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"powell brunson" Discussed on Dallas Hoops Fancast - A Podcast for Dallas Mavericks Fans

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"powell brunson" Discussed on Dallas Hoops Fancast - A Podcast for Dallas Mavericks Fans

"But that's a good. The bad and the ugly for is share your thoughts on those youtube comments or on twitter. Let's get to some listener comments from the twitter's and the youtube I'm thinking i want to. I don't know maybe alternate these are all just share the comments and we can react to over casanova complicated. I don't eat overcomplicated. So first of all people were. We are already shared your thoughts. People were really anxious to hear your thoughts on the new lineup change. i mean if you want you want a fiery topic for me. Why in the heck did it take so long. Well you know we are talking about. How rick carlisle. He's he likes to get like all. The data has to be one thousand percent conclusive that he the only when it's going against how he feels like he loves to wipe powell. He was going to give him every waking inch. If that was willie collies time to start the season and they started. Oh in two or whatever. Yeah he would've been benched the next game but think i'd have to agree with. Yeah so to me. Why in the world did it takes a long. It was completely obvious what was going on and now third three and this you sacrifice defense. You sacrificed wins to show favoritism. Because that's what he does and that's what he does with powell and that's the fiery side that was holding back. Okay okay next. This is from at luke. Six eight to four this. I got a little confused so just hear me out. We trade powell brunson and one to two picks for drummond. Then no not drummond. Now you don't want andre now. I love remind people. Want andre trump. I think german is a really great rebounders but what you can't play poisoning you set before. Morzine is not mobile enough to play the four. I can't have too big. He would play the ford. The five on defense is a drum is gonna play the four on defense. You're going to have him running around the four. It's exactly so you you can't as much as as the mavs needed beef defense and rebounding. You just can't do two bigs like that if it were anthony davis. Yeah then you can play him at the four and half german back there but porzingus just isn't mobile enough to guard a kevin. Durant an anthony davis. Yeah you right okay luke. We heard great point. And i think a lot of i think a lot of people like drummond. I just don't think the mavericks are ever going to go back to bigs. Okay this is from one. Casteran say at one tonne soup. All that's creative. I like that okay Because he spilled it j you a quick. I liked the idea of not having permanent starting lineups. Today's game is about stylistic shapes and having deep benches and rick is a master at fully utilizing players. So do you think they'll have a permanent starting lineup whence kp comes back. I mean i personally. I hope so i mean i. I don't like the idea personally. Because you wanna have and again you know to these commenters and a dude got an analyst. I'm just a mass fan. Like you. And i i still work everyday day.

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