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"president vice president congress senate" Discussed on Two Broads Talking Politics

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"president vice president congress senate" Discussed on Two Broads Talking Politics

"Am on today with one of my favorite northwestern graduates Which is saying a lot because I know a lot of northwestern graduates Amanda Lippman. I Amanda so I am thrilled to have you back on the podcast. It's been quite a while since you were last on. I think maybe two full years. Hopefully everyone who listens to this knows a little bit about Run for something which you co founded But just in case there's anyone out there that has slipped through without learning about it. You just talk a little bit about run for something and and why it started and what you do. Something was born the Ashes of the twenty sixteen campaign. I worked for Hillary for two years and for a couple of campaign before that We launched on inauguration. Day thinking we'd be a really small operation. Our goal was to recruit and support at that point but a hundred young people who wanted to run for local office and the first week about a thousand people signed up with us and say about forty eight thousand maybe close to forty nine thousand young people who raise their hands on they want to run for office for the first time. So what we have done in those a program that recruits people to run so asking folks to put their names on the ballot and then helping them through that happened Of the four nine thousand we have endorsed about nine hundred fifty And then the first three years three hundred and five of them have one. Our winters are about fifty five percent. Women Forty eight percent people will call our eighteen percent. Ozeki Q. There in forty five states and their teachers and nurses and MOMS and artists and veterans and scientists. And they're after anything. It's really amazing to watch them win govern and then deliver things. They campaigned on for people. So that's the very very lovely there. Tell me how you to find young people which I believe. Is everyone younger than me? So our focus is really people under the age of forty but for anyone who who's not In that demographics we will still support you. You just might not be eligible for our endorsements. Don't a lot of resources available for folks. Outside of that age group we focus our efforts and really ensuring that young people who are dramatically underrepresented in leadership. Have a chance. Get their names on the ballots. I'm forty one and a half so I just barely missed and then tell me about Y You focus on down ballot races. What what now ballot means and why? That's where you're focuses. Yes so for US. We look at every nonfederal so you know federal or things like the President Vice President Congress Senate And then there statewide offices so governors governors attorney generals. We look at everything below that so down ballot meaning literally lower on your ballot state legislatures the State House State Senate or whatever calling your state City Council School Board Library Board University Board. Waterboard coroner district trustee e Really everything that makes the building blocks of government For us there's a couple of reasons. We focused on it one. It's where most young people get their start in politics. It is extremely rare for a twenty something or even thirty something to run for Congress and win To that's a little of government that most people actually directly interact with and feel the impact from you know things like voting rights and women's rights make their own healthcare division Traffic and infrastructure of criminal justice reform. All that comes from state government and some even comes from city government and then I guess the third or fourth whatever number. I'm on reasons. Is that the Republicans are really invested their time in their money because they understand the impact. They understand that you win Power by controlling the levers of power so for example Gerrymandering done in state capital. They legislatures Republicans invested hundreds of millions of dollars over the last really thirty years to win those offices specifically because they know their ideas are not more popular So they have to read the rules in order to win We have a chance to right that wrong. After the census during redistricting process in twenty twenty one but that requires winning state legislators now similarly if we wanna stop these horrific things like abortion bans or heartbeat bills or these aggressive voter suppression laws. That starts electing people to be in the room at operate them. I know you've had some incredible stories and I hope everyone will go and follow your twitter feed because it's fantastic and uplifting but he tells you know maybe one or two of those stories of candidates that you've supported who've been elected and then have been able to make real change in their communities in twenty seven gene in probably a month or so after lunch. We started working with a young one in Jennifer carefully African American woman. She's a former foster mom. She's a judge. She graduated from Virginia Military Institute and she was running and it's tough primary. After Virginia House of delegates she won that primary by fourteen votes A couple of weeks after having given birth to twins who are a little premiums in the hospital. She spent the entire summer knocking doors every day and then visited her kids in the mic night She flipped as the original. The delegates red to blue and it was really a long shot raise And of course to help expand Medicaid more than four hundred thousand Virginians. She didn't lead the fight. Her out by the equal rights in that meant she won her seat. Twenty nineteen She I'm sure a writer and Star in the Virginia Democrat Party And she's amazing absolutely amazing and any person who got the chance to meet her or see her speak comes away with being like that woman is a rock star but in her first election. She was entirely counted out. So I think about her. All the time The second one I would point to would be Allesandro Biaggi so here in New York. I don't know how folks are familiar with the New York State Senate situation but pirates when Eighteen Wall Democrats technically had power a caucus called the independent democratic commission or Independent Democratic Caucus. Id that was Democrats Caucus with Republicans They wanted to do so to give the Republican majority. They were able to get a lot confessions out of it. There were six members of the caucus and we had folks crime airing all of them because they're Democrats primary them Allesandro Primary King of it the King of the Caucus Jeff Klein She's GonNa be only candidates for whom when we endorsed her. I got calls from angry. New Yorkers being like why are you primarily in Jeff Levine was a warrior who used to work for Cuomo She's a victim of child sexual assault. She is a fighter to her core. She was outspent. I think it was like read a one. Six to one. Something like that She won her seat. Things in those my part is but also to an incredible constellation of grassroots groups here in New York and then made sure that she doesn't good with that majority so for example holding the first ever hearing on sexual assault and harassment in Albany. She has helped push for law about the statue of limitations. On child sexual abuse cases. She helped codify Roe v Wade in the New York. State Constitution Washing her deliver and really stand up for progressive values and already has been awesome. I love those stories. I just got chills while you were talking this. This is what people need to be focused on. You know it's really Uplifting it's fun because you get to see wins you focus on congressional races or the White House. And it's just it's slow and it's supposed to be slow. You don't get a lot of victories because Mitch. Mcconnell is garbage but when you start thinking more locally you get those people who actually deliver and then live and walk and breezed through. The revolt does elections. Which makes it way more fun and meaningful so we are recording this on the day after Super Tuesday and a piece that you and your co founder Ross had in buzzfeed. The other days seems especially apt for a number of people to be hearing or reading right now. So it's called. Here's what to do if you hate the Democratic nominee their ways to beat trump this November. That don't require pretending to like the person running against him which is brilliant. So talk me through. What should people be doing? What should they be focusing on? Let's say they're not super jazzed about what happened on Super Tuesday but they WANNA make sure we defeat trump. What's the strategy. Well her. I want to be really clear. You use your vote for the Democratic nominee when it comes to November you know and it's been fun to see how many people really don't read the article just funds. Nivo no I I agree you should go especially if you are in a battleground state. Where the marginal be closed on an even if you're not even if you don't like the nominee Hubris on security to think about people decide yourself especially if you're a person with any kind of privilege you know you have to be Alex. The most vulnerable US fat being sad for a lot of folks especially people who spent the last three or four years or longer knocking doors and making calls and getting involved in the campaign. They look at the two really two or three remaining candidates at this point and do not want to go into a Bernie Sanders or Joe Biden field. Office don't want an outdoors on their behalf. Don't WanNa give them their money. I understand and can relate And I think that's why it's important to know that there are other ways you can help. The trump aside doing that for us is really thinking about going vocal And local can mean a Senate race in a place like Alabama or made or Montana or North Carolina the critical Senate races or we need to win in order to take back the Senate But basically we've been an hour's drive of nearly every zip code in America you can find a democrat. Who Need Your help? You can turn your money towards them. You know what we would suggest. Take them money. You would set aside to help. Eat TRUMP IF. You're the kind of planner like I am. Or however you know about your financial planning give half bitten. Local candidate give the other organization. It's going to be around for a while. There will be elections after this year and groups that do that work is just run for something really any organization that does long-term organizing with communities of color or young people. Need your money and need a long haul So it's fifty fifty get half miracle. Kinda group like that with your time. Go not doors. On behalf of a local candidate it will mean more. The doors you knock for city council scoreboard tended. We'll still hope the Democratic nominee. But you're going to be advocating for someone them. Most people don't even know where on the ballot and without your door knocking. They're not gonNA finish complete their valley. You know down. Ballot drop off is a really big problem like upwards of forty percent or people. Don't finish their ballots. They don't vote the whole ticket so your door. Nothing will help. Make a difference and move your attention.

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