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"puerto putnam" Discussed on You're Welcome! With Chael Sonnen

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"puerto putnam" Discussed on You're Welcome! With Chael Sonnen

"You don't ever know what he means. When he says infrastructure this is a guy who's built two arenas an Abu dot like what does that mean infrastructure and you're going to bring some some generators and a couple of Puerto Putnam. I don't think so. I don't think means. So then the question does come. Is this thing going to have a roof? I mean they did a show in Abu Dhabi. Poor fought beep. They didn't put a roof on it. Which meant there was no way to control the temperature so even though they fought late at night and they didn't have to deal with the sun was a hundred and twelve degrees a hundred degrees. I'm only suggesting for you guys. This is actually very fascinating. Logistical mess. It will be very interesting to watch the pieces of the puzzle come together. How're people going to get there? Who is going to go there? Who is going to bring the cameras? Who is going to bring? The lights are in fact on a private island with no electric stores and Amazon won't even delivered. There's an answer. It's all going to happen but it's a very big mess and I think logistically. I think you should be a little bit impressed. I know that I am guys. Do yourself a favor go over. Find ERLA WANNA show on. Espn plus go watch an interview that he did with Anthony. Smith the Anthony Smith not a different Anthony Smith. I'm time about Lionheart. Which is relevant to the story. Now I'm GonNa give you a bit of a teaser but I really want you to go and see this okay. This is a bit of a little bit of a powerful piece quite frankly because they're doing with the very real topic. Which is Anthony Smith a top contender in the light heavyweight division being in bed with his wife his kids in the house minding his own business at roughly midnight. I suspect not dressed in a whole lot of close a level reason of having security extremely vulnerable when somebody breaks into his home. So Anthony comes around the corner and he's confronted with this dude and he automatically assumes as you would do armed right and Smith even talked about that. He goes who the HELL BREAKS INTO. Somebody's house and doesn't bring a weapon with them so. I realize I probably got two minutes in me. I'm not making it out of this thing but I gotta buy some time. My wife and kids get out of the house and this is really is actually kind of hard for me to talk about. This is very real so just because this was his mindset now whether that happened or not to have that level of fear no matter how tough you are caught off guard when you have every reason to believe. You're safe okay. Your lights are out your door. Shut your sleep. You have every reason to believe you're saying this is. This is a different level of terror in all fairness so a fight breaks out and Anthony's fighting this and he's waiting for him to pull the weapon. He's pretty soon realized. This guy this guy did it bring a bat. This guy didn't bring a knife but this guy is one hell of a good fighter. This is Anthony Smith street cement. I gave this Guy Everything. I had punches elbows knees. He said this guy talk all so anthony. Smith served. Mother-in-law was in the house and whether she lived or not she was in the house and when everybody gets up and his wife's getting the kids and everything's a meth. Anthony Yells to her when he realizes that. I'm in a hard fight here. I have no idea how many a hard fight if this guy is on drugs or something that's taken into some but I'm in a dust up here and he calls for a weapon. She hands him and he says give me a knife. She gets a knife so he gets the knife in his. But you also have to understand as much as you may think in your head if you go into a fight with with a weapon such as a knife and he doesn't have when you've got this advantage if you're not trained in using a knife you now don't just have a knife you now have just lost the use of a hand. I mean it's a very strange concept but this is a very real thing if you were trained with certain combinations and they don't involve holding something in this hand and trying to just kind of one of these weird things so anthony has a knife and he says he goes. I had a really hard time finding the guy holding the knife. He didn't elaborate on the thought. Which I'm interpreting to me even though I have the ability to use something life threatening. I don't want to use it. That was how I interpreted this. Go so one bit of comic relief if you can even believe in the store there's comic relief. There is Anthony Smith Wife. She jumps in and she grabs the guy's legs when they're tussling. She grabs the guy's legs in. Anthony tells the guy you'd better not kick my wife and the guy gives anthony a look. He agrees to those terms does not kick the wife in continues to fight. Lionheart with how the movement of his legs now. There is something very interesting to that moment. Okay so the whole thing in Anthony Beats Him as I'm sure you can imagine which beating him means to subdue him which is great news because this could've ended without question ethically legally morally every this could have ended in the loss of life. It doesn't police come. Police cuff him up. Get control the guy who's now calmed down. Anthony walks past the guy in looks down at him and tells the guy. I'm sorry which is just a very fascinating mindset. Now I've given you guys what I think you're going to believe is an a to Z on the story. You're wrong I haven't I have not go to. Espn go go watch this piece. That errol does with Anthony. I in many ways have not ruined the story for you. I have prepared you because if you go in just to have a little fun and lighten your day. I'm just sharing with you. This is a heavy story. Go Watch it guys through my youtube channel. We have a segment where listeners can send in questions so I want to get into some of those now all right so Tony Ferguson. Winds on the eighteenth. That'll make him the double interim champ. He'll have won it twice. I've never seen anybody win the interim championship twice in my opinion not just makes him the champ in in all reality. I mean how can you not give the dude the credit of being the champ the undisputed champ if he's had to step in and be the interim champ twice I get it? I understand why can be can't make it but now reality if you're the interim champ twice year the champ that's just my opinion you bring up a very interesting point and this has been something that has been wrong in the record books of MMA from day one. Okay when you start your piece and you say. Should Tony Win. That means he will be a two-time interim champion representing the first ever two-time entrance champion. You're right you're completely right but let's back up why this point isn't so obvious in the record books get this wrong. Let me tell you where this off guard k. This got off guard with Matt Hughes and a no point in here my taking a shot at Matt Hughes Matt Hughes changed the language on what it meant to be a champion Matt Hughes had won the World Championship did not get started defending and then when he started to put out promotional piece. Come to this seminar come to the signing. He started advertising himself as a four-time champion which simply wasn't true. And I remember when this started happening other guys got in line other guys started saying. I'm a five time champion Anderson Silva comes along. What was he like a twelve time? Champion or some crazy. Some crazy amount of title defenses. And I'm going wait a second. You're wrong you're trying to pad.

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