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"professor david archer professor geophysical sciences" Discussed on WHYR 96.9 FM

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"professor david archer professor geophysical sciences" Discussed on WHYR 96.9 FM

"To three oh well without further ado let's bring on our next guest david archer author of the book the long thaw now i'd like to introduce our special guests for today he's professor david archer professor geophysical sciences at the university of chicago anythi author of a rather disturbing new book and it's called the long far how humans are changing the next one hundred thousand years of earth's climate he argues in the long thaw that not only are humans ruining the atmosphere of the earth by dumping copious quantities of carbon dioxide but the effects of this will linger in the atmosphere not just for years not just for centuries but one hundred thousand years and what does it mean what does it mean for us to live in a world with that much carbon dioxide and that much global warming once again the special guest is dr david archer of the university of chicago the book is called the long thought professor archer as a youth how did you first get interested in science and in particular earth i guess i look to the the first the functioning of the earth the stable geochemical cycles of things like that has something that's bigger than than people are i i look to the natural world with its sort of reverence and i i i think that's what brought me into the natural sciences why i chose to study the oceans actually instead of forests or other planets or stars or something like that because i've always had a romantic love of boats but i ended up living in chicago anyway but that's just one of one of lights jokes i guess.

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