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"queen esther queen esther" Discussed on Truth For Life Daily Program

"Has now become a representation of, again, the words of Solomon proverbs 25 15, which reads with patients a ruler may be persuaded and a soft tongue will break a bone. With patience, a ruler may be persuaded. Now, if you think about this, those of us who are inpatient by nature have been dying to get to the end of chapter 7. I mean, we've been longing for the death of him and the hanging of Heyman has been like hanging over Eisenhower for weeks. Some of you have said to me, could you speed it up, please? I'm sick of him. Somebody said to him in this morning, I met him in between the first and second services. Oh, what a great day it is. I said, why is that? He said, Heyman gets hanged today. I'm not sure that we're supposed to think that way just about poor old Hammond, but nevertheless, those of us who are inpatient, we're saying, you know, what in the world is Esther doing? Speed the jolly process up here. She got a wife like to have a feast, okay? What? Well, I think I'd like to have another feast. Okay, all right, fine. Well, what she's actually been doing is very skillful, isn't it? There's method in this. Because what she has managed to do is she's cornered her king by getting him to acknowledge publicly on three separate occasions that he's going to give her what she wishes that he's going to grant her her request. Just in case, he said the first time, well, whatever you like, I'll give you, and then he changed his mind. She doesn't jump on that one. Even when he asks her the second time in the feast, she doesn't jump on that one. And she waits until we come back to this feast, and now here we go. She embodies the truth of ecclesiastes three. There is a time to be silent. And there is a time to speak. There's a lesson from our silence as well. She doesn't just go blustering in. The way some of us go into circumstances, no, she's very, very careful. And now it's queen Esther's moment. I think you should note that three times in the opening three verses or so. She's referred to as Queen Esther. One says Esther, but on three occasions Queen Esther Queen Esther Queen Esther. Obviously, the writer, I want us to understand that having gone in, wearing a royal robes, she is maybe a really clear to the king that she's his queen. That she's, if you like, is number one queen. That she's the one who had received the great accolades and who was preferred and loved beyond all the others. So her relationship to the king really matters. Of course, it does. And in particular, in relationship to what she's about to disclose. Her moment has come. She's passive. If I have found favor in your site, first three, and if it please the king, here we go. Let my life be granted me for my wish and the life of my people for my request. There you have it. It's done. Read the commentator says, this is Esther's moment. This is the moment when she takes seriously mordecai's challenge to her. What was mordecai's challenge to her?

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