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"roy peter thiel" Discussed on The Twenty Minute VC

"So it's understandable that as wanna see their fund managers have skin in the game. But I think this is somewhat outdated who will really limit the diversity of new con- managers. And the second thing is what I think of as sort of this, quote unquote blackbox of angel investing. So when you don't come from wealth like in my case UC super angels, like Chris soccer, Mark Cuban or keeps ROY Peter Thiel. These are the law. Voices sometimes in the Twitter universe making investments against feel line. You have to Dhaka millionaire more to get started. So I had no idea what it would take to get started in angel investing in talk to many women who could afford to angel investing. And also similarly had no idea even falsified when a breakdown requirements of what it tasted UniCredit investor. Many of them are really surprised that really got the income of Raymond two hundred thousand dollars in the last two years in the next year, and you could get started. And so they really Howard when I tell them they can get started just writing twenty five K Jack since early stage companies maybe budget one hundred caves or quoting put tuition learning the world of investing going through the motion. And I feel like a lot of it's helping a lot of women and underrepresented groups to break it down. What it takes to actually get started. They don't really have to be a sincerely DACA millionaire to get started. I couldn't agree with you on birth. I think the GP commit one is absolutely ridiculous. I think it should be proportional. Or frankly, I've seen I've seen. Three percent two billion. And it's like us like my pocket money to present someone else huge on yet completely relatives. So totally with you that to tell me if this is why it happens. Let's say a way in an O'Malley all ship, and we really want out off us female GP. Or should we do? Now. What is the next step? I think a lot of venture funds are in this position. Now, what's slop? Yes. In fact, seventy percent of firms in the United States, do not yet have a female. So I think this is really pertinent question. I bought you ask so few Stephan recommend number one. It's really important to make sure, you know, full commitment at the top of this is truly important of irony for the firm because you believe the data that shows you will drive higher returns as you have more diverse group. And certainly if you have maybe not even just one armor, but a couple of partners picture every partners on board of that. And if not there's really no quite because then you bring in someone they're not going to be successful evolve. The art agreement that this school is successful her second. Julian Gordon, you'll be clear on the criteria..

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