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"pune spears" Discussed on WBT Charlotte News Talk

"Www BT on this Thursday morning, let's roll back and check out. The market closed from yesterday, The Dow industrials tumbling more than 900 points in another monster cell up as a surgeon Corona virus cases Pune Spears of the second round of lockdowns blue chip index seeing its worst day since June. And all three major averages lost ground of around. 3.5% moves came as virus cases here in the US once again hitting record highs, with hospitalizations up by 5% in some states, prompting calls of shutdowns which could further impede the economic recover. Travel, leisure and stocks that stand the most to gain from a robust return to growth were hurting the most with the airlines and the cruise line's closing sharply lower. In New York. Geri Willis Fox News. Big News in the N B, A and on the season is over, but AH, big news behind the scenes as Faras ownership goes Here's Matt Matt Napolitano, the Miller family Wednesday announced plans to sell the Utah Jazz after 3.5 decades of ownership to Ryan Smith, the founder of Experience management Company Qualtrics. Gail Miller. Thanks fans in a statement announcing the sale, we've treasured that stewardship and especially the unifying influence it's had on our city, while Ryan Smith is excited to take over his face. The team. I grew up watching the jazz. This is the team. I've cheered for played Junior jazz like I dreamed of playing for the Jazz. But that didn't work out pending N BA Board of Governors approval. Smith will purchase the Jazz and Vivint Smart Home Arena for just shy of $1.7 billion played junior jazz. That.

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