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"prime minister magdalena andersson" Discussed on WBUR

"Between the left and right blocks here in Sweden have been neck and neck over the past few weeks. So we can't say anything for sure until all of the results come in, whether it is the left or the right block that ends up getting the mandate. Well, the next government is not in for an easy ride. There's the whole global political situation, the ongoing war in Ukraine, rising inflation and energy prices going up. None of those issues are going anywhere. And as Sweden heads into a long, unusually cold winter, we can see them perhaps even coming into a sharper focus in the coming months. Four days after the death of Queen Elizabeth, King Charles and the queen consort will travel on Monday to Westminster hall, the oldest building in Britain's parliament, both chambers will meet and express their condolences and King Charles will give a reply as our political editor Chris mason. Westminster hall is the latest staging post in the choreography of constitutional ritual around 900 MPs and members of the House of lords are expected. They'll witness the processions a trumpet fanfare, the national anthem and the speakers of both houses of parliament, Lindsay hoyle and lord mcfaul, addressing and offering condolences to the king and the queen consort. They'll also pledge loyalty to the new sovereign King Charles will then fly to Edinburgh to join the procession of the late queen's coffin. World news from the BBC. Campaigners in Jamaica say they are increasingly confident that the death of Queen Elizabeth marks the end of an era and the island will soon become a republic, will grant reports. Later this week, a condolence book for Queen Elizabeth will be open to the public in Kingston, and many of those who met her on one of her several visits to the island are expected to sign. However, a growing number of jamaicans see her death as marking the end of an era for the island too. Recent polls suggest more than half of the population supports becoming a republic. Earlier this year, Prince William visited the island for the queen's platinum jubilee, and was told by the country's prime minister Andrew holness that Jamaica was moving on as a country. The African Union has welcomed an announcement by tigrayan rebels in northern Ethiopia that they're willing to take part in peace negotiations. The head of the AU commission, Musa fake Muhammad, said it was a unique opportunity to end the conflict and urge the rebels and the government in Addis Ababa to implement an immediate ceasefire, fighting resumed in August after several months of calm. Mexico has extradited to the United States and alleged drugs kingpin, Juan Francisco sias, thought to have been the second in command of one of the country's main cartels before his arrest in 2011, while with the Tijuana cartel, CS is alleged to have trafficked drugs to the U.S. and ordered the killing of two people. He's wanted by a U.S. federal court in North Dakota for narcotics and other crimes, including conspiracy to commit homicide. The Spanish teenager Carlos alcaraz says he's hungry for more success after winning his first Grand Slam tennis tournament at the U.S. open. At 19, he's the youngest first time winner since his compatriot Rafael Nadal in 2005, an alcaraz will become the youngest world number one in today's new rankings. He said he wanted to stay at the top for a long time before admitted he had a long way to go, but we could match Nadal. BBC News. This is Chris barrow with the newsroom, 200 days into the Russian invasion Ukraine appears to be on the front foot. The Ukrainian military claims to have retaken 3000 km² of territory in its counteroffensive this month. The largest gains have come in the northeast around har cave with Russia withdrawing from the important supply hubs of izu, but overnight parts of eastern Ukraine have suffered power shortages and blackouts. Footage from Hakeem shows flames soaring into the night sky as emergency workers tackle ablaze. The Ukrainian president volodymyr zelensky has laid the blame firmly at Russia's door, accusing Moscow of attacking civilian infrastructure to try to deprive people of heat and light. Russia denies targeting civilians. The BBC's Victoria Zhou an is in Ukraine. We are getting more and more reports from different regions of Ukraine that they are having power problems and we've had quite intense shelling. So the local authorities in kharkiv and sumer obelisk say that they are already working on fixing their problems with electricity, but currently we've heard about difficulties with electricity also in poltava and Zappos regions. Those are located in the center and also Donetsk region in the east. Valerie marchenko is the mayor of issu, one of the towns which has been recaptured by Ukraine's forces during their offensive in the kharkiv region, he told us about the situation in the city. The city has been very much destroyed since March when the occupiers bombed the area from the skies and shelled the city. Many residential block buildings were hit along with infrastructure. In most areas, there is no electricity, no water, no gas and no communication. There is a very bad situation with the city's heating system because of the bombing. We don't know if we'll be able to provide heating for the city at all. Almost 70% of apartment blocks have been destroyed. Some are in very bad shape. Others just have no roofs, no doors, no windows. Most residents have said they will return, even if there is nothing there, because they love their hometown and they want to come back and play a part in rebuilding it. There are plans to rebuild. Foreign partners have promised to help us as well as the central government. So I believe we will do something before the winter comes. But we won't be able to restore a 100% of the heating system. So just how significant then are the Ukrainian gains in light of this latest action by Russia, our senior international correspondents all are gearing is in haq. It's certainly the most significant moment since Russian forces had to pull back from around the capital Kyiv and the spring, after that in more recent months, we've had a pattern of the Russians making slow attritional gains and the Ukrainians making losses. Well, that has now been turned on its head dramatically and rapidly. The Ukrainians have made key strategic advances they say they have recaptured more than a thousand kilometers. Now, president zelensky says he believes a turning point will come this winter and that after that Ukraine will be rapidly freed, he's also said the more weapons Ukraine gets the faster that will happen, but we have to understand that Russia will hit back. In fact, it already is. Here in the city of harkey, much of the city is without power and water. Now the mayor says there have been a series of strikes on infrastructure targets. He's blaming the Russians saying that this is revenge cynical revenge, she says, for the army's recent successes in battle and we heard what sounded like two more missiles strikes ourselves. So there have been gains on the Ukrainian side, but the key question is, can Ukraine keep the momentum can not hold the gains that it has made? Oligarch in Sweden exit polls indicate an extremely tight race between center left parties and the right wing block in the general election. The prime minister magdalena Andersson said the count was too close to call just yet, but she was sure her social Democrats had done well. Now Swedish democracy must take its course, all votes must be counted, and we will wait for a result. In the meantime, let's think we had a good election. We received a good result, and we had a fantastic campaign thank you. However, the main center right politician of Christopher says he's ready to build a new government. I've been speaking to our correspondent in stark came Maddie savage who's been following the results as they come in. Neck and neck down to the wire and on a knife edge, that's how things looked before the poles closing. Then we had the

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