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"president michael beschloss" Discussed on The Beat with Ari Melber

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"president michael beschloss" Discussed on The Beat with Ari Melber

"The program let me tell folks what's coming up. This is special coverage. We have a breakout of trump's legal strategy with the ultimate supreme court litigator. neil cacho. Also we're going to show you what's actually emerging today. Something we didn't know days ago. What's historic about. Joe biden's current edge in the total votes in america and new sourcing trump world discussing an angry and despondent president. Michael beschloss heather. Mcghee join us live. I'm very excited to hear their perspective right after this break. Welcome back welcome back. I remember with our special coverage right. Now we've been counting the vote in these six states. But i want to turn to something we haven't gotten to yet. Did you know that. Joe biden has now secured the highest total vote in american history. If you count it up. It's seventy four million votes and growing donald trump's roughly sixty nine point nine million that would be of course as well the second highest total vote. Ever think about it this way. Take a look at the popular. Vote percentages that presidential election winners have gotten in every cycle since nineteen ninety two. This is pretty important. Because i'm gonna you through a clinton beat an incumbent. President bush just forty three percent of course three way. Race with perot in two thousand george w. bush came in with just under forty eight percent. That was less than gore. Got but he won the electoral college. And you get up to away which we were just discussing with cornell belcher you had obama's super high number there fifty three percent of the boat and in sixteen donald trump was backed down to just forty six percent also last and hillary clinton the total vote but won the electoral college. So i want to show you this context and take a look at this reveal. Joe biden right now with fifty point five percent of the popular vote. Why does that matter well for one thing. It's one of the highest. We've ever seen a candidate get in this. Modern era of the last thirty years against an incumbent and it suggests a strong mandate from here for context. I want to bring in michael beschloss. Nbc news presidential historian.

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