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"professor verka jake afonso" Discussed on WNYC 93.9 FM

"Us. The territory has all the resources the natural resources southern come rooms Ross a wealthy country. The historian professor Verka Jake Afonso was then a student in British southern Cameroons. Also, the forests wrestler hunting those along the coast on the major revise Rodrigue fishing with the mind of the people were peasant farmers. In nineteen sixty both Nigeria and French Cameroon goes independence. So in nineteen sixty one the British Cameroons caught between these two largest states. We given every friend of a plebiscite decide their fate. But the bogus economic report was made about southern Cameroons that it would be economically or Neville mentality itself. Love it would become independent in its own right? I'm this was taken up at the United Nations that only two questions would future in the planet to vote to gain independence by joining the Federal Republic of an Ajaria gained independence by joining the Republic of Cameroon, the southern Cameroons will lead by their premier John. And he had done a deal with the French Bank leader of Cameroon Amadou a heat Joe that if United the two countries would be a federation preserving the autonomy of the British territory. I'm Jay campaign that unification would be of two equal states in that federation nothing would change very much in southern Cameroons. We will still be running our affairs. I'm so many people believe that voting for unification was almost gaining that independence for joining the Cameroon Republic had its risks to. For start the country was in the midst of civil war nationalist militants who had fought against French colonial rule continued to fight the government of the newly independent state government, which after road had maintained very close ties to FRANZ. Oh, this was used by the pro Nigeria campaign is a reason to vote for them. And that campaign was led by the main opposition leader, Email Enderle was out with the slogan that go into French maroon was suicide out that people were going to lose everything the whole contra will eventually become fridge. One traditional leader. The fun of Byford didn't think much of either option the fun of bath foot said gray internet. Julia was you're going to drown. I'm coming to finish Cameroon was to be roasted in fire source. Southern Cameroons would not be better either way the time Becker Chica fan so was a student as a teacher train. Inning college and they still a teenager and technically underage. He was deemed educated enough to get a vote in the referendum initially. I was for the independence of the territory. But since that that option was denied, I was feeling that would be better off in Nigeria and definitely the majority of people would have voted to go to Nigeria where they have similarities in everything the colonial culture education, the political system the democratic nature of the country at the time. But there was one factor which deterred people from voting to go to Nigeria. It was what we call the Inca factor in Nigeria egos were the third largest ethnic group in Nigeria and dominated the politics in the east of the country and over the years, many egos it settled just over the border in southern British Cameroons in the fear of Ebo domination became a prominent feature of the campaign, the Ebou community income maroon was a very dynamic group. They were in every aspect of the economic life. They were occupying territory here and their farms and farming. They were in the markets controlling stalls. My Jody of people said if they went to Nigeria the now will have every right and that territory. It would be suicidal. So that's just what's kept people from voting to remain in Nigeria in February nineteen sixty one voters went to the polls, no pictures show, huge queues at polling.

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