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"potter ryden" Discussed on Game of Thrones The Podcast

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"potter ryden" Discussed on Game of Thrones The Podcast

"Yes, I can do this. I can't be a dragon writer because it's in my blood and versus just like, okay. Well, if a dragon likes you for any reason, you can hop on and take them for ride. It felt more like hairy Potter Ryden hip Griffith. Like, it's just they're going to say trae writing gore, but okay aspirational, wouldn't it be cool to ride a dragon with your lady friend Ladan on the carpet? It's it's it could have been more. And I I feel like just light reordering of the sequence of events here could have been, but it was really really sweet seemed like it'd be really fucking cold. They're not wearing hoods wear masks. They're going going. Flight speeds in very cold air. But that freefall was fun though. Yeah. I think it'd be terrifying. Like your zero g and the only thing holding you on is gripping his dragons floppy horns. Yeah. I don't know how they stay on these things. But we'll we'll overlook that. So I think John should have floated a bit further north and take her into hot springs fucking falls not springs where it's at well. Who's to say, there's not a hot pool under those falls? It's true. You have also the hot springs are like super empty like yet one hundred thousand Wilding yet to compete with before. Now, it's just like a hot spring sex. No waiting through. All right Gandhari is casting dragon glass weapons while the hound gives him grief until our issues up, and they sort of strange mean mugs until the hound finally cracks in his respect for her still being alive slips through our then ask injury to make a new weapon as they lightly tease each other. So I mean, yeah are indoor weird. It was more in six thought. It would be. Yeah. From at least his side things because I thought the him Brian kind of shared a moment of being proud of their shared parentage last season. I thought that that might shine through a little bit more. But it's fine. I feel like we talked a lot on the incident. Kost about aria and Gingrich flirting and how we thought about that. Like, we're kind of like neutral to in favor. Yeah. I think so cute. I honestly have a hard time seeing aria with anyone at the end of this. But you know, if anyone can reassure he seems like a cool guy. The one thing that we were going to catch up on was our is mystery weapon. Yeah. What do you think? I've I've heard some reported as a double ended spear telescoping thing is still in play. I'm not really sure what to make of it or how it would be more effective than the weapons that she already has because she has. Valerian steel dagger, which we know will take out why walkers she knows that? I mean, honestly Valerian tipped spears would be about like spears were kings of the battlefield for a long long long long time. Like a pretty much up until like the invention of gunpowder and rifles and whatnot. So like having because I saw some people suggested it might be like a blow dart kinda like like, Jack and her garwood us, which would be kinda cool like a like a city flush kind of thing that you shoot it. Enormous heavy. It does seem like it. Some kind of. And we saw the trailers, of course, Arias swinging around like some kind of boast African weapon I think that we're just seeing and he's probably got some trick. Did it can split in half kinda like Darth balls lightsaber Enger and like Darth while himself can split in half and still be combat effective as found out and solo. So I think it's I don't think it's going to be like any kind of magical super weapon beyond just dragging glass. Tips fear that can transform into probably two daggers with crazy long handles. Things like, you know, like, I just think it's a reach problem. It's like when you're would you fight zombies hand to hand with like a dagger, you need a little bit more reach. So that's what it's going to. It's going to give her going to allow her to believably kinda world through these crowds and kill a bunch of white walkers zombies without putting yourself at risk make sense..

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