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"prince hall mason building" Discussed on WSB-AM

"Not get all the bells and whistles of being a new member and I got the training but you know it was necessary to hit the ground running. So my responsibility. I feel that it makes sure I cannot alter her. Anything I'm doing for my body of work. Really falls into three categories. Legislation that I'm introduced, but I will introduce over this time. Legislation that I've sponsored with other members. And then last question, and I voted upon that still may have a life after this period. Whether it has a life expended doesn't support it or have the life because it still needs to be a ad on additional pizza. In any one of those categories or in other places that I being fit and or congresswoman in like you know where she'll spit. We can collaborate. You know, there's something personal she's working on and still linked to something I'm working on. We should Well, lift it up for the community and for our share constituents. That's really you know, I think the easy way to do it When I left the hall. I just left. You know the The book of stuff and mustache date, and they would help with mere and before that deadly stars, But she left. She kind of handed over the book that they're here. Go take it all. If you want to do this, you can. I'm not pressuring to do anything but Here's what I worked on here with undone and here's this and hears that and you just kind of handed off and keep it moving. We do have some of the casework that they passed on from comes from Lewis's of states, and we can kind of keep Support for people who need it. And then you know there's probably a couple more piece of legislation and while speaking very place, I'll tell you when I'm introduced The date of introduced one, which I'm calling the called the John Lewis pop and accurate recording. Oven like this act, Korea and people focuses on ensuring that when any state government or municipal government that receive federal funds that they are required to report They re election results before the date of the election. Instead of us having the long wait times, post election on absentee ballots and things like that. We'll see what kind of track in again and this time here, but I think it's very significant. In light of the race that we have in Jordan. A lot of what we've seen how the country is up in arms about the election results all over in various states. This would remove one area of disconnect. And then the other one that I'm introduces related to Returning citizens from the penal system or press from some form of incarceration, not being disenfranchised, and the focus is all in to ensure that they Not feel the practice of certain states that have prevented them from participating in voting in elections. So it's allowed returning to the city to actually vote as opposed to having to sit and wait. And there's a couple of other pieces of legislation in that justice reform. Based, I think voting voting and voting rights and justice reform to places that you know is that my Edna is what kind of Louis before? I think they're testament to You know who I am as a person, but also what with them. He imparted to me that I'm willing, I'm going to continue to kind of put on the table. Given that good trouble where, and then there's two other pieces that are on the table. Um, that or not let latest per se, but they are project that we worked on. One is the extension of the run of the King's story district to include the Prince Hall Masons building. Right on Auburn Avenue. It's one block from Evan User Church, and it's the place where Dr King worked. It's the place where my father worked with counsel Louis Ambassador Andrew Young. C T. Vivian. Well, the Reverend Lowery and many other Uh, Mr Abernathy. Everybody worked out of that office. And the building needs a beer story, and we need to restore the officer. People from all over the world can come and visit. Not only where Dr King was born not only where he worshiped him where he buried but also where he worked. He did the work. And the National Park Service is a partner in it. But the project is a $10 million project, and it has about a $2 million gap. I've been kind of shopping around in the very tight time window, very tight Budget period. A big round of it any support that we can get from my colleagues on that in your leadership? Hey, I just got here last weekend. I'm asked for $2 million. You know what I mean? But you know, it's not like I asked for two billion or 200 million, or even 20 million, Just a little bit, but sometimes in big government yesterday small you don't get it. So I'm a master of that. And then there's another project, which is Just up the street near Dr King's Birth home, which is a project that was on the honor. Congressman Lewis called the John Lewis Institute. And it would be an interpretive center that would tell the story of a portion of his life, especially his upbringing, so it could be inspiration of the young people in many generations to come as well. And like control pup from the National Park Service left at 10 15 years ago, But because Congressman Lewis was alive, you can't do anything for a city like the official. It had to be shelved the plastic. That was always the plan for those great buildings. Behind Dr King's birth home. So those are two projects that I've placed on the table. I shared them with senior leadership and hopefully we can see some kind of movement. And if it doesn't move here, just there on the table. And I will hand them off to run away. And then lastly, I know that, you.

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