the chrysler loan guarantee program. Let me clarify my purpose here. It is not as reported and most of the media to ask for a handout. It is request a helping hand and a handout. At least according to webster means anything you get nothing for free. We do not want anything for free. We're asking for the guarantee of along. Every last dollar which will be repaid and it was among those pressing the government representatives the both labor and management ivan boesky sentenced to three years in prison on this date in one thousand nine hundred eighty seven for plotting wall. Street's biggest inside trading scandal boesky has now is the the sentence that is much heavier than the vast majority of people convicted in federal courts throughout this nation. He is probably in the top twenty percent in terms of the length of sentence now. Although boesky was released after two years he was permanently prohibited from working with securities. He served his sentence at lompoc. Federal prison camp near vandenberg air force base in california. It was on this date in two thousand. Two governor of california gray davis announced the state would face a record budget deficit and thirty five billion dollars that was roughly double the figure reported during his reelection campaign. One month earlier secretary of defense. Donald rumsfeld resigned on this date in two thousand six robert gates sworn in as the new secretary of defense. It was on this date three years ago. Amtrak cascades passenger train five. Oh one derailed near dupont washington a city in near olympia washington. Six people were killed. Seventy others were injured and president trump impeached by the senate. She's me by the house of representatives one year ago today becoming the third president of the us. The impeachment process fell apart in the senate passing away on this date in history golfer. Bobby jones game show producer mark goodson. So many great game shows he did actor. Comedian chris farley cartoonist. Joseph barbera of. Hanna barbera actress producer. Rachel bell and actress and socialite. Josh gabor. This is the birthdate baseball's ty cobb inventor edwin armstrong chancellor of germany bronze actress betty grable an actor. Ossie davis the rolling stones. Keith richard seventy seven years old today film director. Steven spielberg is seventy four film critic. Leonard maltin is seventy years old acura liotta sixty six comedian ron white who got thrown out of a bar. If you haven't heard that joke sixty four years. Old brad pitt. Fifty seven years old. The bottom line is that stole co stone. cold said so and this is stone cold steve. Austin's birthday fifty six years old along with pro wrestler rob van dam who just a couple of months ago performed on a impact wrestling pay per view. He is fifty years old and he's still going go figure also still active is trish stratus. She forty five years. Old singer is also forty-five today actress. Katie holmes forty two singer christina aguilera forty years of age and for pretty little liars and days of our lives ashley. Benson is thirty one years of age those seventy people who celebrate the eighteenth day of december as their birthday. And if this happens to be your birthday. Hi we're the for freshman and we just want to say a sixty nine years ago. December eighteenth nineteen fifty. One grand central station's miracle christmas. That's next on this. Friday edition of classic radio theatre picture. 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Thanks for tuning into classic. Greek theater on this friday an episode grand central station miracle at christmas as it was broadcast sixty nine years ago today. December eighteenth nineteen fifty. One starring mason adams from new york. Those various best enriched flour. Brings you own Pula every country are aimed at greatest. On course my question. Forty mild marijuana drug addicts took for the sixth consecutive year. Very meals of minneapolis presents with pride central stations. Provisional christmas play drama. You will long remember this gaylon drake and before we get into our christmas story. I want to say just a word about the three top prize. Winning recipes and pillsbury's grand national recipe and baking contest. The grand prize was awarded for a recipe for pillsbury's fifty thousand dollars. No need water. Rising twists the second prize of ten thousand dollars was for starlight mints surprise cookies and the third prize of four thousand dollars was for a chocolate cake and carries bon bon cake. Sixty four thousand dollars where the prize winning recipes recipes. One with pillsbury's best flour hours. You know you'll always bake your best with pillsbury's best and and we have those three recipes ready for you now and we'll be glad to send them to. You would just drop a penny postcard and does very prize recipe department. Minneapolis to minnesota. And she'll send you your copy and does very rise recipe department minneapolis minnesota after the trains. All the april no one not a single person actually saw the young man with brown and soft brown eyes come through the still unseen rox length of the great waiting now. Strangely tranquil travel is on christmas. Goes out the door down the street and then the broad marble the hospital when the girl the switchboard turns to him. Can i do for you sir. Without saying a word he gives her a card. She's startled by the name on it at instantly announces him to the hospital superintendent. Knock your mason is here to see you internship garrett it is dr mason from albany impossible. I asked him about the telegram. Oh dr get. We'll see you sir i to the left a garrett mason you are. I'm sorry that i was delayed dr garrett but just ten minutes ago i just ten minutes ago you received a telegram. Well that's right. i'm a mother. I know but man i look at. It says that you that i was killed. Do you mind if i care that telegram. Guess what i don't understand. I was cylinder by wired. I i of so much on your being here tonight. Christmas eve night always busy with the calls. You ought show too intense. So yes mesa. The slums through block after block. And you won't see dr shingle. Not one that people here are too poor. They know only one healer the intern and his ambulance and tonight night of mercy and goodwill would have cried out in vain. You've come. I won't have to say to the suffering wait wait. There's only one ambulance tonight. And that's out on the call. Wait on supper. I have no one to send you because after It's good that you're here mason. It's good it's good to be here dr. Let get take this slip down to the storerooms. Either they give you a warm sheepskin code. Thank you anna pair of mittens from there. You go to the ambulance room. I'll have your driver waiting for you. His name is mack. Ms mike the chief says drive you crate tonight. Crate writes a lot. Sick buggy ambulance take pick. Oh i see what you mean. Green interchange roller saying facetime aspira Arise pop wide like a seen a heavenly chariot. Something not me. i've been driving us. Oh baby for eight. Rut news an ambulance. Mac is a sacred thing. It is a chariot of mercy that says come on core. Help me out by watching cutting the cross which we don't stop for no readily knocked dot. What did i say you're watching. Kills only chow. You'll know winter. You're all alike. You always dreaming put on the white coat and pants and your head goes up in a cloud. So bitter mac. Why shouldn't i be bitter wasn't for you. I'd be all with the white right now. Truly believe that only because Yeah you and showed up to samalantan pot in the garage would add the night off like a decent job to you. Driving an ambulance is a job. Like any other yeah. Nothing will be clad when the shift is over. Mac mrs christmas eve at selling may one night. At least you forget the guiding. An ambulance is job this one night. You could look upon it as an air and we're going to help someone flick afflicted with alcohol. You may not give you a two to one and we're making us to steer live riskin on next traffic to give trunk. What smelling salts. Any man who cries out for him whether it'd be brimful to drink. Mto blocked his call. Show beyond jazz. This your big thank. You may need call make a weapon to stop quickly blow. I buy it can your eyes because the spirit of alone again wakes up quiet neck. Come sir open your eyes. You just talk to him and he'll openness easy everybody. Happy nothing. put your arm around my shoulder. now let me help you. Stand up straight. Shouldn't feel right fine petty so clear. All you needed was stand on your own two feet to be strong. Be of cheer. Gosh that's wonderful medicine you so what kind of gak you'll pollinator give you medicine minor which sauce off a beer in your late on in a speech calling we wasting them at sonya. You got to take a poke out of the enough mac. What is your name. Shame name its gotta make got us before. Be man can peter. You won't lose faith the game you will stand up reliant and you will face live courageously duck. Merry christmas to thank you dr mason. I'd like to speak to your mason. Mac tells me you didn't even open your bag on your first call. No it wasn't necessary. Well now don't misunderstand me some i. I can't begin to tell you how thankful i am that you're with us this evening but back from now on. I'm not to use suggestion or whatever it was you did us. Please follow standard materia medica and your cases we. You're you're offended. Of course not all that's fine. Let you call again. Seem to be good at guessing. You were right last time but sort of call. Is this one going. S no guessing. It's experience this time. It snowed drunk. But it is christmas eve and someone is to live or die a better. That one should live christmasy. Mac let it be a different guy complain just drive. Like i told you eight right near hello from sixty nine years ago. December eighteenth one thousand nine hundred fifty one grand central station on classic radio theater. The news from sixty nine years ago today will be coming up in just a moment. 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Un demands and agreed to exchange names of war prisoners at panmunjom thus ending one deadlock in the korean truce talks. Communists announced that the twenty minute session. This morning of the subcommittee discussing the prisoner exchange. They will have their restless ready this afternoon. The un at butler declined negotiate further until the communists presented their list spokesman for a house committee disclosed yesterday. The veterans administration officials in miami accepted turkey's cases of whiskey and other gifts from builders and contractors seeking papers the officials are in the loan guarantee section of the be as miami office that according to a spokesman for the house select committee investigating abuses of gi bill of rights bank heads former made quoted yesterday saying she raised checks to buy the actress. Beautiful things like a pair of stone. Lions fifty nine year old. Miss eveland cronin. Matronly lady was tears at times as trial on forgery and larceny. Charges went into its second week. Her tail of the stone. Lions came in a transcript of statement. She made the district attorney's office when the case broke to was quoted as saying she paid four hundred dollars or two of them for miss bank heads home in swimming pool in westchester county. Cio united steel workers served notice on the steel industry yesterday. They will strike new year's day unless they get the team set in our pay boost and other benefits a grim. Philip murray president of the united steel workers and a news conference said we will not work without a contract that following a meeting of the powerful a us. W wade's policy committee. Murray reported the union's executive board and wage policy committee directed to call a special international convention of the united steelworkers january third quoting because of the seriousness of the situation which confronts the union go for the sale of the empire state building. The tallest in the world are expected to be complete by the end of the week. This disclose yesterday by regional manager prudential insurance company donald c homes which is arranging financing for the deal which is rebound bulbs reported fifty million dollars. Shirt manufacturers must swing into heavy production early in nineteen fifty to meet demands that according to seymour jay phillips. He is the president of philip jones company makers of ben hewson shirts. He said inventories have come into adjustment at all levels for mill to consumer. He is in miami for the company's spring sales convention which opened yesterday and runs through friday. President truman invoked the railway labor act yesterday to end a two day old strike against pan american world airways which officials said might seriously affect the korean airlift. An american citizen operating ninety percent of normal the walkout by fifty eight hundred ground service personnel the transport workers union of america claimed however many more the firms ocean spanning planes will be grounded by wednesday. His chilly job credited with saving fritzy lebowa fort worth from serious injury when he fell down a second floor. Elevator shaft seems vo wears heavy clothing to work in ten below zero temperatures in the frozen food balls mclovin cushioned the fall in those some of the day's top news stories is reported in the newspapers of tuesday december. Eighteenth one thousand nine hundred fifty one on your radio grand central station miracle at christmas and we will continue with that in just a moment here on this friday edition of classic radio theater while you have free time. You're sitting at home and ponder. What kind of gifts divi for someone. Your people dot com. Has you covered from puzzles. Games novelty items. 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That'd be on our saturday edition of classic radio theatre but right now the conclusion of grand central station miracle at christmas from sixty nine years ago december. Eighteenth nineteen fifty one. What you call a rotten. We're truly glorious years service to your fellow man. Got the stats coming on christmas eve. Young man in your neck who. We're not really tell me how she's all baby. Terribly played for child will be born on christmas eve. You know years nothing. Twenty snappy mason dot garrett noise the idea of course there there you are The child knows his father knows me knows was old enough to realize dr o straight arrows. So what before. They would terribly twisted. His arms went terribly crippled. You can see for yourself. The child is nolan. But i tell you before when i looked at swi- with twisted you. What under great tension imagination. He's earn his tiny fingers. Now go in and tell your wife truthfully that her baby is normal in every christmas eve. Don't remember on christmas eve. I come on mesa. Forget all that good. Fairy stepped fellas hopped up enough as. Let's go yes mac. Hooked up to us very merry christmas to us. Mason mason get stuck together to be looking for senate. Bill go on together. I must speak to you about the telegram. Yes so it's only grandma. Duck nathan was killed. The one you said was a mistake. Dr calve just spoken to the center of that telegram. I have just finished talking to dr mason's mother on the long distance telephone. That's my. I'm sorry i wait wait. I wanna talk to you this commission with your three hours before you walk into my office. He was killed while driving to the albany railroad station and his mother saw him die to. What is this called going to be a birth. I don't know what. I don't like this when there's something about this. Call eight chill all of a sudden because your neighborhood call it gonna be because it is your life kelly. Is this job of rough job mac. Now that you can rush a doctor to have signed ambulance chile crate now that it's speeding to answer your wife's cry of pain trying to make me think something happen ellie. That driving is still a job and a pomona fact in the eight years is wasted. Years could add my own garage and repair business. Been chips today. Yes you would have made more money instead of risking my neck driving on kristen in and out a skit ny supreme contracts by by. Did you do how many times i got to tell you that. Nothing in this whole cockeyed. World kept back wheel except my wife's car. We just passed. That was the lights are. Is that unusual la home. She probably going down to the corner store. Heli washed it dog every night about this time. And he s mack drug. Yes man tell me what mac. Wait mason we will take her to the hospital. Mac The other ambulance came out you my wife upstairs in the operating room. You expect me to leave the hospital to go out you drive. There are people who need our work. Tonight is not simi ellie me. What do i care about other people that are people with cry out as your wife. Did you the moving. It is christmas eve. Christmas eve christmas present. I got strain for the night. No not for the night forever. Truly washed up for good best that we could die l. e. she asked for your mac ios once. Why you out west call then. She collapsed in tacoma. Isn't that a chance Garrett i i it out with crate my wife. 'cause for me and now she's unconscious other think of of good. It's christmas eve. What are you gonna say now. Mason took me from a. You'll made me go out and drive that right namely as well went to how to bring into the suffering insulation that is remember how the old woman blessed your tears in her eyes. I can't think of nothing but eli's going with big ideas and you're find speech. What are you know about. Sorrow and summary dairies. I son just now when you said that for a second got old kilo more than a thousand years must be seeing things. Elliot's leaving me crazy. Crazy with grief and sorrow sorrow for you yet. How much did to relieve others of that pain racing. But yes mac. When when you said those words. I thought eight is the right and they didn't. They didn't they didn't seem so bad anymore. Now i i kind of like him storrow. Intense should make you should glory in them. Eight years of bringing a healer healer to the suffering eight years of russian the tone and the smash to the hands of the menda words. Just they just take the pay light automatic. Draw out now that you'll work for this night is finished. I will walk home with you. Go home well only if you say so mason but for the life of me i don't know why. Take your worried Rutten break. i got a christmas. You love how to great deal. Don't show it will be midnight. Merry christmas how did she greet you each night. Leary ten from your guiding ellie. Telling me mac i want you to say well. Tell me like like a happy anxious. Kid go out and put on porch light and matter even if the weather was terrible i used to boil around for it. Tell she catch pneumonia but she always put on a porch light stand outside. They're waiting for her shining. I pretending from his interns of nice see so does she see come next quarter. She called to when you continue your driving. I'm sticking to it mason. Even though elliott will be around sticking this is your corner to your house. My son lives. I'll put side to my son going it. Is you god and forgive me. I did not know You have just heard the sixth annual pillsbury presentation of grand central station's traditional christmas drama. By the way just in case you didn't know there is no grand central station. What is referred to as grand. Central station is in fact grand central terminal but it was always referred to as grand central station. So there you go The best known of the performers in that were One mason adams you probably remember him as the publisher and lou grant a delightful man and a very prolific radio personality grand central station from sixty nine years ago. December eighteenth nine thousand nine hundred fifty one. Do not forget that. Many of these stations. Christmas eve and christmas day. We will have our twenty four hour christmas special christmas classic christmas radio theater. Right here. You can always find our programs on demand miss a day. You don't have to mrs show. You can come to a webpage. Classic radio dot stream where you can stream our shows on demand learn more about classic radio collecting and contact me their classic radio dot stream if you have a difficult time Getting shows downloaded on your computer. I have some collections there that you might want to enjoy. You can also hear our programs anywhere. Podcasts available just search for usa classic radio theater. I'm white cox. 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Crashes are a leading killer of children ages one to thirteen. Protect your child's future at every stage of life for information on the right seat for your child visit safercar dot gov slash therightseat a message from the national highway traffic safety administration and the ad council. So you see son. Good manners are important. Should i go through it again. What's yes please exactly always say. Please thank you. You're welcome and excuse me y'all listening to the heartland newsfeed radio network at live dot hotline newsfeed dot com. This stream is supported by advertisers and contributions by you follow us on facebook twitter and instagram. The best and brightest are on it. Lisa brady fox news that reassurance from the white house amid increasing concern about a hack attack that breached numerous government agencies the full extent of it not yet known. We're taking this extremely seriously. Deputy white house press secretary. Brian morgenstern telling fox news or is an interagency working group meeting every day sometimes multiple times a day. The national security advisor investor. O'brien is in the situation room working on this. There are incident response teams at numerous government agencies with expertise in this area. Us officials suspect russian involvement which russia has denied some members of congress. Say they weren't satisfied with briefing on the hack today and want more information tomorrow. The pentagon is pushing back on a report that cooperation with biden transition team was cut abruptly secretary. Christopher miller says transition meetings will continue after mutually agreed upon pause for the holiday miller issued a statement after axios reported. The pentagon suddenly canceled meetings friday. The statement went on to say other transition activities are continuing including providing written materials answering requests for information axios also reported top biden official was caught off guard. And the decision shocked pentagon official. Fox's rachel sutherland of biden transition officials says there's no time to spare national security issues and that they never agreed to a pause states. Have to decide who is next. In line is more cove vaccine rolls out massachusetts governor. Charlie baker whose responders will be the next priority group to be vaccinated after covid facing healthcare workers in long term care facilities and the state is also put in an order for one hundred and twenty thousand first doses of moderna vaccine. Second vaccine could win final approval today after the anonymous recommendation from an fda panel yesterday. America is listening to fox news. 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For a limited time get twenty five percent off when you sign up a curiosity stream dot com slash fox curiosity stream dot com slash fox for twenty five percent off curiosity stream dot com slash fox and apparent hack of president. Trump's personal twitter page is being disclosed by officials in the netherlands who are also mending the hackers ethics dutch officials say. A security researcher was able to gain access to president. Trump's at realdonaldtrump. Twitter account in october by guessing that his password was maggie twenty twenty exclamation mark both twitter and the white house of said. There is no evidence of a breach however prosecutors in the netherlands or sharing details of one. We'll hacking is a crime in the netherlands. Say they're not pressing charges against the forty four year old researcher saying he acted in an ethical way by immediately disclosing done to officials christine. Goodwin fox news state police in new york. Say a man who spent ten years in his snow covered car might not have survived much longer. He had driven off the road and was buried by snow plows. After this week storm. He was able to make several nine one one calls early yesterday. Dispatchers could only get a rough location and a state trooper had to dig through miles of snow before finally finding the vehicle. The driver needed hospital treatment for hypothermia and frostbite. Coca cola is downsizing cutting more than two thousand jobs around the world. Twelve hundred in the. Us people have been stocking up on groceries and beverages to consume at home. Coca cola has been impacted by the closures of sports stadiums movie theaters and scaling back of restaurants bars and other places people gather eat and drink. The cuts include about five hundred jobs in the atlanta metro area. Where coca cola is based coke. Says it'll eliminate the jobs through a combination of buyouts offs. It already offered voluntary separation packages to about four thousand employees. Back in august janie casilda fox news retreat from record highs on wall street. The dow down one hundred twenty four points at the close but still over thirty k. And lisa brady fox news. Curiosity stream is the net flicks for documentaries with on demand. Access to thousands of documentaries award-winning exclusives at original programs for just twenty dollars a year watch anywhere on any device and cancel anytime and for a limited time. Get twenty five percent off curiosity stream dot com slash box. There is still time to get all those last minute gifts at macy's just via online and get your order today with contact free curbside pickup or pickup sizes store. Need it now. But can't get to macy's try lightning-fast same day delivery powered by door dash available in select locations loss. 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The great gildersleeve Bob hope show transcribed direct from hollywood. Hollywood george burns gracie allen show now. Here's your host. Wyatt cocks comedy. This hour herald. Perry is the great gildersleeve and episode originally broadcast december eighteenth nineteen forty-six mcgrath routes dominate present. The great gildersleeve It's the great gildersleeve. Starring perry brought to you by the kraft foods company makers of a complete line of famous quality food products. Yes it won't be long now. The counters are stacked the department stores have issued their final ultimatum. A tradesman saddest suit looks behind every christmas tree. His pistol cocked ready with his christmas message. Stand and deliver your money or your life. Grown ups begin to wear that hunted. Look they feel holidays closing in upon them but the children. Hey hey cheeks are flushed. Hoaxer high talk is mary and a little while you know we have the craziest uncle. I mean really. He's a screen but so nice. Isn't it leroy okay. Sometimes it's so funny. Every year about this time. He gets us together and he looks very salam and he says to us children. I'd like you to sit down for a minute. I just want to warn you. We're going to have a very small christmas this year. Santa claus is very poor. He so. I don't want you to expect too much and christmas morning. Why everything like to sit down for a minute brother. Have you seen him leroy out back. Ask him to come in for a minute. Will you command for a minute. Where you he's coming. Does he have to slam it. I suppose he does leroy. I like to have a little talk with you and your where did you get that cat back. He's been hanging around all morning isn't a beauty is a monster. Get rid of him. I was just gonna ask you if we couldn't keep him expected that the answer is no me. He's finally leroy. If we try to accommodate all the animals you claim fond of you e. be living in a noah's ark. Let g y you had a dog to christmases ago and you didn't take care of him. That's why he ran away. I told you then no more animals. Now no more dependable. Not one whit. What's without don't try to change the subject. Get rid of the cat. God take care of me. Wouldn't be any trouble. it isn't a he it's a she wanna best it. I'll get rid of it. I want that cannot here before he becomes an issue. Every time i let you play with some animals for five minutes we have to have a whole great big thing about it. Now put him outside. Okay everybody me cats too. Big anyway is anything. I can't stand overgrown cat. i don't mind kids grow up into cats. You like these up. The was a very unusual cat. This cat is ordinary. tell just by looking at them. You want to say that. That's not have any more talk about cats children. But i wanted to speak you about. Is christmas here. It comes now. Christmas will be here shortly. And i think i ought to work. That's not the christmas spirit. My boy the spirit of christmas giving not getting presents. Don't worry much too. I'm going to give the boat super presence. You ever pay me allowance only money. Only a dollar quarter. Remind me about it. You remind me some other time you can give till you get you know. I haven't got it on me right now. Some other time leroy. Okay but don't blame me if you're disappointed on christmas. That's just point. I'm trying to get to my boy. The best way to avoid being disappointed on. Christmas is not to expect too much to ask for one thing. That's gonna ask for is one thing just one thing that's one thing that's good because this year santa's really have thing that's all just one thing. He's going to have a tough time. You see with prices as high as they are wrong thing you might as well ask him what it is you know. What is it a motor scooter. You mean one of those things. You're right around like a motorcycle. Only better their lot. Safer on kids can ride them. They hardly burnt any gashing. All leroy those things cost one hundred and fifty dollars do at the very least maybe two hundred. Gosh that's the only thing i really want. Want one of those. Emerson's i can remember. I wanna motorscooter more than anything else in the world. Now be reasonable leroy. Don't get your heart set on something. That's impossible crate is gonna get one who said so craig. Craig's great big. Craig is a little boy. You can't believe everything he says gets the same. He's gonna get one he said so we'd be just like that fourth lesser buller to give his kid expensive toy that be so expensive creating all figured out when we get our schools we can do all kinds of things. We deliver papers on errands for people in charge and ford themselves in a couple of weeks. leroy i want you to forget this whole idea. You want us to just forget about it completely okay. i'll forget about it. I mean it for that in about and it'll be just as i'll be knish and you don't seem to get the idea soc- how can i have you. Children know that i'm not made of money. Do you understand. Care here marjorie. I don't care what i get on anything new decide. I'll be great for dear leroy. Can't you be more be okay with me. Anything at all won't be a motor scooter. You can bank on that just ahead right at the start. A motor scooter is out of the question. Understand yes okay. i don't expensive. They're dangerous besides they're expensive. Everything's expensive contributing to the orphanage out there. a little. that'll have to be. I mean christmas. You've gotta cut down motor scooters out you understand. Yeah sure to expensive home. Watch a motor scooter. I mean confounded found. Wake up christmas morning. Expecting you see it because it won't be one you get it out and plainer sounded when i needed need it all right. Go ahead what you don't. I don't think he believes me. What are you grinning at. Marjorie transparent overdo. It now. Two years ago leroy wanted a dog. You told him fifty times if you told him once. The dog was out of the question so on christmas. What did he get a dog. Sure the last year it was a set of drums for weeks. You kept telling him they were too expensive and all the time you had them hidden in a closet. No wonder he's on to you. Got to keep quiet about the scooter. Listen i need you one hundred and fifty dollars to throw around. Darling fly christmas. I'm straight upstairs now. Present doesn't believe me. How am i going to kill this thing. Birdie birdie i positively will not by leroy a motor scooters. I want to go on record before. At least one member of this family has never having the slightest intention of doing so. You're my shock. You just need this together. The yourself getting such expensive presence. That isn't good for a boy. It could ruin his character. I hear you suddenly show concerned about craig. Bullish character because confounded if craig gets a motor scooter than i've got to give leroy one. That's all. I can't leroy disappointed on christmas. While craig goes chugging up and down the street the little shell off. That's my problem is how to disappoint leroy without disappointing and getting scooter. I don't that's what i'd like to have. You asked mr bullard if you will. Because i threatened to punch him in the nose last week him. I told them to stay off the property. He told me to stay off his. You seem to be narrowing. The circle of hillary clinton as mr younger. Seen the liver mind. Will you do as i ask. It's a small enough favor. Heaven's sake business i just can't say to mr bullard. Watch this here. Mchugh giving craig scooter christmas. You don't have to do it that way. Pb just be tactful. Be casual is sneak up on it. How well well for instance you could look out of you into and say l. Goes boy on a motor scooter. By the way mr bullet. What are you giving craig for christmas. Why not oppose no by win. By honest he got speedy. You can retain you solid. Couldn't you would be an untruth. Ido you just don't wanna ask him to leave out. A man who will run and drugstore will do almost anything but you have to draw the line somewhere and when it comes snooping even a fireman forget it. I'm sorry. I asked together in case i shouldn't see you in the meantime mary cushman. Yeah merry christmas well. That's all i just wanted to return. Plato dine interesting book. Thanks for lending it to me. You're not quite sure you finished. Yes yes i'm finished. I'll be glad to have you keep it a little longer. Thanks big. I've gotten all i can say there was one other come inside so cold out here just a minute. It's about these motor scooters. The kids are writing these days. Very dangerous contraptions notice. Good yes. i've been thinking it might be a good idea if you pass the rule against any scooters at school none of the children have motorscooters throckmorton not. I've seen vinyl but some child might get one. You know christmas coming on some of these four flashers. That don't know anything about bringing up. Children like couldn't very well pass a rule against something that hasn't even come up now. Could i believe if you just send a note. Home with the kids know motorscooters before christmas. Before it's too late might be doing somebody favor. Leave leroy wants a motor scooter. Is that if you are so easy to see through throckmorton women are always claiming they can see to me. Why is that. I get the very same thing from her. Neidre is a smock. You're so dumb. Well i don't think you always understand children very well. I'd like to know who understands many better. Listen i'm on him every minute. Well maybe so but if you wanna get leroy's mind off motorscooters i don't think the way to do it is to tell him. He can't have one then convincing this something else he wants more. Get him so he'll forget about scooters by george is one thing i'll say for you. We you've got cents. Well thank you for the compliment as far as it goes. That is all you got either. I'm afraid that was an afterthought whether it was an afterthought a another time throckmorton putting me off you. Return the book and told me what you really came now. Was there something else. Make it awfully tougher fella. Well goodbye leave goodbye. Throckmorton say yes in case. I shouldn't see you in the meantime i. I'm looking for something too early for missile. Till i just have to come back. That's all you by eve because l. Let's see you said about leroy. Get interested in something else that it. that's it. I got that state goodbye. Goodbye get outta here. You'll be seeing through me again. Goodbye goodbye along. 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Electric should and more fun than a barrel of monkeys. They have wonderful trades now look at bridges and tunnels and automatic switch and whistles and everything ready get a little trains. Think what fun you could have. We built a railroad together. A miniature railroad me up. Yeah i'd be there playing with it every evening and saturdays and sundays as well. That'd be super. We could make a bridge. We can have xc sure we could do anything. I don't know if i toy for a boy and a train. Bush will find at the same time educational instructing. Just the rainy afternoon is craig sitting over there looking out the window unable to ride his scooter. You'd be up in your room with your trade. Having the time of your life. I would craig these sore. He'd be wanting to play with my train all time. He wasn't smart enough to ask train for christmas. That's his tough lack. I just remember catalog. It's pitch but he lent it to me. It's up to my room. So i don't get it. Let's go up there and look at it together. Shall we pick out the stuff we leave. Okay come up. You know. They have now they have couplers. And locomotives puffs walk even will create be sore. Just have to keep it on. Lock when i'm not in there in case you anytime you want. The signals am automatic signals. Pretty excited ant you boy. What we'll do. We'll not only get a train release. Get an engineer's camp. Whenever we play with the trains. I'll be the engineer. And you could be the firemen. Angie near gonna be the conductor. Rit you're the boss board. Where's the catalog leroy. Find it here somewhere. Maybe this stuff. I'd i'd be sure and maybe i'm here. This rule of yards could stand a little straightening up lira. Garrett let's sit down here among the debris look at it together. What have you got your bed. There i sat on something like toy tank. Let's not a very good way to take care of. Roy need it anymore. What the heck wars over. 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And you're listening to classic buick theater on your favorite station now. The conclusion of the great gildersleeve december eighteenth nineteen forty-six trying to get leroy's christmas present sorted out. Well i'll tell you about trade trouble with train you you play with him a few times and then you get tired of now. If i got your wine next year you'd have completely outgrown it. My boy be kicking around here. Getting busted like all this other stuff. Just make you feel that now. I think it'd be much more sensible. If leroy are listening. I have to say i love with tools yours but if you had to choose your own my boy your very own you too big boy for trains and stuff like that. I'm not so big. But just think lee right to who you could make things tie racks tab wrecks some fun all right. We're going to be like that about it. If you cooperate. We'll just forget about christmas. We'll just forget all about there'll be no christmas. Christmas is the people who cooperate. We'll just give marjorie all the presents. that's all well. Why doesn't somebody say something. Would you like some of them as guilty. Thanks brady especially telhami. Said become down. Yes alright he can just go without sup with him. He said he didn't want me. He's in bed. i leave. I know it's none of my business but went a bar. Don't wanna eat. I i'll hatless leroy's in bad you're saying he asked to bad confounded. Why does christmas apt come up. Anyway just makes for a lot of trouble a lot of hard fi. Hopefully i didn't take me literally when i said there wouldn't be christmas. Poor little fellow after all he is just a kid probably up there crying. His eyes out to run up and speak to them. What do you think. Why don't you do that mr guilty. Excuse me my injury certainly. But i don't know the leroy will go up and see. I put this back in the oven and keep it on points gifts. I don't deserve it. Poor little tyke too hard boy. That's all. I don't mean to be chris. That's what it is leroy. It's your old uncle lira. Mind if i come in high well. You don't look particularly heartbroken. I must say okay. I just thought. I might as well go to bed after all. I have to go to bed. What's that you've got in bed with you. Come on come on now. What is it. Do you want me to pull off the coverage not hands. Look a-. I don't know how you get rid of them. Like you totally honest. But he climbed up on the big home to keep you my boy. We'll see you think you've gotta have the captain train. Leroy i would. I twos kidding. Okay leroy you may keep him here super. Hey this catch crazy about me. I don't kid. I'm gonna teach them tricks and everything very valuable cat you know. I'm glad you pleased with him. Leroy and by the way. I want to apologize for shouting at you the way i did show k old uncle off his trolley once in awhile. I make mistakes myself now. Why don't you slip on your bathrobe and come down to separate. Bring the cat only bringing the cat liberty hall. Christmas comes but once a year came in the oftener we'd never lived through it Saw yes. I didn't see you thought wasn't interested in tools. I'm using yours. I hope you don't mind if you put them away doing that. Making south of making something ask what it is is that telling and for the cat. Oh that's good idea the cat. What is it a house. it's not a house. It's box sort of cat box. Well no not really well. It's the cat on the back of my motor scooter girl to be on the side. You know nuts right back where we started only now. We've got a cat. The great gildersleeve is played by harold. Perry and has written by john wooden more. The music is by jack. Macon included in the cast Walter deadliest leroy. louise's ericsson is marjorie and lillian. Randolph birdie richard legrand as mr peter. This is john lang. Saying good night for the kraft foods combination and inviting listening and again next wednesday or the further adventures. 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We need your help to spread the good news about our amazing. Us constitutition help us take back. America go to our american rights dot com brought to you by the american media. Council america is under attack. And we need you to take action now. Our history culture constitution and american way of life are being assaulted. Violent anarchist are rioting and looting in cities across the country. They are demanding the defunding of our police and an end to law and order. There has never been a more critical time to defend our right to keep and bear arms. The second amendment foundation created the second amendment first responders program this program to actively engage americans who want to protect our second amendment rights. Please text protect two eight. Two four seven four seven four seven and become a second amendment first responder now is the time to defend our right to keep and bear arms. Text protect two eight two four seven four seven four seven again text protect two eight two four seven four seven four seven now is the time to defend our right to keep and bear arms text. Protect two eight two four seven four seven four seven now on classic radio theatre another episode of the cinnamon bear this one originally broadcast december eighteenth nineteen thirty seven the flying hat sonoma and bam Getting closer and closer to christmas. And judy and jimmy. Their friends are still a long way from getting the silver star amended queen. Melissa's last instructions directed them to the golden grove where they were supposed to find the most valuable clue underneath the singing tree. No sooner had they entered the grove and started to look for the tree. Then right up nowhere. Jump that wicked old winter green witch. If only judy haven't given her looking glass to the wooden indian chief cooking bottlewasher she might have held it in front of the witches face and scared her like she did on the island of obi but when winter green learned that judy no longer had the dreadful looking glass he right then and there decided to change the twins and cinnamon crazy quilt dragon into bullfrogs and it looks like nothing in the world or maybe land can stop her. She just laughs and laughs. I on the winter green. Which i teach you traveling with my reputation. Please mrs whiz. I told you never to call me. Which is which is. They never was betty fundable fraud. Say that all right away but if you want to me and be. I began my incantation mumbo jumbo after deborah what. We're not go frogs yet. Judy i guess maybe has to say some more things i will. I don't feel in like bullfrog yet. I don't what's the matter definitely crazy to which can't change anybody into anything. Melissa has not only banished from the island of obi but has taken away her magical. Power carrot perfectly respectable citizens of maybe land in the usa in dublin frogs. Would you gotten so hideous hag would cost you. A wig spelled on us won't you. Well glad he's your black now. I can't george. I wished and change your babbling mouth to those of negativity show has done one more bad turn which i won't forget have what's left of your don my word so she you give it that. You'll nasty your wichita try and make me. My power may be gone. But i can run faster than the wind. I take your it where you never never see it again to the other side of the golden grove it's the northern boundary of maybe land. And they're on. The other side is a great big which generated from the snow country. Bud i run to can't jimmy. Best will be gone with him i. I'm not exactly built for speed. Do she's picking up by stuffing. Go down here and kids liquors. it's the grand walkie. Wonder what he's doing. He has no friend one game. What is the meaning of your welcome presence and hit. Oh beatings medicine. Listen moment i'm here. I official capacity right now. We integrate is if you want to tell you that you had better be a good witch because you're surrounded by the best quality the number one which prove invisible net and you cannot pursue your skin. Oh so that's what crippled up and made a phone. Oh yes indeed. Mattis has been watching you with a great deal of interest. Just toss that star back to the children. Degree rich zone. Tentative date neva person. You've got to be sure what has happened to his band. Yes listen knows everything that goes on a navy. Then she sent me hit. Take charge of the winter. Greenwich now just live you switch back to the grandma's doll just in the line of duty you know now that you here at the scene of the crime so to speak. Could you be telling us which one of these trees in the golden grove. Is this singing cream enters to find. I'm sorry but i am going to find that your sales. I'm i'm here on business. You understand which business yes which business. I've been instructed to take the wizardry in which into exile so come on now into be noticed. King me take own offense this woman. No no layer diet. I never be nine. I have no time to benny wedge. You come on degree. Think what you would do in live taking this reprobate. One k ministers stuck conductor to the looking glass benet to spend the rest of her as he will if you take her there just scare self the death looking at that face of hers grand monkey if you take the moon which to looking glass valley you better take away the pain of find at the bottom. Oh that was the one cinnamon jimmy and and before we landed in looking glass valley. If you leave it there she might be able to get out again and bother folks. Yes i certainly give them. And this is paris where you may have tainted when you which we mustn't get winded religion. Any opportunity of returning to this note taking me to looking. Do you realize condemning me to spend the rest of my life and talk staring. Magnus looking at election to green. You've been maine to us. I'm sorry for this. Can't you close your eyes if you don't want to look at yourself. Oh no no. I can't even goes onto. This is autism must be carried out to the ninety by gran lanky. Thanks for everything and convey our best to that goes for me. Gauges shake their degree in asia. It's too bad the grand rookie didn't know which is a thing. Tree trees look a look. See how will never find it. Empowers vincent thousand. I'm afraid i'm getting a bit too sleeping show. I think i could do is about thirty nine weeks. I think we all need a little nap. Maybe we could look if we weren't so tired. An ally right out here under this big lean on you crazy quilt because health home. How 'bout you use nivo the pillow too. I hope cinema embarrassed gone to sleep already crazy. Crown music us saw. Ooh z. look Age do must have dropped off in spite of myself. Hey wake up. Everybody mustn't sleep too long. I'm sure i heard someone scenes sort. Did i m sure. I did to look here why this wasn't anywhere around when we all laid out sleeve. Bless my stuffing. It's a huge silk hat. It's the biggest one i ever did. See human crickets. I thought mr presto magician had a big half but this is just simply narmer all of us together. Look windows in it. Some letters painted on it the flying. Heft my word useful. This is i bet you. We went to sleep under the singing tree. That's what remember we also we heard singing and this great thing had a malicious. We'd found enough and see judy years are gonna have my stuffing is getting more curious. Every minute walk. There's a note on the door. I've got it just a minute. Oh jimmy harry. What does it say. Jumping curse talk. I'm sorry but we didn't get a chance to look. I'm quite as curious as the sentiment there. Well i suppose there's nothing to do but wait until next time to see what this flying hat is all about. And i'll be johnny on the spot to get a real look at that nope And there you have it. December eighteenth nineteen thirty seven the cinnamon bear huron classic radio theater. This is going to get stranger but then that should be expected. Thanks for tuning into classic radio theatre. Hope you will visit my web page which is at classic radio dot stream through you can stream or classic radio theatre. Podcast learn more about classic radio collecting and contact me either. Classic radio dot stream. You can also find our programs anywhere. They serve up podcasts on the internet. And that is apple podcasts. Google podcasts spotify. Spreaker iheart radio tune in to search for usa. Classic radio theatre wanna to send me a christmas card. You can do it by sending it to classic radio theater k. e. l. y. Radio h c thirty-three box. 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Don't take a chance on getting stranded stopped by o'reilly auto parts and get your battery tested free of charge. If your battery does need to be replaced o'reilly auto parts can help you find the exact superstar battery that fits your car or truck at guaranteed low price o reilly auto parts better parts better prices every day auto parts believe it or not. You're listening to the heartland newsfeed radio network at live dot heartland use fee dot com. This stream is supported by advertisers and contributions by following us on facebook twitter and instagram working weekends on capitol hill. Lisa brady fox news. That's how it appears right now. With time running out to avoid a government shutdown as parallel talks continue on covert relief. Fox's jared halpern is live at the capital of. The house is about to vote on a two day spending bill to even government shutdown that would be triggered at midnight tonight the stopgap measure if approved by both the house and senate would buy more time for negotiations and a corona virus released measure. Those talks said to be near an agreement or not yet finalized. A deal is expected to include additional assistance for small businesses unemployment benefits and direct payments for individuals. There is disagreement on the size of those payments and over federal reserve lending programs. Lisa thanks jared. A new report is critical of new york city. Police for the response to protests after george floyd's death in minneapolis. A six month pro by new york city's department of investigation revealed. The nypd did not have the planning to handle the protests and that poor training often escalated tensions. The watchdog group listed written protocols and a specialized response team for protests among twenty recommendations mayor. Bill de blasio said it won't stop there the work of reforming the nypd deepening policing of changing police culture. That work must intensify. That will in the year. Twenty twenty one police. Commissioner dermot shea also agreed with recommendations mayor de blasios said they will put them into practice immediately. Scott the pentagon has a plan to expand diversity and reduce prejudice. Ap obtaining a copy of a memo signed by the acting defense chief ordering implementation of recommendations that include a crackdown on hate group. Involvement servicemembers leaves out politically sensitive issues though like renaming basis or removing confederate statues. America is listening to fox news. Life can be stressful. Even under normal circumstances twenty twenty has challenged even the most difficult times of life these days. You need stress relief. That goes beyond quick fixes. That's head space head. Space is your daily dose of mindfulness in the form of guided meditations in an to use app head. Space is one of the only meditation apps advancing the field of mindfulness and meditation through clinically validated research. So however today's news hits you space really can help you feel better heads. Bases approach to mindfulness can reduce stress improve sleep boost focus ended creature overall sense of well being backed by twenty five published studies on its benefits head. Space has six hundred thousand five-star reviews and over sixty million downloads. You deserve to feel happier and head. Space is meditation made simple. Go to head space dot com slash fox. That's head space dot com slash fox for a free one-month trial with access to head spaces full library of meditations for every situation. This is the best deal offered right now. Head to head space dot com slash fox today the full scope of a cyber attack on. Us government agencies remains under investigation akers. Many officials believe them to be russian. Had gotten into the computer systems of the department of energy including the national nuclear security administration which oversees security for the us nuclear weapons stockpile had appear though at least initially that the damage may have been limited and may have been interrupted. As well spokeswoman. Jalen hines in a statement saying quote at this point. The investigation has found that. The malware has been isolated to business networks. Only it is not a back to mission essential national security functions of the department including the national nuclear security administration. Fox's john roberts at the white house. Officials have warned that software used by the hackers to gain access could also leave other government and private networks at risk around the nation. The white house has multiple agencies are working on the response president trump signing a bill that would kick chinese companies off. Us stock exchanges if they don't follow us standards part of a broader effort to rein in china related. security risks. disney series is like the gift that keeps giving for one fan base mandalorian. Drop big news for star wars fans hidden in the credits of the season. Finale post credit sequence. We see boba fett returned to the palace job at the hut and shoot up the new inhabitants. Once they're all dead. He sits on jobless thrown with fellow bounty hunter. Finnick chant as the title card reads the book of boba. Fett coming december. Twenty twenty one so the mandalorian a spinoff series begets another spin off series which joins the previously announced a soco which stars rosario dawson. Jeff is so catano and rangers of the new republic which should keep star wars fans. Happy their disney plus subscription. Fox's michelle pollino. A down day on wall street could have been worse. Though off the session lows. The dow slips one hundred twenty four point at least separating. Curiosity stream is the net flicks for documentaries with on demand access to thousands of documentaries award-winning exclusives original programs for just twenty dollars a year watch anywhere on any device and cancel anytime and for a limited time. Get twenty five percent off at curiosity stream dot com slash fox. There's still time to get all those last minute gifts at macy's justify online and get your order today with contact free curbside pickup or pickup sizes store. Need it now. But can't get macy's try lightning-fast same day. Delivery powered by door dash of select locations. Plus you can also shop early and blake during extended store hours right up to the last minute at your local macy's some exclusions apply pickup and same-day delivery valid for most in stock items at select stores. Only looking for your next great hire careerbuilder is the fastest growing job site in. Us we over one hundred and forty million candidate. Profiles and growing plus candidates on careerbuilder have skills for the most in demand occupations. Let us help you rebuild and re hire a strong diverse workforce fast careerbuilder. We're building for you. Visit hiring dot careerbuilder dot com forward slash recruit. The usa radio network presents the greatest radio programs of all time. Talk benny program. Look i take your money or your life. I've thinking off and that one of these days i. This is plastic radio theater. The great yelled isley. Hope show transcribe direct. From hollywood. From hollywood the george burns and gracie allen show. Now here's your host. Why it cops. I get so many requests for fibber mcgee and molly i really do adam tight tell boever mcgee and molly jim north loves river mcgee and molly jed peeler spitzer and molly so we're going to have an hour of different mcgee and molly we're going to start out with an episode from the eighteenth day of december nine thousand nine hundred forty five there are certain people who simply wanted mitt that nature does anything right. Yeah the kind who field cap tales paint little tootsie. Are you on the shelves of baby. Turtles and clip poodle dogs to look like anemic lion. Here's one of those people now as we meet boever mcgee and molly abe read. How much you charge me. Debate this christmas tree life. Why do you want white. Mcgee mean why do i want it. You got a hundred trees in this lock. You've painted white and i think they're horrible. What some people like him that way never mind. The artistic comment read how much ten dollars ten dollars the spray a little white paint on this half high tree. Who do you think you are rembrandt. Lookie here maybe you didn't understand fritz. I want this tree painted white gold plated ten bucks you're a pirate and i'll bet you may two hundred dollars already today you're cheapskate and i've made three hundred and forty your arrive and you want to sell a half interest in this joint a stoop and i wouldn't sell my own mother half inter you're a low down dirty dirty swindler ten bucks to spray a little tree life the rat people right and left making four hundred bucks a day his report him to the opa or make him a better offer for a half interest don chitlins. This time that guy fred corrigan. That runs the christmas tree. Lot of fourteenth and oak that dirty pine broker me ten bucks to paint christmas tree. White does seem a little high dairy but think the worst is to what ding all those needles. Back on after the paint dries. They don't take the needles off. They just spray the trees wish. Wish wish that's all well if wishing will make it. So why don't you do it yourself then dollar job. I can't afford to pay myself. I haven't got a paint a paint sprayer attachment on the vacuum cleaner. Oh my gosh. I can have that treat painted white before you can say look awful. Now mcghee please. I realize we need the house but not on the inside. Let's leave the tree greenlaw. You'll love the white one. Snooky the modern thing. Nobody uses green trees anymore. They're outmoded don't say well tell me. Salvador what keller snow are people using this year chartreuse kidding white. Christmas trees are all the rage. Everybody they must be they throw me into one now looks we just put the tree up and trim high love green christmas tree. Don't you look molly. I'll put it up dallas burn square and let her give an opinion. Here's the preposition kid. If you were gonna have christmas tree which would you rather have a dusty drab dirty old greenman or a bright snappy glistening white one chanice mistletoe. what an answer presented like to hang up a little bouquet of mistletoe. mr mcgee. he's. I am not shy. What good is mistletoe. Had somebody under it and it's either somebody can kiss anyway like your wife or you get a slap in the shops before you can point mistletoe. Just poison ivy with aries. Well we'll put some up alice. You'll see who manages to spend most of his time lawyering around beneath it but honestly now dear. Do you like a white christmas tree. Well i like him on this mcgee. I don't care if they're purple. Gertrude always has white one though and she likes them. who's gertrude. We know her. She's the boy who always rides past here and the cream colored cadillac and honks. His horn sister. I see well himself. Who used to go with the manual steps. Bearcats knees gave her up for an old guy with a broken down. Maxwell's daughter but honestly now alice don't you really prefer a white christmas trees awfully tired of mr mcgee when i was a little girl. My father gave us kids some little tiny paintbrushes and told us to paint a christmas tree. White cabin lee days must've taken you children long time to paint a tree with little brushes. How long did it take you alice. Oh we never did get it finished but it kept us off the streets till we were eighteen years old. Well rapson presencia later kid all that lovely golden hair can grow out of that solid bone on it. She's sweet filming. If there isn't a mean thought analysis had known or any other kind of listen getting my tree sprayed off in front. I can attach the vacuum cleaner cord on the porch light. Now let me see if i. Oh hello there. Dr gambling molly. How you today pantry. Panch buying jumbo fine. You ought spreading christmas. Cheer telling your patients you're gonna retire. He's not gonna retire for years yet. Are you dr eddie. A- i will retire on that far-distant day when i can write a personal check for four hundred dollars and not have the hired help at the fourth national bank burst into hysterical laughter on miser. You got that much buried under a loose brick in the fireplace right now with you as you got more affection for dollar than my wife has a pound of butter and that's the love match of the year. I have no right to say that bill. Mcgee dr gamble does more private charity work than anybody in town. Certainly i'm a very noble character. And i walked down the street flowers. Spring into bloom burst into song and taxi cabs. Honk twice before they try to kill me. Run along now. This busy season children. Keep you pretty busy around christmas time doctor. No it's the so-called grownups my dear. This is the silly season when two hundred pound men's dot climbing forty nine cents step ladders to wire dime store angels to the tops of three dollar christmas trees and wind up in a five hundred dollar. Plastic cast penny wise and compound fracture foolish. Wanna stick around and watch christmas tree dot com painted white. Were you don't have to do that when i put my gift for you. Hundred turn flocking his christmas tree. White december eighteenth nineteen forty-five fibber mcgee and molly on classic radio theatre. America is under attack. And we need you to take action now. Our history culture constitution and the american way of life are being assaulted. Violent anarchist rioting and looting in cities across the country. They are demanding the defunding of our police and into law and order there has never been a more critical time to defend our right to keep and bear arms. The second amendment foundation created the second amendment first responders program. This program seeks to actively engage americans who want to protect our second amendment rights. Please text protect two eight. Two four seven four seven four seven and become a second amendment first responder now is the time to defend our right to keep and bear arms techs protect two eight two four seven four seven four seven again text protect two eight two four seven four seven four seven now is the time to defend our right to keep and bear arms text protect two eight two four seven four seven four seven. I this is why it talks for over three years now. My my pillow premium pillow has given me the best night's sleep on my life and my classic radio theatre family has heard me rave about this primarily because not only do you get a great night's sleep but the my pillow doesn't go flat. You can wash and dry. A washing machine no handwashing no finicky. Self it works great and they are made in the usa. And that's important us. You know that now the best deal on my pillow premium pillow ever offered stander queen twenty nine ninety eight. That's a forty dollar savings king-sized premium. Mypillow only five dollars more and sixty day money back guarantee ten year warranty. You got till march first to try it out. If you don't like it send it back. Call one eight hundred nine five one. Eight one. Seven five or go to mypillow dot com. Click on the radio listener square and use my promo code. Usa trust me. Michael lindell guarantees. You'll love your my pillow newsmax. Tv is exploding. And everyone's talking about it now. A survey finds that thirty million. Americans are watching newsmax. Tv all the time. Millions are turning off fox and president. Trump says he loves newsmax so watch it and make sure you vote in newsmax national poll asking about president trump conceding the election. It takes a minute. Just text the word north to thirty nine seven. Four seven and vote instantly. President trump wants to know your opinion so text north to thirty nine seven four seven and vote instantly and newsmax is poll plus watch newsmax. Tv with great shows including dick morris. Rudy giuliani michelle malkin. Diamond and silk. Mike huckabee greg. Kelly shot spicer and more newsmax is on all major cable systems. Check your guide or your cable operator. You want newsmax like everyone. Else watch newsmax. Tv today and vote in their big poll on trump text north to thirty nine seven. Four seven. and let your voice be heard and you're listening to classic radio theater on your favorite station. I guess this is when the changing the color of your christmas tree just got started. You remember when you had to when they were they had the people who would spray the christmas tree. Like boever's doing that would turn white and then you also had the people who would they would do it multiple colors. Somebody would do pink or they would do it to a different color or do you remember did you have. I know we had a An aluminum christmas tree with one of those color wheels made the tree look like it was changing color. All the time amid we've gone through all these weird fads with our christmas trees. December eighteenth nineteen forty-five christmas tree white here on classic radio theatre sh again clogs up like a sentimental woman at a sad movie to be the matter. This paint spray goes along all right for a minute. Then it chokes up. When it comes loose again it throws a blob of paint to the noc iq out of the balcony founded on that porch steps. And maybe that'll loosen it out. Ok i will now try it. Okay sir mcgee you. Almost kitty charge. Well here we go there now. Up done it again. Clogged up well. Hurry up and get the job. Finish me it's colder than a lineman's lunch out here. You go on in the house if you wanna. I can handle this all right now. I've got to stay out here and tell people who you are. You get a little more that white paint on and they'll think you're badly constructed snowman. That does it I'll have to treat vegetable. You can live reindeer now. You better shut it off. Here comes mrs carstairs. Won't you come in the house and have sluggish. No thank you my dear. I'm just out working my pekinese and must hurry along what he can ease car seat. I don't see oh. It was too cold for him to come in misdemeanor. Long as one of us goes out. He's satisfied. It's really a sweet little dog ellison from what i've seen of him personally i wouldn't have on them for like a dust. Mop says a gift give him an sized dog. I ever tell you about the hunting dog. I had once car seat with the name of durante. You randy what knows that dog. Never forget one time. We were walking through the woods. Me and my dog fight over my shoulder gun in my mom gone over my shoulder and my mouth when all of a sudden durante pieces. He's on point knows quivering. Tail ramrod one foot in the air. I raised my gun. Walks slowly forward. And they're not ten feet away was a guy set. Non stop at quite a doug. Mr mcgee trained to flush game. Wardens was he. No sir eyeballed the dog out. And then i was never so ashamed in my life. It was the smartest thing he'd ever done. I got talking to the guy and you know what his name was. Partridge re w part. Wasn't that wonderful car steve. No i don't think that's so. Remarkable mr mcgee in the light of what a police dog of mine once did that madison. After all it's cold tonight. The baloney won't spoil. This dog of us was extremely intelligent. One day i had him in the post office. And i noticed. He was staring at the police posters on the world. Suddenly he dashed out. The door was gone. Probably went out to steal an apple off. Fruit dan kirsty. No when i got home he was gripping up butler by the vest pocket and was barking into the telephone which he'd knocked off the table when the police arrived it turned out that jobless was wanted by the authorities in three states. Yes but why was your dog holding. Buy the vest pocket. Millicent that was where butler kept his. You see he was wanted for forgery. A good evening. I think she's kidding. I don't believe a word of that stuff. But she made that whole thing up. I'll never mind her. Deary get busy with that faint before. Freeze asylum. oh well back toward up again. Mcginn gun thing. I only got about a third of this tree spray. to maybe what. How could carstairs dog be gripping the butler by the best and barking into the phone at the same time i didn't say it was gripping the butler with his teeth area after all it is smart. Is that the whole down with one. Hind paw dial. A police station with the other news is front feet to take fingerprints. Yeah maybe but how service. That's better yet. You get more pain on yourself here on the dream again. He oughta make racial the weather vane on georgia. If the in the time you've taken to get this tree a dirty grey pat. I coulda whitewashed the bab national forest with the flip. Gan doggone it. I don't see what's going on. We'll ride junior. Pull up a france step and give yourself three point. Land on this is beeping. Invite mr wilcox at home and get. Yeah i won't be here very long. June's i just the nozzle back you to stand there like a front man for painter's colic and tell me you're actually going to ruin that pretty little tree with white paint ruining that refugee from the forest primeval despoiling -nificant evergreen Skip the dramatics. We know you memorize evangeline in highschool utah company. Rebecca of sunnybrook farm. Do too much toil. Act the juvenile lead. If you please. I also had three seasons of shakespeare play shakespeare. some that's one oath l. o. Needs a friend everyone in omaha. I'll have you know. Said i was another barrymore. Why when i came out tights and said oh what a role hasn't slave you can say that again. Ask me. I love. Shakespeare on mister wilcox. Is it not monstrous display. Here seeing lady foster menial task and seeing such drudgery would not dispense a thing called. Johnson's 'glocal a goodly fluid which spread upon the scullery. Only am what does eliminate the scrub. Nobody just or it on and one third the time it takes for hourglass to turn it by shakespeare in in the public domain. This two-bit orson welles is going to be sued for nine million. Yes replies. and so mirror-like gleams. The porridge spilled white off. Leaves not a single spot. The labor saved the hours gained. The beauty seen his local beloved by chatelain and serving wench. You light your nearest dealer. Wait a minute mister. Wilcox is that in hamlet girl. It's an every. Hamlet every village every town city and every place where a housewife takes pride in the appearance of her kitchen. And if i don't get back to the office in the next ten minutes. I'll find myself back in chautauqua kids tangos the biggest since blue boy went to the state fair. He'd better be careful where he wind up on a platter with an apple in his mouth. But this ain't getting my spray. Her yuppie almost got it down now she goes are. This is the best. it's been. Yeah yeah it's hard to getting molly one question. I'd like to ask him. Are you sure. Will i'm doing off giving youthful pharma. Got this sprague on work in perfect. I know but look. I've been wanting to ask you later. Wait i'm just about finished now. Just a little bit jammed through all done and believe me. That's the whitest white christmas tree you'll ever see i. Won't you admit this a mighty pretty effect. Maybe the acid.

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TVR365  Golden Globe Awards 2020, Zoeys Extraordinary Playlist and Party of Five Series Premieres, Soundtrack  TV Rewind

TV Rewind Podcast

1:07:20 hr | 1 year ago

TVR365 Golden Globe Awards 2020, Zoeys Extraordinary Playlist and Party of Five Series Premieres, Soundtrack TV Rewind

"TV rewind episode. Three hundred sixty five. Hello and welcome to TV rewind episode three hundred sixty five for the week of January twelfth. Twenty twenty I am Stephanie Zimmer. Happy to be with you once once again happy new year. It's been a while since we've chatted so I'm sure you've been eagerly anticipating a new episode waiting waiting waiting and it didn't happen since November and member Thanksgiving time and here. We are now in the New Year. And all I I can see about December as I was watching a lot of homework movies. And if we're honest I'm still watching them because they still have a handful from this year and my new work work schedule is taking my by not giving me a lot of opportunity to get caught up on things but I'm here now in the New Year and hoping it can have a little bit more consistency with this New Year. But time will tell. This podcast is sponsored by Bass David Michael Donna Donna. And Lisa thank you for being five dollars a month sponsors and Wayne and mark as our one dollars a month sponsors. Thank you so much you can join them at Patriotair Dot com slash TV rewind which I'll link in the show notes and there's also a button on the homepage of the website here on TV rewinding bring Mr thoughts in the last week television. We'll take a pause for the news rewind the last week in fast forward to next week so we have a lot of stuff to talk about since I last recorded boarded which seems so long ago now. A whole bunch of renewables ride with Norman Rita's for season five on AMC. I did not know it was going for that long. The Marvelous Azel for season four and Amazon has renewed that in the wake of quote their most watched opening weekend weekend ever. So that's awesome. I'm GonNa talk about that show later. But it's fantastic star trek card for a season two on CBS. All access assessed that is before season one has even premiered van housing for season five. which will be its final season of thirteen episodes on Scifi raising dion for season two networks? I've just heard about but it sounds like an interesting premise. Killing Eve for season. Four on BBC America. Uh again before season three has premiered American Horror Story for seasons eleven twelve and thirteen on FX in new Amsterdam for a season three four and five on NBC and making it for a season three on NBC. And the ones in that less than I am the most excited about are the marvelous Mrs Mazel. I just adore that show and making it is really fun. Show too and I don't watch any reality. Shows goes but a competition show about crafters. That's hosted by Amy Poehler and Jim Offerman. I mean that's ed recipe for greatness and it is it is great you should. You should watch it. I would highly recommend that you watch it if even if you only have a mild interest in crafts but you have more interested in amy and nick. 'cause they are they make the show fantastic back. The judge is on the other. Hand are not fantastic. If I'm honest but the hosts are great and the contestants are awesome and they do. Some crazy crafting stuff and it's great. I highly recommended the W is kicking off the New Year with a huge renewal. Bang picking up additional seasons of thirteen current shows basically their entire lineup except for the ones that it or ending the list of the show is confirmed for next season include the flash for season seven Riverdale for a season five supergirl supergirl for a season six black lightning for a season four. DC'S LEGENDS OF TOMORROW FOR SEASON. Six all American first season three charmed for or season three legacies for season three in the dirk for season three Roswell New Mexico for season three and freshman series bat woman and Nancy drew also scored renewables as did. And you think this was a joke. But it's not even dynasty coin indices indices in four has been renewed. That's a lot of shows to renew and they do this every year. But I'm always shocked that they continue to do it. Just announce them all at the same time especially because this is really early to do it usually do it out. February or March said dude in January is like very confident of them. So I'm excited the flash skying back. I have really enjoyed that show. Even even the fact that it's in season six now and you know after a certain point you think they'd only have so many stories pseudo. They continued to kick them. But I gave up on Riverdale. I really gave it a good effort for a long time and and I was kind of phoning in for a while last season and then going into this season they did some really weird stuff last season and are almost ready to quit. And then I had to wait to watch the period episode in the premier which was great and then they started going off the rails again with their stories in Iowa's output so I'm out supergirl. I'm almost out on that one. But I'm not going to quit the superhero show and they have those characters occurs as part of this crossovers that happen and I do like the characters are involved. So I'm not quitting that Joe but I have been tempted from time to time for sure tomorrow is always great. I'm excited for that. Came back very I think. Back this week with the crossover and that's all. I'm watching on that list. I only watched the pilots of bet woman and Nancy drew sure and they also announced that. Katy keene which is the Riverdale. off-shoot will be launching on February sixth. And that has received an order for thirteen additional scripts. I will not be watching that one. I mean I like Lucille Lot but I'm just not on interested all right. We gotta start at the good news. Let's move on to the knock. Great News cancellations and with an e after three seasons On netflix and in Canada and third season is out now mystery science. Three thousand after two shoe seasons of the revival on Netflix. I'm so sorry David and Fred and everybody else. WHO's watching them? Maybe it'll come back. Different Form Hope Springs Eternal Rate Reef break after one season on. ABC daybreak after one season on Netflix. And sweet sweet better. After two seasons on stars those last three I've never even heard of before I saw these news p pieces it was also announced that brock. Meyer will we'll be ending after season four on IFC which seems to be a mutual decision amongst the cast and creators. So that's good good. They didn't get cancelled. They made a decision and fresh off. The boat will also be ending after season six on ABC. When I first saw this piece of news it was recently because I saw it on a list of shows were ending and I was like wait? Did I miss something that it was cancelled. And I didn't see it so I went back into the archives and I saw that this was actually announced at the beginning of November that it was ending. I was very surprised to see the news if we're honest because the whole constant constant sleuthing that happened last season like oh that spells trouble for the show. Maybe it'll be cancelled but it turns out as I continue to re different things about this and ABC has come and shared their thoughts at the TCI winter. Press tour. They said it would hadn't and it did not have anything to do with that. Although in the MEG reminds Yet did but the real reason is that it seems to be a natural end for the show because he's graduating high school. I mean what kind of stories you tell after that it seems to be coming to a logical conclusion and the show is still. Oh good but I think it makes sense after sixties comedy to move on and of course those constants will end the other the people in the cast. I'm sure wanted to move on with their life for the boat ending the season. And you know what I'm okay with that school or remain in session at ABC with a slightly different administration at the helm. The network has announced a full season order for the spinoff bringing its order or to twenty two and Tim. Doyle who assumed show running duties from the series co-creator in August is being replaced placed by CO executive producers. Tom Hurts and Vanessa. McCarthy hurts and McCarthy will be working closely with the co-creator Adam Africa Goldberg. So that's what's happening. I really like school watt so if they have new people that are already part uh of the show that are doing the show running. I'm cool with that. I mean I have been on shows where one person steps back so other people can do it. I mean it doesn't has anybody like a whole big Hullaballoo like one producer laughed and there's nobody to replace them. 'cause that's happened on other shows speaking of one. That's coming up later in the news news but I'm fine with it. I think it'll be fine. I really like the show a lot. And I'm glad that it's continuing to do good. In not great news. The audience now work has left the building. At and T.. Is shutting its network of original programming down after a a two decade run according to variety but channel will cease operations this spring in transition to becoming a preview channel for HBO. Max which is also owned by a t and t that's launching in May and is taking over the Internet because it seems like a lot of going to that show to that network of course as leaves the network's original series in limbo. The Stephen King Adaptation Mr Mercedes wrapped up its third season in November. No word on a possible four season louder milk oak a comedy. Starring Ron Livingston Livingston was renewed for a third season more than a year ago but as yet to air and and the ram calm you her was renewed for a fifth and final season in May but there are no official word on where these shows might land sources versus. Continue to say that they might go to. Hbo Max which would make sense. But no official statement has been made about that so so stay tuned for news about where those shows are going to go now that audience network is GonNa be shutting down. I never watched anything audience network so I don't have any eh claim on any of those shows but I know there's a lot of people who watch Mr Mercedes that I'm friends with so hopefully it ends up in a place. That is watchable for those people. The Connors will come down with a case of the presidential election fever this February when the Family Sitcom Dot com broadcasting live episode on the night of the New Hampshire primary. I suppose our primary in the Midwest is later on in the year so so it wouldn't fall into their season. ABC on Wednesday announced that the connors. We'll go live on Tuesday February eleventh with two separate productions for the East East and west coasts. The politically tinged outing quote will find mark watching the results of the primary for a school report with Harris who is apathetic apathetic to the electoral process and believes money's influence in politics. Means real changes impossible that seems appropriate Britt to think about that. Seems like an appropriate Way To think about it. It may not be true but it's definitely an attitude. A lot of people have the rest of the connor share their different takes on why they all think everyone should vote including they're working class perspective that they may have to vote for a candidate. You don't love but one that will screw you the least. ABC News Coverage will be incorporated into the episode in real time. All of this happens against the backdrop of romance that description continues when Louise who's played by Katie. Seagal gets an opportunity to that. Might send send her away from Lanford. This prompts the family to interfere in dance complicated relationship with her by throwing Louise surprise going away. Party creating major new tensions engines between Dan and his daughters. I really liked the connors a lot and I'm kind of on the fence about why this is a good idea or not to make an episode political. Because it's a real quick way to Haggar audience. Stop watching but I really liked the show so I will continue to watch it. And it's only you know a short episodes so I'm sure it'll be fine either way but just in case you wanted to skip that episode. Just know that it's going to be February eleventh. We have lots of announcements wants about networks and schedules because a TCI winter press services last week and ABC had a whole bunch of announcements. The done fees will be done for as of Wednesday April eighth when ABC air is the very final episode of modern family. ABC has announced that American housewife who returned to Wednesday nights starting march eighteenth. where it will I lead out of modern families final episodes at nine thirty then as of April fifteenth they will claim modern families hallowed nine pm timeslot and will it help their ratings time Tayo other midseason scheduling moves announced? Ask the winter press tour how to get away with murders own series as finale is confirmed to land on Thursday may fourteenth and it resumes its season on April Second Shark Shark tank will return to Friday nights leaf spot on February twenty eighth the baker and the beauty co two modern day fairy tale about an unlikely a couple who end their lives to be together starring Victor Razzaq from Jack Ryan Ryan and Natalie Kelly from dynasty whoa premier on Monday April sixth at ten nine central. I don't watch any of those shows is but I know people do so. I just wanted to talk about it for a minute. TV's much-anticipated Liz. McGuire revival has hit a snag original series Creator Creator Terry. Men's ski has stepped down as show runner on the Disney. Plus project prompting a pause in production fans have a sentimental attachment Liz McGuire and high expectations for a new series A.. Disney spokesperson told. Td Line after filming two episodes. We concluded that we need to move even at different creative direction and we are putting a new lens on the series. Men's ski was also attached Three Bible as an executive producer butts currently currently unclear if she will continue in that role a search for a new show. Runner is underway. I'll it'll be interesting to see who they actually get for this. And if they need to reshoot those first two episodes ones. There's somebody else in charge but I know a lot of people are excited for that. Show I mean I watched the original. I would definitely check it out eventually even though I don't have Disney plus but hopefully it works out good and bad news for Atlanta fans. You'll be getting more of Donald. CLEVEREST affects comedy. But you'll have to wait a little longer for it season season. Three of the Emmy. Winning series will consist of ten episodes rather than the previous eight which was announced the winter press tour but it is likely it won't air until January of next year with the eight episodes season four which was filmed at the same time slated to air that fall a good portion of Atlanta's third season what we filmed outside the United States with the new season. Picking up right where season two left off as for future seasons. Atlanta hasn't officially been renewed for season five yet but affects US definitely opened to keep hanging in Atlanta if Donald Glover is still interested and the spokesperson said as long as Donald wants to do it. I'm down for it and it's his choice. What does good I mean? The Creator Star show runner whatever his official titles. Those are should be the one that make that decision not the network. But it's not usually the case more. FX News from the press tour were basing criticism about its decision to launch American crime stories latest season which revolves around the Monica Lewinsky. INSKEEP scandal on President. Bill Clinton subsequent impeachment ahead of the twenty twenty election the cobbler is now backing off from the scheduling move in speaking to reporters at the winter. Press tour affects chairman maintained that the decision to put a pin in seasons threes. He's targeted launch. Date was driven more by production concerns. Ryan Murphy is probably objectively. The busiest manage show business and he's not available to Mr Production until March twenty first of this year. That means we won't be physically done actually shooting the episodes until October because of the long production. Shen so I think we initially announced that we'd air in September but I don't think that's reasonable given that it won't finish production until October. Asser one will schedule it. We don't know we sort of have to get into production sort of see how the production goes how long it will is going to be so it's probably TVD not at this time but definitely not temper so stay tuned for that. Whenever it's going to air is going to be based on the Jeffrey Tobin's bestselling book a vast conspiracy the real story of the sex scandal? That nearly brought down a president speaking of this case if you want to know kind of more of the real story instead of listening to a TV show based on a book. Luke that who knows how actually accurate is you should go check out. Monica Lewinsky's interview on Armchair expert. She goes into some detail there and how it changed her life in some good ways and bad ways to be linked to that in the show notes you can check that out affects has also announced premiere dates for some new and returning series launching early this year including what we do in the shadows second season and the long awaited foresees in Fargo. A slew of dates were revealed on the winter press. Tour shadows will and see see the sun. On Wednesday April fifteenth at ten nine central with the premiere of its ten episode. Second season two episodes airing that night followed by single angle episodes every week after better things will begin season four on Thursday march fifth at ten pm two episodes so to kick start the season. Fargo's Chris Rock lead. Fourth season will premiere on Sunday April nineteenth at ten pm again. Two episodes leading the pack among fresh fare. The new comedy breeders. Stirring Martin Freeman will debut on Monday march second at ten pm with two episodes and the DOCU series the most dangerous animal of all his set set for Friday march six premier with two episodes airing back to back at ten PM with three and four in the weeks to follow. I'm definitely a big fan of better. Things love that show. I'm glad that's coming back and I might check out Fargo. I didn't know the Chris Rock was going to be the star of that but I don't even know what the premise of it is. So maybe I'll look into that one as well seth Macfarlane is now doing business with NBC universal having signed an overall deal with the company that has reportedly worth at least two hundred million good for him and B. C. Universal content studios studios the New Business Division Outbid Twentieth Century Fox television where McFarland has created TV series for more than two decades. His deal with Fox expired in June and his first packed with NBC. You is said to spend five years for a nine figure payday under the deal. McFarland and his production company fuzzy door all developed and produced TV projects for NBC. You you various networks and platforms including the peacock streaming service set to launch in April. So the only thing that kind of curious about this. I wonder what this means for him at his Fox projects is he still going to be involved in family guy. American dad on the Oroville if he's doing win this other network. NBC related as deal expired. And so I don't know what it actually means but good for him in finding new ventures to be involved with but I'm not sure what it means for. His current projects likely indicative of both Fox series ultimate fates almost family and flirty. Dancing will relocate to Saturday nights to wrap up their freshman runs. Forty dancing and almost family will stay. Put this coming. Wednesday January anyway fifteenth but the week after a rerun of nine one one lone star's first two episodes will fill the Wednesday night. Then on January twenty ninth ninth episode of Twenty Four Hours to Helen back last man standing in the soon to Premiere Sitcom outmatch will fill the void as a result for dancing air. A two hour season finale on Saturday January twenty fifth. Almost family won't burn up. Its final final. Two episodes until Saturday February twenty-second so it doesn't sound like good news for those two shows. We have quite a few celebrity deaths to share about ten of them celebrated British British chef. Gary Rhodes who hosted. PBS's Master Chef USA with several UK. Cooking shows has died at at the age of fifty nine as of November twenty seven. He fell ill while filming a new. TV Show in Dubai eye shaft. WHO's restaurant roads odes? Twenty four earned a Michelin Star in two thousand five roads hosted a number of cooking shows in the United Kingdom including BBC. MASTER CHEF DOC before moving onto master CHEF USA which ran for two seasons on PBS in two thousand and two thousand one. Fox's Master Chef hosted by Gordon Ramsey debuted in two thousand ten and followed the format established by roads shows roads also co hosted a season of house kitchen in the UK. Okay after Ramsey departed. So that is British chef. Gary Rhodes who started the whole master master chef thing which is pretty cool. I didn't realize that was a thing that was started by somebody else. I always thought that was Gordon. Ramsey's thing so that's pretty cool to you. Hear the next one is actress. Shelley Morrison best known for playing maid Rosario Salazar on will and grace died of heart failure on December. First at the age of eighty. Three though Morrison was only intended to appear in one will and in Greece episode. Rosario quickly became a fan favourite character and Morrison went on to play. Karen Walker's housekeeper for sixty eight episodes of the show's original run. She did not rephrase the role for the revival and Rosario passed away off screen in November twenty seventeen installment and it was very powerful episode for the character of Karen and the actress who placer it was a really great episode for Morrison was also known for her work on the flying nun where she co starred as Puerto Rican nun sister sixto and enter showbiz career spanned more than fifty years with television credits included. Gunsmoke the Partridge Family L.. A. Law and murder. She wrote among many others. More recently. Only Morrison lent her voice to various projects including episodes of animated Disney Channel Series Handy Manny. She survived her husband. Spend Walter Dominquez set is Schilling Morrison from will and grace. The next one is Emmy and Tony Award. Winning actor Reina China. Liebman who played Rachel's father Dr Leonard. Green on friends has died at the age of eighty. Two as of December Sixth Lebron won an Emmy for outstanding lead actor in a drama series for final tidal role in the CBS crime drama caz which he co created treated as well he also originated the role of lawyer. Roy Cohn in Tony Kushner's Broadway play angels in America America winning a Tony in nineteen ninety-three but he is best known for T- TO TV audiences as Rachel's Dad. Dr Green on friends are role. He only he played in four episodes. He was a wealthy so surly man who divorced. Rachel's mother played by Marlow. Tom Thomas N season two and and delighted in antagonizing. His daughter's boyfriend Ross. His last appearance was in the two thousand four episode. The one where Joey speaks French during in the tenth and final season Lebron went onto play physician Dr Pup leader in. HBO's The Sopranos and appear uh season six episodes iota lent his voice of the character of Ron Cadillac in FX is archer pine the husband of his real life. Wife Jessica Walter her his other TV credits include law and order. SVU and murder. She wrote that. Is Ron Liebman from friends. The next one is caroll zero spinney the legendary puppeteer behind sesame street characters. Big Bird and Oscar. The grouch died on December eighth at the age of eighty. Five spinney originated the roles of Big Bird and Oscar in sesame. Street's nineteen sixty nine premier. He stay with the program for five decades waits until he retired in October twenty eighteen at the time of his retirement. He released a statement in which he said before. I came to sesame street. I didn't I feel like what I was doing was very important. Beg Bird helped me find my purpose even as a step down from my roles I feel I will always be big bird and even Oscar. Once it's in a while they had given me great joy led me to my true calling and my wonderful wife and created a lifetime of memories that I will cherish forever for his life's work. Expanding was the recipient of four daytime Emmy awards as well as the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences lifetime achievement award. The Library of Congress's is living legend. Award two Grammy Awards and a star on the Hollywood walk of fame puppeteer. Caroll spinney definitely will be well known for a long time in the history of sesame street. The next one is Rene amrried annoys best best known for his Roy Rolls on Benson and Star Trek deep. Space Nine died on December. Eighth of a medicine tastic lung cancer. Her at the age of Seventy Nine Arbor generous got his big break in nineteen seventy when he was cast. Father John McKay he in the nineteen seventy film mash. He works really over the next decade before he landed the series regular role. I'LL CLAYTON RUNNING MED endicott third on ABC's Benson which earned him an emmy nomination for outstanding supporting actor in a comedy Nineteen eighty-four then from nineteen ninety three to ninety thirty nine aboriginal race pro-trade Oto in D. S. nine in two thousand one arbor generous burned his second emmy nomination this time for outstanding guest actor in a drama series for his turn as judge man's on ABC's the practice just three years later he would join the cast of practice. SPINOFF Boston legal as a different character. He played managing partner. Louis Stan an for the show's first. Three seasons then shifted to recurring status beginning season for his. Most recent Primetime Gig came in two thousand sixteen when he appeared in four episodes of. CBS's Madam Secretary as Walter Nowak additional TV credits. Include episodes of criminal minds reigns the good wife crazy enemy. It's always sunny in Philadelphia the librarians masters of sex. NCIS and warehouse thirteen. That is Rene Rene Aborigines which I admit ahead to Google how to pronounce his name and help. I did it right. The next one is Danny Aiello. Best known for roles in Spike. Lee's do the right thing. Moonstruck and godfather per to he died at the age of eighty six on December thirteenth eighteenth. The renowned actor passed away in a New Jersey medical facility following an unspecified sudden illness. I L O got his start heart stirring with Robert Deniro in nineteen seventy. Three's baseball drama banged drums slowly. He continued making a name for himself the following year when he played mobster Mr Tony Risotto. In the Godfather sequel he ad libbed the now famous. Line Michael Corleones says hello. The actor was nominated for best supporting actor Academy Award for his performance as cell. Francine a Brooklyn pizzeria owner and do the right thing. A film the chronic race relations in the nineteen eighties. His character helped initiate the movies race riot after he shunned black celebrities on in his restaurant. Beloved Wall of fame. He was nominated for a Golden Globe for best performance by an actor and his supporting role in motion picture for the same role in Nineteen eighty-one. He won a daytime Emmy Award for outstanding individual achievement in children's programming for his appearance in the ABC after school special family of strangers other notable television credits include lady. Blue nineteen eighty five to eighty six Donovan. Ventura nineteen ninety eighty seven to ninety eight the mini series and last dawn in ninety seven and difficult people in two thousand seventeen. His film credits include once upon a time in America America in Nineteen eighty-four the purple rose of Cairo in eighty-five Harlem nights in eighty nine Leone. The professional and ninety four and lucky numbers Levin in two thousand six I allude behind his wife Sandy and four children that is Danny Aiello Chewy Bravo who served as Chelsea handler sidekick. On her e- Television Show Cha e talk show Chelsea lately died. Suddenly December fifteenth in Mexico City at the age of sixty three exact cause of death is unknown. Born Hazou Smell Goza in Mexico in nineteen fifty. Six Bravo was the youngest of seven children. The actor entertainer immigrated to the US F.. Fifteen moving to the San Fernando Valley in California before embarking embarking on an acting career in the nineteen nineties. Bravo's credits include films like Heim owners. In two thousand and five and pirates of Caribbean. At world's end in two two thousand seven his role as handler's sidekick on Chelsea lately gave him increased notoriety. He appeared alongside handler on the late. Talk Show from ninety two thousand seven to fourteen starring in more than one thousand episodes and it's no question that Chelsea handler. I loved him and two thousand twelve. He shared his battle with prostate cancer with his website. Latina the onus was quickly. You'd lead was treated quickly after his diagnosis. He also divulge. She was newly homeless at one point and that he was a recovering alcoholic. I've been through a lot in my life but it's how I overcome my struggles. Nine finally living my life sets Chewy Bravo and the next one really early carts close to home because fuller house is saying farewell to a very good boy boy in their family. We're sad to share the fuller. Faithful Dog Cosmo who grew up on our set pass away after complications from surgery. According to the official count tweeted on December sixteenth. There will never be quite another quite like our boy. We'll miss him forever. And the reason why this cut so close that we just lost one of our golden retrievers at the beginning of January just a few days after the new year last Friday and cosmo course was a golden retriever and he was a great little guy show according to fuller house. How's Lor Cosmo the character? Not The actor was the great grandson of comment. Who spent eight seasons as the Tanner's pat on the original fuller house by the way I haven't put Fuller House on my list for this for recommendation for this week was pretty good? The first half of this final season season was great anyway. I'm really sad about Cosmo as well. And especially because they've already finished wrapping up the series and then the dog dies a month later and they don't get to include that in the series so he gets to live a full life on the show very sad and it all happened after the show had already been debuted on net flex for the first after the season simply though doing for the second half controversial talk show host Don Imus who's popular show was simulcast on. MSNBC and Fox business for more than a decade has died at the age of Eight. Seventy seventy nine. I miss passed away in college station Texas after being hospitalized on Christmas Eve and he passed away on December twenty seventh starting his radio career back in nineteen sixty eight. I miss hosted a daily talk show titled is in the morning that originated in New York City and was eventually syndicated nationwide cured by dozens of stations and becoming one of the country's most most widely radio shows a rowdy mix politics and comedy along with celebrity interviews. Imus in the morning was picked up by Cable News Network. MSNBC Nineteen ninety-six and simulcast there until two thousand seven when he got himself in a little bit of trouble double and the network axed the show. And I'M NOT GONNA go into what he sad Kaz. It's very derogatory box. Business picked up the imus in the morning. simulcast in two thousand nine and aired it until twenty fifteen. I'm asking you to host his radio show until he retired in early. Twenty eighteen eighteen after a half century on the air he was also one of VH1's original disc jockeys when the music network launched in nineteen eighty five imus. I miss was inducted into the National Radio Hall of fame in Nineteen Eighty nine and the be broadcasting hall of fame in Nineteen Ninety six that that is radio talk show host Don Imus Silvio Horta who created the ABC hit ugly. Betty was found dead under on January seventh in an appearance suicide. He was only forty five years old whore to died of a self inflicted gunshot wound. According to sources sources. His body was found in a Miami Hotel Room on Wednesday Hortus. Mother Anna Horton and his Sister Hill. The Horton released Lisa Statement to the New York Times. It spoke to the circumstances surrounding his staff. There is friendships his love and his work in television and films. Silvio we owe touch the lives of millions hit an ongoing struggle with addiction and depression and through it all he always found a way to turn a struggle into laughter. He was kind and beautiful. Oh man he may be gone but his light will shine on. Oh man it's so sad such a great show and it's always sad to find out that you know someone who's involved in the show didn't have such a starry life. Despite doing a hit show he also created the UPN SCIFI series. Jake two point. Oh starring Christopher Gorham who was also on liberty later on and road for Scifis the chronicle plus he wrote the screenplay for the Nineteen Ninety eight horror film urban legend along with the sequel the final okay scientists Silvio Horta in the last one is buck. HENCH IS BUCK Henry. A writer who with Mel Brooks created. TV's get get smart and the frequent host during Saturday. Night lives early. Years died on January eighth from a heart attack at the age of eighty nine. Henry's early early writing credits included. TV's the Gary Moore Stroh and this was the week that was before he and Brooks created nineteen sixty five get smart which went on for I five seasons for the big screen. E- helped pen both the graduate for what she earned an Oscar nod the L.. And the PUSSYCAT. And what's up doc. Doc before he shepherded the short lived TV. Space Spoof Cork starring Richard Benjamin as the captain of an intergalactic garbage scroll on SNL. He hosted ten times from nineteen seventy six to eighty and put in at least a half dozen appearances beyond Matt playing recurring characters. Such as Mr Bentley. Who was straight man to John? Belushi Samurai and the father of bill. Murray's todd in the nerds as an actor. Henry's credits included the graduate. His nineteen seventy adaptation of catch twenty two and Heaven can wait which he co directed earning an Oscar nod with Warren Beatty as well as TV's Falcon Crest Murphy Brown thirty thirty rock as Liz. LEMON'S DAD hot in Cleveland and Franklin and Bash and that is book Henry and because you had so many announcements of of deaths which is always something that I like to talk about by. Don't always like to end on that. Especially when there's other things that are going on the news and this last week we had the Golden Globe awards so I just wanted to talk a little bit about who won each of the categories and any any thoughts that I had about the broadcast. Hbo Succession Amazon's Fleabag and HBO's Chernobyl led the TV pack each Picking up a pair of wins including the top prize in their respective races by outlet. Hbo Amassed Four Total Wins and while Amazon and Hulu each crab to netflix entered the night with seventeen total nominations but only car converted one for the crowns rounds. Olivia Colman not flexes. Unbelievable was among the Globes was nominated program only to get shut out for the night which is sad because I've heard really good things about. TV's Ellen DeGeneres was honored. This year with the Carol Burnett Award and Kit Mckinnon de an amazing job on the your speech and Tom Hanks was the last. Latest recipient of the sessile beat lifetime achievement award so let's go through who won four drama series the winner wise succession. which was a surprise? But I've heard really. Hey good things about it. I haven't seen it myself for a drum actor. The winner Wise Brian Cox for succession and drama actress. The winner was a Livia Coleman for the crown and I haven't seen either one of those shows so I have nothing to say about that category for comedy or musical series. The winner was fleabag for series. Actress was phoebe. Maybe Waller Bridge and comedy actor was Rami. Yosef for Romney and I haven't seen fleabag but they swept of the Emmys as well so that is not surprise me but very sad that Rachel Brosnahan did not get a chance to win this again because she was. It's great but you know flags GonNa do all the awards this year. Maybe that means that other people get a chance maximum goes. I don't think you astros continuing and I haven't heard of that. Romney seemed like a nice guy. I haven't seen that show for TV movie or miniseries turnover was the winner for TV. Movie or mini series actor. The winner was Russell Crowe for the loudest voice. The TV movie or mini series actress winner with Michelle Williams. First Bossy Verdon. TV movie or mini series. Supporting actor was Stellan Skarsgard for trouble TV series. TV movie or mini series. Supporting actress was Patricia. Arquette for the act she also won the Emmy. So I'm not that surprised about that. One and Michelle Williams also won the Emmy as well noble won quite a few things that does not surprise me. Because I believe they also won a Hawaiian Emmys as well. I have been a fan of Michelle Williams for a long time so I'm glad that she's getting awards. She made a political speech speech as she accepted her word to talk about the right to choose overall I did. I did enjoy the broadcast overall. They chose to have a repeat host this year and he did fine. I mean he's always entertaining -taining when he shows up some funny bits but it was kind of a lacklustre program. I mean I watched at work which I probably should not have been but it was not busy and there wasn't like a whole lot of standout exciting moments. There weren't many at all he was. Just okay much say about it. I mean usually really enjoyed at the Golden Globes because the the people who are involved get to drink and have a good time. I know it's kind of just okay and the last piece of news that I have. Is that Tina fey and amy poehler will return to host the Golden Globes next year. So I'm sure next room and have a lot more to say about it this year. It was just okay. The news was announced bipolar herself at the winter. Press tour on Saturday and and they've hosted three times before so I'm very excited to have them back. It's kind of strange that the Golden Globes seems to be going back to host that they've had before they've had continued the new success with like ricky surveys again this year and amy and Tina again next year which is fine. It's a fine choice to me but kind of boring but I'm sure they'll be great. They define the links. Anything I talked about you can find that at. TV Ran PODCAST DOT COM slash. Three six five and with that will move. Onto the weekly rewind. Nine Levine to that weekly rewind and talk about shows that have aired in the last week can give you some thoughts on what happened and this became talk about two new shows that have aired and that is the new version of party. Hardy a five on free form and Zoe extraordinary playlist on NBC. So we had the pilot for Party of five which aired on on Wednesday at nine eight central on free form. When I saw? They're going to be doing a party of five reboot but focusing it on emigrant issues and and having Undocumented parents being arrested and deported by ice kids are going to have to be raised by the oldest son. As like. That's interesting you know. It really could be. It could be really good could be really cheesy but you know the original show was really cheesy and I watched the original show not when it aired but you know many years later several years ago now but I really enjoyed it for what it was and you know what I really enjoyed this new version hailing ailing from original series creators. Amy Lippman and Chris Kaiser the two episode Premiere Kicks Off with Mom. Gloria Kosta and Dad Heavier akasa very much of the picture whereas the Fox drama never showed them but there are still plenty of similarities. Clarity's the original. The first thirty five had salinger's restaurant and the form freeform version the across appearance own a family dining established as well that is actually where the purest attained by ice in front of their daughter Valentina. Who is really good decrying? Which makes her very well put in this show? We pick up six weeks later. Gloria Harvey are still being held in a detention center and back home. The kids are holding down the fort not well. The House is a mess oldest daughter. Lucia skips family dinner to throw a party and his talking back to the teacher. Lucius twin brother Bego is barely keeping the rest. Run Afloat. Al this brother. Emilio is a womanizer and aspiring musician. Russian who is then tasked with carrying for his siblings. Not that he's around that much and he's definitely not a stabilised. Charlie was in the first show. Oh you know Charlie had to grow into the father role as well so that kind of works out in similarity. He didn't WANNA path to be the father role but he grew into it as well. So mealy we call into the vice principal's office about right listen as behavior and Betas absences and if the VP feels. The kids aren't being parented properly. She will have to report him to social social services which puts pressure on Amelio to keep the family together mainly Haider's inexpensive attorney to take on his parents case and the family freaks out when they find out that he paid seven grand to get this lawyer and it didn't actually do them any good at all even vows Al's teary plea to the judge that she needs her. Mom and dad isn't enough to convince the judge that the family is facing extreme hardship. heartbreak is anything but uncommon in these cases. The judge says the law is clear foul worries that she and her siblings will be split up so Melia moves back fulltime and quickly starts ordering the others around like Julia. Lucia tells Emilio to go to hell when he forbids her from going on school nights while Val resists her new early bedtime. Just as Claudia. Dead that Amelia in Beta have a fight. That is eerily similar to Charlie and Bailey really in the pilot of the original about how being the oldest doesn't Melia makes him apparent and he needs to get a job ace APP meanwhile glory glory and heavier or discussing. We're in Mexico. They should live once. They are deported. She thinks they should stay close to the border so baby Rafic and see his brothers and sisters and and heavier argues that the baby is an American citizen in already has the life that he was trying to get back to just before they boarded on the bus to Mexico. Glory Korea Heavier asked their kids to look after Rafeh. If you're not crying at this point in the episode you're definitely feeling it inside cause it's really hurt breaking. The parents are torn from their children and deported. It's just very very emotional and dramatic matic as it should be. It's very very sad even Amelia. Who can't visit his parents in Mexico because he's docker and we'll we will come back isn't it isn't emotional mess? He litter picks up the pieces taking over the restaurant. And actually pretty well. Considering echoing a scene between Bailey and Julia Lucia and Beethoven have a heart to heart on swings about their fears Beta whose natural naturally paternal athlete like Bailey. Reassure his sister that their parents figured it out with even less resources and so will they as the first hour comes to a close baby. Ross or it's crying in the middle of the night waking everyone in the house I think he just misses them. She comments as has the siblings agreed to take turns sitting with Rafa. When it's amelio stern he sings to a sleeping Rafeh then sings the song again? It's banish rush. And you definitely get another in your throat. Sal was the first episode. They also aired a second episode. But I didn't get a chance to see it yet and like I said I really enjoyed the original version of this and I'm really really interested to see how this plays out and I really like it a lot. It's definitely be checking out more and watching the second episode beyond I'll check in and let you know how I think it's progressing pressing. It definitely had a lot of callback. The original series. You can see how close these characters are to the originals. I mean obviously it's different contexts. Because they're you're in a different situation. There are different ethnicity but at least they're kind of following the same kind of roles that each of those kids hat the original series are the you know the older young adults whose parent role and then the teenage kids and the younger kid and the baby there all playing those roles very very well and I'm interested to see how this how this works and if the parents are able to have any interaction with their kids at all I mean it's a little bit different in this situation because the parents didn't die they're just in another country and and they'll still be able to you know call their kids and talk to them on a regular basis but we still have the concept of the oldest kids still having take care of the other her younger kids hopefully it works out well for them. I mean freeform shows don't tend to live on forever and some of the new ones really really cut off fast after a season or two so I won't be this one hangs around because I really liked it from the original premiere of it and I'm looking forward hard to sing more so if you WANNA check it out it's definitely available on line. You can find on free firm's website as well who very easy to find party if I I would definitely recommend you check it out. Even if you haven't seen the original series it might be interesting interesting to you to see how it is and if you like it. So it's on Wednesdays at nine central on free form and the second show I have to talk about is always extraordinary playlist list which also premiered this week and you have quite a while. He caught up on this one because it doesn't come back until February sixteenth on NBC. And Sundays have you ever wished that you could hear other people's thoughts. Zoe Clark can attest. The power has more drawbacks than you'd expect played played by suburban Tories. Jane Levy. Who is fantastic? In this role. She was so great. Zoe is an introverted Kotor. At the center of the series which made its NBC debut this week in the pilot episode. She reluctantly scheduled an MRI verse self. After after experiencing days of headaches her father played by the O. C.'s. Peter Gallagher suffers from a neurological disease. That has left him mostly immobile and unable Bulla speak. And so we just freaked out enough by your stress headaches and I pay to see a doctor and ensure she's not sick too but the poorly timed earthquake takes takes place while as always in the machine causing the technicians computer to go berserk and play all kinds of music at once. The ordeal only lasts a few seconds seconds but zoe leaves the Murray. She can suddenly hear other people's thoughts inside on which just sounds like a crazy premise. But it works really really well and I'm really excited about the show. Understand why her new ability fricks router. I there's nothing calming hundreds of people breaking into the Beatles help on the streets of San Francisco after all plus her life is complicated enough without hearing strangers inner monologues in addition to her dad's health issues in love hate relationship with her neighbour who's played by Alex knee. Well and she's great although she's she's various stereotypical right now and hoping that she gets out of just being the talk to African American woman. Zoe is in the running for a big promotion at work but she sort of tanks interbrew with her intimidating boss. Who's played by Lauren? Graham who is great later she finds that she's able to make emotional connections with others now. She's privy to their most vulnerable fought after watching her seemingly happy co worker Simon Singh mad world so eas able to strike up a meaningful conversation with him the next day. Hey she shares her father's dying of a rare disease and Simon reveals he struggling with his dad's recent suicide the to form of fast bond and it seems to be kind of a romantic thing until she finds out that he's engaged to a lovely woman named Jessica and he admits Zoe the way that he can relate to the emotional baggage more than his fiancee can a few days into the confusing new existence as a mind reader so he sits next door data Macau In Christ him sobbing that she doesn't feel like herself these days and could really use a sage advice then in a really the most tear jerking sequence of the episode so it gets to hear her dad's thoughts in song although he can't speak or move in real life he sings true colors to her. A wonderful fantasy sequence swang with her a slow dance around the living room while she weeps and suddenly you know tears in your own is within your body within you. Oh she seems reinvigorated about this musical number and things start looking up. She realizes that her dad is still processing. Everything happening around him and she decided to take him sailing for the first time in ages since he loved the outdoors when he was healthy. Zoe's mother who's played by Mary. Steenburgen and and brother joined the trip as well and her brother and her dad sweetly reaches for his mom's hand when they're out on the water which was really really nice. Meanwhile work a newly the energy. Zoe has a breakthrough and single. Hanley identifies a bug. That is in messing with one of her company's newest products. Joan Juliet Impressed Springs Zoe into her office for a second interview and Zoe is much more selfish word. This time as she describes why she should get that promotion and she does. She's now manager of Engineering and she looks more competent than ever as she struts off the elevator the next day of course. The high doesn't last long just as Zoe. Zoe is thanking her. Co Worker and best friend. Max Who's played by scholar Aston who we know can sync. Because he was on crazy ex girlfriend and pitch perfect and I think you is on Broadway as well for calming her work induces anxiety these last few days mech suddenly gets quiet then breaks into a rendition of. I think I love you. which absolutely stuns Zoe? Max might not know. He just revealed his romantic feelings for her. But Zoe sure does. And and she's real conflicted. Now this was such a delightful show and I would highly recommend it especially if you're a fan of musicals or fantasy shows are just over the top kind of shows if you are a fan of glee or La Stone. Don was very similar to this where I would hear you know. Songs over the top fantasy shows are are definitely my bag. I'm a huge fan of Jane. Levy a huge fan of Peter Gallagher and I hope that he gets a chance to sing even though is characters unresponsive responsive Mary Seen Merges Grade Schuyler on Aston is awesome. I really like the show a lot and I hope it does well. But I'm nervous because you know these high concept fantasy kind of shows don't usually last especially when they're midseason so I'm nervous so please watch it. So it doesn't get cancelled after three episodes and Lauren. Graham is going to be the straight women on the show which is GonNa Refund to watch so check that out you can find it on. NBC Dot Com. You can also find it on Hulu. And it's going to be starting February sixteenth on Sundays. Nine eight central on NBC. So at that move on to record for later and give a recommendation Ismay to check out on DVD streaming or on TV. And this week I have to streaming picks soundtrack season. One is now on Netflix. Six and if you have not heard about this show I would definitely recommend that you at least check out an episode Susan's suit and see what it's like. It has the bed of this. Is US vibe to it. Because it's telling a long story but you find out at the end there's a little bit of a twist that shows how the characters are connected so unlike so not unlike. This is us. There's a twist that connects all the characters and I. I really liked what they did with it and not only is it just a really good family relationship drama. But it's also a musical call because at frequent times in the episodes characters break out into song but in stead of it being just us them singing it like it is on Zoe's extraordinary pre lists here they are lip synching to pops on so that was kind of disappointing. It did not have the characters actually singing. But you know if you don't mind characters just randomly breaking it on like they do on this show and on Zoe's this extraordinary playlist. You might enjoy this one especially me. I'm a huge music nerd so I love one characters breakout countersign seemingly for no reason at all so I like it a lot and I've only seen two episodes so far it's definitely mature content but I really liked it a lot so I definitely would recommend that for you to check out if you're fan of musicals and my second in pick is the marvelous. Mrs Mazel Season Three on Amazon was really really great. And I'm glad that they have been already renewed for another season seasons season three was really an point. Some really great moments happened so definitely would highly recommend you. Check that out if you've fallen behind her haven't had a chance to ever watch that one. It definitely would would be great to check out. We are an Amazon affiliates. If you're interested in ordering anything to help us out you can do that by going. To TV ran. PODCAST DOT COM slash crash Amazon defined online twitter dot com slash Angel Steph or facebook at the scene Lincoln instagram angel. Six twenty one you could set a speed back at TV or rewind PODCAST DOT COM slash feedback. You can review and subscribe to us on Apple. TV Rent podcast dot com slash apple Or even Vina's rush android slash radio slash bill slash IHEART radio defined us on facebook spoke at facebook dot com slash groups such rewind or twitter dot com slash. TB rewind if you like to help out financially can do that by going to patriarch dot com slash ATV rewind. Thank you so much for your patience in waiting for this episode aspirin quite a while since I've recorded but as I said there was a lot going point nine watching a hallmark movies during December and I still am just had our best to raise very recently recently. So thank you for your thoughts and concerns for my family. Thank you for your patience in waiting for this episode you'd find all your episodes and show notes. TV RENARD GUESTS DOT com slash three six five. Thanks for listening. I will talk to hopefully sooner than last episode yeah.

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SpyHards Podcast

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"Hello and welcome to spy hards declassified where we bring you d latest spy intel straight for mount mysterious spy network but remember this information is strictly for your is only i'm agent scope and i'm cam the provocateur before we tackle the exciting film. We have lined up this week. I think we should explain what spy hans declassified is. Yeah i was curious why you're calling me. This is very inconvenient scott. I'm very busy right now. I get this abuse time guys. i'm. I'm i'm sorry for it. Okay so for me spy. Hans declassified is basically. it's not going to be an every week. Show is basically when we have the opportunity like we do this week. We're going to bring you the fresh take on a failed summit we have just watched. We talk about the noc list. It will be particularly in-depth behind the scenes information. But i think it's more of a fresh off the cuff take on what we saw about them or off. The cuff link vertigo. James bond style. Yeah this is an opportunity for us to give those first takes on newer movies. You know kind of that weekend kind of idea. We're looking forward in the future to doing movies. Like no time to die or a black widow but we have something a little bit different. I guess to launch this series right. Scott that's right. We were talking to the team over amazon prime and again. We want to thank them for this opportunity. And they basically give us an early screening of the film with tackling this week. Which is the curry from. A twenty twenty it came out in cinemas now being released on paid. Vod on the day of release this episode. Which would be friday. The sixteenth of april twenty twenty one and also. They have set up an interview with director of the film which is fantastically with talking to directors dominic cooke which we will be speaking to very shortly the episode. And then we'll come back and we'll talk about film symbol. Yeah that's i think it'd be a fun way to tackle this very interesting movie absolutely so i think before we fly over to the interview. Cam lets cookie. Just say what the film is and then you can tell us a bit more about. The director is well well. The courier basically is a cold war. Spy story about gravel win. Who was a salesman in england in the sixties during the time of the cuban missile crisis of ics roped into a spy story in russia With some Quite serious consequences. Who tell me more. Scott or maybe. Don't let's talk to the director about that and we're gonna talk yes to dominate cook. So dominant cokie fairly new to the film world but has a very rich theater background. He was a director and writer in theater He worked for the royal shakespearean company. The royal court Again this is one of the titans odd theater industry and he hasn't made a lot of films. He's done a couple adaptations of the plays. But i guess is is first real like film was on chessel beach starring tricia ronin. Who was in hannah a movie. We tackled early on in this podcast So i'm looking forward to talking to dominant cook about this movie and the fascinating story. That inspired it yeah. I wasn't too familiar with him. I'm not a big theater guy myself. Speaking with milo the hoffy why she watched the film with me. She pointed out. I had seen the holder crown which he made for bbc tv and i had seen on chessel beaches. Well he actually recent did not up. Tation of ma rainey's black bottom a couple of years ago. Which is now been done to netflix. So of course right right. For over to the interview. Now we'll come back and speak about the film camera. Roll the clip and we are joined by the director of the courier. Dominant cook dominic. Thank you for joining today. Thanks for having me now. I realize our time is short so we are gonna fire some questions at us fast as we can. But i'll starts off as we basically we just review fail monday episode and the first thing i really wanted to know is what brought you to this film. What got you interested in telling the story. Well i sent script with the big pilot script semi agents in the. Us just saw finished film. And they were gonna get you next though. Okay and i read punchy. And i just love this fit. I just egypt up. That soyuz extraordinary. I didn't even know it was a true story. There's nothing in the script. Said this is a true story of is sort of interest. And then at the end of the i found out that he was sort of the research. But i think to me in the end. What really so for me was the that it had to the will and most stories There are so many spy movies are solve the have the coldness of the count Is the center of the action of the film. But you don't get much almost personal cost of Relationships the personal relationships at the heart of it and because this story bolt as a regular person rather than a trained operative Allowed spice for that. I'm that that really sort of moved me and brought me to Okay so interested. We tackle spy movies every week. And they're such an established tone to spy movies. I'm curious if you were looking at any you know spy films for influence. Or if there's anything you kind of had in mind when you were tackling this project will. We didn't look at a few in the one that really stood out with society came in from a colt Because we will look in mostly actually have seen a lot of other spiders chunk we will look in most periods Maybe insane kind of tyne. And i loved about that was associates completely unglamorous will portray a routine really rothem plus and i thought. Oh that feels a bit more lights. Something more rail and we'll see how to sustain slows and intensity to it was brilliant. I had seen it years ago actually came back to it And actually otherwise that the influences on the film were more from hitchcock and other types of movies from the periods Then they're not the spy movies particularly particularly hitchcock movies. That jumped out. Well the one. The one i looked at my age anyways my notice from quite well The one looks lot with north by northwest which hot because it was around the same time was made around the same time as the events of the movie said because he said good at getting walters like to be in a situation. That is beyond your control and that of strange paranoid. I mean it is a registered to this movie. But i think that's so amazing about film you are constantly trying to catch up with what has over other. He's on johnny. Cut shop harry wrong and we it really difference. I thought about shooting a movie because Because walt he does i mean the example i would is one secrets that really close these incredible secrets in the In the cornfields the crop sprayer and and how he construct slats which is very tickle in. He still uses three camera angles. One is wide shop which isolates the person in the setting. So you've gotten have honorability you go to the reaction on quite quite tired. Cary wrong and then you get the clean. Pov which we used a lot clean points-of-view trace seeing the world through the eyes of the protagonists and the combination of those three types of shot. We used a lot in this movie. and h is in the shower scene. It's an old back. Combination is in all the key incident and it's magic nation. Because is you'll the information. Adrian but claimed heavy is so valuable in the mix. Because it really does put you into the boots. The character And if you look at the way we did arrive in the app or for example in moscow waste abuse that seat that combination. Yeah so my next question kind of follows on from the first one. Which was you'll i is getting into the film. And you mentioned you was handed the script and you hit knows a real story at the time but once you got into that and the the prices have actually putting it on the screen. How did you deal with it being a real story and translating that to the screen. It's such a complex question. Because you've got you've got your loyalty to the real people. And i thank you so i've got all the spirit very least of who they are. What happens But at the same time you've got to make something that's compressed. Huge he compressed. If you're tv series much space just get into the nuances. And they'd sort of sort of be be subplots in order that you have fallen last time. You've got to compress everything right down and you've got us to make something exciting so you know you'll tool but what are we trying to bring those two items together and i always feel if you're doing something that's drawn real life. You really do need to do your research and you need to act in. It's totally pragmatic response in what you find. You've gotta only really use to stop. It's gonna in home the bell and if you if you if you got the key thing He's you need guiding principle by which you can head it out information snotty spoke. So you've gotta decide what gonna make. It happens when people do novels. Same thing happens because if you do a novel novels like how long does it take to read an oval dates. But you get down to charge you which we want to talk about so grass. We sort of started the friendship and essential of the story being axes on which the whole thing and the about being the hall the movie so that in the amazing processor that we didn't get into it and then once i started doing the reading it was so interesting. I mean it was fascinating. I'm there were elements of research. That i found the defend in the movie and shaped on staying things and other bits netflix. Behind and of course you'll know the really hard thing about research like that. This is by. Its very exciting. Necessity secret that there is a lot of sort of fake news and actually the propaganda around this particular story would hew especially soviet union. Russia will actually happened. They what is accepted that is the soviet special events which was totally constructed to define penkovsky. It's it's totally fake. They had ecstatic show trial and there was. Don't kim entry made in the maybe seventies about it. In the soviet era unacquainted authorities was signed virus issue. So high up so much information to the west they had to do stuff to sort of help and get away and And they detained him and that version of events is now so when we went over to cost the movie we were getting quite how combat or people about what type of tracy was had wasn't hero until his decorates times he'd been in office. These things were put into a tv documentary compact and so. that's dist willful distortion Of the story and the very shooting happened with with a win. Which was that. You would slow home to shot by my sixty. Because otherwise they would take away pension as he was going on television on writing books with telling the truth and self aggrandizing. Fictions meant that the story was really an accessible as a brilliant book by he saved the world which i can't quite late in my research which is based on the cia papis which released in the ninety s so that was the first of was tightly rooted in concrete. Great information credit helpful. Because you know you've got your script but you need to sit on the stand of the big event and that was that was found useless. I'm curious the setting for this movie in the locations were beautiful. I thought the mood that came through. Those locations was really really effective. And i'm just curious. What the challenges you faced recreating you know. Cold war era moscow in this film. Yeah that was quite hard. I mean I had actually been soviet russia in the eighties trick which was an unbelievably helpful. But say it was even then sewed different anything i had seen before and since that it would have helped me and that she live productions so border be talking about my sleep. Have running ads retarded patients out there. I'd going on about the key lady in the hotel. will there. Were so many things that sewage and unique we tried to get into the the movie But yeah we went to quite a few paces which kiss we went to belarus minsk. We nearly chalk actually do two days. Because it's it's a monument talon as it extrordinary. Kgb that it's still in that era A very strange lights and they still gonna solve thirty foot nine in stock shoes left so we were gonna do exteriors that it turned out that we couldn't get so it wasn't reliable because the promise the access bills needed we showed it all in prague. Some of he's some of rescreen screen or vantage. approx got a lot of brilliant architecture and we. Yeah we serve huge amount research. I mean you know the props or fantastic. We tried to get everything absolutely bang on to get the feel of that world As accuracy possibly could But i have to say the fact that i had been and i've been rush since the various reasons for work. was very helpful. Because it's it's i think such a different culture atmosphere in russia to to to western europe That use of of need to easy what. I'm quick question about just benedict cumberbatch. I mean he's one of the for me the best things about the his fullness fantastic but what was it like directing him and direct team through that process because the physical change he goes relate run the film's very jarring in that. That that flip film takes that point. You say oh so. How was that. Just directing benedict in coaching well. He's i want him a few times before and he's very The self correcting he's a very good storytelling sense. I actually very director said that suits him because he's he student knows it's quiet story. Wise freesheet and a very physical so we sort of creates kind ges designate. As a lot of. I mean he looked a lot. The real preval win not lots of including win ship about who he really was because he was very working background from wales and he had a very operational slightly pushy grandiose mother wanted best ourself on in and he ended up marrying someone who's upper middle class living in chelsea but he slide restore to which i think is one of the reasons why connecting says the costea. He is like switch it by very severe dyslexia which at the time course understood or recognized kids who had to sexy news a school near during this whole festival and he was put to the back of the costs and and treated like he was stupid When he clearly was all and we noticed in the photographs of win every single. I about the any point in his life. He will the same time and We did our homework. I don't know how we found this out. This was not made found out someone in the woods. Drive team out the tie that he will was the nauseam university. Talk right And he had not actually attended nothing university however he had attended some lectures that as an outside engineering because that was his special special. Is you couldn't go in because it's dyslexia. And i just thought that was a. We boast fast on that as a clue actually redid newlyweds. Tired of seeing what. What i thought was so interesting was what kind of a passer is that needs to defend themselves strongly. You know from also of sort of put their status out there when they clearly hadn't really got that status and and i think you know he did sense. It's nothing recognized. In a way that i think see how exactly the same sense the very different And i think that that's selective Grievance was paused dynamic. select for them as a as a parent. I had a question about jessie buckley. Whose definitely emerging as a major talent and so many times when you see these real life stories translated to the screen. There's the wife at home character which feels so underdeveloped. I'm just really curious about the efforts you took because this character really did have a really interesting and dynamic role throughout the movie especially the built as the movie kept going. I'm really curious about the development of that character. When you're putting this together thank you. It was is really hard what you're describing it's perennial question of the moment really comes up a lot of the moment when you're thinking about how do you tell the truth about the post where it was white guys who were approaching the world. The owner the stories property of the people who don't that concentrate and So it's really tricky because we you know we we want focusing on her story I mean i have to say that. We were so lucky jesse because jesse of old people in the film is the person most different. She's playing she sought just sort of grounded. Open free spirit. she's not. There's nothing about buttoned up or hidden or indirect. Jesus for here. I am and she's also way way way younger than the character and yet east someone who is much older than she is I think that was that she absolutely reached outside road. Third time area into that period totally goldblatt sort of upper middle class top tight sense the emotions wrong and expression feelings role and unfortunately still exists in the uk. Now i think you could say i think there was a sea change. When princess diana died suddenly right to express being a public. It is part of our heritage. Is the parts of the public school system and she got that with a great thing addresses. She's so florida feeling herself. That the contrast between those qualities is what makes the performance. Really interesting. We tried as much as we could give her agency and we wrote a bunch of scenes of the ended up dropping what she was still doing stuff more in the world's i mean within herod's fatty narrow world women who was working at that time would have been like about extraneous. And you didn't shoot me yet But we tried as much as possible of challenging him pushing him and demanding. That'll be true. She eighty cents that she was some sort passage at sick. I'm aware of the time. So i have a couple of quick fire questions at the end if you don't mind Echoes so okay. Save this non courier related. This is this is spy film. So what is your favorite spy film of all time. You know what. I'm saying tv series of tinker tailor. Okay oh yeah. i'm sorry. It's breaking the rules that we liked that we like that. It's usually probably now. Looks really really clunky. And wobbly sets but i think the acting and this quick chain of thought was brilliance in terms of tension. Dykes and that's a false pulse with really that i love the ball movies i love that stuff bots i would say that. Yeah well you've led me onto the next question. Which is of course james bond. Who is your james bond while. Wow i thought next will be james norton but i'm not so sure now. Favorite the favorite. Sean connery this no. It's not what mean the conversation. They're just there is no one better and you know i watched I watched recently What was it nope He's such a he's such an interesting character because he's got the source of he's got that sort of Masculinity but really is a sensuality about this almost feminine. And i don't mean feminine. I mean this is the sensuality celebrity on a which i think. He's no price Camera you slightly by mumbled. So who's yours. Come just quickly. i always say connery's the best but roger moore is kind of my favorite. That's the one that brought me into the franchise. I get back. Because i grew up with right jamal. And the he seventy become heraldic in the end didn't it the lack of which stint pounds. Oh totally totally align very thin between austin powers at roger bower films right. Yeah that's what. I should have my favorite slimy. I'm getting the question i have is. What's coming up you next It's really hard to say. I've got the so like it's like being in the he trap gonna do at traffic control now idea when they can land but Film wise there's a a film of stephen sondheim's musical follies which is like they don't station so script. That which is about white from this you could possibly get but infrequent room for the peace and then as a a a a film that's on trying to produce the company off sets up fiction else and the film is a sort of. It's sort of drawn promotes really wonderful. Would with the film's intelligent comedy. Eight on an old world site erotica and intelligent people And using london as a romantic six He's a lovely script. He's very hadn't on. Who quote funny. It's very funny so so very different projects on. I don't know which one will line i. I'm hoping something will happen next year by tonight. It's so a given up making plans. I mean does impossible. The more you invest in the plan. The more disappoint you jerk in the but i'm hopeful some quite so we can bay. These days is hopeful. Yes well. I mean on behalf of canada myself. I want to thank you for the film. Firstly it's just nice to see a new film right now something different and fresh and new and it was a joy to watch it and it's been enjoyed spoke to you. Thanks so much guys. I really enjoyed that. So that was all chat with director dominic cooke now can. This is off first time doing a fresh. Take on a film if you will. So what did you think of the courier. I really enjoyed this movie. I thought it was a really solid spy thriller. I went into it without having any idea. Really what it even was and you know. I searched online. Apparently had an earlier title iron bark that has been switched on at least for north american release. Maybe international release even but that was the working title. And so i really didn't know what to expect and benedict. Cumberbatch is a guy who we really like on the podcast. He's i think friend to the espionage genre. He signed on to thirty-nine steps remained fairly recently. I am so. I kinda sat down. Not knowing what to expect. Irons really sucked into this movie. In this a true life story of a win. Who was just like this. Unassuming businessman who got roped into an espionage game that had huge stakes in this case. It's the you know the cuban missile crisis. So i was. I guess following along throughout this movie having no idea where it was going which is a lot of find like. I'm glad that i was ignorant to history that i didn't bother to read this. History book story Because this movie actually really was gripping and what i think was the most effective for me was. There's a lot of movies that are recreation of historical events. Sometimes they can be a little dry. What i thought was really effective about this one was that it was about the friendship between gravel win and his contact this Who is a possibly going to defect named oleg penkovsky and how that relationship really forms the heart of this movie and i mean we've talked about spy films in the past will in the future that are quite i and when you get to these kind of labyrinthine cold war plots sometimes the characters feel kind of aloof in a little tough to connect with and i found that this would be really overcame that with our relationship. What about you. I was somewhat hesitant going into this film. Just because i tend to have trouble with these more espionage release these john lecarr as that sort of weld the old like the end the dayton's as well with the harry. Promise maybe no billion dollar brain Crazy towards the end but at the funeral in berlin the gritty reality of being a spy. But will i actually go. I was really pulled into From the get go. I have to say i mean we'll get to performance slightly wrong benedict. Cumberbatch is the star of this film. He told me in immediately. This unassuming guy. He's obviously goes live so it out. He's a salesman and the us and the uk government. Lean on. this guy. I think it's very fair. And he is pulled into this spy flow and he has to deal with some awful consequences later on in the film. Yeah there's a great moment where they're actually recruiting him and it's just played out on his face as he's like kind of just like stunned like you want me to do what and it's played very tense and i liked it. There was always the sense of a guy who is not really up for this job not qualified whatsoever. He's not being given the whole picture. Because it's not really even safe to do that and it doesn't ever try to pivot into suddenly. He's a super capable agent. This really is a man thrown into a very tense political situation. Yes he's very unassuming guy. He says his life so now he's live with his wife and child is obstacle policy. Talk about in the film. But he eventually developed his bond which you mentioned earlier this brotherly connection with the oleg penkovsky character Ultimate life trying to save the world in their own little way. That's one of the messages of this film is two men can make a difference or two people. I should say yeah. It has a humanity to it that i really appreciate it because again going back to what i was saying in my intro there where i just said a lot of time. These cold war ones can be pretty chilly. This will be really goes out of. Its way to make these characters feel fleshed out and sympathetic in some way. You know Oleg who's played by merriman itchy That is a character that eat a lot of films. Older films tackling. This sort of story play. The russian characters as stoic to the point of being unreadable and often that comes across as cold and movies and i felt they found the real humanity in this character and that you could understand how these two guys is thrust into this. Very unfortunate situation would bond. Despite the fact they are very different. Like the differences feel like they're broached within the film in a way that i completely bought it doesn't feel like a hollywood relationship but i would agree with that but at the same time. They highlight the similarities between these people that live in complete different countries on different sides of high stakes. Game of russian roulette. If you pardon. The russian pawn the erlichs family his wife and kid and the stakes for him as well and i think that's what drew me into the Original question while i thought about the film i really enjoyed it. I think it was the relationship between the two. i know it will highlight again by the next performance. The kept me going through this hour. Fifty minutes of what could have been in different hands and my head to the director as well dominic in. What could have been a very chilly and onions attaining story. Yeah because sometimes when you're dealing with this sort of material it can get bogged down in details and i thought You know cook in his writer. Tom o'connor were really good at managing to create a story out of something that could get very complex. I mean the whole scenario in the situation was like Oleg manage to send over like five thousand documents to the brits into the americans regarding the situation of the nuclear powers that russia was Potentially wielding in the cold war and again that could lead to a very complex movie when you're talking about five thousand documents. How many trips as back and forth. But i thought the movie did a really good job at just streamlining the story to make it engrossing and building up the characters in the relationships. Because we've seen so many of these movies where the characters feel often like chess pieces in a larger game and that can work but in a story like this where it is based on factual events. I think you want to feel more of that human touch. Why found to be quite interesting as well if he looked at the film's we've covered so far. We haven't really done anything in this. I quoted espionage thriller. Maybe that's a good title for. I don't know but we've never gone down this avenue just yet we have touched on it. Lightly would has a hitchcock films of kind of brushed on this but nothing. That's gone the full sean. Carre yeah I mean you could say some of the harry palmer's may be funeral in berlin sort of wanders into this sorta territory but no we haven't done some of the serious stuff we have a couple of coming up on our list It's gonna be to dive into those types of films in comparison to some of the things we've done in the past but you're right like this did feel somewhat different than the movies. We've tackled thus far. I think that's probably helped to with my enjoyment. But i was again surprised because as i said i'm more of a pub coal action film kinda guy so i i would always tend to go for my james bond's more than my harry palmer's sorry cam. I'm not offended So i was as. I said i was worried going into it but they create a story that i cared about and carrots is like head about and in a setting which was quite impressed with is i created. This world felt real. It's based on real story. But i think again it's no tip of the the director because set-pieces the you know everything that i feel like the sixties it didn't ever feel out of place the performances felt tight and i felt drawn into this wealth that they create and also the location work in. Prague is really beautiful like this movie has some fantastic locations. It has the atmosphere of your classics by story. Where you get to see benedict cumberbatch. You know wondering into these kind of remote looking areas of of moscow and how terrifying it. The situations often look. It's a pretty great. Dr location work here. This movie has genuine atmosphere. It really does. That definitely helps to in some. The i was just checking on my notes about actually really carries. all the way through is Duality between the two main characters. You've got one living in this opulent western world this communist world and the stock contrast between the two and you think about like the fluffy life benedict cumberbatch character. Living and then you have a penkovsky who in the second scene you see. See someone get cooked to death right in front of him right. Yeah oh yeah. I think that's effective in establishing why he's in so much danger and white bennett. Comeback could be a lot of danger by taking on this mission but also sets you up for knowing where this character's fate may lie at the end of the movie. Yeah i think we should point out as well in terms of the real life story on what we saw on the screen here. So this is by says i said on real life story between these people and in the end you see an interview with the real Will win which is quite interesting and and they did potentially prevent the you know the cuban missile crisis from escalating any further. They potentially save billions of lives. Yeah yeah now i. This is something for me. That i maybe found a little lacking i found that you like atmosphere. This movie very much sucked being. And i love the character journey. But did you feel the real tension of the The cuban missile crisis in this movie. No particularly i. I know you're coming from on that. There was like news clips i. The background is. Attention was upping throughout the film. I didn't really feel any major overhanging tension. There was definitely like a sense of. I was who cool it. William with nineteen ninety-four the either in the wolves watching as only scenes of benedict cumberbatch. Checking for bugs in his room and having to make conversation whilst music is playing in the background so they can't be picked up. That's quite interesting and definitely makes everything feel a bit like the wolves are coming in on the but in terms of the cold war keep missile crisis tension. I didn't feel that as much better. Yeah because the movie does a fantastic job. Establishing on that anyone can be the eyes of you know russia like anyone could be reporting these guys. And so there's a lot of work done with just watching benedict cumberbatch stroll through a scene and it builds that tension like i felt that danger throughout the movie. So it's not a criticism necessarily of the movie feeling flat in terms of being dramatically tents. Because you get that in smaller more subtler ways but in terms of that escalating danger of the cuban missile crisis. I felt like that didn't quite connect much and you know this isn't a high budget movie. They weren't gonna be out there re staging sections of the cuban missile crisis. So you're right. They are working with Clips of jfk. Talking on the news. And what have you giving his addresses But that was one element rice said. Like ooh like if we could just maybe Pull up that tension a little bit more. I think i would be even more sucked in. I think there's a crisis point where they try and get penkovsky out of russia where he can defect to the west and that's the point where everything so flips and has definitely shift in target in the film because all the main characters are in russia Arrested the basically thrown into prison except for rachel brosnahan character who has diplomatic immunity. And you know a main character now in prison being stripped naked shaved down. Mistreated miss fed ends up losing a ton of whites. Which i wanna get to it in. A minute is in terms of bendix performance with that i felt that had level attention to it just the unknown of being in that prison. Yeah i mean. I didn't know the story going in and at this point i was really thrown for a loop. I really thought this was going to end with the two guys. Living happily ever after in the us or britain or whatever you know like i didn't have any idea where the story was going to go and Yeah i mean that's where a lot of attention attention comes from the characters throughout this movie and that's why it's so effective and yeah everything to deal with him. You know with With win being sent to prison in russia was it was harsh and the movie didn't pull its punches now did not Speaking of didn't necessarily quite work for me. I the other main character. We haven't responded to about is rachel. Brosnahan has character of emily donovan who plays the cia liaison between america and the uk and she's dead throughout most of the film just giving tips and directing Winds says resist being journey. And i didn't feel like she delivered particularly fullness. I felt like she wasn't really there. Okay that's interesting I think it's a challenge when you're playing the composite character because This this character was several people in real life right. Sometimes it doesn't translate great when you create a new character out of whole cloth for the movie. Because you start to go like this character feels like a movie character. In comparison to the other figures who feel like they're living a human story and That was kinda how. I felt with her I thought she was very effective in the scenes where she's fighting for them. You know where she really is wanting to accomplish this mission. I bought her conviction in those scenes. But it was more to me. The character's function often felt a little too little too neat. That may have actually been the thing i bumped on. It felt clean like she wasn't really involved in the well to dislike putting up and the easing about like bandits. Come character iran Broken down she looked completely clean immaculate. And i've actually been watching Recently in the marvelous. Mrs maisel all amazon and i can. I've seen her range. She can do everything. Rachel brosnahan terrific Indictment on her. I guess it might offend somebody to with the capture on page. Maybe what i appreciate though was with this character who could have easily been an exposition machine. They gave her moments of actual connection with the character. He said okay. This is at least working on a one to one basis. Like i understand how she relates to number batches character and you know benedict. Cumberbatch is characters. A wife is played by jessie buckley. Who is in the netflix will be. I'm thinking of ending things This past year. I don't know time has merged together during covid. So i don't even know if it was twenty twenty or twenty twenty one i think is twenty twenty but You know often you have the wife at home. And that's the character though wife at home but i felt like they really gave this character quite a bit to do at a certain point and you have scenes with her. End the rachel brosnahan character where it felt like they were giving these two something to do just by playing off of each other in a scene so while i i agree like the you know. The composite character is a little awkward If felt like they were trying. They're trying to do something whereas a lot of movies would have just kind of wedged into had been like i deal with it. I can definitely understand that Into my head where rachel brosnahan character. Emily's consoling jesse character. Sheila 'cause benedict cumberbatch Cats imprisoned by this point. And she's telling her like don't give any information away to the press but without actually saying. Oh he's actually a by like she's eating her in the right direction to protect her and benedict cumberbatch character and playing the game and she actually sends out the british male spy. Moss out of the room kushner's econ handle. So compensation she's clearly in charge knows what she's doing. I appreciate that performance. Say yeah yeah like. It doesn't feel like a thinly written characters feels like one that again. It feels a little too good to be true. It's one of those characters who's always kind of in the right place at the right time. Saying the right things you go. Well this doesn't. I don't know you see better cumberbatch. His character really feel like a person. Someone who's having to adapt in the moment and also the penkovsky character. He's far more practiced in this world than comeback but penkovsky feels like he's having to improvise and you know having to recover an awkward situations whereas You know the The rachel brosnahan character. You don't get that as much but that's it. It's something that kind of stuck out to me but it also really didn't impact my overall take on the movie. I think it was waiting for the next scene with the two leads. Yeah when she's on inches given east of sap for the next thing to happen in the okay. Can we see benedict Which i say often. But that's that's beside the point. I mean she also has the unfortunate role for any actor is your job is to move the plot along and that is largely what has to happen because benedict cumberbatch by virtue of being a spy. Who's not even on the bigger picture. He's not going to be the one pushing forward on his story. he needs someone to keep putting him back. You know in these dangerous situations i think. That was moses onto. I just wanna touch on a couple of the main characters Maybe we'll get wrapping everything up Benza cumberbatch as you mentioned earlier with by massive fans of his work but this is a total force him. I did not expect that. yeah Because you know you think You know i'm sure he just kinda shot this between Avengers endgame in the next doctor. Strange movie You know. I'm sure this was just kind of a quick job for him and you could easily think that through like three quarters of this movie and then you get to this prison sequence and benedict cumberbatch really goes through a physical transformation in this movie. That really knocked me over. I was genuinely shocked at how well i mean. He looks pretty emaciated by the time. This movie's over. Yeah that's what really jaw. Because it feels like. He's having a bit of fun with the character in the beginning. He's he's playing spy and then the reality starts to set in then he's arrested but then that whole thing where he's stripped naked and they've shaved his hash Mustache off on just remove his identity away. The whole thing just reminded me of strange segue but like the second episode of the chain of command to park Ration- you see patrick. Stewart's character of sean lee Stripped down naked removed identity and the the avalon in the episode. Just trying to break resolve and the the russians in trying to break wins resolve. Get him to admit he was a spy. And it's heart wrenching times. Will you see that. This is a guy who's vulnerable throughout this entire story from moment. One that when they recruit him he someone who's highly vulnerable because he's not trained in any way shape or form to be doing this job and you think ok. Well that's gonna be the tension of a guy who's vulnerable at any In any situation that he's going to be taking part in this mission in then you get here and you realize that whatever vulnerability was there before as far exceeded now because you are seeing him literally as you said stripped bare wasting away. We're seeing brutality heaped upon him and being tortured. I mean i really was quite blown away at how committed a cumberbatch was to this performance. I mean it really did blow me away. I mean he was actually the exact producer on this movie as well so he was obviously someone who had some sort of stake in getting this movie made and he must have viewed this as a real chance to deliver that sort of gopher broke performance yet. His i think production company would part of the creation. This film i think That company as well but Yeah that whole. I did a little research before. He actually did lose weight for this. This pot he lost a couple of starting in white. So it's not one of those. Like chris evans digitally made smaller performance. Do as a little bit of that digital effects later on probably but he did lose a little weight for and it's it's visually striking reminds me of christian bio in the machinist Yeah yeah and i mean it's very wrenching like didn't expect to be this wrenching. When i started the first hour or something would not have led me to expect that. And when you see you know Penkovsky meet up with him in that prison. It is a brutal sequence like that moment is both the emotional high point of the movie and also just the most like gut churning moment. Yeah because you see both of your hair is basically broken and the only little bit resolve. The benedict's character has left. Is he found out that the cuban missile crisis has been averted by s- basically thanks to their efforts and he gets the tail penkovsky. Who doesn't know this that his what was at least valid incite lives. He may have saved his own life which we find out he's soon executed afterwards but he has saved millions potentially potentially the site the world based on his will he did i not give him some solace. Which is it quite quite moving on. I did not expect that from this film. I thought was really fantastic in this movie. I never seen him. I don't think anything. And if i did it was nothing of you know where he leapt off the screen to me but he many ways drives this movie. It's his story that Benedict cumberbatch characters getting drawn into and i thought he was really effective and he is at final scene opposite cumberbatch and like your heart breaks for this guy and throughout the movie like movie does a really fantastic job taking a russian character and making him not just sympathetic but someone who really does break your heart over the course of the movie. Yeah i i know it's been locked onto about benedict's before most but you're right. His performances is justice to him because he's playing almost like a mentor in some ways. But also this guy knows he's bringing this newbie into harm's way and feeling it must be weighed Being a god sees through the nonsense of communism at the time and and the reality of the impending threat of nuclear fallout and being. At just thinking i need to defect from my own motherland to try. And stop this at. That's a lot of white to carry on your shoulders. And i think he's performance ready shows. He understands that. Yeah yeah. it's a really strong performance. And i look forward to seeing him in more films. I need to check out. Maybe some of his other notable roles. I was looking for a lot of tv. Walk including imbalance station which is a a spy tv. Show as well. So okay. I can extra for the performance i would highlight. Is jessie buckley. He mentioned the elliott plays benedict cumberbatch. His wife sheila in the film and she has another tool orders. Deal with which is being. That's wife home character. But you know she goes for her own journey throughout because she thinks that benedict's character is cheating on her with a with his travels to russia of the it turns out that he's actually trying to save the world silly him but and she actually rent realizes that has to go and see her husband being broken down in prison by the end and again that that scene maybe same as the scene comes immediately afterwards with the two main characters each other again. But that's a pretty heartbreaking scene to and we'll handled by a Jessie buckley it is an when i initially saw her in this movie. Pop up you of go like boy jesse buckley's like a really really talented actress. I i wonder why she has like why she took this role like it feels kind of small right considering some of the other amazing work. I've seen her do. And then you get to that point past that you know around the halfway point or so and you go. Oh that's why she signed on like the movie actually knows that she's a bit of their secret weapon. And i think uses her very well. Yeah absolutely so. We'll just sort of wrap up. Final thoughts in the film offers As i say going into i was a bit dubious. I don't tend to resonate very well with the stock gritty dramas about the real spies of the world. If he'd be bulk about harry palmer in the past. But this i think the performances really lifted it for me. I was engaged with the film and hopper by the end. I just think. I tip my hat to direction and to the performance of the actors. Yeah i think this is a really entertaining movie. I think people will enjoy of i would imagine a lot of people will not necessarily be drawn to it because it kind of wears kinda that look of the cold war spy film which could look a little slow to people but i think they will be sucked into it in engrossed by It is a really strong character. Piece and i think that people should check it out just for that alone and they may be surprised about some of the you know almost too strange for real life. Facts that actually were the case. Absolutely can if you're a fan of espionage. Australia's all tense dramas. I think this is once checkout. Yeah for sure. It says like two thumbs up from us. Now you may be wondering whether is as we said elliott declassified episodes will not feature the nucleus hopefully we'll be revisiting this film down the road and and really talking to small so i thank you for joining us on declassified episode one next week we have the mackintosh man in another spy movie featuring prison sinoe too so if he liked those stick around and don't forget to follow us discreetly on social media app spy hearts. That's sby h. a. r. d. s. on facebook twitter and instagram. I of course you wanna thank amazon prime for the absurdities checkout film today but until next week listeners. Good luck among the shadows.

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THE COURIER -  A Quick-Fire Look at the Greville Wynne-Oleg Penkovsky Cold War spy thriller

Cracking the Code of Spy Movies!

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THE COURIER - A Quick-Fire Look at the Greville Wynne-Oleg Penkovsky Cold War spy thriller

"Hi this is tom. Pizarro from spy movie navigated dot com. I just did something that i hadn't done. Since last september. I went to a movie theater here in the us. What brought me to the theater for the first time since tanna l. was the spy movie that just released here in the us. The courier so join me as i take a quick fire. Look at the two thousand and twenty one. Movie the currier. I will try to keep the spoilers to a minimum here. As i'm aware that this movie is a staggered release schedule and isn't being released in the uk until mid-may france. Turkey won't get it until sometime in mid june. I assume little stream sometime after that one of the things that we had spy moving navigator do when examining movies is to look for influences for movie either in real life events around one movie might influence another for instance the vault scene in the nineteen ninety six movie mission. Impossible was heavily influenced by both seen in the nineteen sixty four movie to copy as well as the second episode called the system of the nineteen eighty eight reboot the mission. Impossible tv show since the courier is based on real world events. It's right in our wheelhouse so let's go ahead and dive in the courier debuted at the twenty twenty sundance festival just before the pandemic it at the time it went by the name iron burke which was the codename for the main russian character of the story oleg penkovsky. He's played wonderfully by mihrab in indy benedict. Cumberbatch gives yet another stellar performance in there. All of the british main character gravel win many spy fans already know the basics of the true story of gravel. Win and oleg penkovsky some comfortable relating some of the facts behind this movie without hitting on. Spoilers i will refrain from exposing the movies twists in maine tension points so you can keep listening and still enjoy the movie when you see it so the basic stories. At a traveling salesman with no military no government no intelligence background at all was enticed by m. i six to act as a go-between for am i. Six and a russian spy named oleg penkovsky penkovsky passed information to the west often through win and kofsky loved russia. But not the soviet union and he really didn't trust khrushchev. He was a well decorated. Lieutenant colonel in the gru which was the soviet union's foreign intelligence agency that's why he had access to such detailed information that he passed on the that penkovsky passed through. Win would play a major role in the us. Response the cuban missile crisis in one thousand nine hundred sixty two between the us and soviet union in case. You aren't familiar with the cuban missile crisis. Let me give you a very short recap the. Us deployed ballistic missiles. Turkey in italy in response to soviet union built the it infrastructure in cuba. Which is only ninety miles from florida in the us to launch ballistic missiles. A war of words between the us president john f. kennedy who ordered a blockade of ships going to cuba and soviet for secretary nikita khrushchev finally ended with the soviets dismantling the cuban based missiles. There's more to it but that gives you the high level. The event is considered to be the closest to countries have ever gotten into full-scale nuclear war and the information from penkovsky alerted the us to the soviet build up in cuba. This really happened it something that screenwriter tom. O'connell made up. It was a real world thing so that's is much of the plot. Is i want to give away. So let's talk about the non spoiler stuff and the courier. this is spy movie impart. It has the intrigue intention of spy stuff there brush passes dead drops another stealthy activities. It also has the kgb monitoring people key ladies in the tourist hotels monitoring everything that goes on which was a reality. In the soviet union travelers people being captured getting hoods place over their heads. People shot or poisoned there. Even a few gadgets like a mini camera. James bond uses almost an identical camera in moon raker in nineteen seventy nine. one gadget. That i really liked was a hidden drawer within a drawer. Penkovsky desk. I thought that was really cool. So in short this is a spy movie. There's danger throughout all the movie especially that the principles could get caught which any spy movie needs now. The courier is not an action movie. Allah james bond or mission impossible in born. This isn't an action thriller. There are no high end stunts. Her long crazy car chases in this movie. Rather think of closer to something like the two thousand movie breach which was about robert hanssen or maybe tinker tailor soldier spy. Both of those movies were good spy movies without a lot of action just intrigue and suspense earlier. I said this was a spy movie in part now i saw this movie with my lovely wife and as we were driving home she said there really wasn't a spy movie. It was a movie about friendship and loyalty. And i think that's an excellent way to look at this movie. Yes this was about a real life espionage but the root of the movie was the unlikely and deep real friendship of the two main characters. These two guys who were thrown together by fate ended up spending a lot of time together. They went out on the town often and they even met each other's wife and child. It would have been very unusual for a foreigner to meet a soviet diplomats spouse and child during the cold war. I think that strengthens the depiction of the bond between them. We also have to remember that these two could talk with each other about what they were doing but they couldn't mention it to anyone else. Not even their wives. They needed to trust each other at one point in the movie. Penkovsky is asked by wins. Young son why. The soviets hate the british penkovsky response. Nails the movie. He says that it's the politicians who hate the other politicians. The people don't hate the other people. Explains the relationship very well now. The two leads murabwa enzi and benedict. Cumberbatch were excellent. Ninzy was nominated for a british independent film award for best supporting actor for this performance. I was actually a little surprise. Cumberbatch wasn't up for the best actor nomination there especially in the last quarter of this film again. We're not going to give spoilers there. But he was amazing and he lost twenty pounds to film the end of this movie. I'd love to know what he did. I have read that. He said it was horrible. The supporting roles were very well acted as well. Rachel brosnahan is emily. Donald represented the cia along with angus right. Who was playing dickie. Franks from i six. They're very good in their roles. Now dickie franks was a real guy. Emily wasn't and we'll talk about that more in just a minute. Jessie buckley turned in a very strong performance. Winds wife who was kept in the dark about what her husband was doing. I also thought that whoever cast cure hills as wins young son deserves a mention. This young man really looks like he could be cumberbatch his son and he performed his role very well. One other person. I'd like to call out is on the crew and that's keith man. He was the costume designer. Both my wife. And i commented how good the costuming was in this movie. It was very well done now. Unfortunately the whigs on the women were just they were hideous awful so it was unfortunate because the costuming was really good. Just the whigs weren't okay. So the story behind this movie is true. Some fact bending does of kerr in the movie here though and normally that drives me nuts when you're doing a real world thing and you change things a little bit but it seems to work here part of this because this is a movie about their relationship. The last quarter of the movie goes in and out between what really happened. In fiction namely a very pivotal scene has a conversation between penkovsky and win in real life. The conversation never happened however who was a very nice way to bring home the relationship between these two guys they really cared about each other in the scene showed it. I wanna give more away here. So you'll know the scene that i'm talking about when you see it also in this last part of the movie win has some tough things to deal with. This is where cumberbatch is really soared from me again. I don't wanna give it away but you will be impressed when you see it and a large part of it was true to what win really experienced in real life as common and movies about real world events characters are often amalgamations of several people. This is true here especially with the role of the cia. Contact emily donovan. She didn't exist in real life. But according to the movies director dominic cook she represented many real life. People most notably janet chisholm. She was the wife of a british officer who also passed information to the west from penkovsky. So that's about all. I wanna give away in this quickfire. Look at the courier. I think any movie fan will like this one especially if they're not expecting an action movie however one more thing that fascinated me comes in the first part of the movie we see tourists in russia stopped by a man and there s to deliver something. This was right out of the blue for them. They weren't spies. They didn't know who was asking her why they were being asked. They were told it was very important. What would you do in that situation. Imagine it's the cold war and you're a tourist in the soviet union. Someone hands you an envelope and asks you to deliver it for them. What would you do a little bit later. In the movie gravel win meets sticky. Franks for lunch. He's met francs only once before. When is a traveling salesman. He's not a spy he's just a regular guy while at this launch. He's asked to become a courier any finds out that this person works for 'em i six. He's told that because he's just a salesman. No one would be watching. Oh and you can't tell your spouse. What would you do in this situation. This one's a little bit different than the first one because it's for queen and country in the first case was just to tourists being asked delivered something here. He's being told. This is for queen and country to me. These are two of the most thought provoking scenes from the movie here. Pleased deliver this for me or your country needs you. We need you to perform. Spion is so. I'll leave you with one question. What would you do if you were placed in this situation. How would you not the people in the movie. Not the people from the real world scenario but you the person listening to this podcast deal with those two situations especially during the cold war fascinating stuff. And i think that's actually a key to this movie is what would you do if you put in that spot. So i'm glad i got to go back to the theatre again to see another spy movie. I really enjoyed it. This has been tommaso from spy. Movie navigator dot com. You can follow us on facebook twitter and instagram. You can subscribe to our show cracking the code of spy movies right now on your favorite podcast app. You'll find us on youtube as well. Thanks for listening.

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I'm Your Woman with Director Julia Hart and Tayarisha Poe (Ep. 290)

The Director's Cut

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I'm Your Woman with Director Julia Hart and Tayarisha Poe (Ep. 290)

"That image of her on the stairs when the door is left open You'll like it was from a horror film. And i had this image in my head of her standing on the stairs barefoot and the the wallpaper in the curtains would be matching like they were linked els house almost feel like she was trapped inside this like perfect little dolls house but it would be completely terrifying. Hello and welcome back to the director's cut brought to you by the directors. Guild of america. Today's episode takes us behind the scenes of director. Julia hartz new drama. On your woman set in the nineteen seventies. The film tells the story of jean. A woman who was forced to go on the run after her professional thief husband betrays his partners sending her her baby on a dangerous journey. In addition to. I'm your woman. Miss hearts direct oriel credits. Include the feature films star girl fast color and miss stevens. Ms heart spoke with fellow director. Tyree schiphol about filming. I'm your woman in front of a virtual audience. Listen on their spoiler failed conversation. Hello excuses of my first time doing this. I have no. I'm just excited to mess up a little bit at the beginning. Because i'm here to talk to julia heart about her honestly about everything but also about her. Phenomenal new film on your woman flow for doing this with me. I'm a big fan of your movie. I was just saying i didn't very fun. It's fun to talk to people whose work you enjoy. Yeah so okay. This is my was trying to come up with like a really good first question. Because i feel like in these things when i'm getting asked questions about stuff. The first question is always. How did you come up with this idea which feels so. It's like i feel like. I have to explain my whole life in order to get to the point starting when i eat. I mean it's like. I'm just who i am that's all i can. Do you know what i mean and also you get to the point where you answer that question so many times you have a response in your head yourself say it anymore. Yeah i feel you. That's why my first question is a little bit different I was wondering as watching it. Because i've seen a lot of mob films. I've seen a lot of crime movies. It's one of my favorite genres End a question. I always have four. Other writers and directors of things is when you're creating something or when you're working on a story can you or by the time he gets the end of the project. No project is ever over. But by the time you've release that project into the world and let the world decide what it is. Can you think back to the beginning. And you have like. Do you remember like the first image or the first thought that came to your head where you latched onto it. And you're like this is it. This is the story this is that movie. Whatever it's gonna end up being this is the image that got you there. A hundred percent And i love thinking about it that way. It's the Have you seen michael. Man's movie thief is his first feature. Okay and he loved his genre. You'd definitely check it out. I loved genre to and There is a anything away doing. Here's a moment. let's talk about after you see it but there's a moment where Tuesday weld gets in the car and drives off. She plays Ons camera If they actually get married or if she's just as girlfriend but And the first time. I saw that movie And i saw that image. I couldn't stop thinking about like what happened next to her That was definitely the beginning of the character of jean and her journey make sense. The woman getting left behind the woman children getting sent to the safehouse. That sort of thing. It's really cool. Stuff happens the men and they go off to war and all of that and no saying nobody ever they just the women just disappear like they just are not in the store anymore in the men go kill everyone or get killed you know and then oh yeah. I have a child banging on my door. How old is this linh. Lives zoom webinars. Well you can't really fault a two year old erupting anything and i. I also have an open door policy. Feel like i remember. I think it's tony morrison. Did the same thing who always had her door open. She was working with her kids at home. I don't i never wanna say to them. Like you can't come in here appraiser and i just love that and you know this kind of thinking getting interrupted who cares because sometimes it leads to them. Bring me a lady bug or hugging me. That's really nice. I don't think i've ever heard that regaining by not letting your child interrupt you but there's eating by letting them interrupt you anyway. Do they ever go with you to set. Yes seemingly locate the whole family. Because jordan jordan husband who we write together and he produces an aigdirect We're very lucky that we get to go make you know he makes some stuff without me but mostly at this point especially now that we have two kids and were making a lot of Movies together. It's just easier to just like have that. Be the the Professional focus and it's nice 'cause we get to keep the family together but yeah they. I know there's going to be a day when they don't wanna come with us anymore. But we've been asking them up and taking them to albuquerque where we shy girl and then pittsburgh where we made a mere women. So it's it's been an amazing nanny Who's been with us for four years Comes with us and with very very lucky. It's a whole lot. It is a lot but it's kind of thrilling to hear you guys do it or to see you all do it and to see you all out to read interviews with you altogether and to hear about how you support one another and how like every example of working parents talking about being working parents in this industry is helpful and is useful. Because i think that it you know it inspires us to have conversations about childcare onset and about creating an environment that's all inclusive in that sense so that it's not making a choice between seeing your family ever and doing a project. None of us should have to make those choices. So i I i keep my sets in. It's part of what sad i think about right now during covid because families is it like i o again if it if it makes sense for them like they're children are always welcome to come are always welcome to come and actors. I think in particular appreciate that because a lot of the time. They don't get to go home at night to their kids. Yeah other state So i always when when when people can have their kids come visit. I always urge people to bring my kids are on set all the time and I do think it's important to normalize at my favorite story about it was when my older son was two when he was kinda i. It was the the vast color and it was kind of the first time he was like consciously on a set and wasn't like a baby in a baby carrier said to our nanny marino her Why is everyone looking at mama. Marina said because mamas in charge. Oh god i loved. I didn't hear this. Of course like she just related to me later and i just loved I loved that you know. That's how how we start to change perceptions in young men young white men seeing women and people of color in leadership roles from a young age. You know Can make all the difference. Yeah we're just the normal thing and it is what it is and mom's the boss here and that's just what it is. I love that that's great. That's really that's really interesting. That's also kind of. I mean watching. I'm your woman it feels like but there's also because we'll it feels like it's a. It's a story of abou motherhood but also bell slightly larger about how women the identity of women tends to be connected to their relationship to other people so a woman is somebody's daughter woman somebody sister. Somebody's mother somebody's wife and it's fascinating to watch this story. I'm your woman And to see this character go from identity to identity entity even felt like as she like that on instagram. there is like the god. I hope i'm not stepping in anything. But you know how an instagram. There's the whole like traditional wife like insect. Trad wife thing. I don't know about this but that sounds fascinating. It's just like you know. Maybe i'll be like just i'm not super into. I'm not super invested in the community. So i only do it through passing but watching her. Put on these different identities being this. Stay at home wife without children in this pink housecoat and then watching her go into this other identity of being kind of like almost a single mom who doesn't really talk to other adults and like her voice so soft the first time she speaks after so long that sort of thing and then going into this other identity of like almost like the woman who's waiting for her husband to return from like panning for gold like the home setting life and that sort of identity. It was fascinating to watch this woman picked up and placed into these other or entities Into these identities because i found it to ultimately be a story about a woman who is trying to figure out what it even meant to just be into just like be a woman alone and tell me if i'm wrong or not wrong but what i took from her was that it's god again. I seventy anything but it felt as though it's almost not worth it to just be a woman alone because who would want to just be alone. And what if it's not that we're or discarding your identity or discarding all of these connections these relationships. These identities doesn't necessarily lead to freedom. Sometimes freedom comes from leaning harder into those identities leaning harder into the idea of being a mother into being a nurturer into being somebody who cares for the collective. That was a lot of rambling. But i just wanted to be so lucky. That i'm i'm getting to sit here talking to a filmmaker who i respect and admire and have you like so get what the movie was up to but also just like analyze it and speak about it so beautifully. Thank you know what i i. I don't love the notion that feminism means rejecting any type of traditional female roles. I actually for me. Feminism is embracing. Whatever kind of woman you want to be another. You know the press the vice president of the united states more housewife Like i think all like whatever it is you want to be as a woman. Feminism should allow you to be that thing and be at proudly and so i really loved the idea of telling a story about an ordinary woman who her greatest ambition is to be a wife and mother. yeah Obviously that bubble bursts and several times for her you know in infertility in the portrayal of and disappearance of her husband. You know she. She's constantly kind of having to reassess what those roles means. We're in those eight and and like put on a new identity and then take it off and put on a new identity and take it off and it was super fun to explore that with my costume designer and and rachel brosnahan plays gene But i love this idea too. Because i think i think it's so interesting greg because we wrapped movie in december of two thousand nineteen. It suddenly took on this whole new relevance and putting it out in quarantine in twenty twenty. Because i don't think we want to be alone. And i think that's okay said like what does it mean to be a woman alone and how and how hard and isolating lonely can be. And i think ultimately the message that i wanted to send was that like in is about shedding shedding those ideas of what connections a woman should have and just embracing the ones that are better for you. of you know getting pregnant and giving birth shamed for her in not having go the way it was supposed to go you know and this platonic relationship with cow and this Bond that she creates with terry and understanding This this new idea of what motherhood is for her and embracing that to you. Know that it's it's not necessarily a bow like being alone and being strong woman. It's about embracing. I think i think i said it already. But just embracing the connections that better fewer embracing the reality of like who cares that she couldn't give versus trial trial life and she's his mother. Now you know and that it's like it's not it. It might not look like what you wanted it to look like what you thought. That identity isn't necessarily about what you thought. It should be or what you wanted to be. It's about what it is Just being just being who you are as a woman is all you have to be flaws that yeah yeah. That's really that also makes a lot of sense. Just you know in talking to you about kids on set and motherhood and being a filmmaker and being not just the filmmaker but a filmmaker who's busy and has a lot on her plate and not necessarily juggling those things in those identities. But how do we are creating an environment in which all of those identities are accepted are part of who you are so. It's not as though you actually. Do you feel as though you have. To put on like your. Do you feel when you put on. Your gods is such a weird way to say the when you put on your director hat. Do you feel as though you have to like take off a mother hat and also i should preface by saying. I don't want to just like in terms of identities. i don't want just talk about you. As a mother who is also director writer. But i'm also like a young woman who director who wants to be a mother. And i'm like jesus who do i like how will i know about the. I appreciate using file. I actually love talking about it because it is such an american and you know. That's so cool. That young woman who is a filmmaker and once mother. Someday you're curious about that all be there for you when the time really. That actually aren't a lot of us and we need to be together but it. It's not easy but it's also like the two best things like. I just feel so lucky that i get to have both of those things that i get. Put both of those things together By having my kids on set. And just making people deal with it. But i i don't i couldn't take the hat off if i wanted to like. I kinda just wear all the hats together. sometimes takes crews a minute to like adjust to that. Because i think it is. I think i'm in this like really interesting. In between generation of female Are women who are in charge in the industry s directors like obviously producers and executives and and presidents of studios in like there are a lot of women there a lot of leadership roles that women can take on in this industry. And i'm this interesting in between generation where I didn't have to like you know. I think there is an older generation of women in industry who've had to put up with even more than we have. They had to be the first women in those positions and had to maybe hide some of their female nece or couldn't kids because people wouldn't give them a job if they were worried about like them having to deal with their kids. Yeah and so. I feel really lucky that. I've benefited from a lot of that and been able to be really unapologetic about my femur illnesses leader in my mother. My status as a mother In leadership like disney hired me to make Star girl when i was six months pregnant and they move reduction initially wanted to shoot around my due date and they moved production three months. And you know. I was still making a movie with an eight week old baby and hard but they really took good care of me and i don't know that that would have happened even ten years ago. You know at the meteors giulio or it wouldn't have been a part of the publicity and marketing. Do you know what it wouldn't have been a plus so would have been a hassle exactly. I think it's i think for me. It's important to wear all the hats at once. Because i'm i'm just kind of who. I am and i don't. I don't know that i would have survived. Act when you had to i. Those things are not talk about those things because that must be really hard. I couldn't do it sometimes. I think about that. Like i don't know if i would. Yeah i think about that sometimes. If ten years ago i would have been able to stomach. I don't. I'm not very good at swallowing things. Like not great at if something is wrong if somebody is being treated wrong if somebody just can't not say i can't point at it i can't like i have to poke at it. Because it feels so things could be easier and people could be kinder and things have to be that difficult so sometimes i wonder like or not wonder but i do feel so grateful to all those who came before me all the women although black women all the people of color who came before me in this industry to jest be those people to disrupt things. Yeah abuse people to disrupt things into to take the hits so that the it's was kind of smoother for the rest of us in a and it's still hard you know. Yeah and you know like on. I'm a woman. But i'm obviously a white woman and so that's a totally different thing than being a woman in the industry and you know so. I can't even begin to imagine the the hits that still happen. That i don't end up that don't end up coming my way. Yeah but it you know it's it's i think it's better. I think it's finally especially after this year may be a little bit better. I think it's better work. Yeah of course. I also god. What will you look like if there wasn't work for us to do you know. What would this industry looked like if we were you know if every set were ada accessible and like everything was silly. I don't even. I don't know what that look like. Not because it doesn't exist or it's impossible but because part of me thinks it would require know stripping things down to their bones and kind of figuring out who build the system back up again. That's with most rooms in place that chant. Yeah that are already set in their way things. Yeah you know all of that but it's really interesting to think about that way. Hadn't thought about that. Yeah yeah okay so this is a question about just like the color of the film and color story of it. I think i mentioned earlier. That pink housecoat that gene starts out in and then when she walks into the house and i watched the beginning of this film a lot of times because i just love when a film starts out and it feels like a story book is opening and i think that this does that really well and then i i keep watching the beginning of because of that color story. That's told as soon as she walks into the house and it's just that perfect creamy buttery yellow happy home and then when her husband Eddie walks in and he takes off his coat and they're sitting on the couch. She's in pink and eddie's in that blue and they're in this yellow home and it just felt like i was watching like that moment always makes me feel like i'm looking at like a catalog for those model homes or something like that like the billboards on the side of the road. If you lived here you'd be home right. Alex something like that. And just like seeing how you all are seeing how you all use color throughout the film. I just couldn't help but wonder what was that process of choosing all the just like the color story process for you. And the pedometer designer. Yeah i like literally want you to do. Dvd commentaries for. My movie talks wrong in. I just are you talk. How do people make these things. That's every time. I watch a movie just like how did they do. Also yeah i have. I love color. Music in color. Are my two favorite things about. It makes a lot of studies and I have a really amazing team was for some of us are third movie together and for all of us are second movie together. And there's so great about when you find your family your crew family. And you're all just like vibing in the same area and something that i always do in prep. Is we have a color meeting with all my apartment. Heads we Gay buckley my production designer so she. This is our. I'm your woman is our third film together. And she's ingenious but Always she she in the archer. Kirkman puts up Like a photo essay of each location in story order and a lot of it is about co about color. Might not necessarily be something that you know. It might just be like a paint swatch. Just talk about what the color of each of the places and we walk through it with my dp costume designer and And gay production signer and oftentimes set decorator to And we just walked through the whole movie and talk about the color. And i think everybody being on the same page about what we're thinking like texture and color that we're thinking about in terms of what they're wearing. What's behind them and And the location and brace. My dp is thinking about in terms of The lighting in the way that we're gonna shoot it it really helps to. I think paint those pictures exactly as you want them to be. If everybody's on the same page about what's happening in every in every location the is it is pretty spectacular when it all just kind of like when that robe fits her that that dream yet her and looks great on and that like blue terry cloth polo shirt to when it all just kind of comes together like that. It's magical it's like. Oh okay we're we're in. We're in the space that we that we wanted to be an. It's working yeah. I love that moment when you're watching film and it just feels like it's like it's like this is the point of this movie like this whole this moment right here. This image right here in front of my eyes is exactly what i'm doing here and i love when it happens again like an hour later into the film. You're like this is the point of this movie this image right here. I feel like that's so like sometimes watching a movie feels more like a scavenger hunt for those moments which i guess is kind of like conversation. Or just like yeah. It's like conversation league i think of. Oh that's an. I never thought about that. It is kind of like a conversation that you have as viewer when you're watching a film you're kind of feeling. Not what is the thesis of this film. What is this film saying to me. But just what is the point of all of these other frames like. What are the frames that all of these other frames are framing. What for you like. Do you have images like that in the film that come to mind like if you not like promotional stills or anything but just things that in your head you know what i mean because they people choose those and you're like okay. I wouldn't have chosen those necessarily but but just like for you. What are those like. This is the reason everything that is in. This movie is for this frame right here. Do you have any of those. I love this question. So that one definitely that. And the fact that he the fact that she comes into that shot moon alava and then he leaves it and they had as on the couch next to her and just playing with the metaphor in the imbalance of that and and That that was that was a big one for me And also just this idea that. I think you were getting at like the billboard the catalog ways to make what are supposed to be or what we're taught as kids are like safe spaces fuel really and that's fun to do with filmmaking. Because you're like this is so pretty. Why does it feel so wrong. Like sound and music and lighting. Like taking is really important to me to make that safe house that she i is left at that. Like tiny little row house that she's left at feel like totally nice and normal and make her neighbor. Evan evelyn feel totally nice normal but have everything feel completely wrong. Oh my god yeah. It was so stressful. Which genital and this the predominant. Images that i had in my head of the film was That image of her on the stairs when the door is left open. You'll like it was from a horror film. And i had this image in my head of her standing on the stairs barefoot and that the wallpaper in the curtains would be matching like they were with els house. Almost you know a feel like was trapped inside this like perfect little dolls house but that it would be completely terrifying and then the other image and it's cool when this happens and i wonder if ever happens to you where you had. You couldn't possibly have actually create conjured the image because it involves chil- child in a baby numb dream of what it'll be in the know that like you have no control over it on the day except for what they're wearing unless they those up on their costume and you have to have it be now inch towards the end of the film where Harry gets put in paul. The baby gets put in paul's the older boys lap. Oh yeah yeah that to me was like move movie like this next generation like how we can. We can be better so they can be better. I hoped we'd be able to do it. You know damore as a ten year old boy. This is a squirmy seven-month-old baby. I hoped we would get a favorite moment in the movie and event even more beautiful than i ever imagined. Rachel put think it was. We'd twins and someone who it is. But sometimes i think it was. James puts jameson into murray's lap and he starts crying and we were like and then he turned and looked at demari. And yeah matt. It's i think. I spent all of one church like watching that. Take over and over again. That day. I couldn't believe that we had gotten it But it's that kind of stuff too. That's the best where it's like certain things like i could control a lot of those images right. I could control that image of gene in my head on the stairs. I could have the actor. Stand where i wanted to stand. I could talk to my ep about the shot list and making sure we got that shot. That was that image production design all of that right. But then when it's like a kid idiots like i hope we get something and then dodd like the greatest thing. In my opinion you could get between the child and a baby on camera. So it's not as yeah when those images that are totally unpredictable come to life is all seoul. It's cool when the images in your head that you imagined as you imagine them come to life but then it's even better. I think when something more than you ever could have imagined. Yeah i love that. I feel like that's that is that a magic is the right word. That is the thing that always feels like magic when it's something that you couldn't even like waking up this Small but it feels like a. I remember the first time that my nephew woke up on christmas day and he was old enough to understand that it was like christmas day. And you get presents and there's a tree and stuff like that and he just walked downstairs and he was like oh my god who has blown away at the production. It was just like the regular pay but he was finally old enough to understand what was happening. And i feel like that's what it felt like. I love walking onto the set and having that feeling of just like who went into my head and took these ideas. If you'll like magic if you're really such a crazy what we get to do is crazy. It's it makes no sense to me. I love it. So it's it's really. It's it's I sometimes when i do. the walk. Through of the set with my set decorator definitely have cried multiple tight like especially. If it's like a hero set pla the you've been living in your head a lot exactly and then it's there and it's real it's over. Yeah because it feels like it feels like so much of the work before actually getting to set and making the thing is like convincing people so much of it is just like trust me. It's in my head. I'm trying to spell it out on paper but trust me when all of these elements come together to be magic. It's going to be amazing. And so then when you finally do get there it really is so cathartic. I wasn't lying to myself that whole time. It's real and we can all see it and we all did it together. I think that's also the thing that makes it so nice. It's not just that you alone have done this thing. But it's like look at this thing that we all came up with and like figured out how to put on together. There's something about the communal aspect of that moment. That makes the magic more real. Talk about filmmaking. That way. Because that's how i think of it like it's nothing like yeah team of artists and collaborators. Creating something together. And i it. I don't know i. I wouldn't want to be a director who is like. It's my you know you still have to be a leader. You still have. You still have to know what you want but yeah you can be all of that and do all of that as team and just the team leader or yeah. I think team leader is think about it. It's like you know. I it's there is something really I think that the thing When i was getting slightly as i was developing silence. Fades i m. i worked as a stills photographer onset and so i would get to see how different directors worked like how they just like how they talked to cruise differently and things like that and it was really exciting to see because it gave me the chance to understand how sets could work how they've been working and how things could change and how like sets could be run earth how different people can run sets differently. I guess before then. I sort of had this idea that filmmaking was all the same or not act itself but like the way of putting it together was kind of the same any sort of had to run sets in a certain way. So it's really the more people are. Anytime i run into people or work with people who talk about filmmaking in that way and who don't fall into the trap of like me myself i alone am responsible for and the creator of this vision. It's really exciting I think there's like a weird insecurity in that. If they appear to not be like the grand leader of a the only voice that matters and help people will doubt them or think. They don't know what they want. And i yeah opposite to be true. You know like my background is as a teacher like nine. Denic som- wear it's about listening to everyone and taking care of everyone and sitting in a room with a bunch of young people where i've found. It was almost more important to model what it means to be a good adult and a goodson as as it was to teach them how to properly construct a sentence I definitely took that with me into into directing like you can. There's it it's it's often insecure person who's afraid to collaborate and not fair. Yeah i think that makes a lot of sense. I think that it's also that i think that at times we can feel. We can go possessive of good ideas. Yeah i think we can feel possessive of good ideas in part. Because i don't know actually why we are get possessive of good ideas. But i think that i grew up in a really large family and both my parents are teachers. Which is why. Would you say you were a teacher. I'm just like Makes a lot of sense. Teachers teachers know how to or good teachers. Know how to listen and they know how to like leading and a really good word that you use. Because i feel like director the thing that they do or the their most responsible for is just like kind of just like shifting. It's just like keeping every blake shifting a little bit. Not doing everything. Not telling everybody to do their job or telling everybody exactly. What's what but just like helping shift and helping to set a tone and helping to just model behavior. Model howard going to react to bad things Model our going to react to each other. And now we're going to treat each other. I feel like that it's really. It's it's it's like with any business or organization. The behavior that gets modeled at the top. It really sets a tone and that's so so important. It's so important. Ross says i think a lotta times industry. The focus is on the end product and the massive the end product. But i i like mike. Favorite part of making movies making them The process. I think the most important part and i don't know who cares if your movie gets nominated for a million awards. If you put in danger while you were making it or you treated expected you know like yeah. Yeah lawry's i've heard the stories like There's bad stuff out there and it's it's just it's a shame because crews are extraordinary and they worked so hard work they were so a lot of the time. And you know. I just i. It's important to treat everyone with the same respect and kindness like y'all we all we all We'll take our jobs seriously but at the end of the day it is just a movie. And what's more important. That's the thing at the end of the day. The thing that we are doing is kind of playing in telling stories even the most serious of the story is the most devastating of the stories at the end of the day fiction. Even the ones that are based on real life. You're still getting together to like tell a fictional thing and that's just so much fun like that's so and maybe this is because like i've only made one feature and i you know i i'm still getting in the game. But part of me is just. It's difficult to not want to collaborate with those who are present on set and with folks your collaborators before in the post with the editor with oscar absolutely brilliant as who i adore. He's amazing but it's it's it's that collaboration. I think collaboration word for play get. It's just it's just playing playing together. It's playing with ideas and building off of each other. Create something that none of you could have made alone and that with a different set of people you'd make something different. Yeah it's one of the art forms that takes the most amount of people became one of the ones that focuses on. I mean i love you. The dj eh. Like it is interesting. One of the art forms that requires the most amount of people to create. It became one that focuses so much on one individual. We got to break that down. Let's let's just keep breaking that down. And i'm all about the i dunno. I read the who has its india and for that movie Malcolm annmarie how everybody got points on the dome or something like that now. I'm just like how do we make every film like a co off. And how can everybody be known of. This was my first time working with a lead actress. Who also a producer rachel Yeah own with jordan and was in the mazing producer. Nice looking offering them take producer. Credits don't actually do the work. Oh yeah she really did the work and she was sending jordan and she was such a an amazing asset to me. I felt was like. Why don't we always do this. Why don't we an actor who has certainly like earned for Her place of respect in this business you know working forever and finally got recognized for mrs maisel which is will and she does such amazing work on that show and it's just such a heart like she's an actor who loves to do her homework and really wants to do a good job And takes her job very seriously. Why don't we give actor. Who's in every frame of them e Why don't we empower them lead. Why did they just why. Why did they just get to like show up. And maybe have a say in their job instead of her say and in front in pre production it was yeah to the film in production it was an asset to the film and post. It was an asset to the film. And like i want to do that all the time now. I'm like i won't always be to have a voice in production meetings it. It makes a difference and it's it's not the same thing you're talking about but it's a similar idea of like i think more he is such an important part of a project. Yeah because it's like Going to say yes every say. It's that like okay. For instance enactor actor. Who's in every single frame of the film. Mobile's if you switch out that actor it has somebody else play that role. You could have different movie. No matter if they say the exact same words were the same clothes you could save the same. It's a different movie entirely. How can we not treat them as though they are some of our most important collaborators. And i think that that's i i feel like you think about like Gripping electric onset if you switch that deal with the different team you're gonna have different feeling you can have. Movie is on set because the movie without them you back without the base camp. Pa onset yes. yes on. leaving without on. Athey like single-person onset max india as exactly. Yes yes i think that I think that we're talking about the right things. I think that we're moving in the right direction. I think that You know some really fun to be on one of your sets. Oh yeah. I like to have fun you know. I think we're doing fun work. Let's just have some fun while we do it. All you agree more young okay. I think that we are at our time. How is it already. How i know. It's been five minutes okay. I i just want to ask one more question as like a good Let me look in mind. Oh i did want to mention this this my question. But there's that scene where I think they're in a motel or their hotel motel end jeans laying on the bed and the baby's next enters a circle of towels around the baby. That's keep the baby from falling off the bed right. okay. I see that in real life plenty of times. Babies always flopping around the app to keep them from falling off things. But i don't think i've ever seen in in a movie or a show before which. After i realized that i was like. Why haven't i. And i wanted to know if that moment was scripted or it was scripted. It's funny to the scripture in. I had been working on for years and that image was in it from draft. One nelly was one of those images that like when you're trying to cut time a couple of people like cut that i was like talking that image in the baby's performance there in his interaction with rachel's room really special and yeah and it's like you know that baby wasn't rolling over on his own yet but he's at that age where he might rollover and like a you know a thin wall of towels probably isn't going to protect him so as also it was this idea of gene really knowing ryaing with the resources. She has like also. Maybe it won't work. You know which is so much. Parenthood is just like like. Yeah you're you're you're novice you're an amateur as a parent the most important day of you know your your child's life like urine amateur the day. They're born yeah. That's a bit of lenka autonomy for the whole idea of that. I love that because what you're saying it fits so well into My two favorite moments the one where she was saying to To catch you're talking to cal about how baby shouldn't be in this environment. And then he like does he laugh among. I love that moment because it's just such a simple quiet reassurance. Don't think so much about if you're doing the right thing. Focus on what is in front of you. And how the baby's reacting right now and then also when she was talking to when she's talking to terry about the peens talking about the why do they taste so good at dairies. Like you just take out of the can and feed them to them like that. But jesus lay. she's like. Oh terrible cook. And terri just like do you feed your family will then near the best in the world and that was probably one of my favorite moments in the movie. Because i feel like i've heard my mom. My mom is a really good cook just in case she she's a really good cook but i feel like i've heard her say similar things like i'm the best cook in the world because i feed my family and it's so that moment the moment about laughter and the moment with the towels around the baby on the bed. It's just like to me. it's just like you. She's just trying if you're trying and you're really trying that's everything that's that's everything that's all you can do and it's it's just really nice to have this reminder to just try your best. I love that. That's all we can do. Marsha stephanie. blake deliver lines that you owe much. She's i didn't. I read in an interview that they were in fellow together. I'm just an i that so it must have been incredible and it was david hale a his embarrassing plays. I know who yay yet. James bond that guy guy. Yeah yeah no. i have heard. That production was phenomenal. And i'm really sad. See heavy blake is like one of our greatest actresses and those using will rachel for bringing her into my life. Yeah also plus of producer actor again. They just have a little bit more influence to. That's awesome okay thank you. That's our time has been so much fun. I've learned so much. And i'm excited for the future and for everything that comes next. I am so grateful to you for being here with me tonight. you're awesome. This was really fun. I almost forgot that. Maybe some people are watching. I know he to within. I quickly remembered. So it's okay okay. Thank you have a good evening bye. He'll thanks for listening to another. Qna if you'd like to hear more the director's cut is available. Wherever you listen to podcasts. Stay tuned in the coming weeks as we bring you. Discussions of films from angel manual solta shock a king and brought a blank so be sure to subscribe free and review. We'd love to hear your feedback and you can help. Fell film buffs. Find the shelf. Thanks again for listening. And we'll see you next time. This podcast is produced by the directors. Guild america music. Is dan wally.

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September 21, 2019: Happy Museum Day!

5 Things

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September 21, 2019: Happy Museum Day!

"Hiring isn't easy but there is one place you can go where hiring is simple in smart that place is ziprecruiter where growing businesses connect to qualified candidates candidates try it for free at. ZIPRECRUITER DOT com slash five things ziprecruiter the smartest way to hire good morning. I'm Taylor Wilson and this is five things. You need to know the weekend of September Twenty First Nineteen get you started. Happy Museum Day. Get yourself some free culture on Saturday sixteen hundred museums around the country will be opening their doors to the public the annual Newell Event which is organized by Smithsonian magazine encourages museums galleries and historic sites to allow free entry just as the Smithsonian Institution's Washington. DC based facilities facilities do year round to get a free entry. All you have to do is head to Smithsonian. Dot Com Slash Museum Day and Click the get a ticket bought in where you can find a museum you want to visit just enter your name email and download the branded ticket there are free options in all fifty states and also the District of Columbia the United Nations General Assembly kicked off earlier earlier this week in New York bringing leaders to the US from around the globe president trump will be on the road on Sunday with two of them. He's scheduled to visit Houston with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Render Modi before visiting Ohio with Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison who he hosted on Friday night for a state dinner. Meanwhile General Assembly week also comes with widespread. Ed's bread climate protests both in the US and around the world. Both students and employees alike took off from school and work to hit the streets and fight for climate change awareness high school student. Alexandra said that change has to start with the youth so for me. It feels really important to encourage you to be involved in this movement just because we're the ones who are going to be here longer than anyone who's all day and it's us in our kids who are going to be really affected by next up getting ready for the seventy first annual. Emmy awards and though it may now be months in the rear view mirror. All eyes are on game of thrones to see if the mega hit. HBO Show will go out with a bang. Thrones is nominated for a staggering thirty two awards including best drama series which it has won the last three times it was nominated in two thousand fifteen sixteen and eighteen and meanwhile another HBO show Veep will also try to finish strong after wrapping up in May Star Julia Louis Dreyfuss. We'll try to go six for six and best actress. Emmy Wins Butch. You'll face stiff competition with the star of the Marvelous Mrs Mazel Rachel Brosnahan. You can tune in Sunday night at eight eastern five Pacific on Fox two of college football's giants will do battle on Saturday Notre Dame and Georgia. Just how big is the game. Well you swim coach. Jack Bauer Lee has memories the bulldogs games dating back to his enrollment in one thousand nine hundred seventy and he says very few games had hype like this one. He said quote very seldom. Have I seen a buzz like this. Maybe nineteen seventy-six was something like this. Alabama came in and they were undefeated and the town didn't sleep on Friday or Saturday night on quote. This game has even extended beyond the stadium. AM with one local store jokingly pulling Irish spring soap from shelves ahead of the clash against the fighting Irish and the soap company responded by sending Georgia heaps of its products with bulldog logos on the boxes. The home favorites number three ranked Georgia will host seventh-ranked. Notre Dame and Athens Georgia on Saturday night at eight PM Eastern time other the big games around college football will include eleventh ranked Michigan at thirteenth ranked Wisconsin and number eight auburn at Seventeen Texas. Am stay up on all the action with with USA. Today sports and last up happy birthday friends the Sitcom Turns Twenty Five on Sunday and the gang is still there for you in reruns the series presented in two thousand and four but it never really left television or pop culture even superstar movie actor. Brad Pitt made an appearance on the show though he told USA Today that actually messed S. Stop his first line with then wife. Jennifer Aniston flood my first line line at flood and we'd go back nostalgia might drive a love of the show for many any but thanks to Netflix. It's also widely popular with millennials and Gen Z. ears. You can catch new episodes of five things Monday through Saturday on apple podcasts and wherever or else you get your pods including the Google home and Amazon Echo you can also subscribe for free and leave us a rating and review if you'd like plus be sure to follow in tweet us at USA USA. Today podcast on twitter shout out to Pete Rosenberg who told US earlier this week that the Washington monument is his favourite in DC five things is part of the USA. Today podcast network hiring can be a slow process cafe owed to her as Coo Dylan Moskowitz needed to hire a director of coffee for his Organic Coffee Company Company but was having trouble finding qualified applicants so he switched Ziprecruiter ziprecruiter technology finds people with the right experience and invites them to apply to your job. Bob Dylan posted his job on Ziprecruiter and was impressed by how quickly he had qualified candidates apply and in just a few days he found his new director of coffee with results like that. It's no wonder four out of five employers who post on Ziprecruiter get a qualified candidate within the first day see why Ziprecruiter is effective for businesses of all sizes. Try Ziprecruiter for free at our web address. ZIPRECRUITER DOT com slash five things that's ziprecruiter dot com slash the number five T H I N G S Ziprecruiter dot com slash five things ziprecruiter the smartest way to hire.

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The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel and What's Making Us Happy

Pop Culture Happy Hour

25:53 min | 1 year ago

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel and What's Making Us Happy

"This message comes from n._p._r. Sponsor panara a listener of your caliber has fine taste taste that favors smoked chipotle chicken wrap with new cold brew from from pinera. Get them on the go with rapid pickup breakfast. That's fast not fast food from panera food as it should be this conversation station about the marvellous. Mrs mazel was recorded in january twenty eighteen. We'll be back next week with new episodes of pop culture happy hour from n._p._r. <music> welcome to pop culture happy hour. I'm linda holmes. Amy sherman pow dino's signature project was gilmore girls now. She has a new project on amazon called the marvelous mrs mazel it stars rachel brosnahan living in new york in the late nineteen fifties who separates from her husband and finds herself in stand up comedy i was i was in god damn flower. I smell like roses and sunshine. Show not my hassles swimming peraza hand just wanna golden globe for her performance and the show won for outstanding comedy series so we figured it was time to dive in here with me in the studio. Radio is blunt weldon of the n._p._r. Arts plan and glen and i are joined for this conversation by two of our women i from n._p._r.'s. It's very own weekend edition. Mary hartman highbury i and also a writer and editor and thinker about music and many other good things katie presley hi katie howdy. I'm so happy to have you guys here. I glenn you wrote about this. <hes> show a little bit a while ago. I reviewed it for morning edition right right. You read it for morning edition well. How did you review it. What were your thoughts. I like it a lot because i am here for amy sherman pellegrino's articifial blend which is fast talking brunettes nets who are charming monsters to whom the entire world genuflect s- <hes> and they're imperious moms so that's that's pretty much. That's the butt heads at the girls thing brosnahan's star right so if if you didn't like anything else about this show you'd love this performance breslin was asked at one point why what attracted her to the role and she said midge mazel is a character actor who exudes confidence in every situation twenty four seven and i can understand what would appeal about that role to an actress <hes> that said little caveat here confidence and privilege are travelling companions you very rarely see one without the other and when these travel together weird things can happen for example apple an instance in the second episode where a woman of color is literally pushed off the stage to make room for midge mazel. Now that is a thing thing that ended up itself has certain like optics. I i remember seeing that going what's going on here. Why am i watching this. What's going on when you put that in the context of measurement palladino who was often sort of back grounded people of color on her shows it just it just kind of lines up in a weird way that said i think the period setting is gorgeous and be it's forcing her to do <music> some things it's it's playing door backhand so she can't rely on the same old stuff that she does says the constant pop culture references and also this might sound a a little bit weird but i really liked that. She's finally getting to lean into jewish culture in a way because when she did the stefan gilmore girls about boston brahmins and greenwich wasps we'd get a bunch of d._r. Jokes and it kind of felt like we were kind of hitting that same be always done very very light touch. Was that stuff which it's not fully and i think it's enriching the show a lot more other stuff to say about but i'll i'll hear from some other folks cool katie. I heard that you really dug this show. I had heard a little bird told me <hes> what do you like about it. I have to out myself very quickly here. As not a- gilmore girls fan and i liked the character of midge. I really liked brosnahan's enhance performance. I was just as she's so charismatic and i just i'm not usually a binge watcher and i watched like two episodes a day which is a binge and i liked a lot. How midge comes to the revolution of her her life. She comes to feminism in a way that is it's not even quite feminism. She comes to her personal revolution in a way that was compelling to me and not irradiating. I think amy sherman palladino has the women on her shows tend to like spring fully formed for each other's foreheads and this did did not have that to me. I think that's a good point. I think that's a good point and i also really liked all the addresses. I have to agree with <hes> glenn mentioned this too. I think the period look of this show. I don't think of myself as being like a period show like enthusiasts necessarily but the particular look this show how colorful it is how swinging the dresses are expensive the sets. Let's sheer shantung. My gosh the coats the sweeney coats are all i have ever wanted but one tracking shot through an entire higher garment district warehouse that just went on and on and on there is money being that i think there is barry. How did this strike you. Well now that we're talking about the clothes. No i will say so not just all of those touchstones our army. I am period show girl so i thought not a period show but i i love the look of it. I am here for barbara. San singing. Happy days are here again. I think her performance is magnetic. I can't take my eyes off her. When she's on the screen rachel brosnahan i to love the depth of the fish. There is a lot of that and that is actually i have to say you don't actually see that kind into that part of of judaism at a certain time was released sort of as as a jewish lady myself upper westside wealthy westside side wealthy having but having caught a little bit you know the difference between <hes> abe and father ship. Excuse me let us tell you bury it. In jewish remember rosenberg. There's some wonderful wonderful subtleties between in their relationship and that particular you know setpiece of on the upper west side that said i i am happier when i am watching her do stand up and when i'm watching her talk to suzie and i am happier when i am for a while for like the first two to four episodes. I was like god. We're getting a lot of exposition. When are we going to get rid of jill. I could just get rid of john. I can't even like even there's an early on onsumer. He's like in the corner looking creepy and i know we're supposed to and i just can't i can't i can't way rather live with tony. Shalhoub tony shalhoub lube plays <hes> her father and has a couple of lovely moments yeah but i like the first two families stuff i'm into but i just don't care about him and you could see the moment of him recognizing her genius onstage coming from a mile away and it didn't make it any less satisfying when i saw it but you know it suing plot points i found found you know it feels a little wrote to me. I agree with you. I was more interested in the sort of the show business yeah story i learned <hes> then then i was the domestic story which is interesting because one of the things that i like about the show is that it allows her to be genuinely ambivalent about motherhood motherhood which is almost from the gecko which is almost never allowed in a way that doesn't immediately get coded as because she's depressed or you know or because because somebody has stopped her from truly discovering that the only thing she really wants is babies and i appreciate the way that the domestic her domestic life is kind of not what she's excited about but i'm not sure that i'm excited about it either and there's a lot of time spent i agree with you that the stuff with her parents where they're kind of dealing with her being separated and how they feel about that is more interesting than her actual relationship with joel who i think i think joel is just under her develop in a little bit. I think maybe miscast yeah. I'm not sure they have a strong idea of kind of who he is and why he would up and leave his wife and kids which is a very specific kind of thing to do especially at that time and the other thing that we haven't talked about very much touch is i also love the alex burstein performance as susie her manager and in some ways i feel like in mid jr and susie you get the two sort of ways of amy sherman palladino dialogue coming off you have midge who is sort of the spark earlier show easier laura la later later lower alive and then you have in susie <unk> have this more gravelly more grounded more angry type of personality that i think carries a different strain green of the palladino city of her dialogue. Even though i recognize them both as very asap character there's a real divergence which hasn't always been true in her stuff. If you look at laurel i and rory and all that there's always been a kind of genteel quality to most of the women that she's written and then you get this. I don't know ready your it's like a it's also another. It's a really speaking of period peas. Susie is really interesting other either way to be a woman in the fifties midges performing in this greenwich like dumpy underground gaslight <hes> cafe half a. I think it is <hes> they don't serve beer there. Never and suzy is of that world and so you see some of the like tag yourself. I'm spoken-word with tambourines the various cast of performers. I was really pleased to see that kind of be especially because the beat movement was not right great for women and it was great to see like a beatnik woman also doing a thing the period setting also does something really smart to the comedy completely obviates the studio sixty on the sunset strip problem where we're constantly told that the show is brilliant and cabbage and leading the national dialogue and every time we see an actual sketch gach. It's like a rebelled rogers and hammerstein salutes what's going on here. This standup isn't funny to me but it doesn't have into be all it has to do is be of that time. It has to feel right. If that's not enough. I mean the show does do a lot of stoking the furnace of how brilliant she is because that's the engine of the show the <unk> amy sherman palladino has said this show is going to end when she arrives on johnny carson's couch. That's the arc of the show so to get us there. Her manager has to tell her she's brilliant. Lenny bruce has to be a fan which have been someone named penny roost achieved just to walk by a group group of protesters in washington square park and say here's. I'll have something to say they all turned on jacobs plus her out of the crowd pick. Tell us your story and she's like dough mind. If a new garage thing aside i think the show is doing something smart with. It's reminding us that she's brilliant but also trying to keep us liking her even though she can be sort of thoughtless and the ways she's beautiful right but she works at it. You know we see she. You know how hard and how ridiculously and l. obsessively i really she works at it. They have a sequence with her and then later also a sequence with her mother sorta sorta showing how it's not just a matter of the effort that they make to look beautiful to the outside world when they leave their homes but it's also that for these women women at this time even their marriages were not a safe place to look how they really look you had to also make your husband believe that you woke up looking like a a magazine cover and i have no idea how historically accurate that is but it feels right right for what they are trying to say about midge and it's like she's. I don't love word feisty but she's you know she is a kind of you know firecracker occur kinda lady but at the same time she's also a lady who measures her calves and five ankle proportion every she says every day into just make sure that she is perfect and looks perfect and it's interesting to me to give her that kind of vanity and and yet also kind of explain how she got that way. It's also interesting that the show is hedging its bets to keep us on her side by having her stumble into stand up not avid be something something that she wants and i think that's interesting went back and forth on it because it's like why couldn't you want this well. The timing the period setting means she wouldn't be a thing for necessarily but it could be <hes> and and the fact that she refused the call. I don't know how to do this. I don't want to do this and that if the show was just coasting on her natural ability she gets up drunk. She gets a pie. She's awesome perfect wonderful. She isn't like if you listen to the reaction of that. I set people don't really know what to do with it. Which i thought was really. I didn't want people to be falling all over her. Although i i do i wish he hadn't. She wasn't always stumbling onto the that was a little frustrating but i will say about the comedy is really hard to do. Comedy within comedy like that is really hard it sheriff in well. It's not my favorite comedy. Those are legit jokes. They are actually actually laughed. At some of the i love the you know. This is the most glorious name like that. I i mean. I think that was a lenny bruce real joke anyway. The board has the stuff. That's written. I think is is dynamite and that was the thing that i i every time someone's in favor number. Mike on the show i i get the and i really didn't have very many causes to cringe the fact that the series is going to be about her honing this natural ability and and and failing and bombing and that's important and that means that she's taking her natural ability to its limit and then she's working hard. This is again this. That's how the show keeps us liking your animals. You can be a monster working hard to shape it. That's important data. Did you enjoy the music katie presley music pros just going to ask you about the music because his i loved it and i didn't. I'm not even familiar with all of the songs but what i think it did perfectly is left the heavy lifting to the actors but managed to find songs over and over again that made me say i can't believe there's a song for exactly what she's feeling every country music but in silk new twitter bio yeah i was so impressed by that that because so often shows us the music as sledgehammers of like. Are you feeling this way yet here. I'll play mad world one more time and exactly i was just like uncanny how precision point accurate these songs were yeah loved it and speaking of musical the the english that tony shalhoub puts every line. This is a this this role is a bathtub full bubbles that he's just luxuriating in a way that feels kind of borsch belt that feels kind of old school really old school and it's really funny because of course a lot of people got to know tony shalhoub playing a heavily accented italian doc driver on wings wings and there's a moment i don't like it when <hes> shows show us something and then tell us something to underline it but there was a moment that we were talking about joel before before yeah. There's a moment that can unlock that character for me. Which is when <hes> tony shalhoub scherzer abe reminds his daughter that he said to her when he when she went away to college. Do not marry a week man and that's that's all of a sudden. I was convinced that the show knew that it was seeing in joel exactly what i was thinking. I was not liking joel for reasons that couldn't quite put my finger on besides the one who he left his wife but there's something intrinsic to that character that i couldn't quite find out that was that was the key and that's what he plays over the course of the season as an elite guy. His own father underlines it many many many. I think that's right all right well. We want to know what you you think of the marvelous. Mrs mazel find us on facebook at facebook dot com slash p. c. h. or tweet us at p._c._h. When we come back it will be time to talk about. What's making us happy. This leaks so come right back support for this n._p._r. Podcast and the following message come from curio collection by hilton with all curio collection by hilton hotels. There's something more to discover. Take the foodie forward resorts of silence goon in the maldives and the hotel in spain eager owns michelin starred chef diego c._e._o. Guy iago's romances pallets with multicultural and environmentally friendly dishes. Silence goon takes personalization to a new level by using natural ingredients to create unique plates for each guest. Are you curious visit hilton dot com slash n._p._r. Support for n._p._r. They are and the following message come from kroger. The you know one in eight americans struggle with hunger yet forty percent of the food produced in the u._s. Gets thrown away way. Kroger believes that have just one third of that wasted food could be redirected to people in need it would more than cover unmet food needs across the country while while helping to protect our planet. That's what kroger is doing through their zero. Hunger zero waste foundation last year alone kroger donated three hundred twenty five million in meals to local food banks. It's part of their goal to achieve zero hunger zero waste by twenty twenty-five learn more at kroger dot com slash z h z w welcome back to pop culture happy hour. It's time for our favorite segment of this week and every week what's making us happy this week glenn weld and what is making you. I'm happy to say buddy her. London spy is a series that is now four years old but it's still available on net flicks. It's five hour long episodes. Originally on the bbc starring ben we saw as hedonistic twinkle hooks up with the secretive meth petition in london gets drawn into a conspiracy involving murder blackmail an international espionage it stylish rush. It's sexy. It's kind of disturbing. It's great performances. Jim broadbent shows up because that's the law and <hes> he's a mentor who helps ben wishes character with this investigation. She gets today all these wonderful chewy things about the difference between wealth and class. It's really a lotta fun charlotte rampling charlotte rampling and in a manor house <hes> i can't i know right. She is so good and evil and icy in this thing that at one point i was watching it alone in my apartment and i went to myself. Charlotte rampling blink awesome. She's just great so it doesn't quite stick the dismount and a lot of people watched it. <hes> say the same thing something about the ending that does satisfied but if you want a good psychic whiplash you first screen paddington which is voiced by ben wishaw which is about a character voiced by bennie show who gets up to all kinds of hijinks in london thank you london spikes wink incentive gets up on the hijinks in london. Sexier hijinks very different. I really like london spy. I didn't even feed you. That bear. Joke on purpose did not. I figured it was coming. It just came to be thank you where. Where can i see it. That's like smith is netflix. Okay sorry thank you very much glen weldon berry hardy man. What is making you happy this week. So i was made happy after watching miss mazel by the music sick actually and what i did was i went back in time and since i wasn't able to buy the dresses i went and i listened to a lot of blossom dearie which i don't i feel like she's sort of under song or under known and i again like i'm a huge shirley horn sarah. I love these women but there's something the little girl voice and the albums all of which are on spotify from when she is very young to very old all the verve studio recordings are so wonderful. It is these really. It's all of those deep cuts that you don't remember. It's it's it's i'm hip which is a hilarious song about the beats i dig. I'm in steph when it was hip to be happy happy. I don't blow on my phone. Look at me swing ring ding ding. I even even call my girlfriend ma'am so him and reset such a lovely. I'm making breakfast or my family or for myself. In the morning i put it on. I'm wearing a bathrobe and now it's addressing down and i am have maybe i put my coffee mug. Maybe i've put it in a cup saucer genuinely win. Lee made me this week and i do want to say people who don't think they know blossom dearie if you're old enough to have watched schoolhouse rock oh she sang hang the figure eight song. Thank you very much berry hartman katie presley. What is making you happy this week space opera yeah. I am two thirds of the way through an latkes hi fi trilogy. It's called the imperial rach shimoji. The books are called ansari justice ancillary sword and ancillary mercy. I've read the first two of those so i recommend them on. Two different aren't levels. I recommend them to anyone who loves sci fi because treachery and adventure and unpronounceable names abound but why it is making me katie presley happy. This week is because every pronoun in the books is she. Oh interesting so this empire is called raj and the people are called rod shy and to the rajai gender is completely unimportant. Their language does not have words for it but other planets in the galaxy earned the empire do have words for it so the default is she and then occasionally someone will be corrected but the narrator whose name is brick. I think unpronounceable names continues to say she forever because that's how her brain works so like i just cannot cannot put into words what a sav it is for my weary soul to read three hundred page books where everybody is a she until proven otherwise i it's it's so great end so the first book i understood probably a third of the words and the second can book. Maybe three fifths so like the third one. I'm hoping for five seven call it a win progress and learning for super recommend. Oh thank you so much katy presley. What is making me happy this week. I made a commitment that i was going to try very hard to watch all watch at least one episode of all of the a sixty plus t._v. Shows premiering in the month of january. One that i really enjoyed is called building giants and it's on these science channel l. in building giants. They follow the construction of something enormous. The first episode was about mercedes benz stadium in atlanta data and they filmed over. It looks like the several years that it took to build mercedes benz stadium. They filmed how they built. This is gigantic retractable roof and the moment that they tested this roof that fits together in this interesting like pedal design so that the pieces all come and a and twist around each other and lock in. I think if you have a kid who is interested in construction and construction trucks and you know big objects objects which are often fascinating too little kids. There's a lot of kind of you know. Enormous stuff getting picked up and hauled and moved and put in place and and although inches and all the stuff that it takes to get things where they're supposed to go. I think anybody would say that. If you're gonna talk about sports stadium there's a bunch of other stuff the the financing of sports stadiums and all the other things. There's no effort to get into that. It's strictly a construction show so i'm going to recommend building giants on on the science channel particularly for those of you and i know you are many who have kids who are interested in engineering things and and building and construction so that is what is making me happy this week that brings us to the end of our show. You can follow us on twitter. You can find me n._p._r. Monkey see you can follow plan g. h. Whelton you can follow barry b. Hardiman and katie at love is maroon can follow our producer jessica reedy at jessica underscore reedy and our producer emeritus meritous and music director. Mike catt's. Mike catt's of k. a. t. z._i._f. Mike's band hello come in provides are in and out music that you are bobbing your head to right now. Thanks to all of you for being here. Thank you and thanks to all of you for listening. If you have a second you're so inclined. Please give us a review on apple podcasts. It helps more folks to find the show. We will see you all right back here next week. Hey it's not just you. This week does feel like it's gone on forever. It is over join me sam sanders to get some perspective catch my show. It's it's been a minute where we look back on the news and culture and everything else downloaded every weekend from n._p._r.

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'Maisel' Actor Alex Borstein

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'Maisel' Actor Alex Borstein

"From whyy in Philadelphia. I'm terry gross with fresh air. Today after Alex Burstein she's won two Emmys for her performance on the Marvelous Mrs Mazel Easel. It's about in one thousand nine hundred housewife who becomes a standup comic. Boston plays her manager and brutally honest confidante season three is streaming now. I got her start on mad. TV and became a writer and voice actor on family guy. She said her voice for the mom. Lois Griffin was based on a sketch. Comedy character. She she did whose son told her. He was quitting his stockbroker job to become a magician and she said Oh. Okay well that's fine and wonderful. By what what about the stockbroker job. No I'm not I'm leaving that I wanna be a magician. Aoki good but you're still going to be a stockbroker right. That's coming up on fresh share the third season of the Marvelous Mrs Mazel just started streaming on Amazon. And this morning the show is nominated for a Golden Golden Globe for best comedy series. Our guest Alex Burstein won back to back emmys for her performance as Mrs maizels manager. She also won an Emmy for her performance. Formation's in the Fox Animated Series Family Guy as the mother Lois on the HBO series getting on she played a nurse. She got her start on the sketch. Comedy Series Mad. TV Alex Burstein spoke with fresh. Air's Dave Davies and they began with a clip from the marvelous. Mrs Mazel. It set in the Nineteen Fifties Midge Mazel as an affluent young Jewish housewife on. New York's upper west side after helping her husband a businessman who's an aspiring comic. She takes takes the MIC one. Night likes it and soon discovers. She's a better comic than he is. Alex Bornstein's character is the tough streetwise. Suzy Meyerson who recognizes Midge maizels talent and becomes her manager in this scene from the second season Midge maizels career has gotten some traction and she's meeting Susie busy at a diner midge. Mazel is played by Rachel Brosnahan. The scene begins with Boersting as susie. Remarking that midget success means her. Phone calls are now being returned. He's club owners. Call me back in a flash sometime. You'll take a message when the hearings me on the phone call. That's respect for me. I I mean look at me. They're respecting me. I'm working alone. I have a tune with you on some month. Truce since he they respect you. Because you're you Great Britain. Do half of them respect me may be the other half. WanNa get in your pants stock. It's going to happen. I mean look at you like a dollar of Whitby. Grew ahead undercut yourself. That's all I'm saying. So you call this launch. What he wants to talk about just wanted to touch base before I go to the Cancer Relief Tomorrow Karski so nice down break pastures been tough? Gigs might tougher tossed into S. That's why it's so Saturday. On Day you went to college. You can figure it out these role in the next two weeks. So I'm going to catskills. Yeah you say so so I can't do these. I'm going to the catskills Angela. Week after next. But I'm going to the catskill your record skipping missy get to the point going to the catskills for two months. She's almost. That was a bit. Take going to catch those two months. Such a million times I was going to the catskills so but I figured it was five days tops. Awesome two months the guy in back of me to whatever you're doing for two months lots of things but look at tree you go to bed you get up. You look at a tree even just two straight months. It's going on their activities. We'd go boating. We sunbathe over the summer I stayed here and I sweat and I smell like a bum. I'm miserable and I want to kill people I do until it gets cold. And that's I guess Alex bursting with Rachel Brosnahan in the marvelous. Mrs Mazel the third season and is now available for streaming on Amazon. Prime Alex Burstein welcome to fresh air. It's great to have you tell us about susie this manager You know I'm sure. Are you spent a Lotta time in comedy clubs. Is there somebody that you kind of drew on for this character. You know not directly. This character just feels very familiar. You're regardless of what profession and what world. She's she's working in. It's it's you know she's my grandmother She's my mother. She's people like Amy Sherman Palladino in my life. There have been you know various club owners that you know you know throughout the years but there's no one person I know amy in bringing this alive she did pull from a kind of a character to and the women that have have risen to the top and especially during during that time were pretty few and far between and very recognizable. This series has really high production values in the costumes especially for the women are like wow down to the hat and the gloves you look pretty different. Yeah most of the women have have extravagant costumes. I I'm the lucky one. I think I get flat shoes. No girdle I'm not forced to wear period underpinnings I am supposed to wear. I do have one vintage Bravo many many times. I actually sneak my own bra under. 'cause it's hidden with a jacket and they can't see and suzy's is not extravagant. Her her bras is very sad. Little will a sad little white old nineteen fifties period piece but Yeah a lot of times out of laziness. I'll keep on my maiden wouldn't farming referring as I understand it you in this was created by Amy Sherman Palladino. Who you've worked with before and you were living in Barcelona right? You'd kind of made a move and then you got the script. She sucked me back in. Yeah I decided to I wanted my kids to do you know school year abroad and wanted to have that experience and had just I had worked on the show called getting on which was the love of my life and that ended and I it broke my heart and I was just hit tried with another project to get it off the ground and then I that looked like it was going to happen and it fell apart. Something with Alan Larkin and and I just kind of gave up. I thought this I'm just done. I want to enjoy my time and not not feel terrible about myself. Let me just go and have this experience. Manson right then Amy's are you still serious about doing this main thing. Because I've written that project to talk to you about and I'd really like for you to read for so I was like well go ahead and send it and then I read it and I was like why did I ever send it. 'cause I loved it and I couldn't not audition for it. So addition for it so what was the additionally I flew into New York I brought some clothing. That felt like what I kind of envisioned for this character like a button-down shirt and some some brown wool don't know if you'd call him. dungarees trousers some flat. Kind of men's men's suits boots shoes and they had me read with Rachel so I met Rachel that day and it was very warm and I threw the outfit on and realized allies right while I was in the waiting room. I forgot deodorant. Just sweat pit circles like really awful awful sweat bits and I think they they actually thought it was kind of charming and very suzy ish. There's a lot of stand up in in the series. I mean in comedy clubs and in other settings and you know it struck me that. That's maybe not the easiest thing to recreate. I mean kind of the feeling of a comedy club and the spontaneity of performance an audience in a scripted drama. Did did you feel that way. It's the hardest thing in the world to do. I think we were almost nervous about that. Almost every show or movie I've ever seen about standup. Just there's something so stiff and so unreal and I think what amy nailed was making mid a type of stand up that you. I have not seen before in that era you know. She's she's she's not a lenny bruce but she's stream of consciousness and she's talking about things she's not supposed to and not doing a character character not so. I think that that made it a little bit easier. That she's presenting herself and performing pieces from her life. That that that may be lends itself itself to reproducing an an easier way. And and Rachel's very very committed to I mean nailing it. She works very very hard hard on that material and asks a lot of questions and amy guides her a lot and she tries different things. And and we're very lucky that the background players who play our audiences and I mean this. They're they're really dedicated and they laugh manny many many times we do so many takes and they're they're able to give us the feeling it's very real and give her the feeling. It's very real that when she succeeding it feels real. She's able to have the right tone to follow up a joke with something. That's just gone over well and if you don't have that from the people responding to you it's hard to. It's hard to pretend. Yeah you don't you. Don't you take for granted those people that are out there in these chairs but it's a long day for them vary lived in in in wool in corsets in. He'll very uncomfortable. Shoes from the fifties and hats. Batson it is a tremendous amount of work for them. Did you do a lot of stand up when you were younger. I have done some stand up. You know Really really I'll just so desperate to perform and wanting desperately to just get up on stage and try to do stuff and please. That stand was great shortcut to do that. You didn't have to wait for a notice for an audition or try to get a group of people together you could just go and do and the first time I did. I was sixteen years old and it was at a a bar that my parents had to come with me. Because they wouldn't let me in the bar otherwise he was in in the valley and California and they they paid me twenty dollars at a place called called Gallagher's it was in the bottom of the Ramada Inn and material was about parents and school and teachers. And and I'm sure may maybe it was a little bit cute. I don't know how how great it was but The six people in the audience were very kind and and it's funny. I Made Twenty Ninety dollars and I think that was maybe the only money I ever made after that every like open mic was. No one ever paid me again really. Do you remember any. Save your jokes. I remember talking about the toilet paper in the in the bathrooms. Junior high bathrooms were in an effort to save save paper and be economical. They looked like teeny tiny squares. That came out as a single piece instead of a a roll of toilet paper and and I was comparing the the size of the paper to the size of my ass and and making jokes about how this from the little math that I understood. This does not seem to work I. I didn't say it was funny. Folks I said I did at sixteen most most of it was family. Most of it was me impersonating my grandmother or talking about my parents serve that that was the bulk of of material. I'm actually come full circle though I'm I'm doing stand up again now or really. Yeah and and what made you want to do that you know. I met two really special people in Barcelona or Falana White and They're musicians is in there. Dear dear friends a Salva and Eric and the three of US started working together performing together now. I started writing material. I remember Suzy Esmond. I think saying on our show once before about that. You stand up is like a really aggressive thing. You've just got to be tough. Do you feel that way I do and I don't think it's necessarily while you're on the stage doing it. It's everything around it. It's getting ready to do it. It's waiting until two in the morning to get a slot to go on its Being heckled it's drunk people. It's fighting noise if people talking. It's it's it's in that way it's even before you're up there performing. It's very hard. It's an uphill push. You grew up in the suburbs and Illinois and then move to the L. A. Area for high school. Were you always cut up. Were you making jokes as a kid. I was always the comic relief in the family. I think you you know you. Do you get a role at a very early age. And that's kind of what you're stuck with and that that was my role we we We were always kind of a funny family but but specifically I would kind of try to ease tensions a lot of time. You were the youngest of three right and your brother is a HAEMOPHILIAC Yes you were not you. You carry the gene but not but you don't have the disorders at right. Yeah you know. It's interesting when when I grew up a women even if you had a low level of clotting factor which yeah I do they just called US low level symptomatic carriers your carrier. But now I have a daughter who has the same you know. factor level is as me and. Now she's actually in the category. They call her mild haemophiliacs. So yeah but growing up I was always just called a symptomatic carrier And really never had any issues. I never had to be treated for it but my brother my brother you know lived the life of a HAEMOPHILIAC. My uncle as well and so that was that was something that I think I provided a lot of Comic Relief. You know making him laugh you know when he had to be hospitalized for long periods of time or if he was in a wheelchair or we would have wheelchair races in the hospital corridors. We at one point he had was in a wheelchair and we tied a rope to the back of his wheelchair and to the Garage door handle and thought that would be hilarious to open the garage and close the garage and have it pull him up and down the driveway. Which of course ended up does it was not a good idea folks? I'm going to go ahead and say don't don't do this. Don't try this at home. So what happened that it's spilling out of the chair. Of course he spilled out of its share it it you know when when the when the thing went up you know it was disastrous. He rolled down and then it yanked back when it went higher and he poured out onto the cement driveway. Hey and we are in a lot of trouble but I think he I think he laughed his ass off so it was worth. It was worth the injury. Do you think seeing the the difficulties difficulties your brothers faced and spending as much time as you did in in medical settings in hospitals. I'm wondering how that affected you that your sense of I. I don't know security. I don't know I mean definitely seeing the fragility of life definitely seeing that one mutation of one gene can can completely change the course of your health or a person's destiny or I think that was always something that that stayed with me and and I've as as a result I've been very very active in the hemophilia community when I was pregnant with my first child I knew that it was a boy and I was terrified. Graphite that he was going to be hemophilia I was terrified and What that would mean what I be able to handle it and I've since since stayed very active I reached out to the community at that point and talk to a lot of MOMS of hemophiliacs to try to figure out what kind of life what is this going to mean for me now because I knew what it was like for my brother growing up but it's changed treatment is very different now My brother lost so many friends into HIV because the product was tainted the disabled blood derivative and a lot of it was contaminated and still distributed within the you you mean hemophiliacs who were treated with blood treatments that were contaminated that's right. The factor eight treatment required for haemophilia. Haemophilia a was was tainted. There is a lot of hepatitis and HIV and so many people died so many people were lost and and we lived with that fear We were very lucky for some reason my rather was spared and did not contract HIV. But it was very tenuous and very scary that that was always kind of a wait. We're speaking with Alex Burstein. She Co Stars in the series. The Marvelous Mrs Mazel as Susie Meyerson the third season is now available for streaming streaming on Amazon prime. Your Grandmother Was Hungarian. Right Holocaust survivors. A Kid And you went to Hebrew school to write We had a lot of sounds in your head. Did you develop characters out of all that. Yeah I think I think You know I worked on a show called mad. TV and one of the other actors actor will Sasso. He grew up with a second language in his house. And I think having that lends itself to IMPERSONATIONS voices character development. I I think it's something that has a hand pointing you in that direction. So yeah I having different languages ways to shape your mouth I think it it absolutely helped push me in that direction. Do you have a character from your childhood that you remember we can share with us. I mean my my grandmother it was you know someone that that I impersonated. All my life she then became. You know a character. I ended up doing on. That was doing in live theater before that was i. I called the other Gabor and then she became Miss Swann. And so that was You know You you value. It's it's so much candy. Have again the he he thickened I make for you make for you cake. Why you eat cake you would fit to fit? There's a lot of that there is a lot of I mean I watched a lot of you know Lakha on taxi was was major for me to watch something like like that and Jonathan Winters There are a lot of things that became little voice in my head so I went to college college and San Francisco and got involved in a lot of comedy and sketch comedy groups and in Nineteen ninety-seven joined mad TV which would have been like twenty only six years old right. I mean yeah I was. I was a young and I think I mean now I feel like that's not young like you see these fetuses starting in television at the time I felt like I was young. Are there were just some great performance. or I mean my kids and I just loved love that show will Sasso you. Mentioned Debra Wilson Nicole L. Sullivan Phil Lamar and other people went on upgrade careers Yeah it was it was a pretty. It was a pretty intense experience. It was a really amazing bootcam- I'm kind of experience. I guess it was out of that that you got the role on family guy. The animated series which has been a huge hit in his on. What like eighteen seasons? Now Commits Seth Macfarlane on mad. TV is at right and then he came up with. Yeah you know mad. TV was a late Night Fox program and at the time a woman named Leslie Collins. Small was in charge of development for late night. And she was working with Seth trying to develop this brilliant animated piece that he had done as a thesis project and and at first they were going to do it as interstitial on mad. TV kind of like the simpsons was born out of the Tracey Ullman. Show and thankfully seth was so wise is to not give up the rights and do that I think they want him to sign everything over and he didn't and they ended up. You know making a pilot and she one of our were Press events she said. Hey you know Leslie said to me do you. Do you do voices right and I was like I'll do anything you want. What do you what do you got I'm doing this animated thing with this Guy Seth breath and maybe you can help us do this pilot presentation so one Saturday afternoon. I went to a studio in Santa Monica California and we met and I took a look at the drawing and at the same time I was doing a character on stage at the Acme Comedy Theatre where most of my characters were born I was doing a a a sketch called magic man. Written by Jeff Lewis and I played this mother with red hair coincidentally and her son had come home to say he doesn't want to be a stockbroker anymore and he wants to be a magician and she said Oh okay well that's fine and wonderful but by what about the stockbroker job but no. Oh Mama I'm not. I'm leaving that. I WANNA be a magician. Okay good bye. Yeah but you're still gonNA be a stockbroker right and you know I did that. Voice as for Seth and he's like I like that he's like maybe it's a little too slow. Maybe you could speed it up and and that voice is actually also based on a Hungarian relative on my cousin who lives lives in Long Island So so yeah that was kind of born out of everything just ripped off of my family. Basically I just emma thief. We're listening to the interview. Alex Burstein recorded with fresh. Air's Dave Davies. Burstein Co Stars in the series. The Marvelous Mrs Mazel the third season just started streaming on Amazon after a break. We'll talk about finding the voices for characters on the Animated Series Family Guy About why she thinks her looks prevented her from getting an agent earlier in her career and why the cancellation of HBO series. Getting on let her to leave the country. I'm Terry Gross and this is fresh air. This message comes from. NPR's sponsor vanguard vanguard was founded on a simple but radical idea that an investment company can succeed because it puts investors. I vanguards client owned you own. Their funds and the Fund's own vanguard which means vanguard is built to ensure that your interests will be the priority together vanguards thirty million investors are changing the way the world invests visit vanguard dot com or talk to your financial advisor to learn more. Let's get it back to the interview. Fresh Air's Davies recorded with actor and comedian. Alex Burstein when they left off she was talking about doing voice. Work for the animated series. Family Guy let's clip here that this is This is from season two when Lois your character and Peter her husband run against against each other for the school board because of something stupid. Peter got angry about and This is at their debate. And we'll hear you As Lois but first of all here Peter Played by Seth McFarland speaking about why people should not vote for his wife. Serve a school board. President doesn't leave their feminine treatments in the Fridge. Next at a much worse I have a closet. She snores like a world peace. Thank you move on the second blow dry. I'm not done yet. She freely haunting she nailed down a right. And that's enough. Each baby in this election is about our children's future so ask yourself. What kind of future will it be if you elect a man who has never taught a a student even bender a PTA meeting? This is a man who believes the plural of goose is she. I'm the right person for the job Bob. Vote for me and that's our guest. AL exporting thanks to her cousin in Long Island of doing the voice it's it's you know it's amazing is animation and this is true of almost every show that's ever been made the voices get higher and faster as the years go on and it's so true I listen onto that and it's it sounds so much slower and such. It's such a lower pitch. Does that happen. I don't know seth is the one who said that. That's that's the truth and I started noticing it even with the flintstones and the jetsons you can really hear the change from the first year the last you did lois and a lot of other voices. Sa's do do you have a favorite more obscure voice that you can share with us. There's this librarian that's always been really fun to do that. she is just I very. She thinks she's very clever and she tell some jokes the jokes she's so she's so taken by them and they can't get of just you know it's it's a different process than stand up and you've done sketch and then this I gather you spend a lot of time in the studio by yourself writer without the other actors. They're right. Oh yeah a lot of it. In the beginning. We tried to do stuff. Jeff together. Seth and I would do a lot together But then as everyone's schedules changed became almost impossible. So you know everyone started working more and more moving in our lives changing so we do a lot of stuff solo but will sometimes be on the line where we can do some stuff off of each other with someone long distance But a lot of its solitary. And you're involved in writing the series to over the years right so I guess there's some collaboration there yeah actually You know that's how how I came into the Palladino fold was through Family Guy One of our writers is Dan Palladino and then he rose in the ranks and started running the show he was running the writer's room and he was my boss as a writer and he was. He was the person that came to me. And said you know you should. You should read the script by my wife wrote. It's called the Gilmore Girls Kind of how I met the Palladino ride and Amy Sherman. Palladino was the creator of the marvelous. Mrs Mazel and yet I mean you so you landed a role on the Gilmore. Girls right you were Sukey right. Yeah the addition for Sukey and shot the pilot in Canada. And and then I couldn't do it because of my contract with Mad TV. It's odd that they would have let you shoot pilot without you know without getting the go-ahead to to appear grams shared. Well you know every year the way it works you don't know if it shows gonNA come back for quite a while it's it's things are always on the bubble mad TV every year. We were waiting to here. And while you're waiting you want to cover your own but so you go out and you audition for things. In second position they call it so a a lot of things will take you in second position because they're banking on the other thing folding They're just willing to take that chance and and they thought they were going to try to work it out. They thought were. I think we're going to be able to do this. We'll we'll have you work on Sundays and Mondays on Gilmore. And you'll do mad TV the rest of the week And then it just became. I think it was kind of a tiny any war between warner brothers and Fox. It didn't WANNA share anybody. Well Nice to be appreciated anyway. So did you have to figure all this out. Do you have an agent in who really knows the business your own Susie Meyerson who could guide you through this stuff now. I didn't have an agent at the time really. Wow Yeah took me. I was on mad TV. Maybe for five years and I was not able to get an agent until until I left not able no one wanted to represent values correct. That's shocking Aw the different the business was different back then. No I think I just didn't. Everyone just was like what is she going to be able to do. She's this short pudgy. Thing being and how are we going to cast her. No one wants to look at that so I think it was just not I was not seen as a a horse that was gonNA place so I could not get get representation to save my life. Wow so you had to work the phones and negotiate your own contracts. Y- yeah I mean Ma- mad. TV happened. Because I got myself into a comedy festival in Austin Texas where casting people were and they saw me. And that's how I got that audition and then family. I happen because the woman who worked on mad. TV was developing with. Seth knew me personally and brought me in. And then Gilmore girls happened because of Dan working on family guy and really everything has been just one one piece after that. After on Gilmore girls I met a producer. You Sir named Gavin Pallone. Who then was you know? Signed me on to develop a pilot with him as a producer and at that point An agency was a lawyer was like hey will you take her on. Because she's doing this pilot and they took me on that ended up kind of being a disaster because they didn't really want to represent me they were kind of doing it as a favor to this lawyer and and you know you got the paperwork done for me and then that was cow. The last day ever heard from them. We're speaking with Alex Burstein. We will continue our conversation in just a moment. This is fresh air support for this podcast and the following message for parents come from little passports. A monthly subscription service that sparks kids curiosity about the world around them. Each curated package is filled with fun ways to experience the excitement of discovering covering geography world cultures or science with projects designed for their passionate young minds every month brings a new adventure for you and your child to explore together her. Learn more at little passports dot com slash NPR. I'm ship rally and I'm Andrew Beck race we're the host of the NPR. PODCAST white lies a story about guilt and memory and it says as much about America today as it does about the past apple just named white lies the best true crime show here. And if you haven't listened to it you can binge the entire series series now wherever you get your podcasts. Thanks this is fresh air. And we're speaking with Alex Burstein. She Co Stars in the series. The Marvelous Bizet's Mazel Mazel Season three is now available for streaming on Amazon prime. Well I want to talk about getting on the. Hbo Series that you did. I guess for three three seasons. I mean this is just just terrific series and I wreck. I recommend it to listeners. You can it's available on demand Let's let's listen to it to a scene here. This this is set in a geriatric extended care unit of a hospital. It's kind of a struggling hospital and you're a nurse who cares for the elderly women and and the series. It's it's about the work the relationships among you and a doctor who has played brilliantly by Laurie metcalf and the patients in the other staff in here. Here is a scene from the first episode. Where you're sitting with the new nurse who's played by nece- Nash? You're eating a salad and talking about the job in the hospital which it was kind of struggling. Let's listen Dr Evolving. He was a great director of medicine really handsome to hand over the bat infections report and and been interviewing for that position for three months. Everyone says that we're dragging the rest of the medical center now which we're not must be extended cares boring during which it is not totally where the action is. Did you testosterone on this unit. Though I'm telling you that breath so so why did you get in a nursing. And what did you do before long story. I talked to my the man I mean I cried every day on the way home from work for my first two months to let him and I take my job really seriously. You know maybe I care too much. There's nothing more important than me than taking care of these women women here. You know these elderly women who are alone and have no one else in our entrusted to my care and we were just as hard as anyone hospital over there. I mean even ten times as hard. I've almost been fired twice for cleanliness infractions. That's our guest. Alex Bornstein with nece- Nash in the HBO Series Getting on Just talk a little bit about your character and what makes this thing work in such a compelling way that was really really something to listen to. I haven't I haven't heard that in so long and there's so many memories in that project project that this was one of my favorite things I've ever done in my life. The whole experience was just remarkable and it was so dark and the show is about dying women elderly women and how they're just thrown away really. The elderly in our society and and the healthcare system is is just a mess and and yet it was so funny in there is so much comedy to be mined out of this and it was just an amazing using an amazing project that that monologue. That piece was my audition and I had just had a baby. I was in Seattle Washington and and and I was put myself on tape on video to do this audition and I was such a hormonal mess. I was so I mean I looked looked exhausted and was on the verge of two engines. Broke down doing that piece in. It's you know it's really just postpartum. Insanity is what got me that part so so funny to listen to now but yeah Mark Olson and we'll shift or the guys who created that show they re crafted it after after the British series of the same name and they were just remarkable they had gone through losing both of their parents. An were so both of their MOMS in the very recent past at that time and so they were wanting desperately to tell that story and they did it so well less so the scene that we just heard was pretty much the audition script that you really are that was my addition piece. So now you know yeah I mean well what strikes me is that I mean you know we think of you as a comedic actress and you really funny and but this really requires some dramatic addict. Acting Chops did that did that feel comfortable. Did you train for it. No it did not feel comfortable and I think that's why it was exciting. Like the challenge of haven't done anything like this before and had no idea if I could even do it I just loved how desperate aspirin this woman was an and sad and vulnerable and willing to willing to sell herself short for any kind of connection with another human being and you know when she's talking in that piece she's talking about herself and the fear she has of dying alone and who's going to take care of her and it's it it it was just so compelling I couldn't not audition for it you know. The set is popularly. Know they're they're they're the main actors and then the sad is populated with these patients. These elderly the women who add some some real comedy to it with their expressions are watching this. These crazy fights go on among the staff and their expression just hilarious and I assume that these are older actors and I'm wondering what Your interactions with them. ORLA are like and whether it kind of made you think about the passage of time. It's Gosh maybe that's me in thirty years. Oh Yeah we had a lot of people on the set women on the set. who had were this one worked with Sinatra and this one was in Gypsy and this one you know June squibb had been in gypsy? You know the stage version. It's it's it was phenomenal to to meet these women and listen to what they they had to say and and watch them work and and also to see like Oh this is the future like like you know Laurean Nissan. I would all be like this is going to be us like we're we're GONNA be in the beds in the background one day and and and I hope that we are still sharp and his graceful as these ladies is kind of what talk about every day. Yeah the other thing that struck me about. It is that I think all of the scenes take place in the hospital. I mean there are. It's about their lives and there are references that two things that happen elsewhere. Like you know dating and sex and all that stuff but but it's really in the workplace and there's I'm wondering kind of what that added to the performances in the field of at all it was magic. I mean. Think that's probably one of the things I loved about it. It was so contained. There were no lighting changes very rarely. Would they have to adjust anything so we shot. You know we shot for twelve hours a day and it was. It was nonstop. We didn't we never sat. There was no like chairs. Set up with your with a book or knitting needles in the corner because you never stopped you did not rest your occur in every scene. Even if you're not in the forefront in the background and we moved lightning we had we had three and a half days to shoot an episode which is tiny? I think we have twelve on on Mazel. Most shows have five or seven and we had three and a half and it was. We moved so so quickly and I loved it felt real. I think it helped all of our performances to feel like we were nurses on-duty doing a twelve hour shift and I could not rest and you could not get off your feet and you are very happy to be wearing nursing clogs because that's the only way you could get through the day right. Yeah I have two sisters to hospital nurses and yeah it. It is an intense and busy profession. Yeah it's brutal and you're making decisions that are life and death very often so it was I mean I'd been in a lot of hospitals my whole life with my brother and in and out but to see it from the other side is really. It's really something new I and what's interesting about. This is a character that was is really complex. I mean she is committed but she's very vulnerable and confused at times and when it was cancelled. It was a real bummer for you. That's when you move to Barcelona. Is that right. Oh it broke my heart. It was the hardest thing I mean. Really it really Louis was the big heartbreaker my life. yeah I felt like I was just kind of coming into my own. I just found something that felt right and then it was gone and it was was it was hard because it was critically it was received very. Well we we were. We were really doing well and I would hear such positive things from so many people But it was not it was dark and I think a lot of people. Hbo I think it was worried. That wants to watch a show about dying dying women when they had things like entourage and game of thrones that were these big shiny pieces you know so it was just. I think it was a weird time for it but I also feel so grateful to have had three seasons at all in gotten. The experience is celebrity appealing. And Fun. We do you enjoy people approaching approaching you in the airport and on the street I'm not really good at it. I'm I'm I'm not good at. I still have a I I still have a really crap. self image and I think I still live in like a middle school mentality in my head so if anyone's looking got me I assume it's because they are making fun of me if anyone's whispering I assume it's because they're saying terrible things so it's it's I get very paranoid and strange about it and my face will turn red and I get very uncomfortable and I think I come off. Nine Times out of ten is very aloof but I just. I'm uncomfortable with it. It's strange so maybe Barcelona's an advantage in that way. Yeah the thing. I always say what I love most about. Barcelona is I am. I feel very I get to be anonymous there but I feel very visible and and alive and seen and taken in well and whereas When I'm here I I feel very invisible in some ways or if people are looking at me it's probably for the wrong reasons nervous about it and now it makes no sense? But that's why I'm an actor. We're all nuts right now exporting. It's been fun. Thanks so much for speaking with us. Thank you Alex Burstein spoke with fresh air's Davies. She's won two Emmys for her performance in the series. The Marvelous Mrs Maysville and the show was nominated for a Golden Globe for best comedy series. The third season is now streaming on Amazon. I'm Terry Gross and this is fresh air. This message comes from. NPR sponsor capital one with the capital. One Walmart art rewards card you can earn five percent back at Walmart on line two percent at Walmart in store restaurants and travel and one percent everywhere else when you want all that you need the capital capital one walmart rewards card. What's in your wallet? Terms and exclusions apply capital one and a support also comes from imperative entertainment and Texas monthly now available for download. Boomtown is a new ten part podcast series about an oil boom taking place in a rugged corner of West Texas where roughnecks and billionaire Noor wildcatters are contributing to a boom that may reshape America's climate economy and geopolitics. You'll get an inside look at the people cashing in and and those whose lives are turned upside down. Listen for free on apple podcasts. spotify or your favorite podcast player last year. Women artists took seven seven out of ten spots on recruit Kentucky's top ten album list. This year women took over completely filling. All ten slots can says that from rap to rock to singer-songwriter Pop Twenty Nineteen was a bountiful year for all kinds of music. Here's a song from one of the artists on his list. Lizardo who was just nominated cominated for eight grammys in your opinion what they show once upon a time word. Hope not liquor store the little anthem. I'm trying to open up a lead of Mahar Elise so awesome this guy when I started drawing up my two thousand nineteen best list. It was quickly apparent that the first three entries would be in very close competition. I love lizards album because I love you for its soul ballads and hip hop funk. I admire Billie eyelashes when we all fall asleep. Where do we go for? Its artful intimacy and I continue to be nourished by Lana del Rey's Norman effing rockwell for its long language songs about the ways that men intrigue please and disappoint her in the end. Del Rey's cinematic. Compositions pushed her collection. Just slightly ahead of the others to take the number one slot. I'm as Long Beach and you pay a miss dancing with you. Most of all the by UH dances last for Kokomo in those nights. Aw ages inches and other artists. My Best List are adored within their genres but are perhaps perhaps less well known to a wider listenership Megan. The stallions debut album fever collected her witty. Profane thoughts Carly Rae. Jefferson's dedicated gated offered a whole new set of dance pop confections and I was completely won over by the album. Full of tough minded songs written and performed by carseat Blanton on Buck up which I have. No doubt is the most underrated album of this year. Again go on the ground road to read cast was dead and I had The fine print down I Of course men made great music as well frequently in the form of a different measurement of artistic achievement. They hit single does does anyone doubt for example that the song of the year is little nausea XS old town road. It's the song that defined the year for its massive genre crossing popularity and sheer cheer catchiness. And if I had to narrow down to one favorite song in two thousand nineteen it was probably this one. twenty-one savages musical list of trials and tribulations relations called how much how much money how much dash how much money you how much money you got coming product. Last how many people doubted left Iraq a lot. How many aw how many how many times you've got shot? How many? How many times did you coming in than data coming to cheat Salaam? How many times? How many times how many times you craft not? How many chances every day in the end I narrowed it down to these ten albums number one? Lana del Rey's effing rockwell to Liz. Oh 'cause I love you three Billy Irish when we all fall asleep where do we go. Four carseat Blanton's buck up five. Megan the stallion fever lever six carly. Rae Jepsen dedicated seven. Merrin Morris's girl eight beyond say homecoming homecoming the live album. Sharon van Etten remind me tomorrow is number nine and ten is Jenny. Lewis's on the line. It was also a very strong year for women. Writing Music Books. A fine new biography of Janice Joplin by Holly George Warren. Deborah Harry's Eccentric Autobiography Griffey Karen Toxins Critical Study titled Y Karen Carpenter Matters and the best rock memoir. I read all year Amy Rigby girl to city yes. As far as I was concerned it was the year of the woman and it was exhilarating. My best to you for this holiday season awesome. Ken Tucker is fresh. Air's rock critic. You'll find his ten best list as well as book critic Maureen Corrigan. Ten best list on our website fresh air dot. NPR Dot Org. Tomorrow on fresh air my guest will be Peter. Bergen national security analysts for CNN and author of the new book trump and his generals the cost of chaos. We'll talk about how trump went from saying. He loved his generals to later basically going to war with the generals in his administration. Bergen says with the generals gone trump surrounded by. Yes men. Hope you can join us. Fresh Air's executive producer is Danny Miller. Our Technical Director and engineer a near as Audrey Bentham our associate producer of digital media. Is Molly Seavy Nesper. Roberta shorrock directs the show. I'm Terry Gross. Tino's say to those I think I think so both thank you. Please Hutto Tayo so cool so you it. I'm not thank. You did that on the.

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My Favorite Murder Presents: Tenfold More Wicked - Episode 1: All That is Wicked: The Schutts

My Favorite Murder with Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark

45:48 min | 5 months ago

My Favorite Murder Presents: Tenfold More Wicked - Episode 1: All That is Wicked: The Schutts

"I this is exactly rain on. Your woman is a new film from amazon studios starring. Rachel brosnahan. I'm your woman is a nineteen seventy set crime drama. That tells the story of a woman who was forced to go on the run with her baby on her criminal husband. Double crosses his boss and disappears. I'm your woman is available on december eleventh. Only on prime video go by with state farm you get surprisingly great rates for your home and car insurance with equally great service there agents are the real deal customizing your insurance to fit your needs and with the award winning state farm mobile app you can manage your policies pay bills and file claims when you want to hear about true crime. Listen to us me and karen but when you want the real deal for your home or car. Insurance like a good neighbor state farm as their guy hi everybody. Hey we are here to tell you that. We're so proud to announce the newest addition to exactly right tenfold more wicked from historical true crime. Author kate winkler dawson. We're sharing episode one with you right here in the my favorite murder feed an episode two and three of the podcast her out now so once you listen to episode one you can head right over. Tenfold more wicked to subscribe and listen to the next. Two episodes hate takes her listeners. On a gruesome trip through history with chilling campfire stories of true crime it's unique blending of narrative nonfiction storytelling with investigative journalism with a deep dive into the lives victims and killers and how they made history. The first season shares the real life saga of america's most intelligent killer a brilliant academic in gilded age new york city and asked the question. Is there something ingrained in our brains at birth that separates us from criminals. So enjoy this. First episode of this new six part season right here and then head over to tenfold. More wicked debenture episodes. Two and three were so excited about the show. So don't forget to subscribe to tenfold more wicked on stitcher apple podcasts. Spotify or wherever you listen and if you like what hear pleas. Right kate review. We know that really matters and let them know that you like it by right view drive and liking it. You can follow app. Tenfold more wicked on instagram and facebook and at ten fold more on twitter. This story contains adult content language listener discretion is advised. Okay tell me what we're doing. This is a mock cemetery in snowville springs and this is where most of harriet scott family is buried cemetery. So some craig. Scott is leading me through a nineteenth century graveyard in upstate new york. We're searching for his relatives. A- generation of scutts who died almost a hundred and fifty years ago. I remember scotland. Plot is right over. There might be big there in the middle. It's below freezing and really windy. So i'm trying to carefully climb this hill. That's covered with thick snow. This definitely isn't the best time of year to do this. There are almost thirty. Scutts buried here. Most of them actually lived a pretty long time at least eighteen hundred standards. Help time some of the kids on this owned harriet who else. Tc gene william right. James and then ephraim are from. I can barely read four of the names but they are the reason why we're here. They were all murdered in eighteen. Forty five by a serial killer. This season is about then the story of the scots. They obviously were a very tight knit family and it was devastating to lose any but it's also about the man who spread hatred and death like a contagion through their family. He's the most intelligent known killer in america and his case left nineteenth century neuroscientists with a really controversial question. What if he and other killers weren't actually to blame for their crimes. What if their brains made them do it. They wanted the message. you know. This was not these people's folds that they had say gone off and killed somebody. They were suffering from a disease of the brain. But there's something even deeper here. This killer was complex because he was a genius and he can actually offer something to society. It was outside the mainstream cetera. Curly did no no lot and his brain might just save his life but he was absolutely horrible. I don't think he ever sees himself as a villain. There's no remorse. How would you describe him. Serial killer ruthless genius evil. I'm kate winkler does crime historian and author of the new book. American sherlock along with my first book death in the air i write stories about history and murder. And this is tenfold more wicked. Each season is a new case with new families at the center of it. I sort out the facts from the fables and family history. And i try to give them some kind of closure even if it does come more than a century later. This is our first season a horrifying true crime. Tale about america's own. Dr jekyll and mr hyde. This is dryden village in upstate. New york near ithaca. The first settler arrived here in seventeen ninety seven and it was eventually named after english poet. John dryden the small country village. They founded was quirky. Six mile creek was actually twenty miles long but the people who lived there were proud of their heritage. After the revolutionary war. The town became part of the military tract program. It was a government scheme that gifted each new york soldier hundreds of acres of land a type of payment for participating in the war the war of eighteen twelve drafted even more soldiers so more veterans came and some of its most notable early villagers were the scots. They were respected family. That was really well known for their contributions to the village but they were also known for the string of horrific murders in their family. Red light you can imagine this now lost snow on bravo. I'm a journalism professor at the university of texas and austin and now i've never really driven in the snow. It took me about an hour just to drive thirteen miles. From ithaca craig scott and i drive the back roads of dryden winding pass churches and fields to brookefield farm. This has been in his family for almost two hundred years. Another scutt kathy. Chadwick lives here with her son and her dog. Hannah ohana i wander around for awhile outside. Craig is a retired local businessman and politician who has lived off of scutt road for decades. The local cemeteries are filled with his ancestors. The scutt name rings royalty in dryden at least to me. He and cathy have hundreds of relatives in the county but they've never actually met most of them. What is it like to come from such a large family. I have two cousins vast family. We always run into people that we didn't know we were were part of a tree somewhere. I at least. I find that i went to the picnic a couple of years ago. And oh my word. Where did all this cuts come from. So it was a little surprising to me that the family was so extensive. The scots arrived in america. In the early sixteen hundreds from amsterdam they owned lumber mills clothing mills and thousands of acres of farmland. They felt blessed to be a part of such a close community. Gerald smith is a historian and nearby broome county and an expert on small town life in the eighteen hundreds. Everybody knows everybody else. Everybody would go over and help the neighboring farmer or two or three farms down. If there was a problem the barn burned down. There's a barn. Raising the family's patriarch in eighteen. Forty two was john scott. He was a fifty five year old decorated veteran in the war of eighteen twelve. John own this house which looks really small from the outside. But it's two stories with four bedrooms and a large basement a pretty impressive eighteen forties house that has stayed in the scott family for generations. A well with original slate stone sits just feet from the house. A murder of crows lives in a massive willow tree nearby. I can remember as a child coming out here to visit. It's not a bad thing to hang on a little bit to the past john. Scott was cathy chadwick's great great. Great grandfather he became a well known schoolteacher in dryden a leader in the village he was highly intellectual and very hard working and a little strict told me about the family. Valley's well perseverance stubborn. It's right up there on top of the list. My grandfather used to say man's only as good as his word could give somebody your word. Make sure you keep it. He always was stressing that yeah and that was something that i did as well and commitment to each other. Henry scott was john and hannah's second eldest child henry was trusting. His mother and father had raised their five girls and seven boys to always welcome the wandering men who stumbled onto their farm. Because the scots were really known for inviting people in their home was always open to anybody that needed a place to stay or passersby could come in and spend the night her get her meal that they were just that kind of people and so that leads. You to be pretty trusting. Yes you have to be to do that. Henry scott had become used to meeting laborers searching for work along the canal. The twenty-seven-year-old worked on a packet a small shallow vessel. That carried writers between stops along. The waterway passengers stepped on and off along the route between albany on the hudson river and buffalo at lake erie local reporter david ren has studied the region's history extensively so in that day and age with the canal than the boats and the traffic Go was was quite busy. So there were a lot of strangers coming. And going when henry scutt docked briefly and syracuse may of eighteen forty two a man stroll down the path caught his eye and then soon gripped his hand. He seemed about. Henry's age early twenties with dark gleaming eyes and a quick smile. He seemed cheerful. Henry gave him a silent evaluation. The man's name was edward off. People are attracted to people who are intelligent brana guy. His personality was charming when he was charming. The man was wasn't particularly tall just under five foot nine but he was solid with broad shoulders and a compact body the model for canal laborer. Henry noticed that he didn't smell like alcohol he also seemed well groomed not at all. The shoveled like the other workers and were promised he would be reliable. He said he needed a job on the canal. Just for a bit. He had been a clerk at a hardware store but now he was out of work. He hoped to begin teaching career in a country village. Soon he loved books on history and philosophy. He knew many different languages. Edward her shirt henry that his work ethic would help him educate many young students. He had noble intentions. He said. Edward proved to be a godsend for henry when they approached the towpath. Edward hop out and wade through the muddy water to guide the boat and its passengers. The men became good friends. Edward was so incredibly. Nice personality was everything. I think he really would them. And when it came time for henry to return to his family's home the boatmen asked his assistant to come along. They set off on horseback together. Both looking forward to their new friendship but soon both men were call that chance encounter on the passenger boat with bitterness regret and sorrow henry. Scott didn't know it yet but he was traveling through the countryside with a devil but for now the pair road happily together toward dryden. No one in that village could know how much how one man could bring along with him. When edward rule off arrived at brookefield farm in may of eighteen forty two john and hannah scott welcomed him into their home. He was hardworking friendly and he seemed committed to starting a teaching career. Edward happily chopped wood in the barn fed the horses and did other odd jobs in exchange for room and board. He even played with the kids. The couple had three children under the age of ten. John watched the twenty-three-year-old read late into the night by his oil lamp. Edward was clearly bright and very ambitious are the things that are fascinating about him. As a person his mastery of language he certainly wrote beautifully. He was well versed. In latin greek french and german among other disciplines he could recall the latin names for all the flora and fauna in the county. His penmanship was gorgeous. John was an incredibly respected teacher. So we decided to help. He asked a neighbor. If edward could teach some classes at the man's house not an uncommon practice in rural communities in the eighteen hundreds soon local families began sending their students to edwards. Select school. what do you think the family thought of him. Well he was very intelligent so they were probably impressed by that. These families knew nothing about him. He just seemed so sincere. David brin says that people in the countryside had blind faith in just about everybody seems to me people fall for the snake oil salesman. They actually enjoy this nag oil salesman. Actually they didn't have blind faith in everyone. John scott treated edward politely but with some reservation he did not trust. Immigrants and edward said he was german historian h w brands says that john's concern was typical for someone in a small village in the nineteenth century. It's been a theme american history to feel as though whoever the lays immigrants are they represent a threat to the american way of life and so when germans started arriving in large numbers in the eighteenth century even pretty open minded. People like benjamin franklin thought that they're just not assimilating. They're not gonna make good americans. But edward rule seem to want to assimilate. He wore clothes from the area to look like other villagers. He didn't speak german only english. He hit his accent. Gerald smith says that villagers accepted edward because he wanted to be an american to strangers embraced. If they're speaking english. Without max out if they're going to protestant church if you're white if you're a male is essentially yes in the eighteen forties. America's landscape was changing but it was still mostly rural and academics. Were not a most students in the countryside. Only completed eighth grade before they began working fulltime to help support their families but the scud strongly believed in educating their children including the girls so they enrolled their two eldest daughters and edwards classes. John scott the young teacher would become a trusted mentor. He was so much more intelligent than the other villagers. Everyone in dryden seem to trust him. So john scott his suspicions for now. What a dreadful mistake. Sixteen year old. Harriet was a beauty tall slender with long thick. Light brown hair pale skin and hayes lies. She was studious too serious about her schoolwork. She knew that not all girls in the countryside. Were given an opportunity to be educated. But craig scott says. Harriet seems like an innocent sixteen year old. She was a very bright young lady in her own right attractive. I think she made been same kind of naive about men harry. It was devoted to her family especially her parents. Edward smiled at her as he glanced over her work lying on her school desk he piled would in the small stove during the winter. Storms determined to keep her warm almost from the beginning. He complimented her looks. She grinned and flirted back by the fall of eighteen. Forty three a year later. It was clear that harriet and edward were determined to be married. Edward's career appeared to be thriving. He was still teaching and dryden but he was also apprentice. Sing with a botanical doctor. In ithaca he was learning how to treat patients with herbs and roots yet. The scott still knew little about the girl's suitor and edwards. Growing status wasn't a comfort at all to harry. His older brother ephraim or the rest of the family edwards seemed so unstable at times when he was calm his voice was mellow even a little indifferent. As he described his love of academia he was lively and animated but when he was upset his tone became shrill and harsh and he liked to play mean tricks on the boys in his schoolhouse. It's really kind of an amazing. It's almost as if the three faces of eve. He had more than one clear personality. You just didn't want to be around him when he was unpleasant. If harriet became too flirty with another man edward might scowl at the girl then quickly turn cold and when harriet finally apologized he would flash wolf fish half grin to show. He was that she had relented. He seems like what you would call an incredible dr assists. It's all about him. The universe is around him. That was michael weiss a linguistics professor at cornell university. He studied edwards story for quite a while. I'll explain more about that later. By december of eighteen forty three all of the men inherits family were frustrated. The wedding day was almost here. Hurry it had eight brothers and none of them liked edward. The brothers approached. harriet delicately. There's something not quite right about him. They pleaded to her but she absolutely refused to abandon her fiance and she was furious at her brother's for trying to turn her against him. Ephraim scott was exasperated and he did the only thing he could. He demanded character references from pass life. People who might be able to explain his curious personality positive testimonials might provide some comfort to an increasingly alarmed family and was insulted and he was outraged at the notion that his professional reputation wasn't enough to gain passage into this family. It's just that. Obviously he held a vendetta. He decided he didn't like you. Edward would later complained to a friend. They were an ignorant ordinary sort of family. He said they were always bickering and backbiting each other. Such as is always the case. In large families of country people are was not used to such tattling and telltale deceit he vigorously and nearly violently refused. Fm's request he couldn't offer any personal references to comfort them. Not even one. He didn't have any close friends. Edward rule off would only ever reveal things about his life to just one person years later. He secretly confided in a small town journalist named hamilton freeman. Most people call them ham. Their relationship would become very important later on but for now him served as his sounding board. Edward would later tell him about his engagement to harriette. He said some of the family tried to kick up a hell of a row about it. And that made me angry with the whole concern and i have never forgotten their taunts and insults. Disgusted only understood whoever rule off really. Was they certainly would have banished him from heriot's life and then forced him out of that small village. Scott i think were very community minded need been in trouble even at a younger age up there so he certainly values more at least they weren't expressed in his actions Beautiful snow blanketed the main house on scott farm. The massive maple tree sitting near was bare of its customary. Orange leaves him walk. Lay under the snow this winter. In upstate new york. It might seem like an odd time of year to host a wedding but perhaps the season was appropriate considering the chill felt inside the farmhouse. That day it was new year's eve eighteen forty three. No one seemed happy for the wedding ceremony and edwards synced it. John scott told his sons that hurry. It was lost now. He said he washed his hands of the crime if she chose to marry that foreigner. Heriot's family disgusted edward. He cringed when the scots joked about how he met henry that day on the canal. They thought they could make a tool a sort of serving out of me. Because i was poor and they picked me up at the canal his desperation to keep harry kept him quiet for now but even days before the wedding. His relationship with the entire scutt family was acrimonious. He later complained to him. They called me up hopper and made fun of my managers. I knew i was better than they and that my family was far superior. Craig scott says. He's not surprised by any of those comments. He was cocky was overbearing. He talked down to the family at time she because he thought he was so much more intelligent than any of them. Nevertheless edward rule awesome marriage to harriet. Scott took place in a beautiful winter ceremony on her family's farm. The flames of candles stuttered the cast. Iron woodstove crackled warming the house. Her eleven siblings stood around harriet. Edward looked around the room. None of his family was there. He never bothered to tell his two younger brothers and the most important woman in his life his mother had died the same month he had arrived in dryden which was a shame because his seventeen year old bride looked so striking that day. Edward would later admit to ham that the marriage wasn't beginning with a strong foundation. There never was much of any courtship or love about it. We rather slid into it. Edward admired harriet. Her white silk dress. He noticed someone else admiring her to her cousin. Doctor henry bull watched the ceremony. Edward grumbled as the physicians strut around the property smiling and chatting. He seemed to friendly with the scott women. He always insisted on kissing each one of them on the cheek. Any liked to visit with them every week. Dr bowl apparently was very likable. Everybody liked him and apparently he inherited were very close cousins edward paced around the kitchen after his ceremony and then stopped and stared. He watched harry. Receive a kiss from dr bull as they stood together in the pantry. She still in her wedding dress. Edwards scoffed at the notion that the small was virtuous. This was different. Dr bull was handsome wealthy and single quite a threat to a new husband during an era when wooing was common. But craig scott believes it really was an innocent kiss. Harry tried to reassure him that that just wasn't happening. And i think some of the rest are family even said to him she wouldn't do that. It was jealousy because he was a threat. Yeah he was definitely a he's perceived him as a threat his marriage into his life and were quietly walked away never saying a word he was very angry said a friend. He said he would never take her anywhere again. I imagine that my wife liked him better than she did me edwards said. I was wild all sorts of ideas and plans pass through my head. After a few days matters grew worse. They had already been difficult for him right after the ceremony. The minister leaned over and kissed harriet. Edward was furious. The next day harry. It's brother william would marry his fiancee. Amelia and the same minister would kiss her to edward later turned to a friend and mumbled that if he were a woman he would murder the minister for being disrespectful. Those women have ignored their vows. He hissed privately and were berated his new bride and hit her several times over the next few weeks a hurry it was inconsolable. William scott's wife. Amelia wants found her sobbing alone room. She didn't eat for days. The family worried the girl might have made a grave mistake but nineteenth century rules dictated. That wives should obey their husbands and in laws shouldn't get involved. Edward was desperate to keep. Were under control. Craig scott says that at this point. His relatives were really losing patience. He was jealous of doctoral several witnesses times when he struck her. I think that was the last straw for the family days after his wedding. Edward continued to fume unsure of what to do. He hoped that swab. Dr bull would stop his visits. Of course he didn't win. Dr bull would arrive and begin his greetings. Edward excuse himself and quietly stu his ego was already pretty delicate and now it was scarred and soon someone would die. Within one week of their marriage ever packed up their meager belongings and moved his wife away from her family hurried and edward began a new life and lansing about ten miles away. He bought a large old store and converted it into a home soon. He was enjoying professional success. He was practicing botanical medicine with dr stone. In nearby ithaca. He was learning the age old method of treating diseases with herbs and other organic medicines medical treatment in nineteenth century america was a battleground between traditional physicians who were formally educated and botanical doctors who were largely taught through apprentice ships. Edward passionately defended medicine during really nasty debates with dr bull. The men had no professional respect for each other of course but privately. Edward feared that the botanical concoctions. Were useless and dr stoned was a quack and now so was he a damned fraud. I was ashamed of myself. He told hamilton freeman. I only undertook it as a flyer. Until i could get into something else. That was more profitable and legitimate but edwards reputation as a physician was exceptional. He was gaining prominence as a scholar and a healer who spoke of variety of languages. An edwards character according to townspeople was beyond reproach but despite his booming medical practice edward felt really isolated in the countryside. He for an academic life in a large city where he could find intellectual debates and stimulating collaborations. He was a fraud as a physician in a monster at home. Edwards rage poisoned his home life. Harriet would argue with him. Usually over visiting her family he would dramatically fling open. A suitcase hurled close inside slam. It shut and stomp out the door threatening to leave her a disgraced woman he ripped her beautiful silk wedding dress and frantically wanted it into a ball. He was afraid she was going to use it to marry dr bull but throughout all of this madness. Harriet denied it all somewhat older more experienced. You're married and you make the best of it and you do it at seventeen. Harriet was barely an adult yet. She worked constantly to please her husband. Typical for nineteenth century bride. I think she really wanted to make her marriage work. You know there's times when she could have said. I'm through in her brothers. Were somewhere around. And they would have taken her somewhere but it was always. Oh it's my fault. I'm sorry you know anybody caught it. She was always apologizing. It's my fault that he hit me or he didn't hit me. That hard harry. Its large honest. Family now despised edward rule off and they found good reasons during a visit to the scots farm. One of harry's older brothers heard her crying softly in bedroom when he threw opened the door. Ed were turned and glared at him in silence. Tears ran down harry face. He witnessed him being abusive in new toll. Rule off with us will look after her an- sure that in reached even more. They were religious people and they had a lot of good morals and striking. A woman was not a good thing in their view ephraim scott's snapped at his brother-in-law demanding that he treated harriet properly or just lever with the family pick one. Edward quietly agreed to temper himself but privately he blamed the scutts and that summer has animosity toward them only deepened. The horseback trip from dried into ethica was usually lovely ten miles of fields filled with wheat and cotton spotted with rolling hills and patches of forest. It was a time for the writers to reflect on their journey. Almost like a meditation. Unfortunately for william scott that was not the sort of journey he would enjoy when his hysterical brother-in-law joined him on horseback in july eighteen. Forty four heriot's weary. Older brother half listened as edward rule off obsessed for hours. He complained about enduring. Six months of dr bowls inappropriate flirtations with his wife. William later remembered the conversation he thought dr bull and his wife had had intercourse together and he thought he should lever edward now despise dr bull. He said he had spotted harrier with her cousin at a mill near brookefield farm and it seemed like they might kiss again. He told her friend. Don't you see her. Life is in my hands. William scott patiently listened to edwards complaints. He frantically pleaded for the family to stop. Dr bulls visits right. Now that william refused any offered no sympathy. Edward was furious at williams disloyalty. How could william defend. Dr bull abandoned his own brother-in-law. He was a gifted teacher who had dazzled college professors with his understanding of languages but now he couldn't calm zone anxiety. Edward obsessed with the idea of killing. He was gonna kill someone many people actually. He's confusing to me and he was the boogeyman of state new york. He's not confusing to me. He's a cycle. Harriet scott and her sister. Jane were always close. They were just two years apart and both were edwards students when he taught at the dryden schoolhouse a few years earlier he really. Isn't that unpleasant. Jane argued to her family. He's a good provider but her view of her brother-in-law would quickly darken less than six months after the couple was married. Edward listened as jane and her sister chatted in their small kitchen in lansing. Harriet lifted a heavy twenty pound marble pedestal and ports of pepper corns into a large stone. Mortar james scott described. What happened next. She didn't pound fine enough to suit him. She said he proposed to do it for her. Edward was determined to control virtually every aspect of his wife's life. He lunch toward the pistol but hurry pushback insisting she could finish the job. She was really growing tired of his demands. Frustrated edwards snatched the heavy pestle and flung it against her face. Jane flinched. It knocked her back. Several steps said harriet sister. Edward had hit her so hard that it left a contusion on her forehead chain stood in silence as he began to apologize over and over again. I'm sorry he pleaded with her. You did it on purpose. Harriet snapped she refused to look at him. They're unstable marriage was slipping into open hostility and now edward realize how delicate his wife really was and how easy. It might be to overpower her the summer after their marriage. The rule off stayed at a boarding house over a tailor shop in ethica harry. It's eleven year old sister. Mary was visiting and her uncle. William was supposed to pick her up before it became dark but hurry. It's brother was running late and was furious. He wanted young mary to leave now. The scots were insensitive. Always taking advantage of him. He thought edward demanded. Mary walk home to dryden about ten miles away all by herself. He was so angry. He started shoving mary toward the stairs. He seemed cruel. Harriet refused to let her walk home alone. Edward stared at his wife. He demanded harry follow him to the upstairs bedroom on the top floor. They argued in landlady in the parlor heard scuffling perry. It was screaming. Come quick edward is going to make me take poison and then take it himself. Edward inherit work clinched together wrestling over a vial with a strange powder inside. He yelled at her by living god. This poisoned will kill both of us in five minutes and that would put an end to our troubles. She cried out. Oh edward i'm as innocent as an unborn child. He opened his hand and smacked her heart in the face. It knocked her over. Edward look down at her and hissed. God damn you. You know better than to come near me. When i am as angry as i am now. He unleashed a stream of obscenities. Sure to offend anyone especially a naive young country girl. The landlady glared edward and ordered him to leave. He stared down at harriet and sneered. He told her that if she left him he would kill her the way. A local shoemaker had murdered his wife just a few years before in eighteen thirty to a man named getting clogged nearly knocked out his wife's i during a fight and when she convinced deputies and ethica to arrest him he vowed. I'll kill you for this and after serving just ten days. That's what he did. He had her to death with an axe. Edward actually called clerk a gentleman. He told harriet he would chop her. As fine as mincemeat. It was such a frightening declaration but unfortunately hurry. it didn't seem to take it seriously. She looked at him. Sweetly edwards seemed exhausted. He flopped down on his knees with his forehead resting on the bed. Harriet sat near him and put her hand gently on his hair. She whispered your mind forever. Dear edward whether you live with me or not. Edward looked up at her then slowly walk downstairs and ordered horse carriage. He escorted harriet and mary. Back to the scots farm craig. Scott doesn't believe his family knew. Just how much. Edward rule despised them. I think that must have been kind of the straw. That broke the camel's back with him. I'm going to show her. You can't do that by then. He had built up this apparent hatred for the whole family and he did not want her. Go back to them and leave him later. Edward return to the boarding house and ethica and he was enraged. William scott had ordered him to leave brookfield farm. He was no longer welcome. And then. Edward told the landlady something horrifying. He told her that he wanted to destroy the whole family. And then be hung like an honest man by clark. Edward resented the entire clan. But he was especially disgusted with the eldest scutt. Brother he hated william as much as he did his own wife. And dr bull and soon at least one of them would die. This season on tenfold more wicked. There's a story about him taking her away and her turning around and waving and that's the last memory like her mother and some of them had of her is sort of a woke. The area that evil can be anywhere at anytime. The charisma that man had he had everybody longtime sorta like a ten. If you love historical true crime be sure to order my book american. Sherlock it's about a real life. Sherlock holmes who solved some of the most gruesome murders in the nineteen twenties. This has been an exactly right. And tenfold more media production producers jason wailing and laura sobel designer eric friend composer curtis heath artwork. Nick toga executive producers georgia hard. Stark karen kill gareth and daniel kramer follow us on instagram and facebook at tenfold more wicked and on twitter at tenfold more. If you're an advertiser interested in advertising on our show go to mid roll dot com slash ads and if you know of a historical crime that could use some attention email us at info at tenfold more wicked dot com so please listen subscribe. Leave us a review on apple podcasts. Deter or wherever you get your podcasts.

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 How to Repair Your Skin Barrier With Celebrity Facialist Joanna Vargas

Breaking Beauty Podcast

42:21 min | 4 months ago

How to Repair Your Skin Barrier With Celebrity Facialist Joanna Vargas

"The phone rang. Podcast is a deer media production. Welcome to breaking beauty. The podcast all about the breakthrough people products and moments and beauty. We're your hosts. Jill done and carleen hagans local. Let everyone welcome back to breaking biddy. Podcast. i'm jill done i'm here. With my co host carleen higgins. Hey carleen alot. So it's january and collectively. Cy pretty much no matter where you're tuning in from right now. You're probably contending with some type of skin barrier blah's okay. Maybe not our friends in and we have listeners everywhere but most people well lucky them but Definitely i am feeling like extra parched right now. I feel like it's probably being. They never leave my house. But i think our listeners are going to love today's episode because we have a very special glow down shot featuring one of our most requested topics. And it's all about how to repair your skin barrier. Today's guest is aestheticians to the stars. Joanna vargas joanna accounts famous faces like julianne moore carly kloss and rachel brosnahan among her elite clientele. How much. We love mrs maisel. By the way she also has branded spas both midtown manhattan and the sunset tower hotel in l. a. plus. She has her own upon his skin caroline. She's she's like a list s attention all the way totally and literally. When i was staring at her on the screen in like i thought she had a zoom glow filter on her. Something like hers. Scanned was like a literally beaming up through my zoom camera. Like she obviously knows what she's talking about. I'm easing and last year. Joanna became an author. Her first book glow from within is an expert. Skincare guide and of course she spill secrets about best tips and product recommendations. And all that stuff but she goes beyond that she talks about self care routines that we often don't connect your skin. Nutrition sleep and stress management. And how those impact appearance and resiliency as well Fun fact. She's so beloved by her a-list clientele that she had a ton of celebrities. Contribute blurbs to the book you know. Those one liners that are on the back and so there's one from mindy failing that says joanna vargas has completely changed my skin. So that's like. That's quite the endorsement love to see it so in today's episode. We're gonna learn the one about skin barrier health with takeaway tips that you can use like cleansing. Do's and don'ts the best ingredients to look for on a label for your serum or moisturizer the holy grail products that she personally recommends to her clients for skin barrier repair and we also ask her all about the trend. That's all over instagram and read. It is skincare slugging. Like what is it and do you need to do it. Plus we go deep on exfoliating toners like are they actually villainous as they're made out to be and for myself personally. I'm always someone who's kind of going back and forth between like expropriating toners and then barrier repair. And it's like. I can't seem to level out so i ask her all about that and i think this is really great timing because not only is that the data of winter but this is like a huge trend. If you will that. We're seeing in the industry talking about skin barrier health. And so before we get into our chat with joanna i do wanna kick it off with a surprise. It's a mini damn goods review in partnership with one of today's show partners. Strive acton that's right we're talking about the brand new strive becton rental recode moisture rich barrier cream. It's hundred nineteen. Us dollars one twenty nine in canada and you can find it on the straight victim website as well as retailers like and shopper struck mary and of course it like most of you will probably know strive act in. I remember it exploded onto the scene back in my early beauty editor days and they came out with that acton. Sd which was a stretch mark cream but women all around the world were putting it on their faces because they realized that it helped with wrinkles. That's right like became the best selling wrinkle cream even in france where there were like really well known at the time they would not do that. Mongia so i know they're not cream is supposedly a hot seller as well and their whole thing is they have this proprietary science. It's called nine one one four so you often see that on the label you probably within like what is that. So you guys have heard of niacin. They use this optimized form of niacin aka vitamin b. Three in every single one of their products. And they do that because they say it's backed by over thirty years of research. Thirty independent clinical studies and non global patents and why because they say it's clinically proven to strengthen and thick in that skin barrier. So it's like filling in all those cracks. If you will improving the performance of all the ingredients that you might be using to like reduce wrinkles or whatever it is that you're targeting so that's in like all their products across the board amazing so tell us about the wrinkled recode rich cream carleen. Because i know you've been using it since before the holidays. So what's what's it all about. And what have you been noticing okay. So it's a rich cream. it comes in a small tub with one of those little scoops. It's like a pretty pale pink color when you open it. I'm slightly scented and it almost looks like a beautiful like frosting that. You're gonna put on a cupcake total and so when you apply it it. It starts out almost like a light butter. So i kind of would use the scoop. Put a little bit on my hand and what. I found surprising though when it actually put it on is that it almost felt like a little bit cooling which i wasn't expecting and i think the biggest thing that a lot of people are going to like about it is that it was not greasy at all. So i think that's the challenge with some of those skin barrier creams out. There is that you know when you want something. that's actually going to be almost like a physical barrier. If you're out skiing like running in the winter it can be kind of greasy right. It's just like so thick and this is not occlusive at all. So what over time like. What have you noticed about your skin. Yes oh this. Formula has been designed to address key signs of a compromise skin barrier. So we're gonna go deep on that in today's episode but we're talking about like fine lines wrinkles like redness dullness. And i will say that. I suspect and again. I don't have like a scientific. You know monitor at home. But i do detect that my skin is becoming less red and just generally upset looking and that's really important to me these days. That's like my biggest. That's what i'm looking for is just like comfort. Oh totally end the before. And after that they had were pretty crazy. Like i noticed that they had result from women who even with like the marionette lines around your mouth that they were totally minimized reduced. So that's pretty convincing to want to get us a try right and i know that we asked the brand abo- how it really works on like a biology level and they said the secret is all about this one to one to one biometric lipid ratio. They call it. And that's a fancy scientific term. That basically means they have a very specific ratio of ceremonies. Love those fatty acids and cholesterol in the formula. Those are all essential lipids helped to strengthen the skin's barrier and that they can actually absorb because they mimic the molecular weight in skin so that's probably accounts for that like fast. Absorption that you were talking about And also have to give a shout out to one of my favorite ingredients. You guys have heard me talk about this before on the show. It's columbia and that's in the formula. While an i personally have noticed. This is a common thread and a lot of the products that i've used in the past in the winter that tend to have like a soothing effect calming that redness. They tend to always have colangelo in it. So i love that as well. Okay good tip. And i think we're gonna see a lot more products like this that say skin barrier right on the label and twenty twenty one. 'cause like i said even though this condition isn't new so many more people are aware now but they're still kind of confused they're like dr dry skin dr damaged you know skin barrier and that's also of course why we have joanna with us today so let's get into our chat and a friendly reminder that the product. We talked about plus any products. That joanna i personally mentions. That are her faves. They're going to be listed over on our blog. So we've listed them offer you there at breaking video. Podcast dot com so without further ado. Welcome joanna let's start with the basics what exactly is your skin's moisture barrier and why is it there. What is the do well. I mean i think you know we talk so much into butte and industry about like wrinkles and bo talks and things like that we forget the skin actually has a function and its function is to be a barrier between us and the environment so the skin's moisture barrier is the outermost layer of your skin. It helps protect the body It helps retain water and moisture It defends against like bacteria in the environment environmental stressors and you know prevents things from penetrating into the skin so that we don't have a reaction so it has like a a very important function for us. It's the fundamental of what the skin does and we talk about it at the least i feel It is the most important part about our skin because it makes us look plump in juicy and healthy and soft when it's healthy and so yeah it's something that's very important. No matter what kind of skin type you have no matter your age okay. Yeah that was gonna be my next question. Like other certain types skin types or skin eight inches that are more prone to having damaged skin barrier. Mostly i'm talking about like the skin on your face. Well i mean. I think for example like winter is a time of year where i think a lot of people experience to some degree Some irritation due to the loss of moisture in the environment. And therefore your skin gets a bit patchy may be if you are out during the day for a long period of time you'll have like readiness on your face but typically you know there's obviously people that have just in their dna some skin sensitivity. You know some psoriasis eczema. That's that has a genetic component you know and then there like the people who have poor digestion they might have some patchiness in readiness and some irritation. But it doesn't it can happen even if you have oily skin. It really depends on what you're using on your your skin. What your habits are in terms of your skin. Those really affected a great deal. And so how do you tell the difference between an impaired skin barrier versus you know wind. Burn or zima or psoriasis. How do you know if your skin barriers been disrupted. Well you know this skin house tendency to to show sensitivity patches. So i i'm sure everybody can remember a time when they've had like a dry patch on their face and may the rest of the skin feels okay or maybe you have my son. Has that right now. So i'm listening with the keenest ear. How old is your son. He's he's six and he's got a patch right beside his cheek that he's had for about six weeks and it just so drier and rudder. Yeah continue my boy who is now fifteen Have that as a younger person also happens easier because they play out. Fight a lot and that really dries you out. You know rose atia redness itchiness itchy skin and share a lot of people have itchy scalp during the winter all of back stock visible. Sign that your your skin. Barrier is malfunctioning so to speak and it needs some soothing and comfort and some rehydration ximines. Psoriasis are more extreme versions of it. which also occur in patches on the skin But there are a lot of you know that you would have to consult a doctor to really determine if it was something that was in your genetic makeup or if it was something caused by something topical or something in your diet like an allergy of some kind right right. Because i feel like that's with With eczema almost like immunity related. Or it's like almost like an immune response rather than it can be absolutely and it can also just mean that you're something that you can't digest properly and so your your bodies having a little bit of trouble. There are a lot of different causes for it. Which is why you know. You can also have a yeast overgrowth in your gut. But that would be things that if i suspected that if you came meant for facial and it looked like that to me i would just send you to a doctor. Not a doctor. So i don't right. I try to stay in the lame a fair and respect that and so how does the skin barrier become damaged or compromised. What are some of the main you know factors you know. A a very common factor would be over exfoliating. I remember when i first became an esa titian in the late nineties. It was like a fashion to have cholic acid in every single. Step of your routine. In how like in the beauty industry like ingredients. Become like the thing. And you wanna put it on in every step like i had clients that were using a glycol at wash ugly colic toner a glide colleague serum and moisturizer and everybody's skin was like flaky and read and sensitize. It was very hard to give atias to those people but also sun damage can cause it. You know Prescription acne medications and prescription retinol formulas can cause it. I've seen people use essential oils essential oils on their face and they get Compromised if you if you wash your face in the shower shower water is way too hot for your face back could cause it Chemical peels flying too much back in in the before time when we used to travel places on even air conditioning in caused so mike mobs of different causes But usually i would say the number one offender is over exfoliating or over. You know acclaimed being over eager in the chemical kill type department. That sort of stuff now. I i have a follow up question if you don't mind about is the prescription retinol because you know my skin does get extremely dry when i use it and And it starts to become red. And i feel like that's expected you kind of expect this dryness. So what is the difference between dryness and compromise skin barrier. Is there one. Well sure i mean dryness is the beginning of it right you don't you don't want your skin to be overly dry because that that is compromising gonna lead to you know craziness which will lead kind of like the the compromising actors like your. Your skin won't be able to take as much stress from the environment as the result of that overly dry situation. You're creating. I don't have a lot of clients anymore that use prescription retinal because there are so many great over the counter formulas. That don't do that. So i i feel like that you know. I've been in sedition for over twenty years. That's changed a great deal at least in new york. But i think you know the difference between having you know when you like right now. I'm extremely dry. And my skin feels a little bit tight but it's not read in. It's not flakier itchy when it starts to become itchy in certain spots. That's when you know you've crossed over into a compromised moisture barrier and that and you know you really should wait until that point to start treating it if this dried tight feeling. I'm going to have to handle that today. So it doesn't continue to get worse. Can i just say can't see you. You do not look dry at all. No like the dewey s. Yeah he's going us know what's on your face maybe a little later. We'll save that. The thanks guys. I i do have another follow up. 'cause this is where we're getting very nerdy now but this is what we do know. Lay it on me. I'm like a huge nerd. So you did mention about you. Know big no-no washing your face in the shower. I think there's people listening right now. Go pardon me. Like what did i hear that the good nugget is so. Let's talk a little bit about that. Maybe what you would recommend in in instead of that. So i'll preface might my remarks by saying that as an institution i think one of the things that makes me really successful as i try not make skin-care complicated people so like if you were my client and i'm gonna i'm gonna analyze your life so to speak and will decide how many steps you're willing to do within that like i'm not like okay in order to have amazing skin twenty steps and here's what we're going to do because i don't think people do it right but there are certain things that i think are are sort of a non-negotiable Wearing sunscreen is mine and now your face emiss- our another one. You wash your yourself in the shower. You're using way too hot water It feels so good on the body and it relaxes your muscles but it it dries out the skin horribly. You know what i mean like. I don't know if you have noticed for winter. Getting out of the shower once you dropped travel dry your skin. You just feel so dry in. Its because you just dehydrated your skin in the shower so to wash your face. Water life that you're just asking for further dehydration and everything that we do in skin-care is trying to get moisture back in tears skin and to keep your face balance so it's really important not to do any facial steps in the shower and to you know once you get out of the shower or for you get in the shower. Wash your face with tepid water okay. That's a great tip and so what would happen to your skin's moisture barrier if you you know if you just didn't try to fix it can lead to any other skin challenges. Well i think you know what people don't realize is one step barrier is compromised. You become highly sensitized so your skin suddenly becomes reactive to all sorts of things in the environment or strasse or you have a glass of wine gots a stressor you have wine and cheese and bread. Those are stressors in your digestive system which will reflect in your skin. You're going to be broken out more. You're gonna wake up puffier you're going to have you know fine lines all over your face and thank you age Suddenly those kinds of things only get worse. It doesn't go away if you ignore it once you're you're moisture layer is kind of compromise. You kind of have to treat it or it's going to keep ongoing you're gonna get it year and driver and patchy after you know. Obviously the extremes are like excema type patches on the phase or more extreme psoriasis Type looking patches on the face that you can't cover with make up for anything and just like accelerated aging. It's all fixable. It's not that you can create wrinkles if you you remain in that state over time. Yeah you're gonna get more wrinkles than you would if you were nice and juicy and my. Let's pause for a moment to hear some skincare news from our show partner kula so today's episode is all about barrier protection and kula just launched a whole new organic skincare collection that supports your skin's natural barrier. Of course we know how important sunscreen is for barrier health and cooler really is a pioneer in this category. My faith is the award-winning full spectrum. Sun silk drops organic face sunscreen. Spf thirty these are fan. Favourite you their sheer drops that provide lightweight broad spectrum. Spf thirty protection. And as the name suggests. And i can attest you they are secure. It feels like you're wearing nothing so if you've never seen it before he comes in a pink glass bottle and it has a dropper and you simply dispense a few drops in the palm of your hand and then massage it onto your face and neck and personally i think my favorite part about these drops is that they really encourage you to wear. Spf year round. Because they're so easy to incorporate in your routine you can wear them by themselves or you can add a couple of drops blended into your favourite moisturizer foundation. Just makes it super super easy so if you wanna give your scam what it's really craving. Kula has a special offer just for breaking beauty listeners. Check their new kula organic. Skincare on kula dot com. And they'll even give you ten percent off your first order with our code beauty. that's c o l a dot com and get ten percent off your first order with our code. Beauty will link to that offer on our blog and in our show notes. Now back to today's chat. And so you talk about chemical exfoliating. So in that regard we're talking about like you know exploiting toners as some hamsters exfoliating cleansers or you know macbook deals. Yeah else all appeals. All those things so in your professional opinion we'd be curious to know if chemicals felicien will cause his barrier to become wijkman used long-term. Is that true or wire. Why not chemical expoliation. Just as like a thing won't necessarily do anything harmful. I mean there's a lot of chemical exposure liens that i really love but i think the the key thing here is i someone to know their skin and to not overdo it. You know in winter. You're only supposed to fully eight once a week. That's pretty much all anybody's skin can take so if you're using a with a chemical exfoliating it every day that's going to be challenging for your skin to keep up with you. Know good skin is about balance. You know it's maintaining balance and your skin likes to live in a happy medium so if you're exfoliating every day during winter you're going to create a compromised condition with your skin so it's not so much like oh i hate chemical exposure 'lions it's i hate it when people overuse things because they think they're going to get more of something out of it you know. I'm a huge fan of Retinol but some people need to dial it back like every other night or maybe twice a week or something of that nature. I use my retinal every night. But i'm fifty. Perhaps someone younger would do better if they did it. You know every other or once a week or something like that. Is there a particular acid. That's more drying or disruptive than another or there some that you prefer well for example. Pha it's gaining some popularity most recently because it's less penetrating and other chemical exfoliating nhs And therefore it's less irritating to the skin so it's great for somebody with a compromise skin barrier or just simply sensitive skin mandelik. Acid is another one next great for sensitive skin. it's an alpha hydroxy Derived from almonds but it promotes collagen production. So it's a bit in the anti-ageing brown and moisturizing the so those two are more appropriate. If you have super sensitive skin certainly i would stay away if you feel like your skin's becoming sensitized. I would stay away from physical exploitation just because it might be too much for the skin to take. Yep there's still people out there using the saint. I've scrub guys. Yikes the yikes from me dog. I know that you mentioned exploiting once a week is probably sufficient for most people. Is that the balance to strike. As as you're sort of talking about balancing our skin wanting to be imbalanced like how do you keep the all important balance between exploration keeping that barrier aside from just the once a week or any other tips or tricks you might have sure. I mean cutting back on expoliation to once a week and winters orton knowing that the environment and the moisture content in the environment affects your skin. Good and bad using tepid water when you crunchy skin making sure that your cleansing morning and night is really important. Putting good fats into your diet like in wintertime. Eat a lot of avocado. A lot of olive. Oil flaxseed those kinds of things go into the shake. That i have every day because that's hydrating your skin from the inside. You know that we get our lives giving nutrients from food and you know focusing on those kinds of things in. The diet are really important. And then like topical to kind of keep in rotation in winter or when you anytime you think that your skin is compromised shea. Butter jojoba oil scaling. I'm really into scaling as an ingredient. That's an ingredient derived from olives. That's great for everybody. And it's super hydrating and those things hold moisture in the skin ceremony maids. Of course those kinds of things. okay. I need to talk to you about this trend of skin. Care slugging joanna so have you heard of it. Tell us what it is and do you think it's doer a don't to fix the skin's barrier well i have heard of it. It's kind of everywhere on instagram. right so basically what we're talking about is ceiling. The skin with a product prevent water loss and to help repair the skin's barrier so the two main products that people recommend for slugging would be vassil. Lean an aquaphor. Dermatologists recommend it. So you know. I mean gosh. Even in high school bassolino was one of my beauty. Secrets not gonna live. I used to. I went to college in chicago. I had vassilevna. Might face in lips everyday. That thing with bassolino is that it doesn't put moisture back into your skin. It just seals the skin off so that in opposition to aquaphor opera for contains humectants like glycerine so it does put moisture into the skin while creating a barrier see don't lose moisture as an esa titian. I typically don't recommend those products to clients. I do have a skincare line. That was started by a friend of mine. It's called c. Skin labs and it was a product line designed for patients with compromised immune systems Compromised skin barriers health issues. That would you know create skin to be out of balance and she has a skin bomb that adds moisture and holds moisture in that it's called the cb's skin bomb and it's a very good product. So that's as an esa titian. That's more my go-to and we sell of it. My salon You can get it from like amazon and all all the things but I don't have necessarily a problem with aquaphor if you feel like you need it. It's accessible so why not. why not use it. I think what's more important is to repair your skin. You know so. I'm always going to be on the side of light. Just go for it. I'm not a snob about product at all. Yeah i think there are so many women frankly who have sworn by lean like all their known as totally absolutely i mean i'm you know a whole big section of my book is about home remedies. You know like do it yourself masks and stuff and that's you know to me. It's a part of my culture growing up. My grandma was really into all of that stuff. So like i'm not to me. It's very traditional to use things like bassolino in certain remedies for the skin. Even my husband's mother even uses vicks vapor. Rub as a thing for her feet. Because it again it's it seals the skin and prevents get her getting dry skin and winter and she just loves it so all of bats me as sort of like culturally part of the way people grew up and you know they just happened to work yeah and is there any concern though for some people like clogging pores when you're trying to create that kind of seal and maybe as there's something you'd recommend instead that won't clog the pores but we'll still kind of i feel like you hear barrier cream and i never know if it's like is that does that mean it's creating a barrier on your face. Lets blocking out like wind in aggressors or does it just mean it helps your skin barrier. I mean i guess it could be both. I've always thought of barrier cream as between you and the environment now that's typically what a quote unquote day cream. That's the primary function of the old school concept of a day cream is to create a barrier between you and the outside world but typically you know it really like i would say go for a ceremony cream if you're worried about clogging pores but just be mindful of what's in that formula around it because you can like if you break out on. You could easily find a ceremony cream. That has retinol in that. You know you get two for one you'd get like that moisture protection and Hydration and soothing effect from the serra made and then like you know the anti breaking out repairing nature of the retinal. They you know you you you just have to be mindful of what what else is in the formula to see if it works for you yet because i you know someone like me. I have oily skin. And i am like i'm like okay. I'm going to be a good girl. And i'm just gonna repair my barrier and then like all use these creams and then my skin is. It'll inevitably break out and then you're in this vicious cycle 'cause it's like yodel you're like oh my god will the only thing that works are these exp- leading things but i know that ultimately i should just use like and call it a day you know. But it's how you do get trapped in this like leading thing any evil like you know dermot logic barrier repair to use that. But like it's just straight silicone out of the like the five ingredients are silicone and so it's like for me. I just see that. And i want to run away. I feel like it is a really tricky thing if you have breakout prone skin it's like you just in your mind. You know you're supposed to do it. But it's hard to put it into action to get past that hump of like breaking out totally. But i think like for you for example just in what. You're telling me that. I would recommend like why not use a squealing serum for daytime and then at night use a retinol so the retinol will control the breaking out but during the day. When you're i mean like. I guess i don't know what it's like for you guys but like i'm going to work every day so during the day when i'm kind of in and out of the elements you want something on your face. That's like holding hydration in your skin and really and really protecting the skin. So so the squealing us. Vitamin c perhaps would be good free for daytime and the retinal at night. Just to sum up. What we've talked about as we're getting to wrapping it up just to highlight those ingredients key ingredients that people out there wanna look for on the label for skin barrier health I would look for scaling That's one of my favorites. It's derived from olives. Great for all skin types all skin tones. It's very hydrating without it. Feeling like super greasy on the surface of the skin and that would be a key ingredient. I would look for niacin a my which is by the m- be is awesome. Sarah my dad's ceremonies have been around in skin-care forever and feel really good on the skin. I would say if you're going to go with something. Sarah my based make sure that it's Because it's it's affected by the aaron by light. You wanna make sure that it's Package properly in sort of an airless container. That's also you know tinted shea. Butter is a great simple ingredients to look for and then jojoba oil works for everybody. Jojoba oil is most similar to Our own sieben. Zoe use it on the skin and again this works even if you have acne. If you put jojoba oil on the skin it will help soothe inflammation and hold moisture in the skin without clogging your pores and using jojoba oil. We'll even signal the skin to stop producing so much oil. Okay that's a really good tip. I'm in what about just facial oils in general. Do you think that those are are those acting like vaseline or those acting to hold everything in or rather than actually moisturizing. The skin is that how they function. It depends on the way over absolutely help hold moisture in the skin on hundred percent you know some of them penetrate and and do both help hold moisture and also give moisture and i absolutely have all of my clients on facing in winter. Because it's so dry here now. This is going to be the favourite part of the show for so many of our listeners. I know let's talk about specific product recommendations based on all of these key ingredients that you love to use for skin barrier health Can you tell us about some of your holy grail favorites that you recommend to your clients or use yourself at night. I always use a retinal my rent. Knowledge wase is my own supernova serum but favorite retinol is like in the universe. I like jordan samuels. Skin makes a great retinol serum rene rouleau makes a great retinal and plus. I love those two humans. Lots of onus rounds. Let's see face oils. I really love yoon from peach in the makes a really great face oil. I absolutely adore. And if if i had to be on a deserted island with one product it would be a face oil and like hers would make a cut absolutely face oils. I have a squealing oil. The ordinary has one. That i really like you know. Squalene is a really nice ingredient for me because it works for everybody and i kind of i kind of liked to live in the. What's universal. what are the basics and skin care. What a what nutrition does the skin need in order to function properly Rescues jerem has scaling and vitamin c. Which i think is a universal. I have a hobo oil in my line rejuvenating serum but i haven't i have been known to recommend to clients to buy organic hobo oil from amazon and put that on their body because it works so well it's so hydrating it penetrates. It doesn't make a mess of your clothing. It's just awesome. That's kind of like a bit old school. But i feel like it is coming back. You know like it's it's been around totally totally. Yeah i mean. I'm just like i've been a super product. Janke pretty much since birth. So i've kind of use everything at least for a little bit like even like elizabeth arden is super old school. They have amazing ceremony box college. Yeah they're like the oggi's and i was gonna ask you what your for ceremony product would be. Yeah elizabeth arden. They have an amazing ceremony like kind of oil. That's in little ambulance little. Yeah those little odds. Paul my god so good you just feel like a skin goddess when you use them by the way. Everybody just googled. What joanna liked from peach lily. And it's the pure beam lock soil. Yes yes okay. So i didn't wanna leave. Everybody hanging joanna adding to cart right now. So you guys that one is so good it dame okay meaning big trend that i have personally noticed on instagram in the last six months. Because everybody's staying indoors. A lot more is people are buying these humidifiers or these. Like skin like mini skin kind of humidifiers at their like putting beside their bed at night. Do you think that actually helps with skin barrier repair like just adding moisture to the air absolutely recommend humidifiers to every single one of my clients. Who who's having trouble even for like at the beginning of iron of you. I i mentioned even for like an itchy scalp. It goes such a long way. I mean people you feel dry because you you feel a drop in moisture in the environment you know and then like i don't know what it's like for you guys. But in new york. They have the heat pumping so houghton. And it's just like you know. It's so drying for the skin. So if you put a humidifier by your bed and sleep with it. It's going to go such a long way. You know nighttime is your body's time to repair itself. So if you have a humidifier during your repair cycle you're gonna wake up like not puffy. You're not gonna have breakouts. You're gonna feel like good and juicy and it'll be great and you have a fancy one or is yours like a hardware store special. Or do you go designer. Humidifier i i do not have a designer humidifier i have no like i have like one from when my daughter was baby. She's oh interesting. I thought you were going to go. Dyson thought you were going to go dyson on me. Okay no dude. I you know you know you gotta pick your battles what you're going to have designer designer but that's just me i don't know there's there's one on amazon that i know a lot of people like love and they buy a lot so i'll i'll try to link to that in our on our blog where we're going to link to everything that we talked about today And so finally before we let you go. I know everybody's a little bit impatient when it comes to like seeing results so if you are taking these steps and trying to repair your skin's barrier like how long would you expect that to take till you're thinking that your skin's a little bit like more in balance you know if you're using the right thing i always tell clients that i feel like your skin is gonna just you're gonna feel your skin go A second reported on it will feel better instantly because when your skin is compromised and you put the wrong thing on. It's gonna burn or it's not going to feel right. You're gonna wanna wash your face. But but i would say like in order to like really repair or see that repair visibly probably about a week or two. If you're doing the right stuff but you will feel an instant relief of like. Oh gosh it starting to heal. I feel that. And if you don't feel that perhaps you're not using the right thing for your skin. Thanks for listening. You can find details on every product mentioned in today's episode along with our exclusive promo codes on our blog at breaking beauty. Podcasts dot com. While you're there be sure to sign up for our newsletter. Every episode will be delivered directly to your inbox. So you won't miss a single thing and get social with us. Let us know what you think of the episode. You can follow us on instagram. At breaking beauty podcast. And did you know. We also have a private facebook group. Just search breaking beauty. Podcasts chat room. You can even leave us a voicemail at questions or feedback at one eight four four two two seven zero three zero two and forget to subscribe to us. Where ever you get your podcasts. Fix spotify stitcher. Google podcasts and apple. Podcasts you can show us some love review see next wednesday along.

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Keeping it Real with Rachel O'Brien

Scheananigans with Scheana Shay

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Keeping it Real with Rachel O'Brien

"Thank you for listening to this podcast one production available on apple podcast and podcast one okay you're craving something spicy during your commute am i right what i do is snack on blue diamond saracho flavored almonds they're really good and spicy and almonds are superfood don't deny your cravings blue diamond almonds crave victorious lee at farmers insurance we have concrete evidence the parking underwent industrials but you're just asking for trouble she'd been covered it quicker more underwritten by farmer's truck fire insurance exchange center affiliates products not available in every state shenanigans is brought to you by mtv's the real world atlanta's jimmy now only on facebook watch de original reality show is packing streaming now only on facebook watch mtv the real world lennon is the next true story of seven rangers picked a living out now they're hookups grub apologies fights cheers voices in live streamed exclusively on facebook watch it's the return of the first unscripted show in tv history that tackle gender race aid taboos live that's addiction connection accepting an reality it being reinvented mtv the real world atlantic is an all new reality experience with content dropping daily and new episodes every thursday find out what happens when the next generation stopped being polite and start getting real again in facebook click on the facebook watch icon in search the real world on watch mtv the real world atlanta's jimmy now only on facebook no firm vander pump rules to vegas and everywhere in between it's time to party sheena shea this man again and now here's your host sheena let me end we're back more shenanigans that usually i would like to do a girlfriend episode of drinking in podcasting but it's technically noon on wednesdays so we're gonna be responsible and just getting sober shenanigans we have genyk oh gee i end you guys have definitely seen her on benefit ruled an onstage at like every comedy club but in los angeles and across the country mitch rachel brosnahan low how're you i'm wonderful i'm glad i finally doing i know isn't so bad that were getting so much older that like there's no appeal to me about drinking at noon like i am really happy were not yeah i did have an opera spreads yesterday at about two pm but getting into the the the like happy hour start at three pm yeah but i was like all i had no you guys though noon wind could definitely ruined the day now yeah absolutely like to be a regular thing like like katie in stasi and christian or or just thought like we would go to the grove and have lunch and we would start drinking and i'm like why do we love yeah yeah well i know i definitely didn't do hotel across the street from the ground so it's so easy to just walk over and start drinking guy i said why do yeah i mean he still does your story true freshman breakfast well because she found both who likes to do that equally coli is yeah yeah yeah they okay so how you've known about for a long time or whether just kristen in katie who've known him forever i only met him one at a christian and carter got like a hotel room somewhere like at the london oh i know i remember that like the petite meritocracy skews me seats left you are you listening to us right now but i do have allergies and general never be allergic to i met him one there and i remember thinking he was really funny and i was like in no mood to be funny myself and i was like he talked shining may irritate it i was like this that's my job i couldn't i think about doing stand up i could to somebody else am i right or wrong earthy give somebody else did he go on a date someone else like ten years ago where some no kristen did a movie together and they made out and that's what i'm thinking of an carter and katie have had left together before yeah you're confusing a very ancestors who say like nobody can just have everyone you i'm the only person in slumped anyone in this group that's out of his mouth yeah i mean everyone else's up with jack store you know i mean i'm not proud of how it's been so long it's like bankruptcy it cancels out after seventy years date or did you like oh no we dated for a we dated for like every year okay but i would like when i first saw brittany ajax is housed with the first time i wish i wish for the christmas and i was like you know you to pay his rent like two million dollar home in times of change yeah that's funny i we over sixty thousand gorgeous i haven't been it has been a katy until i heard literally they're the same the backyard's different jackson britain you have a bigger backyard yeah but it's just like they're all douses upstairs were different to me too but they all look pretty similar i feel like it's the same developer yeah it's are coming around it is it the same 'em there's is bigger than five bedroom yeah so i think i think honestly i think they're all closet mcnair all tom santa may have lighting one that's gonna be like they're like social media room where they can do like shoots and products and stuff like that like or whatever then i think they'll have the guest bedroom they have their bedroom 'em i think tom's making one room and did like a bar area i dunno they're doing all of this week mtv cribs literally i can't wait to see when the house is done because they like don't a furniture are they gonna housewarming party and he just did a bunch of looking at it all up 'cause everybody else about their house furnished right yeah they accepted like pick stuff out yeah but they don't like their staging furniture okay which i mean i kept like what maybe a quarter of my teaching furniture yeah you're living room stuff but yeah yeah i love your house it's amazing it's great you you're on room there i know yeah yeah i had a father and beds in my room now we have arrived at the best summer parties and there yeah so i have a place the pats out but yeah you're gonna see is like thirty minutes from my parents house and all the other end like if i ever went to like like drinking and didn't over yeah yeah yeah oh there we go yeah so were doing a party out there next week for the fourth of july but i will be there okay over the weekend a no word on on worth from my parents wind our way on the fifth but maybe yeah well if i'm not going there earlier 'em above by the time this is out in the fourth will be overrun yeah isn't we do that on my guy like me at the irvine improv night and i'm like oh now that whenever i was still there what's your favorite venue to do comedy i and like elino see a delay problem damn improper the comedy store yeah um uc irvine improv which i did last night which is awesome it's gigantic gigantic huge rich person mall in irvine beverly another by from yeah oh yeah it's the biggest sale ever very easy to get london very fan is that the one with the fares wheelers that a different one i didn't i didn't notice but that could be a different wing of the mall but i didn't see yeah i think there's two and her and there's like the spectrum and there's a reason foreign oh you're maybe vashon island and now they're fashion island andy i'm throwing out words now i don't know newport m i can't think in and then there's south coast plaza there's so many in elsie oh my god do you did you guys listen to or know about the dirty john podcast over no show hearing about there's a show on bravo and i had recorded it just start watching on my dvr crash okay and i just got so angry at every show the record and i was like i'm watching any of these on demand then commercials and so i never watched it but i heard podcast the main yeah it's terrifying i got super into it and then i watched the show and i just want you to now my friend i just had the girl taryn who will who will like you're not gonna watch it there's a murder that happened who edgy she's the one that killed now she's my french kim to my show last night i love yeah yeah so here's isn't saying their stories crazy yeah that's so fun the john guys like a fraud in a con man who dated her mom and her mom is like this really wealthy 'em like interior designer oh and i he like condor like maybe think he loved her and all this stuff and like what he was doing it like he's not it's like that roller women and then we'll already tried to kill her daughter was fought back and i i know murder pod yeah did you listen to the podcast and watch the show which is better 'em i know they're they're a little different yeah i mean i was so shocked by the podcast the whole time i listened to it in like a matter of like two days though so i think by the time i saw the show the story right but it you know connie britton or better very good in it yeah like reading the book and i'm watching the movie yeah gotcha that would mean twilight like the only fiery they finish i hate rating i think one chapter like seven starseed's book maybe kind of skip to the which is we have a chapter chapter about us like just skimmed from my name is okay interesting that they're they're just again but i'm i brought it with me today actually because i have a laser appointment on this and i just have to lay there for like an hour and get my leg laser and i'm like i could do and breathing i can get you all set up just wasting my phone battery i wanna get laser so bad but i just i'm too lazy to like followed up on my mother had literally rachel it is every six weeks one day like lesson in our every six we got bad you could easily do i wouldn't do any like pick a part of your body in like that for a while yeah so shout out to laser way they went amazing and allow who years i've gone every six weeks an i started with just under arm and bikini andy that's been two years so that doesn't even like grow back at all anymore but every time i go now i'm doing my legs i'm gonna go you may well still like that me like underarm in bikini because then it just like is dead dead inside and now that you're actually like also killing like good cells in your body that you nervous i mean you're out of her way thanks to so i mean yeah like you know you should always wear sunscreen but do you always tied to yeah but i don't think it works and why am aggressively tan right now but yeah i when i was in the desert last weekend i worst sunscreen and i would only out for that for like four or five hours one day but i kept putting on sunscreen and i just it just blocks from burning but did not block you from turning into like leather what i feel like i have like leather skin like a hundred and twenty degrees in palm springs lately yeah you'd v index literally with ten last time we were there so is it gets stronger if it's hotter that would that i feel the giants i don't know i don't know why that would work no but i am by while they were not dying to hear it off like i though yeah i mean i always like sprayed on but then there were the time oh in vegas this weekend we were at drains at the party and i didn't bring sunscreen abroad tiny little at carry on bag andover we're usually nfl bana in the shade fade but we ended up being behind the deejay booth and then up at the deejay booth and said in part of that was not shaded some standing there like a hundred and five degrees and i would like oh my god i don't have sunscreen on one of the things he knew but you don't yeah but i definitely got color weather with vegas there palm springs and i'm getting a spray tan later and laser laser you can't have a three damper lost like two weeks and my legs feel so town right now mike scott this morning all the way the spray jenner did i get real tan you got a real real tan i haven't been real tainted like two years just because you're trying to like not age herself or you're smart has been i yeah i mean i a little bit about a plan to last year i was living in vegas and i was working so much that i just didn't have time really lay out last year i also think when it's like so readily disposal you're like i'm in vegas i could go out anytime you're sick of it you're like totally end now my friend carly who owns glow boss mhm she comes in my apartment and sprayed hands me though it's amazing it's so convenient that i'm like okay ten minutes ten is way easier than hours and hours of lane you're not going to agers felt like i had play i've never had a spray tan yeah i didn't look good i mean they turned me into a pumpkin i think you might be getting the wrong one because they feel like i got a little orange the arguments in jonas soda her and i'm olive you're fair and if you've got the same ten is and you are gonna look like whatever they were all really yeah i was like really really yeah i love you too can i do show like for the mtv awards a couple of weeks they go i did a neon like yellow oh i love you die lighter blazer dress like i have to be super tana can be pale and were neon so like make me as dark as you can and i thought it looked great and then my mom is like oh my god did you see all the comments you look like what did what did they say mob lived there was something in our moms were that you're like maybe i wouldn't have the means and then why are you bringing i tell my mom you please do not do that just 'cause you're on the internet more than me in these common informing how they wouldn't know i never saw any of those commentary on reid the comments on the pictures i posted like i'll look at the top ten usually the people who i followed her like my friends are positive and then once they see the first negative what am i am we don't know we i don't need a living like well i mean you wherever the image that wasn't the point with the super jan it's like beginning of summer i would wear neon like i dunno people were talking shit about thanks for letting me know that q i like i get it to someone i i've only had one person comments something mean to me on the internet i think so far up partner i know reading the picture things at arianna posted ever kellen i at and her at a coach cello and someone said that girl is on the right but she looks like if dossey in jack's had a baby that high confidence on draft night that's really not the young man and stasi like oh that's great but gorgeous all humans and promote now i look like a guy friend i'm like i don't know about that i hated it yeah i think i think that's actually not that bad worst one you're doing pretty good they are both go too far yeah yes you know i mean may well i mean brady in southfield nothing it's like maybe jack and bring his kids will grow up and look like you maybe yeah you should look more like brittany then you do stop it you think kind of i'll take both of those is i don't think you really look like maybe look like if britain in south seattle baby i'll definitely definitely think that you know maybe that's what they may not jack's amen brittany people disney britain looks like but i don't think we really do i could do a little a little bit maybe i think sometimes like christian and i look alike like when she puts her extensions and another make up a certain way and like sort yeah i could see that there's been starting like photo photo shoots and she's just have such different shapes facing completely but i think like when i'm like in my skin as we get she's like she's so thin but i feel like when my face is thinner like we have more similarities i also see you're not super thin crazy person well no i i gave it some way back in my cheeks and i feel my face now though it's not i say to my lanky so everything is like yeah like got that like gina they're like the supermodel body like why why what did you make with the devil why did you hear the expense of not being able to dance in public you'll see it though i did not tall skinny i i i don't know i feel like i literally it's like dangerous me dancing public they might hit someone who's one of my limbs you and christian both new york so what i think yeah yeah like the car dealer that's totally that haven't been i danced with looks like were selling used car i'm janet doing her dad krista 'em i'm excited for the wedding also to it i know and again by the time really need it will have aired so i can't wait to talk about it on the next one janet and are gonna go live from kentucky oni obviously not give away any spoilers but i'm like i can't wait for the she's going on vacation after she's leaving me for like three weeks is that going ohio and it's a looming like i have to or no i can't go yeah so i'm like okay we're gonna have a podcast live from kentucky not live from kentucky by from verse sales skins verse sales i just love that eighty not pronounce first first time oh wow i didn't say sales i love it so much yeah i went i went with brittany a couple of years ago and her and i like the only time brittany never both single at the same time it was right after rob and i broke up doorman sorry i don't like his name on my show and you hate yes oh i is a strong word rachel that we don't like you know again you i strongly just five and dislike him absolutely i'm glad you're not you're a different person the only time i ever was really around you guys have me about it was a barbecue his house and i was like i've never seen sheena be so secure before like like you weren't even yourself i was like he's really making feel a certain way that is going out again let's talk about something saying this yesterday a my friend devon who is just on the season of the bachelor he's gonna be here in a few weeks with a one of the other guys can't do because then you'll know he doesn't win and we still we actually don't know who win but we know it's down to two button anyway so i'm with him and my friend natalie who does my hair once elif on day i had a drink out to lunch andrew we were just talking about the past relationships and whatnot and i was saying i mean the whole time i was with shea i would never insecure about anything like you really i mean he obviously had his demons and it's per yeah like things he struggled a bit but he really did make me feel like i would be most gorgeous amazing person in the entire world and i i love that about him like i mean we like hiking worshipped each other they were just a lot of things that you know we couldn't stay together for but 'em when the doorman i never so insecure my entire life yeah like there were so many things but i would like oh my god like my boots to small like is it this is it that like i just like always like a thought there was something wrong with me and he would always say like he was like stressed with work and you know like i'm trying to start the company this and i'm like well guy doesn't want morning sex like doesn't so that's what would make you layer is like he just wasn't like all over you they would end up being like oh i just don't like kissing it's like well what never make out with rachel never like people don't i mean maybe their people to join you like a hooker i i mean low he had like a but i wasn't getting paid i would say yes so there was a one night i remember specifically about two months and the us dating two or three months then andy he was a doorman still liaison an i want that and i thought my roommates but yeah so am i don i had a few drinks because they knew he was driving home at nine that was the one of the very few good things about him was anytime like i want it adjusts let loose and get drunk he was so it's all we just made sure i would fully taking care of where i didn't have that wish they would always taking care of him like i could never get drunk and then he would get drunk and they were just drunk together yeah and level somebody asked me on hold the yeah absolutely so i really appreciate that but so this is i think the first time i had really gone laughing number they liked about it but they're very few things i can recall that were like this was one of them i think in the other thing looks like somebody needed nicer my birthday when he surprised me i'd like my friends come to dinner that everything else shit but 'em so that night we get back to my place and i'm waste dead and i don't get very drunk off then but when i do i'm a very open and honest and i was just like feeling frisky and i like starting to catch them and then i would like we never make out what's wrong with a guy like i didn't realize for three months they're like we could really never made out and i'm like i guess i'm not a big cancer at the time because i had been with shaver so long and i'm here with someone for a long time i mean that's kind of died a little bit like in the bedroom like we were making out all the time yeah so i just like forgot what it would like to make out with someone and then when he started dating rob and we kind of just the doorman sorry we just like wet ride to and just kept all the other stuff well yeah so my commute who don't like yeah what what is this like making out is laid out cans oh yeah so i didn't even realize that until that night and years it's like yeah i'm just not a big concern i was like oh okay no big deal i guess i'm not iser but then i will change everything about out of it right and then of the month went on i would like a kind of like i'm attracted to you like i really like i just wanna make out and like he never would and then you know we started filming and then it was like i told him i loved him like he is the first time he said in his sleep one night he could never say things like out loud and have feeling but there's one night he liked fell asleep in like it set it and i was like okay i discount we tell them and so the next day i would like do you know you're talking you're sleeve and he's like oh god what did i say like i mean it was nice nothing bad just like you said it and this would like three weeks then and we are like a past and yeah so i would like you know i mean it was super soon but all the i mean i'm not gonna russia bach like wake up and like you know what you just said he opens his eyes right the first time i like right before we were falling asleep after you had like a big premiere party this is the night and i was like i gotta say it and he said it back but it would like awkward and then we start filming and then i like watch back like six months later saying all these like oh you know like i don't like just throw the love word around like it's just not something i say like i like if i was just like oh my god red flag number one hundred and seventy two like why didn't know one shake me i yeah i feel like master manipulator really liked him ever you really what you liked the idea yeah yeah i do that so like this have to work my divorce like marriage failed i got divorced this after work like i can't fail another relationship like i felt like i was just willing to do whatever i could to make him just want me and they said i think that's kind of a common thing that people do like i think that like i mean i don't know i think you just kinda like you don't wanna fail right you feel like you you care more about what other people think of you yeah like you're like i've said this is probably the one 'cause we had the path and then you gotta go back on it now once you spent that much time with that person then you gotta go i've already spent years so i don't wanna like well yeah now it's like square one all over again total i feel like no matter who i date next it's like no no one will believe anything i say about them but i'm like here's the thing like if i'm dating someone i do think they're like v bass person because i think that's what i deserved so yeah i did i put shannon pedestal totally because he married him he made me feel so special everyday he literally would give massage every single day like he was the sweetest but that's also like a thing that addicks do and hide like their dia yeah they're trying to do like other things for you to make you feel good because they feel bad that they're like doing this stuff behind you're by totally so i mean i didn't know that at the time but then you know when i started dating doorman and i would at least i'm like no no no like you have no idea like he's just like you said that about shea and i'm like well obviously a lot of other people too but i'm like now mike and then so when i was you i mean not adam and i were ever dating but when we had that like nine month hanging bang and i was like i can't even say anything good about somebody gives out about everyone and i'm like yeah but it's just with him it was different because adam and i were friends who like fell in bed together yeah and it would different but i'm like no no no but it's different with him like you say it's different whatever when i'm done talking about like i myself and then there would like the month of mac and i was just like myself mad that is a new term i got using during the month of max like i instead of talking him up because i mean which you'll you'll see things with him and i whatever on the show 'em i mean maybe maybe but there were so many messages that he sent me when we were dating i have read aloud him oh you're telling me about this yeah yeah and so instead of me like talking him i'll be like no one's gonna believe me that this guy's amazing i mean after the month of march the dining would not have been our great friend and not as much as we should ever be but i just like would show like stop you would like oh this guy like you seem so head over heels from i'm like no understand i'm like no one is ever spoken to me this way and i'm like no like in a positive way and i would show her like all of the tax but he sat me because i'm like i'm not fucking crazy like this guy saying things to me that my husband never said that rob never said that like no guy has ever said don't think that's kind of a ride yet owens coming in now i'm absolutely yeah in my experience now now jackson's a wonderful person with brittany in like they're great but like the only like bad relationships i've been in and where the guy ended up cheating on me something more guys ported on real right away and i feel like that's like that's like my barometer of like a red flag where it's like it's too much you don't you don't know me well enough yeah you wanna marry me you're like you we've known each other for two months so now tell me you want me the converted judy is right like and they were so red flag but yes seeing that probably would have if max and i kept dating like i'm sure that would not have ended as it didn't end well that we were able to become become friends again now is like one of my favorite people to hang out with like but i just know were just read yeah but 'em wait what what they're gonna say about oh but i mean at the time to go from like adam like not wanting to come back and like that just being a show of like yelling at each other and being angry that i went on a date with someone else have someone like these so obsessed with me i would like oh my god this is like amazing i'm not usually that's what is this now any other guy who said those things me i'm like i feel bad because and like you know what maybe you're being genuine yeah and maybe you mean it but max folks that are yeah review so i'm sorry my they are being genuine but i feel like you need to like just let that play out they don't believe everything they say right yeah because it's like any girls have you said this to tackling exactly i found out the things max enemy he's also said to many other one yet though i'm like then at the same time together as he goes but with you i meant it i'm done no i'm not bad so hard though to not like you feel good versus someone to like say those things you and i'm such a sucker for like oh you like me great i like me too perfect we get a yeah i just but it's hard because you wanna you wanna believe it but it's usually not true right away yeah so you know lessons learned don't date fuck voice notes they are though well if they're in their twenties they probably are one of you know fuck boy i just need friends or just you know hanging bang takeover what they are in their their fondly hey look at yeah good make out you need to make some shenanigans merge with these terms on it month of my bank i'm gonna i'm go wage should we do shenanigans merge she should i mean i did there was a company reached out but i was like i mean what would we sell but if i'm funny like i'm gonna tell you guys hanging bang bang that i might have been drinking drinking would have had the nba guy dining yeah i definitely i think if coined the term hanging bang i've never heard anyone else so like it but then fuck buddy to yeah yeah yeah i like that hanging back it's like we like you know get along i think right i think you need to make a hanging banker later in the month of mac is that without not avail yeah between netflix and chill in like a fuck buddy yeah they make that much later and i i'm i'm like no like were not dating were just like hanging banging but then i'm like okay so were all thing going here now yeah let's talk dating okay i've gotten into arguments recently with people who don't know the difference between seen someone dating someone exclusive boyfriend girlfriend okay so i wanna ask your opinion hotel in the month of max we were exclusive meaning we weren't sleeping with anyone else he wasn't on my boyfriend you guys discuss that we were exposed a ha yeah okay yeah after like the first week when we realized like we both really liked each other i it's like okay maybe this is going to meet with also the holidays like he spent thanksgiving with me and so like around that time things are moving really quickly lassie's yeah i mean it was just it was the holidays like huffing and puffing cafe ain't nobody i learned recently i've ever good for him yeah in around the holidays and you want a boyfriend snuggle yeah but also what around the holidays specifically christmas valentine's they're the highest rated like breakup time money and pragmatically she to pass a high stress you have like people's families around that sucks yeah yeah but we were so oh right okay so they never talked about it like after the first yeah like we just because we just we hit it off so quickly that it just felt like it would like zero to a hundred no the whoa whoa whoa he used the word before i did i did not we were hanging and then we were yeah it would like are first like actual date and we were like dinner and a movie like very standard and i was just saying oh god i'm just like so much older than you and he's like no he's like you're like one of the youngest girl they've ever dated and all like you might need some old veteran thirty three twenty six which red flag numero uno yeah but i would like we dating you they got like were dating like hey i i mean they wanna use the term boyfriend girlfriend so if you're in the end you're dating what is the difference i don't get that i know 'cause i feel like dating title in vain means exclusive so then what i mean like 'cause you're gonna be dating a couple of different people but yeah as i am right now yeah like i'm like i'm seeing some and they're like oh so you're dating amac no i mean i'm i'm seeing him tonight like we go on dates like yeah we've gone to events and like things together like i'm i'm i'm seeing him or not dating eating yeah like those were joyner changeable i think dating and seeing each other earner changeable okay so if you don't like the word dating it freaks me out if you've had the conversation about being exclusive then to get to the boyfriend girlfriend leveled you have another conversation i think my dream job after junior i asked my boyfriend girlfriend saimaa get married i think you really need to be like okay so exclusive like were just not sleeping with other people are we boyfriend girlfriend i think there's a difference i think sometimes like it would be kind of fun like let's say you were really into the dude and you wanted him to be away from you didn't wanna have to have the talk how exciting it would be if you guys were just out and he was like oh this is my girlfriend rachel yes that would be a fun way to find out there and that's actually how it happened with doorman was we had been like hanging out for like a month we were exclusive we were not sleeping with other people but he wasn't my boyfriend yet and then it was new year's eve we were at a party at his house and this girl were just like giving the death stare all night and i'm like is it like someone needs to be sleeping when it's like i dunno why and so i like pulled him aside and i'm like yeah i don't know who this girl at but like i'm gonna like say something her if you don't be she makes me very uncomfortable and like yeah i'm here in your house and gain in your you're party and he goes he's like it's just because she doesn't know have a girlfriend and i was like oh what fun yeah but then it would like he was drunk when he said and then the next day i would like to bring this up again and again i gave it a couple of weeks ago like even like i don't know in those like two weeks like i was like i can't i like so make out with this guy like i think but then i i waited until he got back from a trip down with his friends and i would like okay i just needed like ask you are you like because i i don't know like i dunno you could also go the other way where like you would freak you out of my girlfriend you're like we didn't know much about oh yeah but it's not in the contract we're not at that level but yet i mean what you're lost relationship how did you guys become boyfriend girlfriend i think like from the gecko he was like i wanna date you and i was like you know single and going through my divorce so i would say you're just like substandard a little children and then we on a couple of dates and then then after you after like a little while i was like okay this is like working you could call me a girlfriend now that's interesting call i was like yeah like you know when you date a lot of people or like you've been single long enough and you kind of like you know a thing about people the same timer like you've just gone onto me dates like i have become numb i think where i'm just like i don't know if i like anyone like i really wanna run together where i'm like i know yeah i'd like i'd saying to her that she cannot look nobody makes my vagina tingling i know i miss that i know i know i did and i will say that the guys on his plate liquor i'm just like i don't i went on a date with someone fairly recently an like rafter we kissed there whatever and i was like you like me or 'cause i can't tell if i like you were not really no anymore and i i would look like if i feel like all to if you're good at dating you can kind of make anyone sort of like oh that make one like i don't know if they actually like me you know what i mean or just like my performance i know a lot about i prefer yeah yeah i i don't know but i feel like like right now i almost oh my god my two years single anniversary coming up in august you guys have a party a good amount yeah like were you i think i'm two and a half almost two and a half and yeah you feel real single i do and it's like yeah there were like the item like the dark days there there were and i get to two very short term boy out in the but i'm paying rent even boyfriend yeah like i would like i mean adam i mean we all thought i laid out yeah and then it continued until like freaking march yeah but a wasn't two years ago wasn't it yeah he broke up with me august thirty first challenge matter how how long have you guys a it was a little last year okay that what i would long enough yeah yeah i mean it it counter because we are families we vacation together they're like we also like him and i would gather on syria yeah no like her mom's still keep in touch and he weird about like how understand him fraternity didn't wanna film when he actually did and he limelight but he's done and you know inebriated hundred k he got from me every interview now is our nominee oh my god that just freaked me out of it you know that say got the hundred k money not but i you know i mean it wasn't amicable divorce split by young kid he is and i'm like we will and a couple of times where we've almost met up with denver so now you will soon begin now were like on a good page or friends again in like it's not weird if i bring him around 'em i know he doesn't want anything to do with the show and like they like would you ever bring up anything like that again i mean i i definitely would like if he was open to it like i would loved like have him come to tom tom in see everyone do that but i just know i mean the show is never for him he would never comfortable on in vited would have conversations with them about it sometimes 'cause i mean i remember one time we had been something really not nice to him on camera that was like really embarrassing and i just remember his he looked heartbroken walked away and he was just sort of like i don't think this is for me like i just didn't know was out for it but like when we first started dating an were boyfriend girlfriend and started we agreed to do it together we signed up juice show together granted i would the cast member he wasn't no like that was technically my job by huge part of my life and my life my job my job my lightly intertwined like it's not one way or the other by after like the first season i mean that would like very easy for us and then i was like ooh engaged married and then after that it's just i think it just got really hard it was like all the like high like peak moments were done and then it would like okay now really married now were really dealing with an addiction now really dealing with taxing the rich behind my back now really dealing with the divorce and then after that it was just like i couldn't see him ever really coming back he did nothing with tom and tom he's in sex it within the extra like like the loss merger whatever it didn't make it on the show 'em but i never even brought myself to watch it because it just to see him on the show like after we like divorced wouldn't help me i just like i could i felt weird but i'd love bring him around more do you feel like now that you're single can you gauge when guys are dating you possibly to be on the show up and you kinda thought that outer i feel like i could tell what's guys around her immediately people in general yeah yes and no because i them easily manipulated quite gullible naive and very sweet and just think that everyone's a good person and trust everyone and i think everyone has good intentions and every time i do that i get screwed over so i don't know why i'm still you know rounder that could see it the f word right no matter what i'm still the type of person janet could tell me for nine months adam no good for me never good afternoon i'm i am i'm tourism stubborn and i need the learning for myself i can't listen to what other people say 'cause what if you are wrong to figure that out yeah that's when i was thinking about doorman when you were like why did no one telling me i'm like i'm pretty sure you wouldn't i wouldn't even that was like the biggest thing with like adam like during because he was the person i was closest sweat like friend wide like out of my guy friends when i was dating rob domain between him and janet like they heard everything good end bad and right when we broke up i would like adam why did you not shake me like sheena tried i tried like there were no a convincing you otherwise i think it's good to hear from a guy friend but yeah there could be like i know like i know do this sooner not cool what he's doing like that it's helpful to hear from a guy and even like i mean i like her dad i asked my dad guide yeah i'm i'm usually my dad's caesar red flag motor only right yeah and my dad dead but also like doorman just put on such a show and like for father's day came over and installed and outdoor speakers system from my dad said even if he horn balik guy dodger cornball who uses that term by seven but he was he was like a little cheesy yeah yeah she would be like i would be like he's clearly like you know these things were all red flags and then we'd run into you know we hang out with rob and he pulled me aside and be like no i really have these feelings have done it might be like okay right here that i'm wrong okay so different on and kerry convincing i i was fooled by a lot of a lot of people were not the thing where i'm like why don't you shake me but i really think like adam in during relationship ottomans one of the only people who released saw yes red flags and by just because the guy and a guy who's afraid of commitment and saw things i mean there is a reason that doorman you know thirty nine single yeah like there's you know he'd never lived with a girl really that's also rather interesting you're saying interesting like he's all and he's older never lived alone oh he's living in the end he let me i know i know i haven't had a female roommates and like sophomore year in college i've had boy brody i own place for the first time ever really myself i want my mom's house the sorority house my husband's house you're gonna love it and you're in a building where you know other yeah like i'm literally like a friend who blocks away from you got i think no really your so close to me yeah like let's get line couple of blocks i'm slowly we already are there last night for dinner yeah you guys are by adam to oh yeah he was a great i'm really good at avoiding people actually neighbors so oh anyway you actually want to be adams girlfriend at the end of last summer after i saw how he blew up about the day in hooking up with ethan i would like oh wow okay she actually feeling she actually does care let's see where this can go and the next day i am a big person with like handwritten like cars instead of just sending a text message or email or something i think is so much more heartfelt and that would like adam a nice thing like he had written letters and stuff before and so i had a very nice long written handwritten card went over to his house gave it to him and at the end of it i would like were best friends like we're sleeping together we whether you want to admit it or not this is what dating is called grunted you're not my boyfriend i get that but like why don't we just try what do we what we break up were not going anywhere now yeah so i'm like why don't we just give it a shot and if it doesn't work out at least we know we tried and you're just terrified of commitment and just like just didn't think that he could be what i deserved and i was like okay then i gotta believe that though like i feel i feel like he's in like in a place in his life where he could like take you out you know and like really be like a man like i feel hartford guy i don't think that's a lie and i mean were four years apart i'm further in my career then he is also very intimidating forgot it must be comfortable with like letting you like yeah everything like it's not like we like loved each other we were best friends i mean we still are good friends but it just it seemed like okay i mean don't you wanna like marry her best friend one day i mean i did didn't work out well so then i was like okay red flag without i'm like didn't work out the first time their worst similarities good and bad but i saw between him and shea and i'm like okay i'm just like attracted to this type well i think that's kind of the dream is it you start out with some of his friends and i you know them you trust them so much because they were you're friend before like that's kind of the greatest by i mean it didn't you know workout obviously and i was just like okay then i guess will keep doing this until one of us hurts each other and yeah we did and then there were the month of max i went back that you did you did you did you did you did there is like fifteen of adam things back and forth and then it was some other facts month but the back and forth without 'em happened for a lot of egos after i had one with engaging in august so between august in the month of max there were a few months where i also did go on a date with another person again and it was someone who i had known from my past but i guess they don't make the mistake of not really on purpose other but adam and i were in my three seventy and not car i have apple carplay andy he was driving an i knew my text messages the jets were gonna pop up on the screen but i i didn't have them being read on the screen and i kind of just wanted him to know like there's another guy in my life there is someone else who's entering little step up while i like it i like you gotta do so were driving and i'm not gonna say this guy's name but it was like new tax from the and i would just like dismissed standard like just pretend like and then come through and you're like i love song week later he asked me who the person was he saw before why love their social media doing over like did you did you gonna do with among the why do you care i asked you to be my boyfriend you said no you did not want to so like yes i'm still dating other people but then it would like so now there's two other people i've been worth while with him but i'm like again were not dating remember that one too but so in those like few months there were a lot of like up and down fights because it's like we were still sleeping together but i would like going on dates with other people and he was and i'm like you can i don't want you do it will hurt me if you do but like you say you don't care and then you care after i do yeah that's annoying that's unfair and he got pretty roasted for it on social media like there is like yeah you can't say you don't want someone and then be mad yeah like that's not fair right yeah that's michael exactly called him on it though yeah but anyways 'em that not a fun conversation about so what us all being single i know janet is now back on dating apps which i'm already over it took like three days before i had like i'm like this is too much that's why it'd be everyone just running together type of thing yeah like i don't there's too many yeah and then i don't know why light acl yeah are you might wanna dating apps i yeah but i haven't been using lately i wish i were ever i am rooting good at using them for a while and now i'm over it a my favorite would probably that was the one i use the moment i'm weightless safer right i'm not quite enough yet look don't talk about it on here because they will kicking off yeah yeah well you're not on kicked off yet i have my janet did meet some interesting man on whatever i can i think that one i think it'd be appealing the way it's laid out and i feel like there's two guys on their info i wanna know about someone especially like like height job like and then they have a whole thing where it's like do you smoke we do there's something wrong raw yeah you know whatever so i like seeing like all of that up front office manager who is not but yeah i just feel like rule out like i smoke weed so like if somebody had like absolutely never for that and it's probably not going to work out well might be on my says no for that further smoking weed because i really don't like another guy who smokes weed out it doesn't sound like a someone does yeah i wonder if people were swiping no i wouldn't wanna smell irwin yeah like we need some we need someone is no yeah yeah but speaking of job one of the guys you might work for true oh yeah great friend here at podcast one i you're not yeah but you know about true car right yeah you told me about that yeah so up basically for those of you who don't know maybe you're just tuning in and if you haven't heard me talk about this a million times but it is amazing so if you go to truecar enter your license plate number you can just watch your car's details pop up answer a few questions like you know navigation moon roof high mileage and you just watches they bump up the value of the car know if you knew what it was gonna call still then you can figure out if you wanna you know traded in or get you a cash offer end it just takes minutes even taken to a local certified dealer and it's not either you could just get cash you yeah do congest and you can find out online how much you're cars worth i just put it in the details well that's when my belief so this doesn't apply to buy more minds not yeah that's my cars enough is sift through all of my messaging yeah right i like the truth is it has occupied yeah yeah yeah i'd i'd said truecard like hey i know that i'm not on dating app so i don't know like i just like how come you tried to be honest i know but like we were saying earlier just got a riot friend passerby wanna know okay how do i know i know that because i don't i don't know i don't need someone to tell me i'm cool enough to be on a dating app first of all i figure out what song defined mean a song is my favorite part like i love i love my slide show if the dire straight song sultans will swing okay okay i like that 'em i do like that song law but there's just like i wouldn't i wouldn't know which vibrio do i go drake do i go classic rock do i go elton john like it's just the girl girl yeah yeah that's my heart you no i dunno but the thing is like we were saying earlier how do i know that someone swiping right on me because they're genuinely interested in getting to know me yeah or because they wanna bang me or because they wanna get in trouble yeah that that's so that's why that's the main reason i'm not on them i like many people the old fashioned way i like i i'm not really doing that anymore because if you want to be someone like that yeah and i mean i have like the guy that sound so bad any guys who i've dated earl what like gone on dates whether it's like i dunno from before and reconnected with someone would introduce like a friend of a friend work i mean lisa she taught staff yeah over sure so i definitely like dept in the staff of lee says her next show she's a dating app wherever the patty sanger right i show leaders like it felt shame i stopped hiring a guy like a you problem not me bro you have to turn in their head shot what you're looking at a restaurant like well stop doing that and stop picking firm that pie exactly are you working no faith nicolay how i get a discount unemployment nice i don't how're why but restaurants thinks i work at these otherwise i got friends and family discount i don't think they think you're an employee somebody i dunno there where you normally there without ever i whenever i but even when she's not with yeah she's just kind of my it's a friends and family yeah i think they might just do that yeah i would i i'm not gonna crush yeah i will take the twenty percent off thank you speaking of i think we should go get are friends and family discount available in guy but that's sure let's do it this is fun i'm glad i'm not i will you're gonna be on my neck yes i tell everyone where they can find you a shout out you're podcasts i'm gonna be doing that to their bedroom kentucky will do a little recap on there to my guess is called be here for a while anton all the podcasts podcasts are and then you could find me on social media at rachel i know brian it reads like rachel no brian and rachel spelled r e c h e l i like selling it that way yeah i know on social media yeah because it's where i tell myself i'd have so many more followers but i really do like people were like name normal rachel will try we have another like i don't see you're not coming up in here like just give me the phone yeah mhm all right well that's a fun yeah we got another one of the baby mandela and i think the next time we do this we should do a nighttime drinking in the desert i think really yeah yeah i mean that's what that's what i'm so happy you gotta play yeah we did find drinking in podcasting with my dad on father's it was so funny my dad was so drunk like well we were a little late to the party restarted charlie drink called apologizes like i'm sorry being so but yeah i i have a lot of stuff but he's like i felt the body the come we do it again now the doubt i would love to do another podcast with you but he's like he like couldn't remember like some of the stories he would sign and he felt like that was so entertaining and mike headlights ranking in podcasting very yeah he'd dumb shit we get in trouble for it like novice i have one but with are fans of oh yeah i love it yeah like genuine said she likes and rich people get murdered and you know i got a lot of young about i i have never gotten word like what i meant is that on investigation discovery i like the shows like behind mentioned walls more than like oh my god i'm already throughout the year industry prime because it's like oh yes a lot of it all right well thanks for listening guys we will be back from kentucky ferndale by thanks for listening to shenanigans download new episodes every tuesday and friday on the podcast one app at podcast one dot com apple podcasts and don't forget to rate and review the show on apple podcasts looking fine i gotta go with me and table games i think meanwhile north and get him on the warning what's the crime knew what expected at one many can't forget twenty two hours at american nightmare a new podcast from w g o p news and podcast one details the humans murders of a dc power couple of their ten year olds a housekeeper inside their own hope the complicated trail she thinks she knows how daring went inside the house oh my god i saw any yesterday and shocking moments from the trial his defense team drops a bombshell will be investigation to the release of confidential audio recordings from the case so it's under general counsel review committed to making a transparent twenty two hours at american nightmare subscribe on apple podcast today this summer there's only one 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Review: Benedict Cumberbatch Is a Spy With Soul in The CourierBut He's Not the Only Reason to Watch

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06:46 min | Last month

Review: Benedict Cumberbatch Is a Spy With Soul in The CourierBut He's Not the Only Reason to Watch

"Brought to you by audible benedict. Cumberbatch is a spy with seoul in the courier. But he's not the only reason to watch by stephanie's jaric the trappings of spycraft. We see in the movies. The tiny cameras. The furtive codewords uttered into payphones. The trench coated figures darting about in the shadows are now so familiar that they come across as anything but secretive but in real life spy has to merge into his or her surroundings like a whisper. You couldn't cast a more convincing spy than benedict cumberbatch. A star whose chief attribute is an aura of charming anonymity. It's not that he's drably a noticeable in simply that his charisma is less bright gold than burnished bronze he's discretion personified with a dash of saf off. Air is is the face of a man who keeps his secrets. Close to the vest and would button yours and even closer in the courier which is based on a true story. Cumberbatch place a businessman who ferried secrets between great britain and the then soviet union during the cold war grell win an engineer and a family man. Recruited by m. I six in nineteen sixty to connect with a member of russian military intelligence named oleg penkovsky. Here played by superb. George an actor mihrab nitsa who alarmed by leaning. Tensions between the ussr and the west had offered secret information about his country's nuclear capabilities. When didn't know exactly what information he was carrying but his mission was still extremely dangerous. In the second half of the courier details the price he ultimately paid until that point. The courier has a jaunty largish quality when gravel is i approached by a cia. And an m. I six agent working in tandem played by rachel brosnahan and angus right. He's more amused than bemused by their poker faced professionalism their aims disguised by almost comically vague language. I can't believe i'm actually having lunch with spies. He says looking from one to the other as if he's already weaving a story to tell his wife sheila a marvelously ri- and subtle. Jessie buckley at the dinner table. That won't come to pass. Rebel is sworn to secrecy though. His mission at first only involves traveling to russia to meet with a group of businessmen and make contact with petkovski whom he'll come to know as alex. The mission seems harmless enough until these pressed into service for further trips bringing top secret information back with them over several visits and one in which alex comes to england the two men get to know one another and become friends gravel and sheila have a son and alex has a family to a wife and a daughter before long gravel has been drawn in both by the sober necessity of his mission. His handlers have scared him manipulative. -ly with horror stories about what would happen to his family in the event of a nuclear attack and by his loyalty to olympics when he's told he's no longer needed a withdrawal. That would leave. Alex dangling with no way to defect to the west with his family. An escape the c. I. a. and m. i. Six had promised to effect. He begs his handlers to let him return to russia. One last time a trip that twists the story into more bre corners directed by dominic cooke and written by. Tom o'connor the courier is almost two films in one. The second half is much darker and more intense than the first but the shift is so delicately abrupt that it i you barely register it. That's part of the movies edge. Really engaging artistry what begins as a shadowy spy adventure ends in a place of mournful resignation. The movie is honest about the decidedly unglamorous side of spying chiefly that it's a line of work in which human beings are often treated as easily discarded pawns and beyond its depiction of the usual spy stuff including those many cameras about the size of disposable lighter which somehow even in an era of digital information still feel small and dangerous. The pictures sober mood is embedded and it's images and a pivotal scene. Alex brings gravel to a performance of swan lake in moscow cinematographer sean bobbitt pits the expressive brightness of the dancers onstage against the tension around tight in grumbles heart which shows on his face in a few discreet but fervent tears an englishman's tears which are either a cliche or one of the deepest expressions of human feeling depending perhaps on. Who's doing the crying when it's cumberbatch. Those tears are deeply believable. Though it's nitsa who sneaks off with the movie in its as list of imdb credits many of them. European english and american tv series is long and he had a starring role and caroline links. Two thousand one drama nowhere in africa overall for purposes. It appears that he's a reliable goto when you need a serious looking russian guy as if there were any other kind but his performance in the courier made me hope to see more of them. In the movies and bigger roles as alex penkovsky he carries infinite gradations of feeling in his eyes. We see his anxiety for his family his sense of responsibility about preventing nuclear destruction but also has tangled love for his country when gravel asks him wear if he were to defect he might like to live. He says montana. he's seen pictures of it. And it reminds him of the countryside he grew up as an examines facets of betrayal and loyalty the courier speaks most directly through. Nasa's is they tell us what it means to love a place that has betrayed you place on the map. You can no longer call home even as your wishes for what it ought to be throb in your heart if you love to learn laugh or just listen to great. Stories of factor fiction audible plus has great listens for every mood and moment with unlimited access to thousands of select. Podcasts audiobooks one of a kind audible originals and the exclusive audibles league collection. You'll always find something new whether it's stories and performances from legendary artists like smokey robinson. And sheryl crowe your favorite true crime podcast or the latest analysis on today's top stories audible plus has it all in one place. Try it free with a thirty day. Trial when you sign up at audible dot com.

Cumberbatch jaric grell oleg penkovsky mihrab nitsa rachel brosnahan angus right Jessie buckley alex petkovski benedict cumberbatch sheila dominic cooke Tom o'connor stephanie russia sean bobbitt Alex cia britain
House of Cards | Season 6 Episode 4: Chapter 69

Post Show Recaps

41:50 min | 2 years ago

House of Cards | Season 6 Episode 4: Chapter 69

"Yeah. House of cards season. Six episode four chapters sixty nine is over. But we're just getting started here on the house of post show recap. And now here the guys with takes that are so hot. It's like you took your phone and dropped it into boiling water. I'm rob Stor Neo back with Zach Brooke Zach, our you than the back seat president tonight, and I'm gonna take the wheel backseat podcast here. Right. Alright. The reports of Kathy Durant's demise were greatly premature. Not by me. I think I've heard that she was not necessarily. We never saw the body always predict body. I said something along the lines of that. I think that she wasn't necessarily dead because we didn't see what happened, and it seemed very sketchy and was yeah, I don't while the Walking Dead. But I kind of feel like this is what every episode of the Walking Dead is where episode they're like this person died off screen and then the next step. So they show up. So did you in this episode come to the conclusion the cabbie Durant was not dead before that reveal? I did. I have my prediction was a little bit off and may still could be correct. But right around the time when Claire is talking to hunter, I wrote in my notes, the Kathy Durant is going to be with the shepherds Seth reporting to Bill and he's on the phone giving the play by play throughout the whole episode. And I said, oh, that's why he's giving all these updates because Bill. Actually has Kathy Durand. Yeah. At the point where you know that same conversation where Claire was talking to hunter and talking about how stand wasn't that upset about it? And I said, wait a second. Hold on. Maybe she's not dead. Yeah. Actually washes up so twice. And I think I caught a couple of things as we go through it. That are interesting things. I didn't pick up the first time especially knowing how the episode is gonna end up. Okay. All right. So this was an interesting up. So this is fine. This is like one big party. This episode. Is so much happened at this unil-? Memorial. Whatever it just this is ridiculous. I really liked how it kind of was a bottle up all took place in basically, one setting up side of the Hammerschmidt stuff. But I mean, this could never actually happen. I think if there was a politician's funeral right? This amount of posturing and world current events and diplomacy would happen. Even if. Yes state, right? So if you're gonna Najing like some universe where the US secretary of state has passed away. I mean, there's we're imagining like this party where everybody is sitting Shiva after the funeral and Ladimir Putin. Is there also I guess in some ways, maybe not as hard to imagine. But it seems that there would be a lot of security involved. I mean, I thought that Jane Davis was going to. Stab Petrov in the kitchen at one point. Yeah. Just hanging out by the water cooler in Petrov's just walking around with Seth kind of Kramer, in his way into rooms that he's not supposed to be and there's no security anywhere. It was just like our big free for all which was fun for getting a lot of pieces in place. And I thought that moved pretty quickly, but it was like really out there, not a major security detail. Now, I did like how they filmed a lot of this episode where it was it reminded me of something. I can't figure out exactly what it is. It might have been like can't hardly wait. Oh, where you're following somebody locked bedroom? Probably I mean that might have been where Bill was calling from was the bathroom because we didn't see him Bill internet nowhere to be found. But we have you know, you're following characters in conversation. And then like Seth would walk behind. Doug would walk behind. The camera would would pan over to Doug. And then you would follow drug his conversation happen quite a bit throughout this episode. I thought that was a really unique way to do that. It was lots of style for house of cards. They don't do something. Like that that often? All right. Let's I guess start with Petrov, and what is going on here with Syria. Do you feel like that Syria has been settled yet seems like it we have an agreement that Claire Underwood it's into this was the setup from Claire all along was to get an agreement with Petrov that will stop the shepherd unlimited company from having a presence in Syria. So it's a move against Bill and a net and looks like she gave up a lot. But I think she got a lot in return, which was actually something. I didn't pick up a first time. I watched it. Yeah. I thought she was going to say. Petrov? Look, you're not my enemy here. You're you're fine. That the shepherds of Miami. And I think that's what she's doing at the end of the episode where she brings Tom Yates. And I'm sure we'll talk lots about Tom Yates in this absurd. She she tells Petrov as their green on this deal and Tom gates was the responsibility of your country and he died in Russia. Yeah. How are they going to sit in that is? So I thought that when she did that she was accusing him of this. But it sounds like that this is part of the deal is that that they are accepting responsibility for this death as part of this deal going through did you pick? I didn't pick up the first time. I got that. I got that. Because that he gave he said like oh twenty percent. That's quite a taste. And she's like, well, you know, hooked by friends up and stuff like that. But then the big thing was like, you take the heat on Tom Yates. Yeah. And that was like a gangster movie called her a gangster earlier. If she like gangster, and Ellen suit is that what we would call her. Suit. I guess so I guess you could call her to that. So what will they say? Well, we'll they do. I feel like that. If the shepherds have Tom gates, his body, and Mark has really ability the sort of summit it. I mean, it doesn't matter. If Petrov says like a we did it. I mean, I don't know what like I kind of feel like she's still in a bad spot. Yeah. I guess it's going to be that he was killed by Russian spies, maybe on US soil, and and then there has to be more diplomacy as a result of that. I mean, they can have his body and say, oh, yeah. We poisoned him reason. I don't know why Petroff would be that concerned with like the guy who wrote Frank Underwood's by graffiti and road speeches for the White House. Yeah. And Petrov is this the last we see of him is this for Petrov can't be they can't bring him back. Just for this one time occurrence, I think we'll see him a little bit more throw season. Do you think we'll see him more? Because I don't know what business we have left to do in Syria other than seeing Bill shepherd's head explode. Yeah. Well, I mean, maybe the shepherds try to make something happen in Syria too. They have some attack and Syria or something to to stir up trouble and keep their presence there. Just to reiterate only four episodes left here in house of cards for the series. Yeah. There's a lot to do. I was thinking about that today. There's a lot still left on the table with only four episodes left. Yeah. We've really have a lot of things hanging out there. And I guess of one of the chief ones that we've talked about which we thought was settled storyline. Kathy Durant is out there floating around and potentially aligned with the shepherds where is she going to come into all this. So my prediction is that. She's actually working with Nora who we saw on the set. And I don't know if I have no ours last name, but she's one of the secretaries of the people in the cabinet, and she's the one who pose Claro side and say she doesn't trust the other members of the cabinet. And she says something about how Kathy Durant is fluent in French. And then says something declare on French. The end of the episode we see Kathy Durant, speaking French somebody. But I feel like that Nora was a Claire Underwood loyalist, and I feel like the Kathy Durant is anything but more patrol mo- patrol is right. I mean, she's gotta be with aligned with the shepherds. No. Yeah. So, you know, maybe Nora the shepherds and Kathy are working together, nor do you think that there's I don't know why Norwood speak French early in the episode, and then we seek Kathy Durant. Speaking French for no reason at the end of the. Road. So is Nora helping to get Cathy Durant's husband to her. Yeah. I think that's who she might have been talking to the end of the episode. Do you think that Nora is trying to throw Claire off the scent by talking it's coming to her talk about moles? Yeah. Yeah. That's the that's the best way to do. You got to Q somebody else of being a mock. This is classic secret Hitler. Yeah. Her twenty four. Yeah. I've actually never played secret Hitler. Oh, you're in for a treat. I passed. Everybody was all about secret lair like twenty seventeen in early this year. And I don't think people are really planning anymore. I think it's still out there. I think it's still out there after some searching go ahead, and do some searching we're talking in the last episode of which was recorded last night for anybody who's curious about the timetable on these things that we were talking about Doug versus Claire, do you feel like that we got closer to Doug versus Clare in this episode or Doug and Claire coming together, we gotta tease of Duggan Claire coming together that it could be clear running with the Cory Booker lookalike Brett Cole in twenty election. But then Doug finds out about the secret will and that Frank Underwood left him everything, and that's gonna throw a wrench into all these plans. Yes, we surprise when we found out that. Brett, Coles or Republican? I think they set that up in the last episode. I missed that. I missed that in the last episode. Yeah. I mean, I don't think the parties I curious if the policy in the parties like how those really align. It doesn't seem like they kind of picked. Picked parties, and they almost I think for some of the comparisons for the people on the show anyway, pick the opposite. Just two people. I mean, the party almost doesn't even matter on house of cards. I mean Claire about like upper call making my vice president that'll be a split ticket. That'll be fine. Think about that. Nobody worry. I'm sure somebody listening knows. But I don't know if there's ever been a split ticket. That's run. I mean, let alone one. I'm sure like, but not in the lab, I think there was like some flirtation about when John Kerry was running that John McCain was going to potentially be like they have some connection, John Kerry and John McCain. I'm not exactly sure what it is. And there was some talk that maybe he was going to run as part of it. But no, he did he did not ultimately, do it may might be the closest that we've got anything like that in modern times. Yeah. I mean, some of this talk does make me sad that we're not going to see any future seasons. It does. They keep going with this show. And we could see we could see this mix ticket running together and the twenty twenty election. Yeah. I mean it used to be Frank Underwood. We'll talk about Underwood twenty twenty four Underwood. Twenty eight. Yeah. Onto a twenty eighty two. I think he was going to be thought is going to be immortal did not work out not work out. All right. So Mark did not have a great episodes. Now that was a bad, Mark, Mark. Yeah. Mark might you know. You know, he feels like he's running the show. But he's not he's off the Mark. He is off the Mark. Can you refresh my memory? What is the history between Mark usher and Jane Davis. They worked together and against each other. They were never a company. Right. No. I don't think they're just trying to remember that like what she's like they're like Xs right now. But I think Mark has a sexual history with lots of characters on this show learning. Yeah, he's he's real player. But I think that they've just always had like an on and off adversarial relationship, and they think that they're that you puppet masters behind everything. Mark Sheppard is definitely not a puppet master anymore. He might have been in last season. But now he's like truly the puppet. Yeah. And Claire is letting him run the show, but then also just doing whatever she wants. And then Seth is just like barging. I do love Seth. And Mark right now. It does feel like one of them is going to have to go before the end of the season because they feel like they're playing the same role for the shepherds. So they're going to get rid of one of them. But yes, Seth barges into that meeting in reminded me a Kramer coming door. I yeah. I do I love those interactions. Where Mark is like, that's it. I've had that. I don't want you around here. Do you understand me? Like, I hear you. I got it. No dent has happened. Nothing is changing. I hear you message received. But I'm not going. Yeah. We we work for the same person. I don't work for you. Yeah. It is interesting that he's able to just get into these meetings. I mean, he has no official position in the White House. Now, he's not even like a lobbyist. He's some strategy guy. Four the shepherd found area shepherd company. Yeah. And giving this episode. They just didn't want to have to pay Diane lane and Greg Kinnear. And so it's like you guys just be on the other end of the phone, and we won't even show you guys talking. Yeah. That's how limited we have. You talked about this with this show before in terms of budget where it does seem like they have certain characters for a certain number of that besides. And so that might be maybe we bought another episode of Greg Kinnear by not having him on this episode. So you are you are able to move at one spot in. Of of five episodes in twenty two minutes. Bet they're six five episodes twenty two. Yes. The twenty two minute four episode one more full episode for for Bill Shep knowing that shepherd either episode, not even dunk in. Now, we not running on Dunkin this episode, we did not run on Dunkin in the episode. What is going on here with are? They going to frame this press secretary for something coming up here with Tom Yates. I dunno. She's she seems very frazzled by everything. And there's talk of an affair coming up in the in the White House. And I don't know what I thought maybe that was where we were going with this. But then with all the stuff with Petrov. It's like, okay. She was having an affair with Tommy eights, and then he was killed by Russian spy. So they're going to try to say, she's a Russian spy or she was working with the Russian spy or is that was. Just throw us off the scent and Claire told her at the end of the episode like no, you're you're going to be right here. In your whip us. It seems like the kind of thing that Marcus sugar is going to leak out. He's like that is exactly the kind of thing we need in this White House that we don't need like something that it'd be like triumph the end salt dog. He's like that's exactly what we need in this White House for me to poop on for to not happen. So what Mark muster is doing again. It's very unclear the motives of a lot of the players going on in this. It's fun. But we didn't know which end is up. Yeah. It does seem like, you know, this character. Kelsey stewart. The press secretary is she's something bad is going to happen. This is not going to end. Well, I can't imagine that she just lives happily ever after in this world. What's going on with Jane Davis and Petrov we talked about how I thought gene Davis was gonna kill Petrov. What was she so worked up about with him? I don't know. She was really angry. She had some good lines. She told him that. He's it's weird that he's gotten taller since he hasn't Opole Ian complex that was a good line. Chemical. Exact communist and a handmade suit as a pig. But yeah, I don't know they have some sorta history. Obviously, I mean, Jane Davis has been involved in. I think she came on the last season. She said she had had it and she'd been involved in the Middle East and in been involved in Russia. So. I don't know. We don't we don't know much of Jane Davis his backstory, but I'm assuming Petrov must been responsible or something bad happen. Jane in the guests. So, but yeah, there's no love lost their between Petrov and Jane Davis, Jane Davis friend or foe for Claire Underwood. Jane Davis is friend to only Jane Davis. So right now, I think that she is friends with Claire. But I don't know. I don't know if that's going to be for the these last four episodes if she's on her side. Okay. Let's go back to Doug. And he was all over the place in this episode trying to find out what's going on that both him. And Claire I think is a sitcom sorta way they both thought the other one had poor Kathy Durant bumped off. It turns out that neither of them. Did we see that scene where Claire is talking to brother hunter? And Doug comes over and tells the story of his dad and how he died behind the wheel and Doug had to grab a hold of the wheel. And then Claire s and later on the episode was that story about your dad true. And he gives a non answer. Yeah. He says I mean, I'm assuming that means that was not true. But he said doesn't even matter which I think that we've had we've had similar lines in the show. I think Frank Underwood has had stories before where he says, I think he might have even told the audience like that doesn't matter if that was true or not. So this might have been Doug continuing on the Frank Underwood legacy. But if that was true, that's a pretty tragic story and probably explains a little bit about why Doug is. So messed up tap into your twelve years old. They have to do that. Crazy. That's what Claire said is is true. Then that explains everything should. And if it's not true that explains everything. Yeah. That's also not taking a side. She's either way that explains something about Doug. Yeah. And he did say that his dad went the same way as Kathy Durant. It sounds like he had a heart attack behind the wheel. So I don't know if we ever actually got any evidence that. What happened to Kathy Durant? We just know that allegedly. She said she had a headache. And then died on the way to the doctor's office. Let's collect the will. Seth tells Doug about Frank Underwood left, you every what is it everything? I still don't think we know Frank Underwood's money. Yeah. His jewels is like his buried treasure. I mean, the only thing of it'll be that valuable secrets and now formation. Yeah. But yeah, it's some mean it's almost like a macguffin through this whole season where it's what did Frank Underwood leave? Why is Claire so worried about Doug? Yeah. Well, it's interesting that we had that line in the episode about believe it was Claire who said the dead, never stay dead. Yes. And we had a lot of mentions of things about the dead coming back to life, the dead rising and lots of talk about death in a couple of different ways sureness episode. So I do think that are. They're thing that the dead. You know, they might physically be dead. They are still gonna have an impact and we are seeing Frank Underwood. But, you know, Kathy Durant being quote unquote day and is going to come back into the patriots. Right. Claire has to kill Tom Yates twice. Right. We have eight who still causing trouble even though he's dead. He had Hammerschmidt and Jeannie in talking about Rachel who we haven't heard anything about Rachel and a long-time Zoe. We've learned the ads early. I mean, we have we have lots of dead characters that are still playing a role and even the at the funeral the pastor when he's giving the when he's giving his eulogy about about Kathy Durant dying. He also has a line in there about out about the dead coming back to life. Yeah. Very thing. The dead having an impact. So, yeah, let's talk about Tom Hammerschmidt and gene in the car. And we see it's weird like one seen sort of away from everything with Kathy Durant is Tom Hammerschmidt driving. And it's a little bit of Janine. Like, what are you gonna do besides this? Yeah. It was weird that they had this scene in here. It makes me think it's really important because it is the only seen an episode that doesn't take place around the Kathy Durant funeral. And if it's not that important, I wish I would've saved it for different. Episode either before or the after because. Just I don't know. I kind of bothers me that we have everything all focused on this one event except Hammerschmidt Janine talking about Hammerschmidt investigation and Rachel. I mean, we're still talking about Rachel. Well, is there any importance to this idea about somebody is bouncing checks in New Mexico with Rachel's name? Yeah. That was strange to what I thought that it. I I heard that wrong. And then when I watched it again, it's like, okay. No. That's what he actually said is this just Hammerschmidt being too focused on the past and not being able to let things go or is there. I mean, I don't know. I don't know why somebody would be pretend to be Rachel. I mean at the Chevy money, Rachel. No, I don't I mean, wasn't she she might have gotten paid some money by Doug. But you would assume I mean, maybe somebody found her checkbook, maybe they found her body. And Doug did bury her somewhere in the desert might have been it might have been in New Mexico. Yeah. But that seems like a huge can of worms to open for episodes to go on the series. Yeah. I kind of feel like that. This is the show saying that Tom Hammerschmidt losing his mind. Oh, interesting. I could I could get on board with that. Yeah. I mean, do you feel like I really do this with with journalists went crazy who was the guy that shot? Frank underwood. Oh gavin. Right. That wasn't Gavin. Was it or was it Lucas Lucas? Yes. Good quiz, like a spoke with like did this. Or did this not happen on house of cards in sixties show? You a picture of an actor who's now a leading actor on another show. Who were they on on house cars, we have had some really big actors come through. We have Oscar winners. We have sure guy from Westworld. We have ratio was plays. The marvelous MRs Mazel, so people are all over the place that was her. Yeah. Good for her. I wash a little bit of that up that show people love that show people really like it. Yeah. Rachel brosnahan. Yes. She played a character named Rachel on the show kind of like a Will Smith fresh principal air type thing. Yeah. Okay. That's that's good. Let's go back to Brett Cole where we going with him. Yet. No, that's. Is he gonna be a big villain for Claire? Maybe he's going to start working with Claire we did see them be introduced in person. And I think he's gonna play a role in the last couple of ads much holler that I was expecting. Did you notice how he towers over everybody? Big guy. Yeah. Guy. We'll say the return of another character in the Sepah sewed, Linda Vasquez. Yeah. Yes. She's back. Yes. She flew in from Colorado where she's working in university. And she's connected with the US attorney who's going to be subpoenaing. Yeah. Last seen in season two finale chapter twenty six that was the last season two. It's been forty three chapters thin through Celinda. Wow. Yeah. Doesn't affect she's been gone that long. Her son is at Stanford. I think that was the work of Frank Underwood to get him into Stanford is part of part of. Deal. When when we had her leave the show, I thought she was connected with Frank Underwood getting the liver transplant. I looked on the Wiki. And I don't know if she was involved with that. Okay. There might have been somebody else who was involved that looked like her might've been. Yeah. Might've been Gavin type thing might have been another another actress in the mix. But what I really liked was when she was about. I think we made a mistake. We made a mistake when we did not make Frank Underwood the secretary of state like looking back. We should have made him the secretary of state. It would have been a good thing for the country. It would've saved a sixty eight chapters of house of cards if they would have done that. It's going all the way back to the first episode writes that wasn't quite a sliding door Versii and for Garrett Walker and flee United States of America. Instead, they made this is going back to the squirrel go quiz the guy. I can't remember what they made him. Go be the governor of Pennsylvania. Well, that was the vice president that they may was that. Yeah. Yes, they made the vice president the go do house of cards season one trivia now that would be that would be fun. But we would do very poorly. Do you think we'll see Jackie sharp, again, the rest of the way that would be interesting because she's not that I know of any other shows or in any movies, and it be interesting to get some closure on her. She was a great character and just kind of dropped off the map. Yeah. I don't know. She had the affair with Remmy. Yeah. And I think that was kind of the end of I don't think they bring Remmy back. Now, I think Remmy is again afford him anymore. Yeah. He he's the biggest star to. Yeah. Yeah. Who would have thought who thought way back when Kevin Spacey out Remmy in? Yeah. The you've got to you got another Oscar contending movie coming up this weekend to he's he's hitting all the right now. It's an Hollywood. Okay. All right. What else from this chapter? So we did have we talked a little bit earlier about all of the death. That was in this episode and the references to death Petrov does say to Claire you concern because death usually comes in threes says more than threes fours and five wars and five and then I start writing down all the different deaths. That are coming to pop their heads up in this in this show got. Yeah. It's we've got Kathy. Rachel, we've got Frank's death looming over everything we have. Potentially Bill shepherd's death coming. So then we have Kathy's death being not an actual death. Yeah. I think we're gonna have a real bloodbath here in these final couple of episodes. Right. I mean, I hope that we just get real craziness. Give us four hours of absolute madness. Yeah. Make it really worth our time. Now, I think this is going to be a fun ride to the home stretch. Yeah. That I learned the word his debts today. I don't know if I pronounced that. Right. But let me cluster f. Yes, no shot that thank you to Petrov for explaining that to us. Did you like that Kathy ranch? It's leave behind all of her wine, but she still managed to get her hands on some red wine in wherever she is. Yeah. That was a huge bottle on the Petrov wanted to open. He's just troublemaker. He's like come on. Open this bottle of wine on the diplomatic immunity. I like this version of Petrov he's got a beard. He's really laid back. He's walking around talking to people causing trouble. So I hope that's not the last Petrov. Yeah. I he's gonna go back to Russia. We're not going to Russia. I think we're going to have a full scale war with the I like I could see this being a series wrap for Petroff. Yeah. All right. Well, I will have sown. Maybe somewhere later on. Yeah. What's this actor doing? He's not anything else. Yeah. All right. What do you think? So offer says that Claire left Tom gates in her house or in his house, which we were wrong in the last episode. We said he wasn't at Marcus house. Where do you think that he kept the body with you just put him in his walk in freezer, like a great like wine cellar or something like that? I mean, Tom eighths didn't look like he'd been kept in like a nice temperate climate. He had been frozen in carbonite. Oh, maybe. Yeah. Marcus. You're just has a carbonate machine. You just drop them in. Yeah. Yeah. All right. Let's look ahead. We're at the halfway point anything in particular. You have your eye on coming up for chap their seventy. I don't know where we go from here. I mean, I wonder if we do see like a Russia starts off with the Russians taking taking respond to -bility for the death of Tom Yates. I could see that we've got Kathy Durant on the run without a cell phone. So that will be fun to watch as well. Yeah. I mean, I think we gotta watch for the shepherds reaction to this deal that they Clare made. Yeah. I think that we've got to see more of the shepherds we didn't see them for the whole all episode. We didn't see Dunkin we didn't see Cruz. So we've got to be going back to them and then accepts owed. Yeah. I think we're gonna see a lot of shepherds after a quiet episode here for them in chapter sixty nine. Yeah. Definitely. Okay. And question wise, we do have one question from Johnny diesel. Vera. Yes. What is Johnny say? Well, so he apparently writes his emails in kind of livestream as he watches the episode because his first question says are we going to see a flashback to Cathy Durant because Jane Atkinson is listed in the opening credits and that his fourth questions as well. I guess my first question has been answered because she's alive. What does this mean for going forward in the show? Yeah. Well, she's going to have a role to play and whether it's going to be like a classic house of cards. We're now Clare has to figure out a way to reach her and get her to not do whatever. That's like a very house of cards start line. Yeah. It would be interesting if she'd let Claire doesn't know until the very last episode of the Kathy Durant is still around. And then we see all of these characters from the past like rear almost like the Seinfeld finale. Plus show of greater. So do you think we'll Kathy Durant end up being convinced by Hooker by crook by Claire Underwood to not do anything or will Claire Underwood frac, Kathy Durant down and rub her out or will Kathy Durant? It'd be able to testify in some way against Claire Underwood. I do like Kathy Durant board. Does she go off in and just live in complete anonymity? Just enjoy France. And enjoy all the line that she's got a little. So we do have this hanging thread that Kathy. Grant husband has not been delivered to Kathy. Yeah. Like security is not watching her husband is closely as they're supposed to be. So I think if if there is a way to convince Kathy Durant to come back to Claire side. It will be something to do with her husband. Okay. Do you think that Mike urban trout will be dispatched to go and find Kathy and bring her back to the job? I Mike doesn't have to make any tough choices with Cathy. She's out on the riot. You made a mistake. Just come back. These are serious people. Yeah. Full measures only no half measures. Okay. All right. We will start to look ahead to chapter seventy of house of cards lettuce. Thank our sponsor for this episode of the podcast, and those are friends over at bet online dot AG who put together the podcast one sports net challenge. And so last week I ended up going four out of five on this podcast one sports net challenge. But it was it was enough daylight to drop me back a couple of spots in the standings here as I am competing for full measures only. Yeah. Half-measures on your picks as I'm competing for this big five thousand dollar charity prize in the podcast one sports net. But I will bounce back in week number eleven in the NFL with these five picks. Okay. Are you ready? Here we go. I got the Arizona Cardinals at home versus. The Oakland Raiders give me the New Orleans Saints versus the Philadelphia Eagles. I will take the Pittsburgh Steelers at the Jacksonville Jaguars. I will take Carolina versus Detroit at Detroit. That's. Feel great about that. It's going to be cold here. It's been snowing quite inside though. And then Finally I will take for my lock of the week. Give me the chargers at home hosting the Denver Broncos. We're at the midway point in the NFL in the college football season each game becomes more and more important in the NFL the saints. The Rams the chiefs emerging teams to be while Carolina. Pittsburgh San Diego, Houston, all playing very strong in college football, Alabama a great team again along with Notre Dame cleansing and that pesky Michigan. They're all doing great in the BCS, not better, call Saul standings. And then there's one place to get in on all the action. It's been online dot AG. Don't wait any longer. Use the promo code podcast ones. Receive a fifty percent. Sign up bonus that's podcast one for the fifty percent. Sign up bonus in the NBA, Milwaukee Toronto golden say Denver all starting very strong. And then the. H L Nashville and Tampa are atop the league with the best records. Don't miss out on anymore. The incredible action go online or use your mobile phone to sign up and use promo code podcast. One receive your fifty percent, welcome sign up onus and try in game live betting where you can participate with all the action with every play online dot AG your online sportsbook experts. Okay. That's crazy. We're at the midway point of the NFL and the midway point a house car. Did he fair we are passed the midway point of the NFL season? We're we're we're going into week eleven out of seventeen. So I mean, we're we haven't reached thanksgiving yet. That's you know, that's kind of when the NFL really they really he really hit. But we are still lots of time to make your bets on all of these. Great teams you and I are squarely halfway through the house of cards season six final season. Do you have one bold prediction? You wanna make tonight's AC one? Bullet prediction the spot. What's your let me check it on a couple of things if you don't have a ball prediction with Claire Underwood will live or die at the end of the series. So my prediction was going to be the Underwood lives. But I don't know if that's that both of prediction, but I do think she's going to she's going to survive the series. I feel like that clear Underwood walks away. Do you think that I mean, we see these shows come back after a short yacht is like do you think that at the end of the end will yield more? The end of the finale, but I could see Netflix spring house cards back in like two years and saying oh, look back. I cannot it's it's twenty twenty. We're going to be heading into the election. I could see it happening. I will go on the other side of you is on that prediction. We'll clear under would be president at the end of the series. Yes. I think we're going to get clear Underwood reigning supreme. And setting up for you know. Having control in the mid terms. And she has vice president is on her thumb, and I do think that we have this this house representatives guy, I want to say Corey Davis. And that's not Cory Booker looking Corey Davis would be would be good. Yeah. Breck hole, which also sounds Brecqhou could be the name of a football player. I feel like solid name. Also, you know, somebody to first names. Yeah. Never trust. Somebody with two first names now. Dead giveaway. So could clear Underwood resigned from the presidency walkaway and be happy. I still don't know what clear Underwood wants. I mean. I feel like right now she's just trying to survive. And we actually did see in this episode. She's smoking, and she tells Doug that, you know, every time she tries to quit something happens. And she's talking about the smoke ING or doing bad things as president that she, you know, it's like we said last time like she's just trying to kick this kick this bad eating habit. Trying to start this diet. And next week. I'm gonna start the diet next week. I'm the start it is she trying to do good. And she just keeps running into obstacles that make her have to do bad things. I don't know. I don't know if you to quit smoking for the end of the series. They'll tell you that right now. Yeah. It'd probably be good for her health, though, would be it would be good for her. I Frank Underwood was character flaw. He was like drunk with power. He couldn't get enough of it. But this Claire have it doesn't seem like it. But. Say Frank Underwood is a means to an end. But what is the hearing say that? Yeah. That was good. And it does it does put a little bit of spin on what we've seen we've seen. Claire Underwood was a character quite a bit over the show. It's been arc that she's had has been pretty good. Yeah. Yeah. But I just don't know what what it is that. What does she want ten years down the line? What is it that she wants to still be president of the United States? I don't know. I don't know. I don't know exactly what what she wants to do. But I guess we'll find out. We'll find out next four episodes. All right. Great work here. Once again Zach Brooks he could fall back on Twitter. He is at Brooks Zee on Twitter. I'm at rob sister. Do you know anything else we need to file here in chapter sixty nine? No, I think we've sufficiently covered the death at a few enroll that we had in the house of cards universe. And we did start with a pitcher, Kathy Durant. The episode. Choose an all white, and we ended with at Durant in dark colors. They did it again. Theory theory, always always popping back up on this show. Okay. All right, right work. We will be back with chapter seventy believe were in the seventies. Yet. That's. Hitting our twilight years in this house of cards universe. It was weird. When the episode ended showed the next couple of Bezos coming up, and you could see the end of the series now on my screen. It's all happening. All right. We've back with one of our four left's house of cards recaps here on poster recaps thick everybody. Good one by. Why?

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MG 203 - The Punishment Room (with Anthony Troli)

Gilmore Guys

1:31:20 hr | 2 years ago

MG 203 - The Punishment Room (with Anthony Troli)

"This is a head gum podcast. Or friends come. Time. What are we doing get off? Check the song. I have an idea my head when we start off by Alice's with my wrist, kind of a nightmare is still fun to listen to to the marvelous Mrs Maes Okoye, I'm Kevin we are the major. Did you did you catch? Did you realize this episode? Did you catch me if you can did you realize in this episode? The first usage of the word Goi on the show you've been keeping that close of a track. I mean, I think we would notice because we are the tischler goes when are they talking about we've been waiting for them to for because as we all know, we we've interactions and she loves us. She thinks people on there in our very cool one thing. She definitely does this think about us a lot in our opinion. Yeah. And she definitely doesn't have a very derisive relationship with a majority of her audience. She definitely doesn't shit talk people at premier parties and call them. She doesn't do those things. She she's never done it. She's like a she's a very kind person when it comes to her fan base. And we're part of that we feel that jitter. Of spirit so Goi where where was it? The going was in the Bank seen would Joel. I remember that. That's the only. Thanks, amy. Thanks shout. For the show hollow. I mean stars hall out. I says. I have always said hall all the Malik. Like, yes. Stars all out. That's what the bouncer at the stars hollow. Do you feel like you'll cross paths with palladino ever again ever again? I haven't have you never met her. No. Of course, not I have met her. Yeah. She is an east coast county. She's an east coast gal. I've never been allowed to audition for any of the parts of the shows. You didn't read for Mazel? I was a series of rag at the time on peo-. So you couldn't I couldn't. Oh, my God that was out of like three or four pilot seasons. This could be a much different podcast. But you know, why without it? We wouldn't have to great sees. Glad Rachel does. It. Rachel does stuff is rich. Again. Confusing. You really? Rachel got it though. She's fucking awesome. Yeah. And there's you know rabies tireless I feel like she's a tireless actress a bit of a workhorse recording. We got tagged on this a bunch over the weekend on SNL. They did do the revolving door of impressions sketch format that they're so fond of where it's auditions for back to the future mission for blah, blah, blah, the very thin premise for this one was additional for the new Oscar host, and they did have Gracia Rosina Hannah's. Marvelous MRs Mazel an eighty Brian Amy Sherman palladino amaze. Did you see didn't let me introduce our guests, and then we can play a. Yes. Laze in. He has a cornerstone corn though. He's a cornhole stone. That's the Gilmore guys head bursts, Mesa family, give it up for Anthony. I just imagine people in their car right now like clapping towards dangerous. They hold onto the car. Under flying through the glass. Just make it a new role every time I'm on the bugets. There's like a five minute banter before you introduce me where I wanna jump in. So I could feel I I need. I walk out of the room. Making out. Wait, do you know, Rachel Brosnahan eight who knows I don't know hand to that. Because it was in the banter. You can't go back, and we have an indie band here where we and discuss anything. Rachel, but I wanted to correct. I am a fan. Yeah. Huge fan. What was your correction? Well. Maybe two things. Well, wasn't sexually strong playing MRs Mazel while. Yeah. What did I say Bryant played? I think it said it was racial bras Brosnahan playing. I'm sorry. And again, if I was here, I could've we could've nipped in the bud earlier. But you were just I was I was in purgatory like for like five. The arms of the chair. He's sitting on her just scratch to ours scratch. Emails. Anthony, give us the corrections that we get into. I'm taking care of this for the fans. And then another thing the fan believe they use the term Goyeneche in this episode. I believe as well. They believe. Yeah. Cam pretty sure Joel says it towards which as we know now is a sequel to black ish. It's black yet. Exactly. It's the Jewish version. It'd be the gentile version of black is that right? Okay. Cool. It's friends. I didn't know I didn't know what going to be honest. Well, now, you do this is the great work of this podcast is educating our audience, we are using America. You guys goes. Yes, you guys are. So this is a weird is this cultural procreation of the show itself as good using because speaking about a heavily Jewish. Oh, I don't know. I feel uncomfortable being here. How Anthony really embody? I know because we are going like we go going straight up goes if we were like the Mazel Jews. That'd be a little weird. That'd be not good. Okay. So let's let's watch the affirmation impression by sesame strong. You're eighty Bryant. Here we go you. From the marvelous Mrs Maes? A host. Obviously if I was hosting probably do a comedy bits. And of course, I would I would want the help of my fearless creator. Amy, Sherman palladino. Will ride it. Oh. Didn't need much. That's all that's all needed. It's so it was pretty damn good. Like that bid. I know we talked about it off pod. And it was like that. She's just so perfect because it's all of them just going like, here's a topical thing. I can do. And that's it and it works every time. It's like the SNL oftentimes the opposite keen peel came peel was perfect sketch riding on a scientific level SNL. Just like can you do so voice for five minutes? Yeah. And this is an example, like, let's get all of our current Cassidy impressions. Yeah. But the thing is I do watch it every time. Well, it's good filler thing about how quickly they shoot those and put in between sketches. Thank god. It's a refill. Thank god. God take on Brosnahan's Mazel was like lady Woody Allen, essentially a lot of you know, thinking about what I'm saying. Right now, we need. Coming to me. It's just a little less problematic than just like a recording today. More funding keeps me. Yes. Yes. More staff. So I'm sure you can look it up. It'll be late at this point this. This will come out way later should hopefully you'll know you'll know you'll know what we're talking Allen. Always relevant reference for this show because it's such a touchtone for a lot of. Call it a bad touchstone. Oh, it's definitely a bad touchstone. Good touchdowns, and there's bad, touch, and we need to define. Well, I think a lot of people have Apted that speaking style that so prevalent like all of his movies. You know, but yeah, it's just weird when you're like, but that guy fuck him. But that's style of talking. It's so it's like jazz for my ears for the last kind of off topic. Staying can I I want I want to look this jazz for years. He's into jazz music. Oh, really one. He plays clarinet. Incessantly? There's a great. So a rainy day in New York. Rainy day a rainy day in New York. It's raining out in New York. You still wet with girl you love. So. So this moosh. I don't know go moosh. Mood. From the Lynch. Smooth. Give smooth shades. Like what you have a smoothie it. You're both you give her a kiss. A little bit of. I can't hear myself. Very well. I'm seeing you make that change because I wanted to hear my impression better. Yeah, better. Yeah. I'm asking my. It is so rainy day in New York has maybe final movie he ever because he he shot at like two years ago or so starring Timothy Shalam, Selena Gomez, Rebecca hall, Lee Shriver Griffin Newman, all these great people, and they'll probably never come out. Because now we care about stuff. Well, literally like every cast member. Decided to donate all their money starting with Griffin Newman from the great blank, check podcast. He's like, oh, yeah. Looking back. I regret this donating. And then it just became the slow snowball thing. But here's the wanted to read before we talk about the marvellous MRs because I just think the world deserves to hear this. Because obviously as the kind of tide was turning or rising or whatever the metaphor may be people are asking those actors participated more and more like how do you feel about that you worked with someone who's like accused of some really awful stuff in the work represents awful stuff to why'd you do that. And they they did a Selena Gomez. She said to be honest. I'm not sure to answer not because I'm trying to back away from it the Weinstein allegations actually happen right after I'd started on the movie, they pop it out in the midst of it. And that's something. Yes. I had to face discuss. I stepped back and thought. Wow, the universe works in interesting ways. What? Just totally disregarded. The way. Isn't that? So good. She's like news pundit for like, the house of intuition. So good. I mean, listen the girls been through a lot. Avoided the entire question while the universe works and interesting ways is is like such Primo. It's a parody of an answer. It's good. Yeah. And she's interesting too because she's really into like the hill song Bieber brand of Christianity, which is like a lot of like self empowerment stuff. And like, I think would give you clarity on things. Like this like, this is good. This is bad. But instead, it's wow. About the year. She turns Tyson. She just got her Terry card greeting, and she's like, I don't know. Ride this out majesty of the universe. The way the energies flow really incredible shock RAs, you know, under the skirts of women who don't want all. Alison, I we're talking on the last episode about how this is in the last few episodes about this shows some of the first examples of female excess and the TV Sean excess excess like, wow like it's an on tour. They're doing a lot or they're spending a lot of money in there. Like visionary there. Well, I love it just to bring it back to this episode. There's full-frontal in this episode. We got Sean Hershey. The davey. Oh, boy ASP did you that was another flack I wanna get. I just want to get right into that. There's a pretty limp flex if it was a little still like full body, just like, mama Mia, mama Mia. But it was a flex because it's like every like game of thrones. You barely get it ever any penis. It's like once in four seasons. Right. And you're right near phases. She'll Toyota in extreme close up. I haven't seen a teddy yet. We know SARS. Teddy Richie Brasi too. Richie. Yeah. That's how I knew by the way not to. Well. I'm going to do it. That's how I knew the show is gonna win an EMMY. That's great. And you might not know about this about this. Kevin. Why don't you? Go ahead. Explain I think it's more fun for me to here. Let me explain what Charlie same when we first recorded a pre pilot for Mazel goes marvelous, Mrs Maes, oh men. Do you have the clip? I don't have. I don't have it ready, but I can easily find it got Tana's. I you probably have it. Yeah. I'll pull it up. So so we were talking about it was myself Demi digitally bay, Anthony trolley, and our friend. Jaime would him as well. And we were we were all very very positive about the show the pilot. This is off just one series edited not gone to series yet. But we had a good hunch. And here's what Anthony Charlie said me, I'm calling it right now if this show gets picked up not if but win the show gets it will win an EMMY, no. I will. No, they will. No, no, no. That's fine. I'm going to say you're on now. Now now Malia. To Demi at the washing. So it it was just maybe my favorite thing in the world. Edible. Like what feeling like a this was so fucking hit. All the right things. It's not even that it wasn't even that like, I mean, don't get me wrong. It's probably my favorite show on the air right now. But our computers, whatever you wanna call it. It's on computers. On computers chunk of Serie Buddha mister robot computers, but it was like it takes all the boxes like. Okay. Period piece. The costumes sets are amazing that on top of that. Like, the dialogue is witty. It's like a throwback to I know going back to like a Woody Allen type thing that people feel comfortable like voting for because they're like, oh, it's it's good. It's just part of the culture of TV and like immediately. You see that? And you go like, yeah. Oh and female empowerment, yeah. Yeah. Who shit? It's gotta win. There's no reason something would have to be so fucking good for it to be beat that. You know what I mean? Interesting. Well, we were talking about kind of cultural forces that might have put you also had said that like veep wasn't around. And so it kind of like there was a vacuum created by veep. So you're more on the side of history. Yeah. Yeah. It being anywhere on. It's like. On merit without that vacuum created by veep, which I think I'm more on trolleys side about that. Now. I mean, it's a more optimistic take than just like the machine's gonna work. There were I think there's two things to to get it to where it did. Emmys wise was one the veep thing and Julie Louis drive, his cancer stuff and then to cultural shifts. It's a good look for the Emmys to give like all the maze that it possibly can to show by women for women about women with feminists theme. Yes. Harry FU post stuff. Yeah. And that was before Weinstein, also and also Amazon paid for it. So I mean, there's that oh in Z campaigns Amazon can do or just like seeing seeing billboards for in Pasadena, California. I'm like where the hell. Tijuana. It's like for your consideration. Alex. They care. So you know, what Anthony trolley we've texted about? We've talked about planning. I'll never stopped taking it for were. Right. Where it was not just that you called it. And you're like that people. It's as if you'd said like it's going to win an EMMY and people like, maybe, I don't know. But everywhere, so add our. Yeah. Like -solutely not that was the funniest part. And I don't even remember them like getting on me that much until until Kevin sent me the clip like a week before the Emmys. I think the Emmys the nominations got announced, and he sent me the clip, and I was like, wow, that's fucking hilarious. How adamant these guys were about the show. It's interesting for me as well. Because I think part of what made the premise of even doing Gilmore guy. So find is that it was sort of rooting for the team that couldn't shoot straight. Yeah. Show. It was time an underdog critically ignored in that sense in those industry standard. Senses. Right. So then when you shifted to like, it almost goes against the grain of the the central premise of the show was like like bun heads plays into that premise more. Now, it's like an even cheaper show an ABC family. And now it's like, well, it's the big dog. So at this point, it's almost like am I doing a podcast about Star Wars or marvel movie right now in that sense, where it's like, I don't know what I'm rooting for in that sense. Because there's not I mean, that's just silly. You know? But but like, I don't know what I'm rooting for in that sense because there's so much of an underdog aspect and element to it. So we win against that. That's I think that's why I was so certain and I'm like no it won't win. Yeah. No. I understand that being said if I may possibly repeat history again it will not win for season two. I don't think it will come back and everyone's going to give them every it'll be their last. Let's face it season. Two was season. One was like incredible from start to finish. If you wanted to poke holes into it. It would be microscopic, and it wasn't like these huge huge plot point. Mrs was there a cat in here? There was a cat grew up again. Season two so far. And I want to bring it back to this camp. All the new host here. Okay. Yes. Sorry. I'm not a good. I'm so relaxed. Showdown alice. Thank you for doing this. So are you? Yup. I'm so big this season. So far has fell a little more all over the place like really right out of the gate opening on like going to France. Like, I think the only thing that they really set up. There was like I mean besides Abe and sorry part whose mom as low roses relationship like fixing that which was a problem for half an episode. The other part was like she does the stand up in the thing. And you start to realize what house is getting so pissed right now. Really? I don't know. I just felt like okay, let it speak his piece house without your giving. For the listeners. I'm not doing anything attacking me. There's a lot of the narratives of women and men she is loading gun right now. You can't see she she is throwing knives at Kevin. It set up like this the with her doing stand up talking about the affair and then no one reacting and she's like, oh, right? I'm sorry. Going back to episode one. But I just felt like there wasn't like it just felt like a whirlwind. It's been a whirlwind of three episodes so far whereas that doesn't sound negative. It's just been a lot to take to to fall sounds like something that we'd be printed on a four year consideration. No. I mean, don't get me wrong. I love the show. It's still my favorite show. It's so fun. But I mean that I it was so contained in story. And like, what do they say? Like some directors work better with parameters or whatever is while says the enemy of our is the absence of limitation. There we go he Kevin with the with the quotes. And I just made that up, but it just it feels like it's real. Yeah. It feels like there's no one will ever say no to what they want to do. And so they can just do anything. But I don't I don't agree with you at all about the rose storylines fine. I just called the show was gonna win an EMMY. So I I haven't been wrong ever to give you a Munenori. You want the fans turn on you and go back through your other opinions. We can totally fans. I don't know about. I I will say for myself personally. I'm mortified by things. I might have said, oh, that's a really good title for. You're not like your memoir mortified mortified by things. I might have said. And podcasting. I will say, you know. Everything is on the record that you've said in the last four or five years. One thing. I wonder what this recent like Oscar host tweet controversy when podcast become search heart thing, the Kevin Hart. Thank he had really awful tweets. And then they find him host because he said, no actually fire him. They said apologize. And he said, no, I won't apologize. So he he's like, I'll just not host. Yeah. Is that while people are defending him. And it's like he said he wasn't going to do the job anymore. It's like. Yeah. But but on that subject. I wonder how much Cal is going to happen. If podcasts ever become searchable like as in. You can search words search for slur. This person said across this many hundreds of hundreds of while you said the N word a lot or no never know. Anthony, you cut it all the time. In the room. Oh, yeah. Talk shit about women like rely heavily on the term chinaman and. Yes is you're right. He didn't say Chinese orientales. These guys we can't I Hanan body ironic racism it becomes actual races. I mean, you send it. No, this is kinda weird. I don't know why you're blaming us. For your words weird for that. Anyway, I hope term relationships with an audience when gender more trust forgiveness than what I'm experiencing. Tender with my actual friends. Engine. You said it the episode. Talk about quickly because I feel like an I said this. If you listen to our episode covering the first to you or the first pilot fucking episode one. But I really think that there was this. I felt a big vacuum in Rosa's story in in like who that character was because of what was going on with a and like rose was such a reactive character. And all her relationships her only characteristics were what her reaction was to things that happened and kind of her faltering because of things that were going on. And when you have a character whose like whole basis of who they are is based on who they like them freaking out when their world is destroyed. It's like that's anybody would freak out about that. But who is there who are they really like what is like what forms the basis of their purse persona, and when they open the season with like giving rose this space to be herself. Like, I was really pleased with that. I thought like okay now, it's like a ballet. Inste- family dynamic, and I feel like rose as a character is not incidental in any way to the story of our hero. Because it's the matriarch person that, you know, raised her, and, you know, formed her life around midge, and then midge in turn kind of like based her life on her mom, and now it's changed. But I think that's really important. No, I I completely agree. Everything you said is valid, but I think the only thing I wish there was more is actually spending more time in France. Because I thought it was actually really fascinating. When fast, I found it fascinating. When she was doing stand up and no one reacted to that bit about jewel. And I almost kinda wanted to have more of a moment to be like is what is in my supposed to still be with him in my not or even just spending more time and learning more about some of the characters she befriends that woman who translates for her. And I was like, well, what's her story? She has big moment off she could come back because she is from New York. So I believe that by the end of the season. But I just mean right now, there's so many things in if it's setting it up, and I take back all my comments about it being all over the place. But. But yeah, I want to know more about her because I thought she was interesting. You know, and I liked the France stuff. I just wanted more of it. I get that in the whole season to be in. No, maybe like an for that. They have Amazon really great. Every you listener could see this P pants. Get these guys. Let's talk show. Let's talk three. It's the punishment room. The Amazon prime synopsis is midge put term Pekka planning to the test. As she helps Mary with their special day. Joel attempts to keep finances steady at Mazlan Roth in on a treasure hunt. K midges X flourishes, but Suzy's finances. Take a hit and back at Columbia rose finds herself out of her comfort zone when on auditing classes. And now it's time for seven. We do every episode called. Pop culture. That works. So well, I am screaming screaming in that pop around the culture. We do it every episode take all the references put him in a super cut. Why any more, but nothing go ahead. We don't you. Don't know. Why? Why do why do we do it? 'cause it's a tradition. I think it I think truly alive it is tradition because half of these are just like mathematicians. Yes. Used to be more. I think it's still interesting. And and every now, and again, they'll be an interesting one that pops up. So let's time out real quick another unforgivable from episode one. So that reference outs. Oh you. I couldn't handle that. It was too heavy. It's too in your face gaining pop culture. Baby. I'm gonna dogs trolley right now and read some of these texts that he sent me while watching a one. The first tax was. Okay. But that's Sylvia. Plath line MRs Mazel, and I was like wolf, and he said, I mean come on why we talked about that. And then this these are not damaging. And his address is a little bit later said these Pera scenes are making me come that's much. I love them. Sorry. I peaked, but that's how much I enjoy that. So that's very everything. I said was very honored. So far, you're repeating facts that I'm already so like crossfire. Sure and said these are making you come explain yourself clean your there. The American people know, we actually do we are bro, bro. Ing down in like the grossest way about like a down. I'm down I'm going. Wow. Do I'm not hard for these fucking. I'm going. This is. Family. Petitions see, no, great petition Kantor and his dish. Work talk dish Sammy Davis junior state and a white chick cornet soon. Way seventy dollars get enough that I'm on tight one minute. Brian you ready for Jack? Are you Charlie Patton? Why are you selling Charlie Patton? The great mathematician report Carre Prince, Albert. I just came up with that cringe Albert she just that was strange 'cause I was like at now that I'm listening again. I was like when I watched it. I was like, oh she's saying making dirty joke. But that maybe wasn't. It's along the lines of the of the plaid. Where's the thing? We. Do you not like see you don't who wrote this episode that? Well, I I feel like you can get away with those kind of lines if it's mid conversation. But I don't think you could start nor end it because it's so. Yeah. So like if it was the punt. Yeah. If it was like if it was like, she's if he was casually talking like, oh where these bags going up stairs. Like, oh like oh. They're quite heavy. And he's like, yeah. We'll Europe rinse Albert prints. Oh, it's made that up, and she's like, anyways, I wouldn't feel that weird about it. But it was so like underlying here's a work. Here's a sentence. We don't even need at all. I get that not or even not as pointed. Like, I just made that up because who would say that there was there was another one of those about face masks when she says. Styles since the floor face masks. They're the future. That sort of thing. Yeah. Because that's not because they came they've come and gone so many times, but it felt so like particular to right now just because everyone posts face Mak mask photos was like this is funny because it works then now, but they got big for the first time in the sixties. I don't necessarily. I think anybody who finger on the pulse of cosmetics in the fifties would. No, yeah. It's more more. He he's. He knows fifty cosmetic. I've had. Huge pulse. Keeping up with cultural. Oh boy. So to mystery trolleys point this episode did feel ill all over the place. And especially in contrast to the first two first episode of the season in by Amy. This definitely like the focus of the of the I two news. So funny reading stuff about this one was maybe a recap over vulture said specifically. Well, this episode was you know, real, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. But then you watch the next two, and it makes it all up for it. Yeah. I felt like a lot of even like my biggest gripes like I said from the first episode. It's just like, oh, it's going to come back. It's just a lot of set up to like who do I need a care about just tell me all the blanket jazz it so sometimes it gets a little messy touring solo. But it comes back. The plane claim that you just have to just have to let it go. Is actually did sound like Mazo when you I guess mine was again, do it again. And I'll show you it's kind of like jets kind of like Jasper. Oh, you're right. That. Mazel just higher. Yeah. Basically, I think basil just a higher pitch reality. Oh my God. Wow. This is great. I'll just we should put a disclaimer don't listen to this episode high. All my gosh. Honestly, they should've known that from the moment it started. When you guys win the song was playing, and you guys were talking over it because I felt like I was on acid like, yeah. You know, the opening you guys do that. Like that. I was freaking out good. We keep her on a micro toast. And mackerels I forgot which today. Both micro macro aggressions. It was all over the place. And there was so much about. I, but I like I was gonna say with the jazz rivers like it felt there was parts of it were when I started watching it and she wants to get involved fucking wedding. I was like, oh, God, I think we should know. No, no, no. And then, but there was points towards when. But I love how towards the end of the episode like string started coming together. And I was like, oh, maybe actual. Okay. You know? And I do appreciate the moment where she does stand up at the wedding. And and it's awful it to me. I need those moments of her hubris making her look fucking idiot and ruin things. Yeah. The only problem for me was that it was so low stakes. Ersan we ever see her Jacqueline. She wasn't in the room with anybody to wear. This could affect her term, by the way Harrison Ford has a great line of beef that he calls so low stakes anyway, thank you. I was gonna say like it'd be really funny of Harrison Ford's beef with this episode was like he has. This is my problem. I could see them smoking of Boll and watching Mazel at home with Callisto literally. Like, I feel like when she was like I'm going to the wedding. It was the first time where it hit me. And like she's in the room with all the people and as soon as they through to her. I was like she's oh my God. And I pause the episode and realize like anytime, she gets into a room with twenty or more people. She has to make it about herself. And I freaked the fuck out now anytime, she walks into a busy place. I'm like, oh, she's on the subway. She might do stand like p careful crowds. It's like her terrorists talked. She's like a magnet to microphones. And we're near swan is shows comedy terror. What is the frustrating part is like she does it so cute where she kinda like stumbles into it like that. Makes it worse for me. Exactly. Right. It's not like it's this like very like, I don't know what I'm doing. I know. Exactly. Yeah. Me standing on top of the same thing -actly tobacco. Todd Haynes film at that booth serious when I want to do that. I'm so uncomfortable. It's crazy. The the toast healing of being at an open mic watching somebody bomb. But like if the open mic was happening. And then she was like these people earning good and that she stands on her C. And she's like why is everyone here performing for performers? It makes no sense. She's performing for performance making all about herself, and she's not even on stage. But then somehow makes it onstage grabs the Mike. There's a kid who's just shut up kid does of kill here. Yet kills for the ring the era. Gosh, you start YouTube channel, we'll be on a podcast, and I'll just do it. Here. Do a podcast marvelous. The character's name is the problematic. Mrs Maes, actually, just marvelous. Jesus MRs Mazel or somebody everything that's wrong with stand up comedy. Now, everything that's wrong with stand up comedy back in the day to make a living there. It is that's the problematic. Mrs maes. All right kid character to children, we know about this from his act so jerking off. What's wrong with this wrong with that? Stand up a way of jerking off. It is so good. So actually, the dirty things you say actually sounds more. I feel it's weirdly I mad that I don't have your vocal chords because I'd be I'm glad though too because I was doing this Ursula them. This episode of the podcast is brought to you by squarespace. Listen. It is twenty nineteen now is the new year. And oftentimes a new year means yes, a new you. And also means new goals. Maybe maybe maybe maybe one of you new goals. 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I've also made douche fireworks dot com. That's also still up until there. So right now, go to squarespace dot com slash Gilmore guys for free trial in when you're ready to launch us, the offer code Gilmore guys to save ten percent off your first purchase of a website or domain that squarespacEcom such Gilmore guys offer, code Gilmore guys at checkout. We need a new term. I think just like an official term for the kind of story lines in this episode. One of which is Joel tries to get a loan for the for the garment factory one is midge helps out with the wedding and kind of ruins the reception. One is Abe and rose have fun college. In one of them tells the girls did like, I think there's a I think there should be a word for this kind of story or this kind of seen up propose mine that we. Go around the room and see my word for this these kind of storylines shenanigans it's just shenanigans ask and it feels like shenanigans to me because you can do this fun zany wacky stuff. Yeah. But they're feels like there's no emotional center. Yes. All of them that they're getting out like like a another truth to it. Like with the Joel stuff. I didn't feel any emotional which is strange because it wasn't even that like wacky goofy was just process, but it didn't seem like it was getting to was to say about Joel image was about Joan his parents like you need to move out. All those weird like Chuck Lory nineteen ninety eight homophobic jokes about like. Are you guys gay those were good jokes? Those were not. Somebody. They were a lot of people watch, really terrifying. But shenanigans I think that's the kind of stores where it's like this is like a Kirk season force. It's like fun and games. Like, okay. We kicked off games funny games. They're all going to kill each other in house, if you'll stay there much longer might might do games remake holic. I would be really fun funny. Christopher walk in. And I appreciate you to death. She's christ. I think that like I mean think about like the ark of an actual movies series. Whatever like a good season. Usually it's like it starts off hot. This is like the beginning. We had the beginning moment of like, this is the stasis of Abe and roses relationship. This is the the status of like of midge and Joel and her relationship with stand up, and what's working about it? What's not? And now we're just kind of like exploring that and having fun with that. You know, what I mean like we're seeing midge in our Siro. And Abe connects like we've never seen before which we know has to break at some point. Like this can't say great forever else. You don't have show. There's right now is the fun part before the friction begins. You know what I mean? So let's called four play sport play. It's a little far before the friction again back to jerking off or play. Everyone's just jerking off right now. And and that is it jerking off episode say it, MS Mazel. I this episode is shirking off. There you go jerk. So you call genetic ins, I call it jerking around call it icing because I feel like it's like, we got the cake. And you know, this is the icing is is a good word for it. Because I think has the ability to get very messy if you don't make the if you don't make it, right? It doesn't always add to the cake. But sometimes it embeds the cakes. If you do it, well, which I don't think they did it always in this episode. If there's too much I should say. It makes you sick. And the the part was I felt like the part with Rosen. Abe. I enjoyed it. Because it was like it's showed to be like the it showed his power at the university in like a really tangible way where like we've always thought he's like this university big shot. But it's like now we can really see who he is. He's shot caller at his job. And he has his wife's back which is like really to for somebody who has power over him. He's still is like fuck that. My wife's right? And like, well, also, she is right. She's totally right. Is is very like sort of like like meddling mother of undermining thing. She's like, I don't know sort of naive. But like in a in a way that plays up like what we love about rose at this point. I think in the live as the rose Abe stuff was the most well rounded store. Yeah. Yeah. It was really icing. And I don't know like I don't know that all of it was necessary. And definitely the part with the when they fucking came. That was so I was so Daniel in the beginning was fine. Banana was a disaster. It's getting the right texture. I mean, you imagine if a grown man saw a penis. Could you think of a funny thing in the world? Then that I mean, I feel like he was just usually what the show does. So porn, right. There. Sounds like insane. It's so over the top if I wish like there was something more like witty about it. Like like she's talking about shading a banana. And then the girl has a great line. That's like, let's shades. Give me a lot harder to make or whatever they could have just had could've walked in been like, oh my God. And then that's going to be a lot harder to shape and move on. But she like collapses in this like weird nineteen twenties faint. Yeah. There you go. You got it. Nice. Okay. You're talking about it. He said it three times shenanigans, I singer Durkin. Store. I actually when you figure it out. You can put in the missing puzzle that woman fainting trope in like old movies. Hysteria. Yeah. Yeah. What a female hysteria. I'm sorry. This person that moved to Paris and whose whole life when she was in parenting, studying art in Paris, she had this real intellectual journey about like who is the person seeing versus the versus the who's the audience like she was really getting into it like this. This is Hetty sort of space and really really finding herself again. And then she goes to fucking back to New York and she's in school, and she was like up of. What that is not the same person. Isn't there is no character continuity? Daniel won't sacrifice. Silly. It's eh. It makes the fury of bums me out big time as you would think a control freak like a would be like, no. But I do like the the the role reversal of like the powerful intellectual genius who has worked with this like their their partner is like this idiot that they'll like make for on the show. But I know what you're saying. Yeah. That the kind it is. So the disparity so clear so clear I'll and also. Like, I like the idea of Amy being like, I know, but he likes it. You know what I mean? Like, you really? He's always framed that that she came. He came over from family guy to work. And that's the thing is I don't think he's necessarily an idiot nor a genius like no like honestly, it just feels like he's a writer. She's a writer. She has mazing opportunity. What better way to use it than like, hire the person you love? And but that doesn't mean he understands the mission. Not like he's like doesn't get what's going. He's. No. But what I mean, though, is like what is like, it's it's a little forced, you know, in the sense that like he might have been better off writing for family guy. But maybe. Just like drools on his MAC pro. Oh, man that being said come on the show. He will love coming on this show. I I hope we see them asking. How can I play the clip where she does talk about the prospects for the women at the school because I think it's actually it's great. Interestingly Tange, like you're talking about like, very meddlesome mother. Yeah. And then it's also in terms of like, finised perspective. It's really hard to get a grasp in an interesting way on exactly where she's coming from. I mean, it's so day shis masters. You're learning so much. What are you gonna do with all that knowledge? What is she talking about? What do you do once you graduate? There's a lot of things we can do teach teach where here, I guess that none of the teachers here they all seem to be. I guess a lot of them are men. I think all of them are I never together. Some of us wanna be artist. I want to be an artist. But there were really no lady harvests, not the states. I knew a couple back in the day in Paris. One quick known as where she is today. The other one killed herself mainly. Because no one from the girl. She tried calling herself Bertram wearing the boulder, but it didn't work. You don't like your sandwich. I'm not hungry anymore. Some of you are doing this to find a husband. I assume that's why my daughter went to college. Oh, sure, she wanted to make friends and take classes, but her real goal was to meet amid and she met one then he dumped her so she's working in low level because all she had a degree in Russian literature, but not a masters. I mean, it would be nice to meet a man. Yeah. I guess. Well, if you wanna meet a man, this is not the place to do it to -partment, the whole building hope. Now, the business that's the place lots of choices and they're all studying something with real potential. I hope you don't mind the thoughts of an older woman. I'm just very new it'll. So it's so weird because she saying like give out. Yeah. There's a weird like don't you? See like women don't have any power agency at the school. They're not in any valuable positions. The likelihood that you'll transcend that is so small so. Yeah. Give up and run away to the business. Call in wife up. Well, does this maybe another. I mean, I'm just saying if we know that this is these moments are setting up something and with her husband having your back later in the do you think that she could potentially become a art professor at this school, potentially. I hope so I think that'd be a nine hundred. I mean, we're then they're both co teaching at the school deal with each other stuff, and there's like staff politics has gone from like because he's already hanging out in the she's never seen seemed to want to be an artist herself. She's always been like a interested in studying and like the an art historian in some way. Right. I got. I got old show me those penises. Yeah. But I will never have. So like, I kind of I see what your point is. She goes to give up the one part. I did feel like it was pointed was when she said like, but none of the teachers here seem to be women. They're all men and one of the ladies was like one of the girls was like, yeah. I I don't know. I don't think any I don't think there's very many. And she's like, no, I think all of them are men. She got really like she's like, it's like, she does have an agenda, but she's going about it in this way. But I think like it would have been nicer if the result of the action was like a half, the women have quit and gone to business. The other fewer like protesting. I don't know. But it just the result of her actions. Was that everyone quit instead of the result? Being like, we're getting letters were getting, you know, pushed back thing. But you know, what? I mean, you totally. But it like you're you're listening to it and like early I was listening to those there's moments where I was like so angry. But then there's moments where. That sounds like something my grandma would say like like they have that weird thing where it's like when older women like is. I'll just say my grandma guesses suppose only get really talked about with this situation. It's like they have such a different idea of women's roles and things like that that it's that it's it for her. This probably seems very common. Whereas like, this is nineteen sixties. Your have we we haven't really entered this new what do they call? It new wave feminism waste feminism not like an idea in roses. Minor there doesn't necessarily need to be of what? Women's liberation looks like she's just remarking that there's nowhere to go. Because she even says like my my daughter went to college to meet a man, and it didn't work out for her. So there's really nothing to be done about it. It's so interesting because it all seems so like incidental and matter of fact, or even like exit and all like calling out the systemic inequality. The scores like, you know, she doesn't so much better later in the episode because this is more like the discussion. Whereas like when they go to the dean, who's also like, wait. Do we not have any? He seems equally as like. Yeah. Oh, wait. Let me think about it. That's interesting. Yeah. And so I think that that's where I feel like it feels a lot more together. Probably what you meant earlier when you talk about like all the strings coming together. And it's like there's that moment where Abe and rose are in the dean's office, and they literally just break down the college system and all of its flaws in. Oh, yeah. Let me play. Oh, you haven't. Expected of women. I was just getting their points of view on why they were doing this sounds very reasonable. He's so funny. On her show, and you must be too. We're all on the same page. Right. And I don't see reason for her not to stay really. That's wonderful. The only thing for me is I don't want her looking at naked penis ever ago. Jeez. Geez. Daniel fig-leaf could be a very tasteful way to solve. Perennial. Yeah. Sean, basically, we're on the same side about everything and incomplete agreement. Are we done? I thought there was a bigger moment for some reason. I remember something earlier than that. He said that like they were talking about the teaching the staff or whatever. But I love these. She can no longer all these classes. I'm sorry. Now, he's such a star. I love him. So. So she's not stopping. Hey, let me be clear. I would love her to quit. I don't like walking into a room, and my wife is there staring at some young guy. Schlongs your language, but you don't understand what we've been through. If she doesn't get to do this. She'll go back to parish and parish chock full of schlongs, French Shawn's. This would be very bad for me. It's long parlance in one thousand nine hundred eighty nine yet. Oh, I never knew. Shaw's yet is maybe I'm crazy. But it doesn't sound. Sean fans is an assumption for people listen to the shop. Fans of our show. Why would they be listening? If they're not fans. There's a good amount of people. Listen that aren't crazy. They love it. They love. Okay. If you love this show, use the hashtag, I love this show. And also on the subject, I love this show. I love this show. And and while we're at a little thing if you do enjoy this episode, you get also used the more appropriate term, hashtag each shit. Kevin. Each Kevin to show your preciado, your everything Kevin's done so far in his career. All night. It should be eating all the shit. He has been eating. Yeah. Because he really he dumps on himself too much. So let them eat that shit himself that shot up baby. Letting twenty nineteen Kevin show by making him eat this shit. I don't know how it started at this point. I don't remember how I as a one if sarin the first one two years ago. Okay. Well, we did. I'm glad of the tradition is still alive. Single handedly. The torch has been carried on by Anthony. Yeah. Anytime I go even if Kevin's on the podcast. I've just like, hey, can I just give quick shot? I about what like my friend cabin. So in this scene. I think something like this is the kind of like zig zag, I guess or like different writers flavors by Daniel saying when Abe says no, she might go back to Paris. I can't have that we've been through a lot. And instead of like, I need this or like finding something like funny and interesting that the center of he's like of like, the penises in pairs. Yeah. She can't go back a becomes like a last lining. Also don't think Abe has enough. I think Abe has too much pride to even admit that his wife would potentially lead them to a stranger. Like, that's not what it is at all. We've been led to believe at this point. Is that aid believes in his wife? Yeah. He knows that she needs to she needs to enrich herself in this way. Because that's part of who her wife is as part of the person he fell in love with end of story doesn't need to be more than that. And he doesn't need to use the word Sean ever for any reason. It's just fucking bullshit. So much of. The college stuff too. I think the stand up Alan Strickland Williams tweeted God. Read to me. Yeah. Yeah. It's like may Marlton. Basil's the best musical that's not musical. It's a musical without music. Right. And you can see them the way like all the young boy all the young white boy students follow eight. It's stage. Tyreek out I didn't -joy that moment. But at no point that I feel like it was like deserved or anything like it was like I was watching. It was like this is silly. And fuck it. I don't care. But like when he so he goes, oh, I need to meet my wife any grabbed his coat and no one really moves. And then suddenly the next thing they're all following him. I was like. Yeah. I was like, oh, that's kind of cool. It's like mother goose sort of thing with the students. Do you think you could watch marvelous MRs Mazel on mute and basically get it? No, no way because it's not it's not one of those like show rather than tell kinda shows they tell it's so much talking so much talking. You got there. She is right there sleeves. Please. So good. You should fake stand up. Her trained lady. Dial the number tone. Eastern standard time be fixed fifty threes. Very what's the deal stuff? Yeah. Thirty seconds percents by maybe. But I'd like to think that it may jazz. And then be surprised to Jez J's Jason J. Chidi digest. My son was bullied the other day at the park, my son anger. I felt at that. Boy, not what peaking on my son, my son, you know, not in raise. No pussies getting their us. Look the greatest defended. The mayo armory looks to nuts to not fight dirty little bastard. I gotta tell you the first time. My mother says you came so much weight since the apocalypse out the door open it stick my head outside going. Popping leading from the. So I watched this episode twice in the first time. I watched it. I was like, I don't know. What's happening, then I realized she's doing three different sets, but they're broken stitch together. But they're not sit together perfectly to where like Sandler's new special. Yeah. Kind of like the thing about his special. It would go it would be the same bit that would carry on into the next stage. Whereas this was it was it was written in like AB AB if that makes sense. Yeah. The it's directly lead into each. So it would be here's one idea. Here's a new idea. Here's returning to that first idea that second the only stitch together was the the wording. So it'd be like it's almost as if and then the the continuation would be the next. Yes. It would be like this is very jarring. Yeah. So this is purposely jarring. I think so because the ideas, I she's slumming it because she can't get up town. That's the thing. I didn't get at the end of it that it was her slumming it it didn't seem like slumming. She's killing everything up. I think it's. Just doing it the same couple. But because then they make the point like, Harry, Drake still blackballing her from all these other clubs and all these promoters that she should be doing that the act at this felt the most generic stepped up the show's over. I know it's weird because I think usually the stand up like legitimately personally, there's something to the in the toast later in the episode. But this is just like, you know, some of this stand up stuff his we do in the show. You got always split in felt very neutral and its purpose. It was interesting in that sense. I liked that the episode finally touched upon the privilege disparity between midget Susie do have to make some at some point you understand that right? I understand that. Don't worry about me. I'm fine. Hanging. Life. Okay. Eighteen home apartment in the Upper West side, man, and you made your child Cam and your bottomless closet. I tell you. I two thousand dollars in my closets about I'm not gonna find two thousand dollars in my closet. My life for a moment. I'm broke I'm working less at the gas lights from fallen further behind. I'm begging people call me because I can't afford the call them. I am picking up half. Eaten apple out of trash cans at the port authority. It's getting diet year. I'll pay your phone Bill. How about that forty six bucks? Hope that I would have to borrow from my father, my father that doesn't have any idea why you'd be paying the phone Bill of a friend that he's never method. You're not even supposed to know great plan. Don't worry about me. I'll be fine. I get it. Okay. I'm lucky I have support system. You don't be sorry. Forget I. City. It's good for me to know. I manage it doesn't go to her client saying she's worried about money, she goes out, and she gets money. I take on the burdens your the artist your things. Harding trying something hard. So it's weird. I wrote a note down from after listening that and realize like her lot midges life. Does not have that much consequence. Like, even if she fails at stand up it still like not like her life will cease to exist it and like in the first season. It's all about Kanshi. She make it in this world. And she proves that. And that's really cool. Now, I don't know what the stakes are other than I need her to succeed. So that Suzy can survive, and we love Suzy so much that you root for that. But I feel like midges life doesn't have actual consequences. But her actions have consequences against Suzy. Yeah. They have to tie her care to her. Actually that was like a nice narrative trick in this episodes. They they tie her success to a person's like livelihood wellbeing, and like where this person sleeps. So you do care about a low more than like, you can still. Yeah. I absolutely works for me. You can indulge in all the kind of like rich Manhattan, the production design of those apartments, and I sort of lifestyle in those costumes, but still make it like it's not just about like someone good becoming great even though that's interesting too. But then tie to like Suzy's got to eat. Yeah. You can't just be in frigging rotten apples out the watch. And watch watching Luigi TV. TV was fun TV legitimately. It was so silly. And I thought he was so cute that whole Italian family and her apartment every time it cut back to those. This is great. I learned never upset. No. They love they love it. And I'm always wear they ping. Oh, it's very fun. It was cute. Then you see David Famer again, Harry, Drake. They have a show biz exchange. Just like we should do line. She look good. The weather bub-bubba baton the man who I guess sent people to kill her in theory. But there which is kind of a nice Hollywood metaphor short incredible backbiting, really really depletes it as place. It reminded me of all our conversations we have off my. Yeah. I mean, it it is kind of weird about and and. I was also thinking about. Oh, yeah. On the subject. Dude. You can't say that. Let's. Get you in tried so dangerous bleep that out. You're gonna. You're going gonna. The may not take we pay for extra bleeps paper bleeps. Yes. So yeah, it's really really hard guys. You guys knew I was a bad. Boy when you me. Invited me when you rode your motorcycle directly into the studio. Okay. So on this subject palladino 'isms, we've talked in the past about specific lines or not so specific lines. Sometimes it's like, hey. Latinos, like want wanna get lunch, lunch and other episodes before midge drink water Michelle Simms, drink water. I don't know what we're doing here. But I will say someone misreading the room in kind of ruining someone's wedding while making a toast at their wedding reception. Does feel like a palladino ISM? Yeah. It fields is that fair. I mean, it's not unfair. I'm not mad ink you, but it doesn't justify it. Either. Super cool party or what fifty sixty two hours your old podcast move on. But, you know, the talk about maybe it's a little hammered at lanes leading. And she says all those inappropriate things like marriage. It's not for me. I'm not going to get married and next thing it'll be my daughter, and then my granddaughter, but not me, I'm not getting married. No, it ain't for me. It's not in the cards. Hey, do you know a date? I'm not getting married June third in the offense and the damage done is very different. Yeah. But it it does feel like an echo of that still. You hate when you're like hanging out with like your boyfriend. He's keeps talking about his ex doesn't it? This is I'm just trying to have a holistic perspective, the Romans work. This is a pallet Dino podcast anything we're both. We have their relationship relationship. But it's like this is now there's not like bags you and me from here on out. Start a fresh. This is us never looked us podcast. Oh, I'm sure that. Yeah. The cast so in this one. And this is sad. And then she sat and then and then she's also sad. Because that she sad. It's it's like a he said she said, it's exactly this is Colin he says. Show is crazy because every time I turn it on even just like a split second. It's like the bachelor where you turn on the bachelor, and you go like, I hate all these people and you watch for two seconds, right? Boy, really hate that guy. I need him to lose like, well, I gotta watch this forever. Now. Same like, this is us if I turn on one episode. I'm like, we is she why is she eating that twinkie and secret. Oh, no. Oh god. Now, it keeps going keep watching got fucked the whole families talking about it. Now, why it's weird on this is mostly just kind of the secret twinkie show now in the cultural imagine, no, but I've seen handful of and there's a lot of that going on kidding. You think? Oh, shit guys. Twinkie? I like the pilot that sounds like an Amy Sherman talented secret. This thing at twinkie the curse of the secret secretary. Okay. Let's secret tweak. Let's let's see we can make it before we have to turn this off. I'm walking out of the room pill. Sweaty. Please. You're pretty taking. Owls is a gift that would've been a good time. She's the. World, charlie. How many times did you? I was just saying that. Made in. Few drunk. Uncle force airs father O'Brien a good man, pious Manahan. Som. And whatever you heard people, I did not still father O'Brien. Look too kindly on that lightning bolt would be the size of Florida. Right. Father. And if a breeze going to have sex, I think God would prefer it wasn't with the Jew. That's like putting manny's on a Bialy. You don't do it. Okay. I think out sticks at wedding. And it makes sense. Everyone's dolled up drinking boys this happened scamming, even Brian here talking about laying bricks no amount of lubrication going to help you there. What something joke about fucking bricks? That's what we're getting here. And then. And. They are perfect together. Aren't they and talk about love at first sight. They met in November. And here they are three months later getting hit. What have we got here? Kids of shock done wet. Sorry. I'm sorry. I feel like this resonates in this feels particularly painful because we've all probably experienced a breed of this sort of discomfort at a wedding reception or similar type of funeral before. Sure. Yeah. We on trolley famously goes to funeral funeral crash. Get here's for me might justify if we showed a couple more shots of midge like drinking. She was way drunker. Yeah. She seemed to be at this point. I'd be like I could see maybe me early. Stand up doing something like that. But that was because I had alcoholism like, this is just not the behavior of stable genius this inexcusable the moment where she turns from being like, okay, a shipping when she said shipping, father O'Brien and everybody has that moment of like what the fuck. That's when you absolutely are comedian, you're off the stage. Like, oh, sorry. You know, you try to save it and get out. No one goes further in at that point, especially after having. A year. She just kept digging. Absolutely nuts. And then she goes into with, weddings. Nobody's asked. What who what does this bit? You gotta tight five about wedding. That's crazy. Patients behavior mental patients behavior, and it does feel like I mean, I guess she does reference later in the episodes like she's talking to Susan. She's like what is wrong with me. The filter. I say the F word all the time now. So I there's some like a thing. And that's what made me even more angry is that when you do start doing stand up. There's this moment where you're like hang out with people and somebody's like, you know, babies there, and you make horrible dead baby joke in your head. And you're like, oh, or like, you even say it and social circumstances. One thing one time and everybody goes, no. And then it's like, okay. I get it. I've lost my filter. But you don't stand on a chair. I mean, here's what I'll say the words can everybody see me something you never want to hear it a wedding. Most often want anyone to go Kim, everyone seeming. God damn it's just that ego. That's just gotten so out of hand that you just go like stop what we liked about. You is like the charm, and I get it. I mean, this is supposed to be happening. We're we're supposed to be annoyed with her because she's annoyed with herself. You know? What I mean like that this is opposed to happen? But it's just there's a way to do it. Yeah. She doesn't seem like a insane mental pay. She seems insane to using really aunt. We're using like mental health 'isms or whatever you're doing. Well, I am. I'll take this moment right now to apologize saying mental health is a serious issue. And I believe in healthcare. Okay there you'll leave your phone number too. But I don't believe in how. Doesn't exist. So up by the Chinese government the storyline and the person you are again with. Ornaments, speak not fake that we've come to know. And and and the the midge that we've come to know at this point in season two would not do this. It would not happen. And it was an unbelievable moment. And I was in that she got involved in the wedding in the first place. I don't know how you felt when she started to volunteer to be a wedding planner for free for this person. We've not really come to know is a close friend. That's crazy. It's no why not just something like a, you know, a baby shower for Raymond. Namely again, again, it just feels like in this season. So far her life has the least amount of consequences, and yet she is the central focus of everything. Yeah. To where I like Joel more like, I'm like. Helping parents there's at least more of a game with Joe awards like the the season long. Arc goal is like Joel restores the factory to a good condition. Well, also, they literally like, I know I don't know. For fact, I pretty certain that they set up the opening scene of her saying jokes about her husband cheating to draw this out and be like, it was at that big of a deal is it really worth ending my marriage, and, you know, having this broken home sort of thing for my children kind of thing. We're supposed to like him right now. Like, I'm convinced like they're just gonna shove this Joe's a good guy who fucked up like that's kind of what it seems like we'll see. I don't know. I don't know. I have so little to say about any of the Joel Steph in this episode of just felt like so thin, and who cares. General and who cares? But I I at this point still really appreciate the character. And the way that they're writing him and like they like seeing him in a tank. Tom doesn't heck's are like? Oh, I think I know why guys like boobs I like when I see a second anyway so much, but he's hot like World War Two soldier. Cafe like, you know, smelly room. I don't wanna know about that is gross. I wanna live with my parents, though, honestly, I watched this show. And I'm just like it looks cozy live with his parents not. Well, they seem fine. There's a lot. But it'd be cool. If like, Abe and rose, your parents like cool, you'd be so smart and cultured like it's the combination of two things that you would be just you would like the like some of Sutil intellectual damn thing. She lives Hanson, like, do you think? He's a good looking Abe Sarda. Yeah. Yeah. I I mean, I wouldn't like run run at him across a crowded room one on. But what's stopping you mean? Because like we're probably there Joe you would split the room in half. Well, what else? It's that point of the podcast guys. We've come to. Well, do you think Abe would wear pineapple socks? I'm just going through my notes still have oh because we're talking about the silly SOX. Wanna see what those socks look like because I'm like did they really have pineapple accident. If honestly like pineapple culture is broke Holter. It's called cultures rose love shirts with pineapples on him. I don't know why bothers me. Hi, Napa cultures bro culture. Yeah. Now pineapples are heavy in bro. Culture of like, the cool frac? It's so strange. It's such a frequent improv suggestion pie apple pizza in pineapples. Yeah. I've seen that food. But. Yeah. Pineapples a lot dildo on SpongeBob culture. Now. It's culture, man. Look up like pineapple pattern shirt. You will find a bunch of broS wearing those like short shorts that are like all pastel, colors and stuff. I'm with on this one. Yeah. It's going to give it a Google and also going to ten goods like their ten GU it's always like, they're fun shirt. Like they wear it with a suit to a wedding funny guy. They're like your fucking awful. To a wedding that let's do some Twitter QNA tweet tweet tweet move on governing. Why is she here are nights? Why is she staring at us? I just thought it'd be good context would like God. Everything being about her. What do you keep that dress along if you just mail it back to her listen for four years people seem to only like me when I was with her, someway, that's why I come back more like I know this is good for your guys ratings for Kevin's rate. I feel like association she boosts me and in a career that very plain. Twenty four to twenty seven. Did she ever know? She knew about the podcast. She did she know about this one. Yeah. She said something about it at a party you brought this up earlier. But I couldn't talk way who are you Amy Sherman palladino broad. Oh, she now. Oh, yeah. She knows. She knows everything does she know about Mazel goes probably not she probably doesn't know about anything probably helps it's not happening. But it's happening. We'll find out. There's some news for you may be clear. Newsflash drama. I've hit a lot. She hates you, Amy. Sharon palladino hates you me. The whoever's listening to this really hates you. She hates me. She it's usually it's you she doesn't care. She's doing her thing if you live if you hit who doesn't give a shit. She hates especially nothing. She doesn't mean. Nothing reason. She has an can't hate somebody that I nothing got it. So good Twitter Twitter today. Okay. There's just a few Lizzie s and this could be a question for any episode. Who's watching the children knows watching the children? The lady that's l the cells LB, sell the watches the children all day every she was Gostyn answered Lizzy. And that was again, another weird thing where this episode is all over the place. The whole I seen is a mono seen basically about who's going to watch the children. We all have to leave who's gonna watch the children at no point. They figure it out. Or does this become a problem? It's just a bit. It's a cold open bit that doesn't push the story forward. And it's having fun. We're supposed to see that. They're like the not so well machine. Yeah. Yeah. And inky says which care to do you think most embodies modern feminism? Throw to Alice on this. Susan. He has Susie said ha. You give it a team. Definitely he ha- Suzy most embodies. I mean. She. Well, she tries to pimp mid jout to the promoter about she. Okay. That's she's like playing the man's game in that scene. But I don't because she's she's the most gender non conforming. Yeah. So they're just side. You know? Well, she also brings up the point that like you're onstage showing your tits. When it's convenient for you. And now, suddenly like we can't make she's desperate. When I'm so I can eat. I'm gonna blow the guys flirt with them. Just like you're flirting all the time. So now, it's like, oh, I just fall into it. And she's like, okay, whatever I mean, I get that. I want to be an offensive thing. If your manager said go flirt with that guy. She said that before she has. Yes. Is it offensive? There's been people where she's like God with him. He'll help your career. You know? Just. Aiding life will be just through the roof to maybe we'll she wouldn't ever my manager as my friends. She would never want me to be hat unhappy for any reason, you're about to say she would never want me to be happy. I'm happy enough to make good art. But but she which is a math people don't have to get your mental health pills. Take them anyway. Take them, by the way, guys them. I would love if the arc of this show. Is that rose becomes like an academic feminist Gloria Steinem that? She becomes like the all version not the alt-right version, but the alternate universe version. Definitely like did the sing where like opening what I what I have enjoyed about roses. Even though it starts off on such like what the fuck is happening. She would never do that base up for what we know about her on still very on board with this new because you didn't have a. Ah path in the first season. Whereas this one I feel like we're going somewhere. And I know where it is yet. But I'm excited to find out better. Not fuck it up though. It's so like you're saying Scholley how images life seem so free of consequence. The very few things that do happen are just non issue. They're not issue. It's your back at the the coach place up from the basement. Oh, lost the job. You're back in the base. Yeah. Feels like you. Let's let's remember that people's problems are on a spectrum, and like trouble is really relative to people's existence. Can't like you can't say that woman trapped in a marriage or trapped in life with. No, you know, love in her life in in one way or another because she has a ton of money is like without consequence. I mean, that's a, you know, possible suicide scenario, so like, let's just you know, right now this thing about the fact that like what we're going for is. This person's like when I think about her is here of the story. I think about like she needs to get famous not because it will make her happy. But because the world needs the voice the world needs to change through seeing this person's point of view one hundred percent. So I don't think that that's like without consequence completely. However. Yeah, they could you know, used to be about her blowing up her marriage, you know, within the framework of this episode. Well, it's like, I guess what it feels like it's life doesn't have consequence. It does have consequences. She has very real consequences. But compared to if we are thinking about like the spectrum of like Susie actually has like survival. Like, she hers is the most primal like I need to eat. She's like Airbnb, right? Yeah. Exactly. And so that's that's where I think like Susie inventory ABI and via where Maazel like Mazel like Mrs Maes almost has like I wouldn't call him like champagne problems. But like they are not like Susia slumming it. Yeah. She still has her house in this beautiful home. You know was comfortable. Yeah. So point side, and she's a lot more stable in her divorce and things like that. Which is obviously awful. But it's a matter for creating an ocean on the show. Yes. I just think in this episode. That's like the setbacks. Don't feel correct earned like it fell more then in conscious and made to a one into to feel real nice to three didn'- after watching this. When I. Was like two one into two hearts to everything that they were doing and and spiraling in on a on a specific point even with all the like frivolity like sharia snus of we only criticized because we care, right? The fans the fans know, we criticize you. Chris I wanna be criticized shitting go ahead and tags on roasts your ass. I won't we're gonna have a tag roast my ass. Hush roast my ad now. I always I literally lists is great. I literally don't remember at the end of season. Why do we still do we give Mazel tov Shlomo easels? Yeah. I think we did. I'm glad we haven't done that though. I wanna do that. You don't want to do because I have to really bad to be honest fair. I do have to as well. I'm gonna pay right now. Because I literally don't think you have to cut you wanna pause really quickly. I can't might as well. Go to okay. A little bit of punk game might I hope you keep everything we sent him because it was. Now, you know, become a real, I I've really trim the fat on these knitting Nazi no other kinds of not. I don't like to talk about it. I told you to bring that up. Like, I'm secretly proud of. Yeah. Bashful. Boy, this is similar to a proud voix the voice. Yeah. But I do think and we're like just a little over an hour into. I'm like, what did we talk about for forty hours? How did we talk for four and a half hour on Gilmore gone the old show because we are just go. We would go off the rails. But it was very team out. How many Rowley tales there were there were so many inside jokes in our for our episodes that it was like at one point like you even talked about it like when we first started recording those people hated me. And then as time went on. They were like, oh, this guy's cool is a real specific decision. I mean. Yeah. Yeah. Episode three or four. Remember, I was like I could cut out twenty minutes worth of anecdotes and keep them. And I think that one decision to keep them like altered the course of the show for altered. Because if I'd cut him than what of just been like chip chip chop suey and like real nice entire like an hour, plus or minus ten minutes, but leaving those in. I was like I guess the show is literally whatever we lined sorry. But if you have enough time to be listening to a Gilmore guys fan show podcast. That's even an hour long. You probably have an extra three hours to prime minister. Hey, what prime minister listings? Sequential country not him. What if Justin Trudeau listeners, certainly inconsequential everybody can argue? That's my JT now. Yeah. He's no superman. It looks like Zach Braff. He does. Yes. All right. This episode to low three brought to you by heads the punishment room. Oh, we didn't talk about any of that color when she's like negotiating with the priest and hated the whole wedding on yet. Are we talk? It's so interesting coming here among oh, okay. And then I start talking about it. I'm like fuck, I know that you had an arch throughout this episode. You had more of an arc than anyone else. Sometimes it works the opposite way. Like, you really turn me around on some of the Paris stuff into one. And I'm like, yeah. I really I think so I take you on a too long wonderful guy. Yes. Angels or Mazel tops. We save some time. We're not doing radio. We're not ratings. How shall we in the episode's? Now, we should leave. We should just and just say, thanks so much trolling. I think everyone at tight five minutes just to get into the starting with the person who suggested the topic take away. I'm trying some new broad comedy. You know realize my fan base is too small. So I'm going to just go out. You know, when you taste things have you guys ever tasted things you put in your mouth, and it tastes something. Sometimes it's salty call sometimes it's sweet sometimes it's sour. What a bad idea for a way to go. Yes. Do stand up. Every single time you go out, and you food. Case it Jesus. Keep going and you put it like this anymore guys. I'm freaking out there. Everyone's holding their phones up to their Mike. I'm doing a bit that hopefully is cutting. What do you mind was fun? Yours all going to be five zero supportive moves. Stuff where you could it can be cut, and I. Prior to the Nazi comment gold. It was baby seagull Nazi go. Secret hidden, not see how do you want to end the show? How would you want to the show? You're listening to this. What would you want to hear? I would want to hear a heartfelt moment of sincerity. Okay. Which is what I'll give you if any chill your friend of mine, I love you. How many times we've hung out on and off Mike, and you are thoughtful man, you're good, man. I appreciate you dedicating so much time and energy to these podcasts and Alice, I love you is well you've been such a good partner in all this stuff. And I know you're about to undercut me and say like, I tolerate you allow Allah. But I never do that. You've never done that interesting perspective. And I was texting I'm so glad we get to hang out on a regular basis. Again, have a pretense to know we could anytime it hasn't rich my life as well. Oh, so very so that's what I want to say trolley. Thanks for joining us and Lamar Bolus Mrs Maes, of course, where can people find? Did you? Yeah. Got to say something about all these leave said mostly blue balled over here say. Say. I wanna say it's always nice being here. I you fucking Athol. Don't you dare all I was. I was. I know my sorry. I'm sorry. I was going to say that I love being on spy cast is not only my huge fan of the show. But huge fan of you guys. Alyssa, love the way, your not only very funny, very thoughtful. And I like you're challenging opinions about two one two two against things had to say. Thank you woke Ken doll. You got it and Kevin you can eat shit. I'm going to leave it there. And I'll just say thank you so much for having me. Wow. You're welcome 'age. Anytime you wanna come on the show. It's such a good to have you. I would come on the show more often. But this nowhere to park to park downtown. It's like no one ever wants to go downtowns and say, this is a great stoop. Good. It's it's it's freaking years. I don't and what a great microcosm of how progressive this podcast actually is where the two men are in touch with their emotions and make themselves vulnerable. And the woman co host does a bit and the whole thing honestly makes the. I don't want to be your men's because the reality is mens feelings are often. The most the reason for the most violence in the world. Okay. What should we go out on this podcast will be responsible for violence in the? About to be. That'd be insane. If people start doing violent acts because of this podcast, I'm gonna go do a violent act. I was listening to MRs Mazel podcast. Going ahead. I was so no pussy is. The worst lines Rowley any predictions for the rest of season two. They all die. I'm going to predict that it doesn't win an EMMY. But I will say that. What do I predict I predict that Joel and midge will at least try to make things work meeting. They will maybe go on a date ham dinner together. One on a one on one scenario. I will say a and midge are on they're going to be on a high but expecting lows mean Eben rose, even rose. Sorry. No, I like this. Yeah. Yeah. I think rose are gonna go to new lows where he might have to choose his job or his wife. I think he's going to have a crossroads situation here. I'm predictions and the kids are going to die. 'cause no one's watching him. Joel and Ethan are gonna make movies together someday? Joel, and yeah, they're gonna they're gonna you know, there's ones the sun. One's father. Right. You're gonna claim there are others change their last night. Even have pseudo names for movies that they don't want to put their name. Right. It films too. Wow. All right. Let's go out. Let's go out with this Harry James song that plays during one of the montages in the episode. It's called James sessions. Very creative title. Wow. Now, I want some chocolate chip cookies Jaffer some win dad that dad. Oatmeal in chocolate chip, cookie. I want chocolate chip an aside of bacon. Switch it completely different. Now, you'd go to a completely different idea. That's problematic. Mrs may all. The women are the ones that are going to be a can't. You're putting too much pressure on me. And isn't that what we do is men in a society with right? We we make we put too much pressure to fulfill cultural expectations and gender norms and rolls and now it's time for us to listen. Yeah. Like Louis did. Almost a whole time on to listen for ten months. I'm listing and I'm done now. All right. We'll see you next week. In the marvelous, Mrs Maes ago goodbye a. That was a hit gum podcast.

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FHM #30:  Making Mrs. Maisel

Dressed: The History of Fashion

19:32 min | 1 year ago

FHM #30: Making Mrs. Maisel

"My name is danny shapiro and i'm the host family secrets a podcast about the secrets kept from us secrets. We keep from others and the secrets we keep from ourselves cbs. Family secrets is show where you can hear powerful stories of heartbreak healing and hope listen to season two family secrets on apple podcasts the iheartradio app or wherever you get your podcasts trust your fashion is a production of iheartradio ever seven billion the people in the world. We all have one thing in common every day. We all get dressed. Welcome to trust the history of fashion a podcast that explores the who what went of why we were we are fashion historians and your hosts cassidy zachary and abra callahan and it's thursday today and our regular dress listeners will well no that that means. It's our weekly fashion history mystery. Were we answer listener questions and today's question us cast actually a pretty popularized laurent because more than one of you have written to us about this topic and just like those of you who have posed this query we are also huge fans of the amazon original tv show the marvelous mrs mazel yeah you can count me in as a giant fan and that is because the whole thing is just so well done on from the script to actors and i'm going to give a big shoutout to this being largely a female driven cast and also to the the costumes which are more or less what we're going to talk about on today's episode but i'm afraid that i'm a tad late to a party a fabulous nineteen fifties party casts and why is that do well in the summer as you know how has been very busy. We've had a lot of things going on. Presentations and other things are a writing and so i had yet had the chance to visit until until this week an exhibition that's at the paley center for media here in new york city and they are on display many of the costumes and sets from mrs mazel and have to say it was a super fun peep into the making of the show and you know this is way more your ruled than mine in terms of inner workings of film and t._v. Because this is actually your vocation you've worked on costuming so many productions cast us that our listeners probably have no idea that they were huge fans of an one notable one being breaking bad but do you want to talk a little bit about this and talk about some of the other predictions that you've worked on sure i would love to i've actually been costumer in various capacities for the past ten years and i'd have an opportunity which i love to really hone my craft a variety of different jobs so from being an onset costumer to sewing to aging and dying and then i usually cost him supervise the department but most recently. I designed so one of my very first t._v. Shows breaking bad as you mentioned but i've also worked on shows that ranged from adam sandler's comedic equestrian the ridiculous six to the much more serious sicario and most recently this summer i designed a film called the silk road but it's not what our listeners might think. It's actually really true story based on an online drug marketplace by the same name yeah. I mentioned this to like one of our fellow fashion. Historian friends like what's kassab too and i was like oh. She's working on this phone. Call the silk road and they thought that of course it was like but kara like you know many centuries ago yeah but i would really argue that this entire genre of costume design i mean to me has kind of shifted over the last twenty years i in our favor as fashion historians because i think that many audience members have become much more savvy and kind understand the point of the accuracy the detail that goes into historic dramas like a few of my favorite ones of the last you you know ten twenty years were the borjas and the tutors and to me just as somebody who watches you know subscription tv. I thought that these these two productions of particular felt like really huge turning points in terms of how historic dress was accurately presented on television but the this is what you do all the time so i think that you probably have your own thoughts on this yeah and absolutely i think probably in terms of of historic dress asked how it's presented accurately on tv is probably a product of the last twenty years or so because of the this huge new emphasis on television as you you know kind of what we're all watching now but historical accuracy has been around for many many decades and it really just depends on the costume designer right someone like john on bright who was a guest on the podcast earlier. This season was arguably and is arguably a fashion story and he's a collector fashion for many many years and so he's really been conscious of historical accuracy since he began designing films in the eighties so some of my favorite period films are something like barry lyndon which i still have not see oh yes it was on amazon for about twenty four hours and i watched it but it's an incredibly abused film and it was by one the costume designer melena cannon era won an academy award for those designs and she might be more familiar to our listeners. There's as the oscar award winning designer sofia coppola as marie antoinette so you know costume design is really an art form that designers have been cultivating well. Actually i guess for centuries now if you think of it on in terms of on the stage but now they're doing it for the small and the big screen and really cool and exciting ways and it it's it's a whole whole kind of history unto its own in terms of like the shifting trends for things being like super duper accurate or like maybe you can look back at some of the marie-antoinette film that was produced in the nineteen fifties. I'm not i don't remember the year exactly and the costuming and that film well as beautiful perform exquisite as it is and very seductive as it is it didn't have the same focus on historical accuracy and a lot of times when in the past asked when historic dramas have been produced the costume designers are actually trying attempting to walk this fine line of making this styles of dress palatable to people looking at it at that time in terms of what contemporary fashion looks like but also putting in all those historical article references so it's just been really interesting to see how that has kind of shifted in the last twenty years. Yes absolutely okay so we've gotten off topic a little bit. Let's get back to our subject at hand which is mrs mazel and for any of our listeners who might not already be familiar with with the show is set in the late nineteen fifties. I think in the initial scene it's starts in nineteen fifty eight and the main character image mazel who has played stupendous -ly by rachel brosnahan. She's an extremely witty young wife and mother who you grew up in an upper middle class jewish family on the upper west side and when the show opens her life is kind of like this seemingly perfect nineteen nineteen fifty s dream. She's housewives with a handsome similarly well-to-do husband she has two young children a beautiful apartment and frankly it's norma's in terms of new york's two-thirds right now she also has this extraordinary harry wardrobe to match. All of these quote unquote successes that she's accomplished at this point in her life. Yes midge is extremely well. Put together reprint but not exactly proper. She's very outspoken with a sparkling intellect conflicts get introduced in the show early on when her husband joel leaves her for his a secretary an fit of indignation and more than a few glasses of wine she stumbles into this comedy club that she had frequented with joel who dreamed of being a stand end up comics so taking over the mike she unleashes abiding diatribe on the state of her marriage and the pressure is put on women to conform to unrealistic ideals and in that moment a star was born it certainly was and there's a lot more hilarity that ensues with midge because she starts to pursue a career as a stand up comedian all the while attempting to hide it from her friends and family so you can imagine how that all works out but she's basically soclean living two different lives and one of the main ways that this is communicated to viewers is through her wardrobe which is really really interesting because <hes> you know oftentimes it. Her wardrobe feels to be in direct conflict with her comedic riffs. Which are you know pretty brash. They're raw out on more more than one occasion. They warranted her arrest on charges of sanity so she's presenting herself as dainty lady where hat hat wearing perfect gloves and designer dress but you know cast the stuff that's coming out of her mouth is in direct opposition to that and that's i think that one of the things that makes this amazing tension and it makes her character really so interesting and compelling and part of that tension comes comes to us courtesy of emmy award winning costume designer donna tsukasa for her the closer yet another character and the show and while the extras on the show of which there are many where vintage clothes from the period as well as i'm sure beings that are rented from rental houses as a casket and her team of twenty five people create original sambas for all the lead actors on the show yeah and cast one that struck me immediately when i first saw the show is the way in which the cosco uses color and i've read many many interviews with journalists that she's done about creating the costumes and she this comes up again and again and again for her this this matter of color and she has said quote quote. There's an emotional response that is inherent in color. You know for for instance. Some of the initials cs of the show sakaba dressed the character of mitch and pink and it was kind of symbolic of this rosy nature that she believed her life to be that her marriage to be but after where everything falls apart the color pink almost instantaneously disappears from her wardrobe for a while but it would reappear a little bit later as as the series goes on as mitch begins to establish her own identity separate from that of her now estranged husband yeah in color is a very common and important storytelling telling tool used by costume designers to really visually manifest you know these underlying narratives in any giving setting as of course the clothing itself so you know the semiotics capabilities of clothing costume have you is essential to the creation of these characters and the show's creator amy sherman palladino has called a casca a quote unquote mad scientists and remarked. She doesn't believe a hat is a hat. You know a hat is a character. It's a person the hat needs to reflect where the person in is internally exactly and a speaking of hats. These were not just any old hats sakau ska and her team put a a ton of effort into researching periods sources that include french fog as well as a lot of fashion photography of the era including shooting works by irving penn and norman parkinson who we have already discussed briefly or you of discussed briefly on a prior episode on season one in about the history of fashion photography but frequently the clothes that appear in mrs mazel are adaptations of haute couture designs which is very interesting and they might have been adaptations of designs are originally buy your bonds siaga and if anyone wants to go back and listen into our also recent episode about the history of haute couture industry you will know that these adaptations were readily available on the american burkett vis-a-vis high end department stores such as bergdorf goodman or b altman which is also interesting about the show because the altman was like this this now defunct jam department store <hes> doesn't exist anymore but it was recreated for the show and actually at one point midge works there air briefly at the makeup counter and make counters actually part of the exhibition at the paley center right april yeah. It's an it's stocked full of elizabeth arden cosmetic products and the make up counter set piece is just one of a few pieces of sets that are on view. There's also the beauty beauty salon from upstate summer resort steiner that all the characters in season two. There's the telephone switchboard where midge worked for some time and and even her armoire filled with rows and rows and rows of shoes and when i was there i was like her feet are tiny it house how how small itchy and and also like i just have to say about the costumes in general as well that are on display. She must be really small all because some of the wastes of the dresses that are on display are like to hand spans and fun fact april. I don't know if you know this but i actually had the pleasure of working working with rachel on another period t._v. Show that was filmed in new mexico some years back at this point but it was called manhattan that she would remember me. I was <music> only on set a few days to help agent die but it's still cool to make that connection. I think that you have to explain the agent die thing because might come across cross and a different way oh aging and dying as a department and the costume department that it's a highly specialized skill that you kind of learn to could do but it's too you know you get closed new and you have to make them look old or warn. Of course that's the aging aspect my husband's currently working on a zombie film elms the aging time departments incredibly important and making all of these zombie costume or reading department right and dying is is this highly specialized skill that is you know. Can you match this perfect pink or can you diet to this shade or that shade so there's a lot of things that go into into making a costume ready before. It actually goes to camera so agent. Dying is one of those things yeah but as a costumer. I know that there's a lot of this work that goes unseen to the audience to create the precise look of any given era so for instance those tiny waists you're talking about were sculpted with foundation garments. Casca said were integral creating the look as they of course would have been in the nineteen fifties so an addition addressing elite and extras alike in corset. She says we worked with playtex and they had a certain bra. They created for us that we use and so you do have to sort of pull women in you know bring the bust up. There's no way around it otherwise we could not get people into those stresses and this is also something similar <hes> that we take into consideration has fashioned a story ends when we dress mannequins for museum exhibition because if you don't have the effect of the particular undergarments of an era whether they're actual period authentic undergarments from from that time period or if they're recreations oftentimes the way that the mannequin looks the way. It's dressed doesn't look quite right. Oh absolutely and we all have horror stories about going to exhibit or presentation does things and seeing something that was not properly supported so going back to what you mentioned the borgias and the tutors april the very specific types of undergarments and course issues on these shows are one of the main ways that the very specific authentic look can come from across all of this is hidden labor on the part of the costume designers and thirteen yeah and so i just want to give a shoutout to all that hidden labor her we adore in appreciate your work if you'd like to check out the paley center exhibition to appreciate the sets and the costumes and person i'm afraid aid is coming to a close on september seven. That's just only a few days from this episode will air. I'm really sorry guys. I wish i had gotten her suitor but cast sometimes pesky things like life tend to get in the way also. If you haven't already checked out the marvelous mrs mazel it's an amazon original and you can stream it online now and we didn't mention this earlier april but the show has already garnered nineteen emmy nominations and two golden globes including including best actress wins for rachel brosnahan at emmys and the golden globes. Yeah it's fantastic show so check it out and i think that brosnahan and herself has summed up quite well when she said quote the show is equal parts fantasy and reality has beautiful clothes beautiful sets i think in some ways it's aspirational to it's about a woman who's reinventing herself. After completing the dream she laid out for herself. Everything falls apart. She finds herself new you. It's never too late to do that. It's funny and i think filled with joy at its core and that's something that we need a lot more of in the world right now l. agreed and who does not need more joy. I think that does it for us to speak dress listeners. May you consider incorporating a little fifties flare into your wardrobe. Next title get dressed. Please join us for our fooling episode this coming tuesday if you'd like to write to us with a question for our future fashion history mystery many so you can do it dressed underscore podcast. This is also our twitter handle. Then of course you can follow us on facebook at dress podcast without the underscore last at least thank your producers casey pilgrim holly ali fry and everyone else. I heart radio that makes this show possible. Each week catches soon. Uh dress has your fashion is a production of iheartradio from our podcast. My heart radio is iheartradio app apple podcasts or wherever wherever else you listen to your favorite shows my name is danny shapiro and i'm the host of family secrets a podcast about the secrets kept from us secrets we keep from others and the secrets we keep from ourselves. Family secrets is a show where you can hear powerful stories of heartbreak healing and hope listen to season to a family family secrets on apple podcasts the iheartradio app or wherever you get your podcasts.

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