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"prague bratislava" Discussed on PRI's The World

"Muslim identity in this Guy Indian. Protesters are fighting back as coming up on the world. I'm Marco Werman this is the world we're a CO OH production of the BBC World Service. WBZ'S BOSTON NPR X.. Today was another day of protests in India police in the capital Delhi fired in the air to push back doc an angry crowd of thousands. They're protesting a controversial new citizenship and immigration law from the government of Prime Minister Narendra Modi civil rights groups as well as has the United Nations. Say The law discriminates against Muslims who make up fourteen percent of India's population protesters fear that Modi's pro-hindu policies threaten India's very nature as a secular inclusive democracy journalist and author run A. You will be protesting again tomorrow in Mumbai the home of Bollywood. You have plus nineties from the Indian film industry who are speaking out for the I. Try not the Indian film industry actors have not really known to be political. They didn't make any controversial statement and it will go against the government of the day but they also have this time decided to come out on the streets to protest which is interesting because I saw the other day that there were some some Muslim students in Delhi who were upset that Muslim Bollywood Stars were not speaking out but they are. Now that's why this was unexpected and very heartening to see understands shoulder to shoulder with fellow Muslims the BJP the ruling party has a stated goal of Hindutva. What is the right so the balance ideological body of the beach is Russia Swayamsevak Song which drives a lot of pets inspiration from Nazi Germany? The other says believes in Kim supremacy. It believes that after the partition of India if Pakistan was created for Muslims than Muslims should be treated as second class citizens and the concept of secularism should be removed from the constitution. So ever since this government has come to power it has been taking decisions to appease the hindu-majority and citizenship essential amendment. Bill is is like everybody's been calling it at a distraction from the economic failures. It does not. It is basically a project of Moody's Fascism so that I do too is basically a country which will be for Hindus. Hindu will have been allowed the first take two older sources in the country. The government in Delhi says it remains committed committed to the democratic ideals of India and that that law is intended to help minorities in neighboring countries. What makes you skeptical? Well if if the government of the day is indeed concerned about the prosecutor minorities in neighboring countries. Wiser that only Muslims have been singled out to not be given citizenship. I mean command Mars also. Neighboring country was going. Your community and the Indian government has called Winky as a security threat to the to the idea of India so Hindutva Vaa the Kashmir status being revoked earlier this year citizenship and immigration law that discriminates against Muslims for you as a Muslim in India. Rana were you afraid of right now. It feels like a nightmare to be Muslim in India because every day every day since Mr Moody has empowered in two thousand fourteen protein is an attack on the Muslim identity in this country. Where when Mr Modi's not indulging in a dog whistle? He's giving speeches that conflict Indian Indian Muslims with Pakistani. It is a humiliating experience to be a Muslim in India. Right now it is intimidating. Many of us are privileged. Muslims who you know who hav glover sources to leave the country tomorrow if if one way to guesstimate but eighty percent of the Indian Muslim population lives pillow poverty line and they have been living in fear. We had eighty percents rise in hate crimes against Muslims moving twenty fourteen to twenty nineteen where Muslims who unleashed on suspicion of eating beef Muslims Lynch on suspicion of marrying a Hindu girl so every day there is an attack on religious identity. So it's become difficult to to live as a Muslim as self respecting Muslim. In Democracy Ellison story in the multi has controver it. has this been a constant tension in your life in India run. I mean did you have like Hindu friends in school. Yes of course I mean I was theresa's up in a in a very cosmic order society but very early on in life. When I was about nine years old Bombay rides took place and me and my family? He had to leave overnight because writers that are House. One of the biggest anti-muslim riots in the country so start to ninety two very early age in my life I I was going to decide entity as much as I did. Not Want to So you became very very of various stood as Muslim in the country and the beaches and the right-wing have been fueling this anti-muslim Nelson the partition of the country. In Ninety seven so we had to be still have some of of my closest friends are non Muslims but every day in your life you you see discrimination because of your sunny so as a Muslim personally personally and as a journalist I have seen the discrimination from close quarters but despite that me and many like many Muslims like me police are fade into and the secular democracy. Many non-muslim has come forward to protect us in the times when you need them stated time like this. I mean when the countries protesting you see there are many non. Muslims could out in the streets to protect the interest of fellow Muslims in the country. And that's very heartening because despite the hate that the leadership has been trying to spread in the country there are still some saint. Louis journalist and author run a UBE speaking with us from Mumbai Mumbai. Thank you very much. Thank you so much in central Europe. The mayors are fed up the mayors of Budapest Prague Bratislava's and Warsaw the capitals capitals of Hungary the Czech Republic Slovakia and Poland signed what they're calling a pack of Free Cities Sedan. Zip is the mayor of Prague Declaration flirtation that be sure to come values like democracy freedom rule AFL tolerance and openness and this is also connected to the fact that we all get our freedom and democracy back in the year nineteen eighty nine. Prague Mayor says the pact is a way to tighten historic doric and geographic bonds. Hip says the four mayors are trying to solve problems facing many cities around the globe. Climate Change Social Stratification caring for an aging aging population and a crisis in affordable housing. And he's not confident that the populist governments at the national level have the solutions we have to be were of the fact that there are many challenges nowadays in the city so for example the housing crisis and the problem. Is that if we will not not solve these problems issues. There is always a risk that some populist will came with some very simple and very wrong solution into.

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