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"prac  kavanagh" Discussed on The Last Word with Lawrence O'Donnell

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"prac kavanagh" Discussed on The Last Word with Lawrence O'Donnell

"And so really the process should be that this should go back to the FBI the way it has gone in every other judicial nomination. Every other US attorney nomination every other nomination to the Justice tournament. That's come through this committee. Probably going back to the time of Senator James Eastland the nineteen sixties where there are matters. Of this importance. Then there's a process of referring this back to the FBI to fully investigate interview any witnesses that might be relevant. Take that information, put it into the f. b. i. file and present that back to the Senate. That's what a full and fair and thorough investigation would involve. It wouldn't involve the sort of kangaroo court that Senator Grassley is trying to construct this Thursday outsourcing. Even the questioning to an outside lawyer. Others more that's been outsources nomination that I can remember in history. They outsource the choosing of it to the federal society. They apparently have outsourced on the communications to Grassley staffer who is working with a firm that's been working with the judicial crisis network to run ads from mysterious special interests backing cavenaugh. Now they want to outsource the questioning of of this hearing to another outsider, everything's been outsourced and Ruth Marcus. We now see why the Republicans were in such a rush last week they knew and anybody who's worked in the Senate knows that every day something doesn't get done is day. That's probably worse. Forgetting it done. You now have the Deborah Ramirez accusation, and you now have Senator Susan Collins saying, we should hear from Deborah Ramirez. I thought it was very significant that Senator Collins, I know John holliman made this point earlier. She really wants to vote for Brad Kavanagh. It's been clear from the start that she understood that she wanted to credit prac- Kavanagh's assertion that he sees Roe v Wade as settled law as an absolute, take it to the Bank. You don't have to worry about this judge Ben just to be Justice, overturning Roe v, Wade. She is well disposed toward Brad Kavanagh. So for her to say earlier, she said she thought we needed to hear from Dr Ford. Now she says, she wants to hear from additional witnesses that is very significant. Let's slow this down sentiment from the Senator. And I think it's a legitimate one because you know, we don't have to go through months of investigation. We don't have to go through weeks of investigation, but we are going to go through a lifetime of bright cavenaugh the supreme court if he's confirmed, and we should do the work that that's needed to make sure that that the right decision is being made with the necessary information. Grove's. Thank you both for joining us tonight really printed. And when we come back, we'll Donald Trump, fire. Rod Rosenstein on Thursday has reclined will join us..

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