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"predatory journal journal" Discussed on Nature Podcast

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"predatory journal journal" Discussed on Nature Podcast

"Because of what what many people assume our our legal threats he he's not saying it's interesting that existed in the first place as you say because of all the threats you'd think he would be party to an indeed i think he had he was threatened with a one billion dollar lawsuits at one point right mona will we the authors sent out emails to everybody who had accepted dr fraud and among the replies that they got was an email saying that from somebody who who had a lawyers name but came from age a nonprofessional email address saying that that law firm was responsible for getting bills list taken down because he had been sued for a billion dollars but at any we actually know why bills nest was taken down yeah i think that still yet that still up for discussion i think the others know of official word that i'm aware of has the popularity in the prevalence of open access journals kind of enabled these other predatory generals to exist because after let's the model isn't it the oath pays to have the submission published get the fact the author is paying is what allows these predatory journals journals to exist so you have the open access model where nobody pays to read an article instead the author pays usually to have it have it published a different so you're in in some cases let's thoughts another issue here which we should be considering that this is live in a lot of cases this may be public money that's being spent music government research grants government funded researches that money is taxpayers money is going to these completely junk journals and we expect scientists to.

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