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"que mckenna" Discussed on First Things First

"Tom Brady's like don't forget about me because Wilson? was in their. Self. And now, all of a sudden, it is a very crowded room seven weeks into the season Russell. Wilson Open that door at those three pigs. Mahomes in their mahomes do for two hundred yards. How'd you sneak him in their sixteen? Sixty touchdowns one. Pins in football guys play. By Far Russell Wilson picked off by Buddha, bigger does he came at? Twenty two miles an hour down the field covered one hundred and fourteen yards to save this from a touchdown. I can't watch this enough today in incredible Hasselblad. Mike Vick. Was this. Very impressive coaches of praise you more for play like that. Then they will for a touchdown reception north touchdown run, and now the moment where I wanted to pull my two year old son in the Roman say watch this plate is aw effort because at some point, if you play ball, you may have to do that since the message to all the kids out there. Is No substitute simple effort. This is amazing play by became metcalf. Probably one of the greatest plays the he'll have make in his career. So. So true Mike you know there's the the one handed touchdown, one handed grabs. There's the big games how lack of went for two hundred yards, fifteen receptions but these are the plays that you dream up as a player especially someone who really cares passionate about the game because you know that this makes what we call the highlight tape coach is going to show. This to everyone is saying, this is how we do this type of play gets you that see on your chest, the captain he is a freak I said in a couple of weeks ago nick laughed at me. Well, he didn't really laughed at me, but he didn't know if I was being serious, but he is the best wide receiver in the game right now. Nick I never got a vote on this. All of a sudden. We decided to refer to everything miles per hour. It's like de Que McKenna. As fast as a slow car with what I would like to get back into like three times or something like that money one. Hour. Makes it less of. A bad stat. Take Wild and general just leave it at this. There's only one other receiver in the league that could attract down Buddha Baker and it's tyreek hill, but it will never get the chance because mahomes wouldn't have made that mistake Jenner. Buffalo. Wild we do have to discuss what the Patriots State yesterday we're going to do that on the other side wasn't great buckle up gotTa do it much more first things first after this was another brutal day for the New England patriots, patriots hosting Jimmy G. in the niners. After news it was so bad. In fact, Cam Newton who had a miserable day was actually benched going into the fourth quarter and once things got out of hand really camel had nine completions ninety eight yards. He threw three picks on the day. Jarrett. Stidham. Came in on relief. It was to no avail niners blown out the Patriots. Here's Cam Newton after the loss. I.

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