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"power balance pavilion" Discussed on The Spivey Special Podcast

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"power balance pavilion" Discussed on The Spivey Special Podcast

"Hey remember that thing. The Moon Landing Jazz trapper keepers manners. Alf Sunny D. Yeah I remember those things all right for this week we are talking about Arco arena another Sacramento favourite another iconic stadium. That is no longer with us. Yeah no matter what I mean they tell me that the new ones called golden one by just call them all argo even when it changed the sleep train. It's just Arco to me. I always refer to it. As Power Balance Pavilion. That was my favorite terrible. And you're not very powerful so I'm GonNa say that's not right but let's go ahead and get in and dad you the only one of those three because neither of us were born. Did you go to the original ARCO ARENA? Yeah you sure did in nineteen eighty six. When Reggie theus that? He became the coach play. There I mean was playing. There is up here Interviewing for some jobs went to the game and it was really nice now. Not only that so. That was like a temporary stadium whether ability our go because yeah they moved in eighty five. It was like my high school stadium. I mean it was very personal but it was cool because you know it was really super loud and well the cool thing to probably about it was it was new. You're in a new city. The crowds just probably going nuts. Even though I don't think we were that good actually. That team wasn't too bad either. I remember like the baby blue short shorts of Reggie. Theus all those guys. I was worried that you were say. That's what you wore to the game. I'm glad it was on Reggie. Now also you also in that state and you also worked in that stadium. Yeah after they moved to the ARCO Arena Bat Old Arco Arena became a business complex and I worked for the money store there for a couple years remember. We drove by on the way back from a kings game and I was like. Why is there so many street lights? Parking lot is like Oh yeah. That's old Arco like what you would never know. I was thinking to myself. That's a lot of employees parking for that business. All right all right dad now Arco Arena. Memory what was the favorite game that you went to see because of you. That didn't know we had. Our family had two season tickets for almost ten years there at the ARCO Arena. What was a fair game you went to? I'd they had been game seven kings. I the Lakers. I mean we that year we were the second best team in the NBA and we were jettisoned. Its away from beating the Lakers. I mean Game Six. Coulda DID IT DOWN IN L. A. And then up there took them all the way to the over time and they had. Shaquille O'Neal and Kobe Bryant and we were like David Against Goliath. You know we were always this awesome game now. We went to a lot of games but we look back at those stats that game. You're talking about the Kings. Were Two of twenty three. That's ridiculous and they still made it to overtime. How crazy how close. Hopefully one day kings get back there. Yeah I think. The fans helped kept him. In that game it was so loud. The decibel level was like a Harley Davidson motorcycle. Ravin THEIR INS in the whole way. And when you look down on the court I swear you could see what the waves of the everyone yellen. It was like you could see the air movement. It was just. It was just the craziest so it was historic and we haven't even got close to that since then so now's Akkad. I went to quite a few games together but ZAC. What's your favorite memory of when we would go to games? Besides you dominating the whole thing and Nachos not share those are my Nachos. You picked pizza. My my favorite memory is when when we will. We would yell either way but when we had the lower level tickets which was later on once they became available. You and I would yell as loud as we could. Whenever there was a quiet moment in the game towards the bench to that they would try to bring in jerold walls. You gotTa Bring Joe Wallis. Said you'll be the saddest thing when we lost him to. What was it the bobcats doubt in the mask? Those one of the best mascots. I think we've probably ever had. Maybe the best mascot ever originals Lampson. I think the cool thing to about those tickets is they'd always drop. I don't know if you remember this dad. They'd always drop the thunder sticks. You get a bang those behind because we were behind the hoop. Yeah that was pretty cool thing all right dad one other game that you would mom went to then. Let's go to probably because you paid for the tickets was the first game ever for Lebron James. Now tell us a little bit about that game and did you know that. Lebron was going to be one of the best ever. Well I'll tell you what he dominated when he when he had the when he had the ball he could he would just come down and take one or two dribbles over half court and jump up and do a jump shot over everybody swish it for three points or if they tried to come out on him he just dribble right around and dunk Amman. I mean he was just so he was just so much better than all the other guys you could just tell he's going to be a star. I think my favorite play from that game is he has the wide open fastbreak dunk but he stops any. Throws the ball back to Ricky Davis who just like the big windmill dunk. It's like an iconic play from his first game. Well that's the cool thing about. Lebron is a lot of people. Say He gives up the big moments but at that age to have that much court awareness. Were I came average? You can go and probably do like a nine eighty or something. Dunk it but you're going to give it the old bear navis. I think that's pretty cool. Ricky Davis Baron and the guy was only what nineteen because he came out of high school and if that was his first was neat team he was eighteen. So here's an eighteen year old guy running down like the toughest man in the history of the world one dribble across half court jump shot over. Everybody Bom he could hit it from anywhere. Yeah Lebron he's good now. What's your favorite food? I know you're not too adventurous when we would go to the ARCO Arena. But what was your favorite food. Their Dad and Zach. I just get the biggest beer I could. And the biggest thing of popcorn was my. That was my Go-to 'cause I usually ate at del Taco on the way there or your favorite Taco ever Jim boy yeah. I think that I would think I would always get NACHOS. That was my Go-to and that's like your nacho liquid cheese and chips and then some you get some Jalapenos in the Nacho cheese and it was simple but it was great you put it on. A hug catch fish. My thing was the old personal pizza. I think it was round table or maybe square table. I don't know which one it was but also when we were upstairs when we were up by clap which we'll talk about in a minute we're right by the old garlic fries and we'd venture over those and one other thing I remember is the Diet. Coke just always seemed better there. I don't know what it was is probably because it was like forty eight dollars new enjoy better enjoy realize no ice day and don't spill a spill any of it. It's a buck worth now. There is a lot of things that happen at Arco Arena. Because that was really the only place in town for things to happen. What was your favorite non kings game memory there at our arena for me. It would have been. I went to a lot of different concerts and stuff but we went mom and I to see Eric Clapton and Eric Clapton is such A. I mean. He's such an expert guitar player and musician but I mean it was like He. He's a super. He's a superstar. Shot the share of did not shoot deputy but that guy could play guitar like nobody's business cocaine and Layla. Oh my gosh that guy just hit after. Hit that guy. What was your favorite? I think it was one we went to wrestling. And we got to see sting come down from the rafters because Argos an old school steam that has like the actual rafters at the top. There's only a few of those left where you can do that now. I have a lot of different ones. We actually played. There is a middle schooler a sellout crowd. There's like seventeen or eighteen people there but everyone got sick courtside which was pretty cool and one thing. I always remember is my best buddy Jordan. He was a ball boy for the Sacramento Knights. Kinda like he was for our basketball team in elementary school middle school. So I remember going to a lot of Sacramento Knights Games Zach. Tell us about clapping and signed guy. One of these people signed guy is like a staple of our arena. If you've been to enough kings games back in the day. He make these custom signs that he was hitting the top deck in the front row and he put him over the plexiglas. They're during like timeouts and stuff Now the signs. They didn't always make sense. He would try to rhyme it or something but he was like the worst poet in the history of the world. It's pretty pretty accurate. And then he he had a dispute with ARCO ARENA. Like he thought he was a staple of the stadium like try to get free tickets out of them and then they just like didn't renew his tickets. Now have signed. Girl sits like the same SPA. It's like a spin off. It's like boy meets world now. What is it girl meets boy? Or that's basically where we're sitting at. Now we went to a lot of events at Arco but dad tell them where we parked we parked in one spot. Always we pulled. We did a poll through where all I had to do is take sharp left and then. I'm out of the parking lot and down towards the freeway. So we're never in traffic now spivey's we don't move very quick but when that final Buzzer Bluey kings games. I think dad you might be the fastest Fast Walker I've ever met in my life also another thing that we did as we were walking now no matter meters me and mom or whoever went between the four of us is as we're walking out it'd be so packed on the Concourse Dad. Todd is the mood like we're cattle. So everyone's quiet walking out and all of a sudden a random move. That's another memory. I have old Arco Arena. A would have another memory of walking out dad and I went to the game. We did our possession math into the game. Without the king's we're going to loose they were down like eight with thirty seconds left or something. We'll get in the car and turn on the Radio. And they cut it to. And we're like no they're still gonNA lose and we started driving away and the game goes to overtime. We were too far to come back to grab. Would they even let you back in at that point? I don't know that they would. They ended up losing in overtime. So I don't feel bad about as you know that's why I remember. During that time there was one time we did the same thing. Mom and I. It went into double overtime. We got home and watch the end of the game. That's one thing about spivey's if you notice we're really good losers. We always stay no matter what the end of the game. I think. That's all we have on our Korean Zakar Dad. Do you have anything else that we didn't talk about cloudy. Oh Yeah don't don't dismiss the cloudy so there was a gentleman. We we sat up stairs to twenty two to twenty row K. And think sixteen. Seventeen something like that. I'll seats so there's this this mom this son and there's a the sun is clapping. He was the one of the best he would dance. They'd put signs up. That say stopped when we were on Defense. And all these different things but clapping. He was a staple ARCO Arena. His name was not clapping back because he's always cloud else. Refer to him as clapping except us. Well Bursar fake name so it lasts forever and the last Kings Game Maman high or watching Jerry Reynolds and I had a clap e signing citing he came right there and I pause even have it on my phone I showed you. It was like eleven o'clock at night or some. You're sending this clap your.

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