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"prince curtis" Discussed on 77WABC Radio

"And transparent investigation will also be. There was also that the medic amendment that they would show the entire world the results of their investigation. They also indicated they would get this done quickly. I don't know the precise time line, but they indicated that they understood the importance of getting that done in a timely. Rapid fashion. So that they could begin to answer important questions. All right. So you report it to the world that both the king of Saudi Arabia and his son who's running the country of said we had nothing to do with the president who is taking a mid mid position. Neither for nor against said this about the investigation Turkey and Saudi Arabia looking at it, very strongly. And it depends whether or not the king or the crown prince knew about it in my opinion, number one what happened, but whether or not they knew about it if they knew about it that would be bad. So good cop Pompeii, oh bad cop was the new newfound friend of Donald Trump. Lindsey Graham who came out swinging and winging more than any other democrat that you would have expected as he said he wants to take down the house of fraud the Saudis over this. I can never do business with Saudi Arabia again until we get this behind this. And what does that mean? That means I'm not going back to Saudi Arabia's longest this guy's in charge. So you're selling the crown prince has to leave this up to them. But I'm not going to I've been their biggest defender on the floor of the United States Senate. This guy is a wrecking ball. He had this got murdered in a consulate in Turkey into expect. I feel used and abused. I was on the floor. Every time defending Saudi Arabia because there's a good ally. There's a difference between your country an individual NBS figure is to me toxic. He can never be a world leader on the world stage. NBS is the that's the Thirty-three-year-old prince Curtis kudos to Lindsey Graham. Who's been obviously, very outspoken was outspoken and cavenaugh is outspoken here and the. News too is at this. High ranking officer who was involved in this interrogation, gone bad is what sort of is being kind of put out there. Apparently was inner circle and close to the crown prince to 'em Bs, and if they can point that this guy, first of all, I don't believe anything happens in the Saudi consulate without an attachment to the government. But this is outrageous. The president made a major mistake by drawing judge cavenaugh into this discussion claiming hey, just like with judge cavenaugh. What are we finding the Saudis guilty until innocent? No in this case, Mr President, both you have to Shep rate the Saudi clearly are guilty. The coming up with all kinds of concocted excuses as to what happened with an interrogation gone bag Curtis Cole feathers floating out there floating out different explanations. If floating dismembered them by accident, give me a break out to their lobbyists here in America. This Shane you do know because Shoghi was friends of Osama bin Laden, very, very deep friendship will Shama bin Laden and other Islam terrorists. And he was chief spokesperson in many instances for the Muslim Brotherhood in Saudi Arabia. So they're trying to taint him that way at doesn't seem to be he's king. So the problem is the Saudis when all is said and done. Ladies and gentlemen, have said whatever mind your own business. This is an internal matter if you tally eight against us for what you claim we did we are going to retaliate against you. And once again, I'm telling you know, what that is. They hold the world by the cool Leonis because they control the flow of oil the price of oil. If the pump more the price goes down, if they pump the price goes up Russia would be happy if they pump less Iran would be happy. Venezuela would be happy because he be getting more for the oil pumped up from the surface. So there are other countries with cheering them on. Yeah. That's right pump last so that we can get more. Well, and you got to wonder a little bit about Turkey. And I'll tell you my first reaction. I I listen they're supposedly audio out there. And if that is true, and if that comes out Curtis status absolutely damning that apparently on his little apple phone because he knew he was going in his apple watch that he may have. Recorded what happened to him? And if that ever comes out, can you imagine just how horrific and horrible because he suspected knowing that he had been critical of the Saudi government and about audio comes out. I think that that's it's it's game over that would just be horrible. But I do wonder the intend to bit of the Turks trying to now look like the peacemakers of the world with one who is certainly had problems in his own country whacked out his own journalists. Anyone who says anything negative about on can suddenly disappear? Poof, right. Like, he's the bud. The arbiter of protecting journalists such a Joe we deal with countries. Like this all the time. Whether it's China, whether it's Russia, whether it's Turkey, whether in this case Saudi Arabia, I ask everyone out there. If they turn off the spigots you talking a dollar or more increase at the pump that you will feel right away. And he could continue to go up and remember the Saudis have the fiscal wherewithal to not pump petrol petroleum products out of the ground..

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