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"profar trail" Discussed on KBNP Radio

"In the legs very much a similar except you don't have the same consequences summation don't have a heart attack of the legs so to speak but it's a similar problem in terms of you know to doctors of a hard not meaning could causing him to man supplied mismatch of blood flow to the likes what are the risk factors so it's it's similar to heart disease in that here this is profar basket of these are you have to score assistant general was in a systemically problem so it can happen in the heart just like it can happen the legs and vice versa to patients in haven't had similar is factors and they can be at risk for heart disease as well but things like having high blood pressure i cholesterol diabetes history smoking and then things and you can change such as advanced age female are things that are more common for patients who prefer trail disease so other in the so for heart disease or on that occasions one contain foot enough to prove us clintons and he's of any medications for example an aspirin or start to nothing hear about the stay so we've i mean a patient was profar trail disease one of the most important things to pay attention to is with their lifestyles like at the moment and what do their medication profiles like typically in one of the first things will talk to patience about it is if there's smoking the nation's top smoking just there on canasta that's going on and aspirin they should be honest for him mostly because with the with the benefit of reducing the risk of attacker strokes in the future because we know that they have blockage is all score on their bodies to they have won it in their legs science stands also effective therapy in terms of reducing clutch strong stabilizing plaques in various territories of the body and are part of that and then walking programs are usually instituted to help people sort of achieve better walking over time has just first line therapy but sort of the from the first approach to profar children's has to dress all these things including to medical fair ap as well as their habits and and other factors that can reduce the risk of progression you mentioned that cramping in the legs are the window gase yrs squawking patter are there other sometimes resigns.

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