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"quin dick" Discussed on 60 Minutes

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07:44 min | 1 year ago

"quin dick" Discussed on 60 Minutes

"Now they joined prisoners in lip sync contests. This might seem frivolous. But it's a serious part of the true experiment. The goal to rebuild these men with experiences structure and discipline. They might not have had before. But the head of the Cheshire corrections officers union told us true is turning prison into summer camp. If is too lenient, they think puts the corrections officers at risk not at all not at all numbers. Don't lie. Are incident rate is a lot lower and true than it is in general population. In the general population violence is common. Yellow uniforms. Ide- dangerous convicts warden Urfi says in the two years of true. There hasn't been a single fistfight or assault on staff. I don't know how I don't know why. But it's working Lieutenant Daniel Quinn was brought up using the old school approach. Now, he finds himself defending the true. So what were you hearing from your fellow officers who are not in this unit? We're here to wipe their noses cookies amounts. That's when I Lieutenant Ashley McCarthy told us in her nine years in corrections. She's never experienced anything like this. You don't have to put on the face of strength one hundred percent of the time because that's what you have to do in turmoil population. You can't show a weakness or a deficiency here. It's more human what it is as kind of like going into LA La Land from general. Population. But they quickly see that everybody is here to help. What about punishment? You've got guys in here who committed terrible crimes their punishment is their incarceration. It's not our job as correctional professionals to punish somebody even more while they're incarcerated true aims to recast young lives with incentives, repeating bad behavior. Like profanity and bad attitude has gotten twelve ship back to the general population good behavior earns benefits like longer family visits movies. Classes a prison job when shy Quin Dick's ended up here in truth. He thought this can't be real. Just the stuff. They were saying I never heard of it for like what the cracks him officers and staff here care about you. You get a second chance at life. You take serious thought all that was BS definitely until corrections officer James Vassar took an interest in him. Impressed by shy Quin Dick's talent. And repentance officer Vasser said he'd helped him pursue his dream of playing basketball in college. Did you believe in at the time? I believe would you see him? I seen the kid with talent. Mistake for months Vassar called college coaches around the country. Slowly, dick started to believe we still needed to get accepted into the college. We still need a judge to prove sentence modification. So they're all these other steps with your long shots. And boy, we were hitting them. Shy Quin Dick's could see a way out fest him. She cheer. You was lost at twenty two. He was sentenced to thirteen years in Cheshire for robbing convenience stores and a Bank. He told us he will selfish and violent. What's that like being thrown into the general population in a Laxman security prison? It's really scary at first so he put on a front and you act like a tough. And I'm hoping people don't see how scared I am. And just the mess. That's going on inside twenty two hours a day in the cell. Yes. Just waiting be Leto occasional when we're in earthy selected him for the true unit should cheer. You didn't care about improving himself. He just wanted out of his cell, but immediately found himself in a different world to go. Some type of empathy have to care central to the program is intense. Pensive counseling through peer and self criticism prisoners are forced to face the demons and behavior that put them behind bars. How will you raise? Did you have love did, you know, love compassion, because I didn't even know my mother the warden told us today, there's a lot of crying that goes on up here. The truth. Agree with that. What is made you cry? My family. The problem with awareness and understanding the pain you've caused people. Is that you realize how much pain you've caused the people that love you. And once you have to face that. And look at yourself in the mirror that's tough to prepare the prisoners for life outside Cheshire's walls. Warden Urfi tap, some unlikely helpers respected older prisoners serving life sentences there now training to serve as mentors for the young men in troop ish car Howard was one of the first to sign on. Why all we knew we was going to try to stop these cats from become us because you don't want this car Howard shot and killed two men in a fight over drug turf in New Haven in prison, he assaulted inmates and staff and spend a total of five and a half years in solitary confinement before deciding to take a different path if his expert is screwing up a PHD quizzes could tell you with tear-gas taste late. I can tell you what it feels like to watch your family. See you get sentenced to life without parole, and I can tell you the decisions I made to get to that at the choices yours Howard and twenty other lifers are lighting attended fathers. They enforce unit rules during last recommended that you attitude working with staff, they constantly monitor the young offenders behavior and assess their progress at regular feedback sessions always tried to encourage you to speak a little more. If you have a lot of wisdom to give to your peers, many people outside of Krizan would think that someone who is in for life wouldn't necessarily be the kind of person you'd expect or want to be teaching you life lessons. So what have they done to help? You. They've helped me learn how to speak in a way that I articulate my thoughts and emotions is just getting mad and wanting to hit something should cheer. You told us he has grown. On under their guidance. He's earned the right to go to work every day in the prison. Shop. He now enjoys warm visits with his family. I feel like everybody has a basic human decency is that has to be nurtured to bring it out. And that's what happens to you in this program. If you let it. If you let it the greatest gift is when they tell me to my face. I'm not changing and in five months later be on their best behavior. You're in here for life. You could just sit there and say to heck with all this. So what are you getting out of this?

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"quin dick" Discussed on WGR 550 Sports Radio

WGR 550 Sports Radio

07:11 min | 1 year ago

"quin dick" Discussed on WGR 550 Sports Radio

"Triple eight say ESPN, eight eight seven two nine three seven seven six only the Washington Redskins. Screw up and already screwed up situation. When it comes to Reuben foster, they decide to pull them off waivers. They claimed him off waivers after he was cut by the San Francisco forty Niners after another domestic incident involved him in which he was arrested over the weekend. When they were playing a game on the road in Tampa Bay versus the buccaneers Jay Gruden Redskins. Head coach said, whatever the outcry is going to be we can deal with that. When it comes to Reuben foster. He does not see him as a distraction. This is the only time I talk about it is right here for ten minutes in this room right now, we're it's not a great practice time and walk throughs and practice in meetings. Now, get ready for tomorrow. Practice third-down red zone. We saw a lot of work to do. So after this topic a little bit. Yeah. I'm sure there was from Bruce, and Dan, and obviously, Doug. So we decided to make the move, and we'll deal with the outcry so to speak, but for the most part, you know, this is a young athlete young person who got himself into some trouble. And we want to find out exactly what happened. So you knew he was going to be define about bringing him off waivers. But that's not the screwed apart part of it. Depending on what how you feel about the Redskins bringing him in off waivers. The Redskins in a statement on Tuesday senior vice president of player personnel. Doug Williams said that the team had candid conversations with Foster's former Alabama play players on their roster. They have seven former Alabama tide players on their roster including two of them on injured reserve, here's the kicker defensive lineman Jonathan Allen and state. The ha ha Clinton Dix said they did not talk to anyone in the organization about Reuben foster and taught the dance Neider. Team president Bruce Allen or Williams Quin. Dick said I thought the Bruce anybody about it. Jonathan Allen said I was not one of them. They did not talk to me only. The Redskins can try to vouch for a guy or that guy out and say we talked to his teammates and two of them say. Seven them. We we hit five five of them. I guess five is closer to. Yeah. So man, that's when you have to talk to every single one of them, especially a guy who's been a Pro Bowl safety and your first round draft pick in a leader in Jonathan Allen. I said this last night and that by the way, hold on before we even get into Washington. Bring in Reuben foster to your point right there. Freddie because I'm just having to digest this again. And we talked about in our pre show meeting in this. It's still comical, and this is one of the things that only Daniel Snyder. Could screw up the owner of the Washington Redskins. He's been defiant on his team's nickname. Right and go on down the line of things that yes, little Danny Snyder has been adamant about so you bring in Reuben foster, and I'm a big believer. As I said last night innocent until proven guilty. I am going to reserve judgment on them bringing in Reuben foster until. This misdemeanor assault charge is played out in a court of law. I know that's very rare in the society that we live in today. But I'm going to reserve judgment until it's done. But to say that you talk to all of his former teammates on your roster. And two of the most prominent ones on your roster. You did not actually talked to. And be clear ha ha Clinton Dix and Jonathan Allen are not speaking out against Reuben foster. They were asked a question. Did they ask you write about Rubin? And Jon Allen saying no, they didn't. It's a simple. Yes. Or no question. And he answered it simply simply, no. Just dumb on the on Washington's part. Just absolutely dumb. Did not go and make sure how many Bama guys we have on this squad embarked, by the way, since we have a lot of them. That's part of the reason that we are six and five right now because we got a lot of Obama guys on our roster. Right. And you don't talk to them. Oh my God. Freddie. How dome from a PR standpoint? This is who they've been ianfitzsimmonsespn Eddie Coleman on Freddie Fitzsimmons in ESPN radio. And I don't blame Jonathan Allen. No. Lie about it. But you know, you can't lie about a number one. Yeah. That's the most important thing. But also along the same lines, not more important, but the same lines. If this goes haywire this way Haukeland distance say see you didn't talk to me. Don't put me in this. If this goes haywire. You guys gonna take the blame for this? You say man, we talk. I wouldn't even going that route. I knew I wasn't even thinking about that route. Don Johnson album, ha ha Clinton Dix and thankfully for not asking me. Exactly. Goes haywire. Because Ruben foster put this on himself. How many times is Reuben foster allowed Reuben foster to take over and put himself in the situation fair unfair. We don't know the truth, but always some going on between him in this woman. And it's always his name in the middle of the whatever whatever her name is whoever she is whether he's guilty or he's not guilty. But I'm with Jonathan Allen. And ha ha Clin Dicks on this one. If this thing goes haywire again. Thank you almost. Thank you for not asking me anything this week say, hey, look, you can't put this on me. You can't say, well, we talked to hi Glen Dix and Jonathan Allen, and they vouch for weight, you guys didn't talk to us at all. So leave us out of this. If this game goes the other way again with Reuben foster the number one thing for Reuben foster right now to me because this is the same woman that admitted to a judge that she falsified accusations about sexual assault. That's earlier this year Saint here. But that's my point is that the biggest thing right now because I'm again, I'm innocent until proven guilty. But I I'm going to judge Reuben foster on this aspect. What are you doing still hanging around a young lady who falsely accused you and mid tier to a judge that she falsified statements about you abusing her. What what are you still doing around this woman say last night? How dumb what did I say last night? Guilt guilty of being that guy. Thank you Ruben foster apparently can't get out of the way Ruben foster, so I don't want to hear his combat stories bear unfair. Because this is a racing and you keep bringing or being around that toxic situation. Mercy. Big Ben Roethlisberger, Pittsburgh, showed leadership or lack of it. Depending on how you feel. That's next..

Reuben foster Jonathan Allen Washington Redskins Ruben foster Clinton Dix Bruce Allen Redskins Freddie Fitzsimmons Doug Williams ESPN Jon Allen Tampa Bay assault Jay Gruden Daniel Snyder San Francisco Ben Roethlisberger Washington Obama buccaneers