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#C9 (Caerphilly to caffeinated)

The Dictionary

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#C9 (Caerphilly to caffeinated)

"Hello words welcome to the dictionary. We are at the end of page one. Seventy two that is correct The first number of these words like the first half all start with c. a. e. which is not something that we typically us here in english but You know you'll you'll recognize some of these words. Maybe not this first one now. It is care philly car. Philly care probably carefully capital c. a. e. r. p. h. i l. l. y. noun from circa eighteen ninety three a mild white cheese of welsh origin. I think that's freiburg. Gets able to be fried f. r. a. l. e. frugal Cover carefully And this is from carefully which is an urban district in wales. Probably one of the easier welsh words to pronounce for us americans. Next we have cesar you probably know this capital c. a. e. s. a. r. noun from circa fifteen forty eight although caesar lived long much longer before that One any of the roman emperors succeeding augusta. Caesar and it is used as a title to a is often not capitalized a powerful ruler. And then we have to a one. Synonym is emperor to a two. Synonyms are autocrat and dictator to be the civil power a temporal temporal ruler and this is from the reference in mt. This must be in the bible. Mt twenty two twenty. One and then caesarian. Caesarian is an adjective spelled. A couple different ways but this is from. Gas julia julia. Julius caesar and i you know. I'm pretty sure that he was the one who got stabbed in the back next. We have caesarean c. a. e. s. a. r. e. a. n. could also be spelled c. a. e. s. a. r. I a. n. those are variations of. Caesarian spelled c. e. s. a. r. e. a. n. We'll get to that one later but next we have caesarean section again. This is a variation abc's aaron sections spelled differently next is wasn't caesar resume. Oh no it. Caesar ism. I'm so dumb. I had that same problem before. I recorded this episode. Caesar ism with a capital c noun from eighteen. Fifty seven imperial authority or system political absolutism and then a synonym is dictatorship. We don't like that And sees a wrist is a noun. That's probably either the one who is the dictator or the one who would like to have this dictatorship next. Is caesar salad. Noun ferrum thousand forty six. A tossed salad usually made of romaine garlic anchovies and croutons and dressed with olive. Oil coddled egg. Lemon juice and grated cheese. This is not from julius. Caesar this is from caesar cardini. Who was an italian born but american restaurant tour who died in one thousand nine hundred eighty seven man. He really created something that just is gonna live on for ages. The caesar salad who doesn't know about the sixers salad. All right. Next is cesium c. a. e. s. i m. chiefly british variation of caesium without the a next is cesspit ohs. Ca e. s. p. t. o. s. e. adjective from eighteen thirty one growing in clusters or toughs number two forming a dense turf. Okay next is caesura caesura. Couple of ways c. a. e. s. You are a noun from fifteen fifty. Six one is in modern process prosper saudi. I don't know what that is. P. r. o. s. o. d. y. in modern society. That's what we're talking about. Number one is a usually rhetorical break in the flow of sound in the middle of a line of verse. Oh it's like prose poetry. Number two is greek and latin. Prodi prodi so greek and latin prose or poetry a break in the flow of sound in verse caused by the ending of a word within a foot. I would love to see an example of this. Maybe we can find. An example and posted on the social media number three synonyms are break and for a pause marking a rhythmic point of division in a melody and is an adjective. Let's see so this is from Latin the act of cutting from kyw dare ray which means to cut. And that's good for that. So it's yeah it's a break it's a cut and interruption. Shera next is af all caps abbreviation for cost and freight next is cafe. You can spell it with a accent and accent on the e or without noun from eighteen. O two a usually small and informal establishment serving various refreshments as coffee. And then broadly. The synonym is the number. No it's just the restaurant number. Two synonym barroom three synonyms are cabaret and nightclub. This is from the french word cafe which means coffee or just cafe From the turkish word. Kav ed k. a. v. e. That probably means coffee. And then there's more at the word. Coffee next is c. a. f. e. caps abbreviation for corporate average fuel economy. Next is cafe. Ole it is three words technically noun from seventeen sixty three one coffee with the usually hot milk in about equal parts to the color of coffee with milk. But i do know that a lot. I guess that would not be coffee. That would be espresso. A lot has made with hot milk and espresso and then a cafe. Ole is just regular coffee brewed and then you put some hot milk in there in about equal parts depending on how you like. It next is cafe. you're noun from. Oh by the way cafe. La is french and it just means coffee with milk next. Is caffeine warr noun from eighteen. Forty five coffee without milk or cream also The synonym demi toss d. e. m. i. t. a. s. s. e. and this is french and it means black. Coffee next is cafe. Society two words noun from nineteen thirty seven society of persons who are regular patrons of fashionable cafes. Well i think. I would like to go. To an unfashionable cafe. I could still be part of cafe society the right. it's just a different kind of society. Yeah that seems very posh and you know it's it's it seems very french to me. Just go and you sit in a cafe. And it's fashionable okay. Moving onto cafeteria. I form noun from eighteen. Ninety four one a restaurant in which the customer serve themselves or are served at a counter and take the food two tables to eat number two the number two definition for the word. Lunch room So this is a an american spanish word cafeteria which is a coffee house from cafetera which means coffee maker from the french word. Cafetiere which is from the word cafe now. We have the second form of cafeteria adjective from nineteen fifty one providing a selection from which a choice may be made as in cafeteria benefit. Plan also is in a cafeteria curriculum. So it's you know if you think about your cafeteria your lunch room at school If you were in if you didn't bring your own lunch you would get to choose the different things different options and then so i. That's kind of what this is it's You get to choose different options for your curriculum or your benefit plan or other examples. That i can think of right now next. We have cafeteria style two words with a hyphen adjective from nineteen fifty two. The synonym is just cafeteria as in cafeteria style. Benefits just like the last one next. We have kaffa terrarium This is a noun from nineteen fifty to a large room designed to us both as a cafeteria and an auditorium And it's just combining cafeteria and what would this be like. You would use it sometimes as an auditorium sometimes as a cafeteria would you ever use it. for the same thing at the same time a cafeteria with acebes so silly okay Next is calf c. a. f. f. noun from nineteen thirty one it is british and we have the number one definition for the word cafe which is just an informal establishment. Sorry in preserving various refreshments like coffee and then our last word is caffeinated. C. a. f. f. e. i n. e. d. i am slightly caffeinated right now This is an adjective from nineteen seventy one stimulated by or as if by caffeine as in caffeinated workers also is in caffeinated rhythms of electronic music. That is a quote from marc weingarten. Mark is a rc number. Two containing caffeine as in caffeinated coffee opposed to decaffeinated coffee. Right so we had car affiliate. Yeah i caesar caesarian cesarean section caesar caesar salad cesium cesspool toes caesura. Caf cafe cfe cafe ole cafe noir cafe society cafeteria cafeteria style cafeteria calf and caffeinated. Let's see Yeah i'm thinking. I think i'll just pick google. What do i wanna pick i. I'll just pick cafeteria as the word of the episode because it's a place that we can't enjoy these days during the pandemic but It's a place where people can get together and eat some food and maybe meet some new friends and that's good So that's all. I got today. Please rate and review this show especially on apple podcasts. The more ratings and reviewing is i get the more people will see this and it will pop up in their feeds and Yeah so that would be great. Please subscribe please share If you wanna contact me dictionary pod at email dot com. I'm also at dictionary. Pod on the social media. There's also google voice number that you can call and leave a message. And maybe i'll play it in a show but yeah just enjoy it and be kind. Be nice to people. Help people out do all those good things. This has been spencer dispensing information. Goodbye hello my name is michael. Hunter my buddy david. Spencer and i have a new podcast. All about one of our favorite internet sites growing up home star runner dot com. You know the guys that did this is abc squash. Guyana said come on. come on. we're going through every flash cartoon on the site in release order. I've seen all of them. David is seen most of them and david's alexa pops in and watches them for the first time. Just for the show. Come on who go. 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Jimmy the Weasel Fratianno

Gangland Wire

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Jimmy the Weasel Fratianno

"There's a gun and sword crossing one another. The boss says something in Italian we all hold hands. Monotype kat. It means you're tiny others hands. They prick your finger with a sword or with a pin, the draw blood and you'll go around and meet everybody and you kiss him on a cheat. Now, you're made them. You are listening to gangland wire hosted by former Kansas City police intelligence unit detective Gary Jenkins. Hello, all you wire-tappers out there. I'm here with my good friend in co host. Erin, say Hello, Aaron Hello. And we are in the twenty second floor of the plaza hotel and beautiful downtown Las Vegas, right? At the end of Fremont strip. And don't think you're gonna go to sleep and one these hotel rooms before about ten thirty or eleven o'clock at night because right off a free month's street. They have live bands playing all emus. You hear that last night? I heard it. Yeah. They said it down. Finally, I finally when I got in. It was like one thirty AM after we went to the movie, and they were really like backup. I guess it was crazy. It was crazy. Well, this is the end of the first day of the mob world summit twenty eighteen we had Frank coup Lada yours truly spoke to morning we had Michael Yoda Michael Neo who is an expert on the southern California Mickey Mouse mob, although he kinda straightens out on the Mickey Mouse. Mobbed and they. Greg Cohen one time, I guess since Mickey Mouse at the Disneyland out there something to do with Mickey Mouse making mass Cohen or something, but we have another expert on southern California and particularly on Jimmy fraud. Yano who else do we have or just as note that J Michael Neo was the grandson Jack dragnet, check Dragnes tree. I've got about that. And then we had the guy from from hot springs, Arkansas that Bob brains mobster, the mob museum of hot springs, Arkansas. So you folks down in Arkansas, you're traveling down through Arkansas, you might try the mob museum of hot springs. You're looking for the obviously, there's the mob museum in Las Vegas. But this woman in hot springs is really kind of the original one the first one if you will where we're going tonight, the mob museum of Las Vegas, Las Vegas, right? Because we're in Las Vegas. Anyhow. We're digress. Folks. We have a special guest here nine an expert on the southern California, Bob and not. This J Michael Neo put because I wanna talk about Jimmy Prodi auto is a little bit of a Kansas City connection. And we're gonna talk about that and a whole lot of other Jimmy product Prodi Hano things. Bob Custer, welcome, Bob. Thank you. We're really glad to have your Bob is as tendon the mob summit here. So we took this opportunity to grab him when rather than the telephone interview will just interview you in person to run a hotel room in hotel who met her view, really. Bob. Jimmy Friday on. Let's just kind of start out in chronological order about him. Sure. When he comes from Cleveland, if I remember right originally grew up in Cleveland is that correct? Yeah. That's correct. Jimmy was born in nineteen thirteen in Naples Italy. Oh, he's end up from Naples from Sicily. So he was from Naples. I'll be darned. Yeah. And his family brought him over here. I think when he was about a year and a half old. So did they I suppose they settled in Cleveland ended he into probably a little lately area. And yes and his father worked as a truck driver here. Okay. So as he as he became a teenager, and you know, it's been as as we've done these different mobsters like that of his age next Belen Kansas City is about the same age. I who's about Chicago is about somebody Accardo all these guys that were big in the seventies. Sixties in the semi's are running all the action in the United States. They all came up through their parents who mainly were from the old country, and then they joined some kind of a street gang. And and then they start getting in trouble as teenagers. So tell us a little bit about Jimmy fraud Yano or Jimmy the weasel as it became known right now his early years it is. That the same sort of thing. Yeah. Jimmy. You know, started school obviously in Cleveland, and he did get into some trouble when he was like twelve or thirteen in fact, his name was mentioned in the Cleveland newspaper at that age. No, really, yes. Because he was defiant of his teachers and a teacher had pushed him and Jimmy said the teacher assaulted me. And so he was actually the newspaper. I believe he's twelve or thirteen when that happened. So that was kind of started his problems. Interesting, and I know that used to back in those days in the twenties, and they would publish things like that of kids that you would be a legal the day to put a kid's name. She heard we're getting in trouble or hardly put him in as victim and end today, but back then they put a man we had a reading a newspaper article in this kid was given a second chance. He was brought before a juvenile court judges at Trump and the judge knew something bodies father. And and he said, you know, he said, I think I'm gonna give you a break, and it gave the kid a break and named the kid all the other kids are in trouble for the rest of them all had to go to the boys and get. Yeah. So interesting so Jimmy Friday Yano then. Kinda what what what your memory of his first black real crimes? Well, it is book. He talks a lot about how he got it in a little bit of street. Crime holding up little poker games, things like that. And he also tried to run his own small casino with his friends Aaron Cleveland, but it proved more fruitful to go ahead and hold other casinos out than try to run his own. So, but he dealer in the gaming business quite a bit about it when he was young and in Cleveland in the casinos. So so did he move on in with the creeper, and they have a Cleveland crime family, and certainly they did back then. Connected member it came as an associated guide and would do different kinds of street crimes and things like that. And eventually he was busted. I think in nineteen thirty six and he was married at the time. He married his wife jewel, and he was busted in nineteen thirty six I think he was sentenced to eight years in prison robbery. Robbery, and they caught them cold handed the scene of a crime that police did. Okay. But she at that point he'd already had a pretty long career robbing because he got away things. Yeah. He had been in trouble as a juvenile minor things. But you know, he really had a full on criminal career going in his twenties. So that would have been like nineteen thirty three thirty four thirty five so much of that time. Did he do they do, you know, I believe he got paroled in nineteen forty six so though, so he's spent the war. He spent the war joint go serve like some of the other made guys. Yeah. So nineteen forty six that means when he came out he may be did that when he first went to Los Angeles area. He didn't go to LA Ryan away. He didn't have a Bank roll and his wife had left him. She had divorced him. And he wanted to try to win her back. So he went out and got his bankroll going by doing more stick ups. Well, if it works for ya. Go with what you know. Exactly. He knew where everything was. So he got involved with different not just stick ups. He got involved with safe cracking. He didn't do the safe cracking. He had guys that he knew Isaac a cracker safes, and he built up a nest egg of close to one hundred thousand dollars from what he said, well, it's just like over a million dollars today, and he and jewel remarried. And then he came west Los Angeles started new life was these nest egg one hundred xactly he said there was too much heat for him in Cleveland. He thought he'd better move west. And when you say I have a question that may not mean all that much. What were they use in nitroglycerine where they blow in safes or do, you know, you know, he describes it later on in the book, he says, the safecracker was a guy named Clooney and Clooney knew how to drill the say. Okay. What he didn't say what he put in there. You put some kind of chemical in there. He said it just went pouf and the same. Door opened. He said it wasn't credible. The silly was blowing safes. Yeah. Like, he knew what he put some kind of Jimmy himself Clooney, actually, did the safe crack. Yeah. But Jimmy is right there. You know, then he says there was close a fifty thousand in that safe. So you can imagine how much money that was back. Then. Blows the door without damaging the PM line. Exactly that that was real. You know, we don't you never hear blowing a safe anymore. No or cracking to say if you don't you just never hear about that will back in that was a huge deal. I just did a little research with the guy on a blow in the safe in the Jackson county courthouse, which was in Kansas City. It was in Jackson county. And it was there was a big investigation on some election fraud that the mob was involved with and they blew the safe. They hired a safe cracker who blew the safe to get all the evidence out was kept locked up. So as I breathe searching through this. And and I find that there's every major city had these guys who were safe crackers back then and you just never hear about that anymore. It's a lost art errands. Yeah. Now, ATM crackers. Cable around it and pull it off. It's inches. Or is that thing now with ATM's where they put like a fake front on the get your heart information? It's exactly or even a safer. Yeah. Let's say what what how crime is. Jay, isn't that interesting? How was the heat on? You think the heat was on him in in Cleveland from the police or was Jimmy said? Yeah. I mean, here's a guy who's committing crimes and there had to be a mob family in Cleveland. Oh, yeah. Definitely would be like, hey, you can't be doing this without you know, without kicking up or eight probably was wasn't. He he wanted to leave the area to it was probably kicking up though, he wasn't in trouble with the mob. No, not from what he's you know. And I've read other sources besides his books, of course. But no, I think he wanted to move west to and somebody had told him, you gotta meet Johnny Rosell. He's the guy in Hollywood. He can get you all swear. Really? Yeah. So when he got a Hollywood it took him some period of time, he finally met Rosalie, and that got him started to being a made man, but he probably went out to LA and was kind of doing the same same bookmaking bookmaking. He was in the chase hotel in Santa Monica. He was he's got the book making thing going in there. You know, you paid whoever you had to pay got started any met Jack drag the and other LA made guys. And so they introduced him to other guys. And you know, he got connected that way in LA his friend that was cracking. The safe didn't go with it. Good career going and clean. Yeah. Absolutely. So when when he gets out there to LA, he's he's hooked up with with the mob family out there. He probably somebody vouched for more than likely Johnny Rosell Celli eventually in Cleveland, Johnny Rosell probably would have gone back to Chicago. And they would have checked with Cleveland, right? And everything was kosher that he's out there making book he's kicking up to drag them more than likely. Yes. Now, we're didn't make Cohen fit into this at the time. We'll we'll back grass just a little bit. The LA family structure post war. I post World War Two Los Angeles area. Well, Mickey took over. When Ben Siegel is murdered. He basically took over some Siegel's rackets analyst running who was from Cleveland to funding Siegel was he no he's from New York City. Okay. And so he took over those rackets and then dragging the hit Cohen up for his ten percent. And Mickey said, no way, I'm not paying you. And you know, Makina crew is on some tough. Guys around him. And so he tried to hold off dragon. And they tried to hit him probably about eight times. It's pretty incredible. This is a post World War Two four two. And Los Angeles was between Mickey Cohen and Jack grad now. That's correct. I think Siegel was murdered in June nineteen forty seven. Okay. So then after that, the the real sunset wars like they call them sometimes got started because drag the wanna Cohen to pay up and Cohen said no, I got my own rackets going from seagull. You know, nobody's told me to hand him over to you. And I want to do it. Anyway, basically. And that started the big war. So did Friday ano- figure into that at all. Oh, yeah. Because Friday Yano played both ends against the middle. He acted friendly with Mickey, but he was really on dragon aside. So that allowed him to try to set co enough that a number of times and Cohen was very lucky and the LA mob was unlucky. So interesting rope it. He was Mickey was or right now. Bugsy Siegel was only lucky so long. Oh, yeah. Yeah. He was. Yeah. That was before he finally caught a bullet. Well, Mickey did catch a bull at one time. And then this house was blown up a couple of times. So. One time. The bombing of his home wasn't successful. The next time. It was and he's still survived. It blew up the floor underneath his bedroom and everything. Play slow sticks of dynamite man, but he survived that. He was shaken a course what you what year was that. I believe that was like nineteen nineteen forty nine right around there. And I said we're getting into nineteen fifty. Yes, they had garage door openers bra it probably was not a graduate. It was probably lit a few. In fact, the first time they put the dynamite underneath. Cohen's house. They only had one fuse and Jimmy lit it. And it burned all the way down like two days later wanna Cohen's henchman name. I think it was Nettie Herbert saw the fuse outside Cohen's house, and they follow it through the dynamite under there, you know. This guys had went back and got it. They didn't know what had happened. They were going to go back and get it three weeks later. I think it was three or four weeks later. They did the same thing, but they had to fuses. Blue. Crazy higher security guard or somebody to be out there after that. I would put a lock on that door. He was really lucky. He was he was what finally happened to Mickey Cohen. Mickey Cohen got out of prison in nineteen winded joint. Income tax. I think yeah, he went to prison for income tax. And he was finally parole. I believe in one thousand nine hundred seventy four and he had been beaten up really badly in prison. He actually was paralyzed on one side and what's still getting around? Okay. I think he decided natural causes the next year in hundred guy. Remember, yeah. I believe he was sixty four or something like that. Well, how does Jimmy Friday? I dunno kind of figure into this is were trying to he was playing both sides. Yes. So then here he is working for dragon. Yes. Yes. Exactly. He was working for dragging. But Colin didn't really realize that Jimmy had his own little book making thing and. Kind of worked as protection for dragging the two. But so, of course, Colin didn't realize how tidy really was with dragnet. Jimmy. And so he wasn't that nervous of being around. Jimmy, you know, he trusted Jimmy so Jimmy tried to set him up number times. But I didn't know he's the one that lived a few that sells. Yeah. Wow. Two guys talking about working undercover the dangerousness of it. That was pretty dangerous or Friday auto because he was in effect working undercover. On Mickey Cohen, just imagine these guys as Seth these bombs. Real something goes wrong. Yeah. They may have been people that came back from the war and had some experiences news. That's true. I mean, you don't know. But today figure out who killed. Going. Oh, eventually he died a natural cause. Oh, that's right. He seeks didn't figure that one out. Well, he was shot with an m one I believe, and it's a military. Roy Terry rival, but somebody's cooked up some story that Seagal was murdered by his girlfriend's brother and things like that who was a mob sank yet. You know, whoever ordered it. We could speculate. Yeah. And if you remember in nineteen fifties, particularly and I'm sure in the forties. They had those surplus m one one grand m one carbines all over the place for like ten bucks or fifteen really. Really expensive, aren't they? Yeah. I wasn't a guy that rigged raked his where it could make it fully putting selector switch on and make it fully automatic. Which is pretty easy to do. If you do what you were doing. So we digress on on Jimmy Friday on. Oh. So how did he get the name Jimmy the weasel? Do you know that is? So way back or is this story was he was ripping off fruit stands and stuff around Cleveland and. He had made some little score and ran off with the money and the cop seen something. And the cops said at the time he ran off like a little weasel. That stock at stuck people didn't call that too often to his face that was nicknamed. Yeah. I mean that came up later and more and more during his life, any hammers a hit around LA after few years notoriety grew to the point where the L A story would say James, you know. The weasel weasel. The public in this case leads times, the press will give him the nickname. Right. And then everybody else will pick up on it. This case, the his policemen gave him the nickname and probably told somebody's friends that at and so jumping. He's always looking for that little weasel red while ran off like a weasel I can hear now and then eventually picked up on it. And Jimmy was a pretty good athlete. He was quick and strong and he had box as a teenager. Yeah. And then his boxing name became kid weasel. Also. Oh, really? Yeah. So got to embrace the nickname for maybe this is why he moved to LA trying to weasel getaway nickname. So let's talk about how he got made his bone. Shelly Sam became a made man and the killing of the two Tonys. Now, folks, you probably a few lesson to the killing of the two Tonys story that I did, you know, some of this story, but let's talk a little bit more about Friday anos Barden then. Sure. Well, from what he is written that really wasn't his first murder wasn't. No. But what research that did, you know who knows it? Nobody really knows how somebody made their bones. But there's one author indicated that that that's I made his bones or got his membership in the mob because most famous murder most famous one. Yeah. Tumors. He talks about how one a Cohen's guys drag Nick Mark Cohen skies, you know, for death. Yeah. And Jimmy helped carry it out and they were Cohen skies were out on bail. So when they disappeared Cohen would have to four fit all the bail money. So. I think as I murder was Frankie Nicoli, and that's a guy that trusted them. And he dragging us as you give I one more chance to join us. He's in the talian kid. Join us or you guys gotta take him out. And the way Friday, I know tells it there in his house, which is in West Chester airport part of Los Angeles. And they get Frankie Nicoli to come in. And he's out on bail for a Cohen crime. And he talks to him. He says listen, you gotta leave Cohen behind you got to join drag. Now, you gotta help us out and Nicoli talks him for a few minutes. He flat out refuses and then the Jimmy Hannah prearranged signal somebody knocks at the door, and it's the other mob guys. He goes, hey, you got to meet this guy as soon as they come in. They they choke guy to death. So that was the first murder that he's acknowledged. So that was a couple of years before the two Tonys. So then what about the two Tonys if I remember? Right. They rob. They came out from Kansas City. That's why haven't the interested. Yeah. They came out from Kansas City. And there were just a couple of knock around guys in Kansas City. They weren't anybody. But one of them had a relative that got introduced got him introduced in out in Los Angeles area. Yeah. I think Broncos cod. Thank it was his uncle his own connect. Yeah. And help them get started out here. But they had been arrested in Kansas City. A number of. Yeah. What I've read. Yeah. They were but like small stuff there's a armed robbery, and I guess by small stuff, they weren't really shooting. Anybody yet naked guy with the with the outfit or the the family in Kansas City. Right. We'll but the their they were working separately in Kansas City. Right. They weren't like paired up working at Kansas City. Like they were in LA. I think they knew each other. You know, each other. They did just meet in LA. They were they came down. Famous when they got out here famous notorious, maybe the police were already watching them, so. Yeah. Okay. So they come out. And and what do they do that attracts the attention of Jack dragon and Jimmy Friday on? Oh, well, they make a really big mistake. And we're probably sitting what three and a half miles from where they made the mistake. They held at the Flamingo Hilton which everybody knows Benjamin seagulls Bugsy place, which everybody knew was a mob connected place. They held up the sports book there and the sports book manager's name was high gold bomb. He'd round a book in Beverly Hills like a year before that had been held up by the same two guys. At least. Well, the guys are mask fell off KADO. Kado does not you again. So when they reported the crime, you know, the FBI and everybody got involved they weren't going to let the mob look for these guys. It could be anywhere. So Bronco made the FBI's most wanted list for holding up for up the Flamengo. Yeah. Well, he was on there like a week, and then they found him. Yeah. So. They found him alive. Oh, yeah. Yeah. They found him in San Francisco. Yeah. They charged demon. Let him. Bail. When this he was going to exit the jail in San Francisco on bail. It's kind of interesting. I mean, he was rearrested again on Vata another Nevada warrant well. Then he was back in jail and his attorney fire filed one of those Ritze habeas, corpus. Yeah. And so he was released again. And then he came down to Los Angeles and saw me. No. And they became there was so partners. But they were they started more criminal activity. I was just recollecting from our conversations when we had done an episode about the two Tonys if they were really they weren't known as the two Tonys in Kansas City so much as when they were out in Los Angeles. I don't think so I'd say that's true. Don't really know that much about what they didn't cancel. Yeah. You each other. They knew each other. Yeah. Sure. A few years apart. So he's back down in in Los Angeles and the two Tonys hooked up and they've done this robbery of the Flamengo. Yeah. And they they've got gotta go. There were they're pulling scams. Like one of the scams they pulled. They went to a gambler a well-to-do got well to do guy named Sam laziness. Uh-huh. And Sam owed the syndicate like three thousand bucks, and he had a lot of money. These two guys said we're the collectors for the syndicate, and he kind of Aley recognized them. They hustle them amount of the three thousand that's probably like over thirty thousand bucks an alley then the syndicate guy showed up, and he said, I already gave the other guys the money. So then this all go back to drag and dragged told Jimmy we've gotten so many bad reports about these guys I think we have to clip them. And he says set them up. Okay. Innova I guess from the way Jimmy described dragnet gave him the orders in a very calm voice. No more. Shen? Just I've gotten bad reports. I think we've got a clip them was was there ever any word about today? Have they didn't have to ask any other anybody's permission to hit these guys? That's a good question. I don't know. I never remember reading anything about that. But if Jack dragon had to ask anybody, I think each family from what I've read in their own territory could cause those guys remember we're not made guys. Yeah. That's guys would have been different. I think but. You know, they're out here from Kansas City and they were causing trouble during the seminars earlier. Yeah. Too much heat. They don't wait that much eat. Exactly. Right. Did you say Nick Avella? No. 'cause the heat don't bring that. He may bring in heat, Robin Vegas. They Robin around Hollywood when they Robbo sportsbook in Beverly Hills that wasn't like some legitimate sportsbook rice, some mobster sportsbook. Exactly, that's true. So now, here's a dragnet being the boss of LA. He can order a hit like that without calling. Made guys in Kansas City that came out. Absolutely, right. They weren't may if they were made guys he'd have to write. He would have had in fact, the boss back. There were tell these two the two Tonys to cool it. Yeah. You know, you guys are doing the wrong thing. First of all, then if they kept it up after that, then they might need might give them permission. So how did how did Jimmy the weasel, Freddie? Ana was given this order to to do that. How did he go about getting them set up because they had to be a little bit nervous about being around somebody like Friday on? Oh, I would think they were from what he says and has a pretty interesting because he thought if a plan to convince them that there was a high stakes poker game that they could hold up, but he had to figure out a reason to talk to them about all this. So he told Lazarus to tell them, hey, I want to meet with these guys, but don't tell them. It's me that'll be they're all just kind of show up at the meeting that kind of thing so between another friend named Sam London. Lived at the Ogden street apartment. Broadly. I know met them there on Ogden street in Hollywood and talk to him at first they were leery because they knew him and take what does this guy want to talk to us about? But he said, he wore shirt untucked, so they could see didn't have a gun or anything. And he told them about this poker game, which of course, did not exist and. It took a few minutes. He convinced them that. Yeah. We can get the smoker game. And they asked him why aren't you going to hold it up because I'm not in that racket anymore. He goes I'll bring the tools offering another guy to help and I get a full cut, and he told them I'd be forty thousand bucks in this game. And they said great, let's do it. He said, you know, meet me here at seven o'clock tonight outside the apartment. Well, so they did they went someplace I remember I'm trying to remember they went someplace like we're going to go in here and do this. But Friday Yano got in the car with them. Yeah. He didn't get in the car with them. Then though, he went back to it was Nikola catis restaurant in Burbank. California all the five o'clock club and that was their alibi. They said we're going to stage. We're having a big fish fry for all our friends, and they talked over the whole plan there and Jimmy said, I really probably shouldn't kill them. Because a lot of people saw me at the apartment talking to them earlier today and dragging this who else we got Jimmy and one of the other guys said if they see somebody else, they're they're probably gonna drive off it won't work. So Jimmy realized he had to do it. And if he didn't do it obviously dragging it would have him killed so. They went back to the Ogden right outside the Ogden street apartment. He and Charlie bats. And they waited for the two Tonys to return about seven PM. Okay. So there's a there's a famous photos, yum. Sure you've seen those photos. Tony's in the Carter. Both sitting one driver seat won the bashers the us, right? And some the wind is glasses blown out. But the shots came from inside. Is if I remember, right. But I did how did that go down? Well. From what I've been able to determine Jimmy and Charlie bats. There's an alley right behind the apartments on Ogden. They kind of stood back at an angle when they saw the car pull up they just walked out to the car and Jimmy opened the door Charlie bat slit in Jimmy slid in and they started a blast right? Of course. Jimmy now, you know in his book, he said that Charlie baths was so nervous. He couldn't even pull his gun until Jimmy shot both guys. So really so he takes credit for both both. Yeah. But so then they got out of the car they had it set up with the getaway car and a crash car. If anybody tried to follow their getaway car they got away cleanly and we're arrested the next morning. I've seen that picture where Freddie on was brought in the next day by the righty. And they grill them, you know, but everybody kept their mouth shut even the the two SAMs the guy that guys outside the outfit. I'm surprised. They never said anything, Sam Landis. Sam london. Never does. Eight new. You have done it. Yeah. Turned out Friday Ono. He brought the associated. He said he was going to. And he brought tools just not the ones they were expecting. Exactly, I was Charlie bats on onstar dragnet paid to do that job. Then or no do not from everything's researched mob. Guys are never paid for hits. Yeah. That's been my experience. Everything I've read about it. If you're if you're a mob guy, and you go out and do a hit. There's no such thing as like a paid mob. Hitman do it as a myth. Favor. It seems to me that the two Tonys wouldn't be smart enough to know that maybe one of them should have been in the backseat. What about that too? They just trusted Friday on on. Dual box. Right. If what if one was sitting in the back seat when they pulled up and Jimmy and Charlie bass came over they couldn't have shot him, obviously. Well, maybe but. It would have gone down a little different because now one would be in the front seat and the other guy behind. You know, up of that seems like, you know, we've done number of episodes. And it always, you know, it's like somebody they trust somebody. They know and then they get into vehicle and the guys in the back seat. He didn't know them really well, but they were greedy. And every very careless ranked Gladys said this morning. It's always gonna be somebody that you know, that's gonna get you exact somebody, you don't know. Well, like when Frank was involved in the hit here in town. He wasn't paid any money for. Yeah. Whereas everything I've read now he just had to do it. Because was Tony told him to be part of it? Yeah. Do that. Yeah. For sure so Friday on. Oh. Of course, he skates out of that trying to remember wonder of didn't LAPD during this time in the fifties. Didn't they have some kind of a mob squad that was notorious for Wackernagel guys around gangster squad. Yeah. The gang kinda that confidential of LA confidential movies. Actually, it had a real crew like that they weren't too worried about the constitution or anything. Just to them a constitution was ship. Yes. It. Institution. Finally LA had a reform police chief Parker Parker now dancer squad. And he had some tough guys running. Yeah. They basically to the mob guys. We're gonna just follow you guys. So we drive you crazy and. To a certain extent it helped. I think they beat the crap out of a few people to. Yeah. Threw him off of the mo-, Holland foes. Yeah. I know Dr according to one movie that they did right? Probably has some truth to that. It's you know, it was so different back then. Yeah. You know, in terms of, you know, there was no monitors or anything inside jails or prisons. You know camera monitors. There was nothing. So yeah, you get away with a lot for L phone cameras blatant. I know absolutely cops didn't look like Kevin Spacey necessarily know. No, no. That's a pretty low form character. Yeah. Yeah. It was a good story was L A confidential. But so moving on for with Jimmy the weasel he is now moving on up and the mob and in LA mob, and yes, eight forms other relationships you mentioned something about his is relationship with the bumper -tario and San Diego tell us a little bit about that Jimmy and behaving close friends pretty quickly. When Jimmy got out here. I think bomb I'm not sure if he was on the Lam right, then, but they became good friends, and they work on different not just hits together, but different bookmaking enterprises, and then bump and Sarah had a liquor store. Excuse me, a bar in San Diego. The Jimi knew a lot about and they would just talk business a lot together. So they really were good friends 'til bump and Sarah was killed in nineteen seventy seven so Friday on during the. Sixties on up in the seventies. What kind of action is is he kind of moved up and and got had more sophisticated action. What what did he get involved in? If we go back to a little bit farther back on his career in the in the early fifties. After the two Tonys hit he was he was a made guy right after that. Then a year later he was made a Capito by Jack dragon. So he became a capital at that point. Then a year after that he made a call to somebody that owed him money any threaten their lives, and he got six and a half years in prison for extortion. So from roughly from fifty four to nineteen sixty ish he was in prison. So what he what was your running a book then? Yes, gamblers owing money. He's trying to oh, this was a outside mob deal. This was he had given investment money to a couple of guys it on liquor store. So put into oil wells. Okay. And these guys they had like a two percent share these oil wells. Well, there's a story in the LA times said these oil wells might return ten million bucks and Jimmy realized his share would be. Several hundred thousand and then all of a sudden they tried to return the investment money this oil company. So and Jimmy writes in the book how his hands were tied in dealing with people outside the mob. You know, he should've known you can't threaten them. You will. Okay. I ran casino even tells Nikki the KYW's gonna run to the FBI. Yeah. And that's just what happened. These guys ran of the FBI. And then they taped him threatening. I'm some more, and he I'm gonna blow your head off. And they'll never catch me and things like that on tape. Right. So six and a half years. I think that chapter in his books called the six and a half year phone call. Interesting. Yeah. They. That's why the door money from these people when these kind of gray market areas like porn shops and right up clubs. That's very true and go cocaine dealers, they'll invest money and people like that. Right. They go after legal businesses are quasi-legal fringe fringe businesses because they figured they won't go to the cops, and they can get some hold over them. They can intimidate them. Exactly. What you're square John businessman? You won't be real careful when you do that don't you right? And Jimmy learned that the hard way and a half year phone call that six and a half your phone call. So he does that stretch. And he comes out I'm looking on Wikipedia. And they basically say he he went back to Chicago. Well, he transferred to Chicago. What's interesting about the mob. I know it's for your membership is like canned transferred. He got out, and they did it when he got out of prison. He had left one hundred thousand dollars on the street and Shylock money. That's money. He could loan out. Obviously, they pay him back. High interest rate he left with the other mob guys and he got out and he says, okay? How's my money? All the money's all gone, Jimmy. Yeah. So I'm surprised I don't understand enough about why he didn't try to go after these guys himself, maybe because they were made guys to, you know, maybe so the money's all gone. And then he thought they were trying to get him in trouble. So he talked to Roselle he says I needed transferred to Chicago. He gives row Sally, like a ten minute, impassioned speech. And so they transfer him to Chicago, but he can still live out here. That's one thing. That's kind of interesting about the mob. You don't have to live where your family is. You know, what I mean, even so he was under the authority of the Chicago. That's correct giancana was ill LA. Right. So we'll see close to giancana. Then did he get? He's writes about several meetings with him. Uh-huh. Yeah. He said he likes Sam, you know. He's a good guy standard. I and all that how did that work? Then he had to kick up to somebody in Chicago. Yeah. For any action that he right? Could get going what kind of stuff did he get? Did he go back into bookmaking making him? It back into book sports bets and horse racing. You probably had some sub agents working for exactly have runners and collectors and. Great guys, go help collect the money. If somebody's slow to pay probably get back into some Shylock, and yeah, exactly because they end up with these kind of gray area, a poor businessmen who gambled to and. And so then those guys need money for something. Right. Maybe we're exactly yeah. There's no payday loans back in these words, payday loans. Jimmy tells a funny story too, they they thought it we're trying to think of ways to make money. He and it just his connected buddies in San Francisco that made some guy humanitarian of the year and over friend of Mickey Cohen's name Benny bearish, and so they sent up like humanitarian the of the year banquet. And it was just it was really like a scam. Everybody Spinney bearish guy. He did do things for kids and all that San Francisco, but he was a former boxer in front of Cohen's. They had like a humanitarian awards thing for him. And they just cut up the extra money. They charge like twenty a plate while they figure each play the food back, it'd be five or six bucks the extra money. These guys four. He was always thinking of things like that though. Like money was he's still married to the woman who move from Cleveland with. No, they were married. A long time. They got remarried and then Jimmy was quite a womanizer in the mid sixties. He writes about how jewel started to drink too much, and he was chasing other women, and they when he went into prison again he got busted on a parole violation. He was in prison again and chino. He found out jewel was maybe having a boyfriend or maybe you know, what I mean. And he got upset they ended up getting divorced, but they had a trucking business going one point that was quite successful in twos. Ruining that. When he was in the slammer. He was kind of it's a little sketchy on that part of his life because he doesn't write about that much in the book, and I've tried to research it using F B I freedom information assets and things like that. It just seemed to me he was always on the verge of getting violated for parole. And then he started a trucking business and he was doing better. But then the trucking business got in trouble. He was involved in something and central California and his business and was making a million bucks a year, which is like six million a year. Now is a big trucking. Well, and they violated a public utility commission coating for kind of Mickey Mouse stuff that they weren't paying the drivers quite enough and got busted in El Centro. And they got jailed and everything, of course, bomb got busted too because bomb was helping them in this trucking business. He invested in the trucking business and within an invest actually Jimmy got. That's a great question. A lot of the money from mayor rally out. Oh, the Joe Allio the famous mayor San really, yeah. He ran the Bank where Jimmy got total loan loans totalling about two hundred thousand bucks. So pretty big loans that helped him grow the business but Jimmy knew the trucking business because his dad had been a track and Cleveland. Yeah. Which which kind of makes this other story that I mentioned earlier to you make sense that he was connected with Jackie pressure Teamster, probably threes. Father and Jackie pressures father was involved with the Teamsters union. Right back would be appear of Friday on os father interesting now, these little connections were exactly well, somebody knows somebody else. Yeah. So they kind of trust each other. Because you know, and I'll tell you guys what the story was we talked about this earlier. I just saw this and Mike burns, Chicago outfit. Article older news news articles was a news article. About Friday Yano tried to start a dental plan with the Teamsters union where every Teamster would have dental coverage. And so it was like an insurance company almost they would come up that they would get the money from the Teamsters union in higher the dentist or hire. Hire a company that would then manage the dental plan and Friday Yano would get a piece of it. And and Jackie presser would get a piece of it kind of under the under the boards. Dennis would be killed and Dennis forgive kickbacks, abor dental dentist want to be part of it. And he wanted to do that. But he had to get permission from Chicago to do that. 'cause Chicago really when it comes to doing anything with the Teamsters day where the big duck right because they had the connection Allen Dorfman. And then Kansas City, of course, had the connection with ROY Lee Williams who ends up being the international president. He did late in his life after Fitzsimmons. I guess he was the next one after Frank. Frank fitzsimmons. And when bradey out took this plan to IU, he said, no he said, if we knew anything like that, we do with next Bella and ROY Williams down in Kansas City, and they tried to get something going down here, and it and by the time and ever came to fruition. That's when they have BI was all over them to Kaga Cleveland and because of the scam and the borrowing money from the Teamsters pension, and so kind of a small world there. Yeah. It's amazing the connections between the different families and the different scams they had going and so probably on. Oh now, we're getting on up. He's been in. And now the joint he's he's got these businesses going. He's done. Well, he's done. Not so well, he's done. Well, yeah. And he he ends up in a huge amount of trouble. When he ends going into goes into witness protection program. Caused the what happened? Well, the the thing was that he revealed so many mob secrets in his book. Yeah. And then he testified against different mob bosses. He he had that the government had what did the government have on him that caused him to to turn to the main thing that turned Jimmy was the fact he figured out the mob guys were there was a hit on him. I thought there was a contract on him. And he had enough evidence. He saw enough things going on around him, for example, his boss, Dominic bricklayer would not return phone calls. Now, he couldn't get a hold of him, even call dominate Burke, son. Anthony who went onto a long career as a famous LA defense attorney. I was gonna say I knew that name. Yeah. He's very famous. He's defendant. He defended a lot of well-known people clothing. You Rick James and Hollywood Madam Heidi Fleiss? Oh, really? Yeah. A lot of celebrities and also his daddy defended his dad, but he called Anthony Brookline and said, I gotta talk to your dad, and he kind of just said to my dad will be in touch with you. And Jimmy knew the Brooklyn very, well, he in fact, he was godfather. Two one of Dominic Brookline other sons, but he told me it's being frozen out and the F B I was telling him. Hey, we saw another mob guy outside your house. And Jimmy said, hey, the guy told me he was in LA. They said, no he's right here in San Francisco. He's been watching your house. So they plus two of his close mob. Friends have been killed Johnny Rosselli had been killed and and and Frank pump and Sierra had been killed. Oh, interesting to your oldest friends get killed and you figure I'm next. I'm on the hit parade. Yeah. I'm look I was looking at the wicker pedia. And it's the dragnet approached him about killing Brunson. No dragon was dead by then is that maybe that's not why it's not right. Require Brooke liar, Clair's you. Yeah. Brooke layer. Jimmy didn't like the idea. But he realized then that the bomb was talking to the FBI, but he stalled around close a bricklayer went into prison and in Jimmy was co acting boss with Tom dragnet Lewis, Tom drag, and he kind of stalled around because Jimi knew he was the only one that could probably kill bump zero. But he thought maybe we can fix this. So. They talked everything over and then dragging the had the idea Louis. Tom dragon said, look, we'll just have we're going to give bump and Sierra a promotion when it gets up promotion, he'll be all calm. He won't be nervous. So they made him constantly airy of the family and it did Jimmy Senate did calm him down bomb. He wasn't so angry about everything, but it relaxed him and he dropped his card, but Jimmy said I never thought about killing myself. You know, he just he said if Brooklyn survives prison term, they can worry about it later, and I'm not gonna do it. Take that some of the region he fell out of favor because he wouldn't Jimmy. Yeah. You know, he's speculates on those things, but he knew those guys in like him. Anyway, you know, he knew that Burke liar and the other newer guys in the family didn't like him very much his only friend the newer LA mob. Members was microbes attell microbes attell. Oh, and Jimmy were pretty close friends. So Chicago couldn't protect him anymore. Sounds like from what he wrote. He he knew he had to handle it himself. He could kill the guys in the mob out here that we're trying to kill him. But you know, that's hard to do member. He was like sixty two years old at the time. Of course, they were older guys do, but but still he tried to get the Mexican mafia to help protect him. And he was in the middle of that the Mexican mafia from what he wrote was going to help him try to hit the LA geyser trying to hit Jimmy. But then in the meantime, the FBI flipped him because they came to him and said, hey, we can't watch you all the time. Wait on kind of thick. Yeah. We can't watch you all the time. Jimmy, but he was right outside your house here. Did he tell you? Did he tell you? He was going to be here. Jimmy knew they were telling him the truth. Yeah. They had the recordings and stuff head of talking about about him. Yeah. Bad math name. Yeah. Those kind of look turn Frank who lot of afr- Kuwata moment where they play back a tape and Frank knows? And they're telling is Tony spurlock. He needs to clean, his dirty laundry. Yeah. Aaron used to work LA still works at Saint place. But this guy that started this restaurant guy named Jimmy d cap. Oh, they called him. Chebbi started his restaurant named Chevy's. And he was a bookie also they came with the bureau pros tan, they put him into joint for failures testify gave him immunity and put him in for failing to testify testifying and bureau had a tape of them bad math named and saying, you know, there's a little nervous about a movie. Would he hold up because he was he had Italian last name. But he was only half a talian, and they're really worried about whether it hold up or not and they protest him. But he wouldn't do it. And. And you know, he was right? They didn't do anything to him. He came out of his little stint. But that that's a pretty common common tactic. Among the FBI. You get any kind of conversation, and you can then add little of your own engineer, witty scissors. On it. And these guys, you know, they're gonna kill you you might as well come on in. Yeah. It was interesting with Frank Lodha said today ever, the former police officer that was in the hole in the wall gang. Yeah. I don't like working with former cops. Plasco. Yes, Joe Blasco that guy. He he was he was actually even in their intelligence unit. And he was feeding stuff to Tony's tro all wrong. And then they got caught. They actually they changed up. The old sheriff went out the new sheriff McCarthy came in and he started cleaning house, and they also combined the metro and the county PD with the metro of Clark county with the metro PD and created this new intelligence unit, and and it came out about Blasco, and they fired him. He was actually had been fired when when he are probably quit before he got fired when he was working with the whole, but he had done that kind of stuff as a cop that got there's an organization called L E. I you law enforcement intelligence units and Las Vegas had been kicked out of that. Because of Joe Blasco that was the FBI told the other of police. Departments that were involved with Elliot you as national organization that hey, they got a bad egg down there in LA. And and they weren't they weren't admitting to it. So they just booted him out. And then after Joe McCarthy your was Joe McCarthy Joe McCarthy. I can't think it was the first day was in Kevin no might have been but his name was that's another actor or something. But McCarthy after he took gold, install Kim Clifford as the new and Clifford clever as the new. What's his first name? Oh, I said Charlie McCarthy. John McCarthy, Charlie either. But the kicked Blasco out, and they got back in L A L E, I you and they start working with the. Laws with the FBI real closely. Matter of fact, that was a combined task force that night with the LAPD. I mean, Nevada metro PD intelligence guys in the FBI that that did that. Oh, when they captured wall in the gang that night, and they were pretty happy to take Joe Blasco off. He did a little time it came back down. And he's died since I was going to try to find him and try to get an interview out of it. But he was dying. No five was gone out. I know he worked as a bartender. Yeah. The Crazy Horse to the exotic dance. Oh, God that was owned by of some story. So yeah, he would he would have had some great stories, wouldn't they? So we digress off with Jimmy Friday. I know he's gone into witness protection program now through used him as a traveling horror, basically all over the country to testify about my guys. Would you start to say what did we talk about what I want when I'm just looking at their Wikipedia about him. And it says he kind of he was implicated by Rafer Reto in the murder of Danny green. Yes. No. That is a story. I forgot about that story. According to Wikipedia, I'm just looking at this. We're talking and it sounds like this is part of what kind of drove him into witness protection. Yeah. That's all that you. We're going to try to kill Danny green. And he was an old Cleveland guy. Yeah. He's in oak. Cleveland guy. Tony dope. Dallas center was Jimmy's buddy and Cleveland. Okay. And Tony Tope told him. We have a great plan to take out Danny green. He said we put the bomb in the car next to his. So he doesn't suspect anything, you know. So he parked his car somewhere and Rafer ITO drove the bomb car next to. Were Danny Green's car was when Danny green came out from his doctor's appointment. They United the bomb and almost cut him in half. Well, where they had been trying to kill Danny green wholesome time. He was like a Mickey Cohen back there. He just he seven or eight attempts. I think it was a lot of times they tried to. And of course, frito. Turn states evidence ear to later. He did a few years in prison. He passed away a few years ago, but Jimmy the Friday on oh, so he goes into witness protection. And then they kick him out. Yeah. That's down the road. They did kick him out. I believe it was nineteen ninety. Couple of years before then he had written a book vengeance as mine. He didn't use Ave Damara with this book. He's a guy named Michaels Kerman, and he wrote that book, and it did pretty well on on the book sales charts, and the next thing he knows the FBI and you got enough money. Now, you don't need us anymore. And we don't need you. Some of the guys that helped turn them sit. That's not how to work and one of the one of the people said, oh, this isn't supposed to be a retirement plan for hoods. If you like you said he didn't have a hundred thousand cash, maybe it's hard to hide out for very long. His wife is wife the second wife was with him, gene. And he didn't have that much money. You know, and they kicked him out. And I think it was Jimmy her and the FBI guy said the whole problem is you kit Friday Yano out. How do you flip? Other guy's down the road. They're going to say look what you did to Jimmy Friday auto. He gave he didn't win every case he gave testimony he kind of outed a lot of mob guys and the ones that weren't found guilty. We're out at or whatever, you know, how many years was he doing working for the government? Then. Twelve years of years almost twelve years. Yeah. What they do is that when they have a big Rico mob trial, mafia, they can bring a guy like Friday on. Oh in our ITO did this too. And and they can say, okay. Tell us about this this mafia thing tell us about this organization. You say, okay. You know, my experience is that joy hoop is the boss, right and Jackie's Rony is this crew leader, he's an underboss. And and this guy is this guy. And this guy is that guy, and they're all on the, you know, the defendants, exactly. So then the jury gets to hear that this is an organization because they're trying to do the racketeer in front influence and crept organization charge. So that's where probably Yano because east Boca's an expert, and they and they used him all around the United States in different cases. It's not enough that the cops of the feds say, this is what this Oregon. Yeah. Anybody could say evidence. Yeah. That right. Like, well, we need. To bring this other guy who used to kill people and run round, right? He's going to tell us till everybody in the courtroom, and he had met with I up on stuff. He had met with a lot of those things about them. The F B I had him surveilled when he met with certain people, or, you know, either on the phone or in some conference room, whatever they see them go in if they had proof to show he has no Jimmy new those guys house down. He didn't know Frank Sinatra, you know, the famous mob shot of Frank Sinatra. Gambino? Yeah. And he's got his arms around Greg depalma Sinatra does and Sinatra later on they kind of just rushed me in the dressing room. Yeah. They rush me. Well, why does he was arms come on? Yeah. Jimmy knew these people and why did Frank Sinatra and at the zenith of his career get Dean Martin and somebody else. Go play the the what was it. The Vasudev is room up in Chicago. What was the name of that room? They played it was like a, you know, like kind of a local dance club almost again. They all went up and played that room. And it was built as Chicago by whom owned it. Yeah. I can't remember when I put, but it was somebody was connected. So yeah, they secured it. Jimmy didn't go down to front net. Kansas to hunt and go front that gets this because he wouldn't have done hunter. But. Joey dubs jury dust as a good story. Yeah. It was. So all these years and they kick him out. Yes. Just going to back out on the street. You know, having to make a living from a couple of books. Yeah. He made he had some money from the books, and they paid as living expenses, of course. And he had a car and his wife had a car, but he'd put money from what I ready put money into a relative's car lot that lost some of his money. So he's getting social security, but it's not enough money to hide on really. Yeah. And he had a fake ID and everything I did find out later on he relocated to the city of Oklahoma. And he's living layer when he died in nineteen Ninety-three in Oklahoma City. Bethany Okla Bethany Oklahoma didn't realize that. And it was widow is still there from what I really like to talk to her. What's her name names, gene fraud Yano that she's got a chance quite a bit younger? She was a lot younger when g is I think she's about seventy five. Okay. So you know, she was there's some old photographs of Jimmy when he first started go out with her. She was like twenty one and Jimmy was I dunno late fifties or something maybe fifty. Well, he had to be quite the charmer. I'm really looked like it. He was a snappy dresser who loved address shar who's a snappy dresser. Got to give him credit for that. They address. Yeah. His FBI agent. Can't city Bill Housley says, you know, he said here's what happened the mob. He said they started wearing tracksuits said back in the day. They were you know, thousand dollar suits and maybe hundred dollar suits. Whether it would be equivalent two thousand dollars a day. They would you know, five hundred dollar suits. They would wear these nice suits, everybody dress. Nice. And I know there was almost like a dress code. We talked about this before in Kansas City. You know, you dress normal and decent. And they said now these dudes young dudes wanna wear track suits and big chains around their neck, and yes, I'm wearing a sign. Yeah. This business is. Understand. I'm in front of their social club and attract suit. Yeah. Jogging. Surveillance photos. It looked so disheveled. Sometimes. Find less. You're trying to do deal like the chin Gigante. Oh act crazy crazy where your bathrobe everywhere and talk to yourself. Yeah. Didn't work for him in the end though. Jimmy, Friday fraud Yano here on Wikipedia died in nineteen Ninety-three. And I know cla Homa, and there was an autopsy that was performed at says that said that he died from complications due to Alzheimer's. Yes, no house on Michelle. And good thing. He got those books done before it, really. Here's an interesting story. We had a mob guide. Kansas City got Jimmy Duarte. He was an old school kind of a mob guy all the way up to the eighties. He got took a hit for a bombing actually organizing orchestrating the bombing of a nightclub, which is probably an insurance job. And he came back out. And he and he got he was getting ready to go in a nursing home, and they had dug in a state sale at sale everything in the house because he was downsizing going into a nursing home. I think he's wife was deceased by then so one of the guys from the intelligence you heard about it, and they went into the, you know, you could just walk into the house, and they had stickers on everything that there was for sale. And so he walked through there. And he found a copy of Friday on os book, the last mafioso, and then he opened it up. He bought it. I I don't know whatever happened to this guy died not two years later. And and and there was like notes in the margin about well. This didn't happen. Oh, yeah. And different kind of notes like that. So Jimmy admitted he lied probably a hundred. He said that in a deposition got like to get a copy that coffee that book that already marked up. Although he's daughter claims is daughter got hold of me and claims that that wasn't is her dad that did that that had to be your mom, all real. So who knows we're here on the wicker pedia? There's a list of the number of folks that that Jimmy the weasel or if he was alive in the two thousands, Jimmy the weasel we so. Paulie shore. Oh, yeah. But included in that list was Frank Nicoli, Frankie, Nicoli Nicoli and Frank Borge. Frank Borgia Borja. I think it's Anthony per Kato KADO KADO, the two Tonys Anthony from beano, Tony and Lewis draws Russian Louis that was Vegas case, actually, really, you know, Russian Louis had some extortion information on Benny Benny in router here Binion's horseshoe. And I guess the procedure is because Binion wasn't a made guy the way Jimmy heard. It was Binion goes to like the number two guy in LA who's Nikola Lakota sa- say gotta get readiness Russian Louis. And so look hotter goes to drag and says, you know, we're going to get rid of the guy in excuse me dragging this. Says what's in it for us and lacob a goes back to Binion's has what's in it for us and Binion takes them right outside here outside Binion's horseshoe. There was an open lot across and Binion's horseshoe. He says I'm going to build a casino there. You get rid of Russian Louis. You guys get twenty five percent of that casino. Well, so he took back dragging the says. Yeah, let's do it. He said, but technically you'd never supposed to kill somebody for profit. It's supposed to be for business and dragging us why? But I did learn that Russian Louis was cheating. Our family members at card games. Now. We'll kill. As a bonus. So Jimmy found out years later. He went to Binion said Benny, you know. I did the job on the guy. I got rid of the guy. How come they give me money and Binion said to him, what do you want and Jimmy said, I want sixty thousand so he says, okay? You know, they over a few days, they took some of the skin gave with J. And he said, oh, my other question is how can we never got a casino? And he said didn't Jack tell you. He said I asked him about the casino later on. He just wanted cash up front. No, really. Yeah. So not that much foresight. He said Jack never told him about the cash got up front. Jimmy some. Yeah. Really Jimmy did all that dirty work. You know stuff that could get him the death penalty. Now, these Bob guys, you know, this grew over each other over all the time. Yes, they can't. They get by me think about if you're doing business with another criminal think about it. You know, if you don't have some hold or you're gonna call you you get a call. Yeah. All this year. Going to share a fee is only them. No. So how's squared away? A police department is you get going FBI. You can't call them up. Oh, because you're you're going to be in it too. Exactly. They put you right down the tubes. With them. I'm kind of curious where we're Jimmy Friday Yano is buried do. You couldn't find that. I hadn't I have to go to find a grave. I didn't see it on the Wikipedia. I don't know if he was buried in Oklahoma. I don't know that either. That's interesting read somewhere as body was cremated. So who knows maybe they scattered his ashes over Vegas or something crazy? You know? Cinna back to Cleveland, you know, mostly. Bob guys are or family oriented people. And that's those gravesites are kind of important. You know, maybe going back to Cleveland worries families father was buried. I don't know you guys are frantically on the computers there, surely somebody's gonna come up with the find degree. I don't know if his daughter still alive. His stepdaughter is jeans daughter is Jimmy's. Jimmy had a daughter named JoAnne. Who I think was born in nineteen thirty eight or so. Yeah, that's right. Thirty eight about eighty trying to figure anyway, she could Sobe alive. Yeah. She could be good have grandkids to. She had children. Nobody's finding it. She married the wrong guy. She married a guy that ended up giving unknown big on she ended up giving she married a guy who ran into the FBI and said things about Jimmy when JoAnne. And this guy is saying was Thomas Thomas to forget to less name. Yeah. Do personally Thomas. Thomas thomas? So he ran to the FBI after they got divorced and set all kinds of bad things about Jimmy. He ran to look magazine they had a series on organized crime which ended up getting them in trouble. So that was the big source. Jimmy could tell his Thomas Thomas character or. We got him in a lot of trouble because he lied about things to do out. That's what Jimmy says he lied about me exaggerated. Yeah. Interesting. All right. Well, we can't find out where he's buried. I think we've pretty well expended the topic of of Jimmy Friday Jato. Yes, he was a character. He was a it was like. You too. There's tons of good interviews with him on you guys want to go. Yeah. There are and and see that. Yeah. There's a lot of things. He did. I'm sure he didn't write about two. There's not everything. There's some details in the book that I'm curious about like when they hit the two Tonys he opened the card or well, then he leave his fingerprints. And we were talking about that earlier. And we'd say, well, maybe he had a handkerchief in his hand. So he didn't leave fingerprints on the door. But that was still be tricky to do. Yeah. It would be could leave your thumb print. Couldn't you pretty easily. Yeah. You could kind of part of the deal is how sophisticated were the people who took prince, right, then and and crime scenes back a crime scene. A a can take that word for of popular crime scene ever policeman in LA that was on duty that night. They heard the word go. Oh, you gotta come and see this. They all in crooked and eight when I was young policeman the week come flooding in and wanna go see it and a crime scene. Guys. We're going to get out of here. Finally, they just started coordinated off. Yeah. And coming out with a general order that said you cannot come even the chief of police has to check in with the detective in charge before he crosses the crime scene tape would. But that wasn't until the seventies. That back in those days in the fifties, the newspaper reporters that were cooked were connected to the policemen. And you saw it in LA confidential. You know, they let one that newspaper guy was the one Dan devito played it's kind of like a Walter winchell kind of a newspaper reporter. Yeah, they were paying off cops all over the place in order to get the inside scoop and again. Yeah. What was the name of it, Hugh, t UT magazine. Yeah. Tony bronchodilator me. Trauma beano to rising mood tenants in the Mickey Cohen rack. With a gap in prison. Who knows how far though? The skies, dude. All right. I think was expended this topic. Don't you think maybe folks are fans wire-tappers would like to know where they can find more information that Bob Custer might have the are you online? I'm on the Las Vegas mafia history page. Okay. That's a good place to find me. Yeah. Yeah. Find that and follow that. Absolutely Larry Henry's in charge of that. So I ride. And I put photographs on there and some of their photographs taken of different crime scenes, for example, where the two Tonys murder happened on August in Hollywood. Okay. And that looks virtually the same as it did in them. I remember I saw that. I've even taken panoramas of it. So you can see the view. Yeah. It's striking. How close it looks to exactly the same. As it. Did fifty one surf you want to do, you know, one of those recreation scenes? Yeah. Good one. They could absolutely there especially with CGI now that it's pretty much. Good Photoshop that murder scene photograph that they've got put it right into the. Those murder sakes, autographs are incredibly all of them. Yeah. Trying to see as many as like a find online, and there's got to be a lot more of them. But I give a lot of credit to those all news talk because they had assignments. And I wasn't news Pataki for for a long time. They'd assignments like Jimmy had been arrested for the two Tonys murders. And he had a the photographer assignment. From the editor go out and photograph Friday on house and Encino, really. Here's the clink. Offers mob help watches house. Photographs of front of the house. He goes round of back Jimmy having a pool. Bill any photographs a house in the back and? You know, it take a lot of nerve to do that. You know, they were pretty nervy photography. Maybe he was you know, that old head the kind of the the newsman hat, and it said press. Chris. Yeah, we used to have a guy like that in Kansas City in the seventies. He he would show up everywhere. He sneaked past police lines. He was he was bowled Bill Norton. Bill Norton new build it, and he was a reporter. But this is a photographer, and he was a contemporary Bill. Would remember the name? I can't remember the name now. But he he was he would have done that gutsy. I was the other backyard come up and back and shut taking the picture. So all right, even the courtroom photos. Same thing, I think take a lot of nerve to walk up to a mob guy and say not even ask permission to start taking there. I know when we talked with Bill Norton who was the star reported for thirty some years, and he they let Knicks Avella out when he was going to die from cancer. And he tells the story in an episode where we interview him and about how they flew him back up to Kansas City. He's at the downtown airport. And you can't really ask him a question. They're taking they have Dogra for takes a photo of him with these other people who is who are supporting him coming down the corridor. He's yeah. So you're like, oh, hey, hold on. Now. Guiseppe snapping, man. I would be I was one of those. I was one of those two Larry Henry night talked about this because cameras and everything are so much smaller. Now, the old press camera time two to three by. You can't just hide it. Now, you can ever go pro on. Like crazy. Nobody really you're shooting natural thirties when they first came up with and you had to put the drape over right? Camera. You'll the drape things the folding apparatus and back. That's like the drape. Yeah. So yeah, they great photos though. Great shots. Absolutely. All right. If you have a problem with our you have a free if you have a friend with problem with drugs or alcohol make your first call the first goal. Call eight one six three six one fifty nine hundred or go to their website WWW dot first goal, Casey dot org. What do you say to that? Aaron I gotta say folks, you need to get the documentary that started it all gangland wire available on Amazon to purchase or rent. But you're gonna wanna purchase it because you're going to watch it over and over with the great detail. It's there, and then you're gonna wanna know more about not just the Kansas City, but the skimming in Vegas, and so you're gonna wanna get Gerry's book leaving Vegas hell FBI worked apps, ended mob domination of Las Vegas casinos. It's a great read. But it's an even better. Listen because you're going to get the kindle version of the book because it has hyper links to the actual audio with transcriptions from the mouth of the men that did it, and there's even more to know because the mob is all over and in Kansas City you. You might want to go to some of those places into do that you want to get Gerry's app the Kansas City mob tour for a dollar ninety nine you can take your own personalized turn by turn tour of notorious mob locations in and around Kansas City, and you want to go to the Facebook page. Las Vegas mob history. Right. As mafia history, Las Vegas, mafia history, Las Vegas. Go to the Facebook page, Las Vegas mafi history. And look for our friend, Bill Custer's, pictures and pieces that he puts up because you learn a lot about Las Vegas mob, Israel and southern California mob history. Jimmy, Friday, auto and everything else we've talked about today and remember to share subscribe and support gang-land wire we need you to put a hit out on our donate button. Thanks a lot, Bob. Thank you very much. Thank you say. Goodnight hair. Using provided by our good friend and superfan from Portland, Oregon. Casey mcbride. Thanks, casey.

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The Woody Show February 22, 2021 Podcast

The Woody Show

1:51:39 hr | 2 d ago

The Woody Show February 22, 2021 Podcast

"Scott to the graphic nature listener discretion is advised the woody show flation cover these woody show-me insensitivity. Training acholi class is now in session. Good morning everybody. Here we are. This is Right after we spend all that time last week building a nice big into very detailed sandcastle at low tide. The weekend came in watched all away and here. It is monday morning and we start all over again by prodi. Another beautiful sandcastle. It's monday morning. is february. The twenty second twenty twenty one We are the woody show. My name is what he. That's rayvey greg. Gory medicines here. What is what do you see bass vic news dot camera. We've got bored. Nick sound wave. they're both here. The production studio good morning fellas randy is here and we have a bunch stuff lined up for you today including those drunk dial voicemails that you left over the weekend and i owe you some results i believe or the redneck new story of the week raves got on the radar coming up later on this hour. Let's breaks gonna give us the trending news headlines for day. I know rabi ni- all weekend. We're watching the comments come in about carson. Wentz trade just hilarious. The eagles to the colts mary. Happy so it's the opposite of the stafford trait it really is. They got nothing actually. That's not entirely true. They got a huge hit to their cath l. They shared in dead cap money. Thirty three point eight million dollars of dead cap. So there's that anyway that a whole bunch more this morning here on the woody show. Phones are open eight. Seven seven forty four. Woody says a tax this morning over two two nine eight seven one. A greg's favorite topics. Oh little do gins dog stuff. What happened now. While i did see a video over the weekend of this woman who was say. Hey you know everybody's telling me to take my dog and bring him in the house but the dog come in. The house wants to stay outside. 'cause it's been really cold or whatever and she goes here. Watch this the names dot. The name of the dog was all right. Come on and the dog sounds like it's saying no no really no doesn't wanna come in really funny out there. I meant to get the club of that. There is a funny mean going around to as the snow outside of a sliding glass door with one pawprint in it like the dogs. Step out realize we're right back in the snow. That'd be my hates going out if the weather is just remotely have inclement just like its owner. Yes right no it. Freida wind hates win for thousand while this other doggy. Mom try to teach her baby to say mama okay with not the dog. Maybe the actual baby okay. The kid sucks that it couldn't do it but you know who could the dugan the dugan yes marty can you think mama mama mama mama mama mama mama among you can say mama. Mom were momma momma trying and better than the baby. Yeah yeah. I bet stupid baby humans. Do you kiss your dog more than your significant other. I do so much volume. I kissed the dog more than my wife or my kids. I think i might. Yeah i never definitely tell the dog. I love you more than i. Tell me that i love them with a. They should already know. I'm with you on that. But i stopped kissing the dogs because of those new stories we had or people lost limbs because they got some weird enough that no. I'm talking about like when you're getting like the dog saliva like on your face. I'm don kiss him on the top. Yeah won't even do that now really yet ever. Since those stories. I won't do it. Jogs yeah no. I hugged them. I cuddle ever since. I read something about his dog. Can we talked about on the show like dogging recognized. When you're saying i love you ever since that day i've been saying a lot. It makes their heart rate. When i say no. We'll say it better data sweetly as i can. Dog doesn't loves you think that dogs noah kisses are generally no affection. I think like you paying attention to them. Only your voice. Maybe it'd be hugged. Yeah all you tug on. Don't do not want. I know we. I know we read that. But they like watching like a straight up will put their arms on my shoulders. A one be hugged and babies. Yeah mike my dog. The only person who is allowed to come up and put their arms around as may like won't take that from my wife more. Take that from my kids. Certainly because i'm i'm not trying to restrain her. If she goes to move away. I let her go whole non. It's a rodeo. But i wonder if my dog knows what a kiss. According to new survey fifty three percent of dog owners say the kiss their dogs more than they kiss their significant significant other. that's the majority. Obviously i believe seventy two percent say they would put themselves in danger to save their dog. Now this is where we're different. Yeah i would not do them. I lost a friendship over something like this homage. Have because a former pittsburgh steeler Went running like a tree was gonna fall on his dog and he went to try to save the dog and died as a result they both died and he had little kids and a wife and just went into a very dangerous situation and didn't survive it and i judge them harshly for that at a party off it came. Bring it up. But it came up and i was like okay like not gonna let somebody get away with that. That's so irresponsible of tiny children and my friend. Lynette former friend lynette. Never talk to me again. Never talked this. Is she hardcore dog. I see is a hardcore dog person. But i thought that's a fair point. Let's try to get this dog point. I think a lot of people say they would do it. I don't think people actually would most of the time off now defined danger. You know also area. You're not really clearly thinking too. There was something that were that we saw last week where it was about like animal testing or whatever and i said look if they came to may said we need your dog like specifically my dog. We we are. So this is a breakthrough moment. All we have to do is one last test. This could be the cure for cancer. You can take the dog. Yeah yeah what about test killed her. Take the dog meant that you were going to cure cancer humanity. Yeah yeah we'd never pay meal anywhere again. Small price to pay whether you go a sixty one percent like their dog more than some people they know all. Yeah i would think so. Forty-seven percent have canceled plans to stay in with the dog. Three percent have let their dog hang out with them when they're sitting on the toilet. I did cancel plans for the dog. Wants because she got she tried to eat a b in its stung on the list and and it was like a milestone birthday party like forty or something like that. And i had to cancel and take the dog to the vet. And i'm like that. Sounds like an excuse. Yeah told you. Mike i guarantee you. They think lisa's understandable. Wasn't you wanna hang with. My dog will not walk into our master bathroom while do it doesn't like the floor. See those videos like we're dog will turn around backwards. Ohio like surface. They don't like an area rug. Whatever players yeah my field of dreams. She gets like right to the edge step into my dogs. Do hang out with me. When i poop though really because menace naked and then also what i what i don show or his dogs definitely when i take a shower. They walk in and they'll sit by the shower. Little guard dog or check in austin asked for your protection. They do that for other people's you don't wanna see your mom a little guard dog. They're so lucky. Finally thirteen percent of people would let their dog drink from their glass of water. No do that. But i did have a family member that would share like mcdonald's ice cream cone all the time but i think i might you might like i'm always aware i drink water out of glasses with like caps now like a toddler because my cat will get in there and i might want to share with you. Some other talented dogs always have you ever heard of that. Shrieks like a banshee. Your how a four year old pug mix that does Check out turning their dog in family member. I am not a fan of pugs. Don't give a family member unless you hate them. And i got one last thing here for you guys. Remember this song from papa roach says this this of course song. I do love that song good. Well what if that song was covered by a bunch of animals. That's what happened. I saw this on twitter. All these different animals doing last resort and whoever made it mashes together like animals like cats dogs barnyard animals and link them all together to make the cover even got the attention of the ban themselves. Oh live break from wishing it was still the early two thousands and they shared it on their social media. It starts kiddie. Witty's here rayvey all right just for you. Hannibal sounds videos that you can find like like the goats screaming goats makes me laugh. It's hard today. Did the first day i saw it. I know what. I really got a question for you. I want you to be honest. When's the last time you had to meet in your mouth a something in my mouth. I had a steak over the weekend. I mean menace just had some of his mouth moments ago and it was the top chops premium beef jerky office. That is handcrafted. In slowly marinated overnight to perfection top chops dead because a proud sponsor with us. Here at the woody show now. We have had some questions because he's not going to the grocery stores looking for top chops. You'll get lucky there. And they're working on the main in the process sick with everything else. What's going on with distribution and whatnot. Right well you can always find your next bag. Happiness your top chops jerky on their website. Top chops dot com at t. O p c h dot com and as they start showing up more and more stores. We will let you know when there's going to be. I know for a fact they're going to be in ralph's for example. Wait yeah so you can start finding their here soon. But they're very high in protein low in fat top shops premium. Beef jerky naturally sweetened for a tender shoe. That's my favorite part so tender. The flavor and the fact is so tender yet right now top chops dot com and discover how jerky should fascist terrorist organization. Show into another new. Our of insensitivity treading pray politic. Monday morning it's february the twenty second twenty twenty one rating greg. Gory here is that there are social media. Director follow us absolutely show instagram and twitter or on facebook. Facebook dot com slash. The one show morning back high. Got the fake news dot camera. What we've got bought and nick salloway there in the production room. We got randy who is here and the iphone throw before eight seven seven forty four wedding senate's tax over two two two nine eight seven coming up for you this hour. There's a brand new redneck news. Also greg can have the trending news headlines amber trial something new. It's called. ouch my whole goal. Remember there was a story about the wwe wrestler yup highland uh-huh video clip video clip. Yeah but everybody's talking about it like a week ago. Yeah i yeah the but not any other whole actual. Yeah and so when we when we do these segments my whole. It's always going to be over something that people seem to be really oversensitive about. Yeah lana butter yeah. That's coming up for you. This hour. Grigory trending news headlines. What's happened this morning. In the northern california town of oakley the entire school board has resigned after they were caught on a video meeting mocking parents who want schools to reopen out. So you have the president of the school board and three other members. That's the entire school board way. Kids in school out there they. They thought their meeting was private. But it wasn't now and they were heard saying that parents want schools to reopen. Just so they can have their baby sitters back at. The teachers are never able to use the vcr. They couldn't figure that out flashing twelve o'clock the play button that can figure it out. That's film strips or whatever now they can't figure out if private or not they're just babysitters then they go on to complain. That they're busy with their own families to and then one board member says parents. If you're gonna call me out. I'm going to f you up. You want to hear a little clip favorites when they realize oh. It's the we alone if you're gonna call me out. I'm going to ask me. They want to pick on as they want their babysitters back right. Laura lingerie justify you guys have the meeting. We have the meeting open to the public. That's laurie just nah. That's where laura just said i. I watched the full clip. It's real quiet after that. Nobody says a where they were all talking. Here's here's the thing. Is that what you say you are because if you feel like your baby. They just want their babysitters. Are you insinuating. The you are maybe yourself as you were such educators. They are legal superhero babysitters after those comments went public. That whole meeting that we just heard The president of the board resigned and then later that day the other three members did to head now and their excuse for the whole thing is they've been busy working to and they have families to take care of the stress. Just go to them. Stressful like the parents hilarious. Nobody else's anything this one got sent to me. Oh let's say about a million times over the weekend. That united airlines that had an engine break apart and catch fire shortly after takeoff from denver. I'm sure you saw the video. It was heading for honolulu. Twenty two hundred and thirty one passengers on board the right engine failed erupted in flames. The plane lost altitude real quick and then pieces of that engine casing broke off and fell down onto neighborhoods below. You can see some huge rings of engine parts in a front yard now. The pilot meanwhile called may day to air traffic control manage to turn the plane around and land back safely in denver. Nobody was hurt. Luckily nobody on ground hit by those engine. Parts landing in front yard. Yeah i saw some of the ring videos. Oh some of it. I didn't following. Yeah yeah you can find those online. I got to see that now. The n. t. s. b. is investigating. What the hell went wrong with that flight. And then united pulled. I forget how many planes out of service like twenty seven planes right so they can look at the engine and take a look at them. Oh aren't you looking at him anyway. Like i know. I thought the same thing now. We need to really inspect now. We really it was hard. Did you see that. The united trucks pickup trucks picked up and throw it in the back. Yes drove off the same The same cruise that show up and you know they They come bringing your luggage. Yup if it got an misdirected onto the flight or something like that yeah it can take over your heart now. They're gonna extra check the okay. Yeah just thinking for duper check. A lot of people don't understand like you know those planes designer. They're able to fly obviously with one engine or adding to. It's kind of like run flat tire. You're not supposed to just keep. Yes time to get that fix. You can get where you need to go. yeah we. I don't think meant to fly with one on fire. Engine works it combust. You're seeing the inside. He opened up your way. No big deal grade spark plugs ninety little flames say though whoever the video of the engine on fire right outside their window seem pretty calm like they weren't still flying. Yeah i would be screaming entire to look at that. oh. I don't think i wouldn't even be able to scream. It'd be literally pass it. Check it out at all. so happy. gotta have the artist they probably got to use the slide. Oh hey why. Would they use a slight because got it still works do. They're going to pull out of the fire no comparing to get everybody off the plane. Better ravens it. They're not gonna pull up flaming plane the gate right before extra checking the engine plane as flaming the videos on her instagram. After what he show there's a couple of women in orange county florida. They pulled a mrs doubtfire hoping to get the covid vaccines because people sixty five and older are eligible. These women way younger than that. Thirty four and forty four up to the orange county convention center their address old lady glasses and clubs and even bought it just comical on it is their second dose their second worst outta yeah one of the I believe so. One of the workers realized something was wrong with these women. They stop them from getting the vaccine. And that's the weird thing. This was their second. Oh so somehow they actually got away. Work mrs doubtfire thing. The first time so they used their real names but it just changed the date of birth. Okay and thanks to these ladies now. Security at the site has been ramped up. Yeah i was watching the video of like these two chicks chicks or standing there dressed like granny's with On it yeah and the guy. Who's the i don't know if you security or if he's a cop or whatever but it was. It was a little much okay. Gave total dressing down. Oh yeah you would think that she just murdered somebody here actually back since one thousand percent credit for what a great job of commitment to the right. Yeah extra does. is it right. No but like this guy who is address them down was just a little over. Because all all you can do it. That i get my a warning against a trespassing. That's what he was giving. This will come here again. You'll trespassing yeah. Not just hear any of these buildings. None of them see those buildings there too. Yeah is a man doing that before. I turned twenty one distress like an old man to casino and get a drink. Hello i would like to hamble to have porno magazine pornography. There is a great story out of south carolina as for the sixty one year. Old guy knocked on the back door of a house. Seventy nine year old woman answered gas. If she had seen his missing dog and then out of the blue he attacked the woman with a knife knocked her to the floor. Cut her forehead. And that's when the woman's husband this eighty two year old who just happens to be a vietnam vet. He grabbed his shotgun. Hit the guy on the head with the butt of the gun real hard. The guy was taken to the hospital but later died ask. Meanwhile the husband is not going to be charged with anything and his wife was treated for minor injury to her forehead. Didn't even use the gun to shoot them. Just bad death of the barrel with barrel. Does the job grandma. That's awesome joined song. We did they find the dog. There was no dog. And then lastly a brother and a sister they doing some cabinet lake chill cat and alaska over the weekend and when the sister went to use the house during the night something bit her on her so she screamed went running back to her brother. He grabbed a flashlight to see what bitter and as he opened the toilet lid there. It was a bear a huge bear in the toilet. It was underneath the toilet seat. They got an opening that was facing the downhill direction underneath the seat. Maybe the guy left the toilet seat up and then the girl baird is fell in toilet. Seats are that big. Yeah 'cause they had there is is all she wanted to go back to. The case just had to pay right after seat up so they hunkered down for the night then. The next day they saw the bear attracts but the bear was gone. And luckily for the sister the bite to her but was relatively mild air covered covering poop. She's going to be just bears. We don't know doing a job. Maybe they're on a shoot. Anybody else grossed out by those commercials oh so like dingle berries basically oh yeah like some kid bear talking to the adult bears about your neighbor needs. Took a lot of screwed up kids. Like why are you the poop stuff. How the sharman bears was being real soft. I guess i'm gonna guess bearskin rugs. Sharman bears red bears avenue all right. Thank you very much. Greg gory. We're gonna take a quick break then. coming up for you next al next on the what he should. They're gonna scan the hallway for free food real and then we'll be right back to what he show now. Tell me this doesn't remind you of sea bass we're playing a game you know like weakest link. Oh and the real fun. And he gets voted off and he pouts. because we're all familiar with that over in. Iceland dude was on a quiz show freaked out. They have court shows there. Yeah starts trashing the set. Oh through the basra half hour. He flipped his podium. He chucked a glass of water. That almost hit another contested. And then afterwards he storms off the set and you could hear him trashing other stuff backstage. Oh according to the comments on the video the guy had trouble with his buzzer apparently. But here's yeah. He flipped out yet. Oh that is so c- bassett iceland. Throw things well tantrum over here because that's really hawaii. Pretty good york approve of that. I don't think that but we've all heard weakest link wins. He baskets ruling at ruling. Sit there the rest of the game they try to critique everybody else would have that one right forgotten me off anymore. Learn videos pretty This guy he just had. This is the woody show. I welcome back to. The show ended monday morning so we have this clip from the wrestler who herself and we figured me. That's gotta be a pretty good name for a segment to the the first round of whole this is okay. Yeah jacks by the way nia jax always forget her now. I'm a wrestling fan. So what's the status of her whole. Yeah for holes okay whole under. What's inside there. So anyway people get so butthurt over everything and You really can't talk about some things are i. Could see where they'd be more sensitive than others doesn't make him any less true I'll give you an example. So over the weekend i was passing by. Cvs and i saw the sign out front and said heroes work here. And i thought oh boy here we go again this cvs pharmacy. Okay and heroes work. Heroes work here. So i posted on like do they really. You know it's just like people of course go well what he's just You know reflecting on how he feels about himself as a takedown others that taking down others. I just kinda you know what i thought about that. I thought couple of things number one greg's always talking about how child like everybody's become. Oh big time where you constantly need that validation like you know like Star common talapity for so it's like okay. Cool criticisms you work at cvs. We'll use this as the example but you work at cvs and so therefore You're a hero. But god forbid anybody say. I don't know if that's necessarily question asked the loose with the definition but it makes you feel better. Fine go around town. Everybody wanna hear i get it. You go to work every day. There's a lot of people that go to work every day but their jobs not considered. Yeah the the the the cable guy who's coming out to picture internet's kids can do online school or whatever who's calling them here just clogging your pipes. It just seems to be for you know certain groups and it's even worse stores. Cvs they call themselves like that's just completely shameless. Work here just billboard and i think this is arbitrary. That's the other thing too. What is our what is not a hero is very arbitrary. What is or what is not good music or a good movie or whatever very arbitrary so you can feel however you want but if somebody disagrees with that there's no reason to get so upset about it. Yeah you know like the the fact that you're upset with me because you don't agree doesn't upset me. I find it more interesting or entertaining in some weird way that people would even like. You can't see. I could see where you know. Some people would say. Oh this this type of work. That's roic work sure. Okay but then. I thought to myself so people who work at grocery stores are heroes. You does that mean my going to the store. So i can get food for my family and feed my family. Is that a heroic act. Because i am they say oh well. There's hundreds of people coming in and out of the store and there are they could be exposed to covert or whatever that's what makes them hero so am i. Because i'm going into same situation. There are other people in the store. You know the people have been touching different things hero. You're probably here to your family and kind of like the guy who because you're feeding them the guy who ran into the building to go save the dog or whatever. He went in there facing danger to yeah so like does that make anybody who goes to the store a here about to leave so at this point really we need a bigger list of people who aren't heroes cutting smaller. Now and so yeah. It's it's it's interesting. I'm not again. I'm not mad at anybody. I'm not mad at cvs because they have like heroes work here. I saw and kind of like chuckled. Like okay so but okay yeah. it's like I told you the story. I was at this intersection. As delivery van was in front of me there was a sticker is a delivery hero and is think man if we are just throwing that word around it's gonna lose all meaning for putin it already this for people who are truly heroic poop and people right well it already a british sock roy axe you know talking to stop people from we're losing hallward definition so nothing means anything list of words either mean everything or they mean nothing if that's what you need to get out of bed and go to work today to feeling fine where cape how about that. That's fine and that's fine but like everybody's got to be okay with other people. Maybe not feeling the same way about that as you do. Well the weird thing is you bring the arbitrary things. Subjective things like is this music good is that show. We bring stuff up on the show like. Are you a friend's person or a seinfeld person. And if i say i'm a french person literally get tech saying like wow. I've lost all respect. I don't think you know. Listen over a sitcom putting that much thought and effort or feelings into any of that stuff. I'll watch on the on either side like who cares but that's the thing that was like. Why do you have to say that about yourself. Like what yeah. Why put it on your board in front of the store yeah. So here's a all the responses because I posted on my twitter. Woody as people might take issue thinking that you know you might be the hero police like. Why are you going your way to knowledge like every little hero judgment. We don't call these jerks out. That's how society cry tried to get the same thing doesn't take away from people. Doing hero acts so does a little bit because now that now that the firefighters they're on the same level person part of their job is not on me about a bad analogy. Like that's a bad analogy like you'd like not a bad analogy but like you can't put them on the same level. I stopped going to stop people from doing heroic efforts of the nobody said meeting of hero is last but it does. It does in hct all right. Here's who cares here. Here's some of the hurt holes one says Wait a dunk on those retail workers. Making a few bucks over minimum wage from your mansion are- you really showed them shaming. It sounds somebody's upset. Not everybody gets the opportunity to be a fat ass who talks on the radio for a living. here's one from. Cms we'll tell those poor suckers making minimum wage that your life complete making your life completely convenient and possible. Thank god we have what he to define who has value in the world. I could be a fat ass. Overpaid dip ish useless opinion to fellow morons. Doubt here's chris. congratulations job. Well done with a standing ovation meam. That's the other. It's a false argument. They say oh no. I'm just pointing out the obvious. Yeah what do you overhear making poor. Rayvey and greg cringe with his big mouth twitter rats. What miserable always projecting how he feels about himself through tweets myself. Greg agrees in. It has nothing to do with me. It's not an animal crossing tweet. This from cowboy beat drop. Just oh replies. Yikes very lucid. Thanks without saying any yikes jeepers kind of. It also reminds me like that. Heroes work here reminds me when you go to the the all staff meeting ago we have you guys are all all stars and you guys are the best in the business. That's what they do. They're supposed to pump up and get you excited your family here. We could not be more proud of you just fired. Your uncle fire thirty percent of the staff of our families have any extra money for. Here's your way. Yeah so anyway Thank you to all the heroes out there. Yes no matter what you're doing because Apparently anybody can be one now. It's like influence. Her can influence. Anybody can be a model. Oh but why long. The people that are impactful are not going to be impactful. I posted a photo on instagram Cool knee five argument of. Who does it hurt the same thing we hear. All the time with carbon arcs is a who cares about a cart right. It's a symbol of greater problem of a greater physical thing we're talking about all my label but my my favorite when it comes to the carbon arcs of the people who have developed whole backstory to the person who didn't put their car back. Yeah none of that has been disclosed nerd. No maybe their dog undergrad died. Maybe maybe atika you don't know maybe maybe heroes have all those problems to dunkin. That's shade shade. Well you know your life becomes crazy bizet. The busy the nanosecond your grocery shopping. That's when you have appointments you have to get cancer absolutely when you have kids and your houses burned up all the time in the store and now i'm in a hurry with your heroic shopping right now. You did because you got to get out there so you can feed your family right now. Yeah you're walking through a minefield guys. It's a minefield in there. I tell you what you were browsing for eggs before. Now hurts your superpower. I stock shelves. Woody s. h. w. on twitter. You could see. I mean you can see for yourself. I'm not making this up. You could see the if hearts just agree to disagree. Man somebody are a little sensitive pinkas kiddie per. This is the woody. Show monday morning. You get a brand new redneck news. Coming appearance the moment. Some news for board very exciting. There is a large cattle ranch that borders area fifty one. That's up for sale right now. Really yep if you get an extra four point five million dollars how many acres does not set for that area. There's nothing there. yeah while what. Why would it be at tongue. How many acres. Yeah four point. Five million in the middle of nowhere. Yeah it's gotta be at four million. Yeah million yeah god. That's a lot of talk about like wanting to live by area. Fifty one and my crashes like. What do you do there now. He wants to live by roswell. Oh it's roswell yeah that's history because there's alien radio stations and everything. So where's area fifty-one achievable in vegas. Okay yeah okay. For some reason. I'm thinking like roswell area fifty one of the same way to dc and marvel of me. They say they say they took the aliens. Roswell right okay. Earlier today took that we have but not quote. Vais won't tell us about god. Yeah yeah but random guy at trailer knows he knows lots figured out. Yeah the truck driver knows his transporting aliens pretty cool. Though man is mars rover pretty fast and the quality of the pictures and everything that are coming back from there. That's awesome pretty neat. Of course there's conspiracies around that to other not there. Oh yeah we're supposed to believe. They have to clear pictures from that far away. I mean our technology is good here on earth but lovable of just send a radio waves but the moon landing stuff is right but it's pretty cool. It's got like drone thing. I can relate to that thing it's rare to it's tiny drone. Has four foot rotors. because there's one percent of the atmosphere's there's nothing to pull on to lift the engineering behind all. That's really interesting. Pretty cool being in that room guys. We got to send a machine to mar. Shoot it blind because of the lag is like ten minutes for control. there's no there's no hand control sane. That's pretty cool. They say the next one they wanna do is one for the moon good. They should overlooked the movie. Yeah because remember we visited spacex. And they're talking about mars mars and we go like the moon is right there right there better years and said because of like the crust is pretty much like razors so it would like destroy anything figured out how to do it in the seventies and that mars cars systems less powerful than ifa. The like the russians were kicking our ass in the you know how to do. A space was suddenly where we landed on the moon. This isn't giving this. What is your skirt. Theory is the i like the moon landings faked. But after that. Yeah okay got we could get on the russians who holy god socket russians by some time and finally get it and of course one of the things that was over the weekend People i forget what the hashtag was basically. It was like you know what the money could have been spent on. Oh yeah yeah. Yeah what's this. You say that. I've had a lot of stuff. Yeah yeah you could have paid for every american's education Reparations for african americans the the term learns is false the the fallacy of relative privation. That's what it is to meeting that. Meaning that unless we are with every dollar we spend less for spending to cure cancer and save babies and fill in the blank. Whatever unless you spend that dollar on that it's worthless an insane okay. Replied to one of those Post was how much take every one of these people. Use this hashtag for using it on any other thing does not support the space program and launching them into the sun. How much does that cost. Thank you for taking time. Pressuring malaria south congo. To tweet all right time for today's redneck. News show if your air conditioner exist and cuban front of a box fan from being bad news. Today's redback news is from sandusky. Ohio home of cedar point amusement park one of the country's great rollercoaster parks. Oh yeah that's where this fellow. His name is colin song. He was causing a scene at the walmart refusing to wear a mask. The employs asked him very nicely several times but when he kept saying no. They told him that. Mom sarah. You're going to have to leave. Collin did not like that. Not one bit. He held his ground. The cops show up call starts unquote. You tell me what's going with these people trying to make my decisions for me. Go with them. You tell me what's going on. These people are trying to make decisions for that. That's also when he reached into his pocket and he pulled out some super sweet and nominal redneck brass knuckles. Yeah they quickly got him to the ground and they dragged him out of the store while he screamed. Do you really think i'm scared. You you got them outside and under arrest and when they searched him they also found that he had blade in his front pocket and bad news. Guys he is no longer welcome at walmart. Band saw. no yeah band. There's mr colin from sandusky ohio. Got himself banned from the walmart after he broke out being told to wear a mask inside. The store brand new information to that is today's red nick. Quick break more. What is shows next hanging on what he show. We'll be right back. This is kind of brilliant rules. But it's smart for an eight year old eight year old girl tired of having to go to school on zoom. She figured out a way around it by entering the wrong password a few times on zoom and then she went and she got her mom who tried to logger in and couldn't get her back in right away so she got to skip class. Enter the password lock shiite interesting year old thought that by the time the mom came around to do it she thought it was messed up so the mom calls the teacher. You know a bunch of times. They can't figure it out about four weeks later and then they finally. But that's a screw you. I'm not sure what her punishment was. But four weeks off tree saul. Yeah not bad. sounds all right. Yeah account especially for eight years old. I know you know like figure out like a while. Fancher the pass code enough you although i've Had to start doing that where i make. Notes of what passwords are different things because every site has a different requirements. You know and then you're not supposed to use the same password for you. Know all your stuff so i it's just man and then you try to log in and it's like oh well no. I'm sorry i forgot password. Click on that. I have to say. Let me send you a code. The code here. Then it's like. Oh god every month when i got a logging but what about the stuff you don't use every month forgot password yard at all over. What was your last password to go. What's what's your pin code van gogh. Nope that's wrong. It's not me nina. Show hines who's gets in. Boston is shows into another our of insensitivity training politically correct world. It is monday february. The twenty second. Twenty twenty one. My name is what did we got a great story. What is what he our social media director and follows at what he showed instagram or twitter or on facebook. Facebook dot com slash. The woody show morning fake news camera. Phones are open at eight. Seven seven forty four. That's eight seven seven forty four or you can send us a text over two two nine hundred seven with larry. Got there or to check in with us. Do that said your name and tell us exactly where around town specifically what part of what he show this morning. Plus anything else you want us have mentioned on your check and send it over to two two nine eight seven. It's another hour of tiffany training. Pray politically correct world drunk. Dial voicemails coming up for you this hour breath and not ravens got on the radar and lewis show on the latest in entertainment and sports as far as rabies concerned. Sorry to break while we are away. Which would he tweeted. Who gives an issue. Is that cam officially filed for divorce on yay. They had the wrong separated for a long time. And this is really just making it official right minutes. They haven't been living together. according to tmz everyone's honoring the up Each will leave with their own money. Kim will be the main caretaker of their four kids. But they'll have joint custody. I was thinking about this later. There's five kardashian. Girls only one smart enough not to have a kid yet candle. Yeah so there's nine kids none of whom live with their baby down and the one thing. Though with connie this whole thing has worked out in his favor it has become made him a billionaire too because when he was married to her he was in debt for fifty six million dollars and she said i will bail them out on the asking about right and now he's now he's zillionaires. Offer him a billionaire recluse living in wyoming on the huge compound right which is why they're getting divorced and well he's given his life to jesus either. James franco is not given his life to jesus isn't in fact. He was just settled a sexual misconduct lawsuit. You might remember. It was from the school. He founded studio four. I used to actually live by the school. My wife and i were like we always thought it was kind of weird because all the windows were blacked out. We'll students filed a class action lawsuit against him saying that franco pushed the class into performing intimate and explicit sex scenes in an orgy. Typesetting then went way beyond anything you would find on film sets. The class in question was called a masterclass on sexy but the both sides announced a settlement to the trial. Judge don't know the terms of the settlement or how much money might be involved. Branko opened the school in two thousand fourteen and shut down three years later and also this is during the time when he was being crazy. Artistic of wacky. you know. I don't know nobody out that. Now kristie leah. You might recall been sued for sexual misconduct and he spoke out for the first time about the charges leveled against him. Most of you out there. He's a comedian. He's a really big deal. Well he got on people's radar because of these lawsuits and because of these charges. You as in you. He was on the whitney cummings. Tv show all things. You never saw massive. He's accused of exposing himself He's accused of trying to solicit underage girls by slipping into. They're trying to convince them to come back to his room trying to convince them that he'll help them with their careers in comedy Julia was dropped by his management. His agents netflix's canceled a prank show. They were going to do with him so in this video. Deleo put out on youtube. You said initially he wanted to get back to work right away but he thought it would be best to step away and take a quote long hard. Look at himself choice. Working the whole time we're going to be booking them left and right. He decided he was going to be very in demand. He said he knows that the accusations against him look bad but they don't show the full scope of what happened and maintained that all of his relationships have been consensual and legal but then he went on to say guys sadly sex controlled his life and he said that's a big problem that he's been working on continues to work on. That's a good way to get out of south of you to say. Oh i have a an addictive. That makes him a victim as well. True louis. Ck could have been working full-time Delete did apologize to everyone who got caught up in his activities. And he wants you to know that he is ken jennings. He wrapped up his hosting for jeopardy on friday. He tweeted out of thank you to viewers for being patient with him because there's a large learning curve moving from contestants hosts before jeopardy moves onto this celebrity host. The next couple of weeks are going to be hosted by mike richards. He's the executive producer. Irv jeopardy ken jennings going to stay on board as a jeopardy consultant and a lot of insiders believe. He will eventually be named the permanent house. They're done doing all this Celebrity stuff what do you have. You seen this new helmet that the nfl's in the process of developing the one they're developing different helmets were different positions and the first one they're working on is being tested out right now. It's being built specifically for offensive and defensive linemen and it looks a little bit different because it provides additional support in the front. Because that's where linemen tend to collide the most you know the front. They're just like right and the company that made it said the extra support in the front area the helmet ads about six ounces of weight but other than that. It's the same as the helmets used by everybody else. But that's kind of the goal different players get hit different ways and so the idea is to design different. How different in a show that wrapped up just a year ago is already being considered to return for paramount. Plus our people that desperate for more criminal minds it ran for fifteen seasons on cbs. They have it in this series finale in february of twenty twenty and now they're considering a revival for paramount plus weird. We'll get me to Pony up for it. I don't know if any of the actors would return but the series showrunner erica. Messer is on board to return. And apparently it's in early development for the streamer at this point. All those shows seem the same they are like. What's the difference in criminal minds. You know what. I what i binged over. The long weekend was freezing geeks for the first time. Freezing gays is one of the best shows so good no right catch up with them. Broncos out of trouble apparently anyway. Yeah put it back together. Paramount plus debuts on march fourth and all the details on pricing and the shows available launch all will be revealed on wednesday. I mean what fairmont. I'm too busy with the equalizer queen. Latifah have time for this. Well try to put that on your show to the equalizer. A now woody. I know you've been wondering would chris. Noth be returning to play. Mr big in the revival of sex in the city is keeping me up. I know the answer is no cuts. The whole bible strache the last time we saw mr bank. He was married to sarah. Jessica parker's character. Carrie bradshaw woody as you know. They got married in the first sex in the city movie. But then they were having marital problems in the sequel but ended up staying together. So it's not clear if that means carry will be single again in the revival but now you know then she give the closet that she wanted like one more. I'm remy and that's what's on the radar all right. Thank you very much rebel. We're gonna take a quick break. We're gonna come back drunk. Dial voicemails are next on the show. We're all gonna give ectomy. Yes even rayvey this summer team here. We'll be right back. Probably the most common question. I get about blue shoe is hey can you give me some. And hey can i get for my boyfriend. My husband has cetera et cetera. I appreciate that but the answer is no because blue to is an actual legal. Fda approved medicine. You have to get a valid us prescription from valid us doctor to get blue chew because it is the same active ingredients as in viagra or cialis. But an easy chewable form. But this is no problem for you if you go to. Blue shoe dot com. You have an online physician consultation and you get your online prescription. All done conveniently easy and yes legally here in the us. Then ship it to your door and it is pound town mega boehner time. And when you do that. A blue dot com. Make sure you use the promo code. Woody because they'll give you your first month three. You're just paying five bucks for the shipping. Blue chu is the easier cheaper faster choice. No doctor's visit no pharmacy visages. Boehner's at your door. Use the promo code. Woody and thank you for sponsoring the podcast. We're stuck in here together. This is the what he's show back. We're gonna check it on the dow voicemails here in a moment. There was this guy. And last year i guess for the past few years. He has given up for lent drinking anything but beer. Oh yeah yeah yeah. Yeah in ohio. No water no copy. Nothing gave up solid foods for forty six days fees and getting the geordie of what he. Yes yeah mostly beer. Wow officially his length diet includes only beer water black coffee and herbal tea. Okay and as if this past friday morning his way in day three of his he was down. Five point eight pounds. So i think you'd be more. He did the same thing back in two thousand nine hundred and twenty twenty each time losing between forty and fifty pounds use which on and noticing that his blood pressure cholesterol had improved as part of the whole thing. He is raising money to help. Local bars and restaurants that have found hard times through twelve. And that's nice. If you want to donate you can just google and search sergeant. Dell's virtual tip jar got forty six days without eating so s. gt dell's d. l. I can get really full on beard though virtual tip jar. But how do you think my aunt. Chris survived pretty much liquid diamond. I'm told me all she does is drink. Scalzo hardcore hardcore beer drinkers. Don't eat that much. Yeah very spears filling especially the low local stuff. But i've been doing some history listening recently. Apparently that's what they gave like the egyptians backed in the pyramid days because it was cleaner and safer. More fun if it's low alcohol content. You're not gonna get mega hammered and they're gonna get a p a lot so there you go. There's another guy like maybe how's the vegetable thing going still on servings of vegetables every day that's what she's doing for land day made some sauteed broccoli. It was good. I never never roasted Broccoli in the oven. I made this in the oven. That's good some oil and some other still roasted garlic. Put some sauce up. ask sauteed mr i. I'm mike zoodles. The other day in the pan with some turkey sausage and some No cheese feeding. It sounds like the other guy. He's winning winning for sure. I mean he's not really nationals are so boring other drunk. dial voicemail. Critics getting drunk on vegetables. Guy cameron on framing. 'cause you gotta figure like he's not eating anything so he probably gets drunk. Pretty quick stomach doesn't go anywhere nine. Drunk vm as nine zero nine drunk via kind of messages. You left for us this weekend on our drunk. Dial voicemail great. I don't understand how you like to drink all the time you find any we'd today so i'm thinking some pineapple malibu fun the every time i drink. I'm just reminded about why. Mr i love you all. I have so much better. How do you all the time. Oh it's easy. If i had malibu even easier. I always forget about now. There's a little girl. I wish i mean either not cool off by all the time like drinking. It's fine but then many of you are draw for me. Instant headache right. Don't feel good twice on enjoyable to me. It's the next day with weed. You're fine like i've been so messed up for days if i drink. I've tried nine nine. Drunk vm. i wouldn't you rather if you had no other choice to the whole of greg gory or okay by the question third player in there which is not that. It's not just pick. What your mattis greg. Why yeah you have mudbound. How sweatier ball's not my us clean. I believe. I don't believe. I bet you if you wiped right now. They're it'd be some other between buying it. I shower like three times a day. Esme out my of me talk about your swamp nurse says that he brushes his teeth all the time and then give breath still so. I'm not sure that you're doing any of that. Right has nothing to do with the way. That great can't figure out technology. I'm not sure you know your way around the shower here. Like a toothbrush. My just doesn't work the Way address drunk. Good fun okay by. They're having a great time you drunk. Vm va voice. Drinking some leftover champagne. And we just again the conversation. What would happen if woody guy. Go for b. James zuid take over and also my close. How many days would it take you good morning. What he's dead he's like okay. I lived her forty years. Just more me for forty eight days at your best guy ever but what. I hope we're a little bit wishy. Change your lifestyle habits. Lifted you all day. Okay saint kitts certify your yeah we get like. Let's say you died today. We'll get forty four days to you know how long we've been doing the show together so five or six years eh. Five or six days. Yeah i've done show you for gets longer wallow against the longest foul by greg followed by menace basketball by cameron a day. Get back to work pretty much exactly as far as who takes over. What do i care. I'm not my problem. The dumpster and the dumpster even chunky with teeth. Let's get another one here. Nine zero nine drunk via number one in the woody show ranking. He has a lot of good skits. and he's got the lady game figured out number. Twos woody to these. Captain was a show. Bring number. Three's a tie between creggan razi. And righty menace the cats every now and then you anything to add. Tax dog guy also said kantor tunnels is thrown them off roofs. Yes i know you killed. The dog wants. There's drunk voicemail indirectly they're features segments. Let's get would be like a sketch or so high school right. Yeah no it's the one who show but he's a monster. Oh we don't care what he looks like. Visit the woody show. We have some results. Here redneck news story of the week votes are in with recap of the nominees. Downing number one was from florida. The woman who woke up for drunk sister by stabbing her with the pen. They've been drinking together then. The sister fell asleep and so sister didn't like that stabbed her with the epi pen with the cops asked her why she said. I'm allergic to drunks fine. Jeter player number two sheldon iowa. That guy dustin it was causing a scene at the laundry mat employs asking to leave. He wouldn't cops your call when they arrived he was still there. It's all put his hands behind his back. he took a fighting stance and according to the police. Report said quote gonna hurt. Then you punch one of the cops now and he kicked other company bit another great benchley gotten under very cool. Noni number three from tennessee. That said Robert joseph hallett guy who arrested. He applied for a gun permit under the name. Barack obama tried to use his real name got tonight on a kind of he had a warrant. Oh okay yeah and then this one now for forgery and everything else because he used this ladder. That had the united states. America's seal with the united states department of state letterhead yep and the nominee number. Four was from tennessee. That's where all those folks met up the cracker barrel for the good old fashioned civil war reenactment. The one guy brought his rooster his pet. Rooster peop- Cracker being heard may stories about this one. I guess confederate soldier who had carried his rooster with them for a couple of years so he brought peop- for the reenactment took peep out of the cab of the truck. Attached to a leash walked him around the parking lot until their table is ready but then when they went inside he tied the roosters leash to the bed of the truck. When they came back out peep was gone. Ap missing chicken posts on social and eventually got a call from a guy who found him against people found his way back to the cracker barrel parking lot. Little be carefully become food. Who gets your vote this week. Grave number four all day every before all right gregori number four all day every year menace. I'm down with the penis now. Peop- might as well just go sweeps my assuming abe sweet awesome but i the woman who injected her. Yeah that's hilarious. Gotta go peep as pretty good while there. It is and the listeners have it nominee number four. How is your redneck. News story the week now. Moving on into the playoff round. You think that they wouldn't allow people at the civil war reenactment roosters running this story. His story you heard about the confederate soldier who carried his rooster with them for two years. Believe that he's no. He just said that so he could bring peop- it's kinda like a fake Animal i heard about or it's a lie. I wouldn't have back in the day. The olden times. Of course you'd have you'd be taken chickens and roosters and stuff you feed this own. You gotta eat chef. Would not a soldier running around holding one friend. Little pet no well. We're supposedly some guy running off the battlefield great holding his cock pit parrots. There you go thanks for your votes. Everybody keep listening to me this week. New redneck for friday. We'll do another competition. You guys will help us out photo with the guy and peop- sitting on an old cannon bp at the guy who lost like eighteen so he has no excuse to be doing civil war stuff. He's really young. Young young loser is show show and we into an hour of insensitivity training politically correct world. That can be in here. Everybody is what he is raving got. Great glory medicines here. What is up. Follow us at the woody show on instagram and twitter or on facebook. Facebook dot com slash. The woody show to morning see bass fake news. Dot camera on board index outweigh the production studio. Good morning fellas. Randy is here. Phones are open eight seven seven forty four what he also says a tax to over two two to ninety seven. We're going to need your calls and your text messages this hour. We had a suggestion. We'd be getting a lot of these here recently. You know it's all these things that come in about. Oh you guys haven't done this for a while or hey whatever happened to this segment. You guys used to wait scott. It's been a minute since we've had. Greg gorey's lesbian. How long while. Yeah now we just had a request for that so greg. Despite the fact that he is gay loves lesbians he lights up. Oh he loves stories. I know he loves watching. The make analogy loves watching lesbian stuff. Or whatever about lovemaking innuendo There is no other guy that i know straight or otherwise. Yeah who is as into lesbians as greg and the best part time lesbians. No the best is watching. Greg's face when people are calling in when these women are calling in telling us about their most lesbian experience. So is it a hot tub stumble into your favorite part about. It is like not people who are full-time lesbians. Yeah like you're talking about the woman who's maybe married or has a boyfriend or whatever just kind of dabble bonus part time lesbians like you said just having a girl all of a sudden you realize like hey. I've never really kissed you. And then they just make out and it's just look at the way he's telling. The story is just something. This child on christmas. Play full on. So we'll open up the phone all chantel until they're you know probably wearing lip gloss use some sort of yummy lip gloss all the time used to be like you know like Like you know. Two chicks like pillow fighting. Yes you know. There's feathers going all over the place wearing like like a man's button up shirt because you know that's how that's how number one that's how women are dressed right. That's how women fight with pillows have torn way with the down coming out of this. What others what happens. Mid-fight greg. They say you know what. Why are we fighting. We should just kiss. And then it's like you've been a fly on the wall female party a pillow fight so the way that the a greg gory. Lesbian stories work. Ladies if you're a part time lesbian and we want to hear about your most lesbian experience and so you call in and you get to tell greg your story. You could be anonymous if you'd like you don't have to give us your name where you're from or anything like that But then greg usually has some kind of follow up questions or whatever and then we all get to sit around and watch greg. Just one literally doesn't do anything for you sexually right. There was just now. no well. Maybe probably shovel. Maybe maybe a tiny bit so you can be swayed greg. He threatens mario. Does he want to leave you for lead. Yeah i'll go back and he says and we'll have a sexless relationship. It'll be great. I'll show you ladies be thinking about if you want to share with gregg your most lesbian experience. What was it and you'll be able to call an eight seven seven four hundred forty. Don't call and just yet how to happen. Yeah i mean just you gotta be some other way when you tell us. The story tricky. This is a tricky part. You got to tell the story in a way that let's just assume there was a five year old hanging around and you're trying to tell the party that someone's kids are around and you're trying to tell another adult stories five being any wiser to what it's all about so try to tell stories if a five year old was around right all right because you can't tell the kid to leave you gotta tell them right now but i got to hear about this night it in the hotoke good to be retired married with kids now who you had that pillow fight seven seven forty four forty eight seven seven forty four forty or you can text your story over the two nights. We prefer that you call for sure now. There's a new challenge on social media. It's called the balance challenge. See anything about. This is live with a guy and girl thing. Yeah so the way it works. Apparently guys can't do it. women are able to. This guys are not able to do it. And i said i you get into like a crawling position. Looks on all fours right. And then you put your elbows down the floor and your chin rests in your hands okay. Aright you're still underneath at this point. Okay and then you lift up one arm and put it behind your back and then the other hand so now you're not. You're not leaning forward on your hands without using it to support and you are able then to sit up. Only women can do this. Allegedly really because women seem to do a pretty easily. I guess their center of gravity is in your hips. Ladies and for guys center of gravity is more in the chest and so every time guy tries to do this they fall flat on their face interesting and there are suggesting if you try it. Put like a towel or pillow or a face plant. I definitely would plant on the least flexible person. I don't know if it's about flexibility it's supposed to be more like balance. Well also the way women get like. They're used to being done on their knees like that. A little better like in my hips like you said with the hips. Like so they they they they. They're hips were further back. Whereas guys are more like further out like a plank or a push so see best. You wanna try. Yeah all right so sea bass is always trying to challenge. How much better than everybody else at this all right. So are you trust right here. Yeah the trash. The problem with most guys is they get out in the position. Okay far out. Yeah and yeah. If you're trying to get up like this this it's easy. Women and more women are more like you know doggy style. Okay guys are more pushups style. And that's part of the problem could go ahead so lean ford's understand that what you're said don't don't don't do the deal with. You're supposed to do like where you have your your hands restaurants. This look like you're in your head. That's easy your hips. Because your back okay. Well he just did it kind of hoping to see him. Fallen as fan. Are more doggy style than guys are all right well. Maybe he's got a point there right. If the balance you see the argument i i did. It makes sense to me. I guess maybe you do. I thought it was just kind of being a deck. And i've got a bum knee like that. Yeah she hurt herself. I am injured on stairs. I don't know where in have an exactly but i re aggravated it on stairs to firemen's care. Well he did it so much about ten also. A good reason do full squats. Guys jesuit quarter squad always do ask to grasp asked to just bring your hips in more. So right flexibility has led to exactly what i was saying. You blew me off. Never again again all right so have you been kissing the forbidden fish. Apparently somebody says. I was on the tax five. So you're lesbian stories for greg gory. Please eight seven seven forty four. What you might as well start calling now. We'll get you set up to the break. You know we got to run you through the what you can what you can't say type stuff right but if you want to call and share your story you could do that anonymously with gregg. You don't have to give us your name or tell us where you're from eight seven seven forty four woody and greg. I'm ready with any luck. I always wait for the day. We go the well on. It's dry no that has yet to hatteras. Okay so ladies who wanna hear about your most lesbian experience and then Greg hear those stories coming up next year in the wooded. Show you ready. Let's say dow maury the no one's gonna call eight seven seven forty four one. How are you show back ladies part time lesbians. Have you got a lesbian experience. That you would like to talk about and share with greg. Gory did you dabble. Greg is the biggest fan really. I'm a big fan and he wants to hear your story. We've got the phones open for you right now. Eight seven seven forty four. What you don't have to give your. Dan could be anonymous when you call in but Gregg wants to hear about your most lesbian experience. And said we're getting people lined up right now. Excellent for those calls and that will be coming up for you next. It's for everyone really it really is. I don't know if it's for everybody knows for everybody. Randy tells me that there is somebody who's upset about the no. Hello hi. are you the person who is upset or you sharing your story. I mean i'm not necessarily upset. I'm just confused and a little bit embarrassed and disgusted for you guys that this is a laughing matter. The this is something that you are. You're coining is part lesbians to call in and to indulge in with their stories because there's women who actually are. If you wanna say fulltime being or mary who have been so for years and years and deal with trauma and ptsd from men who harassed them in such ways. They don't understand what your point. So this question is what your objective is. It's it's very disgusting it to me. This story is the opposite of no right. This is this supposed to be a hot segment disgusting. How's that eight five that people enjoy. What are we talking about whether lesbians no people who are instinct sex couples that get talked hit and made fun of daily basis. I'm one of greg's gay. I love we are celebrating lesbians for celebrating lesbians right now. I mean you sound politician not right now because he kind of this particular. Turn it or not wealthy. Yeah it's all right. Well this is. You know this is just not for you. I'll take this your first day today. Listening i'm sorry. Is this your first day listening today. It not I don't know about that name something else that we haven't done today that we do on the show. I don't know a first time. This is the first time you've listened to the show because you would not be at all surprised you spend on nanosecond otherwise okay. Well i'm james radio station when it comes to talk show site stuff good but not my perception all okay. Well i'm talking about your wife. I'm talking about you. And when i'm in the car with her okay but that feels to me all the sides of points really go to the point. Yeah yeah like. You're talking to get on the show. I was call in to ask what the point of you guys. This question. what the question is we have. We have greg who loves lesbians looking for calls right now. Eight seven seven forty four woody. Not that confused If you have a lesbian experience that you would like to share with greg. He'll follow up some questions. And then we're just gonna this greg's enjoyment again. I think it's for the world but that's all right the world for the world's enjoyment. Yeah it's gotta be somebody there to try to ruin fun. No pee on the party. Yeah i listen all the time do you. Something tells me that you don't like if we're talking about food while they're chefs. That have had trauma around. Boy haven't we all that's perfect for our segment called ultra my whole. Yeah so over what. I don't know one lucky lady. Yeah never been in a lesbian pillow fight. Here's what she needs some chardonnay tub. A hot tub and some lip gloss to let her one of my button up shirts. Yeah you know on a friday night. Mom you know come on. Maybe you're allergic to down. Maybe some down alternative right. Maybe later candler to make it happen right. But on some always being titillating right rafe. That's the key word right there. Thank you. I guess what we're trying to say is thank you for the call. Yeah oh boy. Yeah i'm here. Get a hot tub l. u. a. adult babies. I woke back gregory's lesbian store. Let's tell them all right. Let's get a good one in eight. Seven seven forty four forty eight seven seven. Forty four woody. We are looking ladies for you to share about your most lesbian experience. Just keep in mind. You gotta tell the story you know like a a kid around. He can't get all detailed. Exactly as much is greg with loved. Oh that'd be great. Yeah maybe podcast. Like woody shaw. More showed ryan hardcore lesbian. Let's see we got for. The lesbian store is greg. Yes yup all right. See that lyric right there. It felt so wrong it felt so. Yes cherry chapstick s and a kind of blame the song for my love oblivion. So this was accurate the impetus. Yeah all right. Eight seven seven forty four. That's eight seven. Seven forty four. Woody now greg handles this segment for us this is. This is four. Greg kind of get tongue tied though. Yeah i'm kind of the moderator. Here going through the calls and text messages. Apparently okay. so here's the thing. I hi sharon. How are you sorry. I picked up. Recall a little bit early. Sheriff i So there's been a bunch of people that have been calling in and go to share their story and randy can't get more than four words into i'll saying well we can't say that so again. We're going to run you through higher able to tell the story which i'm sure they already did for you sharon but if you wanna call in We got some spaces open. But just you know again. If you're not getting the hang of it we can't put you on right so all yet. Yeah we to keep it Excuse me yeah. So sharon jaren i don don't all right hold on one second. I'm gonna we're gonna. We're gonna make sure her phones okay. Don't go anywhere share and we'll go with anonymous. I was a good morning anonymous high. So tell greg about your most lesbian experience. How'd that go so okay. I was with an ex-boyfriend now. But i was with him and it was our second year three. We decided to go over to my best friend's house and she was at lesbian So you know we had her. We ended up breaking a lot and got really pretty wasted They only call her. And i had kids before and one other time really serious and then Was this pre boyfriend that you kissed her okay. That was the only time it happened before this. There's only one one other time before that super part time. Okay so we got pretty drunk and then it was her idea for us to go take a shower. Okay look at your. That's so funny about this like let's go take a shower shower before you went on. I mean that's so funny. I love it okay. So she wants to take a shower. No the three of us ended up the shower Was obviously hot and steamy. Rows and then. I don't know how to teach you say all of this. But then we ended up obviously in her bedroom and it was my first time With her i figured out what you're saying so i was so did you go. I guess what you're trying to. Let's put it this way. Did you go all the way lesbian or was it like heavy petting zoo. Okay okay giving giving and receiving okay. Well yeah crack. Wow did you ever go back fulltime. Let's be experienced while their time. But wow that's the better story. She's what was your boyfriend there. That's kind of yeah. He was picking the whole time. What did he think then Kicker was he decided to put on dropping. I don't know if i could give you say we can leave it at that the rats. Yeah we don't care what your friend. Did you think she wanted you the whole time. Like through your friends. Are you still friends other nice anonymous. Thank you so much for your call appreciate it. I love that shower. Thanks you listen to the show back to sharon. I think our phones goodell. Hey sharon i much better so tell greg about your most lesbian experience. Yeah i was living in the bay area and I had been broken up for about a year and a half now And my girlfriends were like. Hey let's go to the work party. Alls i i was gonna why not you know. I'm single like super single anyway and we go to the party at a bar and there's not one boy there so i'm like all sad and my feelings and my roommate goes over to take you know a girl the girl i dare you. Ooh that's a good friend but you know what if i wanted to kiss the girl. I kissed a girl like it's not a big deal. Okay prove ms coffee. And so i was like okay. Let me go five hundred zero one place. That girls me a clubs and bars. Which is the bathroom. I'm just like you know as standing over there. And i this girl out and I was like oh my god. You're just so cute. Doing the girl talk thing. We do in bathrooms. And then i don't feel today at all. She's like no look at you and she's like my arms and like turning your mirrors like you are beautiful and i'll tell you and then later on i found her and this is the part where it gets kind of tricky because i ended up kissing that night. Oh wow double efforts. Did you think she was beautiful as well. Oh yeah she was like The blonde girl with glasses and like she had a ponytail up but she wasn't door -able like i thought she was so cute Before that this girl wasn't a full has seen me in the crowd. She thought that i was gay. Like you know getting that five for me so we just started making out all day. If this is going to happen. I'm gonna like all right. Yeah just back to back to the original bathroom girl when you said oh god i don't look cute and with that. A ploy to get hurt him. Compliment you and then make out well later. I found her. She was our boyfriends. And i ruin for raising go. They had said by two co coworkers. Already and i just kind of pulled his girl from her boyfriend. And i'm just trying to get out and their boyfriends over there the taking pictures of i. Oh my god yeah. He loved it as he later like. Katy perry song. Well that's great store for airing. Sharon had employed. Yeah your setup. I'll sarah doing a sexy. This is greg gorey's lesbian stories. Good morning sarah. Hey sarah hi so tell greg about your most lesbian experience so I was in my first year of college And i went to this party and it was They had like a free house hall. So obviously we had a lot to drink And i was there with some friends and everything and there was this girl who I kind of knew like she kinda familiar to me but we ended up like dancing with each other all night and like it was a like a really really fun time and then she kept complimenting the telling me i was beautiful and i was really drunk so We started making out at the party right in front of everybody goes. Oh yeah for everybody. How and they They told us that we had to leave because we were being inappropriate. 'cause you're like full on megan out. Oh yeah at the party. We were like we ended up on porch. Like in front of the house Out in a corner so so anyway the host common tells we have to leave so I get my friend to drive me to my a house And i go home her We both go to my house and we like and whatever loss over that hooked up in whatever. Beat it was just the two of you. You're out of the square party where they don't wanna watch chicks making out week party. Yeah yeah no. We were We went home and we hooked up. it was both of our. I like any kind of like experience with a girl. but That next morning. I found out that she was a member of my sorority. Hi okay so. This is the first time meeting her. Yes wow so then. You saw other a lot. I recognized her 'cause like she looks familiar to me. And we're like in the same major but like she. I didn't know who she was so she became your special sister Actually i found out that we had like stuff with another like the same i before all this eskimo sisters sharing so like When you guys hooked up that was like full on lesbian. Oh yes was it one and done or does you go to sorority funding. It wasn't a very pleasant experience for me. That's too bad yeah. It was She enjoyed it I heard she has come out as bisexual now. So hey good for her. Sarah thanks for calling story given up on it gets better. You guys made greg thank you. Everybody lives were good. Call some good ones. I liked that one in the bathroom. No you look great. I love i go to her house and she says let's take a shower. This welcome back crush shops some greg. Gory lesbian stories which is been been a long while. And now people are one of these more and more understandable. Don't you on the ten deal on the every four minutes or minute. Yeah all right. We've run out of less. I don't know why guys this is an awesome segment. And i'm a woman really is here's one. This is from taxes. Says you know this is something. I've thought about doing many many times but then after listening to this it makes me wanna do it even more encouraging one of your callers. See there's inspiration. Pull the trigger. Do come on make it happen. It's easy One camping with a few workers. Everyone wants to sleep except me and one of the girl sitting talking by the fire and she kissed me. We made out for a bit and she grabbed a blanket and pulled me down to the beach. And that's where i touched. My first cooter says we dated for two years after that. Wow yeah okay interesting about how you. To ninety percent women have lesbian. At least at least kissing another. Isn't that interesting but percents is probably like seven radio forward ready to refracted. We got another call. You want to take the call for sure. Everybody say hi to esmerelda all right so tell greg about your most lesbian experience. All right So i was actually. I don't party supporting a friend because it was her birthday And he didn't have lots of people there so she wanted me to invite some of my friends and i invited one of my close friends And that day she actually drank a lot to the point where she was like really close to me sitting down. How pretty i was and Feel like decide to lean in on my booze and like she's touching them and telling me like oh they're so big like i can't believe you're through key leaned in for a kid and after that kids he fell asleep on my new I didn't i didn't move her or anything left or left we being just because he's was my friend you know and And after that we kinda stop talking why because there was more making out plan falling asleep on the right. That was my lesbian moment. I was telling you there's a. There's a threat to these stories. You don't hear. Like oh. I hated it or oh was creepy. They were kissing Sometimes they talk to each other in the future. Maybe they didn't but they didn't there was no regret. Std's no right yeah. This is all good stuff. We love to make fun of people that. Make up a backstory for things that are complaining about. Yeah however i guess. I'm a hypocrite. Because i love it when greg like he comes up with a whole story around one little element of a story that a person calls in on these Lesbian stories the call. Yeah occasionally afterwards hanging out and he's got the continuation quarry planning. These definitely works. Well thank you as everybody else recalled in everybody who shared their stories even the people that called in who couldn't get on the air because their story was to filter one. Because i got to think about the story again. That's right got to relive it. You are answering the call of destiny. Show i welcome back. We are looking for caller ninety eight. This is day number one of our trip trip as your nervous or whatever while we just sit this one out maybe now for you. Everything can't be for everybody but if you are interested in taking a trip somewhere we you're looking for caller ninety eight eight seven seven forty four. Let's say hello to sarah in riverside. Hey good morning. Sarah morning sir. Hey great news. You are caller ninety eight to two so you have one now. You're not nervous to go anywhere right. Hell no i'm telling you i want to Vegas this past weekend. Just wifi and it was such a great trip. It was the change of scenery the change of pace that not only. My wife need a freshman at home with the kids since march thirteenth of last year. But it was so good just to you know. Get out of here. Go somewhere. Sit at a restaurant. Owners allies amazing. It was amazing. Now you can choose to go anywhere. In the contiguous forty eight states means anywhere in the lower forty eight and we're going to give airfare and two nights hotel where you think you want to go. I want to go to miami orlando. Florida are going to miami floor. And congratulations you. My friend are tripping who choice and thank you so much less than the woody show. Yeah i will remind you in case you forgot that we are number one in riverside. Sarah hang on one second. We'll get all of your information and that's how it's done every perfect launch warning this week. We are giving away a trip anywhere. You wanna go. You just tell us where you where you wanna be. You want to go see somebody. Maybe just want to get the hell out of town your choice. We're tripping would show on the radio the latest in entertainment and sports according to rayvey got over their ribs. So what are your favorite directors. You know he of the snyder this league or just coming to hbo. Max on thursday march eighteenth. I just read an article about it. Saying one of the producer says an insane amount of money and time has gone into finishing the they did a bunch of re-shoots as well did some reshoots but the cgi was the bigger problem. Like if you watch twenty seventeen justice basically mostly unfinished and they just threw it out there into theaters. but his next project is for net flicks. It is army of the dead and the first teaser is going to be out on thursday. It's an interesting concept. It's about a zombie break in las vegas where you have this group of mercenaries led by dave batista. They're trying to pull off this major heist in the middle of his ambi- outbreak in las vegas. So it'd be. The time is interesting. So that first teaser. Coming your way thursday. And it's going to drop on netflix. On may twenty first. We know for sure that cameron diaz is not going to be an army of the dead because she has been in a movie since anne in twenty fourteen She's been working on her organic wind business and she's been raising her one year old daughter. She said quote. Will i ever make a movie again. I'm not looking to but will i. I dunno never say never. But i couldn't imagine having to be on a movie. Set takes fourteen hours sixteen hours of the day away from my child so by the way. I'm a multi millionaire. Whatever because apparently the organic wind business is going very well. And you don't have to do it for fourteen and sixteen so we talked about. All the episodes of the classic muppet show landing on disney plus. We'll they're not all there. The long and short of it comes down to copyrighted music. Disney plus didn't get the writes all the songs performed so there are some episodes missing and some episodes that down. We've talked about difficulties with licensing for a lot of stuff. The wonder years didn't see dvd for years and years because of music The season one. Dvd of the show that disney put out in twenty or two thousand five missing a lot of musical numbers but although segments have been restored for disney plus. When i do have a piece of good news for the children they can't just run into the muppet show and start watching it because thank god. There is a content disclaimer on the front of the. Okay roy. y'all yeah one of those content disclaimers that said. Stereotypes were wrong then and they're wrong now. Let's put in front of off made us great question and it continues gray said that because the content disclaimer also says rather than remove this concept we want to acknowledge it's harmful impacts learn from it and spark conversation to create a more inclusive future together even interested in watching this show. That is a great question. I would say no i would say. There's no kids watching it. It's just for people who feel nostalgic for you know. I tried to get my niece nephew to watch fragile rock. They started with they've ever seen On tiktok it's a big thing that they're sharing videos from like the nineties and the early two thousands of people in like high school footage and and then Older people are like. Hey millennials are younger people. You would hate this period of time because we called the gay f word our word. You know so definitely not politically correct time. Why are you being on the stalinist. Saying that's awesome. Yeah same thing. Disney's doing here empire magazine did a joint interview with daniel radcliffe and elijah wood. Because they were the leads of two huge franchises in the early two thousand. You may have heard of harry potter and lord of the rings They frequently got mistaken for each other in that time line. Elijah said he was once in an elevator. Just him in another person and this other person was just like looking at him and he could feel it. So when the door opens He was getting off the elevator. Elisha was pointed at him and said harry potter. Yeah know anyone to weigh Daniel said though. We're both short pale. Blue eyed brown haired. I'd say we don't exactly look alike but daniel also talked about being mistaken for life. Pretty much is entire career. He also talked about being super embarrassed about his early performances. As harry potter many does that's not a new thing. All three of the leads talked about how painful it is. A little kid but radcliffe does make it very clear. He always has been. He's very grateful to the potter franchise and to have landed. That mark buzzfeed has this do list of actors who made the most of their limited time on a television series. Some of these. You're going to be familiar with like pedro. Pascal got on my radar because he played over. And martel game of thrones. He was only in seven episodes but he really left his mark there shannon purser. She was barb on stranger. Things for four episodes and people are still looking for justice for barak figure because pedro was in narcos. Pedro wasn't narcos. Didn't watch narcos. So he they said but he had like major role you know. Whole okay bubbles. List is their limited time on tv serious about one. But i do agree with the second one. Oh well okay. Let's keep a running tally for menace. It's one in one nathan lane as pepper. Saltzman on modern family was great episodes. Greg so good christina applegate. Is amy green on friends for only two two after cells. That's okay be for that one. That's menacing beef list kristen ritter. Who was jane on breaking bad for nine. Paul rudd who was bobby newport in parks and rec for six episodes andrew scott who was the hot priest in six episodes of fleabag. I was a bit of an uncomfortable. Power through the whole series. This short run twelve. Yeah all right. So that's on greg night. Lights kyle chandler was a guest star in grey's anatomy he was in this episode arc that started as opposed super bowl episode as a member of the bomb squad and bomb the patient. Yeah yes. I remember that too. I don't remember got blown up there. And then yeah i think so too. That's how i remember. And then prince played himself in one episode new girl which was also posted super bowl episode. I'm raving and that's what's on the radar right. Thank you very much rails type. Your birthday is thursday. Shows should serve shiver pay. That's just starting with the celebrities. Happy birthday to drew barrymore. Whose forty six. Day got rachel rach. Snl who's fifty five kyle mcclanahan from Twin peaks. that's housewives. Stop sixty two thomas. Jane is fifty two you jerry ryan from star trek. Voyager cameron nice with fifty three. Now fifty three. Getting julia waters walter. Sorry miss weasley in the harry potter movie again. It right seventy one. James bond whose forty seven and julius erving. Dr j. is seventy one years old today. The porno birthday today is penny flame in today's birthday girl. She's been violated. More than lindsey lowe hands probation reference hundred ninety one fine films rayvey including the horse out. She was in fresh sluts volume. One fresh here's for This alien love fantasy. That's his fantasy was fantastic with my wife. You don't choose in. Swallow the leader. Ooh and who could forget her unforgettable role in celebrity porn. Hab with dr screw that is penny flame. Who's thirty eight years old today. And not as you porn birthday your celebrity birthdays. That isn't monday morning. Look at what's on the radar. We've got some more willing show coming up for you next hanging more fun than gonorrhea a few times. I haven't had gonorrhea. It's monday morning. It's the woody. Show anton wrap up and get the hell out of here. Everybody a quickly tell you. Wake find entrees podcasts. If you open up the iheartradio app click search any type in the woody show. Today you will find the results from the redneck news story of the week. Okay we have for you on friday. Thank you very much for your votes on. That also checked it on the drunk. Dial voicemail with the messages that you left for us. They're always arabi told us what was on the radar in the world of entertainment sports and we had a new segment that we called out my whole right. See what that's all news. Headlines a brand new redneck news and more on today's podcast. If you open up the iheartradio app you click search. And you type in the woody. Show coming up for you tomorrow. We've got interview roulette and our good friend. Randy is in the interview and he's learning greg about wine. Oh great yep plus a round of the stars at a whole bunch more. That's tomorrow tuesday here on the woody show. That's all i got arabia anything else yup. It's marvel monday episode. Seven of one vision on nuruddin out. I know greg. You're very excited her. You can find it on the iheartradio app all right menacing bass anything else as it greg. Gory excitement for one. Division de contain it gives some parting words of wisdom as well every time a mullet reaches length and angel gets. Its jean jacket. Hell yeah melissa. I thank you very much. Greg gory. Woody researched high and low. Try to find a car that says thank you for listening to our show. I couldn't find one. They call marks. Really drop the ball in this one but Let me tell you from the bottom of our hearts. Thank you so much for giving the what he shows some of your valuable time this morning. We love and appreciate you for that. The rest of the guys could suck it and we'll catch back here tomorrow. management willing. Smd wm quit is rich.

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Truth and Transformation with Cristina and Mike AKA Ohrangutang

F**ks Given

44:38 min | 10 months ago

Truth and Transformation with Cristina and Mike AKA Ohrangutang

"You're listening to Fox given the one with the aroma time. Hello Curious fuckers. I'm Reid on dime Florence and together where come curious when we're not just fucking around on Youtube instagram. Every Thursday we invite new guest onto Fox. Givens talk about that best box. Were spot on the Fox that made them. We also answer your sex questions. Read out your sex stories so stay tuned. We divulge all the delicious details. One of those guys. We currently joined by Mike and Christina. Who LIKE THE DREAM TEAM POWER COUPLE? They're married and they worked together and they have a huge instagram following both individually. They've also that just about to launch this crazy new site as well which is all happening guys. How you doing are good. We are home like everyone else and having a great time. Thank you for inviting on some of the moment during this avars tuition. We're having a great time working allowed. So we're we're just very busy is that we've been able to connect with you even though you're not based in the UK. Where are you trying to us from today? We are in Miami right now. We're I think we're very jealous. Currently looking at a stormy rainy. We've just had dumped on ruining enlightening degrees here. It's sunny and knows though so we can go but you know guys. I mean from your own words. Please tell our curious. Focus a little bit about yourself. Will you raise my name so cool? I'm a photographer. I've been a shoot in women for around years and he's actually started doing photography that was always on curiosity of mine always had the need to be surrounded by women's. I created I created this ecosystem where it was. Kinda like an excuse. The work that I do. I'm not actually the biggest benefits by by women. I think we will feel like we will love being surrounded by women. Yeah I often when I say this that I have the need to be surrounded by women. Old men like DA everybody. Yeah I always try to go back to my childhood. I was raised without a mom so I had. I put us into the knee. I really see women in a different way. Also see them very sexually as a regular animal that I am the honesty. I'm very honest But I definitely need. We went around me all the time. I'm the type of guy that cannot be surrounded by Alpha male off of friends. Ally is very. They're going to have if I'm going to have like an Alpha friend around there has to be more than men It's Kinda like I need their energy. I feel more comfortable surroundings. being surrounded by women than actual men so naturally we created this ecosystem of Making Women feel beautiful through my work. I learned how to Taga fee how to create content. I Love Cinematography Soul. You know everything blended together and created this product. Renton next to my amazing wife who supports my my main force. Yeah you empower women with your work like yes. It's it's very beautiful. It's very sexual but it's also very good ass. Every woman that you shoe is like. It's almost like up on this pedestal. Vi- almost untouchable. It's it's really beautiful stuff angry. Rats actually the goal. Our we started these projects of all six years and in the beginning was definitely to shoot and to to do whatever we want to be. We were tired of shooting what people wanted us to shoot and wanted to shoot whatever we wanted to shoot the Prodi grew really rapidly or and organically and realize the effects of the shoot whether shoot had on the girls about leasing office and what we wanted to do but the way they failed after the shoot. They feel empowered. Feel beautiful they they. We can receiving these messages off. I feel amazing after shoot WANNA by the way you made me feel I feel confidence and you know I I to these after the shoot I don my friend or I wouldn't. They were kind of defensive doing that. We kind of a push. Yes so now. The product is more towards that actually empower women and even the the time. They need to feel amazing. It's crazy how much like choke vecon like build people's confidence just seeing yourself like in that kind of powerful position like in this piece of odds It's yes really amazing feeding when you see a photo of yourself you really like and like that. You're really empowered by yeah okay. Let's get into the juicy parts of the pod clouds number one. The last I don't know when was the last one. We have a lot of sex. We are very sexual. People aren't when we played in We used to ourselves the uncomfortable Kabul. We started dating and we went to the beach and there kids around families and we were all right on top of each other like almost having sex. Now we're old now. We're all still people that like. They're always getting off and it's like come on guys get rid go to be all swear be more more decent working more than forty when we're having sex now we are in a lot more so me me specifically as a man. I've been trying to learn how to be. No I WANNA be like the best lover. Yeah one of my obsession have being the best motto. Well no I think I'd be mad about Ni- trying to be the best love that's should be. I think everybody's dream. Everybody's go is running Wisconsin Surprised and an interested in new things and how I can be the best but also like keeping it interesting specially when you live together work together go to bathroom together nyc especially now that we're employing together more than ever all my grandfa mental keep interest and fun. It's it's a challenge but it's a fun challenge. We've been married for ten years or around ten years and amazing to start having sex. Were very conscious of it. So Whenever we to have sex we were like okay. We should not. We don't plan it. Will we looked at? We should have sex tonight. A like a deep or newsday spontaneous is exactly the same in an opposition at the beginning isolation. It was like. Oh Wow we can have sex. And then it's like oh actually now you'll suffocate me and smothering me and how do we find time to separate and like actually? I WANNA go to bed earlier and masturbate and have my alone time but now I don. I'm not horny when you're horny. There's a lot of weird up and down emotions going on Especially when you together Yonder so yeah like what you say you're together so much doesn't give us time to meet each other. No I WANNA Miss You. WanNa be able to want to be with you or together all the time so we have found A. I mean we already did it before he was were used to working together but now is warned that finding moments where everyone is apart kissing his office for part of the day. I'm outside myself. So that when they were not Ottawa Lego. Okay for next two hours. Just don't tax me. I'm not in the house. We are alone in. That gives us a little bit of things to talk about because after that we get together we can talk about whatever he saw on the news or whatever. I talked to someone in that way. We can kind of keep it interesting. Yeah I how do you manage? You know you guys being so close together because you work together you live together the how. How do you guys keep that balance? We we embrace our we embrace the truth a lot also being very honest and understanding each other. If I need my time I need to be able to tell him like. Oh Gani to miss you so just stay away for a couple of hours and not being afraid that he's GonNa feel a left out or heard because I want to be with him. Like being being comfortable with the truth on both sides person says that was not received both feeling comfortable with the fact to the other side also upset Technically we're both people that like to be alone alert even we we are together. We have words. Import back to the first book needed. You remember in the car. I said I just wasn't in my view. No because we didn't have sex in Venezuela is very common for US teenagers to learn to him. We were not in eight years when we met. We're like twenty six. I'm twenty four. I'm still very common that you go to hotel. I yeah because people leave with their parents until they married so we have this in the U. K. Who why did no one tell us this? That's such a great idea you money Arabia our you can all. You can a minimum three hours and you. It's like we'll tell you. Go with your car like can be like the. Mcdonald's you go your with your car through the window you pay your your room and then you go to the room and you close the garage. Nobody sees your car. Almost all cars drive itself. Because everybody's like hiding underneath you. I'm GonNa tell you I'll very weird fact. If they see that you have more. Don't people in the car they charge you extra money. Why would I don't know I? I know this because we used to use these little motels to shoot two. So we would take like the girls to shoot in there in these in these hotels and we'd have to hide. All all of us would ride into bag makeup. We had an assistant Mike on the model in all hiding the box. More December for being four or five people in the REU group. First Time I have to say I don't WanNa say lucky but I did have. I waited until I was seventeen. I was seventeen and it was with my boyfriend like someone that I loved you for three months before he was older than me experienced. I'm going to talk about the talking about it. Might chiming in the background air. I mean I remember the first time we couldn't finish or even start was paying more and uncomfortable and I guess I was ashamed on an everything but at the end of it like he made me feel amazing and he'd been made me feel like he was offered me obviously wasn't used first time so I knew he was. I guess he was expecting something that couldn't give him that day and he didn't make me feel uncomfortable at all. I have a good memory of my. I WANNA say to first time because the first time we couldn't do anything so it was two-part first time yeah I think that's quite common actually have like a kind of a time where you try and it doesn't work out and then the next time it was because that's what happened to me as well. Yeah Yeah I think. He's super normal. I thought who both so nervous that it's built up like you must lose your virginity and women. Naturally we clench shot. We close out dry often. And all men you know they might be like are the issues that they can't get hauled or may be premature ejaculation. There is just so much can go wrong during your first time but also it's like it's not true and it's normal and it should be something that like. Oh that's funny. My Body isn't going along with what my brain one have have off about it but like the virginity is such a psycho Mike. All Virginity is everything. Especially when you're that age that Horny and everything is like Masih's might lose A. I'm like I'm not not cool anymore. I have one of the things that he'd bid to make me feel really comfortable and I wish I could give this advice if someone but I don't know anyone in that h some just want to say here. When made me feel comfortable? He got naked. I wouldn't feel that I was alone. There he got me then then he addressed me. Yeah lowly dot. It imagine that being reading is such as reading is really is A. It's all could getting naked in front of someone time. Oh Yeah especially when you when you're young and you'll female a male as well but you're constantly thinking about your body and like what you look like and compare yourself and especially in this day and age old I would. I would have to say maybe consensually make sure not like you definitely WanNa have sex much. Yeah I'm ready I'm done the faulk will the fuck you all. Yeah definitely obviously asked mcteer. Both of you guys are on the same page yet. Yeah Mike by Dude Are No I'm a Guy I like to of course to two different experiences like the first time the first time was when I was like five years old and I was sexually abused. Yeah it's terrible. I thought I don't remember remember details. I don't remember what I remember being traumatic either. Because they didn't know what it was it was like a crazy thing and then I had a gap because the habit from I was like from five years old so I was like eight. I was abusing the that age and then and then no one. I was a teenager like the I was I failed. I was regular regular guy. Of course now. I know that I'm a fucking Weirdo. Nine now you later on those thankful that everything. The hasn't happened to me as having because you know. I feel very experienced a lot of things in the way I see library. Now don't have anger anymore so I'm so And when I was like at around seventeen sixteen to I was trying so hard to have sex in remember being like the girl was like parents and I was like Oh man. We'll say the same thing like it's just just a cheap please. I need to permit someone because at that age you touch yourself smile and you come. Repent was like anger was angered at going to come inside like in the movies and working luck poor and where it's all magical like she loses her virginity for the first time and it's like all goes perfectly no pain and she's loving it and Rahaman right now to have sex proper right now. It's it's just crazy like Osman. We have the we go through through our feelings. I remember recently. We went to Jamaica to women to a chemistry class. It was a missiles a class and they talked about Changed my life. They talked about us. Men All all we WANNA do is come right. We're known we're starting to have sex mentality to come and that because that's actually what happens. That's why sometimes we want to have sex with I. See a booty as Christina's moody and then as like Okay. I just want to be inside and come and that sometimes can three cousins harder for us to come but whenever we start to actually appreciate it have a little bit of four because for man sees we we just WanNa be inside four played with we try to skip horribly. But it's all animal instinct if you you get in a conscious state and you actually try to enjoy the whole process. You go through the foreplay us as a lot of girls say they like the men like it too would. Yeah we just dreams by this impulse so hard that we can stop but if you start doing Roy do you have the best sex. And he saw that Nabi by like the same for work is all about the experience common. He's about feelings. I feel like I don't know in my life like recently. I felt like the the more people are. I've had experiences with the more I'm seeing people are more full play focused and that's been meeting. I wonder whether that's to do with being in my late twenties now instead of being younger. Yeah which is being more knowledgeable and unlike we're getting better sex education. There's more material to learn from. I think it's really interesting. What you say about men because as much as like you know we talk about all women need to come to. I think it's now shifted in that. Like yes we know that women need to come to but also we forget about men's pleasure and that. Amman isn't just that to give us an orgasm anti themselves. It's you know insects that it's all about the male ejaculate that's all we learned about is like you know that's what's going to happen during sex and you need to be careful of that because that's what's going to get you fucking pregnant you know it's asking like we'll a guy actually one and enjoys what turns him on. Do you like your body touched head. You'd like the do you let your booze with do you. Let your nipples played with or even. Yeah as we still have this fucking taboo about like women. It's really cool to have sex toys but if a man has a sex toy that's like oh with like why do you have a sex rates so wrong so backwards? It's so unequal. And hopefully that's changing. We need to ask more men like what turns them on like. Do you want me to lick. You'll feel like do you want me to suck on your booze as much as you want to be yourself. Maybe maybe die but truth is everybody has their standards. And if you're honest about you'll get up you know good sex life. Sure I am fuck three best. Faulk man do do you know. Have this real estate Mike. I'M GONNA lie amazing six and we have four star friends and we know people on the street do have better poor than form. One hundred percent your sex porn. Yeah Yeah 'cause I'm actually have insisted just like me and they don't even do these not gonNA receive specific because this delicate and I don't know the best sex I mean always hard to explain because it releases as like what is it about the sex together. That makes it so amazing. Every time you do when you when you managed to involve all your your census sex is not only only about a feeling and thought is also about the right lighting and the right smells and the and the experience and the day that you can have the you. WanNa have the sex but you have sheedy day like I've seen when when everything comes together at all I can remember he exacts Specific it has to die. It's that there's like a lot of things happening around us. That makes it perfect the day the temperature their music really helps a move taken that day. That is legal or not. You know like all of homes that could create sensation. I think it's going to create. I have to you have to be an animal. Those though having sex is such an emotional thing that you have to let go and you have to be a full animal when we were human. We're start thinking. All she does is like in this. You become conscious yeah going. You're dude when we're having sex with animals except would not like that nobody's Doesn't Animal Settles Animal? Sounds we are emotional literature. You weren't WanNa make animalistic so you don't want to be like. Oh my God yeah. That's still so lucid. About American sex not going to be specific. But I'm going to do something about American. Thanks Long American Point. Four for some reason porn influence that that sex has to be narrated. Shut the fuck up screen that People are like Yeah Okay Yeah Nipple Nipple. Oh yeah would ya bhubaneshwar rent shut up Donna raid? What's happening you will recommend or American porn is noise noises? When you don't even know what's coming out your mouth and you just like let you do shit like that is good sex good. I guess it's kind of like a mixture though because also having good sex is about communicating and like being able to say what you want in that moment and like both good sex does incorporate row and of pre hall to communicate during sex. And I think I'm more on your wavelength of just like wanting to talk and be dirty and IB animalistic but of tested. Recent neighbor like a partner a couple of months ago. That like wanted me tonight. Say boy wanted like during the whole experience it was. It was ready hard and it took me out of my pleasure time because I was thinking. Oh Shit like am I get like? Am I going to sound really stupid saying this and like I really go in my head about and I so I guess it was good in a way to push the boundary and really like communicate what I wanted during sex but at the same time it was very difficult and it did take away from it in a lot of ways as well while? That's something you practice. I guess I mean the first time you do. Anything IS GONNA be awkward uncomfortable but if you yeah we thought partner and that's something. He lied so she. I don't know if it's yeah that's something you're gonna out slowly get more comfortable with and you're can too. I mean do it without feeling uncomfortable. Yeah yeah because he changed with partners as well as like it depends who what they like as well. Yeah Toca I talk all the way through sex and it can be annoying people. But that's why I think I landed Thomas and he stuck with me exceeded minded when other people are buck number. Four few worse times I think every every time you push and you force at sometimes we've bring super-busy and we haven't had sex for like a week or even more. I mean we've into for ten years so we don't have sex all the time every time we have periods of time where we have sex a lot and then we have fears was time where we have less sex so it depends on where we are and sometimes you've been we we've been not having sex for a long time. We're like okay. We have to. We HAVE TO HAVE SEX. Let's do it tonight with let's restart and shady because it's like a homework. We always. We always review it after sex. We're always like sex now. Right wasn't the best. Now they know fatter always review which you have like a yell. A like a review session like off to every Actually this is something that I was discussing with a friend malls yet. You should have a debrief. Yes ronin. Who are all you have sex because like this so many things and sometimes you might want to mention it in the moment bar. You mentioned afterwards so that it doesn't happen again or it happens more like you can say what you really liked. Or maybe what you want to try and X. Time like a debrief is so important impatient education. I support it. Yes it doesn't have to be taking notes and conversation. Just be a sentence like. Oh fuck like yeah. I think I came with my G. Spoke by didn't come literally all I also that time but maybe like next time you know it can just be like a simple sentence where input having an open. Dialogue is so important to be able to learn and to grow with your sex life. Because if you don't have that it becomes awkward and then you start talking about it and then other things might become awkward and hawks to about. Because you don't have that openness just from the very beginning you can work your way into it if you haven't had that before and it it does depend on your partner. Some people don't like it. Some people feel uncomfortable and they freeze up and they don't want to talk about it. Then yeah it's going to help help them and takes like correct? It's okay I I don't really feel super at one. Hundred Percent Carpool after six talking. About and like he's he's like he's asking me things and I'm like I don't know but I I to to actually talk about it because it helps definitely helps because we want to make it better and more funds so yeah in the beginning. Maybe you don't feel really comfortable about it but if you push a little bit your partner and you're really asking you confront place of honesty and and wanting to be better. I think you are going to encourage the opponent to open up and say whether they think Unisex the principal. That's why she's comfortable with because like most people we don't like to be challenged. I'm addicted to challenge in People so my reality and thing that's been the key to our relationship forcing stronger stations older because this is very important to me that we are very honest in all in all levels so yeah like if. I didn't have good maybe wasn't good to tell Italian because I need to get better. How can I get better? Get the feedback in any. You know. That's amazing like having the attitude as well because a lot of people in relationships Feel like they need to change anything and I was like. Oh okay. That was that they don't feel the need to be like. I WANNA learn more about you and your buddies so that I can give you the amazing pleasure. Sex Camby is for long term relationships. Like even if you don't have sex often it can be great you. Can you both know that you have amazing sex? But sometimes you can fit into this like fulmer of like always doing the same thing to each of the because you know that's what pleasures each other and then that's when things can start getting a little bit tiresome and you want that spontaneity is by capillary like not being like we haven't been told the words in the ways to talk about it so the time like like we all sitting there like okay. This is how I felt but I don't even know how to verbalize it. In a way that like is is comprehendible. That isn't going to upset you or offend you allow. I don't even know how to process it right now as that's why communicating in just learning vocabularies and. Yeah figuring out together as best thing you can. I think as well like not being a not allowing yourself to get hurt like that as well. And that's Stephanie. Suddenly you have to learn and it's not easy at first to hear things that might be negative about what you've done but it's a learning curve and learnings always a positive thing. It is super important to understand that it's normal that not session is going to be a good one and it's not always your partner's fault or responsibility to make you come. You have to so knowing that. Hey you did everything you could. But I'm you know I'm nervous about these that or I couldn't get my my mining to it. It's also and to know that it's it's a two way street like both of you have to be into it to make it as an amazing session For things around it brady good invoice to be fought number five. The fuck that made me so crazy that vile to your privacy clement pain because I I think the reason why I'm so Into sex into a stop is because I was abused. When I was a child I grew up around sex so much that I see. Only girls get naked here with no problem because I'm not seeing them. I'm used to seeing naked women all the time. This is my reality and he comes from my hurdles from my from me suffering suffering but having those into all that this when I was a kid is a victim but I do think I grew up so sexually that I found an amazing partner. I super sexual too early received so fucking sexual. She doesn't like to say it or she's the helping me actually. She's the one is helping me. Open my Mina La and I'm willing to to open. No so that's why we clicked so much because stay is saying that meeting each other was the fuck that changed your life. Yes yes oh my yeah one hundred one to one perfect thing that actually made everything change he has more of a journey has been more journey between the both of us and I thinking it has to be a around the time when we started changing our our lifestyle and we started becoming more healthy in like in our minds and our bodies any definitely changed the way we have sex now. I Mike All you wanted to thank you for being so honest about the you know the the abuse that you're talking about when you were younger and it's I think it happens quite a lot for a lot of people not just women but men as well I I have a friend who had the exact same thing happened to him at the age of eight and when we spoke about it and we were like. Oh No. That's actually abuse. He was like no. It's not like y you while you tainting about like a memory that for me was good in yes like maybe the Law Caesar as being bad and something. That shouldn't have happened. I enjoyed it and I had a good time. And then it's also you know he felt really shitty by the situation. Because you know we we will miss like changed his opinion on whereas oh well that shouldn't have happened to me and yes. There needs to be an awareness. That shouldn't have happened that all lows down for reason but it doesn't have that like like what you said you don't have to be a victim. You can have that as like yet. That was something that someone else fucked up. But it doesn't have to change me and my pleasure do I actually am. If that hadn't of happens maybe might be the sexual deviant that you ought today. It might not have define to you all but it was something that happened in the needs to be acknowledged but thank you for being honest about that because it's hard hard to do hard for me so easy because he's just my mentality moments Not to drown. I don't I don't see myself as a big tomorrow night to. I like to say this. Because he's very common happens a lot so a lot of people anybody say. How can I help? Influence other people to come forward and see it as a is such a taboo that parents don't talk to their kids and that's why it's happening and they'll make it up several we start talking about the subject and you can be more conscious and it wouldn't happen As much as you know we we more cautious with. Take care of kids Parents have such a hard time talking to kids about sex. Ireland was terrible about it. He's my hero but he was terrible talking about sex with me. Most parents really shit adds to houses. How would worse sex education? It's gone down the line in any doesn't shouldn't have to just be the parents. The parents do have a responsibility to teach their kids. But also we've got school there as well and we've got our friends and we. We should have thought open communication for like parents reading me to do their own research. if I don't feel comfortable talking about how house talk about it then learn how to do it. Yeah an afraid of talking about sex children. My if that's the case something's up there that you gotta be like Yes. Sex happens on an and it's going to be age appropriate education. You know when the three or four talking about and concen but then when they get older talking about like the differences with age as that comes in when it comes to the legal age of sex then stop talking about sex when that talking about more advance things like anal sex. Oh Nipple play that. It doesn't have to be all like you know. Let's see this is when you learn about sex at his penetration I'm pregnancy and STI is not as oh remember from sex ads. I think what's Nice about having cut foams like these and like people talking about sex on social media and pull costs and youtube channels like that takes away the pressure from the parents having to have those Oklahoma conversations. Because sometimes I think is better to learn from other people that you don't feel awkward about Chang to listening to because you don't like it is is always going to be an awkward conversation with your parent but like it's good for them to just be able to acknowledge it and maybe point you in the right direction. Say Oh why don't you listen to this? Poking gentle yeah. They don't have to teaching you but at least they want giving you the tools so you can learn. Yeah Yeah exactly. I think fuck site this week. Sex QUESTION IS I'm sixteen single and I don't see any potential boyfriends coming my way I love your focus on. I'm fascinated by all of your content. I'm very curious and heavy masturbating daily fears. I have cheap Philip Bullet vibrator and a desire to explore that further. I'm worried that having a collection of various sex toys is wrong and or weird at my age. My friends are nowhere near as sex positive as me and thinking that one toys wild. I can't help but feel like a widow as no one ever talks. Positively about single goes especially teenagers having a sex life. One of the things that I've learned recently that you don't WanNa feeding you WanNa feed out so Different From your friends is your strength. So don't see it as a bad thing you don't want to be like everyone else. There's a internationales and you can look around. You can read you can Like look for information but being different is an amazing things. And you're also be the one that each responsibly. Your friends about all of these things that you're learning that they don't they don't know how. Megan Weird Weird and also yeah. I went through to her natural needs in the proper H. She's in the standard society. Where all her or hormonal balance are perfect. Well she's doing normal dude to sixteen. It's normal brain there. Yeah eighteen old enough to buy one online at what we would never dream. If I had a sixty I was just using my hands like all the time like I was so sexual at that age as well like cramming before please I just come one more time and you're like me helps in it makes everything easier and you're over flooring and you're gonna be able to know your body better and being able to you know teach your partner what you like and having voice is a great tool to explore your body we actually just lounge a like a couple of months ago. We launch our sex toy line. It's called or the temporal lobe. Oh yard super sex toy publicity all there. Yeah Amazing I think. Think just like fly your freak flag and to be honest. It's no even weird like we. We are all in the same place. We've all had the same experience. You up you just you. Paul of the Curious Club and Bruce Sexual beings and it's cool to have sex toys it it really is but it was like for those other girls like who maybe don't like feel. Those feelings aren't as Horny. That don't have sex to don't want insect stories. That's okay too because we all go through different stages of Libido we will have different levels like some people's really fucking high and some people suggest not So you do and don't other people persuade you otherwise will make you feel bad especially for lying just youth for being yourself A. You'll appreciate that when you're older and be like yeah. I'm fucking Hundi. All the time like so who died. People were loving fucking. How this week's story is myself and my partner isolating in separate houses as it was quite early into our relationship and found like gaming together on the playstation was a great way to stay connected. This my I was GONNA say marijuana. This why we started sex gaming WAT- joking okay. Every time one of US would score a goal a rookie lead the league. The other would send a nude or every time he got a Kale. I would tell my vibrator up more and more until I reach orgasm while he listened on the headset and tried to concentrate only lane super fun. Playful way to be sexy with each other without any pressure being watched love the podcast and her everyone saying sexy a version of sex. I said yeah just as worn. I love it. Yeah I mean I've been gaming with the WIKI chatting about that show. Black Mirror at the two friends ended up getting together and like having sex in this virtual reality and thinking how amazing that would be right now. He's so good but I mean that's like taking technology to the next level you know they've really taken a shitty situation of isolation whether or not together and basically figured out a solution that they can both enjoy so fucking props T D. Do you guys like if you ever have time apart. Do you have any suggestions? Would you We actually were long distance for a year. When we started dating raw won't later I moved to Spain and moved to a Miami so we were like a par for a year so we we had our of a lot of internet sex in the beginning of the relationship. These stories. You've told it was. It was very new to also it was only way for us to say intimate after Starting dating yes. She back then. It was like dialup right. Like was low and you freeze in position and it was not not say. Fuck. I'm not gonNA come to raise. The weight doesn't work all the time for unfortunate. It's time for us to fuck. You guys have been amazing and so open with us and thank you so much for sharing absolutely because it's it's important hearing from all different sides and you guys have been married for a long time so you've given us some real gems of good information. Saint Ray good advice. Radio inviting was yeah. You're beautiful by the way seen to London soon. Hopefully yeah I hope we can all travel saying so please guys. Hella carriers fuck is where they can find you our socials for sure. Orang-utang in casino pillow on instagram face will youtube like all the social sphere and stay tuned for the New Platform. Oregon DOT COM Orangutan Izzo H Wrangler Tan with the GED N. DOT COM. Please go before the project. Because that's going to be everything Ron Johnson. Bigalow we wait. We written an article for Azure. Thank you so is safe and keep fucking and Sunless thank you so much. Everyone needs remember to give us a rating review and subscribe to applaud calls and share it. That's the best thing you can do. Spread it around like ready to go. I was like yeah. We don't need to talk anymore. They've had enough of us. Please describe send this Basically what Florence said Check out our youtube channel and follow us on Instagram. And we will see you next week for another episode of Thanksgiving Baby.

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High Class Problems!

Make Speidi Famous Again

00:00 sec | 2 years ago

High Class Problems!

"Thank you for listening to this podcast one production. Napa know this month get a five core jug of Napa full synthetic motor oil. Plus, a Napa platinum oil filter for twenty one ninety eight that's a pretty unbelievable deal. But trust us. It's totally real. But only for a limited time, so get Napa full synthetic and Napa platinum oil filter for twenty one ninety eight today quality parts, helpful people. That's Napa know how no how general states pricing sales presses to not include applicable state, local taxes and recycling fees. Offer ends four thirty nineteen Thursday, April fourth on the CW. Don't miss the premiere of the highly anticipated new series in the door in the dark is from executive producer, Ben Stiller, and the director of the big sick. This is a story of Murphy Mason assert onic sexually permits. Use hard-drinking young blind woman for Murphy. The big problem with being blind is that you can own. Only judge people by their personalities or if he has two friends just her devoted roommate and Tyson a drug dealing teenager. When she's not at work barely holding down the job. She hates Murphy can be found drinking at her favorite bar and bringing men home from it Murphy's drunken hot mess of a life is about to take a term for the worst. When tyson. Suddenly turns up when the police can't seem to be bothered with investigating Murphy vows to figure out what happened to her friend. She begins heading down Dr decaf asking questions that may get her into serious trouble. Equal parts hilarious heartfelt and suspenseful from the perspective of someone who's totally in the dark in dark premiers. Thursday, April fourth only on the CW. Okay. Welcome to episode make Spidey famous again, we were gonna come in the studio today, but we have a lot going on. So we are podcasting from home garner is a sleep Spencer's drinking Espresso. Yup. Yup. Do not throw the Mike envy. After that. You get out of here. Yeah. I just got some of those fun phone calls. All exciting. I don't know. I hate he's not excited. It's great just going to be film in the hills more into the summer. Just a couple more months of filming is what I dreamed up probably ruins my Colorado summer plans, and all I'm so sad. Because we go to Colorado the same time every year in June the doing this for years because the whole all Colorado is booked out July, August every house I wanna run every anything I wanna rent. So I always go into beginning June. It's like the perfect time. It's right before it gets crazy right before the summer hits. And now it looks like we're going to be having a press tour around that and other things so all my Colorado plans are coming to a crumbling halt. Which I am very sad about. So I don't know. I don't even know when we're going to be able to go or what I'm gonna do here. Very frustrated. We go. Is it an now it's like we can go because little now is completely booked out. Basically except two days we run a house there. Oh, all right. Yeah. Airbnb. Okay. But let's say we're going to rent a house in Aspen. And then there's only one week we can rent a house in crestview. This is they're very high classrooms over here. I know going home it's important to go home and see my family. Sounds like right. Well, no, it's not as bad of occasion. Well, I mean, I want somewhere to stay anywhere to stay to go. See my family 'cause it's hard being so far away from them. And I like to go to Colorado because then I to see my mom, my dad, my other dad, my step mom, my family, my everybody. So every one in my family lives there, and I like to make that time and be able to go there and take Gunnar there and have memories for his books anyways to big deal to me. And I look forward to it every few months, but this is why we're going to get really rich and buy a house one day the jet a jet, but I would love sue Christie, and then I never have to worry about booking anything. It could even be a tiny cottage. It could be a container thing on a piece of land. I'd be thrilled with that. We'll container actually very expensive architectural digest. Okay. Just the Ted Ivy heavy with the anyways. So yes, we have that going on. I did a Pratt. Daddy photo shoot yesterday. Is the most excited I think I've ever seen you after a photo shoot. Maybe it was the wine. I don't know. He's an extra excited about it. Yeah. I was really excited because we've been wanting to do Prodi voters shoot. And I had my hair make booked for a different shoot or something. And then it got cancelled. I was like, well, I already have hair and makeup booked. So I'm gonna do it. I styled it myself at my own outfits, and then I had Morgan our friend and photographer shoot it in the back light was gorgeous with the mountains in the background. And then the crystals looked really good. And anyways, I was really excited about it. While we're very excited to have such an elite level influence, or you know, showcasing the brand which were currently having our best two days in maybe ever is no sales either. You know, it's pretty pretty incredible which is a miracle. And why no we're going to have a jet. Thank god. Because I already. See all the crystals painted on the lanes, and I just see the whole vision. So yeah, the the mission continues. I no longer think about being famous as a number one priority. I think about being the biggest crystal dealer in the world, which has been such a fun energetic shift because trying to be famous is so emotionally draining and it's actually impossible. There's just too many famous people and way more entertaining, people way, more talented people. So I like to channel my gifts, which I feel like is selling amazing products like crystals. So I'm very excited for this new life. So yeah. And thankful that we get to fill more the hills for a couple of war buds, and yeah. But I'm not gonna lose sight in that. My number one mission is having a successful crystal business in that being famous. I never thought I'd say secondary secondary business. We should rename it. Crystal clear with. Is that taking and please nobody take that. It's listening 'cause you move faster than us. Speaking of moving fast. What is taking the product trademark so long 'cause we can't open are Amazon superstore with all the crystals in the world until we're a trademark of fischel brand to be recognized by Mr. Jeff Bezos. So come on anybody works over that the trademark cook is up. Let's get this through. Yeah. And you know, what else is dealing with this morning and team about let's give a shout-out to fit on is my head on this morning and paired it with my apple watch. So you pair it with your watch. Which is great. It's awesome, it workout at that helps you chief your health and fitness goals, and we love fit on because as customize workout plan based on your personal preferences. So you can do all sorts of different classes and different things this morning. I did core bear it was recommended. So it was twenty minutes of intense. City and you can do it anywhere. And that was what was really fun. I could do it in my bathroom. I could do it in my living room, and I was kind of walking. And I love the instructor. She was really encouraging, and then there's trending ones, which I also love and you can go through those and then there's like the hot body challenge, which I'm coming for Devlin going to do that. And they have different categories like strings cardio Danson bear, thus when I clicked into yoga prenatal postnatal. So that's really fun. You can browse and then you can do with friends and build your own profile. So I had a lot of fun to be not today and the fit on up is definitely what I recommend. You. Just download it and use promo code Spidey to get a free seven-day trial and eighty percent off subscription that's amazing gain access to a wide variety persons workouts, and they're less than four dollars a month. I mean trainers are so expensive gyms are so expensive. This is the way to go, and they've world-class liberty trainers and the entire community people, you take classes with so you can even. Invite your friends to work out a Spencer. We're both going to do our fit on apple later, and you can download the app for iphones, ipads, or androids and use promo code Spidey. Tune in next week because we are going to be live in studio and Steve is going to go on podcast one. I g live in show us to some of these awesome exercises from the fit on app. So don't miss that livestream action. Maybe we'll even get our mazing producers, Steve to deal workout 'cause the whole also big is avid Fred's -joyed it say so anyways that was fun for me this morning some trying to get my body back then working out more than I have an longtime which feels really good. But my back is still really bothering me. And for all of you who care about the sleep turn it on and off. So alleys gunner is at least gunner is sleeping, four hours straight. Most of the time a few times he sleeps six so for us. That's huge progress. But I am. So I'm getting like two hours. And then I don't know I got stung by a bee the other day, I stepped on the beach. There was no be. I'd just also, and I was in the wave and other guttering, Abby. And I'm like something sunlight for I can't walk away. We need to leave the beach right now, and I'd like limped back to the car, and then I see a stinger sticking out of my foot, and I pulled it out. And then I didn't get all of the singer out the next day. My foot is all swollen up even more. I had to poke a hole in it and get the rest of them amount. Yeah, anyways. So I've been waking up all the time. And. Yeah. That's been really intense for me. But I'm hoping I'll sleep sooner than later in a can't believe garner is a year and a half still trying to figure out what is good timing for this next baby. So regardless haunting ideas, let me know were continuing to film this upcoming week watts of hills drama, it's so challenging because you wanna be able to be honest with people like they're real conversations. I'd like to have people and be like, what is your deal? Why do you think you can treat me this way? And then at the same time, it's like it's not going to help anything. And this person's just gonna go crazy. But I wanna be able to be honest and truthful and be like you, obviously don't like me. I don't understand. Anyways. So frustrated so one sided problem and someone like continues to want a problem with you. And you don't have a problem with them. And then you can't even reason with them and have a conversation with them is just as frustrating. Then you're like, well, it is on the show. So you put it on the show or like do contact NBA be what is going. You know, it's just it's really challenging to navigate through certain things. Also seems like all our co stars have podcast now winning port has podcast. Yeah. Even more in Conrado has a podcast now. I think she's listening to our podcast. I was like, whoa. That is such a good idea. I'm going to have a podcast like Spidey. Those Lauren dogging windy. I'm sure, you know, already YouTube incredible episodes of sure she's all about, you know, making content. So I don't think we inspire windy, but other people are, you know, definitely inspired speaking of Whitney, we just. Confirmed Whitney as a guest on our podcast. Trades eases high eighties says, so we're gonna go on her new awesome podcast and she's gonna come on ours. And we are going to get down to a lot of scoop. So she should be a little nervous actually 'cause she's new to podcasting. But which alertness everything goes down on the podcast. That's there's no edit here girl, pretty Sam before you. Not learn we'll be on cameo men Flecha cameo. Good. I decided to deny fifty dollars because I think some people just have no idea what the hills is. And just trying to like make cameos using hill stuff to be funny. But there were like keeping you say that after you broke up with your excellent film love, and I was like you can't even pay me fifty dollars to pretend that thousand MAC side decline, a fifty dollars. It was very hard because I love money. I love spending it so much. And I just said no, I screen shot at it. Just sounds unbelievable. But I need evidence. Can you imagine? If you loved saving money as much as you love spending money, I decided this conversation with Morgan agrees last night. And they're like you magin if you didn't spend money for a year. And I was like what would I do that year? I Hugh we crazy. So any money is why you work hard to make money. It's so fun. Good. I felt getting my new frigging a Mike Amiri combat boots from Brian straight. I put them on at. A red light in the car that type of energy and that excitement keeps me wanting to become the biggest crystal dealer in the world. I was just making money and saving it to like read a book or something. I I wouldn't be trying to make more money, Honey. But I want is already in new tide. I Mike and Mary hoodie. I want they just posted. And so already knew goal, you know, spending money gives me goals now. No, he should like have a goal for big things. Like, you know, you're one of those kids that buys all those little cheap toys, and you could just save up and get one big great toy, you know, how lot of grey toys. I don't want big things. I I was so excited by big mansion in Colorado. And then I talked to somebody who owns a second home in the snow, and he's like, do, you know, how much you thought living on the beach moves a lot of problems with houses until you own a house in the snow, and you're not there, do you know, how much money you're going to be spending on those imagining that money, and I was like I'd rather just rent the biggest houses. Every other couple of weeks. But yes, you have a privy example of the drama now. But I doubt we're going to have too many Moore's seasons of show that intersect on our one time to going back to Christopher. But right now is a good example of when owning that home but pass out is. Yeah. And goners older and stuff I'd like to be able to take the kids there and be there for like a few weeks in that would just be so extensive. But also, my parents lived in the snow for years, and they have never had that problem with upkeep. But anyways, you could save for like big things. But you you do have spending money I understand because I also like spending money, but you know. You don't know we're gonna make more money the goal is to make more money. So then what we spend is not relative. It's always a good deal is Little Caesars because they brought back pizza crass. That pretzel pizza crust. And now it's time for the all time peak in wrapped favourite. Yes. That's the bacon wrapped deep deep dish. And it's back. A large seep dish wrapped with more than three feet of bacon. I frigging love bacon. I think it's probably when the best things in a full world and pretzels. This is like my favorite thing ever than top with pepperoni and even more bacon so St. eight Sisa cheesy crunchy baking goodness. And it's only twelve dollars a Spencer, you could splurge on this while dollar pizza. Always goodbye. I think that this is something that we could invest in and get right now out of the oven. No need to wait for four to eight PM or get anytime. You're craving bacon. And it's only twelve bucks at Little Caesars. Available at participating locations plus tax, and you can order it bacon, wrapped deep deep dish on their app and skip the register with a pizza port au picked up a Little Caesars exclusive. So can you go buy me when Knicks? Schmaltz court jug of Napa full synthetic motor oil. Plus, a Napa platinum oil filter for twenty one ninety eight that's a pretty unbelievable deal. But trust us. It's totally real. But only for a limited time, so get Napa full synthetic and Napa platinum oil filter for twenty one ninety eight today quality parts, helpful people. That's Napa know how no general states pricing sales presses. Do not include applicable state, local taxes or recycling fees. Offer ends four thirty nineteen. Podcast. I am generous quits and Kevin McHale, and we are best friends wiser show called show minutes. Well, the show man's is a romance between two people that meet on a show. I have a question for you. Kevin. Why do you want to work with me again because I have to? Because nobody else will have me. Yeah. We're gonna have great people on what all these things into share stories about their perspective on these things and bouncing the whole work and personal friendship dynamic and how they make it work. So listen, thanks that Kevin. But make sure to stick around after this podcast to get the latest headlines from the AP news minute. Well, I'm on a new diet because I'm rebranding for this breakfast read. I just had and I'm gonna look like Hadid. There's no way they really breed unconvinced. This just it's d-. Hide is drinking a green Jews were just totally going to get healthy. I know I got gotta those Braida 'cause we have no eggs. Yeah. You're right. Well for DEA. Split. But whatever we were skipping. Those cheat meal said no more cheap meals, cutting back on our red wine just going to focus a little bit more are white wine. It's so fun taking a break from having a guest sometimes because I'll feel like pressure on feel like we're on CNN. Gotta get all the scoops out of this. So more chill paste podcasts. But yeah, definitely breaking news. Let's think. We're almost finishing the mural at Prodi headquarters. These painting hummingbirds on that's really awesome. We've been doing the farmers market still every Sunday that's an experience because as farmers market is in the middle of nowhere. So don't tell anyone there's not that much foot traffic, but keep that a secret. So it's kind of feels like we're on a set of like a farmer's market movie. If all these characters you see every Sunday, but not that many new characters diner loves it us. My main raise now going like music for him and the best fish ever. So that's always really good, and my friend jenness there with Jay DOE, see, and we have our tents next to each other. So that's always really fun for me. Also. But I do a photo shoot this Sunday. So. I'm gonna shoot with a vet who did my breastfeeding photos, and she is great. So I don't know how we're going to get you farmers market the Sonics. We don't have Abby on Sundays. Oh, whoa. We have to be there. We have customers county on us. No, really. We gotta get those delicious scallops and the I'd mangoes and 'cause you're doing the photo. What can you do the photo shoot out Bradaigh off gunner? Yeah. What else? Yeah. Cameo did six cameos already this morning. That's a lot of fun. Lot of happy birthdays for everybody. Do you have a more interesting life? I don't have a more interesting livelihood talking about. Why do you mean of what happened our class on my gosh? So did you also have you told everyone you you missed? I would just say, oh, my, okay. So I got her in these little classes at this preschool that we want to apply to Andy's classes so out in one minute when they opened it up and they're like, hey, everybody. It's now open for the next session. You can buy it. And it's right that every mom I talked to thought they would open up at nine AM every single mom, and then they ended up sending the Email out at seven AM. I was asleep. I'm definitely not awake at that time because of trying to get my only hours, I get usually for the night, then and all sudden, I'm like scrambling to get gun or into any class and all the ones of his age were sold out. But now I have heard that there's a few older kids in that class at couldn't. Also, get into the class I wanted to get gun into. So as messy art is for younger kids, like ten to sixteen months or a little bit younger. He's too old. But a few other kids had the same problem that are in his class right now. So ended up eating an older beard. There's other older kids his age, which is great. You didn't mess up. So I didn't really mess up because other mom said it sold out in five minutes or less sore losers. Why don't you help Heidi? Let me know when this is all McKenzie. Abby, Omar will all Carla will all get on the computers will do it like it's a shoe drop or supreme job and we'll be clicking in. So I was ready. Yeah. I know I even said the plan everyone, and then I messed up so anyways. And he's also going to be doing soccer. He has all-star soccer that he's going to be doing what she'll be really fun. And this other kid has been doing soccer for two months now Spencer. I was very actually upset when I heard a felt like a bad dad that the you're the soccer daddy, Greta research this. No, you are always like he's little when I was like why isn't he running your like he's right on time. So I don't want to be like why is he not practicing saga? He'd been like he's right on time. Now, he's running. And you know, he didn't say like, hey, you, should you research all the classes as like I said, I'm not from this town. I'm not from this town. That's not it's not know all the glass, not one of the classes. No. But this one is not a class. It's part of the town that they do out of this one of the moms should I have been to so mom then. No. You should've known as soccer schedule other to childhood growing up here. Soccer, some two months Kahlo. It should have research at seventeen months his mom's. Okay. I should group for moms. Where's that? Nobody wants my age group. You'll be in it strip. Strip right there. That's to view, whatever she wouldn't be able to help with soccer she's in liver around here anymore. Yeah. But you she maybe she could be like oh in my neighborhood. They have on Sundays somebody coaching. So that could have been from your face bigger. K we actually have to go down and see Jim money in the next or I will go with governor. If you don't wanna go on. I'm just going to spend the night down there. One night. Does he love every time? You I'm going to go somewhere we heal. But you don't have to give I'll take the miracle Tyler and we're gonna ask so much stay past service. But you don't have to go, you know. Funny. It's the only way you can get Spencer to go. Places is nice hotels. You're like, okay. What if we send a nice hotel? It's like, okay. Actually, I'll go now. So that is one of my secrets neon the other hand I'd like to camp. I do think camping would be fun. What have got her is really into camping when he's older, wouldn't you? Go camping with him. Jack Lamping I'll get those Will Smith level of mobile home, RV's funds being in a tent and him in front of the RV. Okay. Well, let's see do you want to get in a brick in pack up your Canada's walk into your tent house. There's an emergency leave the ten, and you leave the place we're bear chasing. You. There's bears everywhere. I would rather climb into nice RV door and shut the door. And if there is a bear you'd need to go into a fetal position you don't start running a barrel. Chase you. Over these roles before you glam. I just don't think it's safe to go under ten I think ten is for surviving. I guess revival thing if we're Pokka lips Walking Dead zombie like, then tents make sense we're hiding out but other than that. I just yeah. You missed me on there's a lot of beautiful hotels right in all these and they're not all expensive these ones in Costa Rica in the jungle these hummingbird reserves at all Nijici, that's pretty much your camping in a dang tree. But you still have a little bad room and a bathroom. It's hard for someone. I like Senator who loves fabulous anything, and that's why he loves the fab fit fund box. Let's give a shout out to fab fit fun spring is in the air. So you should get your fat that funds Springboks and sign up now before they sell out because they're almost sold out. So it has all the full beauty, fitness fashion and lifestyle products, you could ever want from a seasonal. Description box. This is the OG box. The best box the ultimate box. It really has everything in it soap in my eyes two boxes and subscription bauxite only need this one. But I truly love it every single time. And there's so many awesome products in there that I would never be able to find on my own and they really care about each item in that box. Like, we've even met without vivant. We've talked with them like everything is so specific to get in there. So the the best quality of all the products, and the value is just insane. It's an epic value the Springboks, and you can get ten dollars off your first box right now when you use code Spidey at Babbitt fund dot com has everything that I love in meat in there. So and new surprises I was loved trying out new products. And especially with somebody that I trust in great, really high quality brands. I mean, I can't even believe that they can put all that in there for the deal and the price that it is. So it's pretty much steel. So what are you waiting for? It your funds Springboks right now. Use promo code spiting at ten dollars off your first box. What's your favorite part? Don't say that if user use something else of jump rope, actually because the best shape you ever in your life is when you were jump rovings. So soon as your back is better. I can't wait to see jump rope. And show all these athletes out there. What a real athlete looks like an Heidi Cosa town, FAFSA. Von was so head of the game though. I'm so jealous. They're just genius. Because now like you said how do they do that is because companies take hits to get in the box for to get all those scrat-. You know, it's insane. It's just so genius. Abs to grab on everyone always talks such great things about the brand of so strong. To promote by believe, so many friends like, hey, can I also have this out of your box at this in like, no get your own box. What do we have coming up? So you always start filming this week. That's just got that call ripe aboard podcast. So if we have a mood, we apologize. Sometimes those phone calls take the red that, you know, it's great. I am so thankful I just need to keep telling myself. I prayed to have cameras filming us. It's just I never imagined it with being apparent just changes everything 'cause it's way more fun and just go to clubs get drunk and be there till they close it too. When you don't have a kid. So I just I dreamed and prayed for a show pre being a dad so just a bit across roads here. So what are you gonna do? With his party coming up, or you're gonna come home with me or even stay home review. They're going to be like now, and it's gonna be drama on his bag. This is real life though. Yeah. I agree. I mean, I only get X amount of sleep and really need that sleep. So I appreciate you. Prioritizing me and backing night. And thank you so much. It's going to be an experience. It's ways to reality TV, train king and not to do it. So very with no nose getting Margaritas. Yeah. Well, maybe need something else. You can find. We need to get CBD oil for our dog. If anyone's used it for their dog, please let me know are poor pomeranian. As having the hardest time I've been physical therapy twice a week. And apparently he has deteriorating spine disease, which is so sad and tragic and he was our pomeranian that was faster than all of our dogs. He could jump up on everything. Now, it's just so sad. And then he had an accident where he jumped off our balcony like eight years ago and was completely find for years just got knocked out cold and have any broken bones. It was a complete miracle on my birthday, which was so crazy in traumatizing in Sabah. Thank god. He's alive and completely fine. So I think it's a separate issue. They say it's like genetic that he's having this deteriorating spine is, but if anyone has hot or knows any solution, please let us know. I just heard the other day, we should try CBD oil. So I'm going to try to win that we had those. Treats that we were giving him those CD Trivedi treats. Yeah. Which were great. But I think we need the actual oil. Maybe it's a little bit. The have CD CDL for Pence. I'll get that. Speaking of rainbow update MacKenzie kit said that we could talk about her relationship with our hopeful relationship with rainbows Dougie, physical therapist. She messaged her. When are we going on a date? She wrote back I l y Heidi needed ask what that means. It means I love you and now MacKenzie having had a heart attack when we say we can afford to do so much therapy because it's so expensive with rainbow and that MacKenzie found out that you can just for twenty dollars take the rainbow in for all the exercises. And he doesn't get all like the machines that he was getting, but blah, blah, blah, the shots also. But now at least MacKenzie will get to see her girl potential girl for him twice a week. But this therapist better. Hurry up. Because there's a good chance that we're gonna find love for MacKenzie on ship. He yet actually have McKenzie. We got going on ship, and we're putting Michael Pinero? Who's now what like forty days so Bor shot up narrow being sober because we love play matchmaker. It is actually really. But it's especially like, Chris cavalry. She played matchmaker. And look at Heidi night. We have governor you can really change people's lives. So here's how it works. If you're single you sign up, and you invite your friends to join your crew, if you're not single sign up and invite a single friend that you wanna find matches for then start looking for matches. Here's the best part ship has a group chat. So you and your crew can look at people's profiles together, you can look at their photos and personal description and strategize. How to start the conversation? This is way more fun than. Like playing video games right here. You are game me for real. Here's the best part. Ship has a frigging app. Low who doesn't want to use the app that you can download for free at get shipped dot com slash Spidey. That's get shipped dot com slash fighting. And that's going to get you started today, and we're going to help MacKenzie who's looking for gender fluid relationships. She doesn't she just wants love. So we're definitely going to find that out for her on ship. Michael is looking probably Michael panero looking for women older than forty very wealthy. Extremely wealthy divorced with the ex husband out of the picture doesn't want that drama but wants to take him shopping and on trips, and well, she doesn't have to feel used sugar, mama. But. Yeah. She's a history back. We're going to get Michael on the podcast to talk about the dates that we get him on and MacKenzie as well to keep you updated on how much fun dating is. When you do it with your friends so download ship for free at get shipped dot com slash Spidey. That's get shipped dot com slash fighting. Okay. Well, get ready because we're gonna have our friends on and we're gonna get used some real action. I know it's so funny when you were talking to her about shipped yesterday talking to MacKenzie, you're like, okay, you ready get on shift and she did look excited and a little nervous Kelvin shutout. Kelvin are painter Murless printer our prodigy. He was listening to podcasts and thought it was a great idea. So because you now live on the make Spidey famous again podcast. We're talking about your new potential on being nine ship. Are you ready and? Will it type of significant other you looking for on chip? Oh. I mean, I'm down for both. I've never actually dated a girl before, but I'm attracted to girl. So I think that's the fun for something to explore. Where would you like your first day to be because we are going to set this up? God I want to go dancing Dabie. We're going to work on that on the ship app. You give back to Brad daddy. We'll keep you posted by. So we are going to start a YouTube channel for our data in place because they are so entertaining, and they're like their own show and entity up there. So we're going to start the Pratt daddy headquarters YouTube show, which would probably be starting at now Kelvin's there and everything. So we shove MacKenzie Earl Martin start filming so Monday, we're going to start seeing that in any case can see all the fun dynamics and drama and everything that's going on. We. Yeah. Say concede ins and outs of everything it was taxis in. So I think that all of our employees were feeling that at the headquarters and freaking out a tiny bit about taxes and all this stuff. So lots of drama, but everything's good. Now, everything always tends to work itself out and gun or loves all of them up there. So I also decided when our headquarters is done painting. We're going to invite a few of our tiny friends like just five of them like Morgan and Jenna, and then our employees and just have like three bottles of wine, and we're gonna have weekly parties. This is Ricky news Honey just for when we are there. Let's not get crazy, but to open up and to have the headquarters we done and finished. We're gonna have a little celebration party while I agree. I didn't know this was up in the air that we were going to have a party. But yes, yeah. The cast of characters sometimes I feel like we actually have they seem more like they're so eclectic personalities at Prodi the business. It reminds me of the counselors on wet hot American summer. I feel like the be the best psych counselors at a camp. I we have a camp with no teenager like juvenile just the counselors. Ready now, they're all going. I did tell them I want to nature marketing media shots. But now it's like every day of our plays are on hikes. They are photographing crystals. But it's like could a pet. Daddy work today. I'm going to go hiking and shoutout Taco Bell for me winning the Taco Bell game show. They've all been eating free talk. Oh bell, which is on the street salad last night from Taco Bell. I'm like is that from Taco Bell names. You know, what the fast salad or whatever? Okay. And then I really wanna talk about taco. That should be. We should do that today. Are you going to keep that you maybe should you should put that on a platinum chain wearing right now one of our signature pieces in its we're sorry. We're no longer go on them signature abuses. Because everyone of the crystals is a one of a one piece by of. So they're all his signature had explained to him. It made no sense to just call them more expensive ones signature pieces. So they. K update not Ryan signature piece wearing a super piece Meglena product, crystal disarray. We need to save we'll do pink terminally. Anyone Google's ping terminate and those pink terminal in is elite elite. I am wearing. Hey, Krystal accords crystal with a pinker Mullane on top of it. That was placed on top of it. Edit heared on top of it. So on a chain. Anyways, really pretty like we need to figure out some name because it's not just a crystal to crystal together, you figure out the name you work on that CEO, and I'm so thankful for Heidi. Because she is just the best frigging wife and mother ever. She's so much fun lately. We've been once in a blue moon. There's a show that she will actually risk. Her sleep little. One hour asleep to watch and we found it. She is so in the away on nap lakes. You have never seen like it. Because when Heidi had too many. The anesthesia in Asia. I dunno is out at the mount of our shoes under for her surgical procedure. She saw stars and went to another dimension and has been telling me this for over twelve years. Yes, second she came out. That's all she's talking about in. So spoiler alert cover your ears. If you're watching the way they go into another dimension. And they see stars that Avella. So Heidi is now officially one of the away. So these are people that she's watching on Netflix, and we've got to watch a little bit every night in bed, and it's in the most fun. It's just reminds you. We first started dating we'd eat cheese, and we thins and salami in bed and binge watch shows like twenty four and the sopranos and alias and lost the food and sensors on his phone any as no idea what's going on. I have subtitles begins where right next to governor. And like reading each word. It's like so important, then got Spencer like let's up and he's like, oh, what's. Happening on. What's happening are asking me that in the middle of the biggest thing freaking how many did you are the last twenty minutes, and then you would know happening. So is pretty funny when you watch TV or anything with Spencer because he doesn't watch it. It's just so funny to me the only show you like really watches, and he does it five times is yes to. Was like, oh, yeah. I just watched it twice in shit. I'm like, yeah. Do you know how much time you can save yourself? But anyways, it's pretty funny. But I and then I just dream on. I am dimension hopping hopping I already have the most vivid dreams, and then when they have these types of drains, I'm like, oh my gosh. I went anyways. Please don't report made anyone who would hear this. What the detest my dreams like no way. Well, that one dream where you have all those chords on you in you're in Europe. Not out a lot anyways. I'm an MD ultra super baby. I'm the I was the boss baby. Yeah. You don't know Yodo domain people. I'm not just a TV star by surprise. I'm supposed to be on all your conscious for a reason. I have messages sometimes an offscreen romance can lead to an onscreen showman's. Don't miss the new show of the lady gang at work showman's, join Kevin agenda as they interview other dynamic duo. I don't know why we've asked me on this and talk the works of life. You haven't been on Sabih on the lady Yang. Don't miss showman's with Kevin Jenna every Thursday on podcast one. An apple one pod gal. We did get the lady Pino Griego this in the fridge that we should drink today. Not a faint. Don't ask us to come on drinking it lady grease. Yo I'm dreaming. Why did asked us to come on the TV show an MTV said, no, it's? Yeah. So we're deciding if we're going to go to London breaking news, Lana del Rey. Frigging war held up a Pratt. Daddy, rose courts. Crystal pendant, necklace in the air, four Brazzi, look, I she even front of Chateau forgive marmot. This is real McKenzie's. Sister is best friends with her MacKenzie knew that she's been in hot water a lot about the hummingbirds she needed a miracle. So she pulled it off with her sister got the product crystals to Lana. Del Rey who held them up for the paparazzi. It's an iconic photo. I'm looking into having a printed and do shirts and bedazzle them. Yes. Well, that's a wrap people. All no, no, no, no. I just got him out. No. Dave said that's a wrap. They have a hard out at one studio needs is. Oh, I will call back later. Now, we love. Yes. We will. Now, we wanna podcast, porn goodbye. Everyone fully giving us by SARS. Even if you have more important things to do fit it in your notifications. We need them. We need this podcast. I know I don't wanna be famous as much still. It'd be the best podcast there. Okay. How great day have a great week everyone. We'd love you. And you for everyone who's been coming up to us and saying our podcast because I did not know how many people do it. So you is none of us. Napa know it's love your car month at Napa and show your car. The love get a Napa bucket for two ninety nine and save twenty percent on almost everything you can fit inside like car wash car wax and tire shy. So save some cash and look good doing it by getting twenty percent off with a Napa bucket, quality parts, helpful people. That's Napa know how no participating auto part stores. Exclusions apply. Minimum three items may not be combined. With other offers offer ends four thirty nineteen. I'm Rita Foley. With an AP news minute flight delays among several major airlines because of computer issues says the FAA there are delays at airports in Chicago, New York, Boston, Atlanta, Miami and Detroit the FAA says you should contact your airline for flight information and updates southwest. Airlines says there was an outage with a vendor that provides data used in flight planning. Trump's working on cutting aid three countries as immigrants overwhelmed southern border straight department has told congress it's looking to suspend aid payments to El Salvador, quantum Malla and Honduras acting White House chief of staff, Mick Mulvaney, tells ABC's this week, meaning the northern triangle countries to do more about not allowing their people into Mexico. Ben Thomas, Washington, Joe Biden is defending himself against an Vata politicians allegation that he kissed her on the back of her head five years ago, making her uncomfortable. He says it was never his intention to make anybody feel uncomfortable. I'm Rita Foley.

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Ashley Morrison, Foster Caregiver & Cat Advocate

The Community Cats Podcast

23:59 min | 1 year ago

Ashley Morrison, Foster Caregiver & Cat Advocate

"You've tuned into the community. Cats podcast ready. Let's go Welcome to the community cats podcast. I'm your host Stacey Lebron. I've been involved helping homeless cats for over twenty years as with the Merrimack River Feline Rescue Society. The goal of this podcast is to expose you to amazing people who are improving the lives of cats. I hope these interviews will help you learn how. Oh you can turn your passion for cats into action today. We're speaking with Ashley. Morrison Ashley has fostered over three hundred cats and kittens over the last four years After fostering her first bottle baby kittens in two thousand fifteen since then she's developed a passion for tr advocacy and sharing her experiences with others to show the importance importance of animal. Rescue work actually like to welcome you to the show. Thank you thanks for having me. Tell us a little bit about how you got started. I mean three hundred cats and kittens over the last four four years. That is a lot and so it is too many the tell me about the The intense passion you developed over the last five years. Or what was your the moment in terms of getting into this crazy cat world so you know. I started. Fostering dogs when I lived in L.. A. Dog Walking and all that stuff came back to the Washington and I was volunteering at pause and Lynnwood just dog walking weekly and I had just signed up. I was there for like a week or two on and unfortunately I lost my dad to suicide aside and the reason I mentioned that is because I talk about it on my page a lot. I'm very open about mental health and how fostering has really helped me so profusely so uh-huh I basically told them you know I can't commit to coming in right now. I'm I just WanNa be at home you know. I don't want to leave my house and they said well. What can we do for you and I said I just want something small and fluffy fee and that is how I got my first bottle babies and you know I figured hey you know? They lost their mom. I lost my dad neither of us. You know I'm not sleeping. I shouldn't say neither of they sleep like twenty hours a day. No I might as well get up and try and save these these little creatures and I it really just helped me and my mom through the grieving process and we didn't realize this passion and love we had for these little innocent creatures. I had never been you know. A huge cat fanatic. I was mostly a dog person growing up but I I was always an animal person and I just couldn't believe how much I fell in love with these little creatures in the love we could give to each other during hard times so you were there with your your mom. Your mom helped out a little bit too. Yeah so we lived together for about almost four years after my dad passed. I just recently moved out on my own so I can have my own to foster rooms. But you know she's all in for my Crazy cadmus and I'll I'll often have to call her and be like hey. I need a overflow room at your. How still or Can you come and drop by and feed the KITTENS. Or you know. I need your help cleaning. I'm begging you you know yes. She's been absolutely amazing with it and she's completely all about the kittens as well. How do you think it helped you in the grieving process? Was It just a distraction or was it something that really helps you work through the process us of dealing with the loss of a parent. I would say a little bit of both in the beginning. You're just at home crying basically and you don't want to leave and the only reason as and you have to get out of bed. Is these tiny kittens. Because if you don't get out of bed they don't get fed so all of a sudden we had a reason to be getting out of bed. We had a reason other then. People would come over like for the memorial and instead of us all just being completely sad the whole time we would have a reason to smile. We would look down these little tiny babies that would put a smile on our face so they were amazing distraction and then of course when I started to lose my first foster kittens occasionally they do pass away from congenital issues or whatever the case is I would start to cry even harder than I normally should or when saying goodbye to a litter you know and I'm like okay. Wait a minute why am I crying so hard about saying goodbye. You know here I am in the back of the shelters bawling my eyes out telling them I love them so much and I'm so sorry I have to leave you at like. There's gotta be more to this. You Know Oh it definitely brought to my attention the need one therapy just talk through things and just my own mental health needs and that I had to take care of myself I self before I could take care of these little creatures so you very accurately self identified. Some needs that you needed but I think there are many that are in the animal animal welfare space that struggle with compassion fatigue issues and there may be other issues that feed into that may not be that self aware Are there any things that you can see just to try and help us through the trying times of compassion fatigue. Yeah it's very real and and you know. During the summer I have a hard time saying no and so I will wind up with thirty plus fosters and all of a sudden I am just completely overwhelmed and and I've completely done it to myself but you know like okay. I have to remember that. I'm a human being to and I need to be able to leave my house for more more than two hours and I need to be able to be in public around people and not just around kittens twenty four seven because it is what we love and we're very empathetic like people I think and so we start to give more of ourselves than we should at times for me. It's kind of about backing out of the cat world for a little bit and finding things that have absolutely nothing to do with animals like for one. I like to go to my cabin and be able to just do absolutely nothing related to the kittens and not I have to clean every few hours and not have to be on a feeding schedule by WANNA go out to dinner and have a drink. I can stay out til eleven. I don't need to be home by six. PM to feed. And I always tell people even during the day when you are going through those crazy times where you have twenty foster kittens I always. We'll take a break and just go wander target or something just to get out of the house because the most important thing you can do is to get out and be around. People don't just isolate yourself. That can definitely become a problem. If view isolate yourself in the name of animals. The one thing that I find as you say you have a hard time saying no yet in this sort of downward spiral of do things and the one thing that always comes to my mind is what is it that changes your behavior or assistance recreating the stop and I know I can make the change change because I feel like with some people that have a really hard time sometimes. Don't ever come out of that abyss. They don't even know what to grab at to pull them out of the whole. I mean I guess that where you know friends and intervention come into play or I mean. Luckily I haven't gotten to that point. You know I definitely think you start to learn the the further you get into animal rescue. What your limitations are? In the beginning I was fostering for shelters and so if I wanted to go on vacation or I felt felt like I was being overrun by foster kipnes. I could just pack them up and bring him right back and they would transfer him to another foster home but now that I'm doing independently. There's no one to transfer it's for them to you know it's me I even if I do find a foster home. The responsibility of taking care of their medical needs and everything does fall on me. You know I'm practically a little little mini shelter so it's just becoming me learning what my limitations are how many I hear not say yes to And I've definitely started working working with more local rescues shelters being able to transfer kittens to them that I receive and it's just because of my social media following that people now often send message me and ask if I can take these kittens and as where I used to be like yes. Of course you know I'll take him now. I'm like yes can but I'm going to transfer them to Seattle humane or you're going to look for a foster home for them. Because I have to remember that I need to have a life too so you mentioned you. Use The word that you are now a freelancer so it needs. You're specifically not affiliated affiliated with an organization and it sounds like you have partnerships with various organizations that you would transfer out to do adoptions and help open up space for yourself from. was that a conscious decision. It was well. I'll I'll say a little bit of both. Because of my social media growing I was being reached out to more often and the problem. You have working with a shelter. Is that not a problem. They're doing amazing stuff. But you cannot take in animals like from the street because of disease control so if you have the litter that is currently your fostering for the shelter. Say you know you find a litter of kittens on the street. You can't bring them into your house because the shelter is concerned that your bringing Lina disease in that could affect their kittens. All the sudden I keep getting asked to take in kittens and I can't because I still have fosters from a shelter and I thought okay. I've gotTa make a change you know. I'm to that point where I get reached out to you so often and I want to be able to do more and so I switched from working with the shelter to doing everything myself myself. You specifically only do bottle babies or do you do other kittens to now. No in fact I I love bottle babies but I also love my sleep sleep. You know on their. I'm with you know. I wish I was one of those people that was like. It's no big deal. I wake up every two hours but I like like that. I sleep all day. You know I'm always exhausted. No I'll take in really anything. I'm right now. I have two moms with twelve babies between them. I'm an and here I thought. Oh it'll be easy. They have their moms but it turned out. They were both so malnourished that they weren't producing milk so here I was bottle feeding twelve babies for Confu weeks and You know I'll take in. I did just recently have a bottle baby named Betty and I'll do it whenever I need to. I absolutely love helping them. But I have no qualms taking in little three week old found on the side of the freeway or moms with babies that need a place to stay until Her babies are ready to go and out of a shelter environment if I can. Hey Everybody Stacey here with the community eighty cats podcast and I just wanted to let everybody know that early bird. Ticketing is open for our twenty twenty online conference which will be on January twenty four th through the twenty sixth so we will get together on the evening of the twenty four th with Chelsea white who has a youtube show. That's perfectly awesome and then we will be getting together. You're on the twenty fifth and the twenty six for two full days of jam packed information all about community cats and community kept programs so this this is a virtual convention for anyone who liked to help community cats so this is the time to get signed up and join our online cat conference for the early bird ticket price of fifty dollars so please go to on line. CAT CONFERENCE DOT COM to sign up today. Also if you'd like to become an affiliate as a fundraiser for Organization the information is right there on the website as well as sponsorship opportunities so I hope you'll check it out go to. WWW DOT online conference dot com. And we look forward to seeing you then. Hey everyone who tonight are here today to talk about Dr L. C.'s. Cat Litter Dr L.. C.'s cat litter is known to be the best sliver on the market and Hutu agrees. Many of you know that who was a foster cat of mine that I adopted while at the Merrimack River Feline Rescue Society. We did use the touch of outdoors. Glitter as we transitioned him from being an indoor outdoor kitty to an indoor only kitty. I'm thrilled that. Who found his home with me? There were many times when folks would call me saying they're kitty didn't use is the litterbox. I was also thrilled. That Dr Elsie cat attract litter came out as it gave me a resource to share with others that was affordable and in most cases successful in keeping this kitty in their home as a special benefit to community cats podcast listeners. Dr L. C.'s is offering a rebate up to twenty dollars off your first bag of any Doctor Elsa litter just visit Dr L. Sees Dot com forward slash community cats podcast to print your rebate or fill out the online form. Try Dr Elsie today. And you won't regret it. Tell me a little bit about your social media. You've referenced. It a fair amount win. Did you get started doing social media. And what's happened happened as a result of that I was posting pictures of the kittens and stuff on my own personal pages and I thought okay. My friends are GonNa kill me. I'm posting way too much about and my neighbor at my cabin April was like you have got to start a cat instagram. I thought I don't know I don't. I don't know if it's really going to do anything I figured. Why not so I started it and it just started to grow and and video started to be shared worldwide and articles and all this stuff it just grew and grew all the side end? You know I had all these people from all over the world following along with these stories and hopefully learning something new on top of being able to watch her little adventures we go through with these guys is are there educational videos there or is it mainly photos just pictures I mean. Are you trying to actually teach people what it's like to be a foster home with the hopes that more people people will be a foster home in their area absolutely and a lot of people you know. I always love to see the comments. I started fostering because I saw that you know you said we. We need more foster homes and it's so true but I always say I try to draw people in with the cute videos and pictures and once you're there though I try to keep you the by either you know funny captions or whatever but the whole goal is that you stay and you see what it is really to work in animal rescue and fostering and that you too can be a part of. It doesn't mean that you have to be. Fostering thirty cats like I am. You know you don't have to be. Fostering these huge groups of kittens you can go to your local local shelter and foster a ten year old cat that just needs to be out of the shelter to recover from an upper respiratory infection. There are so many fosters. That don't even take much much of your time. So even if you do have a nine to five you can still foster a mom with babies or kittens that are weaned. There's so many groups of animals I think people don't realize that they themselves could could foster they just immediately assume like we'll be but look how much work she does. But that's because I always take in. You know the most sick kittens I can find because I love a challenge. Do you ever taken taken semi feral kittens. I am bad with feral cats. I will say that I always say. Don't show your fear and I am not good at that. I show my fear. The scared feral kittens. Yes I had a three little babies. Last year I had found and fixed the male cat of the colony in his his name. Was Stud Muffin because you like to get around that neighborhood and a few months later I found who I am. So positive was his kittens so I named him stuff. In because it was Thanksgiving time and it was stud muffin shortened and then cranberry and sweet potato his siblings and they were all semi feral. They had been living Outside and blackberry bushes and terrified of me took a long time and a lot of cuddling and treats and toys and stuff for them to realize. I wasn't amine person that living inside was actually a pretty good life and they are all happily adopted in various social cats now. Do you do adoptions on your own or are you primarily transferring hiring them out to other organizations. Do you get them spayed neutered and get all the stuff done yes. So there's an amazing organization near me which is just so lucky for me because because a lot of people I know do not have this but it is called feral cat spay and neuter. First of all they do feral cats free to tr them. And then. If I want to bring being in any of my kittens once they're two months into pounds it's only fifteen dollars to neuter a male and twenty five to spay a female. So I get all of mine spayed and neutered micro-chipped. They've I've had at least one if not two vaccines by the time they leave their dewormed they get all the good stuff and then I do I would say ninety. Five percent of my adoptions are just threw me you know I have a contract with all my little rules and regulations no decline. They're GONNA be indoor pets unless they're on a harness or leash on the only times as I really have to transfer out those kittens to another place to being adopted is if I'm just super overrun and don't have the time and energy to go through all those adoption applications and do it all myself. Then I know I need help and I need to transfer it. If someone's thinking about fostering kittens we can't speech choosy about what we receive for foster care. I would say most people would probably be like. Oh my gosh. I can't believe you got bottle Babe Kittens as you're like first litter of Kittens is your to foster because they think. Oh No we need to practice and have you. It's like a regular set of coupons and then maybe something with upper respiratory and then progress upwards are you of that mindset mindset or you just take what society gives me and we'll all figure it out you know. I think you just Kinda go dive in to whatever they need you to take. Unfortunately definitely there's not enough homes for bottle babies and there's often not a lot of people that want to take on the medical cases. There's so many resources out there though. Now that while you will it'll be supported of course by the shelter or rescue in letting you know exactly what you need to do for them. There's also so many resources online that can help you. You know like Kitten Lady just came out with that whole book on Kitten Hittin Care. There's so many things that you can do to look up exactly how you need to help and treat these kittens and how to take care of bottle babies. I truly believe anyone can do it even if they have not had experience. Now you're in Washington state and I'm in the northeast and you're in the northwest and I hear all the time in New England and referencing the northwest us too. Is that you know. We have a reduction in the overpopulation of cats. Is that something that you've sent over the last five or six years or you just so. Oh right. In the trenches that you're not necessarily getting a sense of overpopulation numbers declining. I would say that I haven't been deep into the tea and our world long enough to know that I'd say I'm more have been on the fostering inside the TR. I've only really gotten into the last couple of years so I wish I knew more but I will say that Washington is one of the most adopting states. I think people get the fair assumption here that there is no shortage of homes just because we adopt so so much but the truth is that we're also taking an animal's from Texas and California and all these other overpopulated states. So we absolutely still have too any pets looking for homes and the problem. Is that while we might be the most adopting stay. We have all these neighboring states that are not and their pets that sit there and shelters alters for sometimes years so I just always encourage people to adopt locally is exactly why don't usually adopt out of state is people will contact contact me on my instagram. And say you know I'm in New York and I really want to adopt a kitten. I say please go to your local shelter because we are the most adopting stay. It's likely they're going to be adopted here a lot faster but in New York. They're going to be there a lot longer. So the population might be reducing. But it's not to the point yet where there's not still thousands of animals in shelters. Here's that need homes do utilize your social media as a fundraising tool. Oh absolutely it's the only way I can do the amount of work that I do. I initially of course was fostering through a shelter so they were supplying all the medical care food if I needed a beds toys. Things like that but as I continued but in as I switched to freelance I thought Ono. How am I going to do this? But people have been so supportive and so amazing and the moment I have a sick kitten that needs to go to the doctor for a specialist or needs an MRI. I raise those funds within a couple of days. People are honestly more kind than I Expected and very supportive of my work and I often hear you know if I can't do it myself. I won't be able to help you do it. And it's just made a world of difference and been able able to make it so that I can help the amount of animals that I do. Yeah that's a very hot topic whether it's the very young. The very old both age groups have Qalat of medical costs usually wrapped up in their care and that that is a very big topic of how to handle those oftentimes sort of surprising. Emergency medical costs. Yeah we're very reactive in our fundraising around that which is somewhat necessary. Because you didn't know it was coming your way. And now here's is right spence that you weren't anticipating but a lot of board of directors in the nonprofit world they don't like that because they like predictability they like budgets. They like sure sort of solid unpredictable. And unfortunately that's not the way the world works. It sounds like you're out there you're reaching out to your community and you're saying hey I've got this emergency situation. I need to raise X.. Dollars Lers do you feel like you ever get donor fatigue with that. I mean I get fatigued with asking for I mean I don't like to be Prodi and people every day we need more donations. We need you know because they're already helping me and that's already asking a lot. I keep a fund for my animals so anything that is left over stays. Isn't that fun until I need it. For the next time. You can get credit cards now through pay pal and then Mo so when people donate to pay power van Mo- I just use the cards and they go straight out out of the account pay for medical bills so usually it will wind up raising more than we needed for a certain bill and then I just won't have to ask the next time that we have an emergency the situation or something like that because I completely understand not wanting to have your page just look like all you do is ask for money so yeah that can definitely be an An awkward situation. If you're asking too often but I think a lot of people also understand that that's what happens in animal rescue. It's just like you said it's unpredictable. I took in then those kittens thinking okay. You're covered and flees malnourished. But I can get them. You know a lot healthier but you don't expect is that four of them needed to go to an ice specialist another couple of them wound up having to have emergency that appointments for stomach issues and lethargy just things that you wouldn't have expected but I think people understand that a lot of people I used to work in animal rescue understand it and they wind up donating still and I'm so. Yeah so if folks are interested in finding out more about the work that you're doing and how to help you. How would they do that so you can find me on instagram and facebook on youngest old cat lady? I'm not very good at it but I am on Youtube and Yeah follow along and follow our stories and love to share what I do with the world. Is there anything else that you'd like to share with our listeners. Today just it's the mindset that you can make a difference. Think a lot of people think that fostering means they have to take on this giant responsibility. But the reality is that you can change one kitten or one cat's life just by being willing to give them the space in your bathroom or your space in your extra bedroom room for a few short weeks. It's not going to be as much work as you thought to. Just have a pair of little kittens that need to get over a cold and it keeps them out of the shelter and in a less stressful environment virement and gives them a place to rest until they can be adopted and it really is something that once you have done it. You realize that you're making a difference and it's helping you just as much as it helps helps them and it can be amazing for your own mental health and you will just love it Ashley Coach and I would like to thank you again agreeing to you. Be a guest on my I show. I hope we'll have you on again in the Future Inc.. You I appreciate it. It's good talking to you. Thank you for listening to community cats. PODCASTS I really appreciate it if you would go oh two items leave a review of the show it will help spread the word to help more community cats uh.

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S3E15 - A Friend to Die For (Featuring Ed Hansen)

Mother, May I Sleep With Podcast?

3:35:28 hr | 2 years ago

S3E15 - A Friend to Die For (Featuring Ed Hansen)

"So one thing you might not know about me is that I'm actually from a single parent households single mom, and she had a lot of side hustles to make sure that we felt good confidence all those things as well as make a little extra money, and that was clothing picking. She would go to estate sales Salvation Army. Goodwill church bazaars, all sorts of stuff where you could find us, clothing and accessories, and she would both resell those items and keep her and I looking good on a budget clothing, picking recycling clothing, reselling clothing. It's something that I love not only as a person who's had stuff to unload in my life. But also as a person who hasn't always had the budget for designer items or quality items, but a taste for them. Posh? Mark is working with us today you guys than I am so excited about that. Because posh Mark is the new what my mom has done my whole life a system, I truly believe in either. In my mom as us posh, Mark before it's where everything is this is what you should now instead of buying things new you can shop from millions of closets across America. It's what it's all about posh. Mark has tons of brands to shop from a you can shop anywhere from J crew Vivienne Westwood, Alabama's do whatever you want just type it in your favorite brand might be there. I'm a little bit all over the map. I love it. All I love a furlough bag. I love a nice, I love nice designer hoodie. I love a well-made sweatpants. Okay. That's where I live. That's my space. Whatever your brand is though. It's probably also on posh. Mark you won't believe the deals that you can find there were these air mass wallets. I really wanted. I was able to find some at what we're probably over fifty percent off from what they are retail and very lightly used good condition type stuff posh Mark is the easiest way to buy and sell fashion items. Shipping is easy for both the seller and the buyer. Super fast shipping. Another feature that I love is that if something's out of your price range, and you think the person who's selling it might be able to budget a little bit. You can make them an offer get an even deeper discount. And of course, you get a posh Moore closet handle that you can use. It's a little URL that's personal to us. So that your friends or your fans or whoever you are? I don't know your life. They can come. Find your store directly mother. Maze. Lee would podcast listeners. I can get you five dollars off your first purchase on posh. Mark just use the invite code M I S W P when you sign up. The invite goat again is M M I S W Pete. You're welcome for the new addiction. This episode of mother maze depot podcast is brought to you apart with a lifetime movie club the ultimate streaming destination for lifetime movie lovers. Choose from one hundred movies at anytime with new movies rotated in weekly to keep things fresh, and you can watch anywhere on your favorite device. As a bonus listeners this podcast, getting exclusive one month free trial. Good a lifetime movie club dot com slash malls to start your free month. Now, that's lifetime movie club dot com slash M. O L S. Welcome to season. Three of mother may I sleep with podcast. I'm your host, Molly, MAC lir. And also my stylist. And this thing that really comforted me where she was just like Molly don't feel any fucking need to ever buy Gucci's. She's like because it's having its moment, and it will be embarrassing to have it. And and I'm like really like drag joy, they're they're Gucci neglect do bike. But if you're like all. But I think they're like what she's kind of saying is tacky. I I mean and also even there Suttles stuff is such like, oh, that's a Gucci. Like, you know, you know, when you see it. And I think that she's just kind of saying like it's like peeking out as a brand right now. And like it won't be like embarrassing, but you'll feel like there's less game is not what was 'nother sunglasses are insane right now there, I mean, they've always I mean that moment is happening right now, fashion wise, the only thing I'm saying is that like I feel like teenagers try to buy a five hundred dollars Gucci pen. 'cause they think like this is a status symbol Oei. Let me get you a is there a little coaster then. Yeah. The Little Rock thing. Okay. But yeah, I made me feel better about not having a twelve hundred dollar holiday. Okay. So today are we recording? Okay. I am so excited about today. My very best friend in the whole world at Hanson is joining us and a lot of you guys have been asking for Ed for the entire time. I've been doing this show when I've been asking, you know, who would you like to hear from what are your favorite, please advise guests you love to here on this show? I am so excited about today. My very best friend in the whole world at Hanson is joining us and a lot of you guys have been asking for Ed for the entire time. I've been doing this show when I've been asking, you know, who would you like to hear from what are your favorite, please advise guests you love to here on this show? I'm people for years of said, Ed, but I know Ed is a busy guy. And I've just always known you only really have your weekends now because you work full full full time, and huge commute and everything. So like, this is a time consuming podcast. This is usually go to other like writers who are on hiatus or like people who are just kind of in development right now or people who don't, you know, do podcasts stuff, but I asked at if he would do this show and he said, yes. And so I had to go. I mean, you already know what movie this is because it's the title of the episode, but I had to go icon EQ, and I've. Stayed away from Tori, spelling movies altogether. Just because she is we call our seasonal award that we give away to the most lifetime. He lifetime movie the Tori, spelling Tori, spelling lifetime achievement award. But I had to go there. I had to do it to you. I had to this is the one and it also stars one of my other favorite actresses of this generation Kellie Martin face on the milk carton. Anyone there? I mean, greatest greatest actress of this era. I think I mean much better than Tori, spelling who shockingly was cast is the most popular and beautiful girl in school. You do that with that what you will at Hanson. Welcome to the show. To a friend to die for slash death of a cheerleader. I think we're both fronts the die for don't. You think? I know I do we would die for each other. Well, I mean like we wouldn't kill each other. We kill each other. We would write each other letters in jail over short end at the trial. Oh, yeah. I need a minute be shunned at the trial for more less. Reminded us a lot. Right. Well, because I wrote in my notes, I was like this is where I think a lot of people at home know, we'll see a big moment from Jill later, which we'll get into. But Jill has a big moment of standing up for her friend in the face of really Evie. No fucking reason except to cower and cry like most people would just cry. Most people would not choose this moment to draw her line in the sand. When we see Jill stand up, and I wrote on my notes like I feel like most people would be like, oh, she's in love with her. But I was like I feel like some people just don't know what it's like to have a friend like that that like you. That's a really good friend Bill. They're not fucking in love with you. There your good friend. You is also the expectation management friend where she manages all of Angela's insane absurd. But highly ambitious expectations for herself, and Jill, and I think view, and I've had this dynamic in our friendship. Sometimes we're all just be like go really big on something absolute, you'll be like, no, no, no. Let's like revises like bring this down a moment. And ultimately like it's a. Good thing to do because no one gets murdered absolutely right now all management that. I don't know if you're using phrases. I always use that phrase. I use it because my mom always said it to me like when I was a kid. She'd be like Molly gotta get those expectations under control. Like, you gotta start on. Who would always say? And it was like, you know, what it's a very invaluable phrase because it does mean a lot as in the climate of being an adult, right? Climate big a teenager. I think it was crucial especially when it comes Christmas. If your family like, you know, really pulling it in gotta manage those expectations. You're not going to prepare little your little loose on the step, and you want to be the star cheerleader. I would say you got to tie up. You know, what I'm saying the? Yeah. That kind of expectation that kind of thing that my mom would always be like just got level. I was trying to think if I would even ever think to try out for cheerleader in high school, well, the real Stacy Lockwood who was christened cost us. Okay. Wait, can I just want to tell her audience? I'm glad you bring this up because I wanted to talk real case before we get into the so this is based on a true story as late lifetimes always says it says while this production is inspired by a true story names and locations have been changed in certain events and conversations I've been dramatized, which I always want to know, I'm like well one event like can you give me a give a bitch. A footnote and be like, this is where we had to make stuff up, you know, but they did it. But you did a lot of research on the case. I relate the Wikipedia. And I was like I was just I wake up know with solid for sure there was like it was there. It was bare I think so for contacts, and I think that, you know, at one time or I should say, we all know that rolling. Stone has always been like this like cultural powerhouse attaching these iconic day, they do these examinations these real life story examinations. They did that the cheerleader the stuff that is like what America really likes versus Vanity Fair, which is always searching from world like the high brow. The next level the secret behind the secret, the thing, you might not know the the life that you can't grab Rolling Stone gives you the thing that you're like, that's basically my peer. Why can't I look in there? Complex identities and struggle with people who struggle with identity in their places in the world shore, larger cultural implications of what that means. And I feel like this movie, and the story in this case is totally that and there's a lot of important cultural moments and tropes that I want to tap into during this process because there's a lot of this is a very rich movie. You said you felt when when we before we started this you're saying that like you're surprised at this movie isn't brought up more in conversations about this is the archetype. Okay. First of all, I am shocked that this movie is not literally based on it. You should we should have seen based on eight. And maybe Heather's. Yeah, we should have seen based on. Maybe in mean girls, we should get a little based on job raker. We should have seen based on a few things because the archetypes that these girls presented and the parallels between them are astounding. Yes. And this was made a nine hundred ninety four which is like, you know, pre a lot of that stuff. It's post real race was eighty four by the way. Yeah. No. I know. I'm just thinking the gear I was writing. I was like I'm this is a little six month old baby. When this happened. You were just a little, you know, Angela state. I I was I was out of the womb January. So the real the real Angela who's Kelly Martin who plays the killer her real name was Bernadette. Right. Prodi Bernadette Protti and burner. Prodi was from like a slightly. It was a very like rich city like sorta by Berkley, right? It's just outside of Berkley. It was a commuter city for like Berkeley, and Oakland, and it was initially created as the suburban haven where and it's funny because harkening back to the Rolling Stone article. They said these people were not upwardly mobile because they'd already made it. This was a place where people who had quote unquote, made it who were working in San Francisco working in Oakland and working in Berkeley would go they would commute in right? It would have this bucolic suburban BMW say Hello Bassett. It's the Calabasas right of the of the bay area, and she was from like a slightly lower like I work more working class family that lived in that community. Her dad was an engineer for the city of San Francisco. Hey, so what I think happened was I think he made a fine line. Living that was six kids. And that household, right? And when you just when I was really got a whiff of that your Christmas in they're -talian to which we get. Yeah. The Italian Catholic thing I think at taps into it. And the thing that's interesting too. Is that like if we see the outside of her house? It's it's not a small. It's it's not it's not shabby. It's not one else has more of a modernized. Yeah. It's less. It's not manicured. But it was a tap into that in the real article. They were saying the paint was peeling it wasn't superman occurred. But it wasn't like angel was like so far down the totem pole. Although a lot of her friends were very flashy BMW was the honorary car drove. That's key thing here is I think high school in use right? Which is what we really tap into when we're talking about like the court case that happened eventually. But like, it's when you're a kid that means a lot if that's what you care about like, I never knew to care. I would like jealous. Maybe if my friends had like. Flashier stuff than me. One hundred percent. I also like didn't feel really bad about not having it. And I think as a teenage girl that pressure to be in the hottest fashions, look, the best horse was probably doubly there, especially because. In this community. The women were definitely playing to a certain role did us find a real. I'll I'll look for a picture of her because I didn't see if Kristen. Yeah. Are the real the real Bernadette was actually cute? I mean, cause we'll Kelly. Martin's adorable thing. I was thinking like maybe like because she was so naturally pretty like that that not having that extra edge of money. What is really right? Okay. So here's the real. Okay. So this is the real Kristen, by the way. That's the real Kristen. Okay. I mean, that's the real Stacey the real stays real state. Okay. She actually does look a lot like, Tori, spelling so, but like when you see the real Kristen or sorry. The real. I would say that Angela was probably slightly more attractive than say. That's definitely the case with this movie as well. Right. And that they stayed true to the casting. Right. The thing too. Is that like it's interesting though, too. Because like Stacey was very fit, right? Dress very sexy. Yes. It was kind of like slutty preppy chic, you know. So in that way, they fucking killed this movie for one hundred percent dialing design costume all. We're going all the girls of the upwardly mobile girls. I should say we're in perils, right? Which is a style statement in and of itself they were trying to make a point. Oh, yeah. The pearls were the status symbol. So is there anything else about the real life case that we should know other than it seems like Bernadette she went and she was in juvenile detention until she was twenty six right, which in the movie, they say legally should only be twenty five. So I wondered like did she get into some trouble in there? We'll never no I think it was at twenty six or was it on your? I think she got up at. Twenty four okay is having sex because she she only did she did seven years. Okay. And so what the thing that I do know is. And this is the part I didn't go as far into this research out of respect for adults playing this. Why so Bernadette has changed her name? Yeah. I was gonna say she changed her name moved out of state. But people there's Troll's online still mad about this case. Okay. They're posting like hate websites. And they're like, right. I was reading some of the messages about and they're basically like you can change your name, and you can hide they even posted Bernadette fister. Terry. The I don't know. I don't know. I don't know. I think it it was made up the what who left like the knife of the Terry terrier movie. So she is a lover a very successful CEO. She's a millionaire. Okay. So they're posting photos of the sister to your fucking sisters a murderer. She become successful about Chabal business. I would hope I. I was like ritzy she's onto this like she's onto this like health food, like produce raw diet thing. Really really ahead of her. I trust me. I respect to Theresa aka, Terry. Okay. So people know where she is. Now, you know, here's the thing with lifetime that I'm going to get into which this is. One of our ranking character categories, I'll just spoil it for you. Now is victims -ation, the female character. Because I mean that's the hook for lifetime television for women. Right. And I they never like a woman feel excluded. Right. So in a way that when they do tell a lot of these stories they do come off sympathetic to the guilty party. For example. They just did Conrad and Michelle the Massachusetts text message murder thing, and they had Bella Thorne. They wrote that shit in two weeks at Bella Thorne player and a lot of people on Twitter because I was like able to see the real time reactions were saying that they were like a lifetime. You are not gonna make me feel bad for this bitch. Like, they were really they were really angry that she was painted sympathetically for her actions. And I personally I personally don't think she was guilty of manslaughter. I don't I I that's my personal belief known. I just. Thank you can't kill someone via text message. Well, I mean. Nice. I know you don't have to comment on that. I will just say, but I also the one who says like, you know, I feel like that guy. Travis really fucked with Jodi Arias head we do. Yeah. Like, I'm the one who I I'm not that viewer that likes showing a little bit of sympathy to the person that is the killer. Now, I think that with this story, it's she kind of they kind of did her what I think is like a big up for nine hundred ninety four to paint someone who killed someone in a fit of jealousy, and rage and just a crime of passion to give her a sympathetic portrayal was very kind of like I thought that that seemed a little bit ahead of its time. Why also think to lifetime is really amazing job of portraying? It's a handle here's delays. This isn't a lifetime movie. Well, but they, but they right. Okay. But like my point in saying that is that we come in. This is interesting because I wonder if these types of movies kind of set the tone for what lifetime became because this was originally an NBC movie of the week a mile, and it was then distributed to lifetime because it doesn't NBC. On like, isn't that the parent? Come falling any history, like earn all those. I don't know. No, no was an Ian lifetime. Amy's lifetime. Own eighty owns lifetime that power not necessarily the same parent. No because Bravo's bras, remember. So they think that lifetime does a really good job of portraying stories where you know, I think you may an especially when it comes to like female. So these female Centric stories. Yeah. Where you may go down this narrative road, and you're not sure where you stand on certain things, which I really liked because it does fair Justice to both parties trying to live. That's the part where they really become a movie becomes a move like an actual where you kind of look past the other Janke are aspects of production, which doesn't exist in this. Another thing. I want to bring up as that most of the time a lot of the movies, we watch on this show. And that we talk about like we liked it. They're kind of held together with pieces of like scotch tape. We liked it like the wardrobe is all like oddly brand new stuff that came off of a clearance rack a bit like works. But is all just like clearly new clothes that came from styling this movie was because also it was an NBC production. Same as twisted desire with most Joan Hart that we did last season the fun thing with this is that it has they had time to plan. Those people didn't expect a movie to come out six months after the trial happened or during the trial, which is what happened with Amanda, Knox and Conrad and Michelle those came out. Well, both those cases aren't even solved. So, you know, finished in the courts, so this movie like there was a lot that went into. They got Tori, spelling they got Valerie Harper. They got like, you know, Kelly Martin they got all of the big names, y'all. They all got they all like the cautioning is great the SCR. Script is pretty good. Like, they this is a very sturdy movie. And I think lifetime has like continues to sort of live off the fumes in good good deed of like movies. Like this having been done like we'll see once in a while like flowers in the attic like a huge production. They'll roll out, and this is like one of I think they do that because of movies like this. Yeah. I think that you know, they have a good. I think they're some of their moves like a really good sense of humor about themselves. But I also think that like the production values are like totally there. You know movies? Great feels like a real movie. Yeah. It's like these are these are movie of the week in their heyday when people were still in home on a Friday night, and like would watch him thinking that or. The movie. Yeah. Like, you said eight home from always for the kids, babe. But like, this is great this movie's great. So we're gonna get into it. But I do want to say before that too that I my whole point in bringing up that like lifetime as its unique habit of kind of asking or kind of showing you more of the the guilty party side. Yes. Like, we are going to sympathize heavily as we usually do. And as I have since episode one which OD areas, I'm probably going to sympathize a lot with the person who killed someone obviously there are people out there that are still upset about this today. They are. She was also sixteen years old sixteen and you know, arguably her victim who should not have died was not the greatest person. And they've really this movie. Does doesn't a very good way? Something that will see instance, seven we'll talk about it more does a very good way of kind of like rolling out how shitty someone can make you feel time dime, again, just by being like unpleasant and unkind like if like in highschool how much that mattered when the same person you looked up to just kind of like just took a chance to take a stab at you. I mean chancing unique heartbreak to high school. I didn't feel that way about people in college or. Real life in high school that really like made a different. Yeah. I mean, this is kind of like the OJ bully like she really was like a tremendous bully. So I don't they don't talk about that. Yeah. Because that concept really wasn't there at that time. Now, people were more of like that. Oh, toughened up, you know, or or Italy Wicker's the principles of who. I can't decide if I wanna fuck or like, oh good. I mean, he is. So you go and such a journey with him. But it's it's mean girls that reaction like something even like bully like a school shooting movie that didn't give me that reaction. But in a way in this movie, it was just so subtle like the poetry reading seen that. I was just like, oh, I'm Nair. I'm in high school right now that feels terrible. You know, it's great. So we open up on the font that the death of a cheerleader. Font is great. It's all cats all times, you Roman with a nice little shade on it. Did it right him final cut or whatever people were using that? We're in a really beautiful suburban area, we see like stock footage of a guy jogging. We'll see him again at the end, you wonder if he ever changed his outfit at all. There's ducks on a lake stuff like that. Then we go up to a church and now the turns from data night and now in front of this church. We see a beater car, and who like it can only be Tori, spelling and sitting in the passenger seat. You just know the Bob when you see it she lights up a joint. And then a moment later we see to wealthy couples having a little game night, which we spend. I felt a lot of time with them like it was a whole leg. But you're bluffing. Like donate the player. Eight get not really. But like kind of it was just like a whole like rant about their game. You can just get a feeling that everyone's very rich and like NPR ish. Yeah. It was very wealthy and educated. And so the doorbell rings his tourists selling at the door. And she goes, I'm sorry to bother you. But I was up at the church, and I was waiting for some people who never showed up, and my friend got a little weird on me. Anyhow, I was wondering if I could use your phone if it wasn't too much trouble. And she's so just I don't know any adult could even like see that presentation and be like that is bullshit like your whatever's going on your bad person. And also now a days if that happened we would probably slam on call the police and be like there's a psychotic right seal Pathak teenager, like come out. We'll bring the phone outside. You know, like, oh, you wait here. Yeah. Yeah. You'll the there is no way on getting in a car with you pearls at base like address like a high end Madam yet. She's only just like a high end. We're like we're like a sexy real estate agent. And also, the definition of what anyone's parent who had any savvy would be like, you know, the way that like a lot of moms like, hey, Kristen Doty, for example, because they can just tell she reeks of fakeness like the Tori spelling aspect of it is just this character. My mom would have taken one look at her and been like, yeah, you can use the phone, but I don't fucking trust. You you little bitch. Like who does she think she is? So there's no answer the phone, but Kevin lake the husband, which is a real. It's a real guy not Mr. lake, but there was a real couple that this sprung from offers to drive her home, and they're talking in the car they're having like kind of like a an extensive conversation for two people that will never see John Oregon. She's saying that she's really excite. What about junior year, but she doesn't want to wish this year away? 'cause she's having so much fun with her friends, and even says to her is your friend upset about something. Because now the car is tailing them and the mom what the wife of Mr. lakes wife watched the car take off. And I'm watching all this thinking like that's when I would have called the police if I was this lake chick will the car was telling them the whole time in real life. But like when it so like, Mr. league pulls out, and then like ten seconds later. She starts her car. Your wife is still watching that. And I'm thinking if I was at wife, I would've said that's weird that her friend who's being weird. Because when she just says, my friend got kind of weird with me, I have twenty questions about that. Yeah. Like as if I was an adult and a high school or came to me I'd be like, well, how were they being weird? And she was guy. She's just weird. Yeah. That's her response. And and that's any normal adult would be like that doesn't pass the sniff test like in any way, I guess we're more alert to that. Now. She also did never revealed her friend was at check. So like until later, so. The friend is telling them he drops her off. And she's like, oh, it looks like my parents aren't home. I'll I'll go to the people next door. He's like, I'll wait for you. Classic. Gotta wait for people to get inside you guys. So he's watching some sort of like fight that breaks out behind a hedge. And he can just see a little bit of Stacey. And her friend arguing and then Stacy's screams and falls to the ground after the scuffle, and he sees one figure run off. And then Stacy is like bleeding out. She goes to the next door neighbor's house, but he takes off in the car and takes off. And did they were they the ones that ever called the police or was it just so, you know, what happened was okay? So in real life. He takes up because I thought that was very clear so strain. It was unclear what was going on. Because it almost was like was he fleeing. What we're where was he was he delivering her to the seat. Like, what do you mean? He gets it almost was ambiguous. But we. What really happened was was that he tailed her. Okay. But then lost her, and I want to bring this up this because I'm a car guy. Oh, the friends she tail failing Bernadette Angela. Yeah. It he's like nineteen eighty-five Volvo to forty. Okay. Okay. Angeles driving a Pinto Pinto's were not known for their speed, right? Okay. How'd in real life. I was reading this over he lost in July teenager without a license. He. Ditchling the July or did you just give up a decide I'm not gonna put I'm just I'm out of this or anything Levy, go back home because when the cops talked to him he said, there was a girl driving Pinto. But if you were following her wouldn't you got her license plate? Let me tell you something the lifelessly of senseless from the beginning. I don't want anything to do with this always leads to someone getting killed and feeling guilty for the rest of your life. I had an ex boyfriend who got called by the cops or visit from the cops. There's hey, did you hear a screaming couple of hours ago, and he was going out, and he didn't want to deal with talking to the cops. So he pretended. He didn't. And then it turned out that his neighbor was murdered. But and like, I mean, he felt terrible about it. But that's my only experiences with just being like, I don't I don't know. Like, I don't want to. I'm not touch on this. I think you're right. I think that he probably was like I have my own life, man. This girl came to my. Door. Now, I'm wrapped up in a murder like fuck this. I saw what I saw. That's only. Yeah. Like, he didn't give them a license plate number. He just gave them a description, and it literally took them over six months to piece together, which is kind of insane. Like that could have been very easily figured out right away on those. And it is if the description was anything like the movie description, it was pretty pissed you're right. You need. So I would expect that from me a blind person. Like, that's who I would expect. But it was also like, okay. Like, not to criticize their police investigatory situations or whatever their investigation have no allegiance to the whatever town police like wooden. If it was if they said, it was a teenage girl who had like short hair. Do you? Remember her enjoy always short hair and joke around sweater and could be any girl in our high school. But by the way, how many girls in your high school drive, and she's like, I drove a Nova, aka Pinto. Yeah. And I'm like how many girls in your high school driving that exact car there were seven area? I mean. It's crazy. So anyway, so that's dying seen ever Tories. Hauling does like there's a close up on her face as she dies on her neighbors, stoop the neighbor, I've never I know fight flight or freeze. I don't want to insult anyone's ability to get ready in the moment. But like how many minutes do you have to watch Stacey die before? You're like just stood there and the kid just stood there. It's like, well, he at least was trying to hold Stacey. But he's studies sons like staving vans than out. I'm like, Hello griot. Hello, let go. Forego read your fucking cord they hooked to the wall phone van nine one one nine hundred ninety four three hours. It was that was a combo of directing writing choices and everything else. But like, I guess that explains how Stacey blood out so quickly because they they got her in the ambulance. They got her to the hospital, and she died like an hour later after this is how her family finds out. And I just want to say I love this moment of filmmaking. The dad, the mom, and the young son son is like does that thing that they used to do in old movies where they wanted to get all three people in the car in one shot. The kid is like leaned up over the center console and he's wearing a baseball uniform. And the dad goes, I thought the coaches speech was right on target. He really, and then he trails off and for the next probably twenty five seconds. They're just sort of like looking at a crime scene ahead of them and having a reaction, but I'm thinking like give them a line like known can be like, oh, no. Or like what's going on? They were. Just like again, it was a little bit of a like, I mean, are we all just going to like chill? This is happening. They just needed to like a word or something. But so he trails off and the neighbor comes out get they all get out of the car. And they're finally like what happened in the neighbors like it was Stacy, and we see Tori, spelling's slender ass body. Get thrown into an ambulance then we see them operating on her. She dies on the table yet. And she also just like a weird hand gesture that I'm not sure if that was like her look like a symbol. It was a gesture it was like, oh, I thought it was just sort of like, I don't know if it was like, a bleeding out gesture or if it was legitimate like mom and dad come with me that might be. With that ambulance drive away. How weird I know my mom would have like dove in there or someone would have like little bit. Like, let me go with you. But they were like by Stacey. So then they're like their parents watch her die on the table because they did the surgery in front of like what they normally have in like where they keep the infants in a hospital like I don't know of any hospital in America where you can watch a slain teen get operated on in real time. Like immediately after it happened that seems like a very invasive view that they got the they watched her little hurt, you know, that little cut on her collarbone. Sure act that movie magic was just something. I will say Tori, spelling I watched her eyelids. They didn't quiver. Once I don't know. What she did. She also did the classic which was I a love this choice. It was like a classic eighties. Like when people in the eighties dying. They would roll their eyes back a little bit. That goes on the stoop like, yeah. A little. You brought that and well into nineteen Ninety-four with her girl. Oh, my life is leaving me who is rolling back. I mean, I was like is she like I mean that's also like a sex face that people make. I like, yeah. A little, you know phase. And I didn't understand why we were seeing that except that I will say much like the hand motions. And then her the way that she looked so pretty when she was dying on the table. Like, no, we looked like she just got back from Santro pay her mouth isn't cocked open a little bit. Like, you're really telling me. They don't have to shut down there during its it was wild should beautiful though. Did now we go back to a time line called two months earlier, which is. We'll talk about this later. But there's no way that everything we're about to see happened in two months. I are you. Sure, it wasn't six months either way. There's no way. This daily started school in ended school in one movie and also went skiing at some point. And they're from nor Cal like where the fuck to these people live that time travel's like this like they all had a full range of coats. And like it was it was a lot. It was a lot. So we're at a putt we're out of pep rally for the school Stacy's up in front with a cute boy, you know, very very classic popular girl stance. Then we see a Goth girl all alone right ahead of time on a tad ahead of her time. She was forty years old the actress who played Monica was fucking forty years. She also literally stepped out of the craft. We're just some 'perfect. You just stepped out of the craft. She nine forty forty and she's firs balk. And I'm like, oh my God. I just much closer to never having your period again then ever getting it for the first time menopause, by the way. She's beautiful. She has Courtney Cox blog Irish Corbis like pale scam light is she's very pretty she's just much much older than these other girls. And also can we talk about the difference between Tori, spelling and Kellie Martin Tori, looks thirty five next to Kelly Martin. But it's the hair in the fashion choices she looks like a realtor. Yeah. She she looks like a lady lawyer a little bit of like lifetime. Maturity feel only Martin always had the sort of girl next door. Like did they pluck her as out of Ohio like Katie Holmes, sort of like appreciate Beckham life goes on America's builder like dorky sister? She had this like she had a very natural played down. Beauty words. Tori, spelling much more of a full face, really stylized hair. Always. Is still wore that maturity differently. So the cheerleaders are cheering the students are singing the school anthem. I love this. Because Tories the only actress who didn't even bother to learn the freight fake school anthem at one point. She just mouthed the word warriors like in the middle of a whole different thing. So then the principal comes up, and he gives a speech that makes them look like a fucking like rocks. He looks like one of those Christian ministers like we the whole principle. This dude in front of him in a way, this are so excited. It's like, it's it's really just like dumb people like it's people who are like amazed when they see an airplane in the sky like this is these kids are they're so excited about cheerleading. The one dumb joke accent. Oh my God. And they it was like, you know, like the fuck it, you know, they're taking with all of it. So let's play this speech because this speech is important simply because we are to believe as an audience that this speech is basically the inciting incident for murder. This is setting the. Backdrop of the climate surveys it. Yeah. It setting an put she believes this speech. Yeah. On on a fucking tear. She's ready to go ready. So let's play seven sixteen to ten thirty one. Very much for the sake of our newcomers. Let me reiterate that my name is edited sense. I mentioned this only because I've been told that a few misguided upperclassmen have on occasion. Mistakenly referred to me as X. Excellence. Excellence in the classroom. Excellence on the playing field. Excellence in the community that distinguishes Santa Mira from its rival. Today the first day of the rest of your lives. I issue this challenge to each and every one of you. I challenge you. To be the best. The best student the best athletes the best individual that. It is in you. To be competitive. Needed which second-best is simply not good enough. What is your goal this year at Santa Mira? Hi. Time. What? Impre candy. I am going to edit the yearbook, and I wanna get your leader come on. Angela the best writer in school yearbook. Editors nothing, but a popularity contest. And cheerleading not a chance that's reserved. The it's great to be me crowd. I'm going to be a large a lark mean like a meadow, lark such a bunch of snobs and. Not into social service and things right? They do fashion show. So they can create them for their parents in here. How gorgeous they are. I'm going to be one no Angie Stacy Lockwood is going to be alert. Meredith lab is going to be alert. But you we're just going to be Jill you, don't understand. I've got this feeling inside me like. I don't know. I'm going to do things. I'm going to be someone Easter sexes to be the best already orangey already are. Oh, she'll so nice. Jill is super nice. I also. So there's something happening in here, which I wanna tap into. And it'll come up later the movie, but. This is the climate of Reagan. This is the climate of affluence. You know, the best affluence being the best is everything be the best American. You can be. It wasn't nineteen Eighty-four you talking eighty four eighty four the movie is written to ninety four. But it's based on based on the you're getting into the caregiving. Right. So the thing is that like from a cultural analysis, I think there's something about it's it's a reaction to the counterculture of the sixties, and it's a reaction to the looseness post sexual revolution. And post all the like crime and Manson and stuff of the sixty seventies. It's Alex Keaton swinging back way back because this is the America that they're living. Yeah. So this is the time they need to be conformist. They want to wear the pearls. They like would if you ever heard the cool kids being volunteers for service on the yearbook committee like it was that was me that. No. But I know what you mean. But this is I mean, this continued to live on a lot of. I mean, I felt that was the residual effects at my high school still felt that that sort of winning and this is post nine eleven. Oh, yeah. But. I I mean once like, this is pre grunge. I think once this all happen. Like, it's just it's just an interesting like moment in time. Okay. Where there it's like, a cultural aspiration, let's make sure audience knows. Sometimes you're talking about this meaning not the movie, which is all because they've fast forward, and they updated it to nine hundred ninety four, but the rigid character mentality we should find a way to differentiate that somehow we're talking the thing is is that like, I also I don't know if this is supposed to exist in ninety four though eight envy's with the cars don't match. None of the fashions match that doesn't none of the stuff. They're like, none of that doesn't. That's not. I don't know if that's ninety four. Well, why would they eighties cars because some of the some of the Junkers are poor. And then like the older. No, no. But even the luxury cars from the eighties. Really? Yeah. I don't know like all of them are and there's a lot of deliberate choices notice there when she's doing the peer counseling seen in the end. And also a lot of the jackets and stuff that they were wearing we're very nineties. But when they were doing the peer counseling thing, and and I noticed a trend that only as far as I knew existed in the nineties, which is wearing have cell phones at ninety four know until ninety nine no cellphones were around. They had car phones in the late eighties itself. Everyone had a core phone a lot of peop- affluent people. I'm just telling you apple people nineties had car phones. I really think this is existing. I don't I'm not sure one hundred percent. But I think this is supposed to LA. Sure. But like in suburban, I don't know of everyone had a fucking car could be wrong. I mean, I'm not one hundred percent, right. But. I'm not a hundred percent, sure. But I think. The network. I think that there's like I think that we should talk about Bernadette and Angela, okay? If you're talking about the original case that okay because they do me reference to Nancy Reagan. And this that I know I wrote down because I was like that's. Their fashion is more ninety four not. That's the thing where that's almost like I think they got that wrong right there where chokers they got. Yeah. Then the peer counselors in the girls wearing baby blue thermal pajamas underneath gene short, which I do not know happening stylistically until the nineties, but that's where this movie might fudge some like, they think they kind we've back and forth between these ninety stylistic things. But also because. Yeah. Like little cool for movie of the week night. Right. It had to be like visually. Like oh. I wanna be there. So it could be where the more than ninety trends come in. I also noticed that like you don't see any computers. There were computers in ninety four. So like there were so there's just certain choices in there. Like, there's definitely would've decade earlier. They would have put a title card at the beginning saying nineteen Eighty-four. You know what I mean? I just wasn't short lifetime desert like all these movies. We do like when it comes to true stories. They do a watercolor. It's like half of this. They take a little bit of everything. Yeah. I'm sure it probably. Yeah. Because they had state because they also very old fashioned has well, I noticed so her best friend so supportive of her. I love that. It's like I just wrote the best friend is the most heartbreaking role on a lifetime movie. Always because like the best friends just being there. Fuck an innocent bystander to all of this. Right. So Angelina refiner time make some plans for the weekend, but Angeles like a little bit caught up looking at her friend Jamie who was her friend from Saint Joe's. I think which is there I thought that was like their middle school. But apparently, they left they all left and went to the public high school. So. And by the way, she's pleaded Marley Shelton who so pretty show. Pretty who? Also went on to play in one of my favorite movies sugar and spice also played a teenager, a pregnant teenager, an a pregnant teenager who was a cheerleader, which is even better. Yeah. I don't know if that was an Oman to this. But if it was I love that this cat like I found Jamie to be like some of the most powerful casting because she was a neutral person. But also, probably the most objectively beautiful person pulled away completely anytime. You saw her you were just like she's gee-gee. They dislike Trent you're just like lost a little bit. And you're like, wow. She's so pretty like what what is she saying? So this was great because Jamie calls over she's like Angela chimera. And Angela looks Agila is like is it. Okay. And Joe's like don't worry. I'll catch up with you later. And I thought that is so weird. Then I remember no that was so true in highschool of someone called you over. They were calling you. I thought that too. I was like oh shit. Okay. Weren't saying. Like the tank. No, they met like you keep your ass. There. Jill I wanna talk to Angela Angela has to be like can I leave? You hear such a specific thing to high school that you totally forget about where it just like. We're just like walking around like fucking abandoning our friends or like, our friends or being like, you're like you have to be the bigger person and be like Jano, go talk to that popular person. Elevate. Both of you at the though it really could have if you'd like. Angels. Do a good at elevated. Jill kind of chill doesn't give probably bring up the average a little bit more. Appeal was allowed to be included social stock would rise. Right. But if Jill been alleged to be included like a normal fuck in life situation like high school, so so high schools brutal. So Angela goes over to the cool go grow up after she spends, Jamie. We find out Jamie spent the summer and why and Angeles sort of dodging the question about worse than the summer. That's why I lied about going to Hawaiian first grade when everyone asked me, and my got no a lot of trouble. I was on scholarship in the school wants to know how the fuck we afford to go to Hawaii which for dinner because I made it up. I copied lying. You're imagining copied the full hustle styles. And I said that I just basically told people that soda full house where they went to Hawaii said it was about me. So and then I was on stage with the beach boys now, so she comes up to the popular group and stacey's telling the story that is. Supposed to be I wrote it down, and I'm going to do the monologue for you. Because it's the least interesting story of all time. But the way that it's a much like the prep rally where you're like what the fuck what rain dead moron. But Stacey she's also very political. She goes so anyhow this substitute. She's got this unpronounceable last name, and she has like four she's like four feet tall. And the first thing she does is announced that she has a PHD, and we had to call her doctor. So listen court he stands up and says, hey, Dr I got this pain in my heart. What should I do? And then they all laugh as this is like this is the lease. They're like that's as if that's like the sickest bird. Learn like first of all you fucking more of that as a doctor. Secondly, like that like, okay. But this just also goes to taps back into the excellence of this bullshit, right because she was a bag of Shan for emphasis. Is she is in like a look at this little foreign lady thinking, she's a fucking doctor, right? Cut to she is at cutting me. Yeah. So cut too. So if you not achieved an MD. Yeah. You are subpar. Yeah. Amazing because I'm like, they're just two different two very different things. But I'm like, no not every doctor needs to prescribe medicine you fucking at court. But that's cool. No. I know and she thinks is worth telling retailing over lunch. Yes, they spot. Monica. The school Goth crossing the line and pay Monica. Aren't you forgetting your broom and Monica says, I don't eat a broom to fly away from you. You bitch. Bitch. We pointed to it was short. I was like I am like Monica is the one to watch she serving for Roosevelt real news at all times. Like, she literally Nancy from the Clark the crime. So I'm getting a little bit of Jimmy Garoppolo and Romeo Michelle a little bit. She Monica does you feel for her? But she does play it funny. Like, she also you bitch like the way. She's it's kind of funny. Right. So it was very harsh, which then Tori goes goes, you better go away. We don't feed the strays here. So Angela runs up to her best friend, and she's like, oh my God. I got my school job at the attendance office, guests, whom I work partner is and her friend goes. Well, jeez. From the sounds of it. It's Nancy Reagan. I just wrote it was it ever cool to work in ministry of office. Nancy eight right. So she says it Stacy Lockwood and chills like very under. Well, then she's basically Stacy is a mean and hurtful person, and I don't wanna see you get hurt Angela's. Like, no, no, she's only mean to someone like Monica 'cause she goes out of her way to offend people pharma's culture. So this is also very like west, Memphis three sort of like beat to hear where they kind of pick the Goth girl, and we're like she must be this bad person. Which is exactly what happened was with west. Memphis. Although some people think they're still guilty. You can Google that if you want so her front drops her off at home Joe's, so cute. She keeps her out of the window. Like a dog the entire time Angela's walking inside Angeles such a sweet goody goody girl. She's such a goody goody. Angela as the cross she's wearing across the entire fucking movie. I mean, Italian Catholic family but angels got the cross on. She's just one of those people that walks through life. And you're like you are so harmless and tender like the irony is angels the ultimate rule player. Right. The irony of it'll she as by last cla makes them snap. Honey, often times. That's why those people fucking snap. It's like all that rule. Playing can really get. So Angela goes in the kitchen where her mom's praying in the bible on a timer. The timer rings. Valerie Harper, by the way, who once told me when I was when I was working the w strike line at paramount a Famer she told me I was adorable. Valerie Harper also played the who that's by the way, you've been called adore by legend Rhoda Morgenstern show. Of course, one of my favorite alternate. Tv characters of all time. I'm not just desperate. You bring up a story of someone calling me adorable. Fucking rhoda. It's an Shiva's this thing. And also may we point out that in Rodas fictional husband's name was Joe and in this movie gel. Joe Joe, by the way, if you guys are not following us on Instagram right now WPI early posted a clip today. Valerie, Harper's credible. Facial reactions at one point during this movie, which I really think this should be our definitive clip of you tell me because I'm too into this by now, I can't even tell if this if it's good or bad. I don't know if the face that she serves during this letter. We're getting seen. Always a great test of an actor's ability is great or the worst acting I've ever seen or maybe the best acting of ever seen. And she deserves an Oscar I can't tell she got home. Go check out maya's WP. That's also why you've already known that. This this episode was coming for three weeks. If you've always there so get involved, so Angela's like arms like Terry's home Terry's. Her sister, Theresa she like a vegetable spread I'm Brian ver- in the kitchen. She's like I am a living on vegetables love her. I fucking love Terry's vegetables. So Angela's like, hey, what's the real world like, and she's like, it's pretty boring you pay your own bills. You stay at home a lot. And like I'm gonna live in is at Cabrillo Cabrillo count. It's okay. So what I think so in the this is Bernadette speak for Marin. Okay. I wanna live in Marin county. I think Cabrera's Marin. Okay. She say and also I'm like. Whatever what was the sisters? We got Terry. Terry Terry felt like it is ten days. Pay your bills going back to your everything? It's cry. To be at age of like that'll never be me. I'm gonna leave Marin county into the debt. I'm like, okay. It's also a little bit Mary Fisher by the C because because Terry's like, well, how the fuck do you think you're going to finance his life of living? She wants to live in like an ocean side manner. And she's like, well, how are you gonna finance? She's like, well, I'm going to be a writer like Danielle Steele or something. And her sisters, basically like you need to get a grip. And then they follow her on like she's like I'm going to be the best. Just like my principal said rule follower. You're totally. Right. That's where they all lose. It is they followed the rules. Too hard. Actually have an interesting turn for that later about how her role following also contributes the murderer. I don't know the rule following is the whole reason why she is a murderer. It's it's very like same with this Michelle Conrad person a lot of times these people that are killers are the visually. I don't believe. That's I disagree with you. And I'll tell you why later on. Okay. Yeah. We will. But like I will just say that like a lot of times these murderers are very literal people people that take words at fucking face value. And it's like, oh, you really thought when your principal was gassing everyone. I've you're the one who really yet. I agree with that. Yeah. Described that emotional newsletter little moment which taps the. Yup. I can't wait for this. Go they do this great shot that is so awed. And I don't I never know if they're doing this to fill time if they're trying to be special or something, but they do this shot where they follow her through the room. It's a tracking shot and she opens her bedroom door, and then puts her ask down on the bed. And then it's there for half a second. And then it cuts to the next scene, which is in the attendance office. So there's no like real art to it except for maybe that's where the poster came for like, it looked like it could be a poster shock because it was a beautiful shot, but it was wasted on the nothingness that happened following. But also, maybe to show us, you know, she's a little Cuco. She doesn't have a rule to follow. She's going to go sit on her bed and keep. Is open and stare at the open door like dollars a starring. Yeah. Angela. So we're in the attendance office Stacy's flirting with court. We're gonna play sixteen thirty seven to eighteen fourteen. If not just you can hear this wildly inappropriate comment from principal Sachs told. Yeah. Mm. You are so bad. Vecchio? Skip school. Yes. Shade needs an excuse. I was thinking you could come up with something you being such good writer at all. I don't wanna get in trouble or anything. Relax. Nobody's going to know. Okay, creative. Right. So it's been. Do you about Monica? She goes walking downtown yesterday dressed like a rerun of Addams family. So this little boy Caesar any screams and runs away by time is mom catches up with him. He's crying. He's like, totally hysterical. He saw Snow White. He thought Monica was the wicked witch them. Prettiest this morning. Gordon it. We're going to take Ramirez tonight. No, sir. No. We're going to crush good. That's what I like to hear a winning attitude makes the winning team. Catholic through ski trip. It's going to be in timberland. It's an overnighter. Yeah. You for a minute share? Mr. Sachs tomato, correct? So that he thinks you're going to schools invited. Me course, you it's going to be a blast. Besides it'll give us a chance to get caught up. Talk about all the times. Sure. Sure. I'll go. Okay. Great. I gotta go. Okay. So two things really quick. This is where I wanna stylish also that the popular girls are always in this navy Denham, blue Pearl. Very late cable knit sort of like layering. It's very intentional what they did with the wardrobe here. But the popular girls are always in blues and denims in whites like that is there theme, and then they have Angela in this scene. The red sweater the previous in a red sweater, which we don't really see her in anything bold at any other point during the movie, but for the most part her color is like a Brown and Topi sort of like mob color. She does a lot of oranges on on. Just an whoever said angora was a new pink was seriously disturbed orange is the new. No. I mean, they this movie is. It's the costuming is great because the blue content from the popular girls continues. Maybe bluest cool. I don't know. But like they continue to beat you over the head with the blue well through the trial at the end where it's just like a Blue Wave is over on CC side of the courtroom and this color. It's really striking. When you watch it actually just to see how often they put Kelly modules just hope on the inside to just very plain chain when she the description of the murderer Brown sweater, red sweatpants. They keep her in this palette her sneakers during fucking cheerleading tryouts or tan, I've never seen a tan kid in my life, just like in happy and ski jacket to actually likes the ski jacket. I was like I don't see pair give it time girl. But so we're words this church family Angela's begging her mom to let her go on the ski trip as they walk in a judge. We'll think about it. Yeah. She's a Topi flowery dress in a Brown jacket should met. Should mention that. So after church. They run into the preacher. And he's like or the father pastor, what do you call them when it's the previous pres they run to and he's like Angelo's just yesterday that ties you a babe in her mother's arms and look at you. Now, a lovely young woman and her mom goes, it was a wonderful sermon. Father and he says, thanks. I'm afraid some of the younger members of the parish might have thought it was a bit stuffy. And she says you spoke the truth father and the truth doesn't change with time. And he says bless you. I suppose not still one must be flexible. Don't you think? So they're walking away from the church. He's just left her with this thought and mom's like what I'm giving that ski trip a second thought should go on it. Yup. Mum puts Jesus shit right into action. She's the one in the church. She's actually like listening paying attention and then living in the real world. She walks talk angelou's all excited making brownies Jill, she's screaming. Like he s she said, yes. Joe's like, okay, I get it calmed down before you beat those brownies to death. I loved that line. That was like that's that's high lifetime humor like that's a joke. So she's like you can't ski and also the trip costs seventy five dollars. You don't have any of the equipment. You need. Andrew like aller knit. Then we go into like a great odd job montage told. And I also I like angels plucky. Yeah. To go. She's not going to be like I'm gonna she's not going to steal. No, she's not gonna processor to get it. She's not going to beg her parents for she's going to go out and get hers g was painting. She's babysitting babysitting. Scenes lasted about three seconds to long each again to the Philip the montage somehow they didn't have that many sets or something. So like, she's like she's fighting one kid, and there's like a little playful back and forth with her and the kid, and you're like, okay is they're going to cut to the next one. And then they don't and then she puts the plate down. And we're like, well, okay. We've really stepped this out. And then there's. There's one that I really liked because she washes the car great. And then she goes to another babysitting job, and she's bathing a girl toddler and the cameras starts to sort of like zoom in on the little girl's face. That's like having fun and you see Kelly. Martin's character pushing the bath bubbles like as directed probably closer to like the little girls naked bodies. So that it's all covered. But it's very clear. It's how movies work like we're going to zoom in. But we don't wanna get too close on. So just push the bubbles as we like that was really a shot that was shot, and they had to have it. And I want to know why they needed time so badly like they were must've been they build up to like especially movies of the week. They build to commercial break. So it's always interesting to me to see other ways seconds. So then they go she's all like, you know, babysitting Scott her money. She counts stack of ones in her room. And then she goes, this key store with her friend, and there's a very fashionable scout, but it's pink pants in a little jacket, and she's jacket. This jacket is divine. And she can't so totally out of our price range that jill's like lesson between this and the fact that you will need to get all rentals. And you can't buy skis. Just kind of my house give you a jacket. We go to a scene. This is I wanna play the scene just because it's peak Kellie Martin acting just because we get to see. We get what she does best is what plays out when she tries this jacket on the way that she sort of is relatable and making proclamations and is upset this is very this is what Kelly Martin did best. And then after the scene to see you guys know we're going to we're going to morph into dropping people off for the ski trip. We'll probably queue this up as we watch us as well. Then we hear the trip up up to the mountain resort wherever they're going. And then we hear the girls in the cabin rating. Monica's diary, so this is the three scenes we're about to watch it's long. It's twenty one eighteen to twenty three fourteen. You look great. I look like a pair. No, you don't you look fine. Really? Nobody's going to care. How you look. I care boys care. Everybody cares. It doesn't matter. You've worked hard for this. You're going to go and you're going to have a great time. He. Little. He is so hot. I think he's gonna ask me to prom. And what about court? Why sell for choice when you can have crime? So what do you suppose? Monica was scribbling book hers. She's still the shower. Find out you wouldn't. Bedtime story girl. Let's time was very strange little girl named Monica. Her face was very very white and her clothes. We're very very black. Now. Monica was so weird other little girls with play with her. She made her dire your constant companion. Here's what she had to see. Dear diary, I'm seeing in the back move and my way to timber all because my parents want me to fit in fit in Stacy Lockwood. Enter toadies. Just kill myself be real contribution to society. She thinks she is so cool. But I'll bet she's still virgin getting the meat of the story. Stacey vet stuff's private excuse me. What do you anyhow Monica's guardian angel? Back to the story. She thinks she so cool. But I'll bet she's still virgin you BIC. Markelle. We were just you know, feeling out that texture of your. Friends here. Monica go, but go she didn't mean anything by killer. Don't mean angry. But would wanna be like, you know, about it? Anyway, go on get away from me back Likud boot says what you do. She's forty. What is I mean? Not just as wise, the gos- girl Wise's forty year old woman on the ski trip with that. I I enjoy his crew also monocle like a girl who yelled at me at church one time because I was dressed inappropriately. Oh. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. That's a look I look for also here thing. Here's the thing. Is that Kelly warns Angela doesn't even Stu much like she just basically says like can we not get into a fucking fistfight and this in this ski law also? But like, oh, Monica your turn on the girl. The one girl who was there to defend you, the one girl man at Monica. I'm just surprised that a little mad at Monica because for me, it seems sets up a few things this seat is also kind of like, well, I'm not gonna go ahead. Admit I am the murderer. And I'm gonna let Monica take this for. Time because yes with that Monica knew all along that the re what she says to her is like you're a wanna be your wanna be her. What she's saying is right? But it's me. No. It's mean, but that's not why she let she let Monica knew that someone like Angelo would have thrown her under the bus for the opportunity to not come across as popular nerdy. What do that? Monica is scarred. Monica has peo- throw noble even sit next to fucking assembly up. And then all of a sudden this girl is saying like, oh, no, no, no. You'll be okay. She doesn't mean it and Monaco's like she doesn't mean it. Then why do I spend every fucking day in my life? I can't even cross the quad. But prior to Monica walking the room. Angela was the only one who later Lille does here. No, no. But Angela won't stand up to her to the point that it's like, you know, what when we both get stuck behind at this lodge tomorrow, which they did. But what you fill this. Okay. So this is what I what I saw. Christian thing to have been truly nice to Monica, and then minute actually, hope that Monica would be her friend. Yes. That would be the right. Oh, I don't. I don't think that for me. This was about. Okay. This is the first time we see Angela cross Stacey in a very slight way. She itself. Very minor. She just said, hey, put down her diary Ageles felt that that was wrong against her grain a little bit where she was like we shouldn't be reading this because angels a fucking nerd and she's a rule follower. And she abides by the code. This is the first time that Stacy we see Stacy start to turn on her. And this is how I see it. I see it as like this every time. Monica pushes a little bit than Stacy starts to really go after her and in the next scene. This is one. Oh, Where'd you get that jacket at the thrift shop it was like the next? But that's yes. But that's not Monica's fault for blowing up at. And because I was gonna say like, so where are you saying? Just say, it's unfortunate. That was like that like they were all going to accuse Monica this murder whether or not Angela John Daly, not right to know what you're saying. I don't know if we I think we agree on the same thing. Which is that. No, I with me, I think hurt people hurt people, and I'm not gonna ask Monica up the average of the room by. Well, all I was trying to say it was at the irony of it is like Angela like I was just saying it's funny because Angeles trying to defend Monica Monica and comes in and turns out Angela to basically muster which is fine. But I'm also saying that like, I'm sure Angela deliberated about like not revealing hers. It's remembering Monica's just getting fucking slam that has anything to do with a little bit. But that's okay. We could see two different Angela fell completely remorseful the second after it hap- I shoulda too. But I also think that, you know, even during than if she she was happy to have a scapegoat. But I don't think it was because I think if the scapegoat happen to be cold or whatever that Kodaly, I agree with that that just saying it probably didn't hurt her that bad. No, she stood up for Monica every FBI investigation. Okay. She likes she likes. She always was like, sure. Yeah. She said she would never she said that and they were like, oh, she didn't. We don't think she did. But the only people without Monica was a murderer where the other kids. At school who were living under the stigma that lake. She was because we'll see what stacey's parents. They've really used poor fucking Monica's situation against her through the end calling her anti-establishment. It was very it was very Trumpy to me in a way why in in Reagan's America. That was the whole thing was. Yeah. Sees stacy's. Parents are grows the whole thing's gross like, but I do feel bad. No one's kids should die. I'm Jehovah should die. But you can't be a fucking dick. There's something coming that. I think is very important, and I can't wait to get to it. Because so the next day Angela gets made fun of for jacket. Just the way that she knew. She would Jill was wrong. This was not all okay. Jamie stays behind says like why did you have to do that? And I'm sitting I'm still sitting there being like do what like all she did was basically diffuses situation to a point where people were not going to be throwing hands the first night at the ski trip like. That's all that's all injured with stay up to a bully. Not even know she didn't even do that. She just basically like come over here. It's okay. And like, basically tried to separate them, and like that's not wanting to be Switzerland. Or even just not have a fight breakout. Does not mean that you're siding with either person. Mill I agree with that. I just think that the way she said to her. Hey, kind of like we shouldn't be reading her diary was taking a stance of like, we shouldn't be reading her diary. This is wrong. Yeah. By the stupid. Agreed. But that's what set this is what sets to defect Jamie, Jamie's, basically, they don't worry about it. Just don't you know, if I if that point if I was Jamie, I would have been like this is fucking ridiculous. And like I'm saying with you to if you can't go then I'm not going either. They're all insecure teenage girls, and they don't have the culture to do that. But it's like because they just she doesn't want to be left out. It's better to be in the plastics. And they this is her Gretchen wieners. This is like a stand that. I just think it's stupid. I I completely agree with that. I. Well, I get in for me personally. I try to like pert like crying about this and confession later you can live with that. So Jamie says like basically, just ignore it. And maybe you can hang up. So Stacy like, hey, Jamie, are you coming or are you staying with the strays Jamie leaves than Angela's now alone with Monica who's just like putting on our doc Martins? And she has he's bangle bracelets that are just like jingling, and I'm like, I'm Tim Monica. So the school Monica toe, and the school isn't as the principal gives the daily notes over the over the Mike the announcements, and he says that sheer leading tryouts are at the end of the day. He s Stacey. Once he's after Mike if she's trying out she said, she really goes that's good because you're exactly the kind of girl we need to represent us. Angeles says she's trying out to and the principal goes. Well, that's good. See later. They have the priest over for dinner. Yes. Angela what's going on with the school? He understands that she's to turn into a fine young writer. I loved this. Because you reminded me like the closes anyone ever really talks to my grandfather on TV like the way that he says like sick joining the larks service. That's fine service say fine like that. So that night Angela's woken up in our sleep by a bunch of girls standing around her and there's going larks. And so they flip on our lights all my God. She's in the fucking larks. They tell her that she's the chosen one they also in the living room of a classmate in the morning. It's like now morning time somehow in their pajamas because they were brought out in the way that they were just just made me think that she and Stacy were different years because Stacey is wearing a cute little tied up top and miniskirt. And I'm like did. She would she awoken at six AM and this miniskirt because Angela wasn't even allowed to grab shoes. Call that out. Though, they do. Yeah. Miss. Oh, she did. She did. She dress for those. Oh, remember, how the girls go? No. You can only wear what you're wearing. Yeah. Then they were like did Stacy. I miss that. So sees drinking glass of she watches on. So I'm gonna play this clip. This is the initiation scene. It's a very classic initiation. Scene. We'll just play at twenty seven twenty four to twenty eight thirty six. Ladies you are the chosen the best and the brightest. The shining stars of the software class the only thing shiny about me. This morning's my nose. I know that my mother promised. I'd read it. Okay. If you prove worthy impasse the test. You'll be welcomed into a sisterhood of chievements and service. And now let the initiates come forward for a night -ment and instruction. Come on girls move. It. Neil. Do you Stacy Lockwood promised to abide by the rules regulations? Precepts and traditions of the ancient and distinguished order of meadow larks, and I'm not crazy about rules and regulations. It's okay. We haven't really got any just say I do. I do then. I welcome you and anoint you meadow, lark Lockwood formidable. Okay. So there, but she sneers. Cutter. I can't imagine anything worse. I was gonna say they're about to you. I was probably going to say that this was there was probably jokes made jokes cut or some notion around the idea that actually very good to put manny's in your hair, a good. It's a very good conditioner you hate manage. So this is a very, I know I hate it. I would hate this. But this is this is my point saying, this is that this is the low stakes bullshit. And if she. She. Basically put conditioner in your hair like as many models use manny's as conditioner. Like, there's also this time this is very like nineties beauty trips. Like tricks like like seventeen magazine would be like pulled out of blush on your nose. So it looks like you were just out in the sun. They go use mayonnaise in your hair. Like, these are the kind of like, quote, unquote, Pinter's tax of the nineties models. So their initiation here is to drive around drive around town in a convertible in a way that is so dangerous. I don't even know how this is how they even filmed this really, especially at the speed they were going as you don't have to wear seatbelts shit. They literally wearing seatbelts, add let's describe for the people at home. They're driving on the street in a convertible with three of them sitting outside of the convertible on the trunk that I've seen happened in slow beach towns, for example, like movies like a Miami movie like hot babe sitting back this. They're cruising around town catching turns with. Three teenagers sitting on the back of this thing. Not only is that so fucking illegal. But the fact that this isn't how one of the like this the death of the leader shocked me because I was like this is so dangerous sixteen year old girls just flying around. So the whole thing is that they pull over and there's always like it's some old man in a car. So Stacy gets out roll down. What's the dare? Oh, she has to lean in and give him a kiss on the cheek she jumps back in the car, all the girls squeal. So they pull up to the next guy. He literally looks like he's one of the people from the game guests who because he has like a mustache glasses and a floppy old man hat like he is a guest who character. And like, it's Angeles. Turn she gets out runs up to the car to kiss. I'm he starts to roll up the window. She goes once she goes in for the kiss he continues to roll it up. So it's like, oh, quote, unquote rejected other girls like laugh at her. And I'm like, wouldn't she was soom? It would take like six tries per person. Just simply because of the fact that you're trying to get in this person's car window with manny's on your head as. A stranger. Yeah. I mean, I would think that. But no, not these girls are like this. Kissed this seventy eight year old man, we'll let you late him in his vehicle with mayonnaise on your fucking. All we know. This man is blind afraid for his life kid wants to go about his day without getting murdered. I understand so Kerry visit Angela at home sister congratulates her on getting into the popular group doing the lark thing and just like if you ever wished you could be like someone else and her sister's like, yeah. All the time. And she's like there's this cruel at school. She's really popular. And I really want her to like me and her sisters just like you should be yourself embrace who you are. I can't I want to be better than just me. She's very literal. This is a girl if she is like the person they are portraying which is same thing they did in Conrad and Michelle pointed out Michelle's role following her a helper. This guy's anyone to she wants to help them. It's not the same. But it's the same. They set up charactered be very the same way that they made Kayla. Quogue? Go seemed dumb the drew Peterson movie. They're kind of setting her up to be very literal rule following person. So literal, so let she's like, I know I wanna be I literally want to to be in service. Right. I'm going to serve the community as a lark because it will make me popular that's earnestly since. Honestly. Yeah. It's like you want to be popular. Well, I'm going to be popular off. So I had to take this clip. Normally don't do too late this back to back. But there's this great clip of the kids reading poems in class. And of course, our Angela gets up first, and we'll just let her take it from there. Ange I see a boat it sales spoon with wind pushing against the current, AVI. Stretched up behind it marking the waters where it has been. And I see me. Adrift on a winless see companion to give me sucker. No come this to give me berry. Tickets me hope. Quite the critic, aren't you could? Okay. Why don't we hear what kind of a poet you? I see a beaver gnawing on a tree. No, it's okay. It's. I see a beaver gnawing on a tree hot and frenzy while and free that'll be enough. I look at the beaver look at the tree looking. I wonder why. So good. I want you to trot on down to Mr. Sex's office. Stacey why don't you? Face like, a ghost hair blackest sin, the witch of Santa Mira scratches her chin she Kako chic loads. She summons her broom and flies like banshee right out of the room. Key Stacy Lockwood Monica. Stacey I think you'd bid apologize. I'm sorry. Miss chatfield. It was just a poem. It wasn't about her. So here's the deal as many of, you know, by now, I am a comfy person. Yes. Of course. I wear traditional clothing when I need to. But for the most part, I am one of those people running around in leisurewear. I love a comfy bra top of fitted tank, a t and of course, leggings workout pants, all of it. And sometimes they actually even work out in them. But for real my day to day activity level, it spans out over a lot of different categories. 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That's time movie club com. M O L S for the exclusive to us offer of one free month. This love that Tori, spelling gives her. It's like it's a caricature of look that mean girl gives a movie like, it's it's I con ick. It really because it's so bad like, she's Tori, spelling's working overtime. And she's about like literally something's gonna pop. I'm surprised that she didn't fucking spasm stab everyone on set because she's working hard. Okay. Now. This is where she's pressed, and this is where he wrote on my notes that like I could I wrote they do a good job with this movie at showing someone can just chip away at your spirit and high school, and it's an also there's the secondary which is what Angela's experiencing which is like watching someone else be the victim of that. And like the duality of her characters that she doesn't want to be that. Whereas that would put fully completely isolate someone like me because I wouldn't want to get close to her as a result of that. I would feel terrible. And then feel terrible. Like, that's that's my personality is I would have a double ride be like not only do I not trust anyone here. But they are so cruel like that would just this. I felt a little broken not gonna lie. The second time. I watched it. So then they're cheer tryouts. Angela God bless her fucking soul. Isn't her beige heads or whatever? And she's trying to land this routine. It's not great. But it's not it's not the worst either. Because like she's also like she has this like fortitude this like cell fortitude, where she keeps just being like, you know, what? No, I didn't get that. Right. Let me try again, it should a humor about it too. Like, she wasn't like, you know, taking it. I mean, I was kind of like, okay, give the girl chance you can mold this impract-. It wasn't that bad. It wasn't that bad. She also had a dedication. So she says Stacy come down you seem to have it. And like, this is the thing is that Stacey stick her arm movements or whatever. But Tori, spelling can't clap. It wasn't like remarkably better at all. There was no like Kellie. Kellie, Martin's voice had like. Ocean in it. She's like really wanted the team to win right cici's. Just like what am I doing choose? It was very Quinn from Doria leg. It was just like there's no most in yard. You know what I mean? It's just it's just bitter. Literally literally is where sports bra she's wearing for us. But she's rich and like she has probably some sort of like she goes to the tennis club on the weekend. She can like has better athletic instincts, but there's no heart there. She's not a real cheerleader. They have Angelo on the team if they really wanted to be winners. So the speaking of this is weird. So the coach says final try our Wednesday on Friday, we'll announce the winners. And I was sitting there thinking you mean the team because this isn't a contest this is are you going to get on the team winners and losers also at what high school would there be an assembly to nominate four cheerleaders in front of the entire school. It would. I mean, this seemed like it was probably going to be a five hour ceremony where they brought in all the new like. What the hell's happening? I mean, I I didn't go to school the did pep rallies. We just didn't we cared more about theater, but like that idea of school caring so much about that. Alley like, these Toro's. You don't have been that was like right here. So Angela and or fine run run out of class, and they go look at a list that's been posted for the yearbook staff. Angela didn't make it and jill's like we what? No that has to be a mistake. And she's like, I didn't fuck and make gel. Until like, no. But you're in the larks now, and you. Jill. So they call the new cheerleaders out at the assembly Angela's, not one of them. Stacey is again. There's this weird sound effect that they keep that keeps happening. I don't know if it's an affect or the way that the sound aged over time like the way that it translated from whatever that format is digital. But it's almost like an airplane. Sounds like it's landing in the movie every time watch your free on Amazon prime right now. So Angela sobbing in the bathroom alone. And a stall Jill tries to get her out. But she's like she can't so Angels' walking home much later. Terry fines or walking down the side of the road. She's driving like the beat up Nova that will wind up later coming into play. And she gets as Angela gets into the car Terry's Terry's slice and a cucumber with a knife raw dog are and she's eating literally the way that like like like construction workers doing movies where they're just slicing a hunk of ham office, something and eating it off the knife. Look she's eating often night. It was very primal. It was Zuber prime. All it was like oh shit. It was nineteen eight felt like nineteen hundred eight so Angela Jogi drunk Joel's house terrible drunk teen acting. Angela's drinking in twos. I've never done this before Jogos. That's what guys wanna hear when you and it was like sick. I I don't even think about guys. So the two of them were having this like really bad drunk acting scene. You'll tells you you know, what fuck all this social sifter going through come to Rogers party this weekend. Just forget about everything and Angela taste as like a moment to turn it into another Stacey opportunity, and she's like, you're right jail. That's it. Yup. Invited to a party, I'll invade states. Do the party with me, and she'll have to be my all her problem. And so as soon as she turns around Joe's already drunkenly passed out and Angela then goes to a payphone in the middle of nowhere and Cho's Stacy's house, which is I guess now that we the back that was the thing that kept her safe that caller come from jill's house game over right? But she for some reason thought to go to a payphone she calls from the payphone and says, hey, you know, I'm a lark worse. Surprising. I know that I know that Stacy's cheerleading camp. I'm leaving. This message for you Stacy's mom, so that you can tell her to be ready next week. We're all doing a big surprise lower center. I'm gonna come pick her up at nine. So I read that during the trial of Bernadette, they hinged a lot on this. So the the payphone payphone so weird because in the way, I thought it was really clever the way the movie did this. So they because they were debating between first and second degree murder, obviously, I being whether or not being able so they were hinging on one of these a hinged upon was that remember on as Angie hangup. That's her name. She goes in who's calling in cheese shoot already already. But on this this version Angeles so elated. Oh, she's got disco running in our community surgery best. Yeah. She's like, hey, the phone like oh, girl. This is so great. Yeah. But on the trial, they were like she deliberately withheld her identity, so she could trigger and I'm like, I need it. So visit eulogised getting you know, and it's one of those things it's just like an accidental because knowing Angeles, she probably. I don't know. Who knows what did you say? You know what I mean? But who knows I don't know. So this is so the audiences known 'cause you have seen this movie. What this what the trial boils down to because she does confess to the murder is whether or not this is first or second degree murder. Now. This is we'll talk about it later. But that's what this whole trial was this normally would not have been a trial as she did confess to the murder. Right. It became about whether or not this was premeditated. It became a public hanging. Absolutely. Absolutely. And so her being on a payphone did strike me as odd. But back then like, there would be a thing if you went to your friend's house, and you had to walk home, you probably would walk by a payphone. And you'd think I don't even wanna wait. I'm just gonna I'm just gonna win one hundred percent. And also a lot of is only had one line. Yeah. Do you know what I mean? So if your mom was on the phone, you couldn't use the phone, right? You know what I'm saying? Or if at any point like also, they didn't have Colorado. Back that right. What was it really like? So it just there were a lot of reasons why the pay phone was completely innocuous, right? There were payphones everywhere phone is what made and broker and a lot of ways because at the same time. It's like it's like, well, she was smart not the pay phone got her an extra six months out. They probably wouldn't have ever been able to pin it on her because she called from payphone. It would have come down to Angela gel pretty quickly. But yeah, I mean, it was also just people be using pay phones back then it were literally everywhere people's consul every day. So you wanted to privacy your teenager? You want privacy go use a payback? Yeah. Totally so Angeles mom is driving her over to or babysitting charge that night, but started night a babysitting, and she's selling it too much. She's doing the most she's like Yemen through the best kids ever. I love them. I love babysitting for this family base of those family. It's good life where you ought to see me on a Friday this family babysitting. She's all I'm praying to Jesus. In the house as a babysitting really selling it. Mom, and then this is weird beyond weird. Okay. She and her mom get to the house, and she's like mom, you know, what you should leave the car here. Just walk home four or five blobs and leave the car here. I would feel a lot safer. If people thought that an adult was home, and there was a car in the driveway and rooms like why? But Angela you're on your permit. I can't let you drive the car, and she's like come on mom. That's only four or five g you have first of all my mom wouldn't let me drive till I was twenty two zero. And the only reason why she ever let me drive because she got married to a guy who said Shawna, this is fucking insane. That you've never let your twenty year old daughter drive. That's the only reason why I got my license at age twenty. Now, if I had been fifteen and my mom was dropping me off for job sprung on her mom, just walk home. Leave the car to me a person who cannot legally drive because of some fictitious name. Errative in which I am safer. If there's like an old car parked outside of the driveway. I don't understand how this happened. Okay. See this is where we differ get because I knew how to hustle my dad. So you're giving you an unlicensed. I've said I I was watching this up. Totally what I would have been the I probably would have had I wouldn't do bird or someone. But if I wanted to go party, and I was faking a babysitting thing, and I live three blocks away. And I knew I could hustle. First of all, this is okay. You have to remember to Angela's like the youngest. I think she's the youngest of six. So when you're the youngest child, you know, how to whittle your parents person in high school by the time you needed to steal a car from your dad wordy driver. Right. But the thing was mile. So I just feel that her hustling. This was not for me. This wasn't so out for the Rama possibility because it was crazy. Yeah. Like you had to do that. I knew how to be like we live to you like exercise you actually love running. So I was thinking why don't you leave the car here? I would feel much safer. Whatever murderer came and let you would let you participate in a crime because it is a hundred crime for her eating for four. Locks four blah would have killed. My dad would have been like nothing's gonna happen. Nothing done to to remember. This is not the case in the murder, but this is not true in the movie either in real life either. But in the movie or dad's a mechanic, and I was like, well, she probably has been starting up beaters along for years, but in real life or dad was he worked in an engine ear air? Yes. But he's probably she probably didn't have driving experience. I thought this is this really how she got the car in real life. I wanna say this is exactly how she got the car. She literally said to her mom, I would feel safer if the car if it looked like someone Tom which by the way as a fair thing when you're a teenage girl and you're sitting by yourself, but I babysit myself every single fucking weekend. And I never got my mom to commit a crime by Philip. Media compare blocks to me, Molly. If you're so scared of someone breaking in the house when you have all the lights on in the door. Shut in a suburban neighborhood. You're not mature enough to be babysitting. And I would have said to my dad gets a and walk in. Out of Gigi me to leave. You have never been teenage babysitting. Girl in the suburbs of Massachusetts. Okay. Do I've been a California boy, my whole life value. Nobody given a teenager without a license. Fucking car to drive for one four five or twenty blocks unless you're Angela fucking Delvecchio Edward Hanson because fucking God that sounds like a that's a Stacey move to be able to leave you. I agree with you some working class shit every every Jila how to get Stacy to that. This is her this is her moment. Molly. Valerie Harper and I say well bitch. You know, what you're certainly you. You're worried about that seventy five dollars ski trip. But you're not worried about your daughter who very fair. She's not poking around the liquor cabinet when she's babysitting here. Those are all very fair point Berg if my unlicensed first of all teenagers aren't allowed to drive at night period. Gers are insane. I should not have been on the roads. But I literally you were never underage on the roads at night. I would present was. I license on the road at night as teenager ivdr back the day drive by permit sometimes like, you know, like when your teenager in California's those you steal the car. You never stole the car. You never you never. Did you ever really I feel never even sat in the driver's seat of the gated community. I would take the car driving around the gated community time. I sat that would just say dully the gated community, and I just did it. Well, that's weird. And I feel like our audience at home to chime in on whether or not in by the way, but you know, what shitty. Other people like what the fuck is going on you cannot let an unlicensed teenager drive around. And you know, what it made me really good driver number one. And number two. I also didn't kill me. This isn't about you. This is about. Stacey lost lower class. Mother daughter vincentian, these people are they're driving around Junkers. This is her father's Livia. She's stepping stepmom is driving in her mother. And her leather calories. Mom, come on get your walk started. Not go home. I mean, the no this is not on brand. While you wanted to get exercise the air, pulling Stacey we're talking. Angela. That's your guts. Stacey move is to say, mommy, she get some exercise. Just been overselling totally Angela who just up sold the idea of being at these people's houses on necessarily for fifteen minutes, I'm terrified that a murderer might come. And find me so we could lead the Pinto in the driveway. So that they knew it wasn't like don't don't stay by. Angela. Okay. You're stacey. My house killed. The lake that is so you wanna be that mean though, you would never be. I was one hundred percent high school. Are you kidding me? All I wanted to you agree. It's insane for her father term mother to have left or the car agree. Okay. Here's the thing. I don't agree with that. Because what I'm saying is it's not what we're we're. We're gonna agree disagree. That what I'd say is that plates of racism game on her mom, and she it at and it's like, it doesn't make her any less goody goody. I'm until the kill Stacey right until about par happen. This to me was to metal. This was to medal for me. So Angela gets to Stacy's house. There's a I watched it with captions one time and the little cap and said like loud, rock and roll music. She's blast in some fucking music on the way, she's feeling herself. She's living lice still barely listen to music in the car because I'm afraid I'm gonna get into a car accident. You don't know what you're missing. It's so great. No. I do like music on the car love it. But if I was Angela I would've been focused when I drive my new like, I'm still in my my upgraded. My many guys, I'm not rich. I just upgraded it and from because it was my instant instr- interest rate is lower. Now, I feel I haven't even said to anyone that I got a new car because I feel guilty that I got a new car all you should feel one hundred percent not guilty was actually thousand dollars cheaper all for me. Interest rate was at seven motherfucking percent. Good deal percent was my interest rate. Do you understand Sam so dumb with numbers that I didn't know that how bad that what you had to get that interest rate because yet? Car. That's life. Right. You do what you gotta do. Like Angela Bassett on say I haven't earned the right to talk about lifetime for twenty hours a week in my house. Yeah. She can drive a four door mini if she fucking wants. Okay, right. Also says in pay for life checkout, patriot dot com slash UP. If you'd like to send Molly accepts race for her many can not even accessories. Like if you would like to help me keep my house and stuff flushing treats, I'm not poor. But got God forbid, this is my arm. Okay. So anyway. Stacy's house and Stacy comes down, and she's just like sprinting down the driveway like a fucking gazelle, and then she gets to Angela's door and she's like. She's like, I knew this was an alert dinner around you. Yeah. Issue which is the rudest most vicious thing. You can say to someone really, humid. Oh, it's you. But Angela pressed forward nonetheless. So she goes Angeles says she knows she knows there's not a large Jenner. That's what I told your mom. You could come tonight where Roger hunting lease house. He's having a party and says he's like a party. Well, okay. Yup. Which he's on board. She's on board, which I also thought it was a little desperado like there's enough functions happening on in a town on on a Friday night that like you don't have to for who who the fuck is. Roger how does Gelo Roger well this? This is the crux of it. Right. Going to be one of the crux of it. Because they're getting invited to what it sounds like a hot senior party. Here's the thing. I thought Angela fucked this up and tell you why won't be get there. But Angela fuck that up, but I understand totally. Fucked dropped the ball. But also weird. Okay. Yeah. We'll go. Angela. Let's just say this is not the first of both constantly is all like, I can't right? You that excuse it's better fingers Becky over there. She drops the ball at every jarred suppress. You could even step Stacey so drop the bus. Touchy, literally shot says Stacey make or great wheels just digging in from the beginning. Yeah. And then she's like, so she's like what's the knife? And because Andrew sisters center, console knife or her vegetables and still there there's like to loose peeled carrots and a knife in the center console. So then Stacy's like, whatever classy family you've got. And then she's like Jeffrey sheets in her car that makes her less class. Right, right. It's like what workman like fucking slut Woody? He's bam wonder Bredon is vehicle like it's just like it's dark in image that she assigns to them. So Stacey makes fun of the card, and then she says what's the party tonight? And she goes, oh, it's like some older kids, and she gets I think I'm going to have to fortify myself. I've never heard of anyone calling getting stoned for. Which is a pullover Angeles. Like, wait what she's like pullover? So they get to the church parking lot. Let's let's just play this scene. Okay. We're gonna play through the murder. What are you doing? Jebrane dire. Something was it looked like doing? Took. It's just a little grants. I just don't feel like. So tell me about this party. Was to. I don't know. Maybe like how you got invited. Well, I I wasn't invited. Exactly. It was my friend. Jill she took away. You're going to crash planted taking me along for the ride. It's okay. Joe said, not okay. Maybe you're into public humiliation. I'm not it's not. It's not what this is a really bad idea taking that would spoil everything. There was never anything spoil. Look, I'm not going to party where I wasn't invited. And I wouldn't go to that party. If I had been in five she'll meet put a lid on it. Let's go. I don't understand. I just wanna be your friend. Sure. I wanna fly to the moon admire you, Stacy, I've always admired, you you still pretty funny and confident that I'll be like you. Wait, wait note. You know, what you are even weirder than I thought. Monica. Stay. So now, we're back to the beginning. We're seeing her at the door of the people in the beginning. Now. Where'd you? Call weird and school growing up. So I want this is what I want the word that was that was weird. This specific word was always. Starring at me. And I have a very strange relationship now to with it to this day. Okay. So another thing I want to tap into weird. Yes. I was it was called weird. However. This is something that over the trial, and I read about and I thought about the air they were living. She tells me and funny, I am there's a line coming up that I. Weird. Asking me out on a date or something? In case, the murder was gay panic. That's what this is all about. This was the Jeddah. Jones. Prayed, it's gay panic. She was afraid of being called a lesbian that would have been way worse for her than anything. She could have even the darkest shed that is wife she killed this girl, by the way that with this happened all over America. It's like they've got its thing gay panic Ireland. Ireland's afraid they were gonna call me. That was the thing. Yeah. It's better that she gets stop and go back to. Hall. That's health thing, totally homophobic. They are getting this Catholic community, you're so right. It's the what it is like. Wasn't even religious. It was like new like, you know, gayness being out with. I think that in the threads of this like overtly Christian community surveys Serb others community, the the thought that this girl because I also am here's the thing of America. This was like this was that the idea of someone, you know. You know, this is Mary fill in row. Like, I say I love hugging. My friends like I can't say I'm guy I'm guy, and I love hugging my guy friend because that's my guy friend, it always has to be punctuated. No, homo. But you know, there were league people literally in you know, that that people would use his legal defense, gay panic. Sure because he made it he he made a move on me. You know, this is reverse gay panic, basically gala panic that she would be outed, even though she's not gay therefore she needed to kill Stacey black. She fucking blacked. Yeah, obviously. But that was that was that was a journey Brennan her brain went from. She's so weird. She's a nerd she must be in love with me. Then she said they said she should dig a hole in the dirt and dry drag it back in over her or something and the way that they said, it was so it was just a an interesting way of saying she should kill herself that I I wrote it down. I was like this is more hurtful than someone just saying kill yourself. And it was also interesting to that like, you know, you should dig a hole and pull the dirt in after her and in Heather's when Veronica and Heather Chandler get into their big fight. It was a lot of before Heather gets killed the big heavy. The big thing was like, oh, just wait till I get to school on Monday. Yeah. Was that element of like when you get to school on Monday your life your over? Yeah. Over and bef- and in a blind rage the prevent that. You know what I'm saying? Like a Agila did what she had to do. It's just interesting all these elements of like, how the story influenced all these different, you know, female Centric high-skill dark murder. Do you think the core of it? This is a this murder happened because of gay panic. This is the conclusion I came to after watching this twice and after reading about the times, and after and there's going to be another seen coming up, which I know you. Are cute in on when Angela's giving a certain someone, you know, like some counseling, and I feel that that girl was for sure lesbian. Why the subtext to of that girl is saying I'm austr- aside? I am weird. Yeah. There you can't relate to this. Yeah. And Angela for Angela coming from this Italian Catholic family, or would that's the worst thing. She you know, what I'm saying. It's like, oh, how do you know, you know? So it's almost like to me. She completely condescended to this girl who probably queer maybe smoke, marijuana, completely honest. You know, and like it was it just is you're so I mean, you're so right. And like this whole the way that this whole scene stacked out the way it played out. Which was she's a nerd, she's probably gay. She should just like throw herself in a in a pit and die. Like, it was a really fucking. This is a lesson writers because I feel like nowadays saying like they said on. Online. She should kill herself. Like that is really harsh. But it doesn't it. But it doesn't John all the things that make people say something that mean, and like that's what we got out of that monologue. These stepped it out. It's like the way that a person's brain graduates to that last place like where they say, you might as well just die. And I think that just the idea that that fate that she would suffer when she got back to school on Monday her being this course in was worse than her killing this girl. Even though we know that right? This is a this is a compound issue. The compound issue being that she was a teenager probably with the like maturity level of like a twelve year old, you know. That makes it a crime of passion. Yeah. Exactly different belong premeditated. Is that like she had a panic panic? Yeah. Panicked. It's a it's a thing. And she did it and you make a second degree murder. My friends. Okay. Nuts on saying. So she gets home. I just wanted to l'armee to watch Kellie Martin kill someone because of what everything I know is like so nurturing. Yeah. Even when she was the poor girl on face on a milk carton had gone through fucking traumas. So she pulls off in his hysterical. She goes home. And she cleans the knife puts it into the kitchen drawer. That's how inexperienced she is as well. Like that's how hundred percent because you would note like any any persons? Meditated premeditated would would've known that. They would liked heard a berry get rid of that. She put it. But what if she just meditated like if Angela from day, one speaking, Medicaid, transcendental, what Angela went back fucking meditated after that that that pep rally and said, you know, what I am who I am. And I like Hawaii. Yeah, I'm fine. I'm going to be great with my friends like Jill that empower me any of this. That's what they could've used a little less gay panic a little bit more TM. They could've used some rest. So the next day. She's in the shower when she gets a phone, call from Jamie. This is also very telling she's a phone call from Jamie her mum, literally gets her out of the shower and Jamie's crying come to the phone. Also, if anyone if you're out there, and you probably are because you're all my age feels podcast. You're ask got the fuck out of the shower to take a phone call sometimes he'd be dripping wet phone call. So Angela watches reports of the death and the news. Oh, sorry. So she gets takes phone call. She's hello. And then she says nothing in the first words out of her mouth argue, right? It has to be some crazy person. So her takeaway from this is like separating myself from that craziness 'cause I'm not crazy. I'm angela. It's what is the cognitive dissonance. Yeah. Practicing cognitive dissonance. Also, she's doing the opposite of moving away from what she thought she'd be showing up to school on Monday to she's immediately saying all those not only like am. I not weird because Stacy. Can't tell any of you. I am not. But whoever would do that is crazy. You're right, Jamie. And I mean, Angela I'm not I'm not Razi that that that girls not here. She never wants to she say. And it's so interesting never once. Did you say like oh my God. Or I am so sorry or any of the things you would think she would have spent the night trying to remind herself to say when this comes out like if I kill someone. I'm going to go home and run the facts over a few times in my head. And just be like just in case you get caught for this. You should say you're sorry. When you hear she finds out. She died. You should act surprised even so Angela watches reports of her death in the news with Jill. They're looking for a teen girl with medium length Brown hair, Brown sweater and red spot pants drives Nova Angeles says I've got Brown hair. And I drive a Nova and Joe says don't be ridiculous, Angie. No one's gonna suspect. You you're the nicest girl in Santa Mira. So there at Stacy's funeral the whole school. Is there tons and tons of popular girls are there just like draped and pearls. Pearls are really shown up to this Angela has sort of like a white Peter Pan bib neckline over like a sweet black sweater. I mean, Angela's just the best. Sorry. I know she's a murderer. But she's just the best. So then she goes into meet with a police officer. We're also supposed to understand that this meeting with the police officer in the one she has coming up leader. They're both done without those supervision or knowledge of her parents, which is illegal for a minor to be questioned by the police like there's no there's. Literally. No like that was just lost. All her parents knows. She's sharpening pencils for the library. So he's I don't be alarmed sees the callers they were Alaric. So requesting everyone Angeles that she was babysitting that night, and I'm sitting there thinking to myself like girl, I know, they didn't have I know that they didn't have law and order. But like, surely they had an equivalent at the time the made sure that you knew to like form a rock solid alibi. One to alibis hit desire guys. Because for me. I've always known if you don't have an alibi. You don't have shit like so she goes and gives a false alibi. Which is so easily disproven the Nova she says is her sisters her dad owns it. But it's her sisters. He's actually just fixing it up for he's working on one for her to. He has how while she knows stay she. Stacey snuff. Very well. She explains that she kept to click really she was really popular girl like whenever the cop Seeda her. What like what about say, she she was very popular? She keeps coming back to that. As if that's a personality trait, and to as why was dead, and she's like, I don't know. And then like we'll maybe someone wanted her. Head. She denies that. It would be Monica. But then he goes, maybe it was someone she put down. Stacey was real funny and sometimes are jokes where people's other people's expense. So you think someone would kill her because she made fun of them. It's not hard to explain. She was very popular that is not a real thought like end to any normal person. I mean, of course, the cops years were like up, but like Angela thinks that that's a real statement is detailing. She was very pop surely you must understand. So on her way out of the doors, would you mind taking a lie detector test? She's like sure again all this without parental supervision vision. So she's asked during her lie detector about babysitting and killing Stacy, and she completely fails the test we hear on the news a bit later that three hundred people it's now two months later. We are that three hundred people in seven hundred novas have been inspected and questioned and all this stuff or this whole process, but they're not any closer to finding the killer and cici's parents have decided to call a press conference, they want answers. So let's just watch this press conference, which I'll say, you know, maybe put some like Trump Trump references into your head because this is really the sort of like signalling not too much lesser degree. But there's signaling going on here. Dress in the beginning of your own investigation. Frustrated by official sale, you're done cover their daughter's killer, dick and Dana luck would called a press conference today to ask the public to cooperate solving this crime and to urge investigators filthiest their efforts seeking the killer not in the outlying communities, but in the Santa Mira student funding. Schools. And we strongly feel of the killer. Her parents, just fucking rich countries. They are Stacey. Ramon. Yeah. American girl. She was for killer was not anti g who's ET savage. I wonder. Three. Like, I mean, this is how. I don't know. Maybe she seems like. We have suffered is nothing compared to the pain of terror. Stacey went through on the terrible. I don't really believe that suffrage as well. Fourth fourth. Little. For some reason when very when people who have to be somewhat emotionally fractured to be as far ahead in life as they are try to Haagen up images of like, well, if you think are horror, and is like bad, you must think about Stacy's. And it's like, I don't think you do think much about that. I think that you know, that that's an emotional talking point. I don't know. I mean, it's it's it's a. It's a zipper parents thought much about anyone they probably wouldn't be out trying to peg in. It's like it's trying to peg an anti anti-establishment person to meet it's like very much like, you know, a politician slinging mud at like what I think too is that I think her parents legitimately thought Monica did it and the fact that Monica wasn't getting arrested faster. I think is where they real life Goff girl. What's real? Okay. We'll know tell me. I think her name was Heather, I'm like, yeah. And she did say something along. Okay. So Heather had been a prep. She went out with the soccer player. But a member of belittle social circles in the quad at lunch. They said she had fit in. But now she acted in a way that set her apart from others in school when she was invited to join the Bobby. She turned them down. She slipped out of the preppy mode. Die the top of her hair dark hair blonde and dress in an expensive punk styles of this. Okay. Okay. She later said that the other kids kind of resented it by unspoken agreement she and the schools popular kids quit saying Hello to one another in the halls. The whole town of renovate is her seem to want me to feel bad because I dyed my hair, and I was not part of the social scene how they're later wrote class essay, this is what I was guilty of in reality. I was guilty of being myself. But I will not change. Yeah. Okay. And so at one point Heather and was a suspect. Oh, one hundred percent really was. And so even people who weren't close to either girl said that Heather had hated Christian for her elitism. Sure once in biology class, she said, if you don't shut up I'm going to kill you. Heather's that never happened. But that happened, right? Where I will say I mean, I'm not gonna call bullshit on other Belykh. I love someone like wealthy like a punk costume calling a girl like elitist leg, it's like, well, it's only thrift shop all that block that block yet you're wearing five dollar from your fist. She's also Heather's from her parents are wealthy to the cranes. And they were getting like so the whole town thought Heather. Did it? Right. And that's why we say like because I think it's no I didn't know that. I'm glad that she was a real person because I couldn't find that in my mother, and this is actually very not its interests. So Heather's mother would not allow her daughter to be put on a lie detector tasks, good. Which is if you look in nowadays, we see that as a positive thing. They saw that as guilt. Sure, it is spacious, but I mean, at least some fucking parent, and this had some sort of intervention because from what we see in this movie, if Angela was any sort of given anywhere near the treatment that Bernadette was she showed up solo. I mean, it's also the difference between well, and lack of wealth sort of like knowing your rights, and that's a classic issue. Is that usually that further up you are in life. You're more aware of how to get off. And you probably also know that lie detector tests can be incredibly unreliable, reliable and nuts a miserable in court anyway. So you're probably like, no one allowing no. What if she loses it as a hinge that this is done? Well. Alibi? It's all quarter public opinion and not an their did have an alibi. But the other thing too is at this murder is one hundred percent circumstance all and that have been the night that the guy decided to peel off and not deal with whatever it is. He did he lost. Angela when he was looking for her. Like this. This is all it's all kind of piecing things together. This is at best. That's what this is. So if Bernadette if Bernadette slash Angela doesn't slash hadn't come forward. This case would be basically impossible to prove. Because DNA wasn't a heavy. It wasn't used at all at eighty four at all yet. It wasn't. It would I figure out wouldn't have been admissible, but the, but they would have been considered evidence. I mean, it's just it's this is she would have gone away with this. Basically if hurt the one thing, I agree with you the only thing that was wonky with her fucking made up alibi. Sure, she should have just said something like mom just say, I was home at that's still for. Okay. We'll see see later. But for still for some reason, I guess that you know, if we're saying beyond a reasonable doubt, you you. She could've won it. She could could've one to one it. She told me probably gonna want it, especially with Jerry. Yeah. Really, in fact, been evil. They tried it out character. If this had been a jury trial if she had an if she had wanted at there. Yes. If she had admitted to it if Angela had not admitted to this. This would have been a jury trial against her and she would have won jury because if they had to try to character witnesses Kristen would have gone down every day of the week. Stacey would have gone down day of the week right up. So oughta girls did not like that's the thing even admits it, and then this movement particularly likes to say one of the real life descriptions of this is horrible. And also, I I feel bad because Christmas is a murder victim. And clearly like we obviously sympathize with her, but the thing is is needed to die die for this. The thing the way that I found this very interesting is like even the way they're describing Stacey slash Kristen one of the girls on quote. They describe her as. We had everything Curson. She was skinny she. Sometimes we're tied socks. What people are wearing. Now. I remember watching her after male cheater everyone wanted to be like her. But then they go on they say that she. She was cute not beautiful and all American Girl, girl, more like a Sports Illustrated swimsuit model than a playboy type not a bad description. But she was cute not beautiful. Like, all right. Like, okay. Why why are we picking her down a little bit at postmortem? I mean, honestly, let's just be real people can be fucking fish. No, no shape. Bill can be fucking shitty. Terrible people and still not deserve to die. Yeah. And I agree that that they're taking down her looks postmortem. But if we're going to give contextual analysis to this. What made Stacey popular or Cureton in? This case was like not just the the self esteem that came with being rich like she her her weapon, and this is not necessarily her looks. It's her access and she had access to a certain amount of she had access to money. She had access to an attitude. She was given a confidence in life that was reinforced time and time again by not really having to worry about anything. She was a shirt and not a lot of people have sheri- in life. So if you're gonna say, this wasn't the prettiest girl in the world, but she was cute, and she was fucking vicious. That's that tells me something you know, what I mean? Because like if she was a model, then it would make Bernadette seem. I don't know. I don't know. It sounded to mating pointing out that this wasn't driven by jealousy of looks. Or something is kind of important, even though Patty. Yeah. I think because biggers the both of these like, the actress and the real life that were actually quite they're quite pretty girls. Yeah. I think it's more about an agree with you. I think I think Bernadette. Yeah. Here's Bernard has I'm sure to this day. There's oh she's beautiful. Totally. She's like totally she's beautiful. She looks like someone I know. And I can't put my finger on it. But this is she hasn everyday girl quality girl that every guy went to college with married one hundred just like a very Protestant typeface. Do you know what I mean waspy almost little Italian? They're in there. And I think what I what I think it was was that. I think Kristen was like very fit. I think she dressed really well. And I think she amazing energy and energy. That was pretty. She was money. Pretty and she also had that like magnetic quality that people that you have access and experience and right. But also, the kind of quality that could turn on you. And also the kind of quality like she could use that energy for nothing meant anything to her because she could buy it. I'm buying new one. Right. But that aside from that, I think she also could she could you could be a good person to be rich. You don't to be fun. But I think that the people who are like that. It's because it's like the money fuels. What was already rotten and numbers? No, not that. It's like this. She was just raised to know that she was kind of untouchable like I feel like they were throw money at the problem people and not everyone's like that some people they don't just throw money at their problem. Even though they have it or they do, but they make the person be responsible. I feel like Stacy just like that type of kid that I grew up with that was just like I grew up with that. They were just like your fucking piece of shit because you know, you don't need to worry about anything, and your mommy and daddy get off on letting you know, you don't need to worry about anything. Like that sort of like attitude where it's like, well, that's how she's being portrayed here for sure. Yes, I grew up with one girl like that. Where remembers it something like she said something like offhand that I thought was not an off hand comment. But was so telling, but she said something like, oh, my dad's is like, I don't I don't need to worry about that sort of thing. And it was like kind of like a real life sort of problem. It was something stupid like logistical thing. She's like my dad's. I don't have to worry about that kind of thing. And I was like, oh, you mean the rules. Don't apply to you like it was really an I knew they didn't. Because dad goodbye or out of it. But it was like, oh, you're that type of person that lives above the law. Right. Fucking weird. Right. So the next day at school. They're listening to the principal on the announcements. It's the first day of school Monica is completely isolated now. Instead of just having one empty seat around her. There's an entire cluster of seats twelve seats around her that are. Monica. Getting like things thrown at her face throwing spitballs at her. It's disgusting horrible and Angela's Daniels watching this, and she does look torn up watching it happen. She doesn't feel good about it. But she's also not she Angela choose that type of person that if you to ask someone to walk in the room and find the person with the guilty face that would be her. But no one's paying attention to her. So she signs up to be a candy striper at the hospital. She tells us to jail, she's also a peer counselor in a lark. They're interrupted by the sound of screaming as a bunch of popular girls. Chase Monica through the school. They look just past her and Jamie is trailing behind them. And she's kind of just looking at Angela in Joe like. She doesn't know where to be like, she looks like she doesn't know she looks weary of both of them. Jamie does shows weary about them. She looked leery of both of them. And then she also looks like. Suspicious, and like she doesn't know where to put her body because she knows that she's not one of them chasing Monica. But she also no she's not Angela in jail. It's a very strange moment for jeering to the lockers with the swertz killer spray painted on it. And I didn't know that they put that up yet. No, the killer thing came much later that came when Monica level, I don't know the scene where Jamie is chasing after them. And then they stopped. There's a spray painted thing. That's killer. So I thought she was looking at that. And then also looking at back at Stacey all of them with that. Look you're saying of like being that's how I saw. Okay. Because I didn't see the killer till almost the end because I noticed I'm like were these weird California outdoor locker like outdoor like remember they were in small rows of three. Well, that's why I think she was staring at that. And then she felt like I'm not one of them like I'm not going to like that was area. Like she was there. It's like the literal witch-hunt chasing hurtful. Alley says that she goes. Oh, they or like. What's her name? What's her restaurants name gel job? She's like it's like Salomon here. Yeah. So then Darren comes into the attendance office and say DARREN'S cute. Boy, we don't know Darin, yet super cute jock wake wake cuter than the guy that Stacey was dating core. Looks like a bald eagle little bit. He's like he's like I need to talk. She's like, oh, you're late yet. I'm sure you have a good excuse to and he's like actually came into invite you a party on Friday. So now, she's like hanging with the boys got a Letterman jacket and look at how fucking Stacy's dress that saying what is she wearing blue. How her hair? Angela sorry Angelo. Or did. I mean Stacy or did I mean Angela I don't know she's not wearing blue. But she has pearls now. And she has a Bob. Okay. I thought it was like a blue thing. Like like stay maybe overall. Yeah. Yeah. It's tight. It's form fitting, it's not her usual frumpy. She's very frump. Usually where did she get money over the summer? Well, no a seriously where did she get money over the summer? They just made it babysitting. Washing cars in her sweatshirt a lot of money for those rich grow closed. So Angela is now in a peer counseling session and things must have sped up. Because no she's wearing his Letterman, her hair's different. She's wearing a Letterman jackets has more of a cropped cut to the shoulder. It's a very subtle makeover. But it it's there and she has pearls on a red turtleneck with pearls, and she has on the blue Letterman jacket from her boyfriend and her hair's a little bit more. Bob Java virgin anymore while we can gather like how long did this because they say again, we're still like short zone of time all this has happened. So the girl I this is the girl with the printed their mulligans underneath her Jean shorts. Now, the girl that she's talking to a leash is like. I mean, I guess I would say she's pretty gender-neutral lake in her presentation. She's wearing a tank top over a t shirt with the baseball cap on backwards and she's wearing these baby. Blue plant printed, thermal, leggings, doc Martens and long Jean shorts over them which was like that's a mixture of styles from the time. But she, but she's like, you know, she's not a girly girl, and she's not wearing makeup, and she's very pissed. She does not want to be there. But from everything we know this is what's coming between her and expulsion or suspension. Right. So Angela peer counseling her, and she's basically saying like, you know, sometimes people who use drugs dealing with some kind of problem and Alicia says, you know, what the problem is. You're the problem you when everyone else here, you are pretending you care, and you want to help me, but you and your friends only do jobs like this because it's just another notch and your gun belt. Angela. We then go to her and her candy stripper job. This scene is fucking haunting. It's the best thing ever. I've personally experienced, okay? We can talk about the we do dip into this. First second so Angela like anti their nurse the desk Angels' Aaron her candy striper uniform. Of course, the classic candy striper and an old woman is the nurses the nurses at the desk. And she's like, you're just our best candy striper, and she goes up MRs something something's up down the hall. You wanna go check on her so Angelique walks into the woman's room, and she's like high and the old woman's kind of like coming awake. And she looks Angela. And she goes, you you a get away from me get away from me. I know what you are hell pal pal. And it's very clear that this woman season evil presence over seas. She's an into it. She's a psychic. She reminded me of exactly the time when I was volunteering with this elderly woman, and I. She's been favourite laid volunteer with and one day, she like grab my should tell me all these stories about like all these amazing sources like from L different era in LA. And I was just listening or stories on love every second of it. And one day, she was like, you know, my whole life. I've been there's been two odd things always happen to me number. One birds have just always come out of the sky in Pertz themselves on me. She's like, I asked my therapist about it. And he said that it really meant that I provide a I have a senior cheering spending spirit. She's like the second thing is homosexuals just are attracted to me. And they just love talking to me. I think because we were on out yet. I was not out. Oh my God. That was I I was like Angela. Yeah. She sees your murder. She sees you man that old lady can sit and she's calling us probably psychic. She probably seize your shit. That's probably Stacey. Right. By that old lady wasn't gay panicking. Also, gay panic gay panic inside you were gay panicking. She was will the lady was gay panicky die before dawn. More. Mysterious away overnight. Definitely that was part of that time made it look. Yeah. Mysterious oxidant. Yeah. Yeah. For sure terrible. I know. But that's what happens. Right. You know? Yeah. Yeah. She's panicking knife knife stab several on a board on a fuck in walkway. And I was thinking more like you put drain on her oatmeal or something for show. Like, I did that. Like, I did that Heather Chandler. I gave her join dared or drink. Ed. I was like you don't have the balls drink this. And then she did. And she fell through a glass, the all they fell through last table while screaming cornets, and she died, and it was terrible. And then I we're tending to quieter funeral. So that aunt. Now as for mation bay at church. Real stark contrast from being called an evil person with a bed soul by a woman that everyone thinks is old lady sees shit is all I want to say they she saw them. No. I know, but they pass it off as like this old dementia have big. Yeah. Quote, unquote, eventual better than anyone baby. Maybe it was fucking Stacey spirit behind her being like, hey, the bitch Kilby. Yeah. Bitch. Mccain's from killed me. Maybe dementia like front derived from like dimension laid the dimension other dimension of being dimension. I do feel like I'm stride. I'm striding quickly towards dementia. I hope I hope not I'd be fine. I think either way I just love to. I'd love to get free. Like that, you know. What was what dementia is right? So there for my grandmother had dementia. I can say that everyone calm down. So I raised him a big joke about Pat eating disorders. We all know this year, by the way, I wanna say something off topic, but on topic because you guys what people wrote to me about Kate secret today saying that they lights that the way that my guess tonight's Bogota eating disorders they related to it. And we're glad we were on us. And I had a sense of humor about it. Great for because we've done that consistently on the show, but I heard some ice feedback today. And they just want to say if you're one of those people, I think you see you. And if you weren't I also understand you I understand why that might not be your lean back or might not be a reflects. But I'm thinking everyone who understands that. We're just here trying to the Lord's work. So speaking of Jesus it's confirmation day at Angeles church in the kids are like they're promising to reject Satan, all of his work and promises they're tape that good Lord in and snort as ashes up then Angela goes to confession, and she confesses to the murder to the priest. We don't see this on camera, but we can take from this. That's what she's doing in there which like who knew. Questions about that some questions, you know, I imagine that a lot of shit has been taken out of the confessional box, especially in places where there's like gang gang activity, maybe some more like, you know, sort of like Tony soprano shit. We're going in there, and you're copying a lot of shit. I know priests are not necessarily legally obligated to report I think from what I understand. They confession is not considered. Like, you're legally obligated to report that I I I think you're right. I also think that there's also, no obligation. Not barring them from also. No, I think it's I think it's an ads is, but I think that under some sort of religious law. You are protected that if you tell a religious official, you're protected because they're supposed to what they're supposed to do is encourage you to come right, right? Okay. Right right up. But I will say this. I will say this is a Catholic. I know this is made during a different time. I'm not a practicing Catholic. I was raised Catholic. I still believe in. A lot of the goodness of Christianity. My whole thing is I thought that this priest was a time a callback to you very rarely see any like sort of Catholic religious official depicted in positively in any way. And I thought it because you know, the church scandal and everything else has really spoken for the public perception of it, which is not to say, I defend the organization or anything like that. But what I will say is that it was interesting to see Catholic priests be as kind and judicious and considerate as this guy was he was very nicer fair. Very you would never see. I don't think you would ever see a Catholic Catholic priest depicted this way on television now. Yeah. In today's climate. I don't think you would see that. No. No. And it's like I understand why I understand there's a little bit of a responsibility to it too. Acknowledge what what goes on a lot of times in the judge. But this I thought was very lovely. And like, I was I was glad to see this this Sunday. We're recording us on a Senate. I was happy this Sunday to see a positive depiction of a Catholic priest right now what we'll find. Fast forward. I understand why things change but not everyone is like that. So. In gym class. Some of the girls are talking one of their dads for the FBI is gonna start question people because they heard that. Because because of the larks whatever everyone says like, they know it was Monica. That's why she dropped out. Apparently, Monica has dropped out. She had a lot of nerve showing her face every day. So Jamie is now standing next to Monaco's locker. And this is where I I see the killer locker this is where I I registered at. And she goes Monica had an alibi says his Tanja, right? It's terrible. She felt she had to leave school. She allowed her bad behavior. But I allowed her the bad behavior of C to go on you know, like end of the day. I really like Stacy I never really did. I feel bad saying that I've been thinking about it. And maybe my maybe her killer was someone more like me than not. Yeah. So at this point, I wonder I'm like, Jamie. What are you know, because Jamie was very slow to sort of have any sort of like energy with Angela after CC died, Jamie and Angela number really spoke. So Angela meets with the FBI totally appropriate to send a fifteen year old girl. Mister philippines. Right. I was like, oh, Philip banks is here. Okay. Take care of business dish Maly? Well, so he plays good cop. And they're this is some classic good cop bad cop shed because the local the local guys like listen Angela full of shit. Okay, story doesn't hold out. So no paradigm site. The FBI. Then he goes no now, let's give Angela chance. And I was like who f- good cop bad cop? Don't you ever? Forget it. Molly you're ever in a moment where you think a cop is your friend. That's the good cop. Okay. He's the one who's here to bust your ass, the bad rise here to make you feel like you need, a friend. Okay. Fuck these people. So let's play Angela spilling the beans to Philip banks one of three seven to one. Oh, six three. What if it was George Bank? So Steve Martin. Angela. You're right about the babysitting. I just. I lied about that because I wanted the car. What did you want the Clerval? There was this movie plane in in Sierra, Linda, and it was it was a hard. I can only see PG. Do you? Remember the name of it? It was reckless. But I didn't get to see it because they asked for my ID. Clears the problem with. But you know, you could toil. You could tell us more about Stacy kinda grocery was. Kids, very popular. Did you look? Everybody liked her. Hugh mistaken. Angela. Whitly didn't like it. She wouldn't have someone did someone disliked or enough to kill it. In fact, euro vis worked up what we call. It a profile which is a description of what we think girl must be living. Here. See? Words here. I remember passage newsy in. What are they finally get down to? She's the same age as her victim, a member of the same peer group, so her involvement in that group is peripheral rather than central. She's impulsive emotional driven. Both by fear of inadequacy and a desire for acceptance, while her crime was abrupt irrational disorganized. She is unlikely to exhibit strong emotions when question about or possible involvement. Interesting isn't an Angela. What do you think about it? Me. Thought to. We've been doing a lot of thinking about it. Why don't you go home think about it over the weekend? And maybe we can talk some more later. Of course, you can. Of course, it is. But all the evidence we have a circumstance unless she confesses. Almost feel sorry for don't feel sorry for the girl. She killed. This movie for me became about those contact lenses. I love it. I don't know why I was just so I think conduct lenses used to you would never be able to spot a contact ones on an actors. I like that. Now, I think they used to just be thickest Faulk and just be like around us discs slightly bigger than the pupil. I mean that thing was that contact was screaming at me the whole time. I watch the he would start a tumbler telly Martin's contacts. Honestly, it's like your tumbler. I mean, maybe it's just like contacts and film like and that would just have to me going back looking. But it was it was either something between the way this was shot. The quality of the film the way it was like, whatever. But that contact was screaming at me the whole time. There's something very like she emits a lot to her context. Yeah. I mean Keli Morton brings a heavy energy. Where's she at? Now. I salt vote of her the other day. She looks good. Right. She I don't know what she's done recently. But. She does remind me of speaking of other of the bride kind of Kimberly Williams paisley. I mean for herself holiday ball. But she reminds me of that a little bit where it's like, she has this all American Girl thing. It's just I mean, she's resistible. But she also you guys at home Dono Kellie Martin as she was back on life goes on. She was also on ER for a long period of time. She's doing TV movies now that are Hailey dean mysteries, which I assume is like a series of novels that is some big time shit people really enjoy. A hallmark movie. So she's heavy into hallmark movies now, which not my favorite, but we do have a on our patriot right now, we actually are running twelve months of Christmas podcast. It's all about homework. Christmas movies for you guys at home who do like hallmark moving on. Jodi speeding doesn't do. The or does homework. Do. So I don't really talk about too much. She doesn't give me one lifetime. Do. I love me. Good. Hallmark. Oh, that's you. Well, I mean, if you need to stay politically neutral, that's fine. But lifetime where at that time is worth this is where they make movies. Okay. Hallmark good for them. Not my movie. It's just it's it's it's it's the same thing. But with with a goody two shoes fucking neutered edge and a lifetime. Gives me that good shit lifetime. We can count on them. We can also count on the top the stop watch again. So this is where we're going to see some real acting. So she decides to. Her dad's at home, fixing a gasket from the car. Now, can we also talk about the fact that our parents are significantly older? It seems like the most the people in the community. They she is one of six now that I know that we never really hear that anywhere else. So her mom and her dad are talking and sheer moms basically saying I haven't seen. Angela I'm worried and as they start to have this conversation, we pan out slowly to see another Junker in the driveway. And she talks we realize Angela's in the back seat of that car sort of overhearing all this and taking it in. But her mom's saying, she thought volunteering boys. Started started coming into play. She'd be a happier person her dad's. Maybe she's a shame the other kids so much. You never brings anyone home that really broke my heart. And then even more broke, my heart was her mom's response to it. Which was no, no, they have everything they need a knee says, well, maybe the party will bring her out. I like this for so many reasons maybe the party will bring her out is the sweetest way. I've ever heard someone say. You know, maybe she needs something special. It's here. It was just something something so simple about an intimate family Christmas party. Maybe potentially unburdening this teenager, who's murdered someone that they don't know. Like, that's simple those times where back then guys if you don't remember times, we're simple yet, a family party could change your life. Like when you were a teenager back, then we'll also like they cared enough about her to be like tapped into her like the clear the angst that she was going through. Also like not enough. Like her dad thinks that maybe a family Christmas party is gonna change teenage angst which shows that they are from a different time. Think to where mom said that like, oh, I was hoping with like all the actively. She was doing. Plus. I was like, okay. Like because I don't know Wolfer me personally. Like, I don't know if I would've like shared all that as a teenager just a different way, you know, what I mean, like probably just they probably don't know the state police. She fucked the guy with the Letterman jacket, they probably are just aware. She went on a date. But like, I guess my point is is that like. They by the time, especially when you get your six child, you know, like you're the youngest of three sing earlier. It's like you're whittled down a little bit. You're kind of checked out. But it's nice is the opposite of that. Where it's like, they kind of just like almost seem to can't even really imagine. What's what's bad for this young girl? Her social life is really like. Yeah. It's I think that exists a lot too. Yeah. And this is also like pre. Twenty twenty wasn't covering this ship when we were growing up twenty twenty covered totally different stuff. Now every week. It's a new episode about like these are the dangerous teens are facing. And it's much more real than when my smoke marijuana. So Angela tops the tree with a little angel and her dad, grabs her pulls her out the stool and prize by goes, you're the real angel. Angela and the family is a prayer in the living room, the mom delivers an ice prayer. Now. I didn't realize that these are all supposed to be your older siblings. I knew about Terry. I was like who the fuck are these other brunette that are like randomly around like some of them had kids. I thought like it could be anything. So Terry picks up a baseball hat full papers time and draw names for guests shoot some good bits around the gift giving she was I think we should get everyone's something nicest year and just to be safe. We should say a prayer Lord. Sh she likes show the children in the room. Please bless us and keep us from cheapskates. And everyone's like. So they employ this point of view sort of thing that they only they only do once in a while. But they employ this gimmick where we're now seeing the party through shots a camera via the cameraman who's some unknown uncle or something we see Angela and her mom and her sister under the tree sort of shitty. Candid shod than we see Terry holding up a bowl of vegetables and be like that. And then we kids opening up gifts. Then we see one picture of Angela just looking lost in thought and very burdened by the Christmas tree. So everyone leave if she added murdered someone that would have been a very dreamy romantic shot someday. But she's thinking about murder so after the party and lose just really sitting with us energy. And everyone's like, how nice I'm gonna clean up. So she sits down with her dad, and she goes daddy. I have something to tell you. And I was like him. I was like you don't even talk to this, man. What's the matter? She goes nothing just that. I love you. She gets up. She goes her chicken out. So she's helping your mom clean up the kitchen and her mom's like, she's a can we talk can I just get ready for bed? I earn. She's of course, then we cut to a shot of legs being put into a bed a blanket being put over them. And it's Angela's mom being put to bed by dad. And I just wrote what the fuck happened, and like, I know how that laid out. But I was literally picturing your mom slapping on a robe and coming into the kitchen being like what's up? Yeah. I did not picture the part of her mom's going to bed routine anything to do with laying down her full outfit. I thought she died. So. I think that was also one of the real life moments in this is how they executed. It was that she fell asleep tower tellers like the letter. No, I like like literally, I'm like, why am I looking at some death legs? Because like the way he heaves her legs up onto the bed. And then covers her with the blanket. I was like this. Fuck it fairly legu- Doshi probably did every single fake for that party. Oh, she probably did every probably set the tree you couldn't Sheila digitally that. She's like Angela nude ago helper. Mom, clean up at the end of the night. I'm glad that. There was no reality. Angela was told. Yeah, you can go hang out your round. No. You fucking get your down here and clean link for six brothers and sisters before you. So her mom goes, oh, I thought you know, I felt out angles. Actually, this is weird. Angela is sitting awake in her room. She's kneading her hands together the way that they have Kelly. We like needing just like she is raining her hands in a way. I've never seen someone. It's like, I don't even know how you would describe it. The needing her hands that happened on camera. She gets up, and she writes a note, so the next morning her mum's getting dinner ready are getting breakfast ready because I felt seep last night. Can we talk now and she's like I'm running late? I have a ride with Melanie. But I wrote you note, she brings her the note and her mom screams, binder, wait, just some juice. And I realize her mom's holding a stack of French toast, eggs bacon. And I'm like oh. So they're not poor. Because you she we'd like. It was it was that was fucking diner is fast. But that's how you know, what this is what I will say if you are if you are underprivileged you often eight if your mom was active in your parents, really tried hard. And you were just falling buying eight ball a little bit your parents veggie. Well, it's always the very rich kids that have no one tending to them and the kids that are like just their parents are like not they're neglectful that are not eating right? But like the fact that Angela was eaten worried at home that also is never lost. They they use. They use that as an indicator in a lifetime movie to show, the caring -ness of parents. Her mom takes the note into the living room, and she puts it at the desk. But I you know, she picks up her bible. She sets ragtime timer. She's ready to do daily prayers. Angela gets to school in a moment later we go back. We hear the egg timer is just finished up. Our prayers to actresses. Okay. So this is Valerie Harper's performance. I want you to imagine just the filmmaking of this. This is an address who has not had a scene by herself. She is now. Valerie harper. She has a minute and a half to read note with that her daughter wrote confessing murder, and she asked to play out over a voice over that's only split up by one cut-away. She has to play out the entire reading processing understanding etcetera of this aside note, and I think that she it. I mean, guys gotta go on the Instagram and tell me is this the best or worse acting ever. Dear mom and dad, I've been trying to tell you this. But I love you so much so hard. I'm taking the easy way out. I just can't be near you. And you see this because I've already caused so much pain. The reason why it took so long in Friday's because the FBI men Mr. Gill thinks I did it. And he is right. I can't bring her back. That I'm so sorry. I would kill myself at maybe that would hurt you even more. I've been able to live with it for a while. But I can't ignore it. It's too much for me. And I can't be deceiving. I spoke to a priest, but I still can't take it. I need to turn myself in with you. If you would come today. Please forgive me. I need you. I'm so sorry to disappointment to you in every way even worse than words can describe. And I hate myself. I need your please still love me. I can't live in less. You love me. Wouldn't my life? And you. I don't know what to do. I'm so shamed. And scared I love you. Angela. That for me. Was great. That was great like she almost every reaction. She was having like if I was pictures of reading that letter like a family member killed timing. So well to when she flipped the page like, you know, that that's when they recorded you're like late at backfire. They definitely recorded that before then played it back her when she was acting at the scene because the way that she played up of each line was so good. But I also so into this that I don't know if that was really good, right? And I thought it was an outside or that's not brainwash as an brainwash. I thought it was very it was very well acted because I was too emotes so much with so little when also like just I think we all would have had that reaction that I always get it off of. How would I react if I were reading this? What would my face look like, right? And I think it would look just like that. I'd be like. Yeah. Screen. You wouldn't be like Honey talked screaming like the top of your lungs like our fucking daughter killed someone as right now. Now, sometimes with these scenes, we get like what I call like an emoji. Mash like where it's just like the actor's face looks like someone just mashed the emoji keyboard semi one. Semi wanted to say about this the way that she wrote this note, I really related to because this was when I had to come to my this is how I would talk to my mom if I forgot to take the trash out, and we had trash the house over the weekend. Like, I would be like mom, I called the town. I consulted with the priest. I offered to walk down to the middle school and bring it to that. But I was afraid I would get arrested for using public dumpster. I am so sorry like like I really related to her exhausting. Oliver options before she came to her parents fell by don't want to cause any more pain. I. Because if if anything like I was like, this is why her mom knows. She did a good job with her and his sympathetic because she realizes that she's in over her head because I'm no other world with these parents ever understood or support her the way that she did. And it speaks to burn it adds character because an Irish Catholic or at talion Catholic or any sort of Catholic family. I'm not saying they're dying to distance themselves from you now. But if you're going to be the bad seed, you're the bad seed, and like the way that we see this from Angela's that she she's not like she's really not like she came to them and said you made a batch of bad lapse in judgment. She was young. She did something really incredibly impulsivity like, I'm not even committing. I'm not even admitting this to you impulsively. I'm getting to the St. because I've exhausted my options. I was basically told by the FBI with a wink nudge side a weekend. Think about it like I'm coming to you. And I'm going to be honest invoices. And also, I want you to drive me into the police department. So I can like commit mice. Admit to this crime. Like that is that that takes a lot of guts for a teenager. And also takes a lot of a good family. Another family would have gotten a note like that from their kid and simple. You know, why you'd gotten away with this far we're going to protect you did the right thing and they brought her in. Yeah. And there's a lot to be said in terms of just like the way that this trial will then turn out that like a lot of credit is owed Bernadette character Angela in this movie and also her parents and the way that they stood by. I think is awesome. Yeah. It was the eighty Schick at the snooker. I saw the Canada. She was a good kid, basically. And she tried her best. And so two to God the law and her moral ability to live with herself. So. Mom comes and finds her outside of the school. She hugs are. I don't hate you. Then we go to the gym. They notice Angeles. Where's delvecchio? We're looking for Delvecchio girl says I don't know where she is arrested someone they arrested a lark and Jamie, we cut to Jamie and Jamie's level. I noted the level of popularity that she was out because now she had like a gym braid. Her braid was brought in the ribbon on her braid matched her gym uniform so perfectly and I was like did this bitch trade braids for gem. Because I think she did. She had a perfect like school color braid that was tied on match your gym uniform that was just or Jimmy. I was like damn Jamie's like really she's really rich really popular in very refined. Find young men so someone else comes in and other girl comes in and they whisper to the girl who is causing all the commotion. She says it was Angela got arrested and this other girls, I knew it was hard. Did. I always say it was Delvecchio. She was so weird. Weird. And then Jill out of nowhere. I didn't even know Jill was in the room turns around, and she's like liars, you're all liars. She's better than all of you. She like runs off and like, she's crying. And it's just like this is this is the moment where he's my instinct is to say she's with her. But I feel like our friend is actually just really good friend to her. Yeah. So in church, father, whatever is doing his he's doing is a sermon kind of like it's directed towards. In favor of Angelo, basically. Yeah. And it says this is a shock in time of grace, which I've never heard that expression. Not really sure what that means. Shocking time grace, but he says it's time to look back in your values. Your goals? He says navy the parents in this community can really look at how we're always trying to save these kids be better be best get the nicest of nice and says like maybe you should look at some of the expectations reporting on these kids, and like what's realistic for them? And what's right? So Jamie, then goes to confession, and she's sobbing, and I would normally play great crying scene, but just she's Jamie. So it was very pretty and pretty. And she says, I was Andrew's best friend. I left her alone the ski lodge because I couldn't stand up to Stacy and father tells her that she has to forgive herself and find the courage to still be a friend to her. I liked the sky because that is really evolved advice. That's like what the Jesuits we were promised in college really kind of offered us if they would say like you should like, you should say X amount of hail, Mary is and mind your business like then to go ahead and say, you should actually go ahead and try and befriend this person the judge was dealt with in my high school. They that guy and they'd be like tell you to do the right? You were like great like, I'll do the right thing. Like that was the right thing to tell her to do because she needed that front a step above just you know, like out for yourself. It was really it was how can you be of service? So Angela comes into court, she's cut in and sweat heartbreaking. I literally got the same thing because I didn't even let her get pretty her murder trial sixteen or something like six zero coughed and cuffs his rivals. Don't they always? Usually mean, even Casey Anthony got to put on a blouse in some makeup. No, this was public hanging. So. Her family and Jamie, are there the lawyer gives his closing remarks about how she drove to the church. And also, I skipped can I also say that the prosecutor is asshole husband, I meant I meant to play this clip. So let's go to eighteen thirty six to nineteen fifty five because the second that this guy this actor from Gioia club walks in. He's the bad husband from Joy Luck Club. He gives the million dollar. He goes the best reaction I've ever seen in a lifetime movie. But also makes quite an entrance. Let's play this. Sorry. The one who made his wife live in that terrible house. Right. So. So Jamie's in her all Blue House? It's pretty blue. That you do a nice sack of VHS is next to the TV because they're rich. Whatever that flowers behind. Plow matches her blue eyes. So we're a court now. Right. When Joe walks in she sees Jamie, and Jill is not happy to still. Your problem? Because I'm an asshole. He's a terrible actor he's such a deck. Actually, he's a really good actor because he plays a dick. Maybe I'm one up on his reaction in later in later on. Almost sort of really like sort of attitude at pulling up to her just like mug a little smug to talk to be talking to a news site fucking home down. He he does smoke. I'll tell you very. So this is where we really learned. This is this is a case that is one hundred percent about proving a point this is about what is I what is secondary murder. Her conviction will come out the same no matter what she will be released at age twenty five all about proving point and leaving a Mark on her record, which let's just say second degree murder more likely to answer job application from a second degree murder or a I. She has some huge leg up. I mean, it's like it's a murder murder. Murder is murder is this. So the lawyer the prosecutor gives his opening remarks about how she drove to church told Stacy that you'd give her one more chance to be your friend or she'd kill her then she pursued her with the intent to kill her. It's premeditation. I I agree mortar in murder in the first rate. So then her defense speaks, and I'm gonna play this clip as well as the ruling which comes at the end. I do want to say we're going to stop right at Gioia clubs husband. We're gonna stop right at the moment that he gives my favorite reaction I've ever seen from an actor receiving news lifetime movie. There's a there's something that they hinged a lot of this on and it's not played into this as much, but I wanted to that. So do you remember, okay? I know this was this was part of the issue with second versus first degree Coastas family AK, the Stacy's families the lart Salak Lachmann feel carts. So Stacy's family evens, basically said that the reason this murder was premeditated was not only the the the phone book thing where she hung up everywhere. The other thing that she said was if you looked at the way it was. There was no way she going to a party dress like that. Isn't that kind of interesting, and they're just saying that she she didn't look cute enough. There you go. Yeah. I had also it'll too casual to gradual for them. And like because she wasn't all doll sad thing. Like, I was trying to play this both ways. I'm like was that part of Stacy's like okay was I didn't think Stacy did look I thought she looked fine. I don't think they I don't think they played into that here. They didn't play into it. But it was something. That was noted thing. Now is that she did think because the real the real larks was called the bobbling. They were called Bob the boss, right? So she thought she was on her way to a Bob easterner, and I don't know about you. But if I'm going to dinner with my bobby's all acute all even dress up. But if I know I'm going to a party with an upperclassman like, I might dress, cooler, but slightly more sexy. It depends. It depends like with your girls you kinda dress down a little bit. Also with your girls really dress up. So that the factor lies on whether or not it was a she thought she was going to bobby's thing, or if she thought she was going to an upper class with hinging that Angela slash Bernadette. We lied relied. But they felt that Angeles slash burned. That was not dress to go to. Party. Oh, I thought you have said, I mess it up. So basically, they thought you were saying, okay. I say they were like, we'll Stacey usually prettier for our mistake. Here's the things. I did. I did this piqued my interest. Because I was also thinking about the fashion of the times when they were giving the description of the murderer they said a Brown sweater, red sweat pants. And so are we talking like Kim K like wearing sweatpants as a look thing? Or are we talking because this is eighty four that happened? Remember? Yeah. People would wear like pink sweat ups thing. So I was like I was trying to play this both ways my head where I'm like. Okay. Was there a sweat pants outfit? That Angela would've warned to not tip off her mom that she wasn't really babysitting. Or is this just another slab at Angela, right? Every generation has a sweat to right Dita's tracksuit juicy couture spots to wear white bears. Always. There's a place in time I white suit like definitively. Yes, or no who knows whether this was the issue. I will say that it pinged it for me. What I will also say though, is that I was on my way to go trick the most popular girl in school. It's going to a party with me. I would not have shown up looking like shit. And if I was showing up even just can Fronter you please be my friend. I still would not have shown up looking like shed. Right. So part of me feels like this is like subliminal like moles poor. Shame like, it's it's that's what it is. And that was a thing that they kept hinging on during the trial like Bernadette did not look like she's going part of the. Yeah, they're there shaving her. So yeah. So that was I just wanted to get that out there because I thought that you were saying like are like see also Stacy's parents. I wouldn't be surprised if they were like our Stacy wouldn't go to a party like that dolled up misstated, I meant Angela. Yeah. Oh interest interest. Right. That's very interesting. 'cause I mean, they've they've it was the phone call and. Dressing that they had they present her about her like her dresses presented consistently in this movie. Not just in its own color category. They they really went out of their way. You'll never saw anyone else in a mustard yellow or around is you never saw all the leaves. And you also never heard of anyone else's like joggers or anything else being referred to as a sweat pant. The way they did in in the news descrip-. And also the Verka Paul says the cross the other girls in pearls across like, it's all totally. Okay. Her defense speaks. Let's play this whole thing. This is her defense speaking through the through the. Judge making his decision. The murderer Stacy Lockwood was a crime of passion. Unpremeditated disorganized spontaneous action of confused desperate child whose only intention was to fight. Stacey to a party and ask them to be your it is we will prove. Case of murder in the second grade. What do you think you're doing here this trial? Stacy's frames isn't a party marinate. And there are any invited guests. Jill has as much to be here. That she was going to tell everyone. It's really weird. Pleaded understand. It was. Though, the thing I made me. Sorry. So the DA DA the prosecutor. Yeah, you know, someone's daddy was a judge. And they said you better get that little girl in fucking court. This is a public trial. DA does it that means that the city is eating the Qatar percents entire town, including her own parents paid for this that they were probably happily paying because they want a little girl. I mean, even Angela parents were paying Brian parents, y'all are paying for this. But there it's crazy. It's it's it's this is where this is where I think that like I'm glad that it wouldn't have gotten this far today's day and age is because there's no way that there's so much to deal with real. There's no reason why tax payers should be like paying for. What is essentially some sort of sick random version of town, entertainment and public humiliation, and basically just being this girl fucking? She admitted to murder short admitted it should have been second degree from the beginning hundred thousand dollars for like some unicycle town like this fucking lot of that is a lot of money. That they sunk into defending Stacy's honor bangs curler and too many pearls over here. Kevin fucking how their day. Yeah. Okay. Let's let's keep going by the way love the denim and pearls at your friend's murder trial. Go happened. It was really angry. I really don't know. She was just telling me to go away. And I did it. It was exactly like I was watching it. You know how? You know how? You see a dream. And then you see yourself doing things and. It was so much like a dream that I thought it would wake up. How do you feel about or no? Keep keep wishing that. I could I could push time backwards. Sort of apologized to hurt my mind. I think he's in heaven. Do you think it was partly her fault? I remember the mean things about her. But I could never think that it was her. I don't think there's any reason in the world that justified killing someone. My name. We don't release names juvenile cases. Angela. But it's possible. They could get it. Not any reason for living everyone. I'm being if people do that. Could he used to restroom waiting? Doing this to hurt. She confessed she admitted she was guilty. It's like what Mr. earning was telling us about New England Puritans would put centers pillories the townspeople come by. And spit on them. I wonder Puritans got dressed up for their spending. No family wants to see the courts hold a yard stick up to loss. But the evidence not the evidence presented by the defense. But by the prosecution. Clear. There was no premeditation. No calculation, and there was no planning and no possible verdict, but motor in the second degree Angela herself. She cannot explain her act. Don't ask why she had said, I don't know why. She like all of us wants to understand. Wants to know why? Though, the answer will forever. Allude us. I suggest that we look to ourselves. We looked to our community in our quest to understand the pressures. I've intense here. Nobody wants to be hod carrier and said Amira. You're supposed to be beautiful. Successful. And. Perfect. Angela was none of these things and her fear of eventually became much to say to you not that movie to ask you, would you rather be called model? You're. Guilty to kill first place. You pause that. I'm glad that both of you had that reaction horrible rather be called uglier guilty. I mean, would you rather take the head of having it be publicly on the record that you were not pretty popular interesting. Where would you rather? Where'd you rather not be as you're going to get you're going to be a murderer? No matter. What would you trade first degree murder to not be called ugly unpopular on interesting? I'll I I I mean that is quite that echoed in my soul and every single time I want I'm glad that. I wasn't the only one who went straight to like are you calling fat territory because I would have been my new what he did it. No, I knew her whole buys had to he had to look at her and be like, let's face it. You're not see this little thing here. Stagey -bagrati may big mistakes. Trying to think she was in Stacey country. Okay. Let's look at this little Eddie yet. Who's out? She took a day pass to Stacey country and thought she was a member now. And now just like look at the reality is that she's a big fucking loser. Not that cute. And she honestly she could have done more and Ben more that was rough. It was rough one of my favorite moments at BC. Chase had a roommate and. The remains mom from New Jersey. Was there moved in this very beautiful girl walks by and she was like the talk of campus, and the roommate's mother turns to her and goes, oh, Honey, you're never going to be her just. You don't have a chance. Yeah. Just thought that was that was very the smell like expectation management. It's lawyer experts managed the fuck out of her expectation like as if this girl needed to be levelled and God Bernadette moved on. I will change my name to. Yeah. I feel bags of the trolls are like they're trying to find the here. How angry you can't? I know it's terrible. I listen. I tweeted about a man in acts of foreign all of a sudden there's millions of bots that come out of nowhere being like Meredith Karcher like Amanda Knox, did it. And I'm like one of the situation. Not still like there's a man in jail for what there's men in prison for what happened. Yeah. Keep producing. But you have to go after AMAN, and there's no one in this thing. There's no one no one wins yet. This is not a wedding little punishment thing. But I did I'm glad that both of you guys picked up on. How just needless? It wasn't needless. It was one hundred percent needed. It was so strategic but horrify I would've died. It's that with me. I've been doing a little bit more. No, no. I was just like what he was like right behind you. Always wise is using lab. Mike's instead of Mike's right now you guys like this would seem like a better solution. I'm sure it is for Sammy imposed but wags is like fucking a fork to the mic cores Mus like Pacific spaghetti. He's like I just up in it. He's always end. He's putting his ass on it, two months. Why you gotta bay asks enter to nosy sit down. Okay. I'm glad that we all agree that that was terrible. So we're gonna keep playing this. But we have I mean, we heard the real point public airing of painfully private emotions, we have her to the worst humiliation. She could ever imagined. I don't say this to excuse crime for a crime. She did commit but to point out the community can be as unforgiving and pitiless in public sometimes private. This is the trial. That need never have happened. This is clear case the second. And had the district attorney's office accepted that in the first place. We might all of us have avoided the pain. Of publicly reenacting this terrible tragedy. You've been subjected to a scene. Of enormous pesos. Tableau of Angela. Surrounded by her family that she listened to own damning words. But what the tears and grief. Family. Tears. They will shed and grief they will feel for the rest of their lives. And so I ask you to consider the plight of the victim. The victim is. And to return a verdict that suits the crime. Verdict of murder in the first degree. With the exception of the tape confession. This whole case is circumstantial. Considering the evidence presented here. I must conclude that the prosecution has failed to prove its contention of meditation. Supports nothing. More than a finding of murder in the second degree. I must further observe we have a kind of Alice in wonderland situation here. Juvenile code dictates a sentence of confinement to the age of twenty five degree. Whether I second is relevant. So I find my shelf wondering what we have accomplished here. I hope it was Justice. I fear. It may have been nothing more than entertainment. So really quick. I just had a realization because I was looking at Terry during a seen her sister. She that's Christa Miller. Did you know that Chris Miller Christa Miller who was Kate on the drew Carey show their only role ever? Okay. But I've been watching this check my whole life. She was pollen. Seinfeld. She Ellen Paula. And then she also was she was Blair on Kate Nali, which is her first credit ever. But oddly enough is my first memory of our and then she became Kate under drew Carey show. She was then on clone high. She was voice clone high of Cleopatra. She was on scrubs for many, many years eighty nine episodes of scrubs cougar township at one hundred and two of that dateable. I mean, let's just say this crystal Ella, she works. She works. This is this is she's had a lovely career. And it all kind of started off really like she's been working. She's been working since nineteen eighty five. Great. She really she's been working. Okay. So are nine hundred eighty eight rather? So. She's she got her murder in the first degree. That's good. I guess you second second degrees. All right. That's good. I guess right. We're happy about that. I will say that this is where lifetime does a little bit of the playing both sides of it because they showed her completely remorseless or if anything just like she has kind of resting pouty? Face a little bit. I thought she looked like dazed. I is just like which I think was real because I think you I see a little days like it's like a bad dream where you're just sitting there. You're like, what is a what am I end that said, you could also say the same thing about Casey, Anthony, it's a lot of retire trial and people do look at that as a sign of guilty. So it's never it's never. It's always a direction when they tell you in a scene like this when they tell on actress assorted Astaire forward, that's not happy accident. That's arash. And so they're trying to give leverage to the fact that. Maybe there was a little bit more motivation here than you know. But either way she gets she's gonna get out much later. We're not gonna ever see that. But we do see. The next scene eclipse that come up are the very same scene eclipse that we saw at the beginning of this movie. We literally the same guy jogging, except it's in reverse. And then we see a bunch of kids riding their bikes around by the church, and it's a very feels good feel safe. Right. Then we see Jamie at the church writing a letter by Nov, and she narrates it as she writes. Dear Angela there's been some changes in my life that I want you to know about I quit the Lark's next year. I'm quitting Santa Mira to going back to Saint Joe's where you, and I so many wonderful times, I'm going back. But I know I can't really go back the way that you can't go back or any of us. Can we can only go forward? And that's that's what I hope to do. That's my hope for you as we both struggled to understand yours. Always Jamie hall. Let me see Angelo's reading this alone in her cell. And then a title card that comes up and says the real Angela Delvecchio service of seven years Emma's released on parole. So Angela could have been your cellmate she could have on your cell mate. But also, I was thinking juvie. They do. I mean, I don't wanna I don't wanna say it. But a lot of board games and go to your room. It's like it's go to your room. It's like, no, we're not gonna hold your hand at the doctor. You murdered someone like your kid actually eighties? Juvie? You know, I'm gonna guess it wasn't too too bad. They probably drank condense Dodi. And like like, I know. Yeah. Probably like it was probably like, you're not at home. Don't forget it. But it could have been worse. It's no it's it's what no murderer deserves. Let's just say that. But given that this was what it was which honestly, I think number one thing here that I I would give note to this movie should've been fish should have been also a heavy sentencing of counseling like heavy that should have been, you know, where it was like because that's someone who is a literal the way that Angela was which based on the back of this. They were able to really hinge this on her being overly inspired by the b- best better mentality of her high school principal she's that easily influenced Yash, so probably she probably is a danger to society if she's that easily influenced I don't think she would ever do that again. But like the ramifications of being a very impressionable person run really deep and will affect a person and everyone in their lives. If someone's you just don't want to many people like that. Out there. He got real it, especially if it's a team they've taken something away to heart. Totally. Who knows she probably had six brothers and sisters of beat the shit out ever grown up is the youngest of six get roughed around a lot. You might just take things. Very literally. I dunno littoralis for sure. So at any other thoughts before we go onto our scale about this movie this case, that's like that. No feel feel pretty good. I feel like we covered gay panic and Angeles fashions, and you know, gay panic. I think like you really cracks that open. We really needed for this to to seal the deal on what this really was. And I'm again, I'm panicked by this shore. So my question for you. And all of our guests, just what do you think is the finest made film of all time, the best from acting script, direct direct everything? The most most best film of all time overall. On your dead gorgeous. Okay. Good so drop dead. Gorgeous is our one I like to say, let's also think of it. This is your lead valor. I've never even seen it. But I always say we didn't knows about ler as very upstanding Oscar winning movie, I always say Daniels name in front of it makes me laugh or is your drop dead, gorgeous one. Okay. And then are five is mother. Massey. Danger, which is the most, Tori. I mean, this is the closest to mother maze of injury over had just by the sheer fact that it's Tori, spelling high-camp. Yup. In a lot of ways. I mean, Tori, spelling's appearance makes it high can just what it is. So great. It's like even I was thinking about the state even like in scream they did that great bit where she needed Campbell. In the first one was like, send me some. Send me some shame movie and they're going at toys selling to play me. And then like in scream two. Later that was because of this movie. So I just wanna I just wanna throw that out there that. This that this movie was incredibly influential? But it also is clearly was also it it has its own sliding scale because it's peak bad TV movie. But it's also very it's TV movies aren't done in this way anymore. They're just there's too many of them for them to be this high quality production, like really like the research, the wardrobing the costumes. I'm the thought that one into even just like the color palette that is a little bit hot. That's a little bit higher. I think they're having a good comeback though. Do you know what I mean? Like, I think some good sure again lifetime probably makes a hundred movies a year. So they can't all be huge big productions and this also wasn't made by lifetime. The this is this is kind of makes the, but this is this is talking about movie of the week you're saying, which is the wars the best the worst. So I'm not asking which is the best say with you go and on a scale of one to five or tell me, the most is the most of a real movie or is it? The most lifetime got it. So on a scale of drop dead gorgeous or lead Daniels about Lert gonna mother Macy danger. Would you see the acting in this is closer to a one or a five? I would say it's like a three point five to a four reality three. I would say like because you had like Valerie Harper yet. There was a lot of people bringing up the pack. You know? And then you had like, I mean Kelly Martin I thought did a really really awesome onto the weakness of Tori, spelling the other popular kids, the guys and. And most of the random actors lifetime does usually bring up their average by breed really strong supporting players and like the pres like I thought he did a really great job like so. And I think because Torey really wasn't like she wasn't in this that much. So I thought even Stacy's the principal was a little bit cartoony. But I thought even Stacy's parents were really good. States. I actually saw Marley Shelton was amazing. Let's give it a three point five believability of the world and characters. Did you think this is real? Did you do you think these people could exist? Did you feel like this was a movie world or this could be the row? I thought this was like one hundred percent real. Yeah. I did too. Just why completely give it a one? I think this is very this was probably the most cohesive world I've seen on lifetime. I'm creative. Use of words. Avoid censorship. We didn't get a lot of that. But what we did get an exchange like someone being like dang it in a way that it's like that's uncomfortable. I just don't say anything the thing that they had in this more like sort of like, I for some reason crawl-hole drag the dirt back over you was so this role to me, I agree. I thought that was very visceral knowing I thought that was like so I was like what you're trying to say that could be set in a more crass way. You're actually putting in a pretty poetic way that is so much meaner visual. Agron any away. I kind of want to give this movie like a two just because of that. Because there were there was no moment where I was like the character shit shit. Like, why didn't they dislike have her say something closer to shit completely agree with you? I literally thought to just because there was something that bent dialogue. I'll just go out and say for me weird mash up of kind of old world like sort of like older. Yeah. And then also a little bit more like come on guys. Like, it was very it felt trapped and it felt like it was made in nineteen eighty two. It felt true to nineteen eighty two. It felt for me. It felt true to that era of how they help you. Remember, this is made for a nine hundred ninety four audience, so even speak like that back then this is movie of the week. They're trying to get people who have their ass on the couch on Saturday night feel like they're watching a hip sexy movie. I I don't I wear the dialogue takes a hit for me is that it felt a little antiquated. Even for the time. They felt antiquated. I wanna give it like the dialogue. I'm not talking about the script a doctoral south, which is all about delivery as I'm gonna give it a three. It was pretty bad wardrobe. This was above average in every way for a lifetime movie movie. Perfect. But it was above average. Almost every other way. Like, this was a three. Yeah. Right. I think maybe it was closer to I think. Mike how brothers to me in a weird way? Yeah. I think it was a to like a lot of stylistic choices that I thought were very like spot on. Yeah. For that aero hair and makeup. This is like knock great their make up was very confusing for me all over the map just like between. Some people seem to be really registered in the nineties like, Tori. Spelling's hair was very that was very like a good nineties haircut because it was showing this straight style, but was volume and then we had some of the girl with with the loan roller. The one hot a hot roller in Abang is much more intense than what Ramona does your and her air. They were those girls at the trial were like they look like they walked out of like nine hundred eighty two walked right into this movie. I think the hair makeup is was pretty intense for this very intentional. The makeup was minimal. I don't know. It's like a middle of the road. Three three. It wasn't like a funds of music. You didn't notice or not notice it wasn't. It wasn't distracting. But. It wasn't. There was no hits. There were a lot of melodrama. They really honed in on the melodrama. So I would give it a two. This was the classic package though that done minute visit heaving TV movie, which means it's a four. Okay. You know, what I mean because they think that he's the same psalm in all of these movies. Yeah. That was just like that. Is it all the same? I would have been so rich if I wrote that that's all I was thinking it was just like if I you had four I would be out here. Trying to get lifetime. Like, no one's business crying any will. Let's just loop in with the death scene. Which was incredible a full five for me. The crying was across the board. Terrible. Jamie was just pretty when she cried. I wouldn't even say that that was a big deal, but I would say every other crying seen in. This was that Tori, spelling emotional crying Jag that. I look for in a lifetime movie that bad that. Bad in the moment drama. Yeah. It's a five victimization female character. I felt very little for Stacey. I had to really force myself. Remember that an audience is listening to this to feel bad for Stacey? Which? Normally, I think about how all of the females are sort of victims. I think this is a full five because even though I didn't feel I still I was looking for every every woman in this movie to have some sort of personal emotional arc, and I was just left feeling so sad for all of them. Like, I just love this. I didn't leave this thinking like, you know, what they're going to be okay. On the other side of this. Because a lot of times. That's the thing with lifetime movies. You're like, wow, she really went through. But she's gonna be okay. I love this being like, oh, none of them are going to ever be. Okay. They're all it felt like they've all been just completely changed. Yeah. They will never be the same again for lifetime. Never forget. It's television for women, Honey. Okay. They all this is television for women, and they they know how to market to all of us. Okay. So failure or refusal to jump to logical conclusion. This is a lot of times the number one example of this would be everyone watching Stacey die no-one running to the phone to hit another failure to jump to the logical conclusion would be to not ask that guy. Why he drove off and didn't chase the teen girl. Right. Only I witnessed they have drove away. Agreed. Why did he lose right? And a lot of that can be blamed on. Of course, you know, trying to write to a real life detail and not being able to which is about in the drops plotline saying we'll hit on that. But there was a couple of things where it was like, I think. This is before let's just give it a four, and then draw plotlines, this is where you really run into this with movies that are based off a real life story like virg- sample. Why I had to watch Angela's moms legs get brought up to the bud. I love your like fix. I because I'm just like why am I looking at life? My legs could these be and then it slowly veal Valerie effort, and I was like, but she just said she'd be a minute. And so that really confused me and not felt like I really just was like what is up with that? So what happened to Terry's car? Also, what what the fuck was at school year about also like a lot of stuff that it was like what happened to Monica did Monica ever, get Monica. The biggest drop potline most movie was that cheat Monica quit school, which is Monica moved away. That's life changing y'all to have to quit school like that is to be to be a high school drop out because you were wrongfully accused of murder, and then never have the movie about it be like and don't worry. Monica found her own like cut to Monica like dancing on the beaches of Hawaii. We know Monica's dead too. I mean for drop plotlines this is pretty it's a four for me. It's pretty bad. And then I'll just go ahead that the font is our last category. And that font is the most lifetime fucking thing. I have ever seen in my life definition of shit. We run out of money in can't do like titles package. Let's just go into final cut and see what we can slap on top of that. It was it was total movie of the week credits. Total five I mean, which somehow I think will make this probably one of the most historically lifetime movie. One of the things that I love about this podcast is that there is no lifetime movie on a you think you heard of a lifetime movie there is no there. Their lifetime movies aren't a monolith. Sweet. Okay. So they aren't they aren't we've got Haley who got Tori, spelling we've got some random actress over here. We've got four we've got comedy. Yeah. We have a variety of movies, someone feels overweight. And then Scott what they have good stuff going on inside. There's plenty of different types of John RAs of lifetime movies, and you can't lump them into anyone thing. But I do love. Honey. I did I did think my biggest mistake was not sending you as an auction. Nikki behind seeing in Nikki bonski, in queens is oh I thought maybe that would be really fun for us. That is a good one. I do love. I do love any movie where over character learns love her body. I I'm glad we do this because the real true crime element. So it could be like I love like I knew you would nerd out. That's why about it. And here's the thing. We could have done a variety of crimes sent you. The Neverland wine. I sent you a bunch of different crimes. But you were smart. I did send you this one. I I said this conic in AVI Horia, you're the only person I would I would break my Tori, spelling virginity, I really about. Because I knew I knew you would collect you it. Right. Honey, you came with all the facts, you know, more try I knew you would I knew at a certain point today when I was like really like I haven't update Bernadotte's moved in with me. I was gonna say that's not that's my friend. Kristen right. She remained herself quest actually Lisa. Okay. Do you don't mind friendly? So that's actually really burned. She reading Wease. I don't know what her new name I plan on. Well, so everyone in America knows if she winds up dad had nothing to do Hanson, everyone who doesn't listen to this podcast is going to find a way to point a finger to him. No, one did anything I'm not harboring on surrender. I don't feel guilty like she's not living. When you did a great job on this podcast ANC? You I will say I felt a relief that I don't have never really felt with another gas before. Which is that. I knew I was like he's going to today when I was a little bit under the gun. I was just like he's going to learn all the true crime stuff. He's gonna learn that because then you told me, and I was like I read I read the Wikki, and I was like you should really like I was going to start reading and doing that shut. And then I was like, you know, what let Ed La at the presentation. 'cause I knew that's where you shine baby. I was like I don't really talk speak to the fashions in a way that is passionately as you can. But I was like I can look true crime stuff. Compassionate, and you knew your shit, and I will I will find out the square from Sami, and I have one final question for you before we wrap up beside your social media, which is linked in the description of the show in you also shut that out Sammy what's our score for this episode. Five thirty six point five. Okay. I know their season a season or two ago that would have taken it all. But now, we're our high score this season is fifty five. Yeah. Ronnie, and I just started throwing shit at the wall one night, and we racked up those numbers reflect wild. Okay. So thirty six point five great movie, I loved it cathartic wonderful process now, Ed before I let you go might question for you is this movie does a lot of lifetime movies employs, which is that it markets in different countries with Dipper name. So this movie's commonly known I think on the internet now as death of a cheerleader, right? But it was called a front die for what I was on television here. Which title, do you think is better? I think a friend to die for as actually I think it's dish year. It's dish year and it plays in different ways. Which I kind of like because is because the friend to die for was actually the fried or died. Do you know what I'm saying? Well, play play at them with that is that it's like well the front to die for was. Then would that Angela right, but Angela's nonce dive? But she is. But I I wondered if maybe that's why they renamed it or just because death of a cheerleader. So since ational it's so like, I trust me, they have multiple movies with the word cheerleader and the title, and I will click on any one of them to pass the time in the really also say that because one of my favorite favorite H B O like TV movies was the incredibly to address the Texas Chile, murdering mom. Yeah. With Holly hunter. And I was it was so good. And so anything with cheerleader in the tide. Oil like, I'm kind of like, I don't want them step on each other. Right. I want them to exist in their own ways. Even though I do death pitcher leader as very good. It's a sinked. I still like a friend to die for its dish. In a weird way, quite get it. But I'm here for it. Okay. I'll be the other side of that. Quite of oh, teamed maturely. I love you. Thank you so much for doing this YouTube. Thank you can find you on Instagram. Edward handsome, instrumented Hanson or on Twitter at the real Ed Hansen, and you can be found on my heart every fucking day. Okay. Thank you so much for being year. Wags? Thank you say. Thank you. Don't glad he's asleep? And you only time he hasn't woken up at the end of a podcast. So he's being a real decorate. Now Sammy thank you for being here. You guys. Thank you for listening on dot com slash SMU out our archives and a love you so much by. Thank you for listening to season. Three of mother may I sleep with podcast our show today was made possible by coordinating producer, Nicole Matthew as well as our producers Sammy who Neo much to Stena Lopez for Oliver help and Elizabeth Rosiak for that killer logo. We love it. When you listeners finder show on the best for that to happen is landing in the apple podcasts charts, you can help us out with that by making sure your subscribe to the show, and if you want leave a review, and if you really want to support the show you can head to our patriots patriots. Patriots dot com slash I s WPA for information on our ranking system. Episode details and social media had two mother may I sleep with podcast dot com. I'm your host, Molly Makhalira, you can find me on Twitter and Instagram under M O, L, L, S monks. And if not there on my couch binging lifetime movies CNN time.

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IDTT Wine 460: Joel Peterson and the Winemaking American Dream

I'll Drink to That! Talking Wine with Levi Dalton

1:26:47 hr | 2 years ago

IDTT Wine 460: Joel Peterson and the Winemaking American Dream

"New York state is home to an ever increasing amount of high quality wineries and keeping track of the growth has become more fun every year on March twenty six there'll be a perfect opportunity to see what New York wineries are up to now as over forty winemakers from the finger lakes Hudson river, Long Island and beyond will join together for New York drinks, New York, the grand tasting of New York wines at the rainbow room in Manhattan. Go to N, Y drinks, NY dot com. For more information about the trade in media tasing on March twenty sixth of two thousand nineteen or the public tasting on that same date, they'll be early bird pricing available for the public event, and this tasting does fill up for the trade. So go now to N Y drinks NY dot com to get your tickets or to register as trade, the New York drinks, New York tasting in Manhattan is the best opportunity to try for yourself. The high quality that New York state offers today go. To N, Y drinks, NY dot com. For more information. We love wine here at the show you love wine and vino. No that's v. K n w wants to teach you more about wine. So what is V? No. Well, we know is a wine educational platform. Available on the apple app store to teach you about wine in a very real and non pretentious way. It's the first course of its kind actually and it uses unique program to teach you what you need to know based off your current wine knowledge, it's really pretty cool. And ultimately, it can take you to the next level with wine. You know is going to give you the confidence you need to navigate a restaurant wine list, hosted dinner party impress clients, or maybe even a first date. There are lots of ways to make a better impression once you've used vino, and it can be an answer to those wine questions and needs that we all have your go to guide throughout the course is a favorite personal mine and a highly respected Somi Caleb gander, and he's going to walk you through. Everything you need and want to know about why freight ninety nine you'll be a wine Perot as vino covers a range of topics including production structure, red wine, white wine sparkling wine as late harvest and fortified wine and service, go to the app store and download vino today. You'll be thanking me and probably Caleb to vino. Now, you know. I'll drink to that where we get behind the scenes of the beverage business. I'm Levy Dalton Scallon. And here's our show. Joe Peterson on the show today, the founder and winemaker ravens would winery. And then also the founder of once and future wine Celo, sir. How are you? I'm doing really, well how you doing today? Really good. Thanks for asking. So you were born in nineteen forty seven. I was born in nineteen forty seven. My mother was a nuclear chemists to worked on the atomic bomb at Oak Ridge. My father was a physical chemist he made high temperature Greece's for shell development. And I have to say that if they hadn't discovered wine, it would have been really grim conversations around the dinner table because they were into what they did. But they discovered food wine and the early nineteen fifties. How did that happen that they discovered food wine? My mother did something quite unusual. When I was born she stayed home with me. I once asked her about that. And she said, well, she said, you know, maybe I was ready. That's what women did during those days. And I said, well, you didn't do anything women to during this. Well, she said I was ready for a break, but you weren't much of a conversationalist. She said, and I got bored very quickly. So I learned to cook because it was like chemistry, and she really did learn to cook like chemistry when she taught me to cook. She taught me, for instance, scrambled eggs. I didn't learn to scramble eggs, I learned teenager protein in different levels of Poteen denatured ration- that gave you different textures in your eggs. So she read a book by Elizabeth David. She loved reading cookbooks because they took her to places in the world. She knew she wasn't going to get for awhile. She read a cookbook by Elizabeth David that said, the French drank wine with their meals, and she thought oh interesting idea should never had a bottle of wine in her life. It wasn't that. My parents weren't drinkers. They were part of the sailing crowd in the bay area, and they drink lots of gin. And so in nineteen fifty two she went looking for a bottle of wine for thanksgiving. She thought maybe they should celebrate with a bottle on. And she went to the only place that she knew of that sold French wine, and that was place called the city of Paris and San Francisco on union square, and she's asked for a bottle of wine. That would go Turkey and the guy gave her a bottle of nineteen forty five Chateauneuf to pop if it had been forty three or forty four forty six I probably wouldn't be here today. Norwood Morgan my son who's a winemaker as well. They had that bottle of wine, and it really turned my parents into the wine drinkers, they got pretty fanatical about it. And that was really good for me as well. Not only was I surrounded by these people who love food and wine. But when I was ten or some 'bout nineteen fifty seven my father decided that he was going to bright more about line. And in writing about one found out that wine was hard to describe. But he decided that a ten year old would have easier words for wine. He would do these big tastings on Friday nights. And so he opened the bottles tastes them. All before the group got there, and he'd say smell these ones van. So we smelled wines for the first couple of years, and I smelled Chardonnay say what's the smell like? And I'd say, well, it's Muslim like apples and say what kind of apples, and I'd say, well, I have no idea, man. He said, well, we'll figure it out. He go out, and he'd by different varieties of apples, it cut them up. He would put them into glasses, and we would smell apples until we could. Villages. We northern spy, golden, delicious and Rome beauty. So the next time that I tasted a Chardonnay. I could say that it smelled a light golden delicious, and maybe a little rancid butter, and there's some vanilla in there to every time. I can't with something that was what he considered the basic word he'd find the variation on a self. I said spicy he'd go out, and we'd melt cloves Anise, and what have you? That's an incredible bonding sprints with your dad. Yeah. And he wasn't exactly baseball player. And so we didn't do sports together. I mean, what he loved to do was to go out without a wetsuit. Go into the water off of Marin coast, which is about fifty to fifty five degrees and pull abalone off rocks. And so my job was throughout the crab nets and catch crabs and to build a fire on the beach and have the hot buttered room ready for him when he got back with his limit of abalone, which was pretty amazing. You can just pick them off the rocks on those days, everything you're telling me seems like he probably had a really. Strong sensitivity for the taste of food. He did he was very organoleptic inclined. But he was also kind of man's man. He was a sailor he loved to sail boats. But he was also kind of a rugged intellectual in many ways. It was a true chemist, and he loved take things apart but things together when I decided that I wanted to take off a shop. He said, I'm sorry. You can't take out of shop. He said, I will teach you everything you need to know about a car bought a car an Austin, a forty I think there were three of them in existence in the United States, and we basically took it down to the frame, and he said, okay when you put it back together as yours. You know, I always think that they threw away the mold amend like him because he did all sorts of things. I mean during the war. You Nali did is chemistry. We're gonna high temperature greases. But you know, he felt bad about not going to war. So he spent graveyard shifts in the shipyard building, liberty ships. So he had this whole group of skills that were amazingly wide ranging when you add all that up and you figure he probably would have lived through prohibition. I mean, he never did any home line making something that guy would have been home. That's very funny question because he in fact, attempted home white making along the way, I mean, he was really fascinated because he would go up, and he'd visit Lee Stewart early souverain he was friends with people at Stony hill, the McRae's go up to par duty headman Celli, and like all the old Italian wineries law the way one of his favorite wineries was Nervo where would stop on a regular basis before. There was a highway going up. There was a long trip and a nineteen fifty Bill and he actually got Pena Noir, grapes one year, even though he didn't particularly like California Pinot Noir. And we made some line we helped him crush it. And it was all kind of backyard's of it was so bad that he ultimately dumped it out before even pressed it off, and we had Pino lines growing in the backyard from the seeds for like years. But he also got involved in other things one of the things he did in nineteen sixty six he had tasted Morial, Jamila wine. I was the nineteen sixty diamond jubilee cabernet that Moyal stored in sort of large upright Redwood tanks. The wine was delicious. It was really good. And he said, oh, man. This would be so much better for his age and small French Kook bridge, but most people didn't really even know much about French bridge in nineteen sixty six Mondavi was just getting into it. So he managed to convince Morial that he should put up six barrels of his nineteen sixty six vintage of the cabernet in French oak. And he told Moyo than Moyo. Didn't like it. He'd buydell we drank nineteen sixty six cabernet for our really long time from Jim. So your parents used to have dinners, Gerald, Asher and der accordion stuff. Right. Oh, yeah. My parents. They were founding members of the Brickley one in food society booking. Food society was put together by George Linton who invited a group of really doctors lawyers didn't chiefs of various sorts to join him. The were all these space types. So you had people like Dadi Adamson bell runes Barney roads wife on my mother who was like a giant competition. So they would have dinner parties and part of the deal was that you had to put on a more interesting dinner party and your last dinner party as it were. So, you know, they'd bring in people like Harry wa and Michael broadband and lots and lots of sort of luminaries in the wind business mostly European luminaries Awin variety, and they put on these amazing dinner. So it was really quite propagate many ways because they did wind. Couldn't ever do. Now. From instance, my mother and father put on a dinner that was from beginning to end sought turn. And my father picked the lines based on how dry the had gotten with age. So they started out with a nineteen eleven Santorin. Can't remember which one that they served with the opening day, and they just moved through the dinner getting slightly sweeter moving the years up hitting every great vintage of Sutton. Yeah. There were wines available that I got to taste that I'll never taste again. I've tasted some of the really great wines in the world. And but that ever intimidating being in the wine business. When I turned eighteen I never -ssume that I would be in the business, and I went off to school in depth was a degree in immunology and chemistry, and I work in a laboratory in Mount Zion hospital stimulated him sites and growing tumor cells and doing that kind of stuff I ended up getting a deferment which allowed me to go to Europe for a whole year. I basically just took off and traveled for your around Europe and a nineteen fifty five oaks wagon. We got the places like Budapest and Prague and like cities that had been pre World War Two unbound cities that would just how just had a sense of history. So clear up Amsterdam when way up into Norway, Sweden, and then flew back at these coast and down to cheat motorcycle and put it back together and road back across the country. Ended up in my parents living room on Thanksgiving Day. I drove right in on Thanksgiving Day, just as everybody was sitting down to thanksgiving dinner. It was like perfect. That was my dad, and that was my mom, I might feel like a pressure to kind of take life by both hands. You know, in some sense. I mean, you were the oldest child I was the oldest child. So there was a lot of pressure actually had a half brother who was the oldest child from my father's first marriage. And he died in a car accident when he was sixteen. I was eleven I think and I suddenly became the first child. It was interesting. I actually felt the shift of responsibility in being the first child. But. When it came back from Europe, I sort of hung out with at my parents house for a little while. I just didn't have any thing I had to sort of re-stationed myself and get myself, and literally my father at one point almost drew me out because he didn't like me not because we had any argument. He says you just have to get out and do something. Yeah. Like, you can't hang around here long. So there was some pressure to get out and do something. But I also had my internal pressure which made me want to do something do something interesting, and I was well in Scots headed on toys an advanced degree in the medical field. When I ran into Joe's wanted them tasting the vendors club. My father died unexpectedly in nineteen seventy one. He was fifty seven years old and he had given up his career because they had moved his department of shell development. They'd moved into Tennessee. He was not about to move to Tennessee. And so he began trying to make the wine business say real business, and he was trying to get licenses. So it could sell wine and write about wine, and yeah, so he was along that route. But he'd also begun working with Jerry Draper who was a businessman. Who ultimately bought a wine store and a distributorship? They have been friends. They started a group called the veterans club together and the day before the vendors club was to start and have its first meeting which was in San Francisco. My father died. So Jerry kindly gave me a membership of this club. There was no way I was gonna Ford what I thought was astronomical initiation fee of five thousand dollars. He basically said in memory your dad, I'm going to give you this membership, and you can come to our Thursday evening tastings, and they did these really amazing tastings like paired whites and paired read, so they do six pairs say to get to ours and to cabernet as into it could be from anywhere in the world. And I was sitting at a table. Joe swan one night, and I managed not only match all the payers, but I managed to name all the lines. And I got the finish dates, correct? On eight out of twelve and just wants to do that on a regular basis. And I said tonight was you know, it was a pretty good night. I said, but I can do something like that most nights. And he said can you teach me to do that? I said, yeah. Give me about six years and lots of line. He said, well, I've got six years. He says I've got a extra bedroom up and Forestville. And by the way, are you handy with tools, and I said, yeah, you said, well, I'm building this building. And so if you wanted to help me I could use the help. So that began a relationship, which is one and his family. I would go up to his house on the weekends and all my vacations and we built his his steel building. And I helped him, you know, sort of quip it, and I thought okay. Well, this is a chance to learn something about making wine, and he was planning vineyard. So I learned about plant vineyards and training vines and spent from nineteen seventy two until nineteen seventy six work majo-, and all my spare time still did my work at the hospital. How old was gel at that time? He had retired. So he probably was in his early sixties. They retire you in in the airlines when you're fifty five and he'd been retired for some time by the time I met him. So I would say probably sixty to sixty three at the time. He was a tall. Imposing man had these purusing blue eyes and this chalk of white hair. I mean, he was a handsome man and women couldn't resist in he'd been married. A number of times. He had a lot of kids and see couldn't resist women either works. Both ways doesn't it? It was an artist painter. He would do landscapes self-portrait gazelle hang in living. He loved wine. He loved food. He loved working in the in the vineyards been doing this for a long time. He ran into under Chela chef somewhere early in his history. I'm not sure exactly how that happened. But at one point Joe and doing a racking, and and June comes down to the wire inches. You've got a call. And Joe says, you know, don't take all when I'm working because he was he was like a pilot. He would start things in the beginning. He'd very carefully check things off. And you didn't stop project until it was done. That was just his way it was very systematic. And. June said, I think he'll take this call. So he he walked back up to the house, and he came back, and he said, okay, let's empty that last barrel and the lines was sulfur. And which like to go to lunch with me. And I said, yeah. Absolutely. But where we going. He said you'll find out, and you know, he never stop things in the middle. I mean, this was like the so totally bizarre. So we got in his old panel truck, and we headed out, and we started going across advised forest road. And I said we're going to Napa Valley. He said, yeah, we're going to Napa Valley. And I said, well what we're going gonna go says you'll find out. So we go down Napa Valley, and we get to Rufford and we turn to the right right across from blue. And I said, wait a minute. This is the road the depends house, and he said, yes, we pull up into the depends out and waiting in the parking lot is Andre and Maynard Monahan who was. Is there marketing guy at the time? The depends there were under a spa they own the and they would go back to France every year, and it turned out that these boys would raid the refrigerator when they left to and it appeared to me that the depends of gotten wind of the fact that they were ready in the refrigerator. So they would stock the refrigerator. So like they began unloaded in the refrigerator. And it was like fog Rah, and like caviar and multiple different kinds of breads and cheeses. Unlike Joe bright line and Devi was flowing like mad and so set around the table was you know, Andrei, and Joe and talked untold stories, and it was I mean, I was really kid and sense. I was in my mid twenties. I was totally white wide. So basically, I got the tutelage of Joe swan. But Andre Cam were Joe's house quite frequently and acted as Joe's consultant. So I really ended up getting no under fairly well. And getting a lot of good information. From him about sort of winemaking philosophical thoughts about the wine business. So what were some of those Andre was he would tell stories, of course. And you know, one of the stories was about how I think it was forty three vintage was so cold that he had trouble for mentoring the lines, and that he and his son had picked the only grapes because there really wasn't much labor, and they had to actually heat up the must and he said it taught me something about extended maceration 's. And so we would talk about that. But he always had some kind of story that went along with it. He was a pretty safe winemaker, and he used American oak be the I think he wanted to use French. But he advised Joe on French oak and the use of it and French oak barrels like new French barrels for like, a real novelty. And so you had to think about how you're going to utilize. Is them. I mean, I remember just one convinced to use French after he had barrel. Fermented Chardonnay in whiskey barrels. The result was pretty dramatic. I have to say ski flavor jarred. Nee is pretty interesting. Think for Joe was like one of those never again moments. And so he went to all-french out. But you know, you had to soak them up you had to sort of get rid of the the rough edges and the in Joe's mine Joe use things like gelatin finding which I don't use. But he was very much about smoothing. The why not making balance as was under. So those were part of the things that were going on. And I think that. Just one got really well known for making zinfandel. And as did ridge emerged got really well known for making zinfandel in about the same era. Just once I symphony was nineteen sixty eight unbelievable line came from an old vineyard on his property. But I think they really were the core of the renaissance of infidel. They they didn't wanna make some Fennell. They wanted to make cabernet and ridges case and Joe wanted to make Pinot Noir, and neither of them had the grapes really at the puzzle had to plant the grapes had to wait for the vineyard to come in. But they wanted to practice winemaking. So Joe basically said, well, I'm gonna make the symphony here on my property. Just like I'm going to make my peon where I'm going to think about it. The same way I'm gonna barrel at the same way. Just because I need to know how that all works and the symphony hall which had of course, up to that time, then go into gala hardy burger, New York, jug wine and had been since prohibition responded and made really magical lines. The first ridge into Nells were lovely as well. I mean, my father bought them. I remember then they made bridge as essence symphony ills, which were sort of the fermentation was stopped early. So they had some residual sugars to them. So they were dessert wine. But they were really actually quite good. Really interesting stuff. So they played with these wines in ways that they were going to make their finer line. And that influenced me in ways that became more profound as time went on because the was so good. And I thought well, why aren't more people doing this? Why are people thinking about symphony while and as I began investigating of the delegates thinking. Wow, if you look at it, it has a trillion system, which is totally appropriate for the style of grape that it is bigger clustered, great more Mediterranean and so go Blair head. Printing is exactly the right system for that. So the clusters don't sit on top of one another. It is dry farm. Yeah. Like, how many farm vendors are there in California? Now, not many. And the crop levels were in that two to two and a half tons an acre which is kind of where they legislate in Europe for crop law was depending on the region slight different. But the crop levels were at a level where you could make very high quality. Why not and it was like, wow, this is pretty much. You have all these elements. But nobody's doing it except for ridge in just one. And so I'm basically jumped into his infant elbow as a result of that and zinfandel was not expensive, and it was a veil -able. And some people were may it into white and lots of go into Gallo and opening. Yeah. Basically, I found a niche and by mid first one's in nineteen seventy six made four hundred twenty seven cases the line. I made it that's one and I did not release those lines until nineteen Seventy-nine ano- released them. I put an eight dollars and fifty cent price tag on them. Oh, you should've heard the screams of pain symphony L for eight dollars and fifty. If gotta be kidding. That's insane. I'm going, but I'm using French. Oh, and I'm using extended maceration, and it's had a lot of bottle barrel time it's worth it. And it turned out that sold out the thing about swans wines. From me was that on the sins. They seem really age -able, and they seem lower alcohol now, of course, he worked with different vineyard sites. So there's different eras when I was working with he was primarily working with the Tel desk injured, and he was working with my till desk vineyard, which is really there's a dirt road. The separates the Frank till desk in white till desk properties. They were brothers who had some kind of a falling out and divided the property with dirt road. So when we went and visited dry creek and visited the 'til desk gave grapes there were some of the best grapes. You could get and California Tuscan red hill series soils bench LAN, really many ways the perfect climate for some. Dell being farmed in a very very traditional way cross cultivated no herbicides used. But Joe and Mike were always kind of adage other. So but that lasted for five years or so and Joe mid some of his best ones they've varied in. They weren't actually that much lower hall. I mean, for instance, the nineteen seventy three and seventy four wines were one was fourteen one. And I think that it was like fourteen nine so we're not talking like twelve I mean, really this whole notion that zinfandel had been a lower alcohol one you hear it all the time and Darryl. Cordy says it all the time, but you have to go back to the nineteen sixties defined wines. That regularly were that, you know, Garo made wines in at Sutter home. He made some really wonderful wines in the seventies. At her home. And does wines were in the mid to upper thirteen. So what counts is lower alcohol. I'm not quite sure. And there was the labeling thing, you know, you could label align kind of semi randomly the outfall was not ever really true. So if you were an old line producer, and you knew you were going to get checked. You definitely didn't want to label it above fourteen factor as rumor you couldn't ferment above fourteen because the yeast would die and like just wasn't possible. Therefore, it was the dessert wine. It had gotten labeled as ERT once taxed like dessert wine where the taxes much higher. So people labeled them lower. They labeled them at twelve. But I bet you if you went back you actually ran analysis on some of the winds were labeled twelve twelve and a half. They're probably thirteen Moore, maybe even more. So I'm a bit skeptical. I've tasted some of these wine of tastes older MARTINI wines. And they might be in the dire edge. I think people talk about alcohol and symphony hall, and they talk about these wines that are fourteen and fifteen percent, but they're really two ways to get to fifteen percent. One of the ways is to pick the grapes at twenty three twenty three and a half, which with cabinet would get you to about twelve and a half thirteen percent uncle, but was IMF which tends to release some sugar after it's been crushed. Because there's some withering in those clusters clams little bit the other way to do. It is to do what many people are doing even with cabernet these days where they get them like up to thirty bricks in an attempt to soften the tannin's and change the ph range out a little bit. And then they take an ad water back and you've confer meant that. So it ends up at fifteen percent alcohol. But the blinds are totally different one has this kind of raising over ripe sort of heavy frequently sweet like character to the others. Vibrant and alive and high energy and and funded ring. So what would job in working with in terms of great Fridays? Obviously, it's labeled zinn, but what was in Tedeschi parcel that he was working with tell desk parcel. He was working with had some petites are on some carrying on not a lot actually tell dusky blocks up in that area were while not pure. They were probably eighty five or ninety percent something Bill and the blocks would kind of bleed into one another. So you have these really old vines infidels which had carrying on and some petite Surra associate with them, but the vineyard, but then sort of bleed into this really mixed block of petite, Sarah that would have other grape varieties in that were multiple and sometimes unidentifiable so like all old zinfandel. I mean, I've worked with a lot of vineyards now. And it's. It's rare that you find a pure old wind symphony delve vineyard and in some ways, not completely perfect. But one of the majors of knowing how old vineyard is just how mixed up it is. You know, you think about what was happy in eighteen fifty two's dollar is in California. I gets to Napa I to an area near grown by Joseph Osborne who gets himself shot brought over to cinema Aristide at Wayne vista adopted. Filet O adopts, it filet O is a French winemaker name foray who thinks that it's like mine from heaven because he's been working with mission grapes. And like this is like a real European grape with acid and all nine yards and that group really focus on symphony hall. So the to California begins writing up, so people are really planting symphony like mad is to be the right place. But nobody knows where it came from. And so this is before flocks were hits Philoxenia hits in the eighteen seventies. And they have a lot of other groups that they're working with. A big nursery and the middle of cinema and Kenwood called the drum nursery, and he's bringing in lots of cuttings from various places or big nurseries out in the central valley. So they're trying all sorts of grape. So if you look at the really old innards, they can have up to twenty some odd different graver is old hill, for instance, was of inner which was planted in eighteen sixty one originally by William Hill, and he lived long enough to go through Philoxenia and replanted on Saint George rootstock. But he kind of duplicated what he had in the vineyard because he liked what he had. I think they're twenty one different varieties in that some of which we can't even down if I would DNA which is not entirely surprising. You have to have control samples to you can when you analyze something. You can compare it to something, you know, is that gripe variety. Occasionally, we don't have that great variety in the control group, and they're what something like twenty thousand into for varieties control group. We have about five. So you can see how he's there might be things there that had been brought in from Dodd knows where Harris went to Europe and brought back hundreds of cuttings. Nobody knows where those cuttings went. There was a lot of material input into California. And those ended up in these old familiar after Philoxenia hit, and when they replanted the three grapes that are most commonly seen in these Owl's infidel vendors were planted in the eighteen eighties through the early. Nineteen hundreds is petite, Sarah Carignan and Alicante Boucher and each one of those grapes serves a purpose. So if you happen to be in the Russian river where you don't usually get great color in the infant del. You'll find that there's more Alicante a planet out there because it's grape that gives you color is one of the few Regius grapes in California, you need acid, like dry creek Carignon's, your friend because it gives you plenty of acid. And if you need Tannen and pepper, and maybe a little more color teacher is also your friend in cinema valley places. Like, you see a little bit more petite Surra. And so you need all those things to make balanced wine. So what the tradition was actually was to pick them altogether and co ferment than then co from tation creates a chemistry within the tank, which is different than you get when you blend separate varieties afterwards. So the anthocyanins cannons all come together and work as a unit the Carignan will be a little less right than anything else to the asset will be higher. So it keeps the ph lower. The zinfandel will be a little Riber and everything else. And so it pushes the the sugar, but it also pulls the ph down a little bit. So you've got the acid from the carrying on taking care of that. But the skins are relatively thin on zinfandel doesn't always have the tannin that grabs onto the color stabilizes the line, so petite Suraj friend there. And then you always have this massive anthocyanins, hit from the Alicante depending on where you are. So Joe us to do open-top ferments with native yeast and do hand punch downs. Right. Joe did opened up for manse. He didn't hand punch down. He would go out in the middle of the night and punch down with stand on little boards over the over the fermenters from enters were gigantic. I mean, they were like five ten fermenters herself. But he had fairly wide for mentors. And so there was a lot of space. I suppose you'd fallen in on you you could have killed yourself. But you probably wouldn't have gone in over your head less. You the landed on your head. He did not use navy's Joe actually inoculated because Andre didn't believe in using native. He was very much about control. And in fact, Joe inoculated mala lactic as well. I on the other hand had read about natives from -tations knew that's what they did in Europe for the most part. And I said, there's really no reason you can't do that here. And so my first wines were totally native. Imitations, and I've continued to do that. I mean ravens would obviously grew to be a very large winery. But the vast majority of our from -tations unless we gotta stuck from tation are natives fermentation so or indigenous she's fermentation is probably the correct term to use. Because you never really know. What's in that? For matter. I worked with a microbiologist who was old school and would do biochemicals on various strains of Houston, the ferment. So he could actually tell them apart. And he found that there were usually three or four dominant yeast within a for mentor that more the dominate Houston different point in the fermentation. So there was one early. There was one in the middle. There was one late. You know, so is changing conditions. The for mentor or alcohol more heat versus more sugar cooler temperatures. We're optimal for a particular use. They take over and do it and those use into prefer matters were usually different. There was always within the for mentor, some yeast that were similar or the same. We know the wineries are contaminated with you. So it's likely that those are the house she used occasionally the house, she would come to dominate the ferment, but it just part of the nature of fermentation. And so if you actually are using Nivose wrench your chances of developing a more place based flavor in your line is better. Some people would argue that's worse. But I had very good experience with indigenous from tation, so I'm I'm a proponent if you will I worked with Dr David mills who does a lot of work on microbiome Saudi microbiome now allows you PCR allows you to. Look at mixed flora masses. So they start using it on gut flora, for instance, what is in your gut. You know, all these little organisms turns out there things you never knew or their. We'll turns out and from -tations. That's true. Also. So there's a range of fungi and bacteria use being a fungi, by the way that you see in from -tations you have to wonder what some of them do what they provide. But every vineyard has a fingerprint every vineyard is different than every other vineyard. It turns out there some use that occur more often zinfandel than they do in cabernet or Chardonnay and some more and cabernet than similar Chardonnay cetera. And that there's a regional microbiome. So Napa Valley microbiome is somewhat different than brush Merv alleys microbiome, which is not entirely spies in because you know, these are vegetative forms, and in fact, they're influenced by the climate as well. So just one did not use indigenous. She's although I have to say that while he unoccupied did did it relatively late after a let the Weinstein on the skins for awhile, and he did Sofer his wines. But he sprinkled the sulfur on the top and he'd ultimately punch it in. But I always wondered whether that was a really effective. So he could well have been getting indigenous us from intention. I do know people that have done studies where they have shown that even people who are not gate frequently did dominate yeast does not twenty inaugurated with. So it is possible that he was using natives from -tations and just didn't know it. But that wasn't as style. And he would it pressed the line off he'd be very careful about free run versus press juice in terms of separating separating them. But there was not very much press. He was a bit parsimonious as well. He would put them directly in the barrel. So they didn't spend any time in tank didn't really have any tanks. So and cleaning those barrels out on the first racking was always misery as it was like sticky slime at the bottom of the barrels, and he was not one for leaving the wine on the lease. I actually what I making reds. I leave the one on the lease for almost eleven months before we actually do. The first racking, but he pulled it off sometime in the first three months, depending on how he felt the wine was tasting. And then he would wash all barrels and go through the cycle again. And he kept his wine about sixteen months in the barrel. And he would racket periodically every three to six months, depending on what the line was was trying to do. And then he bottle everything by hand. I was pretty amazing. This little hand bottle. We would sit in the winery, and it was like five or six bottler, and and he bottle a barrel at a time do a racking. So it combined all the barrels and put them back in barrels. So sometimes there was two or three weeks between the time bottle the first barrel in the dining bottled the last barrel by had he been to Europe. Or now as a pilot who traveled to vineyards in Europe. So I am certain that Joe's one had been to Europe. I don't know exactly. How he traveled aware travel, but he brought a European sensibility to the way he ate and the way he thought about things and he brought back material from burgundy for a Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, almost certainly case clone it's hard to know where that came from. There are light lots of stories about that Mike can't even way, but it was one of the famous vineyards of burgundy and he'd done this early in his career. So he had this vine material, but he had to find someplace to keep it, and he had a mountain abode outside of Fresno a place called mineral king. So he planted these fines mineral king, and he would nurture them in mineral sort of kept them there. When he when he was flying. Go back up to mental gang make sure they were okay and alive. So when it came time to plan is vineyard in the golden triangle the Pinot Noir, right there near force Ville, he had this material and he pulled out of his stock at minting. And brought down and used budwood in in his finger. So the Joe swan clone is like one of the clones you care about and read about and see the various people are used. I was talking to somebody who was had been working with it Wim sell him back. And they were among the fact that it was fairly virus? But they thought that it made some of the best Pinot Noir. So so yes, he had a European sensibility European background and while he would drink Gordo. And he was fine with that. He would drink white burgundy and was fine with that. He loved Sasha Zeph and things like that. He would go and find kind of the unique smaller less expensive, more flavorful wine. So that was clearly a product of his time in your. So where did you source the grapes for your first ravens would once when I started making wine, I had hair down to my shoulders, and I had a fairly long beard and wore a lot of time and. Let's just say that farmers are more conservative than I was. I was living in Berkeley at the time. So I was doing a lot of Berkeley stuff. And so I had a little trouble finding somebody who would sell me grapes. Actually. Fortunately, Tom daler was also a friend of Joe Swanson, and we got to know each other quite well, and I would go over and help him during crush as well, and he located a guy that he was pretty sure would Selma grace because he looked a lot like me. Guy named Joe vogue Anson. And so my first grapes came from Joe Vogel since vineyard which was on the west side of dry creek fairly near where Preston and Bella art. And Joe vogue. Insulin took care of other vendors one of energy took care of was vineyard down on west side road. That is now cabernet, but that time was old lines. Infidel was called pulse. So I ended up crushing a total of almost eight tons of grades a new kind of sold it on your own or. Oh, it's a long story. So I made the wine just ones and Joe is also expanding. And so I kept it there for the first year, and I needed to find another place to make lime because Joe is expanding. He didn't have space to make wine. So I went and rented space while actually convince people they should let me use space at a place called Mark west vineyard, which is not the Mark west that, you know, now, but it was a small there was relatively close together. So I just from on the back of a truck and hauled him over there. I didn't have any equipment. I had for mentor and I bought barrels, but I didn't have a crusher, and I didn't have a press didn't have anything, basically. So I use their equipment to make my wine. I help them with their crush. But it was only a short term deal with them. So I'd to find another space. So I had run into. The Prodi family Giovannucci was a winemaker. There was very kind. And he let me have space to store my barrels at Martine Prodi. Now Martine Prodi was this giant crustacean for Gallo? It had these most beautiful gigantic Redwood, tanks were cinnamon and color. They would just kept them pristine, and they fermented, you know, one hundred tons of grapes and concrete for mentors at a time. And they used heat exchangers the manage the heat, which was like primitive. It was like stepping back into a whole nother era. So basically, I stack my barrels in among these beautiful Redwood ten thousand gallon tanks. But I still didn't have a place to crush grapes in the following year. And by that time, I had managed to get a group of people involve Guinan breed foster, Jerry Draper that who helped me by my first crusher. My first press. Martinian prodi. And so I crashed grapes there. But it was very funny because Elmo Prodi was like a little senile is quite old, and he would walk out in the mornings, and he'd look at me and go what are you doing here? That's no way to make wine. What do you think? Your and got to the point where he do it almost every morning. So I made one there for a couple years. And then I found space at topa rush vineyard, Michael Tova said just purchased Russian river, and that was place where I got my first point bond, which was ridiculous because I knew nothing about the logistics of going through the governmental regulations this pitiful. Yeah. So I took my I application into the ATF. And I went to the inspector of the who was in that office. And he looked at my my application. He says you don't have a clue. I said, no, I don't have a clue he said, you know, I'm not supposed to do this. But I'm going to help you. And so he helped me figure out how to lay out a plot. And how to write up a plot plan and exactly the right things to say, I actually bonded a space that was probably twenty by thirty feet, maybe which was a little storage shed off the side of the winery itself. So I had my first bonded space and my bonded. Wondering number was something like eight hundred to give you an idea about how different things are now in the world of wine and competition the bonded winery number. I got for once and future which happened. A couple years ago is twenty four thousand four hundred and some odd it just like that many wineries of come online since I had my first bond ravens wood, which was like nineteen seventy eight. I think so I didn't sell any wine and. Till nineteen seventy nine when I finally released. I had bottled it. I bought it. When I didn't have a bond didn't have a place to store it. So we took it down and hid it in a milk shed in San Francisco that Jerry Draper own. And that when the time came we brought it back up, and we put labels on it and sold it, and we did all the sales ourselves. I would go in and call on accounts, and Colin restaurants and read do the same. We ended up with our no Wimpy wines signed because of a conversation. The reason I had he said people are pushing for whites infidel. And I said, I'm sorry. I don't do pink. Sweet. I don't do Wimpy. It's not going to happen. I just don't make wines like that desire that we don't have the women to make wants like that now refrigeration nothing. He said, okay. So he's an account called California wine merchant, Greg Flynn, and Greg Sesto when when you're gonna make the white zinfandels hot and reads, it I think it's going to happen Joel's adamantly opposed to that. In fact, he says Joel has a sign over the fermenters says no Wimpy winds allowed totally made up. I mean, like didn't exist and probably would have ended there except Greg calls, and he says a on coming up. He says every like your wines like switch gotten barrel. And by the way, I see the sign. I'm going sign. Yeah. Yeah. That's fine. I said yeah, sign the one says no Wimpy wines allowed. I said. Oh, yeah. That's I'm I call up reading I say what's this about a sign says Wimpy winds east? Ooh. I thought he'd for yet. I said Nali didn't forget, but he wants to see the sign you'd better have one made by the time. He arrives. Yeah. So by the time, Greg arrived. There was a sign over the from enter the said, no winter winds allowed, and that started the whole no wouldn't be wines thing, which for us was a real way to make ourselves stand out from the crowd and to make our wines more. A recognizable and to sort of separate from white Symphonia, which was a phenomenon and a problem at the time. I was not about making big wines was about making wines. That were exactly what they were supposed to be like, the example abridge Nick off is a ballet dancer, you know, you talk about a man being a ballet, dancer, you might think it was a little Wimpy Ambrosia gov. He's not Wimpy's got muscles, and he's athletic as you can possibly imagine. And he's exactly what he needs to be to be ballet dancer. So that was what my connotation of, you know, no one wants about but rosenbloom and others came along. And they were building these big massive ones are actually bigger than the wines. I was making is just making pretty big in at that time. But nothing like what came afterwards. But at the time it was good. We had bumper stickers that we did languages nullum. Venom flaccid him was the first one in Latin. We did a in Spanish Novi no seen wave. Oh. So no one without Hanis. We had an tenable 's with no Wimpy wines. We had buttons people would collect thirty different languages of buttons that people would collect and they'd come in to the tastings wearing all their buttons. It was like it was pretty remarkable. It was a phenomena of sorts now, and I was doing primitive winemaking hunching down and very European winemaking, but bringing an incredibly American slant to it, which is why ultimately my punch down devices in the Smithsonian, and there's a picture of me punch in a much younger, man. Did you ever hear about the Albano salmon story? No. So the guy has white salmon, and he's trying to sell it and everyone thinks that same is supposed to be pink. And so that's a challenge for him. So he puts up a sign that says white salmon guaranteed not to turn pink. Turns it around. Yes. Exactly. Like a quality as opposed to defect. When I think of that story. I often think of you because you're also like the guy who refused to make pink refused pink. Absolutely. I've had funny episodes. I was doing tasting. Oh, probably in the the early eighties down in Houston, Texas, and it was kind of a high profile events and people were going around tasting and young woman comes to the table. And she says like tasters infantile as I Puerto loss Zanan, she she said, this isn't Fandel. I said yes it symphony. I made it. I used the grapes, and she said no can't be some adults wrong color. She says this is fragile. You're adding food color to it. I'm said, no, no, I'm smart. This is just try and tell me like it. And so she hops off with a glass of wine, she's out with their friends, and you can see her. She's kinda just dictating and going on man. This guy's a fraud now, but trying to pull off here and her friends are probably a little more knowledgeable. So they they're like that guys in the Smithsonian now that was waiting. I just can't. And so she comes back a little while later. And she says, I'm sorry. My friends inform you that it is actually a red grape. And I like yours infinite. So ravens would it's amazing that it started so small and became so huge the arc of your career is incredible. Most people just don't do it that way most people if they sell the winery, they leave and you became like a winemaker for constellations. So you started with this bonded shack, basically equipment. And then you go up to eight hundred thousand cases a year. Wasn't that fast? Wasn't like it was the next day. It was you know, it was a slow like a slow and painful kind of thing I worked second job. I ended up having Morgan in nineteen Eighty-one, and I had already married a woman who had a seven year old daughter. So I had kids and I had to keep that going. And so I worked at the snow valley hospital ran the clinical laboratory on the nights Senate weekend. So that allowed me some time to make wine during the day and Martine Prodi was not my last stop the next. Stop was the steel building at the end of deadman's curve on the son-jok mo- property was leased by manage honor. And I like to refer to this space as the former gourmet toilet seat shop because George made oak toilets toilet paper rolls, and there were very hot during that period of time oak decor was like it. You know, like if you could have an oak toilets, you were like sitting pretty and he had had to take the steel building and spray the inside with. Cycled newspapers because the players were so noisy there deafening. And so the newspaper would absorb it. But it turned out to be pretty good insulation. So for me, it was like, wow. I mean, I'm in the town of cinema. This is in the town cinema. I actually had a short flirtation with Emoryville as well. But we won't go there that was totally illegal and found out that Georgia's landlords were the son Giacomo 's and when George terminated his lease. I ended up leasing from the San Giacomo and their family actually started out Vittorio came over from Italy. And he was one of the founding people for sunset scavenger, which was the garbage collector for San Francisco still is and as that got bigger he ultimately sold his share in sunset and came to cinema because he wanted to be former which would have been formerly and planted Peres as. As the primary crop because there was a big Del Monte plant that was relatively close in cordelia. And he grew pairs and he built his family, and he had three boys and a daughter Lorraine and Bob who ultimately went into the business with him Lorraine, actually became a nurse, and she kind of took care of their parents in their old age. But yeah, these boys when I met them would have lunch every day with their parents Rosa would cook. And they would fraternize with their father, the father, ultimately became bedridden. And by the time the world is changing out there. So they're beginning to pull out pairs because domain, Sean, Don showed up, and they need him pain grips and so- Altima. They start growing Chardonnay Pinot Noir for Shandong, and ultimately others as turned out. So it grows and grows. And they're tearing out pairs and at first, you know, they're thinking, okay. This is going to break pototoes heart because you. Plant trees for your children and not for yourself so much, and so they go up to his room, and they sit next to his bed, and they look out the window to see how far does he this patriots vineyard? Creeps up the line of where he can see the patriots. There's a story that circulate around. Now that in his last days told Vittorio that the pears were going bad at and they were going to plant grapes. And he said L take them out. Making money. Take them out. So I actually got to be really good friends with the Sanjak MOS, and I would steal equipment from them. All the time. I mean, literally had this what seemed like army surplus forklifts and things, but I didn't have any gloves. So like it was like great. The winery was slow to grow. We didn't make a profit in the winery until nineteen eighty seven. And I had just about nineteen Eighty-three had made my first governor's plan. And it was an attempt advocate Linux attempt to have that kind of whites del doing something del now white wine without having to do charts. Or some other grape variety that you needed a lot of Whitman for because I just nab a lot of couldn't afford it. So I began this kind of concept of okay there at grapes out there. Lot less expensive, Lodi Amador Mendocino. That are pretty good. There is a way to make wine in higher volumes, but still using French still using natives from -tations, so you make a lighter style line you keep it in the a short period of time. So stays in barreled for ten months to eighteen months, and you blend it. Yeah. Using your blending skills and use part of the wine you make for this. Because you don't have a very big facility. So you can't very much although later I took over Louis martinian use two thirds of their crushed ice for vendors plan and also in wood and McNally got the begin of being the end, by the way, you augmented in the bulk market because there were people who were selling really good zinfandels for not much money because it didn't sell for lot. And you could blend it in and you could put together a tasty one that was very credible, and you could sell it for around ten dollars. And I thought as going to go anywhere. Until one day, Costco, showed up, and they said we'd love to take a palette of that wine. Or actually, I think they said three thousand was the first order, and I'm going what the hell is a pallet. Oh, that's what I mean. That's fifty six cases three times fifty six cases. Oh my God. My cash flow troubles are over. But really was before they're all done Casco was selling close to twenty thousand cases, just a regular check. Just it made all the difference in before it was all said and done one bottle out of every four bottles as infantile sold in the world was a bottle ribbons would. And I think that was a lot of people's I in. Yeah. People's come up may still and they say, oh, you were the first red wine ever had you turn into a red wine drinker, and I said you drink vendors anymore. Most of them don't. The way I think fitness blend is the evolution of those grapes. That would have gone into some of those Gallo blends and earlier generation ended up going into vintage plan. I think that's probably true although gala, which is embedded grapes. And I was using vendor reason a lot of accounting, grapes. And at that time also came up with a county series while, you know, head was focusing on vines, and I was looking individual vineyards, but it became clear to me that I was going to end up with twenty five or thirty single vineyards that didn't make any sense all going to taste the same. So my criteria for single vineyards was that they had to have unique flavor that was very much based on where they came from. And if I was already making a wine that tasted a certain way, like dry creek telled Ascii, for instance, and I had another really good dry creek vineyard. But it tastes the same. I'm just going to stick with the one that I'd started with and that meant that I had other sonoma's county old wines of darn good. Yeah. That I said, okay. I've got to do something with this. So I. I blended into a composite blend called it's getting old line that became sort of the mid tier price so the eighteen to twenty two dollar category. Ultimately, and you know, is making probably eight to ten thousand cases of that one. And then I had my single vineyard designates, which I still make today which run between eight hundred and fifty nine cases, you guys kind of set a model for how to the hit all the price points. So what you find out when you go to big organization light constellation as they do huge amount of market research. Ultimately, it's all about shelf presence. And so if you have one you get one skew, and if you have to one she might get to skews, and if you make cabernet, Chardonnay and merlot and Pinot Noir, if you make all those varieties, then you have many more facings associated with or if you do single dinner designated wines, I make seven of them, but they may carry three which is like. Better than you do otherwise. So numbers of skews is important in terms of shell presence and visibility. And visibility sells one you were in charge of all the winds for consolation for a while. Right. Well, it wasn't in charge of all the ones. I ended up being given a position when they bought ravens would of a senior VP which is about as high as you get in constellation without being a family member. And. You know? So I was part of the winemaking process. But as they move forward, they got bigger, and they started consolidating why make an didn't make any sense to put me as production team. So they put me in the marketing team, which was kind of an interesting phenomena. But it didn't mean that I couldn't be part of production. Because I was the, you know, when you're in a big organization, the marketing group dictates flavor profiles because they do a lot of market research. I said that we need for sake of argument, we need a competitor for Pasig read. So we need to develop a wine that is like porting grams residual sugar this red and really dark, but somebody has to still proof this has to taste it and say, I'm so I got to do a lot of that kind of stuff was fascinating to see how they arrived at those decisions. So having seen that whole spectrum of the California wine scene. I just don't know a lot of people like you who've really seen that whole thing. Joe swan to constellation in production marketing. So what would your advice be to someone who was starting out today in the California wine business the way you started out? What would you say to that young person who's bootstrapping now? Go for it. It's still doable. It's probably harder. A lot more competition out there. But you don't have to have the monument to people's ego. Ultimately, I didn't have a real wine rental nineteen Ninety-one. I bought the Heywood winery. Even then, you know, we outgrew that almost instantaneously then I had to build a a million case facility to handle interest blend. But I'd say go for it. You know, I certainly supported Morgan in his endeavor do that. I mean, what you're getting into don't go into a totally blind. I mean, I had a very good grounding and. How why was supposed to taste, and it tasted some of the great wines of the world. But you know, they're warehouses you can set up. I mean, you think people like 'inconnue, and you can do it. Now, it's not easy, and you may have to work a second job. So what if I was a young guy who decided he wanted to go into the business and make money? What would you advise me to do? Would it be to buy land or to make wine or? Why wouldn't buy land plan is the death knell for wineries, don't do it until you've got serious cash flow going? I would say that we have an opportunity currently that we haven't had and that's called direct shipment and direct to consumer. It means that you make eighty cents on every dollar instead of making fifty cents on every dollar. So I would say be really wise about the choices of the way you sell line. Do everything you can to sell direct to consumer. Choose your accounts wisely of you're lucky enough to be in California. You can sell director accounts going to have to more footwork be prepared to work, really hard. But you can make money in this business now in ways you couldn't before but I still wouldn't start out big. I mean consider the competition that's out there. If you start out with ten thousand cases, you're dead in the water, you're going to sell three of those. Maybe if you're really lucky easily and. The rest of it's going to be a slog, and you're gonna turn around for the next vintage, and you've got that next ten thousand cases on top of the six that are sitting in your warehouse at this point. So start out small Bill, build your accounts Bilger loyalties that is still a relationship business. Learn who the the people who are buying wine are and then the various stores that you have and get friendly with them spend time with them. So what do you think the real machine for the success of ravens would was in terms of the market? I think that the machine for ravens would work because it was a balanced item. We had all three tiers of price didn't have the really really expensive. But we are still considered a value even at the thirty five to thirty seven dollar bottle price for the single vineyard wines. I think that with vendors blend. It would have been a much harder slog. It was the right wine at the right time at the right price. Think about when I got in the line business. I mean you walk into a wine store, they might add twenty four selections. Of line wasn't sold in supermarkets unless it was a jug. And there was no, Costco. And there was no big Alice certainly wine world and the rest of the guys out there who do these gigantic warehouses didn't exist was very different place than it is now, and I happen to be in the right place. The right time with vendors splint. I ended up with exactly the right wine for the market when the sixty minutes came out and people are looking for red wine. That is good that is a price that they can afford the big chains or coming into business. And they want a recognizable brand, although they'll tell you brand doesn't make any difference doubt. But those days that made a huge difference. If you had a name it helped the idea of ravens would the logo of it was memorable. It was something that stuck in your mind. Like, oh, the one with the bird. Yes. Definitely the no winds saying helped us a lot and the logo itself which was designed. But. Land's going says a Barry poster artist of some note, but it turns out that that logo has attracted a lot of people. It's the most tattooed logo in the wind doesn't seen well over one hundred tattoos. That's just one guy. Yeah. One guy. I've seen. A woman in Texas named misty who had tattooed around her belly button, orange and green which was pretty amazing. I was at a tasting in snow county. It was a tuxedo taste of a harvest festival, and I just wanna big award and people are streaming up to my table. And this young woman comes up to the table. And she says so you the ravens would owner. I said, yeah, she said something I'm gonna show you said, really? And she proceeds to drop trowel right there in the middle of the crowd. And she says if you ever seen anything like this, and she points to her very close to the working parts, and I go. Yeah. No. And ravens logo was tattooed on her inner thigh. I went, oh, this is crazy. And she said, well, she's my boyfriend's tattoo artists, and he was out to dinner with me and had a bottle your wine. And she said I just love the label. It was so naturalistic I told him that. That's what I wanted for my tattoo. So I go home and say much about it and not much later newspaper article shows up the headline banner is tattoos his body art with this woman's by yellow bikini on the front page, and my wife, basically says, you know, this woman if you ever seen this tattoo why she have your logo on her enter by now really there are no right answers to any of those questions. It turns out a tattoo artist will frequently do a tattoo for somebody. And then they will put it into their tattoo book for tattoos that they've done so show it so people will go through and say, I really like that I'm going to have that. So sometimes they'll get the tattoo without knowing. It's the Rams lug up. But for the most part, they do must be shocking to them when they go to Cosco. See there to a lot of rap songs in the nineties. I didn't realize they were samples from the seventies. You know what I mean? And then I would hear the original. Wait a second. Diana ross. So I think one of the things that you really had an amazing perspective on over, of course, careers, some of the great vineyards of California for zinfandel and other feel blends, and what would some of those be? I mean, you already talked about old hill until Eski. But are there others really come to mind? They're definitely others. You know, many of the old wine vineyards said exist exist because they were so good that they didn't get pulled out. Even though there sometimes was weak market for those grapes. And the ones that remained were the ones who are kind of planted in the best and most amazing location. So I could run down a list or several so at the top that list is probably meant to Rosa a witches of those planet in the late. Eighteen hundreds spy Emmanuel Goldstein who had a store in San Francisco where he wanted to sell one. I can't even imagine like up on this hills fourteen hundred feet elevation above the snow valley in this beautiful red soil heads Montaza, and it's. Got honestly amazing. I'm no- nobody who has ever made a bad wine out of that. The lines are like hydra. They're amazing. The clusters unexpectedly large house say this isn't gonna make very good wine. But turns out that totally full j just below that down in the valley is vineyard the Morgan I on which has bedrock which was the old Madryn vineyard, which has been around for a very long time in eighteen eighty eight planting that's a Knicks vineyard and Monterey. So has these really high toned flavors just a little bit of orange blossom in them in a spicy tone? Ed rock has more base notes. But it's also got this baking spice character on this like long drawn out tannin that is almost like a northern talion might have. And then of course, we talked about old hill, which is a totally bre marketable and unique vineyard eighteen eighty five planning very mixed. Try farm rife arming is practiced in most of these vendors, which is really important. And if you move up cinema value run into Ghani, which is clearly I mean, anybody who's ever had Connie finds it memorable a fair amount Alicante, and they're so it really demand your attention in terms of the color and the kind of big berry flavors. There's then you're eighteen sixty nine which is Amador county. Which is what we used to know is ground pair grandpar-. The name has gotten sort of bastardized with people planting young vineyards using grandpar- would and calling ground pair. But there isn't a vineyard is now called eighteen sixty nine and Scott Harvey makes it and it produces such completely precise. Islip. Pristine Amador county wine that is like you just have to say, okay. If there is a first growth vineyard in Amador county. This is it because it's emblematic of what can be done there when it's done. Well, then there's contra Costa county and the Vangelis vineyard in contrast county, which everybody who's ever used. It has made a remarkable wine salt planted in these deep sandy soils on its own routes. And so you get a uniqueness about whether the uniqueness has do the sand or whether it's the roots who knows so those are some of the vendors continue to produce. And I'm talking we want to go to cavern as all thing, but that's a more recent development, but I tend to look back more often than I look forward in part because this is the vines I've worked with for very longtime. That's a diverse set of vineyards in different parts of California with different soil types and different exposures. But do you see common? -ality to what makes a great zinfandel and friends vineyard the thing about symphony hall is that I like to refer to it as a chameleon grape. It tends to adapt very nicely. Which is probably why was very popular in California. And it's adapted by the secondary grapes that are planted with it. So you can adjust the blend within your vineyard to make it perfect for the location. So a great symphony vineyard is totally about the place that comes from it has balance it tends not to get over. Right. Because you lose the character of the vineyard and the place it holds its color and it holds its city. Really? Well, and not only does it taste good and has fruit is very definitive early. But it's also got some secondary. Spice characteristics associated with it. And it will evolve with time. So if you taste it when it's ten or fifteen or twenty years old, you're still going. Wow. It has the while factor. What do you think about where's infantile is today? You said it's the chameleon grape in terms of site. But it seems like it's been the chameleon grape in terms of the market to you were one of the founders of Zab, and you've been very societas with zinfandel. And as I mentioned, probably most people's first is inventory was one of yours. And so what do you think about zinn today? I think zinn for awhile lost its way. Although is less way several times I keep a framed article on my office wall article written by Frank prowl in nineteen seventy three and the title is symphony L, beloved, no more. So we've had several ups and downs symphony. And you have the rage grapes had come through some merlot was the. Reg, gave for a while until fell apart because of a movie and Pinot noirs grape now and cabernet is done that in terms of reds and zinfandel is kind of always been there. It's been the stalwart. It's always been there to service, California in good times and bad. Whether that was the crash of late eighteen hundreds or whether that was prohibition. So it it will continue to be there. And I think that what's happening right now is different in the world infidel because you have a number of really talented young winemakers and Morgan and Mike officer would be happy. If I called him, a young, Mick Teagan, and others who really have adopted this grape and her doing really remarkable things with it. And they're selling more of those wines on lines. If you look at the latest data, the fastest growing grape online at the moment is simple. So I think that the quality of the wines has gotten better we kinda lost the way like in the early nineties Turley actually produced a line that was hindered. I believe it was the nineteen ninety four vintage that was probably sixteen percent alcohol and had some residual sugar. And I'm not sure that was the one they intended to produce. But Parker went completely ballistic for it. And a lot of people said, wow. This is the way you get high scores zinfandel, we can go there and a lot of people did. So you had the whole Rosenthal on resolu- made very majored wine, and then suddenly discovered this whole lush overripe slider residual sugar wine. And so we ended up with a lot of wines with you know, Heikal hall and residual sugar. And that isn't everybody's Cup of tea, and it's been fascinating to see the sweet red blend phenomena come on because they've actually stolen a lot of that part of the. Infidel market positions now being filled by the red blends. So I think simple is actually on a really nice trajectory them, maybe back to that kind of idea of Joe swan and ridge who began making some Fennell like we're gonna make something else and turned out to be respected and done beautifully, and you have understanding vineyard practices more than we've ever understood. So a lot is vendors are coming into hands of people like myself Morgan who, you know, are organically farm them. We're doing a whole cropping system property system that bills soil and maintains the moisture which allows the vines to access more water during their growing season. Because some of these vendors have been farmed for over one hundred years and been beaten up over the years pretty seriously. So the soils are not in great shape. So putting compost back in them were planning barley and knocking down. So it covers. Ground clove between the rows. So we don't have to use a lot of herbicides between the rows and that kind of stuff. So we're really kind of like reimagining the way you can farm lease and truly understanding more about how head pruned dry farm. Vines work does that imply certain labor costs for head trained. Yeah. I think it's it's true. It's very hard to make money farming. I mean, so if you look at bedrock we affectively break, even with the farming. You don't make money at the farming of grapes. You make money in the winemaking end of the grapes, particularly with direct sales. You are just a vineyard grower and your growing low production old wines. Yeah, it's very hard. It's not that you can't do it. But it's very difficult. So you're in your seventies now. But you recently start a new project last year's called once and future wines. I like to say once I had a little library in the future. I'm going to have a winery because I Alta never ended up with a winery. I would have I actually imagined. I would have three to ten thousand case winery. Maybe if I was really lucky I I would make only single designated wines from vineyards that were really important to me. And we're really interesting to me, and I would make them in the simplest, most, direct fashion. That would give me the best representation of that particular place that I could get so really what I've done is. I've gone back to once, you know, and I resurrected my Redwood from enters I retired from ravens wooden two thousand and two and I put them on the back of trucks, and I took them in the Morgan's winery. And when I drove up the trucks looked at me, and he looked at the for matters. And he said, well, I see you got the band back together. So this time around you're making single varietal wines that are not zen. So you have petite, Sarah. Yeah. The teacher I to work with as a vineyard called Palisades, which is the north end of the Napa Valley of often said that Napa would be a better. A place to grow up. It's rather than it is for cabernet in the early sixties, the most planet grape and Napa Valley was petite Serov, you taste things. Like Turley Hain. It's an amazing wine. Take some of the ones that Bobby Bialy makes from but it's right? Anapa amazing. So this particular vineyard was injured. It's a throwback to enter the planet nicotine eighties by the Barbara's family, their son replanted, the vineyard in the early seventies nineteen seventy-two, but he used the same spacing and head pruning and dry farming. So as organically farmed dry farmed vineyards just below the Palisades massive and produces these beautifully stylish petite size. You know, sometimes are just rip your mouth out just like tanning controls impossible, even but this vineyard is totally balanced. I love working with a big as it really makes me look like a winemaker transpire hands deep purple. And then there's the whole dynamic in the fermenters, and yes, but teacher are like heaves differently than. Mataro or more. And you're constantly kind of adjusting your expectations based on what's happening in the for mentor. And then you have to just your expectations in terms of the kind of. Okay, news on us more sometimes use less sometimes one barrel maker, something Hughes, another because the compatibilities and least in terms of your own artistic mental set because it really is an academic artistic endeavor at the end of the day. Yes, science involved, and that's Thurs, man. Really good stead over the years. But having said that. I would say that a Cosso was a great artist. But he was also an amazing technician and science because he made his own paints and a CASA would not be Picasso. If it wasn't for the kind of paint city used in the vibrant colors used, you know, those weren't off the shelf those were like things that he actually made as kind of like the grapes, you know, and then he put them together. And that's the project the winemaker Joel Peterson wants dramatic color, whether it'd be paints or red zinfandel. Thank you very much of being here today. My pleasure. Thank you so much for having me Joe Peterson the founder and winemaker at ravens wood. And then also the founder and winemaker at once and future wines. Are you ready to advance your wind business career to the next level? Then it's time to explore sonoma's state university's wind business programs and become one of their successful alumni, Amy Chang was an architect living in New York City with her husband and toddler when she decided to follow her passion for. Wine and develop our family's property in Napa Valley. She knew that building a new winery was a risky proposition. So what does she do to prepare herself? She enrolled in sonoma's state university's executive MBA in wine business today. Nine Suns winery is flourishing and with the leadership strategy and organizational skills at Amy gained from the program. She's able to thrive as a winery owner and operator while continuing to commute from New York. So Noma state University School of business and economics is proud to be a global leader in wine business education students in this Anoma executive MBA in wine business, come from all areas of the wine industry, like Claire Hobday CFO semen Dhabi will Phelps director of hospitality. Joseph Phelps vineyards, Jeff lebowski, master wine and director of sales at kisla vineyards. And Nate Weiss directive winemaking at silver oak, vineyards all accomplished graduates of the. Sonoma's executive MBA in wind business choosing between campus based and low residency formats allow students to earn a secreted MBA degree in just seventeen months from anywhere in the world. Visit BIT dot L Y food slash some Noma M B A to learn how you can make your passion, your profession. That's be IT dot L Y. Oh, it slash some Noma m b a. This episode was made possible by this Noma county vintners the leading voice of sonoma's county wine dedicated to raising awareness of snow mccown as one of the world's premier wine regions visits Noma, valley wine dot com. For more information. That's Noma valley wine dot com for more information. And about the time that I was working with Joe swan this country and western rock musician showed up whose name was sandy Lynch turned out. His real name is wine career is criminalized. So Kermit Lynch ended up around the table with us just want a number of times, and he enjoys one became very good friends so much after I left and went onto my own career Kermit and Joe developed a sponsor. Joe spend a lot of time shape knees with Alice waters who was really good friends with Kermit and he traveled to France with Kermit.

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Are you being supportive or...annoying? POWER COUPLE CHATS with John Prutti & Caroline Buchanan

The Health Code

55:45 min | 9 months ago

Are you being supportive or...annoying? POWER COUPLE CHATS with John Prutti & Caroline Buchanan

"I love you and welcome to the health card. This is our poll cost where we chat about all things health fitness career relationships and lust. All kind of like your weekly catch up with the girls and the boys the boys the guys welcome back to the Health Code podcast in on today's episode. We have to incredible paypal. One Carolina Buchanan. Who is a time a Downhill Mountain biking? Sorry we said this before with Downhill Mountain biking or Mountain biking champion and three time. Bmx champion and then next to her boyfriend and an absolute mad man on a motorbike. Joan Prodi you probably would have seen him on my instagram recently to shoot together and you're currently repping a pretty serious injury. Do you WanNa talk through what's happened. Yeah so basically What months ago associated being working on that was a I was looking forward to sort of putting out to the will be like my big Notoriety stunt to rid the attention of the Basically extend especially elderly weapon on getting this year and unfortunately working on the world's best Good get off. That meant I. Nap had A tedious and had to reconstructions and in the had blood transfusions and yeah it was blocked by accident had Yes a sort of five weeks accident. Now Aman this podcast is gonna be so hard for me to lack Cape Small. Because there's so many questions we could ask you number one of lack dating an athlete like how to to athletes date. Hr because an athlete's life is very selfish and not in a bad way. It's just it takes a lot of sacrifice. I could also ask you about life now with the West injury. I can think of two broken legs and then just on top of everything just your achievements in general and how you guys got into being this amazing sports people and Carolina like an Olympian. I was stroking your instagram. And like saying you're dead lips and things like that. I was just like Oh my goodness I just. I'm fan going view L. Stalking instagram for a solid half now and I was like. Whoa this base. I honestly so for for anyone. That doesn't know you like who? Why are you guys? And how did you mates? You guys are just like couple goals actually interesting ninety alert longer than the prey officially dating plenty than Alec Basically. We both grew up in camera And sounds like extra bulletin rotting? It's pretty small community. You Camera So as far as like the metal. The Bella an accounts payable Communist states Aside Williams you this was just catch up and dislike purely mates for a ride Coffee into dislike noise China. Cook my friends up with him but never actually really what together like without X.'s. Nepal. But then like as far as like starting a after Serious accident and checks accident happened made from the white pretty good and pretty good together. What do you you like? Why did come home? I had like a be upper at peak last night. And had to hockey hoppy is said raisin complications. And now you've got back on the black girl yeah Over a depot underneath crush nissar the roll cage. My chest SNAP WESTERN. W in classified. Milan's punched Maha aligning everything so I ended up the block. Thirteen said reason a reasonable jess instructions. That are two years anti finally yet once back pretend sport Illinois I came back to Canberra. Yeah we reconnected. He had this like crazy goal and Influence I guess can you actually? Can you talk through your your goal like what you're trying to achieve because like wh when we went shot together we issued for protein together? And when you showed that ramp that you're going to send yourself off the top tree that you're going to try and do like it's it's a big thing and then you've got the white of the back up in the air there with you as well. Do you want to talk us through what you're planning dome with that game to come back to even way? Cowan moves talking about like a bus like studying to reconnect but To is back in town and she was like super bowl basically told me everything about accident. and obviously Exempting on Bain through pretty rough relationships in like the past and off fell a new muscle Like she didn't Athlete on a together. Life is really else acknowledged. Each other like is an athlete in pushing not so July. What is she's on much me now. you are able to any possible often. founded You are amazing women and End achieve anything you all with it in dumb United States like our relationship is like Super Wig just worked together so from day on just comes back to the super Unquote off and then. Yan like twelve months later. Yelich on Six or seven people in the world at a job in united coming to that wanting to do that world says like I just truly believe buckles Like a mind one did land at Rod out the back which no one has technically done that way. So will about unbuilt but there is a little asterisks lit that comes back to the really from. Caroline helping Come back to later as we let. That sounds in run when I watch him. Ride up see wanted throw off hop the time gray story building lack. The land mystery ward Dance mets so my whole life like being that little girl coming from five years old wanting to raise the Max and begin actions blow playing with boys training. The boys it is you Kinda. Put everything on the line but at the same time like Calculated but there. Is that that Lynn. Where you know sometimes you G OF ACCIDENTS. I guess is point. Yeah I I could not do that. I'm such a scaredy cat. Like he's the thing okay so I grew up with two sisters and I just like my parents. They just gave me confidence too much confidence right now like Sarah such tomboyish so good on your black. I was literally doing little bunny hopes and I thought I was a fool on Bam extra right. We would go camping and ride my bike down with the boys. They had little light bay next jump box. I had a mountain buck pink with tassels. Handles it actually so I would ride down to the to the mud jump place where like the jump Bush place and I was. I watch this and every time I would like eight it would come back with a bloody nose and like a bloody lip and I just like my parents. They were too confident in my lack of skills like I really tried and then once I had a few stocks I was like this is. I'M GONNA play bobbies I'm Everett. So how did you caroline just? I feel like being a goal. I have so many questions for you. I don't know if this is really like gender typical stereotyping but did you grow up with brothers alike. What's the deal one brother yet so he? He had big accident resolved kind of his career but the main lack of that little toy what he did I did so you know like huge jump out of terrain. I jumped up was five. It was a lot of sports throws really drawn. To let individual with successes on new ballets on you and that just Amy Arabic Biglou Bill Toughening but it was a really good much what I was going to be. Listen Olympic sport. I never knew that will take you to Olympic Games. Like I want to be champion but I never imagined. Be Like whoa champion. It just old grandma from state to national world like I'm sitting here today. The your grand books coverages came out. Explain your old wanted to more than I do. That's awesome Mike and I just feel that the birth of you lives and these in a really positive way to reach the goals that you guys have set for yourself. They're very ambitious. And you guys have surgery. Venue so motivated. You're so passionate. There comes a level of sacrifice and selfishness with any kind of athletes life even not athletes by any means bug. You know even in terms of AL fitness goals you have to be somewhat selfish to reach them. So how give us an insight into life in the fact that you have separate goals you want to support each other? But how do you manage birth of you guys training? Both of you guys practicing going to bed early and I don't know like how do you guys balanced and what's your daily routine. What kids are from the same sleep schedule and everything together anyway with injury little different Katie rhythm the getting consigned rights starting to bed at sunset. I think right now wall. Whoa you go to sleep at sunset. What does that mean? And then you wake up time. I need specific clock seriously. Goals like we try to do that every night. Don't we this up partying up? Despicable me like had eight at the moment is normal with some much recovering. Rot Now with everything going on strength training. Yeah going like as far as lake. Noble in the like two months ago Being that we just had like a really well I think we have good communication when she has a big training book like give us face who she needs. It like to give you the support you need to and Boston's like On yet back still I made it should be meet precise member and it's like a it's really unspoken by being just because around us. We just like anything to rate each other really well off. You know. There's going to be a training in the lows themes ostend as the whole relationship where Rhode when note in the world have separate goals. Yeah do what about Valentine's Day or two birthday and and Jones like fame? I really want to do the hop pop like like like that much yet. I mean the closest to be US but they had to compete in Indonesia so I was like. Hey I'm staying on an Indonesia. Doing a ELSA native trouble subsided trumpet by content is key wants this magazine gently this products coming every big album. Say Manage to at Ringwood so long at NAS. Lend the caused the novelists to doing not necessarily bring where it's being small wells and get a same Harrison passion driven district. A bullet catching your wealth. Like it's inspiring you can relate to that. A love is even from when I listened to the trio put cost in a spicy to opt United States. Like you told about being attractive On new this wasn't a better wasn't a trade on new. That was the as well Obviously have a not now that's similar thing which industry basically yeah. It's funny that you bring that up. 'cause I remember on the shoot day when we I gotTa told her that actually. I might have told her about but we had it shoot together and I'm I'm standing there with the camera and unlike join. Can you like spray hape dude? It was just it ended up. Amy's epic about I. I absolutely smoked by you covered Lens Camera. The whole thing was just Afterward you turn around to Jackie client and he sort of like evernote block. That was payback. So the story. The story goes is that actually. Do you WanNa tell it Joan because probably better coming from you talk begins. Here's Sarah coming to this very compete. Come into real awkward. A good friend of mine listened to Qassams. I own my go to go to listen to it. Like the stewardess into trade tunnels trade and and as successful contact grade cheeks Blah Blah Blah. Look give listen and listen to Away really cute high and like all. The transition carried all really wanted to push content creation and step up arrive and to be honest to like really help. You version eight miles basically do crossed the thank you that you put this out. There because weight goes by chip emails. Every caught Lalo. Bet YOU'LL GET BACK MONTHS. Go by and then anyway sunny and deal with be. Som- frightening company by Protein Anyway and yours truly. Who is it the guy this guy and you're like what did you can? So he's like he's like hey can use like spray liberal debt around in spray a little know. Look I'm I'm so sorry to get back to you. It's not. We get a lot of emails with a little messages so to anyone who hasn't got a message back. I'm sorry I really tried to but I'm just just look back. I'm still talk these boss when on the day when you said that to me also almost not tomorrow because like honestly when we when we started doing these podcast in I think feel like Carolina. You'll be able to like really like sort of be. The same thought. Processes are these. We started these focusing. We just wanted to inspire people through our own actions and I feel like that just hearing that feedback is so reassuring like and it connor really humbled me to be like. This is so important to so many people out there and I feel like caroline the that. That's something that you'll you're doing now in the AMAX WILL. Then you know with everything you're doing such a. I guess prior to to everything now with the Olympics in that but it's such a male dominated sport and to come through as a mouse sort of. I'm sure it would have been tough. You grown up as a kid doing. Bmx rotting and sort of thinking like a one day. I'm going to be a champion at these sort of pot chips that tend to form you and you to make a decision or do something different or just a few to do and yet for me like wasn't many five zero. Bmx skills running around Wanting to be the next champions career out of it and to do that like my family really good my dad benched instead of the I. This is the full text books for social media rival chip and everything. He's like okay. So you need to build your brand bigger than the sport helpless. The spoke grow in the tech even had the ability to Turkish. And I'm like twelve adapt workers that even leave as your dad was age is good advice. Say Like I look back on. We had moments with us where that journey began. He told me everything from my job. Office website very much an ATI driven in like ten years of welcome Mary. Wisdom Existent he's Building Dada bikes black. I'm so young. Had no idea whether this is like all too But does that progression over time really brought me to where it is today? Site the struggle to not only Grows ex mega household name? Give it on the oxidative. Swim isn't Mainstream athletes let one day when blackbeard Whether the manifest that it's happened us down the track. You turn back around a wounded that as a kid achieved so Yeah I think that when I was back fourteen years old it was real waxed ending point. Very hot as like a out said continued shooting an action. This'll career in Lane Beasley. Seven time world champion. She came to me and of That ladder Dan she was like that. Akron in strategist Admittances what Leaving new phone his scholarship that made us that Oregon so Yeah these little milestones old say fuel you like track another look back and haven't had success. Maybe had injuries years and have a little external positive impacts that do influence mobiles to be on blacks what's or just outside moving. That's almost more rewarding than you're standing on In with Champagne Hoffa Timah Zero kid on your balance block. You see sporting right now. That's so cool. You sound you sound motivated and like you. I guess now you know what strategies to put in place to keep you motivated and I actually saw your instagram. You have is that sleigh five five so talk us through what that is. It was like a little list of five things you wanted to slay in the morning. Or what's the deal with Sleigh five? Yes slay the day of late in the day five. Is I five talks today everyday so had like a vision board? I've spent time twin the. Us lost ten years in hoffman-tom camera. Yes with the Vision Board. It's like a little bit of visual goals might weekly training and then to the Michael's at me and my goals Need to skits on every single day when travelling in the John. Dennis Together We I think it's an athlete thing to just having a structure Allied accountable. But yet one thing like met for one thing that we love machine need to go through. This is That gratitude said are the five things thoughts say. What are your thoughts? We kind of know what's going on be like that so then began in three things. Yes we saw that morning l like especially this loss months while also being in and out of hospital. Abby a sunrise. Which Sunrise is your. What you net will Grapes basically three things really veteran flat. Day Once you've done that like life off so always like things. I really need to get done that day and they can be something. Like saying boo boo is like a social media. But it's across all your all your anything like for example today on a woke twenty meters like that was one of those things on to go and it can be super small. Be Be of Yet for us. That's study a again. It comes back to that accountability to the gratitude to our way of binstock Massey. Believe is in a your gratitude is good bug rations Comeback involved like even like like you know what I mean. What I heard is customer Ban and it's like through like being believe it'll manifested intimate Give me now. Obviously our climate man united says it's like all all from your side of things not nine art like from exodus light by just like such a NAS fight day united Rifle can be. Simple is just being greg for fresh air running water united something so simple rightful that neither one of my best friends checking on me to say how does something like that will united site for us? It's just yet beautiful south today in day being accountable on Sundays get Donald. She knows what on that's at the best. I'm glad let's say good. Yeah I like also the thing of like you being motivated by the podcast. And it's funny. When you start when you start like working toward your goal halack the balls like they. Just sorta like everything aligns and then like bowls emotion to stop moving forward and things to start happening. And you know it's Kinda like when mains Sarah I met. I was sort of in that transition period of becoming a photographer and stuff as well and Sarah came along and and it was. It was Kinda like it was meant to be like. She needed content consistently install shooting for her. I needed a cameraman literally my able at that time and I was like. Hey we just met and like I literally only my boyfriend is a a like. Yeah like that process. Because it's so true when you start working towards a goal things start happening and it's working in your favor and now a quick word from our sponsor our favorite online learning program skill share. That's right Scotia is an online learning community that offers memberships with meaning. We sorry much to explore real projects to create and the support of creatives skill share. And POWs you to accomplish real growth. We both love skill share. Like honestly for every time I talk about. I'm always kind of doing the same course. But graphic design. I'm using it more and more every day so I just want to get better and better at it because the online space right now. It's all editing and graphic design. However now I feel like it's the perfect time to jump into some kind of course and just be productive with your time stimulate the brain so tonight I'm thinking of starting one of the courses which is interior designer so random. I don't know like every time I'm on skill share. It's good because it work focused and I feel like I'm being productive but I think he by doing interior design clothes. It's like fun and mindless to me. Because it's not work it's like yeah well. I've been actually up scaling myself in some filming techniques which is funnily enough liking. You'd probably say like my work and be like. Oh he's really good but you can never stop learning and you can never stop learning from other people's experiences as well so I think it's just a great opportunity to jump in there and just continue that great so if you want to exploit your creativity and get involved in skill share then you just have to go to skill chat dot com forward slash health card and you get two free months of the premium membership. Which is actually amazing. You can smash out a lot of courses in two months. Let me tell you so that you missed that skill. Shed Dot com forward slash health code. Let's get back to the episode but I want to own a touch on something. I I've been doing a little bit of research into thing called flow state and go on particular cold Steven Coulter. So he used to be a He used to be like an action sports journalists and now now. He's kind of transitioned into these public speaker. And he talks a lot about the mentality of people in this system Co. flow state and basically the reason why I started thinking about. It is because when he was doing this. These journalism articles on people. Like yourself you like action sport athletes and notice that you guys that have these massive injuries but then you would come back from an injury and you would perform at like the most peak level that your could possibly do on us one of like say stronger and I just wanted to say caroline. I Guess John. You probably be out of touch on the soon as well but caroline when you go. That first injury did you feel. Did you feel like you would just more Zainuddin and you performing better? Do you feel like you came back stronger than ever. I think it's plotted Li- going to that place everything all your win. Like hot and So not only like when you guys that manage hanging comes to see like the pain Come with your identity. The fear career. Like I didn't know again. It was quite intense so the kind of guy that spot and then take a step back to reality erasing again. So needed stresses the age to worry about which hinder performance. You're able to stay more in the moment and you don't sweating the little things as much I think that's where the biggest thing At growing ICAN Lynn from lack. Some of the. What's what may going through augmented guide. Now I'm going through a lot with John Mistakes I made to like not having the Rodham and nutrients in my vitamin D running low and then my body could carry enough calcium Because I bought him. Divas was so is elise little things that just kind of GonNa make sure that you've got calcium dean egg firm so much into token says he's language caroline switching to a health blood com back even back to the injuries in both it's injuries the Years with that single injury also adding for tons awake in the Carolina shooting the impression of having such a hybrid on all these actions athletes. United TIME I was in ten years I had really good. And it's almost inevitable and also working on solving really BIG RAINBOWS JUMPING. Us like Sixty size of like a story like okay. Say made his chances. Something could brighter both your legs for actions Los Or and can do not what's yeah. What's your both of you? What's your training routine like? How do you balance how much I always wonder like with full? Plays and stuff. Like how often do they go to the gym? Lift weights and then when do they tackle? Holler and throw the ball. How do you balance rotting riding a bike? I don't want to diminish. How do you balance riding your bike ca balanced riding Yumoto black? I read in the gym. You mentioned before you're in your strength period like what does that look like for. Have you seen? Have you seen a deadly instagram? Saying make this week for example strength. Walk Second Eight weeks walks. Region sessions await. They've Rocketing Aruna. Hof Most of my speech like that's typical strength. Building Block of failing on. You could set like you're pretty much on track like you. Benchmark yes if a may strengthen our athletes sage substandard the FDA Kademi Now Really right just letting the fundamentals of movement Abandoned Jameson cells. Nine years old. Which sounds crazy My Dad was like I was go on track and it wasn't like with G. Weights but it was like how do a foot jump in way of dislike nine you only eggs green shrink in size and then I can adopt. You know what I think what you guys do is so cool and I'd love it when Fox is to be like. Yeah my son is a Bam rider. And he's like murder cross but I can't deal with the I know we don't WanNa focus on the injuries. And if he if he like even just like face plants walking. I want to cry. I can't wait to see your potential future babies because they'll be weapons. Fox can be pink. Because it's funny like you Talkin about that because if I go home what Carolina race even if Mind watching a train on the by molitor rights. I feel sick if you don't WanNa race today at school. 'cause I fully feel need to raise the Queensland went to Queensland to watch Kurtz will championships of Jitsu and people what like punching him in the face and like him and kicking him in the ribs and I just wanted to cry and he came off the mat like buzzing smiling with blood all over his. I don't like this is the only way I can compare it to your sport like I obviously love sports and stuff like that and you just get an adrenaline rush. But I feel like you have. How would you? How would you describe this lackey's rival that Adrenalin and you? You don't necessarily think about the worst case scenario when you're out there is that the corner like what's your mental. I guess you you mental state prior to like a big event both of you you know John. Going off the big kicker and Carolina before be grace like what are you guys? Thinking was actually really kill. Hanley distorted Saturday Day like to work on threes. Had before it was like GonNa take this rant. Which could have ended up in a wheelchair about well. I like to hundreds is yet yes basically being Cowan talking dead like obviously they gotta cheat like Super Close in pretty vulnerable to Everything but like as far as that. So confidence basically when Rabin Jim Flick. Less three months allowed US. Open our uncommon amongst Ohio and then richly everytime was going into the Are SOME MY COM MONSTER WOMAN? Date breath in. And it's like that was a CY labeling so F- labeling it's like a bayonet before united it's not like was anything different as we're GONNA WE'RE GONNA get for me like those woods just in my time in yet really beginning that so found. Yeah and then for me being a female headed into like a really big jump section that I've done for about ten minutes into the got away. The racing is always like Alpha girls readily immune on my note. Donna like a hot balanced Managing like my emotions and feelings say nope Catch and then that other guy. He's you step up. You've got a handle Fi. You've gotta run with it today and I'll act to just simply works. Made was lack. He cheering Fiat and let grabbing it. And just saying like realizing like my body is leading up. Got Lack of getting these Russians that the appropriate Thank you come along for the ride tonight and not tunnel. Plottable actress should be scared right now. Just what with Kaba and utilize it to your advantage? See I in our. I get so nervous. Like I'm a stress head AK and I make little things into big things. Do you know one of the most notable. Here's for instance up doing Jim and ballet and like you don't understand the sweat patches literally drip down my buddy. I'm yelling through up through. I also started crying and I like I need to go the toilet cyber anyway. I have never been so nervous before my year. Nine talent quest was doing a dance. I was doing a dance to flow. I'll getler and I threw up and at that point. I decided I don't want to be professional gymnasts because I can't deal with competition honestly like I can't I just can't it makes me so nervous. I want to win that I want to win so bad. I can't lose. Losing makes me really grumpy. I'm not a good sport like that. I don't have good sportsmanship. I want to win and my dad used to say to me as well I would come. I would come second and he'd be like no second. This was like what he's like. I said the loses. He did shoot striking but the other part was like breath. You're not gonNA yeah. I just thought I'm just going to block instead. Cooking is against myself. You know what I mean like. I don't want to take on the cody. I've seen these lately leading up. We've been really like stiff coffee game a come. We've been stepping up the consumption of the coffee hundred percent. Isolation has made us like caffeine addicts. It's really bad and it's not even like we need the buzz and like I'm tired. I need coffee. It's like the art of making the coffee that I all. Every time had these sanctions had similar coffee machines. You guys Yourself and then. Tomlin had the. Us style rank. Yes there is an art to it if you make a good coffee. You'll love it. And she's like Noah Judea Every time like you stuffing anyway copy. Slav just egos are like a love. Any says Caroline's net come around to it and she's actually getting pretty good at making it so safe. You guys made those mistakes. I'm so bad I kind of pro Israel. Do you know what we at the level of copy snobbery that we use it in like. How would you rather up like? Would you rather do this or drink? Seven eleven call it. Sorry about that. I really WANNA play all game guide. Yup well let's do that every we haven't we've actually forgotten about this with a few of I guess but with all about guests. We tried to play this game. And it's called. Shut up an answer my questions and it's basically just like a spade Brown so I've written a few but if we think of any we can them but basically it's just quick so you guys can take it in turns in answering but it's just the views can get to know you more and it's lighthearted and fun. Okay all right. We'll take into the scene comes to you. You'll get just taking interest answering like you both have to answer each question coffee or tea. Copy the young boys favorite childhood cartoon. Funny Bugs Bunny Nights now not nice I know someone original on that's fairly bad. Joke is rugrats rugrats is pretty good what about Simpson's second Copycat Caroline? What's yours yet. Eriksson baby you actually gave me said rugrats really said he could lie or my stupid among all right weights or cardio weights. John Eagle Institute. Said you can turn US okay. Yeah white sure okay so have you had a superpower choose new energy but such an athlete answer mum true IBM No. I've got the ultimate anti with John. What's your what's your superpower invisible. You Barth wrong yesterday Roy. Run these monies there is a right answer shape shifter because you can be anything if you if you want to be invisible you to a ghost if you WANNA have endless amounts of energy you tend to achieve dumb if you WANNA fly united. Look I'm so good. Why wouldn't you WANNA fly right? Why wouldn't you fly? Parrot Bay pat others shapeshifts while bikes. I love schooling. People in that one pound on wrong took again again a loved one. Would you rob a clone of ox are fighter who Kirk? I'd rather clone a Fox so that Fox has a little Fox to play with. Yeah look he's got some pretty good Jane her so annoying. I watched this take talk last night where they go pretended to be a husband for a day and she walks around and like throws things everywhere like she will. Do you know what tell me John Does. Two boys is so annoying one loss square of toilet paper on the role number one. They weren't just go all use the law square and put a new one. They leave that one square. They had lek. You'RE GONNA use one square. No and even if they do use everything they just leave. They leave the role that and they never replace it a fresh toilet paper. Call being a gentleman just leaving. The leaving one little trickle this at least you've got something just in case you probably change toilet Roy self comb in anyway. The answer is definitely client a Fox guy to my favorite question. Obviously I made this one up. What is your ultimate cheat meal? Mcdonald's brands wouldn't green and saw fish. Involves them Jonah Taylor? Jamile net eagle chance to redeem yourself from frigging bugs. Bunny feeling muscle out. No no I still have love you. So what's your ultimate cheat meal? Come on come on bring it hard. If you say mistakes. You're dead to me. Maybe the treats. Maybe I can ends up. I don't know I anzac biscuits that I had on Anzac Day from incredible but like they in the common to always human hasn't been once it's jolt ice cream hundred percent every day pizza. Love Pizza. yeah mom would be like a big ball of. Nachos CHANGES ALL THE TIME. I do a love of Big Burger. I used to love the Grand Angus burgers from Marcus. Yeah love the feel like it really depends on where you're like. He found down the curse he should she give me any inside the up like I love lot like a warm meal. It's awesome around. Yeah Sir good audie might. You could never make your email me. I'll get back. What is your favorite place you've ever visited? I really love hard to split between Whistler and Queenstown the amazing mountain biking the not ever done We send in Queenstown on Really Fortunate to like writes in bullfighting arenas in Spain insane Flagstick news mazing with whom Stan kill travel. She traveled for me though like as far as comes back to rotting and like the Mecca elected box in writing. He's telephone yet. Silica rebuffs from just being out of their gets deigned planning to go. Bush's not I've been a Hawaii high. Yeah we were supposed to do a world tour in the US. The and it was all like planned. It was amazing but you know everything happens for a reason and I fully believe that because when we're going to go I was still breastfeeding and I was just working out house going to do it and I'm like okay I'll have a made up and then I'll Fade Fox. I'm I'm so glad that I so kind of happened. And we couldn't do it because like everything her raisin you look back and go lack yeah you're welcome to come stay in America anytime what he may say. Do you have a house there apartment. Yeah I looked at right now. I want to be even more. Now you have ABS- you have an apartment in America. You can run a by I scan on my little cruise on running next to the road. We'll have to stay manages ED couple question. Who's the smelly one out of Youtube? Classic your is your classes and then what what is one thing that makes you about h? One downside to your relationship you know what I mean. She takes a fridge open at a time that he's annoyed because you're going in again it's like. I always say but like to a flooding his way winds hop on. I know I do just scream. Indiana lacy like that come above it. Sarah doesn't even know how to turn out television. Does Joan opting for nothing. Just address himself because all right software right now. We Want Kiki when he's down but he's yeah. Yeah look I can't ready. Just everyone prepare is. This is like the version. I can make right now like this. That's what does with his fate old day all day and guard him and Strip for you go. I don't know a little more. I would just look at him. And he's like what did I forget something like. Can you stop it? He's like what I'm like your fate. He's like can you that am I? Can you not like dry? Scaly skin put together. And do you know who else does it? Fox they are. I cannot even tell you they all this. Same humans hopper active. I Love I. Love goes but far out. They driving me insane insane. They birth when they finish their food. They just ground. We'll come back noise. You got me just everything not A. Yeah this is. I'm probably Sarah Sarah over on the fruit and nut makes it a little bit and that results in her being extra gase when we go to sleep at night we'll have dinar and then we then we can and then we'll see it on the cash or whatever you would do chilling out together. And she's like Oh my tummy hurts. Embiid seekie girl on my nine. Oh no no no no no no. You didn't do this again. And then we get into the bedroom and as soon as she pulls the dinner over a self. It's like an atomic bomb disguised. Early County fluffing. Thank you exactly. I really smashed. I hope you guys are at that point of view. It's like yeah okay. So Funny Burton have funny. How like when you start dating. You'll exor so I was even scared to pay your house. New Tilleke me pay now. Unlike loving that I'm guessing like fluffing the during all. She started this new thing. I can sorry this is getting really David having a shower and then just walk in there and look I need to weigh sits down in ways and I'm like I don't even have a chance to look away. He's already weighing. What how that right? You've seen me give birth. That's actually yes is. This was like a mom like I d like to help. If you're sharing the floor. She came back up nine. Gosh yeah it's in those. Two strikes wins his legs. Leap Magin deflect. That's major so much stronger because you have to rely on Carolina Carlin. You have to be very nurturing. Yeah like we've definitely went go up insane to launch Laugh without her having had pasta injuries in older accident than I think she'd really understand. Just how vulnerable you all like? Democratizing can be a breakdown on Asking yeah I mean she's just being seen and it's very handy that she superstrong. She came Tammy she needs to. Because that's the thing like when you have something that you're going through that essentially changes your whole life. Now don't get to do the thing that makes you the most happy. You need that person to just keep you that positive encouragement to like do you. You're going GONNA come out of this stronger like this is fleeting. This is only temporary. You need that from your pot now when I wake up in the morning with a sore back and like oh country into like never on is you. Just get into the SOCK. When you guys get lakes Jeevan like do not go to the gym right now. This book perspective. Even when something's taken away from Wall Utah really have an Finance Getting back to that In that in denial GONNA ratio every single session and traveling. Most Elliott yet. Does pop really quick that got me through while some slack? Pots like when those Backward now this nine months adding like writing career imposs- young was far you to both like a massive inspiration guys and just to say positive during these periods is so insane. So it's a credit to the both but I'm like thank you. Thank you both for coming on the show today. We really appreciate having you guys and spare in the time to come on. It's Spain is unique. We need to come and visit you guys and you can teach me how to do a little bunny hall. Yes that's my goal to get ED. Thank me down the cameras. Pete's just including gluten free pizza place came. Hello folks now. He is like thirteen thirteen months. Who Be ready for and we have balanced for him. He he doesn't really like it but it's fine. Thank you guys so much for chatting to us. Thank you judy. Find you on your socials. Just plug yourself. Yes and people can stalk you stole Chew Carolina Owning Yes we can and sixty eight. Carolina began Prodi value. Wer and where at the don't health code and on K. J. till's on instagram and Youtube and I'm stairs day on instagram and stairs day on Youtube. Thank you guys at home for listening in today. It's been awesome episode in Thank you guys again coming on the show. Thank you say everyone.

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186: Weightlifting Out of Racism with Amazin Lethi

Model Majority Podcast

52:37 min | 4 months ago

186: Weightlifting Out of Racism with Amazin Lethi

"People treated Asian kids in sports and how the stereotype that. Slow Geeky. Physique were not designed to be sprinters or to be at the athletes I was picked on by my team by other teams. My coach peaked on me and I was part of the sprinting team and my coach pulled me aside and said, you know aging kids aren't designed for sports. You know you're slow your Geeky your limbs are long enough and you're holding the team back and. Kicked me out actually pushed out of sprinting and the coach said you'd be more. You'd be better suited for long distance running because you're slow. Asian kids to slow. We have today. Not, a victory of Prodi. But ain't. Of. Freedom. Symbolizing an an. and. Well beginning. Sanctifying Renewal. And well as. Hello everyone was episode one, eighty, six of the model majority podcast where we talk about politics and culture through the eyes of three asian-american former field organizers. I am your Co Host Kevin Shoe on today's pod I'm excited to share a conversation I did with Amazon letty Amazon is a professional bodybuilder and author and an advocate for the community and the Lgbtq community especially on topics of anti bullying in mental health, we talked about her upbringing from Vietnam. To Australia where she suffered just a horrendous amount of anti Asian racism and bullying as a kid but discovered weightlifting very early on and gain a sense of self worth and self confidence through that sport is really a truly remarkable and inspiring story. So please listen all the way through to the entire conversation. You can check out everything Amazon is doing at her website is Amazon. Dot Com is spelled A. M. A. Z. in L. E. T. H.. Dot. COM and before we get into that, of course, subscribe to the model. Majority podcasts wherever you get your podcast and follow our Social Media Handle at Model Majority pee on twitter and at model majority podcast all in one word on instagram. All right. Without further ado here's my interview with Amazon. LETI. LETI. WHOA. Come to the MODEL majority podcast today. Thank you for having me on your show. Really excited for our conversation to dig into. Europe incredible life story and I, want to start from the very beginning to get our audience a sense of who you are. But a really talk about where did you grow up and also how did you grow up there? Perhaps you know leads you to who you are and what you're doing today shows are I'm a transracial adoptee from Vietnam. I spent my childhood years in Australia. Really in a time when the Asian community with just coming into the country and they had a government. Like the trump administration. So this is kind of like Deja. Vu for me in terms of this racist rhetoric that is. Very open and. The government's. The government. said. Very publicly at the time when I was a child that they did not want the country to be invaded by the Asian Community and Asian is. And you know I didn't know what that meant. It just sounded like we were aliens from outer space and we were coming to invade. The World So. I had a very low sense of self worth. About being. Asian because I suffered a terrible amounts of bullying growing up in a all white background but also in a country in a society in time when they just didn't want Asian people in the. Country experienced a huge amount of racism on a very regular basis and just see just race Asian Asian racists slurs as well around my neighborhood on. Business Walls. Just. It would be like just walking down your neighborhood street and just seeing all these horrible racist slurs just everywhere and no one painting then over. And I remember as a kid. Walking through a tunnel to get to the train station and seeing these racists, slurs and telling the trade mosques. And the train Masa saying that we don't bother painting ivory because it's just going to be there the next day and no one really like what I seem with this trump administration is kind of. Casual racism like it's Okay And not understanding why no one really. Cared. About my community and not an understanding why people just disliked Asian people so much but had no way of pinpointing why they feed us and why they disliked us. Ray could you before we get into current events here which you know we're GonNa talk about plenty of it. Could you reminder audience because I don't think a lot of people I personally don't know much about sort of the Australian political history or all these waves of anti Asian sentiment era was at in Australia and Whitley City or place where you did you grow up in were you experienced all of this as a young person? Sure. So I spent my childhood, he is in Sydney. To put it into current current. Context. Per Capita Australia has experience more covert racism to was the Asian. Australian community than in the US. And you know when we're looking at this wave of racism that school really attacking the Asian Community. Because we've spread the virus and using the scapegoat, we have to look at the history of different countries and the history of Australia is that. They had policy in government called the white policy, and that policy was to keep Australia white and to keep Asian people out of the country. So Asian people were coming into. Australia one. Vietnamese refugees from the ones as the fall of Saigon in one, thousand, nine, hundred, ninety, five. The Vietnamese went everywhere in the world to obviously. Over million went to the US Europe and also huge majority went to Australia as well. The Chinese went into a straight and these if you look at the Southern Hemisphere, Australia is the closest Western country to Asia. So it's obvious that Asian people would go to the closest Western country, which is Australia, and the irony is just like America you know. White America doesn't. Own America the native Americans they were there i. Same with Australia Australia was caught. By British convicts, but to their first the aboriginals. So it's a very similar history of white supremacy, you know going to another country. It over. Killing and looting and pitching. Those in the country, the aboriginals at the time, and then taking it as their own country, and because Australia is an island on its own it never really felt like had an identity and it always has felt like it has been invaded by other communities and particularly the wave of the Asian community. So kind of in the nineteen sixties, seventies and eighties Australia was doing everything that could to defend its country against the wave of Asian people but the irony is and if you and you can see what has happened to Australia over the last twenty years of what who happen to. America over the next twenty years is that now because of what I went through? Pretty much every second person in Australia is Asian. I mean it's a majority Asian country and we know for a fact over the next twenty years. The fastest growing community in the US is the Asian Community and they say by twenty forty, one in ten people will be Asian I believe it will be higher more like one and five, even maybe one and two. Because if you look what happened in. Australia. They kind of estimated maybe one and ten, but it really is one and two people. Asian in. Australia. Ray. So sounds like Australia's current state as far as demographics is concerned, is actually an interesting predictor of where America is going naturally the regardless of policy or discrimination or are these sort of artificial ways to keep people out. That's where we're going. Yes. Yes and definitely, Australia is very good indicator of what America will look like the next twenty years and could you know you had a very I will just call it difficult but I think that's kind of under representing edges growing up experience. How did you end up in Australia from Vietnam and you know what happened to you so? I was adopted by. A couple that were living in Australia at the time and they had immigrated to Australia, and then they decided to adopt from Vietnam Now in a time when a lot of adoptions were happening from Vietnam. Okay kids will be babies being flown and kids will be flown everywhere. It was just potluck so to speak in terms of. Way You ended. Obviously as an adult, I'm now in the US. but it was just where I kind of ended up. and. I did had a really tough childhood because of the amounts of of racism. It was a some years ago a Vietnamese American athlete described Australia as A. New Klux Klan states like in. South. Of the US like Mississippi went on steroids and became a country. Because it was sorry, much. Hatred. Tough for me because I never experienced. Living in a country particularly obviously as a child trying to form your identity and who you are in this world, but then growing up in a country that just hated. And could not say why they hated you. But just hated you because they felt that you were taking over their country with the way you then your. Language, the food aid and your different culture. So I encountered just continuously just a terrible amounts of bullying and racism and also being a translation of days world growing up an all white background we know that that has difficulty. So it was multiple layers of difficulty and then on top of that. You know dealing with my sexuality and coming to terms that I was part of the GIBT Q. Community but never see an Asian person in the media or lgbtq person. So not an I re as a child I really thought thought that I was the only Asian Lgbtq kid in the world. It was such a lonely experience for me and I had never met Vietnamese person. Until I was a young adult Ada. So I was very sheltered from my identity as an Asian person. So very confused about this entire. Experience and just bullied so much as well. I think a lot of Asian kids go through the you know tremendous amount of bullying as kids because of the stereotype we have as Asian kids. But obviously just encountered more. And I went into sports very young. as a kid just trying to find a sense of community. But I found very quickly like a lot of Asian kids I ended up being the only Asian kid in sports. And I sold very quickly how People treated Asian kids in sports and how the stereotype that. Slow. Geeky. Physique win not designed to be sprinters or to be at the athletes. I. Was picked on by my team by other teams. My coach peaked on me and I was part of the press sprinting team and my coach pulled me aside and said, aging kids aren't designed for sports. You're slow your Geeky. Your limbs are long enough and you're holding the team back and kicked me out. I was pushed out of sprinting and the coach said you'd be more. You'd be better suited for long distance running because you're slow. Asian. Pinson slow and that would be a much better sports for you. I really had no choice pushed into long distance running. And I started way trading very young. I was six when I started weight training and you know. That was very unusual for an your. Kid for a girl for an Asian kid but I just found team sports are very hostile. Environments. And I just wanted to do something on my own and I love the sport it started giving me the confidence and the strength and the direction that S- I needed because I was. So picked on at school I, just remember one poignant Mormon. As a kid I must be like seven or eight. And my teacher made me stand up in front of the whole. Class. I was the only Asian kid in the class about thirty or so kids in the class and the teacher said to everyone this is what failure looks like. And at most in life I would be the kid that would fail and I just remember thinking I'm just feels so humiliated at this point I can't cry because everyone's laughing at me including the teacher and then when I sat down the teacher through the border razor at my head and I just remember it just hitting the wooden bit hitting my forehead and just kind of think. I'm living in a country that hates me in a society that doesn't like me, I'm bullied. Simply. My class laughs at me. My teacher thinks I'm a failure. That's horrible. Really fucked up. Even saying that probably is an understatement. That people do that to people. Especially, children right. Lake there's there's a lot of adults who are hostility and toxic masculinity and all those sorts of Shit. But like two kids is a whole `nother level of irrational hatred is sounds like that. You experienced and I guess I mean we're GONNA dig into this I. Mean I guess we'll just dig it now. But you found yourself you found some strings some self worth the weight lifting, which is you know more individual you don't have to deal with other people bullshit. But also. Like all this confluence of. Discrimination, of being Asian of being algae PD Q. of being. Small perhaps or like just other stereotypes. How did you find strengths to keep going because a lot of other kids and the? Advocacy work on this front and we'll talk about that later. But a lot of kids that do go through similar trauma the end up in gains, they do drugs against just to find community. You know not because they're like inherently bad people. Just don't even live anymore I like how did you get through that to where you are today to do what you do today? It was. Really, my lifetime background in sports that saved me and I think going into bodybuilding at six and so young. Was the best decision I could have done even happened. Look sorry to interrupt how does. Even happen to a six year old like I. Didn't even know what a weight was when I was until maybe fourteen. Look. Like what how did you get your weight room where you were six? I know I always think whenever I go to the gym I. Think I'm the longest running body border. Started weightlifting at six. It was really by accident there was just a dump literally dumble lying around at the House I was living in an I just picked it up and I had no idea what I was doing. I would do a hundred dumbbell kills day sit ups and crunches and push ups, and that was my routine. And And I could just see I could see myself getting even six I could see myself getting stronger the. My confidence started to. Improve and I think that's what saved me because it gave me a sense of direction and then we had a gym that just kind of was down the road and my adopted mother would drive me there. I mean she would use it as baby as a babysitter because she would drive me the drop me off and then go shopping knowing that I wouldn't go. Anywhere, I would just kind of potter about. At the local jeep and obviously I. had no money or anything. But the guy at the gym I I just think first he just thought this was like a once off things so that he just kind of brushed it off. But that gave me a sense of direction and I think you know I spent so much time in the gym just kind of working on my mind working on my body making myself healthy. It gave me a sense of purpose in light of what was going on around me and to me. And I think. When I look at my life of where I am today, I can bring it back to sports in terms of how that's helped me survive. Through my life and I think if I didn't have that I don't know where. I would be most likely I may have become a statistic. Right and I want to. I don't quite know how to continue this because there's so many a threat to explore. But one thing I wanted to maybe talk about your adopted parents, I don't know protective were supportive or even trying to. Help you through a lot of this. Translation. Adoption is a is a very complicated form of. Adoption and. For the most parts. Kids that are brought up an all white backgrounds you brought up whites and your identity is usually around as D-. So I was. So in the midst of all this racism, I was brought up whites as a wide racist background but then I looked in the mirror and I saw an Asian person and was very confused by that of how I was brought up the racism that I received and what I saw in the mirror and ice spent spend a. Tremendous amount of time with soap and water try to wash away the Asian because I was so confused by that and they couldn't see the racism that's I was receiving because they were part of it. As well, and I remember a time when we were driving through. A part of town in Sydney called capper Mata, which isn't which wasn't as soon as very good part of town, but it was where all the Vietnamese live obviously you go where you can afford and where your community is and it was a sunny day during summer and we had driven up traffic lights and my father's turned to me and said, can you wind up your window because we're this is the. Part of town and. They have thieves and muggers, and if you have your window Dow, they may try and steal something from your or at least try and grab you. And then I. Thought to myself, but I'm Vietnamese. What does that? Yeah. That's. Must be quite a moment for you and many similar moments it is and it's always stuck in my mind of I'm Vietnamese. What what does that mean and many translation adoptees you? Do Struggle with identity and their place in the world because of you realize how important identity is that you wake up every day and you have woken up every day as a child and as a young adult when you see your family and you see Asian people and you take that for granted. But imagine if that was taken away from you and everyday, you wake up and you see something that's not part of your community. So let's Kind of fast forward to America, right. I love to hear about how did you ended up in? America was the move like. How did you go through the process where is really started? Owning this identity started really advocating for others who are probably going through very similar lonely experiences elsewhere Najjar in Australia. Other corners of the world. So. It was real time in the gym that started to transform. where I could see. Pasta possibilities. I started going to the gym when I was about seven eight. Idea I would be walking into an all male. misogynistic very sexist. Adult male dominated environments. Encountered a terrible amount of. that. That kind of locker room talk that trump talks about those videos where he saying these horrendous things about women you know I was I was on the receiving end of that and we're talking about like seven or eight year old girl to my face behind my back. But I love the sports so much that I needed to stand my ground and stay. and. I would spend a lot of time in reception just reading all the body building magazines and just reading because a lot of the bodybuilders. That were in the magazines in. America. With foreign. So they would always share their story of a lot of them came from poverty and how they got to. America and one person just kind of stood out every time because I had no other role models because I never saw an Asian person on TV nor ojt person now never anyone who had my simla story or anyone that I could aspire to as a role model. And I just read about this person called Arnold Schwarzenegger. Interesting person because he has a funny name that I can pronounce comes from a faraway place any sport I says platform to get the US and see the world. And I just read stuff I would read all those magazines about his story and he just became this kind of role model for me of someone who experienced difference and who had encountered a terrible amount of nation because of it but then went into bodyboarding and then use sport as a platform to be able to follow his dreams and see the world, and that's suddenly opened my eyes up to this opportunity of using sport as platform. For Your Dreams and away that I, could say the world and I just had this huge dream always that I always wanted to make an impact and that came from my experience of being bullied as a child and people saying how? How horrible things about Asian people and the amaze people throughout my entire childhood, we were known as Stugz prostitutes and drug lords, and that's how I saw my community and I just wanted to. Shari people in and and find a way to create this impact to show people that Asian people were good. People because I just had a lifetime experience of. Asian. People are bad people and my big kind of why was that I wanted to work my way out of the country that hated me so much because experience that I experienced was. Horrible. Every single day. I could not live in a country that hated me and through bodyboarding reading Arnold Story I would be able to find that. Way. So he he became my my role model very obscure. But just someone and I think it was through sports I would never have heard of him if it wasn't through. And sitting in the gym reception and reading all those bodyboarding magazines and every single month there'd be another story about him doing something that I just kind of build on and find like a step by step approach of what he did. You know because of his story there I started competing. As. Well, so I was always, very competitive. Though it was very challenging because I was the only Asian person on the circuit. So it was a little bit on for people. As. Well, so I I could see as well then starting to dismantle what it is to be an Asian woman through. Bodybuilding, as well. Started to dismantle that whole kind of passive, Geisha Image that the media continually perpetuates about us. And really it just kind of lead to one thing after another then I qualified as a strength and conditioning coach and I started to train. Athletes, and then when I had enough money I, left. The country but I I was holding cy much in because I still wasn't out. Either my my whole time as a child and in the gym seeing how Heterosexual masculine match misogynistic. The bodybuilding community was in the gym saying was I knew I can never come out and then reading in the bodybuilding magazines of how kind of straight acting and match show masculine. The sports is a never see a possibility of being my authentic self ever. Even sports or in life I think bodyboarding Zaveri, Cult Ish and unique sport I mean spot in general has very. Rigid and stiff gender norms in terms of what is a woman? What is a man and bodybuilding has? Struggled throughout time in terms of a woman. That's muscular. But Feminine. But then to add on top of that, lgbtq was something completely else and you know we didn't have the athlete activism that we. Today, either and the only body border that did come out when I was a kid he was ostracized by the. Sport he lost his sponsors as. The federation turned against him. So that to me that was just like I could never come out. So that caused difficulties as well because I held lots in and when you're trying to continually hide. Of who you are. It's such burden on you, and then you have to remember the lies and the stories and who told those stories to, and you know we all know that it's so difficult to come out and particularly within the Asian. Community and even now we have very few out. Asian people in sports or in the entertainment. Industry. You know and then when I moved overseas initially, I was travelling through Europe. I just I ended up in a fell into a bad crowd. And you know I, think I was. Held so much in. In my time in Australia with what I went through I just exploded and I finally thought I found a community but this community I always think you're one step one paycheck away from poverty and you're one person away from falling into the bed crowd. Late, teen young adult that's what happened. I fell into a bad crowd drugs alcohol partying twenty, four seven but they took me in his their community and as an I became my family and it's spiraled out of control. And I. Think I was like a ticking time bomb anyway waiting to explode and I ended up homeless four and number of years with no money in announced shelter at times I had begged on the street and it was literally my lowest moments that I have ever had in my entire life suffering from severe depression mental. How vary suicidal? But you know. I can say how when you're on the margins of society how the world? Treats you very poorly. And I obviously, a lot of people ask me how I got myself out of it because a lot of people don't survive. That's and you know I'm very fortunate that I didn't become a statistic and I really feel that it was my survival skills through. Having a lifetime of sports and the unique skills that gave me but also going back to the some poignant moments as a child of how I was treated and I just remember just it got to a point where I just remember one day I slept for two days straight I just could not get my body was just so tired and it becomes so exhausted by my life. The third day I woke up and I just sat in the corner of the shelter that I was in in a fetal position crying uncontrollably for the next twenty four hours thinking what's has become of my life and in that environment I just remembered what that picture and how that teaching made me feel as a kid that I was most likely person that she knew in the world that was going to fail and I thought that this would be my greatest failure. If I ended it now and. You know I can't sink any lower and somehow I need to pull myself out. It's not my time. Gets. It was just the hardest thing I've ever. Done an it took me is and I had a mental breakdown. Doing it. As well, and you know when I look back who I am today and or the advocacy work that I do. It's really for my personal experiences of how people have made me feel and how society makes marginalized groups feel because I've gone through all of that and I don't want anyone to experience what I've gone through because not everyone has the resilience and the strength that I have to be able to pull themselves out continually because it's exhausting. sounded. Like. The way you put yourself out was. Almost like charged by your suffering in a sense right from when you were much younger how did you can leverage that experience to advocate for others who? Frankly. Couldn't do that. A lot of people would have just given up at that moment somehow. People who have resources may have the money to seek fancy therapists and Method this method that and they could really help and I'm a big proponent of getting and expanding professional mental health support for people who go through all kinds of difficulties mentally speaking obviously none of that was available to you. Did you kind of develop a tool kit or even some mental tricks for others who just don't have that access to expand. That survival skill innocence where people I'm curious to hear what are you doing specifically with your advocacy read that is supporting people in similar situations. Shore a main I mean I think my experience is very unique and I. Really, realized that because not everyone has the resilience and I think it really does go back to my childhood where. I had no role models and mentors. No one ever believed me. I grew up in this society. Hated me so I always had to rely on myself. Because that's all I had yet. That's all I had was like made me nothing. I have to put myself out because no one else is going to do that. For you. Sports I brings sorry much back to sports and having a lifetime of sport in your life. You know particularly, if you're coming from a marginalized community like the G. Q. Community know the Asian Community or Any of having that access because you know it, it gives you. Unique skills, it. Teaches you about resilience about goal setting up pushing past the pain? Barrier it teaches you to rely on yourself as well because. When you're playing an individual sport is just you an even if you're playing a team sport, everyone's relying on your, you can't fail the team. Show. Now that people that have a lifetime of sport are better employees, they're better executives they're just a in life and they have far more resilient than those that haven't had that opportunity some in terms of my advocacy work everything centers around. Giving you know. People like myself, the access to sport and how that can change you in terms of your well being and your mental health as well, and you know through body building and saying how Honored Swat Sinaga use sports as a platform for different conversations. I use sport in that way in terms of how we can have compensations to champion equality around racial justice around the challenges and barriers that Asian people face in society, and particularly if you're Asian and LGBTQ because it's of language that everyone understands and it brings everyone together and I think when you're in hostile countries or situations or if you're talking to people that have different beliefs from you, sports is a softer way of having a difficult conversation. Interesting. And it sounds like your advocacy. Using sports using your own experience. Has really taken on a new level. You know I know you were at the White House in twenty sixteen as part of. The Obama White houses, anti bullying campaign as part of active change, the organization, and we talked to me control a few months ago about a specific to change and other stuff that they're doing to combat bullying particularly of the API. And also of the Lgbtq community, where do you want to take this platform next? I love to hear about what was going on in your hand? Like what are you planning to do? Sure I mean you're so many conversations going on right now particularly of obviously the rhetoric that's coming out of the White House. The pandemic of. This horrible wave of. Violence XENOFOBIA and racism towards the Asian Community in unprecedented we've never seen anything. Like it, you know if the May. The next and I failed that this being an awakening with the Asian community voice has never been so loud and people are really starting to. Notice us. As as well and where I'm taking the conversation next is to the Olympics. We are in a very special time in history where the next few years, all the major sports events will be in Asia. So we've never had this moment where we can really just focus in on the Asian community. An in terms of what's happening in in our community and how you can be a better ally and advocate for our community, not just in America but also back in Asia as well because I feel that. We have come so far but still there is so much work to do when I still see that we only make one percents of leading roles in Hollywood never in history has an Asian person ever hosted the Oscars. Twenty five years for crazy which Asians to happen, and it's like where the most populous community in the world but still the most Biz invisible and at times the most. Irrelevance. And that needs to end. The unfamiliar is through sports because sports is a slice of life of how we treated in sports is how people then see us in life. As as well and we have to. Go at this head on because we are the fastest growing community in the US and by two thousand, twenty, one and ten people will be Asian but we're just not getting the support we need in the community and you can even see it through what's happening through the. COVID. Racism we're not getting lifted in the way that we should be king. List lifted and I think we have this very unique opportunity coming up with Tokyo two thousand and twenty one and then. After, that you have. Beijing picks. You have the World Cup when you have all these major sports events where the world rally around Asia, where we can then have these conversations. About the Asian Community and how people can better support our community and how we can be more visible. In the community as well. That's right and the have any. Masumi you be very much active in that realm. Do you have any kind of next step for yourself as well. I mean maybe we'll. We'll see you in terminator eight or something like ask just just my mind is like running while with imagination here rakers like like you said. Hollywood even for crazy rich Asian right like there obviously was a watershed moment as a movie but that's such a very single dimensional representation of our community you my opinion, right? It was also like overly East Asian dominant lack of a better concept a and we don't see strong weightlifting usually women in anything. and. That's not. Or like the one time we see somewhere there's like ten other Gatien movies out there perpetuating whatever it is that it perpetuates. So anyways I wasn't really a strictly a question I was just really just excited. You know I think for what you're doing because it is very much lacking and I think more and more people They can inspire to see people like you visibly and I'm sure it takes a lot of courage to be visible to be who you are at the same time and Yeah. So it's very exciting stuff and I know you have a foundation do you want to share kind of what the foundation is all about and the kind of work that comes through that particular entity show so I mean for me what's coming next? And it's really interesting actually through the pandemic of never been so busy. It's kind of been a watershed moment that because of the black lives matter movement and what's happened with the Asian community with Code Racism you know people are looking to the Asian Community in Asian latest talk about diversity and inclusion because businesses realized that they're still failing when it comes to their Asian staff and the Asian. Community so I will be launching my organization in the US next year. In Atlanta a number of years ago I piloted in my own country. Vietnam. Was the first in Asia was a leadership. Sports Business and education program that looked at lifting lgbtq youth out of poverty and homelessness and fast tracking them through career path development through sports and business. So I'll be looking at launching that next year it's just being set back one year because of. Covid I'm really excited on the ground to be able to really help the youth that you know that that that will may when I was a teenager. Through through a program that I wrote because this was the program that I would've loved as a teenager where I could be loved and celebrated exactly as I am and be open they out but also be able to engage with community business leaders in sports leaders. So I'm working towards that I'm also working towards Tokyo two, thousand, nine, hundred, twenty, one, I will be going to Japan. For the Olympics and I'm I've already got plans a lot of events across the US and around the world know to have the conversations around equality and also conversations around looking through the Asian. Lens. Because you know we have an issue in sports, and if you look at American sports, why don't we see any Asian NFL players? Why? Why Asian people always pushed into figure skating i. mean the last Winter Olympics in career you never you never saw so many. Asian Americans even commented on it with injuries. And the. Continually others and I think Khloe Kim who won gold for the US was a perfect example where they said she won gold and that's fantastic for an immigrant. And she's like, no, I'm born and bred in California. My parents. Immigrants but you know it's The may be able to have these conversations of how do we cultivate a safe and nurturing environment for spokes that an Asian kid in the US doesn't drop out of sports at the kid level, but still has that opportunity to go to professional level because we faced so many challenges and barriers to get to pro level and when we do it still so difficult and I think Jeremy Lin is a perfect example of that. He's one of the best basketball players that the US has had, but he had experienced so much racism. And Hatred. During his tension before he went to China Yeah. Well, it looks like he might be coming back so. We'll be rooting for him. I think he's coming back. He's trying to get back to the and You know I think we're GONNA rally around these people right and also to build a pipeline as well and I think one of the other thing too issues that most Asian. American families don't see that even as a pathway or the try to steer their kids to the safe road and there's nothing wrong with that from a parent's perspective. But if you have the talent and the drive to do whatever it is, you WanNa do whether that's sports or art or acting or singing or whatever. Our job is to support the right not to. Restrain them just because that isn't something that our people do quote unquote. And Yeah, I'm just really excited for what you're doing. Amazon is anything else you want to share with our audience? So the foundation I think you're talking about is the Amazon letty foundation. Correct. Is and if you go to Amazon DOT, com You can find more information there I'm also the health and fitness writer for live strong dot Com. In the US I'm kind of going back to my. Background in health and fitness published health and fitness author as well, and that's kind of another area that you don't see. Asian people and it's like. Think of the last time when you're able to go to barnes and nobles, and if you go into the health and fitness section, you not see an Asian. Health and fitness also saw it's dominated by whites health and fitness authors, and that's problematic because everyone needs to see a mirror image of. Themselves, and also someone from the health and fitness industry that understands being Asian and what we go through in terms of health and fitness, and obviously our bodies are different. as as well. So I have about five articles already. On on their website, so I'm a regular writer there and It is because you know now someone can log onto live strong and see an Asian Queer Health and fitness writer and see them selves because that's really unique. Felt health and fitness. Industry and all the magazines they just don't have this kind of. Representation. And I've also just become an official judge for formula e? It's electric car racing so they. Are and that's huge. I am their first Asian and LGBTQ judge. That they've ever had so formula eats electric car racing they're based in Europe and they started a campaign this year, the open talent call looking for a youth presenter between the ages of eighteen and twenty four, and when you think of representation in sports, it's not just on the field it's behind the camera as well. The decision. Makers because it's those that have behind the camera that are making the decisions of who you see on the field and it's important that we have Asian people. In. Who are decision makers in sports because it's more more likely than that, you'll be able to get further diversity through sports by having Asian decision makers who are able to. Hire. Asian people in front of the camera. Well this is all very exciting everybody go follow Amazon letty. On her website is a. m.. A.. Z. I N. L. E. T. H. I dot com same letter Combo on twitter where we found each other. And look forward to hopefully. In the future to check in on what else you're working on uh, sounds very exciting. Maybe we'll do an interview at the Tokyo. Olympics if we can get our ass over there together to. Come back. Again, a follow up conversation. That'd be wonderful. Right that'd be great. Thank you so much again for being here.

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"Thank you. For listening to this podcast one production available on apple podcasts and podcast one. Welcome to you at new episode of makes by famous again, which winner reaching Jeanette title changing. You hate that tell you made that I just I felt rushed. It's the worst. However, it's the opposite of manifestation. I it's like we're always chasing something that I need mentally feel like we already there. I saw a commercial during very cavalier on E, and it was a lot of Spidey on it. So as far as I was concerned, if you'd asked me any in the last ten years if you're on commercial on television year famous so made his famous and check check. Thank you, everyone support helping us get here it's done. So we're famous and now, I know done not listen to you. But I am kinda overwhelmed. How I listen to you now. And I got me just an out of all this money. We spent on Prodi fashion that the thing they were out early this laws. We can write that all it's a good venture that we're moving into right? We wanna move forward with. With fashion, and you know, you have such beautiful hands that work. So I have no problem with you holding your own megaphone as much as I love feeling like a red carpet. Correspondent and putting the mic to your now. I appreciate you take it when you like to talk. I don't understand why you have an order another make your phone. Why don't we each have our own my vote because we need to get like a mixer and roll equipment. We had instead of our I don't even let me on the laptop on the dire. Entail. Ninety one microphone Hugh sired dining room table. We have coons abras. Let's we have pending taking out we have a broken Malachi elephant gunners. We have a fab fit fund box. We have a box of Kuhn's eight we have dug the pug merch. I mean, this is not even a dining room table. This is explicitly what it is Honey messy zone. What is this be my office? Now, you can share my office you'll easily can put all your stuff in my office. It's a shared office. It's like you telling you are you gonna get a share desk. I don't see any space for me. You don't he space. This is all floor stuff or you can put it in drawers or a table. Get a nice table in there for you don't even need a desk. But you know, what you know what I do. And what I have been using is drop drop is a free app that's giving out cash rewards for over three million members for their everyday shopping. I mean, it's great you just link your debit or credit card select your favorite stores, and you earn points with every purchase. I personally picked Sephora. I picked McDonald's I picked whole foods. I picked urban outfitters because I love them. And I picked Uber. So those are like five of my top favourite. And then they get more of a sense of what you're doing. So I spend a lot. And then I want free money in us. 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Todd garner be your guide. Wow. This is show business. The producers guide with Todd garnered recent guests include on a ferris and come to the conclusion that I just think I don't know what my face is doing Adam Corolla, I'm teaching traffic school. It's seven forty four in the morning. Of course, my dander up careers, not going well and avengers director Joe Russo. Visit direct connection between arrested and community and what we didn't Infinity war. Don't miss the producers guide with Todd garner on apple podcasts and podcast. One. Alexei isn't the only one with breaking news. Make sure to hang around at the end of this podcast. For the latest breaking headlines on the AP news minute. You're just so special as that's why I say every frigging day, but having mother's day to all of our listeners that just went down on Sunday, Heidi, and I actually spent my day at the German show in Santa Ana Costa Mesa. We actually spent pretty much the whole weekend and the gem show, which was so much fun and gunner had such a blast. So thank you for letting us go turn mother's day into a business day. But you did get to massages that was fun and we did pick out three beautiful rings. But you know, as just join year, how mazing you articulate how much I love drop, and it made me think of what a special mom. You are can you update everyone about your concussion? I don't think we've talked to anyone since we've had guess guess for. Awesome. But we forget to tell you about our lives. So start trying to talk more, but we have such funny. Yes, speaking, guess, wait, a lot of what's the word. Not blowback. It sounds negative Lauda lot of drama in siesta key with every all the cast members up in the DM's wondering why we paulie head of certain other cast members. But Polly did ask. And if yes on the spy show, you come. So if you play to cool and don't reach out and say, hey, I wanna come on your buck as you're not going to be on the buck is also we been in his corner from day one like we really loved Cammie pin tile like by great character. We are Spencer. You've been advocating for him to be on show more and kind of coaching him. So I feel like he's our I connect that we even had towards that show. He's one of the first people that you ever interacted with. So really, you know, he's been the closest to us. But yes, mother's day was great. We. Went down on Friday without Gunnar to the gem show because needed to look at the new coons, bracelets and look at all this new stuff, and it's really hard with gutter and I had such a not foam. Oh 'cause I was there. But I saw the moms with the kids the role there like two kids. What I was like, oh my gosh. I wish gunner was here in them. We brought Gunnar there on Sunday. And it was so hard because he just wants to like hold all these crystals and everything so fragile these buyers are not like super kid friendly 'cause it's their merchandise that they're trying to sell. So rightfully so. And it was yeah. It was very challenging. But thankfully, slept all the way down there. And we got some great stuff, and we already had bought most of our things, and then yeah, we went down Sunday. And then I had a massage which was great, but I still have a concussion from last week because I was in the park with gutter and I'm very sleep deprived. As you all know to Sherwin way too much, but we. You're climbing up. These little metal stairs to get onto the big playground. And so I was like helping Gunnar to climb up, and then I was going in after him because it's such a big drop. I wouldn't want him to fall there's like two slides, but don't leave him alone up there. And so I went to go in after him, and I stood up as fast as I could. And I slammed my head on his top metal bar that I didn't even see that's like too high for kids to hit. But not for dolts goes, they don't even think adults are on the playroom probably like how am I getting hit? And so then I'm up there. And I'm almost knocked unconscious. I everything is so hazy. I can hardly see I can't think everything's like blurry disoriented. I called Spencer of like you need to know what's going on. I might like just pass outright here. What would I do with goner? I mean that was such a scary moment like other moms wouldn't know. He would be up there. He could easily get hurt. And I mean anything could happen. So really made me think like what what do you even do? Not situation and suspense or race down from the office. He was at Pratt headquarters it. Yeah. It was just really scary. It was such a scary moment. And then my whole spine like went down into spy my teeth completely like chattered. I thought that I broke my teeth. I thought I broke my spine of never hit my head so hard like that were everything just like went back down into my body. So anyways, I've been going to my chiropractor. Who's also a doctor, and he has been like watching doing this. I tests because you can't get more I for concussion. There's no way for them to like track concussions. I mean who knew that. But they do he'll one hundred percent they say, but you have to do like special stuff or it. So anyways, my is still like wobbles when it's supposed to go left, and right and I'm supposed to sleep because that's what heals a concussion, but I don't sleep. So the past few nights Spencer's been sleeping in bed with gutter which is good because he. He really doesn't want his mom lately. He does you just always like put low. She could hold the mic on meeting. My share you hold. You. Hold your mic for good solid. The while long way logger that you held my my. I think it's because you do more of the like mom stuff like putting on sunscreen. You know, making sure lotion on to the frustrating stuff that is like, and then you I you just hand on when you're done. I get easy stuff. Now. That's not true. He just was hitting me in the face 'cause you is were in the bath in shower together. And then you went upstairs for minute. Any started hitting me in a face in so upset the I like took you away from him. It has nothing to do with any of that. He just wants to be with you. And he doesn't wanna be with me in somehow he blames me for you going somewhere, and it it's just I'm trying not to be codependent. And this is a really good lesson than young age. Not to take his emotions on me. Because my first initial thought was my feelings were really hurt. Maguire is he hitting me? I'm mommy, but it's like, you know, what Susan personal this is what he's going through. And I need to have a little separation as a good time for you to be. Be able to step in and put him to bed and do these other things that won't able to have another child and thankfully, wiser sleeping together more. So hopefully, I'll get lots of rest, and you can enjoy the taller bed. We're gonna get a Queen size bed. Now that I'm being in there because my legs do not fit, and it is very uncomfortable. But I will say I am enjoying him say dad that so much. He you mom. He did smack Heidi sole hard with not you personally Abby said today when he woke up from his nap. He just smacked. She said, she's definitely nervoun heart her whole life. She's like he's the strongest pricky on planet break my nose. I have to be so careful keeps hitting me in the face all the time. And I just don't understand why. And so we're trying to put him I'm trying to say oh time. Ow. And put him in separate him, which does help and has been helping. But I Don this whole hitting thing. I mean, it's very normal for his age a lot of people do, but why does he ever hit? You. What the heck he hits me? All like me. He definitely hits me on a my gosh. Last night. I forgot to tell you did I tell you. I definitely have Dr listen sitting across from a dinner Georgios was Denise Richards, who at one time used to act like she. New Heidi and Spencer. But now that she's Beverly Hills housewife, maybe she was just not in a good mood. I'll Nova it was looking at me table the table entire time. Didn't even knowledge say, hi. So you know, I didn't go and say, hi, Denise Richards itself. Yup. Celebrity citing I'm not her not not her entities. Richard saying about Reese Witherspoon was also at dinner and Steven Spielberg's wife. So I got a lot of frigging Clough energy last night. I was privy freaking excited about it. But about governor governor fell in love with this old man's? Let's not say escort. I don't know. I don't wanna soom annot wasn't his daughter. And he was sitting next to us talking berry, hyper sexualize with her and that he met her on a yacht in she was from Amsterdam and Gunnar across across the booth sat in her lap, which I don't think she was feeling too much. But she played a cool Kenner was just smiling Killeen. And he was in love. I know that was so cute seeing a video she was really sweet about it. And he just got giddy. So that was really really cute. Thank god. The hills premier date got pushed because what we realized is a successful as we were. We were ready for a new onslaught of customers. I we have our customers and our base of people that continue. But if it aired when it was supposed to allegedly I don't think we would have had the product inventory the content needed. Just a team or just putting a lot of new pieces in play. We hired to social media people to be in charge of making sure all the post. Go up regularly zitar are enough managing your own social media accounts. But to manage a business counts. Also, it's like, oh, my Lord. And so that's really exciting that Abigail brought Alex in and we are all going to we're going to take them to celebrate. We're invited to a VIP odor. You hear back from Gucci still waiting to hear back. If governor is allowed to go to the private party, a coochie 'cause Abigail and Alex love Gucci as much as we do. And speaking of Gucci the other morning Gunnar woke up climbed out of his bed when into his closet picked his new Gucci shoes that he'd never even worn before that we didn't even think he liked put them on and just start dancing like he is a frigging possess tap dancer from the. Twenties or something it was the cutest thing. And even though I haven't slept for Marlin full hour that night it really put me in a great mood. So I'm glad he danced his little pants, Saul. He's okay in any. He got only wants to good cheese, then he grabbed his other Gucci pair and made me put them on. I tried to take them off like ten minutes later, and he started hysterically crying in the house. So that was really cute. But you know, what else really helps relax people and get them ready is CBD. So let's give a shout out to CBD lion. So I have a lot of people ask me about CBD. There's a lot of different companies out there, and I really want to help people to get the right one. So that's why this company they've an amazing lotion mind with the three hundred milligram daily lotion and nine hundred milligram extra strength. For those web. Stressful days CBD lion. Gummy are also awesome way to get your daily CBD in your fast paced lifestyle. So ends just popping one of those companies. You're good to go. Get twenty percents off to go to CD, Lyon dot com and enter code spider. The at checkout that CBD lion dot com. Enter promo code Spidey attention are phenomenal. And they are flavourless in can be taken directly under the time or added your favorite food. 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And Queen for the price of a twin that storewide savings of up to seven hundred dollars on a best brands like a new Certa memory foam Queen mattress for the price of a twin for only three hundred ninety seven dollars. Hurry in your budget stretches further at mattress firm. Restrictions apply. Balata participating locations only for over details. Visit mattressfirm dot com slash sale. Guys have Kelty night from the lady gang podcast, if you're into getting a very Jaffe sexual beautiful inspiring funny, oftentimes embarrassing Ainhoa podcasting here repertoire. Plus lady gang on one hot does one app and please rate and review us on apple podcasts. We have a big press word coming up. We're going to be in New York for like over a week in June. And then the hills is airing on the twenty four th and there's been a lot of drama and negativities surrounding that. But you know, what we're focusing on the positive, and we have a lot going on with our business with our son with our marriage with our lives, and it seems like that drama has been, you know, not going anywhere for a while. But it's it's a blessing to have our son, everything great. So we're just going to focus on on the good things and get ready for New York. We were going to go to London for the press tour, but then we would be gone for over two weeks. And then we're going to be going to Colorado the end to be gone for all June. That's a long time to leave our dogs and a paper a house sitter in a dog, sitter and security, and I mean, all this stuff. So also, my main. In reason for not going to London is because the time change it's like nine hours, seven hour time, change, whatever it is. And I'm really getting any sleep as a m I'm on the brink of just have a frigging concussion for goodness sake. So I definitely just need as much sleep as they can. And the last thing I need to be doing is waking up and only getting two hours of sleep for like morning shows and going on a nine hour flight with Gunnar to sounds like session nightmare. He can hardly sit in his highchair. Let alone be expected to sit in the seat and with his ears and pressure and all these sicknesses everywhere in everything. So we're not going to happen. But we are going to go to New York and we're bringing miss Abby gunners. Assistant aka one of my best friends, aka Prodi worker. I mean, she really she does it all she wrote her boyfriend. Thank you on the Mike again for me, if you keep hearing a little tease because we're drinking delicious red. One from France until they said in France. Yeah. Thanks abigail. Her boyfriend is one of the most famous photographer Czyz specialties, actually ecommerce, so he shot all of our new high end product rings. He did a full photo shoot with Heidi the other day in his studio. So we're just really just trying to lock everything in before June. Twenty-fourth spoiler alert game of thrones hem internet end ID at a very iconic tweet last night after she went to bed. I read it was like, I don't understand. Why is this show even being? I just don't get like we could definitely do another season or two they all make so much money about whatever. Books could just keep making it up. Hello, he'll have great much nations. But I loved I'm loving this season. I don't even stay up late for TV in. I'm staying up so late for this till like ten o'clock ten thirty. But oh, it's just like such good must see TV. So I liked last night. Because Khalidi is obviously losing it. She soc dosa. Jon snow. She can't even handle. And it shows that she's just as bad as everyone else. She's just power hungry. And that those were her people that she could save them the bell was ringing, and it was just it was just shocking. So I'm glad that John snow try to stop the people, and I hope that he turns it on colle- seeking and gets her. He is the rightful heir and he needs take his throne. So I can't wait. But I'm so sad. It's like the last episode also. I'm actually more sad about very Cavalary to be honest. I hear more sad than giving her. I love very careful. But this is the last breaking episode ever of game. Forget thrones. Yeah. It like Jay colors become the new John snow on television. I love Jay Cutler, and that's one of my favorite shows also. But that's coming back for another season. And this is the end that is true. Very cavalier was picked up for another season. Congrats Kristen, you know, who was not which I'm a little frustrated because MTV wouldn't let me go on her show in like, we'll have you go on when it's closer to the hills, airing will guess what MTV he cancel busy tonight. And now, I can't go on busy tonight. And it was going to be such a good thing issues in a pump up my crystal. She loves Brad Christos was friends with her best friend Kelly. Oxford is going to be such a great experience. The first off show is probably gonna be all positive and now. Don't get to go on. So thanks MTV has great plan. He really appreciate that one. It's not so typical there's one person who is like reached so positive loves you reaches out. And then it gets cancelled and sabotage. It's like gosh that is just so frustrating. So let's say a prayer for the lady gang TV show because that's another show that TV wouldn't let me go on. Let's pray. They picked up in don't get cancel because that would be another great setting where Prodi energy would be embraced versus these other morning. Talk shows where we're going to be asked all sorts of questions about lies that are out there in the media that we can't really even get into because it's just like pouring gasoline on a fire that we never even started never once started suppose psych such an emotional roller coaster 'cause yeah, there's only a few outlets with people that actually want to be positive, and we're going to end up fun all the negative ones is going to be like. So we read lobby I block in here. Read a lot of things on the internet and most of them aren't true. But I'm just going to be like this, no comment. What do you mean? No comment. No comment. Oh, you have to answer that we use. Why you here? No. I don't. Nope. Yeah. We're not falling into that trap. Because it feel like a trap is been set more not gonna do that. So no comment comment and ask we're not politicians. We don't have to have an answer to anything. It's like, no we're not talking about. And there is no comment. That's that's what the comment I never appreciated that expression so much no comment and real-life have no comment. Anyways. So y'all lading loves you. I don't think that they're going to go anywhere on. I am a little nervous. A few talk shows that were going on. Because like my manager said they've brought you on to use you as a punching bag in the past. Like, I'm glad you felt that way too. Because the us definitely how I felt like a punching bag after I left but joke on them because we're really going on a product press store because we have a lot of crystals, and we're gonna just grid the earth, positively while we're out there. So it's going to be a lot. And we're going to have governor and Abby and crystal ni- makeup artists slash hairstylist. And she's going to be coming with us. Which would be great. But yeah, but we also Tanya we love Tanya, and she's I e and she's not going anywhere. I feel like she's definitely the new Jason Kennedy Catt Sadler. She is just has super power. So I love. Of having her on shoe, so positive. It's so nice. And you meet people who just have light radiating from them. It's it's rare especially in this industry. But it's just so nice when people love their own life, and what they're doing and are happy with themselves, and such a awesome godly woman that just really comes out because when people aren't happy with themselves. They can't be happy with you and knots. The unfortunate part of what I think a lot of the problem in this world is, but anyways, what else is going on in pop culture Spencer pry in feel like you're the grew. I'm trying to decide of somebody will get up so us, but I kind of really wanted to have Sean booth on the vodkas because Kaitlyn bristowe recently went on the lady gang TV show in implied. After Jack had said that she thought that Sean was effing intimidated by Caitlyn. In Caitlyn responded with. I think the show is too hard for someone to get over. I don't know. That's what I'm going off of. And I just feel like Sean is ready to unleash, and I guess the content junkie in me once in dispute all his emotions on our podcast and to have go barrel hope killing when did to upset. We have. We were all mutual friends. It would be however, a Pat you on the bug. We've had Sean on it would be like Kazakh like, Sean, I love to hear what Sean has to think about feel like Kaelin and Jason are about to get married. If you didn't know. Kayla. Calendar says now dating a former bachelor Zeon paradise was the bachelorette you mean in his name. What's his name Jason tart Kartik? So that's speaking of bachelor, also, I'm pretty sure siesta key may have a new bachelor character because today, Juliet, Alex is ex and the narrator, Juliet is the narrator Sissy posted a photo kissing on the beach of siesta key with Robbie Hayes and he was on what season was he on? He is bed all around that bachelor block while anyway, he is not fresh and he's stuck finale or than her. So I feel like he pursued her for shore. I would like to know if Robbie's moving to siesta key because I don't know Juliet's. Fringe mama won her living with him something and he's going to need to choose wisely with apartments dot com. Whether it's in sunny, southern California or sonny's. Yes. Deke, it can even be beautiful snowy, Colorado landscape. Heidi apartments dot com has the most listings for apartments townhomes condos and houses to choose from. If you watched the key, you would know that khloe is now in the real estate game. So Robby could have khloe come over with Juliet, and they could all go on apartments dot com. And I'll be as pets on wants a place that he had commuter friendly to filming on the beach. They have custom search tools that could help him out seriously Robbie go check it out with apartments dot com. What you see is what you Bryn your time is valuable, especially if you're trying to get on a new reality show. So that's why they come their listings and make sure all the information is verified and up to date. They make home hunting a breeze in that siesta key weather Robbie visit apartments dot com. To find your perfect place, apartments dot com. Change your apartment change the world. So that would be my suggestion to Mr. Robbie. There's also somebody that there's a love triangle because she know another one of our mazing podcast friends. Allegedly is also with Robbie Hayes is what somebody told me in the DM. So. This is some reality TV love triangle, there needs to be like a regular once a week or once a month like reality mingle because all these reality starts are so many of them mingle in the same circles, go to the same party like that would be such a good idea like reality mingle and have it be episode on somewhere because there's a lot of drama that goes down and a lot of hookups and young. I would be very entertainment that I have a problem with these coons, eight bracelets Spencer night spot. I wanna keep them all we're doubling out them. Thirty toll MacKenzie that we spend a really frigging lot of money on them. We sit on them long term till our consumers at the level. Like, these are never gonna be able to get these again so stuff that we never get on. We should just sit on as like a stash like our lead elite. So for all we know for years. You know, our site could be selling way more expensive stuff, and that will fit that audience. Because I mean, we can't sell these are these are coons site beads Coon, Zych cats, I beat Andy is are worth five times more six times more than we even bought them for it. And they're so expensive, and they're one of a kind we bought all of them. We wrote a very large investment check. The thing is with these beads though, is they will never make him again as Selam by carrots. So each one of these beads is worth like a hundred dollars. And there's like twelve beads on H bracelet and each one is so individually beautiful, you cannot get coons ate beans. I mean, these are just unbelievable. So as I wear them, I having a very hard time selling him a whole different now, I know no Rugrats buying those and coons is my favorite crystal. So I think we keep them and give them as gifts to like Lee. Lee level via guy Pete no like like Taylor swift, Arianna Gandhi. Like when we meet these people and Mike have rake sheet them, I'm not giving his way. I was just saying that we're never going to be hanging out with these people. I addressed it on my Snapchat. I I'm very emotional. If you've noticed I haven't even been playing Taylor anymore in the mornings. I know. Read have a little red wine for him tells us. Yes, sensors vary upset because he's been playing Taylor swift in his like, the one of the number one swift es and loves her so much playing her song for like two years straight, however long every single morning has got her dance to it. It's like part of their whole lifestyle and he didn't get the Taylor swift box. And he's very upset about it. Even the even contacts e were like, ooh, you didn't get the Taylor swift Boggs hamlet wine to you know, I know, it's petty. It is people like you should love people. But it's just the some of the people ninety those I need to say this is some of the people that I've seen get this box in ready for this. The new merch is tied. I I'm not gonna say I invented tied. I, but I was wearing tied. I since two thousand eight pretty much on a weekly basis on television. I met Taylor wearing a tight shirt and a tie hoodie tied around my waist. She knows. I obviously love tidy. So she is sending tie-dye. And then I started thinking, do you think she was upset that I didn't surp- playing me? And that's why I'm like my into deep like Judy. She is not watching it here rain. I she's busy will know ninja. Welcome up. Care about me doesn't care about me different crazy life. I can't believe at a he doesn't really care. So garner has a little cough, and he's at a really hard time sleeping. He didn't have enough hours last night. He only had a forty five minute nap states only been asleep for forty three minutes. So that just makes for a long night. But gosh censor is the best dad ever. He is so hands on he. So unbelievably loving and sweet and kind, and it's just like, it brings tears to my is to watch him be adad, especially because there was a point in time raise like, I don't know if I can't be a dad with all the negativity and with where we're honor life like it's always something he wanted to do. But just didn't know if he was able, and you know is so awesome to see him just thriving in being able to provide and where we are in our life and just all the attention to say. To me. Like, hey, how are we gonna do number two? But it's like, well you were asking her. Do you never win it? Now, you're thriving. So don't worry about it. But that is a good thing with Gunnar wanting Spenser more feel like that's a good natural place to be because it was just me for. I mean, no Spencer was very involved. But like on our wanted me more for the past year, and however months, so it's really great that he is wanting Spenser more than it makes him feel more needed and more involved in. Yeah. She's really cute and really great some baby. Number two. We're coming soon as soon as I start sleeping and in the morning. It's just it's a lot with gunner. I'm like, what am I gonna cook him? That's one of my number one problems right now is I'm having a hard time getting governor to eat a different variety food. And so if you're looking for a hot simple meal to start your day off like I am then you need to try just crack an AIG. It's so easy. It's awesome. It's less than two minutes. You'll have breakfast heaven with hot fluffy breakfast. Scramble you just add a into this Cup and gonna really loves it. I really love it. It's so easy. You just out of fresh eggs, stir microwave in your love for breakfast will be reignited because I love breakfast. And sometimes you just get so sick of scrambled egg or an over easy ager hardboiled egg. But this is great. It's like a rush on basically also just cracking egg has no artificial flavors, dyes, or preservatives and us really important for my son. But even better is how fluffy cheesy and delicious. It is. I almost wanted for dinner. It comes in seven different varieties including classics like Denver, an all American and three brand new kinds Beggie southwest style. And protein packed scrambles. Censor loves that one because it's booking Susan for him. He definitely is lifting a lot away and building those muscles. So don't wait for the weekend to get your hot breakfast at you'll love into your morning timed around with your arms wide open to a guy out and take breakfast bath. With just crack an egg. That's a great breakfast style for any of you guys out there. But yeah, we definitely have a lot going on. We have a lot coming up. And we're just gonna take it one one day at time. My new woman crush is. Sophie Turner from gamma thrown Spencer's and showing me all her videos where she was at the baseball game went on the Jumbotron, and then just like chugged, the wine and she so funny and then her aria song. Oh, yeah. Aria is that? Like, she is so fricking funding on social media nuts. My love social media when it religious show goes you someone else's personality like a loved her character. But then I'm obsessed with her wanna hang out with her as a friend to those jobs brothers have the three most awesome wives, and they all hang out in the going just together. And they hang out. And I love Danny. I was loved the Jonas brothers TV show. Obviously, I love reality TV. So I loved her, and she is so great. And then they have the other ones in. It's just so cool that they all hang out together and have such unlike sister-in-law time, which seems really nice, but yeah, I I love her. She's my new obsession, and I'm really excited for the new bachelorette Hannam Brown, and she is going to be rid bachelor. She's so cute, and I really enjoyed her in the last season of the bachelor. So, you know, it's her time to. Is her time to shine here and with Colton I think it was good timing for her not to have him. And so she's really the winner. Can't wait to see how this goes in. It's so fun to see who they bring back on the bachelor 'cause I feel like that's the whole new thing. Like they bring back three bachelorettes to talk to her. And did I think actually Kaitlyn bristowe comes on and talks about like her scrunchy or her scrunchy line or something like that? But gunner is still crying. And they might have to go down there myself, oh walking towards me. Not he's been so sick. He just got this Coppedge like it's the the six season, also, Nikki Bella, I love her. But I didn't they should be without John CENA. So it's so interesting to see who she is moving on with. Yeah. And actually hurt his new girlfriend likes a lot like Nikki, and Nikki I had no idea that she loved Anna to the stars so much. I mean, I guess that's when on the show when she likes pulling away from John More and more. But yeah, another one of my favorite couples is Justin Bieber and Haley Baldwin. I know that we've talked about it. But the MAC out was so fun. I loved watching all the different looks in Haley looked on believable. It was camp. Which was a great theme. And there were some amazing office. It really wish that we could go. Not famous unless you're right is the mecca, and you know, what we haven't been invited yet. But there's hope I'm I'm hoping that one day we will get vita to the met gala up. Here comes Spencer is talking about the bet gala good jobs fence, see coughing has always waking up some much for a little guy. Worse. Johnson said. Says germs everywhere. Adults are on goes out sick in public. City. We're gonna do the hardest part about leaving list. I'm pretty good at I'll list. Cut my hair. Oh, you looked at that gala seven. Sure you thinking. Jay hunt. Do it. I mean, his head hair. He's saying coach sorry. She's fried. All this is so right cream anything here initial. I support decisions see still asleep. Was that a whole? It's your heart pounding. You. Don't wanna breathe so yeah, it's nice to be breathing again that was challenging little 'cause you don't wanna read too hard and wake up. Mom. So punish your next kid? I bet you sure won't do this whole sleeping way. You did. And I was like a bet you're wrong. Now, I am going to do it differently. I'm only gonna have the kid in the bed for two months. And I am going to start doing more the crib and have a better sleep timing. But some kids are born great sleeper. So I went to my friend, Jim bunnies. House will now she stint gen dumpy. I went to her house today and her kids sleeps great always has he's long naps. And I'm there, and it's the first nap he missed and I'm like, Jenn. It's my fault. Some weird thing with me makes kids not wanna sleep like he was smiling at me and having so much fun. And then it was naptime, and he was so tired. And then he couldn't go down for his nap every single day. This kid has a two hour. Minimum nap. And I get there any only sleeps forty minutes. So what the Frick Spence, I think you just have such magical energy that kids just wanna stay awake. And make sure that you're just still there. And they don't want to see because you won't be there. That's really kind. But I don't know what it is. It's like it's really weird. I don't know. But Lord, Jesus, please. Let our next kid be the miracle sleeper because some people get them. Oh, my cages from day one set from seven to seven. I'm like, okay. Whatever real crazy can't believe that anyways buys all hot at amazing weather day for you news is the bachelorette premiered in. I are they so his freaking a rod and J lo are having a pizza party. I just got notification. 'cause you always know I get all the breaking news people care about. Whoa. We have wine tonight. We need to open a bottle. Wow. The bachelor base sexy house will I'm going to Tibo it people even existed anymore. I don't think. So you know, what what I think we have a really sexy life. Dial it down there. There's no one listening. Well, I feel like that's an important part of marriage. You know? Okay. I wash the bunnies. I definitely tell everyone on cameo that they're likely to advice for relationship sex the. What I need more CV D. I want to I'm gonna dose on summit CD, and I'm going to skin go load up on freaking Little Caesars pizza because you know. I love them five meat feast. If you love meat Little Caesars has a peach to review the five meat feast. It's a large pizza with pepperoni sausage bacon. Beat n him for only nine bucks. Plus tax were applicable available at participating locations the five meat. He's only nine dollars at Little Caesars. Oh, yeah. It's a good piled high with pepperoni sausage bacon. Beef and ham every day from four to eight PM or order one anytime on the Little Caesars app and skipped register with pizza portal pickup. It's Little Caesars exclusive, and you're gonna love it. The outrageously meaty five meat feast is. Only available at Little Caesars. Get one tonight. Canadian bacon will be substituted for him in certain areas. I watched the funniest thing if you is have nots knit pleased Saturday live mother's day wash. It it I- hysterically cried. It's the mother's day skit like the newest one that just came out, my friend, Ashley Dupre, now, actually, whatever her last name is Senate to me. And I cried I sent it to all my friends. It's the funniest thing this girl sitting in a row her husband's on the phone, and then she's like for mother's day. Can you just give me five minutes along with my mom? And so the guy's like. Oh, yeah. Yeah. Sure. And like takes the kid in the other room, and then she's like mom. I just don't remember you ever getting upset with me. Why are you such a perfect mom and then flashes back to the mom like yelling at her and Cussing? And then she says her daughter, oh because you were so perfect. And then it's like, yeah. But mom, you were always so put together I just feel like such a mess. Message like sleep-deprived all this. And then a flashes back to the mom like walking out her underwear yelling at the neighbors. She's like, oh, you know. I just did this. And then she's like mom, you never yelled at me. And it flashback the mom like screaming at her sick. You were just so perfect. But anyways, it was so funny. I was crying because I feel like I'm always asking my mom. I'm like mom. You just seemed like it was so easy. And like how was it so easy for you? Like, I don't know. It just wasn't. I'm always like, you know, it is so great, and I love him on more than anything in the entire Royal besides being spent throughs by but sometimes it is horrid you get tired in may just seemed so much so easy for my mom. But anyways, if you guys haven't seen that please you will cry laughing. It's one of the us things ever side note. But yeah, I don't know how we're gonna sell these Gonzei. They're so beautiful. Also, they're two different sizes, by the way. And so Kim Unum flirt off. But yeah. So watch Sharon, I live sound super funding. Oh. And then she's like the mom's like oh. That you guys seem like you keep it sexy. And she's like, yeah. You know, I try a really good sex life as his law came from. And then a flashes to like her and her husband in bed. She's like so unsexy thinks that she's being sexy in the husband's like, oh, never mind. Good. Anyway. Grind loving. That's funny. So everyone Heidi to recaps ally for you just hitter DeAnne cheese. I felt like I have so many things to talk about. But my brain is fricking melted advocating cussin' and you've only been sleep deprived. This one of my favorite quotes mentors ever said in my entire life. So Spencer spent the night two nights in a row and gunners bed. And then he looks at me all upset like, I'm so tired. I'm like, Honey, you've only had two nights this. I've been doing this for a year and a half. He's a when did we become even when when did it become you? Crying laughing asked to be one of the funniest things. He's ever said to me when it is even it would take a year and a half to be even what are you talking about? It's only been two-night s-. But that's what my favorite stories, but you were built clearly tougher than me. Yeah. I am. I never said I all I can stay up overnight with. I was never friends say how do you do that? They're not. So then why are you surprised when I'm like, what did this be me just say even spend two nights? I've been doing this for a year in up while you're talking about even as relative. Melting. I. Funny is is funny is saying it's not a penny. As the best thing is I didn't even know how much I love Spencer until I saw him be a dad, and it's taken me through a whole new level. So I love you so much more. Yeah. Absolutely. Yeah, I've been bragging by it. When you're down there with gutter. All tune out to this. All right anyways. We gotta get going to watch the bachelor. We've gotta catch up on very Cavalieri. Well, then you better think about it because I don't have much more chocolate. I'm I'm leaving. You're not just getting into this podcast speaking to Paul is it just as every single person on planet earth have Dame podcast now. It's like, oh my gosh. So if you're listening to this also got a podcast. It's like, okay, none. You had a podcast. None. You even wanted to do a podcast. And if you would even Joe. Like made fun of our podcast. And now, you all have a podcast like, okay copycats? It's okay, though, his copycatting the form of flattery, blah, blah, blah, disagree thing is loser shit. Really getting nervous for this whole ills play out. No, it's a blessing. But I am just terrified it is going up in our face. Totally. It's like siesta key. And that's why when you're talking to on everybody on key. And paulie about it's like there is only so much you can do and film. And then it's a lot in the edit. It is for entertainment. So it's like you just have to be so understanding it. I would think you would be more than anyone because you know, how it is with that it I'm so used to all the positivity from Snapchat and just literally eight years of dispense USA, funniest grimness is going to be a square it's gonna be player. Like, the jagged moody fly through king's landing on all of my positivity that I built inside just that's all night visualizes. The bills is the dragon flying through my little world. Because you have a cast that's been wanting to take you down for years in his so mad because none of them have like or not none of them a lot of them haven't reinvented their images and haven't gone were. They wanna go in like they've been very vocal about you know, where you are. And not wanting you to be there, they want you to be the old Spencer and have the old thing and have them be their applications and not it's really hard place to be when you have a cast that just wants to take you down. And not have you be who you are. So it's like the thing with the hills and with reality TV, it's like it's a certain part of you in a setting of a group of friends from not friends a group of people from a longtime ago altered strangers who have been debt as against you wanna take you down. That's a really hard place to be. So it's not Spencer at home with Gunnar and Heidi and product crystals on a daily basis. It's a very unique situation. It's like going in big brother without people knowing that you're in a. House you're in a very weird setting of your life with people you don't normally interact with that have passed problems with you or us, and you know, that our image crafting, and they wanna come off goods. So they wanna make you look bad. So they look better. And that's the part of reality TV that gets captured. Everybody wants to look the best. Everybody wants to promote this. Everybody wants to be image cropping, and I feel like your very authentic with who you are. And you're not trying to put on this whole facade. I didn't live a different life, and a lot of these people are, and so it's a weird place to be well on a whole different to than the, you know, this idea. Eighty you know. Yeah. Today, she went to court, and as part she wants out of the conservatives chip in all the free stuff freaking Britain's sprinting. So she doesn't want to be soon for like eleven years, whatever. Crazy if you will do that. But then I see crazy you'll then I'm like, they should be under considered or says, I saw balance there are people out there that do need people to like make sure there are medicine that they see doctors and they're piss in like a knee in person like it's been her and it's her career. It's her life. She's built off. She's the successor of it all it's very different than people who are like wanting to capitalize off of. It's just different. It's very very different. So I just dealing with poor Brittany. Like, just free Brittany. She deserves her own money. She has been under this for Wong. She's a mom. She wants a new life her mom's on her side. So it's like, you know, poor Britney, not so hard. What a hard place to be. Very connected to that story of Ghana behind in knows. I don't think I'd love Brittany. I wished she could be fried. It's come on. Brad. Abi your best friend. You've ever had your writer die Britney. Okay. But that's it. I gotta get ready for bed. I'm getting tired skewing the ones just kicking in. Now, you can do whatever you can finish his podcast zone. K? You can be both parties. Spidey? I I'm out of here. You're gonna do more tomorrow. No. We're not just Kellen now. So thank you. Bye. So much for a new episode makes petty famous. Nope. Excuse me. Thank you for listening to an episode of the Spidey show. See you guys later have a great night. Thanks for all your reviews. Keep them coming off. I have star goodbye wool. Everyone's going straight to that sections. You. I mean, they're going to just eat their Little Caesars pizza dough saw some CBD shop on drop and make sure they're leaving those great comments. What what else are they gonna do? Oh, what a blessing. I moved on. So I think it'd be summit Dzhabrailov of it on of Caitlyn ever overtalked us again. It's nice. She's ever mentioned anywhere now that she's some big shot freaking influence here. Sound maybe? Me. All right. It's the Memorial Day sale at mattress firm. Enjoy one of the best mattress holidays of the year with one of the best deals around. Get a king mattress for the price of a Queen. And Queen for the price of a twin that storewide savings of up to seven hundred dollars on the best brands like a new Certa memory foam Queen mattress for the price of a twin for only three hundred ninety seven dollars. Hurry in your budget stretches further at mattress firm. Restrictions apply. Valid at participating locations only for over details. Visit mattressfirm dot com slash sale. Trump and Democrats. I'm Ed Donahue with the AP news minute. President Trump thinks congressional investigations need to stop looking any more. This is all it's done done because of the end of the Russia investigation. The White House has been resistant to cooperate with Democrats investigations in congress on Fox News. The president was asked if former White House counsel, Don Mcgann will testify head him testifying already for thirty hours. So is the answer. Really? So I don't think I can let him and then tell everybody else, you can't attorney general. William bar said no to testifying yesterday before the House Judiciary committee. He had testified Wednesday before the Senate Judiciary committee and house. Speaker Nancy Pelosi says bar was not truthful attorney general the United States of America is not telling the truth to the congress of the United States, that's a crime. And the Justice department responded saying the allegations by Pelosi a reckless and false house. Democrats are poised to hold bar in contempt of court can can congress. I'm Ed Donahue.

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Learn to Speak Spanish Fluently : 8 tips to master Spanish  WIS029

When in Spain

1:02:20 hr | 2 years ago

Learn to Speak Spanish Fluently : 8 tips to master Spanish WIS029

"Welcome to the wedding Spain show. I'm your host called Bech and coming up in this episode. I'm going to share with you eight top tips for learning Spanish successfully. Yeah, I'm gonna tell you about my journey of how I manage to become fluent in Spanish, I'm going to run through some of the techniques. I opted some of the advice. I was given how I found my motivation how I managed to stick with it. And finally just about get to see one level advanced level Spanish, so share my eight top tips on that as speech you. I'm actually standing outside the rail kademi a spaniel, which is the Spanish Royal Academy. It's writing center of Madrid a- dictionaries fro- from the Prodi museum and about a block away from the rhetoric parks. Beautiful quite. Small two stories elegant red-brick building with beautiful garden at the front which is just where I'm speaking from. Now, what is this rail Adamy spaniel, what has a mission the Spanish Royal academy's mission is to ensure the stability and linguistic unity of the Spanish language. This is really the ground zero of Spanish at all happens here. It was founded back in seventeen thirteen and also co publishes the dick THEO Naria lingua Hispaniola, which is the official Spanish dictionary. A stick shift Spanish-language space. It's a bit like the equivalent of maybe the Oxford English dictionary. So I'm just looking at hatchet the wall, and there are dozens of names inscribed into little stone plaques of famous writers poets playwrights got lupita Vega advantage. It is at the Kebe though, many many more. There's also another well known institution connected with the Spanish language and that score the Instituto Cervantes. The servant is institute. This is really more modern. I think it was founded in the nineteen eighties as a way of promoting the Spanish language around the world. So the academic Royal Hispaniola, as I could just imagine these scarring around and kind of corridors and libraries and a underground votes of dictionaries Gramma oiling the wheels of the Spanish languages, I speak almost feel the weight of the subjunctive weighing down on me as I Fritsch the building. So let's get into the good stuff. And kickoff with my list of top tips. I've just dashed back home. It's bit quieter. But let's kick off with the number one tip. We all ask. How can I learn Spanish? How can I let it quickly? How can I learn in the most sort of painless way possible? How can I learn Spanish and enjoy it? The question really isn't. How do I learn? It's why why am I learning Spanish, why do I want to learn Spanish, what is my motivation to learn Spanish, as we all know, it takes a lot of work to learn a language, and it's bloody difficult and a lot of time and dedication and staying power and perseverance are needed and it's a long journey. In fact, the way I look at it is it's a lifelong journey to be honest. Obviously it depends on when you start learning. But if you're if you're. If you're starting to learn a second language like Spanish as not out whether you eighteen or sixty or forty or whatever as you are it's probably gonna be a project, which will continue for the rest of your life. In order to master a language. Really to be completely bilingual in a language you need to start the language acquisition process processes a kid. I think I read you really need to be started the process at about three or four years old. But that doesn't matter that doesn't mean you can't Mostra language, but finding motivation is so important emphasize it enough, you need to find whatever it is to focus on that is your motivation to learn Spanish, not just like, no, I it sounds cool or. Yeah. I quite fancy learning Spanish because it sounds nice or things like this is not really enough of motivation to master language. And this is what I'm talking about. In this episode. I'm talking about successfully learning Spanish to to a decent level too. I would a fluent level. If that's not your thing, then fine and lots of people like to learn snippets of languages for fun lyrics from songs and sayings and expressions. And swear words, but what I'm talking about is how to muster Spanish, okay? And how to get to a fluent level is going to help you when you come to live here. Visit here work here settled down in a Spanish speaking country. Find your motivation, whatever it is and the rest will fall into place during exercise if I say to myself, well, I should get healthier should get fit. I should go to the gym which I've done a million times. And if I don't really have some kind of motivation, whatever it is it's the same with the language you need to find a really compelling motivation to learn Spanish, so if you are serious about moving to Spain in the future, don't wait until a month before you decide to move to Spain. Don't wait until you pitch up here in Spain. And then thing. Oh, right. I better start learning Spanish. I mean, you can do that. Yeah. You can do that. And that's I'm not criticizing people who. Do that. That's fine. But start now if you're thinking about moving to Spain, what is stopping you. Now starting on this journey of learning Spanish now there has been Yana locate whereas after which means there's no time like the present start learning if you really motivated to come and live and work in Spain. Then that's it. That's your motivation start learning from a personal point of view. That was my motivation. I knew for quite a long time for many years. Really? I think before I moved to Spain. I knew deep down that I wanted to come and live and work in Spain in the future. But that was my motivation. I was super serious about leaving the UK and building and starting a new life here in Spain. And so for me learning Spanish wasn't a chore. You know, it's not like being forced to learn something when you're a kid at scored absolutely hate maths, or you hate physics chemistry, or whatever it was in my case. It was it was maths. You never gonna perfect. You're never gonna get good at. Something if you just not interested particularly here. It's always going to be a slow. It's always going to be hard work, and it's always going to be a nightmare. And in the end, you're going to end up resenting. It you end up gonna you're gonna end up dreading hating, and it shouldn't be like that. Some people have I would say, maybe more of a natural ability with languages and others. Some people sort of say while I'm just used as languages. I can't do it. I don't go along with that. Everyone is capable of learning a language to a high level is a question of how you go about it and motivation, number two. This is something that kind of annoys me a bit. And this is something I've noticed a lot of people ask me, they say, oh, well you live in Spain. That must be amazing. That's so cool. Do you speak Spanish? And I say, yeah. Yeah. I speak Spanish. Yeah. Yeah. Oh, I flew in fluent in Spanish, and like people seem to suggest with this idea of fluency. Are you flew in fluent, what does fluent or fluency? Even really mean. How do you define fluency? What is? Anyway. Does it mean you speak a language perfectly? Doesn't mean you can just get by does. It mean you make mistakes. Does it mean you speak completely like a like a native person? No, there's a lot of obsession about oh fluency. I want to be flew. It sounds cool. If I say, oh, I'm fluent in Spanish and fluent in French obsessing with fluency don't obsess with fluency. And I'm by this. I mean don't obsess about learning to quickly. I mean fluency versus being bilingual. I'm fluent in Spanish K, and it's taken me. Well, yes, yes. Frankly of to get to this level. I. A c one level on the what's called the European framework. It's called the common European framework of languages, and you have a one eighty two b one b two c one c two. I'm studying Spanish course at the moments because like I said, it's a life long process. Even though I'm living here is still fill. The I need some kind of formal classes to help me continue to learn. So I'm studying for C one at the moment. My Spanish is more or less to see one level fluency. What is it fluency? Is speaking communicate being able to communicate comfortably in just about any kind of range of situations in subjects more or less. I would say that makes you fluent you might still make mistakes. In fact, you probably will almost certainly still make mistakes even though you'll fluent small mistakes pronounciation mistakes grammatical mistakes, but you will still make mistakes. But that doesn't mean that you're not fluent, you are still fluent if you can communicate and you can make yourself understood, and you can understand a a huge range of of of of situations, and you can survive a comfortably without without having any kind of blocks in communication that. Might mean. Also, for example, you might dream in Spanish, occasionally as happens to me, sometimes you will have the level where you can tell jokes in Spanish, you can understand jokes in Spanish, those kind of subtleties in every day in every day language that you can deal with you might have a level enough where you can have a relationship with someone in Spanish where the other person doesn't speak English, for example. Now, that's different to being bilingual bilingual is really what we would call a having a native level of the language unless you came to live in Spain or Spanish speaking country from the age of maybe three. Three or four years, and you went to nursery school, you went to primary school, and you had all of your educational career here, and you grew up with surrounded by Spanish people. Yeah. Then you would probably be bilingual. You would have the perfect accent? No one would be able to tell whether you're Spanish or English or not. And I've seen this. It's amazing to see I fly back to the UK a few times a year quite often and quite often on the airplane. The apple I see these bilingual families where a Spaniard as married a Brit, and they'd had children together and the children, speak, maybe to the data in English, and they speak to them in Spanish and to seeing this this switching between languages is incredible. Because when they speak Spanish, they could be totally Spanish, you would never guess their and when they speak English, they sound totally English. And it's amazing going back to what I was saying about learning to quickly. So yeah. This is the problem today we live in a house pace world. There's a lot of emphasis on instant gratification. I want to know how to learn I want to know how to speak Spanish fluently yet now or Eddie. Yeah. I don't want to invest hours months years of my time doing it. I just wanna know how to do it this. This is a fallacy, frankly, you're not going to learn language to a high level or even a half decent level overnight. But don't beat yourself up about it. You know, it's just one of those things is not possible. It kind of annoys me these books say Spanish in Spanish in thirty days or of YouTubers. There are a lot of people on social media saying, oh, I learned to speak three languages in in three months. So I learned to speak Spanish fluently in three months. I'm sorry. But it's it's bullshit is not true. Really unless that person had some kind of. Very very strong background background in the language or ready. You you're not gonna learn to speak a language fluently in from scratch in in a couple of months. Not even in a in a in probably a couple of years, if we're honest about it, no one really has got a time to dedicate to language learning twelve hours a day seven days a week month after month after month for year after year. Maybe if you did have that luxury you could be approaching fluency quicker than many people. But this idea of I want to learn how to speak language now. Quickly. Don't get sucked into it. Patience is absolutely K. You know, anything that's worth doing in life. It takes time. It takes dedication. I'm not saying don't set yourself goals going to talk about that later in the show. So just going back to side of levels. There is a framework of levels and as a one eight two which is beginning. Then you have be one Embi too, which is lower and up into mediate. And then you have c one and c two and c one while see to is is really considered you've mastered the languages see to level core. Proficiency a bilingual standard C one. Which is what I'm studying. The moment is advanced or opperations proficiency people have crunched the numbers and said that if you're looking for a kind of to'rest grasp of language, which is sort of a one asking asking for directions ordering a coffee these kinds of things you're going to need something along the lines of eighty to one hundred hours of study to attain a kind of very basic tourist what you might call terrorists Spanish to get by a tourist visiting Spanish speaking country, a working knowledge, which is kind of get buy in most situations is kind of. Somewhere between eighty two and a be one level and the estimates for that around two hundred to four hundred hours of study, so two hundred eighty two four hundred hours for AB one which is kind of lower intermediate level for a higher level up into mediate be to going into c one which is like I said before advanced or upper 'rational proficiency as they call it. You're looking at five hundred fifty to around one thousand hours of study, so one thousand hours of study for the c one and then on a sliding scale down to around five hundred hours for upper intermediate be to now this is where I would say people become fluent at around the B two level in going into the sea one level. Okay. Tip number three make bite-size. Make your learning bite-size break it down into small digestible chunks. Okay. I work part of the time as a as an English teacher here Madrid. And, you know, get a lot of questions from students who are thinking of signing up to causes and they have like really huge questions like how how English. How can I perfect my English? How can I want to speak English perfectly? How can I do it? How can I do it quickly? How can I speak like you? How can a native? Whoa. You know, these are a huge huge huge huge goals, which we need to break down. And it's the same office of any language, and it's the same with learning Spanish a lot of people make the mistake of setting themselves huge huge goals, which just like insurmountable. So they might say, right. I wanna speak fluent Spanish by next year. Or I want to be level B one within six months, or or just want to learn Spanish, really, well, I wanna learn how to speak like a native, and what you need to break it down and set yourself more achievable go. And this is the key thing achievable goes as as I said earlier, it is definitely really important to be. I'm bishops, but you also need to have like mini goals and little milestones along the way, and you need to break all of this down into lots of little chunks of information or the beginning level. You might think I want to familiarize myself with certain sets vocabulary, which is also as we know very common in language learning days of the week colors foods fruits, vegetables, household items, blah, blah, blah, things like that you have to stop small enough to start drawing up little lists of things that you want to do instantly when I was ending Spanish, very basic level ISIS stick post, it notes on everything in Spanish breaking things down. Do you want to sort of think? Right. I need cheese. Ten ten of the most useful. Or commonly used verbs in Spanish have be go. Eat drink thing. Pick ten verbs. And learn them in the present tense only then extend it to twenty herbs and learn them in the present tense only at a high level you need to start oversleep breaking down grammar rules and thinking about how you're going to digest them and setting smaller goals that way so you kind of have to adopt a filtering process. And I think you need to adopt a filtering process throughout the language journey. Whether you're a beginner or your intermediate or your advanced filtering process, which sorta prioritizes the pieces of language, whether it's vocabulary or grammar or phrases on these kinds of things. Okay. You know, if you're a beginning level, you're not going to be interested in his point in learning really specific and advanced the still even at my level c one. I'm still learning. I'm going out of time. I mean, there was lots of things you don't always spend your time sitting down learning really specific vocabulary. You know, I am. I'm doing that more and more now in my Spanish classes at this level. But you know, until now not really don't I have never sat down with right? I must learn the Spanish for all of the different types of diseases or illnesses and ailments. But when you when you when you get ill, and so you have tonsilitis or strip throw to whatever is, and you have to go to the doctor that is when you learn the vocabulary that is when you need start letting specific they Capri and you use it in a context, and that kind of helps you remember it as well. So in everyday situations like that tip number four accent and confidence right now. This is an interesting one. And I think this is actually more important than a lot of people think I suppose if you're learning Spanish, or if you're living here already or you're thinking of coming to move live here. Arguably you're going to be using Spanish, but dominantly for spoken communication. If that is the case, then this is much more important than you think accent? And confidence in how you speak. Now. You could have a really good level of grandma a really rich vocabulary of words. But if you're not saying them in a way, that's kind of understandable. Then it doesn't really matter. How good your grammar is how good you vocabulary is because if you can't make yourself undestood now a lot of a lot of people have a bit of a phobia of doing this because I feel stupid trying to speak in the axe. And and I know I know quite a few people have got a fantastic level of Spanish, but still basically speak ho lark. Hey, tile, see Miano poor. Soit leterrier. Tengo trentaine web annuals and things like this. And he kind of it makes me flinch because I think really a not talking about beginners or lower into media. But certainly once you get to a level and advanced level of Spanish, and especially when you start spending more time in Spain. And you exposed all the time to the accents and house. Punish people speak. I think actually really really helps in your communication to really try and adopt the accent as much as possible mimic accent. You know, if I look at it the other way round, you know, if I think of Spanish people in the UK, and I'm not singling anyone out a lot of Spanish friends, even the UK the oh, speak, fantastic English. And they do have good accents. But you know, you come across Spaniards who have a fantastic level of English. But they wanna make oh to try and communicate in the UK, for example. They understood very well. And then understood very clearly they might be. I know I were in my your and I quite enjoy it. I mean wearing that horrible toy year. Now, I'm not taking the piss out Spanish people and how they speak. But you you see what I mean? Whereas if I'm like, I know Spanish people who speak English and speak with really they really emphasize really try and make the effort to imitate or mimic or adult. The English accent when they speak, and you know, you can understand them amazingly. Well, and everyone thinks well, your English is absolutely fantastic. You don't speak with Iglesias throng accent? And then they speak like the it makes such a difference. And of course, the other way around if you're Geary Spain's makings Bennett, C, a total LTM pro. And really you just basically speaking accent, speaking Spanish with an English sort of quays, I English accent. I think when Spanish person his in a given situation, for example, like in a bar or restaurant. I think Spanish personal it's mentally things. Oh. K Acton tough. Oh, what a strong accent is persons. They definitely you know, that probably don't have a very good level of language of Spanish, this is going to be difficult. And I think you know, in a way you kind they kind of switch off a bit. I don't know if they're going to really invest in you as much take you a seriously, let say, whereas if you speak really trying to emphasize the accent, but maybe you still making a few small mistakes grammatical mistakes. Or maybe the accents not perfect. You're trying to push the accent a bit more. So I know it's difficult and people say I can't no I can't do that. I can't learn another accent. We can we all mimic each other in lots of different ways English people love to take the piss out of how people speak and accent is no different. You've just got to get your head. You just gotta get over it and get your head around the mimic mimicking an accent trying to adopt a Spanish accent. When you're speaking isn't weird isn't strange don't feel. Self conscious about practice. It repeater make yourself sound convincing. I say asleep leave in my experience your accent will effect. How native speakers native Spanish speakers will perceive. You the moment you start speaking. They will think. Okay, this guy. Yeah. He's not Spanish. But you know, he sounds like he he can hold his own. I've noticed it's it's worked for me compared to my early days. Speaking Spanish, how you can do this listening and practice listening mimicking if you have any access to Spanish speakers look at their mouths when they speak copy, the mouth movements move, your mouth to copy all mimic, the different combination of sounds as many of you may know, ready, the vowels in Spanish, don't really change like in English where it is just a e. And that's it. Yeah. We got some other things the double owl. Which is that. We've got the one which is probably the most difficult for non-spanish. Non native speakers of Spanish is the airy the double that. And then a singer, which is like the other. Also, the consonants of it software as well. So it's not is not. But. These kinds of things the this is important. You know, I think obviously grandma vocabulary phrases in new you need to know how to fit all of this language together. But don't underestimate accents. And how confidence you come across? When you use the accent? That wraps up Paul one of this episode. We're gonna have a little break and impart to I'm going to bring you my last four top tips for learning Spanish successfully. And also the end of the absurd. I'm just going to do a run through of a few books for learning Spanish, which I've used over the years and some of them, I I still use actually really useful for improving Spanish. But before we get to that just a few small announcement side like to make when in Spain is also available now as a video format on what in Spain we have. Now got our YouTube channel where I will be regularly posting videos as for the Polk kost which you are currently listening to and thank you for that. We are on itchy Stitcher. 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And super grateful. Okay. So let's crack on with palm to this episode how to learn Spanish, successfully, according to me. Well, according to me and lots of research I've done other people are spoken to so tip number five. Immerse yourself in the language if you can go to the country speak to Spaniards immersion works wonders on your language, and you will notice a huge difference. Now. I know it's not practical for everyone to say, right? I'm going to up and go on to we call it age of Spain and practice, my Spanish, and I know that it's not practical for everyone to go and spend a month a month in Spain. But there are different ways. Most yourself wherever you are. I'm sure there are probably native Spanish speakers. So you can hang out with them. You can make friends with them. Try and spend less time with English speakers. I did this a lot in the UK. Before I moved to Spain. I built up a network of Spanish friends. I did that threw things called into cameos into cameos, which is a language exchange where you meet up with a group of Spanish speakers, and a group of English speakers, and you just hang out together and chat in your respective languages. So you might do one hour speaking in English together any mighty one speaking Spanish together, I did this for couple of years before I moved to Spain. I found it really beneficial helped improve my Spanish a lot. It taught me a lot of kind of colloquial and street Spanish, which come onto in a minute and three doing it. I made a really great network of Spanish friends who I'm still in touch with many of whom are now have now moved back to Spain. And you know, I've been invited to their weddings birthdays to meet their families. We've become really close friend. So just because you can't go to a Spanish speaking country. Doesn't mean you can't try and make SP. Spanish, friends and spend time with them into cumbias. I think happened in most big towns and cities around the world and all sorts of different languages, not just Spanish. So if you want to practice, you're speaking these are fantastic way of doing. So indeed, if you already here in Spain, there are zillions of inter Cambier's all over Spain in every town and city, you just need to get on the internet stock googling and having a look if you want to set up a one to one Spanish into Cambio, which I also did. In fact, it's how I met my now fiancee carrina is a website called conversation exchange way, you can just put ashore adver about yourself, your interests, your hobbies, your level of Spanish and people can contact you directly, and you can arrange to meet up once a week have a Cup of coffee for beer, and that's another way to do a one to one into cameo as well, the be careful because you might end. Forty in love and getting married to the person. So there are ways to immerse yourself in Spanish language before you move to Spain. And of course after you've moved to Spain. So if you're listening, and you're already here in Spain, mice benches improved no end by living here full time, which I guess is no brainer. Really? Obviously it's going to improve in some ways. And of course, you know, day to day living in Spain. When you first get here, you have to survive. So survival becomes really your biggest motivation as I was talking earlier about native, Asians, when you get here, your motivation may shift and actually learning how to get by and survive in everyday situations that becomes motivation people say that you can learn a language by Moses by just simply being here in Spain. You will instant improve your your Spanish level, not true. Some things you will pick up by osmosis, but not a huge amount. Just sitting around in. Spain isn't going to get your language level up you need to. Interact with Spanish people. And this means talking to them hanging out with them spending time with making friends with Spaniards or Spanish speakers. Or even you know, other nationalities are here for the same reason. Maybe and practice Spanish with them. It's really important to get the exposure to Spanish. You know, I do know people. Who've come to live here in Spain. Or have lived in Spain in the past who've managed to live here for quite a decent shape. Decent chunks of time. Maybe a six months year two years, and at the end of the time here during the time here really made very little effort to interact in Spanish to improve their Spanish. So yeah, obviously, it is possible to live and exist here in Spain with very low level of Spanish or a very basic level of Spanish is that really the point of coming to live and work in another country. Just to hang around with people. Speaking English shut you'll south away from from from the language for me. And I think for most people really the language is really part and parcel of the whole experience and the whole idea of coming to live in a different country. You know, if you prepare if you're not prepared to really make any effort. You know, you just really going to end up living in a kind of well on the periphery of the coach society, you're gonna miss out on so much by not making any effort to interact and speak Spanish. So I think it's super important having a good level of Spanish living in Spain for me as opened up so many doors allow me to build seventy friendships which have been taken me into the deep corners of Spain that I never would have ever experienced had. I just never really bothered to speak. Learn Spanish and integrate with Spanish people, you know, whether it's getting invited to ferry as and festivals Spanish, weddings christenings getting to spend time in the bosom of Spanish families. It's just on amazing experience, if you're not prepared to speak Spanish integrate, when you're here, you never gonna get any of that. And you'll just end up really hanging around with other English speakers. In kind of in. I I hate the word ex-pat, but like immigrant or giddy. Giddy bubbles that certainly for me is not why I wanted to do. And like, I said the whole idea of this episode is if you want to learn Spanish, successfully and get to the level of Spanish way, you're going to start mastering the language and become fluent in Spanish so exposure to real Spanish is really important if you make friends with Spaniard, you're here in Spain all in your home country. You're gonna learn colloquialisms euphemisms. You're gonna learn how to swear in Spanish, really, well, you're gonna learn all of the kind of sounds and noises of Spaniards make when they speak, and you know, you gonna become ROY almost more Spanish, you're gonna start speaking Spanish, like a Spaniard, speak Spanish, you're going to get exposure to different types of accents of which there are many in Spain as there are many countries. So, you know, people are not Spanish people are not going to necessarily speak like your Spanish team. Speaks or like, the audio course that you're listening to getting the real on the ground exposure to to real Spanish different. People different accents really helps again to your level. Another thing I will just finally say on this point of immersion Buell become good at guessing and getting the gist and trying to get the understanding from the context of situations. And this becomes a really important skill. Now. Again, this goes back to what I said earlier about you know, you're allowed to make mistakes, even as you advance on your language learning journey, and you become better and better and better you still going to make mistakes, and you just have to accept that. And they're always going to be situations where there are bits of vocabulary that you don't know. And you might be standing with a group of your Spanish friends talking about something anything no bloody idea really talking about. But the scale of guessing getting the gist putting things into context. Is a really important skill to hone and even for me still now after several years in Spain, and with fluent level of Spanish, it's really important to try and develop that skill and practice, and it's a skill that really developed from very early on in the language learning journey that, you know, you're guessing context a lot. But just be aware that you will continue to do that. And it doesn't just suddenly disappear overnight tip number six create learning. Routines create learning routines. I k now I know we all kind of Mon and hate the idea of retains in our lives, but really with language learning. You know, you've got to make it a routine, and you know, hey, you can make it a routine that is fun. But you've got to make language learning. In learning Spanish, exposing yourself to Spanish you got to make it a habit. Don't do what I used to do the beginning. When I started learning Spanish and probably until I got to like low intermediate level. I used to dedicate myself to these mammoths study sessions spend a whole we can thinking right this weekend. It's it's a shitty code horrible weather outside. I'm gonna shut myself away all weekend. Unjust study Spanish, I'm going to try and cram as much information to my head as possible. And then and then do nothing after that for weeks or even months afterwards, and then another mammoth session, and then nothing you will learn something that way, but it's not the most efficient way to learn while to learn anything as you probably little and often is the way to really make progress. So I would say if you can trying to decay a little bit of time every day to Spanish, even if it's just ten minutes. Ideally, if you can put aside. Half an hour every day, or at least several times a week, you'll gain to make so much more progress outta be meticulous about your language learning. You're not merely a learner. You are really a researcher. If you've found your motivation, and you really want to learn Spanish to a high level, you gotta think about the whole processes as research. You are researching a language you're researching culture almost through the language. So, you know, be open to Spanish, I'm beat inquisitive about Spanish all the time. If you're sitting on a bus and look out the window, and you see some thing anything. Oh wonder what is in Spanish, a what is that in Spanish? Indeed, I want to know what is in Spanish, do it. Look up words write them down. I used to do this. A lot. And I still do it perhaps a bit less now than I did before which I probably shouldn't I should continue doing as much. I used to all the time every day various bits of vocabulary in my opinion, might be a little expression. And I think oh how how would you say that in Spanish? Word reference. This is a an amazing free resource to use. If you don't have wed reference downloaded on your phone. Do it is completely free. It is a fantastic dictionary. And it has everything it's free on. It's basically in your pocket all the time. Because it's on your phone wed reference is also website as well. So you can use it on on your computer, I found this so useful. You can type in anything words verbs expressions, and it will come up with the translation. And the great thing about it is it gives you a couple of example sentences for context as well. And then all the word reference dictionary. If you you find the dictionary entry, and then if you scroll down sometimes they'll be like a threat where people have talked about how this particular word is used and maybe the different meanings of the word or the different meanings of the word. In different parts of the Spanish speaking world is really useful. It's got everything on there. You would probably ever need to know. I used to look up words, and then what I used to do is screen shot the word reference page where the translation was given examples is to do this most days and at the end of the week. I used to have I know maybe twenty screen shots stored on my phone, and I used to take some time each week to sit down and kind of study the vocabulary that I'd collected during the week, and I'm quite old fashioned. I still like, you know, using a pen and a pencil pen and paper when when possible and I used to make vocabulary lists from the screen shots at made from word reference the end of each week, and I see there in black and white on a notepad a list of oh Capri. And then I would try and commit it to memory. I really recommend you do this. And least, you know, get wet reference on your phone and start using it and typing in words, it's so you. Useful. It's completely free. Another thing which I would kinda describe as a routine as if you do have Spanish, speaking, friends, or example, if you have a Spanish into Spanish into Cambio don't be afraid to ask people to repeat repeat repeat, I know sometimes we sort of embarrassed. And we'd just let things go over our head make it a learning routine that if something is said in Spanish by to you, and he didn't understand what it is. Don't just let it go. Stop the person and don't be afraid to ask them to repeat it or if they know translator explain what what what it means other learning routines. Well, of course, as I said speaking if you can find into Cambier's if you're already in Spain try and find spend time every day speaking in Spanish to Spanish friends, you have to keep speaking as much as possible, it's not just a one way. It's a productive as well. You've got to produce the language, and that's a great way of remembering and reinforcing. What you've learned audio radio podcasts listening to content in Spanish, absolutely. And also watching content in Spanish TV films series that kind of thing I would suggest every day if you have time, or at least maybe set aside some time on a regular basis basis each week to either watch or listen to some kind of Spanish media now, this can be anything you like in theory. This is the great thing about because it doesn't feel like learning. You can just choose things that you're interested in you can choose things that you enjoy it could be a TV series. It could be films. It could be documentaries. Those kinds of things. Now, my vice would be a good thing. Once you get to sort of intermediate level is Dr watching or listening to news programs, really useful. Also gives you a coach incite it will boost your vocabulary will expose you to a more formal style of language that you might not get just talking to friends. Also. Yep. Series. You can now net flicks. If you have net flicks. A you can put the subtitles in English or Spanish. So if you've got a lower level, you might want to watch your Spanish, film and subtitles in English. But if you go to high level and what I do. And I still do this quite often is I have the subtitles displayed in Spanish. So I am almost matching the words on the screen with the words that I hear and it's a good way. Sometimes if someone speaking very quickly, they put a strong accent. Or even if your level is not bad, but it's not quite up there yet away of learning vocabulary by hearing and matching it to the written words, really useful. One thing I will say a lot of my students that I teach say this the Taisei do you? Do you practice listening because obviously they have listening exams. I said do you listen to any English major? And they say, no, it was watch movies watch movies. I think watching films and series is is good. It's certainly not a bad thing at all. But I often find that watching films and series with subtitles. Maybe not as beneficial for practicing. You're listening as say listening to a Polk cast in Spanish all a radio program in Spanish, and that kind of thing I think sometimes. The there is less. Dial the dialogue is less dense on films, obviously, because there's a lot more visual element to it an action in this kind of thing. I think really good kind of quite intense way to practice listening to Spanish is radio or audio. Something is designed to be only listened to. That's just my my opinion. I'm not saying TV and film series is not a great way to learn. And it really is. But I would say if you really want to practice, you're listening try and find an error tons. Don't forget you can also do this anywhere. You don't have to be in front of a screen. Find Spanish podcasts. Find Spanish rage a programs any kind of Spanish audio. There were tons and tons and tons of these available everywhere, and you can listen to them on the go wherever you are. Spanish music is another one I used to listen to latest punish music when I was living in the UK asked, my Spanish friends to recommend me groups, and bands, etc. And whenever I was on the bus to work or walking or whatever used to listen to Spanish music and a lot of Spanish music. I used to really enjoy. So I used to repeat listen to the songs again. And again, and again, and is a great way to learn vocabulary as well. I'm very enjoyable in Spanish, you know, when people sing actually tend to, you know, sing more slowly than they speak sometimes. So again, it's sometimes actually easier to understand pick out words and vocabulary in songs, and is when you're listening to normal spoken audio point number seven. Well, I think this applies to really learners who have kind of reached a kind of good level, maybe sort of intermediate up into major level of spam. Finish. Resist the temptation to fuss allies. Yeah. I think this is a term used to fossilized become like a fossil ready to stop growing or moving. Don't let yourself fossilized with Spanish what I mean by that is you can kind of fall into the well, I can just get by with why already know, you know, you need fall into this trap. This. I can just get by trap. I'm guilty of this up until you know, a couple of years ago. I thought no I need to keep moving forward with my Spanish and improving it, you know, you can get to a certain comfortable level way. Think I can get by more or less quite well in in most patients, I don't really need to make the effort to keep really continue with language journey really need to bother with the subjunctive. What start ner they need can get away without using it. Okay. To a point is true. But like I've said all the way through this podcast. This is about really mastering a language is about becoming getting to the point where you hang out with Spanish people than they are blown away with you'll Spanish because you think well, you speak Spanish like us, you speak Spanish like almost like a Spanish native. And this is what I'm talking about here. I'm kind of the opinion was the point doing something in a kind of half asked way, you know, fair enough. If you if you gonna live in Spain, maybe if you just want to spend time in Spain a couple of times a year or you like coming on holidays Spain. Okay, fair enough. Maybe it's not necessary. I think if you going to live in Spain and try and integrate as much as possible. Keep learning Spanish keep improving your Spanish, keep taking it to the next level. Don't fall into the let yourself fossilized thought to got to be one or I've got to be to screw it. I'm just going to stay at this level now and turn into into into a fossil because you know, I don't really need to I can get by just as I am it's up to the individual people can survive like this for a long time and think trouble is though the longer it goes on the harder is then to start de fossilising and moving forward again. And when you first allies all doing is. You're basically saying I'm just gonna keep making the same mistakes. I'm just gonna limit myself to to this level of language, and that's it which I think is kind of a waste of an opportunity and kind of shame especially if you're living in Spain. But ask yourself is that what you want another thing? I think that's really important to to mention is that we're talk talking about fossilising stopping not moving forward that actually you know, what you will go through phases in your language learning journey leading Spanish where you will kind of plateau, and it happens to me still now and it happens quite happen. Quite regularly. Definitely happened to me quite often in the past when you go through periods where you just feel like you're not making any progress. In fact, sometimes I had periods where I thought my Spanish was actually getting worse Robin getting better don't get dissuaded by this. It's really common most language learners. I've spoken to we are the everyone. They all say the same thing. You know, it's not a perfectly linear and upward journey. Yeah. Sometimes you're going to plateau you might plateau from. Month. You might go months where you just in the doldrums, and you know, you've been making progress until except sometimes you don't and you stop making progress, and you can't really do anything about her is just it just happens. Even though you're continuing to study and learn. He may go through a period where you just lack of motivation, which is normal. Yeah. Plateau or you kind of regress slightly, and then it passes, and then you start progressing again and moving forward. Totally normal. Just don't get dissuaded and more importantly don't mean they use that as a reason to stop learning. Yeah. Thank fossilized number eight last point here. It's an obvious one. And it's simple one. But some people think they can learn language without doing it. Learn the grammar a K is boring. Sometimes it's bit heavy. It can be difficult. Of course, it is. If you're going to master a language if you wanna learn Spanish, speak Spanish fluently. There's no way around it. You've got to sit down dedicate time to learning. The grammar understanding how it works. Now. My personally, I would advise this is taking classes comes in really useful. When you get to a certain level anything. Oh, I don't understand every understand the difference between the past simple and the. The imperfectly and things like this window. I use one window. I not use the other. Now, there are zillions of resources on the internet for expanding these differences YouTube channels all of this and their books as well. But I think it's always really useful and helps you make sense of in in an easier way is if you have someone teaching you grammar as well. But again, also grandma is something the is quite mechanical in many ways, there's a case of sitting down with grandma book and just learning Rote-learning, repeating verbs tenses verbs tenses, you've gotta learn the grammar really some people say, oh, yeah. Didn't need to learn the grandma. Just learn a few phrases in very capita. That's the most important thing. Yeah. True. People can get by with just always speaking in the present tense. I I wouldn't say, that's speaking Spanish successfully. So that's my last point. It's very simple one in it's a fairly obvious one. But sometimes people think they can get away with learning. Language without learning. Their grandma not the case in your native language. Do you speak without grammar? No. You may not be away. You're using it. But you are Oviously, okay. To round off the show, then I just wanted to talk about specifically books, actually, which I've used which I found really really useful for language learning. Now, I'm afraid the books I'm going to sort of recommend are really for sort of intermediate levels and above. It's been a long time. I'm afraid since I studied sort of beginner's Spanish now, I do remember when I was studying beginnings Spanish, I think you used to use a lot of BBC materials. They're a BBC online materials, the BBC website accessible mall, the world fantastic range materials on there. I think when I first started letting Spanish I used selection of BBC books which were available in the u k. I'm not gonna too much detail about the beginners level. I'm afraid I'm sorry to say maybe in future poker? I what I am going to say is what I'm gonna give some recommendations for books for intermediate and above learners, which help kind of key help to kind of keep pushing your momentum your language learning level up. I know there are a many many online resources which quite easy to find googling whether they YouTube channels, whether they are apps on your phone blogs. There are tons. I'm not going to dedicate time to that day. What I wanna do? And of course, 'cause this episode is from my point of view. This is how I learned Spanish, and I did use online resources, and I did use podcasts, etc. Etc. But these are the books that I used regularly which I found really s- for. So I'm just gonna run through them quickly. There's one code speed up your Spanish, and it's called strategies to avoid common. Errors is published by route lidge, and it's by heavy ammonia by soils and Mariane David Marian. David heavy ammonia of Basil's and Marian. David speed up your Spanish strategies to avoid common errors small ish about two hundred page. Paperback book, the great thing about it. It gives you lots of example, dialogues written with mistakes and corrections things like mastering false friends with verbs and nouns misused words, idiomatic expressions words, that don't exist in Spanish or words that have double meanings. There's a bit about spelling and pronunciation as well, really useful. I used that a lot it's very Doggett. Now the. Other one that is really useful. That I use lot is code Spanish grammar in context Spanish grammar in context by one Catan Ibarra and Angela how can it's again published by route lich and again this. Well, it kind of does exactly what it says on the tin. It goes through all of all of the elements of Spanish grammar and an each chapter. So for example, one chapter might just be the first half is the present tense and. It takes the present tense, and it gives you. Clippings from newspapers and analyzes the grandma in the newspaper, the real newspaper clippings taken from real newspapers, or magazines, and it focuses on one element of grammar. And then it kind of analyze it in the text. And then it picks out all of the pieces and explains how it's used and then after that explains the grammar rule, and then it gives you a series of exercises to use the grammar, really good. I mean, it's just simply dear. But really really effective Spanish grammar in context by one Catan clam Kettani Barra and Angela how can. Another one I used a lot with one cord Spanish among amigos Spanish among amigos. It's subtitles conversational Spanish beyond the classroom. And it does seem a bit strange thinking learning conversational Spanish from book not from talking to people again. But it's useful. It's realistic dialogues for casual conversations, and it sort of introduced is idiom Matic language, euphemisms. Where words, and then it sort of builds collects very capillary from the various dialogues, and then gives you little exercises to practice and the good thing about it. Also looks at Spanish from South America, different ways of saying things in different South American country. It is by nudie ah cujo published by McGraw Hill and finally probably the most boring one of all of these. But the one that. I find now really useful. And this will be really useful as you progress and get into a more up intermediate and advanced level of Spanish, it's why call my grandma bible, it's called a new reference grammar of modern Spanish fifth addition. I think there's a six addition out now that I've seen by John, but and Katamon Benjamin common Benjamin. And it says compulsory reading students at all levels. I would disagree with that not at all levels. If you're a beginning level, if you're at a p one in a one eight to an even be to level, I wouldn't really recommend this book because it's it's about how many fights needs six hundred pages super super detailed grandma book. It's going to be too much to overwhelming at a lower level. If you want to Dow into grandma at sort of aid to be one level, I would suggest one of the Collins grandma books that are available. They do a series of introducing Spanish grammar. But yeah, anew reference grammar of modern Spanish, it is like the bible of for me bible Spanish grammar. I always while very often refer to it is published by route Latouche, and it's really useful. I mean, this is nothing really I found it doesn't have doesn't have exercises. So it's really a reference book, I really recommend this book when she get up to sort of upper intermediate and advanced level. It really helps out a lot of kind of questions. You have about Spanish grammar, really good. I really really loved to hear any of your thoughts about how your learning Spanish how you plan to learn Spanish. And of course, any other learning tips that you have that have helped you on the language learning journey. Why don't we start? Our key con podcast. And fair wound podcast any spaniel solo in a spaniel barricades plan. Dyson on masters span, your Onassis, I'll go. NL Toro Aminu, the mess or Caldas. Mrs one episode yo in spaniel for tornadoes in contact Tecom migos. As Cao's race getting touched if you would like to hear an episode totally in Spanish, so we'll leave it there for this episode again. Thank you for listening, craftier sport, scoot, Charmaine and Stella Wego.

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The Making of SMYL | ONE

The Making of a Dental Startup

48:09 min | 3 weeks ago

The Making of SMYL | ONE

"Man i am so excited all right mitchell man episode wind. Let's get this started. How's it coming along. Michael thanks for having me. It is a is going great. Leslie allow stuff going on in the startup process but now we are full on construction mode so before we get into that breaking down to everybody really quick. Tell us for those of for everybody. Who really doesn't know who you are. Total bit about your pastor president. Why are you doing this. And how did you get to where you are today. Yeah i am a general dentist here in houston texas and graduated dental school in twenty eighteen in. I've always wanted to start my own practice. And i'm currently in associate at a private practice and i am transitioning out of that these next few months into my new startup practice which is smiled industry and We started back in march with the least negotiations. Getting everything going and we are just a few months away from opening for business so what has been done so far so far we have all the electrical plumbing All the framing and drywall has been put up. So the frame of the practice is there By construction guy gave us about four weeks four or five weeks from being completely built on in after that installing all the equipment chairs. cbc t- All the bells and whistles at dennis love and open for business. Today was a fun day book. I i by patients for april. So they win do. How'd you do that. Mostly it's just been. I soon out like a pre booking newsletter to email subscribers to my website and Do that end social media and instagram People emailing saying amy. I hear you opening in april. I like to book an appointment. And then i just gather some information. Their insurance cards Data birth name and get them scheduled in the system. So would you into that. We'll talk about that right on a little bit. But i wanna rewind bid so from the very beginning when you decided to do the start of. You decided to do a win. Last march right when kobe did man. How'd you feel about that. How'd you feel about Opening up right when that happened man. It was nerve-wracking I had a. I had a great associate job and When covid hit gave me that a month off from work and gave me time to really think about what. I want my practice to be in put together a plan and then from there kind of through all the steps of the stresses along the way of negotiating. Police getting and business plan getting funding for alone. All the stuff that goes into it and so restarted actually building in seeing progress of the very beginning of december last year. Gotcha gotcha okay. So then when you were before you negotiated lease into business planning the funding you with the bank right My first step was to find property. Left on my new area. Wanted to practice in so say Practice will you live And i wanted to be able to walk to work and or longboard scooter. Or whatever And so i chose a location i And then from there went into different banks to see. can i get a pre approval for alumni. Wanted which was around six hundred thousand. Gotcha the the property that you wanted that found did. Did you do a demographic check before that or not. I did the company i used here. Houston i gave me a free demographics report. And i wanted around the age later. Twenties to early sixties is kind of the population. I wanted a middle to high income And mostly either young professionals smash families or parents whose kids let's let the nest in their comeback downtown houston in starting their chapter two. Yeah so then. What was the number ratio to that like one to what I would have to pull up that information Actually don't have that handy. But was it like reasonable or were you like tang kind of not good It was it was reasonable for us. We are in a pretty competitive market. There's probably ten to fifteen dennis within five miles of me the most more either corporate or pedo or medicaid in so there's probably about five or six actual private practices that i would consider to be competition quote unquote So we're in a pretty highly a saturated market but every market that's highly saturated that means there's a lot of business. There almond people are flocking to that area so That's why we felt good about demographics. Report got you will. The name of the company went with houston for the day excite x. it realty. Yeah they did a great job for us They negotiated ally terms and then we reviewed the lease with an attorney. Come back and forth three or four times with. The landlord came agreeable the terms and suddenly i think august twenty seven th on my birthday well. August twenty seven dude. I'm august twenty six dude. I don't yeah. Wife is august twenty six two different years but like it's kind of crazy but Awesome and so really quick. We're not really quickly if you can give details on like the l. a. y. terms. In which attorney did you go with. Great question wide terms. We wanted since we went right in. Kobe hit our landlords relieving pointing to sign tenants. We knew we had a good place to negotiate We got through that three or four months free of rent to start in then be negotiated hired. Ti so getting around. Sixty five ish Per square foot and so that really helps with the build in eliciting aren't familiar with tenant improvement allowance. Ti it is where landlord we give you money. Because you're building up their space in so basically they want to help you with your building. Cosco's dental practices are like big. Bathrooms are crazy expensive They went to offset that cost And help you. But the caveat with most Ti is you. Get it at the very end when you're open for business so it's like you got to play the budget game all the way through and then you get a big chunk of cash at the end Kind of counterintuitive who protects themselves from people taking the money and run. But it's just one of those things. I wasn't aware of starting out When those terms we negotiated in our outline can't you how do you negotiate a higher. Ti we We came into a really high in place in like the architectures really beautiful Maybe build out the inside just as cruel as the outside and with that is gonna take a little bit more capital and so User number and Do the best you can imagine. Can't what was the number We wanted to sixty five. And that was four at attendant amounts. But i mean like so in ordered lists say right. Now i'm going to. You came in schulman. They're giving me like ti of like ten thousand twenty thousand. How can i get hired. I just let them know like. Hey i wanna work with more. Wants to open or usually average in lisa houston areas around forty on the depends on the space Usually landlords will be more negotiable on that. If you're kinda shown the plans of what you want to build We had already chosen architect at that time. So we kind of knew the style labatt For and so what that took. We kind of knew the budget and we brought that to our landlord negotiations. Like this is something that would be really helpful because we wanna build out your space as nice as possible because benefit you in a long long run gone. She was the people who negotiated the ally terms was it also excite or yet. They did the initial l. y. Okay well awesome. How much does that cost like. How much would you say they charge. They were free. And so is one of those companies that they get paid by the landlord after the deals done. And so when the guy who did our deals when a good buddy of mine. So i kind of trusted him because coming in without knowing that you like how do i make sure i get the best deal for me. Because you're not getting paid by me on by had heard situations where they didn't negotiate the best on on the dennis behalf. I would be wary of that. Do get paid from both sides. Pretty much But there are other companies. I don't any by name where you can pay fee in latest negotiator for you. And they're clearly on your side on our company got paid from the amount of grant perdue ten years that we came up so then the. That's your your buddy. What's the name drew at excite realty. Okay so judy who works at excite. And then you guys not to pay for anything and i know you mentioned right. Now that it's ten year lease happens after that. We negotiated a five-year extension after the ten years and set at a set. Amount of that are arendt. can't go above But to be honest probably at year seven or eight will start renegotiating renegotiating release for the next exit time on if we wanted to stay in that location. Gotcha gotcha okay good. So then. Who was the attorney you with. And who is your architect The attorneys a lot of people use Based an attorney that does a lot of dental practices Partially says on average fee. I would say is around two thousand twenty five hundred A michael michael is an attorney so he did it for me. But i was going to go with. A is a guy in houston named patrick. That does a lot of good in reasonable jobs on the her now for these negotiations guidry awesome. What's your uncle in law's name can't cooman so he does this for dental practices now. He's like a corporate business attorney players. I take a look at it and some nice about a review for me do the. Does this really cool. And who's architect. We're using cog studio gale and it's Corey and rebecca gale and they are a busy. I design and architecture team and so corey does all. The architecture and rebecca does the design and interior work. They've done Practices around houston in in austin area. So they've been incredibly helpful Corey designed in our twenty three thirty square feet. He fit eight opportunities comfortably with business offices. In everything else. I wanted so he did a phenomenal job of maximizing my square footage to make it as profitable as possible is that is that what they do like day normally work within our practices or their dental architects designers for medical and dental. Oh how how much were they. He was around On say twelve to fifteen thousand twelve to fifteen thousand then excite. They don't they. Were free right they. They just take a chunk of the free. Okay so total fifteen thousand and then right now you are at this is at the beginning stages right. You haven't even like started construction. You haven't even started asking or looking for a construction company or anything. No we have not But what we did in the process was studio. Gail corey rebecca. They we started with one Construction company so there's two ways to do it you can either pick one or it can bid it out too. Many people choose the vigil like We wanted our construction guy in the weeds in the very beginning So the car ethic. Gpo c. h. ebeth construction and Yeah so we brought up in very initial meeting with a studio gail. I'm kinda bounced all of our ideas across and from their The second floor in your practice uses ms name and that can maximize your space going up and you can use it as a co working space. add that much more value by going up instead of expanding in wits did. Yeah we have a second floor allow more opportunity to on the second floor now is going to be like a co working. Space is only for private use but we wanna host like It's like six hundred square feet is pretty big but we either like wanna do collaborations with local artists have Bands come out and play or just has some friends over a bottle of wine. Sit on the mezzanine and talk about fun ideas that we have to be a cool spot to clogged with local businesses around. That's also that's really really quite always thought that too. I know right now. Actually she was having trouble with like you know growing. She's going to outgrow this. And i'm like why don't you just make it a two story but i don't know it's pretty cool. So then let's rewind a little bit. I know you said you talked about you. Have to have a business plan ready and talk to me a little bit more about that. Who do you. who did you present that to. How does it have to be things like that. Yeah so we started our business plan in march My wife and i may together on my super awesome. She is very smart a great business. Mind the cpa associates way more could enter the need to do anything in business On so we kinda took a weekend to be honest took a blank template from an online website just typed in business plan template and from there we start typing We started with our values. Our mission statement in from their thirty or forty pages. Long to be honest on projections. I haven't looked at in allow them. Sherlock has changed since we started it. But it was a great thing to banks to make you look like legit. What you don't want to do is send a rushed put together business. Plan all these banks that are going to look at what the heck is this on as what i wanted to do is like oh this is done send it. Don't care but unlikely. Hey pump the breaks. It's really awesome and thorough. And so that was. I probably took a whole weekend to do with us minds a few weeks edits. And since the bank missa close friends and family my parents and As about it. Initially which banks did you send it to. I started with wells fargo and ended up going with bank the texas bank frost But yeah i got pre approval from wells fargo prodi's league and i think they're going to pre approved me for five hundred thousand. Wow this could right now but like so when you said you send it to the banks. Let's just say i went on to google typed in business plan. Template started filling it out. And what does that cost anything. Now right i mean you can pay services to do it. I read it started from scratch. It took a while. But it's definitely worth it to have it on paper. Gotcha okay so then you do that. You fill out the template. And then i just like randomly send it to a bunch of banks or or do i like say something for some somali excite guys new bankers loss And so i got connected with a a banker in kind of started bouncing ideas across wanted to see my financials tax returns business plan projections kind of the whole array of documents and So we're gonna actually quote my most furger package an exactly what i system when it comes to the the business plan while you're looking that up has your values and mission statement changed from. You wrote that down or now. They've stayed the same. What are they. What are your mission statement. Our mission is to create a personal uniqueness experience that forms in enhances our patients live off with the glory and then smile which is as m y l. stands for smile more in your life and our hope is that our services lead people to spend more in their everyday lives then. We put a list of values that we believe are the core of what our business is when so we. Our patient focused with a passion for our crafts brought in players. We stand out in the marketplace always share in the success of the company. We work smart. Always do the right thing. The accurate integrity focused on the community. We lead by example and we have fun as command. That's cool okay. So then what are your what were your. What did you send to wells fargo. Basically my business plan They had me. Fill out a credit application Demographics report for the area Tax returns the previous two years. W two pay stubs. And it hasn't gotcha so you have to have that stuff ready before so obviously up to have a business plan ready before right but then at the same time you're demographics report ready or you apply for The loan right. Yes correct. gotcha gotcha. That's interesting man okay. So then that's with the the business loan or the business plan in the negotiation and so then. How much did you finally get. You said you didn't go with wells. Fargo right right yeah. You went with frost. Frost frost bank. Why did you go with them. I just feel more comfortable with them. As a bank. In general wells fargo had a lot of Sales right when kobe hit and so jobs were kinda if in terms of our open this week or we end up be closed. I had to agree to say made x. amount of money per day To get the number of funding that needed from wells fargo and this is a tough number to hit at the time And so i ran only got a call from frost one day when i was like freaking out about over like am i gonna get funded with amount unless probably one of the hardest parts are beginning as Proving that number to the bank basically i had to make a thousand dollars a day to The loan amount than i wanted which days industry make that in some days. You don't wanna have to lie about it or fabricating numbers Especially with inserted with kobe. In i don't want that to be consisting and so i reached out to frossard in march end Lady than head didn't hear anything until the day i was like freaking out. Schick ran the economy as a hey still interested in a small business loan. Yeah i am ironically in so they really reasonable to go with a smaller bank downfall. I got about point. Five percent higher interest rate But i felt comfortable using that. I really trusted And they have been really great work with so far if you don't mind me asking what's like the banks loans terms like the interest rate and stuff. And how much did you get I got six hundred at four percent. Okay it's not that bad or anything. I mean compared to like five or six years ago with like eight nine percent. Yeah father-in-law started business interest rates back. Then were sixteen percent to people. Make any money man. That's different so then okay. So you did that. You got the bank loan and everything like that. You got it four. How much did you get again. Six hundred thousand six hundred thousand okay. Then we have heard a little bit. How much is like has construction alone. Cost. you are construction. As of today. We drew on her first payment for the bank around one hundred nineteen thousand dollars for our first payment in in toll. It'll be around three three hundred thousand to about three fifteen somewhere in between there. Wow that's just full. That's not just for the shell and everything like that right. That's for yeah for plumbing electrical on the dole out all the finishes basically everything except for shares In the equipment. Okay so if just to like wrap it around two stories. Eight opera tories. It's basically just construction. Alone is three hundred around three hundred upwards of three hundred eight we are around one hundred twenty seven hundred and thirty dollars a square foot and s little bit on the higher end but this kind of practice. We wanted to design and So that was our price per square foot action. And how has that been coming along the construction so far man. Everything is dan pretty smooth. We had one little hiccup. But everything else has mandated fast. And it looks really cool. Saw was the hiccup man. It was It was a tax issue and so in texas. I don't know about other states but you're charged sales tax when you do a remodel and you aren't charged sales tax when you do new construction and the build was basically a new construction Was an old old building. That was basically gutted. There's only concrete last in a new building guts on it and we're building up inside so we coded it as a new construction on so we didn't add any sales tax and then last wednesday i called my contractor was like hey mitchell gonna talk to you so i went to smile on his man like we talk with the landlord and they filed this with the city as a remodel in so we have pichu sales tax which around like twenty five thousand dollars. I didn't have enough. Which which really sucks along like manley. This is not good not something we plan for. That was kind of one of my mom's life man like things happen in construction that you don't plan for And how do you cope with them. How do you deal with some and what moves you as to find the silver lining in it and so. Yeah but that was my big last week. How would you even. I didn't even know that. Like how would you even know like who thought of that was it. Who thought of that or did your attorneys figure that out. Or who who i guess. Who dropped the ball here I would say miscommunication about the development was Don't really dropped the ball per se But they figured out because the roofers came and they were cutting holes in the roof and they were billing contractor for the project locate. We need your tax. Id all why do you need a tax ideas now. Sales tax and oh. That was a moment that i gain this is remodel now and so we have to attack on sales tax. So that's how it was found out upon But it's okay if you would've known about this beforehand. Would you have gone with the same location. Yeah so one. Big piece of advice is always plan for like itching. The twenty percent contingency in your builds So ni- excel spreadsheet on my budget. I have twenty percent extra costs. Do you never know what's going to happen. silver lining on. This project was as a him. Annual really jumped on the sales tax in. Yes you have to take money off construction budget to account for this new that we have Those are a good way to get. Hey this wasn't my fault per say how can we amend the situation and by builders been really great okay. We'll take take off x amount from the construction budgets. Help you offset between five hundred dollars extra now that you have to pay. Do you ever feel like they might do. Not so good job because it at no they were Everything they built has been awesome so far it was just the a very confusing Way the landlord had structured. They're building in. It's something we caught the very beginning But they had done it. They really good job of amend negate and working with media to fill the gaps. That money needs to be a couch for gosh. How has your landlord been so far. Been pretty cool about everything to or not yet been awesome. I mean i know there's horror stories about landlords Been really reasonable to work with and in l. ally saved all the emails on. When we're going back and forth negotiating. Anything ever came up mike. Hey this is what we talked about. And here's evidence so we did have that happen on one end stints Where adding a door to the building and landlord wasn't too happy about us. Adding adore is a few months ago. And i looked back on emails in our terms we had talked about. Hey added. this is where we're gonna added. This is gonna do to them like oh sorry. We forgot expert is neutral had no problem but It'd be so always good to keep like a record in. Keep your emails in different files so if you ever need to go back and find. We talked about is easily accessible. Why was the door issue. Like where was it. Where is it gonna go. We only have one door right now and so we wanted a check in check out door so patients can walk in and walk out separately and with kobe. We don't want crisscrossing people wanna coming out coming in. And so we wanted to disting- designated doors and so we had add one who didn't add the door wouldn't would go with our architectural design. So i kind of a must so things like at a good to know before to bring the Landlord decade. This is what we need this as our design. Get bird approved to be email or in writing so that you don't have a problem with ac. Oh you cannot adore like we'll have to change my entire design because nothing works but does it. Yeah that sounds like something so so small for landlord to kind of just be like on on donated or you know like was it really that big of a deal. Art design is really a pretty customer the whole entire space and so We have to match perfectly with what we're doing. Some language probably big editor. I don't care but is a customs piece in houston and so it's pretty pretty cool again. But they're very picky about what you can do on the exterior on. They want to keep their architects and designers are happy. Oh eight so this door. Walk me through. It is the second door is on the outside to like like a separate way to get into the building or rejoin the exterior okay. I thought it was like one door. You walk in. And you know what i mean and though yeah yeah it's like Basically have to cut the glass away at another door and so that's why they wanted approval. Yeah that makes a little bit sense. Now i got you. When does your free rent start from the day. We are open for business perfect. That's awesome answer like let's just say for example. You guys are going to be opened in april right and then happens and it's like up. Construction has been delayed till june. Right hopefully not believe. Wish you say that song. He won't start charging you right so parolees. We have a language would do this. We find it in august and give you a set amount of days that you have to be opened by and then if you go past the amount of days you get charged rent so i think i have until the end of april to be open for business and if i'm not in they start charging you right so i do have a cutoff time again to sit around for two years not open for business so i do have a long time. Yeah this awesome so then right now if you don't mind me asking because your space sounds kinda big right or it is big like how much is rent We are in the higher end around eight to nine thousand for months. Gotcha so eight to nine thousand per month that on top of team. How much have you budgeted for everything to get like. How much do you plan to have your overhead as every month. That's a great question. How their budget so. I have three different spreadsheets. One is my overall on budget. The other one is projected cash flow. And let's say for the first few months my total fixed expenses Put in the ballpark around. Fifteen to twenty thousand pronounce. Fifteen to twenty thousand per month. Are you paying yourself to or not having a very small salary Around two thousand dollars. But i don't need to take a. I won't but police as can be a lot more. We also have one hundred forty thousand end working capital. We can use to pay in the meantime. If i need to pay myself use it out of that but i mean if i go. A hundred patients suffers month is hidden will be doing pretty well on our numbers. Nice man okay. So let okay. So that's your your monthly expenses. I mean monthly overhead right now. And then you're going to plan to pay yourself if you have to two thousand right a month which might tessin not geared. Yeah but but still still like you know what i mean. Some people don't even some people don't even pay himself. So i mean like it's it's pretty good so then on top of that now you plan to have one hundred new patients when you open up but right now. How many patients were on your books. We got ten. Oh dude awesome matt and you months from now. Lets us forward a little bit and talk to me about what happened. You said it was today right you booked in your Five patients yeah. I got five new emails from people. I love to be patient cleaning the opened in april. Okay so you got them. From where specifically i would say specifically it is from instagram marketing and They kinda joe by our spot in the heights houston and saw the office saw like the outside loved in fateh website and subscribed to name elson. Has all your place. It's walking distance from my house. I'd love to be a patient on your website. when you say subscribe. what do you mean like. How can somebody listening right now. They're like i want this. I'm going to be open. In april. Two or whenever eight how can they. How can this happen for them. Our website with thing. I wanted to make it was very simple. Not a lot of words. Basically is replaced with people. Come book on leave so my i wanted to initial landing page than this showed who we were showed. The who i was as doctor love about our practice than the bottom says stayntouch enter your email. Here net goes to my email hosted through go daddy at smaller dentistry dot com. And then that's an easy way for me to start list. Serve of patients That one stay connected with my practice. Nice send out a monthly newsletter of all the updates. So i sent out my first newsletter about two weeks ago and Keep everyone up to date on next month on rolling out on scheduling so people can book online without calling me or emailing me. And yeah how you make. I'm looking at the website right now. I love it meant like how did you make the who. Who made it. Who made this website. One sounds like a redundant one. My friends owns a creative agency in houston and He designed it for me and made it and send us a few rough drafts and samples and listeners. Pretty pretty simple and we're gonna add a lot of things in february march love more content in be sure like blog posts on things that have some content to him. But we just wanted to be simple ones. You just crawl through in know exactly what we offer who we are and make look fun and creative and as approx. Yeah and i like that. I tell people that a lot. Like hey before you open like share with people do this right like get have subscribers emails and people and then share with them your journey you know what i mean like once a week once a month whatever. What did you sending your first email. I basically sent out. Basically is just two pages in it was We made on canvas. Which is a great site to use the dot com for creating anything on quickly and easily using them for all your graphics instagram posts. Newsletters you can put all your brain colors in there if you have a brand established for your practice The basically ours was. Hey we're smell dentistry. Cosmetic implant family need us whereas were opening in april we the area. We live in slow bit about me in my family along. We lived here on booking reservations. Even my email to enough book with subject booking and then our hashtags links at the bottom said follow us. Some pretty simple information but It's been pretty effective for people to reach out. Yeah i mean people reach to do. I'm looking at your fam- everybody listening. You already got merch man. You've already got merged. Granting much man cook so people can buy this hat already. Yeah they can buy it if they want. How many order. I haven't ordered priorities for once we get him in. We'll start selling them. But i have about twenty here. I need but i don discrediting brands. And so we're going to do with his shop link on this tangent but we're gonna put guy Toothbrushes custom boss. All been doing really really sleekly in oregon salam on the website. But it's gonna be at buy one give one campaigns of the i went on the website. We're gonna donate one either to be a lot of missions. Guatemala places that need toothbrushes but can't use the plastic ones because they get tossed in the trash in the end up polluting the environment. So these are all bio bio degradable environmentally friendly products on so. Yeah this kind of Use the shop for creating awesome. Urged like hats hoodies up. I find fun. Man that's awesome. I'm excited to see to see this upside grow so just to be like this one talking about mitchell like see we had all these questions prepared and we're almost out of time already but still like it so much we want to ask or we're going to continue to ask but before that I do and ask them questions. Like what is the main lesson this week. You want the audience to take away. I would say so. Most people doing startups. You're still associate somewhere. I got pretty burn out two weeks ago. I was actually working two jobs associate. Ned picked up a clinic on the weekends. Just to try to generate as much cash flow as possible and man. I was burnt out. And i was tired at any passi relates a work on my business for my practice so i took last weekend off and i took off basically the month of february from working friday afternoons through sunday Because we need to focus on your business because that's where Where you're gonna basically invest most of your time for the next five to ten years so burning yourself out at your associate ship. May to me was very counterproductive to what. I was trying to smile so for me. I wanted to walk as much as possible and work as hard as i can in leading the leftovers through my business but taking a break from that really kind of helped me have a creative ideas. sit down. Do budgeting do all the stuff getting your schedule booking patients that i wouldn't have time for if i kept like basically Breaking my back at my associate shipped plus job number two. Yeah yeah this. How did you miss something when you burn out. How do you know you're burned out the great question. I never thought. I would be but basically my wife bike. I came home Saturday five now tired on the couch and sunday. I was just exhausted in monday. I just didn't wanna get up and go to work Man only had thirty six hours maybe to just relax and was trying to start a business stuff in the evenings or saturday afternoon or sunday. In allergist is they wanna get up and get out of bed and go to go to my job assigned to me like. I'm working too hard into many different things and i'm going to be spent before i even opened my practice because what i love is working on my startup but the social Takes away from that because you still have to make money somehow while you're starting a business so that's one thing about dentistry like it's hard work to be a dentist and allocating yourself time to get away and say. Hey this is the night. I'm gonna work on this because in the startup. there's so many different little things that you're doing So it'd be my biggest sign if you wake up. You're like narrow. I don't know if i can do all this today. On navy need to cut back a bit and is enjoy time. I'm dreaming and We're kind of business or whatever away the schuman. Yeah you never really wanna leave like the leftovers right to like the thing that you are like super happy about you know. Yeah this is a great point Just start extra baby in like something you're passionate about and this should be like this go and not like aw man this is tonight which happens in the startup though because you're in your time but kind of realizing that balance has been really helpful for me. Yeah that's good man that's really really good. And then what or who has been the biggest help this week so far to be honest this week so i have a friend in houston. Her name is katie stuck and she is a private practice. Owner down the street from me ahead coffee with her. And i was like hey is like she's about four years ahead of me and also k talking through what she did Give me encouragement man. In so i think connecting with someone. Who's done it. A little bit or Few years at a u- was really encouraging. And so that was kind of one thing. I did on saturdays. Okay let's go to coffee in. This is talk is good to connect with people that are in the same either in the same place or a little bit in kazan. A really just makes you feel like do not crazy. You're not alone. Yeah would you guys like brainstorm on talk about. Let's just like tell me about your first. Few months of okinawan. Who did you hire. what did you need. capacity like and chooses fiscal. Kate you can do a lot yourself the first few months. You don't need a huge staff. You can do insurance verifications. You can bill patients. You can do a lot as a small business owner and so just kind of picking her brain on what to look like. the first. three months of being open was really helpful than he does. Good man. I feel like a lot of times. We get in our heads. And we're like i want to ask somebody but why would they be. You know what i mean. help me. How technically on there are they might. Competition are we. I don't know you know they might seem as that. And then you just like psych yourself out. You don't even do it exactly like we were talking to me like we don't see each other as competition because we both know the style we practice in. We'd rather build each other up and be awesome denizens same area. That neutrally are agreeable as their want to go. See them as as cool. You know that. I feel dentistry. We can be all cohesive Armed crush titian to take all the patients like as is not a good mindset to have because if you have a really wholesome and really kind of well rounded practice you're going to check the patients wanna be distracted and on As cool way to talk to her about that in be behaving anywhere can help you out. Let me know does expand this cool and then what's next what is next so we are Tomorrow night we're gonna go on life ni- and some friends are gonna go right on the walls of the practice before the painting is kinda cast vision over. What we want was smile this things that we believe the practices gonna bring the seduce houston. So that's gonna be really fun arm we're gonna take some photos and documented and then For me. I'm starting to ride ransom. Facebook ad campaigns Biscuit like page campaign where we are gonna posted a video on facebook in big. Hey like below in we're gonna spend about a couple hundred bucks a month on it in to see what happens And then getting my online scheduling setup and getting that hooked up to my website. And then just gonna moving along with the build Hopefully everything starts other finish. Starting put in. We can be open really soon as going. Be here like two months. It's crazy i know man. It's it's moving on moving on super fast but awesome man so definitely we're going to be into it Next week we have to feel like there was a lot we were. We didn't even like touch so far. But we got the wrap around and we got like a good idea of How you started out the process right answer. We're gonna continue to get into it each week by week by week. So everybody watching or anybody. Listening definitely feel free to subscribe feel free to subscribe to any of mitchell stuff to as well can subscribe. If they're like. I wanna see what his email newsletters all about. Yeah yeah They're interested the email. Hello at smiles. Dentistry dot com. And as some why l. dentistry dot com K. our john podcast in Example which news. I look like Took me about maybe an hour to create Yeah i love to reach out and ask questions up at some. He's gonna sell that newsletter for ten ninety nine. Just kidding me you convince me guys know yeah definitely feel free to reach out to him and continue to follow the journey and yemen. We'll talk to you next week. Awesome great yet.

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Bernard Kerik 5-10-20

CATS Roundtable

09:06 min | 10 months ago

Bernard Kerik 5-10-20

"Already a college student but not sure if your school's the right fit just finishing at a community college considered transferring to Montclair State University. There's still time to join us. This ball Montclair. St stands apart from and above other New Jersey universities where a place that pulse students in lift them up join US support community that welcomes your voice. Montclair state is home to students of all backgrounds beliefs and identities to find out how you can transfer to Montclair state. This fall takes graduate two four seven four seven four seven. That's graduate two four seven four seven four seven. Good Morning New York. This is the Cath. Roundtable TRONC CAST. Matiz here Sunday morning. New York. We're having tough times. The Police Department is having tough times with us. Today's Bernie Kerik He was the police. Commissioner Outta Rudy Giuliani for six years and He went through tough times but nine eleven. Good Morning Commissioner. Kerik how are you good again? I I want to give you my condolences. Loss Mom And Something like that and we we never forget. Mom's my mom passed away forty three years ago next. They remember her day. It's true so it's always a bad time John and it's You know if you're GONNA have somebody in your family ties one. You want to be there with them. Under these circumstances. That wasn't the case Was Real Dignity and the way we had to handle. Her funeral was just If it was a bad it kind of reminded me of a bra standing through a war. Time you know funeral. I think it will rise to sixteen minutes from the time I got out of the car to so materials until the time I got back into cards golfing you know just Bad stuff so My heart goes out to anybody having to go through this In the Democrat It's just it's difficult difficult thing to do especially today being mother's Day Commissioner. You were there for nine eleven. You had really hard times during their yet. It was touch and go a couple of times Mayor Giuliani and I guess this has a couple of compare to what you know two different situations but horrible times New York. You give us your feelings givers. What say you about all of situation while looks you know? It's two different scenarios in the aftermath of nine eleven. We didn't know what was coming. The warning until eight forty six on the morning of the eleventh after the first plane hit tower one Luckily for us in this is where I think we're going to realize the aftermath depend where some of the big downfalls were but luckily for us on September eleventh from nineteen ninety six on Rudy Giuliani had created the opus of emergency management and we were constantly constantly every three or four months. We had mock drills tabletop exercises. We were planning for just about any kind of crisis you can imagine be at West Nile virus A biochemical attack the subway. You name it. We were drilling practicing preparing for some sort of crisis. Although we've never a badgered somebody would fly to torpedoes if you will into the World Trade Center immediately after the attack Our response capabilities are rescue capabilities. All came into play Falling out of the programs and policies. We put together in preparation for crisis in the city. What we've seen happen in. The aftermath of endemic is that many cities many states around the country Even nineteen years after September eleventh. When you would think we would be prepared for things like this. They were really truly unprepared. New York City. Unfortunately being wanted them they didn't have the P. They did have a number of resources. A bunch of resources that they should have had on him or had the ability to get to quickly and I think lessons learned in the aftermath of this. I think we're GONNA see a lot of stuff that should have happened prior. Didn't and I think there's GonNa be a lot of stuff they're going to be able to look at and say okay. These are things we have to do for the future. These are ways that we could prepare. These are ways that we could you know we can have policies of programs in place so that it's something like this is again will be able to handle ended efficient way where it saves lives protects people and most importantly to me. John that there's nothing more important to be right now than this that it takes care of the better when the we send out there on the daily basis to do a job that nobody else will do. And that's the first responders that has to go to work. They they can't take all they can't stay home. They can't work from their house. They've gotta go to work and we need to make sure that they're taking general that they have the equipment they need in a circumstance like this there should have been p readily available from day one for the time the CDC said being masks. They need gloves that you know whatever they should have been in a position where they had deteriorated. They did not and and I know too well From the aftermath of nine eleven. You know what they're going to need equipment and then they gonNA need taking care rope when it's over. I'm extremely frustrated with Mayor de Blasio. Not only at his leadership Inability to I should say the his inability to manage but the fact that this guy He opposes legislation. That would take care of the of the first responders to the guy talked about the The I think it's completely insane. I went through this and the aftermath of nine eleven will be at rest slated around the country that what supports a better way Been what he hid from. The men on the streets look at the cost of frustrated on a number of different fronts importantly they don't have the equipment they need The PD's presenting it or Prodi form may be getting it now but they weren't getting it for the first three to four or five weeks number one number two They're being given orders by the better to go out. Basically confront people regarding you. Know wearing masks social distancing and the problem here is on a number of different fronts around the country the attorney general and a number of jobs and Said said that this type of activity this type of enforcement in many cases the constitution in our civil liberties. Well what happens when a top goes out there and he put fun somebody and it gets physical because that person resist with pop tate's action and then some court says the properties wrong. It was a violation of the guys. Constitutional rights well. Who's goes good blasios support? He's not GonNa be the cops can he's going to take an career wise financial. What do I tell new? Yorkers I mean you also commissioner you in charge of rikers island a mess that putting willows prisoners Onto onto the streets of Manhattan. Listen John the Mayor of New York City. Let preserve go out prisoners. Let them out of rikers back into streets of New York City. They went out and committed more crimes. And then he's threatening everyday citizens to put them in jail. Because we're bask too close to somebody really somebody needs commonsense. Somebody boots to come to a realization that there are laws in the constitution in this country where we have to live by. But I would say the all New Yorkers you know what this is a difficult time we're going to get through. We've done this before we'll get through this time. Just stay strong. Keep your head up and just keep pushing forward Bernie Kerik. Thank you so much coming onto the show today and Both thinking about our mothers today. Don't you John this is the catch roundtable? Be Right back.

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Tina Wu Fredericks

Asian America: The Ken Fong Podcast

1:09:47 hr | 4 months ago

Tina Wu Fredericks

"Readings, everyone. This is Asian America the Kim Jong Broadcast and I'm your host Ken Phone Welcome back and welcome to episode number two, hundred and sixty four and our guests. This episode is Tina Woo Fredericks. Tina. Is running for the past unified school district district six and She was recommended to me by good friend and longtime listener to the pod bbn Matsushita Gay. And I just wanted to tell you that It was really nice getting to know someone this local who is running for. The school board to to make a difference You know someone who has grown up Well, as someone who grew up going only to public schools you know it really It really struck a chord for me hearing a Tina and her involvement both as a schoolteacher herself eleven years, and then as an active parent in this school district, I'm just really wanting to see. Increased funding. And then going towards smaller classroom sizes, more teachers and You know things like a librarian. All that kind of stuff that those of us who are older just kind of took for granted we went to public school and they kids today are not being given the opportunity to experience and. I'm assuming that the vast majority of you listeners to the pod are not in the district. Even, maybe even in the vicinity where you can vote for Tina but I think it's important to get to know these Asian Americans who are starting their. Run for Political Office for many asian-americans getting your start running for the local school board is is a pretty common thing for good or for bad you know Asian Americans are viewed as. Being a very focused on education and Lot of times getting elected to the school board is the gateway. For some, I'm not saying for Tina but gateway for some Asian Americans to go on my middle brother ROB UP SACRAMENTO he ran for the first time for the school board there and I think was elected to a second term, and during that term, he was the president of the school board. Dealt with a lot of issues and then he was encouraged to run for a seat on the city council in the state capital and He won that first election and I. Think he won a second time unopposed and then this you know even though other people were looking at, Tim, is going in his political. Arc. Got Tired of politics and so but you know in talking to him, he first person to describe to me how getting elected to the school board for some not not everyone is is a real steppingstone Definitely, teen is focused on getting to the school board because she really wants to make a difference in this school district and she's not looking beyond that But Anyway, I I'm just really grateful that people equality of teen are running. She got our families vote and even though somebody in the dark of night about a week ago stole all the Teen Woo Frederick signs from our lawn and around the Arl town they have all been restored and I. Heard it's a pretty pretty tight race right now. So good luck to Tina. The story want to tell you today for the introduction is is kind of three quick little vignettes and as you listen to them. A hope that you will start to think like what do these little stories having common and then I'll get to that when we get to the end of that little round. For over a year now now that yeah, about a year I had. An electric assist road bike and I never thought that I would seriously get into having a bike that actually has a motor on it. This bike requires that you know I put in effort is not just going to power the bike or. But I I love telling people I feel like old Tom Tony Stark with an iron man suit but. The point I want to make is that I've put in more than double the miles every week for this year. So I ride probably seventy to one hundred miles a week not all at once. And now in the back of my mind I'm thinking. Okay. So with this assists especially, uphills. I am I actually getting fitter getting any stronger or my staying the same or actually am I getting less fit because I have this little boost. On demand and today was interesting because. My friend Ashley also has an e bike but his in the in the shop we decided to write regular bikes and. I haven't done forty miles on a regular bike in the longtime, but we did it. And I'm happy to say that you know the old me over a year ago I would have been experiencing severe leg cramps by like mile thirty four and I did this whole forty miles with no problem. Okay. So that's the first vignette. Second. Little Story. We have a lot of Japanese maples of different sizes and ages around our property I think at last count twelve or thirteen. Little. Little Much I. We love Japanese. Maples, I love Japanese maples. And we had A. Big. Heat. Wave about two three months back. And a lot of the lease on maple looked Kinda. crispy. And I was you know just kind of resigned to okay. Well, it is what it is, and then just wait till fall see what turns color and then they're gonNA fall off but I stumbled upon. Some youtube videos by. Japanese. British A BANZAI expert this fascinating watching this old guy. Clearly Japanese this clipped British accent, and one of the videos I happened to stumble on he was talking about what to do with. crispy. Leaves on your Japanese Maples and he basically said these leaves are not going to repair themselves. In order for you to see beautiful leaves again and help the tree, you have to strip off all the crispy leaves. Okay and then he would proceed to demonstrate this and I'm like, wow, you kidding me. Well, big difference. He's working on Bonsai Maples I don't have any blown sideway both. I have young ones and I have some that are about twelve feet tall that had been growing for about fifteen twenty years that we planned it and then have. Two huge ones that? Came with the property. And You know the first several times when I'm stripping off lease I mean one of the ones the young ones they stripped off it it got down to like one leaf that wasn't crispy and I'm. Just having. Anxiety attacks just just wondering if this is the right thing to do. But I, I just kept hearing this clipped British accident with the Japanese face voice in my head saying, no this thing to do all that tree and I'll post some pictures. That tree is has come all the way back. I mean it's just beautiful. Fresh leaves at crispy in fact. There's even a couple that new ones that have gotten a little crispy. So now I just kind of pick them off. The interesting thing is, as as I see other maples with these crispy leaves and I know that it works I know that as long as you sufficiently water the tree that it will produce new lease where you strip them off. But each time I kind of have this hesitation 'cause 'cause. I'm thinking am I doing the right thing? And and this is with I've done it like eight times. At various stages, the different trees and he's time you know I see the effort. Now we're in the fall the beginning of fall and I'm wondering, okay, you know at some point is it kind of as? Much of the tree to to take off all the leaves and then expected to produce new lease right around the time when the leaves are going to get ready to change color and fall off but we'll see but so far so good. Okay. That was the second story. Third Story. Came back from a forty mile bike ride today in my wife greets me right away a little anxious and says, there's a hummingbird this trapped inside our patio. Then like what? And You know if you've been following me. One of the things I've done each of the last who springs and summers is to shoot the hummingbirds with my cameras. that. are here backyard and especially with the shutdown I had a lot of time and being retired. So. My first thought was I see where the hummingbird is it's on the screen. Rather than figure out how to help it escape. First thing I'm GonNa do is I'm going to get my camera and I'm going to take some close pictures because Oh my gosh. What an opportunity how often do I get to be this close to a hummingbird? When is not moving? So of course, I did that I'm very much aware that hummingbirds have a super high metabolism and this little bird had been stuck in our patio for my wife says at least an hour and it needs to be feeding right it needs to get some energy. So I didn't. I didn't spend a lot of time make like less than three minutes, taking pictures and oppose some of those on our facebook page and and our instagram. Account. But then I had to figure out how do I get the bird to move towards the opening that it originally flew into the imagine the confusion of the bird you know I. It was drinking nectar from our slipper plants and then for some reason I wasn't here it flew into our patio, which is right. Next door the the plants are. And then it can't get out right and it stuck on the screen at knows that we're wants to go is the side of this mesh or these glass windows. But it just. Tries and tries and then gets tired. It's like the just can't and so I I, kind of blew on it. Got, really close and blue on it in the direction I wanted to go and it moved into move and move to the one of the sliding glass doors, and interestingly enough it was kind of perched right on this decal of humming hummingbird. Now have their soy I don't slam into it because they don't see the glass. and. Then it would move. So, I said, okay. Denting my pictures this little bird needs food, and so I got our little blower. Low powered electric blower and I. And I blew it about two feet to the left of the bird. Enough that it felt the breeze moves away from it and after freedom. Okay. Those are the three quick stories. The thread that I think connects them all. Is Effort. Okay. So. Definitely. I'm so thrilled that I've put in the effort and the time on my bike. Assistance. That I actually am fitter and have gotten stronger. With the tree like the tree. It was at my mercy I had to put the effort into plucking off all these leaves and believe me it's tedious. K.. And I, and I still have these kind of lingering anxiety about whether the tree is going to be able to recover as as I. Take All these leaves. But the trees at my at My mercy basically, it just sitting there with these crispy leaves saying. Do something or not, and unless I do something the new leaves aren't GonNa come back and then finally kind of the reverse effort. No matter how hard this little hummingbird. Had tried and tried to get out of its predicament. All the effort in the world wasn't getting it to where it needs because it simply didn't understand it situation and it took involvement and effort on my part to to help get it to freedom. I think sometimes. Things that we want to see happen. I think the right things. But we're not. A willing to put in the necessary effort to move things in that direction that we want them to go or. Be We're not even sure what efforts we need to do. Going back to to the second story, the the maple tree with all the Chris Leaves. I think sometimes life is like to that even though we have a track record of seeing that this effort actually producing the kind of result. We. WanNa see. It. Doesn't erase all doubts. Okay. But that's where I would. I would just kind of. Have a little self talk and say, no. That guy on youtube he knows what he's talking about and I have plenty of examples here in this yard of where doing what he said as actually produce new growth. I think sometimes that's one of the hardest things is, is you see signs of decay or struggle and we don't want to make a change and sometimes not doing anything. Is actually exacerbating the problem. So. I JUST WANNA encourage us that. We can't always be that passive. And I think sometimes there really is a benefit. To putting in effort. And that much of life. The good things in life don't come without some input in some effort on our part. All right. Enough philosophizing. Here's my conversation with Tina Wilfred. Yup. Today is Tina, move. Fredericks and Tina is running for the School Board of Pasadena Unified School district, and I was just excited to meet someone who I think. Tina this is correct. This is your first elected. Effort and would like to introduce you especially to the folks. In the past school district who can vote but also to our national and global audience just to meet. Another Asian American is not going to sit on the sidelines and his decided to really get involved. So welcome to our podcast. Can thank you for having me. So you're second generation chinese-american. You used to teach public school. You've serve multiple terms on your local PTA board you are software engineer which. Blows my mind and you're you're the mom of two kids, two daughters who actually go to the USD schools. So what prompted you to with all the other things that you've done already, you're definitely involved parent why run for the school board. Yeah so I have I guess like you said, I have two daughters once ten wants thirteen and I've been ditching for a year. And one of those parents that are. Very active volunteering fundraising. Helping my daughter's school and you know over the years is been kind of the same thing budget cuts. we don't have a librarian we have to raise money for these basic enough staff and school supplies. Now, just see this repeating year after year that I've been here for eight years. and. That kind of coronated with the. I know this is. was go closures in the past two years in that was what? Was the. Last Straw you know of is like my daughter almost her school was almost closed and that's really really dramatic or. Little kids you know. So when they were closing schools like three three at a time three or four at a time, and that's really traumatic for kids in entire communities. So I want this is because of budget cuts yet due to the budget cuts and. and. There's like a fierce competition with private schools in Pasadena Area I believe we have the most A. Private schools per capita in the country. So that's an additional. Challenge for our district. Yeah, one of our previous guests maybe year and a half ago told me the history of private schools in Pasadena and I didn't realize it was it was an adverse reaction to the civil rights. Passage Act and there was all these parents that said well, even though this federal judges coming down. Out of the deep South, coming to P USDA, and saying, we're going to do bussing because you guys are segregating your schools. Then all of a sudden, all these people these groups got motivated to start these private schools and Christian wants to which you know when I learned that history. I'm I'm sure you're aware of it. I was appalled as like, Oh, I was wondering why there are so many private schools but now it makes sense it's like, oh well, we're not racist not against integration we just want to start her own school. Right yes. That it was a response to the busing in the effort to integrate our schools. Yeah. That's unfortunate. But yeah, that is you know we are feeling the effects of that. Now, there's a there's also learned in researching you. There's an altruistic reasons for you running for the school board and it has to do with continuing the legacy of your late mother. Yes Oh, you've done your research. Yes my mom and Wu is A arts promoter, she was an arts promoter, and for decades she was Camille leader. Back in. In San Jose North in San Jose. And she was quite the political activist i. KNEW GROWING UP I didn't know any. You know she's my mom but. Yes, she was really a activist and she loved A. On. Chinese culture and I grew up. Learning Chinese folk dances we would. Go to San Francisco on rehearse these dances sing songs in Chinese I didn't really understand what I was singing but. I knew it phonetically so I have really. Rich, culture grew up with a very. Deep appreciation for my heritage and I you know I think my my own mother for that and Yes she passed away a few years ago and We recently had A. Remembrance of her last couple of weeks ago and you know there. It's interesting because she is. So has impacted people so deeply that you know it just feels like. Her her passing. So fresh. And It's just strange to see grown Asian men crying. Dean coaching adds a deep she affected. The Bull. So yeah, I want to carry on her legacy of service community and. Yeah, she's she's not one of my inspirations. She clearly knew right from wrong and she stood up for what was right So. Let's I KINDA WANNA approach the use of our time here with kind of two parts. So one I want to give you a chance to address the issues that you've made your platform and and you know unpacked them and and you know explain why these are the issues for you and then I want to give it to. You know when you when you Signed up to to run for the school board, there was no covid nineteen. There was no bobcat fire and all these other fires and air quality problems. So so I definitely would love to give you an opportunity to also. Talk. About. How all of these other outside huge. Influences and issues have impact the classroom and even your thinking as potential school board member. So let's let's get to the issues I. Which one do you want to start with boy I? Mean I guess my platform was always here. Yeah well I'm you have here a smaller class size, right? So Yeah my top priority is smaller class sizes and you know what to be honest. When I launched my campaign nine months ago and you were there to interview me it was pre-. Kobe. And I actually had a different platform. It was all about you know school closures and everything and and I took my. Constituency seriously, I took the time to listen to them. And based on their what I heard from them is what I have here on my platform and you could see that on my website, which is small class sizes. And I went out there. I talked voters I, called them and even with parents who have their kids in private school. Or their kids in. Charter. School. All of them set most of them said, you know we want smaller class sizes. And some of them were saying, you know I really Wanna I really believe in public schools but I just you know like the small class sizes private school so they opted for private school. And so. If. This is what I'm hearing. So this is my top priority. This is a we're talking about increasing enrollment. What do people want? What do families want they want small class sizes and speaking as a former teacher credential teacher I've had over thirty kids in my class. You can't give the attention to that kids need when you have that many kids. Students in your class. So I understand. So so what would be a more ideal number of students per class? What I hear from. Teachers about twenty. And that is for for younger kids. You know like Kin kinder- we actually have. Smaller class sizes. So if we can maintain that through all the grades, that'd be wonderful. But as soon as you get the fifth grade or fourth grade is like. Thirty. Forty kids already. So would that require hiring more teachers? Yes. So that means hiring more teachers, I? Mean it could mean hiring Some Dude teaching assistants that would help with the ratio but ideally. More teachers. and. More teachers so yes, we have. A small class sizes in that would actually address Filling our schools because we have a lot of closed schools, schools, campuses not being used so. We have that space any with covid. Let's bring in Cova. Sich might as well. I mean, they were saying you know when they were talking about reopening. For in person learning. They were they wanted to have fifteen. Fifteen that's just. Me like wow your. Michael Venue, we want the right need the space you know the social distancing. And that is just for safety reasons but hey, that also helps quality of education. What how wonderful without that be fifteen kids per teacher Yeah and I happen to. Attend Church with kind of a legendary middle school teacher at a private school in Pasadena that my daughter attended years ago and I was talking to her about what it's been like to pivot online only and. She's been. She's been teaching for decades and you know my daughter still loves her and all this stuff. But I wonder if she's kind of indicative of some of the older teacher, she's pretty close to retirement age where she's like. This online thing it's requiring so much from the heat of to do all this, and then I don't get the direct contact. With my so you know I'm just thinking is this worth the effort you know maybe it's time for me to retire and and I'm hearing from other teachers who and I'm thinking while the this might be a a real boom for younger teachers who are more tech savvy I mean you know they they were born in a digital world but I mean, have you been hearing things to from teachers that even if the class sizes are reduced because of covid but if it's still kind of online For the foreseeable future are are some of the teachers saying that's not what I signed up for. So I feel like there's two topics here so. So as far as A TEACHER'S Let's not say older younger teachers that are not as tech savvy right. How do they adjust to it right to the online learning I've talked to teachers who are not comfortable with it they but they're still plowing sue they're taking those Those of tutorial classes on the online learning and it is a hard adjustment for them. But let me tell you I spoke to a teacher. WHO IS VERY TECH SAVVY and she puts in a ton of time like three or four times more hours. Then she did as regular traditional learning teaching. Yeah and so it's not just that it's online, but it's that. We are limited by the screen to engage students. And that is very difficult even if you are tech savvy even if you know how to navigate all these ads or integrate them and. I know how to do animation. It's still tough. It's still you don't have that relationship. With the teacher and student my daughter fortunately, not choose on online distance learning. But fortunately, she got her teacher from last year. Her fourth grade teacher became a fifth grade teacher this year. So she was able to. She still had that relationship she had that restore, but if you're brand new. I don't know like engaging that those new students is really difficult. You don't know students on all the teacher teaches students so. And then there's the issue of privacy's You know some some kids turn off their camera you know because Has Show. What's happening at home and that's okay. There you go. There's another layer of a barrier right? The fish don't have the visual. Audio I. One of our good friend she's a principal vanilla USD school in the lower income neighborhood and You know I hear from her all the time that. Some of the kids once it went to online, they just disappear. Like they don't. I don't know if their parents are undocumented or they don't have wi fi and she's like you know we we've gotten from the district. We've got these chromebooks and what have you but. Sometimes, it's just too much or their parents don't they they. They don't know how to to make it all set up. and. So it just boggles my mind, the challenges that teachers are facing. Since we first talked I mean it was already filled with challenges and all the things that you just mentioned and more I. It's like what is the future of public? Education. Yeah I mean. To me. Like the This November's election is so critical because we have not had a national. Strategy to defeat Covet. Nothing can move forward until we well, we have the fires now but as far as Cova. We need a national plan to defeat Kovin. Current situation of distance learning is temporary. It's temporary is not ideal. It's the safest way. And we're dealing with it. But It's temporary I mean we're GONNA WE'RE GONNA Kovin. and. Then we will. have to have learning. That is at least partially in person in a safe way. I mean. Yeah this is temporary. It's not ideal. And I think you know you probably experienced A. Navy we have. We now we know that there is sort of disarm line flat form wave learning it can complement. Supplement you know learning but it's not. It's not everything. So I know I know maybe some people think like Oh. This is a new way of learning. Maybe this is our future, the wave. But think our kids are kids are on screens all the time you know. Yes some people think like, Oh, let's not hold them back are generations old and You know we're we're not comfortable with this, but you know our kids are comfortable with it but you know if you think about little kids. They have attention span to sit in front of the screen a fort for learning that is I mean they have attention for like a movie or something, but for learning I, think it's something like five minutes per year of their age is their attendance. while. I mean. You could just imagine you know like. Seven year old or five year old leg sitting in front of a screen day after move they have to they learn by playing, right? So it's not the answer for K through twelve education. especially for little ones and especially for Special Ed. That's I've spoken to parents with special needs kids, and they're having such a hard time right now. And I think that just amps up the issues and challenges a hundred. Times. It's just. It just won't work is like forget it. Not, a minute, not five minutes it's gotta be different way of learning. I know that there was A. has to Dina. Health. Department just said that they are going allow. some level of. person, learning, for Special Ed kids, they just released at so I think they'd realize that the distance learning is not. Not Appropriate for them. There's movement slowly. Now, one of the other planks on your platform is higher safety standards for the reopening of schools, and since you already started going that direction, what are you thinking when you're talking about higher safety standards the highest the highest. So. This is based on. What I've read of the Teacher's Union United Teachers Pasadena. Requirements for reopening prior to. Them starting in the fall is. They were requesting. Air Filters. So not just about cleaning surfaces you know and masks, but like even cleaning the air that's being circulated. Due out the whole building because you need to have the right filters in their replace them, you need the staff to do that replacement. and. Like, you know when When restaurants are open, right and they're open for outdoor patio. Right so think about that about. Okay. Well, restaurants have to have outdoor. Dining. Why are we allowing kids back indoors? Comfortable. With that. So. for example, my daughter's school will elements. Their. Windows are sealed shut. Get Air circulating through so We have to evaluate every school site. You know and make sure that they are they're safe. There's. Enough space every room has. Different space, right. So therefore. We can only have fit. You know maybe ten kids in this classroom, but you know fifteen over here so. We have, to be more. Specific in detail with the plan. And all of the funding has to be in place. So that's another thing is with funding being with schools being underfunded in general the past now I need funding for safety. So none of that was discussed there is no guaranteed money anywhere. So we. Just, kind of Russian to reopening. So that's what I'm saying is we need to kind of air on being more conservative rather than rush. and. Here's a question that I I've been wanting to ask you is. So you know especially, you already talked about the short attention span the younger child is right but also even if you put all of these safety measures in place How realistic is it to expect young children not to touch each other Right not not not to key. Or to always keep their masks on right. I mean this just. That, that takes a certain amount of discipline certain amount of. Understanding that they simply don't have. So even with all of the hygienic you know and filtering the air and and what have you if we don't have a vaccine and if you know it's it's still likely for people to pass it on through this airborne means. What do you? What do you think about? Expecting this to happen with this population. So i. had the same feeling too I mean. The same feeling probably a month ago, and since then I've talked to. The thing is there are preschools that are being run right now daycares. They are open now and they're following the guidelines and. To be honest. I'm not sure if the kids are wearing masks or not. But Yeah I I I think we have to. There can't be a hundred percent of assurance. I should say there is no one hundred percent assurance. But I don't have the answer to that to be honest that I know that they're out there that. Yeah I'm not asking. Solve it that I'll tell you this. Well, one of my other friends. Made me made me invited me to watch this Youtube video or these virologists are all making these videos and talking and. There's this one section where this one biologist was saying. You know their ways to make a really simple like a dollar a day test. And, it's made out of paper. And and so and so so he said it. And you know whether it's the school district or the state or what have you you know pays for this but it's really expensive and you get the result right? Then K. S. like if if we had this simple way of testing ourselves every morning before we go to school right before we go to work before we go to to the restaurant. We would know. That, we're not safe to go out that day. Yes. Right and I was thinking okay I'm glad she made me listen 'cause because I think kind of working from the reverse Tina. Instead of putting the expectation which I think is highly unrealistic upon little kids. You know to not play with each other right not to touch each other and and always keep their mask in place if we could know that teachers and custodians and students. were, not infected and and a symptomatic before they went to school. Then, you wouldn't have to be so freaked out all the time. Yeah, but then there's the the logistics of that. But he's just saying that I guess there's this petition that's been circulating and they're trying to get the FDA to to green light this because the technology exists that that companies that deal with paper, they could print out by the. The simple inexpensive test and now do they. I mean, obviously they're they're they're simple. So they can't. There's some something that they can't catch, but they can tell whether you have it. and. It's just like we don't have that. So I feel like we're always kind of toeing around. You know being together because we're just not sure whether it's myself or the person next to me is a virus. Yeah. Yeah but that that's something that the school board probably can handle. But I'm just throwing that out there. I. I I'm saying that that there's maybe we have to kind of take a different approach to this 'cause I feel for kids especially. The socialization aspect and. The friendships at school? Yes. There's bullying and you know all that kind of stuff but but overall I really feel for kids who are denied as I've seen little videos that people have posted the of their child school aged child just crying in front of the screen. Now I can't do this anymore it's just like you're breaking my heart. Yeah I hear what you're saying that the may be there sort of a middle ground. And that's what we're trying to figure out like what do we like? How long is this going to? How where we doing this for you? Right and what can we do in the meantime as sort of a? You know something in the middle. Not, the solution. Down, because I I think there's this kind of optimism tied to the two vaccine. That, you know we're we're we're kind of gritting our teeth in dealing with these things but we all kind of in the back of my mind psych. Yeah. But there's There's vaccine coming when the vaccine comes then then we'll be. Heard Immunity Blah Blah Blah. It's like, okay. If you don't listen to the president who's politicized the vaccine, then then it's like you listen to the experts and they're saying fastest weakened imagine having a safe vaccine out there is like a year and a half right right and so but that's not that's not the magic wand is not going to make everything normal and better. So I do think learning how to educate Children. Under this blizzard conditions or whatever you WANNA call it this wintry. Season of of lockup and lifeless nece Like it or not it's what we got. And I also think like we may. Not Be giving enough credit two little ones I don't know. Maybe, they can learn to. Not You know. Maybe, they can learn to keep their distance you. You had a lot more optimism than I do. Yeah. A little one I mean yeah. Yeah. Isn't too long. Well let's let's pivot back to more teachers smaller class size also higher safety standards as far as cleanliness and and being able to do social dizzy also talked about. Beginning Librarians. Back. In a school without a librarian. Nurse Custodian counselors all of this takes money. So, what is what is your response? When someone says, Hey, all those things sound great to meet Tina. But where's this money? We're already having budget problems whereas this gonNA come from. A lot of people ask that question I'm always thank them for asking me. Yes. So there's actually a proposition fifteen on the ballot November serve November third. And that is exactly money that would billions of dollars that would go towards. Teachers. So IT'S A. to close the corporate loop of prop thirteen of nineteen, seventy eight. In that we can. Actually. See. A drastic drop in. Commercial Property. Tax revenue since then and that's when. We lost a lot of revenue for school public schools. So. that is one way we could pay for these. Basic staff like Librarian nurse, custodian counselor and more teachers to. Lower class size. So. We can look at other ways of generating revenue but bottom line is if we want a quality education, it costs money. And the constituents want smaller class size. They always ask what? How are we going to increase enrollment? How are we going to increase enrollment in public schools? We'll figure out how to reduce class, size. And we're going to have to yes find the money. Otherwise we're just GONNA. Keep doing. What we've been doing is cut things close schools. and. It's GonNa be a you know slow decline of public. Schools. You need wrong. You're on your website us you say something. Yeah. On your website, you say something pretty chilling it. It's since the passage of prop thirteen in seventy eight, which is when I actually moved here to southern California. Our schools went from being world-class to ranking forty first in per pupil spending. Yes. That's right that that shameful. Yes. In this California, the fifth largest economy in the world. You know is not is forty I in pupil spending. I know it's. Shameful. So, already starting to see I'm already starting to see vote no on prop fifteen commercials on television. And in you know, let's say that a certain percentage of our podcast listenership are already know they've either never been parents or they've raised in launch their kids maybe they have grandkids maybe they don't But what I'm hearing you say Tina, it's not just voting for people like you to be on the school board, but it's people in general kids are no kids to understand the plight of our public schools and to vote yes on prop fifteen. Yes. So Schools are are foundational to our community. You know you could say I don't have kids or my kids are grown up I. don't care about the schools or I have no really connection to the schools no, the the schools are the kids. Is, a entire generation that will be our future leaders so. It's if we have strong schools, we will have strong communities. So we're all in this together. Yeah so it's just very sighted it if I might even. Say Selfish thinking. Is like well, it doesn't directly impact me. It's like though it takes a village. To raise a kid, we're all part of this village. You know if if kids aren't being well educated if they, they don't have quality teachers that are able to give them attention in a safe and healthy environment. These kids are GONNA drop out. Right they're going to end up on the streets they're gonNA Yadda look for Mr I. Mean It's all connected right? It's all connected. And what about? What about individuals? WHO HAVE DISABILITIES What are your thoughts on the federal government and funding and all of that for Special Education Yeah. So It's a federal mandate for public schools to. Provide Education for Special Ed kids but it's a much more expensive three times more expensive. To A. Provide Education for Special Ed than for General Ed is something like twenty, seven, thousand dollars per student. For Special ED versus ten thousand. For General Education. So, what happens is if you just think about you know Pasadena unified with this competition with private schools and charter schools. Well those private school don't have to. Take Special Ed kids. And Charter schools they you know you got to. Some of them have a test in, they can choose not to accept. Certain kids. So they're gonNA get the. Cream of the crop or whatever at least not this special kissel all special ed kids are in our public schools. And so already. And we have a lot of foster kids. Low income is like this a lot of. English homeless. Homeless kids too. So there's a lot of We have a lot of expenses in public education that the private schools don't have to. You. Know it don't have have the pay for. So So I would. End Federal Government only provides about ten percent of our budget so I would like to see. The federal government. TAKE A. More investment in our public schools if they're going to say, Oh, you got us. Provide Education for Special Ed. Will. Enable us to do that. Sounds fair and this goes back to the broader. November third election because. president trump has put in a secretary of Education Betsy Devos who never been part of public schools filthy rich, and you know I think has a clear bias towards charter schools and private schools You know we need a different president. So, can have a sector of education that actually cares deeply cares right by public schools. Versus undermining the public school system and I believe the what was the Cares Act you know she tried to get that money to private schools to give some money to private schools. We actually end up suing. National. Suing. Betsy Devos. And I believe we won that. Lawsuit. But anyway yeah, she's That Her Department is trying to. Public schools. Young getting any opportunity to do that so. A government that tries to undermine government. Unbelievable. There's still part of me. They can't leave as a country we are where we are. But but again I, I would say everyone make sure you're registered to vote. Whether you're going to go in person or go to the voting centers where you can do early voting or you're going to mail in and make sure that you get it in soon as you get it and that you submit it when when it's legal to do so and make sure signature matches your driver's license. It's not just about voting fourteen Fredericks for fast unified school district. Full, disclosure her signs been on my front lawn for three weeks now. Okay. So so I miss strong believer in Tina and what she wants to do for the public schools here in Pasadena, but it's it's the whole November third election anyway it's prop fifteen is the presidential election. It's all these down ballot races. Yeah. One. More thing I hope all your listeners. Are. Have already taken the census. Yes twenty twenty cents. Dot Gov. Away from a deadline so. While they they had originally the trump administration. Had, originally shortened it by a month. October thirtieth or thirty first, and then it was like September thirtieth and there's a huge outcry and I think a federal judge just issued a restraining order a couple of days ago and said, no, you can't do that Oh and and so. Because our podcast is part of the campaign. On September fourteen nationwide campaign to make sure that people are counted and especially people of Color. There there's this huge fear which I think the current administration has done. A. Great job in sowing. The seeds of fear specialty in in immigrant. Families. That Somehow, if you register for the census. Ice Can. Come get you and you're going to be deported what happened and all of that is. Right it's mongering. We we need to all be counted and right now there's looks like under county and we're GonNa get stuck for the next ten years. We may lose seats in Congress right? There's trillions of dollars at stake I. Think one point, five, trillion dollars in over one hundred federally funded programs. So yeah listeners out there please fill out the census it's it's less than five minutes. An and? Right yeah and it's like eighty something languages. You have no excuse if you've done it and you have relatives. Who Haven't done it for whatever reason you have France coworkers please this. This is another painless way and that's tough. Completely safe to actually help promote the common. Good. And that this is tied to funding. You know, absolutely, which is exactly my platforms. How do we increase the quality of education? We need the funding. So this is A. Direct relationship. Now, you have three people running at the same time. Are People able to vote for more than one candidate? No we are. We're of voting by trix. So you have to live in in specific part of our school district to vote for one seat. So. I'm district six quick sex, which is East Southeast Pasadena, and Sierra Madre. Okay. So. Do. You know I'm sure your phone. Somewhat familiar with your opponents, platforms and stuff. Are they addressing some of the things that we've talked about today? A little bit. One of my opponents focused on distance learning and like I, said distance-learning is. A stopgap it's something we have to do right now for safety but ultimately. The best way for K. to health kids to learn is in person. And in various ways of. Modalities of learning known interpersonal visual. Kinesthetic, which is you know more of a physical way of learning and there's like seven or eight different ways of learning and the actual experts of. Of Learning is teachers. Teachers were decades of experience in this kind of wraps back to you know the. The veteran teachers who may not be tech savvy, but you know what? They're veteran teachers they've been teaching for decades and they are the experts of learning. So I just caution at. thinking the thinking that distance learning is the future and it's like the only thing. No it's not. It's it's one way of. Learning and it's temporary and for for young kids or K. to twelve. we gotta learn in different ways so. That's you know that's my angle. That's I'm leaning towards our teachers they are at Erz. And That's also one of my goals is to bring the voice of teachers. More. In the conversation of of leading the district and through this process. They were not included in You know how we were going to open our schools. So correct that I want them to be part of the conversation. All Year round. Yeah I think I know watch of your opponents is is focusing on the distance learning because I see a lot of that person signs and and so you know listeners again if you are in district six and you are able to vote Let me just emphasize what teeny just said is like distance learning is in the face of this crisis. So it's it's kind of a response to the crisis and it's necessary but it's not ideal and we don't want to stay with distance learning. That's what I heard. You say. Right. We want to look up the long term and. Teachers are already Really, a really. WORN DOWN Every day I mean it's it's incredible. So we do have to kind of I mean we're exploring other ideas like outdoor classrooms. You know about restaurants having dining outdoors well, what an outdoor classrooms for our kids and we have seen. That works for Southern California for about ten months but you know I have friends in upstate New York. and. They're like, you know we only have two months when we could be outdoors for anything I'm like, oh. Okay. Well, you know here's one more thing that I think is part of the. In some ways, false solution of distance learning is it doesn't help working parents. So, by you know improving the experience of online education that you talked about stressed out teachers Oh, my Gosh Tina there are stressed out either single parents or two working parents and they they're like I don't do not have a teaching credential. I'm already worn out trying to do my work from home and I barely able to give my child what they deserve. So I would think that there's another hidden cost distance learning that we need to address, which is working parents they cannot see this as a long term solution to anything. Right. Yeah. I think I think we. I think we. Think. There's only two choices and just stay at home kids in front of the screen or we reopened schools in risk lives. You know I think there's something. There's something in the middle you know that we. We need to explore. That can be safe. So we have to, you know open our minds a little. We have to re imagine education, which is you know one of my platforms is just take this opportunity to reimagined education. How can we do this differently? But in the Safeway so. We are looking at and the thing is teachers. I just don't want to treat teachers as child care you know like okay well. You know parents have to go to work. So we're going to put the kids and normally they're at school wasn't for Cova D-. I don't want. Teachers to be just they're there to just watch your kids. That's that's not education. That's. babysitting and I think we have to look at other agencies in the county or in our city. Too you know. Offer support. And for example, the boys and girls. Club. Here in Pasadena there actually. They're open in there actually have kids. Coming to their their site in a safeway in their supporting these kids is a limited number kids you know couple hundred but you know there are other groups that are doing it. And it doesn't have to be you know let's reopen schools and. Yeah, and have a disaster. But Anyway, yeah we have to rely on all sorts of. The community you know we have to rely on a community. So yeah, we need to come together. To address the Challenges Together. Well I'll tell you I have to hand it to you. When you again signed up to run for the school board, we didn't have wildfires and we didn't have a A virus that has no cure or vaccine. I mean I could see if it was me I, would be so tempted to just quietly drop out of the race. I mean, the problems you you know the school district is facing are big enough, and now you add all of these. Things, you can't even you can't even solve their just challenges right adaptive challenges but there you are I mean you you. You even change your platform right? You you pivoted to say. Like. Yeah. My Life is already complicated up I'll just do more PTA work. But no I. This is even more reason why I want to get involved I want to give back. This is part of my mom's legacy that that I WANNA pay forward. And really it has. Fundamentally changed because. You Know I. Started My campaign on the basis of addressing act the inequity in our system. You know when I was. Outspoken about the school closures it was because. The the kids that were affected. Were kids that could not absorb the impact like kids their schools closing like they have the least number of resources and to To. For the impact of their schools closing. So it's the same issues in Kobe just. You know putting the magnifying glass on issues that are. Already here in our society that systems that are broken our healthcare system that's broken. You know. Why is it that billionaires are becoming trillionaires? During. Kovin. So there's a lot of. There's a lot of broken systems including public education. So. And still in it for the same reason. The veering that. What do you think your mom would say to you right now. I'll Gosh. You'RE GONNA. Make me cry While you know. I don't know your your family. But you know. My MOM WASN'T A. WASN'T A. Conversational as. Was Alleged Verbal Jeff. You know like we ate dinner quietly. And the TV was on anyway I think he would just say She's an Prodi Tina, and that would be the end and that we move onto the next topic. Davidge. You'd know what's behind that. Yeah that's big. That's. A huge. Motions often you know. I. Hear You. Well. Again. I support you. I think we need someone like you on the P. USD and. especially. Listeners, if you are part of district six. You've got to go to her website. You gotta check out you know what? She's all about. She's open to hearing from you got questions challenges know she's very approachable accessible and I think she'll be that way too. If she gets put on that board we need. To have school board members who are connected to what's really happening in in our community and I think Tina you would be definitely one of those people. Thank you Chad. Thank you so much for this opportunity, and my website is Tina number four, USD dot com. If you want more information also has my email and phone number give me a car. Do you have a okay and do you have a facebook page to? I do have a facebook page. And run second is a Tina Woo Fredericks for PSG board. Just do a search, but let me see the euro is FACEBOOK DOT COM Slash Tina for pure St. Okay. That's easy. Same. Put it in we'll put it in the show notes too. So people don't have to go. Scrambling writing things down. Yeah. We're down to the wire here. About the going out actually October early October. So you know they say November Thursday lashed in. You know we're doing mail in ballots now. So yeah. Yeah. Only a few weeks away. So we're saying vote vote wants vote early vote correctly. Cooker. Right and You know please people every vote matters California I mean, if you think that you know these big national elections, maybe because of California's leaning so so blue but these local elections. Huge. Yes. Saying in fact you on this level. But yeah, I, think we definitely everybody has devote. You even if you think it's safe, right? I'm not taking any vote for granted. So everybody vote. November a critical day. Everybody get out the vote. Okay. Well. You got my vote. I I know you're not a night person like me. So I'M GONNA. Let you go. I'm glad we're able to reschedule this with everything that's happened. We first recorded your episode and just hoping that we can be a part of helping you to victory. All right. Let's do it. Thank you. You're welcome Tina. At. In himself. A now let's Say. Asian America, the Kampong podcast is directed by Fong and produced by Ken Bong, and Alison Chain. Special. Thanks to Tim be told off white and big phony for allowing us to use their music in this podcast. For. More information about any of the guests appearing on this show visit www dot Asian America podcasts dot com. You can subscribe to this podcast by going to our website, I tunes spotify, or most major podcast platforms. If you like what you hear, please share this episode with your friends and rate and review our podcast on itunes. We also post additional content on our facebook and instagram including photos updates on guests an additional thoughts from Ken. We thank you so much for listening and we hope you'll come back to join us.

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Jos Manuel Aparicio y Winter Weekend en Montaas Vacas Viajando Despacio 170

"The WHO am I I won't I won't to ride my bike so I won't won't to ride in this case I'd say of never my scene. Rush gotTa Gimme a crash believe in pita started in those guys goes congress breath. You must love me a maniac. The seminars the radio yetter stabilize the SIETE FIT radio. The status of De Donald Trump. Marie gathered okay. Stays for a few station be. Does this massive elaborate Ambien La Guardia lament and then like I sent him either by by the school read mutual Westar analysis or less a day just canal yesterday fatty more. It must have other or two favorite wrote them in the SEMANA fallacy. Made the LINEAS saddler on Mr Amir Raphael Ebay when they present that ashraful wwl radio show in Durham. Basically Taylor Taylor Neyla India. Just as bad as how do we more bar here. You see a stop order by journalists there yellow percent of favorite new national normally but on the show trust and to clear but Thomas caster mother. Deora you cannot come for super yet. We had him be people in if you are localized capability. One Mr Prodi mentors go. My Dad's defender statement. Theon Komo Komo Dot com you durant military-industrial rushing their own skin. This prolific in this consume either taller professional. The British adopted Puente. But I'm starting realized then stabbed thirty dollars cash on me said I'm diversified African fios shameful in associated have yet brush him mighty thickly star go mantha motivational. MVP cuisine senior media or the Hamilton Amalia report. Mariposa must have is that sather's bid on this would actually Glenn Fantasy Antica or no getting out of Resettled especially if you're going to check that'd be the secrets motivation. But I'm more hitters in defeat Nikolas and Muslim inspected what to include in the Guinness Enough Heat. That goes the night AKIKUSA opium Fuan Manon. Nonni when he made at least that I don't know her name Amy. At the Eastern Ankle that debriefing dissect them they must go nosotros about if you grow your justa guest. greeter liberal essential dip day will not not that I was most winter weekend or any Salvatore Nasty Meriem emotionally the windows as has the food under do not give them solely athough the morality shuttle Hamas was wound up Pueblo. mistletoe Hispania remorse. But it almost as a whole I don't know usually Montagnier Siempre. Montagnier beasts does the popularity food item. I'm beneath a mutual. We'll talk Xiaomi Eagles. Ed are what they are now. Because Career Bannon layoffs Christina Aguilera Loud Mikhail Ambien Otros Roskin O'Connor theme song. Nestor Moesha me off Dick and they still mattia had Daniel Breath. Yes our DOT COM uh-huh doc sex as dri there and Shannon Iga. When i Saturday's Jerusalem need I need Alabama no said showing up on the EMBIID Yoga? Okay premed contact for confirm liberal e an passionate. I can be the WHO may not nails must be done on the phone. That do that one of when I meet that many airfield e e you not this will be a EH Sanyo's impetus. They've created Y You WanNa try a AH offline New Yorker I knew I e equal opinion on April steady. Go to go on a solo so impotent. I'm your body. You'll be the scout. Got On motion condemn Bono Venus. y'All get August. She said I'm not donorgate. Point Standard Heating. If what on your Basso e some days it began as I said I blow he yuckiest you get down on the bed. All Dominic purcell who who who. Stunts e Medicaid wonders. I want to go. I just wanted to sell. You may be able go. Oh it's an indicted clean really. I know a Gordon Marshall maybe wipe out all the US astronaut of as a matter mo desperate or what have you and the inestimable say the ideas that she got the other route up you are on a senator. D'Amato Leah Women Say I ain't the EXCU alluded Luna reading about is I mean. These Tomahawks eyelid silencing went backpacking that is not a little by customer Boucher Look at the mess. ESI Samuel Liberally shoot better on dental progress a lot more or I can go on about say a hogging. What can you eat all as long as you? Don't be quiet. If I can congratulate much yesterday she read shop. I should underwear and you know. Can we not audience properties will be hit. You probably end up on the board again recommend Marshall Pessimists by video betsy are shoot on that guest lead Lieber showed I said Yacouba. Lula's Edna in their custody crappy denied fellow PD nails. I also believe Around that e I would add gastronomical. Shot it Unbearable Matt Leroy in Africa after a hot yet but I think this shoop ally either mobile games which begin to fade the open up my mascot Wunder but on the Senate or when the recession they were shipped wrong blow got shipwrecked quincy then allergic Riddoch Abacus s wing that sent me Yemi Map Ourself on FM Asi. Istanbul young. Yeah little bit shy when she we know gotTa Iguanas the Ultra Liberal during the speed acetate in there. So I if you get out fisherman. The Way starring Igloo Shaw on that I'll be of the he'll a high bid a little Gardiner's underway Bit Korean though they've been on child another Board we end up with is. I'm in this time. delay the Not that bad Obama's Ben Fancy of in that who have done around data but I usually ineffective nothing in a number of those holidays daily Fungus In your attache rally. Ah Eighty six Malia. She probably how hungry off. Audio speed is not the Muslim occupying your last year. Our graph. Ya Doc id you on another but this is what accomplish that but that must have been what you see my normal foul now but they need some bad path Beautiful Ashqar stagnant. Thank you bye-bye mask. Gay It on your cellphone video. Nail the necessity Benazir. That's not an easy. And she found CANTALAMESSA VITAMIN MONTAGNIER LA MONTAGE THAT EC. Look the act which pushes We are never had his look Talbot. Barrau obviously You Mashego up on the mobile mobile by these. The only lock the cattle as the myself. EC Fragmented Police started. I should but the delays on going to college no. I'm on yellow as you golf musical. She told me that he goes by soccer. Actually when I left you Oregon and they sent another circa SHOULD BE REDOUBLED DOT com. Got Occupied Moshe elaborate on rose. We ain't got ARETHA. We get better midday get him she rosta a minute. I want to be alive for us. Kosice retired general John. Eat Lentils E. THE NFL DOT COM. Get One look. y'All go more just kept. I'm in and I'M GONNA go mortuary boycott I mean Komo assorted. We saw it. It on newstalk meant that meant holly or Solo E will no waste hepatitis C. outdoors on the half offs at my buddy bell or radical bogle except ended fullest die. I it is not hold shots. Nahshon delay among squawking a Leonardo Eh. Vedic what A. C. E.. Because he gets like a deployment they have seen the doctor. She that women that Boston Niddle I see it. He allied real than in the Canaris uterus. Jeez what I was live wherever you're wrong let's get nasty. You got a liberal Gustloff. The off and one focal stem Vinnie your daily. You won't believe that you will shy you wanna into they wanna say the guys though he has he has gimpo what they wanNA bogey. DAPO goal was of course she passed in spades spat say I could go into the import yard. Michael Vinnie though e but I'm Bogo Cebu videos. Yes obviously meant doors e Coli Orleans. A photo studio the day about the lobbyists aren't gay GIG notice game. I mean you know in Phila- or I will put all stock roles hours of your head gets equalised for those in need donate to remind me but obviously I'm gonNA guess ended by Mere Orange. They won by well. Let me point. Fitzpatrick Compete DEBUT DNA or hysteria. Kamal we're not all Indo locate without I will just the Komo. Camila radio boy gun beggars soon can simply come in contact with mass media. Pass a A law The Philadelphia does that go home oppa fulfilled by the quasi no l. Informacion she I just. I'm really ugly Morgan. The duty under dido exciting feeding you go to the needy goes. It's wonderful to see the type of but I'm all she lamented on Mojo Rebecca. What Malvo wanted my either either? The United his bloc colleagues Telhami Juanita Salon mass graphical innocuous going out by South Blow betterment or seth Marina is like I beg Machaca rated asked Doric weather though for Sean Hannity Beano I N in devastated by. Without if you add they add one these ineffective it is. You'RE GONNA get my simple Monday. got a look at the eskimo sample Astrada Dominguez Better say what coaching zinc taking professional sheet metal take my country's de Juanita and those dot com globally Golgotha from affluent. Deal with now when you've got that. Assad advocate that the law at least such this kind of master data intake Dick Irvin Buddha. I ain't nothing new Off Winter Akwesasne field. That is out of shape. What is beyond Murphy insourcing? Then if you go yano nobody medicine. I know I ninety in Kanawha should talk about Lewinsky Gladys CPO skating's SEC escape to Casey's our young alumnus subtleties headphone. Got A di. Best is what. I'm Vista's Dallas or in Guantanamo. Ten Coaches Gabon. We we rally commercial narcotic that I'm not saying if warning system breath alas than D. woke up winnow the auto show on how they wash up defending we showed. I gotta Yes Taboo Condo Roisi. Ah Yes I've got. A data showed up ways one on some mountain. Nothing I want to ask you. See them at the accuracy. Moshe umbrella unagi vessel shelby affair and Abbasiya. Kathy Lomonosov with Pipe Band doggies around the Laura Plamen does museum. Oh in the bed ready guys. Some new element flip it but isolate in Quantum Montana. But I've actually smoke but I will doesn't me easy glitter and your name is incredulous comedy. Buca by myself Alto oracular how am I wanted to be cautious about other. It is better. What about this for now? A you need a nacional. phenolic almost won't see. I will stay on the job. The office is better. You don't have nobody waiting and follow. The New York Metro sees in Alabama a stunt the Africa lack of staff who'll Francis articles also soon boulevard be among the E. But it's when we stand if he gets a little casino I doc marine a mighty dollars. That'd be laughing ain't GONNA go. Oh What were those stand on the feudal said when that notion or Sinus joepat overnight the Perez is openness ass? I see us from Hembo a right. And they're gonNA go see it. As we NACCHIO's Denali double style misty eyed Ellie while seeking will become row long support them. We're going to see what he can. I come in medical men that are not meet each Loretta from ABC Mall Tissue Muscle Shoals Oh speaking of mental atmosphere aquatic Beal import adult but usually want to BMW. I know the Mendosa Gondola Rasmussen. Now see when institute basketball now. We'll be ready this week. Not The movie. La Familia Borkum from colorful s simplipay. Brad what A road. I'm Miyake DOC. Is David Romania in he denies you in gushing again providing that he will only ask you can get a little device risk assist the US temple oily fish. Oil labradors beat on the media has got one you can by gun and can we also have a lot of all horrible on open okay. Big issue on are still not getting eight. Where's whereas you know men? The Nevada out by Louis Guy on several occasions. You need on Admin decayed year after start when Obama uh-huh joke and they must new vote on Baleno. The NIMESH appreciable the Orlando dot e equal throws yet micheal breath eh blockbuster battling with wool in bidding on our sort of been a casino they can adopt gay Air Tambien. Byan e de la Toriente premiers. Numerous where they need by the medical big about the heat by activated the you laid out Nabu got admiral yet betty my own anew swagger or stress shacking thank lights dot Org white bagging argued Bamburi SALGA DOC breath the snow star. Please throw the windows while Steve Stevens at so you'll Easter is. We've been massive idiom Fiat in the small and one thing is by the way my hunting as the as it goes as a seekonk decay Iowa. Hello down there was gave away a look. I think you're going with Ben Ever theodose as a I asked about the S. Eagle summit brought. Tennessee's it sounds good. It is an inspect remote Danna China. He wonders about the US yesterday. Thirteen Demirel premio eve. Steve Hannah either today by clicking in Hispania vice data e I can answer no less than is e.. Dougie should ask. You WanNa go see one thing about the initial mighty young goes throws the not exactly our we. He got a board game he played Africaine. We white the the third E. We're not going to be the primary to Lexi the WHO Neil nope woven in Tokyo. Masuku Fantastic Equador Imbera near Eh notice. Bill she knew what was the house because the home k. a.. Columbus Buddy looney companion you gotTA meteorologist. Abd End Montagnier Espn Take Windros winded again. Ways miss that when I mr now bacchus gain a better on manacle mission. Betty Causes Komo. I don't not yet a group ameliorer enter dollars style by Leeann Muturi reputation. She garnered one thing. Do you never what I wrote on my hand last night. Goan streets died on the June bug Twang early winter commodity. Tell me Democrat nothing novels Ola. So I put in this bill on the handle. This 'em when there's I started this just to get a you know as almost a normandia being. I still why you're gave more another one paragraph. You're Marin no the last local rescue hookah either going back on the candidacy. Easy of Bin. Salman market do equal competitive momentum the momentum vice b. m. a mosquito indeed does not just on the number of tickets get burned wanders lower Mestre rock on fatal as founded by Kemal the laboratory Paseo for many now as we still got after getting the most comfortable is. I'm not gonNA say he must have plan. This familia white knows it Wait not gonNA wait. Why would I wasted blades? We're not really angry. So we'll get elected but the US in those guys are going to hit. Is this as integrated luckily talk. You believe he landed Alameda excessively networking loop one orsman familiar. Sorry must keep any must run the gate. 'cause Namus Cleverly Yes indianness Ma Shapiro on how they were going to a Area of it is Casino this myth either. How don't start though the dust minus payroll while I was there is the bomber with? Ah Yeah going to the monarchy. I don't want to pursue a hey karen are afoot upper case Sheila socially your refuse from we wanted the stuff on that gap is the ASS. Nintendo tecoma probably not move your nature source guilty. McKie is win or materiel Peter. Lewis was the kilometers. These paranoid. Almost anything if you could get the initiative David ally last season. Son William I guess but one thirty the communist moving controversy winner. He's had been carry. This one hot I'm into radical stylistic are there's a lot of the people that I guess I continue star is la La them in Nevada. They they basically take the Ravi La Mumbai tooting money yet means deeper number Mitha Mitha Khan transmission as a materialistic this defended the most competitive versus versus Let's go any much anymore when we we visited the author of Nova in the lobby be barometer we to go three little gun control. I E internal dialogue on the when we meteorology. It very wash mcelwain enjoyed road. The NEOM Marinas Pokharel See your only out West Concord show perennial and it's Daniela's quasi Mahara alabamian record. There's there's nothing wounding gasquet garrison. TV The seeming Muna Lot But but I still variable probably Maria I'm gladys CANTALAMESSA rather survey. A A haughty spoke would not permit our youngest pitcher guessing Sela Demar say Johny month old. Okay Minneapolis okay. It has to aggregate. I get I get enough by the national book about Avenida Kevin East and let they stay Yoshimi Ram game and essentially when the so much on US Navy they do wanNA mcaulifee save. I got I got and I WANNA keep us in Portland career yellow. The anyone know spicer contain still. Don't go here. You're almost like a UNICYCLE. East human. aww You still neck in it and establish a moon he'd Komo. Culminate Gordian as fishing is about Bill Tackle Matt and the Atlantic Governor Nothing. Those intimate Tuvia immediately anees grew. We got the police. Porno nothin' windy. Bidault get them in a coma. Fish Monday only sally. SEC team they know little spicer his mice. I'm in these people. Just quitters gain gain economic e came up in a cost on a an GonNa ask someone got that on Beta Gaitho temple. I suppose beating now Bush is going to be Steph fundraiser kick. One wouldn't Gordon Annual Theo. Now on Dini tha-that's looting Myers beginners tall process all the time in case anything that I go markelle. Imagine that he's got these these right okay that and even though the book getting gay giving I'm which all these data base after this within months then donate welcome. All throughout Messiah even be damaged equal superstore. I'm visit undermined by number two. See what's your doc with this very. Here's obviously the Marine Omega Three S and miss the combat is getting a loan in Anglo school this way yesterday. If if you get with other topic I won't give. Yes if indeed they move affordable not not maybe people with tobacco known tuttle The ride my bike ride by. I won't uh-huh won't to ride it where say black and white it Luther Competi- that the Info Radio Nobles NBC. Padania the understood but on and you have you to be down there that get us better than what one hundred Speth Yoshioka album casinos report for their from thaddeus. It will start out. There's the former Mossad USA. But I must say I must have mantle there will be some beefy mushroom fabled tweeted. ESPN almost to have your head to comment Tadayoshi tap at ethicon the show throws Even our one hundred zero Aurora spunk. Layup who has lost the handle spot. Theo were plus she might knock on route thousand. Miles Must be difficult as a stylish among. Yeah uh-huh.

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UK to Adopt Google and Apples Exposure Notification API for Contract Tracing App  DTH

Daily Tech News Show

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UK to Adopt Google and Apples Exposure Notification API for Contract Tracing App DTH

"The. These daily tech headlines for Thursday June eighteenth, thousand, twenty, rich, traveling up. The BBC reports that according to sources the national. Health Service has decided to cancel its current centralized coronavirus, tracing APP and shift to a model that uses google and apple's exposure notification API. The agency has been testing both models with the centralized model, proving more accurate with distances between users, but doing a worse job at detecting iphones. The exposure notification API offered weaker distance. Distance Calculation, but better device recognition, the UI I of the APP currently on trial on the isle of White would remain the same with the back end switching to the new API. The news comes as the BBC reported yesterday that former Apple. Executive Simon Thompson took over control of the UK contact tracing project at follows similar, beckoned switches by Germany Italy and Denmark. In a blog post facebook's chief privacy officer Michael Prodi announced the creation of a page facebook share its updates on privacy on the platform. This will include technical looks at privacy challenges, and what actions facebook is taking against actors trying to undermine its privacy policies Prodi also announced an independent third party assessor will review our practices and report on them to the Privacy Committee and the FTC. FACEBOOK's privacy committee was created as part of its five billion dollar settlement with the FTC last year. Zuma launch an option for eight years to fifty six. Transport End to end encryption on its Beta version July for all users previously said it would only launch end encryption for paid users. A toggle switch will be available for call Adminstra- turn the feature honor off. It will have to be off to let phone users join for users who want the feature. We'll have to provide additional verification such as verifying phone number by text message. Zoom says this is meant to stop mass creation of accounts. Several publishers, including square INEX- withdrew gains rent videos G. Force now streaming service soon efforts launch after video listed purchases on steam as available to play without publisher permission now square Ns has returned fourteen titles to the service including entries in the days, ex and tomb raider franchises squirt, inex- told, the at this was due to invidious new, opt in policy. We're company will only list games. After getting explicit publisher approval several square INEX- titles included in the original G. Force launch are still not on the service, including the Batman Arkham series final fantasy fifteen an octopus traveller. In a regulatory filing dish disclosed it will close in the acquisition of boost mobile on July. First terms of the deal were not disclosed, but the deal is estimated to be worth about one point four billion dollars as part of its acquisition sprint, T. mobile was required to sell boost mobile and provide seven years of network access to dish in order to create a fourth national carrier. and apparent price leak of the upcoming Sunday playstation, five on Amazon's French website, listed the standard model at four hundred ninety nine euros and the digital edition without a physical drive for three hundred ninety nine euros. This would mean the US price would be roughly four, hundred, ninety, nine and three hundred ninety nine dollars respectively. The page also listed a release date of December twentieth, Twenty Twenty in France, although it's since been taken down. Google released the link to text fragment extension for chrome, which lets users create a link to a specific portion of highlighted text by right clicking highlight Google, says, the links will work on all chromium based browsers from version eighty upward, but noted that fire Fox and safari teams have not confirmed. They will support the feature earlier this month. Goo released the ability to navigate to search results based on highlighted snippets. Ford revealed how its hands free driving feature will work on the upcoming Mustang Mach E to use this act of Dr assist feature customers will have to purchase the act of two point. Oh prep package which options the vehicle with Ford, facing cameras and radar sensors, the active drive assist feature will launch later in two thousand, twenty one, and will require separate purchase to activate although pricing was announced until then machi owners have access lane centering adaptive cruise control, active park assist and blind spot assist through existing co-pilot three sixty driver assistance system. Active driver system will work. Only on Highways Map by Ford and the company plans to have one hundred thousand miles of highway across all fifty states and Canada available at launch. Ford will also use an infrared camera installed in the steering wheel to ensure drivers are paying attention while active drive. Assist in use. Google is rolling out the ability to buy a subscription in from the Google play store page so instead of having to install the APP and then tap through to buy a subscription. You can do it all at once. You can also resubscribe to services. You previously paid for through Google play. Developers can also offer free trials at install as well with details about how long the trial lasts, and what it will cost when it's over, the feature is launching with a limited number of developers. Start. Who will also email you? A free trial is ending and pop up a reminder if you uninstall an APP. That has an ongoing subscription. You may want cancel. Amazon announced. It's aws. Shield Service Mitigated De dos attack that generate a two point three tear bits per second of traffic in mid February making it. The largest tech seen the previous record was a one point seven tear bit per second attack in March, two thousand eighteen. Amazon did disclose the target, but said it was carried out by using compromised. Connection Lists Lightweight Directory Access Protocol Web Servers, which are usually used to connect search and modify Internet shared directories. And finally Amazon announced it will stream four premier league matches on twitch as well as making them available for free on prime video, the first match will be Crystal Palace versus Burnley on June twenty-ninth and Amazon work with EA sports to provide the option of watching the matches with synthetic crowd noises using e as stadium atmosphere tech. Remember for more discussion of the news of the day subscribe to daily Tech New Show at new show, DOT COM and remember to rate and review in the tech headlines Wherever you get your podcast. Thanks for listening. We'll talk to you next time, and from all of us here at the headlines Remember. Have a super sparkly day.

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We Made It Weird #18

You Made It Weird with Pete Holmes

2:16:13 hr | 2 months ago

We Made It Weird #18

"You walk made it weird with me all what's happening whereas it's we've met is. We made a weird eighteen. My impression of a guy who doesn't he's never had sex before you don't know until the end of the first time you're having sex ready. I'm gonna p pee. We're having fun. i'm gonna shoot. Remember only shoot from a gruber. One of the funniest things have also shown the worst thing anybody could do except for calling testicles of buffalo heart. i didn't come up with. It was my nickname in college and might not. I mean every once in a while christian colleges so homo erotic. It was like somebody i remember. Somebody came from a few dorms over to see my forget it without your boss. Well i think we competed as what. How but you are a huge. You go like the first time you saw my winger. I think they are huge. But they are in proportion to everything. That's so funny. Because what if i make a joke or is this fist. His pinky was pena's. You wanna see my ball. Yeah my hiding the tiny deck and the huge walls. Should we do again. Start over pretty good. I think it's great. Okay well we. We talk a lot about a lot of things. We answer one question. We read some poems. I think it's silly. I think it was a good one. A good one. Some good depth. They really means a lot. Even the clown diarrhea episode people were reaching out and saying that meant a lot and these talks mean a lot to us too. Yeah and i feel like we are both in a better place than we have been the last couple episodes. Yeah i felt. More centered and calm. But we'll talk about it in the episode. I had a non specified drug experience yesterday. And i do think that sorta grounded me a little bit. I'm just feeling good and thousands fearing it. Yeah you didn't even talk about this. You are so you're totally so you had a good laugh last night. About how you've just been like tackling the demons la completely subs. Yeah i t baby. It's a way that i ant prodi. Thank you sobe sobieski. That's always say thank you. I'm i'm really i'm really. Oh that's good instead of saying. I'm so just go. I'm sorry. I'm really lately so russky. Did you ever drink sobe. I think everybody's at a sobe they don't remember it. I went to a so be phased. But i don't remember it so you don't even remember phases of soviet. Don't think no. I went to arizona. Ice tea yeah. You seem more like an arizona. To what does that mean. I. i'm looking yuppie. Yeah yeah zona somehow market itself to be like. We're the good team. Yeah we're t- we're not juice right and then like when when have you had an arizona t lately so i clearly canadian. There was a time when we were just like all. And that's basically lacroix. Oh my god clearly. Canadian was clearly lacroix. Dea clearly chromium we easier zone. Ice tea canadian. No clearly canadian is another thing. It's it's confusing. Because it's a sentence. There was a beverage called clearly canadian which was sparkling water with a with a lot like an eighties. amount of fruit flavor. Only have a twenty twenty amount of fruit flavor. Which apparently we just want somebody belched up line sunblock and it was the coconut there. Which i like kind as much as any of them which is not very much so it means a lot of that people like the show and it means a lot. I'm not just saying that it really means a lot us. This is what we're doing for work. Basically so if you want to say thank you. Please try apiece pick. Here's the easiest one. it's free. It's free to go to join honey dot com slash weirdo and sign up for honey. It's the app that automatically searches for promo codes online. But imagine this. You make a list of gifts you wanna buy for the holidays and then someone randomly gives you money to help you buy one. That sounds pretty good. i guess what. That's what honey is doing. You shot shut your mouth. They are helping back for one million dollars worth of gifts. What words a dr evil amount of gifts our the same honey. That was already giving us free cash for doing nothing. And with honey you can s- now also make a list of the holiday gifts you want from certain stores and honey will email you when the price drops. Yeah this is like how my mommies to clip coupons. It's your mom digitized and perfect it. Yeah and if the price drops the email you though price and tell you anything on your list just add honey on computer. Create a free account. Free free free and throw your holiday gifts on your droplist for a chance to win. Connie will randomly select winners and give them that money to help them buy something on their list. I use honey Because it saved me fifteen bucks on wireless headphones for doing nothing. How i plan on putting more tax stuff more electronic stuff and more christmas gift on my droplist. Happy honey a oh my god. How on today days and i want honey to help me pay for though so. That's why i am doing that. No purchase necessary. You need to pay pal account a court accounting team. The prize only valid in the. Us giveaway ends twelve. Twenty one twenty to join honey dot com slash weirdo and sign up for honey. That's join honey dot com slash weirdo and start saving. Money's today happy. Here's the next easiest way and kind of one of my absolute favorite ways to support. The show is get yourself some dope ass sheets. Knock where she people were. She'd people but honestly val for a long time. We were phoning in our sheets that holes cigarette burns even though neither of us smoke. I wanted luxury. Nice five star hotel sheets but they cost so much and that's what happened with brooklyn and founders rich and vicky when they couldn't find beautiful homosexuals that didn't cost an arm and a leg. I just gave up not rich and vicky rich and vicky founded brooklyn the first direct to consumer ben and company they worked directly with manufacturers to make luxury available radio without the markup no middleman thank you middleman looking at the sheets going to tack on thirty eight percent. Yeah i don't like you brooklyn. We all know has sheets but they have them in every color. You could want every pattern. You could want every size every material to fit your needs and tastes and they're so comedy and you'll love their products. They offer three hundred sixty five day money back guarantee. That's a full earth human year. Well plus brooklyn's bigger years happening right now. If you've got people on your list. And i'm sure you do. That are hard to please go to brooklyn dot com. Maybe a gift card or maybe get them. Betting towels lounge wear more. They've got candles silk. I'm asks ropes. Anything to put your picky on into a virtual essentially a spa day at home. I love these sheets. I was tired of waking up and looking forward saying a nice hotel so it could have smooth smooth clean nice beautiful bright colorful sheets and now we have that experience at home. So what are you waiting for. Support the show and support. You're fine smooth. Some brooklyn and sheets go to be are okay. L. i n. e. n. dot com. Use promo code weird to get ten percent off your first order and free shipping. That's brooklyn dot com promo code weird pretend percent off Shipping you want to do the last one dot com and use promo code weird checkout. Here's a look at it. I just said it twice in a row. I didn't know that it was the same. You're right it could have been like. Hey please it's it's the brooklyn and company. Don't say you're smooth sweet app. I got an email in real time as i'm recording. Finally this we got some br. Everybody this babble. I am interested in language interested in mental elasticity keeping my brain vibrant keeping my brain sharp and i wanted to learn Rather brush up on the language. I learned in high school which is spanish and i whenever i tried stuff like that in the past i was spending hours. I'd say wasting learning random vocab words. I knew i wouldn't use. But enter babble battle. Stephen a bible reference which i like apple is different. It teaches you phrases real phrases made by real language experts. That you'll actually use in real life including i love this slang. If you're interested in learning a new language you know your reason why it could be for work could be feel connected to a culture. Perhaps your own culture. Maybe it's just like me to keep your brain. Sharp babble is language learning for everyone whatever your reason they babbel a language learning method designed to gay speaking a new language within weeks with ten to fifteen minute lessons fast too small part of my day. They're not boring. You start with words and phrases and then sentences gradually get more complex than you're practicing. Short conversation babble has an interactive dialogue in speech recognition technology. That helps you improve your pronunciation and accent. So you feel more confident. When you speak and their lessons are created by real language language experts. Not machine learning algorithms. Our ai technology. So you're getting practical real world. Conversations made by real human beings did speak the language they've sold over ten million subscriptions and he can choose from fourteen different languages. Which one would you pick mama. Spanish inch french. I'm gonna do french. I'm still. I'm still going to do it. I love that site. I always romance alert. I was like. I'm never going to go to paris until i'm in love. Yes take your asked paris. 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We look forward to these fridays with you. And your loved and you're valued and you're not you'll get we'll get to this and the episode but you're not just loved you are loved so enjoy and Do we keep it crispy here. You're new here honey. We say to you'll learn peden val therapists get over eh to get into it and get over it weird. We need it. We do Booth We do you know that really. I'm very. I'm embarrassed to say this. But i know that i'm not the only one because a couple people have asked this when i first started listening to the podcast. I thought that was you singing. Really world's seems kind of a voice e would do we. You can't do it really you mean we. It's reggie watts. Yeah i email a bunch. That's all i remember about the theme song was. He's reggie said he would do it. And i believed him but he's obviously but he's a busy fella and i had to email. Maybe one more time than i was comfortable with. You know where you starting to nag somebody Salary you are not interested in this antic. I've heard it. i know. Imagine how i feel. Oh food i've heard okay so i was saying here's a couple of things. I thought on a unspecified drug experience. I was like big band music. Remember this yeah. You've only heard it once. I only say. I don't want no need for the party forgotten. It was a big band. Music google play. That was a james bond sinatra james bond of music pressure tra- with like james ron. Kroon he looks like if he was in a pinch. Yeah and like the bad guys in the back. And he's like i'm gonna shoot the dame if this audience leaves and he's like a tv show then the mic on. Okay this is my g shaking now. But it's american music because it's like it's like a corporation it's like capitalism it's like Again unspecified drag experience. But it's a guy a man who has employee's so that's why it's even though it's a big band music. There's like fifty of them a deer go. What did i say. I said and think of the trombone player. He's old isn't he. So not only is this guy. He's a hotshot bus and new like young hutchins in all the tenured guys are like okay but they still obey him. So when he's like shaken not start borough and so he has a huge corporation under him and then the women if there are any women are usually just dolled up women. That just got like you can answer. They're there to like placate giggles support and literally echo his desires desires. He wants a mom's stage mom's age lover. Mom or secretary is total. It's like fifty. It's it's like A corporation in the fifties. It's like madmen. it's mad men its power. It's he's what is he wearing. What is he. He's wearing a suit. is he drinking. I mean michael blame probably not but sinatra was is he smoking yes so he's relaxed in the highest position. Yeah and think of the ban. They're sort of in the dark. You know at the show that their time commitment is exactly the same and their salary is one five hundredth of what the main guys. It's a corporation unspecified. Drove us little kadam mattel of new york new york. I also just want to get this out of the way. And then i'm just going to ease into this and i'm going to realize that i remembered to say the things i wanted to say. Here it is. I'm still foggy from my unspecified drag experience yesterday. That's a little more specific all drugs. Make you five years. I mean that it was yesterday. I thought that you were trying to keep it on specified that. You just did drugs yesterday. No oh ever since. I found out that my mother mommy dearest occasionally thanks to whoever showed her how to use the podcast app. Although we've had some lovely jets about these episodes. But since i found out she listens maybe it will keep the drug experience unspecified. Okay let's just say there was a little some a little nugget. Leftover didn't know i had it and it happened. It was very light. But i had small. Does the caught a micro certainly very very small but in the good way that micro small things can like ding dongs can have unseen qualities hidden. Okay i thought that will get a bigger laugh. I was wanting a ding dong ding. Dong not not the kind of ear talking. You talk about a chocolate treat with kramer middle e. Yeah we we have to talk about the on thing. i promise. I'm not going to just chat and chat and chat. But i'm very excited. Here's the thing. I wanted to drop touching more fingers than i have points touching seniors like your list like you're lifting thing but i'm just talking. Oh you gotta talk about their may channel on thing point. You've decided. I feel like if i was giving a powerpoint could have been the first three cards the child thing next but it would be number two two. I'm not gonna talk time three. I'm very excited to three or really points. The most confident people are the most scared people. Hear me out. Think of your bill clinton. Certainly i relate to this. I just mean like i have figured out how to manufactured confident. People like me are so uncomfortable with the world the way that it is right. Yeah so Uncomfortable without being able to control reality they like how can i manufacture a kingly a persona that so big that i can invade every micro government of human interaction my job. What's it like in my family. What's it like when i met a party. I'm not doing it. Because i like it. I'm doing it because not having control is so frightening. I'm going to storm in install my own. Government will read his confidence but really the driving force of it was. I don't why this blaze you didn't like it so much that you were like mccoo guy was like listen to this cool guy but that guy puts picture. Bill clinton did it. I can't speak for him. But i'm saying for me. One of my little epiphanies was like you became this because even being driven a car. I was noticing all the tension i was carrying in my body. I was like your it like kind of i. Don't wanna say it's the headline of roy but there's fear there's this comfort and the world is just so uncontrollable that one of the ways to control. It is to become a loud confident person that imposes themselves over situation because they can't tolerate the feeling of the situation imposing itself on them so strong people are the weakest people. It felt so profound when i thought it. Yeah i think it is. It is something and i think. It is something No i think we all have protectors protecting certain fragile parts of us of ourselves like an emotional jockstrap you good lifts it and it cools it. Does it cool everything cools at baby. I don't even know what that means. They don't care. I'm leading down. But it would make sense that you know the people who have that where their protectors want to control everything like you want power. What does that would. That's having control over everything around you ever. And why do you want to be behind it so unpleasant because that protector is protecting the fragile. Probably child self where something chaotic happened to that child straight or was noticed. I iowa we've talked about this before. I always liked driving. I don't like being driven and i was going back. Another one of my tiffany's was like stop blaming things. It's like at a certain point. You go it's me. I don't like being driven whether or not it has anything to do with my child. I can't be sure. I think it does so. Then you're like all drive myself because being driven is so unpleasant. I think just made this point. Yeah and Forget when you were saying. It's coming from some sort of trauma in your past than i am agreeing with that. Yeah oh it's like any aids are seemingly like the roughest. They're always challenging in having confrontations and can be more aggressive but that's because they often were wounded as children and they like put on a suit of armor and that's why they also are very compassionate towards the underdogs. They reacted to their childhood wounds by being extra protective and that can sometimes right become aggression. Right it's this is why it's always the bartender. That's kicking people out and has a shotgun under the i'm picturing mo from the simpsons and he reads to the needy. Never been like the any graham eights build up a suit of armor of aggression like. Don't fuck with me fella. It's like all the story book. Stereotypes of like the rough the roughneck from brooklyn but really he's got a heart of gold. Take the male equivalent of the prostitute with the heart of gold and the achiever is like our become so shannon may yet Lack of fathom the phone has had a free wanna evans. Who only whatever five minutes in. But it's the same thing it's like. I can't handle what happened to me is a child that was the guy just kept going. You are so sensitive. You're like what. And this is. Why i think Successful people a lot of them. Want to get to a place where they're being pampered. Like they wanna be a resort being handed. Look at first class. You should be embarrassed someone. you're in a plane. Yeah we're all in a plane and someone's handing you a hot towel in your face and your hands like it's because the driven person in my thesis which we can't prove not here not now. We don't have the tools we don't have the two but what i have is me. My childhood was volatile and strange and uncontrollable just like all of us. I think as children. Minefields what i can't say especially so but it felt very much like that and i was like i'll become a shiny as i can so that i can not have uncertainty. Yeah so when. I do get on a plane and if i am flying fancy and someone hands me a towel. That feels right. Because you're like you see me. I'm a crying baby. that's why. I learned the skills that got me into the fancy seat. And you're you're the only one that gets me diane. The flight attendant. Because you're handing me and stuff. Because really all i want is a swat all at a nozzle well and not so so. Threes are trying to control their situation by being special and so it's another way of having power to especially more power and nines. We've already cracked this on the podcast. But it's it's something that i only realize. Maybe this year is that i am also as a nine trying to control my surroundings by like keeping everybody happy so that i'm not uncomfortable right so everybody is scared. Every is trying to convey chaos. We just all have different ways of doing it. And then that's your personality. That's slam dunk michael jordan barefoot from half court spinning. I counted seven. Anybody else seven spins that is your personality so on my unspecified drug journey. That was very mild. And mom. i'm telling you a cool guy responsible guy But like i was like look at how many things first of all one meets the other one. You have no idea what anyone's going through. That is a first anytime. I've ever had an unspecified drag experience. I'm like oh my god. I am now a completely different thing and i slide over reality in a completely different way noticing completely. Different things than i would have and i was like there's other non-chemical ways that you can do that you could be in love. You could've gotten promotion. You're in a good mood. Whatever it might be it could be million billion things where all these million sided rubik's cubes and raj going around kind of wrongly assuming like hey you're a person so how were you when you don't know we basically came to this conclusion yesterday. We're like everybody is carrying an unseen burden for being alive. As i like to say waking up into a conundrum that no one asked for ordered being told inexplicably complicated riddles on reality are smartest minds are like we're in space and you're just like okay. My big one. And why do with i got a sandwich. I still in spain and we're eating sandwiches and we're watching reality. Tv because we're scared. No wonder that was a huge breakthrough from me every dispensary we went by every mc donald's every movie theater i was like. Yeah if there's one thing we can all agree on. And i don't mean mentally i mean deep in your bones we need help freaking out and it's it's no should be no wonder that you will join any club with the highest walls and the firmest doctrines and the brightest colors and the best uniforms and the biggest manifestos and smoke or smoke the weed or eat the pizza stay very busy so that you're distracted totally. Which is you. And i have noticed i've been doing. I think that's what almost everybody in. The pandemic is either noticing or they're not but they were doing it where it's like. Why am i so uncomfortable. When i don't have anything to do and it's it's because so often you're out running your out running your your own mind in your own uncomfortable feelings. That's right. i'm not anything. I'm making this birthday cake. Yeah we're just. I mean if you're if i do it this is such a a. It's it's like. Oh way of fight flight. Freeze this thon. This is a flight mechanism is just like staying over busy. So that your mind is like has something else to think about so that it's like well. I have to take do laundry. And i have to clean the kitchen and i have to finish this email and i have to do so that you're always thinking about the things that you have to be delayed social media's to to check my likes is there a comment is it's just like i can't be alone. Yeah and really bad line was like we should be more compassionate because so we drove to this place and i wasn't driving. I was driving invalid. Classified i was talking about you driving. I just couldn't and again very mild knocked to the left very mild. But i was so in my body. That's what i'm realizing was happening I felt hollow the same time. I felt so solid in in myself and when we got on the freeway and i just saw all the cars i was just so overwhelmed that like every one of them was manned by what i was saying. We don't know what they're going through as jokes yours like most of them are looking at their phones which is true and all sort of hurling on pavement at seventy miles an hour. That is noticed that like anytime you add to poor thing Kind of urgently press on the breaks my body. We're just not made for that. What i'm saying is everybody used see deserves your patients and your love and your compassion and your understanding and it's not just for modern life. It used to be like. I can't believe i have to run from this bob cat every fucking day and now it's like i can't believe we get on the one. I'm like jesus like every five seconds my body thinks it's going to die which it normally does but i just don't normally notice because it's normal and it's normal to go you don't even know register it as air and lots arguably what road rage is is. You know you're scared. So you fight your you get in your parents or your sorry. You're sympathetic nervous system. And then you're fight is like this fucking asshole cut me off like that's because you were scared because you were in danger you were in actual danger. That's that's really what it is is like. Everyone is scared. But and i don't even mean that in a bad way sort of mean it in the beautiful. I was just saying this to my Girlfriend's today i was like pete and i kind of had this realization yesterday like oh everyone is scared and i was like that sounds really sad but i found it really comfort unifem day all it really comforting to so i hope that that is received as solidarity even bring it back to like the most confident person is the most cared person because the highlight or the headline of the non specified drug. Experience was like. We're all so similar. We're all walking around in so much of the same stuff. Yeah it's a wonder that we've divided ourselves so much. Yeah and gotten so lost in thought analysis when really like our bodies are these incredibly similar fellow that are. You're having so many feelings that i think you've just muted as normal that when you have an experience or just tune in or meditate or just become aware and pay attention to what's going on in your body you're like that's why i was just like i. Of course everyone's doing everything they can but like everyone's carrying an unseen burden and you're right that that is what road rage rages. And that's and that's what that's twitter rages and it's just like but we've lost touch with the basic like it's fucking crazy being here. Yeah i was saying to vow like so many things are so obviously you sometimes unspecified Experiences can feel like therapy Because i was like when. I go to a sporting event or something last time. This happened seeing oprah speak But it was at a sporting l. My god and all the bathrooms had been turned into women's rooms because the oprah event and there was one men's room and it was like a twenty minute. Walk from where i was sitting and my brain just starts obsessing with something that i'll i'll do pretty often. It doesn't impact my life in an outward way like. I don't think most people would know that about me but i do a lot of p math. I'm like well. I'm at about fifteen percent. I think i have about an hour. Will i be able to get there. I don't want to be in the car i'm like. Where did this come from. And i asked my non-specified drag experience. Where did that come from. And it replayed just without any hesitation was well remember in third grade when you were on that field trip and you were in a boss highway and there was a kid who had to pee so bad. He was screaming crying and said it's going into my stomach real line and i've associated but it's going into my stomach is funny because it's kid lodger. There's something in my body and how cartoon of urine samples rising up over your head totally and then he's going to explode in a yellow splash so on that day. I told you because. I just had such clear access to memories. I was like i learned. I look did a teacher of mine and realized he was just some guy. Yeah and that means up until that point teachers were magical protectors. That certainly wouldn't let it get to a point where you're screaming crying and thinking you're p is going into your stomach and hey pete the unspecified dragging experience whispered to make you think that anything to do with it. Yeah it might have been second grade. I was a young kid and was like. Oh god yeah. I would say i'm going to pose this theory that that wasn't the unspecified drug experience. It was your body. You're what the unspecified drug experienced. Ed can replace call it the u. d. e. that you'd with the did was put you in your body. That's exactly right but this is what like ninety percent of my therapy is. My therapy sessions is like if i were to say like i had like real he panic. It was so strange and she'll go in her sweet beautiful voice so love my service do much but she she will be like can we. Let's just slow down in sensitive to that. And then i i just drop into my body and sit with the feeling and then it's almost like like a little projector turns on and then i'll have the memory of where that feeling originated so like your body's holding all of that. It has endless library of slides that you can really ask it just directly ask like what. What is this an a lotta times it'll show you. That's really what you'd showed me. But then i do think it's true all of the time if you just take a moment to go like why and where. And how am i having this feeling. It's in there. Yeah all of that stuff is in there. Yeah and it matters in the same way that like we interpret our dreams and that feels right on when i do it. Interpreting your past is like interpreting a dream. That really happened. But you're like hey when my mom asked my dad to redo the tile in their bathroom and instead of hiring professional he got a guy he knew to do it and then that guy did a bad job like it's weird. I think i feel like. I'm supposed to be ashamed of this. But that sort of bothered my reality. Because i was like wait. Mom wanted something and even in my child reasoning. I was like it seems pretty doable And now we have a bath mat over the badly done tile. That just sort of made me feel like the world was unsafe. Yeah yeah well. It's a lot of little things to that. Can add up to that like there was. You probably were beginning at that point to sense. The dynamic of your parents marriage maybe and so you knew it was loaded. It was loaded entitled. That's why plays with like symbols and symbolism. i remember. I probably said this before. Mr brown did this. Podcast talked about how the front steps of the house in death of a. salesman spoiler alert but the name is a spoiler were a symbol. That like he wouldn't fix them and he was like because that's how people are they won't fix them and the more i spent time in the strange and beautiful place. You call earth. I'm like holy shit. It's not just aren't are just shines a light on the fact that what you are inside comes out in symbols And you know we always when someone tells you they are believed in the first time which is my angelou but like you can even see it like you know when someone's car is so messy and they're coming to design your kitchen near just sort of like i don't know off my when someone's like. Is there anything that you could have seen that you would have known that. They were a con artist. Anyways we're interested in con artists. Like what were the signs looking at a dream. Come to think of it. He was always wearing scrubs. That said scrubs from the tv show. I should have seen the symbol. Yeah that's interesting. I that also made me think of Another realization that you had During a different unspecified drug experience where you're like art. Is somebody painting a tree and being like this is what i see. This is a tree. Do you see that was yes. But it's obviously even deeper experiences like i experience an inability to finish something or whatever. a salesman. I knew died. No there was a version of that in this dude which was everything is sharing. Yeah that's right back on stanton. I couldn't stop being like that's what it is if you're in pain you go. And you whatever's inside of you you go around in new. Share it yeah. And that's like a very oversimplified way of sort of explaining the universe if you have genera- like generosity if you have love you go around you share love. You have fear you go around and share fear but light. Human beings seem to be like trading in their interstates. Yeah i feel like on one level. I think both of these things are true. I feel like on one level. People are walking around going. Hey this is me. I'm dan issues example. I'm dan i lake baseball and raviolis and two am am in our day special in. Can you confirm that. This is who you see when when you see me and so there's like separateness like special individuality and we want each other to confirm that so that's happening on what level but i think on another level people are walking around being like this your experience because this is my experience and what we want to confirm is that we are the same thing right. I see this house. do you see with house. Yeah yeah absolutely. I have anxiety. What does it feel like when you have anxiety because is it the same thing because in also does your anxiety. Tell me tell you that you're the only one having that experience right like we're because we are afraid we want to know that we're not alone. You have that with your conch not constant but current struggle. I don't know how to say being sickly was like a ptsd episode. i think right about In reference to the trauma of my depressive episode right right and we sort of had the psychological equivalent of like if you go to the hospital and you realize that you have a condition that now they have a stint and they had this little plastic thing. They have a syringe. A single use blah blah. And it's amazing and they have a little camera and oh my god. I'm so glad. I live in this time. And you know in the eighteen. Hundreds they would've put a leash on me and sprayed me with you. Know pay blood which the leech by the way. Love's there's a psychological equivalent to that which is so many people have said with so many other people and said it feels like i'm alone like consider that we have the word de personalization. Enough people sat with other people who weren't feeling that bad feeling and they explain their bad feeling. They said i feel like i'm not in my life. I'm watching my life as if it's like reading a story and something is vague as the purple dark swirl of a feeling is reported and then shared with so many medical professionals take that they go you have. Ptsd and it will last. Probably this long and talking will help and we expect you to be better in this in this amount of time or even even if you don't have that because trauma it is like the the'real so even if you know like i've never had anybody tell me you can expect to be working on this for this amount of time because it's it's hard you can't even without that it is just what what jennifer my therapist told me when i was really in the like the deepest dark ness of it a couple weeks ago was i told her all of that. The basically the d. personnel the d. personalized feeling or the lake. I just feel like. I'm floating in dark best and i'm not sure if i exist but i'm terrified. I'm terrified of best this. Yeah this deep dark abyss. I'm not sure if i exist. I don't know but i'm terrified of this. Hey oh But you smell like piss down to battle rap. God gotta got. I'm learning so much. I didn't mean to wrap split anyway. She was like i didn't mean to method man. Splaine the could you go you go. I was explaining that feeling into my to me. In that moment it really felt like like who am. I even saying this to you. And who am i to say at unlike everything just felt so just so up in the air and untethered and she was like. I understand exactly what you're saying. She even kind of elaborated on it. And i was like yes. That's that's it she's like so you can be comprehended which means you exist and just that it's like it's like we all should be saying that to each other every day. If it's mentionable it's manageable. Yeah it's like i see you. This is On unspecified drug experienced during my bachelorette party with my closest girlfriends. My friend kristen started this and we just kept doing it to each other but she would just look like look you in the eye and go. Hey you i see you. Great job of being new and it was incredible. We were laughing so hard at like how good it felt like. That's all we need. That's all we're asking for so unspecified drag experience having just been an unspecified dragon. Experience state life really just seemed so simple and so universal. Yeah that it's funny. You and i have been having a lot of conversations of like depressed or enlightened like how the overlap is there And i just kept going like having some thoughts that might sound depressing but they weren't depressing. Yeah thoughts like if you view humanity on a microscopic level and think of each person has like a cell in a body we are just sells eating energy and of course in in especially in our consumer society. We envy success because what a success means success means you eat better energy like if you meet my friend. Jude appa town. You get a sense that he's eating more pork belly in more of a reduction saw on a warmer plate. Then you are. You could say the same thing about me. i'm pro. i don't eat meat. But you know what i mean. Maybe my and i even said to you. I was like it's all sort of bullshit again. That sounds depressed. I was like even my thing. It's just another one of the choices. Like i have my energy. Oh you're reminding me of of unspecified drug experience. Piff unie where i was like. You want the same things. The people that you look down here knows that want bec- you want not only do you want it. You want to act like you don't want it which is even worse than just wanting it to be the guy that's like. Oh no no no. I couldn't and then like there's a level of bullshit to that too Anyway so like when you meet a fancy you michael jordan. You're like how much energy energy is he eating. Yeah and really if you break it down. You're like what energy is that energy eating. Because he's he's just energy to well. That's what i'm saying. The what is he eating. Yeah i'm just saying isn't it funny that we're putting this energy on such a pet of staw because it's edm stool pedestal. Feted has never as they better stool before. And i loved it but that is still i. Didn't i don't think i've ever set of my heart. it was acuteness anyway. It's all under house. Yeah so the huge houses like a huge piece. The earth like look at the bite of energy his property takes and then somebody like that. Michael jordan probably five houses. Some look at all the energy looking over the look. All of this that that thing is affecting if that makes sense look at i. I can't really explain it. But then it made me start thinking about like no matter. How much money you have everybody's eating everybody's shitting everybody sleeping and everybody's watching tv and that's why i have. I'm trying to do a bit about that. That's why rich people have to be like magicians because they give you a glass of wine and while you're drinking it. They have to be like that wine. There's actually only two bottles of wine because it was made in a lab at three m because they thought they were making hosted noted he said but it turned out to be the most miraculous wine that tastes like blackberries. And just like. I don't care just like magician is like an you could have picked any hard and my pocket was on the jacket over there. The whole have to explain why things are incredible. He because really what we're fighting. We're all energy eating energy than what you said to me that i really loved was that's why creation of any kind feel so good because no matter what energy is a no matter what an energy is doing when that energy that energy was created. Yeah and then when that energy creates especially for no reason not to benefit not to make money but it just creates it is mirroring the process that made it and is doing something sort of therefore bigger than itself and more beauty form. Yeah and instead it's almost reversing the trend like instead of consuming. It is writing the opposite. That's why the only move is to be generous and loving with no reason because if a cell has an abundance of energy and it gives some of that energy to another cell Who cares especially if you can see the motivation while it's going to bond with that sal and they're going to do the like giving completely for no reason is sort of our only shot at escaping the endless cycle of just like my parents were there and they made us now. I go around and eat and shed. Yeah and for an sleep. And then i die. You know it's like generosity and creativity really do seem like an kindness. Yeah for no reason. Like oh my god. These like even the thought like being honest is valued amongst all human beings. The idea that taking what is inside of you and representing it truthfully outside of you every culture seems to have recognized this as a value like especially on an unspecified dragging experience enough to make you wanna cry. That people are like we agreed that this is fucking confusing enough that you don't also have to misrepresent your inner reality which i can't see which is the last and only remaining privacy. What are your thoughts. What are your feelings and when you lie about them every person it seems it's ever existed agrees. Hey man that's fucked up and that's beautiful. And that's what i'm saying like we want to share. We want to connect. Yeah it's important to us to be honest it's important to us it's valued and beautiful when we see generosity and kindness yet but at the end i mean we we lose all of that. It's even hard to talk about. It doesn't seem that interesting. I mean. I think it's very interesting and but it is interesting that you said like giving for no reason you don't mean like truism or like i feel like because we started talking about this last night to where it's like. That conversation was never very interesting to me. Whether you can give something completely for no reason. Meaning you don't get anything out of it like it's totally settled. I've always hated this. Yeah i hated it but when people are like. But i feel like who cares. You're giving somebody. Isn't it more beautiful. That you are benefiting. Strong that in that weird designed to help each other. Meaning if i give you a loaf bread. What does this aladdin can tell you more about when it got down If i give you a loaf of bread that that feels good to me because something inside of me is recognizing that we are connected if not the exact same thing so the peanut oh beautiful. You can't actually be kind. Because your kindness is social maneuver to stay in the pack and be fed unprotected. So it's all bullshit is like saying to you and me because we have leila guys just wanted to have sex. Yeah just because we received physical benefits by having sex and procreating doesn't mean that's why we did right. Yeah or worse you can say you just had the baby so you could feel good and reproduce and more of years or do you think she you only think she's cute because she is like you like isn't that beautiful lake. We yeah that we as people are recognizing ourselves in each other and that we are not feels good to us. It's mutually beneficial. Yeah i don't. I don't know what i mean. Yeah no everything you say. I just that that topic has always been. I guess i just wanted to clarify that. You weren't saying generosity for no reason. Meaning that bullshit. Kind of like i did see in my unspecified drug said i was like i was thinking about buddha because we went to this thing in malibu where you drive through tunnels of light and stuff. It's like a christmas thing. And i'll tell you on an unspecified drag it was. It was a lot if felt like being on a dragon. I wasn't on one. yeah. I'm glad we did it and it was interesting but there was a moment. Where like you're pulling through. Literally you went through an ad for bert kreischer new game show. Now is the trickiest fight. And he's on a rotating. He's on a carousel where. There's a cutout of bert kreischer. And then snoop dogg. And then there's like a big wheel like a monster truck parked that's emblazoned with the logo of the show. We sure it's here. It's his show the host. Yeah you know. I know that because there was a gigantic christmas gift with screens on every side showing clips at this show and look i understand. Please don't misunderstand me bert. If you for some reason heard this. I'm not like finger-wagging at him. I'm just saying when you're having a christmas experience. And when you're in this business and you see something that is just so clearly. The result of agents with bluetooth pieces saying synergy and organic product placement and captive audience and blending the association of christmas. And your show being a fun time like and people bidding for that one slot. Yeah of advertising in the middle of this christmas thing. The next part was the manger. Yeah after that it was just like a very non flashy modest small. Couldn't yes couldn't have been funnier the rotating and he had like gold shoes on and snoop dogg facility. They're rotating and then there's a monster truck and then you take a slight left like away in a manger and there's the whitest jesus i'm not listening that's an old issue but i'm just saying incredibly white manger seem i mean one of the wise men looked maybe italian and i'm just like this is not just on an unspecified drag but this is trophies and it's heavy and then we got stopped stopped in a little bit of traffic and there was buddha and seeing booth on an unspecified drug is very emotional And i'm looking at him. you know. Serene and golden and sort of meditating and right next to him was like literally some like new gwen. Stefani girl being chris. Not wanna get a big wish less literal black mirror. Japanese gameshow insanity in a tunnel of lights that was sponsored by an upcoming nitro. Coffee can and there's buddha. And i was it was but i was like. He's okay with it. Yeah like i'm bringing my resistance to it The keep that game sorry. I think those are nanny. I just wanna be clear. I don't think it would be holier better too. I don't think it's holy or good to walk through this experience holding your nose because frankly mine was with all that's going on in the world and all that's always been going on in the world all the pain and the loss and the deprivation the sadness and the isolation you can't handle the commercialization of christmas like so fuck me really but like fuck nobody really. Yeah it just is what it is. Yeah and it was. It was a it was a everyone. I'm so sorry. This made me think of the fact that i was giving our ticket to the gun owners. Who would have to leave right now. If they wanna make it so. And i haven't sent them. The ticket was probably. I was gonna tell them to go. Okay well i'm just gonna i just don't go watch birds new show anyway. Yeah but don't go. I'm sorry. I she do feel like i have to send go ahead okay. I can talk about stuff. I couldn't do it. I paused and i'm back. I couldn't do it. And i'm i deeply sorry for that. So what's going with you. sorry. I'm flare up over here now problem you. We didn't get really a chance to fully decompress about your unspecified drug experience to hear that was great I'm good. I feel really good today and it feels good to feel good. It's so funny. 'cause i am i'm really in this place where you know. I'm coming hot off the presses from having these pse episodes but that makes it sound away more severe than it was but it was also really hard and scary and That was another thing for my. Ptsd ma by unspecified was like. I know. I already sort of said this. We go through so much trouble to be like not to be a bother or not. I'm week yeah not my takeaway was like vow year stuff is your stuff. Yeah and everything is worthy man. We don't have to be like. I'm sorry to keep talking about this. It's like he had you'd i'm here to and for some reason i can't stop thinking about my dad giving away my ninja turtles when i was in eighth grade because your ship matters to you. Want your dream you had. Ptsd triggered from a a sexual abuse. And you say to me constantly. i'm sorry. I'm i'm still talking about this. It's a wonder we ever don't talk about it. Yeah thank you for that. That's a good reminder. It's it's really bid. So sorry that i'm laughing. The buffalo hurt. She aches the baffle. Oh i hated that hated. It never heard that an. I wish i could have gone throughout this one. Simple life without ever having she'll forget it I yeah so so anyway d Yes so it's just been the hard month basically interlaced with a lot of great moments. But i am. I really have learned in had to practice. Everything that i talk about on this podcast in my life of just like can i like having overwhelming or very intense feelings and being like just sit and be with this like can i. Can i just be with us and not let my mind kidnapped those feelings but also be compassionate towards my mind because i was getting so frustrated that my mind was just like oh my god. Is it happening or happening. Are we going to panic again. What's going on a rian just like shut up but but the practice has been like being compassionate like oh you're trying to protect me. It's it makes so much sense. It's just trying to organize things for me. And trying to be hyper vigilant and on the lookout because it got scared and it's it's protected or it has been so just lovingly like returning to my mind and holding my own head and going. Oh okay i'm okay. With that was another thing for my experience. Yesterday was how i just saw for the first time. How your brain is constantly trying. This is not going to sound as profound as a felt. your brain is constantly trying to determine do your values and intentions align with mine. That is like the question we constantly have. Are you with me or you against spe. Basically like you see animal. Think of like you see a bug ray. Romano has is great about seeing a bug in the bathroom and his wife wants him to kill it he goes. I don't know if there's an app the gift of flight but he doesn't know that is a joke about what our brains are doing. Which is like this person this situation. Are you aligned with me more not. Yeah yeah yeah i. I knew it wouldn't sound that profound but lying on this grass over there. I was like well. That's another way that your mind may be traced to protect you is it's like. Is this a friend or foe. That's right so you're having this over flaring we we said it's like you are a store and store was broken into and now you're just like announced supposedly comfortable in the store. Yeah and like what's crazy about that. Because i can kind of see on your face that you're like well that makes too much sense. It almost makes me uncomfortable is good there. If you looked at the time you've been in the store. That period was so negligible compared to the time you were in the store and everything was okay but the way we work is we're pattern recognizing machines. Something happened that wasn't aligned with our values and then we become obsessive rightfully. Perhaps your brain has an argument to make is what i'm saying sure obsess about it right. And that's me now. That's me at the oprah thing going. Will i be able to pay. Because there's a little boy from twenty five years ago that couldn't be when he needed to like what of these things are happening. None of them but our brains are going. Never forget yeah it needs updated software and your protector thinks that you are still the age that you are when that happens so of course. It's going to be hyper vigilant. It thinks that your child. It's like going to protect you child. That's why i love the work. I got a couple of instagram messages. One was from another embodiment dance teacher. That was really really grateful for your voice and sort of representing. What is i'm gonna say not addressed hin katie's work in bodyman And then oh shit. I forget what i was saying. You got to messages on was that oh and then one was. It doesn't matter what i was gonna say was about. The work specifically was what i love about it. Is you realize you go. I need to pee. Or i will. What yeah like. What do you think will happen. Catch your thoughts. Basically or i will start crying and it will go into my stomach. Yeah i mean. That's the irrational thing. And you're an unknown questioned. Thought is this thing is gonna come back Is it true I don't know yeah okay. How do you feel when you think thought this thing is coming back. I feel terrible how you feel without that thought. I'd feel liberated in great And then the turnaround. This thing is not gonna come back. That could be true. Yeah and this thing is coming back every time. This thing is going to come back. Because every time i do think about it. I'm bringing it back. Yeah i don't know if you remember but that was the that when we were we think one of the first podcast episodes. We were reading the ones that the our work. We were reading the worksheet that we were doing and that was it. I was like i'm gonna fall into deep depression or have a panic attack. That was the one i read and turnaround was like i am basically making myself do that And so i do think that's valuable. I do think it's valuable but for me. A better way of getting at it is just through compassion. And like its 'cause. I can argue that with my brain and i know that That katie mentioned that you have to kind of like maybe keep refreshing these things. But honestly just for practicality sake even like. I can't do that questioning. I mean those thoughts were coming up every twenty minutes. You could say is that true. I guess not. I could see that totally being helpful way of talking to your brain. So it's like. I was in constant communication with my brain and with my body and i could see the work being very helpful when talking to my brain but was also helpful and has been helpful is just a like i picture. My brain like brody barking at everybody. Who walks by being like thank you. You're trying to protect us. But but what's happening is every time you park. We get scare we startle. So you're doing the opposite. That's right But i can have compassion for you. Because that's your instinct. And i know that's your instinct in and thank you for trying to protect us and so it's just been helpful for me to go added at that angle because then it's all what you're giving your attention and your energy to so in that moment i'm giving my energy to pure fear and then i'm introducing compassion into it and it doesn't completely extinguish the fear but it's something else to focus on as opposed to more resistance And the other thing that's been helpful is like reassuring my mind and then immediately just dropping back down into my body and feeling the felt experience. And what i've found is when i can just feel the anxiety as it is in my body without my mind story. I don't mind the feeling it there's some case wherein like is this tiny almost feels kind of good because it's adrenaline. But like it's just the that's really where you get like the mind kidnaps the feeling which is just trying to move through. Your anxiety is unrequested excitement and adrenaline and like exhilaration is requested excitement and adrenaline. Yeah what i wanted. I didn't even mean to explain all of that. I what made me think of it is that i feel good and i said it feels good to feel good because what. I'm a little bit worried about. Is i really especially as a nine. But i think everybody has this. You know i have a story of like. I hate feeling bad and i only want to feel good and i'm like i really. Do you believe that that so much good comes from suffering and i can see how suffering is grace and i can see how even out of this experience which may not even be over. I mean i might feel anxious tonight again But i can see how this experience has made me more resilient and have more tools for the next time it happens all of the stuff but there is just like this very basic like simple part of my brain. That's like i don't wanna feel bad and like right now. I feel good today. I feel good. And i'm like there's like this voice. That's like see this his bed. You're right you're right to wanna feel good. Yeah that's so interesting. But i also recognize that i'm a whole universe and that's just one of the voices that's whispering and i can hold that voice and not fully believe it. You know you know. It's funny about my aunt. Specify drag experience was like i was like we are separate. I'll interest not not in the ultimate sense. But i was like it's. It's good to remember that you're playing a game or dancing a dance but in the meantime you're doing you're doing it. Yeah it's like when. I'm in a dream and i realize i'm dreaming. Usually i wake up but lets you because it's exciting but like if you're in the dream the dream keeps happening. It's only like it's only useful to a certain point to keep being like just a dream in less. It helps your situation. Yeah i like how. I was thinking about it when i was in this really fearful state whereas like the the phrase. There's nothing to fear but fear itself is like yeah and fierce terrifying. When you feel like it is happening to you they. You can't stop it and you know that there is nothing to specifically be afraid of except for that feeling of fear. You're like that's enough to be afraid of right. That's it's just reducing. What is actually what you're actually afraid of. I think. I think i you're saying i guess i'm just saying like nothing to fear but fear itself and i'm like yeah fear. Yeah no. that's that's like saying this is just a dream. Yeah but it's a dream of me being chased by a monster truck. Yeah and it's like if you go. This is just a dream. Therefore i can fly. That seems like an extreme example. But in this life if you go. We're all one. This is all just maya. This is a passing show. This is just a dance. This is just shadows on the wall in a cave. that's useful if it helps you go. I can fly in the equivalent of i can fly is. I can find my center. You can ask yourself beautiful questions. Like when i always go back to when i was driving league to la from ohio and it was just. I was just me and her and you just go like wait. Why does she have to be in. La like like. Why are you resisting. What is that's flying. You deserve except accepting what is is is the this dreams equivalent of flying. Yeah but also realizing it's a dream is going like it's all one is just to play helps you go like it's there's this great. Brian regan bit about weightlifter powerlifter. They're picking up huge huge weights and they're throwing them over like fifty foot brick walls and these like they're going like veins popping in their neck and he's like i'm watching it home. Nice cream like pretty sure. They don't have to be over there. That's a type of enlightenment. Is realizing europe powerlifter. Some referee said get these weights on the other side of the wall. And we'll grade. You like realizing your brian eating ice cream watching it going like they don't have to be over there. Yeah that's me going wait. I don't have any problem. I'm stuck in a thing. Where have a crying baby. And there's traffic and we might. She might appear self or whatever again. What of these things are happening. What if they do happen. What's the problem. And i don't even mean like i'm not dying. I mean like really everything is okay. I accept your story. Which is you throwing the weights over the wall. And they don't have to be over there. That's why we have the death bed fantasy. I've heard many stories people on their deathbeds just having that intense visceral in their bones experience the weights don't have to be on the other side of the wall so when they see their their whatever visit them and they're like i gotta go. I got a four o'clock like pretty should wait stone out to be on the other side of the wall like you are playing the stress game. Yes absolutely and you're fully been. You don't even know you are you're playing monopoly and you think that you own those built here you're going to live in that tiny little red house. Yes you're so much more so the degree to which waking up helps you in your separate experienced doubt is. I don't mean to sound so mathematical but that's the degree to which and a piffle is sort of not only useful to you but useful to anyone. Because that's that's the movie were watching. Yeah is like i know. Your awareness is my awareness but like yeah for right. Now minds overhearing. Yours is over there so valerie. I'm so sorry you're having this stress. I'm so sorry you're dealing with it and like to snuggle you on the couch and to talk to you right now. That's a better dream and if my compassion is used had something better to focus on more than my anxiety like a. We'll take good stuff however we can get it. That's true that's it. Yeah and i. I will tell you like now that i have some space from it and when i'm in a a more centered place remembering like this is a dream or You know remembering the one s and all of those like universal truths is helpful. But when i'm having a trauma response and my body thinks that we are in the gravest danger especially if it is like. I don't know if i exist to bring in like ethereal concepts like hugh don't or Or this is all a dream. That's like It's not helpful so just to your point. It is like yet in that moment. I need to buy into the separateness and be like valerie. Is this body and this body needs nurturing in this body needs very tangible responses and needs comfy couch in a way to blanket and and just nurture this body That that is mostly what i've learned with like the we talk often about the relative and absolute truth and how they need each other they work together right and so yeah i just really like oh never say to. Somebody going through trauma This is all a dream or right on. This is tell me what i'm going through trauma. Maybe i don't know i was going to you good. Yeah i got a question that i sort of liked. Actually i didn't like it. I found i wouldn't say i liked it. I found it sort of traveling. Not traveling i found it worthy of an answer okay. Travel troubling Is not the impulse Let me find it here. Did you just text me. I'm texting on a thread that you're on. This is lake when on a pitch and managers on the pitch and during the pitch. I see he replied to email. Okay here's the question. I found Now getting texts from this chain. Sorry boy just got a inappropriately overwhelmed. I guess disproportionately overwhelmed. I i don't know this person's real name but Sometimes when i'm doing the work byron katie on a believe it doesn't seem to work More tax yesterday. I was using the method on the belief. I'm unlovable and couldn't really get the turnaround to work. Because i couldn't think of evidence to support it. I know that's i guess it is traveling. I read this and i was like. I don't know who you are but it seems like you need to hear like. That's not true. Fundamentally lovable lovable is anybody. Say have you ever gotten stuck on a belief like that. I just want to say like let's talk a little bit about that. I am unlovable. Okay so really. Sometimes it's so helpful to take that belief on a little bit of a walk. I'm unlovable okay. So love people. Loving you is. An opinion is a feeling that others have. So when you say. I am unlovable and you. Can't you can't crack that nut. Well let's let's look at what your brain is doing a little bit more clearly. The real unquestioned. Belief of i'm unlovable or the the that the belief i'm unlovable is resting on hoping that you don't notice that the first belief is even more ludicrous. Is i know the inner feelings secret thoughts of everyone who knows me. I am the king interpreter of who does and does not love me. I am the authority. And i know clearly and without ambiguity does and who does not love me. Can you do the turnaround on that. I mean i'm not making fun of you to say this is what we we need to sort of be rough with our brains. I know who loves who doesn't love me. I know how people feel about me. That's ridiculous yeah. I mean any any person getting their hair pulled on on a playground. I know that's an old example. Please don't poll people's hair. I'm just saying like you don't know your parents who maybe think it's wrong. That you're gay might be emailing. You blinks to fucked up christian science websites that are saying it's it's it's a perversion and sickness. That could be them loving you in their own fucked up unlimited limited way. Even though to you it feels like the exact opposite. So that's that's one way added is like really ask yourself. What are the fundamental assumptions of the belief that you can't crack but also get creative with If you can't think of somebody that loves you. i am unlovable. Okay for me you you would think of people that have demonstrated love to you To me you can. If you really strike out there you can ask yourself where there have there been times when you loved yourself and are you someone you know what i mean. Like does that count. Yes including like feeding yourself or taking yourself for a hike or like it could be small examples. That don't necessarily seem like a self love but you've been caring for yourself you've been keeping yourself alive. You can start their absolutely and also oftentimes people who feel whose core negative belief is. I'm unlovable i am unworthy of love. Which is a very common core negative belief by the way you're not alone in that at all. We all have days all the time. Where you're just like. I am unlovable. It comes out in different ways. Yeah but like your inability to think of examples of your own. Love ability does not mean people whether or not they share it with. You are also incapable of seeing something lovable in you like. You are not the The the objective final answer on whether you're you're you're not the authority absolutely and often say that oftentimes people who have that core negative belief. I feel Think that oh well the people who love me. It's because they don't really know me or it's because like your mind can think of a million reasons. Why even if you think of somebody who loves you Like you can make excuses. Well they don't really know me or if that's just because they're really great person or i don't think that they You know would would love me if they knew x y and z or you just it might not be the. This person can't think of anybody who loves them in might be more like they. Just don't understand why someone would love them. Does that make sense like they think that they're so i think that This one might be like you split the atom of i am unlovable and get down to the root of the things that you are telling yourself are unlovable. That's right it's unlevel. Yeah it might be too broad of a statement. Yeah i am in love of wall. Because i am selfish or whatever can you think of so now. We're doing the turn. I am lovable because i am generous. Can you think of time your generous. I bet you cam. Yeah and. I don't think i'm worthy of love. And i'm saying this to show them that they are worthy of love and that they i think deep down know that they are somewhere. But i'm going to email the host of this podcast and ask for help. Why do you deserve help because you're lovable. That's right absolutely because i think you know and you're not saying by the way so you're lying. I'm saying i know that you feel that. But look at the subtle counter evidence of even just instagram messaging. Someone have you ever felt unlovable and couldn't find reasons for being level. And i'm saying yes and i'm just i'm trying to gently offer that the small act of asking for help was because i pray and i that you can get in touch with. There's a part of you deep down that let's not talk about likes everything about you. I'm talking about love. I'm talking about irrational the way that the universe holds you together whether or not. You're an asshole or saint. You are being supported by the gravity of this planet. Your heart is beating emma bum bum about. It doesn't check to see if you're worthy of it talking about that good stuff. I'm talking about that. God's gaze love yeah which is your yeah and something inside of you. I would argue knows that the belief. I'm unlovable is not true already. Otherwise it wouldn't have known that that is the statement to plug into the work debunk. And even when you couldn't necessarily get believe the turnaround that part of you. That advocate inside. That knows that this isn't true. Is like hey. Why don't you reach out and see if you can get more information because this really doesn't seem true that i am unlovable and that was also an incredible act of self love. There is an advocate in you saying. Hey this guy. This person doesn't feel lovable. That can't be right right right. And that's that's a wise. That's your wise healer. That's your true self yourself. Yeah so you're false self. The collection of memories and experiences and thoughts and analysis in this low moment. Can't find a reason to love basically itself so this sort of mosaic of stuff of brain staff looks in the mirror and goes well this. That's not you. yeah who you are. Is the thing impartially watching all of this drama unfold. Yeah that isn't just lovable. That is lovely. Yeah i wanna play. This has been the most paused episode. I made it paused okay. This is a bird talker. Yeah oh no you can play this one. yeah. I listen to this episode. But there's also there's an episode. I mean my god. I'm watching two inch tv. I know i love the song. But i'm trying to think of if it's the one that's like we're all like the lonely one anyway. This one will be great though. That's the that's called one okay. But this guy's literally looking for love. So i wanna play the yeah looking for love song because there's a line in it where it says Is love hiding inside of something something something. Sorry anti came out again. And we're trying. We're hiding from our baby okay. So we're just gonna play a little bit of this song It's bird talker. It's called looking for love. I think it answers this question pretty well so he says his love somewhere hiding inside of us or is loved. The air we breathe. They are. I just thought you'll hear it a pre. That's that part on so beautiful. It's such a great song. Somebody recommend this fan to on on instagram. Somebody message me and was like you should check out span. And it's why. I can't fully swear off instagram. It's really benefited me. I hope this person is listening because it like this band now the person who recommended this fan to you but that person because they recommend his fan. Oh yeah this band. I have been listening to them longer than i have but i just started in the last few days in their song. Be where you are. I've been listening to it every day. And it's just so i put on repeat in the morning so it's like more important even than like. Wow i really love this band. It's like it's like seems like divine that the messages are exactly what i need to hear. I heard there. Richard rohr heads. I wanna read the opening to Lines tube stanzas. I don't know to verse. I had oh now of of the. My brother can't seem even when i look in his eye my friend. She don't hear me when she thinks she's right. Which i'm like. That's i spent so much of my life being like a person that if you brought up certain subjects at just like put up the huge wall being like okay can wait feed it be done talking so i can tell you what someone else told me that i was young enough to accept as alternate truth and then i'll just kind of squash you with it. But she says she loves me at oh she loves french fries minded. So i'm a aren't we also save now inside each other's hearts i'd like that i just love how i overuse the word love and they're like but i love you like i. I'll make this point every time. I think to richie. Richardson makes us beautiful. Point where he's like. Everybody goes around claiming to love. Jesus or loving god and he's like try something smaller like you're jumping right to the ultimate unknown and being like i love it. Can you accept the rain. Can you accept a traffic jam. And you exempt except sunlight going through like an old window can put like you just jump. I love god. And i love french fries and i love you like a god because this guy writing me. Let's not forget that. Love isn't just a feeling or an opinion or a diagnosis or the summation of watching your behavior. And being like you're right you are worthy of love. You don't have to earn god's love or infinite love or the love of the universe however you want to phrase that you are made of it. It's what you are. Yeah and you've put up visit vail your past your projected future where you're only going to be worse than you've been and that is literally like reads in your lake. You can't see or feel the clearwater. You need to pull that shit out or other lake thing is. There's too much sediment kept up because there's too much activity. The brain is constantly replaying past failures. Replaying past embarrassed. Spend effortlessly churning. Back more and more evidence that you are a piece of shit and it won't stop and the only key to get the sediment out of the lakers to get the lake to be still and the sediment falls to the bottom and you can see the clearwater that you actually are. Yeah regardless of of those things that that happened back in the dream we call them a couple of things about that totally says that love is recognizing yourself in another the true meaning divine animating force. That is in me is in. You know you and you're the same so you have that Divine animating force. That is one with everything. What's not lovable about that also The stillness thing it does. Katie is always very specific. That this is a meditation so you so really. I would meditate before hand like ten minutes at least get your mind quiet and then ask the questions and just listen like wait for the answers to come up. What is doing the work all right. It's not xueliang the answers because your mind will just find a way to plug in. Its own story. This isn't really coming from your mind. This is coming from a much deeper. Place your answers are coming from ad like your body. Basically right and then the other thing was oh i know this seems like cheesy and wu but both of us have recently rediscovered the power of affirmations and especially in a case where you've been telling yourself the same story over and over and over there. I can't remember what they are. They are but we saw this hypnotherapist a few times. Who's greats in the morgan. And she said they're five ways that things get stuck in your get into your subconscious and one of them is repetition. So if you have been telling yourself for however many years i'm unlovable. I'm unlovable unlovable. Got a kind of towner. Act that with repeating the opposite so it's not even really about believing it right away. You won't believe it right away but you are. You are repeating it until there's a little bit. It's like cracking a a every day. In every way i'm getting more and more lovable. Yes yeah over and over and over and over while you're walking yeah. I am lovable. I am lovable. I am loved people. Love me there are people. Love me for good reason. People love me. Because i love you i. The other exercise that came to mind is looking in the mirror. And i know that sounds embarrassing. Maybe i i would say about me that i don't have a problem doing it. You look in your own eyes and you give yourself that live. You say i love you. Peter only my parents call me peter so you just talk yourself like a little kid. I love you peter. I'm proud of you for reaching out and asking for help. I'm proud of you for every day. Getting up and and feeding us and caring for us and brushing your teeth and trying. I love you for that effort to be better. And you say to yourself and it's fucking nuts. It's how these things. So i i've been having writer's block and my friend. Who's a very talented painter. Jeremy hartfield posted his morning. Meditation routine and it involves symposium which is which is breathing techniques. you can look prodi on youtube. That's interesting to you. And then he said and he's a rea- said he was like it's gotten a bad rap in the past couple of years and i know he's talking about it's become sort of like stuart smalley like i'm good enough. I'm people like me but like that was a stupid voice. Not a stereotype. Voice during an impression He does morning pages. And even though the tim ferriss this week and i talked about morning pages and i have been doing that week. It doesn't grab me. Because i don't have a problem getting in touch with my stream of consciousness. I understand like your whistle and and getting your fingers moving and taking a brain dump of getting some of your anxiety out of the way or whatever What i like is what jeremy taught me. Which is you do a page or if it's longhand three pages three small pages of Affirmations and you start with so it is just free associating but it's free associating a certain parameter and you start with imagine the charge going through you if you start with a phrase like this. I am channel for divine creativity and you start with that. I i'm proud to share what i read. I go like ideas. Come to me quickly and effortlessly. I inspire people with ice share. What inspires me. I am joyful. i am light. My brain is clear and easy to access for me. It is bright and spacious inside of me. And if i ever hit a wall just read it again. I am a channel for divine creativity. I am divine creativity in creating. I mirror the creator just the most if you want to say that's outlandish. No embarrassment i just. I close it without saving it when i'm done it's just for me and totally got rid of my writer's block. I love that it worked. I i have my right here do it. You don't have to read years on a podcast. Anybody who doesn't want to do this. But i think it's it's helpful and it's beautiful. I love that. It worked by the way i didn't mean to step on like arms lead on his beta was like this. Got me out of a couple months of just feeling like it should be joyful. Creating should be joyful. Yeah it should be like leela on the bed with their toys but it starts feeling like something. I have to do until i remember. It's not about getting paid and then eating some meal. It's about becoming like the creator. It's about collaborating with the creator. With as if inspiration was anything we even fuck and understood. Yeah if you magin nation was anything we even fucking understood so it's as nonsensical as standing up in a mall in just screaming. I love everybody. You can do it privately. At your computer you can just delve into the mystery of creation which we are we have been created. I'm not saying there was an old man with a beard. Molding us out clay. But here we are. We're the result of a process unfolding. Some of which we understand some of which we don't and when i so you don't even have to lie to yourself. It's true creating something is what happened to me. And i'm paying. I'm sharing that for ewing. Yeah yeah i've loved yours by okay. These are men. I am healing. I am getting better every day. I am able to let go of past experiences. I am able to let go of worries about the future. I trust myself to know the way through this with each breath. I began again. I feel great. I am better for having gone through the darkness. I can be with whatever arises and no. It's not me. I am spacious enough to hold it. All my mind can rest and trust. My mind knows when to help and win to rest my mind. Trust the body. I have good relationship with my mind and body. I am so grateful for difficult times. I am strong. I mean i can keep. There's a lot. I just realized but I don't think anybody was wishing there were less of those things. It was great. Yeah i cannot lose. Myself was one of the i cannot lose myself right i mean i i love puffing up all of this language like it is impossible for me to lose myself i was. I like laugh when i wrote. I'm like years so afraid you're gonna lose yourself. You can't lose your soul music in the moment. Yeah that's right and then you can always go back to these three statements which are The three things that that we need to believe when we're born. I mean when we're babies which is i exist. I am loved my needs are important. Those alone are great affirmations. I so this person. This was a great question. Yeah because i think we all have to deal with the question of unloved ability. And i know. We approached it from two areas areas. We started sort of from the psychological. Don't be absurd. You are worthy of interpersonal. Love ya and then we sort of went at it from higher out altitude and said you are love what you are. That's the relative and absolute so we went from to altitudes just in case it's a little contradictory but going back to the like i know we're all one but like who's parking ticket. Is this doing those pages in the morning and saying i am a lovable. Fuck human being as andy. Richter said on the show or i'm loved by people in amounts that i don't even i'm not even aware up or there's more love coming my way that i couldn't even dream these things make a difference and saying here the phrase i would use instead of a channel for divide creativity is i am a reflection of perfect infinite love. I have the potential of infinite perfect love. I am a channel for infinite perfect love. I give and radiate infinite perfect love. And i really feel like that and i love my life is a really good affirmation and he can tap it on your fingers as you're walking in four four time. I love my life. I love my life every day and every way. I'm getting more and more lovable every day. In every way. I'm getting better and better every day in every way i'm getting sharper and sharper better and better kinder and kinder morgan more compassionate more and more kind more and more creative more and more flowing more and more generous more and more beautiful shit man. Sometimes you just have to go back and look at yourself like a car. Be like a little One love yes so flow. Sure or a baby being like mu mu. This baby yet doesn't know yet that it's it's lovable. Going to speak to it. In the only language this baby understands. Which is nurturing love. I would recommend for this person. A great question that we so much came out of it. I would recommend to things In regards to the affirmations maybe doing the work but but breaking it down so so sitting with the reasons you think you are unlovable. Or what specifically you think is unlovable about you and doing the work for those things. And then doing the work. For the i m unlovable and then whatever. Those turnarounds are. Those are your affirmations. Yeah that's good and you say those affirmations to yourself at least once a day. Yes and i really want this part out before i forget the other putting that aside. So that's your assignment. But the other thing i wanted to say is if you can't access love for yourself right away. That makes so much sense at once again. You're undoing a very core negative belief here and it's just gonna take some time so just to speak to the part of you. That might think that you that means that. It's actually true that you're not lovable because you can't think of these examples it's not true. You're just undoing. A lifetime of believing matt so if you can't access love for yourself right away see if you can access compassion for the part of you. That believes that you're lovable. You can put your hand on your heart. Say oh you think you're unlovable. That's that must be so hard. That must not good. Don't try to prey the prey. It away pray the gay away yes. I don't mean that literally. I just mean like it's as absurd as trying to pray the gay away. Don't resist at let. Let it tell you what it's going to tell you what it seeing. It song of love ability was invited in pretty invited in for tea. And then give it compassion. The way that you would give our friend a give the feeling. I am unlovable the love that it feels. It doesn't deserve yeah. Their in the lazy man's guide to enlightenment. He talked about having bad. Lsd trips and seeing some horrible bass faced clown with knife hands and he was having a bad trap and he said what did you think it was that needed love like you thought it was pretty things that it was nice things dude. Everybody loves beautiful. People handing out money laying gorgeous music blake. It's the bass face clown with the knife. Hand that you say. Hey you see you doing a good job being you ask. That's who needs it and also if you if you go. What is it about me. That's lovable let's say and i don't have a job. I don't have a job. Who told you you needed to have a job. Who told you that you need to make money. And be a consumer. And that's a functioning. Richie was just talking about this on some of the tapes. They're call tapes. But it's on my phone richard. rohr talking. About how on oprah they had an episode about free loaders and he was like you can see how the the true religion of the west consumerism because the vitriol that this audience had for these people that live with their mothers and fathers or live with their aunt and the basement and they live on very little. And that's how they're able to do it. He was like you wouldn't see that level of ir for a sex predator the questions the condescension that full out tax. So it's like i am unlevel will even if it's something as basic as like i should have a job because i should be buying a new stove to keep the american economy going. Who gave you these beliefs. Yeah who told you that being a low carbon footprint person whatever it might be and i don't mean carbon. You're not even a workforce person whatever it is. Was it your father that told you if you don't produce you're not a man if you're not winning not man. You're not an american like try really hard to see where you inherited the the beliefs that make you feel ugly where they yours or did you get them. did they. show up in installments. Right you need to be like this says right. Is there a scenario where you can see yourself being value. Maybe the western modern world is the perfect time for your specific personality. Yeah maybe you're gonna need to do a little bit of Trial and error looking for the right community looking for the right people looking for the right situation looking for the right town. The state looking for the right sky the right climate. It might just take a little while i. I have family members that i see struggling. Because they're trying to. I in from what i can see someone trying to put a square peg around whole was like what's wrong with your round peg. I think you're doing that because we inherited mythology of you should be basically ridge vamos. Yeah yeah absolutely. I mean i definitely went through that with Valuing a strengths which are just so like you baths. Yeah just so not the western. I couldn't love you more thank you. I'm not good like that's when you came in and you're like of sorry. I interrupted you. That's okay just got really excited. You interrupted me to tell me that you can love me more. So that's not too bad. Finish just in general like the things that i am interested in are very feminine. Very emotional All about the body all about About lake flow and things that are invisible the strength that i offer to people are invisible. That's right there is not an audit. They don't trade on the nasdaq. There's no Christmas sale he. You're doing. That's why i had to explain you to other people my parents you have to say things like val is an emotional genius here. Let me put in a way. You can understand right. She's an entrepreneur of love and connection flow. And i know it's really hard to sell that. But i'll say as somebody who on my unspecified dragged. Experience was having a hard time with the idea. I know i've said this before that. Like with stand up for example. I like doing standup. And i withhold bat like a doctor at a party. That won't look at your mole because you didn't make an appointment. I withhold that until you give me money because you will so show-business and my team go. I know you like doing that but if you do it here at this time they'll give you all this money and i go okay like i. It makes me feel. I don't know why how we got here. I don't know how we got here. I know i sound like a real hippie right now but this guy plays the guitar. Stop playing the guitar. Joseph way do it on thursday and this guy will clean teeth until he has enough extra cash to come and watch you do the thing that you like to do. And i can hear the other voice because joseph means a house and he needs food and and instead of cleaning teeth or whatever it might be his practice thing songs i get it i get it. Yeah but i can still go like how did we get to a place where we're not just constantly and filter leslie sharing everything we have full. Trust that the ranchos. I hit you with will be returned to me even more so so we'll just all be fed. He has. Oh yeah that's was beautiful little foggy but in a great way. You don't think you're like wow. You're seems if you told me like i'm kind of manic right now. I believe it. I know i sound miller. I don't feel like sort of like who cares. I will say that was a big thing. I wanted to say was like at a certain point. Richie roar talks about your reservoir being like a metaphor one of the mantras that i use most frequently as lord have mercy meeting. Could something bigger than me. Help me clean out the water. That i am so entrenched him. I don't even recognize it as possibly. I don't even see the possibility of that. Water being something else Living water. I was just reading the story of the woman at the well. Don't ask me why. And jesus says like you can replace instead of going and drinking water what i can give you. As internal spring of water was like shit. When you've had some experience and when you've had some god experience yeah you know what that means it's like there's another great bird talker line. I'm tired of taking the more. I take the more i need and i'm just like that's it. That's the whole thing. Tired of taking the more. I take the more i need. And there's jesus two thousand years ago. I could throw in some words like supposedly if pleases us but like who cares there. It is i could give you a spring of living water meaning new water meaning not just the same lands making the same judgements and assumptions about everything. So nothing new can happen. Richie says if you change the lands you see the world if you change out the water if it's a spring even something old that you already knew can be new but if you don't even something new can't get through a new idea can't get through it's all about repenting and changing which is what repent means changing the way you see and getting some of that flow away. That's why lord have mercy is a great prayer for me. Can something get this moving. Because if i had my way i'll just. I'm just going to keep doing this. Yeah yeah i think real. 'cause i was just that's so beautiful and so true and i i think it is. It is like grace when it comes. But i also was like. Is there something practical. I mean there's lot of things but like something practical. We can offer in this moment to help get the new perspective or the flow and me. This has just been so important. It's like even using the imagery of like. I if i want flow i gotta open like can i just open to this moment. Exactly as it is and that will get you a new perspective. Because you're not doing that now. None of us are you know. We're constantly resisting the moment in some way. And that's where where the needing more and more comes from as you're resisting. We have right now. We are resisting fully accepting what you have right now and you are wanting more you're wanting to change the moment. Yeah that's that's what i wanted to talk about. You just reminded me was when i was wrong. It's always when i'm rocking lee. Because that's one of the dark for an hour alone awake thinking and not even trying to sleep just kind of being leila and it really was that feeling of like what are you get. I know we've made this point before. But i'll make it a million what's wrong. Yeah so we've mentioned that eker totally is like how many more sunsets t need to see. Like how many more. Some sitting there. And i'm like i hope she falls asleep. Why i'm gonna eat. And i'm gonna watch west wing. It's what you did last night. Where is that. Yeah where is that. Show me that it's gone. It's like lighting kleenex on fire gone. Yeah and here. I am robbing myself of this moment by wanting a moment diversity. Add that. I have experiential present experience that even when you have it when it's over it's gone so what does this say what's happening is the only thing that's happening. Yeah and what does that. Say the circumstance of your life is in the point of your life. What does that say. There's a bigger game. The circumstances of your life are here to bumper and nudge you into a breakthrough realization. That you're always home. It doesn't matter what what show is on the screen. You're the light shining through the projector and when you realize that traffic is funny. You're never lonely again. You're never bored again. This is where richie that's spring. You're never you. That's the fucking spray you go. This can't no one can give this to me. Yup no one can give this to me. Yeah i'm offering it to really just like hey. Hey i'm pointing it out in you like it already was in another way to say it would be. I can't give you anything. I used to hear those stories of zen monks. That would hold out there fest and say like in here is what you're looking for. And that withhold what was in their for seven years meditation and study. then open it as nothing. I used to hate stories like that now. Like right on. What could it be indoors outdoors hard soft dark light soft rough sweet sour. Yeah in l. up down look at video game design. There's cloud levels there's underwater levels even if we bring vr there's overwhelming floods of light and color and flying moving fast moving slow if like that can't be it. What's it is the thing that's noticing it. That is the only remaining privacy the only remaining mystery. And it's the point and then you go fuck. I don't have to be eating and watching west wing being hewitt the baby. Is it talking to you right now. Is it being in the car noticing that my body is tensing up every time you hit the brakes as it. What is the point in resisting. It i'm tired of taking the more. I take the more i need. Yeah it's perfect has really good. Hi fi real I think we should end. Whom regard fun. I just don't think we're going to top that How you i my first marriage. My friend john got married around the same time funds become fund and his mother. I'll never forget. It showed me a photo of him and his wife. They're still married actually Which is wonderful. Showed me a photo of him and his wife kissing dolphin and she just goes. Oh john took a kitchen dolphins how you get a top it to this woman. How oh and we have to tell her lab. So i read that night shyamalan book. I'm on an unspecified dragged. We're driving to malibu. And we passed the disney studio which is a big part of this m night shyamalan book which is called the man who had voices which i read a week and i couldn't recommend it more. Send like he's read it. He hasn't read a book in a week in a very launcher. No and you have been talking about in night a lot constantly and here i am in sort of like a sweet. Vulnerable child like state of an unspecified drug. I'm looking out the window. I'm panicking at cards not panicking but a wear of the space travel. That is highway navigation. And i see the disney studio. We're driving through burbank and see the disney studio ago. These nieve. that's really need lady. Water always light apart from a few sweet autistic children. No one has ever gone the disney studio. That's where they meet lady the border by the way. It's not where they pass on lady. In the water spoiler it was so genuine. It was so excited and they'd like took me by complete surprise you i left. So are you laugh so hard. I had to squeeze leila's foot behind me and tell her. I laughed so hard everything's okay. She wasn't crying or anything but it was so we were laughing. My most honest la because when you laughed at me. I realized how i must have sounded and that's That's a special kind of catharsis when you realize wait. I was being completely authentic. Yeah that's where i'm night. Shamlan had the meeting with nina. And she said. I don't get the script and you laughed in a way that just i felt so seen really was good. It was like as even as the laughter was happening. I was like imagining at shaking down like a really good energy. Like shaking down into my body and mike healing just was like it was truly healing laughter. So good. should we end with the poem. I don't really have one. Do you wanna read from a poem. There's a poem in just this. I'm going to concede that. I don't understand the i again. I have to say stanza this. I don't understand. So i might be getting my god so i might be reading it wrong with the wrong emphasis but the second one i know better. This is gerard manley hopkins. The poem is called as kingfisher's catch fire. Imagine the audacity of sitting down to write a poem called as kingfisher's catch fire we salute you. Each mortal does one thing and the same deals out that being indoors each one dwells selves goes itself myself. It speaks and spells. I can see reading over my shoulder to make sure i'm getting right now. I'm not. I'm only because i'm reading an. I'm not quite sure what it means. I think it's like we're all in here and we d allow the being indoors each one dwells. That's what that's what everyone does that we have in common. We deal out what i was saying. We share saying i. Should i read this today. Nine yesterday i was like all of life is sharing app so each mortal does one thing and the same deals out that being indoors each one dwells selves goes itself myself it speak. It speaks and spells crying. What i do is me for that. I came is there. Is it possible that it's like selves. Goes itself myself like myself. It speaks and spells it saying myself. This spills goes itself selves satellite. Say he said spells fucking shifts this selves goes itself myself. It speaks and spells crying. What i do is me for that. I came. That's how i think this part is more gettable. I say more the just man justices keeps grace that keeps all his going goings graces. Okay it's about to get more understandable acts in god's eyes what in god's eyes he is christ for christ plays in ten thousand places lovely in limbs and lovely in is not his to the father through the features of men's faces. I love that it's really. It's those last four lines so glad sharing that. of course. why is she favoring the backyard. So maybe because the people are working in the front yard. But it'd be more right. Okay i think we should end will say keep it crispy. I thought she played doctor. Have katie paper talk. I've is a say. I was gonna ask to play. Be where you are. That's what i was going to say. Yeah that one okay. So katie here at the end when we're gonna keep it crispy and then please play. This is bird talker from their only album one We're playing without permission so to make it up for them. Can you please promise to go on spotify and give the whole album. I listen and get them some some some some bread But i also just now. I'm just much. I bought the record too. Because i don't wanna be on an airplane without it credible. I bought the record as well and also their ep called just this. There's an ep called justice. i didn't know yeah well. I'm going to buy that too. So please support bird docker and they seem like the kind of sweet kind hearted people that wouldn't mind as playing the song so this is the song. Be the way you are okay from their album. Cumulus guys nobody loves you. We love you. We all more lovable than you. A my friend of you lost hold again. Do you feel like somebody is the view. Got five mine. Keeps you up at night. I watch you run round head Regard see iran. from your. how can i ask you please to stay can run till you nothing. Land still faced the a a Don't be afraid how field past off you cried added head in the after this moment there's a way Views goes You you've been used in all the noise to avoid meeting immense. You don't have to work so hard to stop and take breath be used. You saw us to anyway a

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