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"queen nece" Discussed on Jay and Miles X-Plain the X-Men

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"queen nece" Discussed on Jay and Miles X-Plain the X-Men

"Now, they'd be saying it in blatant defiance of a huge amount of established material. But they technically could we hope they won't. They technically could again, this is part of why I think fannin interpretation is really important because everyone because because the fact that a license holder holds the license does not make them less subjective than the fans as an as far as Clermont statements. I wouldn't even feel like those were necessary. If it weren't for that. Normativity? I was talking about before that's the kind of proof. That's the kind of evidence that we turn to when folks look at look at, you know, the coding within the comic and say this isn't enough as far as I'm concerned that's supporting not establishing evidence. Yeah. I completely agree him, and I feel like for for kitty Pryde, specifically, I think you kind of have to try hard to not see kitty being bisexual or pan sexual as as being canonical like there's just so much there. I guess it'd be harder for other characters where there's a lot of subjects with there's a lot of implication, but not as much, but where you draw that line. I mean, I'm really okay with cannon being subject to individual interpretation. You know, if you directly contradict existing stated cannon than that's a little harder. But even then fucking ret cons, right? Where marvel seems to be drawing that line now is a place that I find incredibly irritating, and that is technical deniability there. There's a lot that can you know, you can have had the stuff in the comics. But as far as I can tell the current line lies, very specifically at text to acknowledge ING, the Queen nece that has been represented previously on panel, and it's infuriating, and it's it's really really sad too. Because for as long as street readers and writers can say. You know can can say, well, it's it's not real. It was never said. And as long as you know, we do treat heterosexual sexuality as the default that we do that. Can that's something that can detect will be taken away from readers, who are already massively massively under represented making textual making it explicitly textual I and by that I mean saying on panel on page that someone is gay that someone is clear that someone is by that someone is transplant ever makes it undeniable in ways that it wouldn't be otherwise it stops that argument cold, and that's really important to do. And it's really really important to to offer. And it's it's the difference in a lot of ways between queer baiting an actual representation. Yeah. I mean, I love X men. I love musher. What marvel does I love a lot of the people that work at an with marvel, but this is an area where marvel just isn't doing things as well as they should straight up. So unafraid different note, Amanda. Asks on Twitter, if you were to name x-men crayon colors besides Sienna blaze. What would those color names be? And we decided we we we saw there are a couple of ways to interpret this question we decided to run with the one that we were having more fun with which was which crayons we would name after naming Cran colors after exit not vice versa. I feel like you gotta start out general with atomic yellow, although atomic carrot is still a funnier name. Wait, isn't there actually atomic yellow crown? I don't know. Well, there is now. All right. So we've got a bunch that are pretty much straightforward named after characters when so I suggest for instance, beast blue, although that would be beast black and earlier Cran sets we have sunspot, which is Brown, but gets lighter over time got at marvel. Ouch, gold balls, of course, mystique and that that has a random rapper, but the crown inside is is one of those multicolored changes color as you call her once nice. Optic blast or actually ruby probably ruby quartz. Oh, and then there would be ruby quartz Morrison edition, which is actually yellow instead of red. God, I hate that detail. Bam flew organic steel white Queen the crimson crayon of sits around black Tom green. That's just confusing. I don't know it works for me. Also, let's see pixie pink or glob Herman, which is the same color as pixie pink, but has a visible skeleton inside, and then then I sort of fell into bad, bad pun territory..

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