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"rabbi michael stephan" Discussed on America First with Sebastian Gorka Podcast

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"rabbi michael stephan" Discussed on America First with Sebastian Gorka Podcast

"Let's walk through a few more of the fascinating stories. Talk to us about rabbi Michael Stephan. Rabbi Michael steppe, rabbi Mike, is how he's called by his congregation. Rabbi Mike was at the protest just like everyone else to protest for in fair elections. Rabbi Michael steppe walked into the capitol building through open doors following a crowd peaceful crowd in through those open doors. I didn't break doors down, didn't use any weapons to get in. Nope. Okay. No weapons on this rabbi just a hat just a maga hat. Rabbi stepping off walks in. He looks around, he plays on his cell phone, and then he leaves, oh, but before he leaves, he shakes hands with a police officer, as did 7 other people. I counted 7 people in that video while he's in that building, shaking hands with police officers. 7 people. And the people around him again were peacefully walked out. Pelosi's podium with him. No, no. No, that would have been a great meme. No souvenirs. The rabbi with a statue of Jefferson or something? No, nothing exciting. Absolutely unexciting. Yeah. So then he goes home and lives in peace for the rest of his life. Unfortunately, he doesn't. His house gets ransacked by the FBI. Hang on. The rabbis house? Yes. Yes, they went in. And they did this too. Everyone, they did searches of their houses as the rabbis house is searched by the FBI. As they come out, he shakes hands and says, thank you for your service. And I said, no one can ever do wrong. Not even the government. Is he such a nice person? And he just accepted everything. What's on the warrant to search his house? What is he accused of? The information that they were seeking basically had to do with all those allegations that you played video of. All of these scary potentially. Yeah. Blah, blah, blah. Conspiratorial accusations. And they found no evidence of that. They obviously for him or for almost everyone as far as I know. But they bring him to court. He's only facing misdemeanor charges, and he ended up pleading to one of those charges. Unfortunately, he was sentenced to 60 days of home confinement. Now, home confinement of federal law is for outside of work. So basically he's allowed to go to work. He still has to come home at the end. But nonetheless, it's a title. And it's a criminal record. It is. It's a class B misdemeanor. But it's a type of criminal offense. Yeah. And had he been in a BLM protest, had he been in one of the Seattle protests for antifa, anything else? They wouldn't have been arrested. You know, they were over a thousand people who wouldn't have been charged. There were over a thousand people who were arrested in Washington, D.C. during the Kavanaugh protest, over a thousand people. They were all released and their charges dismissed on something called a post and forfeit disposition in Washington, D.C.. Post in full fit explained that. Poston forfeit is a local disposition in Washington D.C. for low level misdemeanor charges. And over a thousand people received a post in forfeit disposition for the cabinet protests, and they were arrested in the capital. Now, Michael stepakoff didn't receive that post enforcement. Did anybody else do we know if hundreds of the 800 investigated received this post and forfeit? Zero for the 775 arrests that took place at the capitol, zero were eligible for, first of all, none of them ended up going through with local D.C. charges, all had federal troops. And zero of them received any kind of dismissal disposition. We were told it's not applicable to us, don't even need to worry about it. Even though the website for the District of Columbia, federal prosecutor's office says that they will offer dismissal dispositions on a case by case basis when the facts of the case warranted. They told us for all of these cases, it's a blanket no..

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