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Fresh "Professional Services" from Balance of Power

"How many Americans lack health insurance at this point, and what can be done about it? We talked with Dean Catherine Baker of Chicago's Harris School of Public Policy, But first we gotta market check from Charlie. Thank you very much. David Western. Here's what's going on Developing story, this headline from the Bloomberg Professional Service. Oaktree said to be exploring of $2 billion sale of cold storage from aggro The Dalby Yes and Pete knows. Thank they're all declining on this Thursday, the day after fed Wednesday as MP now lower by 42 down 1.3%, the Dow is down, 234 points down 8/10 of 1% and stank lore by 195 points. That's a drop of 1.8% stocks fell Treasuries gains as investors Mold whether the levels of stimulus being provided is enough amid a gradual economic recovery as he down for a second day We've got the 10 Year up, 3 30 seconds. He'll right now. 300.65% gold is down 8/10 of 1% 1940 for the ounce. And West Texas Intermediate crewed up 2.4% 41 44 a barrel among the day's economic reports Jobless claims them with that story. Here's Bloomberg's video Down Jew dies His claims dropped 860,000 last week, a move in the right direction. Roughly four times higher than before the pandemic structure March. It's a fragile situation, the total number of workers unemployment it's also down, falling a 12.6 million in the first week of September. Half the record high earlier in the year sneaked out to dice Limburg Radio Papa John's International plans to open a new headquarters in the Atlanta area, moving the company beyond its Kentucky roots after the departure of its controversial founder, John Schnatter. According to.

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