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"president trump ekman" Discussed on 710 WOR

"Back on track. Sixty three percent of voters in the national survey said they're against President Trump Ekman the government shutdown until border wall funding is approved. But just thirty three percent support his strategy. Wisconsin police say the man accused of holding thirteen year old Jamie class hostage for eight days chose her after seeing her exodus school bus today. Authorities shared harrowing details and clauses kidnapping and the murder of her. Parents suspect Jake Paterson appeared in court for the first time and will remain behind bars. Possible penalties which include life imprisonment and find that substantial cash bail is necessary to ensure. Defendant's appearance in court. I will set bail at five million dollars in the complaint. Gruesome detail was finally released in involved. Patterson said that Patterson went to the home October fifth first fatally shot Jamie's father in the head. May Jamie's mother duct tape. Jamie's mouth and bind her arms and feet before. He fatally shot the mother he then dragged Jamie to the trunk and then over the next three months. He held her at his home making your stay under the bed, which was blocked with storage bins and waits a Manhattan. Nanny who stuffed a wipe into the mouth of an infant. She was carrying four has been sentenced to fifteen years behind bars. Marianne Benjamin Williams had argued that the eight month old young sister had done it. But the jury found her guilty of stuffing the wipe down his throat because she argue with parents that she should be paid more the boy survived the incident and is doing well. And today marks the tenth anniversary of the miracle on the Hudson plain water landing in New York City. Well, it was January fifteenth two thousand nine at captain Chesley. Sully sullen burger helped guide US Airways flight fifteen. Forty nine into the Hudson river after a flock of Kice disabled the engines moments after takeoff from LaGuardia Airport in sports Mel Stottlemyre. The former ace who later won five World Series rings is the longtime pitching coach for both in New York. Mets and Yankees has died. He was seventy seven the jets today introduce their new head coach Adam gates to the media.

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