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Masters of the Pyun-iverse: Cyborg Edition

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Masters of the Pyun-iverse: Cyborg Edition

"Hey welcome back back. Saying i'm steve. And this week. I got adami roast with me miles how you doing. I'm doing all right. I feel like. I'm really getting a feel for albert pune these days. That's that's the only feeling you really need in your life said valentine's day you wanna really experience love. You watch our pune movie. He'll teach you a thing or two especially if you like really like muscular women. That's kind of. That's kind of his thing. Also joining us. jack. Jack how you doing. You're representing the most fear women out there. You're the most muscular woman i know. Thank you. Steve was a trip to ohio. It was it was beautiful. I stayed at one of the fanciest. Hotels downtown columbus. With a beautiful view of a multi-storey carpark donning wonderful time was at the hyatt marriott. Aw the marriott okay. Classy is also had at curtains that spanned the whole length of each wall. It was like a coroner ruminated curtains. That run the whole length of the wall. Which makes you think that you have massive windows. But the windows are regulars is just just incredible. Views that columbus Cape right of multi storey car park and at the top of the building. Next door's aircon units. Just a beautiful. So last time. I was in columbus. I had to go there for work and was in. The back of an uber and uber driver was just like hey. So what's up with you guys to me and my boss and we're like what would it mean. And then she said are you brother and sister said no. She said so. You're married said absolutely not and king my boss was on that one you modulate your level of protests for that. Yeah yeah you gotta be a little careful. We're like oh we're here for for work love to do work stuff in columbus and then she said well. Do you want a good recommendation for a restaurant and said yes. Sure you can give us a recommendation. We didn't ask for why not as she recommended a japanese restaurant which she insisted had the best fettuccini. Alfredo she had ever had what in this is going to be more mid west. Like you gotta check out. Shoney's though i would have taken an applebees wreck at that point i i don't know what the fuck was going on there and then we're just trying to be polite or like. Oh you know. Thank you for your your fred fettuccini al sushi recommendation. And you know it's great. And then she said. What do you do it on sunday and we were like. We're like probably flying home sunday night. Like she's like. Oh well i was going to invite you to my church. That i was like god. If we're outta fuck it freeway right now. Just throw myself out the tour mid western sharm. Great you know. It's kind of an underrated moment. 'cause it's that's that's what the midwest is all about. It's just unsolicited. Kindly advice from people who give you the vibe that they want to chop you up and throw in their trunk so fair you gotta give that recommendation. Cho's who's gonna know. They could even get fettuccini at a japanese place as true. That's true. I wish i remembered the name of the restaurant because that entire experience was it was kind of those jarring. I've tried to erase it from my mind up until this moment but you and your damn columbus trip it just brings all these horrible memories back. Yeah speaking to horrible memories. Just kidding just kidding. We've been on a journey with albert. Pune man so this whole thing started because we watched the cyborg trilogy of which albert only technically directed the first one and then we kind of come back to more pune and we had a great episode with justin glow on where we talked about. Basically all things pune pune pill. The masses was wonderful. And now we're back again because these two previous episodes have sort of converged into something new now. Albert pune make cyborg and as we discussed previously edited hacked to shit and released. And it's not his original vision. Additionally after the movie is released it's pretty successful and they go on to make two sequels that we covered but our pune had no involvement but at the same time that those movies were being made he was making his own cyborg sequels often his own universe but somehow it feels like the official sequels are somehow more spiritually tied to his original vision than his actual sequels. So i if you got like a white board right now you can kind of diagram this out. The whole thing is just colossally fucking confusing. What the hell is going on with this jack. Well yeah like you mentioned a cyborg came out before cyberspace and justin mentioned this. The the story is basically the executive saddened. Watch cyborg and sheldon leonard. Chew we might recognize a director of several van. Damme's films bernie good friend of his sat in for cyborg and he didn't like what he saw. He fails to slow. It wasn't action oriented enough van. Damme look like pussy so he called a van damme and he was like you need. You need to get on. This need to fix it and van damme. Basically coal his people whoever the hell they are and they came in they took the movie off. Pune they re it to make it more action oriented etcetera. And that's that's a cyborg. No which is kind of a weird intense movie that we've talked about before the i'm quite fond of but it is still quite strange but Was won't pune wanted. He later on went back and made his own version. Kind of reedited. His old work print into sparkling hd master of cyborg so basically at every time there's a new like cuts from like sparkling hd two like dog shit vhs vhs quality to really maximize the viewing experience. Yeah this is real. Bush league stuff is like like when people were passing around like a work print version of halloween six. Maybe like five ten years ago and they're like no this. Halloween movie is good. It is unfairly maligned. It's not a colossal pilot. Shed and then not only was still bad but it was. It was this bizarre cuts to shit with like time codes on the bottom and it just totally out of focus. This fixes. everything does not fixed everything so little rough around the edges like a worse approach than even that like. I've seen that version of halloween. There's a alien three version that does something similar as well but at least those have like the courtesy and probably because the director themselves did not assemble this work print cut and weren't that attached to material. They were just kind of putting in things that fundamentally shifted the focus and change the narrative to something that makes sense so. If you're watching halloween six work print cut. You're going to get like four inserts of this trash footage throughout the entirety of the film here in in slinger you've got about four hundred and most of them are just a slightly extended versions of scenes that exists. Like for no reason i. It's a bizarre choice as a re edited to the extra walking edition. It's it's a food genuine reedit. Which me and i guess part of this. Is that like the main thing pune wanted to do when it becomes apparent watching slinger is that he's film. His original asian film is a much more existential anguish. Slow film about a man kinda crossroads unwilling to take action because everything. He loves his died. In this post apocalyptic world that doesn't feature a play the plague from cyborg sparingly in their originally is revealed to have been late film edition. There's no plague in slinger. Just it's just post-apocalyptic Post-falklands and there's a satanic tribe wandering around. Who loved to cause mayhem. The name of satan and but but basically pune wants to to slow everything down to do that he. He added every single scene every colt. So it's constantly changing between and this this got unofficial release. I think germany was blue right which is probably the source what we watched. This is not an easy film to find. Just generally it's long out of print so Go look tracking it down but when you drag down brace yourself for. It's it's weird. It's jobs too but it's a little bit frustrating. That's like it just cuts to like garbage thing. Jesse can get like an extra like literally an extra four frames of van damme hanging off a wire or something. I think it also calms down from the start of the film. Like the start of the film is just ridiculous. Every single scene is just as inserted a few frames. It's why the fuck are we doing this. And there are things that fundamentally changes movie like. I was a little hard on cyborg compared to the two of you in the first episode here but i think that this answers a lot of my questions. A lot of which surrounded vincent clients character. Fender tremolo is like. I don't understand why they're modulating voice like this. What the fuck is the deal with his is. What's the significance of this character beyond hersely to vandamme and here that's all cleared up like he is this sort of agent to satan on earth like he is he is kind of. He's not just a random gang leader. We'll say he seems to be of tremendous significance. To this post apocalyptic world share and that is not clarified. It all inside. Yeah yeah it really. Contextualize is the john. Claude van damme is literally crucified in the later. Half this movie lake. Because before you're like oh i don't know where this came from but setting him up as a satan figure instead of say. Yeah like you said a gang leader. Yeah he. it's almost like he's almost a randall. Randall flagg from the stand type character. In this i would sit. And i think this version takes quite a bit from the stand even though ironically that is an actual movie that involves the plague but this one feels a lot more akin to something like that and then the sort of mad max clone i read the cut of cyborg is like this is not that. It's its own thing in a way. That is really refreshing to me like i was like. Wow i wish this movie existed. In a way that was that hacked to high hell either via studio or by pune after the fact with the earth's worst footage. Well that's i mean. You could say that about two thirds of our movies. There's so many things you watch like. That was good. And there's something genuinely great here it just. It just barely misses the mark. It's frustrating that yet. This is one of putin's slake fully funded efforts that he really didn't get a lot of those and he got kicked off so in the end his fullest realization of one of the film's where he had actual money behind him. Still looks like shit like it's still looks like coroners call. Just because he literally only had a work print worker. In which i'm guessing may have been vhs zoroaster the. I don't know how one he did like recorded off like it was a film work when he could only record in absolute like t ye quality standard definition. It's it's real fuzzy. It does not hold up well enough. So it's going to enforce it because the film it it really is. I think better from the biggest change for me am which is definitely worth mentioning is the soundtrack he reinstates. Tony ripple readies guitar sound track. Which was when you always intended robin as anyone Recall the soundtrack space like shitty midi casio keyboard kind of tones over the whole thing which makes no sense. Considering how insanely intense in that film is and we learned part of the inset the the intensity of that film cuts things are missing. So everything just seemed like ratchet from zero to a hundred's instantly at just like a playing like a crappy keyboard over talk so they they fix that here you that alone. I think makes slinger a better film. Honestly every all the other side I would agree. I would agree. I think a lot about slingers is better. I mean there are things that are. Don't work still. i mean issues. A lot of pune huhne's Weaknesses as well. I would say he has a great fondness for voiceover for certain and some of which is detrimental to a movie. That's trying to be a little slower more subtle at times. I i don't need vincent clients character. Dave of narration of what are your reason for living. This is the bank characters motivation. Ha funny because the one thing we do lose the dialogue is move later into the phil. But one of the passing of cyborg. Is i think the opening voiceover clients character about how the world has fallen into disrepair. And he's like under looking for cure. And you expect you would expect the voice over to say that's good and instead we realized the villain told me he's like why i like the pay you know like suffering and this is great. You know kind of immediate introduction to the phil that's gone in this that dialogue moved into an actual conversation clients adding with i get the guy who's trying to rescue rescue the upon a cyborg who is still mostly just a macguffin in this fill. She barely as you're going to lose the little impact. But i guess it makes sense that this is a slower kind of a slower. Rationing up film about vandamme and his pastoral kind of bucolic life nearly hacked with this woman and her children in a plantation style house and it all fell apart. Vincent clients gang murder. All of them is happens. Then it's about choices. They had a ton more footage in the final cut of cyborg of that pastoral home if you will and hyun cuts to that footage know totally different way than is in the interest cut. But he doesn't use the theatrical cuts like footage of that stuff. I i have no idea why. But whatever he cuts through it. He's cutting the fuck dumpster footage and it's like to work with the other cut of the film man used. This feels like pure absolutely like holding his own line. So i wouldn't be surprised with like a separate take of the same seen he's like. This take was bet is the take i would. You'd care another one looks clear and you can see what's happening in. This is the correct. Take for the film. Now that's where. Jean claude really. You know you can see that extra twinkle in his eye during that cut. That's that's why you gotta use the dumpster footage for sure where this suffers. In comparison to cyborg is the conclusion. I'm in not a not even like the climax. The climactic fight is enriched greatly by the subtext. Were given to this thing. But i'm also it's made shorter slinger. They get rid of the thing where he comes back to life for no reason coins carry out just kind of a bridge it which honestly works just fine. It's just that what follows that makes a little bit less accents. And by little i made lots. I guess is this whole thing about the cyborgs. Mission is not to cure the plague in this version obviously but is impact to restore technology. And that seems like a noble gesture. But there's actually some sort of conspiratorial element where they're trying to do both klein and van damme to escorting this person so they can basically utilize technology to restore power to their faction and kind of take over the earth that rule it as they would and so instead of this sort of noble ending prevent dams charactered where we're celebrating this hero which mission that was successful instead. It's a it's just like this super fucking quick thing where not even have like recorded. They have like vio dialogue. So they're just eighty airing over of them the mission but completed now we will rule the earth and fuck attack data quick at that we get this goddamn ridiculous thing that i assumed was the setup two nights but is in fact not all of a sudden we get like a fucking terminator. Come back a at the end of the movie. Use a full frontal nudity. Last just gotta lightning balls into the warehouse for the earlier fight. And you're like what the fuck is this. I got the oil would that i. I don't know what it was deuba. skipped i. Guess just check against. I made sure were end credits Right to the end of the file. That was like the first sequence i saw was like. Cg naked woman with like Robotic bits hanging out in this is something else no turns out that is now the work print that is. That is sean somewhere. All the things he shot knew it was that and i cured. Gulp elect overflow another move. We haven't seen it's it's also because the leftovers is later. Movies are all like green screen to hallam this. This is very clearly also green screen thing just got some woman. I guess straps some like aluminum foil to radyr or whatever there we go. So what. I what is perhaps most amusing to think of it as newly filmed is that it was it was surely filmed after nights was wrapped. This is film well after the existence of the sequel to this film. But this is what he uses a coach. Yup banks perfect sense. And then the intro. Tonight's as we get there eventually. I don't necessarily wanna bully. But the intro nights mentions this unknown twenty-first-century cyborg. And i'm like oh that must be that full frontal nudity woman. It's no no it. Is this part. What i love about putin i mean. It's kind of endearing cuts. I mean i've seen enough shitty genre films and sequels that honestly you come to understand that like sequels necessarily following up on a universe or an idea or giving the audience. What promised is often kind of boring and stuff. I kind of like the way that pune kind of promises things then just doesn't do them or go. Like if you know. Spiritual sequel. Heavy air quotes. Sorta like it's not like spiritual sequel in that. It has the same title as the first one with a twos doug after whatever but you know. It's kind of endearing that he just he. He seems incapable of of reining himself. Vein when he when he moves onto the next film. It's it is. It has to be whatever his idea is at that point. He can't help himself. So yes a like noise is has almost nothing to do with cyborg at what does have to deal with. Cyborgs arguably more distracting and confused. Like maybe the most distracting and confusing part of the whole movie. 'cause it's you know because it is literally just title text on the screen for this character is actually the great granddaughter character. And that's it no other mentioned and also just make sense because it's two hundred years in the future so a great granddaughter would not be two hundred years on unless life expectancies are like shrink. She longer in the post apocalypse. Yeah and it mentions that twenty-first-century cyborg. Which is chris. Christopherson 's character. But i'm like when the fuck is. What does this month to be taking place like this twenty first century the distant past the utah. I have no ted lieu. Whichever is most interesting to you is pro dancer. I'm and also vincent climbed plays. Vincent klein's great great grandson as well below the third who was not named fender tremolo the third throughout the rest of the film but in fact they i he pune. If pure had had had his way it would have been which is makes Against head like you cannot call this guy fender. No that's where we draw the fuck. Why why would to give a shit issue given everything we know about noise link. Honesty why would you draw a line at the name of the characters in the film is an absolute odyssey like is such an all of the of americans Are we done with cyborg. Yeah i'd say so so we move on here to what is technically cyborg to in the universe s and you may know this as nights sure played on cinemax quite a bit in the mid ninety s or you might know it as the alternate pune cut title kingdom of metal. No matter what title you know what by the it looks like shit because no one's taken even five minutes to clean this bad boy up which is a shame because i think this is one of the purest pian films ever made at. Let me let me give you a little little taste here. I'm gonna give you a little taste from the trailer. Dark arc's So in the future you've got kris kristofferson sexual robot debonair man who's he's pretty old at this point and you've got a buffer lady and they team up to kill lance henriksen and his vampire robot friends and the way they do that is kris. Kristofferson teaches the buff lady how to fight like she's in crouching tiger hidden dragon. The end is that right is pretty. I get it to point this against fall on from my previous toll on thinkable to meet this. This was matic put together in any holy. I'm fully in agreement with am johnson. The clue who point out in his book on albert puny says this is unamerican. Fill and ease which in nineteen ninety-two. He made a wishaw film which is insane Flying action here. Is that whole chinese kind of soap genre of like flying. Anti gravity swordsman kind of traveling around. Is crouching. tiger hidden dragon was what ninety nine thousand nine or so or two thousand and one. I guess you know like a huge was a huge hit. Massive hit Insane that it was such a success but that was like the exception that proves the rule that generally speaking western audiences for some reason wound not accept that kind of stylized form of action where characters you know kind of flaw and they jump on the way they fight while they're flying etc crashing swords and things and they name older moves you they tell you the form of come food or using etc name often in the middle of the fight. They'll just tell you what moved there on their unleashing. The crimean attack they exactly. It's a very specifically shy knees genre of cinema and the idea that number again and it just seems he cannot help himself in one thousand nine hundred ninety two just inside like yeah i could. I could make one of these. And somehow isn't he made it possible in like the middle of the nevada desert okay. There's there's nothing here there's just like it's just dirt. It's dirt for ninety minutes. There's no there's no change of scenery. I think at one point for a single fight there in a wooded area for like ten minutes other than that. It's it's probably a single square mile in nevada or like bar sto california just dirt this. This whole thing is cheap as shit looking okay. But it's great it somehow great. This is super engaging nothing about this movie makes sense in terms of why it's so entertaining but the action moves along. Christofferson is is really good. Even though he's in his his post like late nineteen seventies people. Just stop giving a shit about him. So there was You could you could get yourself a discount. Christoffersen nineteen ninety-three and he's fantastic lance hundred. Always good as a villain here. He's he's great. And i think it's all the little touches that they even with henriksen the fact that he's got some weird like claw arm thing going on also. It's all stupid as fuck like i cannot emphasize enough. Just how silly it is. But that's why it's great. This is the joy of this journey to the cinema of our pune is that i now know that. In point someone made it will show action film in america in the desert starring lance and kris kristofferson mad lib cinema just nothing makes sense in atlanta. Henriksen is particularly fond this because he's really channeling his like pit and the pendulum. Stuart gordon like just insanely just like stern in the midst of film. That's not anywhere near a stern as he is at its. It's a kind of very fun. Set up his vampire. Clo- accuracy the cyborgs of future and use human blood to survive past their their original intended lifespan. So it's it yet. The story doesn't make any sense. If you try no get out it kind of falls apart real quick. I think it makes even less sense. If you watch the pune director's cut quote on all the best part. This is the greatest directors cut of all time. Okay there's nothing at all except for there's like a weird prologue like scrolling text and then anytime a character comes on screen. There's text underneath them. That's like oh yeah that's so and so they're the grandson of this person that so and so they're totally related to this person from the first cyborg so these movies are in the same universe. Just trust me prologue though is is just the on film prologue which i. It's not like it's set up like a fucking seen. How exactly did you to fill the energy. Because it's it's absolutely the energy of just like they wouldn't let me do whatever i wanted to do on a mad about it but also in the prologue Evident that maybe. They didn't let him do whatever he wants to because he wasn't entirely certain what he was going to do at that time they were like. We're not your market and also the the explanation is more or less everything in the prologue cannot be shot in a desert. Therefore you are not allowed to do this based on your current budget constraints as i understand the prolonged it is that the initial research from cyborg led to the construction of twenty cyborgs. Who had a power cell that lasted one year. I don't even remember what the plan was to send them out to do. Something about the fuel satanists or something. I don't the they had. They were to go out and restore order using their technology. I guess they would've. They would've knowledge of technology so they could. They could rebuild the world but there's fantastically within the open school there like and they were all named biblical names such as job. Simon john excetera with like twelve twenty was choice now. Yeah but then the evil brick bardo who again pune i get you to use this name. But that is a character in cyborg and surely not to save character giant muscle. Man just decided he was gonna fucking get into cyborg construction but brick bardo. Kristen's himself the master builder and corrupts all the sideboards by making them feed on human blood. And that's the plot. I guess then couple of hundred years pass we have the extra cyborg who is who only has a one year. Power supply was built by the master. Builders at adversary. None of this. We see this is all in the prologue text he builds gabriel which is also biblical name. I don't know if you guys knew that. That's the rep. abriel playboy. Kris kristofferson is charged with killing the twenty other cyborgs at a year with his power supply. And the reason he can do this while these twenty sideboards lay waste to the entire world is because he's aware of the crimean attack. Which so far. As i'm aware involves kicking them or something that Ego forget the the mon- block offensive in partnership those two things are excellent for killing cyborgs. And they basically employ themselves in display boards. Heads vulnerable so if you jam a knife in their dolly where you would think with the entire population of the earth that someone would have tried to damage the head of one of these cyborg knowing guests that the way to kill someone effectively is to stab them in the head thinking about this phony cubans. They would've figured that out until a star was born chris. Christopherson figured it out gonna get back to its fall. I guess if you can get chris christopherson for this sort of thing that adds gravitas. But it's very strange casting for like back. Ultimate weapon against the cyborg. Because he's he's an old man he helps the print. It looks like shit because it's clearly a stunt double for seventy percent of his screen time when he's fighting you know. Oh yeah 'cause real christopherson. He looks like your uncle that like smokes weed in a garage and listen to pink floyd records until his wife yells at him like that. Is it again at the end of this movie. At our main character just straps legless kristofferson onto her back in a backpack and then he gets a sword and then they continue fighting together. Which is Insane like where else are you gonna find. The action says he's in an american movie. It's there's like the really is a genuine wealth of imagination. Here and part of it is just like the bowl step pune had to just basically make a film in show on that just literally doesn't exist in the west and just kind of follow his own instincts and have atlantis got like things were like character will jump. And then they'll just appear the top of a mountain like jump into the frame and it's like this. Oh all the movement is in an ended which is like murray typical of particularly like king whose work and we whoever would have thought that king who and albert goon would like mesh together. The master craftsman. And the guy who's made some stuff it's it's it really is a fun film. Made like steve. It's just a really entertaining reenter. You don't you don't really have much to stop. And wonder why the fuck is any of this happening. Yeah yeah it's a lot of it is due to the secondary characters from. I'm cathy long. Is ostensibly becomes lead. Even though it's more like focused on christopherson initially kathy long is picking up that physicality end of things that vandamme left. Obviously but and she's like a kickback. She didn't have much of any film career but she's actually quite goodness. I think and the other thing is again. Henriksen is having some fun. But he's also half there and His second command the guy who plays simon scott paulin news mainly a tv actor but he is. He is happy to be in this fucking thing. He's having a copy of meals and a lot of pureness work. He he shows up a lot of roles appearance films. And i think this is probably one of his best. 'cause he's he's this is the grinning hottick cyborg right. That's and having a good time. And he's got like fun pretty good makeup actually for as to get his nose instead of damage in. It's like shows which looks pretty good onscreen considering the quality of the print channel emphasize how bad the print looks. Yeah one of my like false with this is where it kinda fell from is that i almost wish that paul was playing the main villain because when he exits by halfway through you kind of lose some momentum because his performance is just pure energy. Yeah yeah absolutely ended also worth mentioning one of the other cyborgs. Is gary daniels who they also really. I don't even say a word in this movie. I don't recall if he does. He just shows up and does a couple. A couple of split kicks in then dispatched. I have not met this. This is it's i. I don't know if there's a single tv american movie in the nineties that you can compare this to complete aberration like frankly this this is something i think that genre film fans really have to seek out. Just take a look at themselves because this honestly is like such a doesn't rewrite the timeline because there is no time. Line to sean but the fact that even just exists at all. It's like just as weird blip on the radar american director video television cinema. So if i had to compare this to one thing. And i think this is a good touch point just to give you an idea if this is something you might be interested in I recently gave jack a dvd. That i got from the dollar store of a movie called the crippled masters about a guy with no arms and a guy with no legs who team up and fight hopping vampires and evil people so plastic inclusive cinema. Yeah if you like if you like. Jackie con movies from the late. Nineteen seventies just the absolute like lowest level weird exploitation kung fu cinema. This is your shit okay. It's it's weird. It's fun and it's it's dumb but i mean that in the best way when i say dumb i mean you know it's turn your brain off but just let it wash over. You don't think about anything too hard because what is on screen while it looks like shit because this is like a vhs tape but it's good stuff so highly recommended all keep an eye out for tim thomason as well. He's he's in there for like thirty seconds. Sitting around and talk about the the end of this film was well because it opens with. We're prologue does like here's the things they wouldn't allow me to shoot and then it ends with the voice over of like we had to venture out to go to. I can't even remember like cyborg city to you know. Finish our quest. Does the third move in. Cyprus trilogy pickup from that point. Let's find us because there's a thing where it's even more complicated than that. Because she has a brother that is introduced in the prologue in the actual prolonged at the unfilmable pro catalogs character has a brother who she separated from at some point offscreen and she recognizes that this kid. She runs into later in the film as her brother. The ages do not add up. Let's not try to make that work but apple scam. Who must be your brothers. Got the same birth burke and the evil master builder. I'd guess brick bardo. He's really at the movie but he just gotta shows up in the last ten minutes and doesn't i don't speak talking about. Don't have a line in the movie. I don't even think the main villain movie swoops in and as goofy helmet and steals the brother and takes the brother to cyborg cities. So you're like oh this is something up. No now never got. Hey we don't get any. Yeah this is this is our pune to see. Because it's this just genre film grab bag that ends with a setup for a sequel and you get a sequel but it has nothing to do with debris movie instead you get a little something with rutger. Hauer called omega doom girl. Howard back science fiction thriller the world powerful vision of our future neutrons got interest. And then the killing stock. So what we watch the original cyborg a few weeks back. I half jokingly but mostly seriously called it like yo jimbo and then. I made the same comment when we had just an on and his response was just wait until you see omega doom. Has you covered. Li literally omega tomb is it's yo jimbo with two gangs of cyborgs. At a cyborg in the middle we're cyborgs to pune standard. I think they're android most all of them but this is this is androids and cyborgs. Those that's the warring factions. I believe yeah at least pune pune leg tries to watch it away like cadaver parts and like well. I guess that's gray area. I don't know what you'd call it. I just want to jump back just very previously and just mentioned that it is weird to me and typical of the chaos of all of this. That night's funes part of his own. Cyborg trophy she points towards a slight board city and then the official cyborg three the recycler which he had nothing to do with hasselbald Which is correct. And it's the same with cyborg to where the end of of pune cyborg cut slinger points to a tech overthrow of this unruly wasteland is then somewhat depicted in cyborg to in a way that this is certainly not depicted in nights very strange at all these things you can i guess for her ferber connection in cyborg to glass shadow. The non pune film. There is an explosive injected into the character body which is a plot. Point albert putin's nemesis. So i don't know stealing from hugh at this. Point is just absolute just all over the place and cinema is ongoing conversations man. It's just movies speaking to movies bringing other. Yeah meta textual stuff but getting back to a mega do i. I kinda like this movie. And again i kind of like the first all. I think it's worth mentioning you know since we're doing this in the context of the official cyborg trilogy in the albert pune cyber troje all of the pune films i think are better than the official films person agreed an an omega. Doom is maybe my least favorite of this three. But it's still a really odd film because it is it's like a really it's a really slow leaden paste ange in like anxiety driven chamber drama about. Just it's it's got a cast of like eight people a pretty much remaining knowing. I guess there's like three like three gangs of three cyborgs. And then three people in them or to gangs of three cyborgs three characters inbetween on around many of the characters. Don't say anything and they just basically are all just hang around the story line here effectively. Is that there is a cache of their Supposedly like a secret. Massive store of guns bereaved somewhere in earth. In this post apocalyptic wasteland x. number of years after cyborg to which will never mentioned again has nothing to do with this notes. Or whatever you'd like to call it doesn't really matter and these works for. Some reason are hell bent on accessing these guns because they fear the humans are going to rise up again and they would go to defend themselves on the humans but the guns are like lost technology at this point so they need to find a store and but they're at an impasse these two different groups of cyborgs. Who are against two different like tech. Inspirations of cyborg and one of them looks like literally looks like the matrix at agents but this movie was made three years prior to the matrix. So you appeal. Always like weirdly. Predicting or kind of like coming in ahead of the curve on a lot of things at the same is often hard to give them recognition for because clearly. The ideas are never fleshed out in. There's a reason to still see did never catches on where does with other people because they have much more fleshed out ideas and but essentially there's two groups they're they're kind of like a stalemate where they are antagonistic. Children would like to kill each other but they don't wanna make any move because they don't want to reveal where the guns might be if they find the guns they don't want the other people to get in they don't want to get the jump on so they literally just stand on opposing square. Just stare each other menacingly me will rook hauer is android. I'm unclear on this. His memory is flanked by in a sword fighter. So okay by a gun. Yeah but but guns earn around and and that happens in the beginning and then we get to see. He's got like a big ass sword and like a cool knife that heathrow right he is the so and my takeaway is. It doesn't seem like guns are all that rare and even if they were i don't i don't get the idea that they're particularly necessary in this world. Like why does anyone need a gun. I think that it's it's briefly. Throwaway line about it. I think that the guns are not especially useful to the cyborgs. Their the reason that they want them is to keep them away from the humans because the humans are no match for them in close quarter combat. So that the fact that they could create a sort of distanced warfare with this weaponry would be potential danger. Who did this would make sense. Except for then the the added thing of in what kind of posts optimistic wasteland are there. Is there one store. Only preserved guns in that would allow you to overthrow cyborgs. It's it's a very thin narrative base and essentially rutger hauer one christine as of the man with no name at and basically sets both factions against each other. Plays them off each other. And in the middle you have an adviser who sees one appearance rate may be his most regular player repeating character actor who plays a character called beheads cause for the majority of the film. He's a disembodied head and he's basically comedy relief in this movie which is not very fond. He's not very funny and the movie doesn't call for comedy relief so it's confusing as to why he's there and then another woman who gets water the android stay like drink the water this she selling water. I don't understand half but not ice. If you ask for ice she tells you to fuck off. Negoti get water too far. I don't see it encouraged. Courtesy changing hands. But you would think that. It must sound like nominally nominee. She would be selling water but the androids are meeting and will pay for. Maybe i guess but what does she need the money for. Frankly yeah what does she need the money for and also why of the andrews not just taking over her wall her business if they really wanna frosty cold glass of water you know. I guess you could give the script in amount of credit in these behaviors and i. I do think there's something going on with this. Probably because it's remaking a smart film but i think a lot of it has to do with these machines unable to break their sort of programming loops like they don't have any need for these guns but their program to seek out the guns and then same with the water seller. She's she's there to sell water but she doesn't have any. There's no need for to khattabi at this current landscape but she's stuck in that routine. Yeah which is which is i think. Definitely the element film was going. But then you have the head who is like an educational roy to supposed to be a teacher who seems to follow no programming whatsoever at. Yeah he's really just. He's the audience surrogate effectively. He's there basically in the scenario far better if the head would just have been kicked off screen very early. It'd probably would help. But he's he's facing there to explain everything that wouldn't be. Programming is adroit at to basically provide ex-boss hog constantly so is he freed his programming. We don't know but rutger hauer effectively is free of his programming because he doesn't remember his programming except maybe at the end. And that's and that's. I guess you'd have to watch the movie to find out what happens. Seattle oh is he free of his programming or was his programming. Just overwritten with new programming. Break question I don't recall at this juncture. Because it's been awhile since i watched the movie. I don't think our pinault's one of the things at you know. I gotta say again. Like i find his films endearing but also like when you get into the nitty gritty of these these elements. It doesn't seem to matter which may be huge resounding recommendation for his work. Yeah it's like. He completes the mission of killing all of them. And then it's i don't know he winks with the camera. Leaves it sort of to to wander the wasteland. Some more at least doesn't promise the sequel. Which i guess so. There are no more cyborg movies. there's other movies. He makes what cyborgs but their their own thing. Like heat seeker which is like mortal combat with cyborgs. At you know. I think you touched on something. That's important with pune movies. Which is if you hold them to any scrutiny. Or think about the plot for more than three seconds the whole thing. Just sort of disintegrates. But that's the magic of his films and it's almost like a big fuck you to the whole like cinema sins. Perfect narrative makes a great film. That type film people like fuck all that on. This is all about mood. And just just the unexpected and pure uncut entertainment. That's what you get from an our abune film but at the same time if you may. He may falter narrative lee and a lotta times. It's just big ideas. That aren't out for one reason or another. But i will be damned. If for some reason omega doom has some of the most impressive technical shit that i've seen pune do and there's there's just camera movements that he seems to insist on that blow my mind because i can't think of why he would make these decisions but it's incredible it's total like i dunno it. He's subverts all of your expectations as a viewer. So there's a scene where it's just like a back and forth shot reverse shot of rutger hauer talking to one of the matrix robot ladies but the camera is rotating around rutger hauer in one direction and then it kind of swoops in the opposite direction around the matrix. Lady hundred percent unnecessary but completely compelling and it adds all of this like weird motion and tension and importance to an otherwise completely mundane scene. It's fucking magical. Yeah i think the value of pune to me is is. We've all seen a bunch of genre films and honestly they're mostly interchangeable and the idea. Is that the plot is not known. Remember the plot. No one cares about a plot. It's ideas and the tone like you say. And and that's that's what we have. Is that on on knocker. Forget the tone of omega. Do even if i don't even remember the basic plot three minutes efforts over this movie like really crystallized a lot of stuff for me it. It leans into some of his best impulses in some of his worst in ways. It's one of my favorite little tv. Tropes subs- Things for Albert pune is he uses road signs as establishing Constantly and this one really highlighted that forbade because he focuses on this sign in the ruins. That just says like old world. You're up i'm like why would consign every anywhere on her old world europe. I think this i will. I will bet any amount of money that he shot in an abandoned factory in like slovakia or like some like i don't know fucking eastern european theme. Park that celebrates old world. Europe was like a john. Deere disneyland or disney disney disneyworld. We're in we're in the old world europe section and that's where am and you know what that that she reminds because i believe in earlier drafts of this film was like a westworld concept that they were supposed to be theme park robots really interesting so that could although i don't know why they then biondi for guns but anyhow Which again will bring in the idea of them. Being bound program in doing unnecessary tasks am always that got pushed to the to the Recycled later in the westworld tv show which is about four thousand times more self serious than anything out repealed has ever made effort better or worse so Yeah who who knows but it is true. He does like 'em in cyborg. He's got that great Ended slingers greats. Like crossroads sign that the chocolate van damme will buy like promises. Like haven inhaler. I can't remember or something. He loves his signs. The the other thing is again. This is a fairly contemporary to movie. Slow as it albert pune movie gets what i've seen and i'm sure there's some chambered play nonsense. He did way back in the day that the will best this but it is a movie with themes it's almost a real movie. And then he makes a decision like i'll every time a character moves got sound like robocop stopping down and fucking main screen the whole the rest of the just. The atmosphere of oaks stalker. Kidding it's like bleak tar cops and shit but like you said oh here comes a matrix robot. Bit boop boop boop boop which is brilliant. It's such a great decision. Because firstly known of his other films by cyborgs in in the series or his own franchise or had satellite. You sideboards bottling robot sounds which would defeat the purpose of them as like espionage or like for like boy. Would you make a robot that looks exactly like cuban but if it just sounds like a robot time you could presumably making it look like a human is one of the hardest parts of developing the technology. And but it's it's such an odd touch enter remind me of course For for the art film folks. I mean it's like lancelot. Lock the result film which has knights in armor. It's authorian legend and every single movement. They make good here there. there are creaking. and clanking. and you know and it's a very decision brisson made through at the higher move Anytime anyone moves like A grown of the armor. And there's a reason he does that in that film. It highlights a lot of these kind of elements of of how we interact with the pastor. Visions of you know things. We wouldn't even think about it like the fact that if everyone's wearing armor then yeah there would have been a bunch of weird sounds going on let alone matic elements of vulnerability and so on your you can analyze. Why breath song does that till the cows come home. Why pune does the same thing with cyborgs. Really doesn't make any sense because everyone in the movie is a cyborg so you could just say that there's not like there's one person who revealed a human who didn't make those noises to begin with it does not particular reason to do it at carriers also acted like this very well some of them in this stage like doing the eighties robot. Dance on the dance floor like this really staccato movements to go along with it which again new robot in any of his other movies has made this so this is like many years in the future. These robots are like shittier than any of the ones in like slinger or nights. Yeah yup yup. That's said mark marco in the head their interaction really to be add like boy. I wish this wasn't moving. Marco's the some dennis rodman look an android is walking around kicking this head and the head of pune did not have the budget to really make this effect work at all. Any point during the no plus. The head can roll somehow. Which were i. Don't quite understand how that works. Yeah no it's. It's quite confusing. But i i do go back like what joel stern said fontana pew he like. He mentioned it. If this movie in like roshan on zee in any other foreign language but specially in russian. Because as steve mentioned it has this really heavy atmosphere to it like just as waste to us and honestly i think this movie might have been just a lot more popular even even if you change nothing else about if you just made it distinctly foreign to a western audience. I feel people might have had more if like it must be something because of you know 'cause it clearly wants to be read something i feel like there's there's that element where you know if everyone speaking in foreign than it becomes a little bit more worthy of you know digging into or if it's not one of these stupid you know just a bunch of english speakers ponson around which is been filmography of alpin Which was never taken very seriously until a select handful of people including ourselves decided to dive in. Trust me jack. I'm still not taking it especially seriously. Although this this film is it's not it's not rock dumb like nights or anything like that. It's also not as entertaining. But i don't know you wanna give me a samurai film anchored by rutger hauer. I'll take it's pretty solid. Yeah and i'd say for this era particularly like this like ninety six ninety seven rutger hauer this is probably the fillet man. I don't know if he was doing his best work back then so he's engaged very charming. He's a movie stars. Still i feel like i mean. He's obviously not looking what you did in the eighties. But you know still got the charisma. Go into this movie. Yeah he's well cast to. I think in that he is he combines. Kind of a kind of a arm with a kind of chiseled appearance like granted. Granite kind of communicates that he's like maybe not quite human but also could accurately talk you into doing stuff which is exactly his role in this movie. So yeah i mean it's it's a. He's a welcome presence here certainly and probably certainly i. I'm not sure it would have worked. If a one of putin's lesser rate players have been called in to fill in the part. Yup agreed agreed. Well boys think we got to wrap this one up. So that being said jack what he pulled over this week. I'm going to put over at a movie. I watched earlier this week and called equation to unknown. Which is a nineteen eighty hardcore gay porno so hard to those. Your every would feel like being serious about this film i am. I just heard about here and there. Apparently has been lost for a long period of time and was recently rediscovered or at least materials were found that allowed them to do full restoration. They've known this beautiful. Hd restoration of. It looks incredible. The film is it is hard core porn. There's no getting around that. It absolutely is that it is also this. Strangely quiet reverential atmospheric kind of treatment of own. We en- loneliness and kind of the vagaries of romance. What we romance brings us into but we also must exclude. It's really quite beautiful kind of strange film and really quite amazing as as a porno incredibly beautiful relocating credibly. Well staged 'em on just happens to be full of just a lot of guys just choosing on each other so am yeah. Check it out equation to an unknown directed by these credits. Dietrich delta but apparently francis savannah is the director. It's in french to. I don't know if i mentioned that game warned. Some courses database gotta be. That was like the best hard sell for hardcore gay pornography. i've ever heard my entire life often. But you know when you do us. I think he just went shopping during vinegar. Syndromes valentine's day porn sale. So i'm sure you'll be. You'll be giving us the hartselle and a few other soon. Plan all right Virus what he put over this week. I've just thinking to myself policy. Gotta be just thrilled. She decided to dictate that. We bring this segment bay. Are you not gonna be putting over gay porn and at i'm putting over the most Normally thing ever. i'm putting over internet hero rebecca black. She's she's owned this shit and she's backed baby Yeah give that Friday remix fucking. Listen because it is not normal. It's not what you expect it to be. She's she's out there making this like katy perry bubblegum pop and all of a sudden. This thing comes out like what the fuck is s like this. It's very affiliate backs on well to pune expirations in terms of a thing that definitely happened. But we're not sure why you're fridays back. Maybe rebecca way you rule. Yeah great rebecca. I know you're listening. And i just want to say that. There's there's something powerful about you know as a child you release something. And you're you're you're you're pretty much exploited dragged all over the internet for having the worst song ever and you weren't fully cognizant of what you're really creating at the time and here we are you comeback a decade later and instead of being antagonized by an audience as a child. You are doing the antagonizing. This is a very attacking his stick version of your hit song friday. So god bless you for this conceptual masterpiece that you've created omega doom. She's broken free from programming. Shackle a beautiful circle. This is great. I love how lincoln everything back together. That's that's good stuff. What am i putting over this week. You know i'm i'm gonna put over two things. I did this last time to do whatever i want. I played a lot of haiti's lately which i put that over but everybody puts it over. You know everybody's favorite game from last year it's it's really good. It's it's light. it's easy to play through. It's one of those rogue like games. But it's not the kind that just beats you to a pulp and makes you feel terrible about yourself. You actually feel like you're progressing and building towards something which is really nice so yeah haiti's great. You probably already know that. So whatever also because we're going full nor me with the exception of the gay porn. I guess we gotta balance things out here. Hardcore french gate for trying to help. Wherever again was we didn't have a rule that i'm not allowed to put over hardcore gay porn. He always should we not do that in future. No no no. I would actually encourage you. I would say more gay porn Gay porn feature. Perhaps next time. I hear boys in the sand is good. It'd be next sounds good. Yeah getting osama those boys. What's the opposite of hardcore french. Gay pornography. I would say probably a like a tom. Hanks movie from the early nineties. Kate hudson i think isn't it Sleepless in seattle. I watched that the other night. It's meg ryan. Meg ryan's meg ryan not kate hudson. Sorry kate hudson's in music my favorite movie by gates and other braid. Everyone's favorite movie by sia. Yeah it's number one in our hearts and minds it was nominated for two golden globes. How could it possibly be bet. I'm sorry meg ryan. It's good i don't really. I didn't remember anything about it and wanted to wash it. I was like yeah. Let's let's walk and do this and it's funny. It's really funny. It's now when harry met sally levels of funny but it's the same screenwriter. So it's that same kind of wave length and yeah it's it's really joyful. It's my favourite sub-genre of the romcom. Which is psychotic stalker that we endearingly. Just love so yeah. I don't know man if you want like a schmaltzy just pure saccharin romcom. So it's a good way to go. I have no complaints so yeah play a video game. Everyone's already played and watch a movie. Everybody's already watched or maybe gay porn. We don't know if feels this podcast right now. There's a couple of links that you need to be clicking on. The first link is take you to our tunes page and on there you can give us a five star written review. It's very easy. It takes three seconds of your precious precious time and it does men's help for us in our podcast makes us more visible and more visible. We are more people can find us. More people find us. Well the more we can do for you dear listener if you want to up your game and you wanna financially. Donate to us because shawn's microphone. Broke that sean sean is. He's a man without a microphone. Right now how will you ever hear. The dulcet tones of his voice. Ever again ever and the answer is you can donate are patriot and you can be like dustin or you can be like paula and you can donate at a tier that gets you your name read on the air or you could also be like paula and donate to a tier where you get to actually dictate content. That goes on the air here on optimism vaccine. Or if you can't do that throws a couple of bucks and buy just throwing a few dollars you get access to entire backlog of amazing content that you can only find through our patriot. And that's that's written stuff that's podcast. There's an exclusive podcasts on bloom house films the into the dark series that meyerson sean are doing. You can only get that on patriots so yeah throws a couple blocks really really help us out and i already said if we hit a thousand dollars per month. Jack's got to sign up for the marines and he's got a service country so get us two thousand and if you get us to fifteen hundred. He can only when he goes to basic training. He can only speak to his commanding officers like rerun from police academies or not play guy. Michael winslow from police academy to entire experience. Yeah so There's just a lot of amazing potential here. Think think of jack face down in the mud. Getting shot at with his buddies. It's a dream of many of us other than that. You can tweet at us at ottomans vaccine or you can email address. The vaccine gmail.com at america's standing by. He's chain smoking and hitting refresh on the old inbox just waiting for your messages. So questions comments death threats marriage proposals. Whatever you got for us. Throw them away. And that pretty much sums things up so i guess we will be back next week.

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