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Twitter goes after Donald Trump for not reciting Apostles' Creed or singing hymns at Bush funeral

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02:54 min | 5 years ago

Twitter goes after Donald Trump for not reciting Apostles' Creed or singing hymns at Bush funeral

"Okay. So here's the leftist media. Yes. And what they're concerned about is Trump isn't a Christian. So you're saying that's can you imagine being in that newsroom. Running down the hall, Jimmy. We'll just use Jimmy Olsen for whatever. Running down the hall. Sure, I've got the story what Trump's not Christian like. Jimmy. It's two thousand eighteen you just now figuring that out. He didn't say the apostles creed. It didn't say the street, but he's he's not Christian like he's portraying himself as as a Christian in order to get the Christian support. So you're saying you're saying we shouldn't believe Trump. Well, I I don't think that the definition of a Christian is whether you say the apostles creed, I know, no, no, it is not in a in a church service. Outside of your church. Right. So I think we'll just try to make that clear right now. I don't know. As a Catholic and the apostles creed is set in every Catholic mass. I don't know if you reject Christianity or Catholicism, if you don't say it every time, even if you're in your own church. I've never been told that that is a rejection of Christianity. I've never read where that is an outright sending you would be passed out. Am I lost my head and not speak it while it's being said in a in a in a in a mass, right? Do I have to verbal? I this is this is the that's just so stupid. They believe they're reaching for anything hoping that people. Hook onto it. Well, that's it. Now, that's he didn't walk across. And then he didn't actually mouth. Now, the interesting thing is if he was mouthing didn't sane it Nate accused him of lip synching. Yeah. See bouncing. It wasn't really saying. Which means he didn't mean it what if he'd set it. Oh, I just think he said it. But he doesn't really mean it. I just saw that one. Now. It's just ridiculous. It really is. All right. I wanna play this audio cut here. This is from the funeral mass yesterday. Former Canadian Prime Minister, Brian Mulroney in part of his eulogy for George Herbert Walker Bush, and I thought it would do this just because you know, we go back to governor Cuomo saying that America's never been great isn't great won't be great never has been great, whatever. And that's an area that you hear from the left on a consistent basis. So let's see what the former Canadian Prime Minister, thanks about the United States of

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