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Weekly Wrap: GM Workers On Strike, School Lunch Debt, Whitney Houston Hologram

It's Been a Minute with Sam Sanders

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Weekly Wrap: GM Workers On Strike, School Lunch Debt, Whitney Houston Hologram

"Hey y'all this is Sam Time Betty this week on the show reporter and marketplace Tracey Samuelson and independent journalists and director other Radio Program at Columbia Journalism School Bali herships right. You can't see the bombers that was the goal that was the goal payoff from NPR Sanders. It's been a minute happy weekends to my listeners into my guest tracey. Samuelson senior reporter Marketplace Sally Herships at Columbia Graduate School of Journalism. I am honored to have you both in Studio Jio today you both the New York thanks for making time for me also joined today by one of the best songs of all time from one of the best singers of all time you hear it. Whitney Houston singing her classic. I WANNA dance with somebody so it's always a good day to play the song. It's a really good data. Play this weekend because Whitney Houston is in the news this week. Did you'll see this story about her. I didn't I Whitney Houston. Google alert set. I do so Whitney Houston according to rolling stone she's going on a Hologram tour in twenty twenty why they're bringing her back from there bringing her back from the dead literally yeah so they've done this before with other artists. Roy orbison Buddy Holly Maria Callas to pox a core was Colorado cello one year but they're bringing Whitney Houston back as a Hologram and she's going to go on an an international tour next year. There's going to be choreography. They're going to be dance. There's GonNa be a live band and an image of Whitney Houston to win in her thing. How do we feel about that. That makes me a little. I don't know I feel like I go to concerts to like interact with the artist. I'm having inexperience with them rather than watching programmed as a business and economics reporter. One of my first thoughts was when you just told us about this was like who's getting the royalty. It's prevent dad. They're milking the estate and minutes like would Whitney have wanted this. Is this thing celebrities are. GonNa have to put into their wills their estates after they die like the right no hologram tours to let me go one day when I go. I'm telling all your L. Now do not Hologram my voice for this radio. Show don't do it. Don't all right. We're GONNA start the show as we do every week. I asked my panelists to describe their week of news and only three words Tracy. You're going to get to go first and talk about a pretty big news story yeah so cheated just a little bit and my first one is forty thirty eight thousand realize we'll allow multiple words that one number my second two words are quiet and hectic what are referring to. I'm referring to the forty eight thousand G. M. General Motors workers who went out on strike this week that is a lot of people catch us up on the latest yeah so they started Sunday evening Monday morning the quiet quiet factory force. GM IS NOT PRODUCING CARS IN THIRTY PLANTS ANS- whilst the US This Week hectic is because you know strikes are crazy and logistically complicated the U. A. W. A has a lot of work to organize these forty eight thousand workers and they are the united auto workers right exactly that's the union that represents General Motors workers and they've been in negotiations with GM for a new contract that contract expired last weekend and they weren't able to reach a new agreement and therefore therefore the General Motors out on strike. It's their first national strike. Since two thousand seven that one was only two days so we've already well surpassed that and analysts analysts estimate this is costing. GM about fifty million to one hundred million dollars a day in lost profits deal. It's a big deal. It's a big deal for the workers who aren't getting paid while they're on strike starting in the second week the UAW will give them two hundred and fifty dollars a week week in strike payments but they're not getting their regular PAYCHEX. So what are they asking for the striking workers. What are they asking for. Yes so they want wage increases. They want to preserve their healthcare. They want better job security they want. GM to address its use of temporary workers workers and sort of bigger picture. They want the restoration of some sacrifices they made during the financial crisis to help the company recover. Are they say that they've given up a lot and it's time for them to get some background so we are taping this Friday. Talks are ongoing this could be resolved after our taping and things could change but it does seem like management and and these workers are really really having these views that are diametrically opposed. These workers are saying hey prophets are crazy big big for GM right now. They're CEO makes what twenty million dollars plus a year but management is basically saying. We don't know what's around the corner these auto auto sales mike go down. We have to be ready for things to happen next right yeah so that's the Sorta to different views the workers are looking at GM's financial performance over the last few years the billions of dollars that they've made in profit and saying like hey wh- like we're not being rewarded enough for all of our hard work and GM is looking further out into the future they're seeing slowing autos sales and they're realizing they need to start developing electric vehicles. They need to be developing autonomous vehicles and they need to be preparing the company for years years down the road so the time horizons are kind of an interesting one like GM is in a strong financial position. Today should be returning more to its workers on the one hand. That's one argument the other one is. GM needs to be building. Its Future and making sure it's not in a situation like two thousand nine when it had to file for bankruptcy so so these workers aren't getting paid while they're on strike they're also not getting healthcare as well well. They are getting healthcare but GM's not covering it during the strike they said earlier earlier this week that they won't be covering workers healthcare while they're on strike the UAW will pick up those payments so workers will be covered does not by GM and that's been a big deal for workers. It's not unheard of in strikes but it is unusual. According to Labor historian that I talked to so he seem to think that this might make the strike harder to resolve by generating some animosity and from what I understand because there's this temp structure took place and because of the financial crisis there are many instances where one worker who was hired many years ago makes a higher salary during the same job than someone hire more recently so there's two-tiered system. That's actually sort of in addition to the temporary workers. even fool time employees who started after the financial crisis they operate on a different pay scale than the folks who started earlier I'm in so that's another issue for the Union in these talks they wanNA collapse that structure so that everybody kind of has the same opportunities for wages and that GM is relied relied on temporary workers which gives them flexibility to be able to increase or decrease production at lower costs but it means kind of uncertainty not for workers and it does mean that in the plant you have a series of workers who are doing similar jobs but have very different situations. You're listening listening to. It's been a minute from NPR. Show where we catch up on the week that was I'm Sam Sanders joined by Tracey Samuelson reporter at marketplace and Sally herships independent journalist analyst and director of the Radio Program at Columbia University's Graduate School of Journalism. Thank you both for being here Sally. You have three words. Yes okay so my three words I I was. GonNa use one hot mess but then I thought it was maybe a little too extreme and unfair so I have toned down and I'm going with one step forward and yes and that refers to the new bill which Governor Gavin newsom of California just signed into law this Wednesday and that bill is meant to prevent businesses from taking advantage of freelance workers gig economy workers and making sure that there is a way for them to qualify for benefits if they work enough to be classified as fulltime workers Gotcha so this is about ride sharing companies. He's like lift an Uber. All of the drivers who worked from that work for them are not classified as employees so they don't get benefits if something happens to them if there's an accident something like that they they could you know end up on their own with no insurance and so this new bill what effect one million workers in California yeah and it's mini- industries right. It's not just Roger Drivers. It's construction work janitors trucker salon. Yes in this bill would make them fulltime. No order to qualify as an employee you would need to work thirty hours hours on average per week and that is actually the same the same qualification that obamacare requires but what you're mentioning is the reason these other industries st that the bill of the law also includes is why I was originally thinking of my three words as one hot mess because the bill has these great great intentions and people organizers labor unions are excited but I put a call out on twitter to check in like Hey California. How are you feeling about this new bill and and I got some responses from people who are really really unhappy. Freelance Workers Gig workers who feel like this new bill has the best of intentions but it's actually he can hurt them so they mad about yeah like if this is going to give you benefits possibly what's wrong with that okay so this is really interesting. I saw this from from. USC Annenberg because musicians are another group that yeah musicians so USC Annenberg Media has come. I'm out with a statement. Musicians and journalists could be impacted by this bill and they're basically saying that. This is a real hurdle for them. For many independent musicians it it would require imagine all the people like Whitney Houston Song that we just heard how there was a producer background vocalist coolest publicist engineers and for a musician to work on that song they would all have to be considered employees and entitled to minimum wage and Benefits and musicians. They kind of workplace sign up for that life yeah half and they're not feeling exploited. Yeah also on top of some freelancers feeling weird about this new. Bill Uber is saying we're we're going to fight this law because this could possibly decimate uber right they would help you classify a bunch of these independent drivers as employees and give them benefits that could what R- hike up the price of our Uber's yeah right yeah and it's not just Uber. It's also lift its companies like Dora Dash Uber though did just lay offs earlier this month of four hundred and thirty five workers in product and engineering teams and that was the second round of recent layoffs of that company is hurting. This could be like like this could potentially mean curtains for the business model of you know relying on gig workers where you don't have to pay those expensive benefits. Let's Yum yeah so they are not psyched about this. Yeah it feels so you know this law passed in California but I think listeners even outside of California. Cornea should be aware of it because even connecting the dots between this. GM strike in this new law in California. There is a there's a it feels like there's a labor labor moment right. Now are asking for more like more benefits. We are seeing this long California. We've seen teachers strike across the country in the last year or two. We have seen fast food workers strike to get their wages raised in fifteen bucks an hour for both of y'all Tracy and Sally. Does it feel like we're in kind of a labor moments. That's right now. I think we're definitely in a moment where we're questioning. Yeah what is fair and what is fair compensation and and how much do companies need to make versus return to their employees yeah definitely and I think it's also worth noting that there's a slight climate it of fear or unease right trump has been making this push to strip away undo destroying obamacare and you know a lot of people rely on those was benefits. people are fighting back. It is so often it feels like the best of times and the worst of times simultaneously in this economy anyway Labor Watch for it. Thank you both time for break coming up. We're GONNA go to the lunch room. A school gets back in session. This fall problem facing kids across the country seems to be getting worse meal when kids and their parents can't afford meals cool sometimes cadet follows him four years with the negative effects we talked with a concerned citizen in North Carolina who has pledged to wipe out that kind of debt for her school district. She will tell us how she did that. 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NPR's invisibility a- dives into the tricky business of sorting the real from the fake we are back you're listening to it's been a minute from NPR. The show where we catch up on the week that was I'm Sam Sanders here with two panelists. Sally herships independent journalist and director of the Radio Program at Columbia University School of journalism and Tracey Samuelson senior reporter at marketplace okay so glad you are here wacky question for you when you were in grade school. What was your favorite meal in the school area. Oh I know this Berkshire today now is a big one. I told her remember that far back but I do remember being incredibly sake that I got to Bhai twinkies highlight of lunch so I bring all this up because we're in the midst of back to school season and I've been thinking a lot about school lunches empire because of this really feel good story out of Saint Louis last week. There's this resident there Michelle Anderson and she has been giving out out free snack bags two kids in her neighbourhood who might be going hungry each day. I would just wonder like how would I would. I provide this for them. So I started making peanut butter and Jelly. I will take my change and it just went from there. You know this sounds like a feel good story but if you look past that warm fuzzy headline there's this larger problem. Federal data shows that more than one in ten American households with children are at some point food insecure insecure. Basically it's hard to feed everyone every meal every day. I like a lot of other folks just went around thinking that these kids could at least eat at school all through the free and reduced lunch programs et Cetera but even with that help. There's a growing problem for a lot of kids and their families dealing with food security school meal debt like. Did you know that for some kids in some school districts if they can't pay for their lunches the crew a negative balance for some of these kids that a debt can follow them. I didn't know the debt follows them but I did know that this was a problem and I knew that the school districts around the country threatening ending parents in various ways if we're not paid it's really really weird and this problem seems to be growing and so this week we found a woman in North Carolina who is trying to fix problems. She's been on a mission for a few years now to erase student debt in her school district. Her name is Kristen Thomson Riley and she began again doing this work to mark the twentieth anniversary of her father's death so we spoke earlier this week and she told me why and how she does it so kristen recalling you to talk about student launch de. This is a problem in your school district right. It is a problem in our school district and by the end of the school year if the students do not pay the debt and the debt falls on the responsibility of that particular school so then the school stuck with this bill from your knowledge. How big of a problem is this in your school district in your area. It's definitely a growing problem it initially when I started doing some research. It was several hundred dollars per school and last year. Actually I'm sorry this year March of Twenty Nineteen nineteen it was over ten thousand dollars for five of the local Public Nevin North Carolina schools and so we call Ju- issue today because you saw that problem student meal debt and you wanted to help turn that around what did you do so in two thousand fourteen. I decided to you do a day of good deeds and as part of that I had read an article where a gentleman had gone into a school and paid off the negative lunch balances and you you know it hit close to me and I thought well that would be a great thing to do so I reached out to a teacher at the high school who was a friend of mine who had connections with the Cafeteria Korea and he told me that their debt was five hundred and fifty dollars and I reached out just via text to about a dozen friends who also had children children at the high school and we raised six hundred and fifty dollars and the debt was actually five fifty so they ended up putting a couple of the kids with the most need the positive. So how many schools do you help now. Six there are six public schools and and that's been my primary focus because the debts. Let's have grown. I have just stuck with six rather than branching out because I want to. I want to take care of the schools in my town so when you have this day of good deeds. It's you you in the neighborhood trying to get this money. Like what do you do to get the donations. So what I've started to do is about six weeks in advance reach each out to either the principals vice principals and they give me their goals like where they're negative lunch balances are and so I set those goals way in advance so that I can start posting on social media and get additional exposure and give people time to make donations so you know now. Unfortunately I can't raise five or six thousand dollars in a day it takes time so I usually start at the beginning of February so people can and start donating at their leisure and they can see where the goals are in which schools that they would like to contribute to Gotcha. Do you interact personally in your work work with kids. Families who are struggling with these food security issues who can't pay those student meal debts actually had a single mom reach out to me a couple of years ago and sent me the nicest note about how she had been struggling and we took a huge burden off of her by donating donating and alleviating that negative balance for her kid and those messages are the reason why do this year after year so this is something approaching a happy ending for your school district but this student meal debt is a big and growing problem across the country in some school districts are doing some really weird stuff to deal with it. there are some school districts where if a student incurs launched launch debt the debt follows these children all the way through the end of high school. I've read some stories where students aren't allowed to go to things like homecoming Maine or prom if their student meal that isn't paid their other school districts where if the kids cannot pay for the meal and they don't qualify five for free or reduced the cafeteria will serve them an alternate meal which is often like PB and J. Sandwich. I like fruits and vegetables but other kids see that and they kinda shame them for this called lunch shaming How bad is it for kids in your district when they aren't able to pay the debt. What does the school school do. Now I mean of course it's all paid off because of you but before you help them pay off. What was I guess. Punishment for. Kids couldn't pay well. Some of the schools roles will restrict them from extracurricular activities as far as like a middle school dance or something like that if they have a negative lunch balance. Oh my God how do you feel about that. I think it's cruel. It's not the children's fault but they still continue to feed the kids. I have not heard of any scenario locally where a child has been turned away because he or she had a negative lunch balanced which is which is Great Gotcha besides having these kids in middle school who'll possibly miss a school dance over the student debt what other measures were the schools taking before you kind of stepped in to fill these gaps. I think for the most part at at least with principals in the elementary school. They just continued to let the kids eat lunch. I mean their their children there under the age of ten and so you know at that that point when they come in and they have a negative balance in their hungry. The school feeds them You said that you were kind of inspired to do this. Work Tomorrow the anniversary of the passing of your father yes. What do you think he would say to you. Oh now see and you do this. I think he would say a job I would say good job to this is really heart warming stuff that you're doing well. I I really appreciate it and I thank you so much. Thanks again to Kristen Thomson Riley out in North Carolina back in studio with my two panelists. Samuelson senior reporter at marketplace and Sally Herships independent journalists in New York. I did not know how crazy these rules around school. lunches are for these kids and their families and the idea that they you would have some sort of stigma for having a certain kind of launch or not be able to go to a school dance. It's well that's nuts and it feels like there's also there's already so many complicated ideas around school meals like there's so many questions about what constitutes a healthy meal you know and what food what kind of food were feeding her children so at this point it just feels like China League. Can we just feed the kids. You know. It's time for a break when we come back my favorite game who said that Sanders you're listening to it's been a minute from NPR. We'll be right back support for this podcast and the following message come from the Walton Family Foundation where opportunity takes root more information is available at Walton and Family Foundation Dot Org. Parents have a lot of questions but screens in kids. When do I get a cell phone. What kind of cell phone does he get. It's really hard. Take away an IPAD luckily. NPR's life kit has answered checkout life get from NPR's new episode on screen time by subscribing to life kit all guides. We are back. You're listening to it's been a minute from NPR. The show where we catch up on the week that was I am Sam Sanders joined by Tracey Samuelson senior reporter at marketplace and Sally Herships Director of the Radio Program at Columbia University's Graduate School of Journalism. Thank you both for being here Sally. You've played this game before you've been on the show before for Tracy. You have not so welcome to your first time playing my favorite game. Who said that thank you. I'm very nervous. There's no reason that'd be nervous. There's no reason to be nervous. Let me tell you this game is so low stakes. The winner gets absolutely nothing. Well okay then. I'm leaving so I share three quotes from the week from stories in the news this week. y'all have to guess who said that or what I'm talking about. The winner gets nothing except bragging. I can rights. You know bragging rights. are you ready for this. Radio fell every sure all right I quote is. I thought it's either a promotion promotion or worse. I thought it was best to bring in a professional so I paid two hundred dollars and hired a clown. Oh I know this is a guy who got laid off and brought it to brought the clown to his termination meeting. Yes yes that quote comes from a New Zealand man who felt as if he was about to get fired. He felt it coming he paid two hundred bucks and hire a support clown when they fired. I want to support clone all the time. I don't have an editors glaring. you talk to Larry. Decline gives you a frowny face exactly so the story was first reported by the New Zealand Herald and and the man in question his name is Josh Thompson. I just don't understand how the clown helping. I mean nothing against clowns but I'm with you on this one. I don't know all right sally. You're up one ZIP. Oh my God. I thought we weren't keeping score. Ah You would say that all right next quote here we go. There's a shortage of perfect movies in the world. It would be a pity to damage this one what movie classic movie in the news because it might get remade soon and everyone's mad about that we're both going for our keyboards really wanted to just tell you yes. Yes okay the classic film the Princess Bride is I see that yeah no the remake. The princess bride don't off so that quote comes from the actor. Kerry elway says he was one of the stars of the classic film the Princess Bride. This nineteen eighty-seven Rob Reiner film a good good good good movie this week. Colorado comes out and says we might remake it and everyone including many stars of the first film they say don't do this. Don't do this don't do this. Angry are y'all just tired of all the remakes there was the Atlanta remake this year the lion king remake they redid beauty and the beast they read it. They there's like a third shaft. That just came out. I never got over the remake of Charlie and the chocolate factory which I have to say was deeply wrong. Unique pint break so wrong so wrong have new ideas. Here's Hollywood have new. Take risks all right final quote you ready yes. This one is really weird. I'm guessing y'all won't get it. I'm sorry in advance. The quote is I just found that clean it out with some soap and started filling it with cheese. You know I know this one. uh-huh oh my God go go. It's a girl who refilled a chapstick with cheese dollar really in the know. This concluding does so this week a nine year old fourth grade student in Missouri came came into the news. Everything is Missouri everything this week. That's why she knows this nine year. Old Student was filling up empty lip balm containers with cheese to sneakily equally eat the cheese in class at school. That's smart like you gotTa. Give your credit neck sometimes but you know there's like a little chapstick residue on her. Cheddar like the Dr Pepper flavored lip balm work in new. I'm not who won this game. I actually forgot the score. It was a tie. We tied all we she. Everybody's a winner this week. We got a trophy. Oh sorry this is public radio on till back yeah we can. We can possibly do that. We can possibly do a toque but you both did great and you had no reason to fear of this game 'cause y'all rocked it so congratulations. Thank you Tampa all right that concludes who said that you both are winners now assigned to end the show as we always do each Friday. We ask our listeners to share with us. The best things that have happened to them mm all week. We encourage folks to Brag they do. Let's listen high stadium. It's Rachel and the best part of my week is I have taught mayfair old to sing for me in the mornings instead of screaming until it's like I have my own personal walk up music Thank you of the show how do Sam this is Meghan from the San Antonio area. The best part of my week has been making pickled Okra Graf from our family garden and binging your show while doing it. The best part of my week was falsifying for the world championships have ironman triathlon and New Zealand's in my son's surprise me with tickets for us to see the WHO in concert. I'd move to a new city to start my graduate program in the field hide along the best thing that happened to me. This week was taking a trip to a tiny cabin all by myself. In the remote woods Vermont Sam Spear Caboose ooh Libyan. This is Jesse and the best thing that happened to me. This week is after thirty two years of life. I've packed up myself and my cat. Magnolia and I moved to Belgium perper. I'm really excited to be here. I'm getting over jet LAG. and I'm just really proud of myself for taking this leap is damp hi. This is Kevin endangering the best part about my week. Was I learned something new you use the term jumped the shark on your show and I had to look up to see what it means. It's always a good thing to know you can still learn something new. No matter how would you get. Thanks a lot now day. Have a good one. Thanks Sam. I love your show. I feel like I just got a massage. Smell the lavender oil an emotional massage. I Love Yeah Oh my God. Thanks thanks to those listeners. Rachel Megan Adam Barbara a Lisa Rochelle Jesse with the really great air horn by the way and Kevin. We appreciate Y'all those warm hearts. Thanks to everyone who shares their best things with US every week. Listen to all of them even if we can include all of them in the show. Keep them coming though you can record the sound of your voice on your smartphone in send me audio of your best thing at any point throughout any week just email that file to Sam Sanders at NPR art dot Org Sam Sanders at NPR dot org Iraq's GonNa go out on Whitney Houston because why not plan again her classic. I WANNA dance with somebody to let you know that next year you may be able to see a Hologram of Britney Houston as it goes on an international world tour. I won't be there. I'm sorry I won't be how much money would they have to take y'all to go to the Whitney Houston Hologram show. I mean a lot of money I can be bought. preachy probably wow now we know now we know thanks to both of my guests tracey. Samuelson senior reporter at marketplace and Sally Herships independent journalists in New York. I'm so glad job both were here. This was fine. Thank them come back anytime this week. The show was produced adduced by Brent Bachman Angeli Sassari. Jason Fuller are fearless. Editors are Donohoe c'mon Alex McCall and Kitty Eisley. Our director of programming is Steve Nelson Elson. Our big boss is NPR senior. Vp of programming on your grubman thanks to Y'all for listening thanks to Whitney Houston for her cannon till the next time I'm Sam Sanders talk soon

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