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Doctors Urge People To Keep Up With Their Routine Screenings

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01:02 min | 2 years ago

Doctors Urge People To Keep Up With Their Routine Screenings

"About the consequences of Americans putting off doctor's appointments and early detection screenings because of covert 19 WBZ is Kim Tunnicliffe tells US a Boston based nonprofit is launching a public awareness campaign urging men to start going for their prostate cancer screenings again. The prostate Health Education Network believes a crisis is looming for African American men in the U. S. President Thomas Farrington is concerned. The pandemic has cause meant to put off their early detection screenings, he says. The American Cancer Society is estimating that new prostate cancer cases will increase by 30% this year in American Man of the highest isn't afraid so there's more than 70% high for all other bands and die at a rate of more than 120% higher with they expected estimated you increases we see a major crisis, the network is teaming up with politicians. Energy and doctors to speak out about the importance of scheduling those early detection screenings. Kim Tunnicliffe WBZ

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