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The Club

True Mysteries of the Pacific Northwest

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The Club

"Welcome to kiss myths and Mystery Syam, your host Kit crump today, the Bohemian Grove and a little bit about secret societies. Perhaps, you belong to a club some time in your life maybe the girl Scouts or cub scouts I was a cub scout many clubs have rules and regulations that go no further than the halls were the members gather like the elks however organizations like the PTA Parent Teacher Association can affect schools, school districts therefore students the reach and impact of. These organizations are limited and generally they're intent is not secret records of meetings of the scouts, elks in the PTA and many other clubs are available to the public. But there are many secret societies out there Yale's skull and bones founded in eighteen thirty two and has had both bushes Teddy Roosevelt and his cousin Franklin as members but a complete list of members is difficult to acquire and the intent of the club impossible to know Dan there is the barbarian aluminum. An lighten era secret society founded may first seventeen seventy, six. The BILDERBERG group is so secret that is considered by many to be a shadow world most secret societies, clubs and organizations so far flung with headquarters in different cities around the world. But the Bohemian Grove is located on two thousand, seven hundred privately owned acres located in Monte Rio California and established eighteen seventy two security at the grove is year round ex-military hired to keep out the curious high end equipment including thermal night vision cameras, and motion detectors are used. As. Part of the sophisticated detection and alarm system, they have ceremonies with strange names like the yearly cremation of care ceremony. It was revealed by a California judge during a discrimination suit brought against that grow by the California Department of Fair Employment and housing over the club's refusal to hire women when the judge that issued decision in favor of the club's practice of not hiring women stated the club members urinated in the open and that hiring women would alter the members behavior odd ceremonies and members strange conduct aside members like those. Of Yale are rich and powerful pictures of President Reagan and Nixon indicate they were members. Also, the Grove is particularly famous for a Manhattan Project Planning Meeting this took place there in September of Nineteen, forty two, which subsequently led to the atomic bomb those attending this meeting include Ernest, Lawrence j Robert, Altman Heimer, the s one executive committee heads such as presidents of Harvard Yale and Princeton along with representatives of standard, oil general, electric as well as various military officials. All members at the time oppenheimer was not an s one member. Although Lawrence, an open heimer hosted the meetings grow members take particular pride in this of and often relate the story to new attendees. However, other behavior at this famous campground has led to numerous claims and even some parody in popular culture. One such documented example was former president Richard Nixon's comments on May Thirteenth Nineteen seventy-one recording the Bohemian Grove which I attended from time to time. It is the most Fag God damn thing you could ever imagine now that's a quote from Richard, Nixon was recorded may thirteen nine, hundred, seventy one. Author, Brad Meltzer hosted a program for the history channel. It was called history coded. He hosted a team of three and during one episode sent to to infiltrate the Hebron. Grove. With the disastrous result, they were all arrested. Bohemian Grove was produced here at night owl sounds studio and brought to you by Sharon Bauer. Internationally, recognized psychic and medium and author of the Book Life Eternal. Love. Immortal. This chrome. Thanks for listening.

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If You Get Stuck In a Riot; Best Shooting Drills During Ammo Shortage: Gun Talk Radio | 06.28.20 Hour 1

Gun Talk

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If You Get Stuck In a Riot; Best Shooting Drills During Ammo Shortage: Gun Talk Radio | 06.28.20 Hour 1

"Crimson trace offers a full line of protection oriented products, including red laser sights, green laser sights and tactical weapon lights to elevate your confidence in moments that matter learn more at Crimson trace dot com. All right because gun talk. About twelve guns ammo opted. Store gun safe out to be a responsible gun over how to shoot well how to yes defend yourself with a firearm which means gun fighting? You know. Term Gun fighting gun is really. Fight. Is the operative word? We'll talk a bit about that in about thirty minutes. We'll be talking with an expert about what was. What should you do if you get into the middle of one of these protests? The drive along somehow you ended up in the middle one of these things people are beaten on your car and trying to smash out your windows. What do you do? How do you go about it? What's the deal? Talk to a real pro about that. We have a lot of other very interesting things going on today. We're GONNA. Be talking about a new APP. It's going to help you perhaps. not, run, a foul of the law as you carry your pocket knife. From state to state. Yeah, no sounds crazy, but. It happens when people get arrested for having a pocket knife of all things. And then we got this crazy story. How gun control groups are invading PTA meetings. Yes. PTA Parent Teacher Association. GOINT. When parents come through these PTA meetings, there's spokesperson there from the MOMS demand. Action. Pretending that they're not. And they're handing out goofy. Little gun locks don't really work. And they're saying with the gun. Fifty people. And then what was really interesting in this one? I'm reading this article. They spokesperson says well. Yes, this actually this. Or they call it the beast smart to program. It was actually created by the MOMS demand action. Bloomberg created gun ban group. But, also we're working in conjunction with. The National Sport Shooting Foundation. Got It wrong. It's national shooting. Sports Foundation which. Would, I saw that wait what since? I sit on the governing board of the national. Shooting Sports Foundation and of course no NSF is not partnering. With the moms demand action or every town for gun, safety or any of the Bloomberg gun ban groups of course not. It was a lie. But what was interesting? Was the messaging. To parents. And what they did at these meetings. At its core, the messaging is how do we shame gun owners? Well We, ask them. Do! You have guns in your house. When our kids may be going over to play at their house. How do you store your guns? And they actually had them practice with each other doing this. Cost play. And they're actually practicing asking each other. Do you have guns? How do you store your guns as though you would have any idea that's safe? This is what's going on. It's going on. It places that you are simply not aware. This is what happens when you have. Billions of dollars to pour into gun, control and gun confiscation gun bans. When you have Bloomberg, it says yeah, here's a hundred Oh. Yeah, here's another one hundred here. Here's another hundred million. And then hire quite frankly some very smart people. And you turn them loose. And they say we will infiltrate the schools. We will be talking to the mothers. We won't be putting programs in the schools to that. Go before the children. To make them understand. That, they need to be frightened of guns. Not Educated about frightened of them, and they really shouldn't hang around with the kids from families who own guns. Gun Shaming. Why would you expect any different? We've got the whole deal going on. Right now and we have. Oh my gosh. The. I. Don't even say protests the riots. The riots going on. In Minneapolis the city council voted unanimously to disband. Not The fun. Disband the police department. But then immediately several of the council members. Hired private firms to do personal security for them using taxpayer dollars, so let's see we get rid of the police who were there to protect everyone and of course city council members, and then immediately because they said well, we've been threatened. Now we're going to hire private security. And let you the taxpayers. Pay For it. Why we're telling you. You can't have police protection anymore. We're doing away with the police. You're utterly. On Your own. But I'm special you see because. I'm on the city council. Understand that I'm important, so I will use your money to protect me, but I'll still hold onto your money all the taxes you paid. Oh, yeah! We're not giving it back to you. We're going to defend the police. We're going to disband the police. We're GONNA keep your money and we're gonNA use that money for me, personally have. Private Security. I think. People are getting to the point where they're gonNA have had. Quite enough. Of this whole thing. Have you reached that point yet. Numbers eight six six tall gun. Let's go talk to Joe. Line four out of St Port Louisiana Hello Joe. What's on your mind, sir? With these great ammo price, we had the last couple of years I really much shooting, but now we're trending back for their almost double. What my? Path so much shooting is getting ready to take a serious brock. And I'm curious. What drills are you? GonNa do with one hundred grounds or two hundred. Eight how're you remember? Yeah. That's a great question. I mean. Here's the deal. ammo is much more expensive. It's fifty percent more if not one hundred percent more than it was six months ago. And harder to get so I I. Get your point. I go back to her back when I was learning to play golf, I was a serious golfer for a while. I don't do that very much anymore. But I remember. The pros and the instructors saying something that really stuck with me. They said never hit a practice shot. That, you don't have a plan for that. There's a reason for hitting that very shot where you get over the ball. What are you trying to do? What are you trying to accomplish with this practice shut? Why don't we apply that to our shooting and rather than go on out there and. May, Be Bank. How about drawn Shit one shot. Or draw and shoot two shots. What am I working on? Am I working hard? Focus on the front sight. Am I working on the trigger press? Maybe swapping out making sure you get a dozen rounds and doing some ball and dummy drills where you're mixing the dummy rounds in with their loaded around and that way when it goes, Click, if that multiple dip slow and right are low in left when you're right handed. That you know that you are flinching. I think Joe. The drill is to simply have a plan for every single shot fired a reason for it. What am I specifically working on? Why am I pulling the trigger? Not just make it. Go Bang and have fun. But I'm working on something you know, draw shoe wants. Then you pause and then slowly re holster. Than using a timer I would start using a timer all the time to draw and shoot twice. You know and just working on things I think. What do you think joe? Does that make sense. Basically what you're saying, it's all. Just. Fundamentals every shock. There is only fundamentals that that's all there is. There's nothing else other than fundamentals and people talk about advanced technique. Advanced Technique is just fundamentals moving somewhat faster, but it is all fundamentals, its grip draw presentation lining up sites, pressing the trigger in such a way that you don't disturb the sites and then follow through when you press the trigger. Don't come out of it. Stay in the gun. Keep your sights on the target. See what happens. You need to and this word of things that people don't practice. You draw. You get your presentation. You get your side. Need to prepare. For the next shot, so for every shot fired. There are two site pictures. Let me say that again for every shot fired. There are two site pictures. There's the site pitcher before the guns goes off and then there's the site pitcher after the gun goes off. That way. You are prepared for the next shot if you need it. If you fire two shots. There are three site pictures. That is a mental thing, but that is something you can really drill draw shoot, you know. Sight picture fired a shot. Stay target, stay on target, stay on target and now binger straight comeback. Re Holster slowly. That that's good stuff right there I think. Doing that you could make a little AMMO. Go along with a hundred or two hundred ground at the range. You can get some serious practice NGO. All right appreciate your call Sir eight six six. Talk. Get you here. Just call me at Tom Talk Gun, of course, you can always check us out over at gun. Talk Dot Com. CHECK US out. We've got a lot of cool stuff for sale over its shop gun. Talk, Dot Com. We don't push it very often, but there's some cool stuff here if you in, check it out. How do you prioritize? Your practice. And also. have. You had just about enough. Up This how you prepare you as you go around town as you go about your business. How do you have you changed? The way you think about this nonsense, eight six talk gun. The pistol that redefined pocket Kerry just got even better. The ruger Elsie P. to has improved sites and easy to slide a larger textured grip surface for a secure grip and recoil reduction and a short Chris Single. Action Trigger Pool for real world accuracy. That, there's no reason to ever leave home without your Elsie P. to a serious pistol in a sized package learn more about the L. EP to at Ruger Dot Com. New, since nineteen thirty seven ducks unlimited has led the charge on wetlands and waterfowl conservation. Warm. Wetlands reduced the effects of flooding at recharge our drinking water, but perhaps most importantly they allow us to experience. What makes the outdoor so great? Band together to rescue our wetlands. Or Honey Badger defense line features the new three fifty seven twenty green load, performance, specifications or thirteen, hundred and sixty five feet per second from six inch, revolver and thousand nine hundred feet per second from eighteen inch carbon barrel. Since this projectile is a precision machine monolithic bullet, there's absolutely no chance of failure due to over expansion fragmentation of the bullet. We think you'll appreciate the honey badger for the least complicated reason in the world, it simply works black y'all ZAN munition, the power of performance. All right back to the eight six six talk gun. Certainly get you in here. A lot of things going on several states are having changes in their gun laws that take place July one. Coming right up. Virginia. Has I think it's ten new gun control laws that were passed. there. It is a prime example. The adage elections have consequences. What happened here? Let's recap. What happened in Virginia Michael Bloomberg came in with his money. And he got a number of Democrats elected last year. They were elected on the promise that they would. Restrict gun rights. They would take away guns. And Bloomberg's able to buy enough advertising to get people elected. And frankly I would just say this a lot gun owners. Did Not Take the threat seriously. They didn't see it coming. And they got elected. And they started introducing bills and they were horrible bills. And we had a big rally. We went to the state capital. Probably had somewhere between forty and sixty thousand thousand people. At the rally. Gun Rights People. Know Crimes. Shootings! No accidents? We've cleaned up our own trash. We brought trash bags. We cleaned it up. It was cleaner when we left. Forty. Thousand Sixty thousand people left then before we got there. The legislature did. Nothing. Respond they. Basically it's we don't care. We got elected. We promised Michael Bloomberg. We would be. His gun controls shells. And that's what we're GONNA do now. We have ten new gun laws going into effect their gun rationing. Can't buy more than one gun a month you know. Red Flag. Laws University background checks. It's kind of the whole wish list. Of The gun ban movement. So that kicks in Indiana. They're going to have a change positive change. In that defy concealed carry permits now going to be free. There's no charge for that. That's a good move. As a look at what happened in Virginia. And we have another election coming up. Are you registered to vote? Do you know if all of your friends are registered well, how would you know? Will you ask them? It's not intrusive. It's just smart. You ask. Are you registered to vote? I hope you don't get someone to give you that old. I well, I don't want to be on a list. Let me, just tell you. There are some lists that are worth being on. Imagine signing document that says I am committing. Treason. I openly call for the overthrow the government. They're a bunch of people who did day you know. The documents was called the declaration of independence. That was a pretty good list. To be on. So. Please don't give me the whole. I don't want to be on a list I don't have a concealed carry permit I. Don't do this I don't do that because I don't want to be unless you're already. Own lists if you're buying guns. And if you're not registered to vote, I'm just sorry. You're not you're you're part of the problem? We have to register everybody. We have to get the vote out. We have to make people understand. And I get it, but as a couple of people said recently look, this is a binary choice on the. President. We have to keep the Senate. We have to keep Donald Trump in. It really is quite simple and yes. He screwed up on the bump stocks and he screwed up on the take the guns away due process later. He says stuff. He just does. But what he does is different. And so far he's been pretty good, not great, not perfect, but pretty darn good. And your only choices, trump had pretty good are biting absolutely horrible. Where he promises to confiscate guns. He promises to ban. Gotcha promises to ban your full capacity standard capacity magazines. He promises to have gun rash. He promises I mean. All the whole shopping list from the gun control movement. That's that's Joe Biden. So there really is. I mean seriously. Is. Anybody saying. There's a choice here if you're a gun person. You can say well I wished trump didn't i. get that I understand it, but that doesn't mean you act like a baby. Suck your thumb ago. POUT in the corner. You Get up. You Register vote simple as that all right it just is. Now there's an interesting. The Gun Ban movement the gun ban industry. Floats allow triable in terms of verbiage. And frankly they've been pretty good well. It helps it to have the media behind him at getting. Their scary words out there. Steady nights special from way back, ghost guns. ASSAULT WEAPONS SNIPER RIFLES Things that are designed to scare people. Things that are designed to confuse people. Terms they can use and get picked up and people use them a lot, and so the latest one one day they've been using for quite some time actually in different for different ways. Loophole. Created this mythical thing called the gun show loophole where they claim that you on a gun show. Of course you don't have to pay the laws except for the fact that. At Gun shows all state, federal and local laws apply. There's no exception to gun shows over. It is totally false, totally mythical. Totally made up. And yet people believe it. So they decided to go one step further. With loophole. GonNa. Believe this one, but yeah, you probably will. Now. They're saying this whole second amendment is a loophole. These be closed. The entire. Second? Amendment is a loophole. It's a mistake. It's something that should not have happened. A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a Free State. The right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. The second does a grant. Anything it doesn't give individuals citizens anything. The Second Amendment is restrictive. The Second Amendment tells the government. Keep your hands off. This shall not be infringed the right of the people. That's that you'd be all the people the right of the people. To keep, that is to own to buy. To have and to bear to keep him bear bear means to have. To have with you to wear on your person. The right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. It's not ambiguous. It's pretty straightforward. Which is why they think? The only way that they can get what they want, which to confiscate guns to band guns to literally banned private ownership of guns is to get rid of the second amendment. How do we do that? We declared a loophole. It should never have been. It was a mistake. I don't know. Maybe everybody was drunk today that they came up with the second amendment. Maybe we'll get rid of it that way, but it is absolutely their idea and their plan to try to get rid of it. They've been trying to do it to the courts, and that's frankly the reason that push should donald trump's. Two hundred federal judges now. He's put on the basis. We need some more justices me. That's what this election is all about. Come what you do when you get in the middle of one of these schwalier demonstration forties, riots have an expert who will help us out I'm Tom Gresham. This is gone. All right, we're back. Tom Gresham eight six six talk gun. Get you in here. That's our magic number. It's called gun. Talk because that's what we did. We talk about guns around here. Join me right now. Is an old friend? Good friend Ed head from a gun sight instructor, but also a career border patrol officer law enforcement Guy Hey. How are you? I'm nice to hear from you. Good to be with you? You know. We've had a lot of interesting conversations with. A lot of training with you over gunsight. You might just explain a little bit about your background. And how long were you with Border Patrol? I was born control agent for twenty four years over San Diego's south of San Diego down on the border And Let's see I was in air force security police for four years, and I've got a degree in criminal justice. And I've been firearms instructor for about thirty five years. So I saw you posting something about these. I don't even want to give them legitimacy. Call them protests the riots. Just reading a story about a woman who got caught in the middle of this, she's called Fredericksburg Virginia I think it was. She's called nine one one. They're telling her well. Actually it's an approved basically approved riot. It's approved protest and there's nothing we can do. The police are monitoring it from afar. No kidding. That's what they said and she's in her car and they're these people are bidding on her car. She's got her little kid in their kid of screaming and she's scared out of her mind. And the official policy as well, you know. Hey, they got a permanent. As are. What are we supposed to do? What's the average person supposed to do in the midst of all this? I think the first thing you have to understand is as our mutual friend. Michael Bane says all the time you're on your own. And when you find yourself in a situation like that you can't expect help to be arriving in and pulling you out of it and save you, so you're on your own. what we teach. Gunsight is the first two principles personal defense our awareness in alertness. Aware are bad people out there in these kinds of demonstrations are happening and so forth. And if you know for example, there's going to be one downtown today. Don't go there. Don't be though it's awareness and then of alertness avoidance of these kinds of situations. Don't get yourself into these situations. You see something turnaround. Get Out of there. Like this woman, however, if you find yourself in the middle of it. And, they're beating on the car and they're trying to get in I. Hope You have your windows up in your door's locked. In second if it becomes a desperate situation, you need to understand that. Your car is a very powerful weapon. And if you have to run somebody over, or if you have to drive up on the sidewalk or run up over the curb or hit another car? You need to get out of there and use that vehicle offensively to protect yourself your love it, and then I went one caller according the dispatcher nine. One one person is actually telling her well. Don't run into any of these people who of course are illegally blocking the road and it's like I remember I. Want To tell people understand that nine one one dispatcher, telling you what to do not do is not legal instruction from a police officer. That's just somebody on the phone. You GotTa do what you gotTa do. You Do, and and how many of these videos have we seen? Recently where people are being dragged out of their cars, the windows are being smashed in there, being dragged out of their cars and beaten, and so forth in some cases, people have been killed. Why would you want to subject yourself to that so? If I like I said if it becomes a desperate situation, if they're just standing there and blocking, you and nobody's trying to threaten or harm you. That's one thing right when they start trying to rip you out of the car. It's time to get out of there. I've always use the example. I said look. If, they're in front of the car. Okay, I'm just inconvenienced. I'm here a table an inconvenience? If they're beating on the car now, I'm going to have to call the insurance company, but if they start breaking out the windows, the game has changed. The rules are different at this point and I'm going to do whatever it is because I am not going to get pulled out of the car. If I have to run over somebody I'll do that if I have to shoot somebody do that, but not letting somebody reach in and get a hold of me in the car. That's not happening. Exactly, and and some people have gotten themselves in trouble because they get out of the car and engage these writers. Oh Gee, and again that's A. that's a bad move state in the car. And, you know the drill we. We've seen all too often. Some of our folks I call it testosterone poisoning. They suffer from testosterone poisoning. They WANNA. Get Out. They WanNa to confront these folks. They want to take them on. Not Understanding that you know, you may have been in a bar, fight or two, but you've never had fifteen people jump at once. No! That's exactly right. That's exactly right and as a last resort, you can have to use your firearm. Member when I sat in your rental car and shot out the windows. I remember that was fun. Yeah. Yeah remember when we did that, but you can shoot through the windows you can. If you have to, you can do that. and. Yes, it's going to be loud and yes, there's going to be last in flying around inside the car. But if you must, you can do that to defend yourself. You could shoot through the side windows, which will blow out, but if shoot through your windshield? It will actually weirdly enough just poke holes in it craze it a little bit, but it's not going to blow out the wind chill and. I've heard people say you know it goes to a different point of impact, our point of the point of impact, but for us when we were doing that I was getting pretty good hit shooting through the windshield. Somebody's know standing off the right on the hood of your car. I don't think you have to worry about too much. In the in in terms of deflection pretty much aimed for what you WanNa get to pull the trigger. as you mentioned the side when those yeah, they blow out right away, but surprisingly, and this is why I think it's important to have. Your door's locked in your windows up all the time and was pretty hard to break those side windows from outside. You've really got a pound. Right as someone is someone who is who has tried to break them out many times before either as an experiment on duty. You've really got a pound on those things, so they're up there pretty strong on the other hand. You're trapped in the car listening. You know going to the water or something like that and you're trapped in the car. You can't get that door open. Pull your pistol out. Stick the muzzle of the gun in the corner of the side window. pull the trigger in the window will disappear the nine millimeter glass breaker yeah. That's. Open the window. Actually. A friend of mine was saved nine one one nine eleven in New York with the buildings came down. He's a police officer there and special unit. NYPD And the gusts the big win picked up and smacked him to other officers up against the glass. Building there, and they were covered with abry and being crushed, and their pressed into the glass, one of the officers was able to get his pistol out and press the Muslim against the big glass fraud of this store and fire, three shots, and blow it out, and they were able to fall into the building with all this debris on top of them. Let's say their lives so yeah, it makes a really good glass breaker. Really does now I. Haven't heard that one before, but that's terrific I know several instances where people use their firearm. To break the window and get out of the car, so yeah, it works. I guess you hold on a second. We'll take a quick break. We're GONNA. We got some more things to talk about here. You Bet okay. We're talking with ED head from Gun Side I. Career Law Enforcement Officer. If you have some questions, some thoughts on this, you want to join US eight six six talk gun. We'll get you in I'm Tom Gresham this gun talk. For more than seventy years, Tim knee triggers has been enhancing the shooter's experience whether it's a local competition a day at the range or even the hunt of a lifetime setting the standard and aftermarket triggers Tim. Knee is now producing more than one hundred and seventy models of triggers for bolt action. Rifles shotguns a arrivals N. semiautomatic rifles proudly made in the USA since Nineteen forty-six. Find your new trigger at Tim. KNEE TRIGGERS DOT com. Attacks Happen every day. How will you react? See Real people put into real life. Criminal attacks situations on first person defender discover what works and what doesn't kidnapping. Robbery, home, invasion, and other attacks learn how to save your life and the lives of your family. Get the entire first season on DVD at shop gun talk dot, com get prepared shop gun. Talk, DOT COM! You got your carry permit. But you know you could use for training. Hit the DVD's. Which would you need? Springfield armory presents concealed, carry one and concealed carry to with battle grope learn specific concealed carry skills from top gun fighting trainers. Get train be prepared. This really is life and death. Shop Gun Talk Dot Com. That's Chop Gun Talk Dot Com. Thompson Center Introduces The D. C. COMPASS TO MTC compass to compact hunting rifles, featuring threaded muzzle and new generation to trigger system with Chris Blight poll for that legendary accuracy in the field available in popular calibers. TC Compass to is a feature, rich rifle packed with value, and the adaptability of the TC compass to compact is perfect for a broad range of hunters and shooters. Make the shots that count visit arms dot com. All, right, we'll come back. We'll talk with head from gone side. Of course you know gun side as the Harvard, have gun. These schools also a career law enforcement officer. Are Well. Remember one of the classes at gunsight. You're you're talking. You're talking about when you're driving along, you may have to wind down. It's Nice Day, but when you get into town in a place where you live to be stopped. You said you see sade each other shiels up. He bring those windows up I. Remember that clearly. Yeah, and you know a lot of these cars now go ahead and lock their doors automatically. When you go, you know, go fifteen miles an hour or something like that but even so when we get in the car now it's same thing shields up. Lock them windows up and away. We go and almost never even drive the windows down anymore. No, no, exactly I pretty much, don't either unless. Country Road out there. You just want to enjoy for a little bit, but if I'm going fast, it's too loud, it's. And you know you know enough of the old state troopers the guys who actually a lot of them. Ended up with hearing damage from riding the roads in the fifties with the wind down. Yes so little dealer! I used to patrol even when it was freezing cold with the heater on full blast and the window down so I could hear what was going around going on around me. What was going on outside? Interesting. All right so. Put us back in the middle. Where somehow we've ended up in the middle of a riot, or maybe not, maybe it's just. Three guys have come out. One's blocking the car and tour on. One side of your car. If you have to if you had to shoot somebody. I'm just thinking in my head. I think. What would I do I'd probably I would shoot. I would drive. Would get away and then I would stop somewhere and call nine one one and tell them what happened. Is that a pretty decent plan? Yes I think so I think the the thing is. You've got to get out of the danger area. And you do whatever you need to do to do that. which may involve? Shooting driving over somebody or something. And, yes, get to a safe place. Go ahead and call, don't. Don't feel like I have to stay right here. I'm going to get in trouble if I Leave the scene. That's that's not yet. You've got to get get away from the danger. The Dangerous Proxima. It's right there. You have to get away. Even if you just drive two blocks away or maybe drive a half mile away pulled into a parking lot. Call, say look. This is what happened. This is where I am. I can meet the police right here. I'm not trying to leave the scene of the crime or anything like that. I was just getting away so I could be safe. Is there any particular reason? These days to favor one caliber over another for handguns. I, don't I don't really think so. I like to say nobody likes to get shot with anything. They usually don't want. They don't WanNA stand there and take it. No, that was nice. Give me another place. Of any any of the good premium, defensive ammunition made nowadays in like nine forty and forty five, and you know what three eighty eight bad. There's some pretty good through a lot there. Any of that you're carrying is going to get the job done if you can get the hits. And you know we talking about that's the hardware side of it, but the shortcoming four so many people as the software side of it which is step right between your ears of knowing what to do when to do it how to do it. And you know. I swear I just keep seeing people doing dumb things that you can relate back to TV and you can tell they've ever gotten any real training. It's just that vacuum gets filled with something. And usually it's the stupid gun hailing we see on TV and movies. Yeah and that's why it's so important to get good quality training, and as Jeff. Cooper used to say people who people would ask him, so you teach people how to shoot nick say. Among other things. The mental conditioning combat that we do at gunsight and the way we. Literally Change People. They're different people when they leave after week at gun sight. What's going to give you the tools mentally and physically handle these kinds of situations. I've told a lot of people that and I know. He almost see their eyes. Gloss over, and I'll tell them look. You will be a different personal day five. Then you were on day one. and. You Know Bob, La, and a few of my friends and I won't make this blanket. Offer to everybody, but I've told a dozen or more so here's the deal. If you today five and you disagree with me, I'll give you your tuition back. I will pay for your tuition. I have never had anybody take me up on that. They all came. We say oh, yeah I I, look at things different I, operate. Differently I am not the same person I used to be. That's that's exactly right. The real the real product we sell at gun peace of mind. And it comes from having the ability to command your environment. Be Able to control. What goes on around you? And and that's priceless. I don't know what you could pay to have that ability and then not to have to live with fear. Exactly right if you had one thing to thirty seconds. Advice to anybody on this subject what would be? Your, no more a gunfighter because you have a gun, then you are a musician because you went and bought a violin. Get trained get high quality professional training. It's just critically important especially for all these new gun owners joining Iraq's. If you're a good new gun owner, or if you know new gun on her, and you're the gun person around help them get some training. It had thank you so much I appreciate your time. Look forward to seeing out in Arizona. Always a pleasure Tom. Thank you all right. You take care. It's up to us, we're. We're the gun folks in our in your community. You're probably the gun guy or the gun Gal. How do you help people out? What do you help people? What's the advice? You're giving people when they ask you? Because I know, they're asking US questions eight six six talk gun this gun talk. Oh Man This. Tom Gresham Gun. Talk. I'm just looking at this news. Story! In the Wall Street Journal. Reuters is carried it as well. They're saying that. remediated. Brimmerton firearms. GET READY TO FILE bankruptcy again. Possibly selling the company. To the Navajo nation. Now. There's no punchline here that Stetson story. You were remember that Remington went bankrupt filed. Chapter eleven bankruptcy a few years ago. Going way back. They were bought by was purchased by the service. Group they? became the Freedom Group. The whiz kids the Hedge Fund. Maltese Zillionaires Kind of seen so many times. It come into the. Firearms Industry. And they look at it and go. This is antiquated. This is old fashioned. Here's how we did it. At fill in the blank. Black and decker coke wherever they came from didn't matter. We can cut the cost. We can. Trim things back. And they do. Not Understanding that these are not widgets that we've been buying this is. In revenue if you're agreeing family. You've been buying green shells and green guns. For four or five or six or seven generations? Your family. Eight, seventy, seven hundred doesn't matter Levin hundreds love at Eighty, seven on and on and on. But. They come in and go with. You. Guys are just antiquated. You don't have to. Use allsteel. We can use this part in here. Unfortunately. They do. Not, understanding and I have corner. Some of these guys they come in from these other companies to gun comes. Up Now I. don't care anymore I'd say look. Here's the deal. You're gonNA come, and you're going to want to cut everything. You're going to want to cheapen into product, so here's what you don't understand that we the consumers. We know everything about your guns. We take him apart. We know what the parts are made of. We know how they're put together. And when you start changing things up, we want only immediately and we will share that information. This is not just a widget. This is the thing I buy with the absolute full expectation that it's going to last me a lifetime. I will be able to use it every year. And it will last literally a lifetime. If you change it so that it does it I will not be happy. and. Unfortunately it appears. That's what has happened here. I don't know what's going to happen here. Guys I I you know and this also affects Marlin. What's going to happen with Marlin? Of, course, this is a story. This is about to happen or may happen. We don't know if it will happen. And I don't know what the nation wants to do with. Remittances there was a couple years ago. They were going to get it and get out of consumer debt his. Market! And Start. Making, smart, guns. SMART guns. Might want to look history of that with Smith and Wesson. How it almost destroyed. The company would Ed Schultz. The president had decided to do that to go meet at the. Rose Garden the White House. Yeah almost destroyed the company. We'll keep you posted on this, but this is. upsetting. I love REMINGTON products grew up in seven, hundred, the eight seventy and eleven hundred. I hate what's going on. I don't know where it goes from here. Fortunately, we we've got some really great. American gun companies out there. We'll keep working on that if making when we come back, I also want to tell you. About a way that can possibly help you. Not Get arrested for having a pocket knife as you go through various cities and states around this is important stuff. This gun talk gives us a holler eight six six talk gun.

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Toni Preckwinkle (Vote Her In, Episode 369)

Two Broads Talking Politics

21:35 min | 1 year ago

Toni Preckwinkle (Vote Her In, Episode 369)

"You're listening to vote her in the club. Ration- between two broads talking politics and author Rebecca. Save our guest today is toni. Preckwinkle president of the Cook County Illinois Board of Commissioners. Hi everyone this is Kelly and you're listening to vote her in a collaboration between two broads talking politics and author Rebecca Saive and we are joined today by a very special guest. So I'M GONNA turn it over to Rebecca to introduce our guest Rebecca. Hi Kelly and we're coming to you today in the midst of this new life we're all experiencing but we thought it was important as everyone is to just forge ahead do everything we can to be supportive of the women who are listening to this. Podcast all of us out there trying to be helpful to our surroundings in our neighborhood. So we're just really thrilled to have us our guest today to share some ideas with you and thoughts. Toni preckwinkle who's President of Cook County Board of Commissioners for those of you who may not know Cook County include city of Chicago population is over five nine after? La County is the second largest in the state so Actually is country. Yes I'm sorry. She's the chief executive officer and say those of you who are fans of voter in you know we're paying always special attention here to the role of women in Executive Office so she runs the government. That's larger than as I learned at twenty states. She obviously has a deep perspective. Having served several terms and she will be sharing with us today. Her not only things to think about those of you who are thinking about running for office in office helping other women runs but also on what we can do Generally to keep our communities and families secure and safe. I wanted to just before I ask the first question just on a personal note. Say That I've known President preckwinkle Tony as we are going to call her this interview for. I don't know more decades than I probably care to admit to but not really because she has just been a guiding light in a great role model for all these years so with that we thought we would start by Asking County. Sheriff wonderful for story About her own teenage experience getting started in campaigns and in the civil rights movement and how that motivated her in her life of public service. So Tony Welcome. And let's just dive right in. No thank you Rebecca for that kind introduction. Thank you Kelly. You know I was a teenager very interested in current events and global affairs and I was invited by my High School Social Studies teacher Richard Harmon to work in the campaign of Katie Maguire. Who was the first African American woman to run for City Council in Saint Paul Minnesota where I grew up? So we We talked to family and friends and got people to put out yard signs and made phone calls on her bath and You know stuff envelopes all the things you campaign. I really enjoyed it and Believed in Katie Maguire. Of course she's a win. The election and that was a disappointment to me when I came to Chicago. I decided that I continue to work in political campaigns and that was in the nineteen sixties. There were lots of opportunities in my neighborhood and I've been working in campaign so since ever ever since I was sixteen That's a long time ago. And one of the things that struck me was your point about Working on a campaign and not losing faith because your candidate lost. Well you know I thought she was a great lady and she didn't win the election and I didn't think any less of course for having lost the election and when I came to Chicago I went to the University of Chicago and and in Hyde Park. There was an organization called Independent Voters of Illinois which supported progressive candidates of whatever party and I got involved in I the I and worked in my neighborhood for for decades before I got elected to office myself and I think that was really instructive. I got to meet a lot of good people who were candidates and a lot of good people who are campaign workers and you know appreciate it. Of course the good work. That's done by by staff so I always say that that The the decades that I spent working for other good people good preparation for holding office myself. That's excellent as Rebecca noted at the top. You know we've been particularly interested in this podcast looking at women who hold executive a governmental office and there's lots of women being elected at two positions in Congress and state legislatures but not as many yet in executive roles. So you know especially in this moment In a moment of crisis what. What's your approach to thinking about leadership and the decision making role that you're in. Are there lessons that you're learning that we can all take from this moment? I served as all or the fourth ward for nineteen years and in the city of Chicago. Aldermen are sort of mayors of small towns. You have about fifty to sixty thousand constituents folks turn to you when they want to get their son or daughter into a good school when they're looking for employment when they're looking for housing when the mail doesn't get delivered on time You're you're the sort of first point of contact with government for all the people that you serve in your war and managing those disparate concerns that people brought to you and the different constituencies that you have throughout your ward neighborhood by neighborhood You know I think are good preparation for the kind of leadership position. I was able to assume in two thousand ten you know. My Ward was was very diverse Included University of Chicago Community Hyde Park North Kenwood South Kenwood and then North Kenwood Oakland Douglas Grand Boulevard communities that struggled for decades with this investment and gang activity and fires demolition and Managing to serve those very different constituencies. I think was good preparation for serving the diversity. That's Cook County and also the lesson you learnt as Alderman is that you've you've got to reach out as much as possible to the various groups that you represent your your Your ability to to be a good leader is clearly impacted by the breadth of advice that you get and seek so I made it a point to try to touch as many bases as possible an important decisions to make as Alderman and that surely true in this present job as well as you think about it in the press and job where you're responsible for a huge healthcare system and the criminal justice system in Cook County. How do you think about those decisions? And approaching them and again is Kelly pointed out in particular circumstance for in now. I'm blessed to have agreed Steph. First of all my chief of Staff Llaneta Hanes. Turner has served in County Government for quite some time she. She started out as head of our justice. Advisory Council being in charge of our criminal justice reform initiatives. She was deputy chief of staff and then and then chief of staff And you know you can't do these jobs without really good people around you and so your first priority has to be to assemble a really good team and in this crisis that you know. I've been blessed with a really good team. And that's been that's been indispensable to the good work that's been done so I would say the building. A good team is the first priority and then giving people a chance to to do their do their jobs and not micromanage or second guessing them Is Important as well so you could put good people in place and then let them do their jobs. And I I as I said I've been. I've been blessed to have such a good team and in these times in times of crisis Having a good team is just critical. It's always important but in times of crisis it's just critical and one other quick question on this front. I'm Tony can you share with us Is there any way in which you In addition to the having a good team and letting them do their job and all of that. Is there any change in in your role that these women who are running for office? Perhaps I should be thinking about in your messaging and how you relate to people or is it just that much more intense than usual. Well I think one of the challenges we have at the moment. Is that the president of the United States is not conveying a consistent message to people about where we are in this in this pandemic nor is he being honest about the challenges we face and frankly the federal government has not done the work that we expect the government to be prepared for this kind of emergency and that's most evident in the shortage of personal protective equipment and ventilators and test kits. So we've got some challenges both in the fact that the government wasn't prepared for the pandemic and that we've got a leader in place who is not. I think been honest with the American people as I said about the depth of the challenge. We face more what's GONNA be required of us to get through this. You know I I'm distressed. That he's presently talking about lifting shelter in place Orders April seventh. I think something like that before Easter but here in Illinois the projections are that the epidemic won't peak until the end of April so the shelter in place order needs to extend clearly until the end of April and beyond that as we're on the downside of the bell curve of of infection. But you know this is. We'll get through this you know. I remind people. This is the city that was built out of the ashes of a great fire at the end of the nineteenth century that survived the depression and the war in the middle of the twentieth century. And we'll survive this in the twenty first century but we need to be honest with people about the very difficult situation that we face that the the requirement for them to curtail their activities and to to shelter in place and how that will dramatically reduce the number of people who are infected And we've got we've gotTA talk honestly with people we're basically in a position where we are being asked honestly to to make economic sacrifices in the name of saving lives and I think if you put it that way to people it's understandable. There's going to be a lot of economic dislocation but it will save lives and you know those are the lives of our our parents and our grandparents and our aunts and uncles basically that the generation fifty and over it's also younger people who have a vulnerability as a result of chronic illnesses. But we're we're trading economic dislocation for saving lives and we have to be honest about the really good way to put it. Kelly. I know you've been home with your kids for a while now. And they're thinking about yourself as a mom and of course only the mom to. Yeah yes Tony. I know you're a moment. I know you're a grandma's well eventually seen you out with your grandchildren at a couple of museums in the past few years. Not recently so i. I'm certainly thinking a lot about You know Helping our children and our families through this and I know that you are as well. Are there things that you recommend For for families who are thinking about getting through this things that they you're doing That that we think are going to be resonant with constituents right now I think first of all people are allowed to go out as long as they maintain social distance. And you know going out walking You know it seems to me getting get some exercise not just Staying in your. If you're if you're able bodied not just saying in your in your apartment or your home. I think is a really good thing. The Sunshine is wonderful and it's a sunny day. So that's that's a good thing you know. I think I think parents need to be honest with their children about again. You know this is a situation where we're doing things to to protect. Ourselves and protect other people are family and friends and neighbors. That's why we're doing this because we don't want we're trying to reduce the number of people who get sick and this is. This is going to be a hard time for a lot of our families even with the federal intervention and additional resources is going to be a hard time. I think children. I think respond to honesty. And you just you gotTa tell them honestly. This is where we are. This is what's happening. This is why we're doing this. We're trying to do this. So that fewer people get sick and you know for children who are much less likely to be impacted negatively then than adults particularly older adults. It's it's important to share with them that the sacrifices they're making benefit you know their their parents their grandparents. You know the Nice lady who lives across the hall you know. I've seen some wonderful things on facebook and elsewhere about kids visiting through the windows of the nursing home where their mom lives and things like that. Any thoughts about Titties children. That are crossed your desk and these couple of weeks or that kind of thing is to keep them also focused on this greater good. Well when I always loved we had time was table games. My my kids love monopoly. I like scrabble but You Know Table Games. Card Games and just Family Activities I'm sure people watch a lot of television. But in the to the extent that that Parents and kids can engage activities other than sitting on the couch watching television. That's a good thing to my kids have been having fun. Doing zoom calls with their grandparents out. There needs to know how to set up zoom call. Justa hit me up on a help good. Yeah that's a really good idea. I think kids writing notes to their grandparents and and posting them and things like that which I think are wonderful I know you've got a busy day in front of you but before we close. I wanted to just ask you about your recommendations to the women's Listening here because you've been such a great community organizer as well as elected official all these years. Your thoughts on things people can do while. They're at home and social distancing that can further the political and community work. They're doing so. I'm a teacher by profession. A big believer in reading And as all of you who listen to this podcast. Rebecca's the author of voter in which is a great book. The handbook for people who are for women who are looking for an opportunity to serve and I I would recommend Doing a little reading. And you know you can always you can always talk to people on the phone Kinda I I'm encouraging people to keep their networks together. You know talk to your friends talk to your family. We don't want people to be Isolated because they're sheltering in place. I think that's really critical especially for our seniors. We don't want people who are confined to their apartments to be isolated there which means that you can call them. You can text them. You consume them as your children are doing Kelly. It's important that everybody stay in touch and Especially those of us who are who are able bodied. Stay in touch with with those who may be frail or elderly or challenged physically and I saw. I think we're GONNA put those of you listening. We're going to add some links to the end of this Podcast with Tony About resources for you for working at home not only with your family on behalf of your family but doing your community work how you can keep working on behalf of candidates and causes that you care about so do look pretty bad I WanNa just turn to Kelly because some final thoughts she have to ask Tony and then we will close and thank her and ask her to share information from Cook County about where we go to learn more as we need to. Yeah just wondered attorney if you could just you know at a plug for people might not be thinking about running for office right now in this moment during a crisis but I you know I think we're we're going to eventually someday be out of this moment in need to be thinking about getting people into office who who can help in these sorts of crises but also just stay today a so if you could encourage the women who are listening. I in the idea of a running for office especially executive office. Well you know I always tell people if you think you're interested in politics. Pick a candidate and work in a campaign you know. Every campaign is looking for volunteers May Not necessarily be glamorous work but you'll get to see from the inside. You know what? Campaigning is like and while it's different being a candidate staffer. You really do get a sense of campaigns. If you work in them taught I encourage anybody. Who's interested in public office to work in a campaign for a candidate believing it's It's eliminating and it's it's it's critical. Dr Democracy that that folks step up and support candidates they believe in so. That's the first thing second thing is I mean don't Don't count out your experience. I mean a lot of women are leaders in their their PTA parent teacher association or their leaders in their church or their they. They've organized a Park Advisory Council you know all of those kind of activities are good preparation for public service. Sometimes I think we think that you know what it takes to be. An effective elected officials having gone to Law School. But in my view in my view you know what's more important is being part of a grassroots organization. That's working to make change in your neighborhood. So you know and lots of ways as I said to to do that. School Church Religious Institution Just community activities. Those kinds of experiences are really really helpful. When you'RE GONNA run for office first of all they put you in touch with a network of folks who share your convictions and your beliefs and secondly you know they give you an opportunity to take on leadership roles and in ways that are beneficial to your community. So I you know I. I encourage people first of all the work in political campaigns and secondly to get involved in their in their neighborhoods in one way or another. No lots of ways. As I suggested to do that thank you so much for sharing needs minutes with us today. before we close as I said is there any For further information given the fact that we're in the midst of this This pandemic in Cook County. You can text alerts cook. That's all one word allergic cook. Eight eight eight seven seven seven. So it's alert cook all one word. Eight eight dash seven seven seven. And you'll get periodic texts updates about where we are in terms of the pandemic and actions. You can take action. Government is taking on your behalf. So that's one thing I'm if you want information about the the cove in one thousand nine the virus itself we have information line seven eight six three three three three one nine seven eight six three three three three one nine it staffed by medical personnel between nine and four every day seven eight six three three three three one nine So you can call and get information you can get. You can sign up for text alerts. We have more than thirty thousand people who've signed up for text alerts system and those will provide you with with information and and You know opportunities to to be better informed about About our presence state of affairs and with that where we thank you again for joining us and hope you'll back in brighter times and send all good wishes to everyone listening today. Take Care and say thank you to vote. Her in segment is a collaboration of two broads talking. Politics and author Rebecca side. Our theme song is called. Are you listening off of the album elephant shaped trees by the band? Im- Yousry and we're using it with permission of the band. Our logo and other original artwork is by Matthew Whiff Land and was created for use by this podcast. You can contact us at two broads talking. Politics at G MAIL. Dot Com or on twitter or facebook to Bronze Talk. You can find all of our episodes at two broads talking. Politics DOT COM or anywhere podcast or found.

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Lee Uehara, How to Stage a Successful Virtual Event - InnovaBuzz 370


58:22 min | 5 months ago

Lee Uehara, How to Stage a Successful Virtual Event - InnovaBuzz 370

"Welcome to the inova. Bus podcast with l. Job is to help you don't visibility p- professional credibility and connection with your ideal client like putting a human at the center of innovative marketing. So you can build and strengthen and engaging enduring relationship with your clients on european straps from his and honored that your here with me if you haven't joined our wonderful marketing transformation community yet go to see and collect your free gift as well known do subscribe to the show and also labor review because it helps abbas find so. Let's get into today's master. Close on this podcast. When you have an inkling of an idea go for it don't sit on it because you could regret it later or you might not have an amazing opportunity develop because of it so i would say i'm about going for it doing it and then it's not being perfect but it's done and also no regrets absolutely do stuff. If you think you'll regret not doing it. Then you should probably do it. You know as long as it's law abiding and hurt anybody. Welcome back. i hope you've had an awesome weeks of if you haven't yet listened to my recent conversations with paulie innovator. Dustin miller and with photographer john d'amato then do check them out. But only after you've listened to today's conversation. I'm really excited to have on of bus. Podcast is my guest today. Lee way hara. A former teacher and reporter turned. Podcast is the co founder of pods on a virtual conference for podcasters and the co founder of the asian american podcasters association. She also runs four podcasts. Self and produces many alba's for clients in our discussion today late. Talk to me about the keys to staging a successful online event. We talked about keeping your vision in focus and taking action towards that vision. Leash it an interesting anecdote about a fly. Think mark pants and the lesson from that and without further ado. Let's fly into the hive and get the buzz from lee way era. Hi i'm your host jagged strauss from and overby and. I'm really excited to welcome today to the another buzz. Podcast all the way from new york in the usa. Lee way harrow. Who's a podcast a photographer a speaker and author and she's coastal pods on and host of the house of show. Welcome to the another bus podcast. It's a real privilege. Heavy is my guest. Thank you so much i you. I didn't know you were going to say so much about me. Oh my god here. You've got so many amazing guests. Thank you happy new year. Happy new year. You're getting you know it's the year of the ox. Did you know that the year of the ox. now. I didn't check it. But i'm just amazed that i'm in twenty twenty just flew by and close. We had so much stuff going. Twenty twenty so twenty. Twenty one can only be better kinda seriously right. A new horizons great things to To do oh by the way. Do you have any new year tradition. Not really so. What i do is on the first day of the new year. I try to do something physical like a bike ride and drag my kid along and i figure it's a good time to do it in the morning because everybody else is recovering from their. That's right well. I i actually did take advantage of those times. Yeah so when when it's quiet exactly so you know. I just hope that your listeners have an amazing twenty twenty one. Yes sola best for twenty twenty one and let's hope that we get this get on top of this virus. All across the world is exciting developments with immunizations. And andy. vaccine's coming down the track. So let's hope we can get back to some some sense of normal and have a kind of boring year in somewhat. Good point all right. Well i had the honor to be one of the present on on twenty where where i met you. You hosted together with danielle. So it's wonderful to follow up on on that appearance there with the conversation here on the another bus. Podcast you know. And that's everybody listening. Needs to know that that's how it works when you connect then you connect right. Yeah that's right. It's all about building human relationships. Now you started off fuel career. I guess as a teacher. And then you transitioned at some point to podcast or photographer. And i know you also do a little bit of training which is another hobby of mine. Now headed you first start podcasting. And how did that come about that. You transition from the casting right. Well we have to turn the clock back a little bit before the teaching where i was in publishing an and was an actual news reporter. Yes and so. I had the equipment in a drawer collecting dust somewhere and one day i decided to pull it out but with a friend who said that she would like to start a podcast together. And that didn't pan out. But i had the equipment on my kitchen table. So i thought why not. It's not an and i've been thinking about doing a podcast for forever. Like probably some of the listeners. And i have to tell you just get started. And that's really what i did. I sat down and i just started recording. I thought well now is better time than any. It's it's interesting though you. I guess you had the equipment you your intention was to use it in your news recording career but then you the motivation for starting. The podcast was more equipment. Who might as well use said. What did you start podcasting about in the early days nearly days. Yes so. I really had no plan other than you know what i had started a youtube channel and i had this tip. I made a video called I think twelve plus tips on how to stay warm at an outdoor football game and And so i thought i would use that as the basis. I i knew. I wanted to provide tips of some sort Hacks or you know resourceful living ideas. And so i thought well let me let me start with that one. Because that's contents. I already had know. Repurposing content is fabulous for this purpose. Especially when i had no idea what i was really going to do the show about a long term you know and so i think i also might have done a review of an nbc. Show here called. This is us in the jimmy fallon show and maybe even the half full asari. The halftime super bowl. Performance here in the. Us was really not not planned out at all. No and and what kind of what was the transition then to something that had a coherent same going through it well. And that's what. I think folks find is as they do their shows and they're moving along you you refine things or fine tune them. And that's what i did in phil house of leeann y c became a show for life's random hacks how to's tips in. Diy's and i recently started a new show. Can i tell you about that one true. So i'm nine episodes in at the time of our recording here today and i decided to put it all together all those things that you mentioned in my bio so i started a local neighborhood news. Show fo- surco going back to the news news reporter there you go. We can't we can't. We cannot run away from who we are. I guess in the end. Yeah and so this is about what's happening in your local community correct and tell you getting the word out about that one so anytime i need someone which is what i would do with any other show is. Hey do you listen to podcasts. And no can i show you. Will you pull out your phone. Let me show you how this works. Let me subscribe for you. You're one of those people that subscribes somebody else. It's been working all right. Well let's talk about pods on then. And when did you start i dot pods on and why sure will thank you for asking. So we're now going on to our third year and pod. Thon is an annual virtual conference and we started it well before covid and so as again. We're in our third year. And i also co founded asian american podcasters association and. I got together with danielle zere. Who's the founder of the women of color podcasters group and we've formed pod don as a way to highlight podcasters of color as speakers and we wanted to provide a stage for folks to present their amazing content and then go on to other bigger stages globally which is what has happened and the reason we started is because we noticed at the time. Many rejections were going out in terms of speakers. Submissions and speaker notices at a bigger hod casting conferences and we thought why why wait for somebody to say no. Let's just start it getting. Yeah that's a good tip there if you're getting lots of rejections from teaches your might start your own. That's right. which is why. I started the news. Show the What what some of the challenges when you first decided to stop pods on. I mean you mentioned it was your intent was to go virtual right from the get go so had nothing to do with the pandemic. It was a conscious decision just as a business model what what was some of the challenges to get it off the ground. Get people on board on. Get it up and running. Yes all of that. We had to find speakers we had to find attendees we had to let people know about it and create create awareness and excitement for it and then what was your final question how we got it up and running we use. Zoom zoom is amazing. I've been an account holder for years. Her the zoom when you zoom was what you did. Further sessions itself the One of the things. I was curious about all kind of and remember how i how i across pods zone. And and what kind of prompted me to get in touch. But i guess it was. I must have seen something that said calling for speakers and so well putting a pitch and obviously got accepted. I was really impressed with the whole process that you went throwing looking off the speakers and getting speakers prepaid knowing what to expect from the sessions so weld on that because i've had other experiences that were total opposite route across the spectrum up to really good and Headed you so. What kind of things did you do to promote. And get the word out to attract speakers Well thank you for the compliment. We do take pride in the way we run things and how we got word out. Is we just sent words to everyone. We knew hey. Would you mind sharing that. We have a speaker window. Open a submission process open and please if it resonates with you. Please share it. And that's what folks did you know not everybody did. You're always going to run into a no somewhere right but it's it's to you know. Put that to the side and keep going. What were your criteria for selecting speakers so with anything you want quality content. You want a really good pitch and one that it tells folks what they're going to get from the presentation but also a really attention grabbing title for your talk right so no one wants to hear. Oh here ten years of what. I've learned through podcasting. Well that's not a very punchy catchy phrase is it. You should have to repackage it. So we were. We were also looking for qualitative Presenters meaning who were really invested in putting on a good talk and i think In an earlier conversation we had you talked about actually settling for a much lower number of speakers than you had planned initially because the quality was so important yes and so we decided that we wanted quality over quantity so of that meant. We only had ten speakers than that's what we were going with. Unfortunately i think the first year we had our almost twenty for the two days. But you're right me you know we don't want to waste anybody's time we don't wanna waste our own time and certainly we don't want to waste time of of the speakers to Yeah it was certainly a pretty impressive lineup. The second time around. And i had the privilege also to be on a panel discussion on the other people on that penha laws completely blown away so i know you've introduced me to one of those people but that was a fascinating conversation that really. I mean it was totally free flow. It was all about How you conduct interviews. If i remember correctly and that was were given in terms of coming to the party there was three questions and then we had a bit of a rehearsal got to know one another and it was just magic are really good quality content looking forward to finding out what's going to happen in twenty twenty one so he plans on the books already we do. We do july seventeen eighteen. Sorry july seventeen eighteen twenty twenty one. So yes the it's in the books and we are in planning stages now so we're excited as well. Thank you so much We'll have to keep a lookout for that and we'll make sure that people know about it so that listening and if i have a really good topic a really good speaker and can contribute some valuable information than said a lot of that gaza as a speaker as possible baker arkansas. So wonderful experience through the experience of presenting the but also the whole process from beginning to end. And even the lovely touch about a personal. Thank you card from you. And danielle with a photo of the two of you with hits hits on if i remember correctly and a little badge a little on edge a really wonderful experience over out. I'll thank you so much. You know we we. We wanted to say thank you somehow. So i'm glad that that that that touchdown reached you. I'm glad it made it over to australia. From new york. City didn't end up in a river. Someway look a lot of the votes. Apparently all right well. We'll move past that one so you talked about the rejection from the conferences. So tell us a little bit more about that in terms of what your experiences. Because i had arisen experience and also that was a core not because of the rejection because of the basically just being ignored and well it was It was the podcast movement. That went virtual in when i went virtual. I got excited. Thought off can go along. Because i hadn't budgeted on traveling to the us for the live event. Also virtual right all participate and all put in a space mission which i did and i got an acknowledgement saying. We received a speaker submission. We'll be back in touch and that was the last. I heard of it until until i started sending out the the anticipation emails of saying. Hey we've we've his the first set of speakers and then later on night announced another Bunch of speakers and also it will. I guess i didn't get a gig but would have been nice if the head of come back and said i'm sorry. We had always wonderful submissions. And you missed out on this occasion. Oh that would have been at least shorts the wrong way to do. I'm sorry that happened. Did you email them and ask what happened. But in their defense. I know that they do send out things so maybe yours when mixed through the cracks. I don't know but i'm sorry that happened. That's you know we we do our best to even even folks who don't make it to the speaker round we do send them an email and i'm sorry that happened on what send my name on. Just just have to be a bit careful workers as our site. It's not it's not about the rejection. it's i had come back and said sorry. You missed out. Would i wouldn't have been thrilled about it. But at would have been okay know are yawn and maybe some feedback would have even been gripe to next on. Give something more interesting right right what. What's been your experience. You talked to bet. Lots of rejections from the big conferences. So i have. I have pretty much been able to speak at most conferences. I apply to But there have been a couple where it just didn't work out for me but in terms of the the rejections when we started hotline we a lot of people were getting rejected or or just not accepted and a fair amount were podcasters of color and so we thought well let's just create our own stage and that's what we did. Yeah yeah it's a bit said that still going on these days. But i guess we're seeing signs of that all across the saudi. Unfortunately well i think things are getting better little by little. You know they're there. I think because what's important is when we see something we should really just say something and speak up and even if it's just a simple mention of hey did you notice anything about your entire eaker schedule and you know they're nice ways to say that kind of thing but i think it's important to speak up definitely. Yeah yeah i agree. If she say something speak about speak up i think what. Who's the quote by the ol- it takes for able to triumph Good people to stay silent. Yes that's powerful. And i don't i anybody anybody. We'll look it up afterwards. i noticed you. you're also into photography. Is that a lifelong hobie luck. I have as a lifelong hopi or did that. Come through your journalism right. So i have been of otographer most of my life Started when i received my first camera. Which was the kodak brownie. Way back when and remember that and We'll maybe you're too young for that but the one ten cartridges in one was a fox camera. Oh my gosh. We'll see so. You know joe still have in my cabinet here as it is nice. Nice well so then i. I was actually trained as time for. I went to school for that funny enough. And i have been a photographer on the side and never made it a full-time thing until recently i decided to go ahead and beat the photographer i was always meant to be and then covert hit. Because you would come to me if you want your your photo taken. When you're speaking at an event i am. I am a keynote. Slash event action photographer. I don't do weddings. That don't do but mitzvahs. I don't i just do strictly people in action as well as environmental portraiture so that kind of got a little I don't even know what to say about that. Other than i segue. Pivoted to using my photo journalism skills alongside reporting. And i started doing that right before. Covert and i. I actually worked. I was a speaker anti worked as a photographer at pod fest in Florida before covid really we. That was like the last live podcasting conference before everything got shut down. We were all quite fortunate about that. And then since then. I have not been doing speaker. Photos clearly But have i answered the question. I don't want to babylon yeah. Well the timing. The timing is a little unfortunate. I was speaking with john. D'amato who's a photographer new york city and he's very similar so he's had his photography business for a lot longer than he was he was a thriving business and of course when covid hit all of a sudden everything he was doing stopped a lot of what he was doing was events and speakers and authors because and he started doing photography the of virtual events. So you actually has figured out a way where he can. Present photographs of virtual events and also the virtual photography four the speaker on the author osa which still captures the essence of them and gives them some photographic assets that they can use in a marketing and websites. and whatever. yes yes and i. It's funny you mentioned that. Because i was thinking about how to do that because i do that. Just for funsies for friends. When i know. They're in an event. But you know the the fact that somebody's monetize that i really need to look into that as well. So that's great. I'm i'm happy for him. Good get great. Congratulations yeah well. Hopefully we can get back to some semblance of in person events. soon i We've just head out twentieth day here in in the state. I live in australia at twenty style. Zero new cases in the community zero which And given where we were two months ago that is really impressive. Did involve a pretty severe lockdown and severe restrictions on people's movement. Well i will have to say that a just a few hours ago new york city schools have closed for in person learning. So so you can have your son at home schooling. Well will still be learning but you know online so yeah there goes my tuesday so with the so. Have you brought in that photography into that local journalism. Can you still get out and about and take photos of what's happening around the community absolutely absolutely and you know the other thing. I did this for anyone. Who's looking to pivot or use their skill set. Which is this figure out an outlet for it. So what i did as soon as i saw the writing on the wall. I started an instagram account. Where i was just documenting what. I would see daily while walking my dog because really. We're supposed to stay at home. But because i have a dog i have to go outside. So that was one outlet. I used and yes. I do. Use my photography for the local news. Show that i now Produce correct Role was to get out with your dog. That's hot will I guess one of the other things. I was interested in your podcast. I know you've got several podcasts. Do you have any that involve guest conversations like we're having now sure sure in fact one of them will two of them are co-hosted and so there's always a conversation but on those sometimes you bring in a guest and then there are three conversations or three people in a conversation but yes i do interview and have guests on the show for sure for sure what. What can i answer for you about that. While i'm curious to know how do you go about preparing you. Guest and setting them up. Given the experience. I had with putts on our imagine. It's a very sarah preparation you know what i think. You're your process is a lot more thorough than mine. So i never take unsolicited People and i always extend a personal invitation. So a when i acquire guest. It's usually because i'm talking to them in. I've connected with them. And then i say oh. Hey i if you wanna talk about xyz and you wanna come on the show. Just let me know of be great to have you. And then what i do you know. Then you ask for the profile photo of course in the bio and is this the kind of information you're looking for your should i keep going okay. And then and then at the beginning of the oh and then i'll say you know we'll talk about x. y. and z. Right and let me know if there's something you don't want to talk about because i'm not doing gotcha journalism. I don't wanna do that right. And then at the beginning. I will record their consent. You know Could you please say and say your full name and spell it. What's the date your grain appear on the show. You know though unusual disclaimer stuff and then we just get right into it and sometimes you know with guest. You have to stop the recording and and mentioned a few things if if the show's not going or the episode recording is not going the way you think as the host should be going. Yeah that's journalism background that you've always got the confidence to know. You've you have control and you can. You can stop in coast correct if things on working out as you as you want them. That's right you know because sometimes has this happened to you where you think you've got a really interesting subject matter with a guest you think is is like Entertaining as well right. And then it turns into book pitch or they're just trying to sell their products right. Has that ever happened to you. Oh yes right so okay. One that i went back and redid the whole episode. Because it was very self-centered at even the second time around does probab- octroi hans out probably wouldn't publish it right right and so just know that we we have. I give you all permission. I give you permission to give myself permission to stop hit pause on the recording. Hey listen i'm gonna give you time at the end where you can mention this. But you've gotta stop otherwise. I'm not gonna be able to use this and then you resume and then you know. This has happened a couple of times. But i also think that when when we when we do this will be taken this action where we say. Hey this is not. This is not we. Don't do this here kind of a thing. Then the universe in some ways stops sending guests like that. Because you see did you know. cosmos or whatever what your what your boundaries are. You know what i mean. Yeah being really clear about the boundaries. But i think what you mentioned earlier is is the idea of reaching out personally to the guest and building that relationship to with allows you to then jumping lock you've described if things are not progressing properly if they're doing a picture so it's funny because i was having conversation not with someone who has been on my show but will we actually connected about something else and we were having this conversation and i don't know how we got onto it but we were talking. The question came up of. How do you manage guests. Because he's a podcast as well. How do you manage a guest that comes on. You clearly can tell rod from the get go that you don't actually get on with this. I knew this no human connection there. So how do you manage that. And i said well i've had that happened a couple of times. What did you do. What did you tell us what what did you do. Well i look for the things common ground and and spoke about those and then dug into those so it was and you have to be prepared to let go of you know. I'm not going to be disposed. Not going to be my best friend and after this conversation the relationship might go as separate wise again and that's okay but right now it's about getting them to share what they have. That's evaluate my audience. Yes and i think you were very clear because you knew the goal you know in anytime you stop and you think or are you have to and think Is this going. Well you wanna think about what your big picture goal is and whether going and continuing meats and fits with that. Yeah that's right and occasionally i've had a show where i thought on hunting called publish. He saw got some recordings said. I've never published for whatever reason. But then i got back to the personnel say. Look we're not going to publish. This gives them the reason. Yes exactly exactly. I've had to do that a couple of times too. I think we all have you know the more that you do it. The more that will happen but the easier it gets when those things do happen. That's right and if you do. That's why i like your preparation and the philosophy of building that relationship so first of all. You've you've decided that person's interesting enough to have on your show so you approach them to bring them on. Then you have the conversation around Building a relationship. I and let's talk about xyz. Because that's the thing that i think is really fascinating about you and would help my audience and Then i think that sits the whole environment in a way that almost guarantee success. Yes i will say. Thank you for that and i will say that a couple of times when you speak to people one on one. It seems fine but then you put a microphone in front of them and they freeze. And then i was just like i cannot use this but in that case you know i i really appreciated some of the information so i i just chopped it up and did voice overs. So sometimes you think something is unsalvageable or unusable. If that's a word and and you can find the nuggets like you were saying earlier you know. Go for what you wanted them to share. Yep that's right her i will. This is fascinating or could talk more about oli sings podcasting. Photography and women even got onto bike by culture. Now you do a little bit of by catching us little about that. Wow thank you. that's a. That's that's really funny that you mention that because yes i was a concierge by coach for many years and what that means is just was a high end coach that worked around my own hours and i was certified right but Before i do that. I wanted to ask you. What kind of photography do you do me. I do probably mainly landscape and animal photography. So at the moment i'm trying to capture these Their coach purple crowned lorikeets. Who for the first time. Since we've been in this house which is being well over. Twenty years. I've come into the garden into one of the flowering shrubs that we have here feeding on those shrubs. They actually there around every year over in the park but now they've come into the garden so started photographing them and lots of joy out of that because they're very colorful but also very fast moving and really well camouflaged. That's quite a challenge to photograph them. Wow so you'll have to tell me off line like what lens and stuff you use but You need to email me one of those pictures. I've gotta see this okay Back to bike coaching. Well i was in a previous life. I was a motorcycle instructor. And when i found out that you could become certified is a bicycle instructor. I thought oh my gosh. What a no brainer. And i could probably reach it affect more people in change their lives and and teaching children and adults how to ride and ride better right in traffic commute that kind of thing and what was the question you what. What am i supposed to be answering about that exactly. Just tell us a little bit more better at night. Hey got into that. So and and a lot of and a lotta people marvel because they think everybody knows how to ride a bike and that's not true. That's not true. And in fact i a lot of my customers or clients were adults as well as children and so in fact what i want to say about that is. I started by coaching. Well yeah because it was easier than motorcycle teaching right. But i also wanted something where i can work around my my son. I because at the time. I was a teacher and i took childcare leaves that i could take care of him and i knew i wanted to plant the seeds of owning some kind of business and working for myself and that was what i had at hand and and i really i still enjoy teaching and so i thought that was the way i could continue to work and do it on my own my own time. And that's how that started but i did recently when i decided to switch over to being a full time photographer. I stopped becoming bike coach. I stopped being a by coach. And in fact i still get calls. You know to this day about. Oh hey. Can you help me like this. One woman wanted to have helped writing up a hill here in new york city. That's very steep and my answer to her. what so. I basically ended up coaching her for free via facebook messenger. Because i didn't want her to go away. feeling dejected. do not teaching anymore. But like i my theory and my philosophy is that one can ride up a hill. You just have to be in the right gear at the right time always really. That's all it is yet. And there's lots of i mean that that's a great Note to finish that that little conversation. Because there's a lot of fabulous metaphors. I sometimes take out of my bike riding and and the anyone can write up any hill. you just have to be in the right gears. Crite metaphor in business are one of the facing a challenge. How you can get through. You can get over this challenge. You just have to have the right equipment and the right support. That's right. that's what kind of bike riding do you do. I do lots of road riding. I also a little bit of mountain bike riding. Not single tracks stuff. Just janos fire tracks and Royal trials alright. Trials are a lot of fun recently. I put some water tires on my roadblock and started exploring some of the gravel roads. He which is fun too because there's not a lot of traffic mice. Heck i will listen feign fabulous. We've covered Podcasting we've covid Photography was covered bach riding. So i think he'd all passions that i have So it's probably good time to move onto the buzz which is our innovation round. And it's designed to help a audience and listeners who primarily innovators ladies in filled with some tips from your experience of got five questions and ugly will give us reeling software. Alliance's that'll inspire the listener. Gundy something awesome as a result today. I hope so. Gosh that's a lot of pressure. But i'll do my best. So what do you think the number one thing is. Anyone is to do to be more innovative. Yes i e need to be. You need to be yourself. And i know you've got a funny story that goes with that or about what. Oh my gosh the funny you bring that up so what you're referring to is really as capturing the essence of being one's self. And so what he's referring to is a recent pta parent teacher association election. That came up. I was new to the school with my son because he moved out of elementary school. And there was a position open. That i thought was interesting and as we all know. Most positions within the peachy. Don't an election because nobody wants to do them in so but apparently i was wrong about this one position and so there was a another candidate and she was very experienced and had done a lot of good things for the school already so she. She was sort of like an incumbent of sorts. although she'd never held that position before. And so basically i. I reached out to the candidate and i said hey because of these unprecedented times you wanna do the job together and she was basically like no and i was like okay game on and so an and i couldn't withdraw because the the leadership had already posted are bios sense it out to all the pair body and i was like okay. Well i'm in it now. And so basically i came up with this dick where i use the recent. Us vice presidential a debate as part of it. Remember when mike pence had a fly on his head. And so i created a fly. And i put it on my head but before then as i was about to go on they called my name so that i could you know it was my turn to give the speech and mind you. This is all during zoom and it's alive polling voting process. So you're sitting there while everybody's voting in front of you right so you've got a smile and everything so i thought okay. I'm about to go on the call. My name and in a split moment a moment of doubt. Oh should i. Should i do the fly. The fly act and has like oh. I don't know if i should do it. But then the split second later literally the words were nah. I just i gotta be me and ultimately i won. The election was sixty percent of the vote with fly on my head swatter. And i'm happy to show the picture of the year later but in that moment had i not been a hundred ten percent le- i probably wouldn't have gotten sixty percent of the ida who knows what would have happened. But because i was me. And i did it in authentic way. And that's when i say be yourself you've got a truly be you end offensive. That's that's really important isn't it. It's not couldn't the the the different to what they will experience. When i work with you and and i'm guessing that you had plenty of substance in your speeches. Well yes yes. I thank you i did i gave. I gave a good speech. I thought and the thing is. They said that we had a minute and a half to give a speech so as a speaker i said i said what's the time limit gave me a minute. Half an i rehearsed in rehearse to get it down to that minute and a half. Where's everybody else was like. Six seven minutes literally was policy. But yes You have to have substance in you have to. You just have to be authentic. I know i sound like a broken record but and the preparation is another important there. Which i think you glossed over a little bit but you rehearse rehearse do not just with in the timing so i'm assuming that you will so make sure that the message was still very clear even though you probably trimmed what you started with down to that ninety seconds. Yes and doing it all. I'll do that ninety seconds and figuring out the best did he says so. The fly on my head would stick and and how to position the fly swatter so the zoom camera would hit it. Just right. I mean a lack goes into election. Y'all zoom great. All right. well what's the best thing you've done to develop new ideas yuppie. Be myself literally. So and i i know it sounds maybe mundane and boring but if if we are ourselves and we're allowed we allow ourselves to be ourselves then we have the freedom to brainstorm and come up with the wacky hist craziest awesome wonderful ideas and to pick from those and see which stick and of course take action on them. Yes yeah right okay now. Do you have a favorite resource use. Most often so i love transcription A i artificial intelligence rights transcription so Wait state the question one more time. The my favorite resource yes resort. That's my favorite resource. Yep so you use it for all your podcasting. So i use it. Also you know what i it's. It's one of my productivity tips. And what i do with it. In addition to transcription for podcasting. Is i use it to write books. So when i'm walking my dog. I'm also working because i hold my recorder up to my mouth and i and i i chat up chapter and then when i have it transcribed. I have the draft of my tractor or section. So that's a that's one tip. That i i absolutely adore and i try to tell everybody so. I'm glad you touched on that. Yeah yeah that's a great great way to do that. And one of the other things. I'd i've been using it full more more. Recently to you know you talked earlier about repurposing content. If you take. Let's say a podcast and transcribe it but then take that transcription and just really taught it up and turn it into a complete blog post or mockby a solar video that i've done. I've done a lot of that with with videos that have done. And then use that transcription as part of the either whether it's a of blow post or A lesson that we're doing some of our courses that's right that's right and you can pull from it and use quotes for social media posting as well you can do a lot of things with with co once you've created the content you. There's so many options. You're absolutely right. Wonderful all right now. What's the best way to cape a project on track. Best way to keep a project on track is accountability. So you can buddy up with someone and agree to check in at such and such time or Or you can have a a group of people and do what's called co working session pods you keep open either facebook messenger or what's app or email some kind of or even google groups and whenever you want to get work done you can say hey anybody up for co working today and you know open up a zoom link and do the work and maybe even use a pomodoro time you know the twenty five minute increments of work type timer who here. The accountability is a really powerful motivators. And i locked the idea of the yes. Votes co working session pods could even do it on. Zooming have people on video so you can say them actual and not goofing off doing something else. What normally happens is you say. Hey you check in and then you turn it on you turn off video and the the mute the microphone and in twenty five minutes or whatever. The determined agreed upon time is than the buzzer goes off and then you say hey. How's it going. did you get it done. Should we do another one that kind of thing but you could keep a video on if you wanted for sure. So it's kind of like a mix of the pomodoro with an accountability. Buddy isn't yes her on and you've probably answered this already but i'll ask it anyway. What's the number one thing. Anyone can do to differentiate themselves be yourself and what you said is take action on being yourself. Yeah i love it. And he's given us plenty of examples of that. How you do it and and ideas for how to be authentic around that as well. Yes and You know if. I could just add when you have an inkling of an idea. Go for it. Don't sit on it because you could regret it later or you might not have an amazing opportunity developed because of it so i would say i'm about going for doing it and then it's not being perfect but it's done and also no regrets absolutely do stuff. If you think you'll regret not doing it. Then you should probably do it. You know as long as it's law abiding and doesn't hurt anybody. Yeah that's right and i love. The done is better than perfect philosophy. L. thankfully this has been really fabulous network. Can people find out more back you and maybe even reach out and say thanks for your shed today. Sure the easiest way is lee. At house of lee nyc dot com. Easy will post that in the show. Notes to mike. Show people find it. And then i noticed a whole lot of resources. They that to your different podcasts. And other activities. Let's thank you now. Do you have some parting advice. Ellison today take action or whatever it is you sitting on and taking action doesn't have to be some jain normal movement. He can be as simple as making a phone call. It can be as simple as sending out an e mail or even looking at your email an answering your email. Now you might be thinking well. I would love to answer the emails. But i just don't have the answers right now. Well here's the answer you can give always is always being the flow of where you are and who you are and so if you don't know the answer to an email you must absolutely respond and just say hey. I need to get back to you on that but i received your email. Thank you and you'll hear back from me or i'm really not sure to be quite honest. And i need some time to think about blah blah blah right but always answer those inquiries in emails and calls. Even if you don't know the answer because you don't always have to know the answer. I guess i guess that would be my other tip now. I love that. That's an it comes back to that human relationship. It doesn't because it's like donelly people wondering and and we talked about the Ejection from the events before where that fits into this This recommendation if you're saying no to somebody to come right out and sign node but the caught open and honest and the rejection you. No this is the approach. I take when i get a rejection as i. It's not about me and that we should actually take that approach when we're giving rejection. That's not bad the person that's right. And here's the other thing about rejection. It's a double edged sword. So what i mean by that is in general rejection is protection. We're being protected from something from that situation and or being directed or redirected to bigger and greater and more amazing girl. And here's the thing. The other part of it is once you reject someone like from an application process or even like. I don't wanna go out. I don't wanna go out tonight Ask someone else you know that leaves that other person to go on to bigger and better things from your offer right sometimes when we reject things in people. We're actually helping those people in those things become greater. So that's kind of neat to see unfold over time as well so once you get over the grieving process of the rejection which you know sometimes. Some rejections are harder than others to swallow right. Then that leaves you open to so many other things. And in fact i because i was rejected twice. I was rejected both times. So if i had not been rejected these very these two specific times i would not have become a bike instructor and i would not have started my podcast and i would not be sitting before you today. So there you go. Yeah so wonderful rafer. I'm is not and finally then. Who else should i have on this show. And why so. I think you should have danielle zero on. And i think you should have. Andrew wong and the reason is because danielle desire is the co founder of boban and andrew. Wong is the co founder of asian american podcasters association and he has his own podcasting. Education arm called podcast. Jim i think and so. He's a wonderful resource a wealth of information And his interest he likes music plays. The guitar is very model out it. But i'm out in you now injure. Well we'll stay tuned for an invitation andrew and and daniel. We have been talking to danielle. But i need to follow up on where that's at of. Make sure that we do get daniel on the show so yeah. Thanks for those suggestions lane. Thanks also for sharing your time and your insights are generously with us. today are really enjoyed. This explored a whole lot of areas. That i'm passionate about two. So we hit it off straightaway. Offline you and i have to go on a photo biking trip. Yeah that's right can absolutely the right up that hill in neutral when we travel again. Thank you so much for having me. Hope you enjoyed that engaging informative conversation with lee and took something away from her episode. Least clarity of focus was evident threat. Conversation and direction focus along with experimentation. The whole concept of done is better than perfect philosophy. A really inspiring. I'd love to know what you took away from episode. Leave a comment below the blog. Post which you can find that in inova biz dot say a forward slash lee way hara that is l. e. e. u. e. h. a. r. a. all lowercase or one word in other biz dot. Co forward slash. lee way hara. You'll also find contact information for getting in touch with lee as well as links to her website. The house of lee nyc podcast who social media pages and the other resources. We spoke about in our conversation today. If you lock this episode please share it with two other people that it might help really important to get this wonderful information that my guests are sharing out into the world and into the ease of people. It could help tag me in that chair and already out to you with a special surprise. Lee suggested the we have a conversation with the other co host of padron. Danielle deceive her. And with andy wang managing partner at runnymede capital management and host of the inspired money. Podcast on future inova bus podcast episodes so daniel and andy keep an eye on your inbox for an invitation from us to the end of about podcast. Courtesy of the hara tune in again to the next episodes of the another bus. Podcast way. we've got more fantastic guests lined up including wealth mental jackson millan and business strategy and marketing consultant. Mike thanks for listening to this episode. Mike shoyer subscribe to the show to be reminded of new episodes. Free to subscribe and leave a review. If you like even amac. I'm asking you to leave a review because it helps other people find show biz dot. Co two joint marketing transformation community and a free gift. My team and i made for you. It's the marketing mazda mini class. We want to give you everything you need to. Transform your marketing. Indoor human sounded relationship focused whereas injury until next on on your stress from in over these remember. Be awesome and keep innovating only.

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RHOC: Cold Reception at the Housewarming

Watch What Crappens

1:22:38 hr | 8 months ago

RHOC: Cold Reception at the Housewarming

"On the new podcast Celebrity Book Club writer comedian and filmmaker Chelsea devante s and her friends recap and celebrate the memoirs of bad ass celebrity women. Yes. Some of the memoirs they cover include Mariah Carey, Jessica Simpson Demi Moore, Gabrielle Union and like a billion more yeah I want to hear what the Hell Demi Moore has to say that's for sure yes that's crazy. Years in the past couple of I know these are ladies we all know and love and who had been torn down by tabloids and sacked by social media their entire careers all while facing career obstacles and relationships and incredible triumphs that have come out of all even stronger listen subscribe to celebrity but club right now and stitcher apple podcasts or your favorite podcast. APP. Crafted. have been so much that. Is. Wrong. De. Rabbit. Band. Hello Welcome to watch crap ends a podcast about all that crap on Bravo that we just love to watch I'm Ben Mandil Kerr of the game brain podcast also real house housewares, kitchen island, and joining me is the wonderful and hilarious and ever. So handsome. Carom what's going on Ronnie? You. Beautiful today, of course. You. Know what just look good. So I shaved my long hair off. It went on a journey was very long and then I buzzed the sides off which was fun and I had this long email in the front and like short on the sides and that was cool for a week. But then my bangs kept getting in my eyes and I said, you know what I wanNA. Have a Bangladesh existence in my eyeballs. So I just went and shaved it all off and here I am with little peach. Quite Insurance Journey. If you WANNA see what my hair looks like the great news is that this is a crap on demand episode, which means that if you go to patriotdepot dot com slash watch crap INS and you sign up at the crap, it's on demand level you get to watch the recap you don't just have to listen to it and speaking of watching recaps. We are super excited earlier this week we announced. That we are doing our first like real deal big time live virtual show a ticketed event. It's very exciting. It's using a platform called on location live and he goes on location live dot com slash watch. Crap. INS. To get your tickets, it's going to be on November twelfth at nine PM, Eastern and six. PM. Pacific and we're going to be recapping the series premiere of real housewives of Salt Lake City and it's really cool because you can chat with us. You can chat with other audience members and it's GonNa be really Super Fun time and it doesn't matter where you are in the world you can come watch us. So let's make this a big super fun experience. Yeah, we'RE GONNA right. Psychic, but I can tell you one thing that is going to be extremely amazing about that date November twelfth. The elections will be over. We're going to be back to peaceful times just kidding. Aren't going to be probably peaceful, but they'll be more peaceful k. you don't have to argue every time you see your family hopes. And? The truth is this people still will probably be riled up about something or another by then and so. Come to our live show and like you can check it out the door and for like ninety minutes, we can just be Bravo fans talking shit about pro starts feels like so far in the future saying November twelfth. Seems like it's really only ten years away. It's close. Real close so I guess technically it's two weeks from today so but it's going to be a super super time and you know Ronnie you and I are such Hams. We love having an audience and I so I know we'll be like. Extra ridiculous. Because that's just what we do. We're like there's someone watching. Another. Not For literally ten hours okay. So today is rule housewives of Orange County whoop. My. Own. They said well. Emily. Up. Previously on real housewives of orange. County one who wants to do shots. more herb her hips don't lie but they do hurt sometimes. So this is a big episode. A lot happened I thought was a great episode. I'M NOT GONNA. Lie I thought it was great. I was super into it. I love. This might be ever kind of real housewives episode when there is a super super super petty. That escalates to ridiculous screaming and things being thrown at a party but the underpinnings are actually something very real. So I really love that it's a great makes for very real and very, very stupid. A stupid fight that is somehow more than alcoholism. That's like that's what we tune in for right kind of more than alcoholism but it's also you know I am getting triggered a lot because I have a lot of. Feelings K. about myself and family. Everybody around me and I do find myself screaming at the TV A lot. But you know what? I'll just save it for the I'll just save it for the recap as it goes. Yes. Save it for the show. Yeah but we open we know it's going to be good episode because we get shots of like what Orange County really is. It's Yoga on the beach it sightseeing through ocean binoculars. It's white people dancing really widely. At Boardwalk. Yeah. We see Archie are one of our favorite animals I actually almost feel like archie gets short shrift with there's been a lot of talk about to. Charlie. Challah has risen to number one in Bravo pets. Sorry. But Challah is number one right now but I, feel like archie is never really part of the conversation and Archie should be part of the conversation. He's like one of the few full sized dogs that we have on on the show aside from storm but I'm sorry I feel like storm is disqualified because he's economy cow. That's Dog You. Know I'm not saying storm thirsty, but it's not old reason of getting storm thirsty it's like when you meet that like really needy girl on your block, the guy, the three legged dog just as she could say, she has the three legged dog like all the dogs in the place she got three legged one just to say, she got the three she's the. Nicest my my my rescues better than you rescue. My father we. Kind of storm to me store and also ozzy names do matter when it comes to I, think like ranking dogs or pets not to say that there's a good name or a bad name. But when you see if I were to look at a German shepherd and a hat, a certain sort of name and then I look at German shepherd has a name like storm. There's a chance that the name could be the deal breaker in terms of which one I'd like more to be honest you know well, actually you mentioned it storm is named like that's how Berry Berry the X. Men right she plays storm and then to also Yes. From Black Panther from by Panther and who is dog we talking about Archie Archie Comics. archie is you know I mean listen like Archie has the. Classic Storm is storm a storm I don't know I think that I don't know I. also the other thing that's going storm, he shares the same name as dateline reporter and so. Storm Phillips, of course. So that kind of like me from like less Lauren Phillips when someone just GonNa name their baby like rains I mean that's a that's a commentator. That's a news person that needs something named after Him Dallas, Raines Dallas Rain, I love Dallas Raines. raised. Look at your forecast today. It's like, okay I got it. The weather man named Dallas Ray. Limit a crazy. That's what this isn't about that at all this is about archie the dog and how he feels about salmon being in the kitchen with a giant shooting target on her refrigerator been. Did you notice that a giant shitting target? Yes, it's a squatty potty shitting target that she's no, it's a shooting target. I did not see this readings look at I'm GonNa. Say you're right now anyone crap demand can look because I've been talking to show you. Look at her refrigerator door. It's shooting like when you go to the shooting range. So yeah. Like human sized shooters, human sized shooting target. Like a magnet no, it is like one of those silhouettes of someone's torso really dark guy which means that she went to shooting range I was like I got a bullseye. My Fridge see not only got one Bullseye Scott. This poor piece of paper what thirty times I mean, how many holes are on their salmon and there is one dangerously close to the Weiner here. What you can see it's funny because I was GonNa say that this this this image has as much personality as David Door, but it would make sense that then shoot at thirty times. Well, he does have holes in his heart that's for darn sure. And she has a surprisingly I level clock as well in that kitchen to she. Diary idol. That's very low clock. That is definitely. For, Shannon to see it because it's like riding level. Well. I can't have doctor Moon says I can't have a clock too high because I, will hurt my neck and as we all know, my neck is my emotional zone. So the more I strained my neck to look at the clock, the more emotion I become how happy We're looking at this very closely this shot of Shannon's house very closely. This is this house as a damn. Shannon now I know you're not buying this house, but there is such a thing as too much ship lap. Okay. There I said. People who live in a barn. Sorry Jesus knew you were born in a place like is too much. There is a suspicious should. Wood paneling shit on the walls it's like the files. That it's not what they call. In. Very British way is that what they call that? This is a little different because it's it's different lengths. Length but yet, it's like striped striped shape township my. I wanted to have something called chip lap because I am running laps these days because I'm trying to lose weight and on top of that it's a reminder that would for David Madore that ship has sailed. Ship and sailed because I'm running laps around ship that assailed. Also, your cabinet storage, you know when you add on cabinet storage to the side of your. Look you add cabinet storage in cabinets, not on the outside of your fucking island. Look at this. She has a storage thing for all these iphone cables and stuff that are just hanging out. and. Then one was sponges on the side of the island not even by the sink what is happening in this in the sink I'll put the sponge one in the acid. Also what's happening over there? Shanna says she's not happy but this picture is telling me otherwise does she have a Spartan Nas burn a Tartan or the Tartan blinds that we see there. Yeah. Yeah And of course, we it would be remiss to say you know to not point out of those to Mackenzie childs. Vases actually as Mackenzie child vases go. These are really not that offensive because they're small and they're also done they have the pop of green is actually nice in terms of the plants coming out of them and she did them symmetrically. So as far as these hideous Mackenzie childs. Pots Go. This is really some of the best that we've seen but I still don't appreciate it here in this House I'm not into the black and white Motif of this whole kitchen and also the rooster the Mackenzie childs rooster the Rooster Oh there it is. Oh, that's the rooster might screens much smaller. You know the other thing is I feel like the floor is so like it's a nice natural tone and everything and I'm okay with the island being black but agreed the white and the black of the the shelves and everything. Yeah even those even lightning targeted black and white. Yeah and you can tell they have that super white late I would like some more warmth. Yeah. Okay. Guys So. The actual recap man 'cause we'll be here all day if we go. We've literally only discussed the fact that Archie was on screen, and now it's like analyze the entire kitchen island couture months. So salmon is trying to figure out her oven I. Guess She's got some meat in it and say. Look what happens when it's on the bottom John he doesn't even talk John Any opens the fridge and he's like, Oh God this smells talk rotten. because. Everything's good. Everything's good. I'm serious. I'm serious. Is it Iran smelled a smell right? The pathogens toxins. Money thing 'cause it's my sinus surgery John. I can't smell anymore every since I started going to the bathroom with Kelly which. All Her all right Kelly you not in. So. Well I for the ball since we're having a shot of housewarming coming up, I bought some shot glasses with Lennon's on them and I also want to come up with essentially lemon chat for the housewarming because you know my whole thing is now about lemmings because I'd like limits in a bowl and six years later I decided. I should capitalize on it. Everything is. All the time. And he's like, Oh, I think that's a great idea like he's just everything she said everything she says he's like what? That is a down home. Great back. It's a down home. Thumbs up for me. Who's me really down-home he's like whatever you want honey. And she's like it's just so nice to be supported for wants and we this is my favorite. When you got a flashback has some David doors greatest hits as that I inner party they held and he's just like deer the people will be fined year don't worry. Dear don't worry. That was the best because they didn't understand that the microphones could pick them up wherever they are member that with her first episode. Motorists second episodes where they had a dinner party at their house and they big oh everything's great. Okay me. Just, going to go help each other in the kitchen David you got. Here. Beer just calling David can't pay some payment. Line for six people. So. Club back to present she's like well I have a beautiful new house beautiful new boyfriend. There's potentially a rotten smell in the fridge bubble deal with that I shot a piece of paper. So I think it's a reason for me Grundy Fiesta Yeah. You know I wanNA that Jim Finish to all right because. It just needs to be finished. So, you want more than just that I can't take painting of your own face. It's like, okay. I'll go get my Peleton now you know I hate that thing it's clash public and my my vk caught and and the seat hurts my vagina and I got peleton's backpedaled from thirty to forty negative thoughts. About. He's like well, that's your pelvic bone and your body will get used to it. Okay. So anyway I ordered lemon outfits for the kids to serve with leggings and white t shirts with. They say let's get real lemony over. Gina Texan. Can she asked if she can bring emily. Talk about, Lemons. Stand for that one. I gotTA stick girl to turn that. Into lemonade. Can't smell the smell I still it smelled a rat. Did you notice by the way what they were eating dinner so when they finally had a close up of this beach because when they were cooking the beef like various, sad looking beef in that in that oven and then when they finally cooked, it was just like all grey, fully overcooked and the side maybe you can like look on the video you have their the side of vegetables would that beef? It looked like Like a mere plot not as mere word meson plus it it was basically just like lost. It looks like. It looks like I see what you mean just looks celery six. Like, you know what you're about to make a soup or most things you like you have. Your salary with celery carrots and onions. Carrots in it? Yes. You're matic's you're like onions and celery and you chop it and you saw and then you put everything else in Shannon like you know what I think. We're good. Good. Serve this stop we're not going to happen. Map Mirror there's a close up of it. That's. Like it's just like this little tiny chopped up. It's it's it's it's got to be around like. Like after it doesn't matter, it doesn't matter. What you're talking about there's There's a close up of the of the actual play and you can see like it's after the Peleton you'll see it's gonNA come up. It's after the Peleton stuff and it's it's getting closer to it though it's still. There it is. It's just like this pile and there's a leaf. Brown grey me. Some of the Salad Bowl try really work here on the salad he takes one little leaf of it. Literally has one lead from salad and like a pile of sauteed onions and celery. Gold. Place Mats for dinner with her boyfriend. Listen I actually believe that sauteed onion and celery could be very delicious on its own but it also in this context like a very sad strain. Aboard start to to. Well, that's when you start learning how to cook healthy. You know like they say when you first start eating Vegan you're like look at my Vegan meal and it's like a banana on top of a piece of white bread. You know just like Saddam. Screen so I'm eating. So. She's throwing this big lemon party, and now they're talking about emily he's like well, have you ever been fruits with emily and so while she said, where's Shannon and? Shannon come out. My said where's Fun Emily? Certainly say. By saying that that was inherently fun Shannon. See see how that works. Emily had bad gear last year and I feel bad about that. But you know what? She wasn't kind to me. She was not kind to me. And then we see clips in them fighting with Shannon. Thank you attacked right weight loss and Mike. And you have a bad year while I had my last year missy emily going I know I've heard about that over and over and over again. And then we come back and Shannon her voice trembling and she's like I've tried I've tried I've tried to break through with her and she just dismisses me all the time. She just dismisses me and then we got a flashback to when they're in Arizona and emily is like I'm just up trying to make A. Breakthrough with you and always shoot me down. You always should be down. So they clearly not emily dismissing her it's emily like trying to connect with Shannon and WHO's the rotten smell in the fridge now? Dons like well I. Think we're just better off being okay with it. You don't have to be best friends saying, I'll right now you suck sack a good influence but I was just about to start sobbing and now it's smiling time you little bits of salary on my fork us that's influence. appointed. I think I smell the oven be. Love left something in the oven. Oh, it's a little bit burnt. Cab have so many fun times here. Kellyanne Elizabeth, the Oh they're driving in a car. Oh, I should mention by the way the latest gas is that Mickey Steve Lodge maybe rumored to have been broken up to the following each other instagram for anyone who cares all view anyway. People in their sixties do that to like come on. Guys there has to be a certain age where we're just like, I'm not gonna I'm not GonNa like be petty by following somebody I don't like anymore on Instagram is just stupid okay I do make up a fake account then go on their instagram call the fat. That's how to handle this in your sixteen guy look. Route to teach you everything. He comes on right now. Big News Peacock the streaming service from NBC Universal is home to your favorite reality show you just go peacock TV dot com for free full seasons of Christly no space below deck southern charm American Ninja Warrior well, I man come on people we are a podcast specializes in Bravo. So if you WANNA watch your real housewives or better pump rules chef I mean I don't know what else have to tell you. Okay Guy. You Watch all these shows from the very beginning, which is very different because they haven't always been available. So it's really great to have this now and they have hundreds of hit movies, thousands of episodes of your favorite shows, current shows, timeless classics, timely updates, clean it out. Or what watch for free or upgrade for more on your TV tablet or phone? Okay. Go to peacock teepee DOT COM download in sought streaming map well. So. Kelly and Elizabeth there in a car and Kelly is She's GonNa be moving to what's called. Think the port streets is that what they called it. And those like fancy fancy neighborhood and is talking about Joe, Lee saying how like? Julius. I'm not all mom. She says like you don't even go to PTO meetings go to the PTO. Meetings where you go and discuss how you have paid time off, right? Yeah. We're not parents I guess that means now that I look at it. A is supposed to be what is supposed to be. What is it? PTA, parent. Teacher Association maybe this PG parent teacher organization or something I. Don't know maybe they've changed it over the years. It sounds very like war in the Middle East. You know one of those things you hear like he was working with the PTO and then they got bombed quit the hell are we talking about here? It could be that too I wouldn't be surprised if Kelly wound up in that organization we're working. I'm not talking about the. The booze. Too. So. They get to the restaurant and they're meeting GINA and Elizabeth Way A. Little. BITs. With Gi was already with her. Okay. So Emily Elizabeth there's so many like white girls from church names in this so I'm getting them confused very easily. So they sit down and he was like, Oh my God you look so different with your head down Elisabeth I mean, you look pretty I mean not that you when your hand was up you weren't pretty. Different like pregnant like attractive like someone be friends with now I mean like not perform but link it looks pretty now only gone home. Just Scorer I I caught some cried hair off another have gray hair. I was told I would get brown back after the divorce which are making tons of money from tons of money from the poor you. What is burnt? Even do like well, can't talk about. A gag order like an actual gag order like if someone to talk to me about. Who that was acting. Thank you very much. But I'll tell you this go to trial. We're go to trial and genius like what do ex well and Kelly. What does he do your eggs and Kelly he's Norwegian. Autoshop Kelly. Moron for someone who can talk about divorce damage she talks about a law shit or get off the pot. and. I'd like t t also K. and Elizabeth like Whoa. I'm going to have a big divorce party. We're going to spill the beans. That's what we're GONNA do we're going to spell those brings and goes like ooh Kelly seems to hate this girl. We'll tell me about the you have a boyfriend. Tell me about the boyfriend. Stupid right he doesn't even look at it and go. What you don't have sex when being like her access. So she's like so putting on a thicker accent, she says Feeding D. E. T. come on. Gina. So. Why would do that and the gala? So weird your free with free. And it's like. Well, he respects me cause American he respects et he's gentleman whose real gentleman one. Well. How long have you been dating Jimmy? I can either confirm nor deny what forces over. which then I was like Oh. Okay. So they're not having sex because there's probably something I, if she has sex like somehow it could be used against her like she's being unfaithful or whatever, and so they probably are having sex and she has act like they're not having sex that way she gets whatever she's entitled to. So that's what I'm so hold. That sex and so walk. God Big Spender Oh yeah. Citizens like I don't understand. Is it a religious thing because I don't even know you go down long go crazy quick as a best up can't even tell us sixty look. Like twenty. Twenty. Yeah and she's like, yeah, he's probably thinking somewhere else like a rabbit told you so then. So then Liz star search. What I met Shannon that Mozambique I'm like, of course there's a restaurant in orange? County called Mozambique and I guarantee has nothing to do with Mozambique, it's probably just like you get some secret salmon and like some rosemary potatoes but it's called those nb guy named by some it's owned by somebody named like Mo.. Dumping. Salmon oh. Yeah. So we see a clip of Elizabeth meeting meeting up with Shannon at both on beak and Santa Fe. How Hybrid member meeting you went? Do you remember what you said to me when we met? You said I'm the richest bitch ever going to be Newport. That's funny. I could almost do my on a boat going under a very low bridge left. Who says that? Who is this? This is Dana die from real housewives of Beverly Hills like has she died and just come into this woman's slobby. She's so much like Sopa czar. Yeah. But somehow works because I feel like again I think knowing that Elizabeth started a dinner cabaret. It informs everything like everything she does her onstage at like A. Thirty thirty seed little little corner and like who knows where? Formula. Rich Bitch. You have to meet Norwich County and. Save some some Salo's cocktail ulcer may or may be the richest bitch counter most the hungriest when I get it. Dare you that's Nice Tech. Well, I'm shot. She's trying to be your friend. She kicked me under the bus. Like well, you know at least it's a new way least didn't throw you under the bus actually like kicked you under the bus better because it means you were already kind of on the ground and. Dick you. Well guess what can I say something Braun wins been taking shots about me and the Condo Okay and then Shannon's piping in saying that she. So my house and she found it's sad and depressing both words said in Nazi at all sad and depressing. Okay. That's what she said. You're Bronwyn snubbing Meyer okay. Yeah. Don't bring me nine Lemons in a bowl and insane shit like that guy. Yeah and so. No I expected from Bronwyn but then you know like when I became friends with Shannon, took a long time but I think we got some. Authentic you know what I'm saying and if Shannon but Douala's seeing that then to meet and she's not a friend. Yeah, I. Mean we see why their friends and what so authentic and it's when Shannon took her on a shopping trip to Beverly Hills and a lot of stuff. Here my baby now? Okay. Baby baby address baby gets address. Yeah and she's like I've tried with her and Kelly says, yeah. Emily tried with her too and she's just like she hasn't hard to almost hard as I have it with Rick every morning he's still hard. I can't believe sixty s crazy. Shannon's almost three and she's not changing. I joked I thought looked like the Brady bunch but that's basically it. Oh so then the best part of probably the entire season as them raised their glasses and saying, well, cheers twenty twenty and Gina goes yet twenty twenty. Definitely it'd be better than twenty, nine, thousand, nine for me. I'll have a feeling. It's GONNA be. So, then Sawn is watching Bronwyn Cook at home and she's just stressed out. You know she's you know. So Princeton I'm stressed out watching it and sick where the kids I mean road will you give me give me five large people cops four little people get the manny get the fucking nanny okay. What am I? People for this. Exactly she and her Enron, her daughter's like that's it was very hard for you to say, mom's like, yeah we'll all the talks in my face at hard. Probably also the realization that you have, you live a life we have to say things like can I get four little kid cups and five cups please. Oh God, how did I do this to myself? So sees now twenty four days sober. She's a basket case. She says, sometimes, I'm so happy I WANNA jump out of my skin and sometimes, and she's like you guys. Here hateful sit down. Isabella stop eating your brother had stop eating. Okay. You get down off the fad often fan. Bloom just swab him mall down. Listen I. don't care if the cameras are there not. You don't have to pretend to start raising your children now. Okay. No. One expects you to raise your children get the hell out of. Yourself. Yeah. This time I was fascinated by what they were eating I couldn't hold. It seemed like there were all eating eggs for dinner which I fully supported by the way I couldn't did you see that by any chance? I really WANNA get a confirmation. Video. If you were. GonNa make me search for everybody's Goddamn. No, no. No, I'm not oh. Yes. You are am currently. Now, I WANNA know what they're eating I was I'm just more curious I would the celery thing I wanted visual confirmation but this I was curious if it was eggs or some sort of yellow rice but I think it was F- It is something yellow. Let's take a look everybody. What? We're playing the game of what is Bronwyn family eating. Very healthy I of I. See whether you're also thin they're eating salad. didn't sound I. Mean Abuse Your children if you want to Oh, she also got lemons in a bowl Shannon's mocking citrus. they're eating south. Polenta what does that maybe pull into? It looks like eighty to me. It looks like they're salad and and a big pile of yellow. Yeah I'M GONNA say GRIMM's or. They would do you think Bronwyn and Sean are serving grits in their home. The well not grits but they were polenta because it's a fancy way of saying grits. Yeah. Maybe it's plenty. I'm look at this kid she can't stop staring at the. Camera. I know it's like hello, you're on camera baby. Do you even know how this works natural fire that baby? We're getting to work with that baby a little bit more. Thanks. So I'm. So they're at the other making conversation, ask Brian asking everyone what their favorite part of today was, and like one of the kids is like I did activities and. Rohan New Combo in dance class and Jacob is like The best part of my day hasn't happened, yet it's when I fall asleep I can meet. David. He has by the way I'm Brian. Wins like okay it's time to get the kids ready for bed and then they just throw them to the nanny. Like. With this scene, she brings the kids the the landing on the staircase. Well I made it up five stairs. Feels good to be. Present, Anyway So, then brandon and Sean have a seen in their room and she says, you know it's It's a very again. It's very mostly honesty and but I also couldn't help laughing because the entire time they're talking about how? You know all these years I just haven't been as present as I need to be and I was I was felt like a good mom. But now I think maybe I wasn't a good mom I mean they had a front seat to my demise and you know the one thing I wanted to be good I'm a failure and I wasn't drunk enough for my kids and it was very very i. really appreciate her being honest about her feelings but I also liked how she's talking about how she wants to be present for her kids now while the nanny is actively Expanded literally coming to the nanny putting them. Assist Keno I. Mean there have been moments lately where Hazel has gone to the nanny instead of me and that I mean I, laugh it off. But it hurts and then she started coming to me that actually hurt more. So I told the manage was a lazy. Bitch. That ever happened again she was getting baseball hat too bad. Okay. Then Sean is like he's like I. Don't get a talk about my wife's problems anymore I know she needs me to be there for her but I don't think I could do it anymore tonight. So he goes Bronwyn it's going to be okay that's enough for tonight. Just. Like just like pats there. He's like I can't. He's like I can't deal with it anymore. I mean it's like twenty four hours a day talking about your feelings and your problems. He's like, okay time for bed I need my mommy. I can't. I can't do it anymore. So, now we go over to Kelly's new house and She's there with a real to rob and. It's. New Place in the port streets and. Her whole thing is she's like, Oh, been suburbia. Ho suburbia is gonNA appreciate it when I have sex with. Because he's Yoga's gotta dig. And then her interior designer comes over and it's like, please take your shoes off when you come in here just kidding stupid who cares it's a rental I don't care poop on the floor who cares stupid. Your door work. So she's basically saying how she doesn't want to be a Stepford wife like Shannon and everyone in the neighborhood has a Stepford wife. And Like Rick is renovating his apartment in New York and he's been in New, York City for twenty seven years and so it's GonNa be sort of like interesting to see him come out here to. Live in suburbia yeah. He wants to be ward cleaver and I'm going to say, hey, why are you so hard on my beaver ward cleaver are. She's been waiting for years to make that joke I feel like. Ever, since I was six years old I wanNA make sure. So they start talking about the different rooms and doing joe lease room when she doesn't want girlie anymore because she's older. And how happy Jolie is just to be around the family community and let's be honest. Mike. Not. Between. a highway and the quiet woman which was like Julie's only option before it was. Literally was there's a hot dog stand on the beach or the quiet woman where I get by with people in call them fat. and. Then I also Julie remains one of the smartest people on this show because we have a flashback of them house hunting Majoli and the realtor there in there in like a mcmansion and the was like look look there's view look there's a view right there jolie see the view and she goes of what another house. Another house right. There are you from what are you trying to pull a fast one on Jolie. And you know Kelly's new chapter and everything using journey journey future journey journey, and then we go to brought Mac Bronwyn, and she's picking up Santa now and it's really Stands like so. HOW CLEAN Also. Knows Shannon was not wearing a seatbelt by the way maybe that's why I was so tense because maybe wearing seatbelt and Brahmin. Didn't know how to ask her to put her on our seatbelt because we're driving somewhere it seemed very unsafe Shannon. To say. So. Good say put on your seatbelt law. Brown with like, I. Mean I'm fine. I. Just went to my first AA meeting and she's pissed off I she's not GonNa give me and ten it's like, oh How awesome I'm so happy that you way you know Dr Moon helps with emotions. So Santa's doing that thing where she's just like her her head sideways like she can understand you better. Do like you're a spoon and the garbage disposal she's like, why don't you? Shannon also always looked so uncomfortable when she sits in the front seat of cars, show his looks like. She is she looks like she's sitting on the shovel part of a bulldozer about to be dropped into a pile of junk like she's always like. Oh yes. Like her her her shoulders are always opt. She's always sort of like bracing. I may fall out of this vehicle at any moment. Able wear seatbelts. So they talk about Dr Moon and was like, okay well, look I have something to tell you. I. Don't really want to tell you but I have to tell you kind of three you under the bus the other day. I, mean that's part of it like you know saying when you're wrong sorry I was wrong I talked to emily and she said, where did you hear about my house being gross and gusting and horrible for people and I said Shannon because you know you did say it was sad and goes no, no, no no that was me I did not say anything negative. Off New. No I did not I did not and Brahmins like no. Well, she came over had a couple of drinks and set her house is really small and sad let's be clear. Okay I not Aligarh Okay I put food in my mouth every day but I did not say that genus kind of what's sad. Okay. All right. Do not put words in my Mouth Okay and then Bronwyn tells us like. Yeah she came over she had a couple of drinks and then she said the house was small and kindness, and here's where it starts. Now everybody who's ever been to a or has friends a knows that this is just how it's like a natural progression. So you can't even bitch too much when somebody does it. But whenever you start going a suddenly everybody around, you is a fucking drunk. The second you stick on your diet for a week everyone around you is obese and the town you know if that kind of thing that Bronwyn slipping into where she's like well, she didn't have a couple of drinks. Well, congratulations on your twenty four days man who are you accusing of what you'd better get off? My Ass? Not that you're triggered at all. Yeah So basically Shannon is now in full denial mode and she's like well. I did not say I. Did not say I did not those worst even exists i. don't even know what that word said. It's a sad sad. Sad. Sad. I. Don't even know what existed I. Don't even know. Sad we've it. What what what does that what? What a sad my vocabulary. Sad. More than three letters. Are there even three letter words in the dictionary? I just said that did my well. That's is there's one. Okay. Never Mind I take. Bronwyn messed up. She's got think when you TAMRA. Dealing with Shannon got more tamra timber would throw Shannon under the bus but then she wouldn't tell Shannon until Shannon finds out some other way and then that way tim would be like then timber has time to like gas. No. When I said batch is that you sat it but you said it because you wanted to be everyone's friend that you're a good person she's turning out against you. Oh yeah that's exactly right. I wanted to be genus friend. That's exactly right. Well I'm hugh to set the record straight because I did not say that and Brahmins like well if it comes up at a party I guess I well, it will clearly it will come up at the Party Bronwyn and Brahma says, okay she'll set it straight which we see how that works out later. So Dr Moons Office Shannon's like. Yourself, the reflection of the door and she goes oh my God. I, look like a mom. From like you are a mom. Today see Mrs Moon and shows like Dr. Moon can handle all of my ailments has this ability to tuning and he knows what the problem is and then he fix it now. He's placing it right now. Oh Oh, hedy jams me every time I Kau. and. We see a clip of him saying your belly button is communicating with the environment. and. So He's getting older and she's freaking out because someone's gotTa Take Care of me as a doctor moon comes in and Bronwyn Slyke you know how Dr me and my life has just gotten unmanageable I was drinking a lot and hiding at my aunt's a bitch I mean, what else do you want from me? POLENTA GRANTS GO? So, he's going to start treating her ear, the middle of her ear because that's where I guess he treats addiction and Shannon's. I never got that one is like, Oh, well, you know you never had addiction treatment. You had lots of emotional treatments but not, but not addiction treatment she said. Thanks for that. Thanks. Thanks for announcing emotional treat Mary Emotional Shannon. And it was anybody else at home just poking their ears because you know I was like. Am I still hungry hungry. So, then it Shannon Stern and To Go. Called a parent. I feel like an old lady don't don't open it up. Don't know that this is really no way. No. Oh, come on. Come on. Oh No a hate this one. No. How He puts a needle like in the back of her head, all God, no doctor me now Jesus and I'm not Jesus. Is Out. Isn't that? It's out. Is there run small my fridge still also in my head and around rotten smell my for do not now. So he's like, what's your anger about? Well, today it's about Wade so. I try to help my friends and why don't you try what are you trying to do to me I mean next to make me look bad and now, and now she's putting words in my mouth words instead of sauteed onion and celery in my mouth. Okay. This is the ultimate betrayal ultimate the trail. Of and we go over to Emily's house where she's getting ready in her kid Annabel has her little kitty and she's like sure you wrote it to go. Why are you laughing? He's like Kellyanne. An hour complaining I'm not even Randy, and then now you're asking time randy it's like, oh, we'll go ballooning say don't want to you call at. Q.. Skull. Omo. So, she's like well, I have no relationship with Shannon at all announced for house warming I. Mean it's like middle aged crocheting. Like I didn't totally get that but it sure. So. Then we go over to Shans House and she is putting her daughters and her like all the kids into. That's get real leggings. Of. Definitely getting flashbacks to the angels I don't know if you were but this is like the reincarnation OC lemons. These lemons so then we go to Gina's house gene and Travis and jeans I. You excited to see the how it's like super bushy thumb poets to me is like Oh what's that how they live I mean that's on the same street is They saw live there they have a show live. There was that street they all lived on the same street. What was the cause of death paint house lives? He goes yeah she says yet that's them. They should also reality show that like is like the reality show version of desperate housewives when that'd be so hilarious if they did that And then we clip of San Entering. What standing does her walking through the house growing? Cleaned that avenues to be. Something on the floor that are those floor boards where did we get floorboards from somebody cleaned up floorboards? Well, it wouldn't be sophie as room without a popsicle stick on the ground. How Onc-. My my shooting target has anyone archie archie to I should have made. Thirty. Times. I'm so happy. It's another popsicle stick. popsicle sticks. So back with emily and Shane, she's like home. Could you please be a good sister audible because and are going on a day I day? Maybe. You'll find one of the parties like how as not mind Guyana Parni. So. Now shands just cleaning more so. I, think. I think it's pretty I need a flip cocktail. By the way you know what's great is having a housewarming party and then making all your kids work at it like what the fuck was that all now, there has to get like. They have to they have to be the help at their own party the it's for Shannon to show off all of her new foods and staff. Exactly. So she's like, Oh, I'm so nervous I can't. I haven't figured out how to navigate my own bedrooms Oh this is Bronwyn stars. Why? Became Shannon. Twenty eight hundred Sabir. I got so many children. So. How did you attend children? So, Bronwyn Psycho I'm so nervous I can't breathe I haven't figured it out Bam, gate my bedroom sober let alone a party I mean i. don't WanNa tell everybody that I'm not drinking because I'm just weird Attala girl. Like, broke into a little Vicki. Girl hand like so So now Kelly's getting into the car with Emily Shane and Kelly brought a candle and she's like, Oh, you gotta set Shannon's Hell's on fire. Go. Orioles ain't doesn't even have to say anything remotely funny. Anymore. A Like. Candles a very calm in almost even lame gift. Like it's just like a thing where you're like I don't know what to do. I'm bringing a candle that he's like all candle. Burnt out. I wish Bernie down just getting. Like wall I'm getting close to I told you the other day though I told Jana about what Brahmin side about Gina's apartment, and this is so stupid listen to yourself. Told you the other day that I told Jean about Brahma said about genius bar. Listen style, stop yourself and he said we'll sound and said it was saddened depressing and Kelly goes. Oh Yeah. Well, this is going to be shining why would never never seen anything apartment new NU. New Me. And they start doing it. I mean listen they got her down pat say what you will about these two women but they definitely know how to percent. Me I would never. I would never say such a thing me. Windshield wipers. So. Then it Sanan Santa's training the kids. Yeah, and the cut she's like all right today we're doing tastes just bite size I wanna make sure everyone gets something warm warm. Those need to be smaller tiny salmon plates. All right. There's like lots of insulated as. Lemons everywhere exactly and Shannon's father arrives gene. He gets it. He arrives in a Bentley and he's wearing a blazer and he's like just the wasp. I always knew Shannon's dad would be. He's just like her here's my here's my love my lover Lady. Diana, I'm making southern. Does seem southern and just the way she describes him. She's like my parents got divorced when I was in college and he's a handful. Setting Down with twenty five year olds. anti-han well. They Hannah. Are One digit numbers apart one from each other. So he's a, he's a lucky man. I guess I'm trying to say is that he married basically me. and. That does not torment me at all not at all Diane. Shows like crazy? Too much surgery face how is Diane not a cast member on the show like? Like a like. Shannon and her stepmother and they're like a year apart Oh my God and she looks the part Diane look the parts they. Hello I'm Diane. Give it time. So Jiman- Travis arrive and All My. Cell Pushy look at the frontal. It's orange. Wall and Travis Rad. Babe Dot you ride. He likes stops in his tracks. It's like Whoa, he is so stoned right now he's like. An orange door that's radd. The backyard. Sick? Bay. And she's like you know what I definitely understand now why she would make the comment about sad depressing when my home could fit into her home I mean my home is like a Paulie clock at first home. Well my you know you're the one who said so Gina. Going Shannon can I pull you for a walk? So they they go to have a conversation with everything going. I'm hearing different things from different people. You know it's really easy for me to hear because my my house actually so small. So voices carry very easily and so I'm hearing a lot of different things going go on a chance I. What do you mean everything that's going on or are we discussing the Ron Smell my frigerator were you able to smile I'm not sure if it's still there is there any limit back my head I'm still convinced there can you know what's going on right now? Angela's okay you. WanNa start a fight with a Lotta in someone else's home is that what you want not the last person who tried to start a fight with them into Lada go look at the door of my refrigerator. Happened to him? All. Right. Well well, you know what Emily said that you said something about my home being Seattle and depressing and I was Sean Okay I thought we were cool. Okay. So Not. Not. Even My. My vocabulary and said, what's in other words you use the? DOPP DOT. Pasta. Pasta possum. What would the passing? What was that? Ever said that I said, it was small I said it was small, but I didn't mean like, oh Wow I meant it like, Oh, it's small and Brown came to see my house and she said I'm sorry to put it out there but I three go under the bus and I gotta be honest with you. I would never say anything about someone's sad depressing house being saddened depressing income. And she's the one thing. So constantly constantly saying stuff sand depressing depressing Aceh, there's no one who there's no way. Anyone can be happy living with that many children in a small place genus poor gene. Poor Poor Geeta she said poor three. Poor poor four times she she said, you know what I said I said it's this sad that not more people can see it. He can come visit. It's sad that there aren't more of our friends here to fill up this small space and I am depressing a button on my phone to tax someone about how wonderful your house is i. that's sad and depressing that's the context that I use. Yes. Is like, well, you know why I don't trust her and I don't like getting. She's been seen about things in my family and tell you right now I'm the type of person that if you say you didn't say that I'm going to believe. You know I don't believe t you would see their Shearman and well I have to tell you Gina I am a renter. Emily is a renter. You are an owner. You are an owner of a very sad and depressing little house and I. Let me tell you something. You may have a little shack full of hundreds of children inside as very small and very sad and very depressed, but you own it you own it. Okay. You own it. You out okay and I am. Sure, my house may be luxurious and spacious, and just start the lap of luxury I Aldea rent it so You Win you win see don't put words in my mouth. So, say to not let other people bring us down. You know you're sad i. know you're sad. Everyone's happy with you being sad do like well, I didn't WanNa Bring Doug activity a House K it's like there's nothing sad about your life right now except your house which is also depressing but. Out of you. So Jimmy Liz, Elizabeth Vargas show up and then. They show up in Sean Brahmin show up at the same time and Sean like, Hey, someone's pulling up and style. And then Bronwyn cousin I don't know why I mentioned that her cousin with them, but she's there and so Shannon. So all they all come in all all at once and Shannon's like. Oh Brown Robin I went to a never mind never mind. Undermining start. Awkward. She's like well, everybody else who is still thinking Tequila it's very smooth. Super Super Smooth. Very white smooth, very, very staff. Wait till you. Taking prime went would you like a diet nothing? Saddened depressing drink. How do I describe this? The Kilo- Brown? When do you have any help from I would say it's smooth hits. Your Palate feels like rainbows going off in your mouth hasn't trickles down your throat. You feel tacked us in your eyes and you realize that all will be well in the world. It is like magic in the form of liquid liquid. Tequila is the most magnificent flavor and the most wonderful sensation in the world. Now, Bronwyn, could I get you a glass of Sawdust? And BRAHMA think we're tasting Tequila God? Oh God. I. Like excuses herself to go to the bathroom and gotten in the bathrooms you were. Okay you were okay. You are okay. So them emily and saying her hugging and Emily's own way and emily in San Hugging and she's like owned. There's part of me that would like to a mountain Shannon would like me to be heard or party but who are we the? Yeah. I. Enjoy the party emily. Enjoy it so. So then emily meets gene and everything and at Emily's during the whole thing like there's a new fun emily less to shots. Let's do Margaritas I'm fun I'm fine. I'm proving my fun by more. which is the Nasdaq to position with the lady freaking out the bathroom afraid that she's not going to be fun anymore because he's not drinking there is that who sudden depressing now bitch. So, then Kelly meets Shannon's gene just. Oh, daddy is big DIG Daddy from Cincinnati. I have never met someone's father and said Hello Dick. Fatty Who uses the word big when meeting someone Father Kelly. And we are her Kelly. Dot. So bronwen now has come out of the bathroom and she's gathered self and then. Kelly is like goes up to Elizabeth and she's like look like so you look. So hamptons all your soya. So classy have you met big over there with the bulletin pants? Yeah. Usually Talk Wasp. Problem over the sandwich, the cow is getting ready for the party said save up to three, which is unusual. Can I talk to you? Did you try to you need to try my salmon even though it's a little bit you're still GonNa like it. So we need to tell you I've been really upset with you. I never said her place was sad. but you did Shannon you did. Santa's not in my vocabulary. I'll tell you what is in my vocabulary. Lovely. Kill drink. Would you like what? Oh sorry. Sorry. My bad I forgot again she's an owner, your mentor I'm a Renter Ambrogio like you said it Shanta and I don't you. Don't you fear. A. Don't. You Dare Town? Yes. Yeah. She just goes off the rest of the show you walking round going. You how dare you Dow you? Yes you relies on like the standard you know Karen. Tool pack right tool set right when all else fails and don't you dare how dare you happy don't you even dare dare double dare what a great show out there you watch double header. So then Brahmin goes oh now we come back from commercial or whatever and Santa like you must have heard me wrong. She was I asked saw when I got home I was like the can you believe she's denying it and he said I heard her say at. But I didn't think Oh. I'm. Not. GonNa go to against. One. Here, you how dare you and then we got Kelly she has a plate of Shannon's futures. This is really good. This is really good and she just puts it in the trash. I am sober now. Okay. I have a memory that I can trust for the first time ever. Okay. Well, I didn't I didn't have a drink either I didn't like you had you had you were drinking that I have one drink I had one. Drink split over several classes but it was wondering alone You had more than one. Okay. So here we go. Now everybody else is going to be wrong in every fight because you're fucking sober come on. So I will okay I totally get where you're saying and I fully I think that is like a real thing. It's like when when you go on a diet for the first time or things like that, sometimes there's a tendency to like project on other people that being said, Shannon, does drink a lot like she actually is. Drinking and it really is not out of the realm of possibilities that Shannon would have gotten does the NBA? Like, oh I'll you one thing that is a sad and depressing house okay. That is a sad and the press like this is situation where. Yes, what you may be saying is right but what Bronwyn saying could also be right at the same time. Yeah. But even if she did say it like having someone over and then drinking with them and if she did say anything is because Brahmins like God six people not little. House. That's sad and depressing art which we know she was doing she admits doing. So it's like you're talking shit around somebody else and if they don't fight with you until you know you are wrong and have a big fight with you. Then suddenly they're co-signing everything you're saying it's like oh she was saying. No the fight. Is You being bitchy about this poor girl's poor house. Okay and you were you admitted it. So why do you need to drag somebody else into like who cares Shannon even said anything you're the one with the problem with Gina. Trying to bring somebody else. Yeah. I mean she is well, I think she's just she's basically like I'm not going to go down alone and this is what like I'm just relying what Shannon told me and I think it's possible that Shannon said and. It's probably an offhand comment and like so often that you probably really doesn't remember saying it. Also she problems little drunk and Bronwyn hurt and was like I'm latching onto that. You know real latch onto different things slow brahmins let yeah. But BRAHMA didn't even say that until see was standing up for herself in front of Emily because Emily's is like well, I heard you said that she's like, oh, well Santa. Fat. Santa's when he said it to you. So maybe after Shannon it's like. That's not cool just. Definitely, take your her. When, when Brahma did does she definitely through her friend under the bus her friend who would who was just supporting her about Who is one going around Saint Bronwyn said your house to sadden oppressing and said, well, you said it to that would be different but Shannon didn't even say anything. Yeah. Like she's getting mad about gene emily who are trying to start Trauma Rama I think ultimately whether or not Shannon said it I mean, the truth is Brahman, throw her under the bus like in a way that was unnecessary and away that was sort of cruel to someone who was being supportive tour and and when the truth was that like. Again, brought Shannon may have said a prominent the ones in broadcasting it. So yeah, and especially for someone who's been like well, I own what I said it wasn't a very only moment that being said I still suspect that Shannon probably did say it and And it's all worth it anyway to see her get dizzy. So. One drink and Bronwyn says, no, you didn't more than one just like you know what Bronwyn you are really crossing a line here. Okay. You're crossing a line and she was like what the I started in my life how? Give me that first time my life ball shat. Mixed up all the time. What I used to make stuff up all the time because I was drunk all the time and now I'm. So I just hit thirty days today and I am proud of you but I would never call someone home said never ever how dare you how dare you to my mouth? I would say that. We had area. Either you're lying to me or you don't remember what I said because he goes no, you don't remember. You're saying she doesn't remember because she was so drunk. I can't if this is gonNA be a whole season of this. Okay. So I need to keep myself calm. I'm okay with that I love I. Love Arguments like this. Again I love a petty argument. This is my favorite. I hate the Oh, my God Ronnie. Well, you must have done it because you had a drink at dinner and I did it's like, okay you know what? You don't get a fucking parade for being sober and like remembering and you don't get a drink for you don't get a parade for having a less drink in somebody else. Well. Shannon's live while you're getting real manipulative right now, why would even talking to emily about me and just said, well, I answered a question. You know she asked me where I heard what I said and I said I heard it well, don't you dare accuse me don't you turkeys and have something that I did don't give something that I did. Also. Isn't true. That's not what happened where she said WHO said that her house was sad. That's not what happened. She said I heard you were saying that and you said we'll ask Shannon because she said it to so. And so she's like, but you did say it Shamshad did not you're the only one who has been talking about Gina every single time? But I own it Sanit you know what? None of us has just going crazy and insane disgusts Alcott stay away from over there. Just stay away from over there. There may be a candle that'll burn everything down been. So, this is my party. How dare you how dare you? Well, I didn't bring it up Shannon which is true and bring it up Shannon. So then Bronwyn, goes like she just goes over to Elizabeth and Sean and Jimmy, and she's just like Shannon won't admit what happened and she said I lied and she said everything I'm saying it's manipulative lately like no, like no, you're right like I'm different I'm different now. Okay. You get to know the real me all right and you may not like me sober turns to have a big mouth and I say things. Like. She doesn't know what to do because he's standing there teach. Your team. I want to be on your theme. Having. So Santa comes up to Emily Anti-nazi I. Want you know I never said anything bad about gene. Emily's like Whoa. What happened? Here's what hop on weird animals cow party. And she said, yes, I've said bad things about Shannon's place and Soda Shannon and Shannon said it was sad and depressing. She's like why did say small I did say small it is moral it is mall. Yeah, well Sheena small to Yonis also sad and depressing. Example. Let's just drink more this history. Soon. Brahmins like you know what? I have been talking shit nonstop behind his back and I owned that I'm pissed at her okay and you know the truth that every single time I try to be nicer. She throws it in my face and we got a montage of basically. Gina being an Asshole to Bronwyn Brahmins like trying to be nice like an for me. I totally forgot about that time when Brahmins, like you know you're like their little sister just shit up around. which is like the most little sister thing to ever do. Or the public school where violence like Your kids are public rights that. Public. Schools really take care of you. Don't they. It's like. Win. That fight I want to I want you need to be like so I heard you said that about my house and genius go yeah. It's fucking Savon depressing and I'm talking sick because you said, my husband tried to fuck you anything else is the fight. That's I think we're getting there. So brahmins like I have never seen anyone so ungrateful in my entire life. And I'm just like at a place in my life where I'm only owning truth. Okay. You're only sick as your secrets than of Shannon won't admit it I. Don't know where to go from here. I love that. I love bringing about speak to your only sick as your secrets, but they weren't referring to real housewives fights so. They were referring to whether or not you called someone's Condo Sad. That's that's my secret. My secret is Michael Genus. How Sad My name is Shannon Bator and I call someone houses someone's house. Sad depressing. So Shannon is just kidding I'm white backing chip you're going down. David I'm telling you. It's all worth Shannon's now I'd like level ten, which is my favorite kind of shadow where she's just like Blake deranged. Never, I would never say how sad I would never it's like ma'am. You're talking to the caterer would never say, let's see. How dare you? Yeah. And Emily just laughed and she was like if it were mission, we're just throwing me under the bus. She'll be like yo she said, she said she's so stupid like scandals. So So, then emmys like was she was she trying to say you were drunk and you don't remember what you said was she trying to say the you know this is what I hate. She's trying to use the Brian as a weapon against us, which is what you're saying Oh, did she I didn't hear her say that well, she didn't say that but she basically saying like this is what I don't like that she's using this as a weapon is what you? See is she is not cool but I also get Mike. You know creating something interesting like in a really shitty mood too and so you know part of it is just like you got that too like she became sober to while she was soothing the so says she's going through it all on camera and that's that's not easy. Yeah. She is kind of weaponising I think. Yeah. So now Gina's talking about now they're talking about the tax sean sent to over. no, there's OH. Look at me. I was roused like drinking my water like okay. Say by everybody now no. No there's like a whole thing that happens there's a whole they. You saw this part you saw this part maybe I deleted. Okay. Go ahead I'll probably do you want me to I can send you my notes woman and send you might know you gotta be almost over right It's relatively close I mean there's still a lot I feel like a lot of dialogue a lot of. A lot of notes action for welcome to Ben Theater. Ben. Theater Oh. Are, we talking about what the rest of the show. So Gina starts talking about the text again and be like you know what the texture just said. Did you get home? Okay. Did you get home? Made me uncomfortable? Okay. You're not judging but I WANNA know bound and all right now I personally didn't think the tax was that bad but I also I think I think there's a lot to feel uncomfortable by it. I was thinking about it I I think she's allowed to feel comfortable by by I think it's also kind of Shitty that she like Like, I think that well I don't know I. Don't how to say this because if she's uncomfortable about it, she's allowed to talk to other people be like Oh this is fucked up or whatever but I also feel like in a way braman has a right to be mad about that then has to be that someone said that her place was sad and depressing. because they were doing her a favor after they were out drinking issues to to get a car, and so they got her a car and you in Bronwyn. Insane that she was just some was just calling to check on her and she's making it out that he was like trying to prove out on her. I mean I think of course, you have the right to feel uncomfortable if you feel a guys being creepy with your ever, it's going to Tamra, of all. And being a laughing about it and being insinuate. Yeah like come on and it's sort of funny because Brahman came to the crappies. Bronwyn famously. Made a scene at our show where she stood up and defend Tamra so hard the audience and the entire audience booed her and she's like Tim. Great Fred. So. Anyway. So Sean is like. He's like from when we gotta go talk to Gina We gotTa Talk to Jean. Let's just nip. Doesn't buy it okay and so they. So they go over there and Elizabeth is like she's like, wow, hot. Never Seen Women Act like this I mean abroad with us big little known as the wrestling the. Oh So. So Promise Gina Can we talk I wanna I wanNA talk before before I'm I'm badly. Because you're. What you're crying, you're stupid. You're crossing. Just, cry, what did you take that Sam Lane discussing? stews horrible. That's was as hard as Rica's six am because. He's. Hurt. So prominence like like I listen to you, I don't know I'm just going to a lot of shit lately and then Shannon's lake and you have a friend who's there for you. But you put words now in her mouth and I'm there for you but you can't be there for you if there's words between you and me and they're in my mouth. So White. You heard at rock. You hear things wrong. That's what happens. Okay and so So, then show all much because now it's just talking to Sean and she's like I have been nothing but you guys and you put words in my mouth words in my mouth. Okay. Okay. John's like Shannon. You did say add it was sad you did say it know your wife is the one who keep saying how can you do it? How can I do it and I say it works for them. They have their kids are small. That's why I said small the kids are small small. I got it. I figured it out and depressing there was small and depressing. How dare you? How dare you come into my house and start putting words? It's my mail. This mouth is reserved for celery and onions. And saute. Cream cheese. In the middle of those words I do not want them in my mouth. This is a celebration for me and you're telling me I'm a liar you're a liar. Elizabeth has just watching and she goes Oh God Sheridan's. Oh God. So then. Shown, saying I have known for being totally truthful and authentic. And then we see Bronwyn and Brahmin goes okay. So I- Gina I have been talking Shit about you nonstop and I'm owning that that happened. And she's like, why why? Doesn't make it better. You know. So then at this point, Shannon has now progressed a timeout symbols going she just making the time out symbol with her hand gesture if I. AM. Happy for my friends time out I'm happy for my friend and all I did was talk about her happiness. That's why make the timeout gesture 'cause I want to say I want to take some time out for my friend who I'm happy for. So then is this. So I thought the show was over for some reason. So I don't have any of this is really not see any of this. I have the video downloaded. I'm looking through it and I see Gina freaking out on Bronwyn now but Bronwyn standing right in the sense so she's do consider. Does. And does that? Going off telling her off. So what does Gina telling her? So Gina says he knew what you haven't called or texted it all and just launching this attack against me. Okay and then goes you know what I really wanted to i. just couldn't find the time and I'm like you have to nannies you don't work you make the time and then Bronwyn this how she responds she goes well, there was a thing with Rohan and then I had a thing with Jacob and then I had to get a facial yesterday. So then. And then we'd go back to Shannon who is now pointing her finger pointing at Sean like maybe you getting to be stopping authentic. Maybe you guys let's get real ties in a ties. Let's get real. You get really get real. And Shawn's going Shannon Shannon so then Then, Shannon Turns Lebron's winning goes well, maybe you need to get authentic. That's. What's really going to say to you? Maybe you guys need to get authentic because I own my shit. Okay. Even though I'm technically a renter, we also remember that she owns inter own my shit. The fact is I'm having this conversation at a party that I'm hosting unbelievable it's like Shannon you brought this. Okay. So then. Cheetahs like you know what? Let's call Spain of spade nobody would be talking about my situation if your wife wasn't around launching some crazy fucking whakatane on me. Okay. So we. Got An issue TEAC. Attack, which I also feel like as a toy that you once bought when she was a kid, it's. TEAC. We all. Have Them. So she goes, if you add an issue come with me with your issue, don't go around slamming me because I don't have as much money as Ugandans. Now Fair She Bronwyn should've gone to her, but also maybe Gina should have gone to Brahmin about that tax message to. So. So Kelly well, how how do you know how much money? How much do they ab at Brahmins like? It has to do with character just like Oh. Yeah, oh. Yeah and this now reaching the climax writing this is the big big thing to happen. So she's like. You WanNa talk to me about character right now wake up your sloppy she wa Wa. You then she goes at this moment where you're going like, oh no, she goes Yin ethically. Yeah. You're wasted all the time like. Loops and then Brahma goes absolutely gina absolutely get over yourself and get over your thing with me. Kaoh Co on get wasted again Brahmin get wasted again. And then said Brahma goes I'm thirty days. Sober today. Bitch. Drinking my. Jag Goes on you you're acting like acting like it. She throws the drank fuck you. My God, I definitely recommend you going to watch those last I will. 'cause I finished my notes with Bron I was like, wow Brahmin got to finish another episode with like her. I have been sober for this many days or whatever, and I was like good for her and that my sign is Bronwyn if she's not even willing to admit she said at them I don't know where to go from here and that was a fun episode. That's he's like the natural conclusion it did. I like that but there's actually a very explosive final see. That's why I was saying I liked that it was like a petty fight that like blew up and but still had underpinnings in the thing 'cause I've been survey thirty days. Also like. Oh Man. Why? Why don't you get wasted? I mean I actually felt bad Virginia. Because she had no idea what she was. Right. She shouldn't be held people I hope people aren't making fun of Gina, for that because she she know but when you're like. Awkward but hey, glass that was thrown. We had an awkward fight. We had Shannon losing her mind. It was great. It was great. Great episode. Yeah. I'm Elizabeth walking around and her crazy person outfit. I was just scrolling through this video her big hat with thing around or. At least people are crazy. Well I'm fun so far I was episode three three miles. So that means we're a quarter through the season guys is it is it only twelve episodes the covert I think cut it short. So supposedly they're twelve episodes because Vicky was saying like, Oh, you guys you guys are so terrible you got twelve episodes that step as you suck. Lame you're buying which actually if the decency season's really good so far. So sorry Vicki's sorry. Victoria, and accent. To. So it's been really good since you laugh sorry bed. Really good. Then she posted something. Click. Bait articles at the House Webster paid to Post Worth Click here if you WANNA see inside by the Jonah and then you click it and it's like I like I like Velcro you know like never to. Though I saw. Again. Vicky. has something to say after everybody talked about her the. Episode of this real. Felt they didn't they never they talked about camera the whole time, but I don't even think your name came up. Sorry. Sorry, becky. Yes, ours vicks. Anyway. Thank you guys for watching. Recap here and for listening and definitely be sure to get your tickets for live recap of Salt Lake set. On. November. Twelfth. We have the the URL. If you can't remember, it's just our website that's also on our all that stuff it's everywhere. So we'll be back tomorrow without gosh this season from Europe southern charm. So I I don't even know what that's going to be like, but we're going to dive into it. We're going to do there's Much watcher by watch were crap INS would like to thank premium sponsors ain't no thing like Alison King Ashley. Savona, she don't take no Baloney Dana See dan do she's not just a Sheila she's a Daniela etchells. Let's rent some areas with Emily Aaron Aaron Nicholas. She don't Miss. No trick lists of gallow Weber Jamie. She has no less namie sipped some Scotch with Jessica trant Jesse and okay higher than hi Rez she's Lauren Peres Megan. Bird. You can't have a burger without the. You don't touch the Nikki, mortgage, lettuce Wednesday, your Rachel. Then the next day you're how he mix US Squeaky Utd though problem that Sarah Salvia can't solve Shannon better than Kyle Richards Bay area benches Bech is and are super premium sponsors. Nancy Season Desisto. Let's have our Pistons for Amanda Kristen better than to bully its and Julie, let's give them a kiss on its Austin embarrass. Somebody get as ten C. OF BETSY AMD, we're taking the gold with Brenda Silva Erica by under days of summers we will. We will rock rockland you the incredible edible Matthews Sisters Wyndham beneath our wings. It's Joe Wyndham. Let's go on a bender with Lauren fender nor is the Lord of the Rings. No one makes us feel well, like Meghan Cap. Well, MEENA COOCHIE COOCHIE COO. Give him hell Miss Noah's Greenwood. She only uses her power for good Shannon out of a cannon Anthony. Let's get racy with Miss Stacy. Let's take off with Tamla playing she. No shrinking violet. Are we love you guys?

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254. Back-To-School Marketing Ideas  Part 1

SchoolOwnerTalk.com with Allie Alberigo and Duane Brumitt

1:10:03 hr | 9 months ago

254. Back-To-School Marketing Ideas Part 1

"It. ALBERIGO STOOL PACK DOT COM. Good Morning. Elliot. Good to be with you sir. Hey good to be with you also doing amazing that It's a Wednesday morning. Again, I'm like blown away this time seem to be going really fast for us well. Yeah, it does every every day. The problem right now caving it is every every day is. You know Jell. Together, it's the same day over and over again for the most part. And that I, think they're rushing save like we want this to end say bad that you know just flying through it does that Kinda makes sense. Yeah you know. But I, remember even during the quarantine like it seemed like you know. They we would start and then before you knew it, you're at the weekend ready and. It's not that we were out. Busy doing things it just seemed like time hanes play like our focus on tying chains right? Like that's where you know if you think about the old days, people didn't have too much Qila didn't follow the thing just follow the sun and you know they work until the sun started to go down and that kind of thing and i. it seems like it's kind of like that I look at any going Oh my God I can't believe it's time to shut down already it's four, five, six o'clock. and. Now, of course, I'm going back to my job to teach. So I'm like, my God is three o'clock I gotta get ready and drive over there and and go cheat. So it's a really interesting thing. It's been a really weird weird in many ways good in many ways they added many ways. You know what I mean. There's a lot of goods in there as well. You know that I kind of found. What do think. Yeah I mean I know this year is. I kind of wish that I would have kept A. You, know. Just wrote everything down. Yeah, that's true. Though because they're like they're you know and by the way. you know journaling is a great way to express yourself and take it off, take it out of your heart and your head and put it on the page sometimes to get rid of it. Right. But at the same time Yes, like would've been interesting to document from day one I. Mean I was when this first happened, we had to go to McColl. might be onsite Nicole's office and the office is. A RE A. A law firm for trademark and copyright, and they have like fifty employees It was just her and I in office and I get a funny video I. GotTa Find It on my computer. I'm like it's Day three, hundred, sixty, five you know since the world is ending, it's only us to on the planet and we finally made it here steal the rest of the food. I'm going through offices and walk in in quiet. It was very eerie your kind of thing. And but but it reminded me very much the last man on earth type mentality like. Will Smith in I am legend that kind of movie But you know it's funny now and I said I, you remember me sane as I said, we're probably GONNA look back on this in five ten years ago. This is one of the craziest hoax that have been perpetrated perpetrated on on. Americans. Both society and the world like I I'm now they're claiming that eating see is saying that there's only like six or seven thousand people that die of Kuban period just cove it. They're saying that the majority of people had Burri overlying sicknesses like diabetes heart disease something else on top of it. So. So this is less than. The flu, the flu is more dangerous than Komen is yet they're still the governments are still shutting. Down shutting down and I find it. We're like even Nicole's niece in only and she had They said there was one hundred twenty cases and cove and brandies. Went. Does that Like does that mean? Hundred and twenty people tested positive and they're going to get the SNIFFLES. It'd be better or is it that one hundred and forty people that are on their deathbed like it's just crazy how they? Ended up in the media sound so scary and by the way, it is not just knee ranting on Kovin, but it relates to what we're going through as. People still nervous and afraid some people will not I mean I just had a girl. She's fortunate. The moms like I try to her name is Dorothy I'm like Dorsey, gotta come to class her mom's like, yeah she doesn't want to come out of the House I'm like man, you push her out of the house. So she came to class day and she goes that wasn't so bad. I what did you expect to be headed on these running around spitting cova juice on you like what is your expect but it's the fear that these. People have. And it's very. It is it is some people are. Really, scared I mean the only scared. Yup and I don't want to belittle that but. How I it? It's it's bad and we're dealing out that too I mean I still have. WE DID A. just an analysis of our people and we have thirty three people that are still on. virtual. eighteen of them. Are Black Belts, and then the rest are are below black belts. Yeah and and it was just it's amazing and some of the people. Some of the people are just doing it out of convenience, I absolutely. No, they're doing another convenient I. I was just GonNa say that to you that there's a few people that have gotten in this routine and it's become comfortable for them There's a few things you know they could slide off the camera they're not getting reprimanded or forced to work at their highest level 'cause your home you can't. You can only do what you can do online and some parents like I don't have to drive. Yeah. You go into living person kicks I'm happy with that but. There's levels quality never be the same I mean it's good if it's a filler like if they're coming one or two days a week in a live class and they're doing their third class home because mom and dad works that's perfect. Right and that's what I love about Zoom Probably GonNa Keep Zoe. I'm still working on it much more professional camera system and I like it to that. If parents don't want to sit in our lobby can just zoom in and they can sit in the parliament. So when we we're not allowing people in the lobby as of yet. But when we do, they don't feel like sitting with other people they can watch from their car I mean it'd be that simple but yeah I do think that a lot of people are doing as being Anson laziness and that's something that that's why a lot of my clients they. They made the decision to say I don't I'm not doing zoom any. Use the come in or are you quit I don't care where allowed to come back. You're coming back with you don't come back and come back when you feel comfortable. But I I'm not doing that I liked the zoom. I and I to get to camera system that flips backwards wore them still trying to figure out how to do it and have the TV permanently noted somewhere and. Have it like that? So but yes. Scary. So anyway, so how how are you doing? I know we said we're going to chat a out you know marketing and growing our schools and you and I chatted yesterday off you know off the out of you know personally and not on the phone with anyone and We just chatted about a bunch of ideas that were doing. Do you want me to start rattling a few when I did off that work? Well? Yeah, I think it's important. For us to still keep our head in the game and still be advertising So. Yeah. I think this is this is timely. This is back to school. You Know Fan Buddy and it's not the same old baptist because I I would have had twenty thirty people on normal. Yeah. You know like last year I'm sure I had twenty twenty, five, thirty people I mean every year I do back to school right being I have right right. Well back to school. I think here's the problem. This is one major problem for school owners that I have to point out because in their defense I wanNA point school owners and their Defense I wanNA point this out number one we've always sell into the trap of comparing season to season, right? So last summer was slow. So this summer is going to be last spring busy last fall is busy. And we start to try to fall into trend but from my research of of working with all my clients coaching martial arts long I found that he's inal stuff is really mainly because of the way we market right. So we believe it to be slow in the summer. So what do we do? We pulled back on our marketing, right? So and then and then the prophecy becomes totally true I'll tell you story I. Don't know if you've ever heard of this it's a true. Story and it was I heard it from Jay Conrad, Levinson or Jay Abraham one of those two. So there was a hot dog die in the early eighties that he had a hostile trump on the side of the road and the I need a million dollars a year selling hot dogs, right? Very smooth investor. He go to his account with all his cash money and Vasan the account would say put it in this and put it in that and one day he was reading waiting for. Customers to his reading his business journal's like you know the Wall Street Journal or whatever it was and you know in business advice read that there was going to be a great recession. So So being the guy with foresight, he said, you know what is going to be a recession I'm going to be smart about it. I'm to pull back on things that cost me money so that when I drop in. Business my over drops as well. So we got rid of his marketing and got rid of his advertising and all the things that promoted his business you know and can save money and Lo and behold the process us through. What are you read in the paper business dropped dramatically and You know he was like, Wow I'm a smart businessman account even praising for your smart guy knew how to follow this trend. And then he read in the paper that there was going to be a boom. Of course, he took his money back out of the bank and starting advertising like crazy again and everyone started coming back. They were like, wow I haven't seen your flyers in a while or haven't seen your ads abor I stopped gumming. But yeah, you know it was the recession I made some choices and low and behold the prophecy came true. So but the value of this story is he followed what he thought was true and you didn't market and you believe is true because his martigny cut out. Has and you know and that was really made reality. He didn't. He didn't go against. Follow that trend so but now. It's not the same because we're in new charting wars like people are going back to school. They're hybrid school classes there some people home schooling. Parents are in different worlds. So they're not gonNA probably just come running back school started back in the Doj they're gonNa try to figure things out and see how things play out. Maybe the New People are holding off to see what school is like before they sign up you know what I mean. So I don't know if those things are you know are still reading through with you but these are things that we have to worry about. Yeah no I totally agree that you know. we need we need to be spending money and we need to be doing things even a history things you can do to doing those things to continually advertising your school and getting getting your name out there because I can tell you I can assure you that the bulk of your competition in your area or not doing that they're reserving every. and so you know you got to capitalize on that. You're going to be seen a lot easier now. Because you're going to be the only one that's doing it. Right well, I've been running facebook ads literally almost the entire time Kobe and there was a period of time for about two months. Then I stopped because it wasn't that the people were coming in for the online training were sticking with it for more than a week and then just fizzling out. So I'm like you know what I'm going to hold off less stress a little bit of money not not advertised, but then the minute we got. Back. into the swing of things very minute. My ads were running I opened on that money at Monday as running on that Monday and I've been getting between I don't know. Let's just say for per week between six to twelve leaves per week out of the twelve leads per week I'm GonNa get probably about half of them that are actually going to take action like he would love to fill out forms but don't want to ascertain. Do not understand that crowd. Me Neither I. It's just insane and maybe it's just it's that Oldman alley where it seems like a good thing. Then you know that seemed like a good idea then but Nah, not really I don't have the money time commitment or the wherewithal to do it. You know. So but anyway, I've been getting leaves and then just like this last month I signed up six new students and they're all from facebook marketing or other campaigns that I've been. Running, which I'll I'll tell you about in the second but yeah. So people are coming in. They're doing a free month after the Fremont's over there signing up, and by the way I did raise my prices, my sixteen months as well for my most basic program. So the new people coming in or any more money than I would have been charging in the past and they're not even it's still so so inexpensive it's it's a no brainer. Dead. Yeah. So, so anyway. So, anyway facebook marketing do well, we have gus from lead hunter media who was the sponsor of this show and again, tweaking is important like you know we have to look at our ads. Here's the thing I remember being involved with some of the marketing companies like my my every month, they send you a free aid ad that was beautiful very professionally done the next month you'd have a new at the next month. You'd have a new AD and one of my good friends. You always run a summer special and he wouldn't get in the summer seventy, eight people. And then and then at this end the summer say, why don't you continue running that ad just call it your fall and get another seventy? No, no no, that's my summer and he would say. No matter how much I to him to get him to realize like who cares what you call it right now, call it the fallout if it works the wager and like you know that like, why won't you do it you? Do that in the summer only going to do that like I didn't understand I still to this day just the same thing. So I never understood but anyway, if an edge runs, well, why do we keep changing like and and if it doesn't run well, then maybe we need to tweak portions of the Ed but not throw the at that old saying goes. Away with the bathwater, right? You know. Drive new heavy a new headline dry. If the headlines seems to be working. Try a new special is that doesn't work try a new whatever you know, and then keep the ad running to St until you find out maybe the AD is a bus. That's why newspapers and penny saver and yellow pages would always say we need to run this for a period of time to get back to some extent. You're right. The other thing is they wanted to spend money but but yeah, for me I think it's about squeaking ads, tweaking your responses and really staying on top of it. What do you think? I. Well I. Agree I mean it's it's important to Find you know working in the way that you're GonNa do that is if you're actually out the testing doing it. So yeah now you normally do like you normally around this time of year back to school somewhere school you do your field trips and things like that. How second work this year for? Still like even start thinking about that. Logistically like didn't even want to think about that right now. Yeah. So field trips out obviously but what I've done is I've contacted p. e. teachers that are in the different school districts and have asked if I can either come in or if they end up going to zoom and not doing person you know if I can. Be P. E. Teacher for a zoom class or few classes or whatever. So yeah, you know the problem is I'm not getting contact information. You know that's the thing I'm. Excited you know. So excited to do karate to go somewhere else. Right. Yeah and then always been the risk that you that you by going I. Listen I always heard all the number one coach guys say you know school system school systems school system you gotta get into the school system and you know I've never really been that ingrained into the school system I've always done. You know when they asked the gym class for the week or you know special persons days and visits the classes but I found that the response very little. Compared to my ass know and by nature I've always been a little lazy in regards effort versus respond. So I mean and. To, my to My Success Been, my laziness has been a good thing because I put more effort into other things. So I wonder about school systems. Now however, what I will point out is that schools are not a lot of them aren't doing physical stuff. They're not doing gym class playing football they're not doing anything physical. So they're they're gonNA ask the people stay in shape on their own. So this is where we need to get the word out to all the community that if They need to have their kids exercising. They're not gonNA go to Jim. They're too young, and if they did have a gym for kids that would be pretty awesome I'm but where the place that they need to be and and we're going to become the answer to these families and parents from little kids two year olds all the way up to you know and Heisler. Right so so I need I think my suggestion to the listeners is that we need to get out and reach out to those communities and how do we do that? Simply by FACEBOOK I I'm involved with like four. The advantage I have with my alley is that sometimes people think it's a girl's name and so I'm able to get all the mom's groups like you know mom's. Roots of whatever and they see my name and they let me in. So I'm in their advertising for my you know my no Joe's but I'm out there offering listen we're giving a free month anyone's interested or we have this program for Girl Scouts Boy Scouts whatever you WanNa do giving these specials and I'm reaching out on all the mom's groups, Dad's groups amongst and dad's groups and. Geo Groups all on facebook. To, let them know that we're we're a solution to their ants. Yeah. So to that question I mean. Yeah I I. Wish I had the worst I had the answers I wish. I could say, Yep, we're going to do this I got this going. This is happening. Things. Well, and I know you you sound frustrated and I am. I found motivated the same time we're both frustrated, right I just sound different than you right now on the call however as always we have to just put things in place right so it's the old. ABM You know ABM. Marketing. Right where I'm no matter what we're doing, we need to get our name out there. Right. So this is why a lot of schools fell apart and closed because they just weren't thinking at like and I don't mean who could have ever thought ahead and imagined a pandemic that would shut down businesses. That's GONNA turn out to be way less scary than it ever was but you know. But who could have ever thought that we should as business owners thinking about things what if like we should have a rainy day fund? We have enough money. Put Away just in case God? Forbid. Something happens right you know we should think about life and I don't understand why we don't because martial artists in general are supposed to think about You know what if scenarios? What if the guy throws the right point would it be Broza left right? What does he throws a kink enter right what if he runs that me and tries to tackle me but if he's out of baseball night gun like we're supposed to think in scenarios and be prepared for all those So I'm asking the listeners now just to start thinking ahead, what if there is a shut the government even if it's not real or Not as bad or whatever, and they just decided quarantine again. WHAT ARE WE GONNA do You should start thinking about that. Are you gonNa just give up at that point and say listen I tried it once and I said I'm done. Where are you going to say okay, we're going. This is going to be our fallback go right back to zoom on but we're going to change the format to make it even more exciting Blah Blah Blah. I'd like to start formulating a plan in your mind move forward. And and we shouldn't thinking of marketing like always be marketing abm like what other things can we do? What's the grass roots things that we could do little or no dollars right and it goes back to all the simple stuff you know the answers we should be hitting all of our referral. with our software. One of our sponsors on this show is far membership. They have a referral platform on their APP where parents could refer a friend simply right from the APP I've been there email and information boom, send it off to a friend with whatever our specialist. So I'm in the middle of developing and automation series of emails and text messages to motivate my people to refer their friends on the APP. So in my just to share with. All the listeners and I have a product called the referral of a lifetime than I sell for like forty seven bucks or twenty seven bucks I forget what it is but it talks about all the things that I do for referrals but anyway so real quickly in my school if they if they refer remember that member joins for the year I, give them fifty dollars in credit towards year or towards tuition whatever they want it to be. Tash, if they want to check, I'll give them a check on. And then if they get five people to join for the year, they actually get a free year they get a year for free tuition is wiped out for the basic members. Not, if there is a bells and whistles program. Now pay the difference between the three year of the basic membership, the difference. but so my referral program is pretty lucrative and I'm finding that a lot of parents right now are asking me how they can refer member because their friend needs A. Needs a place to go their friends wants to find something for their son just like we were talking about trying to find them on facebook. These people are actually hearing there in their groups of friends there in their cousins and relative groups and tell them about their kids coming to our school. So we need to be on like we we need to be setting up our program and then really deeply and sincerely asking our clients to help us right because I can tell you that you know they might think you're doing well that you don't need their help. But if you're not and you their help, you need to let them know that so that they can reach out to their people and healthy. Does that make sense. Yeah that makes sense Just you know I have a problem, I think of I don't want our students to get an idea that we're hurting but maybe I maybe I need to maybe I need to let them know that you know look this is this is where we're at we need your help. Yeah. Well I don't know if I understand what you're saying because you know they say. No one stays on the ship when when the captain is saying, we're thinking. Right then jump off before anybody. But if you're able to rally the troops and say listen if we don't feel these seven holes in the boat where thinking, right. So can you help me gather together the supply and let's start plugging those holes. They're gonNA probably most probably the majority of people are going to come forward as help us fill those holes so. Carefully worded, but it's like you know we wanna make sure they understand that we're where a solution and we're all. Here here. I'm sorry to cut you off here was my. Thought okay my thought was And we had planned for September to be national martial arts. Appreciation. Okay. Now, that's not a thing. But being my head instructor here made that up and we were going to do some events this month that we can't do. So my thought was I'm going to educate everybody that this is national You know martial arts, appreciation month, and one way that you can show appreciation for the martial arts that you study is to refer a friend. you know to your martial arts school. So here's how you can write us. I like it I think though that yeah that's a great idea. I. Think though that. These type of things doesn't create like people. I if you said I WANNA. Make sure my house doesn't burn down. We have to you know clear the tree line around people may not clear the tree line because there's no urgency. But when the fires burning down the valley coming towards you people are going to band together because of urgency. So I think that we have to understand that we have to be careful not to look like we're going out of business because we're not we're we're still surviving. We're not GONNA, go out of business, but we also have to get into. Rally behind us to help us right and it's important for them to understand that they have to be a part of the solution and the part of the synergy. So yeah, national appreciation month for martial arts is great but I still that they have to understand that your you need them to help especially more. So than ever is time where you know and I said the other day I had a parent you know to say to me, you know what's going on with your two locations because I'm doing my classes at one location but. To, run to location simultaneously costing me a fortune running. This is my electric bill is like six hundred, fifty bucks a month for the one, building, four, hundred and the other. So I moved all my classes to my east is location and people like well I didn't sign up for that location. It's inconvenient and I'm like I understand that can be need to go another ten or twelve minutes on driving right. I get that and as much as I kind of make that downplay twelve minutes to a parent who is just barely getting home to pick up their kid and. Rushed to the school it's easy if they could just go right around the corner they they sent their lives up to be convenient I. Get it. I'm fro-, in a real ranch in their in their lifestyle and I totally understand I'm not even be literally not in any way but I'm trying to get them to shift mice but I said your parents this was very inconvenient. I. Said Ask yourself this question how inconvenient would it be if I told you? We couldn't stay open anymore. We're closing locations like forty other martial arts schools in Long Island in my area and They use Kovin not some of them I know use Cova as an excuse without affecting their ego to go they retiring I knew they were gonNA retire and they said, yeah, the Soviet situation really put me over the edge and really the reality was they just wanted a way to get out anyway because they were a few of them did that and they they needed to blame it on someone so their students couldn't be mad upset or you know at at them. On. But then there are others that legitimately just went out of business I said how inconvenient Daffy. So we need for everybody to band together and keep Tristar Martial. Arts Long Island you centers relevant and growing we need your help and is hundred. Let's say you have one, hundred, twenty, five people hundred and forty, eight, hundred and sixty people those people they all referred one member you'll be busting at Z's. I see look I got a second degree black belt with me. He's testing for his third degree He's also chiropractor in this area. He's got a friend whose kid goes to another studio. That's a whole nother issue right like. You knew your friend way out here. Okay anyways And I and I think they go to that of the school because they know that other person somehow someway anyway apparently that of the studio when covert hit close the doors. Still collected the money did zero. Right hero. Zoom classes. Did some videos and throw them up on their facebook page and youtube like that. Yep and where we did classes, we did private lessons. We did lunchtime with Mr Brummett on Fridays we did scavenger hunts to Bingo to having you on a seminar. I had been a couple of times on the seminar I. Mean There's so like this second degree black belt of mine said he goes I just want you to know that you have done. More than any other school in this area. To Service your clients and I go I I'm very happy to hear that I I i. I just wish I, wish our clients do that. Yeah. We did far more than anybody else not. Not. As an ego thing. But as a wow Mr Brummer it really does You know put us I thinks about, yes. Take care of us. You know type thing but I. got. Without. self-serving. I'll tell you. I was just about to tell you here. Here's a great question. I have a great answer for you I guess spoke about this with one of my clients yesterday So I wrote an article many many years ago and I when I was the consultant and coach or business. Development for solutions on the billing company they used to pay me a great amount of money every year just to be on the phone and do seminars and all this other stuff and so on anyway I. wrote an Article Tooting Your own arm and you know, for example, we we need to educate. So for for example Let's say you go to a pizza ball right and pizza sauce cans off. which a lot of them are they literally open up the candidates, spread it on Pinson seizing on it right. or The guy makes a homemade pasta sauce delicious hooks from the start with all the ingredients who takes hours and they put it on this. Now, you might say what the heck is he talking about pizza just ask the martial art west. But if they taste the difference of Oh, this is good. I like this pizza tastes much better. But if you had a little steam on the counter that said, all of our pizza sauce is made from scratch with love from our home or whatever, and whatever they're legally allowed to do that. That's educating the client I doubt and they're probably going to be those call out culture cancel culture people that are going to oh he's bragging right. Yeah I can't believe he's bragging about speech sauce. You know that kind of thing. But the real truth of the matter is is that we need to educate our clients. So I, wouldn't do this periodically and I would send out and you know I give a flyer and it was called. Did you know and it was called shooting your own horn from my articles to school owners but the article would I gave it to my clients did you? Did you know that master Brahmin his business for how many years have you been in business? Twenty almost twenty two. almo-. Did. You know that massive Brummett and Tristar martial-arts has been in our community for almost twenty years. Wow, people like I didn't really know that right and then the next thing would say, did you know that master bromine is the seventh degree black belts in right seventh on your? And Highway knows. Yeah I was supposed to test in April, but wasn't able to do it. So I'm still so okay. So you're six. So did you know that still quite impressive you know the and sixty black wealth in the arts of Blah Blah, blah, blah, blah he also has ranking in business and he also is a license instructor ended the Hoover Self Defense System that's not bragging that's education. Did you know that we promoted nearly three hundred black belt since? We've opened. Did you know that you know we had nearly ten thousand plus come through these doors and train with us? You know that we have many families that their parents were my students or students of this school and they were three. Now they're three year olds training. This isn't a simple education process right so this is where we're able to show people what we did. You know that INSA quarantine immediately like I know I did the minute. Hidden Warning that much I think it was like a Friday not Monday live facebook classes to them, and then we were as we were gonNA tasteful flies we we're setting up zoom profile is learning how to use the software was working day and night like harder than I ever did with that high level of stress from Cobaine about you know, where am I going to get my next toilet paper delivery or if they're going to shortage? Is there I'm like greasing up and oiling up all my firearms just to make sure I'm safe. In case I get looters breaking zombies come in and you know what I mean like but we want to let people know you gotta educate them. Putting their. Foot in their say, did you know since Kogi began but we we that Mr Brand has lost seventy students plus? You could though you could and I know that's kind of like A. Might be sounds like you're. You know you're joking a little bit but no I. Think you know you could go. You know did you know that sadly since Kogas starts seventy of our members shock training. Right, so people go. Oh, wow I like I like when I told people that I was you know moving locations and at to teach one school some parents like very inconvenient. When I said, you know it would be more inconvenient if you never had a school to go to because I had to shut my door. Oh, really I didn't like because they see us as such they see me such. So businessman driving up to my school and my Tesla like I'm like the ultimate and success and I have all the money in the world but they don't realize that I could possibly be just like everyone else in go out of business you couldn't be big. Hat No cattle driving a nice car having nice. House. But I'm almost out of money could be that way. Right. But but you know I immediately the minute you know this the minute this happened I was immediately before they even started with the government talking about I was calling my mortgage companies, my dumpster company, my anybody that would put it on a forbearance or hold the bills for a few months and I I literally stopped paying half of my bills not because I get it out. Of Spite, they allowed me to stop. So I had I had a safety net I wasn't immediately digging into my last bit of my savings, right? I was immediate, right? Building a nest egg for the future. So so this is where you know we need to let people know that's a that's another marketing campaign. By the way, the did you know which is called tooting your own Horn and if people want and they listen to this, just inbox me or write it into the messaging right year and I'll give you that article so you can read it but yeah, you should talk about did you know that we lost nearly seventy members if people don't understand the dire situation, we're not going out of business, but we took a major hit. You know that kind of thing you know and we we need did you know that? Your, you could probably help us re regain its footing by recommending your friends like you know just a step maybe just ten of them you don't want to go on for did you know they Twain Bryant size nine shoe and he loves night so you're in the story buy their you know again it's you know what I mean like you gotTa. You gotTa have enough for them to educate like like I say the people did you know that she on Alberigo went to Japan seventeen times and was one of the highest ranking members of the organization in that in that? Talk with the teacher you know he rose to that there are a lot of things where people would those are soundbites that we need to put in people's heads so that when people ask them a question about who you are, they can rattle a few of them off. Okay so I've gotta I've gotTa right did you know that right I? Did you know can I send it to you and you say, yeah, that's. Yeah absolutely do. So so that's just another another thing. So we talk about referral marketing, right? We're talking about this look who's going. On did you know thing and then another thing too? Well, I guess said something had back slot I was putting it on Steph number three of what I was going to say but I'll just say it now you know look who's going boards are One thing that I used to promote events. So I think that we could do those on our website, but we should also are even down if that. Yeah in our APP, we should start thinking about events though right. We shouldn't have just grown our hands up and said no more events because as long as you're allowed to have people and even if they have to be socially distance, you can still do a Zombie nerf war games right and let's say you charge thirty five bucks now you charge forty, five fifty. Because you have less people in parents, the ones that value what you're doing and they want a night off which tons of them do. They're going to send their children so you should do something as long as you can safely. And and make sure that the kids are engaged and don't give up on retail. Don't give up on special events don't give up on upgrading your. Specialty programs. Agreed Right. So so that was my third on the list. The other thing I wanted to talk about was is old trial classes. Before Kovin we had tons of people in trials. Some of them were ready to convert the ready to join and then cove it hit and of course, they didn't. So it's been six months and about a month ago when we open, it's been. Sex Seven or eight weeks since we've been reopened seven, seven weeks, I think I. Then went back into my database would spark and put together in automation funneled prospects and I took everyone who's ever tried to try out class quit training or were in was in a trial lasted. Did it then either the sign up for overnight or? Whatever and I sent out a mass email and the way I said it was listening we don't want to be a past We would just love to know what your status is. If you WANNA stay on our mailing list 'cause I don't WANNA mailing if you're not interested so I was able to clean my database out 'cause I got like twenty or thirty people that said, no, we're not interested. How did you get my number why you text me? You know that kind of thing. And meanwhile they ended up on their own but they forgot about it and I started clearing Watson database but then we got a lot of people that said listen we want to come back we liked what you and I a parent with children the one child was in the program he three now almost four and their little brother WHO's two? They're both in a one month trial they're like two and a half to three weeks and I do believe that they're going to get them signed up. So that all team from a marketing campaign what I would consider just luke warm. If any maybe even cooler leads that have not been spoken to you in quite some time who need. Somewhere to go and they're coming to me saying we're as we'll take that free month again and give him another free month to try it out. And coming in. So I have about I. Think I have about six or seven of those that were old leads that have come back into the trials. I was GONNA say the siblings to you know maybe siblings have nothing to do now because no other sports are going on and you can get them involved. I do have a few siblings that and in fact, this is hilarious. I, have a girl that was moving up from my five and six year old program because now she's seven. And her two older sisters now are doing it mom just came like out of the Blue I. Oh we wanna now that scam it's moving out we want the other two in in the class 'cause now it's more convenient. You know they're all together right? So those two signed obviously one's free to the only side I church for two, and then anybody else can you know wow, and the deal and half. So but anyway, they signed up just last night. No excuse me 'cause today's Wednesday I had Monday night. I had a sibling is on trial two week trial. Yeah, you know. That's another opportunity is is siblings so and then. Errands to if there if you can get them to get involved with I was gonna say like their parents have probably trained. I've had a few parents that were students in mind that train with their children from home because they were both home together. So I said you know randy jump in and do class and you know you took out all his weapons. He you know he took out whatever parts of the uniform that fit him still and he got. Out there and he's working out he keeps saying every time I see him now I'm GonNa be signing up soon, I'm like, what are you waiting for like? What is the problem just come in? You did the two months with me you train trained me for two months already don't let that woman die. So I. Yeah. So that's a great thing. They blames people that were old prospects that never came in never responded some of them. That did trials. That didn't sign up some of them that were signed patrols but never came in all of these people that are potential leads for you to market you. They're sitting there and your database. The worst thing they could say is please take me off your list. I. Don't know who you are. I've never spoken to you before you know that kind of thing that some of them just forget but Yeah you have a lot of people sitting in your. Database that you should be hitting and if you have the amazing software like like we do at Smart you could set up what is called an automation funnel where you send out an email day. Later, you send him a text message students later you send him different email, you sweep me off her back and forth, and you can set it up for eight to ten week, and all you do is hit the button once it'll start marketing to them. and I think that's super super important for us to start getting out there and tapping into those people. So, those a few things that I think are being overlooked right now, some people have not done. So Number One, referral marketing, right number, two we talked about I, and I'm not even GonNa in order to remind me if I miss any, the other one that we spoke about was the look who's going on with going on the to your own Oran- you know the educational article about who you are and you know about you know if you lost members and you WanNa, bring more in so on. So the educational thing and then the third thing is referral marketing and and the fourth thing is GonNa be your old leads old funnel old sales plans to tap into all of them, and that includes siblings and parents and so. You have a database might wanNA start using. Yeah, yeah we have a tendency I'm right there with you or maybe this is you I have a tendency to be lazy and so just turn on the you know not that that. I'm against us but you know all right, Gus, you know from League hundred meter you got my you got my facebook just turned it on and let's just keep getting New People in when we go back and revisit these other individuals that. Maybe did a trial and didn't sign up and it wasn't the right time or just all those things. Yeah. Yeah. Absolutely. I. Think that that you know we can't fall into the trap of Depression Marketing, right? That's the term it. Maybe we can coin where people like I'm I'm so depressed things aren't working why bother. You know I'll just do this. I'll just do whatever easiest for me. Let me just pay that guy to do it and not do any work and you know we have to look back at when we first started and all the things that we did. You know all the things that we you know how we went out there and you know everybody because it's much easier, and by the way we do get a better response nowadays because we are in the Internet era and age but there's so many other things like you know you could be doing posts and. Putting those posts on the different groups like you know, the the MOMS of your town Pta of your town and offer that you know that's your market you try to say to yourself I'm GonNa do five posts a week where I'm GONNA do three post a week on these different social media platforms to get my name out there to let everyone know that I'm not one of those guys that close. To. Let everyone know that you know where you know that we're still open and report where we need the community's help that kind of thing. Yeah she'll get. Let's go through this. Those that list again 'cause I'm writing it down. Okay. So number one was Did you referral? Was it? Did you know. Oh Yeah. Okay. So the did you know article that would be a great one definitely one educate our once and that's my over the spectrum could be for many different things. You know Blah Blah, Blah about Dwayne Brummett, master, Brahmin and Allie. Alberigo. Did you know that they traveled to Japan? Did you know that there are this rank or that rank and did you know that since Koby hit we lost seventy five members. and. That was a big hit tower school and then explaining that we're still. Plugging along chugging along but we do need help right and did you know that you could refer a member and get a year for free? If you prefer five of them, you know things like that within like a simple little ten or twelve bullet point article, and then you mail email at handed out in person sent home with the kids on on paper you know the other thing was referral marketing after with if you have an APP or you have you know you have. Some sort of system built in, get your claims to refer you right now making it easier for your clients to refer you because I guarantee you that they're talking to parents and the parents are going I. Don't know what I'm going to do Johnny this year you know and I find it funny in my community like we already have like baseball camp softball they in New York they don't give up on these travel lease travel soccer travel. Nightmare I would never want to be a parent I don't care how much my kid loves baseball driving around five days. We different towns sitting in the bleachers would be scoot myself I hated I hated having to take my order to Dan you know three days a week and I in the car or I watch a movie on my dashboard or I would walk in the neighborhood. but it was brutal drop go home and Cook Dinner Come back and get her. It was like I can't imagine what these poor parents and if they have one or two children. So but now a lot of these things are shut down. So you should be the solution, the athlete. Now you're talking to you, you're talking to a travel volleyball. So Oh I. Know I've seen the pictures you're in your driving four states over and spending a fortune to do so hotel travel food but you also. I was GonNa say I would have done been able to pay for his college front. You know well, you know what? That is the truth of Stoller. There's many many articles written by business executives. It said I read one once that was called chasing the dollar shirt. And they said that people spend more money chasing a free program in college and they spend more than the actual college costs and they give up nearly half their life you know running around chasing the scholarship when they could have just been staying home enjoying life and putting that money that they weren't spending into an account and pay for their college. Parents get caught up they want their kids to be a star athlete. They want them that you best I get that. But But yeah, anyway. So long story short, we have to definitely tap into the people and let them know that we need their help and that's why referral program is very, very important. Right and and we need them to help us. We can't just say we're doing fine because when we're doing fine they're not gonNA they're not gonNA go out of their way you know to to help us right. So we want to show that there is some urgency and that's in you know I think that that's important The next thing you let me think question before you go to the next thing, you remember my referral cards the George with the dog Yup Yup. What if I What if I did I? Did you know? And I had it I hired a voiceover. To do you know like a you know it'd be Jordan's voice. Right Yeah And then you know introduce people to my dog George. I don't really have a dog right and some people listening to this aren't GonNa. Understand what I'm talking about but you understand what I'm talking about. I think that I think that's an excellent and by the way just. So the listeners know you used to have a referral card and actual printed card with a picture of a dog on it and it says something like my master is sad today I sad because he's not really getting anybody referring the school something to that effect, and then if you WANNA make my master. Happy. So he comes home and he takes Jeremy and pets me better master please refer members to the school which I thought was normal. Yeah there you go. That's awesome. Yeah. So you know says, hi, my name is George. I'm wondering if you could do me a favor and then when you open it up, it says I'm very sad. Here's why lately my master then coming home and not talking to me very much makes me sad, you see my master's really good at what he does. In fact some people say he's the best. I know he really he? No, he listens good people and solve a lot of their toughest problems but lately he's been kinda down in the dumps the other day I heard him talking. On the phone and he said that was business was doing. Okay. But he wanted to expand it but he just didn't. He just wasn't good at all that marketing stuff. So would you favor so that things can get back to normal around here. Would you tell your friends about how good my masters and send some businesses way I made a VIP pass that you can cut out and give to you get to them. I know your term up really fast and and he'd be grateful thanks George and then you know there's a VIP pass you know that's awesome. Yes, I. Love it and I think that that's genius and it's just another software way to get out there and I think that that's awesome and if you did that digitally. Three or software in a series of emails, and then you gave out the VIP passes, and then by the way, try trying the revert referral pass into a prize. So listen you hand out the phone pass if they come in. For a while I was giving out five dollars, every referral that came through the door. So if they referred a friend and the friend never showed up, it didn't cost me a any other than when it costs the car. But if their friend came through the door I gave them a five dollar credit. And and the reason why did that was I didn't want them to feel like, Hey, I'm doing all this work and no one's doing or not. You know they're not signing up I wanted to reward than just for the effort and five dollars seem like a good way to do that. Gift Card to starbucks for. but yeah so that that would be a great way to the referral system and then you educate them by the way as my referral program teaches as they get closer and closer you have to stay on Mrs Jones. Your you have three referrals that joins the year. You have two more to go there anyone I can call a number you could give can you put him in the APP and you're sitting their name my way and you tell them that come with you and or call me like in the you only have two more left and then you get an entire year for free. And I also tell the kids like listen. If you WANNA make some good money work out a deal with your parents and say I can get five of my friends to join I'll save you a whole year's worth of tuition is you give me five hundred dollars? You know that kind of thing embarrassed like smooth but I'm like, and now the kids are pushing their parents and get referrals to get them so that they make money on the parents say. So so there's other ways to motivate and I. so that was another one of the things is referrals. The other thing I talked about, of course was leads and and and special events, and the way we special events is hopefully the people invite their friends and they bring their friends who are non-training students to your nerf wars. You're awesome course not your Ninja Warrior. And then hopefully, you could market those people as well. So that's just another organic way of doing things, and then we did talk about small systems, which is your idea and and I've never had good luck with it. Are you had used to get seventy eighty, ninety, four, hundred people coming to your field trips to your school, and then you'd sign up ten or twenty percent of those people. That's amazing. Right. So that's just another thing to do on the other things that I mentioned, which is very, very important is that we have you know through through the through the school systems is then tap into all the groups that are on facebook PTA. Parent teacher. Association Parent Teacher Organization Moms of Your Town Dad's of your town moms and Dads of your town together like whatever's on there. You can do a quick search on easily do it on On My facebook search and you, you could save moms of whatever. And do it that way. So? I don't know I'm watching our video on facebook went dead. It seems for a second but now it seems in a Pierce Anthony. Up. All. Okay. So explain to me it's like. Yeah, that's good. I had that happened to me the other day and people said, no, no never did everything is fine. So but anyway so yeah, I think that we need to tap into all those free organic on no cost marketing that we've just given up on that. We got lazy on it. We're not out there and then the last and final big hit. That I'll throw out there that I think that we haven't done is to set up some sort of sustained Organiz marketing campaigns to your old prospects. Old Students people try trials didn't come people who signed up for trials that didn't that didn't come in for the ones that did come in but didn't sign up the ones that were on your Kobe online program that didn't sign up people that. Were on there that maybe you know did the class for three weeks it just wasn't for them. It was hard to focus their kids and rightfully. So you know I was so hard to focus those kids because they didn't have the discipline of the Dojo I. so those are kids that didn't know how to focus period, and if they would have brought their kids to our school, they said. had a focus now they're known him in front of a screen and You know we're we're nervous. We don't WanNa yell at them. We don't WanNa put them in their place. We don't want to keep them in to sern because we don't WANNA lose them but they just weren't doing well on zoom. So I think that that and parents didn't give them the best tools they put him on a little iphone sitting on a counter wall and over and like they didn't really make an effort which blows me away with people these days like I just there's no efforts like. Classes starting the kids in the camera and putting just eat top over the Gentlema- Panshir like can you break like he ten minutes of Your Life to prepare the? Okay, we'RE GONNA get. I'M GONNA do your hair and get ready your belt is going to be stopping. You're waiting for sensing. You're not. We're not waiting for you like but but People just all discipline went. Out to the out the window it was crazy. Yeah I don't know I don't know if they have the self-discipline prior to it. That's the thing in the and the self hygiene. The self care the respective. Bill any you know the their presentation of themselves last night I had some people. I'm thinking to myself. How can you even like? Let your kid out of the house looking like that like what parent let's say just look like that. Right well, you know it's interesting. It's It's where. People are a lot of our society is heading. That's the problem it is, and you know what you shuffling around your Pajama Pants with slippers in in Walmart and it's just we'll. Oh my gosh so. Otherwise to go to Walmart. I I don't blame Ya think it's like the worst of the worst. Do you remember Do you watch Seinfeld it all? I, did I mean I've seen. Well, there was one episode on Seinfeld where who I forget who it was. Kramer Georgia's it's like you know t shirt and sweat shirt and sweat band and Jerry goes you've come out of the house like that and he's like, yeah, you know this is. Like you literally just told the world that you've given up like you don't want the the. Most he goes the basic most for that you need to show is that you've made a little effort into brushing your hair and your teeth and your clothes like I need them. I need to find that clip. Oh. Yeah. So hysterically, and by the way that comes in stems from the book that you and I both read quote make your because the. My daughter's asleep right now she has college courses so she's been working hard. So she's been asleep in her doesn't start until noon but if he got to a point where she wake up in her room was the I'm like you have to make your venture. Now she wakes up, she's making her bed because she knows one that I wanted to done that way too. She's getting in the habit of making her bed and I think that that she's twenty one years old. So she was in college you know I'm sure she could do whatever she wanted but I, think she would organize her room because she had a roommate. you know. So anyway, we start off with an easy task like that, and then we build upon it throughout the day just like by the way you and I are both wearing a blue shirt again, which I find to be just I I have a blue black. Blue Pants. Yeah. I'm actually in jeans myself. So I I you know we're Kinda. It's Kinda Weird I. It's funny how we picked similar colors on without any idea but Yeah. So to lead people with that, those are like five or six or seven things that we talked about that I think are home runs for people they listen to this and they might say doing it. Yeah. You know that's you know really are you that's the question the one question I leave. You with is really are you really doing it or you just kinda ticking the box or you out there really chasing after these things like referrals they've always been the lifeblood of my school they. I've always gotten twenty to thirty to forty referrals a year that signed up on a yearly program and you're looking at their tuition is let's say, let's just say simply twenty referrals a year and they sign up on on a yearly program. That's twenty dollars twenty people times. Let's say you charge Fifteen hundred a year. That's thirty thousand dollars in in income. That is coming out of your. Clientele isn't that worth happening into? I mean. Don't you think that that program should be probably one of your most important programs? Know I think. So I think that that would be incredible. So like This I I'm ready I. AM ready to listen. All right. So is is knowing Doing. Or is doing. Knowing. Are you asking me that question philosophically? No, it's a rhetorical question. Knowing knowing only know knowing is not doing. His knowing. Right right. Yes. Yeah. You're totally right one, hundred percent I think that. There are many people who know they know how to get in shape they know how to lose weight. They know how to make money. They know how to Blah Blah Blah right and just because you know and there are a lot of people who are I, know are right there like I know that I I've done that before so many school owners and I know we're running overtime So many school owners know too much for their own good like and I'll give you one quick quick fast scenario when I went to teach in Australia. The martial art super show of Australia. I went down there and I was amazed by the lack of knowledge. So people were and it was it was funny because I thought I was rich drag because people were buying my kids in programs like how much is that? That's eight hundred Australian among other things and then throwing money down I went back to my hotel room I stack of money on the bed right and then I realized that that the money that I was charging was not equal to the money. That's Australia so they were like paying a. Third they were like buying it because it was a third, the price of what it would have been. If I sold it in the United States I screwed up there shouldn't own the transfer money but it was interesting at how all Australians schools at that time they didn't have all this new United States business programs. So I thought like Hey I can teach you all this stuff, and then I say how many members do you have and they go I four hundred and fifty members five, hundred, fifty members six, hundred members. They were so good at the few things that they knew and they work to death that they had all of these people. Versus people in the United States who knew everything about knowing and did and didn't do anything about it and only had fifty members one hundred number but they knew it more than the Australian. They had many more things in their toolbox but they just never got down to like the people in Australia killing killing and I was like blown away and then You know that that's me was a big lesson focusing on things that were in staying on those hard on those versus doing forty different things none of them working. That's I'll leave with that thought. Yeah, it I don't know the analogy, but it's like. When someone knows when someone is working hard and things are happening Sometimes one of the worst things you can do is educating educate them on why it's working. Right. Because then they might stop doing it. Yeah. Yeah I. Mean you think about when? We first started like we were hard. We'd beat the bushes we did. All of the right things we did all the wrong things and we didn't. We didn't go You know we weren't pissed off at either one of them. No and and you know what it was now everyone in this modern day modern age is that they want to do facebook marketing. Why? Because you you work out putting an ad out and then you hit go and then it works for itself but it doesn't always work all the time unless you're putting the work in. However people love to check the box check I'm doing face look arming Jeff I you know I just start I and then they wanna sit back and read the rewards if it were that easy. Everyone would be a billionaire. I just heard you know highly Jenna is the richest young female, the most richest youngest female billionaire in in the world. Now, some people are putting their down Oh. Yes. She came from money unless you didn't come from billion to entire families. Net worth is not a billion dollars, right? So you know feeding, made this herself as a young north makeup lines, jewelry lines, clothing lines you know acting Blah Blah Blah Blah, but people want to cancel her discredit. Her because she came from a rich family, it's like seeing with Donald Trump enough being political but Oh Yeah. He made all his money bar two million dollars from his dad. Okay. But he turned that million to a billion. That's a million million right so he he didn't do it because his dad meet rich eating wasn't the air to some oil refinery came a billionaire just because he was born I mean people work hard I even get mad when people say, oh, celebrities or Football. Players are NBA players don't deserve the money. They're paying listen these dudes on the best of the best. You see a team of thirty players. There are thirty of the best players in the world. Even if the worst player on the team, they're better than a hundred and fifty, two, hundred, three, hundred, five, hundred, other players did didn't make. Whatever they're making even if it's inflated, they deserve it because they're the best of their craft just like you on one of the richest men on the planet and and you struggled making money staying afloat Florida going in and out of businesses entire life. Now, he's finally all of the things are kicking into here. So like listen. I think I heard that he must've even richer than the guy Zuckerberg now You know which is kind of interesting but it's all like tenacity if people know and read along must story from Tesla I mean that guy is like he's like a workaholic all he does is work work work work work. Data. Fleets it and comes up with ideas and invents I'm GonNa go there Mars like he's crazy. You know vision. So Anyway let's hope our longer like this call and if you do please come in remember if you come it helps other see it. If you just thumb up it, it's not gonNA really give us the same algorithm credibility that facebook once. So even if you say this called suck, that's GonNa help us you know if you say great call Good Info at the End of the call just pop that in bar and the box, and also if you're interested in my article called to Orne just right here, see I'm interested in the junior orange article and I'll send you a copy of it just tell me and I'll inbox you. Okay. So you want to do anything else we had by the way our sponsors spark members, software lead hundred media for marketing elite insights for Website Design and your health coaching. What's the name of the Health Coaching Company? Up to be. And so and they can reach out to you right Dwayne and talk to you 'cause about health and Wellness and health coaching diet nutrition, and you lost how many pounds you after forty something pounds. I lost forty pounds. Yeah. I and I've actually had a few people reach out because then heard her this and you know Herbie talking about this. So yeah and you know what's interesting martial artists you know where we kill ourselves our whole lives to stay in shape. But then we become teachers and we teach more than we trained. So we ended up getting a little sedentary where we slow down in our body starts touching up or metabolism doesn't doesn't keep going it slows down as well and we ended up getting out of shape or will we get you in a little bit worse shape? so you`ve been working with and I. Know. I. Have a friend that he does via and on Long Island and he lost eighty five pounds. He literally lost the weight up plus almost a stun is young child twice as way and I saw pictures of him with his pants and I remember he's always been and still an amazing and a great martial artists you just the weight got a hold of it. So he took a picture with holding his pants his son is in the pants with him so I mean it's a great program and Yeah. Contact you about that because health is all we have to. That's it. If you're carrying around an extra twenty pounds just imagine. Gives twenty pound way put it in your backpack and carries out around all day long and see you feel at the end of the day and take that backpack often feel how good you feel. Now imagine if you did that was your body weight and you took twenty pounds off your joints on your hips on your you. You're not. You imagine how much more energy. And if you have more energy more color. It's funny because I remember talking about one of his speeches he said this. Yeah this lady. goes up to the butcher and asks if she has a forty pound Turkey, you know the butcher hasn't forty or fifty pounds whatever it was and and he said, no, he said that I got I got you know to twenty five pounders. And he's like, why do you need fifty pound? Turkey and she goes well, I just lost fifty pounds. I'd like to see what it all looks like place. That's funny. All right dude I'll talk to you soon. All right schooling was keep your head off hopefully. Paul. Health and now he thinks we heard. All right I'll talk to you later I have a great day. Bye everybody knew.

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#173 - Gus & Eddy

H3 Podcast

2:28:52 hr | 1 year ago

#173 - Gus & Eddy

"Hello World here I am from another dimension reporting in. I have a meditative state reporting from the enlightened dimension to tell you that this is going to be a really good podcast today and I'm back on your. Aw Thank you to quit and stamp stuck on for sponsoring us today. We've got gus. Johnson vary is go ahead and put the camera on him. I'm back here. I Dan back again and and we have with them today. Eddie burr back in the flesh. I'm here for the first time it also hosts of gus. Eddie podcast the boys. What does it mean to be? Ah Boy man well we go out of our way to assert that anyone can be a boy absolutely anyone. I don't care if you're a lady or a man or a dog anybody's boy boy your buddies. Yeah that's pretty much it. If it's you support your boys then your boy. Can you be Dick Out Record Dick's out regardless of gender. Yeah Yeah Yeah. Yeah and you guys. James Charles has like the sisters or whatever. This isn't like the flip side of it but we're saying the boys it's not a it's not a revolt again it's not like a rallying. Cry Young Man Okay. Now you guys live together How long have you guys been living living together We moved here in July of twenty eighteen right like year and a half a year and a half. Where'd you move from? I'm from suburbs of Chicago Chicago Kaga. I'm from Nowhere Johnson. And how did you guys end up. How did your paths cross here in Los Angeles? Oh did we We started damning each other. I think like I we. We saw each other videos. And what you're super small and we were just like you know messaging back and forth opened up. I said I'm just a picture of my asshole and then it was just boys. We'll be boys. Yeah that was captured but no Yeah it was. I think gut had video. That was on trending. It was like Shit I always forget. It was a professor and I just liked it and I went to his twitter just super low following. Nobody gave a shit about this guy. I was crazy. Ah Yeah and so we just started talking and then after that we had we hung out like two months later and then we're just like real life friends and so now living together for at one point five years You you are. You're not you have a girlfriend. You're not it's not more developed. Yeah Yeah Yeah I mean. I've been dating Sabrina. You know for a youtube anniversary just happen. I took her out to dinner. We remembered I did remember it. You celebrated faulk okay. It's it's lucky because it's like I have like her birthday our anniversary Christmas and then my grandma mom and sisters birthday are on the first two months of the year. We're sorry just boom boom boom boom gotta find that very helpful. It's Nice 'cause I I I'll be honest with you guys up until like two years ago I didn't even even I couldn't remember everyone's birthday I still. I know three people's birthday my family. I don't know myself my dad's my mom's birthday in February so like like the legs such as Psycho I. I up until two years ago. Didn't know my mom and dad's birthday I don't mean I knew that general time good and I know you're sweet man so I know that now I I am better person than I thought it was. Maybe you're worse than I think I'm worse. I'm worse than you in this Saturday. Not I can't hold numbers and dates out like I'm good at me. Two the numbers are GonNa Eddie. Do you have a significant other. No not current okay. Phil was sure to press me on that on his podcast what. I'm just curious about this that you we have the situation of two young men living together in girlfriend. How does how big is the house? You guys ever have conflicts with so you guys living together. What's the most stylish is dish problem? Yeah no problem. I was sticking with the a lot this cold cold or hot. I like it warmer little bro but I mean that's literally probably the extent of your temperature you guys. I'm if it was our this ace unit we have you know. Sometimes when the actual temperature seems to be different for different places seventy three in our place I think is pretty good but when gus was on tour those times I was crying down to sixty eight every day. I love for me fridge. And I'm a little cold baby. Seventy five meters good blend but seventy five. We're seventy three and read what you wear the house. You know shorts even whereas nothing all year short. Yeah right except that there's winter. Were the guy that does that like shorts shorts in the winter like when you were in New York whatever no while I pushed as far as I could but some days besides just looking like an absolute freak. You're trying to make a point. Yeah if you're walking around winter New York with shorts me like it was a tough. Yeah if you wear shorts in the winter though and you admit it's it's cold you're fine. It's the guys that will won't even accept it at all. It's like we can feel the same way I was free. I was three. I was freezing through my long long pants there. But so we've got. We're back in the house. Now tell me about the situation when you prepare meal in the kitchen. Do you clean up your dishes immediately afterwards words or did you sometimes to leave them in the sink. I sometime we leave mine I do too. Yeah it's I mean that's the thing is like you. I know. Some people are like real strict about that. You know of cleaning up immediately. But it's like I don't know sometimes you guys but it doesn't bother you. I'm mostly the perpetrator so like I'm pushing it home. Do you own on the show with it. But I'm just I. Sometimes I'll I've a really bad time especially when I'm shooting videos like I get in that mindset where I'm like I'll take this out at fuck. I take that low laundry. Put that over there and I get done. I'm like I can't touch that. You know like I in my room. That's where I just don't see it. End Up. Washing dishes got well. We have a dishwasher. Yeah putting it in have a I kind of have a beef with this washers. They're not that convenient because you still have to rinse the play right. Yeah if you just put it in dirty it's going to come out with shit on it. Yeah that's you ever. So do you ever rinse his dishes. I mean I'm sure we there's been crossover either way but yeah there's no like there's no animosity not really not really interested in because we used to live with a housemate France Sean. But the eh the dishes this kind of thing like I. I don't know if you guys are sugar coating it. I've had a lot of Hebrew in my life and the dishes was always appoint of conflict for me was huge. Yeah tear I think what we get here is that we way too many times order food in. So there's aren't you it's a crab makes and tell me How many bathrooms to Batu okay? That's that's actually on our. I think last episode of Our podcast. I was saying that I'm so glad that this was the first time I because I went community college so I lived with my parents until I moved out here and it was the first time that I had lived on my own out so glad. I didn't have to share bathroom somebody. This shared a bathroom with my siblings. My whole life and I'm like I don't know if not my family if I could do it. Well I'll tell you a story our good friend Sean. Shadow we would. We shared one bathroom with more in Israel. I I'm listen. There's no easy way I've there was just in the Jews doesn't mix with water and there was J- is like in the tub and stuff like at the drain because there's no in the shower because there's like Schindler's like renew or whatever or hair and then if you jerk off in the shower the juice gets stuck at the drain and I would have to be like Sean. You have to go clean your jobs out. 'cause I'm not first of all obviously touch yet. I'M NOT GONNA shower in it those those difficult conversations. How's it just drained? I I said do you can't off in the shower bro. or at least you you gotTa make sure it goes down. How much hair is in the drain you you? You don't know what I'm talking either. There was an absurd amount of rain or he has the no. It's messages. No it happened because Jisr back me up. You guys know what I'm talking about right like just can get caught in the drain. I actually do have your back on this. Thank you water coalesce into cold water how to make it hard enough like a shrink whatever temperature. The water was yeah and I know this is a thing because you know we'll frankly it's just boy things. Okay okay. What else are we get along is the biggest album? Yeah get something. I'M GONNA find awesome crash. There's some there's some conflict here I mean. There's any like friend like an occasional disagreement but we leave pretty much disagree about. I don't really like it's only been like small if we're ever like I can only recall a couple of times where there's just something where it's like a misunderstanding and we just kind of figure it out. Yeah we've yeah. We basically sweet guys deteriorate. Yeah Fuck Yeah for sure no going Keller drink drink your drink. What do you guys drink? sometimes Just like a normal whiskey guy and then now also have been having a lot of the seltzer stuff on the crate. Bills for the Seltzer. Yeah I had. I really liked I had a recently. It was Your friend Curtis Brought it which it's Like high noon. It's a vodka and they have different flavors but it's like vodka and pineapple pineapple juice in its carmody carbonated. I like that a lot. Oh what are you drink see. I'm hardened Seltzer game. I'm happy with I. Don I went as more La when I came out here. I'm Seltzer Seltzer. Yeah I'm doing hard seltzer. We're drinking the Dasani sparkling and Lacroix instead of doing and boots every day. Now I will say at heart. I think we're bud light boys we always as will be. That's like Nitro Cold Brew Dude. I can't have caffeine anymore. I don't know what what happens. I don't know sometime in the last year I start in panic. Attacks Miocene. Yeah it was when the tour started my chest and I couldn't breathe and it was fully like sit down on spend on a pass out on. That wants to me too. But I'm I'm so interested in drinking coffee. I won't I go. I like warm beverages and now I can't drink caffeine so now I'm that guy when I wonder like a starbucks I'm like can I get a DECAF icing on caffeinated drinks. I do yeah Arthur. Wrong story idiot Okay so we've got a couple of guys drink seltzer. Alcohol the Seltzer in your living room. You guys hang out on assuming on a nightly basis there. What do we do? We play video games watching TV. Yeah a lot of the time. We'll have like main room hangouts usually when we have people over and then a lot of the time we'll play video games together and then with Like a set of our friends online laying in a room separately. But we're playing together. I S and then during the day were hanging out in the main room more What are we playing do? We're we're hopping on a Lotta Shit lately. We've been into more. How lately that Medieval Kinda like Cod in ancient times Kinda Shit We played raft. What a what is out of of raft right now? It's kind of in Demo. We're just kicking around. A couple of this reminds me so much of my time with Sean Land Party stuff. Well I had assume the man who was kept using living in the shower we had a situation there. But you got your young men. I mean what is age. I'm twenty three. Yeah four yes. I was that age at that time. Yeah now old mother feige. I'm thirty four. I got a kid so video. My only chance to play video games is at like eleven eleven to three. Damn what are you playing. We're like legitimately old now. Yes it's official Cabral thirty five. I've been playing Diablo three three on. ps four actually got into the three. Because Yeah my brother. Got Back into it John. PS Four. And I'm not I'm not trying to flex am paragon are gone level. Five hundred and twenty-five Dan didn't play it enough to know what them higher though. That's that's impressive. Right I think so. And I'm on the greater rift level. Sixty three work my way up. Wow that that sounds impressive for sure I love it so okay. We've got vision. Where at the house because living together together? What's the plan? Wake up in the morning and you have like a work day ahead of you. Gus does way more than me. I mean my I was about to get to IT I. I'm just I'm real slow with it. I liked to wait 'til there's something that I really really WanNa make. And then I'm also just a terrible procrastinator. So what are you. Rub off when you see gus like grinding. No we do like I. I don't have any interest and I don't think I could do the kind of videos that Eddie does. Because they're so much like candidate leave -able into the little details. I really like it like just the control cards and stuff to all the transitions. I just get so picky and editing. where I'm like that sounds like a fucking nightmare? I don't want to do all that. Show you guys you have very. It's clearly like very different approaches to making you to get him. You're like a viner really in your approach to youtube is not to another and so I don't take their store their catchy Yvonne little concept you put it in boom Bob's your uncle but he doesn't make three videos week. Yeah well I've been dilute back to like one two at the most right now. kind of like every six seven days at the Mo- for the most part right now. That's just because like we got the podcast every Monday to and just like I'm trying to do with a comedy central and stuff like I just want to come back to that in a moment. uh-huh you post once every six months. This is unacceptable. I just don't know what you think. What what are we? What's the plan and it's still going? Well they call it like I mean we expect better we expect more from. You could be going better. But I'm so happy with my catalog and that's why this this is the longest I've gone. I'm editing a video now but the longest have gone without uploading. I think ever look. We know road to take though the being so picky. You cannot wait for inspiration. I have some I I mean I I gotta but yes. It's the thing is it's got. Are you working on a video. Yeah and how long have you been working on this video Well I shot. It's about a week ago and then I really got into a week. You shot in a week ago. Saying for six months with it does posted right before Thanksgiving which isn't good but it's like giving like on Youtube time that's like a whole they come back and the videos good. Who Cares we eddie? Do you ever feel that like for example. You guys came together in this house. Less is a prolific nick creative. I want to. I got insert myself. The only reason my output is able to be so high is because I have Sabrina literally fulltime working as like a salaried employee employees of my LLC Daley. She's there to do like all my contacts all the producing. She films my appreciate that. We all have the ability to the social services. But I'm just saying I listen. Listen I've I've I understand. There's no excuses here. I'm just want to understand what's going on with Eddie. Do you WanNa new. Christopher Nolan movie every year man needs I wouldn't doubt that's that's that's fair. I mean that's okay but do you ever feel maybe pressure. Because you're in a you're in this house with gusts prolific creator. I'm not as prolific as well. Yeah he's growing at sub count. What do you? What's Your sub count? Now I think I had like five hundred K.. Like two weeks ago or something. You should have much more than that. Well I congratulate you on that milestone. Do you ever feel like man you know does it. Do you ever feel also maybe like I don't know like like let's let's you know let's get a little bit because gus what are you at now in sub count. I don't know right. I'll all star one point seven. I think okay. I've felt that before. Never it's never like a competitive thing competitive and altruistic way but like Being left behind in in some way not exactly because especially when I wanted to do youtube. The five hundred K.. was like insane to me and I think it's mainly I don't really care. I really welcome and really like more people enjoying my videos. But it's all to me about what the content of the video so it's like A. Yeah I could post more like I've had times where when my videos we're worse I was posting like once a week for that month and it was like my biggest growth month ever and when I look back at the end of the month and I was like. Yeah the numbers look good but I hate three of these videos. I can't keep doing this. I would rather just like your man of quality your man of and and Okay I did I think for both of us do the big milestones like once. You hit a hundred K.. Hot Damn like yeah. This is it from. I found my my. My thirst was is always unquenched. Really ways like super happy with any milestone. Yeah because I was the big one for you guys you're like holy doubting. I mean it took us like a year. Two thousand was insane. Every ten thousand fifty thousand one hundred thousand million two million and then I guess I stopped. Yeah yeah I I remember to on my old college Mac Book. I kept the TAB open when I was at like nine thousand nine hundred and ninety nine kept it that they're still I still have. I didn't know that I left. Ethan when we pass a thousand 'cause I think I went to school or something like I was. I quit my job. Yeah I would think college but I they'd left a note for you like thirteen. I still have a great time. Uh that was a beautiful time. I mean it was so exciting but I'm just trying to get to the heart of your philosophy of creating. Your years. Is One of of certainly quantity quant quality over quantity. I will celebrate the quality of your videos in the level of detail and research and scripting that goes into it is is is phenomenal and I do encourage people to watch but you but it's an uphill battle on YouTube You know what I'm saying. The platform unfortunately it. It makes you decide right by between like you said doing a month where you post more and you put let you have. You just simply can't put as much effort into it by that or or or taking your time and unfortunately the platform is just a little bitch us. Well that's what's Nice about the podcast editor to write. I can do something every week that we knew. And that's not like the podcast has never I was already like this with my videos beforehand but like so it hasn't I haven't used it as a crutch for it but it's what's Nice is like I can do comedy. I can post the video on the podcast channel and then I can still work on my son. I am too slow with my stuff that gets a lot of it is not working on it all the time. A lot of it is like like sitting down trying to edit an intro hating everything about it and being like. I can't look at this today I gotTa do next to it. It's cool though that the algorithm is less Strict now like people. Bill can have big careers. Do that like Nikki. Jake has a similar upload schedule People can can just put out one big video even every few months and it doesn't seem into necessarily just hurt them. Shane Dawson is is a point. Yeah well John. Trump was like it's proved to everyone because I think think before him. We all had this idea that if you kind of disappear for a few months channel will not do the same look but then he would go and come back and yeah Flexible fifty million views. I saw shit. That's so damn great video. That's going to be one of the best branding opportunity. Yeah honestly it's like that. And like a like Papa Blast Papa. John's speaking on Monday living room. He looked less sweaty in the video. Yeah yeah he probably had a C in their crank the heat. We'll treat pop with all the tenderness and care. Yeah I would My own pizza are you. Are you gonNA eat pizza on the podcast. Thinking of different things that we can do with him pizza taste test blind taste test. That's great it all of the brands. I think he's GonNa have. He's going to know though but that's interesting I won't give him pizza quiz like terminology and stuff like that And I feel like the whole thing is so surreal that. I'm still not even believing that it's happening. That is yeah. The truth is though I'm mostly interested in his pizza conspiracy store. He has quite a story to tell about how he was ousted. As the as the Papa do you think it. has he been really vocal about that in interviews. I know he had that kind of like Blank threat you know. The day of this is the Dave Brexit. Monday is the day of reckoning is going to be Lee has received research. He's he's running the stolen with faxes from like nineteen see. I'm telling yeah I don't know if I can reveal it. I probably had. Yeah well. Here's what he talked. He was on the phone with him the other day on the phone call for Torius phone call. Yeah he has it weighs bringing it number. We're GONNA play it on Monday because they haven't heard it right now so yeah. I can't believe me because he says he didn't say them word. Whoa the day of reckoning is coming to inch three PODCASTS? He called me yesterday called private number. So number Mike Pop star six seven but anyways enough about me we were talking about Eddie what's the plan. What do you think we find it really interesting your approach because for us personally? It has caused a lot of stress and negative liberty in our personal life when we went that route. Because it's so hard to the rare to go like the purity mode where I'm only going to post it. Fits good and I'm only got from a hundred percent right interest I think what the big change a lot of it has been. I mean not only talking to friends like gus or drew audrey good nurse or Jackie where the big thing that I found wasn't waiting for like a good thing to come along but making video on what I was interested in at the time because I started finding that those videos did well and I didn't think that they would like even my last one has been like my biggest video now and I was like I keep bitching about all these late night hosts and I don't know if people will care at all and then I made it and people watched state. That's such a good point because I think that that on face value you would never think that on youtube would give a shit about the late night about talking in depth about late night people but you are actually I was. I was not expecting the video that I saw. It was very earnest very Sincere video video One that I agreed with and I thought it was very thoughtful. An interesting I mean that means. I WON'T BE TO KISS ASS here but like I got into the commentary. was you guys especially even the specifically the before for video one of my favorite video. Thank you so much. Yeah so kind interview to say. Yeah I mean I'm sure you guys have it too though. Where with a lot of the like more youtube commentary stuff you just get so fucking tired about it? I'm I got so tired of of talking about like a youtuber. I found that did something kind of absolute and yeah so like I made one sort of like that recently but it had to do with like Hulu and when everything and that was enough of an angle. Yeah it's just like making stuff that you WanNa talk about. Seems to be the most interesting thing to do. It's fun for the people fucking love to watch watch like if you care about something they will listen to you. You know like drew. Gooden is doing like Like luxuries SNL comparisons and stuff for like friends versus the office mixed in and was like look at this weird guy and instagram. You got late night video and stuff like I'm I'm trying to follow the same route like into this New Year. Like I WANNA do like a mini documentary about like mad magazine's it's because needs to read those old ones. When I was a kid like just pick something that you're excited about and like that's really cool? That people wanna see that stuff. That's good advice. That's very good insight. And I can't agree more. I mean that's that's basically the reason why I stopped making videos was because I think what I cared about the time was all these prank videos. Were just so fucked and nobody uh on Youtube was talking about it so I just got so charged up and it was really resonating and that's kind of what like wants to channel But after years and years and years and then the genre honor of commentary becoming more popular and felt to me that That the it was just felt like I was my soul was I was evaporating with every commentary video. I made about in some stupid person on Youtube. Doing something stupid. You know that that ten people are also so work you know that ten people are working on the same video. And I'm like you know so that's kind of why we why we pivoted and And that's all we'll have to say about that now. Where do you see yourself in five years five years? I don't know I think when I try and think more kind of grand Iran things for US separately or together F- if we're doing something that's like traditional at all. I usually picture us being a bit older. You know because I don't think I don't know I think a lot of the time like more of the time I don't want to be somebody who's like an actor in something but usually I want to like make stuff and so five years hopefully fully using youtube to make things maybe not on youtube but still still making videos and I only upload once every six months so that's only ten videos. Yeah well I I. My intention is not to disparage your uploads only but I want to say because I can already hear the comments. It's now saying that Ethan is such an Asshole I get that every episode those but But the fall your heart and I think you're plus visa genuine in a beautiful. Yeah no thank you. I appreciate it but also I should be uploading more. It's I know you don't mean it angle but like I didn't I don't work as much as I should. Yeah so it's like a young man. You're Tippin Bud light and you're playing video game giant ten years older than you so you have you have you've left waste yet You're very young and your legs. Virtually I add your leg thought. What is comedy central business? What what what is what is this partnership partnership it is So I was approached by like their digital team I think about a year year and a half ago right at the tail end when I was in college to go and be kind of a a part-time Creator in New York. I was able to accept that I would've had to kind of fuck over my whole theater. Productions a fulltime job. What is this job offer? It was It was my understanding that it was like a regular staple like you're one of the people in the office that are creating online content. It is wasn't able to do it and I was just like well. Fuck I missed. That boat goes comedy central But then I came out here and and Shortly after moving out to La we got in contact again and now the what the deal that we have is I will go to like live events for them. Sometimes I go to like south spy or or comic con or something and I'll do like man on the street just kind of fucking around people stuff but I like doing it like that because I'm pretty much always the butt of the joke in like I'd like I don't WanNa be the man on the street that's up to people and just poke and prod rush it so I'll go and I'll do that stuff and I'm also contract to send in like a bunch of sketches sketches for their digital department stuff so you write sketches for them. Yes so I'll do that like that. You're not in that know that I am in so I'll so it fully is like I will produce it it entirely out of house and I'll just edit and I'll just send it they pay you. Yeah they pay you per spur video. It was a bundle deal where it was like including all the live stuff And like this amount of sketches. They paid me a chunk for it. But Nice are you happy with the I'm happy with everything over there. Yeah the only thing I dislike is again again. It's difficult sometimes especially with how I like doing should is sometimes. It's so on the fly you know. Sometimes we'll have a sketch idea and I'll start filming twenty minutes later and just weep. It is sometimes all you need is a single joke for a thirty second video so I am so disorganized in that sense and just making stuff up that it sometimes when I have to like wait to have them send a representative to come over to make sure everyone signs waivers and insurance and and it's very like hey there's a brand over were there. We can't have that. So it's it's it's not as much of an environment where I can just quick make shit. I running it through. So many people is difficult. Or a little goof- yeah uh-huh uh-huh yeah and it's like I understand the corporate structure over there but he's like doc I'm making. Yeah come on you know. Like I'm taping a wig to my head. What I'm in my living room you you know Do you make a lot more money per video. When you make for comedy central then yourself no I make more for myself? Well then what's the point. The point is it's comedy central well and I think that that's like a valuable inroad for me. I'm not GonNa just absolutely screwed by them at all like it. I think it's a fair deal for for what we've got right now. Okay like numbers wise and it is Kinda close to what I do. Make video is and so they they posted on their channel They pay you but it is a good. You're making connections with people there. What do you want to to a comedy central? Let's say that the CEO says. Hey Gus he says not the double he says what do you want to do I I supplying check. I've talked to I like to think that we have a really great relationship. We've been working together over about a year and a half now We've talked and this year. I'm I'M GONNA start kind of sentencing pitches over My five years from now thing I wanna be writing and running my own show I don't know starring I definitely want to be in it too. Yeah Yeah Not a Sitcom My ultimate dude. I want to do a sketch comedy. Show more anything. Do you guys ever see. I think you should leave on Netflix. That's that's the fucking shot. What I thought do I tell you the last time? I had an audition for that show you did I did. I had an addition for it was one of my first auditions out here. There and like it was a great situation and then I got fucking pneumonia for a job. I didn't get the job because I couldn't send in the audition participate and then once I finally got enough to talk. I call it my manager at the time was talking about. Please send in addition he goes they already cast the part. I mean there is a one line position that you can take and I was like okay so I got in like a forty five minute guber to Santa Monica. I walked into a little rent an office for like the casting thing. I walked down for this one line character. There are already like twelve names on the sign in sheet so I just just sign my name because Johnson and they call me in and it was just one woman with a little like two thousand three home video camera and there she goes. Go ahead and I was supposed to do the Line Line of like my dad had died and I was speaking at his funeral so she just goes go. I was like well. My Dad was as you stop. Stop Are you seri- way too sad. Go again and I just did it a little less. It really is like that. Yeah it was just all of that up for one line fucking sucked so many times to do. I don't I don't do a lot of Like audition you didn't get it. I definitely didn't get too sad. I was so fucking bummed and I read it too sad. I was in addition I had was for like a main sketch. Character in in multiple sketches. Couldn't send that one exit couldn't speak because we're yeah. The two different ones where the original one was was the The like the clown video one where they returned to Ray and the the sad one was the playing the crazy or wearing and threaten Willie's we can shed so So really are like you see in the movies where she's like. Stop Stop casting directors. I again I'm a guy that went to like to in in person audition so I'm not Mr Hollywood with a lot of knowledge that one was just a definitely really kinda like fuck enough time for these because to them this it was all just a bunch of garbage. I don't know I number twelve coming into for this guy number twelve stop dude again. Back sorry to interrupt. We gotta go break. That was a soundbite awesome. But it's still true. I don't know if you've got a bobby Lee. The comedian was gushing his heart over his dad. Who recently passed away And and Dan Stats of sound by interrupting. Oh they're talking about his recently deceased father. We cherish that soundbite and we will honor it by going to break so do not go anywhere. We'll be right back. The boys gusts and Eddie. If you leave you are GonNa get Corona. There's a reason that three million people are using quip electric toothbrush because it's affordable and it's amazing basically. It's the perfect value and experience. You're gonNA find anywhere for toothbrush. First of all. It vibrates vibrating. Every dentist will tell you vibrating toothbrushes. Clean Clean your teeth better too. It's got soft ruppert. Rub rubbery bristles that. I've not found on any of the toothbrush that are so sensitive and they don't agitate my gums and by the way when you over agitate your gums recede and they never grow back. You need to take care of your gums and three times out. 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We're going to go home with a host and it's going to be married story though is the room Like the marriage story room the one with the big screen shot of Adam driver coming out like how dare you compare it to me to my father. That looks almost exactly like the room door to our hallway. I put a thing on twitter reviewed. I told Tony that I. It looks like the hallway going to our bedrooms. Looks exactly like it. We were watching it and he walked passing out for a second. I was like wait. No that's not our partner. Yeah didn't punch her. Well I'm GonNa tell you. I refuse to wash that film. Everybody's watching everybody's trying to get me to wash that film I. I'm not GonNa Watch a film that I know's going to depress me about two people have a divorce. I'm in a happy relationship. They got they have kids they can you know what I don't need that element element in my life. I don't want to get it. I feel the same way I I won't watch that movie. And I know this thing out on allegedly really good are not missing. I don't give a fuck. I don't Wanna be sad from lamas I'm missing out on. Not being sad for. Yeah I 'cause I watched it and I like told even Because my parents are split up and I told my whole family I was like. It's it's a good movie but don't watch joy yourself ended and I was like I just feel bad now is on a flight. It didn't feel good and The same thing. There was like a Nike ad during the superbowl was talking about about like some dude. With Alzheimer's remember are not Nike Google. Remembering his his his wife passing like first of all. I refused to wash the commercial. I am not going to allow Google to make me feel fucking bad for this guy like you have nothing to do with this. Guy's life fuck Google for even try like. How does Google get love for exploiting this poor man with Alzheimer's I don? I don't even know the premise. Assuming that is what it is it is it. You know what I hate is it. Looks like a really effective commercial. I have not watched. I'll pull it out that's all. Yeah yeah that's really sad. Zach you cry things to say. That's the problems accident made him cry. Made me ball okay. Fine and because the situation is genuine beautiful but why the fuck does Google get to put their logo on that moment. Hilarious like the being evil. CEO comes comes in goes look. I'm a human. Yeah fucking at that but I refuse to engage with it because it is GonNa make me sad Yeah well we're here together if you throw it up because now I don't spend. They went actually did. Did they claim this because like how are they might have gone to other music piano. Don't take when I watch trailers and they claim my entire podcast. I'm like is that the mother loving point. Yeah Yeah what you want people to go see the fucking movie okay. Well so there you have to have stuff on my watch though. This was inspired by from you. Eddie now nice whatever. It is a this whole now yeah. Rubber Patterson is the hottest man the world according to science. He has the perfect I position. Perfect perfect knows what the per. Actually not perfect sorry. His lips are only eighty two percent. So he's got to work on the Collagen something he looks like he's sucking his cheeks in like that. Yeah well his ninety five and His nose lip with the this here is eighty nine point four. He's got some low marks here. I'm not quite sure. Why beautiful I I try to look like Robert de eh her watch? Your golden ratio rating is fucking low. Low this is Robert Pattinson with plastic surgery. Already the face shape you gonNA give his face a rating when you just slammed on his lips. His foreheads and ninety three his overall golden ratio rating is a ninety two point one five according to this plastic surgeon by the way WHO's trying to pitch plus even him. Yeah so Who's WHO's your hottest actor right now? Who Do you think is the most attractive male actor period? I've always found the most attractive male actor to be Paul Newman data's a fun. Good Choice Dude. Paul Salad Dressings daily. Pedro Paul Newman here. But not that bad aging. If I look like that when I was seventeen I think like in movies. He's just so fucking cool like yes. Love his whole swag dude For me it's is like my old school. Cool throwback answer is like eighties Harrison Ford O'hare from four reasons. The other ways you and McGregor these days though he's agent. Now what are you talking. I'll tell you you and McGregor Obi Wan he's not aging poorly. But I wouldn't say he's aging like fine wrinkles every new wrinkle. I go Now let me tell you why I don't like him. I'll tell you why let's see here is hired. Looks recent master's within the you want to look at by the way don't look at how he typed his name. Ominous quarterback Donald in twenty twenty twenty. Look bad at all. He's getting hotter. You go ahead rate them. I mean is good looking but not not like he's not your ultimate not number one to us Mike. Costanzo won't coming from an unblemished record of staunch heterosexuality the wrinkles in his face. The smile lines like mature I like actually yeah like like. Maybe it's the facial hair though because they say facial hair makes men look better. But he's got that Kirk. Douglas recipes the Kirk Douglas Chin. You know the little little dent there. Here's WanNa WanNa tell you about that. I don't like what's up my first girlfriend ever in high school. She just would not shut up about how he was and Moulin Moulin Rouge and I was very insecure young man and I just was like I don't and I didn't look anything like him. Yeah and and I was so in love with turn and I'll say what why that hated his guts that dirt nasty. Hey I'll tell you true I don't get it. Fuck you bitch rich dude. I had a girlfriend in high school. That did that with a like I was just on facebook and class and I was scrolling through and it was just a kid that I played basketball against from like a town over and she was dating me at the time she goes. Whoa stop has like what you scroll back up? Oh my God look at him with you. I'm here talk to that. I was like seventeen. See that that's the kind of damage that never leave fifth grade. My first at all from the first day we were dating. We're on the bus. 'cause we lived in the on the same street and a friend asked her like just like why are you dating him and she said I'm dating him for his personality not his look I was right there and I. I was so heartbroken by was doing my homework and I pointed like I agreed. Do I WanNa die that have you. Have you ever had a moment like that. You were with like you're beautiful. Imperfect folks so whoever say something like that you can. Do you mean if I had what moment because moment that shattered I heard your entire self confidence forever. Yeah we've all got one off. I don't know I feel like for girls. It's so hard it's like every day. That's Oh good point like people comparing to other people or what like just seems is just seeing everything I don't know by the way you have beautiful breasts or not awesome not going to diminish the. I'm just saying look this as a slender girl. You probably we're very insecure humidity. Beautiful really solid Especially where I don't know if it was something where I was growing up or Israel or I don't know if it's that too but a lot of the girls in my class titties really big really. Yeah insecure sure about like dude so many things growing up. My head is pretty big head and when I was a kid the thing is I've ever since I was like four. Looks like I have just a receding hairline. I've fucking they have a big head. Well he's already. Yeah I you got the head show. I was always self-conscious that same hairline. Yeah exact same pictures when I was ever tried to do weird haircuts when I used to try to do the lamp. AM Shade Middle School. where it's like the bulk of the Bull Cup with the flappy wings out here like the guy with the victims of that? I look hot as shit pictures of you online. Maybe type in Johnson Kid. I don't know about the That's I'm not seeing any young ones I mean. Just there's me in college and there's the sports caster that's not me. I don't know if that's great. Yeah he does look like a sharp dude I think he's like fifty two to age farewell. Now notice you. Are you hiding airline in this one. That one is just I mean. I've had the kind of flop over to the side for a while I've been wishing it that's me also youtube greater homes skill in town and in college. Oh yeah that's my one of my hometown. Newspapers they've honor grade it. Thank you so we were talking about We were talking about insecure perfection. Yes thank you bring it all back. I got more to share now. According to the same people Bella Hadid yeah has a the perfect female face although they didn't do crutches many Really as many data points see I she has like work on our face right. I don't know actually so that'd be that would be such a shame. I kind of have the thing where I like. I look at her and I'm like this is an incredibly beautiful woman too good but it's yeah like my heart doesn't jump out at that because I was like I like Kinda swing in just around my weight class you you know what I mean and this is to punch upbeat for Niagara. Well there. There are like perfect beauties that I that I find that I'm more attracted to. Yeah you know yeah. I feel the same way we're her is is at ninety seven point six five percent or it's like it's no question she's gorgeous but like my heart doesn't go like Oh my God because I'm like I want like that. That's like a supermodel I mean Got Stick with my man. You went on this one. Who so who's your Tummy Ila? Who's your perfect male? Oh a beauty. Go ahead Paul Newman. But when you showed him as when he was young or your nose all new Larry. Yeah Oh very very like perfect face if I oh my point one it was pretty. I just didn't even know you haven't seen a ball you haven't seen. Paul Newman movie. I don't know maybe he just so fucking cool dude right he also has by the way what you see everywhere come on dude. It's raise like half of several Jerry's. Oh He's he's he looks like skeleton a definitely. It's totally dead as fuck. WHOA WHOA WHOA? WHOA he's Jewish is he? Oh that just made them ten times harder. Look at his go in the classics. Like attitude attitude James Dean I don't know I like the class. Oh yeah here's a picture. Look at that I like that elected Caprio. They don't make them like they used to. Did they look at that face. Dude but yeah that's pretty sharp Brad Pitt. Though and once upon a time Hollywood though specifically movie was like I love that movie in such a long time. Yeah I I really liked it. I liked I kind of like to live in for a while. You know good but okay well I made one. I actually put my face and the issue really. Just put it in Photoshop. It the mine. Yeah it has my Dick and balls is one of the reasons I look like I got online says Penis. Three hundred percent see that. Oh Hey here's the in the eye position. One percent birth defect question. Mark the lips minus fifty percent says pedophile negative fifty percent of having pedophile lips. Which I said I'd rather be mine at the hundred Chin? Certified kitchen minus one hundred percent for head great hairline. I got good scores on that. That's a good one dot one I. I actually scored higher than Robert Patterson. Yeah nose to Jewish Bush obviously two percent and the golden ratio rating. It didn't even give me ready to said ugly as fuck. I'm surprised they would even coat it like that and I did want for each of you you guys should now. I'm kidding each other especially I already have one. You just make one. That's way me still bill. Yeah Yeah obviously being. I didn't even see the golden ratio rating for it. So I just miss that. That's why I'm mad at my job. It's stupid thing it's everywhere everywhere. It's like some have it some. Don't yeah What are you guys feeling about the corona virus? She's scared are you excited. You know what after the swine flu. The market was wide open. I I'm not scared about it. I mean I'm not traveling anytime. I'll fuck we'RE GOING TO ORLANDO IN A couple of weeks. Yeah yeah that's not. China will die in other ways. You might get there. Yeah we'll get eaten by gator shanked by a method or something but I'm not super scared about the corona virus I it's probably a little more like media fodder than than is an actual public health concern. But it's still scary shit. No do you know that. Seen Lord of the rings were strider goes yeah he goes. Are you scared. And they go yes he says not nearly enough. That's how I feel about go. Gorge you call him strider. Yes right. Aragon strider fucking. I'm a huge Lord of the Rings Fan. I Love Them. You read all three of them. I know here's the thing I'm A. I'm a fair weather fan. I I adore the Peter Jackson movies. I read the Hobbit are really liked the hobby. I read the first book and I said I read the second book there was like I can't fucking do. I can't read description of meadows any longer. It's not from my brain. I'm not smart enough for it. Because it really is like. There's so much cool. Oh beauty and grandeur and the world he built but you have to slog through like yeah pages of a bill full force on a fucking duck you know. I'm just like it's like the by favorite. You didn't get nearly enough whether you're scared or not movies though Lord of the Rings Oh I watched a director's cut bro. Only are you kidding being me. We washed them three back to back when we were in Israel and had nothing to do with our lives. What was that like a thirteen hour? Marathon is it it is it is actually. It's thirteen. I loved it. Great and the thing is it's like they're really good theatrical cuts to just stuff that you can't explain in there in the original cut you know like like the whole relationship between like death or and like say. Dan is not really explained lot anyway. I like the extended editions so I did as well if if you have thirteen hours to way but regardless of if you're scared of the corona virus or not there are some wonderful memes that have come out about it so here in China they have like They have curfew and you're not allowed to go outside and they have this. PSA system on a loudspeaker speaker and with some fell asleep behind the microphone and it was broadcasting Wiser Weisser no audio and. I'm a diva moment. It's muted on On the browser. So you're saying it's not your fault how can I blame. How can I blame you? I sabotaged I came in there. Thank you don't do that. This real it almost sounds like a siren. Yeah almost I think can be actually scary anymore. You memes have ruined everything. Anything seriously. Chronic viruses perfect case as an point. It's like if if the world was ending if nuclear bomb went off in New York. They're they're memes would come as fast ashes than is probably like people be tweeting writing into the epicenter of the thing. Is that cool or not. Cool it's cool. I think I think it's very self Self realizing Meta way of like just humanity going woo refer to are you guys I remember on like an older podcast. I think you're talking with post about like Doomsday. Should I know. He's a big guy. Do you guys have any of that kind of like I made A. I made a go bag a couple of months. Yeah of course I'm of course I'm fucked our one. If you're living room drinking sparkling well we split off for because when we were talking about doomsday stay stuff I stocked up my closet in the apartment with a bunch of water and food. Just in case anything happened gusts seems to think he can get out of Los Angeles with a backpack on his back. That's that's how you live for the first forty eight Eddie Way. What can your big lake? It's just looks like our slash Mall Ninja Shit like this terrible like military looking backpack and it just got some basic shit and like I got a first aid kit a solar charging. USB thing for phones and stuff is all so strange arranged. He's going to kill you and take the bag. I can't pack for tomorrow. I'm not we had to make go back when I was pregnant for the hospital and we literally did the last week. And you know when it's going to happen See I can't I can't pack for tomorrow but I can pack for the day after tomorrow. That's a good reference. I like that was one of the worst movies so I just understand. You really think something's going to happen. I don't it was I just prepare. Yeah I just finished breaking bad for the time and it was like so what what what in your mind is the situation where you're like. I'm grabbing the bag and I'm hitting the road it's clear. Yeah Eddie. Ask So many times. What you're not touching this fuck? You'll get the water supply foil. Blanket ain't getting really. Is it a is it a active wars it terrorism. Is it a natural disaster. It's IT'S I. I got a little bit of cash in there. Like maybe three hundred dollars in there. You can come rob me. There's nothing in the apartment And like a first aid kit and then just a couple like ah four. We're preparing for if I need. Forty eight hours of just basic needs okay. Anything and everything systems. Go down and got a little cash for on on the street will that was the thing is posing. You really think people are going to be accepting cash situation like that probably. It was right after the last like big earthquakes. And so so that was I was like. Oh what if the water shuts down and guess what if I need to escape the my fellow man head toward the desert and I should be fined. You guys got a little spooked birth. Quick 'cause you you aren't earthquake boys no. I wasn't here for it and it was. I was flying back the day after the the second one that was bigger. They're like yeah. There's going to be another big one on so flying back. Felt really weird where it's like. I might actively choosing to go to an earthquake right now. I've been here. My life is do. It's fine the worst. I was in the most compromising position ever for that last really big earthquake. I was like very drunk and I was taking a bath in like candlelight bad and and it was like Mac Miller was playing and I was just chilling five and just mine and I was like Kinda just grooving back and forth. This is really beautiful like the waters move in with the wait. The waters fucking shit was going down and I was soaking wet and I was just like I ran out. I didn't have a towel in the bathroom so ran naked through the apartment into my room and I I put on like shorts and shirt soaking wet and I had to run down twelve flights of stairs. You know and I just remember like have a heart attack because I was running bear birth. Lucht you do well just because I was blasted and then I was soaking wet running down like twelve flights of stairs. Like my heart's can give out to see people really screaming in the stairwell here. Well everyone is running down the stairwell and then a door slammed and a bunch of people went building collapsing. Let me tell are you. What what I know of earthquakes? They people who the most injuries happen from. Earthquakes are people who get up. They say stay where you are really stay where you are and just wait for it to go away because most people will get up and run and they'll trip or something will fall on them. Yeah just get to a place where nothing could fall on you and continue to don't harsher chill bro but let me go back to do often take baths kind of frequently and not as an ending ending though right. It's a sensual. Yeah it's you smoke weed. I do a little bit and you get. You usually get like mega blast. Sit in the TUB. No a bath bomb. I love bath bombs. So you know he does this. Yeah who do you think I take showers and then I generally wash but once the bath bomb makes it so I can't watch him anymore. Well of course. The show's over. You take take a bath. Yeah no that's what he's obviously using a lot more waters run everyday so I take two showers a day. Okay so you think that even though also our apartment complex pays for our water. We did the rent which recently because my intel has been like gushing water for months and I've called in the complaint like nine times and I was so mad that I calculated because I thought we're GONNA have to pay it and then I realized Oh shit they pay for it. How interesting they do? It is wasted in the last few months. My Tub exclusively has leaked eighteen thousand gallons of water. Oh that's not good literally go to the administration for fixing. Yeah so well. At least. They're footing the bill. which is well? So you're in the bath. You've got the candles your what do you do you just relaxed. You do anything in their dude. I read I. I wish I could read fucking dip the book in the water but Kendall have waterproof. Kendall's I could do that than to read like fucking nerd you ever be in the TUB. I'm on the top. Why would you do in the top like during the question? I don't know maybe right at the end. A little pissed bisque. I don't see that's the drain before it starts coming. I just chilling there. Get a couple scented candles. Get my Mrs Myers Iowa Pine Scent Candle Light that up. We'll Mac Miller on the Bluetooth speaker and I vibe for long in the bathtub our and basically until the water comes to a point where it's no longer comforting. Yeah I'm I'm I'm straight pruning every time. I'm in their interesting very sensual experience. I like it you guy. You know what's funny. I started taking started. Take me yeah I actually all like. Listen to Howard stern or something and I. It's definitely the candles the candles it makes me think the year masturbating in there if I'm not pissing in there I don't know I come in there. I'd be like communists. We even really thin like Gnocchi soup or something like that just just floating around grocer into because it doesn't really dissolve. Does it now it would stick to my chest stand up and take it with me on this thing now now. What do you do when you when he's in the back you? How do you unwind keep Tan? Well a lot of the time I really like I'm I got a Fraternal twin brother. And he's no are you guys. You're not identical. No no that'd be so I don't know why you there okay. Go ahead wouldn't know. Yeah there's somebody like me walk around but Yeah he he added podcasts. Actually shout out to Tony. He doesn't like to be on camera though but normally early like if I'm relaxing at the end of the night and free were playing video games together and then like or with gossip. Jackie as well all you guys all hang out like in person. Yeah we're we're like wolves are like real life close friends nice sweet Beautiful thing you guys have their like. Yeah Jd. I like taking video games with them like last last night and we also talked on the phone. I talked to Jackie pretty much every day. I think you talk on the phone. Yeah for for the usually like We'll we'll play games. We usually catch up like midday. If something's going on. I find that interesting that you guys chat on the phone texting texting is just like what he saw everything voice stuff. I don't know bath bombs I know. Yeah so I didn't know the people talked on the phone. I feel like I almost feel like I'm offended. If somebody calls me how no I look phone I I just want text because I don't I don't the whole act of being done to fix just Ardo intrusive. Are you bad at like returning email messages see. Im the two. And I feel bad so especially closer circle of friends on the rare chance that somebody calls me. I tried to let him know on the phone. Please you did the right thing do this all the time family call me whenever I prefer that I like people to leave me alone. Do I do like that. No one ever calls anymore. Nobody does no one answer. I swear to got IT I. It doesn't matter who it really could be like The only person I answer Papa. John came from a private number and I knew it was about. Yeah Yeah I'll answer scam calls scandal likely. I'm you know what those are. The those are the ones I do. Once I can't do is if somebody cold hold face times me. Like video faced angry yeah. I have a hometown friend. That does that all the time and I keep telling him I will never answer. If you're just sitting on your phone and then you see your own face back scare. Yeah nobody in the phone call to me is just. It's like TEX first of all. Here's what I want. I want to know what what do you want because my own. You're locked in so I say text me. Tell me what you want you and then I decide if it's phone call worthing and it's not. What do you tell them that? Well I say you're you know how that bone has auto thing I'll say Texts me I you scroll up yeah and it because texts me. Oh I get you and then say hey so now now you outed yourself. I know if I give you a ring. You're just going to be on the couch. I know I'd like to know what why you're calling me. Yeah why would you ever call me. I don't know if I was in a bind if Eddie's not having the survival kit and I really wanna I I like helping people just want to know what is going on. Yeah because so many calls me to talk about. Just how are you doing. That's not a conversation. I'm interested in Abbey not one I don't because I'm fine. How are you I'm fine? Yeah and frankly. I don't WanNA reciprocate. I think it's fair. People know that you know everyone's got their personal preference and I I just feel so guilty. I think a lot of the time because I'm so fucking terrible at responding to anything so when I do finally have somebody I I am able to communicate the best one. I can talk to somebody so if it's somebody that I haven't like texted in a month and we get them a ring than for me. It's a great opportunity to be like. Hey I love you I appreciate you I wanNA talk to you. I'm sorry I'm so bad again back. Just call me whenever like the fixes fixes. It have great texts conversations like that really. I can't I can't have opposite sex conversations actually well okay we for the ones we have. Yeah Yeah we haven't had any. I don't believe we have. We had texts conversation. We've DM briefly every what they've been. Fantastic face face-to-face. Yeah now here we are. Conversing is a conversation. Yeah I do like that I prefer it. I frankly don't like face to face. Conversations sends either really nothing. I wanted to be included and unbothered. I like doing the podcast. But you know it's weird is that I would never like if if you guys came to my house it would be Not like this for sure. what do you think it would be like more like. What do we do next stor? Yeah what do you do at someone's house we I mean we have people over we start the thing is I think I don't WanNa make a sound like we're super social because most nights. We're not doing anything. But we really like people like having people over and usually it's like you get one kind of passive activity do like. Oh we have smash on the TV. That's great then. Let's talk and drink. I don't drink. Don't smoke I do love smash that's good. That's a huge thing that's always going to have to smash on the T.. What smashed you guys play now more of ultimate but we have a male at our house or sixty four really? I never went beyond sixty four. That's fine though dude. I just in the last year I just got good smash enough to survive. I've been playing since I was six at birthdays and I was just like all right. Next year I'll learn next year older. They could turn in twelve eighteen twenty. I'm like how the Fuck I not gotten this down yet. I've played thousands of games of smashed just sucked and now I'm a four hundred. It's brutal game. I mean the the hard arrival of the fittest. Yeah a speaking US You know. Speaking of Corona Virus memes here is a corona In the shape of a virus goal. There's a man sipping a corona virus patient zero. Can I mean some of these are just off there on down. I mean it doesn't make sense. He's not even as he's not even Chinese so should be Chinese. What makes it Funnier to me is the WIKKI how Waterberg dot org so we got to? What is that check mark? It's not even good and and frankly doesn't make any sense. Who added these? who made the album them? Ian Just whip them up prepre. Somebody put this together. I want to know who was it. It was me okay. Does that tell me the plane I mean to me you know. I thought it was something you wanted to slickly. Okay I mean I like that. It's their conversation this doc. You'RE GONNA help me out on because they didn't get it so go ahead. Let's this one says killed by alcohol and temperature of fifty seven degrees. Okay and it's pointing the at what looks like cells back. What is the go with? This is a mean weight so is it the ice cold Gerona and he died because it was warm. The Joke Zach. I believe so but oh man Dan. I don't know how you got that. Hold that together. Wait I still don't get it. Seven like a d. I guess. That's the that's like a career. They're referring to a corona beer. Oh Oh and then like having a fever like they had a warm beer and it killed them. I think little by alcohol. No the viruses killed the virus gives you a temperature pitcher but they say they say they say the look at the headline world of Buzz Dot Com experts say deadly will haunt virus can be killed by alcohol alcohol and high temperature just seems like a headline. Yeah I'm actually not getting this one's act with school down. Yeah isn't it part isn't the thing but yeah it's like Oh this is one. This is one unit. I don't know if I can okay. I was just see on my aunt's facebook feed feed the Koran kind of the Koran if I can critique this name a little bit I wanNA consider fifty seven degrees high temperature. Yeah but in that like snow but you up a you wanNA drink a seventy Celsius. uh-huh okay that's fine. I mean we're working me and the squad trying to catch the corona so we can skip work okay to as long as this one. I really don't get back. We did it. Boys Corona virus. Stop I just thought they were goofy. I don't get it. I like this swamp. It's this terrible global epidemic and no one just had the foresight to be like. Why don't we just ask them to stop immediately? Give I wild. I didn't really. I didn't get all that when he went. textually swine flu bowl voice. Stop Okay all all right. Do you think this is overall good or bad for coronas branding because obviously like in the water at the people go back on my scared but then how many people are much name recognition. Yeah I was actually at a bar a couple of days ago and they were out of corona which might mean people are buying. I've been thinking about Koran so much. They won't want. Do you think they made this virus. I've been hearing. There are conspiracy theories that it's engineered really. I think that it's a whole new. I think at first I was like wow corona stocks can be taken a hit. Everyone's corona yeah. I think it's better actually corona virus That run is weakest. fucked it off over a virus snapchat okay. Well goofy I liked the I agree. Zach goofiness oh I see a classy Pu. When I love that form around grown so we got Winnie the Pooh and Winnie? The class he goes krona virus. Winnie the flu. I liked that mean for. Give it up everybody. This one guy. It's me you know what goes great with Corona Virus lyme disease. That was pretty good. How's it going facebook we? That's an unfortunate came straight from stare cat DOT COM DOT COM. Everybody Damn not like Eliot one of those old what I can has cheeseburger with. I miss those sites world Happy Chinese New Year's China. That's funny if the Chinese would stop eating bats and rats that'd be that's one you see from your uncle on. Yeah that's the that comes to like five new. Michael Jackson Jokes that'd be meaningful dot com so again shadow Americanheart that is true though It is said to have been originated from eating Farrell. Meet really yes a bat specifically I should stop beating feral meat. Then we'll try to cut that back. Yeah Oh so things so much for you. Should I mean that's savant. This is this is directly related to our conversation Corona virus spreading to the United States homer Simpson's nuclear reactor going down and homer staring at a picture. Sure me laughing at Corona virus name so this this is basically if there was a world ending event. This basically I think so. There's a lot I like that one Twenty Twenty World War three kicked it out. Oh but the corona virus is actually the one. That's back in the bar I dig down owns good. Thank you Eighty twenty play. Nineteen Twenty play twenty twenty ANTIBAC- sers sweating it out. DIG It. I mean I. I think we're all sweating it out. Is that Robert Pattinson. He's got the same struck. I don't see eighty two percents. How do how do we Headed Zach do the last the last week and there is my favorite. Oh Okay Oh yeah. Let's on. I skipped over that because I felt like the segment was dragging portfolio. As a whole I would give a four out of ten but the text one is an eight out of ten. Well let's this Zack's favourite corona virus. Yes saw them open back in nineteen eighty six opening for anthrax. This is one that makes sense. But it's not killing me that it just makes in there. Were like no good singer. Ones like those were the only ones I can find the a remotely goofy. The request for Corona means was was it was kind of doomed from the outset. I don't know if there's really you know I'm blowing too easy. It's too easy to stacked against. There's not a lot you can do with it. Well I I certainly enjoyed played I enjoy doing that now. If you wouldn't expect it there are you to pranksters on flights shouting. They have thrown a virus. Weirds me out especially in his interviews. Chose James Potok being escorted off a plane. We'll be jeered by passengers. Your clown abby attention. It's the aftermath foot. Potok says was supposed to be a joke. Says Listen I just returned from a flight from Hunan Province I might have said. This is the Capitol for Corona Virus Asset. I don't feel too well. What means you're going to do that? He's so humorless person who's really just to create a viral Arrow video. The westjet pilot didn't find the joke funny crew segregated him as a precaution and the plane was turned around. I did it here. Instead they were supposed to Pearson International Jamaica and they got routed back Surroun- oh my God out about somebody like him and I feel like I'm seeing more and more often is like he's not in denial about like wanting to be famous offers offers something dumb and he's not even like accepting name. Yeah Yeah I. Did this shamelessly clearly a bad thing to do. But I wanted people to see me. Yes yeah fuck man. I don't know what to even write that. That's so sad it yeah just that desperation Um numb to it. That's right it didn't worry it's disappointing if there's If there is a bad idea. There's a youtube prankster. That's doing it or has done it. Yeah this follows the rule and Walmart Corona Rona virus a prank. This is the lowest tier possible Walmart Sunday afternoon. Surveillance cameras catch two young men possibly in their twenties. Wani's one wearing a yellow surgical mask. I had made sign on his back reading. Caution I have the corona spray. Lysol helping the the items clothing and produce Juliet police say Walmart estimates seventy three hundred dollars worth of produce was lost. The cleanup was more than twenty four hundred ends dollar. I saw according to these customers confronted the men still. They got away and were last seen leaving the parking lot and a white GMC Yukon Authority. Already say they don't believe anyone at the Walmart was exposed to the coronal boxes. So I just you know it really got me. Was this image image of him with a tape. Don't sign I have grown a virus. It's like look at this. You didn't even know that the help rank process behind that. They think it's funny before they leave the house like it's so lame as the thing. Yeah did they record it because they must have been for you too. Yeah must've been as the prank. You still spraying everything with Lysol. It doesn't that's already like an issue before doing the corona virus stuff. I think the problem. What is Li- saw as an anti infective entertaining so yeah so you're not supposed to eat that on apples for thick so The promise that you got these these really dumb people that Wanna put videos news on Youtube. They're just so dumb they don't know about idea man. That's you know that's to me. That's one of the saddest things where like obviously these guys like that was so fucking dumb. And it's pathetic. I just I feel bad that anyone would. I just makes such a pathetic decision like they must I mean I think you can really unpack unpack. That they must have their loved. Yeah have to be in love to go into a grocery store and do that radio did you do that. Ah I can't get over the interview with that guy again. Yes there's phases so dead so he's watching wearing a beanie but yes oh shut up to him. I resent that it seems like he probably enjoys this in some way though. Yeah and he has talked about it. I love how he goes. I may have like. He's trying to be all legal bro. It's the aftermath aftermath. What Potok says look at supposed to be really hard for a fight from province I might have said this is is the capital. The lawyer said I don't feel too. Well what made you WanNa do that. Well it was It was really just to create a viral video. Think he's confessing so it's weird forthcoming. It seems like a whole rescue. He's confessing to the police or something. It was a separate interview before this one. I think it was that night where he's in his hotel. Hal Room and very briefly. I think he's like Dad. Opens the door and clear and he says like off camera like they just came in as in like the media's just in here that's why I'm talking talking to them it's like no you let them be happy because alleged so many people just don't have the long term thought process for some of this this shit say what do you expect. The long haul is going to be for you here. You know. You're the corona virus prank. There's your week of notoriety. There was there was one Youtubers youtubers who did a plane prank. That went all wrong. But what did they do. That's when they beat the guy up on American United Airlines so that was not them but there it was related to some What he's calling bomb or something? He's an Arab dude. He was doing a terrorist prank. And then and didn't wait until he was trying to pass it off like he didn't say anything he was just kicked off the flight. Ride on video. What I like is world talking about it and it took a second to even remember? Remember what he did. I don't remember that it's not worth it actually is a somewhat famous youtuber although I don't remember his name he has his the kid who doesn't look dot young like to do something so stupid. Can you imagine being that his dad you just like. What have I wear aware have gone wrong everywhere? Trying to talk to him and he's going. I realized I was just trying to make a viral video. Giving you the PR answers. I dad supposedly I have Show love for you So here's another one. I don't know if you've got saw this. I love of this. I don't know what this one. Oh good so this Pta Parent Teacher Association meeting. And he's complaining about his Saen John Facing bullying and racism a Mexican man to says that is a Mexican man. Okay well observed Yeah Stereo sound all right here. We go when I went to his bedroom to save the night and he was crying because he was a newer it in this school system. Why did you say Mexico? How actually laughing gas that? Nobody's taking. What a way to be the big guy thinks I see so right right glasses guy? Yeah by the sound. Bite this by the emptiness. Yeah I do want to hear that again. Yeah crying because he was in Newark. You're in this school system in. Why did you stay in Mexico? Look yeah I mean I mean. Imagine like what the guys talk him out of poor son getting bullied. I love his face. Look at this go. It is because he realizes that the entire room is just turned on this dude. I what I feel good for him. Is that his wife. Do you think sitting right next him. thanks so that's the question because I was like who the WHO would this black of assault even bother going to a parent teacher association meeting. You know what they need. Maybe on the laptop displeased right now. It's just everybody Dog Piling him which is well deserved. As it's one of my favorite moments would I just I love people that have such broken logic and situations and just think this is planned so. That's one of my favorite videos online that That call of duty sports clip there. What the GUY said was taken out of context? You're going home. You ever seen Ilham no pulled up also what type it sound like a slur in it so I don't. I don't know whether Youtube stuff a blank slur. Oh I think we could get away with. Yeah it'd be. I don't even know like you're going in home. You fucking but apparently that's not the word he said according to him. Yeah it's hard you gotta here. But it's I love those when a room turns on some of the funniest thing in the world to me. This is the second one. Yeah that's that's fair you. That's that's what he said when he won. Yeah what his what his defense was. And if you you listen you can kind of hear it too. I think he does actually call them a fan as in your like not a competitor. Nobody says fetching asking that. Say you're going home to train. That's true. I had her again. I have no dog in this fight. I had heard like you. I think you brought that to me that he'd actually allegedly claimed he said fan well. Because I've been enjoying this video longer than twenty seventeen and this one doesn't have the room turning on the non curb edit has it. He definitely said sounds like fan. I would I would. Of course I why would he. I'm not here okay. Let me find the real one because while this very vulgar titles here only reason. I'm ready to accept his defense to is because I've loved this video for so along and then when I saw that defense I release into and I was like wait. been wrong this whole liquid I typed and then look at what that Meta data is coming in pretty close tonight. I took it off. I don't I don't know it's probably that they don't show results on a daily move. You're going home home you. You're going naughty. Words you've W. should ever say that word probably has its eleven seconds it might. We still have the credit credit. You can't hear One man you one. Why would you do that in the moment of victory? And everybody's you just like hold on. I know nothing about the situation. I'd like to think. How would anyone think that they could get away with that? In the moment heated up is that like he was charged up. He says fan. I really know okay. Hold on hold on. What do you know who this guy is? Because I think that would inform a lot of of what he actually said. But there's no like there's no scenario like if I sit here like Dr Dr a strange and I calculate every possible. There's no university where I say you're going home. You fucking fan like you mean is not yeah professional player. I just said someone was telling me within the last few months that and again this is me quoting a friend. I heard but I had heard that that is kinda common. Insult Amo- is yes. Cs go or something. That I was looking for an explanation and his Komo nation is. It's an acronym for fat ass nerd a worst defense because like in that line of like law lake make sense in my head if you call someone a fan like they're just a fucking fan. I mean showing up but I played counter strike for years years and I've never once heard that somebody is that damn that's our best evidence right now too so I I don't know I don't I don't care about this guy I have no clue. Don't hear the but I love. Everybody really turns his. They've come on. Let's slow it down. That's just here in this guy's by the way poor taste in bad just bad sport all even no matter what he said. I think he deserves to get turned on. He's just looks like a dope either for sharing. Ah just helping. I'm sure that guy tries to escape. That Clinton timex brought it back up. Oh check this out what's up. What are your thoughts on this clip? This was so excited to see L.. Popa the poll brought them a piece. I do now now. That pizza doesn't look good and it can't be uh I don't know what's the pope that he should throw a Frisbee and hope really didn't like like trying to get it right. It's a little dense. Watch Bro I'm surprised. The pope accepts food from people in the streets. That seems like a health risk. Yeah you know. Insecure earned his social security. His security detail. What are you doing? I WANNA get run over here. The Pope we're traveling style. Dan what a ballsy move regardless regardless of what he's holding up like you rush the pope mobile and you're like trying to cram something into space. Did you see that video. The pope slap in that lady's handling a couple of weeks ago. I love it too so oh deserve to fuck man is wrenching on the apologized. But you know you probably was like fuck that bitch that I'd heard too. He's had wrist surgery lake apparently and and regardless it's like what is he eighty seven or something. Just don't eat ranch on him I love. You should've slapped her in the face. Yeah I loved it. I loved it. The Guy hand-delivered pie to the pope and the pope. The accepts the FI- through that if that was it's like if he ate it and like that was like the assassination of the pope was just this fucking guy coming in the streets and just handed him Pizza Day of reckoning. That's pope gets killed by PAPA. John's pizza it all connects to Doc My other side of my family scholley soprano first name Tony they no word like optimistic expensive. I can't because to suit your optimus primavera. Porch pops out no pizza extremely. It's not enough because apparently I want to see the pope to a one byte review of that pizza you know. The pope died and from that category. We're good we got it all jazz station you guys. I'm sure follow that whole thing. Keeps I see it on twitter. I'd I'm not going to get too far into just to say that. He did the whole death hoax. She pretended his girlfriend died. But here's here's actually where it got interesting regime that Toronto Police confirm that Eh. Jason Ether. That's unfortunate last name. It's a year you have probably French. would appear he is due to appear in court so we don't know for what she she said. She said that that he hit her really. Yeah and we all we can tell if it was a hoax or not because he you know what's crazy. What really happened? Ila which is so fucking insane and was what I predicted but I thought it was too crazy but they broke up and then he made a video pretending she died broken rica because he hit her she left then he made a video pretending she died just for content and to explain why she was GonNa Walkout. Of course she's alive and then she made a video saying like no. I'm alive and he beat me once again. It's short term thing believable because because I thought well that can't be but he's doing court Zach Zach issue with God's Act. She was involved in making taking those videos. She was involved in that. That's right think the gas damn but but so the tie. It's just so weird. They wake her death and then she made a video saying he beat me but whatever the case is he is due in court so all the best to video of the making of one of the death hoax videos right and she was in it behind the Ouija board so all whatever way to like live. Yeah I mean this is where like actually matters but I try not to talk about in publicly ever just because most of the time. It's such a clear desperate. Grab for attention chase guy. Yeah like I said it also looks like if logic fell on hard times a bad skinny white guys look like see. I don't mind giving guys like this. Well it's not good attention but it's also great content. So what am I gonNa do you. You know what I'm saying. People always say Ethan. Don't talk about them like dude. I'm running a business. It just like that whole thing is so fucking pathetic to me like I love other man I lift for this. This is what I built my career. Doesn't it stress you out thinking about being that person though where it's like no pity's involved but that it's just it's so pathetic I could not imagine how miserable that would be being like that. He is suffering every day. The Guy Tom Nell of that video a crying. Well no no no no no. This is when I knew wait. It's better than that. At first I was like man. I'm kind of afraid. Why can I fuck a afraid because I was like man? If it's true that really sucked but then I was like well. There's the ways to but when I saw the thumbnail I hope you didn't delete. He took it down. Oh we must have asked me doc running running from J. Wait I study of more substantive it's IMG station. Oh girl and died thumbnail. It'll why would your second channel Beer actual name one. He did that backward. This was the thumbnail. Oh God that was the thumb thumb. Now you people can make good youtube videos. Why do these people like not even gas? Yeah is it more insulting or less insulting thing. If if he made that or if he shifted off to someone else to make that eleven where we have to give credit. She's in heaven it because he loves her mind. It's so heartbreak you know what I thought to myself myself both. What if she did die this it would be worse if she did die? And that was the thumbnail. Yeah he would still do it if she actually died. I think you'll make the. Wow the really dark sorry go ahead. No I'm I'm still I. Your question really hit me hard. I don't know it was the most I can't tell like Keane made it or I think he made it. There's a really good glow of that. He can do that you I think. He also said on like fiber any. You know it's even. He said she was killed by drunk driver. Like it's not funny. It's genuinely the only horrific thing to say. Yeah you know what I mean. She's Christ she was. She died yesterday she was hit by drunk driver and then he goes see. You guys should have watched and all she wanted to do was hit three hundred thousand subscribers on our channel together damn on on Channel J. Station he goes he goes we bank like five video so I'm going to keep uploading those in her honor. So if you guys will on those videos smash MSN like with our conversation of like me. Not caring about growth at all. I can't understand these people. I don't get the competition. See you need to get in his mind. This short-term next videos like Gus. He was murdered by he was. He was raped and murdered while horrific they found his body. I did it. What's a conspiracy? Good talk you can talk so. She went on to make her around channel. Yeah after yeah well I never. I never took anything. They did seriously but now that the police confirm that he is due in court. Yeah the thing is if they if he was actually suspected of beating her up they would just arrest him when they I assume. Yeah well because I so you know. You can't trust the headline for it but do that. Headlines charged with assault was actually charged. Because that's what I thought that headline said Let's have a look and it is also on utilized says this festival pretending has been arrested it and charged with assault and assault with a weapon. WHOA that sounds pretty serious? Damn it's not clear if the charges are related to the hoax. Oh it's not clear. This is the type of thing where I think his channel. Just get shut down. I'm shot and it hasn't even before this used to because they have rules go a good like stance just don't they would unlike really dumb shit that there's some home run like they went in great. Press for for deleting Logan Paul's channel during that whole thing like they would've gotten great press more but I don't know why you magic would have been a years worth clout for Susan just done. That could do whatever she wants to me if she wanted me if she'd leave this channel though yeah. J. Station is is J.. Paul wait yeah yeah ways. But I think they're just they're trying they're trying to be like they're not trying to be the police they're just the ply. I think there's legal the this is becoming the Muslim bullshit because there's legal ramifications for being a platform verse a mediator like there's raider inherent responsibility means different things to the NFC of the federal communicate financial. Gain it. Okay this is my favorite type like this is my favorite moment of the year. You guys all this. I know I watched them. Larry King I don't want is a Scott Dave and okay. He's a conservative. Talk show host and people I frankly don't I don't know I'm just going to give the backstory as far as I know because people are dunking on them for this He's very passive. I Guess People People Make Fun of him. So they're Duncan on Dave Dave for this swamp so Larry King's on his show and the key detail here is that Reuben has said that Larry King is his idol. Oh orange whose idol is Larry. Larry King's fair. I mean he's great but like Larry King generally better off but I mean he's been around. You know great interviewer but I'm not. I don't have like a Larry King poster and my look at his fucking kicks though Dog Mattis Air Force One. No Larry King's will you wash this all right. Let's check in or any of these I can't I don't even Republican moderates. I grew up with a lot of them. New York Tribune some you Scott Pennsylvania Jake Javed's of New York. She's a distant cousin of mine. Actually fascinating conversation. He's got a phone. I it showed this phone. This Samsung makes it is so I visited that company in Korea. Yeah Samson and it's ringing right now what you go. Hey Kenan and we're game today it's alive by the way it's livestream knows in the very very I'm GonNa Pause in the very beginning. Go back and show you but just take my word for it. The Dave's first questionable areas. This is live. Does it make you nervous. Because you're used to broadcast asking you can take things out. Yeah he knows this. Wow live streamed to youtube disrespectful. Ever say I love just wait. This is fucking kid by the way his batting average so probably forty thirty-three on his show wild talking to you the audience watching me talk to. Wow Wow Kevin inure start is so you could do the ten minutes when you open the refrigerator. The Dave anyone he wants to do his own. podcast twenty breed. He's a great kid. Hi Ken GonNa see tonight. I'm tied Tamara. I did. There's I love Friday night. The night before Foia Double Header Delight. Switchers is like capturing the wide He's really on it. I love you cannon. Think it's over okay. Talk Tomorrow what I know what today. That's great the dodgers got Mogi bets price. You're breaking you're breaking news for me man that's tremendous. Who did they give up for them? Yeah well now. They're just talking about dodger does do you think he's no you seen in your players. Like Giuliani Star any indication. Even if that's why I like this. So Larry David not a prankster. Very everything's moments where he's been kinda funny before and I think especially him saying they're watching John Riding the thing is if he would've reacted at that initial goodbye would've been almost an appropriate to I mean it's a forty seven minutes on the phone for like five percents tomorrow by the dodgers got. mookie Betts and David Price and jog Peterson went to the angels. three-way trade see. You are newsman breaking news that that's my segment. Do you realize that thousands and thousands thousands of people now know that you love your son. You love your kids. I I've seen you with the thing and I don't take your say by the way if I were him and this is why it doesn't count because he probably wants to be taken seriously. That'd be the funniest thing that ever happened to me in my entire life. I'd be laughing that whole time. He's clearly smiling through the pain. That whole Yeh Dave's taken yet because he is so passive I you know what but but but obviously Larry Fuck them. Yeah I know. I haven't seen a scrap of anything. Dave I don't know M- at all but just watching this. I probably would've done the same way where it's I. It seems like you said he's self aware and he's just like it's funny that I just sit back and let this play out in a couple subtle things in there where he's just like You know thousands of people watch this or you know I think he was. I think he was Dying inside I think he was. I think he's panicking disappointed that he didn't just 'cause if this happened happen to me I would go toward it so fucking funny. They think he I think he was dying inside and panicking yet but what. He's not a comedian he's not Yeah right we don't have you know he has a serious show. I don't know what that would you like. Your hero is just pretty much giving you the finger for like I just I love this and then the second wind and then he was so long like the like his son is like Letting them wrap it up. He's like no no. No what Ah tell me now. Have you seen. Because that's the thing is I know Larry is still extremely prolific. He does all his stuff on like. I hear something in back like someone having a heart attack. Everybody live back there. Dan Everyone okay neighbor Pity the sorry. How old is Larry King? He's in his ninety eight hundred two hundred a day behind in age. wjr No but the the thing is he still doing shit all the time like and he seems to be with for the most part. Yeah but my one of my favorite recent Larry King cloudy six. It's it's from eighty six. That is old but he looks. Looks like the grim reaper. He looks like the clippers. But have you seen the snippet when he's talking to norm MacDonald and norm does norms joke about. I'm deeply closeted gay man. I don't know how easy it is. Can you pull that up at all. Either there's Larry King when I was trying to find a show you and I couldn't so you want me to watch Larry King. The norm MacDonald the clause. I don't know if it's GonNa be a clip at all. But it's it's his is deeply closeted gay man bit And the thing is norm goes around and he does this on other shows. One Minute Long. And what's so thing people don't know about I use a Larry never gets a job closeted. No kidding no kidding wait a minute what are you revealing revealing here today. I'm not revealing anything I'm saying. I'm deeply closeted. That means you're gay lobby. I wouldn't say the that means you're very very gay. But you don't WanNa come out closeted then. I refuse to San Dan Gang. Does that mean you're gay easy so much work. That's a great it's like I've seen norm. He goes around does every doesn't Cohn cohn and gets it instantly. Great Joke that you can play it off. Yeah everyone just in your enormous amazing I love I tell you what my favorite moment. He got in trouble for What did he say on the view? Oh the Roseanne Barr stuff. Or what did he say. Hey I don't remember it all cut. He said something offensive but he just made it worse. Anyone stern due to do an apology. He was on a whole tour because he had a Netflix show and he wanted the Aso then on the Howard Stern show and I'm listening to it live. He's talk is seeing some joke about someone with Down Syndrome. Well you we hang because he was saying to think that that's what I meant when I said whatever very sad story sucks I just pulled up. I just found an article Down Syndrome to think that. That's that's what I say Monday. He got right he goes. You'd have to have down syndrome to think that's what I said. And then there's the awkward pause and he goes. Did you hear me I say you have. He retired it. You'd have to be retarded and everyone was like Ou know on the apology. Or what is apologizing for vic the original it'll comment on Howard Stern show where he said you'd have to have down syndrome not to feel sorry for victims of sexual abuse. Wow good one was was about the Louis C. K. thing. Maybe or. What's the apology for Dan? That's what I WANNA talk about Louis C. K.. In fact I think I can't remember. I must know what that's what I just told you what he said He. He said a Louis. CK What did he say that was offensive. I don't Romero. I thought it was Roseanne thing I have no idea. I think he was siding with Louis. CK during that whole home allegation. That's it wasn't even his own controversy. It was just our kayode controversy. I fucking awesome. It's like you get you get so lost and controversy. It's like I didn't even fucking I didn't I didn't even say the original thing and now I'm on the radio saying retard. What a mess? I think that's what it was something like that. Yeah it's norm norm doesn't seem like a guy that's good doing a PR to anything. I love our phone up the clip to with the Larry King stuff. There's one interview where he asks Jerry Seinfeld if Seinfeld was canceled all yeah Jerry's just such a Dick about it and we're like I kinda side of Larry for it didn't sound like I don't think it's it's short short. I've seen that one time. I like it I think about current day. Jerry I WANNA hear. I got a sketch him brewing up. Still GonNa make it so And SEINFELD's my favorite show curb. Your enthusiasm is my second favorite show mater so comedians in cars with coffee is so is very recording and What was your question? I mean he's not like what your opinion and he's okay. He's good Feld like comedy wise. I've seen modern modern standard from him. And I'm like some of them missed but I still think like he's got a really strong act I just I think. He's so fucking pompous with Azure. Yeah it's a clearly him and Larry kind of split off in two different directions with their content for it like. That's what I love about. Curb is like even the new season. He's talking about getting his ticket validated. Even though he doesn't need it it's the convenient. He's totally right joke. I every time I go to I I had like A. I was trying this therapist or whatever but every time I would go there. It's like they offer validation but then when I asked it's like she gives you this attitude like do you really need it. And then in every time she would not give me enough really. He's absolutely right Thank you for sharing. That he's He's he's definitely Papas. He I think he I even heard him say on what's pompous arrogant on on Stern. He says he thinks he's on the spectrum. I don't want that on the spectrum Jerry is he do you think he said that on how wavelength I understand it to a degree. Because you can't just continue you. Doing what Jerry did when you become Jerry Seinfeld But then the thing is I've seen him on Comedians in cars being really elitist about comedy like He. I don't think he can sit. I could be wrong but I think he said that. If you're not a stand up he doesn't consider you a comedian at all when I hear him talk about comedy it's like he's just he's just obnoxious very Very what I I loved him as a person him and he's very unapologetically raw. Stick approach about everything everything about how he would drink coffee. Eat Cereal and how you do comedy. It's also very autistic but I just lovely listed. Yeah yeah very ritualistic. Yeah which is a symptom of Being really I just looked it up and apparently after he said that he later clarified to Brian Williams. In an interview you He was joke. Well well Howard says he's self diagnosed. How Ya Ya Howard said? Do you think that There's something with Hugh because he's he's so peculiar. Are you on the spectrum at all. And he says I might be because you know he has a certain way. And maybe a little lack of empathy in certain certain ways and yeah. I wouldn't be surprised. He's ASPERGER's I think that asperger's good for anyone dash. I mean I'm will. I guess they call the spectrum too. I I certainly have traits. That are very like detail you on the spot. nope never been formally diagnosed with anything except I can't use old spice Fiji because it gives me a rash but other than that. I don't think anything to do with autism. There's a separate draft the spice. That's the white it right now. So I'm on the opposite. Don't hug me No do but a Larry is able to find that balance though like Edison. Yeah they split off. And obviously it's like Larry's essentially like a billionaire pretty much but he can still get away with it because he is often the butt of the jokes and it still is that like. I'm obviously actually rich but I can still nitpick day but it doesn't come from like an elitist perspective is no I think Larry. Oh there so I mean. There's this whole behind behind the scenes like a fifty hour behind the scenes. Seinfeld thing that it's like I love. I love this show much behind the scenes. Oh it's like this. It's like a documentary humanity with a quality parts. It's so compelling but they're so different people and Larry is very much he's very more emotionally mature. There's a the store they tell behind the scenes they say Larry was awful. Stand up and Jerry was pretty good but They're at a party and Larry had written jokes for his girlfriend for a birthday. which is such a bad idea already birthday gift? And then he and then they're like okay. Hey tell the jokes Larry has like. I don't want to Jerry. was there. Yeah and so. He gave the jokes to Jerry. And Jerry did them really good. And they discovered that Larry's jokes through Jerry was like the golden ticket. That's what I think is is also with Curb than that Larry has to be that character version of himself. Self until like super deliver and yeah with something like stand up your you sir. I and through that. But he's also been hilarious just an interviews that I watched with him and everything Larry. Yeah Yeah Oh yeah I love the job. He's a gym. I think I think I love. I love him. That's the thing is a lot of women. Love Larry Dave got good style himself He really takes care of himself. You can tell I I just seems kind of like. He looked way worse younger younger. Yeah you ever see clips of him on Fridays. Old Sketch showed all look up from Friday. Scotus hair was you guys have have what normally donald what started everything. Yeah what's that show. All it was was that he he said basically that he was happy that the metoo reckoning with sexual misconduct seem to have slowed down a little bit because is You know he felt like that what happened to Roseanne and like Louis. CK was too hard on them because he is friends with both so oh he said to himself. Why should jerk showing your Dick to penis a few? What did I say going your peanuts to women a few Times and jerking off in front of them. Should that ruin a man's career if you're if he says it like that you're who are we but Mortal it was a dark and stormy Louis. CK accusations I find on the Internet. People have swung wildly in his favor but the accusations are very bizarre. These are he's accused of Stan blocking the exit and then shirking off mic. It's some people who know the story closely. Mostly say that that's not true. That's just that's not accusations so we'll say to Louis. CK's defense of all the me. Too's his apology and self reflection was was very mature reflective apologetic. And so. At what point do you let a man like that. Return that sort of this earth. That's a great question. That's what I'm just so curious about right now. Always I think his comeback to some extent at least more publicly is inevitable and it just wonder how it he will choose to do it how he will be accepted and in what like like Kinda Forum. She'll Tony so one of his shows. That's right and you said it was just WanNa not to like like hurt. My brother's image for it. It was like I wanna see what he's doing. Not Foil like what happened to him was bullshit or but He said he said I think I would seem to I'm just so fucking curious. Yeah the thing is. He said that it was still still good. But some of the jokes seemed almost like rehashes a little bit. He said there was like a couple of really funny new ones. But there wasn't that thing that I think we're all expecting really elite introspective. He he did but from what I heard from. My brother's like he said it just didn't really like it wasn't what he was hoping hoping for. It needs to be like the whole thing is about what happened. Here's what you like two seconds and then new material. Yeah here's what I hope is going to happen here. First of all I thought that he was going to disappear for five years and then come back with this incredible for five years. Yeah but he. But here's what I hope. He's got to stay sharp. You as a as a stand up. Comedian you gotta be always performing. But what I hope he's doing is in private working on these very complicated issues because he goes out on stage and he does. This material is going to get out. I hope that he's perfecting the perfect redemption. Act they possibly. That's why I'm just. I'm so curious again. Like what is the best way for him to come back. You know like a lot of people are I. I think it has to be like did where like all of a sudden came back on Netflix. With those three new specials and each one but he didn't do anything anything but the first one was all about like how he was gone. And what happened like right. Yes yes stories. That are related. Shooting couldn't wouldn't Chapelle couldn't just ignore exactly. The first one was pretty much. Dedicated to fire was gone. So ill you think like do you think Louis will come back with a special ashore first or do you think he'll do a big public interview. I I think he would do a special okay these special and then interview Comedian on view. That's kind of the weight loss. Good enough his not his strength. Yeah he's got like express himself offshore comedy. If he doesn't do that he will never come back. he has to 'cause actually prior for example he smoked crack and and lit himself on fire. He had a great he did a whole bit no. Ns person you know on a stage. And he came back and he had funny bit about really himself on fire while smoking crack. Richard Pryor Marlon Brando. News is the craziest thing I've ever heard my life in societas about that. They had a relationship relationship. They know who did not Royal Brennan. Richard Pryor Fuck Cord Grand Forty I. It was bisexual. I'm pretty sure Pryor's daughter confirmed I could be wrong. Well I want it so badly right. Wow any broke the news years ago. Yes yeah if you knew that I and then I took a phone call from my son for five. What do I know the Brando did fuck dudes really by the way we confirm that same thing? Yeah so yeah I think these Marlin Blando were lovers. priors widow confirms Zinke. He kept the cotton and his mouth was blown your mind. Let's I'm trying to imagine I just can't imagine this guy's in bed early. Brando was just like in fact. That guy went through such Aleutian. He was it was like the hemos handsome man to being like us. You come on me on the day of my. Ah I can't believe this what. Yeah that's the thing is if you listen to bottom do Randall's the bottom hard. He's generating thrust he's got those apocalypse. Now hips virus. Is that bottom. Bottom takes it takes. It could be no. Yeah I got. I think I'm GonNa say that it's called the power bottom prior. That's what do you think so. He was smoking. No that's first of all short-term spending marketed for being a power bottom for smoking. Let's just agree on on a starting point. Air Bottom is the receiver is it. I believe and back have too much confidence or corrected you can. You can invert that. There's I know how your word power there. The bottom is a different Bob. Bob Bottom receive I suppose the default. That's the default. Yeah okay okay. So then I think brandon topping. Then that's what I'm saying. He was wrong about everything really way. More than than Richard in my opinion but Richard was like bravado auto. He was all I mean. Maybe you're right but like I said you can't talk like I would say that that you think they Have you try right. What's that I don't know why? No one told me that a while ago. It's when you just rub Dick's wait fraud. Yeah what Ooh I heard different where I I had a friend who once told me if she was gay she would fraught and I was like. What is that weight not with you? Just in general in general nobody wants fraught with me so they use. There's some deign to take home. I love that I just I wish it can be a fly on the wall for a date with them. Honestly what did they talk about. You know where they had a lot to talk about it probably brand was just one of the most fascinating guys ever just really strange interesting dude. Ever watched old interviews and install to. He did like along the Dick Cav show or whatever and it's after he sent The like first nations women do accept the award on his half of winning the Godfather messed actor thing and I think he was talking about it and it's just. He just seemed so confident in everything that he was doing. This is a guy that just doesn't give a fuck. This is really interesting. I like watching an interview. So do you think that like because he'd like got so bid yet in that movie on the Waterfront. He's one of the most handsome men I've ever seen it. Oh consistently as they're not. Yeah do I'm looking at you. Laptop Arctic says. Yeah no young Marlon Brando. You should yeah. You should put it on Marlon Brando so I wonder would you fuck yellow this Marlon Brando or or what's his fuck Paul. Newman Newman thereby you have to pick or you die. It's very similar. It's kind of lip like it's a very pretty boy. Face Hickory. Died right lip one hundred percent they are. I'm still I was GONNA say. Paul Newman. Paul Newman Newman. Most handsome man ever lived and he's so fucking cool. Feel like if I did did anything romantic with with Marlin either way. I'd leave a lengthy. You just seem so aggressive kick looking at this was the butch I think this was butch cassidy and the Sundance Kid. This was it matters most handsome. And that's that's peak Paul right there and you know he was a humble guy who's probably Probably thoughtful lover the the silent. He was obviously a very compassionate Russian man. He created this nonprofit. Yeah that's generated half a billion dollars just for salad dressing. I don't even know if it's good salad addressing. It is okay. I think we've raised about US products and I like to help charity. But he's dead. He won't mind me saying his rolex sold for sixteen million dollars. WOW personnel rolex. Whoever bought that probably jerked for it? Well they say it was rob Ralph Lauren the body but it was his What a flex his nineteen sixty Rolex Daytona? Do you think he puts them best. Lean on it rubbed it on ethics because ought to scar just now with the Internet and seeing people so much that will ever get somebody like cool. Is that ever again because part of it's the mystery rewrite of only seeing them in most definitely hear him say something stupid exactly like it just doesn't he doesn't tweet out like Bill Cosby didn't really do anything. Who Do you think is the most similar? It's probably like to Capri on. Maybe like Ryan Gosling or those are smart because they don't really engage today. Hey the smart and so smart he understands how to be a star. He's not on social off the grid. I got a new album. It's everywhere You you use it. But he's not talking directly to the people through social media. That's the mistake I'm envious. I often wonder why am I doing research Sir Ben. It doesn't benefit me at all. You know Howard. Stern always says this and I think it's so true he goes why the fuck would be on twitter making content I get paid to entertain people. Here nobody's paying me to be on twitter. Would I waste material also now risky. You're making a joke now. That's like hey trey material and then five years someone fishes it up from from vox or whatever and then and then all of a sudden you're on an apology tour retard there's also back up to go vote like really. What are we doing stupid? I just I'm so envious of that. I really do think DiCaprio just from a Hollywood standpoint right now is like the second wind of old Hollywood. And what the FIT l.. Do Between Yeah it is pretty similar to but but like I just can't imagine being in the public is so much like that if I could just swing in and do a movie every couple years and then just kinda fuck off to a yacht. That'd be pretty try uploading I'll do that To a dance warning me that we're at the two hour fifteen here before with this way. Why did they do backwards? It's it's of women and care of really big woman. She must she must weigh at least six hundred pounds being towed. What happened to the audio? It's a copyrighted gut it out because it's all but there's a good. There's there's air bring in for care. He goes only in Kansas folks. One and EH. He sounds like he's closing out a KFC commercial liquor. She almost takes a tumble trumbull here on the curve. Man You got the new spicy chicken strips only back. Can you sound bite that you guys. That's funny nine now. Shit fucking all right. Let me open it again. We can't we can't waste it. Would you consider destruct. Her own mobility ability splitter breakdown. I think so I think she's. She's being rescued only in Kansas City. Only in Tennessee. He had to DELMONICO's. Ah she almost takes tumble really man. Like if you follow it that way you don't get up man to again. It's just like I don't envy that life at all. Stole told miserable. It's the worst. Oh imagine the amount of cheeseburgers. You can enjoy like I because I'm not being rude but like a good point. Last night I ate a whole pizza to myself and it was so good. Yeah and I didn't feel bad about it at all and and like I would like to do that for every meal idea too. So there's some joy along the way but then when you realize that What what have I become my only friends? That's probably my biggest crutch like a like I could just can't fucking stop eating. I'm so hungry especially especially at night. You know I just WANNA eat every. I just want French fries and Hamburgers and pizza. Yeah and Diet Coke. I could eat. I'm responsible I drink diet coke yet there you go the smart. I could eat pizza Rahman and Thai food for the rest of my life. Romina could skip really with Robin pretty hard. You like Robin. It's all right. Yeah well like Thai food and other Asian cuisines. Green Curry concur. He's good I let you fuck with drunken noodles. came out with stuff I get. I'm what's going on here you are you. I can't tell if you're healthy rights when we were talking about the insecurity stuff. I'm always some I'm point inbetween. I've always been like I. I don't know either. Love a flat stomach not flat. No but I feel like you might look pretty good under there. It's like there but I still got. I still got some some bill. It's because my yeah my Diet's pretty bad but I still exercise regiment Well I I. It's an easy one. Just run a mile every day. I have some Like my senior year. High School In like Yeah I don't know it's only to keep the lifestyle going of what you're saying of like eating pretty poorly but I love when I was going to community college and I was like really getting into it more. I would just have Every day for lunch I would just have a white rice with with Like cut up chicken breast and frank's red hot buffalo sauce and that was I could eat it any day. That's good Do does sound. I'm good you gotta have that turbo mode meal where you're just like this is fucking hardcore like ice to fluctuate a lot more in college too especially like if you just got out a relationship or something your life I'm on the free market right now. If you ever divorced me I think I would lose a lot of ways really but it's not it's not about you it's just that you you realize like Oh my God fuck -able right now and I feel bad because I want a divorce when you get back to the same house. I'll know I'll know what you're up to like. I'm not I'm just going to get fatter. uh-huh triggered a kid and shit now so you can't fool me but I do feel bad because I do want you to want to fuck me but I just look in the mirror and I know that that's not possible. Talk to a lawyer too fat. Let's see how that plays in the courtroom. Yeah Yeah what's your reason for divorce too fat. It's just a temporary thing though. You don't have to sign the Patriots we'll stick around Let's see we've got. Oh so oh I've got. This is my final thought for you before we go. You guys heard about goups. Yeah the giant scented candle. We're getting one. It's in see five dollars. So here's what I'm thinking. We have a really talented Production Manager Teddy fresh source. Anything and I pitched system system and says he can get it done. Yeah I WANNA get a butthole scented candle. They were really well. They didn't say could get down. I think he can do it. Well he says the I wanted to actually smelly shit. So we'll collect sulfur. Yeah then like Brown chunks of wax and the wax and like little strands of fibers. That look like pubic hair. She's on Christ make where the wealth outlook like a little but does that like an anus. uh-huh oh the way you can engineer. It's your blow it out and it just goes like mister like a little like one of those like. That's a real far Wendy Williams Williams far that's her actual far played again. That's not crazy. That's a frothy fart. It's it's something foam-green would you buy that. It'd be expensive. That's the thing. Would you spend seventy five dollars a gag. I made like a hundred of them. Do you think I could sell them. Yeah I think so. Yes so thousand thousand those if those were like fifty bucks just I it's like the Trying to make money from it necessarily but you want people to experience tasting. Being named thing people people will buy it because they wanNA know if accurate you should not. You should try to make it not as gross make it smell like good asshole. You know good asks ask you do you know. Is this supposed to be like when it's Paul Throws Vagina specific. Now there's just it says my vagina so product. It's not and we're going to get it soon. Apparently it's in the mail so we'll find out they've Vulva T. I like that. These people are In the Ad Toback the tennis coach. Yeah yes as vity. Let's see. What does that clue what about? This is Volvo. It's only a Volvo. Okay really you'RE GONNA sell this year for fifty five dollars in my life and I thought it was like a teabag like you're saying yeah I thought it was teasing. What the Fuck Goop? You're so annoying. You're actually you're GONNA cut like you've actually going to write lecture fashionable. It's only a Volva. Okay yeah well. It's on your chest. So where's the Volvo like your Volvo doesn't go there make more sense on a onesie right on the little button part. They've sold a lot of extra large and large so the big girls went for this one. What's the message here to like? It's like they're already on the defensive. Hey it's only a Volvo like what's the Khanna birthdate you're like Oh why think of what it means is whoever wears that. It's got to prove a sizable well. The Vollmer's like the Dangling Shit Right. Yeah it's like the lips because the vagina to live interior. Because there's like sorry. This is bad female anatomy. No The lady. Here's the lips. So what's the goal is involved China. Another word for it. It's a specific part of the giant. Let let me. It is the external part of the female genitalia it protects the woman's sexual organs urinate. Let me get you a nobody look at this obviously. So is it like Li like in order of operations of the female the Arabia's the outside lip part and in the Volvos like closer to the whole thing. Yeah the Labia is a sub part. You're right we should listen to the female. I'll let let me wait. I didn't know the vote is la whole fucking thing like basically or you know a flashlight. Yeah the front part. That whole thing is the vulva. No I don't understand what the shirts guys because there's a lot of like Like vaginas kind of like a scary Unknown territory that people don't WanNa talk about or look at or or anything. Oh there's been a lot of artists using helps I do not. It doesn't help me understand 'cause I didn't even start that only like it's between girls. You know what I mean. It's not going to do anything for you. It did educate means for the Volvo. Fuck right I mean I. I don't like wow. Did any three of you guys know what the Volvo was backstage. Yeah we were talking about pre podcasts. Ask but we couldn't come back No I did not in a ballpark. Yeah I guess guys don't know what the fucking Volvo I mean. I knew what it was but then I question myself down he said Yeah Labia Lips but I I get. Somebody's got it wrong. I think we should all take a moment that gus was wrong about that and gusty hold on. I'm just more of a service guy that's my wheelhouse so fuck with is there. Can we take anything away from the fact that X. L. and the only sold out sizes I wouldn't put it past group to just not be selling those does. Yeah you're probably right about that. Fat Chamie those fuckers they only want Gwyneth body lookalikes. I didn't know the food section fucker. I hate eight. Who lifestyle that is weird? It's like she is like a snake. Oil just dealer still WANNA biggest names in Hollywood. I really like her in movies and I stopped to make the separation. goop is a night. The the Netflix was only did one on energy healing. Bro You guys got to watch episode five so you seem like you really are into goop rate but but just to kind of workshop this Butthole scented candle. So you think chunks of Brown wax blacks are no go. I would say just make the whole thing Brown problem right. Yeah Okay Smart Wise. Yeah I like that. And then what about pubic Fibers man it's k-i-p-p skip the Pew. If you branded and said that the wick is like tightly wound pubic itself Horseshoe I think a wick. Ah A wet. Maybe you're Burnin Hair Brown wax. What was it like? We were shopping for a mattress prison. They're like the materials so ridiculous. Like no I. I saw a thousand dollar mattress. You fucking kidding and I was like what why he goes got Horse hairs Kashmir so that it wasn't just horse hair. He had like a nicer way of saying it. I mean Aucoin here but it was like hey I think I was like I laid on to by the way horse stale. Maybe was no it. Wasn't that good it was it was just a mattress but but you cover the mattress purple mattress. That tape horsehair Alexander. That's the same thing with luxury cars. I wouldn't be able to lay on that that like you. You can't like I don't usually eat on my bed but like occasionally you know I'll have a drink with me or something if you spill a bud light on one hundred thousand dollars mattress. Well you have you Let me explain you. Have you have a water Protective sheet so you don't i. Have you ever wondered protective sheet intact. This is what you're supposed. Oh young men not so. You'll get so what you get is a protective protective sheet. That's waterproof that. We don't sweat through and damage your your mattress. So that goes on the bottom and then the she goes over that. I'm so you don't really remove the protective sheet. Gotcha definitely recommend that if not even to protect from spills but the sweat if you look at your mattress actress It gets real nasty a new one. We got really cheap Amazon mattresses for real. Yeah I've actually been pretty happy with mine but now you know it wasn't like one of the investment mattresses so now like it had like a soft and firm side and the soft sides like not supporting me at all anymore. No get a nicer. Well as long as you're not back pain I'd say that doesn't matter. That's that's true mattress. Yes but We just got a new mattress him. We went firm. We didn't get the A horse down. I did not did not spend a lesser animal pelts. I didn't spend fifty grand. It was a four thousand six hundred dollars. Okay which to me is insane is it. It's a lot. I never thought that much but I think that's what it costs for like a high end like like normal mattress. Anything over am I wrong. I well fuck how much they spend on my or something I think. Generally if you're getting like a not high end but nicer one I think there are unlike fifteen hundred because there's like. Yeah so if you're getting a nice mattress yeah too crazy like even before we were of filthy rich not getting even even before when we were just like normal people. That was worse than it even before you would get. I would spend like when we were on a budget. A thousand dollars because Dan. How how much you spend on your mattress you plug? They pay you enough to buy yourself a nice mattress four grand. That's for sure how much you spend on the six hundred seven hundred bucks. Okay Damn I. I had a eight hundred dollar mattress the from Casper. Actually who is not a sponsor of mine and I don't like working with them but the matches comfortable but if they want us we'll come back and sponsors. I would except I apologize for my endorse the product both sides select on your. Yeah well listen. I'm just being honest. I didn't spend a hundred grand. Sure you know could have been worse uh-huh That's about all I've got so quick. We've been going for a long motherfucking time. Two and a half hours long show. That means we were having a lot of fun sometimes. You don't have as much fun and the time goes so much slower and you're just wondering when Queen wrap it up. This wasn't one of those time off. Yeah it flowed flood it. Glowed showed dry factor. That's the three increasing. I get it This is Rad. Though thanks for having fun Gus Pleasure Eddie was great to meet you I'm a fan of your content producer at the pace that that That fulfills your soul and really really means a lot. Thank you so much. Thank you for saying that. I'm your soul straight role model. You say about me. He said soul inspiration the creative inspiration really clicking with what I think I said the reason you get up in the morning. Guess you WanNa Save me here. I think eh pretty good. That was something I think. I said no bro Jimmy to help you thinking Fan Dan. Yeah Whoa WHOA. You just say all right back no doc seriously virtual. So what's Today. Friday Monday is the Dave recommend. Why I'm not sleeping at night? Maybe top nervous nerves. I'm nervous we have Paul actually next week. We've got papa on Monday unusual days. Yeah Yeah and Pudi Pie on Wednesdays real only again oh I was calling. It will be posted the day Tuesday and Thursday. Yeah so that'll be fun. Yeah obviously it's all downhill from here as a what a great a time when people and As you know I have a hard time wrapping this up. So is there anything you guys will say man you guys end the show. I well we and our podcast by going out of our way to abruptly not planning our leave cut. It's just a hard music. Maybe we should just cut Paul Newman.

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