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"professor experimental meteorologist" Discussed on Weather Geeks

"You ever heard someone say that they know. A storm is coming because their joint start to ache. And they have a Migraine well. There's a scientific basis to that, but what about general pain receptors during calm, weather patterns in past decades it was difficult to answer such a general science question, but not anymore. Today's guest is Dr David Schultz from the University of Manchester to talk about this study, and how smartphones help his team complete. The research Dr Scholtz. Thank you for joining us on the weather. GEEKS podcast. Thank you for having me well. First of all, let me just say Dave Schultz is one of the sort of in my opinion, giants of the Field of meteorology I've known of him and had a chance to interact with him. For many years now, and followed his work and people who know me, your Gino his name, so it's not or have you on the whether podcasts. Let me just give a little of your background just so people will know what I'm talking about. He's a professor of synoptic urology at the Center for Atmospheric Science in the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences and the center, for Crisis Studies and mitigation at the university, in Manchester, England and he's been there since two thousand nine has won multiple teaching awards at the institution cheese, a chief editor of the monthly weather review, which is one of the. Most, significant and important journals in the field of meteorology. He's also the author and I. Hope to talk to You more about this of of really nice book called Eloquent Science, a practical guide to becoming a better writer speaker in atmospheric scientist, there are more things that I'm going to sprinkle in throughout the podcast day, but before I do that day the question that I ask everyone on the podcast. Right out of the gate. How'd you get interested the urology? I think as a child. I was always interested in sciences the outdoors. I enjoyed. Hiking around in the woods, walking around into streams, turning over rocks, see what lives underneath it, and so it was. Natural that I would take some kind of. Earth. Science or natural science that is is my career. To talk to my mom says. That she recognized. Meteorologist an early age building Whether instruments with my dad and I grew up south of Pittsburgh, so we had. We've listened to. Bob Kuzma on Katie K. and. My mother ran into him in the grocery store, and so he sent me a letter invited me. Down to the studio, which never took the took him up on that offer, but it was. It was very nice and so. I ended up going to mit for undergraduate and. At the time I thought I'm going to be meteorologist, but at the time MIT didn't have a lot of depth in terms of their undergraduate program, so I kind of dabbled around for a couple of years took the required courses. For Generic degree within your Science Department and I made a decision. Okay well. Maybe I should not just dabble, but but take a pretty consistent. Curriculum and so I I did a lot of geology courses and graduated with that, although by the third and fourth years I started taking more environmental science courses, hydrology carry manuals, introduction, damage, feerick, science, and and those kinds of courses and so When I started applying to graduate schools. Doubts that background I think. Has Helped, and certainly it's been quite. Now in my career, because I am in an earthy environmental science department, and and the fact that I know what a difference between a solid and a granite is. I think sometimes. You know. The ears in eyes will pull up a little bit among my colleagues when. I can. I can talk to them about this stuff. It's interesting to hear some of your background sin some ways very similar to mine, because I was always that kid curious about what was going on in nature, building weather instruments, my sixth grade science. Sixth grader predictable weather. Building weather instruments, but now I'm also a department. That's not a traditional meteorology department. Although that's what I come out at Florida state, but myself in your couch. We both know very well John Knox. Geography Department are Home Department at the University of Georgia. Though we also have an atmospheric sciences program, talking with Dave, Schultz now to continue with some of his background, two thousand six to two, thousand, nine, hundred Professor Experimental Meteorologist University of Helsinki and Finnish Meteorological Institute, and for Ten Years Nineteen Ninety six to two thousand six. T worked for Noah's national severe storms. Lab is a research meteorologist in. He led a field campaign called Which is the Inter Mountain precipitation experiment has the speed as you heard from MIT master's from university Washington and a PhD from University of Albany, all very sound a major atmosphere. Sciences programs, a small correction I Chola the becks okay. They don't want to take away the credit of the other side room. We will make sure that our colleagues understand that now just a curious question because we want.

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