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"president walser" Discussed on WGN Radio

"The passenger cabin is said to be sealed to fend off a chemical attack while special foam with surround the fuel tank in case of impact because extensively traffic equipment, according to Reuters Karkin, holy seven people as wide range of medical supplies on board including NBC news suggests a fridge full of the president's blood. Bbc report. They're saying that they learn from NBC news, that the presidential car that he writes in the beast has a refrigerator, which has the president's blood in. It makes sense something happened yet right away. His own blood. Sure, when the president's on the move, you know, about it other vehicles in the cavalcade include a parade of police outriders secret service back vehicles, counter assault and hazardous attack, teams and armored SUV communications vehicle known as roadrunner medics and the press corps. President Walser bring a fleet of helicopters with them to the UK among them will be Marine One, which like Air Force One isn't a specific aircraft. But instead refers to any US Marine Corps aircraft carrying the president over Marine, One usually refers to win the presidents large Sikorsky VH, three D C kings, or the newer smaller VH, sixty and white hawks. The specially adapted helicopters are known as white tops because of their livery and are fitted with communications equipment, and missile defenses and hardened holes as. As a security measure, Marine, One often flies in a group of identical, helicopters, acting as decoys. It is also usually company by two or three auspey MVP, twenty two escort aircraft referred to as tops these tilt rotor aircraft carry support staff special forces and secret service agents, who are tasked with dealing with any midflight emergency, the Aspreys capable of vertical landings and high speed flight were heard circling around London during President Trump's last visits canes when eighteen wait. He's already been there. England. Yeah, yeah, he's been there. He was there a year year about a year ago or so it was not an official state visit putting. Because he there was some gaffes with the Queen and what he. That's right. That's right. That's right. Staffer also transferred around C, H Forty-six Sea Knight, helicopters. British forces are also be part of the operation. Let me see if there's anything else interesting, but they had some pictures here in the story that we're pretty cool. Well, it show the inside of the cargo aircraft with all the cars and vehicles, and helicopters. And there. It's just it's just really cool, very expensive to bring the president anywhere. But Princeton, every, I know officials from every country that tramples, especially on official business like that. What do you mean every official from every, I think I don't think any other country does it like this? But anything about North Korea? Remember, he couldn't even get his own plan. What are you talking to? He doesn't want the plane. He took the train and his car was on the train will sure that's okay. People put cars on ferries every, then he's got like fifty guys who run alongside the car because it can't ours. He's got other cars. He literally for him to fight other countries. Other countries have to send a plane he's North Korea. Yes. Remember the story was they didn't have a plane that could get him South Korea. And for one of those summit, somebody else, flew over to pick him up because they don't have a plane that can do it. They don't have that stuff. And know Russia, probably that Putin travel, sort of like this. But I bet a lot of countries don't have this, this amount of insanity surrounding. You know, their leaders don't give me something to do doesn't travel like this, because who's going to attack the guy from camp. Exactly. Well, that's what I'm saying. All right. Then there might be a few countries, I'll amend it. I, I bet only Putin. I don't know. Maybe maybe China, France, China, probably, yeah. Yes. Probably change your countries. I would love to see though like next time. We have a summit here in the Chinese leader comes over. I would love to hear like hear this story about that. What do they bring? What do they do? Well, all right. So, so let me rephrase it then the leaders of countries who have nuclear capabilities. Have that's interesting dish Noel security along these lines in order to protect. Anyone from stealing the codes or killing the leader or taking over the government or because of because of the nuclear codes. I yeah. I think it's just because he's the leader of the biggest country in the world. And everybody's out to get us. And I mean, because Trump same thing, prisoner Obama or President Bush's or or anybody, you know that how many countries biggest thing we'd ever want to avoid is a foreign attack on our leader understood, but I'm also thinking, what other countries have had their leaders assassinated over the last hundred years. How many countries have had their leaders assess over the last one hundred years? That's a great question. But internally, or by foreign power, you mean. Just a fascinating, not killed in war. Not killed from war. But, but assassinate, somebody comes up and kills them while the last time it happened here would be Kennedy. Right. But there was an attempt a reported attempt on senior Bush by Saddam Hussein. Correct. There wasn't an actual template. There was a plot that they found out found out about the plot. Sure. There's, there's been somebody's been. Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin, right? Was naked. I believe, so. I can't think of any recently, I imagined are smaller countries. But about with with nuclear capabilities. I don't know. I can't imagine there has I don't think anyone except America. India. I believe India, there was an assassination. The I think one of the Ghandi's I think Indira Gandhi, I think. Wish you notice fascinated I don't know if yes, she was leader. I believe see now I gotta do homework. But seriously. No, I'm I'm serious about this. Why you're saying that these other countries do not go to these links, and I'm trying to make the connection of why do they not? What other countries not right to other countries, not go to the lengths that America does protect the because of the countries don't have the resources, maybe. But then, again, sources do the other countries have those countries that have nuclear capabilities. What do they do to protect their leaders, when they go on state visits? Well, I'm sure that they entrust somewhat the local when people come to America, do you think that we allow them a lot of leeway on having their own people with their own guns, who, although there was something who crews who security guard was at the Turkish security detail was attacking protesters outside of DC? There was a big hullabaloo, about that year or two ago. I don't remember them. But I wonder you know, when other countries leaders come here. How much leeway do we have their own people protecting them? Well, it's a state official. Visit I while they've got the there's the, the name of the building, but it's the building where foreign dignitaries. Stay, it's the official residents. Okay. So that's protected that is, you know, secret service, FBI knew whoever okay? But that's that's protected by secret service, FBI. If you were the Chinese leader, would you trust that, you know what I mean? No. Stan sure England would throw the whole country to protect President Bush, President Trump. I'm sure the Royal Navy whoever all the beefeaters you want would protect him. But we wouldn't say okay that's cool. That'll do it. We're sending planes full of our own people in and cars. I'm sure they have great cars are the like no. We got a we got here, you could just right in our cars, but we're like no. We've got these cars were bringing these cars. You know what I mean? I understand. But I wonder when other countries come here. I'm sure what are they offering them? Whatever protection they want. But they still I think they might still bring some of their own stuff. Maybe not on the scale. Plus, again, I go back to I'm trying to make the connection of why why would there be these protocols in place by the American government for the presidency? And I'm thinking, well, because we've had presidents who have been assassinated. Well everybody's had. Well, see that's why that question. I mean further countries had it or not. L nuclear capability. Do they about that? I think you have a lion line of succession. I mean, if something did happen to any of our leaders, we know well to easily where things go. We do have that. But why, why take the chance of having that happen? And that's why you have. Other people don't have the resources. I guess, I think there's only, you know, the two or three enquiring minds, want to know, I guess, that's your homework for they'll have to wait to find out. Won't they? All right. Let's take quick break. We're gonna say Hello to well, a couple of these text real quick. So he went five says the North Korean leader is too paranoid. Defy I don't know if that is true. I thought was about their planes because I swear they brought a plane before seven three forces, Anwar Sadat was the SAS naked watching a parade in Egypt in the early eighties. Benazir bhutto. Okay. Maybe that's when I was thinking of. Seven eight says, remember the president of the US is leader of a country of world currency that has to dry extra attention worldwide, terrestrial. Six three zero rights. Do you remember that when President Obama flew anywhere with family that a separate plane just for their dog? No, I don't remember that because I guarantee you. That's not true. Six three zero says my wife said, what are you doing? I'm listening to Matt, w Jenny's nuts. I love it. My says he's a sick pervert, I know it's great. What that was about the peeping Tom earlier, seven, eighths, by the way, super entertaining, eight hundred eighty percent of the people would have done the same in only forty percent would have been gentlemen, like you were so no shame. This is why when number one real people being real people. Now there I'm confused guys. What happened? So real quick. There were girls that came back from a night on the town. They're talking and Gavin. We're just having a fun rear window moment where we're trying to envision what was going on is the one girl, very animatedly was telling the other girls story, what happened that night and then she took her top off. Well, that's what happened. You didn't put it in the proper context. They were all getting ready to go to sleep. She took her top off. I'm just saying it's what happened eventually getting. Nobody else did that. That's why thought we were okay? The other girls just laying in bed. Throw pills, one was bad changing. Everybody's like just, it's just sleeping like this. It's fine. The other goes, Nope. Here we go. She forgot her pajamas. The other ones didn't change the pajamas nine oh, said, it's four o'clock. It's fine. Just go to sleep. Then she said, no. And then we all turned away in shame. Okay. We're going to take a cleansing breath again. Couple commercials say good morning. I hate to say hopefully he's just logging on right now. Seven twenty WGN. It's the Memorial Day weekend special on.

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