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"prince andrew thing epstein" Discussed on Truth and Lies: Jeffrey Epstein

Truth and Lies: Jeffrey Epstein

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"prince andrew thing epstein" Discussed on Truth and Lies: Jeffrey Epstein

"When Glenn Maxwell arrived in New York City in one thousand nine hundred ninety one she was twenty nine years old and sunk in with grief from losing her father but soon she'd be introduced to a man who would help fill the void of her father's passing Jeffrey Epstein she said the epsteins Epstein saved her? When our father died she was a wreck inconsolable? Jeffrey took her in and she's never forgotten that and never will we can get a glimpse into how their relationship ship started through a personal history that was provided by epsteins attorneys to federal prosecutors. While he was later under investigation in Florida it says AP Stein met Glenn Maxwell through mutual friends. It's quite clear who introduced to who how they how they met. I would imagine it was probably through so the mixing in sort of like the kind of cycle. She mixes in epsteins attorneys wrote that he met Glenn Maxwell during a dark time in her life and with her reputation and financial security on shaky ground. I don't think it's a jump to say that you know. She probably was very distraught. I mean losing anyone's dad you know is is a is a horrible thing to happen an under those circumstances as well I mean I think she was obviously very close to him and I get the feeling that she sort opportunity as well so I think it was not just is the fact that there was someone that safer with Epstein I think is she she saw she saw potential. She saw someone. Who could you know help her? An established her in America. I actually liked to straight away She was charming Very funny very witty as a wicked sense of humor and Just she was very personable. She was just a eccentric English Woman very affected by what had happened with her father. Certainly this is conceded. Sarnoff off a journalist and advocate. Who would later? Write a series of articles about Jeffrey Epstein for the daily Beast. She also write the book traffic king in in two thousand fifteen about Jeffrey Epstein's abuse and as it turns out in the Nineteen Ninety S. She also knew Glenn Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein seen as they ran in some of the same circles I actually saw them together for the first time in Palm Beach at one of the New Year's Eve theme parties that I attended and and it was then that I found out through our mutual friend that she was dating him. It's not clear when but at some point Epstein osteen and Glenn Maxwell would form a romantic relationship. When I spoke with her that evening she said Oh? I'm living with Jeffrey. And I. I was surprised according to Concerto. They seem to be a strange pair. Never thought she would like upstate. I mean I just never even even imagine them together. She was raised by a very stern father Robert Maxwell he raised her. I think from what she told me. You know to you to marry a Prince and as we know Epstein was far from a prince epsteins attorneys wrote to prosecutors that he and Maxwell Maxwell split up in two thousand but even after their break-up the two would remain very close the land I think had broken up with Epstein Because I am I know Glenn had mentioned to me when I saw her with him I I said Oh. Are you getting married and Shea said to me I hope so so. I think she always always wanted to marry obscene. And then of course it didn't work out but one point Epstein described and Glenn as his His best friend she seems to go from love. Uh to companion to Lady of the House and while things didn't work out romantically. It appears their relationship provided other reasons reasons to stay close. Glenn knows who she is but perhaps she has a weakness in her weaknesses says her need to live a certain lifestyle to have a certain standard of life. Whether romantic or not Glenn Maxwell's relationship with Epstein would seem to provide her benefits in the wake of her father's death. She'd found a man who just like Robert Maxwell enjoyed the trappings of of extravagant wealth and was on his way to obtaining it. And you know to have the kind of lifestyle that she wants. You need a jet at least want you need a yacht the size of her father's yacht the lady Glenn which they had to sell when he passed and you need a couple of other toys voice to go along with that and so since. She has not made the money herself. She needs someone to give her this lifestyle. Well Epstein happened to fit the bill in late Nineteen ninety-one as Epstein and Maxwell were becoming close. He was already living living large. He was working for billionaire Les Wexner. He recently purchased his home in Palm Beach. He had his own private jet and he'd soon be moving. Moving into that former Iranian government. Townhouse on sixty ninth street. An as we know his financial growth would only accelerate in the coming years years. She told me that her father ran all of these newspapers and that she was very much used to someone with jeffries money and temperament because she said my father had this money and had the temperament and I know how to manage it. You'll remember artists. Maria farmer who says she met Jeffrey Epstein and Glenn Maxwell in New York City in one thousand nine hundred five she recalls speaking with Maxwell about her relationship with Epstein so she explained that she got from him The luxury of travel and she said she really couldn't live poor because of the way she'd grown up. This lifestyle was being financed for her and in in all of the different homes. They had her sweets and her room and she even on the plane her dog. Max Had Louis Vitton in carrier that was permanently part of that airplane and she just in Florida. She had her own sweet there I believe her relationship with Epstein was purely transactional. He was giving her a finances she needed. And the lifestyle Glenn Got Financial Security and General Security for have been with the rich powerful man but Epstein also benefited from his relationship with Maxwell he got her contacts and her social skills news and access to people like Prince Andrew Thing Epstein was a someone had refined tastes before he mcallen. I think won't Gillan. gave him was an on entry into a very different life. As Epstein climbed the economic and social ladders. He seemed to benefit from having a friend. Who'd spent her whole life running in elite circles if she probably educated him in a number of things? I think how to live like like like a billionaire. Essentially when you talk talk about sort of contract I think in terms of his tastes is dress is his social connections. I think a lot of that came from gallon. Um uh-huh what she got. An exchange was another strong man in her life. You she could. She could look up to and respect Glenn Maxwell had the upbringing and refinement hangman than Epstein longed-for. She was very fancy. She was very personable very well educated. She speaks multiple languages and the social connections and he pined for. You're talking about the kind of weld elite The sort of devil set of you know thinks in kids politicians royalty the real like top set of people The kinds of people the regular folk. Don't get to see every day she was. They were her friends. In the connections were crazy. She has social entree to many of the world's most powerful and richest families families in fact she had attended Chelsea Clinton's wedding. She was front and center at that. Wedding was Glenn. WHO's ROLODEX was so important to epsteen steen? She knew everyone thanks to her father. So Glenn had access to the world's richest and most powerful epsteins contacts flourished in the nineteen ninety s in Nineteen ninety-two Epstein can be seen in an unearthed NBC. Video partying being alongside Donald Trump at mar-a-lago guests. A London Financier Jeffrey Epstein. You can't hear what's being said but it. One point trump leans in and says something to Epstein than has him roll forward in laughter. and standing right behind trump Glenn Maxwell L. can be spotted and in Nineteen ninety-three records published in the daily Beast Show Epstein and Glenn Maxwell were on the attendee list for a White House donors reception during the Clinton administration and will explore epsteins connection to President Clinton in later episodes. But perhaps the most notable direct connection that Epstein would gain through Glenn. Maxwell was his friendship to a buddy from her college days is Prince Andrew. Andrew told the BBC's Newsnight last year that he met Epstein in nineteen ninety nine. Well I I met through his girlfriend back in nine thousand nine hundred nine who. I've known her since she university in the UK it would be to some extent a stretch to say that that where.

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