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"rabbit hole pta" Discussed on Pop Culture Continuum

"Us become a success in this new chapter of his life. I watch this date in Philly, and I, I didn't care for what castle I saw except for him, but you know, and he was the best part of castles. Yeah, give it a chance. Glad I don't care how shit. All right. So this is obviously a spin off that we don't need, but next up is schooled on ABC. The spin off of the goldbergs is set in the nineteen nineties and follows the hilarious teachers of William Penn academy led by Tim meadows, always great principle glass Kat Bryan Callen coach Meller, also good on that show and things. He's funny, he's he's good. I should say he and and to meadows are always good and AJ Michelle ca Laney Lewis, who was the oldest son's girlfriend on the original show who despite their eccentricity than crazy personalise our heroes to their students. The goldbergs off the air, or is that just running concurrently? Currently? I, I find this to be more interesting than that, but whatever I don't really like to go, which is too bad because it set in Philadelphia has all kinds of Philadelphia references that are neat, but, oh, it's just it's, it's a king of queens show. That's all it is. Yeah, but you know, I do. I do really like the cast, but I think the writings going to be very similar. So we'll say maybe since they're going to nineties, it might be edgy, single parents ABC this unsellable comedy falls a group of parents as they lean on each other to help raise the seven year old kids and maintain some kind of personalized outside of paranoid. The series begins when the groups the group is will Karen kiln thirty. Something guy who's been so focused on raising his daughter that he's lost sight of who he is a man when the other single parents see how far down the rabbit hole PTA parenting, and princesses was gone band together to get them out into the dating world and make it realise that being a great parent doesn't mean sacrificing everything about your own identity Taryn Kilims pretty funny. He's funny. It's a, it's not a very promising premise. Alliteration, but yeah, why? What's it on ABC. Yeah, we'll see. I don't know the whole the whole thing about with parenthood, taking your life ways, kind of tired and not interesting to me so. But yeah, tearing Kilims good next up the village on NBC the villages, a Brownstone in Brooklyn with an exceptionally unique tenants. Despite its ordinary exterior show will tell the her ordering and challenging stories of the residents which includes Sarah, a single mom and nurse, Gabe young law student with a much older roommate, Nick, a war, veteran and Eva mother, protecting her son from ice. Yeah. That'll be bad that one hundred percent going to be bad. And yet we're gonna have to watch at least an hour of it. A what's happened to my screen. I mean, I don't rely. You're asking me. This I, there we go. There's a. Nope. It doesn't work in this page. Whiskey. Cavalier ABC whiskey. Cavalier is a high octane, our long action drama, the falls, the adventures of tough, but tender FBI, super agent. We'll chase get it will chase codename whiskey, cavalier played by Scott fully volume motion, break-up chases assigned to work with bed SEI Francesca Frankie Trowbridge go name, fiery Tribune played by Lauren Cohen together. They lead an interior team of flawed funny and heroic spies who, periodically save the world and each other while navigating the rocky road of friendship romance and office politics. Who knows? I mean, it could be good, could be completely awful. Yeah, so all right. I'm excited for Abby. I'm excited for Amy Poehler show amick cited for the plane ride show that the plane ride that took five years and everything else, I guess we'll see. We've been surprised before I'm excited about the God, adding the guy on social media and three shows you mentioned because especially because Amy Poehler is involved. And I think maybe there's something else in Nathan Fillion show. Oh, yeah, just because of him. Yeah. All right. Let me just like do a quick zoom through to see if there's something we forgot there. I didn't think so. Now really don't think I looked like it now. Oh, yeah, I, I'm looking forward to Dame lanes, junior, getting a chance to be funny again. So I'm I've had a Cadillac, high hopes for that. Yes, it's true. He was really funny on a lot of different things. This isn't senior..

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