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Breaking Down the Ring December 8th 2019


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Breaking Down the Ring December 8th 2019

"You're listening to the PODCAST DETROIT visit. WWW DOT PODCAST DETROIT DOT com for information five seven again. That's Sean Illegal. Dot Com slash workshops or call. Five eight six two seven three seven one five seven in a week. That really has no build up to any type of paper view even though witch because God damage just less than fourteen days away. WWe decided on match is all you need need to know on top of that. You had some fun finishes in annex t you had the lexicon of less humping on in a e W and we're GONNA get into all that and more this week as we think You don't know what ought all year six JER. Ask Ask Hey. This is professional wrestler and professional podcast. There cold Kabuki Boom Cabana. My name is Jill across the smell. Chef scarlet foretell. What's up guys Lucian Bryan Cave? This is Ryan pro wrestling. Tease savvy or not listening to the art of wrestling wrestling. But you made a decent joints. Because you're listening you are now listening to and you're listening you're listening to the breaking down the down the ring breaking down the ring breaking down the road breaking down the Dow which true it's Tantrum Ladies and gentlemen you are listening to the most inappropriate pro wrestling show in the mother fucking world. You're listening to our breaking down the ring way way crew. Not Nick fucking back winkle and I am the all monkey one the mikey himself the guy who has no future because you can tell. It's not bright. He's not wearing shades. Mike Welcome back. Hey Man I appreciate you guys leave you wondering for me because obviously been John Cena this month because you can see me you can kind of see me as long as the lights are on. You can see me you smile or on the new iphone. The dark MoD was sought dog there. You are. You're available in all your HD glory. That's used Eric. I'm locked into new IPHONE. Yes you are. You are no longer a character that has to be purchasing. DLC It finally freedom. I I WANNA say. What's up the Devon Devon from three counts is watching and he says hi guys and then he talked? Seattle monitors says making Nikola. Hope you don't take the ASS whipping I'm about to put you on in this fantasy playoff personally He's the number one seed I'm the number four seed and mother fucker. WILL YOU NOT NAPA leave. Upset alert bid you bought to get Bam Bam. No sign got two. Who weeks though mobile Fokker this episode breakdown of rain brought to you by this green gang? Not The people that make it. Fountain spill counting crew down to poo round of to Loudon spew trout in Deuce Auro Bryant Right Because we're from Detroit is what we do with battle ramp chicken Tikka panel ramp Napkin. Lampkin got awesome rap CD right there. That was Kristalina during his eminem impression. But okay whatever so look man. There was a bunch of wrestling that happened this week. NWEA is going into into the fire pay per view which is officially done more buys than NWEA seventies pay per view with still a week to go. NAH The fucking show. Is this coming Saturday. We're going to talk a little bit about that. How the NWEA is still providing one of the better products? You know over everything else like look. There's a lot of talk about the Wednesday night wars. A W I T W whenever And how that's probably probably the best night of wrestling and I'll I'll agree with that you know because of the two products that are on it and while Nwea power to better than one NWEA power. Our is just like forty fifty minutes. You know real quick you got impact on access. Then that is going from eight to ten on Tuesday nights and it'll be dark and I looked awro different thing. It's they're trying to include it there. I guess what died. I'll be very honest. no-one watch right so anything uh-huh true. You always fighting for the dark. Just let it be known there. It is assumed but if you're looking for the overall term overall in fun in wrestling product it's going down for the most part that is your Wednesday night edges out Tuesday basically because at the time that they have you know sure you've got two hours of impact and you have the fifty minutes of Nwea but you got four hours in a w an exte- and they're really fucking going at it and it's Tuft to chew marching them both at the same time you they pull you each in their own way. Okay so much no even at that because then you're still only paying attention to one. Oh like this more so I'm looking down here looking fair the best way to watch it obviously is back back and that's we'll have to do that especially us when we have to talk about it. We can't just float through things but NWEA anyway is putting out a product that is a slow burn. It's great because is is not something that they are just shoving down your throats. It is something that Nwea is giving you in small doses. So it's not too much but at the same time you want more snack. I can't even say it's a light snack. 'cause Goddamn it's it's a fat appetite. I think it's I think it's like a small plate at a restaurant and I'm not talking the appetizer swamp if you go to one of those restaurants the fine dining restaurant and you feel amazing fucking plate of food but it's like four ounces and you're like Oh man I can totally have another entree of this. You know because it is that it is that good and it's something to wear their also being very smart with it on the the pay per view side of it into the fire is twenty dollars May Have just gone up to twenty-five but nine thousand nine hundred ninety nine for an NWEA NWEA. Pay Per view is what I paid. I paid for preorder twenty if you order of the day. I don't know if there's a day of or if you had to like you have to like tonight. Oh Yeah you're right. Yeah Yeah so so that. So that might be today that after this podcast fucking GonNa cost you twenty four ninety nine to watch an Nwea pay-per-view debut but that's still not fifty sixty dollars that aws asking you for That's either view honestly like it is something and and this is on TV so it's something that everyone can get but at the same time fight. TV is doing it for a w overseas. You got the bleacher. Report live and again forty nine ninety nine if I'm not mistaken for an A. W. Show so they're giving you get six six matches for into the fire including you're GonNa see the rock and Roll Express. Defend Their Ninth Tag Team Title Championship Rain. But it's something along the lines is of. It's just smart business. They're not forcing it down your throat. But at the same time they're giving you enough of a product that you WanNa see more toward twenty bucks. It doesn't seem like a lot for the show and not only doesn't that seem like a lot in this streaming age because everyone's like oh ninety nine a month I get just about everything you know. Oh Even A. WW In life is only nine ninety nine a month You got impact on plus nine nine. Yeah so all of these. I have no surrender. All of these streaming services are going at ninety nine and then you see this and smack in the face forty nine ninety nine just to watch A W pay-per-view four times a year. Now Okay let's say we're doing that. That's two hundred dollars. That's it's not the ten bucks a month that you're spending on one of the major networks or even the minor networks which equates to one hundred and twenty dollars a year that that is eight hundred fucking dollars more for four shows not a network of things yup four shows that. Let's be very honest. Where whelming helming not underwhelming not overwhelmed? whelming wellm they were there. Were parts of those things that you're like man that was a great match and then other partially why the fuck is what. What is this going on? We've had our differences with AWS enterprises for AWS. But it's not like you were sitting there going. I got got all of my money's worth for this paper view and that at the same time we're not the fan was VW. We Love Them. We're not talking them you know. We'll nitpick the things is that we nitpick but it's not like a w can do no wrong in our eyes like apparently it fucking happens now you know and we'll get into some of that but NWEA is giving you a product that makes you want more and gives you more at a decent price. It's like so let's go back to that thing you had that main plate in four ounces like fuck man I want more. And they're like you know to add on another play all you gotTa do pay half the price for second one and you're like what in and that's what people are doing. I got it Nikki. Said you're going to get a twenty dollars price. It's a smart by. They also entered the also interview. A podcast or podcast has a contest going on like pretty much answered that one we get a free. Yeah and the disabled you tell us what do you think the best match on a car. It will be an why and I did so. I actually entered that contest. Got A reply back and I'm one of the last three people people really and you can fuck in it. I have a possibility of wedded house. Man was three thirty three percent dog. That's way better than one four. I came in like sit next. Not Right now right like your future is bright to me. We understand why you're wearing shades. I got lucky finally manages done wants to go. Hey thanks man. Oh you lucky I meet. You never get lucky. You just know dude wants you anymore. You're so women you thinking about the star trams slow practice slow-burn and then burn. Then you'll it'll give them next course half off lead a little goose devon goes. Aren't you guys going to the pay per view or tapings this weekend and I was we worse. Many and I were going to go but unfortunately extenuating circumstances with my daughter and her schoolwork meant. I have to stay here so unfortunately we will not be attending the the pay per view or the tapes but we wish huge Well this and hopefully everything goes well to our good friend Maureen for NWEA. Obviously Lagaan and Billy Corgan as well those are your three men Laguna and Billy Corgan. Obviously get a lot of the spotlight. Because they're the you know the outside faces but the director of Operations Marine is a friend of ours she buster asks for that company to and I think that's our tree all right there. Oh you know what I'm saying by a social media of course because those are the inside people that know so you know and the rest are saying it and stuff it throws into her name. Okay but let's say for them. You know the bottom line is there is a those are gears that are working and without either three of those does. It doesn't turn each connects to the next thing that makes it work. You know. Most things work like that you pull out one of those years Lagos corden goes or or more ingles. That thing's GonNa Work Wonky and I think they are putting on some of the What are the best products right now? Period so yes talking about Nwea into the fire a question Mark Verse Trevor Murdoch in a singles match. Everyone's really high on question Mark Hot. Yeah Super Hot Cut I. There's also speculation. That was that was who he is like They've gotTA chain stores. beat up first week of I saw. It is and spoiler they. It was really funny when they were showing all of the lead up for the title match and and I was like you know you just right after showing a question mark thing you showed. The guy's GonNa quit fucking ends like putting a picture of Superman and Clark Kent next to each other going. I mean the hair and the glasses. He's hiding in plain sight right so yes question. Mark Verse Trevor. Murdoch is announced as a singles. Those Mash Obviously Trevor Murdoch. The Guy who's crazy enough to strap a bucket nevermind Next up next is women's tag team match with Allison K.. Michigan native to her. And Ashley Vauxhall. Taking on the team of either Molina and under Rosa Molina Mardi Bell or Thunder Rosa and Marty Bell It's yet to be decided which of those three and we'll be in Alan Kay and actually vox versus Molina Thunder Rosa or Mardi Bell. Then there's a singles match ally drake versus Ken. And and he Li- drake. I could have done that. But Anderson's the core engines name and then there is a best two out of three falls match for the NWEA world heavyweight championship where each guy got to pick the referee. They did this. They set this precedent with cody. Rhodes Nick like all this. Brian Hefner is James Storms. Pick and Tim Storm. Is Nick aldus. Pick for the referee. If this match goes to a Third Fall Paul a coin flip will happen and heads or tails. That referee will take on the third fall of the match. Then there is a triple threat for match for the end of you way national championship. Colt Cabana defending his title against Aaron Stevens and Ricky starks. Great fucking stocks research. One of the most exciting the guys on good to watch them and then of course Natalie's will the tag team championship match of the Rock and roll express defending defending their titles. Ricky Morton and Robert Gibson are taking on the wildcards Thomas Latimer and Royce Isaacs and a rematch Devon wants to call in yet man You know the number to the studio call reasonable cultish show shits about to get serious serious one hundred percent Devon. Yeah man we you got about ten minutes for you. Because we got the smacktalk showdown guys calling in to talk to them about their lewd attitude product as well so Devon feel free to you call in for ten minutes. It shouldn't know not open. I'm glad you said that because I would not have noticed that it was open my bet. So yes the NWEA product again like we said this is a six match card but it is a stack card in probably give them all a lot. More time usually get on top of that. They've already said that. This is going to be something done. Different Lagaan had gone on twitter. Twitter in state is like w power. These people come out. They're going to have entrance music on the pay per view and the guy was like yes. The pay per views will have a completely different. I feel then all of the NWEA power episodes as they should studio a studio recorded. Mrs Peiris Very is probably GonNa be live. So you're GONNA have like Catelli production type deal like everything else it's incoming incoming call from Devon. What's up de ever? Hey cell phone on speakerphone phone. Hey everybody lives in Devon. What's what's up my brother the same color? Smith's you you know that no one else on this show would say brother of the same color. What's up rather have a different color slip that one? I am not ten enough to slip that one in. He's in the waist now by trying to get away with them. Oh and then it stops at the beltline. Actually I'm like I'm like you know one seventeenth black and that's right around my beltline that's it. It's not what you think is way way less than what you think. Way Less way less Obviously we're talking about NWEA now we know Through all the controversy that WWF. Had you've kind of backed off from watching the product because you don't WanNa support reported and understandably so have you been watching the NWEA product. See it as part of the reason why I was able to back away from wwe because outside of wwe there's so much great wrestling on right now. NWEA is definitely one of watch. W wait every week. I I love it. Man Throwback Fail old school days. It's a different Phil I love it. I'm definitely looking forward to show. This weekend is so you have you already purchased the show. So here's the thing I'm actually going to be in Detroit this weekend coming up there for the Shine and they battle Taiji show. I'll go ahead plan that Saturday so I'll probably end up catching Sunday Somehow but if I if I wasn't GonNa be busy that Saturday I would definitely I am going to watch it though I'll be honest. I'm going to be as Saturday. I work every Saturday. But they do give you the replay. Saab you're watching that. NWEA probably before come into show to have a conversation about next week. Oh no next week. The lions game at home. I won't be here homeless bullshit. Who Love you what what is really standing out to you devin about the NWEA right now it serve as the starter or just the fact? That is good storylines that's built out over a long period of time. It might be a combination both. I'm not I'm not sure what it is. I just know every Tuesday. I'm watching it no matter what it's are you now. Are you trying to watch it. Live or you just watching it when you can catch it Well we're schedules Kinda want Ya. I tried to catch that before I go to work then. I'll probably what AWA dark. What's up at work but Got To catch you. Know not too long after up Is there anything else outside of the WW that is truly standing out to you. Like how are you feeling about Awa As As as show. I'm at a point right now where I'm kind of waiting until like the beginning of a year to really really make a heart on aws. I'm enjoying what I'm saying. But you know to say okay. This is definitely the best one best cubbies always on the air or the bigger real hard judge on giving them until the beginning of the year to do so but I say good things still production things I gotta work out Awesome some continuity things figure out like with your ranking system. But I'm enjoying what I've seen so far all right and Impact he paying a lot of tension impact. Hannity back actually I think there are pay per view. Hard to heal is going to be Dallas. Try and make that show okay. I I'm definitely enjoying what What they've been doing changes that they've made over the years and Deal with access putting on channel we can actually find so. I'm definitely looking forward to more impact So what do you think who do you believe right. Now is the hottest star in in wrestling outside of. WWe With everything that you've been watching this airfoil. Yeah for a while. I think cody is. How does baby facing the business right now? I would say hottest he'll but Somebody that I'm I'm really you know keeping my eye on right now is a test blanche. I'm really looking forward to seeing what they're gonNA do with this story Whether she's going to stay she's going to go somewhere else. Say What Mardi. He's grown wait what he's GonNa do. But I will say Qodian Jericho prior to hottest outside of me right now. Jericho and cody. Nice man. Many what are you talking your head at that one is there. I agree with the cody. Cody thing is the hottest face but I think semi cal has probably the hottest heel professional wrestling right now just because the the work done over the last two years in general along speaks for itself off he's had one of the PWI matching a year with Tessa bladder and he's also had his were his. He'll work it would impact the fact. He's able to get heat no matter how good he is. An rain is a testament to how good of a hill he is and he take shots at everybody. Like eight impact World Championship. He took a shot at Jericho's a little bit of bubby set out here drinking beer. 'cause bucks pays for bitches. Bubbly bubbly is for bitches. Yeah paraphrasing but but he's he's. He's taking shots at just about any and everybody is outside of like several shots but nothing like not name dropping or anything like that kyle comments. And who's his bum on on the line We kind of stole your Co Host Dog Day cycle remember. That's that's fine. I get it. He he should be jealous. Because you know GonNa be jealous you went. You went from He went from knockouts and three counts to ring breaking down. That's just how it goes dog noon. Sometimes the allure of the ring. Briton makes everybody break it down. That's a euphemism for Smith. He's asshole the whole break the smit down And so Devon is there anything that you have been watching that obviously not a lot of people are talking talking about what you think should have a lot more play in the mainstream conversation of professional wrestling. What you're saying I'm I'm here in Dallas now MSW Is actually going to have a show here the day before impacts pay per view. And I've already bought got my ticket for that show I'm trying to check out more of W I've watched it here and there but It's Kinda hard to find them the Times I've actually found them on. A thing is being sports on a little bit more. I'm definitely checking them out and ring of honor to you man. I'm I'm interested in seeing what was going on. Ring viner Dave kind of become like the the loss steps child in this whole No reshuffling wrestling companies. I don't WanNa see what they're gonNa do to respond to aid. W An impact and all these other companies stepping up. Yeah L. W. he just released Teddy Hart So just you know jumped into a little bit of the conversation you know with the release of a guy which is weird usually as the signing of guys that make a lot of people talk but at the release of Teddy Hart Teddy Teddy Teddy fucking heart. The release of him definitely brought a little bit. More wwl agree. I'm L. W. caught my eyes when Larry Dallas went there for a little bit For their podcast. And I was like Oh and so you can find that on television. I agree ring of honor. I mean it's really difficult defined ring of honor but you can F- five one F is one at midnight on Fridays Or technically Saturday morning at twelve. Am I guess. Ah teeters on one hundred inbetween Friday and Saturday. There's that midnight hour and that's you can catch bring home in Devon man thank. He's so much for calling in and we really appreciate talking to you brother Definitely maybe calling a another day or even later in the show because we got the smacktalk showdown guys game that we fucking love. Now we fucking love. Those guys are about to call him and have a conversation about their loot attitude back but Devon thank you so much for calling in brother. We'll talk to you a little bit later. All right man and Don't don't take this personally. I can't take anything personally when it doesn't happen now. Badri Mon Amen and Amen. The doctor King had a dream in a Luby's doing right now. So you later brother. I don't get wow braised it. That's not bad stereotype. Their views and opinions expressed ed or totally making even the person who I one hundred percent the waiver initiator so yes ask like Devin was saying man major league. MSW Major League wrestling. You got ring of honor obviously and other little companies. I mean look the new Japan kind of fell away from the conversation. Even though they're still doing big things you know Jericho still involved in them you know he's still doing things even though he's an. Aws Main Guy. He's still doing things with new Japan wrestling new Japan dropping a statement. I think vice president even saying that. Look we're not saying we're not willing to work with anybody with things have to align and we have to pay attention to our current partnerships and things like that and see what works best l. l.. Right now smells uh-huh like Japan award right now and ring of honor. One hundred percent is still pissy at a e W as is most of the wrestling world. Look man you Kinda fucked some things up by starting up Look you can be the fucking baby facing the fans is but there's a lot of backstage heat on Awa in the wrestling world. And it's not just because of the product they're putting on. You fucked a lot of people over with this. You know And that's fine to an extent and but it it's by we all said you know it'd be like starting a brand new company. You pillaged a lot of talent. It's not just budget cuts it's not like not signing with them like those those fucking five. Guys Cody Kenny. Hangman and the bucks would have signed with. WWe That's all that would have happened. Yeah those five guys. WWe In all these other people that are being promoted and everything would have stayed in these indie things but by doing starting a new company and bringing in all of these people even currently when when you bring in more and more people which is not bad because you're putting diversity diversifying your bonds but go they would say financial diversify your boss Nigger but you're now all these other other companies are starting to lose people they have star power and it's really funny because like there's a another UK promotion just closed you know and in a lot of people are giving heat and X T K for this because they signed people to exclusive contracts array progresses and one place they farm progress. Yes what are you talking about. C K farm hours so another one of these UK promotions close and a lot of people are giving it to the annex t WBZ eastern brand. But let's not forget. Aws Point people into man you know. They're not doing so bad as to pulling people I don't think they're signing signing exclusive kind. I mean obviously you have to be available for these dates period. But they're pulling people as well. Let's not pretend that this is all. WWE ANNEX T or anything. Mrs It's going around it's going around you know and so therefore everything's being pillaged right now by the startup of new company. A new major company that was doing ten thousand seats for the first couple of shows at pay per views and tried to do it with their weekly show dynamite and it's fizzling fast man like. It's it sucks right because you want to see this you want to see that. AWS still holding true. Awa eventually going to have to go. Yeah let's go to a couple of five thousand Carina let's go because currently your having a larger blackout area then the NFL gives you for a non sold out. The game can't catch. TV Won't show if you're in that current market like the line. I didn't I didn't know that W did that. The no no no that like the blackout like opening our tarps. Oh yeah there's nobody fucking there so we're going to throw all probably the worst one this week. So yeah you guys have all trying to sell ten thousand seats. You're sending a lot six thousand six dollars and fifty five hundred hundred. And here's what's blows my mind right. You have some people that are the Awa diehards on twitter going. We failed. And you're like would it mean you failed the we didn't rally the troops enough for psych. You CAN'T I. I appreciate that kind of loyalty right but why been two months. Why do you have this loyalty to something? That is it for the fans sure but it has to have a much broader scope of things for it to truly pull in the audience. You know we were talking talking about assess what I mean by. They feel just seats. Are there or the ratings when the ratings came out before because they obviously didn't come out the next day for thanks because it was Thanksgiving Day for two Wednesdays Wednesdays ago but A. W. Lost again for the pre and the post survivor series show was there should and this week they. AWB by six thousand fans the numbers right. Yeah graduations. You know math this week. Awa Poignant eight hundred fifty one thousand years next pulling in eight hundred and forty five thousand viewers you you know. Obviously it's much closer right now and it's probably going to flip flop depending on what you're getting next week is being the triple threat for the number one contender shift for the NFC championship. You might see in an extreme numbers. Go Up Oh yeah because you had because of how hot CIAMPA Lee and Ballard. You're right and that's your fucking top draw next week it is. It is the week after. Because they're going to have the the women and the Mens Yup that match is going to happen that same night. Yep Wow in Jericho facing on jungle boy Mr. We'll get into that in a second. So yes there's a lot of conversations going on smitty you obviously you and Joe were always the guys who pay more attention to the independent scene. Have you started paying less attention to the independent scene. Now that there's so much mainstream wrestling to watch I pull myself a little bit more away. From New Japan array of honor honor still kind of come in and out on her but like the the lag is like the whole farm and of I was like some of these places especially I mean they had this conversation. Abou- reminder probably the worst getting farmed out of would they w thing and see and all this stuff. AWS radio monitors like star power right now. So they're like and star power and it's in part of it like there are guys still. I like an they keep me invested in so enterprises. There's like Mardi scroll getting ready to his conflict being up and he he's probably have to go That's one guy I will follow and it's going to pull me away a little bit more away from it But the rebound has a good habit of billy stars like Johnson Gresham. I WANNA see more of him Shane Taylor even though he's is probably his way out as well Guys like jellies. You've got the briscoes are they is not that they don't have Quality wrestlers over there MHM is just about the ring of honor has a habit of the needs from also sells better need to promote themselves talent. Better New Japan like I'm still following pretty much. Just a bullet club over there right now like Jay White is your intercontinental champion Last last hope is your United States champion over there Then you know shits about the main event right now late. I don't care about Okada how'd Anymore Okada. I find that Okada's only as good opponent. You give them right now. Rescue Writing Code Obuchi. Who won did you did you want? And they're not doing anything everything I've watched nothing interesting about that match right now. Tetsuya Naito feud him or is he championship with a j white. And that's probably the most interesting thing they have on new Japan right now from what I've seen those far and is I'm invested but not as much as I am stuff like impact and an and a w also is so much to watch as well that part of getting lost in the shuffle. Because I tried to get back into AAA lay but to many clubs too many clowns. It's like six fucking cloud-based characters a week and AAA and I'm like no. This is nick. Obviously you've gotten out of the wwe realm only every now and then of watching by coming becoming a regular part of the show. Is there anything that has caught your eye outside of what is mainstream like you no impact. NWEA WWE WS or. Is that your just really concentrating on this right now just because it. This is what you have to pay attention to for the show No I mean yeah I gotTa Watch this stuff for the show no but it's easily accessible between www NWEA I I want to watch. Impact I just have a hard time watching everything that I currently watch and I would still watch everything that I do for the show. Oh I watch it even if I wasn't on the show but it's hard to fit all that in so I wanNA watch it. She did forty three. Who knew it makes his hand? It's hard to to get it all you know and I want to you. I know you guys talk about ring of honor and shows like New Japan which they're portrayed as some of the better in in ring action especially New Japan. I just. It's not something that I'm seeking out only because it's not as easily accessible. Could I find it sure. But it's not something I can just flick on and go you. You know. This is something that obviously. We haven't gotten into much because of the fact that we usually have so much to talk about whereas while there is a lot of stuff to talk about the things that happened this week and Russell we do kind of want to get into this finally with not much being built for stuff It's just kind of recap shows which we can weave in and out of but with the amount of wrestling that you have right now it is such is a buffet. You Walk Up and you get to pick and choose what you want when you want it. Sure you can watch things live but like we said and w power is live for that hour at six zero five and but if you don't catch it then watch it whenever it's a youtube show so if you do. DVR for any of the other ones you can watch later. You know. You don't have to which that's what I do. I can't watch all of these products. What they after all Hulu Yeah? It's it's something that's it's very accessible to many fans and that is the purpose for this. Is You want your you want wrestling. You want all of this no matter what it is to not feel like a chore and sure some of it does washing some Ross. Had I've been feeling like a Chore Smack Down To Mostly raw raw for everybody which is really bad to say. Zafer that flagship show and it might be the only one. That's three hours and they got to put so much into it. You know and we can constantly talk about the time but at the same time and when raw it was really good it was three there was three rows back in the early two thousands and you were watching every bit of that going. This is great. You know so. It's not like they haven't done. An amazing MES an amazing run of three hour shows now like one or two like no they used to have. They had years where you were just. You weren't talking about it. You know on how much it is you when they first said we're going to go to three hours like Oh shit that's a lot. And then they provided Ryan Tabet say they have it in them to make to make great but it seemed like they'd just for somebody in your lack on this is not pulling through at this point. Yeah there's there's a disconnect right there and no one can fully tell tell what it is because there's a lot of people that WANNA throw it on. Vince McMahon put into man's provides some of the best and still has his head like okay. The smackdown that was written after after tour that lasts Saudi show. Everyone was like Oh aaa chat his hand all the blades smackdown because AAA it came out that Vince wrote that whole show on the plane back when he found out this superstars. We're GONNA make Vince wrote that show in triplets. It's executed and not just execute. Vince was there you us. This was the first one and Vince. was there Vince. was there wrote the fucking show so obviously put things together with AAA. But we've always said W W puts on some of the best products when they're back to the fucking wall. Yeah so so while you could say. Vince is out of touch. Vincent lost it. Vince put on the best smackdown. You ever watch this year in the last ten years. The lot of people are talking about Vincent that with his back to the wall on a plane ride home at a fucking Napkin. Probably highly doubt that message reclamation so so you you have to you kinda have to still say Vince has it but Vince has it. When he doesn't have too much thought vintages go? Go probably GONNA be fucking beautiful over our Abou- so prophets is an province is fucking amazing so we hope raw gets better but while we've mentioned some of the stuff that is on the outskirts of it let's talk about these shows shows. These means shows as a whole nick as you're watching them what's standing out most to you every week Being a wrestler. Promo or something that you just like to see one of these things that are doing very well each week next. He's entering work doc. Even though I wasn't thrilled this week with the show as a whole it's very clean. It's hard hitting its I'm I find myself very much paying attention to the whole entire match. Most of the time The promos are really good. They're not they don't run too long. There's not too many of them. It's not getting crammed down throat I liked the showcase of their talent. As far as you know like you guys you got guys like keithly right now. WHO's one of the for me? One of the hottest dudes and WWe right now. And and I just think the in ring work first and foremost but not overloading us with promos that run too long. Many I was agree with Nick about the showcase a talent and the way that they showcase talent is not as outside maybe baby of the undisputed heir who you pretty much see every week. You're not getting no one particular person's getting crammed down your throat but is that what stands out to you. The most of things that are What what does the reason? No of any of the mainstream product that we're watching oh standing the most More sold the way impact kind of does their impact kind of runs their thing like they let the way. It was one of the few places where I see. They are showing equality with entering. Like you got blanche. Choose Ashley Vying for the World Championship. But then you've also seen women like Jordan grace go against man you've seen is and the diversity and once again there also. NFC where is not every week you see a certain people like you. And I talked about how rich Swann put on that amazing match two weeks ago. Forty minutes in the ring forty minutes in the ring. And you didn't see a thought like didn't have the throwback show and like this week week. Same Willie Mac and delete up to something that may be happening at hard to kill their Do a whole tacking open thing. The suze about that far to find out who's saviour for detecting champions that hard to kill well like he's pretty much everybody saying good magical mash in he like he really had no big part in the show. Just a little the Charlotte get basically putting on a good match type. Deal Sea Tessa BLANCHARD'S GONNA fight Nick Gage in an holds barred match in January. NCW Yup I I just W I C W New York okay. Whatever there is a G C W but they're they're they're wrestling at the IC? W I was asking thing I did not again no holds barred Nobody holds barred match. Also the way that the impact uses the way to use their legends or the legends or veterans in in a company They actually use them sometimes. Alleged to go eventually over sometime most of the time they use these veterans to actually get the The Newark are no-name talent over Also a big fan of x division. I'm where you're going on way too much. I said one thing in your the utilizing the talent. Okay so for me. The one things that is standing out the most of any of these mainstream is something that Devon mentioned earlier in his Jerko because Jericho as your face of Ahe W is spectacular. Tackler what he's doing to bring up the people in the inner circle to get people More involved more recognition more name value vert and the things that he's doing with talent that he's facing you know when he's Scorpios are scoring several. Oh Scott yes can get it out. Thank you Smitty Scorpio Sky you've got jungle boy coming up in a couple of weeks. The you know the line where Lucci sources like you know Marco Michael stunts small for his age and then jackals like small for any age. You know it's there. It's comments like He. There's moments that Jericho is. You can tell that he's just having the time of his fucking life wrestling right. Now he is going. He's in a company where he's got a lot of creative freedom but he's not just given a lot of creative freedom. It's a lot of creative freedom that he's able to put in a main part of a show you know it's not like something we're like. Okay go ahead and try this. You know when he had to fight with triple h for the festival of friendship because no. I talked to Vince last week. This how he said it could be done Jamila just like knowing. I'm going to call Vince. And the you know he's Concetti. Coffins Vince like yeah. Let let them do it pal. It's gotTa be good Shit. It was great fucking segment and that was Jericho's creative control on full display and also. Yeah but the bottom line is he still had to fight day of on the show hours before it was supposed to go down to get what he wanted. I highly doubt he's doing that right now. He is saying. Hey let's do this and they're like yeah. That sounds pretty cool. If I can do it you know but only problem with it is is creating a lot of inconsistencies again. uh-huh you know. Jungle boy is an own eight overall wrestler. And he's getting a title shot shot near nine title. I thought it was a title title. He's he's got his opponent for his last match. I thought I thought that see. That's my fault because I thought that he was stating that. He had to wrestle here to defend the title one more time in two thousand eighteen per Contra nineteen twenty one thousand nine yeah so he was obligated to one more match. Okay all right so I- retract that statement but again so now he's going to be facing jungle boy so it's again right back to what I was saying is he's putting over other talent. That's one thing that I completely agree with you on on and it's frustrating because there's a lot of people that are on these You know the Internet wrestling community that when you saw. WC WC when you saw inner circle forum in Jericho made comments like Oh. I've got these guys back in. You know you know were close and this that and the other people were bashing him like you've known them for like five five minutes and you know okay I get when you're looking at it on the surface but Jericho's at a point in his career where not only is he over. His one of his main focuses to help other younger talent. Get the fuck over and he's doing that seminars. Where twenty three and I think a a lot of people are forgetting that these these people that are just there to no matter what he w does he just got fucking Basha just because they can but they're forgetting the purpose the the right behind the reason of a lot of this shit you know and he is? He's doing a great job not only keeping himself over as the he'll that company in the face but he's helping these dudes yeah jungle boyzone eight. But he's going to help that dude look good right you know. And he's GonNa put them in a com- a formidable type of look like you're going to probably going to get a real good match later Darby Allen yes Darby Allen or against Scorpio Sky you know. We look a lot of people talk. About how Great Scorpio. Sky Is in when he wrestled in the tag team and s you. He didn't get a lot of look at the singles. Part of Scorpio. Sky You did you know. It's Gerry Cole. Right now is probably probably the greatest thing in wrestling because of what he's doing for it as a whole showing that these promos can be cut. You know unscripted if you're good enough you're Jerko it was really funny One of the greatest things I feel that jerk was ever said was that when he was in. WWE and they're talking about guys trying to get guys over. It was like send guys out there for three minutes in between main event and raw. Aw to cut a promo unscripted. Just see where they do to get over. See if you can find a guy who has that charisma and if you find that guy pushed that guy because that is your entertainment guy if they fall flat on their face okay. That's fine and then you pull him back. No one's you know it's fucking sure people because the social media but it's going to help someone get over or heard of them. They have to come back and they have to fight for it and that's three minutes. You go give people three minutes to see what they can do. People got all the the fucking three minutes in the world right now in Asia you you know and I guarantee that part Jericho sure cody and the bucks Kenya the VP's and Tony Kahn. or I'll putting it over. You're putting things into perspective and the backstage thing but you know they're talking to crush Jericho Chris. Jericho is a huge grizzled veteran in wrestling. And he is putting on some of the best things right now and you can't knock him for at all and I agree with you make you know you brought it up there the people that are fucking fucking anti W I don't get it even I with all of my nitpicking and you know going into here like a goal the referee there's way too many no counts. Stauba I have I will always sit back and praise what needs to be praised you nitpick other companies accompanies the Nixon every fucking Yemeni. You know I mean hell man we talk about how much we love. NWEA my God did we fucking hate when cornet stuff was going on. You know I it. It happens but the way they handled. It was wonderful. Okay he's gone. You know coronet made his fucking comments on his podcast and stuff and there was a great he left. They showed showed him love and people are giving them Shit for saying thank you and it's like you can't give anyone shit for being a freezing to yeah about ending like if fucking like okay. We've had Kelly on the show we've had Orlando Christopher on this show. We thank you to all of the things that they have done for us. You know each one of them brought different perspective Orlando with India with the actual wrestler perspective. Kelly with the women's perspective. Thank you so much. Do we give them shit in fun ways that we gave them shit face to face on the show look at their chest you know but a Jewish around but the bottom line is is. Is You appreciate what people have done for you and your show regardless of how they left Cornet fucked up but cornet fucked the line. He's been saying for years. That started when the whole starving Marvin fucking shit with South Park was going on right. It just didn't age well. There are the things that don't age well and when you run back to the well too much that's what happens. You know But these accompany Jericho is SPEC fucking Takkula I. I can't say enough. Great things about Chris Jericho as a wrestler as performer. As has any kind of hiccup and at the same time did you hit up while you were drinking. Yeah and you just dribbled many then swallow suspender many quits. And now you know all right. We'll start with you at this one of all of the wrestling that we have to watch of all of this stuff. What is the one thing that you wish was being done? Better the smackdown in general outside I have really have no edison. You're watching slack now. Most weeks really pretty. I really light. I've always like Whoa nate head. Did the whole draft the NFL smackdown boned in that draft. And ever since I watched some acknowledged as much of a chore as Watching Raw. 'cause I have. There's nothing interesting for me owner right now. Not the King Corbin look the oil the King Corcoran Roman. Storyline is just getting more ridiculous. Every week just like the whole Lonzo Roussev and adding Kevin Owen. Suet now who is snuffing about smackdown pop into me and making me want to watch and see what's going on here nick. Well I will say that. There's nothing about Rar smackdown that makes me say I got a fucking watches tonight I just I'm GonNa Watch it. I will say that raw for me is the one. Aw The thing that needs the improvement I think three hours is too long Because there's a lot of shit that just filler. That doesn't really need to be there. And I I. It's like a roller coaster. Like I don't WanNa Watch it but then I start watching them like okay cool. I'm watching RAW And then it just Kinda goes down and there's something that kind of goes up and then there's the down and then there's more down and then there's more down than there's an up and it just it's too much of a roller coaster is not consistent. Insistent and three hours is just way too fucking much do you think with the signing of John Morrison. Johnny Nitro Tro. Whatever the fuck is going to go is Back is this something that is possibly helpful to that. Because I mean back in the day he was one of the more exciting. The people who watch Do you think that could help. Raw or smackdown. Whatever show he goes to And make it more interesting to you. Nick Junior yeah definitely. He was a good run in ring worker. I didn't really care for his character. But do can wrestle. You know and that's just as important for me. You know I mean you can be awesome awesome character and suck in the ring and then we'll good are you so yeah. I definitely think it'll help either. A show for sure for me. The thing that is lacking the most end it seems to be a theme for all of us is the W. we w programming's engaging keep watching this type thing. I will say the best thing. They have going for them right now. Is this real slow-burn of Seth rollins into a he'll I think this is great They're in a slow. Burn it down the alluded related. So I'm but so it's not like there's all hope is lost you know. There's there's obviously things that they have are doing really well but agreed for products overall as a whole yeah I sneeze. That was his knees. I held in tigard gestures now medicine not they gonNA go take some your face no take some for yours already. Have you welcome. I'm taking something nine to. It's not just vodka as water. But he's not just water and it's five o'clock somewhere worst fucking thing. Here's a bartender anyway. So so they are trying to do not only giving a lot of attention to one thing right so the other things Kinda fall away each episode has it's has it's one thing and right now seth rollins is raw in a way that you finally WanNa give a shit about the seth rollins thing and and smackdown. I guess it's kind of Roman. I mean they're giving a lot of stuff to the scene and very white and things like that but the folks are moreover Corbin but even at the same time. It's like nothing's really set apart as what is being focused based on more because it's it's not like there's either both of them are running themes through smackdown right they go from you know major parts of title and everything like that Roman With Corbin you WANNA see them. You WanNA see corporate loses. I guess I it just seems like they're going back too much. They don't know how to spread it in the story lines to where you're following a few different things like the best fucking Shit on a show is here's your main storyline for some but there's also back end stuff that is featured just as much enjoying it all you know and I just wish that. WWe would pull that in a little bit more Y- like I said that's all of us are agreeing wishing that we had more out of a situation of a product that has so much fucking raised on man and has your rights so much talent such a diverse roster so much greatness was bright that you're going knowing as kind of whittling away. Yeah and you're kind of losing interest in everyone and that's a problem because you're trying not to lose interest and it's not like they're really pulling in more than what they were so you know we all we talk about the ratings and stuff like that but smackdown was is pulling for average before Fox little over two little under two million viewers. You know now. Two point three of the last four two of the last four weeks that two point three two point five for the episode before survivor series. Two point three three episode after survivor and it was only a two point four. This week. You're not doing much better with a bigger audience which goes to show. I know that your show is lacking in a keep me their environment and without that that's the detriment to any television show any series. Anything I don't give a shit. What your past is? It's GonNa hurt many. You talked about all the way. Impact is utilizing their talent with Tessa. Tessa blanchard having a shot at the impact world's championship. And now Sammy Callahan. He had to face motherfucker name. Just drops Ruan yes. I know surrender yesterday. That was yesterday. India okay so I'm Callahan. Retain them assuming. I've got chance to wash your address. Renew my impact plus yesterday and I didn't get a chance to watch no surrender you. Well oh I see. That's what you're saying so hope. I'm assuming he retained because the match the heart kills hasn't been changed via social media Will available live on impact plus. Yeah so and tonight as a motorcycle motown showdown Belleville impact. Oh yeah that'd be. CW Show in Belleville might go except like diamondback saloon. I believe we were there that one so I wanted a car on a car and it got like like four fucking huge guys. It'd be like called like a battle like Brian Cage. AC Romero moves in like these guys like big guys is like four or five of them like and like just saw. Aw All out fight pretty much man. That's right kyle. I'm going to that. We gave away some tickets at our survivor series event. So I wanted to Gobert schedule. You gotTa Work Nerd Nerd were involved. So shutt- aw how that's the other thing I wanted to get into the fall. Show evolve was here in in Detroit on one forty one of one forty one. Thank you Where we had so you can meet CIAMPA? He can meet Walter. Walter was actually in a match on the show any time about the Walmart I want for the one was really good. Show is My second of all show. I've ever went to so it was the first of all shaw throw into were. It was still good Highlight to me was There was a tag team match for detecting championships Yeah Leon rough and they are defending his sidell. Hideout forgot the other guy's name. I just really forgot his name. Because the ills Hang out with Macedonia. After the show got a picture and did he goes did he goes side Elliott. He goes born. He says okay. Evan Bar was just the name me one hundred W W Polo and actually I'd have a quick conversation. HMS Ideal three percents. I couldn't actually. I wanted to record. It gave me shit about where my Hoodie and shirt like you know they're bringing honoring Hoodie. Says break down randomly. I'll actually ask anyway honoring the late. Now man we're good let's ring crew in the business so yeah so as the arena like is actually asks well at least you tried the Grad continue with Highlight to me was tag team. They had some really good tag team matches going on in general because most of my first awesome Chris. Bay Live too so he was phenomenal. any Kingston there with a six man tag at he's GonNa know on unwanted also Club kicked out of the unwanted an assailant beforehand The main event was Walter. I'm drawn names on blanks. I'm blank on names here. Didn't he take on. I have the about one forty forty one card. Another mass actually liked was Jd Drake had a match. What the champion? Josh Briggs Briggs Our really Internet management. The finished shot late. They they watch the Finish Timothy Thatcher. Timothy Thatcher's Walter but yet judge Briggs in. Jj had an amazing mashed. It's just the botch finish had. It took me completely out of it. we're having I guess braves supposed to you going for his Finisher off the top Oliwa. Drake was on the top rope and they just kinda botched to finish and they just went too far from there. The move by stadium. He's from there okay and got three L. A.. Okay guys just put on his really good match but Dan I got like you like everything. Will he way you compare the movies. It's like okay. We had this really good. Build up in a crescendo. was just farted. Your use farted on Mir Attar. We had this if you gave me all this greatness this did you say Chris Bay Novels. Who Talk about what sort of drop lights on name? lancs dribbling traveling so wait. Who did you say took them? On the first match was besties versus the skulk doc skulk Alana's gray. Yeah okay great not be all right. I like Shipman. Because he had the deficit I was like no. I'm going to okay. Great not being Chris. Base should be signed signed somewhere big phenomenon Osama impact like he did handiwork impact when a saucer So talk about something that you did after the show when you were talking to some of the wrestlers so I got so went and I gotta autograph from Brady Lauren. who was a pass Appearance Pretty much called into the show at one point Let's be her for a second but there was a bunch of kids behind me so I didn't want to take up too much time So I got up pavement autograph and she noticed a Hoodie and she's Mitch and that she was on the show uh-huh at one point and I say yeah I'm wondering is this. I'm show gives me a t-shirt and those the people over here and I just kind of let that be to give you. Yeah Nice for giveaways and stuff. Yeah so yeah. So she asked me what size. He's just got large giveaway. And when I talked to Alexei and also talk to Matt Slice I got a picture an autograph with it so I'm from him so and I was like I have fun now outside myself. I actually came here as they fans lease like. Would you know you're the best kind of fan of self promoting fan my shirt or you say I think because it's like both people I talked to. They they look at the honey new like the school in Nablus calling they brought up something about it yeah like excite. They'll try to pretty much me about not bringing down the rain ready Laura I was on a show like I was on that show a while back like Oh yes I I know I was there. I interviewed you. How are you nice to put a face with the voice so yeah so right that was cooling and also another day like during the show I ran the three people at Szott Hoodie and they said they listened to our show. Dog shutout to those guys and girls girls and And they were in noses really dragging them noxious and they. They brought up us. They brought up art. And I like okay okay. Yeah they did all nothing but they were just like it was called. They brought us up. But then which is really overly drug shit talk. People are fans not told him that I wanted to point out that sometimes really drunken annoying. But that's that's why. Yeah but overall it was good show show. I went as a self promoting fan. But you put yourself man. That's what we should do really might go to. Also impacting tonight also gave also gave Idell. What about cards? So I won't data so yes our information. Hey Messa del. If you're listening Wollo cards so they did a little bit of promoting uploaded us a little bit while I was out there tonight. at we're talking about the impact motown showdown. Rhino is taken out Sammy. Callahan for the impact world championship having in Madison Verse Rosemary and Taya You Got Brian Cage verse. Michael Elgin battles yesterday The impact division. The X Division Championship is on the lines. As Defense Against Dad's desperately Xavier rascals Madman Fulton Verse Eddie Edwards. He got Willie Mack enrich vers. Lovie David J Chris and the DNC hit squad boy hero versa. The rascals Yemen. I'm going to head the roused the last one Zachary wentz entry mcgeough. Yeah so my head down there man if I if he starts at eight o'clock tonight to go have a fucking blast e blasting awesome Belleville. Say Hi to all the impact guys you know Give a good handshake to my good friend Row Heat Rossouw You know make fun of his haircut are or not because it's cool Mohawks do it all right so put excuse me Facie Facie Season's just playing to twenty in all the bugs while listening to us really thieves not much different than listening to us. Twenty We all right. We have talked so much about the greatness that we have in professional wrestling. Now Wow and what we are finding in having as fans in pro wrestling what we are dealing with is something that has been unprecedented great. Nothing has been so readily available for wrestling fans not so much. Rising is not being readily available for fans. The way it has weight is right now now and because of that we are so happy. Why isn't that bring up? No are we announcing something no. Because he's a while he wanted to bring it up. No no it was I was bringing bringing up the skype ahead. Any missed calls which we don't was sad because I really wanted to talk to the smackdown showdown guys today. We have had all this for a few months now and a lot of talk before this was going to be too much. Is it going to be an overload outside of the fact that as we're on this show we kind of have to watch everything but do you feel nick. Start with you that this is just like. You're getting force-fed force-fed too much or is it a good pace at a good time. You have the week to pay attention to it. I think it's a good pace. That's a good time but it's it's not being forced that it is still we'll to it's tough to get through it all just because you know we all have lives outside of here and one week to the next might be different. Aren't you know So to find the time to do that get enough rest for my my nine to five job. Spend spend time with my kid And do other things that I need to do. it's a little tiresome so luckily early enough though with the availability of like cliff notes and things like that. If there is something that I can't watch which I think it's only really happen once that I miss something maybe twice but with the the access to that kind of stuff it does help I this week I felt a little bit to the point where I was like okay like mostly with raw. I'm like man I'm watch. I've watched an hour. This already ready. Maybe I'll just skip it and watch the cliff notes later or just because it's becoming chore to watch raw a little A little bit for you I feel like there's a lot in values a lot with nine four fit pace in all right but we'll see him certainly Tuesday yet three shows to pick from Wednesday. You got two shows to pick from or like you say you guys. DVR You watch. Watch it back to back Monday Friday Monday. You got three hours raw. You got two hours of smackdown on Friday a lot MHM wasn't you pick and choose and accessibility where all the extremists harvest like. No Japan world impact plus W network The gas up like Hulu we can watch TV next day. There's there's ways to to fit it in but it's a lot Jesus when I I like the fact that you can if I do miss something if I were to skip or whatever. I'm not that worried about it because if this were twenty twenty five years ago I'd miss it I am. I didn't see anything happen but I'm able to look at you know stuff that we do look at notes things like that and catch up so it's not. It's not really bad. I just you know I want to watch things like impact I just don't I don't have any more time to watch anything else I really don't. You're stupid oh no I feel I watch it a debut product a chore Once Again I have the Hulu so I can always watch condensed version later on before the before two weeks up. And that's kind of what I've been doing lately with Ross. MacDonald's at this week where I actually did watch Soi and I just watched Hulu original smack now this week and But the ones I but also I make my way to make sure I find a way to watch impact here now because that's one of the products I really enjoy right now And that's what was. Uh That's what I love about. Disseminating wrestling we. It's a buffet. We can pick and choose the stuff that we like. I'll I'll watch impact I just we scrapped. Impact I describe. Scrapped scribe for impact plus because I like the product that's far also. Tin Hinny archives are and they're like all the matches slight from one. Aj thousand thousand. James Storm and those guys were there. They're available impact books and and even though you might not be fan of everything that all these companies are doing Ooh John. Smith's disallow my comedy Jordan. Pass to the white guy calm down even even though you might not be thrilled with everything that everybody's doing it's still one of the best times to be wrestling fan ever right now. So accessibility Louis is one of the best things right now to end up power as a youtube show. You don't always have to watch it live. It's going to be there all right here we go. Here's some again again this whole conversation. We didn't talk about shit before we came on the day. rank it you all-rank first. This way you guys can think about it because it's popped in my head is we. Were talking about it and I'm not GonNa just throw you to the wolves. Outrank I of the mainstream ones Roth rof. NWEA impact an X.. T. Eight W and smackdown numbers there. Six of them one through six start with six go to number one and I'll start with six six always super easy. It's fucking role on all right. Let's be very honest. If you're going to number five super easy as well well smackdown right like it sucks but if you're honestly putting it into the rankings of all of these we've talked about it consistently How much we truly enjoy an X.? T. A. W. Nwea an impact overall all the time we constantly have gripes about smackdown. ACT ON IT raw raw way more than smackdown for me wrong number six five number five smackdown number four people off. Aws I I think eight W as good as it is for the high spots is just as bad for the low spots and therefore it puts it into a middle ground and because of that I will never say that I feel. Aws better than NWEA impact or annex t that being said next number three for me is impact wrestling really impact. Wrestling is putting on a great product. But my problem with it is is. I'm not fully emotionally invested into it yet right so you can't do that but at the same time it's the same at we're not talking about you talk me so because I'm not mostly. It's kind of their fault but but not the kind of because they still have to our show right and the product that they've been putting on I was able to catch in and out but being on access I'm getting more emotionally socially involved invested. Because I'm able to watch it more readily rather than just trying to pull up twitch twitch fuck dude we have an account on twitch and forget the fucking could post that up on our for our twitch stream right like we asked what you know we have to bring us guys play. Whatever fucking game you want fucking have attitude? We'll get all the gamers there's and I I'm all right with that but I forget to put it up on the fucking stream. The number three impact number two surprising to people will an x t but I am super emotionally invested into it I am. It is something that I've been watching for very long time. Bought not as good as it is n w ages sucked me in right and this is it might be number one and two. You could flip flop any week for me right so obviously number one being the NWEA power. But would I pay twenty dollars Doc. What I'd be ten dollars more to get an annex t pay per view I would think about it I also know it will be streaming later and I could probably watch it on the regular? WW Network without paying the extra ten dollars to get to watch it live right or the extra ten dollars to watch it within the the first week or the first you know what I pay for it because I wanted to or what I pay for it because I had to a probably pay for it because I had to Nwea. I was like the minute I saw that they posted a link as I just wanted to. NWEA website national wrestling alliance DOT COM. I don't know why we keep putting them over. Hey sponsor sponsor us now but I saw it was like hey ordered on right now and I was like I clicked and I went and I bought it no thought process behind. It was like dude. I really want to watch that MHM on this entire episode weekly on Youtube is something that I'm intrigued in that something that just pulled me in and is something that I without thought without question was like twenty bucks. Fuck it. Let's do it. You know so to me my power. Rankings my rankings of this this current week which the bottom of about two probably going to stay the bottom two but you can always fluctuate Raw number six number five is smack down. Number four is a w W. number three is impact number to annex. T number one is NWEA Smitty until just for this week in general so overall privately. And that's what I'm talking about like the region said this week the reason. NWEA ANNEX COULD FLIP FLOP. Week to week is because of what you gave me right and granted right now. NWEA's give give me a pay per view coming up on Saturday and gave me a great fucking season finale of NWEA power. But it doesn't put it this fuck man even Adam Cole with his. You're you're just a GIF. Line line to Keith. Lee was amazing. Because it's so good it's because he is right analysis and so many it's mean bills Komo paycheck my bills and this and it's fucking great man in his fucking great so again. That's why that would fluctuate actuate we if I did this We what am I enjoying the most week to week. That's why those top two can go. I mean it's time for maybe impact our AWA possibly move But that's why those who are just flopping week to week because that just house it goes but I'm not trying to get a week to week grading system. I just want to know what you're enjoying most overall starting six ex I would have to agree that raw smackdown on six five of three missing four. I mean four. Well actually. I'm saying I'm saying three because it's still up for me right now. I'm still fluctuating between six and eight. W legs legs Tie Yes that's why it's a tight that's what we have to. I would have said one and two or ties. No you can't number four as I still. I'm still having trouble choosing between power not powered by dynamite in the NFC right and you you have to pick one for For the rest of Your Life Smitty I'll exceed and and I'm still. I'm still like I'm used to this point. I'm still enjoying an see and like this is just small little stuff like just like you say. Nothing's perfect in this industry a dynamite. Because it's still kind of it's still fresh is all you what two two and a half months in now in this they have grow. But I'm still like what I'm seeing I'm having problems with some of the ranking stuff and number to will be power is the simplicity of power keeps me intrigued into it and Number one would have to be impact. Wrestling does not wanna few things. I go out of my way to watch You say you weren't in mostly invested into animals investing impact because I'll sat and watched the time when it was complete trash in Washington where it's come from there and Some stuff that they're doing like I'm always impressed with the women over there. I'm impressed what they do it. To make our town of the way they carry their stories and The way built it or pay reviews. They actually have long-term stories. Stories are going to these papers views and somebody stories go after pay per views and like I'm just one hundred percent vested and I'm mostly mostly among the best in the characters story even if they're not as okay maybe we'll listen. What what did you the person next week? Or as good and they they spread out their talent very well throughout their weekly shows So impact. Probably my my my I wanted wrestling. The is the best restaurant out there right now. I I can't put impact out there yet because I don't think it's fair to them because watching number six's impact you have with with an asterix because you have asked yeah But I will say hey this I think I'm gonNA start watching it and when I can do is I can. DVR And watch it on my phone come. My lunch breaks at work. Even if it takes me two or three days to watch it. I'll watch it okay. So we'll put them at six number five would be raw number six going backwards back to IMPAC back number. Five is we're off for would be smackdown. I was pretty high A. W. I've I've been coming down from that high recently I still I still really enjoy it. I still am very much invested in the product. I'm a huge fan. But I'd have to put them at number three AT X T would be number two and I would have to give and W. a. a number one spot because for me. I don't know if it's only because it's an hour long. Maybe if it's two hours I wouldn't feel the same but they can't really do they don't they. Don't do anything wrong for me I love all their promos. I love the characters. I love the matches I love everything about it and I missed. I missed this week but I'm going to go back and watch it and like you said for me to look at that pay per view even if I have to pay twenty-five to look at and like yeah I want to watch that your eanet card hard earlier and I was like yeah. I want to see that I want I want I want. I want to see it. And it's not I I don't have to I want to And I want to seapower on a weekly basis. So that's why I would put it at number one St. They're still the thing here and there that I'm not like overly crazy about but for me power start to finish every show. I'm like totally invested. Not Looking at anything in a weird way like. I wish they didn't do that or yeah I think they could do that different or so. That's why they would be in my number one spot number one spot skiing brock doc. I wanted to end on that. I know it's a quick show for everyone today. Obviously the is. You can hear when we're talking. There's some sniffling we're not feeling the best in the fucking fucking world. Plus Committee has to work a little bit later tonight. I didn't want to do a full two hour show this week just because we're coming off that we're trying to feel better. We're trying to get her own fucking bearings and stuff. I like that but again anyone who's listened anyone who's watched we really fucking appreciate guys because you guys are spectacular every fucking one of you love. You WanNa send a major shot out you know. We had our black Friday through cyber Monday. Deal going on and breaking down the Ring Dot Com. Go to get any of the march and we were giving up. Twenty five percent off a very we sold more orders than we've ever sold for anything that we've had. I'm very happy with that. I can't can't wait for the day though that when there's a purchase it's people we don't know like we know people like obviously you know people like the broadcast throws says alot wrestle bear on twitter you know people all over these social media as we know that we don't know them. You know what I'm saying so I wanNA let's see. I'm just really excited for that day. And I think that's going to be a huge day for us There is a new shirt coming Just after the holiday we put out a new logo the BRIG UNRING logo in black. So you can have a lighter colored shirt and the logo still pop out you know. I know Z.. was talking for a while as a guy who works in construction brighter color shirts because he has to be noticeable. Well that's for this one so it's a black logo It's really it's this miniature good for you because there's anything That's really major that POPs on light colors it. Smitty these are these are iphone eleven. Dark Mod t shirts just really sticks out there you can really see it But yeah so go get pants. Ooh they'll just those are the set up so good breakdown. The Ring Dot Com Ladies As and gentlemen. You can get yourself any one of our hoodies. Anyone of our T. shirts off but we have a brand new design coming up That will be posted as soon as I get the design man in something that I think might set our store apart and I'm really looking forward to it. You obviously pay attention to our social media if you gotTA break another Ring Dot Com right off the bat at Ucla of our Social Media Facebook instagram twitter at BDR cast for everything. Our Youtube you guys can obviously pay attention to oliver videos on there. We're going to get more more of our next day Segments up there. You know we did a lot last week this week. Of course Kick ass man all of us you know not feeling well and stuff. So you know we're not going to back out on the the show new adventure do it new new venture new ventures. Were kind of like you had to pull back a little bit but hopefully next week we really get into it guys. Thank you so much for listening. Thank you so much washing really appreciate it breaking down the Ring Dot Com. We all your Ring Crew Nick Winkle just many and send me the Almighty one. Mikey himself way out.

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