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"queen rashaad" Discussed on Power 105.1 FM

"He's just He's finished with this When you done, brother you done. Did it upset you that they don't people don't want to air the episode of The Cosby Show? Oh, no, it doesn't upset me it. Ah, people still watch people find ways to watch, you know. I won't be upset by things because things change. I will be upset and I won't be upset by by things People do because people change. We see that it's something to see and to understand. Years ago. Someone who loves me very much told me, she said. To me, an image can be broken. Try to find out who you really are. Wow, that's that's tough to do in this business. It's that it's not. It's not tough to do what it can be a process just because Everybody's always trying to tell us what our image should be. When you open up a magazine or you read a blogger and people have a perception of you like, Oh, that's what they like. Let me give him or of that. So you become a character, too. Of yourself and things become performative without you even knowing it. That's a very interesting observation. It's what happens in interviews that isn't happening in this one, and I'm loving it. You know, when people interview they come. Sometimes they come with their answers already in their heads to the questions, they've decided to ask you. What the y Well, what? What are we doing here? Why? Okay. What? What is this? What we would. Okay. You have a conversation with me If you already think you know, you didn't know? Okay, so that that's me. No. One thing of nothing else. You will lead this conversation thinking of the person that I'm speaking to that personal leave. Conversation, knowing on Lee what they thought they knew before the conversation to get what we enjoy you, Queen Rashaad and I. We could sit here and talk to you for a level and we appreciate you for checking and we're so grateful and thankful. Thank you so much. Thank you. Thank you both. And please, When you are in New York, please stop by the studio. Absolutely. Okay, Well, we have the rose petals on the ground for you to walk on Who have all that for? You. T called whatever it is you need. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you Somewhat. Phylicia Rashad is the breakfast club Ramona. Thank you. Well, you just made another one. Packing a man like you just had to do in the moment I go out. Well, good. Good. Have you want Theo Do travel body just probably left your own income. Bamiyan, no cash, You know, you know, just one of their houses like Bobby and win like, I don't know the wind. Don't make me go into a bank and take out a hunted to show you our pockets. God of the mountain. You just let me in front of your plan isn't broken, but it takes money came. Don't go ahead and make one of your finest kids. Get with me and you gotta go out there. No God to fit in my pocket. I got a lot of have no talking. I don't like to argue. Don't you see me with because I'm going to stop me, OK? I don't know. But are you following me? Packing a man gone. Just deal. The moment Get.

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