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"prince william board county supervisors" Discussed on WTOP

"Arrived on the scene they found four adults that had been killed apparently from gunshot wounds. Two of the adults were female and two of the adults were male. Chief newsham says police quickly took a man into custody as a person of interest and a weapon has been recovered. The police chief did not specify the relationship between the man and the victims. The shootings occurred in a neighborhood of single-family homes on Mansfield court off maple Dale avenue. Ridiculous news. WTO news time now two O 6. Can be 2022 continues on WTO P Tuesday morning new from the campaign on WTO P looks like the debate for Virginia's 7th congressional district is off this morning. We would have seen incumbent Virginia democratic representative Abigail spanberger squaring off against her Republican challenger. Yes Lee Vega, who is a member of the Prince William board county supervisors. Now the organizers say where this event is concerned, they work with the campaigns apparently for both candidates, but it ended in the end in an impasse over security concerns and disagreements over the proposed moderators for the event. The debate had been scheduled for October 21st. That will be TOP at two O 7 traffic and weather coming right up. Stay with us. Here's vintage surf. The vice president and chief Internet evangelist at Google on the discussion maximizing security and flexibility in the orbit of a cloud migration sponsored by Keras off. It's an easy thing to imagine the cloud is just a bigger hunk of stuff than what I've been using before. And the truth is that it's more than that because it has potentially access to a universe of information that wouldn't otherwise be available in the same sense that the World Wide Web is providing extraordinary amounts of information. So the idea that you're stepping into a computing environment, which is very different from a closed

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