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Derrick Goold- February 26, 2020

Scoops with Danny Mac

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Derrick Goold- February 26, 2020

"Hit a home run and get pre-approved for your next refinance or home purchase at the home loan expert Dot Com. Enjoy the PODCAST. Daily visit with Derek. Gould of the Saint Louis Post dispatch. And we do this every Monday. Through Friday during spring training on scoops with Danny Mac dot COM Derek of stltoday.com and the post-dispatch and Derek. Let's jump into the news of the day and I before I go anywhere. You had a root canal. Couple of days ago you fought through it. How are you feeling today? Yeah I'm I'm I didn't miss a podcast did I know you? Didn't you fought through it. You showed a lot of toughness. A Lotta Great Dirt on it and I'm proud of you. Yeah no I'm doing well. I'm doing fine okay for asking I. I think I'll be able to poke through. The pain was intense there early on in spring training requiring some emergency a dental consultation In this is the remedy at working. Actually I'll decide the people here At the dentist office Palm Beach is right. Not Too far from the ballpark right across Donald. Ross have been stupendous not to give them a free plug but holy cow did they. They changed my world view and they were so grand to me. Well that's good news so Teeth problems or you WANNA see some baseball. Come on down. Yeah Yeah. Yeah if you're seeing some baseball and you have some unfortunate MIRKA CDs problems you're set sounds good. We're coming to you from the automotive studios on scoops with Danny MAC DOT COM. Fourteen brands ten locations. Lou Fuse we are saying Louis. Let's jump into what happened yesterday. I'm going to start with the Starter Austin Gambler. Your thoughts and watching the lefty. You know pretty good movement good action good breaking ball slider cutter kind of thing that he had going on then. More of the same in the second inning pitched out trouble actually in both innings but I thought he was really good in the first inning and then sort of more than what we've seen him a starter in the second innings command shoes but you know showed some guy is to get out of it. I I like the way Austin Dahmer pitches. I do too. I just don't ever think that like he beaten by any. Does that make sense? It might be like all right. There's trouble there people on base or anything like that. But he never strikes me as a guy who surrenders to or doesn't have a pitch that he could get out of it and that's unusual because he's not a strikeout pitcher right but he's just got like that the meaner about him good feel for pitches. He's got the right breaking pitches and everything you know. He's kind of going through stuff where it like you know there's just a command You know where he can get quick outs. He can get out of it. Yeah I thought it could have unraveled for him very quickly and he didn't let that happen and for him to have that much time away from major league hitters and to be able to do that. I thought that was a key. Yeah I agree. I think you know. Just he talked about. The mound was kind of foreign right as far as fuel goes so just getting that experience is getting out there. I thought he got good returns on it though too. And that's not always the case right like a guy gets out there for the first time. Many many months feels healthy. Feels confident is our gets jumpy. He gets overwhelmed by you know what adrenaline just has. Anxiety takeover and then. He doesn't get the results that you know Kinda. Give them the confidence that he's healthy. That kind of thing. I think Congress had that kind of outing. Gama had kind of like. Hey you're healthy. Oh Hey you're also pitching all right for this time of year outing yeah. I agree with that now. Alex Rae is the way I looked at what I was seeing with Alex race was there were times. I thought WHOA that that's GONNA play. That's going to be really good and then you know obviously other times it was not good but hey he got through it. I think the big thing is how he how he feels today and tomorrow and making sure that he's alright because it's the rust. That's coming off of Alex raise. You know what I'm starting to think differently Dan. If you'll permit me absolutely. I'm starting to think that he has electric stuff. And it's now becoming a question of will he ever control that electric stuff because if he cannot then he can't be in the majors. He has stuff like you said. That makes your jaw drop. Can't command it even if he's healthy and he can't command it there's not. He can't walk like that he can't be behind and counsel that he can't have the one pitch that everybody goes. Oh my gosh. Nobody throws something like that. And the five pitches that are out of his own in the same bat. I do think that like you know just in talking with people today in wrote about this for the post dispatch this morning. Is You know Alex. Raise flashes such talent such brilliance such magnificence that he keeps having people come back to watchin- I mean he like teammates riveted by him. And the reason why you know he's had bad luck and they group for him. He has great stuff and they are energized by awesome convert. Told ME THAT IF THEY'RE GONNA win a World Championship Alex. Rae has has to be part of it because of his talent and that is why so. Many eyes are just fixed on him but he's got a command that stuff at some point. I I hate to be blunt but that's really the case you know. It's what betrayed him last year. It's what got him sent to the minors. It's what he struggled within the miners. So even if healthy even of strong and even if gifted with movement and the style of pitches a few few few few few people have ability to control that within the zone is essential to anything he wants to be for the cardinals. What did you hear from Mike Shield? After the game he had problem finding his rhythm that there was an issue with his rhythm. Just couldn't couldn't quite get it Fastball command was off. You know I mean Schultz all the same thing we did. He wasn't gonNA hide it. He said it's not something. You'll Iraq you. It's something that you are. You raise race to over analyze. You just say he got through it. Got on the male. Let's move on board the newest restaurant in Saint Louis. The train shed at Union station perfect place. Before and after blue's in Cardinal Games historic SAINT LOUIS. Union station is downtown's newest dining destination with trained sheds create a pub and the Soda Fountain Modern Diner. The train shed at Union station. I hope you know about the Sh- nooks rewards out. If for some reason you don't wear have you been the whole city has been downloading this. If you're a chinooks rewards member you're going to earn points and the next time you're chinooks. You can use those points for money off digital coupons on the items you want most download those chinooks rewards APP. Get the APP it gets. You read see soul another appearance. It was okay. What what did you think you know? I mean the pitchy needs to have wasn't there You know he's got to have that breaking ball just wasn't really there for him consistently was at times. It wasn't this second time out. So he's the first throat twice that game four hours in length you had to call it. It was a scattered game. I think we've seen some really sloppy games here. Recently on both sides regardless of WHO? The cardinals are playing in that inning. Just had all the markings of that you know just like not not a lot of hitters that he would ever face in a game not a good feel for the breaking ball and it was kind of moment in that Game Derek. How is he gonNA make this team? When you have. Andrew Miller Tyler Web Hennessy's Cabrera is her chance that he can make this team or not. What do you think I mean? I think he out of an opening day. I think it's more likely he starts. At MEMPHIS IN S to get results there I you know I could see a way for him to leapfrog into the bullpen. But it would take probably web being in Memphis meaning that he did not Excel Spring Cabrera being a starter in Memphis meaning. That he is being eyeballed for a larger role You know being developed in that role You know Kim maybe being a starter in the majors and then all of a sudden doorway open her cease to be in the mix. We saw gyro Munoz Papa Homerun. He's in competition with Tommy Edmund Miller Sosa whereas gyro right now in the mix you think with the the bench of the Saint Louis Cardinals. He's the incumbent Which gives them an edge and he's building up on that Right handed hitter Did Okay Fine. You know serviceable. He's not going to be the backup shortstop. That's gotta be Miller Admin or Sosa depending on the direction that they go but gosh you know pulling up curve ball like that on the roof of the marlins complex You know he is A. He's a good fastball hitter. Good for good. Hit or good fastball. Hitter I mean and that plays well in late innings and the cartels are facing some tough relievers but if he can do. More damage against off speed pitches that only adds to him being. I mean you could see him being Jose Martinez rule. A rebel really seems to have made a case that that's his and his declaim But he's just like the way it goes against the bats again especially against like a wheat stuff elite fastballs and to see him do that against breaking pitch to see him comfortable at the plate I think I think he I think that's going to be one of the most compelling contests of spring. Because there's going to be. I think the outfitters are going to separate themselves But the the closest call is going to be those guys playing Edmund Rebelo Muna's Miller that group who who is able to emerge as a major leaguer from there dylan. Carlson made a great play in right field. Where do you think he is most comfortable and fits into the planes right now? I think he's most comfortable in right field. I think he fits in the plans by playing all three positions and I would not rule him out and set a really eager to see him. Play some center this spring. I didn't like Baiters at bad yesterday. Couple of Batson. Yeah Yeah I mean. That's that's more the banner that we saw that hit two. Oh five year ago against the. Nfl Sanchez shocker. Yeah and that's my point. That's a major league pitcher. That's getting them off with off speed. That's a guy that change I level all those things and yet the concern right now with arison better. Yeah I mean you can crash of one game. You don't want to overstate but Annabelle Sanchez. The Guy who tore them up the guy who reminded them to the office. They were the advantage of their weaknesses. Wrote about that on stltoday.com very he was you know the guy who who went outside the zone the guy who said you know what I work off. I'll try to get you over there. And then I'll jam Yan and left all of them going. How many pitches away early. How many strikes does do we really tosh? All those things You Know Mary was again. And what happens in the first inning? Gold Long has a an excellent at bat against the shift. You know nails a pitch. The other way is fast out of the box. Aggressive out of the box goes for two earns a double than what is Dylan. Carlson do what I mean. He just moves the runner over and that inning that ending though to me showed exactly how the cardinals are going to have to play this year. That's exactly right Dan. That is exactly right. That is how they're going to have to play against a guy like Annabel Sanchez. That's how they're going to have to play against some of these pitcher who can work on the outside zones and can strike and I thought Dylan Carlson. While he moved the runner over also had a really good at bat like they had the shift on for him. I mean he hit the ball. Hard was just everything was thoughtful on his part there and then Paul D. Young comes up and Paul. The young had two excellent that where he had a chance to drive and run something. He didn't do well last year. Put together excellent at bats and then you know after him you kind of saw Sanchez. Takeover and groove and get back into somewhat of a of a guy who could use the carnal. This is against the B- Blues Fan joined the Party. All season long at hotshot sports bar and Grill and one of their eleven area locations great food and drink specials available during blues game. It is your home for Blues Hockey. Remember if the Blues scored five game this season you get hotshots legendary tacos for one dollar. Each the next day find hotshots near you at hotshots. Net Dot com proud partner of Saint Louis Blues and finally Derek Split Squads Marlins in Houston. Today What are you looking for this afternoon tonight? A quick route to northport. If you have any suggestions let me know. That's one way to look at it. How about the baseball perspective? What are you looking at a quick game so I can get on that quick route north? Derek it's not about you so the fans that are listening what do you. What do you WANNA see? I will pay attention to genesis. Cabrera's starts okay. I'll do that. I would watch that. I would watch what Kim second appearance but I would watch as starter and getting two innings the manager looking against a Houston Astros team very year to see that Derek. Thanks and pleasure. Dan Enjoy the baseball today. Thank you so much in the quick route to north tonight. Look important. The McLaughlin here to tell you about the hometown automotive family. I trust the most the loop US automotive network and you know they are saint. Louis Lou has been a part of Saint Louis for over seven decades. They're proud to support Saint Louis in the surrounding areas with cars youth. Sports and charitable efforts. Fourteen brands ten locations just visit views dot com to start shopping today.

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The Tim McKernan Show Ep. 248  Bill McClellan

The Tim McKernan Show

1:18:03 hr | 1 year ago

The Tim McKernan Show Ep. 248 Bill McClellan

"Yes yes welcome into another edition of the tim kernan show on the inside us to yell podcast network from the home loan expert dot com studios. It's guests day and our guest today post-dispatch columnist post-dispatch reporter going back from eighty three eighty three columnist eighty three to present day bill mcclellan presented by mark hanna of evergreen wealth strategies online at evergreen s. t. l. dot com bill mcclellan has truly seen at all when it comes to saint louis and so to get his perspective active on how the region has changed get his perspective on some of the major stories over the years get his perspective on what he thinks needs to change. <hes> was really education. I don't really know how many people we could have in who could provide that kind of historical perspective <hes> and and so to have that was great first off the first time we ever met and he's really good guy just a pleasant person you don't. He's battling cancer right now. Looks really good truly looks good. <hes> you go. What else would you say. I'd say well if he didn't look good. I just wouldn't say anything looks good <hes> and then you know what stood out to me about at this and i think you'll notice it too. He just really has a good attitude like he's an upbeat person <hes> and i just if anything outside of enjoying the conversation and hearing his perspective on some of these big stories over the years <hes> i admire him i already really i watched joe donnybrook. We think we talk about in the podcast from not mistaken. I brought it up a couple of times. <hes> and i know the donnybrook skews a little older but i i enjoy watching it i'll be d._v._r. And every thursday and <hes> and i enjoy the when they go to him on donnybrook <hes> but he's just a a got a better appreciation of of who he is in perhaps why he <hes> handles things the way that he does so. I hope you enjoy enjoyed. The conversation had a number of people so they were looking forward to hearing from him. So now you have your chance. He's presented by mark hanna evergreen wealth threats. He came into the home loan expert dot com studios brian. Kelly is our studio sponsor if you're going to buy a home if you're going to refinance make sure you go to the home. Loan expert dot com ryan kelly is his name. The home loan expert dot com is the website just go to the website and that's all you need to know because you're gonna have an option. Click on the tab for refinance. Click on the tab for purchase off you go and there's nobody to do better to do who business with better than ryan kelly sets up the home loan expert dot com. He is our studio sponsor here on the tim mckernan show so it is our pleasure to bring to you this week post-dispatch columnist bill mclaughlin presented by mark hanna of evergreen wealth strategies bill. Thanks so much for coming in. Hey my pleasure. I am <hes>. I'm looking looking forward to this. I've been reading you and watching you on donnybrook for a for a long time and i always enjoy what i consider to be. This is what i oh. I think i'm not looking to upset you but this is what i think and therefore i'm going to tell you i think that's healthy and i also think it's rare right now. Well i'll tell you i don't know how healthy a rare it is but it's fun. I mean i sort of stumbled into a job where i can do that. You know where i can just well. I think you know because i used to be. I started it off at the post dispatch as night police reporter and everything i wrote was that she allegedly did this and he allegedly did that. And all of listen i could drop the word allegedly and i thought i'm going to do it and began opening and you start at the post dispatch in nineteen eighty. Is that right yes. Yes i got here <hes> in nineteen eighty. <hes> was originally a post didn't hire me and i took a writing test at the globe democrat pratt and i must have failed because i didn't hear back and then i did a couple of freelance stories and harper barnes was done. The features editor liked me and said hey. I can get young and so were you coming from. When you started applying well. I'd say indirectly from phoenix working as a reporter order in phoenix and then i was going my girlfriend and phoenix was the dental hygienist and one day she said hey. I'm smarter than the dentist. I'm going to become a dentist. There's no donald school in arizona so she can't she was accepted at georgetown and washed you and she asked me she said you know which would work for you know i could. I wouldn't even get an interview in washington is that's why the red hot people aren't so but if you went to saint louis i could probably get on. One of the two papers papered maybe so she went to wash u. And then i quit my job in phoenix to go down live in mexico for a few months because i had always always wanted to go live in a boarding house in mexico why well it just sounded. Romantic was it did it live up to it. It did it was it was is terrific so i went down to a place called kalima. It's a city in a state. A little south west mexico and i got got a room in the house and the mexicans i lived with it was great. You know the government was the employer of last resort. So everybody it kind of half a job. You know if you work at the water department you add that desk for the morning somebody else so all these guys. Everybody had plenty of time. It was a complete you can check and then i came back to arizona and we got married in december seventy nine and i came here and our plan was not to stay in saint louis you know mary my wife considers herself considered herself yourself. A western girl maradona and i had grown up in chicago so i thought i'm kind of done. The mid west and i wasn't sure about going back to phoenix folks but a friend of mine got on at the rocky mountain news and said hey i can get young and so i said okay soon as mary graduates from dental school in eighty two do one but by eighty two i was night police reporter and having a blast and we like saint louis lot more than we thought we would so we stayed in the next thing you know we had kids and the next thing you know years of going by and <hes> and of course the rocky mountain news went out of business strain reacted reacted. I wasn't on <hes> through no fault of my right exactly right so you went to illinois but is it accurate that you failed out of illinois. Yes very accurate. I grew up in chicago and went to university of illinois and did you go there with the idea of becoming a writer. No no no matter of fact. I didn't take any journalism classes. I took <hes> rhetoric one on one because you had to and i mean i. I didn't you know what i was doing. I took a class in french and glass in chinese and biology and rhetoric and hung on the first semester and then didn't do so well. I i hung on really for about two years and and then i flunked down was this this couldn't have been from lack of competence was probably lack of effort. Where am i right on that an amount of time drinking beer okay. I certainly way the grant. If you're putting yourself to it. You have been just fine well. I don't know i don't know about that. I'd like taking chinese. I have no was was not the best idea but <hes> yeah i i had a great time in illinois but i flunked and then went to arizona state well. After i flunked out i got drafted and i got drafted into the marine corps and after the marine corps i i went to arizona state what was getting drafted into marine corps life well i. It's like everything else i've ever done. It was pretty good. I mean even the things that sound bad. You know weren't so bad. I stumbled around and all these things worked out. I got drafted into the marine corps and i thought well you know this is an unhappy thing and then they they made me a combat correspondent respondent. Have you ever seen the movie full metal. Oh yes okay well joker. That was all right. Matthew modine joker so that you know wasn't such such bad duty all things considered so i did my vietnam tour and <hes> while we were there serve a bunch of guys to talk and i said what are you gonna do when you get out. I said well like this posed the work you know i'm going to go back to school so much where you're go it alone and every why would you go there. You know the weather's bad. It must be tough. 'cause you flunked down. You know what what's the per. I and i thought why would i go there but my horizons were limited so <hes> staff sergeant who was a friend of mine said said today i had recruiting duty phoenix the weather's warm that's palm trees. The girls were cut off. There's no social conscience and there's there's a real social really easy school there and that was arizona state. Which now i understand is much better the cronkite school of journalism uh i mean they didn't have that when i when i went there journalism school was all was the curriculum the athletes because i remember we had to be on the school. The paper and i was on paper and <hes> wills was his name. He was a baseball player. Yeah maury wills and he came in. We say on bump wills baseball eastbound player. I said oh who's interviewing him. He's one of us. You know that you're in the jock curriculum that people take it's jesus well. That's a break but i by then. I was not a good student. Just 'cause i so you know i thought i thought i knew more than than i did. I just didn't care very much <hes> so didn't graduate from arizona state but ah i did a couple of freelance stories for <hes> the arizona republic while i was in high school and one of the editors that hey when you get done you know come on on over so i kind of adopted a class and when they were done. I thought you know j._j. Two years at illinois and now i i oh i did three years at arizona. State thought that should count for something. I wanted to paper and said i'm done and they hired me and i've kept going and i on my resume might but started his education. Illinois completed his studies because i thought you know i'm not saying i graduated how many our eight hours left for missouri school of journalism and i don't think i'm gonna knock them out at this point. How are you that. Are you like that closest tim. I can't tell you i got the arizona state. It wasn't that i was not at all. It's just all i wanted to do was take my twelve hours to get the g._i. Bill and an and i didn't really care what i was taking and so. I didn't bother saying like you know. How many credits do i need for this. I era zona was really really nice place to be tempting to <hes> stay there. Was it a case of because your girlfriend at the time now wife was going to dental school bureau like we're picking up and we're going right. There was more like there wasn't much of a plan and so i am fascinated by what your perspective is on what saint louis was like when you start writing your column but of course getting here in one thousand nine hundred one shot around your common eighty three how different it is now than then. My dad was in sales k._p._l. R._t._b._f.'s general sales manager and i remember him either flying to new york all the time for ad accounts for people from new york coming to saint louis all the time and now i feel like it's changed changed drastically but i was so young then. I can't really comprehend what it was like. What can you tell me well it it. It seem like a much bigger more vibrant in place in that there were these magical kingdoms everywhere like the magical kingdom of the brewery with something really amazing. I remember doing a story story early. On after i got here <hes> this young man who had fallen on some very hard times and he said to me you know my both my mother and my father there were bottlers but but i wasn't raised to think i was better than anybody else i thought. Why would you say that. I mean why. Would you think that i would think you would raise. He's better because your folks about and later on. I realized well yes that worked at the brewery and brewery was such a magical kingdom and so was ralston purina for all all famous bar the post-dispatch these were places that people went and they stay there forever and there were home and then <hes> whatever ever it's called. It's not consolidation. I can't think of words so while anymore but we're every everybody says. Swallowing mergers mergers well yes. I guess i'm not but that was the idea okay so all of a sudden anheuser busch was really gone right ralston purina while it really nestle the post dispatch for soul to lee famous barr became macy. I mean all these things happen and not just here but to <hes> do up to a lot of cities southwestern bell and their headquarters and we became kind of a branch office town yeah has its charms but it's not and there were all the brewery specially ripple effect. You know all the ad agencies. He's who thought of the brewery is kind of mother routed around and i'd see them <hes> at at noon. Anthony's was where all the guys went and they would always have like whatever anheuser busch product would they was their account like might be natural light a bud bud la would be in front of their martinez and and they'd be drinking you know and you know being in some beer i mean it wasn't just it was a chaser for them. Drinking martinis and i would think you know this is really sophisticated. You know this is really you know. I mean my friends and i went to the missouri grill. We were drinking beer and i think these guys these. These are grownups here you know and and now well. I mean all of that's gone of course and it's been gone for years. I can remember a taking my wife. <hes> mary. She had some day off and i i come downtown. I'll take you to lunch and this was back. Maybe the ninety. I don't remember but jerry berger was the gossip com post and i said to jerry he. Where should i take mary for lunch because you know i never went to the sort of places that you take your wife is sort of a celebration sort of thing. They were a dive ear and so jerry said taken anthony's said perfect whether he had gone and she said yes we we got early and i ordered an old fashioned. I think mary hearted martini and then the regular crowd and we were the only people drinking and everything and you know the world has turned the meteor hit and i didn't even see but every everything was changing so saint louis used to be of course now some of this might i just be because i was young. Tim saint louis used to be more fun. I think lots i wonder like i i love having these conversations with people have this perspective and and for people a lot of our audience in their twenties thirties i'm forty two they think of saint louis as it currently is but it wasn't that far in the distant past where it was a different mindset here what i'm curious about not that you necessarily have the answer. Perhaps your theories as to why it changed. Why do you think it changed. I mean you certainly reciting some of the the corporations that mind right right you know i i don't know whether <hes> in our stars or you know in our destiny or whether we we did things wrong. I'm not sure all of the mergers dominant acquisitions that would have happened regardless. You know maybe if we would have had had more entrepreneurial guys. They would have been doing the buying like all of our banks. I remember you know boatmen's bank. Andy craig's craig's holdout and enriched himself and the stockholders. I'm sure did well but you know he he was bought by the bank in charlotte. North carolina bank of learned from american andy craig would have been a buyer instead of a seller and bear in mind. This generation guys didn't build these. He's businesses themselves. They came in and took like boatmen's bank and and then merck mercantile bank which <hes> oh gosh i forgot that guy's his name but he he sold it to people from milwaukee wasn't like new york l. A. were buying something we we were just sellers for some reason and and and you know and that certainly hurt but you know hard to belanger couple of guys i do remember i also because i've had this conversation with my dad and dan he said back in the day and maybe citing the eighties <hes> he said we felt like we had guys who if anybody was maybe pushing saint louis around owned bob highland for example in addition to some guys. Who are you know prominent. C._e._o.'s would step forward and certainly the brewery and end and defend saint louis. Is that an accurate for seven. I think so you know for instance when saint louis blues were about to be sold ralston purina bottom yep now. You know i'm in the c. He'll who was not. It wasn't not sleep on a local guy and his name escapes me. I'm not doing well on names. Put forward and said we'll buy the team to keep it here and a branch office town you. You know that wouldn't happen but you know i i should say i don't mean to be <hes> the old crab who thinks things were better just when i was young i i think that in many ways the city he is kind of hippo than when i came into the young hip crowd entrepreneurs and yeah and they seem to be very entrepreneurial and they they seem to be wanting to live in the city and <hes> she's jack dorsey just bought the post-dispatch building and and i find that you and my daughter works downtown america and she kind of keeps me up to date on things so it isn't like i think the things terrible now and we're wonderful then right now and i'm setting you up with these questions because i'm wondering what you've seen change and why if indeed you see a change right what it was and it was more fun to me and the oldest but much of that is because i was younger you know and <hes> it seemed like everybody would drink before they went home and that was a bad thing. I mean all the you know the d._u. Is and the globe democrat used to run the long list of the d you. Is you know i racing form. Everybody closet irish guy. I believe i'm allowed to laugh at and and and you know so in in that sense it was fun and and then you know d._u. Is laws mainly and you know and like i say a good thing but they came and you know unfortunately they didn't just get the a big drinkers who caused the accident. They got the bara sources. You know the gentle creatures of downtown go around have a couple of drinks here and drink there and you know and they weren't on the highway going the wrong way but but they all got trapped. I certainly could change it. You've seen <hes> <hes> teams. Come and go ahead of time here in saint louis. What do you remember about eighty six eighty seven eighty eight with the football cardinals well. I remember i remember it. Being a last. I mean it was all fun when the cardinals were here and they're very last last days. They couldn't give tickets away. You know somebody like me is get tickets and i remember going to game with joe. Pollick when are the cardinal field goal kicker missed three field it it was fun and then and then the team left and i thought there was momentarily. Take a certain pride kind of like you know vince shamo being then shame ole. He wasn't gonna you know kiss anybody back. I was kind of fun and then all of a sudden there was the suffered to get a team and that became the expansion debacle yellow more fun than ever. I mean it was it was great. I was there the day they first introduced stan kroenke. You know <hes> as i remember it was jerry clinton and <hes> jim jim and and that combination just didn't work as jerry clinton was new money and wanted to be seen and talk and orthwein line withhold money didn't want any publicity non and so when that partnership fell apart you know publicly great fun <hes> all of a sudden they needed new a new daddy warbucks and they went out and found stan kroenke and they brought him in and i was here when the introduce them and he was very awkward and that <hes> i you know i'm a very private guy and one of the t._v. Guys hey stan dan how much you worth and just even calling him stand. You could see sort of <hes>. You know bothered crank. He couldn't say anything but reducing well. That's a very personal question. He wouldn't say it was all it was all fun and <hes> when we lost the team home home it went as you remember to jackson. Jacksonville i remember and that was maybe the most fun of all because all all the recriminations and all these powerful people you know chuck night blaming each other and she a couple of months ago. They'd been really really nice. Everybody in the press you know you know hey bill and all of a sudden they were back to andrea and blaming naming people and and it was great fun and you know and i thought we don't need a team but then getting the rams and was just as much fun on and having <hes> the owner was tim helping out who is your dream ranchera here you know she she had then married what like eight times or something married until she got it right and then and then with her husband round in the low turf in the pacific. You know i'm very mysterious sort of thing but who knows all of a sudden. She has the team and she came here at had an eagleton was instrumental in getting him again. It was great fun and jerry clinton wanted to keep his box at the stadium because he really had the lease not a- all you know all so much fun and people being ridiculous and then georgia came here and had her first party which i think was at the ritz vets freeman bosley mayor of saint louis went up to introduce himself and say hello and freeman questioned the black guy and georgia is he approach georgia said i'll have another gin and tonic. I it was all everything was fun from the get-go and and the rams were terrible and and that was fun. You know i mean i'm i grew up in chicago. I'm a cubs fan and and from the days when the cubs i couldn't do anything right <hes> and so the new rams i liked and then when all became good that was fun too yeah. It was perfect right right. Could you tell what any of this stuff was is going on. I'm sure you could having six cents and being around these people kind of knowing i would imagine the characters and maybe some of their <hes> private <hes> peccadillo pillow so to speak the like oh this expansion thing i have a feeling this is going to be a problem or this rams thing and the least they gave the rams. That inevitably was going to be a problem. Did you sense any problems before we wound up seeing them. Actually no no you and you give me way too much. I mean i'm joan doniger brian billick. You're like saddam. No no these these things happen and i'm shocked. You're kidding me. You know so so i didn't see anything coming. I mean i in the expansion thing that look kinda kinky from the beginning with clinton and north wine and or because you're right it is interesting sometimes on this podcast ask talk about. I'm aware of friends with. I guess like old money. Families and i'll tell people i said the people in saint louis who really have money they want. They do not want you know. I know they have money. Which is what you're making reference to with orthwein new money oftentimes not across the board but oftentimes flashes it of that paradox with orthwein and clinton. That's what you were observing out of the game right right and that was pretty clear on the money and the new money. I've talked to people who you seem like. They know this order and they tell me that one of the problems in saint louis is just what you're saying him that a lot of the real money here is old money. Johnny and old money is seldom willing to take a chance you know because this is what they have and they didn't earn it but new money is a little more brand grab. A new money has this. You know if i lose it. I can make it again and so people tell me it's easier to find investors among a new money people than all money that makes a lot of sense and i've never heard that theory but it makes a lot of sense and it may keep saint louis business growth stagnant it is that this person was discussing. Just you know you've been talking about earlier. You know what happened to us and this was one of the theories he yeah. I'm not very sensible. I'm curious on your perspective on this. I've had a lot of politicians coming. Both democrat republican and i grew up in the city family still lives there tam avenue and i observed it when i was like six or seven things that didn't make sense to me then and then they still go on now and perhaps they're even more prominent now which is odd because you would think if anything we would progress but ray i grew up in south city racial issues and like talk of things that were they were so commonly said like oh. If you know imagine the word moves in there's a for sale sign in our front yard immediately and is odd as it sounds because that was the early eighties. I still think that exists exists in some capacity and i really do feel passionately that is one of the things if not one of the top things that has held saint louis back your perspective you. You might be right but you know my perspective. I grew up in chicago right and things were terrible. Racial either and i came here and things were terrible racially here but i think that things are getting better. I you know i think that i was more open minded than my parents and my kids are definitely definitely more open minded than i am. I mean i think that the new generation is just better about this stuff than than my my journey and and i can talk black guys i know of my age and they have the same things are gotten better. Yeah yeah well. That's a positive perspective on it because yeah i would agree with that. Certainly as a matter of fact i remember talking with versus jones about the time <hes> and he was saying that i i his daughter to sharon more white friends than he ever had you know and and i i feel the same way about my kids. They're just more comfortable. Do you think do you think the racial issues played a role in well sure i do but what i'm saying. I think the racial issue has been pretty not bad everywhere. I mean it certainly wasn't chicago phoenix. There weren't very many black people harder to say but but i think it's been bad everywhere you know particularly bad and saint louis. I don't know yeah well the bad here the reason i bring it up as we're at the fifth anniversary ferguson and i would imagine that's one one of the most prominent things you experienced in your time in saint louis and with the post-dispatch and writing <hes> when that date happened in saturday's saturday two thousand fourteen. Did you have an idea at that moment that that was going to wind up becoming much larger. I remember steve moore for example from the from kmox. She's the program director. The guy i respect and know and i and i remember waking up and reading his tweets and i see all these ferguson things in again. I'm talking about the morning gov not days after and i could tell he sense that this was going to be now. I don't know if anybody ever since it was going to get what it got to but you having written and been around the region in your position observer and commenter did what did you think in the moment when that occurs nothing i didn't i i did not see this coming into knots and the morning over the first i heard of it. I didn't say that think to myself. This could get really big. No no and has it went on sure. What did you think of on. I mean i could see the the the national publicity. I mean the thing about you know a <hes> twenty four hour news cycle and <hes> television is when something happens is everywhere immediately and so all all of a sudden fergus went from nothing too huge and you know when you read about well you know michael brown's body was love laying out there. You know you think well had i know him nat. Maybe i would have seen it but but i didn't see it coming until all of a sudden it was all over the news and now that it's five years in the past. Do you think that saint louis has grown from it learned from three think it's it's it's it's a vacuum and it will remain <hes> something that many in the country associated with saint louis yeah i think the latter i think it's just is going to remain something that a lot of people associated with saint louis and you know. I don't think that saint louis has learned much. I mean there's a lot of well-meaning people who've tried to help you know this commission that commission and they probably have great recommendations but i think this is just a slower evolution of things like i say you know. My kids are are more open minded than me. I think the millennials are just can handle this part of life better than my generation and and that's i think kinda beginning to happen we were talking before we started about social media and if anything one thing that concerns me is almost like the cannibalization cannibalisation of people who wanna see progress but sometimes they're not quote unquote woke enough and then they get taken out by the mobs on social media you you made a choice and it doesn't sound like it was a difficult one to not be on twitter facebook. I would imagine instagram. Snapchat was the furthest thing from your mind if you weren't gonna twitter and facebook did you. Did anybody ever say hey bill. Be good for you to get on there and you go. I think i'll pass yeah there. Were people thought it would be a good thing thing. I mean you know i. I feel like i've come a long way. I gave up the typewriter. I went with these little v._c._r. Computer called calm v._d._t.'s. They were video display terminal okay but the social media you know i never got into that and the the more i could see if it the more i realize this you know anybody over. Fifty should not who i saw. Larry connors got in trouble on facebook. I saw charlie. Jacob geico got on trouble emailing and of course jamie allman regionally getting in trouble on twitter. I mean no good comes out of it. It only bad things can happen and you know my thoughts. You know initially are never found any way. I'm like tim. You're asking all these things that i see this coming. Nope and i wouldn't do me good dude twitter and yeah. I'm pleased it. I'm not on any social media. Do you think it's a good thing in general i know you're not on it and i know you have your clear reason for it and i think as as you late i've ever having bob cassani goes. What upside is there to me being an essentially what you're saying but in general i don't know i don't i actually i don't north. I do think it's a good thing. I don't know here's why. I don't think it's a good i mean it's good to be able to communicate directly with people and i love to interact with the audience. I'm honored that people even care what i have to say is i. I would imagine it sounds like your kind of fascinated. People care what you have to say so. I'm flattered by that but what i worry about. I think that's today dot com kind of dealt with it. <hes> initially now they tried to go with facebook accounts but people just make facebook accounts to us in the comments section are the people who create fake accounts to then either pass off information asian is true what we saw i suppose with the november sixteen election with the fake accounts and it leads to row riling people up you know as opposed to an honest back and forth hi what was going on and they get letters to the editor back in when you're starting out i was at the got letters to the editor and people wrote <hes> loaders ready to and sometimes it was hate mail but generally people are more civil if they have to sit down and write a letter uh-huh and they're more and they're certainly more civil and face to face conversation absolutely nothing about the anonymous yes he mail or facebook facebook and the immediacy of it. I mean you. Everybody should tell their kids. Don't react stuff right right away. Try to stay calm don't and and instead you people are chomping at the bit to immediately hitler responded angrily and <hes> and we have this whole culture of outraged thing and i used to call it compulsive outrage disorder where people want to be angry. Yes and like you know people. Tell me i listen to rush limbaugh and he said and i go. Why would you listen to rush limbaugh and go. I i like to hear what the other side and i think why because you just get get angry and but but people people like to be angry ah yeah that's the thing that i wonder about it with with social media people are looking to find opinions and then the thing that surprised me from a journalistic standpoint i was in television which is kind of the the the the bastard stepchild of the whole thing <hes> and now in radio and podcasting but that entities whether it be television radio or print digital is the case might be we'll site so and so who isn't necessarily a guy who has written for the post dispatch for forty years but rather just a guy with a twitter account is outraged just about what's so and so said and then they build a story around this that the outrage becomes the story which then leads to people talking about the story that otherwise would not have gotten attention shen outraged coverage right yeah and he certainly now all the time with people's efforts to make someone so the face of the party in just in deputy angry. Let's say it's not healthy but i don't know what in the world you can do a by now. It's a it's a ship that has already sailed bill mcclellan our guest this week he is presented by mark hanna of evergreen wealth strategies attitude. He's online at evergreen s. t. l. dot com. I know a number of our listeners are in their twenties and thirties and perhaps in in a mindset while you know what i'll take care of my financial adviser situation when i have a family but now is the time to capitalize and it's not even like oh. I got a set that aside you know some large percentage of your income. I look back on it and think you know what i'm gonna. Do the math for you as we sit here because i met with a guy in two thousand one all right. I'm twenty four years old so it's eighteen years ago and let's say just every month for ten years so twenty four for twenty two. Excuse me twenty four twenty four to thirty four. I just set aside a one hundred dollars one hundred times and twelve twelve hundred times ten twelve thousand and i'd like to think that that would appreciate i don't know oh is it aggressive to say six percent gangster is that aggressive to say six percent no not well i would have i would have thirteen thousand dollars more with that seven hundred twenty at the top with the six percent then i would now and it was a setting aside one hundred dollars. It wouldn't have impacted my life and that's twenty twenty four to thirty four. I'm closer to forty four now and it's your and you know what by the way that math is an accurate because the the money's accumulating and so the six percent is based off of twelve thousand times six percent. It's growing so you know it it. It's ten ten thousand times six percent then it's twelve thousand times sisters so it's growing it's growing and i just i just missed and i really. I think if i were talking to the audience hansen. Let's say the audience is made up of twenty five year old. Give or take a year on either side. That's the thing that i think i would deliver them. I would say make sure you do what makes you happy. Don't get pressured in anything anybody pressures you. Probably somebody want to listen to anyway candidly and i don't care who this is parents significant others peers. Whatever anybody who's gonna tell you want to do now if you ask and they give your opinion different ballgame <hes> but there's there's that and then also just in it's not like hey you gotta start. Saving you know thirty eighty percent of your your net check. You know that's probably not realistic and it's also gonna make people. I'm not really being able to enjoy myself but you set aside something i on. I wish i did that. I wish i did that mark. Hanna of evergreen wealth strategies can put you on that path and show you how it will work for you in the lay it <music> out it's so easy now can lay out the whole plan right there on an ipad in front of you. You'll be happy when you check them out. At evergreen heal dot com more cana- evergreen wealth strategies. Oh jeez in addition to the great mark hanna evergreen wealth strategies james carlton carlton state farm insurance agency is a wonderful sponsor of the podcast <hes> <hes> and has been from the very beginning and i am thrilled. I had lunch with james last week and he said you know what he gave me. He gave me a gift certificate to alvin oak as a thank you for all the business from the podcast from the radio show and i said i mean you're paying client. There's no need for gift tickets but it's kind gesture and he said i just use. You told me to stick with it. 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I made the switch three one four nine six one forty eight hundred or go online at carlton insurance dot net if your insurance costs a leg and arm called james carlton state farm in your years in saint louis. I'm not looking for badmouthing. I suppose i'm looking for some good mouthy. Politicians that have stood out to you who stood out to you and you go. I really thought very highly of so and so people who stand endowed is is people now that you look back on it and go. I was very impressed by so and so and of course i'm also looking for the other side where not so much ryan right well. We're probably would be a whole lot of not so much. I mean but i on the other hand you know. I've liked a lot of the people even if i thought that politics reno or a little off <hes> <hes> you know i've always found uh politicians to be fun to be around and i remember saying something to my wife was a more liberal than i am. Although i consider myself liberalism off the reservation but it said something about john ashrafi in mary's said you sound like you like him or something and i said well i do i. I don't know him well but whenever i've you know that around him very nice very nice and <hes> you know jim talent was another one who i liked a lot personally and in fact enough that i voted for him and my wife would say he doesn't believe in mostly she said one of your problem. One of my manny was she said you ten. If you like somebody you figure that they really think like you do because it sold reasonable she said even if they don't think like you do as well that's true i think i where he can't really believe that but for political reasons has got to say hey think that stuff too. I think that exact same thought pro. I have that exact same thought product yeah so so i <hes> another fellow who <hes> you know. Politics aren't my own but i've him most every time is roy blunt villages because i spent a lot of people listening is going to be surprised to hear this. Oh what will you know. I i like him and and i think i've said on donnybrook sometimes to the dismay some of my colleagues i voted for blending ray hartmann falls out of his you know yeah although ray knows exactly what i'm talking about 'cause he's dealt with a lot of these politicians even more than me maybe because they would come to him for endorsements or maybe maybe that overstate mistake and i'm not sure they ever went to brave but he endorsed he he knew a lot and and i would agree with me that most of them are pretty good people. They wouldn't be in power politics. I went. I took my wife to a wedding once. It was a guy getting married men in prison for these kinds and and he got out and he married a young woman of more substance than he was but we got invited to the wedding and i said you're going to enjoy i think perspective yeah yeah and we went and after the wedding she said to me she said well. I liked greg and i said well honey cananea of course you're gonna like a conman yeah and and it sort of the same way with politicians it you know if your you had a true soc eight with them a little bit you realize he's a good guy got anything. I think i'm going to vote for him. Even though i saw that conman aspect of all these politicians now some of them i think run into terrible luck. You know who who can. I'm thinking of light acroos the current mayor you know i think when <hes> lyda was running. She thought that she she had <hes> establishment. Don't you know it's the old the old van was going to get together again and shoes progressive person and she had a you you know strong personal story and the millennials i think she felt a connection to the millennials because she has a couple of kids millennia laying and so i think that she saw everything all was possible and she'd be the first woman mayor and and she you know she never even had a honeymoon. I mean she was the shower jones. Almost beater stunned her. I think you know and mike kelly was running her campaign. I no one thought coming it. It was kinda like wesley. Bell beating people go wow. I didn't see that i remember talking about that on donny yeah yeah and you know with with light ada crews and being the only substantial white candidate and they're being you know four or five antonio french endorsed by the post-dispatch lewis read endorsed endorsed by congressman clay to shower a endorsed by dr slugs the american and jeffrey boyd who had some following right and so you had you know that's what force wrong black candidate one white candidate and she seems so strong. Oh lighter will <hes> win rather easily and of course she barely won and things have never gotten better. You know all of a sudden she inherits the privatization of the airport and then the whole better together fiasco which i thought was one of the great stories since i've been here i was. That's one of my big things to discuss with us. Better together you were. I recall watching you guys on donnybrook. I was anxious to hear but he's a perspective on that and i thought i thought but but it's the same time i think for those of us looking at it from you know thirty thousand feet. Were like this is great. This is progress the saint louis aggressive move and then as you got into it you go. Oh god you know and then you see all these things and i remember alvin read. Save somebody who working on kirkwood schools. This is something here's my issue with it in and then kinda <unk>. Oh wow this isn't isn't what i thought would your reaction when it first came out. I read just enough to realize that this is a great fun story. I mean here your use. The word fun is what i would usually go. Oh my god this is what you call it for. Anybody who follows the news for the entertainment value as much as you know plenty of chip thing the idea that lighter cruising steve stinger were about to tell their constituents. You know we're going to let this decision be made eight five that great wisdom we can find in rural missouri you. It was just so insulting. I mean i can't imagine a politician saying that you know. The people going to let outsiders decide this instead of your yes yes we are. I thought how how can they do this and lighted going along with also the idea of stinger being the king of the super mayor two two years but you know just lying enough contracts all his friends just by then it was it was everything was clear about what was going on with stinger and the better together people are like totally missing everything. I'm like a complete fog coming up with an are super. Mayor will be steve and again well. You do know he's under investigation. I mean do you do you not know anything and so. It was great fun to see them doing that. A and i talked to a couple of them early on you know. How are you going to sell this downstate and he said well. You know we're gonna compare saint louis detroit. You know that the people of michigan had to bail out detroit out of that sounds kind of racist really i mean you even two years of twentieth century man that sounds a little and i wrote a column about how you know that was their plan one and one of their leaders i forget his name. I say names. I'm not doing so well but one of the leaders better together. Who said you know it's insulting. I think that someone would even say we were thinking about that but i was saved because the day after the news came out john hancock was out there in saint charles telling them that what happened in detroit shouldn't have an an not blaming hand blaming john who i like but you know i mean that's john's role. He's a republican consultant and this is the pitched a better together but it was right after they they claim they were insulted the night even suggest this. They're out doing it. You can't wish for more than that. You saw that one coming down with that one was pretty as soon as you read the part. That says you know they'll be a statewide initiative statewide niche that was the twins dental going to be voted on at least the plan november twenty twenty that was not a coincidence right yeah so so so that that was such a fun story and <hes> when chesterfield announced what's. Let's you know semi seriousness that they're considering to marry him. In here he was right. They assess you know the the call those people in the in the old as eighteen sixty s they'd be. I'm a success and i thought sessions out there. The wendy weasel out there and societe okay so i like everything about the better together thing and i'm glad it didn't go through right but i you know i could never be outraged about it because it was just so so funny so i like that. Do you think that a saint louis city county merger is a a good thing all in a way yes in a way. No you know the the no part would probably be. I think that governments are are better when you have to party government's not just white democrats and black democrats the two parties and right now. The county is starting to become bluer than ever before more democrat than ever before and if you took the city in through that into the county now i'm not sure republican could could win anything other than a council seat <hes> <hes> okay and then what if from a positive standpoint would you see if it because people come in here and talk about streamlining costs and all of the duplication and expenditures with the variety of municipalities when you see that and cost effective. Do you think that that's a positive or do you think there's too much downside to do paul i i. I don't know i think there probably is some positive for financial <hes> savings but i don't know enough have to know how much you can and and i've always liked it smaller government. We actually know your alderman. <hes> you know i i live in clayton. Half on my block is the twentieth ward in the city and hafiz clayton and you know i can name alderman but you no. I'm not sure all the time who might county council member as i only know who it is right now because <hes> pat dolan poland who lost a young woman and i saw her. I only know about her because my daughter said you put <hes> an i forget her name name her yards yard sign in your yard and sure happy to help them buy you mentioned the privatization of the airport that lyda crews and inherited heritage. What is your perspective on that topic well. I'm not a financial <hes> guru at all but it seems seems rigged. I mean you know that the consultants are only going to be paid if if they come up or maybe it's the organization that's paying the consultants will only be paid if the consultants <hes> decide that we ought to privatize something goofy in there that when you read it anything you think well that can't be right and these mistakes are never made inadvertently. I mean there's always if reading all they can't mean that they do mean there yeah and and and there's always a reason they mean that hey and i think it was lisa. Sleigh was women who beat dolan and my daughter put the yard sign in her young. I just i guess just to clarify my daughter. Put your daughter me see if i'm right at least selenium lisa clancey. I clancy there you go. I was in the back of mind cause. The tower teeth thing was a big deal to a lot of audience on and no one was that was a whole thing <hes> the tower teeth thing big deal. You know i because i didn't grow up here. I never never liked hit. Baseball's out of our identity was once or twice and you know i've treated golf like social media. You can see it saint louis country yes or so so i didn't miss it in that way but in just the sun a mantle way i mean i knew how much power he meant to people in the same way. The famous buyer des yeah yeah. I mean like when i came here. Everybody to famous barstool absolutely worked their dad worked and in our our t. had that kind of conic saint louis thing so i i was <hes> rooting against the develop and <hes> and look at what's happened it's going to it's going to gather author. <hes> live on lazarus. It's going to rise. Apparently who knows yeah so you mentioned earlier in your well-documented well documented cubs fan <hes> riding in saint louis account that often times of course will have politics in saint louis as a cubs fan. It's one thing to go against the grain in saint louis. It's another thing they want to go against the grain as a cubs fan. Did people really really get lit up by that or is oftentimes just friendly banter about it depends depends on you know if a cubs aren't doing well on the cardinals are then people look upon cub fans like you know but drunk uncle at the family picnic you know you don't want your children to grow up like that but he's harmless. He's he's okay. It's funny but when the cubs hubs are good. Suddenly people really offended but you know i grew up as a cub fan on the south side of chicago also you're contrary and way back one right and and my people came from ulster belfast and we were protestants over there so we've all. It seems like we've always not gotten in not not gotten gotten along so as you're growing up i mean you know you have a good site. What sixty nine correct was sixty nine. The cubs debacle yes but i was in the service. Then i missed you missed a good ignorance is bliss. Eighty four leon durham sure eighty nine will clark <hes>. I recall that one one is a as a youngster and had some good teams. I mean that some people kind of forget about it but they'll they'll remember bartman three as you're watching things like this us. I'm curious. What's never really gotten it from a cubs fan perspective cardinal fan perspective is like i candidate. I don't mind the key. I mean wrigley field wonderful. It's is a great atmosphere to help a lot different than bush stadium. It's a social event. It's fun so i would watch these things and i go. I it's i felt like there was somewhat of a parallel with the blues like these tragic moments but everybody nationally knew about the cubs hockey being more niche so in all three for example bartman will all i i i was beside myself. Okay watched why acid like i knew you could even though that was a foul ball. It was just there's another strike. <hes> the cubs are up by three runs. Come fans consents when we and we'd hit the iceberg work and and <hes> my says lou i think he was down and dusty baker and the you know everybody in the cub. World knew what what happened. We've hit the iceberg doesn't seem bad. You know it's just another foul ball but no this is it so so i was beside myself but on the other hand when i grew up the sir terrible eighth eight team like i would daydream about the place and and those teams were you know were really okay good i thought and then when they evolved into the sixty nine cubs which were like the twenty-seven yanked. I mean you know billy williams. Cerny banks ron santo fergie jenkins all hall of famers and an a great crew customer and backer record and randy hundley. I mean this was a good thing and even before that like every year i would think that's a good team and of course is at the same time as the last year because the way baseball do but i think you know well they were actually good last year some place or not and ah so they were always bad when when the league expanded to ten teams came in ninth and it's also a sort of a victory you know hey but on the other hand it was and and that's when they hired leo durocher and he came in and i guarantee you this isn't a ninth place team and that year they finished tenth and as <hes> on all the writers on the rozier talking to so i was used those cubs and so all these new cub teams they're already pretty impressive to me yeah the idea of a team that's in first place with a manager who is under fire has seem completely for me and i look at the cardinals cardinals and they're right their game and a half out of first right now and if i sometimes read the comment lines on their stories just for the the enjoyment of it you know these people are so i mean the cardinals are game out and these people are beside themselves. Do you think it was the worst team ever that's and and there's calls for as long as you go to the games. You know it won't get better and i think what kind of fan doesn't want i mean i wanted to go to the games in the cubs nice place team so it's all right you're late colleague. Joe straus <hes> talked about the idea idea that whenever they start to not have this consistent run of postseason appearances. It's going to be a hell of a story in your word probably would be fun to see the fan base is going to be like because since two thousand it's almost been like a birthright as a cardinal. Fan has been down years there in the mix in september right. Every years is two thousand and that's what you're seeing now bill. You're seeing people go well. It's not good enough. They're not spending money. You go with my god. You're complaining about all these contracts so therefore they had to have spent money to get bad contracts right right. I i don't know there's you know there's so much about that baseball. I don't understand why free agents are bust. I don't you know i can say okay. Okay the draft choice and this is some kid in highschool hitting with a metal bat. It doesn't translate. I'd i understand that but the free agents like if if you get somebody somebody he's already performed at that level and i think that not can be many busts at that but they're always are crazy and they usually get the most most money that's that's. The nature of the pitchers sign a picture who's winning for another team if they have to do as well for us and they'll they'll go to the new team. They'll be absolutely rarely those long term. Things chris sale right now threads so in sixteen. I remind couldn't wait to read your column mm-hmm when it all finally happened. Take me back to the night in cleveland of game seven. Oh my were watching it. You know in my basement my daughter my daughter's big cubs fan. You know my son never he's a he was a key. He's a cardinal fan. You and you just can't raise the little boy in saint louis. My wife thought it was great that he was standing up to me. I said hey cardinals today drugs tomorrow but that didn't turn got my signs a great guy but so my daughter and i were there and things looked really good and she had a friend over and and <hes> friends bill some red wine on our carpet. I it's basement. It's not like a fancy basement. We haven't it's carpeted beige carpeting opening and friends built red wine on it and felt bad. I said i'll get that off with white wine but some white wine and that doesn't work we'll get the he'll don't worry about this will be a memory of when the cubs and it looked like they would and then things fell apart near the end and then there was the rain delay and can you talk about not seeing things coming when the rain delay came in the seventh game of the world series. I told my daughters you might as well go home. Do not gonna uh delay this for an hour and then start again. They're gonna wanna have game the end game seven tomorrow night it. It will be a must see so you know you go home. You know dad understands the world and an hour later they announced. We're playing again. You know it was it was crazy but you have a sense ends of doom for that our you recall you know i don't. I think i was just numb. It seemed kind of other worldly like the cubs in the seventh game of world series. It does is like the end. Quayle's friends felt when he got nominated for vice president <music>. I'm serious. I mean i i talked to one say like he went into you know close the blinds and thought dan quayle vice president and that's sort of the way yeah cubs seventh game. It didn't seem right so so nothing seemed right and then they came back and won while so what was what was that moment like when brian throws over to wrap it up. What are you doing our tears. Yell yeah i. I find myself crying sometimes. I wish i didn't but i do. Yes oh sure i'm i'm certain i was crying. I mean after all of that but i really do feel parallel that maybe you would push back with the blues. I wouldn't push back and we're blues. Fans sure you know <hes>. When i left chicago i gave up the blackhawks the bears the bulls care for any of them anymore but the cubs the relationship you have the name you follow it as a little kid. Listen to on a transistor so we're we're fans of the blues so we were. We were thrilled. Ohio almost thought about getting tickets for the <hes> world series my wife you know lesser sent him you now. If you want to spend money and go to a game in chicago i won't complain and on the i'd rather get a condo and sandy the week you know they didn't do this and you know and in fact i remember somebody telling me that a cubs fan spend for the seventh game front row seats behind the cubs dugout. Something like twenty thousand dollars and i said to a friend. There's another friend of mine danny rainier your local lawyer. Who's come fan dan. I said i said jeevan cubs fan dan. Even if i had the money that's too expensive and dance. Well amortize it over one hundred and eight years. Everything makes sense if you how you so <hes> yeah we were thrilled to see the blues when that's the reason i think of that is because when when the blues and the stanley cup final against the boston bruins i thought to myself. It doesn't sound right like what you're saying about the cubs in game of the world series. It doesn't sound right. She almost feel like you're you're already. You already accomplished something even just by being there oh yeah and especially that it's austin i mean like you really don't want to be playing well. They almost would have been playing. I think the carolina carolina hurricanes cheap airline heard right the boston bruins. That's so so yeah. It was <music> very cool. I mentioned ray hartmann awhile you know ray u._c.'s season tickets right on the front gave them up the only gave him up. He had to do it recently because i remember seeing him yeah yeah yeah. It was either for this year for the year before oh right right so all right. Let's wrap this thing up. I've already kept you long enough and i i know you might forcing you to trigger the memory but i'm really curious of all the stories as you've covered and written about in your time in saint louis. Is there one that stands out he was this was this was this was the one this was fun. As you like to say <hes> or an honor or unfortunate that i had to write about something that you go yeah that was that was it i mean there's so many and it might not and there's some of each i mean never be some that you know all awful stuff and there's some that were fun yeah and yeah <hes> tim. I'm afraid i answer my mind and you know put together a couple of books columns and you the paper and when i had to select those columns they said hey you know pick which you know what everyone and i've been writing for calms week for years. It's okay and it all depends on my mood like sometimes i'd start to count and i go. This is pretty good. That's a pretty good. That's a nice i story you and i i'd like all of them and in another mood i hope could i show my face you know how can i walk around town. Having written this jeez there could have been done better and i wouldn't like any of them so so it's really hard for me to say. This was my best column well. I'll tell you what i mean. I've enjoyed even though it's a obviously difficult topic is the way you've written about your health scare. Oh well well. Thanks you know when when it's i mean it's it's it's beautiful which is an odd adjective to us considering the topic but it's it's beautiful. Well thank you you know when i was was first diagnosed with with the first cancer which was cleanse your carcinoma which is bio- ducking and in operable i i wrote what about that because i thought well you know i. I'm not making a secret even my friends know and rather than have a kind of followed a little bit here and and and you know and maybe not quite right or you know the different yeah. I thought the easiest thing is just to write about because i was starting to sign cancer center people would recognize your story now. No actually i've been dying obama so i thought easy way to do it. It's the right amount so then. I wrote about it once. I i don't wanna make this a journal of my health but i'll write about it again. Just update so you know and especially for me on such gabby. I beat chatty person. I mean the truth is when i was diagnosed. I went to schnapps. You know i felt like chuck. I'll woman. You won't believe what happened to me but you know i didn't but i mean so. It wasn't like hard for me. I mean i've been columnist for so many years. I don't have much of a sense the privacy now. That's kind of the comes with it. I suppose but i think it's i think the way i would imagine there are a number of people who reached out with some equally beautiful. Perhaps sentiment that could relate to what you were experiencing and also well wishes you know many people who normally go written by right yeah. That's that's true. I i all. The messages that i received. Were positive ones. I can't think of a negative everybody everybody was very nice. You know my a constant. Critics decided to just you know not take it too seriously and not just be quiet and it is very good for them. It's so yeah and i met a number of people through <hes> having cancer me. That's that's for sure yeah. How are you doing feeling as we sit here right well. I'm feeling terrific. You look great. I'm not gonna say you really do look great. Although i mean the cancer is back so i'm getting some you know not the colangelo carcinoma but the colon cancer today later got is they are so i'm taking chemotherapy for that but i haven't had an few days so you know i feel strong and fine. You know i i've i've often felt almost fraudulent that 'cause i generally feel good and when i've been in the hospital i feel like you know the healthiest person in the oncology ward and then and <hes> i had a stroke and i felt like the healthiest person that neurology boy i mean it's it's crazy and i'm very lucky that did i haven't felt worse. Will you really do look good. I love and i'll see some senior right now of course but i'll watch on donnybrook. Do you love doing donnybrook. I love watch. I feel like everybody kind of has a role and you're kind of like the coming over the top like the voice of reason i don't know about that but donnybrook is a last and always has been and you know martin charlie calls ray and the founders but actually it was you know martin dugan do mark vineyard enrich koster who came up with the idea and then they wanted to add to so they called ryan i and and <hes> so we've been there since the beginning but it's ben fun from the gut goal and especially when i realized that you don't need to know anything i mean when i wish when we started doing tim i thought you know i wish i knew what we're going to talk about and martin and vitit and koster sometimes have breakfast activist and i was always to visit. I wish i had like a heads off the and if i did get heads up i would then look into you know briefly you. Were you know soon. I came to realize that if you don't know anything you don't have to say i can sit there and just listen or comment on something i mean. There's somebody else says but you know it makes it even more fun to get up there and talk about something. You know nothing about but it's it's. It's a blast i love. I really do love that show. I don't know why i realized that probably skews a little older as far as the demographic so my wife will come in and introduce. You'll see like i've have d._v._r. At at and i can't wait to watch what in the i love it alpine. I'm sorry i'll see alvin. I say she goes. He goes all you gotta come on on. I don't think you guys want me to soil the you know tori my septic tank but i love that show. I think it's great that there is a show like that in saint louis. It's been <hes> fun from the beginning and we'll sometimes have. I wised wine and cheese reception. You know for people give it a you know eighty dollars. I don't and i wouldn't i <hes> doing. I said the martin martin people would pay for this as therapies. You do get that right. I mean i we get to go on tv. Talk about things we you may not know anything about then. We get free wine and strangers. Come up and tell us how much they liked. You could charge fifteen hundred dollars dollars for somebody who's having self esteem problems and i said this is what you've got us into this awfully nice. Thank you thank you oh and and martin appreciated it. I love it. I really do i am honored that you have come in and <hes> and told your stories and <hes> and i've gotten a chance to talk about it all with you you and <hes> really i think a lot of people <hes> have enjoyed reading so much of what it would like. I said it's just like this is what i think. You might not like it but this is what i think and i feel like that's if anything you can lose your career right now for doing so. I think it's it's refreshing well. I came in at a perfect time. I mean it's you know uh-huh the papers been very good to me and i'm not worried about them firing me but if they were eight amino we're taking away your weekly column tomorrow. Okay i mean <hes> you know i it's again. It's like therapy being able to write things and it allows me to have the very thin veneer of being a reporter. I can still go to trials <hes> and i can still call people and say what are you doing you know and they don't have to say why. Would i tell you i have that little bit veneer the case scenario right right so so i'm fortunate with that bill thank you so much that all right pleasure so there it is bill bill mcclellan of the post-dispatch presented by mark hanna of evergreen wealth strategies here on the tim mckernan show thank you thank you to bill for coming into the home loan expert dot com studios in sharing his story sharing his perspective <hes> i think i would imagine you got the same sense like even if like you disagree with his viewpoints points to good guy coming from a good place and <hes> and i liked the way things that many would go all that was brutal. Rudolph matt not had to be miserable. What fun story and then he explained why he used the term fun. When you take a step back i see where he's coming from. <hes> <hes> <hes> i dunno. I bet that's one that <hes> that i when people will ask me about favorite interviews that will stand out because sometimes sometimes we have these spots you know like when for example like a young page views <hes> guys i know and you know don't overstate meaning page views hanging out away from because i just got to know him here over the last year but he's somebody to hang out with and have hung out with away from the studio cam. <hes> you know in guys like chalk. Edmunds hasn't been on it but i'm i guess he's been on maybe has has been on <hes> but people i know and it's just like talk about whatever and it's gonna fucking learn. I've gotten to know learn and could sit here and his bullshit but i also have a anxiety when it's people i don't know oh and <hes> and i know the audience knows who's who they are. <hes> now i know of course who bill mclaughlin is but i don't know him and then he doesn't know me and then there's a feeling out process and it's you know. I don't know how it's going to go and fred way. He's even though he was the guest and i was the host. He was wall climbing and i remember at one point. I was just like listening to him. Talk and like moved away from the microphone like leaned in. I'm like oh yeah. I'm hosting this. I'm going to have to be ready ready to talk when he stops talking but i just kind of caught up in the stories he was telling the perspective he was giving so <hes> that stands out to me and i hope you enjoyed it. As much as i enjoyed <hes> having the conversation with him. It's presented by the home loan expert dot com marquette evergreen wealth strategies james carlton carlton state farm insurance agency johnny randolph chevrolet highway two who seventy in the washington elizabeth exit online dot com chevy find new roads and designer heating cooling online designer service dot com the number one train dealer in the midwest. It is hard hard to stop a train design air service dot com <hes> thank you to gangster pete. Thank you agee for producing. Thank you to you for listening and thank you to bill mcclellan for joining tim kernan show on the inside st l. podcast network.

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Game Day Update with Derrick Goold  September 11, 2019

Scoops with Danny Mac

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Game Day Update with Derrick Goold September 11, 2019

"Have you ever wanted to throw out the first pitch at cardinals game become a design air heating and cooling customer in you'll get that chance call this number now three one four seven three nine sixteen eight hundred three one four seven three nine sixteen hundred become a designer heating and cooling customer and you could be throwing out the first pitch and receive four all inclusive tickets to that game game three one four seven three nine sixteen hundred the chance of a lifetime thanks to design air heating and cooling proud partner of the Saint Louis Cardinals. I I'm Ryan Kelly with the home loan expert Dot Com. The only thing I like better than baseball is saving people money start saving now with a cash-out refinance at the home loan expert. Dot Com enjoy the podcast welcome in two scoops Danny Mac dot com. We'll get you said before a game number two tonight. It's the cardinals and the ROCKIES headquarters field in Denver game will be seen on Fox sports midwest in just a Moment Derek Gould of the post dispatch. If you're new to the website we have Wednesdays with Walden. I visited with Brian Walton if the CARDINAL NATION DOT COM and it is all about the minor leagues for the most part and the cardinals have made some news concerning the the Arizona Fall League in some of their top players that are headed to Arizona and the fall league will begin in a week a week from today and that's one of the topic points that we got into with Brian Walden donation dot com up eight minor leaguers going to leak seven of been named and thus that starts week from today Wednesday September eighteenth in Arizona runs through just finish just before Halloween and the cardinals they're not typically things down one starter for three or four relief pitchers and as well as the then of course catcher infielder outfielder Griffin Roberts who is early pick nick in two thousand eighteen is going down. He was at Palm Beach and he was the player who was suspended for the season. Has An excellent slider is sliders. His it really is claim to fame but he was very very consistent at Griffin Roberts was at Palm Beach. I really had a tough time to see so it'll be interesting to see how he performs against that advanced competition cody worthy reliever. I mentioned before is going down as except. LSU is another two thousand seventeen drafty who like Willie's move very quickly and has already not reach Memphis in just a season and a half basically as a professional and then on the officer side don't cost and everybody knows and you know Dylan Carlson and already had over five hundred fifty appearances during the season but he could get another hundred or so experienced against some good pitching in Arizona Alerts Monteiro. The third basement went had a had a really a tough season because he had a hammy own injury and so for him. It's about getting more at bats and they're trying to get power back. Kramer Roberson infielder there from Lsu that the cardinals drafter years back bounce between Springfield and Memphis very good defensively hasn't really come through yet with the bat and then the second get youngest pitcher in the Arizona in excuse me the second youngest player in the Arizona Fall League nineteen year old catcher Yvonne Herrera who has exceptional at Peoria Elliott opened the season finish the year at Palm Beach and the cardinals kind of a lot of interest and excitement about young cancer Vonda Rae era who will also be among the cardinals group in in years you can hear more with Ryan Walton and we'll dive into the minor league system and the Resurgence of Memphis towards the tail end of the season Carlson some of togethers and that's all up right now it scoops Danny Mac dot com and download that to your favorite devices coming up with Derek goal. We'll talk about the role of baseball nope in nine eleven helping bring the country back healing the country if you will and get into what happened last night missed opportunities also Dakota. Oh to hotson getting the star tonight here for game number. Two well is Sunday brunch your favorite weekend activity if it is kick it up a notch at westport social games are always free brench brand new on Sundays ever wanted. A Bacon cheeseburger served on a glazed donut done well. You can get that at westport social. It's a foodie dream delight westport social. They've got ping pong hoop so much more and live music every weekend the branch Ron John Sundays and if you're looking for a private party to host a special event think westport social just visit their website Westport Social Dash S. T. L. DOT com for more information coming up. We'll visit Gould of the post-dispatch pay Saint Louis. It's Matt Carpenter for my friends. I want to tell you about the surprises they haven't storage. 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It'll be game number two tonight between the cardinals and the rockies and you can see that game on Fox Sports Midwest covering the game for the post post-dispatch stltoday.com it will be Derek Golda contributor discuss with Danny Mac dot com and here we are Derek eighteen years later nine nine eleven. I remember waking up in Milwaukee with club covering the the Saint Louis Cardinals at that point in your career your with the Saint Louis Blues in Alaska it does make you stop in your tracks every nine eleven and just think about where you were what you were doing that day doesn't it if for I and who you knew who was impacted by it inlets that's sort of what crosses your mind listen to the speeches to the memorials to everything today just kind of try to recall yet. I mean it was an interesting time because I just started at the post-dispatch within the week like the September eighth or September seventh was my first day at the post-dispatch and then a few days later on a plane to Alaska for for training camp with the Blues. I've been hired to cover the blues in Post. Dispatch thought you know what rightly so like you know. Hey they're going to Alaska. You should go to Alaska ask of secret chance for the to meet the team and I did in the worst circumstances. you know as a as a chaotic time. you know there was a knock at my door five whatever am. I guess it was and and I had I had already seen what had happened. I had the news on at the washing it when the knock on the door came open it up and out macinnis macinnis was like a turn on the TV. If you haven't call your family tell me love him and he was going up down down the hallway to make sure that the people were late and did they knew what was coming are. They knew what was going on and that a a lot of people gathered in the lobby eventually and it was there in the lobby where a whole bunch of phone started ringing at the same time and that's that's when folks learned that the scout had you know a former blue in a scout been killed in one of the one of the planes the male found out at the same time armie saw the anguish on their face another side of that is that there's actually in the hotel that the blues lose that we were all standing was one of Taller buildings in Anchorage Right and at one point in time there was a plane coming in from Asia that did not respond to the no fly no land that had been issued for the US and it circled anchorage and so there was an evacuation of all the tall buildings in anchorage at so we're all on the on the street as this plane was circling acreage and fighter jets from nearby were were were released an intercepted the plane. It was something it was. There's a lot of confusion fusion a lot of time to get to know each other a lot of getting to know the community because remember they're supposed to be hockey games up there to nap at that. San Jose never showed up for those games they could but I also learned about a culture too because while you guys were in Milwaukee had to bus home right some. It's not all of us. Yes I got one of the last rental cars in the area yeah okay but yeah you couldn't fly back right. Correct will up there. Obviously we got grounded for a little bit longer than expected on and could return home but up there are so many things are flight based. You know people commute to work by airplane and there were hunters out in the Bush who were unable to be they couldn't go pick them up and so one of the scenes story real quick that we saw was all these pickup trucks circling the local daily early newspaper and what was happening was there the senator on the representative from Alaska were arguing vehemently that they they had to open up the airports at least in Alaska. They had to give them a chance to fly because they had people who were expected to be picked up two days ago. Go running low on supplies. They had to get them and once that was lifted and they finally got a chance to fly out and get the hunters. who were you know who couldn't could be reached or were expecting to have a rendezvous with this point? Two days earlier Wednesdays at the newspaper did was print out a whole bunch of their of their papers from September eleventh and give them to the pilots so that when the pilots went to pick up the hunters they could just hand them the newspaper newspaper at say he this is why we're late. This is what's been going on. I mean so many stories you know I mean it's incredible and I. I just think that when I when I think back to how baseball played a role in helping folks get back. There's in many images I think about from Jack Buck speech to when we came back I think about Oscar Mike Piazza's home run the game at Shea Stadium. I also think about President Bush throwing out the first pitch during World Series game. I mean there's so many things yeah we're baseball. did play a healing role of some sort I don't know how big of some sort a diversion if what was the mood like because I was not there obviously for for buck speech for butts faults. What was what was that like it. Was it was different. I mean it. was you know we all were back at at the ballpark certainly baseball taken such a backstage to anything going on much less anything outside tried your life or you know everybody was glued to the TV in the news and following up and following up on loved ones and where people were like you mentioned. I do thank though there was a sense that people ready to Kinda. Get back to normalcy was the right word to use but back to baseball or back to where hey. Let's you oh you know let's dust ourselves off and move on not move on. I guess move forward it. We'd be the right word to use and it was a different vibe at the ballpark and I think once the game started it felt like baseball but in the beginning it was different. Derek I mean I it's hard to describe what it was like but it definitely was different. Yeah I just wasn't said kind of allowed everybody to to from the outside looking in it sounds like somebody put words words to the feelings of should we be year. It's okay to be here yeah and and resounding yes which was very well said. Let's talk talk about the game a little bit last night not to you know all of a sudden just change things up but let's do it missed opportunities bases loaded one out didn't score. I the third one out did not score. It's kind of been the bugaboo the cardinals at times this year during some of their losses yeah you know that's all situational hitting right tops opposites excellent situational pitching. Sometimes it's choices I thought there were there was one example right. Okay so you know run around I in third right one out baiter up and you know here's your choice right the town on empty. Get the ball in the air. Do you have a football in the grounds and or do you let Adams swing away right and in some ways coors field influence the decision at Seve's runners on base decision of course fielded it plus the decision somewhat more that baby the score decision because they thought you know are beginning beginnings around the corner every you know every inning at this ballpark and it didn't happen at rather than assure the one-run. There were times like all right. We're going to get a crooked number and that that never came to fruition so that caught him a little bit. I think their expectations of course feel comfortable over certainly the rockies pitching which has been atrocious here at coors field field you know they have they haven't era approaching seven and no other at home and they and no other team in the National League has a Dra greater within five point five so you're talking about almost running a half worse than every other team in the National League. You know opposing hitters here have like a it's almost nine hundred s at the cardinals had a good game on Friday night at might be a nine hundred sixty s against the rocky so you know they're turning opposing teams it all stars here but not the cardinals so. I get why the cardinals waited for the big moment. It's just never arrived and Tsk as a result. You're right we saw kind of opportunity slip through their fears because the the situation hitting wasn't there just wasn't there and it's. It's one of those games. It's kind of a missed opportunity now. You have eighteen to go. You're up four games and it's interesting. You'RE NOT GONNA win every game and brought to something I know that you and I have talked talked about on Friday game that you know the cardinals. Kinda let slip away and then obviously last night missed opportunities to you'RE NOT GONNA win every game yeah. That's the thing is they don't need me to go nineteen and how to win the division and there's GonNa be some bumps along the way here. you know the bullpen. Blowout are are the full blown bullpen. I don't know how to say that the blown bullpen Friday night there Pittsburgh the lack of hitting and really you know Gonzales had a sharp sharp cutter that they had seen before on his able to do some things that he did not do in Saint Louis. There really hasn't done all that well or certainly not as consistently Salihi you know the season as he searched for his first win in many many many years since he was with Texas you know so I I think there there are times where in baseball you're GONNA get beat. There are times when pitchers figure out something and because he has control the ball is going to hold an offense at Baiyun. Ah The best offense even a good offense even rolling offense and there are times when the team did is thirty two and a half games back faced with possible the nation the rockies could have been eliminated last year or last night. Sorry from the from the race which effectively happened already. you know they they still have they still have talent and they can still beat you so. I don't think like these these little pocket losses. They're not the end of the world and they're not the end of the rays of there not some kinda symbol that the cardinals are going to make it to October or don't belong in October. There's just gapes and as long as cardinals win two out of three from here. They're going to be division champs. If they win two out of three in in October they're going to be champs and so you know it is it's important to kind of keep a perspective on like hey they're going to be games is there are losses and as long as they're not like atrocious losses like you know. I I point back to last year's loss of Milwaukee where it looks like the cardinals channels didn't belong in the field then there's nothing to like the you'll alarmed about yeah. I would agree with that and speaking of Milwaukee the loss of Yelich obviously huge here down the stretch in it as it pertains to this weekend against the brewers massive. you know a guy who has really given lucky. He took care of the cubs this past week. The cardinals have their lead right now the division in It's a four in part because Yeltsin what he did against the cubs. I joked that you know it's finally time for Yelich to play for the cardinals and there he was just tremendous. Medicine obviously Carl's fans on the cardinals know what he did against them to open the season. I think he seemed like he had half of his RB is on the first two weeks leaks facing the cardinal so yeah huge blow to them is that I mean it's just it's hard to see how they keep the pieces together to put together a run now it's possible there still have the ability but they just don't have an MVP in the middle of their lineups strike drake theorin everybody now and in really changes the complexion of the upcoming series of Busch Stadium. It's more of it becomes more of a case swear can the cardinals and the brewers season yeah absolutely tonight the cardinals turn to to CODA Hodson head a little bump open the road. I thought Derek maybe midway through in at the beginning of the season that side of that you think about flaherty in Hudson is a one two punch in postseason play and they gave you you know they're going to give you a chance chance to win some games absolutely in what I'll ask your opinion on this you think it is one to put them in the postseason as the cardinals get it as division series sears and that's still an S. but they're on track. No I don't I think that wainwright would get started home. FLIRTY would go game one and then you put the on the road. If things things would line up properly yet I think I think I would not be shocked. If in a short series they don't announce Hudson as a starter starter and they have Hudson at as things are going bad and gave one bad game to Vailable to put out the fire yeah. I could definitely see that. I would have to see how game one went before. I'd make that fully available available. If that makes sense Yeah Yeah I. I think that he is such a versatile. What he does is so versatile. The two riveted him into like okay. We're GONNA make him do this. Start might not be part of the strategy whereas you know Michael is going to start. He's a starter he's ready to start. He does well starting flaherty. Obviously if you get there and have the choice to start game. One do no doubt I just think Hudson offers such a fascinating flex. Stitcher did the he could go game three. If it's for all the marbles right or you get wainwright if that's the home home games and then you have Hudson for four to start unless he's needed earlier is this. He offers a lot options. Are you ready for the boys of the summer. Well pulled up a front row seated hotshot sports bar and grill for all the cardinals action this season at one of their eleven area locations inst- during every cardinals game you can enjoy the new hotshot strip play special featuring a large pizza order boneless wings and a bucket of bud family bottles available for a great price also be sure to join the party on the last Tuesday of each month they season for hotshots ticket. Tuesday and your shot got to score a pair of tickets to an upcoming game. Don't forget to score one dollar hotshots Tacos any day after the cardinals score eight or more runs potshots proud home accardo pan since nineteen ninety your home for all the Games all the time find a hotshots location near you. hotshots net dot dot com. What do you think has been the difference with him as you watch him in as to why he's had success as we wrap it up here I think it's I think it's a downright nasty asti filthy sinker that he throws without trying to place it. He's got a great deal forward as Scott cystic movement that he's met with searching for early in the season I think it's the mix of secondary pitches which he's been able to use more assertively command I think he throws enough looks in that. You can just go back to rely on the sinker. I think he also you know I mean there. There were times where US walking Geyser Hazar getting into those problematic innings tribes to veer to the outside and now he's just invited ground balls and get the defense to work he he says this start accord field will be interesting because in a lot of ways you think he's the he's the kind of Pitcher who should thrive even at this altitude dude there wasn't too long ago where the rockies would try to collect guys like him to do well here and you look back to kind of the pitchers who profile like Hudson and they've pitched while at this ballpark and I think he just he's out there put his defense to work in two tests opponents with the sinker and if he gets in a favorable count he's got gotta seeking swings and misses. Hey Derek thanks so much appreciate it. We'll try to catch up tomorrow if not we'll definitely catch up on. Friday sounds good yeah day game. The real gauntlet begins right absolutely gets a Lotta. Fun brewers will be in town. You'll see Washington and the final road trip Chicago Gore Area Zona then finish up with the cubs and postseason play fingers crossed over Cardinal Fan. Thanks Derrick.

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The Tim McKernan Show Ep. 258  QFTA

The Tim McKernan Show

1:51:30 hr | 1 year ago

The Tim McKernan Show Ep. 258 QFTA

"Yes yes welcome in to another edition of questions from the audience on the tim mckernan show from the home loan expert that comes studios. I'm your host tim mckernan alongside the great gangster pete producer extraordinarily this fine podcast and we are looking forward to talking it over with you. The audience who submits amidst questions at t- mckernan it inside s. t. l. that calm or via facebook <hes> on the t. m. fan page. If you haven't joined a join in the fun and games were like seventy one hundred thirty members i think is is where we are on that thing and <hes> and any question goes and it just kind of a wandering monologue that then leads to follow up questions and that's what we start in the email today i have been and will continue to be critical of twitter being cited by news organizations as an indication occasion of the pulse of take your pick of whatever section of the population my analogy for those of you who are from the saint louis. Area is the sound off section at the post dispatch. I don't know if they still do that. They used to <hes> put i. I think it was on sundays. Were someone would write in something that i think usually the way to get published would be to have kind of an extreme being polite opinion and then we laugh at it <hes> but then cast he k. k. t. v. i. or came lovie didn't than and say earlier today in the post-dispatch you know so-and-so mike to tacos big al claimed had this to say about the cardinal organization visitation and there seems to be some backlash will now we've taken the sound off section and given it credibility by citing twitter's there's outrage on twitter twitter or there's backlash and the reason why i don't like it because you're now giving platforms to who <hes> extremes <hes> and then having them represent populations that i don't believe they're representative of but also there are anonymous and my experience through a variety of different <hes> online slot media <hes> <hes> dealings is that it's the anonymity that gives way to the mean-spirited elements of discussion and if you look at somebody who is experiencing backlash on twitter you can then go into the people who are giving them backlash and in my very arbitrary estimation ninety percent of those are not fake per se but burners there's in other words people not using their rear real account and so they use it as a way to just i i gather there are some kinds of <hes> voids personally personally or professionally that they then that they can use twitter to attack people to to fill those voids. That's what it goes on and so that is my that is my overall premise. Now this first e mail in today's edition of questions from the audience is good because it's it's <hes> pushback although <hes>. I don't really think it's that much pushback but i welcome pushback i don't want to i want. I want this to be an ongoing discussion. Whatever topic it is. I i mean we we talk about sports politics sex social media <hes> religion everything is welcome so fire away anytime and it's not like i've got all the answers and sometimes i certainly have certainly have changed over the fifteen years. We've been doing t._m._a. And <hes> and i'm certainly open to continuing to change with more evidence or life experience so here it is a tim. I have a question for you for q f._t._a. And i'd also like to push back a <music> bit against an opinion that you have weird for me <hes> opinion that you have parentheses weird for me. I'm usually total lending <hes> end parentheses period. Why are you so against anonymity on twitter. Allow me to articulate my disagreement with you on this topic. I used to have my name on my twitter a few years ago. When the trend started where people would try to get other people fired over tweets. I deleted my account and made a new one under an anonymous name. I look back on that now now and feel that it was a smart decision given how much cancel culture has ramped up the other day when you were reading tweets about dave chapelle special illustrates my point perfectly perfectly <hes> i think a super woke person tried to get another person fired from their volunteer job at the red cross <hes> and that is true. I did did read that and it was phenomenal. <hes> it's a runaway train. I have generally conservative views. Maybe not as much as doug doug on co host on t._m._a. But still pretty much conservative and sometimes genuinely worry that if the wrong person happens to see a tweet from me that they disagree with they might try to docks me and get me fired tired. Do you think this is a valid concern or reason. Slash justification for staying anonymous for what it's worth. I'm an attorney here in town. Sorry if this is too long for q. f._d._a. But it's just something i genuinely disagree with you on respectfully i gather he doesn't want his name used <hes> aka jimbo slice aka. Oh the glory hole lawyer <hes> c. p. s. not at all related to q. f. t. a. but my wife and i had a four year struggle with infertility. We are now now pregnant. Oh god bless america the but your story provided so much encouragement for me not my wife because whenever i tried to get her to listen. She says she says she asks. Why do do you listen to this fair question. I love you tim. That's from the <hes> the glory hole lawyer so your premise on anonymity is different than where i'm going with anonymity liberty so that's why i don't necessarily consider pushback although like i said i welcome pushback. I respect pushback <hes>. I think it's it's healthy. I don't want this to because again. It's not like i'm i'm the answer key here. I'm i'm i'm florida's faulk. So what i'm talking about is different than what you're talking about you <hes> as an attorney but either way just as a as a non public figure expressing opinions on twitter assuming by the way you're you're not attacking people that is that we're going to operate off premise which may not be fair <hes> but if you are just expressing opinions let's let's say politically <hes> which certainly at this moment can can get <hes> can get people banti <hes> and you might be bantu yourself glory for lawyer. I don't know <hes> <hes> that's different than what i'm talking about. Which is the media and oftentimes oftentimes. I feel like people use. The media is an easy scapegoat kind of like. I felt about twelve years ago. <hes> people use society is an an easy scapegoat. It could make it sound like you're taking a stand but in reality you're taking a stand against this nameless third person <hes> who no one when they here it feels they are a part of but all agree as the enemy so the media something we can all line up against because immediately people picture yes c._n._n. And m._s._n._b._c. the or yes fox news. Take your pick whatever but in this case when i'm talking about media i'm talking about c._n._n. I'm talking about fox news. I'm talking about local. I'm including everybody under that umbrella of quote unquote media because it has become a trend it becomes a trend because the people wanted. I often say people bitched about the candidates we hadn't november twenty sixteen for president and and an and i go well that it's not like you know aboard got together and foisted upon us they were they were voted in <hes> in in one their respective party's nomination and so the people got what they wanted <hes> so with respect to this all of these stories of backlash and outrage on social media <hes> they have to get clicks. They have to get ratings otherwise these outlets would not utilize them. I do think it trickles down from the national media at the local level. I've been in on these meetings been a long time. <hes> they're called the morning. At least they were where i was called the morning meeting where producers get together and plan out the day's stories and begin producing the five six and ten newscasts five and six in particular when it was in the morning and i remember being in these going oh my god these are the gatekeepers of information to the public and i guess when you take a step back. Why would i think it would be like sophisticated wise people in in this room room i mean the reality is more often than not. <hes> people get into television news at the very beginning with the goal of being on air. There are exceptions well often times the people who don't make it on air they stay in the business and then they're behind the scenes and then because is the on air people <hes> continue to be on air the people who didn't make it on air then become producers and then the management and the news directors and and so it's it's an odd spot <hes> it'd be like <hes> a baseball team having the people who got caught than having run the baseball team and i guess you can take a look at baseball right now and say well. I think that it actually is what's going on but at least those people bringing some element of <hes> statistics probability mathematical analysis to the table this is a different deal and so when i would watch this stuff off i would go wow this is kinda scary but i was twenty two twenty three twenty four years old and i kind of didn't care i would imagine not much has changed in so you see how stories are constructed how these morning meetings are created and then how newscasts are laid out and i would imagine when there's backlash on social media they know that that works and so it gets attention and so going back to the anonymity element of it to site people who are not really themselves and by that i mean you know it's take your pick of whatever random name that there's that has concocted on twitter <hes> to hide the the the real identity and then they attacked people that doesn't have the same credibility somebody willing to put their name in their face on it. That's my premise thomas. I'm not saying they should not be allowed to do it. I don't like it but i'm not looking to snuff it out. I'm saying paying for news organizations to cite this and what are they gonna. Do you think they're going to the site. The ones that would fit in the middle now they're going to cite the ones that are extreme and also what i would tell you is something that i think is pretty basic. Obvious is that if people know that they have the cloak loc- of anonymity than they are going to be more hateful mean-spirited irresponsible then if they knew that they would be accountable notable for what they say so that is my my premise on it. The other element that you're making reference to glory hole lawyer is some people dachshund trump absolutely totally against <hes> one doc saying examiner it goes on but i just remember seeing kathy griffin often do it <hes> or try to get people to do it. Within the last i feel like within the last six months. I'll give myself a wider berth and say within the last year and i thought to myself here is a woman who experienced some of the most intense vitriol <hes> and says her career was destroyed. The picture where she held up the the the head of donald trump <hes> and and knows what that is like to be on the receiving the end of it and now she is doing it and i thought to myself my god if anything once you've been on the receiving end of it i would think that you would not want to do it to other to other people but alas <hes> i recall seeing it sound like kathy griffin's the only people who docs people but <hes> i get that i don't like like what goes on with respect to <hes> the anonymity. I understand it's not going to change. I don't believe it's going to change <hes> in my utopian world a few weeks ago goes asked what is one thing that i would change and i said oh. I would like to make an law that people have to have their identities on social media <hes>. I know that won't happen again again. This was a fantasy but <hes> and i think the discourse would change really kind of basic. It's obvious but that's that's how i <unk> observant. That's a separate discussion than what i'm talking about with anonymity on twitter and news organizations using it as a way to <hes> site and credibility again it would be the sound off section being used to dictate policy or advertisers bowing down to the sound off section <hes> and and and that's that's my problem with all right. Let's see what else we have here. <hes> let's see tim again. I like this because he becomes comes. The family tree we talk about something and then people follow up when they listen and advanced discussion tim listening to t._a. Today in heard you say paraphrasing do schools ask the people to put signs in yards now. Where does this topic come from. I don't know i don't know how we arrived on it. I know i wouldn't have just brought it up for the hell of it so there had to be a the had to be an impetus for it and i was talking about how i personally <hes> would not want to put a sign of where for my children were going to school or a bumper sticker where my children are going to school my my reasoning for that is and i guess i'm coming at it from the saint louis u. Hi perspective <hes> because i know that there's a healthy percentage of people in saint ain't lewis who <hes> would consider that a brag. It's kind of like the thirteen point one or the twenty six point two on the bumper. It's like well. Should i put my income on on the back of my credits. Don't get it like okay tip of the cap. You ran a marathon but it's just like a blatant brag. I don't get it you know but whatever <hes> <hes> so that's why wouldn't do. It's just like none of i don't. I like a bumper sticker for a politician. I may be a huge fan of somebody but i'm not going to <hes> <hes> but that's me personally. I'm not saying you shouldn't do it. I'm just saying that's my mindset so <hes> with regard to these signs and i guess within the next four years <hes> those will be in play for me. I won't personally do it but i was at. Were a bumper sticker. If within the next whatever be thirteen years my son does go to take your pet. Once you saint louis you highs in example since that's where i went <hes> and <hes> it's. It's something something i personally wouldn't do. I'm not saying other shouldn't do it. I'm saying i personally wouldn't do it. I'm sure many of you. <hes> wouldn't <hes> solicit threesomes. You know that this is a case of tweets their own so in this particular situation. That's what was what we were talking about but i asked i said to schools make their their <hes> parents put these signs in the yard which i can't imagine a make them but encouraged and so this gentleman is responding to that part of the discussion listening a q. f. t. a. and heard you say paraphrasing schools. Ask people to put signs in yards and this gentleman says my three kids are in the fort zumwalt district currently but my oldest went to private school from kindergarten through fifth grade our experience. Was that the school board or p._t._a. Put a welcome to kindergarten at insert school name and then the child's name we ask for it or no it was coming. It did not happen after that year. I agree with the emailer. <hes> there was an email who said it makes the kids feel good and it has a marketing marketing aspect to it as well. Thanks comes from dave. Yeah i get it. I totally understand it. <hes> like i said for me. It's it's not something that i would do and if if all of our neighbors had up my son was going to the same school and he said why don't we have a sign up i would say i just that's just not something that that we advertise you. No i think what i hope to teach if i can. I don't know <hes> is an element of humility and again. I'm not i don't wanna draw this direct correlation in between the bragg <hes> order to me obvious brags in in the signs in the front yard of the bumper stickers because i know this is hitting home for a lot of you right now. Who have these signs in your front yard or the bumper stickers but from my standpoint i view them as unnecessary public displays that i think are attributed to <hes> in some form of a boast and that's something that i personally am not on board with again. I personally as some what makes my kid. It feels really good to have that and it gets excited for school and if that's the case then add might maybe when my son is in the spot five six years old that i'll want to do or that the school really encouraging there will be like why didn't you put the sign in the yard i would explain. This is my reasoning <hes> but that's my thought process. This is really in the whole scheme of things sounds something. I really feel passionately about. It comes more from <hes> observing what i think in saint louis is it kind of a saint louis specific. Take that home the people so socially conscious and i'm not talking about necessarily positive way of the perceived status of going to a private school that in reality is just so they can say their children go to private school when in reality they could be in the school district in which they live and receive just as good of an education but it's a status symbol and i'm anti status symbol. That's that's that's the overall premise <hes> now you can say well. I mean who gives a shit. If i'm going to you know take your pick. Whatever preschool or or elementary school grades go whatever you call it but that's that's where i'm coming from. <hes> which i think has led to this absurd inflation on the cost of private schools in saint louis. It's it's just it's the most obvious bubble. If i could short it. I wouldn't heartbeat <hes> the existence of some of these schools within the next ten years and also so the inevitable coming down of the cost of the education on less somehow i mean i i in a recession within the next decade. <hes> seems like pretty the obvious statement so therefore they're going to have to come down and then i would imagine some. We'll have to close but there are some that are that that's in my opinion. My experience experienced that. I think it's worth it but i think you have a number of them. Where you go yeah i just want to yeah he goes to so and so he goes to so and so and you're just like why why would you do that but and it's under the guise of religion and i don't believe that that's the case which then gets us back to status symbols and i think it's unhealthy personally. I'm not on board with it but if others these are on board with that i'm sure they listen to me and go wow you are really fucked in the head so it's not like i've got all the answer. I'm giving you my perspective on <hes> dave. Thank you very much <hes> for the email all right. We'll stay in the email inbox for questions from the audience here on the next question tim i've i've totally unrelated questions based off of your responses just to questions in previous q. f._t._a. So number one you've mentioned previously that you are more apathetic toward major league baseball than in the past. If you were the commissioner of major league baseball at rule changer interchanges. Would you implement to make the game more engaging for yourself and or the fence <hes>. It's a good question you're you're introducing premise that is accurate but but then insinuating insinuating makes it sound like you have negative intention that's not fair but then assuming that there are rule changes that <hes> would somehow <hes> fix it <hes> and that's that's not necessarily <hes> <hes> accurate. I think my i don't. I don't know if i don't know if my lack of interest toward baseball has to do with rules. I will say this but again i have to i have to i have to have to take myself back and go am i am. Is this more nostalgia or is it accurate and also recognize that from a business standpoint well. I don't know that interleague play. His latte led to an uptick in revenue. I don't know that my assumption is that it has is but i don't know that i do know as much as i can know without actually looking at the dollars i hate when people talk about the dollars of like my business <hes> <hes> and then just assume even know that doing it to be mean spirited and then i'll read it and i'm like okay i can get involved in this but then it's gonna come off the wrong way but at the same time i don't like false information to be out there past office office fact <hes> and so let me say this. I think interleague play in the expanded playoffs and i'm talking about expanded playoffs that go go back to nineteen ninety-four so for many of you. It's all that you know his been a positive for major league baseball's revenue so with that said these these changes aren't realistic but i liked number one. No interleague play really preferred that. I really preferred it i really he did. I think you can make an absolute direct correlation between the decline in popularity of the all star game two interleague play. I feel like you can actually pinpointed pointed to that on the time line and the world series being kind of a blah because of interleague play because there's a a good chance that the two teams meeting in the world series of already played each other and the thing that made the world series and the all star game so unique at the time in my my mind but it might not be cracked because now the games are on television so i wanna make sure incorporate that into the discussion is that you never saw these guys the opposition vision and yeah they could be free agent they could switch from league to league but that was the thing is the american league better in the alternate is american league team better than the national league team the styles of baseball <hes>. It's the one chance that the fans of the the other leagues would would get a chance to play by those rules i i i just i listen. I know it's not going to happen but that's part of it. <hes> it's a small part of it because i mean you're talking about one night. The all star game which i have zero zero interest in and i hated when it was determined home-field advantage and felt like that was fox leveraging the tie in two thousand two to help fix declining finding ratings for something that had nothing to do with the thai <hes> to try to create importance to get people to watch that was really unfortunate is bob costas said you have the least important game between in april and the end of october determining the location of the most important game between april and october or is the case may be sometimes the first week of november november so totally against that but as far as the day by day night by night stuff. I really don't know it could candidly it could just be you know don't you just i remember when i first started came. Lovie and i'm twenty three years old and i'm working with doug van my radio co host now for twelve years and steve steve savard and i would get so upset i wanna make it sound like i was like throwing things or weeping but i would bite my mood would change if the cardinals lost a game in april and redubbed going what's wrong with the cardinals lost and he goes okay cares and i go i mean the cardinals lost like i'm like bewildered as to how it doesn't bother him. He's like i don't he does is you grow up you just kind of your priorities change and you just so that might be it <hes> i think i think perhaps and i think a number of people have suggested this that experiencing a two-month every other night stanley cup playoff run in the intensity entity of that once you experience it. It's difficult to go back. It's almost like a like a like you know. Take your pick of whatever narcotic analogy so. I think there's that i don't know if i feel like there's as much strategy now that i liked anyway. I don't know i don't know i don't know what it is. I i really don't so it's not it's a great question. I don't have a good answer to the question oftentimes. That's the case in this case acknowledging. I don't have a great answer the question you know people talk about the three outcome walk strikeout homerun. That's going on <hes> <hes>. I don't know i mean listen. I certainly will i mean the cardinals as i'm sitting here recording this or three games up and they're in a very good position to get to the postseason season <hes> very good position to be in the <hes> in the n. l. d. s. should they win the division. The other thing is that i really liked but again. I have to have to take a step back at first off. It's not going to change but with one hundred sixty two game season and i've been this is something i've been saying since the nineties with one eight hundred sixty two game season in enduring that grind and surviving it and winning and to have it come down. If you win your division that you could lose three games in a row two of which might not even be in your own ballpark n._b._a. n._b._a. Done just seems too abrupt for the season so then one would say well. What's your solution best of seven and then if you say best of seven that means for sure were playing baseball into november or short season and now the tie that binds generations s- the statistics sir at least the supposition that the statistics are all apples to apples even though i think we would agree that things are changing in baseball and then they do change with the ball and home runs. Were seeing seeing right now. Then that's altered because now you're not to play in the same number of games so that's the thing i don't have a solution into it. I don't have a solution to it. <hes> i just feel like something i love. I guess this would be my criticism of hockey is in college which basketball is the regular season not having as much importance <hes> i liked to buy in when i'm watching a game that it has importance college football for example main here r._e._m. Missouri fan and you know i know there's the portion of his irfan like the the the the hard cores wealth they can get to the you know. Take your pick of bowl. Then then it was hell of a year and i guess for me i liked years like two thousand seven and two thousand thirteen where even if it might not have been realistic and as it turns out it was realistic. They were went away for playing the national championship. In both of those years where you can believe your team has a championship will here on august thirty first of two thousand nineteen missouri season's already over as far as a national championship goes now some the people now and go. Oh there's no way you could possibly missouri to win a national championship and yes. I'm aware that it wasn't likely but it's not like i'm the only person who was saying got. If you look at the schedule they really could win. All the way through november eighth ninth whatever it is when they go to athens georgia and dan could be two undefeated teams playing there and what that would do for the program to have that spotlight probably two-thirty c._b._s. game with the s._e._c. on the line to undefeated teams possibly <hes> and now that's now missouri's lost wyoming in that not only can hurt this year but it could be a setback in general my my reason for bringing it up is the importance in college football every saturday. Your season can be on the line or your season can go from <hes>. We're probably just gonna be like a seven and five team to oh my god this thing could be you know oh something that we didn't believe it even had a possibility of being see two thousand seven as missouri or two thousand thirteen for that matter both of them so with baseball. It's kinda like at. I want the cardinals to get in there but it's like until they get to the n._f._l. C. s. it doesn't really for me for me. It doesn't really feel feel like it's real as far as winning a world championship because he kinda got endure this crap shoot best of five and i don't like that i i i really i'm an advocate of rewarding regular. Season success is much as possible. <hes> take your pick of however that would be done <hes> for ranging from the home the team that had the the division division winners <hes> get all of the <hes> the home games <hes> the division winners only have to win two games the wildcard as to win three i and again i realize all these things are not going to happen the they just won't happen for for money reasons which which are good reasons. You don't just dismiss it because it's money even though we're talking about people jobs that aren't sports related. It's like well. That's my job. Will this job also just it's. It's viewed emotionally because it's a a leisure pastime usually has nostalgia with family and and so people don't want to think about the business side of but that's the reality and so they're not gonna if anything they're gonna expand the playoffs but i liked in eighty to eighty five eighty seven. Although i barely early room remember eighty two and eighty two best of five series against the braves for the cardinals but eighty five bucks to seven with the dodgers eighty seven best of seven with the giants <hes> that the cardinals cardinals would have to <hes> you know you win the division when analyst and you're you're on a final four and now it's ten although i like this format better than the one that went on what was it ninety four or two thousand eleven. Maybe ninety four didn't have a playoffs offs <hes> because of because of the strike but the wildcard the only difference between in the wildcard and having the best record in the league was one home home game at least now the wildcards penalized by having used their best starter to survive that one game and then the regular season champion waiting for that team. <hes> you know rested up so i like that better than what it was. I just wanted to be even greater advantage so that's that's where i'm coming from on it and i realized i'm also in the minority in this might sound foreign or bitchy or whatever the case might be but that's where i am but as far as like day to day watching it. I don't know i don't know if i i don't know if i don't know if i think it's more me because i don't. I don't know if this is changed for other people. I think anything the numbers are strong. Although i do feel like isn't it odd that you hear this cardinal attendance numbers and and watch a game at wrigley or watch a game in boston even though the red sox are kind of on the periphery free of the playoff picture doesn't it the atmosphere's just seem like a completely different thing like in a huge way. I mean you you you hear the tennis figure busch stadium but you certainly don't see seats filled like that and you watch a game at wrigley and it's absolutely packed. I was watching watching a game last night. <hes> who was it the twins in the <hes> the red sox and it's packed and like i said the red sox are on the on the outside looking in on the playoffs in only might get in wong shot. I don't know don't you feel like that. Repeat that that the the atmospheric busch stadium what i see on television versus i'm using wrigley in boston is examples right now. <hes> you might be able to think of some other places it just like it seemed i if it seems a shitload of empty seats and the secondly it's so so quiet i was there on saturday night and it was bored out of my mind. Now what's going on. This is an interesting like my buddy g unit and i were there and and we both commented you went to the game on saturday supposed to watch missouri wyoming. Wait sunday night. Okay holiday weekend confused for sure. <hes> is the game supposed to be friday. They got cancelled risque for sunday night so we were there and it was just odd like it was less people than usual because a lot of people couldn't make it. I'm sure aw that was supposed to go on friday but <hes> we just noticed that just seems eerily quiet. There and it's like one of these things. This is the stuff offense. I say at once a month. I miss joe straus. He's like he's like. He was not afraid to make these observations even though he knows in this market in particular oh you can't possibly say anything that would be construe. It's not negative about statelets. It's an observation but then some people are so defensive about it but i mean if you watch a game at wrigley ugly field you know another team. It's competing for division as i'm talking right now three games back in the cardinals whether it's their night game last night against the fucking mariners earners <hes> or a day game and how many people are there and the energy versus game at busch stadium and how many people were there in the energy and also like the demographic my off on this minute is. I don't think it is older big time auto. I don't remember it always being like that either. I don't use. I remember back in the day. We'd go to games all the time for fun and like it was way more like russia's crowd than it is now. I don't know i you know laughed for the first time ever in my life i was watching you know 'cause flare deal in the games flying. I'm like this guy can really throw a no hitter tonight. <hes> and i think he really thought he could throw no hitter to who is why he was on tilt after discrepancy stransky's hit with two out in the sixth <hes> and if you don't maybe this ballpark is thirteen years old. Maybe it is in the best interest of the ballpark not in downtown because i wonder how much of this is people in their minds thinking. They can't go downtown. I don't know i don't know how much that impacts heck's young people is it is it would older people. I don't know <hes> i don't have like some solution or my necessarily saying that's the move. It just entered my mind. Although i mean look at the excitement it enterprise center and that's you know what a few blocks to the west so i don't know i don't know it's just it's so i mean i guess when it gets down to it. It's kind of odd is chicago's a much bigger city. It has a younger <hes> more affluent younger populations in something. I've talked about before with hatred on ambition around here for young people <hes> but it's not like everybody in the stands at wrigley's like thirty already in dual income no kids or single with you know some hundred fifty thousand dollars a year job. That's not what i'm saying but it's just more energy like like i have not been to a game at busch stadium. I think since two thousand sixteen and i don't even think twice about it. It's not like i'm gonna i really i yeah. I don't really care to go to the games in general. I've been to some spring training games. <hes> may have been wrigley field more recently that i've been to busch stadium just because we're going to chicago regardless cubs series i think in sixteen the part of that comes with having a child <hes> and i'm looking forward to taking my son but i just i just have noticed that so so it. I don't know if you know to answer the question. If that's a factor in it. I'm anxious to see because i haven't you know like i said i haven't been the cardinals imminent playoff since that game who against the cubs in two thousand fifteen went to both games <hes> and if i if if it would reinvigorate that or if i won't be as passionate schnitt i don't know if there is somewhat of an atlanta braves element to this that it became like a birthright that every october the cardinals would be in there <hes> and they were from two thousand on with the exception of o-3 oh seven oh eight and ten you know <hes> that you had that and maybe that would reinvigorate people people. It's clear that it's not a birthright if they get there this year. I don't know <hes> but i just i that that's where i really do. Think a lot of it comes to how do i say that it comes with with just getting older and having a family but then at the same time i was so emotionally leveraged by the blues run that you know i don't know i don't know i don't know i don't know i don't have a good answer your questions good. I just don't have a good answer. Your second question is ryan kelly's the home loan expert and he is the sponsor of our studios here on the tim kernan show without him. We don't have a podcast so make sure you're supporting our sponsor. Ryan kelly the home loan expert dot com and with interest rates dropping dropping and this being home buying season this is a prime time to get in and get yourself a great and lock in or if you want to refinance now's the time to do so ryan kelly's the person to do with he is online at the home loan expert dot com brian kelly. The studio sponsor of this program ryan kelly the home loan expert bird dot com. You've also previously mentioned both on q. f. t. a. and t._m._a. That you credit your education. In saint louis you high for teaching and promoting critical thought i was was wondering if you could elaborate on that was that the topics discussed the conversation. Your teachers facilitated classroom activities you did i'd be interested to hear more great job on q. f. t. as as always consistently a great listen. It's also great to have picked six back as well be well. That's from brad and he gives his name. I think i can read it brad schliemann. I think schliemann schliemann even nurse so with regard to saint louis u. Hi another topic kinda goes like the earlier topic talking about schools because i even though it's not intended to be. I know some people like oh saint louis u. Hi you think you're so much better and it's like i don't. I was lucky i realized it's a good situation especially now but even then twenty twenty five years ago. I guess actually longer that thirty years ago and i got in <hes> kimmy thirty years canada close <hes> that it's a that it was i guess relatively speaking expensive that now it's another world just like all these private schools are and i just don't know how people do it. I truly you don't know how people do it and i'm saying that from a real sincere place <hes> so with that said i believe now you went to to dismiss. These are both jesuit schools. That's right. My understanding is part of jesuit. Education is to challenge students yeah i. I thought it was more challenged at the smith and i wasn't wasn't even close. Missouri was just like i didn't i mean it was it was i i now. I look back on. I'm not i don't regret the journalism school thing. I've run good in this business. I think it's also like playing seven days off suit and winning the pot. I got very very fortunate that i ran good in the business but <hes> as far ars in education because i wish i would have challenged myself. More missouri might be more challenging now than it was when we were there. I have no clue. I could've took a more challenging path through. What are you majoring business business model. I mean that's better than i mean. I was able to slide by the first time when i moved back here m._b._a. Took a really serious. I learned much. I would absolutely i look back on god. I would have loved that stuff on my mindset at that time was obviously held a lot different than it is now as it is for most people when they're you know twenty years remove so with that said i think the jesuit education one of its tenants is to challenge <hes> to challenge people to to back up their answers and then also challenge them to <hes> defend that position and what that forces one to do is to really consider both angles which i think develop empathy which i think is a good trait. There's also and again. I guess i can only speak to my class but i do feel like it's like my wife my wife who went to marquette university but marquette high school <hes> you you know initially with the thing certainly that doesn't change with my thing with saint gabriel's but as i've said that's more of a neighborhood thing that it is a grade school thing it's it's my neighborhood <hes> but like you in these fucking highschools near your high school who gives a shit like i went to marquette who gives a shit and then she goes you know the more i meet guys who'd go to saint louis u. Hi it does seem like there is you can kind of tell so to speak <hes> which again i know can come off the wrong way and whatever but yes the questions all answer the question and and i don't know what that is. I really don't <hes> because it's not like a class where we're taught anything and i don't have an answer to it. Don't put it but i also want to make this clear. It's not like that that means all two hundred fifty members of the graduating class are therefore set on this automatic path to to success <hes>. There's there's assholes everywhere <hes> and then there are superstars it take your pick of whatever high school does not matter <hes> so to this whole thing thing which i mock often on his high school thing and saint louis <hes> you know is is certainly if one would want to live by it would be bullshit but the the the critical funds just like. I said it a million times. We'll say it again. <hes> i remember sitting in freshman theology class thinking how anybody possibly not believe in god and and then sitting in senior theology class and thinking how could anybody possibly believe in god so that is my evolution or regression regression depending on how you view it and i would imagine the vast majority of you would consider regression and i wouldn't even say that i'm at that point now twenty five years later you're on the how can it be i i. I'm not sure but i think it's healthy to say. I'm not sure i don't know i really don't how the hell i don't think anybody knows and and as i always say if somebody does you would be a wonderful guest on the podcast. We'll have e- contact you <hes> so since i don't know i think it would be shitty to look down on those who don't don't share my view but i feel like that goes on is accepted certainly in the middle east <hes> but i think it's accepted in the united states. It's just for whatever reason it's accepted here because because it's our team and i think that's wrong. I am anti theocracy. Take your pick of whatever theology it is. Whatever craxi it is. I'm anti theocracy so with the n. people utilizing their religion to win political office which is certainly standard operating procedure in particular in our area <hes> but certainly other places as well so so with that said <hes> when i when i think back i think thanks so much of the credit has to go to the teachers. My brother does teach there so this is i. I have some bias so to speak but i would have said this before he was teaching there eight teaches improv but the english department incredible and it's like okay we would read books and watch movies and they would take these books in take these films homes and dissect them and have you see things that if you're watching the movie the first time in a theater at home you're like what are you talking about and then you start seeing then you connect and you're mike okay. Is there a message here like the like. I always cite. The graduate is one of my favorite films of all time and the symbolism. That's going on there for the counterculture at the thai. It's i love. I can't get enough of because i now see it from that perspective <hes> and then also seeing things from a perspective that i had not i mean white catholic in south saint louis surrounding by other white catholics and south saint louis. Just don't know any different. That doesn't make aac one wrong for that. That's kind of in vogue now an old white man and we can shit on the old white men now somehow as if it's i just i'm so against anybody for anything being getting shit on for something that has nothing to do with a behavioral trait which is something they were born in discriminated against. I don't care what the discrimination against but it but it developed up the and then you go okay. Well hold on a second. I think this way but maybe that's not necessarily right and it's like it's like expanding your mind. <hes> you know asked about classroom activities. I don't know if anything really stands out to me on that but it was it was encouraged it was it was a casual discussion on in-depth serious topics and the teachers were so good. I think that's the thing that stands out to me and so at tone was set. It's like in a locker room like why is the culture from hockey so different than i can only speak to the n._f._l. And major league baseball but there is an absolute difference. I've never covered the n._b._a. On regular basis <hes> and it set by the guys who came before and is kelly chase set on this podcast. Our game has a way of weeding out the asshole so if the seniors are behaving away that trickles down to the freshman and then the cycle continues and so you know my freshman year i recall you know they're doing the announcements. This has to be my first week of school there and announce and the chess club will have its first meeting and i'm turning getting ready to make smart comment than if you guys go out and i'm gonna whoa wasn't expecting that and so now you all just means hands full nerds and certainly there's your stereotypical nerd. I mean on how there wouldn't be <hes>. I would be your stereotypical nerd but the there's so many different options and so many different avenues for people to find the thing that got them going and have a support system from the the teachers in addition to the critical thought of the jesuit education that i think that's what i would say makes it for my money stand out now again. It's twenty five five years ago. I i could be totally different now but that was my experience and you know now. Maybe if i would have went to a different university i wouldn't be sitting sitting here going on in repeats saying the same thing. We both went to missouri <hes> missouri just but i mean you you make of it what you it's on you to make of it what i went into journalism in school so i knew that i happen to be right. I guess it was pretty <hes> ballsy hindsight to yeah. It doesn't matter what my grades are. I just need to have a good tape coming out as in resume real of my anchoring. That's what's going to determine they're not going to go to you only had a two five. We can't hire you. It doesn't matter it's how you are on television. That's going to determine whether you get the job so once. I got journalist guava don. I didn't go to class anymore. I really regret that <hes> so you know missouri. I'm sure you know if you're not doing what i was doing. It can absolutely be challenging before. I was doing just doing the bare minimum to get into the journalism school. It was like okay. I'm gonna do television in so fuck the rest of this stuff so it's not to downplay missouri but it's to downplay my approach to education at that time which i absolutely <hes> regret are this one keeps coming up. I still don't have an answer. Maybe gangster pete you do a yotam thought. I'd send this early to give you a chance to get to popeye's but i think the people people wanna know who's got the better chickens. Sammy popeye's chick-fil-a gets asked every week. I still have not been to pop i. I don't think i've been popeye's this millennium. <hes> i wanna go. I keep hearing that they're out of them but i don't know if that's just like bullshit gangster. If you've been to both have you had both i have not had the new popeye's chicken sandwich. They're sold out currently are they really that's a real thing and then <hes> but i'd always liked <hes> popeye's chicken fingers better than they got that cajun seasoning as always a fan of that so i'm sure like sandwich so they really are are sold out like if i drove to this popeye's on manchester in brentwood they would be sold out of it right then <hes>. That's so odd to me. Yeah i mean i but i personally personally think that chick-fil-a is overrated. Why what i've found in this whole thing so i haven't had the popeye so i can't answer the question but what i what i can tell you is this because because of all the talk about it now i find myself being more interested in getting chicken sandwiches so i've had chick-fil-a twice in the last two weeks with a once every two months or so chick-fil-a play but i had ed. You're just a couple of nights ago. As a matter of fact the only time i ever chick-fil-a if somebody brings the ted tailgate or something just doesn't strike me as a big fan. I really all right <hes>. Let's see i got this text. <hes> guessing at this this morning it was sent last night or this email should say hey there. Tim really enjoyed the podcast. <hes> this this week while listening to the bill mcclellan episode question occurred to me. I wanted to send your way. I like you a found myself watching donnybrook more than occasionally over the years despite like you being being quite a bit younger than their typical target demographic. I think there's real value in having a program that involves the discussion of local issues especially if that discussion features contributors were not for the most was part directly plugged into political campaigns consultant agencies etc my problem with donnybrook however is at the panelists with some exceptions tend to be older individuals who've lived in saint louis for decades and who seem to be very much stock in an old saint louis mindset a mindset that can be very cynical close minded and supportive of the status quo for its own sake sake while left and right wing political ideologies are both represented the show nevertheless feels more like voices from chesterfield to me than a conversation that represents all of saint louis us. Do you agree with that. Assessment right will start with that first question. I would disagree with that assessment. <hes> i can't imagine ray. Hartmann lives in chesterfield <hes> yeah. I don't know that he doesn't i'd be shocked if he did not that. Living in chesterfield is a bad thing. <hes> gangster roles as i figured you were. I figured you're west county through and through through chester weird chesterfield now no where are you. Where'd you grow arguments check. Did you really wow i drove drove to dismiss uh-huh about that didn't know that <hes> so yeah i mean i guess i get what you're trying to get like the voices of west county person you know but i know bill mclaughlin does it because we talked about it when he was in here. I think he said part of his blocks in the city. Part of this block is in. What clayton if i'm not mistaken <hes> who else was on there <hes>. I don't know or wendy andy. We resides <hes> be. I guess if i did and <hes> who else are we talking about here. Oh alvin read alvin read listen kirkwood. I see alvin read out every once in a while around here. <hes> at least i think he lives in kirkwood's kirkwood school board and i do not know charley brennan i but i think your premise is not necessarily that all five live in chesterfield so much as it's just it's not a diverse perspective. <hes> i don't know i i i actually i actually disagree with that. Although i liked your email l. overall and wanted to make sure i read it because i saw this morning before doing t._m._a. And because of this part and has it ever occurred to you create for inside us taylor otherwise similar local local issues discussion program that would encompass wider variety of saint louis point of views just looking at past guests of your podcast. I could see a panel that feature the likes of david hon courtney courtney brian scott ogilvie is being fascinating very compelling to thrown out there. <hes> net comes from a._b. I love that idea love it. Love it mad at myself for not coming up with candidly but now that you have. I'm glad that i've got it. 'cause i love it. I i don't know what direction things are going to take over the next couple of months and if they take one direction and that might be something that i would look into i love i. I let me with gordon bryant first off. Even if you were to be a came over for years to come <hes> i don't think came over you wouldn't allow it because she's under contract with k movie but i think courtney bryant will black be the ruler of the world within the next few years so courtney bryant will note most likely not being saint louis <hes> if she would be she were able to do it. I would absolutely have her on the program. I think the world of writing she's brilliant and the most talented television anchor i have seen in saint louis since me which is high praise for meeting took care compared to myself <hes> secondarily david hunt. I could do a show with david hunt for like twenty hour or straight probably ought to have him back in extra pete. I don't know what the hell we talk about but i know whatever bb he's. He's one of my favorites. I love it. I love it see doing radio they were he had a podcast yeah but i i haven't heard him on radio yeah. I want to see him tweet much either. I don't feel like anyway saving it for you. I guess so but i love talking with david. David scott august one on a couple of times. I don't know what he's doing now these no longer alderman <hes> but yeah. It's a great idea. It's an absolute great idea. It's a great idea those those saint louis centric discussions get a lot of positive feedback <hes> and i enjoy having them and i think it'd be good to get more people to the table <hes> so i like that a lot. I love the idea i i got. I got to put this in my little <hes> spreadsheet of ideas because it's something i wanna do. I think it's a great idea. I tip my cap and i will deny erin that you ever came up with it. <hes> and i will say they came up with it and give you know credit but with that said i think it's a great idea and very <hes> well played sir all right. Let's <hes> those are in the emails now. Let's go into the <hes> <hes> t._m._a. Fan page questions and see what we have this week. Hello friends onto the fan page on facebook mark. Hanna of evergreen wealth strategies can emphasize enough how important it is to have a financial adviser but then it's not just any financial advisor at somebody who who knows but cares again and plenty of people can no but cares marquette helps everyday people every day get their finances organized. You can call him at three one four eight eight nine zero five zero three. That's three one four eight eight nine zero five zero three or go online to evergreen s. t. l. dot com. His name is mark hanna. He is with evergreen wealth strategies and i can tell you from getting to know mark. You're over the last year that this is first class person who has your best interest at heart and just calling him at three one four eight nine zero five observe three is gonna make you feel bettering. You're on the right track mark. Hanna evergreen wealth strategies three one four eight eight nine zero five zero three or go online at evergreen s._t. L. dot com. How much do you feel that the fan page influences the topics on the radio show that's from my <hes> friend and our hurricane correspondent in boy did he dodge jabbour in fort lauderdale with dorian mark chilton. I think this because i've experienced it before very few people. I think have seen both pete you might be one of the few people seen both the inside us -til message board in the fan page because you're writing for inside s._t._o. In two thousand and that was that was a fun place. Do you see it's a matter that's certainly only a matter of opinion but do you see similarities differences. What do you see <hes> yeah the biggest difference is that the fan page everybody has pretty much prove their real l. person and on the <hes> ill message board you had anonymity and you could just be a jerk to everyone with impunity so uh-huh gangster p talking about the anonymity. We talked about earlier in q. f._d._a. This week <hes> i would certainly say that's a difference what i would say as a similarity and i don't fall people for this if anything that's a great thing that we have this i mean this is super huge thing <hes> i can't. I really can't overstate overstated. I don't know if another show has it if they do it would be like the rizzuto show and i think it probably does <hes> but i can't imagine other show in saint louis. Maybe it does i always this isn't isn't like i'm like it doesn't matter the whole scheme of things. The point is it's unique. Certainly we know that <hes> and it's so good to be able to immediately go and interact act with the audience in a place that for the most part and then certainly there are exceptions. <hes> are real people i would say eighty percent of the people are really fans of the show i would say there are people who wanna see me probably more than anybody else fail. That's part of it though <hes> and are cheering against it. They usually kinda lie in wait. <hes> and i seen pop up when they think there are some shit about to go down. Just watch it happen but i mean that's that's part the deal. You can't have what we have and not have that part of it. It doesn't work that way so with that said it's for the most part real people and i can communicate with them and it's an i i love being able to interact and get feedback and then a lot of them have developed <hes> friendships and i meet a lot of and i like them <hes> but what what the similarity already i would say pete. Is this that in both cases because all you see is what's going on on the old days the message board now the fan page that you understandably not flaw you understandably think that it is more representative of the audience than it actually is. I mean you're talking about a sliver of the audience. I mean i would think that the that we could all agree that more than seventy one hundred people listen to t._m._a. I really good at separating that fact because as i meet so many people that love the show that are just super cool all the time and then people some people see something on the fan page and they just take it so so much to heart if it's negative and i don't know are you talking about like iggy right now the <hes> listeners. I'm talking about anybody. That's on there. It seems that they're very sensitive to what other people say so so but what i'm saying is in that i think this is the seven any one hundred people on there. I mean for every one person who posts i would say there's fifteen to twenty who just read it. Yes and there's probably even more who were members. Who were i can't turned off and never look at the thing you know what i mean. Absolutely so my my point and bringing out these arbitrary numbers is you you see it and then if you're really into it even just as a reader not even on the poster that you think it's a bigger deal so like for example the hot topic. This week was iggy. Driving on normandy's golf course course which in the fan page became like how what occupied a lotta people who posts three day weekend and so do you. Do you have the text box open while we're doing the show okay so you probably saw all the tax like people were irritated that we didn't get to that right right away like they thought we were gonna lead good with that over missouri losing to wyoming or the cardinals winning. Would they win three or four from the reds i guess right or they played a million games on the navy but one one against the giants four against the reds over that weekend and so in that world. It's like oh my god. How are you guys not getting iggy driving on the course and then for like ninety plus percent of the audience us bringing up eighty driving on normandy's golf course it'd be like what the fuck is this but because it turns ends into something that everybody's involved in even though they have no idea what it is it can be entertaining. I mean if you're listening to the show at this point you really like no. I really want you to break down miles michael. It's a start you're in the wrong place occasionally like once every three days. I'll see one tactic aren't gonna talk like i mean at this point spent on for fifteen years. Are you unaware unaware of what it is that we do. It'd be like if bernie and michelle smallman. She's not on that shown even though is she. I think she out on the show anymore but bernie whoever's on his show started talking about like bernie producer driving on normandy his audience go what fox going on i mean this is what we do but because it becomes a huge thing on the fan page then for those who are on it and live on it which is great. I love that they do i do i check it out. I just don't post all that often. I certainly don't read all the threads <hes> <hes> that it becomes a bigger deal and they want us to like and it's not that's not. That's not the way that we'll talk about. What engages engages us. We'll talk about it and it could be something when you could never see coming. I don't know we we talked about. There's something today that i'm like what the hell were even talking about and i was surprised that it became amo thing and then it wound up becoming a thing like in the cat and pablo got an argument or something. I don't even know what the fuck it what like doug and meets his totally tuned. I rarely so half of the show tuned out and they were arguing and i saw the tax. People are like stop this terrible. Stop it. Stop it and i'm like i. It's like a fight. It's like if you know about what <hes> <hes> both the ballpark of yeah. I have no idea what's going on but they're arguing and it's getting heated amongst the three of them and it's not my like if i'm arguing with you. Let's say and then like the cat jumps and i go. Hey motherfucker let us setter subtler own shit so if i would have jumped in there you know let them let them fire their punches oranges and whenever they're done then i'll then i'll redirect and i'll send it to a break or whatever so anyway answer your question mark. How much do you feel that the fan page influenza topic on the show very little. The answer is very little but i also know from back in the message board as that those who are active on then the message board or now the message boarded massage board message board or the fan page can like take offense when i say that and i don i it's not meant because i mean my god the fan page raising nearly early sixty thousand dollars for larry nickel. <hes> you know helping the cat situation couple of years ago. There have been so many instances of great things coming from that page that wall yes there are headaches and you know whatever some stuff you don't throw the baby out with the bathwater just because of it and i know it drives in particular the producers all maybe not used much pitas the plow boy in iggy but it is a great thing to be able to communicate with the audience and i think like when some somebody posted like does buffalo tough the guy was critical the fan page and texan speak for the audience so here it is. Did you agree with you. Agree with buffalo tough tax today regarding fan pinter's being losers from being after he allegedly treated normandie golf clubs fairways like warriors stadium and the vast majority of people agreed with buffalo tough but i look at who post who voted on it and the vast majority of those people don't post so what i'm saying is a lot of people that was the question last week actually about the fan page and how it's moderated like tim like the fan page is great but it's like fifteen people posting over and over again in the rest of us. Don't feel comfortable posting <hes> <hes> because then we're going to get ganged up by the fifteen people and in what i would tell you is if i created a brand new fan pays the exact same thing happened with fifteen new people. It's just what happens <hes> but you don't throw the baby out with the bathwater you know and a lot of those fifteen people i actually know they are and they're they're cool people it. Is you know they post more more than others so whatever i get it <hes> but to answer the question was how much it influences. The content in in reality is certainly it's a it's a part of it but but as far as like does it dictate what we do or does it. Influence in the reality is very little when it gets down to others the chick-fil-a question again popeye's i haven't had it. That's from my caddie carlos spicy winter legrand's or mom's deli. This gets real here because i i mean i grew up. If if i grew up a mile from the grand i'd be surprised but maybe it's a mile and therefore that means maybe a mile and a half from delhi <hes> so i mean this is when i went to the grands it was benders tomboy and that's running around with grocery shop which i know might seem bizarre to people listening to this now. Now who pictured is just the sandwich place <hes> but she didn't like to go into like a big grocery store and <hes> and so that's why she would go there but anyway <hes> <hes> god i love the grands legend and i love it depends on the mood the dads special at mom's or the mom special depending depending on my mood so the truth is i. I mean i don't have a pick. I don't think i've ever gotten anything other than the legend grants <hes>. I don't know gangster pete. I don't know how much you could take. The deli is very serious. <hes> both answers are wrong. The right answers lovejoy. Enjoy is sandwiched now shit. What about <hes> gramophones awesome okay. Where's he could get another one that we've talked about that. I'm a big adrianus donnas guy with anonymous special joyous and blue season joyce great you try it out and then i like. I like i like grandmoms. Zykov grand's a little more than mom. They'll come <hes> next question. <hes> you have to do one in the next five years finish. Her degree in semester do three months as a donnybrook anchor. What do you choose. I do either one of those things. I don't have a problem with either one of those things. I think i really might get my degree. <hes> and there's no other you know what the real reason the news because i promised my grandma who's no longer with. That's my real reason. I was playing golf by myself got about a month ago and it was backed up not real backed up but i guess i was by myself myself. There was like a force in front of me lady behind me and she goes haiti mine fighters join you and <hes> and sure whatever and then we want to be essences good player to <hes> she plays in some saint louis district events and we're as bs and and she she works in the missouri <hes> university missouri system and i said yeah you know i have eight hours left until i graduate and i said i think i might do it just because i promised my grandma that i would do it. I don't know how many times i speak with somebody on the phone loan and that's the reason they're coming back to get their degree is because they made a promise to a relative mike up at <hes> that frills the only people say what about you. Do you like your your son like i. I don't think my dad. I have no idea if my dad graduated but i can tell you this my dad you know he did real well for himself with and without a college degree assuming i don't think he graduate. I haven't bats of thank have no idea <hes> i think it's so i really do and i would tell my son this. I will tell my son this <hes>. I just think that the thing is overrated. I really do think it's real overrated right now. I think mike how i could be wrong on this but this is my opinion right now and maybe it'll change but i think how college it's kind of like almost like a dogma that that is the termination of the road to success that the trades are being overlooked and so there is avoid there right now and i think some of that might have been a byproduct of the recession in two thousand eight and two thousand nine and so people went back to school because they couldn't get jobs and trade <hes> that that is a real real opportunity there in the bottom line. It's all said and done is what makes i want my son to be happy and i don't give a fuck. What it is that may i just don't i want him to be happy. I don't want him to be like automaking. Whatever amount of money that seems like a lot of money a year but fucking lies in bed lays in bed laying in bed j._c. lane and bed on sunday nights going i i am. I can't stand the thought of the next five days. I don't want that for him. So whatever it is that is going to make him happy. That's what i want. That's what i would want for anybody actually but when you're talking about my my son and that's what i want and so it's not like i i got. I've been saving for college but you know we don't wanna go and he's got a different plan listen. I'm going to guide him but i just i don. I'll tell you this now need to say this. I don't need to say this because all scheme things. I don't need to really say anything anything on this thing but since since i'm thinking about it the fact that my parents cautiously encouraged me to pursue this <hes> is a as a hell of a tribute to them because looking back on it it was <hes> it w- it again i kind of compare it to two playing a pan nolan. Hold on with seven days off suit. You can win with seven days off suit. You're not going to the vast majority of time and it's not like my dad was coming from a place of not knowing me worked in media. He just worked in the advertising side <hes> but they encouraged all four of us. I have two brothers. There's an assessor to pursue what we loved and that's why we kind of have this diversified career path for the four of us <hes> <hes> but that's i think a great tribute to to our parents to encourage that <hes> you know especially when i think about myself and my brother kevin both right guessing what you would consider more creative. If you wanna consider this creative <hes> jobs you know that's that's that's a gamble and kevin success with the improv shop. Is i just have the greatest admiration for that <hes> because he didn't do listen and if you do something for money god bless at this point. I'm doing things for money. But when you're you know you're just a passion project and then you turn it into a successful business and it's the by analogous. That's what why did. I was a huge cardinal fan so i wanted to be around the cardinals and so that's why i got into this stuff but <hes> you know he just loved. Improv loved it. In indiana university loved loved it <hes> when he was in chicago and saw that there was a void in saint louis and he created it now because he's like okay. Here's our perspectives. Here's our three year landers our five of your plan just while they created it and now he's got a thriving business with the improv shop down in the grove <hes>. That's a huge credit to him but it's a credit to our upbringing thing that we weren't like you must go to this school and then you must do this and you must do that and not to say everybody has that by any means but you know <hes> the it's just i i'm very grateful for that so with regard to <hes> a degree i i don't know and it has nothing to do with the fact that i don't have one because i could get it. Wouldn't i think i'm not trying to shit on getting a degree but at this point it wouldn't really be too tough the knockout eight hours <hes> it just doesn't matter i just that's just where i am. It just doesn't matter. I think so rated really do go for. I don't know if i'm gangster. What do you think i i really feel strongly about. This and you're a guy who just went back to school to get an m._b._a. But an m._b._a. A is a different ball game than just getting like an undergrad from state school and i'm not trying at all because i don't even have an undergrad frustrates state school bachelor's degree state school <hes> some of the most successful people all. I know don't have constantly. I mean i think in certain certain industries really help you to have one but for a lot of things you don't need one <hes> if i was raising a child. I'd let him do whatever he wanted to do but i would also try to see if he liked coding at in a young age codes if you can do that you want to in the world yeah. I wonder if it yeah yeah. You can live from the other thing i mean. That's the live remotely to <hes> to work remotely. I should say <hes>. Do you think there will be some. I'd i'd be happy to be on donnybrook donnybrook uh-huh. I mean i guess alvin reads asked me about being donnybrook. I here's the reality i'm not. I watched donnybrook and they'll bring things up. I have no idea what they're talking about now. I'm interested since they're talking about it but i have no idea so i mean you know i know my strengths if they're like hey what do you think about gabby carter's latest seen. Let's talk about it but you know they're going to talk about like a school board meeting somewhere we're in saint charles and i don't take on it and i'm not gonna like offer one up just to get my get my hair time. <hes> let's see <hes>. Do you think there will ever be a time. I am were social. Media shaming will be the judicial penalty implemented instead of finding incarcerating someone <hes> i can answer that very quickly. No and i tell you why because usually the shame irs are hiding being behind fake accounts so that can't happen. You know james carlton carlton state farm insurance agency is my insurance agent so this is a first first hand endorsement of james carlton and his staff in webster groves three one four nine six one four thousand eight hundred or online at carlton insurance dot net. I think a lot the people just okay well. I've got a guy gotta lady. I'm good. I don't really care to talk about insurance. It's something you know. I'm twenty five. Whatever and that's fine fine. I understand i used to think the same way and then i go down to my basement on march thirtieth of two thousand nineteen in the basements flooded and the world changes it just just so happens because my interactions with james james have been so positive that my wife and i switched to james carleton <hes> in late twenty eighteen gene and i'm telling you if we had not the odyssey that has been a flooded basement throughout all of this precipitation in saint louis would have been infinitely more difficult to navigate applegate without somebody is active and on top of it is james carlton his phone number is three one four nine six one forty eight hundred or you can go online at carlton insurance dot net and even now he's still checks in you know it's it's just a different ballgame and even before we had that which of course was a substantial issue. <hes> you know we weren't covered on on something right for forgotten to make a payment. It wasn't like it was like some monster. Payment was a small payment. He's like hey just so you know <hes> you haven't made this payment would make sure that's taken care sheriffs. You're covered. It's just it's it's different. It's different in a much better way and that's why you know if you ran into me at a at a bar or restaurant and said hey you know and i have happened. Hey tim who's had insurance agent. People email me against james carlton here. Let me include him on the on the email and i know he's going to be on top. I don't think twice about it's like i'm like oh yeah. Let me tell you about him and then somebody actually wants to follow up and i'm like oh god i hope he does okay the best the absolute best and you're talking about your biggest biggest investments so you want to make sure they're taking care of properly james carlton and his staff at carlton state farm insurance agency will certainly do that three one four nine nine six one forty eight hundred ago carlton insurance dot net if your insurance costs leg and arm called james carlton state farm <hes> one day t._m._a. Will come to an end. We have had we who is this is doug sending in a question we have had an extended run with the current day as for several years which has come at a personal cost to you. Oh my god. That's the mizui yeah. It's like when you're talking about. Our defense didn't put any pressure on wyoming gangster pete. We have had an extended run with the current day. Ask for several years which has come into personal cost to you. I really haven't talked much about my personal costs. This happens to be a tight race. Maybe this is anna. Marie anne marie goes by phil. <hes> and some members of the day are getting older and will eventually not wanted to do the show. I'm assuming you have your next. Several moves planned out when that day arrives where slash how do you see the show evolving when this version of t._m._a. Comes to an end <hes>. I you know it gets asked. I feel like once every other month or so no problem i asking me whatever comes in in <hes> as long as i'm not repeating this before we started recording us at a p._d._f. I answered this one and we weren't sure cy aired on the side of not making myself and rereading it. Although i bet we've done net before now we i have done that before but people ask some form of this question <hes>. I guess i can say this. I don't think i'm i'm saying anything that's out of school. <hes> saw gives him inside baseball. It's no secret <hes> it was intentionally made public on my part. That would be buying the station as of september. What do we have here fourth two thousand nineteen. I still have no idea if that's going to happen. <hes> we certainly are <unk> having discussions and and <hes> we are further along as far as what we need to do <hes> to find out if it's something we want to pursue <hes> than we were when it was made public <hes> couple of months ago <hes> and so the con conversations continue but i'll i'll give you some something something some of the things that i've behind the scenes work on which i'm sure you'll be like well yeah of course but you know you just wanna dot is and cross t.'s <hes> you know doug and i have never had the conversation. We've known each. I mean we've worked together for nearly twenty years. We had i guess two two and a half of the twenty years where he didn't work together because i left cham lovie in february of oh five and then he started with this show in september seven <hes> in wild doug and i you know i don't know what a comparison would be with a point guard and shooting guard ginks repeat. If you have one <hes> you know. Would there be a i. I mean you're the point guard right. I didn't know if you're gonna use like a player that was looking for a player analogy player at point guard and pl- player shooting guard <hes> stockton malone koci wonderful. I'm stockton malone. Is he really. Is that a good. I don't really i don't really think karl malone in that fashion that that that that if we were doing the show right now oh you'd get killed on the text and box with that i either way i i'll set him up and then he'll hit the shot better than anybody in the world can hit the shot <hes> but his dog said when there's talk about him doing a show by myself because i know who i am because i'm not that guy. I don't wanna be that guy. It's just not who he is. Yes but as far as like i used to talk about stern. Ardy lang's the greatest three to ever play the game and by three i mean stern being the one robin quivers being the two and already relying being the threes the great and you know listen to every show ever but already lines greatest three in the world now on the r._t. Line show he had to play the role of a one and it didn't really go go well. Doug is the greatest to that. I think you could ever have dice and i'm saying that from the not just because i work with him i mean he's. He and i and i've said it a few times on this podcast. He's just the ultimate co worker. You know which i know is his joking looking term for the peers on the show but he's just like he. Just you know he's gonna come in. You know he's going to do his job. You know he's not going to bitch and you know he's going to be great and then he's going to go on his way. I mean that's why i love steadman. Although doug talks edmund didn't talk but this is he's going to do his job. He wasn't going to bitch. There wasn't going to be drama. You just you know you just can't any does his job at a really high level so <hes> so when we first started looking into buying the station a mike okay i gotta i gotta look ahead. This isn't like okay. We'll just do and it'll be great because you've got to think before you start a business. Yes i remember listening to a podcast and they said one of the best things you can do is write the obituary on the bottom of the podcast on wyatt on the podcast why the business didn't work doc so that way. You're forcing yourself to look ahead on the things that you fucked up for you. Get a chance to faulk them up so they go in and listen inevitably if this does happen and i think people are assuming it's going to happen anytime. I chance to say it. I want to make it clear. Don't assume it's going to happen. I don't know if it's going to happen <hes> but whatever you know either way i i will say we'll continue to talk but i but you know you want to check for things inevitably if it does happen there's gonna be some things that i don't see now that will come up and it's going to be brutal because i've lived through this shit before and in you know but i'm aware of it now at least and i certainly surrounded by <hes> people <hes> the that i just didn't and have a as part of my you know working relationships at that time. Who were you know. I'm very lucky to have no question about it from the people on the show people working with me on all this stuff so with that said one of the things that i would look into. I'm like okay. You know i think i think i have an idea of the exact age of dog. We don't talk about water ages. I guess some people are like i think e sensitive about it. I guess i don't know i don't know so when it's when you kind of get the sense that somebody i wanna talk about you. Just don't talk about it or if somebody's specifically says hey don't talk about it which rarely happens on the show but if it does we respect that so when people say will guide you guys read these texts about plow boyer ariga and it's like they're they're laughing sitting there as well you know and if anybody was ever upset by something that was said all of the father five people would never bring it up on the air again period so with that said <hes> you know if somebody's hyper sensitive about their age. Just don't bring it up so anyway. I'm not saying anybody is. I'm just you know if they are. There's no need to bring it up like i can tell doug. It's a little weird when charlie always tries to harpoon. How old is and i have no fucking idea. I know i have a ballpark idea and either way. I just mike okay. I need del. If doug's like i'm going to do this for another year and then i'm done and we're moving to you know the wherever around is done. That's great and so so i like hey man. Can you give me a call which doug hardly i mean. Maybe like twice a year. We'll be on the phone and i said you know what do you think in on this because if i do this you know when i have an idea of you know the group because the group the key it's not bullshits. It's just not lip service. It just is not lip service. I and i think the people who listen to the show know that people have their favorites and people have their least favorites but the reality is the show is not the same. If you take out any one piece lisa certainly some pieces would have a bigger impact than others but everybody brings something different to the table and it's the reason for the success of the show for fifteen fifteen years and he said <hes> now i wanna do it. I want to do it for a good long while and <hes> and there's no reason really elaborate it anymore than that because it wasn't like this was a public conversation but for the purpose of the discussion <hes> some people wonder about that and that that gives you an idea there <hes> so <hes> that that i i don't know if i would say it surprises me but i wondered just because you know i don't know i mean the guy's been doing television in saint louis for thirty plus years. You've been on the radio with us for twelve years so you know you wonder about that. <hes> so with regard due to the inevitable whenever the show comes to an end and it could come to an end at any time yeah i mean part part of it is that i'm doing right. Now is the next play what i'm literally doing right now. A podcast is the next play <hes>. I guess i can't i can't i can't there are there have been <hes> and it's flattering interest from other places <hes> and that's great <hes> but i will say this as i say anytime these other places hashtag reach out <hes> from my standpoint what appeals most to me is to continue to do to at least be able to continue to due t._m._a. With the group <hes> as it is currently constructed that is that's most appealing to me now. I can't control that contrary to what i think still still the mindset of a number of people in the audience. <hes> and i can't control the fact they think that so if something were to happen. I can't control ola but i know that that's what i want. I also am interested in and then when i meet with people say this and they're just like why would you wanna. Do you too shows but i'm interested in doing a second show. I mean essentially. I'm doing a second show as it is. It's just a podcast so it doesn't thought of i think in the same light doing a second show and people might say well. You did do a second show and you did the show with edmunds and that is true. It did run me into the ground but the issue then was. I was also running nine twenty and was running inside s._t._l.'s. We releasing time of nine twenty in that ran me into the ground so that's what i wouldn't do. That's i can't do it won't do it can't do. It didn't have a child at the time couldn't do it couldn't do it couldn't do good my dad for as an what the right word would be financially conscious is he is <hes> when i was talking about exp expanding the show and doing six to seventy tammy. I don't know about that. He goes you gotta be there for for your son and all out now before my son he's asleep from six to seven but i guess he's thinking that might wear me out and i won't wants me to be a good father. Which is kinda opening coming from from my dad that we believe in dollars on the table to to do that or did not do it. <hes> so anyway <hes> you get an idea right now with podcast of of what i would do this would be essentially similar to a radio show. It's just right now in podcast form with the g- long-form interviews with the bullshitting on topics that are not necessarily sports like if somebody said what do you think about marcelo soon the cardinals resigning him. I'd be like god. I just have zero interest in discussing that. I'm al discuss it but i can't get real fired up about it. I just can't in if there were a station that say hey. We're gonna pay twice what you're making right now but you all you can do is talk sports. I'd be like i'm out. I'm out out. It's not even funny sweat. I'm out <hes> 'cause. I wouldn't be a good at it because i wouldn't be all that into. It and i don't know i don't really know who is into it. It's definitely not my audience so <hes> it's. I think it's an older audience and it's it's not a not for me. <hes> so yeah yeah i mean that's that's that i continue to do t._m._a. For as long as possible t._m._a. will inevitably evolve inevitably when somebody leaves <hes> people then inevitably say the show is over because that has happened like seven times and fifteen years later here we are but i mean i i recognize it. I because i've lived it. You know i mean it's <hes> you know i mean i remember when martin left in october. Six hundred shows over and internally kind of like listen martin is i still all said well senator lunch yesterday martin. I think maybe the most talented per it doesn't matter me and it's it's. It's different type of thing. Memories got their own thing but just he's crazy talent but the show wasn't over shall obviously wasn't over <hes> just like at that time if i would have left and i would have gone to whether it'd been do denver new york that wouldn't meant the show is over so <hes> it just it just change and some people will like the new show and some people won't like the new show and some people kill the new show and so we will go god. I really like this. It's it's i've seen it because i've lived it but even even if i say this in advance of when that happens it's still will come up and people say oh. You're just saying that i'm just saying okay. You can say whatever mad lifted you know. I mean it's it's. It's a tough thing to do because when you say that makes it sound like the people who left didn't have value and that's absolutely not what i'm saying saying but this thing what i'm saying is bigger than any one individual. That's what i'm saying. <hes> let's see what is the process of booking guests on the podcast podcast. I would love to understand how it all works. I'm sure person is slightly different but just curious generally. This is an easy question. I think would that be fair to say against repeat. I mean you're you're more <unk> operations on podcast. He's got the best rolex in town. Yeah and i gotta tell you something. I i guess if i had a complaint it would be not that i got to kind of nudge in order to get to happen but once i nudge than it happens so i suppose a ideal world and i i'm kind of but at this point focused on the bigger transaction if it were to happen the station and then if that does happen than i kind of come in and we start you know handling things differently <hes> but <hes> in an ideal world you know biggie pete even though you're not necessarily booking guests would say you know here's a list. What do you think at this. I'm working on this this this and then before booking than say that so. I'm not the one going. Hey journeyman when he's in town coach kirkwood. Let's get jerry macklin. That's what i would. That's what i would prefer but the thing is working as it is but then <hes> we get into power. It's like okay now. We only have one interview in the cam. We've got to get an interview and it becomes this race against ourselves. Even though in the whole scheme of things that people aren't like checking boxes to make sure we have an interview every week but in our minds we are at least i think i can say our minds. We are <hes> but anytime time i come up with somebody on it. I can say that and we had a couple of months ago. When i got back from hilton head i think it was and he said you know spring training. Actually i think so we gotta get some together and you guys came up with a long list and in wadi good ideas on there and <hes> and that took care of it so you know as far as the booking process i more often than not will come up with somebody iggy then we'll begin. I guess i don't know if he calls tax. You have any idea what he does depends on who des yeah now and and he gets them in and i'm telling you like the day that i had where you were emotional with ruby and armstrong and how that was that but i mean i recall seeing the media. <hes> and i'm talking about like the local t._v. And the writers walking by is i'm sitting there in a one on one with craig ruby for like i don't know how long we went there like forty minutes or something like that and armstrong thing was like twenty five or thirty and they're walking binder like we haven't seen this motherfucker down at the rink. Think since like pronger was wearing the see we're getting some looks and they're just like how does he you know and i gotta tell you something. I don't i i get it. I don't know because i don't look at this is like being. I don't know better than anything oh. I don't know what the right word for or like like. We deserve that i guess that's the right way to say it <hes> but i'm incredibly grateful for it that i can just drive down. The enterprise centre in in doug armstrong is waiting waiting for us and then ten minutes later craig ruby comes and sit down with us and it's like these guys won the cup and we get this access and we can do these long-form interviews and pat maroon at the time. I had never met comes in and does this thing. You know i mean it is. It's a it's a it's a it's a great compliment the people <hes> to repeat into iggy and before pete nagy john seymour the caliber of gas because it is not an easy thing to do. It's like sales. It's one of those things that i understand. The attention is going to always be on the hosts it to you can say all day long that the sales were the key or those producer does this and that and but it's still going to get down to the host publicly. That's what's going to be. The engines always sales. The engine is always sales but the work behind the scenes that goes into making things happen. You know i mean it's a grind signed and keep texting and calling people and they don't respond they. They're gonna like macklin had to cancel a couple of different times <hes> but we knew he was gonna come in and we didn't by any means that he was just making making stuff up <hes> he had some stuff going on and <hes>. It's a process and i know he is. The last thing he wants to do is go. Hey i'm sorry macklin can't come in and you do tomorrow. It's brutal. It's is not fun because you're at the mercy of somebody else and usually these people are in case. Fortunately this show some bigger names. What are you gonna do complained to him then. You lose them. You can't do that so you just got to roll with it. So that's not a position. I envy so i i have great amount of gratitude for <hes> the process of booking guests <hes> because i couldn't do i mean it's it's not it's it's. It's a hell of a process <hes>. Is there someone who you have come to know. In either the sports or media the world has gotten a bad reputation that feels undeserved or doubt. I doubt you'll answer this but someone who people think is a great guy or gal and when you get to know them they are a royal jerk gough answer the second one. The answer is yes <hes> to answer the first one. Is there someone you've come to know an either the sports media world. It's gotten a battle taken that you feel is undeserved. Anybody stand out to you. Guys repeat not have time ahead <hes> <hes> i'm trying. I'm trying to think of like i mean just like in saint louis sports media like i think you can tell maurice. He's drumming is like the nicest human being ever. You can tell tom ackerman is the nicest human being ever <hes> <hes> <hes> i mean i don't i don't even at this point. I don't even know who when brian burrow and joe straus passed away. I felt like it was like like a cause for me and i think mike claiborne had the same thing in particular with bryan burwell to talk about how good a guys those guys were because i knew will burwell. I don't know how anybody could think he was a bad guy at all. I have for big. It's so just call it for what it is. <hes> <hes> disagreed with plenty of the shitty road like like a lot of times. I'm just like what in the hell is. He talking about great guy great fucking guy great eight fucking guy miss him immensely great credible guy and then strauss was was taller task because his his on air persona and his twitter persona were so cantankerous that you couldn't possibly imagine that he but he was so caring herring but it was almost like a w._w._e. Wrestler who was so into his heel character that he didn't want to come out of character and so you know it was so i just thought it was such a it was so important to me to make that clear that this isn't just because he passed away that this guy by you know both burwell and strauss when i was going through the albert pujols thing in a big way were on their own joe buckle so we're on their own supportive <hes>. I asked if we're gonna do i even though i'm like i still like baffles me when people to joe buck this and that and i'm so on the off chance you think joe buck is an ass. I can tell you that he is a great guy a great guy <hes> a guy who if i needed something i know i'm looking at the clock eleven forty. Three's i record this if i text him. I said hey man. I really need you to give me a call. At whatever point you have a minute today. He will give me a call and if i need something then he will do. I just you know and he does he. Just he just does that. <hes> it's who he is not like. He's like you know don corleone with favors but you know not just he's a good guy. He's a good guy achieved an incredible amount of success in brutally difficult industry. I loved it. I loved to come up with an answer because i feel like it's i feel like it's happened but more often times with behind the scenes people <hes> i don't know i really don't know like i mean i think i don't know gangster pete. I really wanna come up with really wanna get wanna give the people something lismore show related but iggy gets a bad rap from a lot of people and he's like laws at sweetheart it. I don't think people would ever think he's like a bad guy. Though you know what i mean like go he's fucking weird. Tim's fucking weird you know oh right but i don't think they would think he's a bad guy. I don't know maybe they were but if if you do think that certainly that's the case you know that he's not that. He's yeah. He's just just like he's like just like <hes>. That's the thing that he's but i knew going in when randy marquel of owns. The station is like hey but i really want you to find a spot out for eighty when you when you take over the station this in two thousand sixteen. I'm like fuck. I wanna put him on our show because i know he's just this character. You can't create but i wanted to make sure it was cool with everybody because i knew that some people have this thing with him and obviously it was cool. Everybody and now look now. Look at what's happened but i was like this guy will fit. It'll be great on the show. Be great on the show. Oh i don't know i don't know. I don't know here's here's what here's by. Guess what really gets down to is unlike when i was doing television was down at the ballpark rams parker her time scott trade center all the time. You know running out. I think you can tell though but i felt like he also thought that was racial. <hes> <hes> i mean he's just like the nicest guys like good guy. I'm so happy i feel like he's found his place in the market where he is damn good at what he does us on morning news on cassie k. not that anybody who thought he was a bad guy but like you got shit on because he said like i don't know bruce sutter or something when talbot bruce or he made a mistake and that people are looking for a reason to dislike him and they got doesn't know the names. Can you not know a hall of fame pitcher so i'm happy for him. I'm just i'm trying aim to give an example now. I don't know i feel like i'm failing. I think it's a good question. I don't know i don't know i'm an obviously i'm not gonna name. The names of people who people think are are good guys that are but but at the same time honestly on that one is i'm going through my mental rolodex <hes> i. I don't really have a bunch of names or coming up on that one <hes> so i don't know i guess maybe slippery might be a good word. <hes> maybe not what one represents publicly but you know as far as like bad guys who are good guys or good guys bad guys. I don't know i i wanted to come through on that. One strauss would be strauss would be my answer <hes> on the guys who people might go. There's no way i know he's a great guy and it's it's almost like he doesn't want people to know. He's a great guy. <hes> tim what's go- bill clinton boxer briefs the interest boxer briefs hope that leads to <hes> to <hes> enjoying completion this evening thing <hes>. If you pick the next president who would you pick if not then who are some people. You would like to see run. Oh man i should've <hes> just <hes> not even touched that one not because i am afraid to answer just because i'm not prepared to answer it. <hes> i still think i heard it within the last forty eight hours and i don't know where i heard it not offers a podcast or i just had it on the background but i can't picture it so it had to be on the background or a podcast but someone was saying the democratic nominee is is someone who is not running right now. Which is something. I feel like i say every week on this podcast that that is my belief or maybe it's just my hope and so i'm counting myself into saying i believe it but i really feel like it. I love this group. I have no idea who wins. I really gangster pete. I i have no idea where you are politically. I really don't <hes> what do you think on this. I'm curious. Who would i pick right now <hes> does does anybody of of you know in their debates tonight. There's nobody that excites me right now. I just can't picture any of those people winning. Can neither and it's and it's not because we're dealing with ronald reagan into you know nineteen eighty-four barack obama two thousand twelve. That's crazy about it but i still can't dan picture i i just maybe someone i mean. I mean listen if it's biden against trump. I'm voting for biden if it's harris versus trump. I'm voting for harris. I i liked pete buddha judge. I don't know if he can win but as i say anytime i say that on the podcast if you said to me in two two thousand fifteen <hes> donald trump when all now if i had to pick i'd take mary pete mayor pete. I thought you said mary pete i'm going. Oh my god there's a candidate. I don't don't know mayor pete. Yes yeah. That's where i am as well <hes> but i i don't know that's why i just i just i'm just like wow i really don't know. I truly don't know i truly don't know so. That's why you know. I just want somebody who i feel like is saying what they think and then therefore kind of pissing off conservatives and dan liberals because there's no way one can really think the things that are currently the liberal platform or currently this kind of like morphed into conservative platform <hes> that isn't i don't know if it's necessarily conservatism so much as trumpism. I don't know i you know when when it comes to people who i you know i guess i guess you'd call it old money or maybe it's new money but with real money <hes> <hes> and i'm talking about like real real money so you know seven figures would be the floor <hes> with trump. They kind of go yeah. It's brutal but you know it benefits so whatever the people i feel like are the vigilant trump. Supporters are the ones who actually aren't necessarily the beneficiaries of of of the economic policy but i think for a lot of people <hes> because of religion the pro-life element is a huge part of it and so therefore supreme court justices and conservative judges are a big part of it and while from me. That's not an important thing. If that's an important thing to somebody that's an important thing and so they go okay okay. I can't figure out what the hell's going on with this guy or twitter and i kind of in the back of my mind. Wonder you know how much is really going on here. <hes> <hes> but you know what he's getting the pro-life justices in there and that that that's that's where i am. That's what that's what my church tells me. That's what i believe in so that's where i am or you. You know what i've been monitoring my 4._0._1._k. Since he was inaugurated and look at its increase so you know that's that's why this whole thing with like you can't possibly support for donald trump and not be racing. I think that's so brutal <hes> which i feel like as a weekly topic here on podcast <hes> all right <hes> <hes> if you had to weigh the pros and cons of social media are we better or worse off as a society for having it in our lives so this is one from p court bringing it for me on the pro side. We have accessed more information than ever before. It's create a new ad revenue streams and is connected people that may not be able to otherwise but it's obviously contributed needed to the current directory of discourse spikes mental health problems across numerous demographics in an overall smartphone addiction. This is an obviously unrealistic hypothetical but if you could put the genie any back in the bottle so to speak would you <hes>. I'm going to give a half answer. That'll take us back to the for one of the first questions today's podcast and that is i'm all for for social media. I'm not for anonymity. That's that's my issue with it that ah that's that's where i think we get into the problems. That's where i think we get into the bullying more often than not. That's where we get spreading falsehoods more often than not although certainly there can be people who are validated who are spreading falsehoods but for the most part and <hes> i think that's what i think that is number one on the list of the toxicity 'cause but as far as just getting rid of social media which was putting the genie back in the bottle question though the answer to that for me is no but you can you ever have a realistic listrik social media without anonymity and the answer is unfortunately no. It's like i keep watching like the post-dispatch how to navigate how to figure out the comment section and they just keep trying to these other than the dog avatars. Still it'll pop up <hes>. Let's see what is your biggest regret in. The industry is where we'll wrap it up last question answer questions here. What is your biggest regret in the industry something something if you could go back you would do the opposite <hes> <hes> <hes> <hes> <hes> <hes> <hes> biggest regret in the industry is <hes> <hes> not thinking bigger which i realize it's kind of vague i probably wouldn't specific examples but the reason why say that there'd be two examples <hes> in two thousand i guess i got the job at came in two thousand and my contract ended in february of oath remarkable three actually <hes> and i should have been and wish i would have been aggressively pursuing another job <hes> to see what could happen because because i'm sure i would have gotten some some good situations. <hes> and i just was it. It was happy with what i <hes> what i had and i don't think there's anything wrong with that per se at all <hes> but i think i've cited this quote before four. I want to go back to it because i'm a big fan. I hope i can find it. <hes> <hes> the greatest danger for most of us is not not that we aim too high and miss it but we aim to low in reach it and <hes> i just i my goal was to get back to saint louis. I all i cared about. They used to make fun of me. The journalism school free like you're going to have job opportunities. You're gonna turn them down. Because all you want to do is work and saint louis but that's what i want. I was as cardinal obsessed and in those in that final year my contract should have signed up with agent and <hes> and who knows yeah. I mean listen. It's not because i wanted to go there continue to go on television but thing that that db whatever i was at that time twenty five twenty six with <hes> <hes> that experience under my belt had one <hes> some emmys in an edward r murrow i could've been a spot but i also know the scope the things and it wouldn't have been like i would have been like making a million dollars or anything so i don't want to overstate it but that was that was a mistake i got a job at caf s in june of two thousand and two and and <hes> and then i started making some more money from that and so now i'm like oh now morgan saint louis t._v. which i love and then i'm also making money from caffeine. That's not a plot but you know it was doing another show and like this is great. I'm twenty five twenty six and i'm making this much money in my hometown. I'm in heaven but it it created <hes> <hes> what the right word is satisfaction which is good but then lacking the ambition that got me a saint louis at the age of twenty three in the first place so that's one and then with inside s. t. l. and <hes> and that is just not thinking bigger with inside us. I mean <hes> we we could've done more with it and there's no one to blame on that and i don't know that we would have but i just didn't you know would barstool all and inside s._e._a._l. Started around the same time and as i have said when it comes up <hes> dave portnoy didn't have a job so that was everything for him and for me it was kind of a side project project and therefore he had to hustle because that's how he was going to survive and for me was kind of like oh nice i get the pay myself another x. amount of dollars per month and that's nice and it just was it was a side project attract <hes> and i'm not saying we would have had barstool by any means <hes> but but i was thinking you know saint louis centric so those two things <hes> i would sell people asking regrets for their purposes. Don't limit yourself the greatest danger for most of us at we aim to high and miserable we aim to low and reach that when <hes> when i read that one that one resonates <hes> so that's that's a again. It's not like i specifically did this. I think <hes> that's it's more of a broad like yeah. Just got the insides. He'll one doesn't bother me as much as the the the complacency of two thousand and two that that's just that that one's disappointing tale when realistically i'm not sure that that was that there was as much theirs. Maybe some might think <hes> but the the just ignorance complacency of two thousand two bothers authors me because i was in a really good i wasn't even i wasn't even looking and trying. People go all were happy. So why would you yeah but i i didn't recognize the opportunity that you know that i had and <hes> and that's that's that's disappointing but at the same time had play out the hand that would have gone to another market. You know probably like a i would imagine i don't take your pick of whatever a top ten the t._v. Market would be probably would have been the lead guy weekend guy and then evidently as has been the case with local t._v. news. I would've started making more but then right around two thousand eight two thousand nine because i was making more than they would have gone. Hey we need you to cut back and then it's like you have no marketable job skills and you're now at that point i would have been in my mid thirties and you're going. Oh my god with the flag gonna do so. It worked doubt but that's results-oriented. What is disappointing is to not be thinking ahead. I'm twenty five years old. It's not there's there's no excuse for that so why you might be looking for like hey when i did this that was really regretful <hes> but those are the ones that stand out to me <hes> more but i'm sure i'll have more regrets for news. Time goes on all right. Oh as always thank you so much for the questions. Thank you to our sponsors for making the whole thing possible. Ryan kelly the home loan expert dot com are cana- evergreen while strategies james carlton carlton online at carlton insurance dot net designer heating cooling online designer service that the number one dealer and the most hardest i've trained and johnny chevrolet chevy find new roads as always thank hugh for listening. Thank you to gangster pete iggy for producing. I'm tim mckernan. This has been another edition of questions from the audience on the inside a steel podcast for the hormone expert dot com studios.

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The Tim McKernan Show Ep. 249  QFTA

The Tim McKernan Show

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The Tim McKernan Show Ep. 249 QFTA

"Yes yes welcome. In to the mckernan shell from the home loan expert dot com studios a podcast presented by ryan kelly the home loan expert dot com mark hanna hannah evergreen wealth strategies james carlton carlton state farm insurance agency johnny lon off chevrolet and design air heating and cooling. I'm your host timothy michael mckernan and oh we have questions from the audience for you coming up. We have joe buck which will debut on sunday day sat down with joe in the hormone expert dot com studios this week and <hes> as as as the set down and he goes. I don't know because i was thinking about this interview and i don't know what we're gonna. Talk about. I said trust me. We'll be we'll be good and then sure enough. We did like an hour and ten minutes and could have gone much longer but it's just all ran so i would recommend on that one the bill mcclellan this week. I've gotten a lot of <hes> emails on that and and honestly kinda thinking of the audience had a feeling some people really would be like oh. I know billick oakland. I don't know if i'm gonna listen to that one but people have listened and they've really enjoyed it and that's good because i do the same thing with podcasts. I'll look the hosts. I like who their guests are and and <hes> oh like foreplay podcast on barstool had bryson d shambo on yesterday and two days ago in over the slow play controversy in his conversation sation with cap guy and i'm like oh. I want to listen to that so some peo- i get it. I'm telling you the mclaughlin interview. Give me the benefit of the doubt and listen to you. You'll be happy that yes. You did <hes> if you're going out i know he's the post-dispatch guy and he's on donnybrook generally my thing. You'll be very happy the maroon one if you haven't listened you'll be very happy did joe buck doc goes without saying you'll be happy. All those guests presented by mark hanna of evergreen wealth strategies online evergreen s. t. l. dot com he ties in to one of the questions in the questions from the audience and i don't know if this was an e mail question or if this was on the t._m._a. Fan page but when i saw the question should i thought oh this is going to lead into my <hes> my more cana- endorsement <hes> let's see tick attack tick tock <hes> tick tock <hes>. Let's see if it isn't this one. <hes> oil royal thinks this is great podcasting here while anyway the question was <hes>. What would you do differently something. Along those lines paraphrasing it was it was it was much better stated dated than hey. What would you do differently and i thought oh that's easy. I would like what would you tell yourself twenty years ago. If you go back and it'd be like oh it's easy money management management one hundred percent hundred percent. I gotta pulp the team a fan page. Maybe i can get the right answer but <hes> yeah i it's. It's it truly bothers me. It's kind of i always have this pause anytime i go into the mark hanna because <hes> it's it's. It's something that it just interest just kind of gets me especially because it wasn't like oh yeah well. Here's the reason why i i just messed up. I mean there's no there's no way around it and <hes> and i'm disappointed appointed myself and that's why every time i do this read <hes> i <hes> i kind of go into the same thing. Which is you know. I really wish that i would have managed my money differently and when i talk about mark hanna i know that he can get you on the right track. He's online at evergreen s. t. l. dot com here it is here's the question russian <hes> it's on. It was on the fan page. What is one thing that your parents didn't teach you. Honestly this is kind of an indictment of my parents but that's not fair that you're going to make sure you teach your son and see was way better than what are you. Would you do differently <hes> for example. My mom was a single mom of four in between work and taking care of all of us kids no one when really taught me how to cook real meals. I always tell my wife that we're going to have our future. Children help make dinner at least once a week. They learn how to make meals. That's great i didn't even i didn't even finish the post when i read it. Initially i think about that to god so number one. What is the one that my parents didn't teach me. I guess what i would say and people have asked about me of my dad and for podcast and i i just i really i don't want to do it because i feel like. My dad doesn't know like i know to filter. Even though i don't filter much i still area like the the <hes>. What do they call those hard areas and hockey the areas that you know certainly i have opinions on but i also know that in two thousand nineteen which is going to lead to one of the questions that are probably all spend the most time on today the cancel culture <hes> that it could destroy my career. It's a theme that we had with joe buck actually <hes> bribing social media in the interview that you're in in here in a few days <hes> so i know i know to stay away from him. <hes> not to say that my dad's like you know drunk uncle with it's not a ah great man with a great heart am dead serious. He's it's it. There's a there's a better feeling as a son to have if people love and respect your father as much as people love and respect my father <hes> any don't get me wrong. He drove all too because he was hard hard but <hes> people love them and so people wanna hear me interview and then for for my son's purpose and then my brother's children <hes> to be able to hear their grandfather always have that that's where the value comes in the issue is i'm just like as we're just going to start sleeping. I don't even know where the fuck l- start weeping. I know he will and then and i probably will and then it's going to be a whole mess and then gangster pete you get notoriously blamed for weeping. I don't know if you'll weep because usually start weeping over the blues in the stanley cup but you'll be in here with two guys a father and son crying and that's in your wheelhouse. The father could get together. I know for me would and then. I know we're talking about something that i i don't know about you know i mean. He lost his father at a young age. <hes> which is why he is a self made guy which is why am glad i guess i don't get worked up over it because it it is a little irritating like and it's not the people series but there were some people in broadcasting when it first started like oh. You only got his job because of his dad and i'm like you really think who was it. That own came lovie below which i would imagine new yorker outlay really gives a damn about a guy who sells radio advertising in saint louis. If you really wanna make that stretch for your own shortcomings in your career but if it makes people feel better than great but that was twenty years ago but there are things that i don't you know i'm sure i don't know but he had to bust his ass because his dad died at a young age and he had to <hes> two sisters and one brother and <hes> in the world changed for them on our in a heart attack and i just know that that's it's going to get into so his mom as i'm sure many of your either parents or grandparents talking to listeners <hes> grew up in the depression and and and if you grew up in the depression your idea of managing money is much different than probably we people who do not have relatives who are around them who grew up in the depression which is something you know. When i was like ten you know and he's like i was he had me bussing tables. He had to get a job at fourteen bussing tables at rose <hes> and i still you know it's been <hes> what we talking here. Twenty seven years and i don't like that and i i i. I think the reason i don't like it is took away from <hes> enjoying wing youth i mean when when i was going home on friday afternoons from saint louis u. Hi back to south city which most of my classmates were not making that same track back back to south st louis <hes> and they're all getting ready to go to slough football game or basketball game and looking for the weekend. I was getting ready to be miserable bussing lossing tables and i don't you know i don't know maybe we talk about that but i just i just disagree with it. I disagree with now. Some people might say well. That's why you work work hard or whatever the hell is somebody would say or consumed with work. Maybe it'd be that way to say it. <hes> which i don't know if that's necessarily a great thing <hes> i. I certainly didn't have stuff handed to me. Even though i guess that would go against the the kind of running joke on the show <hes> nat i that i think was good and i would. I would want to do the same thing with my son on that but i don't think i would want. I have my son working on friday and saturday nights while he's and working during the week bussing tables in high school. I don't know so that's one of those things that like some of those things like you look back on your made ma- made sense and i didn't like it at the time but that one that one bothers me 'cause i kind of like arrested development and <hes> you know i i don't like that one but the reason i bring bring it up with regard to the question is he was very money conscious because his mom grew up in the depression and his dad died when he was young and he had a four person family and so he had to start working at a young age and for as much as he cared cares about money and and monitoring it. I just you know for whatever reason it it. I i never got. I never got that talk. <hes> band band again. It's the buck stops here. It's my fault but <hes> but it's really <hes> something that i i will make sure with my son. He understands the program because now i get it but i mean i'm forty. Two you know <hes> <hes> there was an opportunity to do a hell of a lot more at a younger age so i consider that to be. I mean a big way in the shame of it is he. He knows rose about it so he certainly could've but <hes> again. It's my fault but i just. I just didn't know it's like i'm making this much money. So therefore i will spend this much money. I mean just. I'm sure you're listening. Oh my god tim what the hell and i didn't have debt. I just spent what i made and saved very little and now now. I mean it's it's budgeted. I'll get my <hes> my check from caffeine us <hes> here tomorrow and immediately like you know i mean it's already set up where everything's going so you know it which i'm sure a lot of you're like yeah. Isn't that the way it works man. I figured that out sixteen yeah you probably did. I didn't so if you are listening to this and going oh crap. I'm doing what you did when you were in your twenties. Marquette evergreen wall strategies evergreen s._t. L. dot com great guy. He's gonna set you're right but that's what i needed an regarding the cooking thing which i didn't read when i initially read the question on the fan page nan. Could i not agree more with that could not agree more that i am <hes> and i look at it there. There's so many elements of that from a health standpoint number one <hes> really being the main reason awesome but also i do think there's some value to just families spending time together and doing something that you need to do anyway. Which is you know eat dinner but the cooking thing in 'cause. I'm kind of flying blind on that. <hes> i mean i i i would be d level. Serviceable is the way i would describe it now. I do eat metabolic golic meals. I have eaten metabolic meal since two thousand ten my metabolic meals dot com big fan but not every single night but with my mental meals i'm just reading the meals sales and they're prepared and they're healthy and but but still like for james purposes yeah there's just not that's i barbecue but i mean as far as like it my way around the kitchen in the weather in saint louis you know from october through march or april. It's a you know that limits you because you're not i mean some people req- and that stuff but <hes> so yeah i agree with that. I agree with that in a big way. I <hes> i like that play. That's an astute question. On questions. Engines from the audience aren't let me go into the email inbox because i know there were some that i really liked from the email inbox and <hes> and let's see what we've got going on here <hes> today <hes> i know you don't like to compare eras different areas of t._m._a. That's not true. I've never or so before but i am curious about your thoughts on t._m._a. As of now number one what is your favorite part of t._m._a. In two thousand nineteen <hes> so just respectfully which i guess now is considered to be like a condescending thing it's not intended to be. I mean when i say it because i just wanted to come off the wrong way but i'm just i also just want to go along with. Something that i know is not true. I've never said that. I don't like to compare different areas if i have it's not in the context of all you know i refused to do it. It's p. because sometimes some things might have been going on behind the scenes that people didn't know the favorite part of t._m._a. Now i guess i gotta compare and contrast. I love that we don't have guests <hes> i guess i could have you home done that earlier anyway <hes> but i just i prefer i would. I feel like the show is at its best when we're just bullshitting and i've known that for a while <hes> but yet like at eight o'clock or eight twenty there'd be like a cardinal guest and then it would just kind of grind to a halt and and i'd ask a question of recommen- then doug ask a question of recumbent had nothing to do with what recalled to said and then the cat ask question recall that have nothing to do with what we're able to send the night ask the question of recommittal that rick had nothing it was like a press conference terrible radio <hes> like if like for those of you who enjoy this podcast and you like like the interviews the reason why the interviews work is because their conversations. They're not really interviews if i if i was sitting here with joe buck yesterday and just like had eliza what do you think of the cardinals at the the trade deadline. What was it like to see the blues. When these stanley cup it would fuck and suck so their conversations and when you have a guest on and you have three hosts sts unless one person just does the interview and then everybody in the audience wow why is tim not letting duggar cat talker doug outlet and tim and the cat talk or whatever <hes> they become like press conferences and there's bad radio now they're standard in saint louis radio and i think maybe sports talk radio around the country. I don't know i don't really listen. Were you have multiple hosts and guests. Are kinda like this thing that you do but it's you know that's not our style of ray. I realized allies for some that is for like if you like the hardcore sports stuff but if you like that you're not listening to this anyways. I'm not even talk. You know but that's not what we do. I'd be bored. I somebody could double my salary and said but you can only talk about sports and i come out. I'm not interested. No thank you <hes> so my favorite part team me but i mean really <hes> <hes> but i mean this is. I can't say we all get because we almost for every single year of of the show. We've all gotten along. <hes> there have been blips over the fifteen years now <hes> <hes> which i guess you'd kind of expect it so it's like when i watched like things on bands <hes> like a behind the music and it's like they'll focus kasan like you know. Take your pick of who had it's kind of. I mean you have those things pop up but for the most part and when i say for the most part i'm talking about ninety ninety eight percent plus of the time we all just it's only again as i always say. It's not like we're we hang out. <hes> and i think it's good that we don't hang out. I think it'd be weird if like three hung out and then like three didn't or something i think that'd be odd and maybe healthy and unhealthy. I'm not talking about a healthy person slim talking about it might not be good if like that. They're felt like there was a click on the show so there isn't that <hes> i always i said questions from the audience last week when i was asked why didn't get into the political when doug and the plough hawk dog and a cat or whoever arguing and i said and if you didn't listen last week and this is the main reason in the audience's eyes and i still think in some of the people on the shows is maybe everybody on the show is i'm still perceived as the boss even though i know i'm cut and so if the boss comes in or he who is perceived as the boss and then like has a counterpoint then it can be like oh you oh so and so is up against the boss and he'd better be careful and i don't want that to be the case and then oftentimes i just don't have a strong opinion <hes> but that is that that is one of the reasons for show to stick together you know me me and the cat or the only to around from the very beginning but doug has been around this is two thousand seven iggy has been on and off for ten plus years. <hes> plow hawk has been a part of it for five five or six five i think and then pete a year and you know i mean there's been a handful of producers like for real count on one hand <hes> producers of the show over fifteen years you know there. There's obviously culture so to speak and right now a culture and make it sound like there's some kind of plan but i mean it just it just whatever it is. It just works mainly. I think people are just for the most part able to do what we do and then you know left alone at least amongst the six of us <hes> so i'm grateful for that and i'm also aware there's nothing you can do about it. Though it's like <hes> when in jail and i were talking about our children you know joe has twins who are <hes> fifteen months and i have a son who's turning to and <hes> and joe joe says but i already know how the book ends and what you mean by that he goes well. I mean i've already seen my two older daughters. Both of whom i think i know one for sure as twenty and one is right around twenty sophomore u._s._c. see the already sees like that transition is he called it a metamorphosis from like high school to college and i guess i kinda i kinda sensed like the sadness sadness that some parents will talk about like when when the kids grow up and they move out <hes> or the sadness that fathers may have when their theirs sons go from being they're buddies to no longer wanting to be seen in public with their dad's like talking about that breaks my heart <hes> but it's part of the deal so you know it's like people say. Wow doesn't suck that you have to do that. I go yeah but i mean think about this. I get to do this so it's kind of like the cost of doing business business <hes> and i wouldn't have it any other way but i mentioned that will be difficult and that's what joe was making reference to and so when <hes> <hes> asked about you know t._m._a. Because i got a little taste of it in two thousand seven <hes> and we've certainly had some situations nations over the years where you think it might be coming to an end or you think this person might not be part of the show anymore or whatever the case might be. There's just there's there's a greater awareness awareness in two thousand nineteen and there was in two thousand nine probably because it's it's bigger now but but also it's ten years later that it won't last forever and so i am conscious of appreciating how fortunate at the very least i am and i think the other people polling showed say it but maybe they wouldn't. I don't know everybody situation's different that we have this thing that we get to do not that we have to do that. We get to do that that we were essentially paid to come in and faulk off and laugh. I mean that is because i know that i'm not going to have that forever and maybe i will. It certainly won't be with this group because it's just gonna it inevitably changes. I mean shit. The original show is martin kilcoyne producer joe along with me and a cat. That's changed it. It will change it. Inevitably will change and the change will be met with resistance and the standard of the show is over and i've lived through that with countless people and then i have to now remind people about what they said when they said the show was over like at person going out. There's no way ever said that. I'm like well. You know you did <hes> but i know the program and that's the way it's going to be in either. Just all come to an end or <hes> it'll graduate whatever the case might be not doesn't mean that i would leave broadcasting or podcasting but <hes> so so the reason i say that is i'm conscious of. There's a shelf life. Now i don't know how much longer could it could be long. <hes> in that by wong i mean like pinot health ten years <hes> but it most likely won't be and <hes> and so when you have something and you know oh that the majority of the public don't again on emphasize the words get to do something they love and even if they do love it. It probably probably doesn't involve laughing <hes> and then have a lot of people laugh with you who are listening to it and really get into it. I mean that's just that is so we'll fortunate. It's so fortunate so i think when when you ask what my favorite part of a team i it's the appreciation that i have have now ford versus before <hes> that even if as i said i think if said the scott probably twenty times on this thus this podcast that even if it ended today i would be like i mean now at this point. It's been almost twenty years that i've worked in the market which my goal is to get here by the time i was thirty <hes> <hes> scientist. I truly feel lucky. That's that's. That's what it is a truly feel lucky like i know. That probably isn't the answer people in here but that's that's what that's how. I think that's why gaster. You've been a part of the show for a year. I'm gonna put you on the spot. You probably weren't expecting this. You've been listener and now you are a producer. Your your favorite part of t._m._a. In twenty nineteen the hunchback of on castles question i mean my favorite thing is that come in and just laugh with people that i enjoy being around <hes>. I'm not a morning person so that took a little bit you used to but i do not even hard for me to get out of bed because i know them. We go do something i enjoy doing like. It's fun now. I i mean. I think that that that sums up my answer. I would think that because the cat says that often he just kind of unsolicited talk about you know. I've been up since one in the morning. I just flew in from new york. We're in you know city field against the mets but i'm looking for going to come in. I'm gonna laugh you know and that's that's the thing that's the thing that stands out now. The the question in probably was like what's your favorite like element of the show like bit or something like that but you know. I don't know i mean i find emailed to me. I'll tell you what what makes me laugh constantly attacks tax. That's i mean we it's like having like three hundred writers. You know i mean that's what we have and so many these are good and and also i think to the credit fred of those who don't have the wit of those who more often than not get read they just they just sit the plays out. They don't even try anymore. Which is good because you know you know. Sometimes you can't hit the ball hundred thirty yards like everybody on tour and you just have to go okay well. I'm gonna hit a two twenty and just enjoy planned yeah. Don't try to compete and getting. I think initially we we had spent like how come you don't read my text. You only like your shits not good. You know sorry it didn't make the album you know but it didn't get any good and then the second i can question is. Is there anything you would like to change or do differently and t._m._a. Moving forward. I don't know i mean i don't know i i if you're talking about <unk> business wise it might make sense for at least me to do six to seven it would not make sense. I mean i guess it would if they didn't have to do t._v. For the cat and doug you six to seven again. I'm thinking of this business business wise <hes> i try to walk a fine line of i'm not the boss even though i think that the people on the show oh do you think that perception the people on the show still look at me as being in charge. I would say that they'd looked you is being charged. You kinda like the founding running father of the whole thing kind of that kind of deal so i'm careful like that that politics is a question last week in a recording at my basement so you weren't there when a care think it was recaps asked why i tune out of the politics discussions or why i don't get involved not tune out although sometimes i do too now and my reason was i feel like and i don't know about everybody. I don't think you you do but you weren't working here when i was the boss <hes>. I don't know what iggy thanks. I don't think the cat views me that way but i do think doug and the plough hawks still look is kind of the guy in charge even though they know they know i'm not i still think they look at me that way and so they're the ones more often than not not getting in the arguments on the politics and if i were to get involved then it'd be like oh shit now. My bosses getting involved. If i lineup on the other side it might make it awkward. Does that make sense or my over thinking over thinking a little bit. I actually think it would be more interesting if you got involved because i know that you have a little different views than they do on something. I'd i don't know i i in an also part of it is the way i talk. I know because my wife tells me this when we argue. It's so this way like i'm not going to raise my voice and so then that can be mistaken for being condescending like some people really like when they hear people. Have you got a lot to yeah. That's true. I guess we do have a both at thing going right <hes> so so that's that's another part but also those arguments. There's never like an end to them also so like when you get in its it could go the whole show but that's because i don't like if i were fired up up about something and i guess i don't get fired up on the air about much because i'm careful to try to keep my cool on things that <hes> but that's not certainly been across the board. There have been exceptions that if i were fired about something in like doug or the plow okay let's move on that would piss me off. You know so affair fired up. I don't feel like it's my place to stop the fight so to speak so i totally get that. That's what's hard about it. Yeah i know and it doesn't happen. You know i thought the only time i step in on things things online like that is when <hes> when somebody says something that i know is factually incorrect or that a credible source is reporting that what is is being said in the argument is not correct otherwise have opinions in god bless if i don't agree with them but <hes> you know you know is i don't know. I don't know if there's as much i would. I guess i like having sound on the show. I like being able to throw to that but <hes> in so maybe i would do something as far as getting that more more intricate <hes> but yeah i don't know i just like i like being able to talk for three hours with guys whose opinion <hes> <hes> i really respect even if it differs like i differ in a major way politically from doug obviously <hes> but i respect his opinion and you know and it's not like doug like shouts me down. If i have a differing opinion you know i in some people want doug shouted down. They liked him come. You won't shout out like it's his opinion and the number of people 'specially in this area share his opinion and i don't think i don't think it's my play. I'll just well. You think this here's why i think this but i'm going to like show. I just disagree with that <hes> nor would i want me to be shouted down. So that's the thing treat others how you want to be treated <hes> good question though hunchback of on castle <hes>. Let's see what we got. <hes> tim a little background for the basis of my question question. I've been a team a listener since after my senior year of high school when i was cleaning toilets at the local school district for my summer job i'm finishing up my second internship in nashville tennessee going into in my senior year of college my soon to be career. Path has potential to take me anywhere in the u._s. With options to chase money or settle down i want with that said i have a few huge wjr decisions to make in the near future and would like to hear your thoughts. I am honored when <hes> looks like this person's at <hes>. I guess i probably shouldn't give the email address net that he would care since there's tens of thousands. How's the people going to the school but somebody in college listening to the program great to see the audience continued younger. What were slash are your motivators behind the direction. You take your life as far forest career relationships marriage location et cetera for me personally. I just want to be satisfied and content with the work. I do relationships. I built along the way p._s. Being a janitor is honestly one of the best jobs i've ever had low stress. Don't deal with people and i get to podcast all day. <hes> it's a good question you know in the last twenty four. I guess twenty six hours to be exact exact. I've seen a few people post <hes> we've had this in the text inbox and then also on the t._m._a. Fan page the getting older is all about regret and i think that i think that i think the way that i think they both meant it because it was two different. People who posted this in i said in the audience had no one of these came and must maybe i read had a steamer stephen wild. It was one of the people who text to that in and i do feel like he's kind of like the yoda of t._m._a. Tax <hes> because he says things that might not really sound popular but when people like strip mall that like shit he's right. <hes> is the regrets you have as you <hes> <music> as you age so yeah when you're twenty. You probably don't have regrets because you don't have a real sample size. I mean what are you gonna regret. You know like in boston with take your pick of narcotics or d._u._i. Are certainly regret those things but once you're in your forties maybe thirties you can look back with god so i absolutely have things in my life for real that when i think of them and i can be by myself when i think of them i actually go. I ah i really make that sound. It doesn't happen often in by that. I mean they don't think about them often but when it happens and maybe it's like once a month and i'll think about in it's maybe like two or three things in it's more like disappointment myself actually of aw god. I can't believe i did that <hes> so i don't know if that's true but i just happened to see two people post that and then when it was posted i hi then thought yeah you know. I guess maybe there's something or you think about what if i would have done this now <hes> when my i are more like dislike. I can't believe i did that more so than professional which i think is what the focus focus of your question is <hes> j. w. but you do ask about relationships marriage location ties into both personal professional for me. I had blinders on which was which were born out of really just youthful attache and by that i mean i truly was a sophomore high school. Thinking i was going to play major league. Baseball -aseball truly thought that wasn't working on it just thought i was going to never outside of making all star teams at aften which is not like you no not like necessarily a ticket to playing it. <hes> division one is not like i was anything special but just in my mind that's what i thought and then when i got cut from everything truly from everything which might have been a good thing but i'm telling you going through and it was brutal when got cut from football from slough and that wasn't that big of a deal although it's kind of amusing looking back because they hardly cut anybody but at the time i didn't it wasn't that big of a deal because you know it's not like i really care played football <hes> but i mean i was five to one hundred pounds so it was a truly was a safety situation for <hes> saint louis u. Hi basketball was tough off because i really was good but again you're talking about good in south saint louis grade school catholic school basketball so again the sample size now looking back on it was asinine but i was good for that but not when you're bringing in you know two hundred fifty kids from around saint louis. I'm sure many of already knew they were gonna play aaron. Some of whom are like six six <hes> and then <hes> the baseball one though was the one that the basketball one was tough because remember that was like at the exact same time that my dog was run over right in front of me on tam avenue <hes> and i wasn't really enjoying my time at saint louis you high because of what i said earlier nobody from my neighborhood want. They're not nobody but like two guys from grade school and i barely knew anybody and you can't drive at that time and it was really it's a tough thing and then i'm fucking bussing tables at page is a tough time. I'm sure some of the weird shit. I still have going on at forty. Two was was born in those years of fourteen fifteen eighteen sixteen years old. I'm i'd buy everything we need like. I always say this should really be called therapy this podcast <hes> and then getting caught for baseball. It was just just like you've got to be cut from the freshman team at saint louis you high on that one i mean i think i look back on that. Who is the coach down. Moure who coached varsity basketball and then he went on to coach at m. i. c._d._s. and i think he might have won state titles there so i guess probably just as part of his job you go and you also you could be varsity basketball coach but you also have to coach freshman baseball and he's like fine. You know i mean it's not what he's there for and then you have how many you have two hundred fifty kids in the class. Ask i would imagine a hundred came out for the team. You can only keep what maybe twenty five. That might be high and what are you gonna. Do we get like three swings and a couple of ground ball also to us. I mean they don't know it but for for those of us trying out it's like the biggest moment ever <hes> and i get cut i think i made it through i cut cut and and it was devastating and i swear to you and this is true and i guess you can either look at it as being a tip of the cap to me or looking going. Oh my god you are really fucked in the head but from that day forward i swear it's the truth in it might have really fucked me up as far as growth goes but i was in the gym working out the next day every day. <hes> at least school days <hes> until tryouts the next year when i made the team and i was the starting second baseman and i worked with the varsity coach on dislike fundamentals like we we call it at the tip of the day steven to colorado coach and he would <hes> give us like a fundamental tip just like do and he just humoring us and probably was amused by the whole thing <hes> he wants is to have me on his podcast so i'm sure we'll relive that <hes> because he's become a well known baseball coach in in the saint louis area but i was it was like there is no way i was going to get caught got my sophomore year. There is no way under any circumstances so it became you know i willed it to happen and then i worked so hard heard and i wasn't bad initially i was the leadoff hitter so starting second baseman leadoff hitter and then i developed ricky and kill you know except i wasn't a pitcher richer but what for my position steve sax chuck knoblauch. I couldn't throw the ball the first base if i had time to think about fucking terrible so when i did the cardinal fantasy camp this year i i hadn't feel that a ground ball since the mid nineties and i'm i'm dead serious when i went down there. I'm like i'm worried. This is going to come back for real <hes> it didn't but at the same time i think more often than not net fantasy camp put me in center field because i was one of the few guys who could run so i sorta for the purpose of covering ground so i never really had that <hes> you know in the one time i had to throw it would have been from center field the home on on a guy tagging and i thought that's the last day of camp and i don't wanna get hurt for golf so i'm not going to throw the ball which as you can imagine delighted manager alan bennis <hes> when he's told me just kind of toss. It didn't didn't let the guys score very impressed but <hes> i was i was consumed with that and then once high school baseball and i got caught my junior year and that was a whole 'nother thing where i got caught but nicole rod created what was called the taxi axes squad which he had never done before to allow this is true like we really probably do need to talk about this on the podcast <hes> because i don't know what this was about but it did happen insistent one thousand nine hundred three i guess my junior year <hes> and he had told me my sophomore year he was like pencilling in the roster is driving me one day and he goes okay view and fill at second base and i'm like sweet already and then i like what you're just not. You're not good enough to be on the team but you're good enough to beyond like a practice squad and so create a taxi squad which is an odd thing and so we'd get to go to the games and we could sit on the bench with the pants but not the jersey see this is true and i remember i did it for one game. We played <hes> like waterloo or something in one one nothing and we won because we stole home and we got no oh hidden true <hes> but that was that he played whitey ball and i think it was my dad who is so just like beside aside himself over what had happened that he liked. He wanted me to not do that whereas i was carolina else to do. We're going to be bussing tables a ph rose. If i if i don't do it so fine i'll go practice and sit on the bench was a matter i would've been sitting on the bench anyway but i think it was like a pride thing for him but for me. I'm like oh. I'll do it and then i'll probably make the team my senior year and <hes> but you know i think when you have you know influence from someone you respect saying this is bullshit. <hes> and it's insulting and i didn't i didn't i still i don't think about it. It's the first time i've really thought about it in a long time but since the question came up about how i kind of got to my career decision this certainly played a role in it <hes> that i did leave leave. The taxi squad thing then tried out senior year and i remember the guys who were on the team. The forego got we're fucked. You're easily the best second base and then i got cut in the first round of cuts and i'm like i in the first round of cuts because i quit the taxi squad no doubt in my mind the other two guys who did do the taxi squad made the team so i i i'm certain of that and if i do appear on coach nicole rats podcast we will break this down. I'm sure this podcast will get back to him and listen to it and i will bet everything i have that that's the reason because it's not like i was great but i certainly didn't deserve to cut the first cuts but it was. I know that's what it was about. Whatever in the whole scheme of things. I don't give a shit but since we're talking about it. It became okay clearly. I'm not going to play in the major leagues by can't make the fucking team in high school all right so we so now we have our moment of clarity and then the moment of clarity leads to okay well if i'm not going to play major league baseball. What am i going to do and it just so happened. I was watching in my house. <hes> my parents my dad's subway alam with notre dame and my mom actually went to school at saint mary's because it wasn't co at at the time and it's right across the street from notre dame that was the female notre dame in south bend and so she's she's a legitimate alum and my uncle did go to school there alumna <hes> and <hes> and so lou holtz press conference was on remember him saying the key to being happy in life is to find something you love to do and find somebody dumb enough to pay to do it and at that moment being vulnerable emotionally and mentally. I'm like okay those words words i'm going to live by. I can't play major league baseball. I'm fucking miserable bussing tables at p._h. Rose miserable hated it and i thought to myself. I've got to make sure that i don't have this feeling going to work every day and so i was like okay what can i do. I'll be a broadcaster dow cover the cardinals. That's what i'll do. That's how i'll be around it because because that's what i loved and so then then the same blinders i had after getting cut from the baseball team at saint louis u. Hi where i started working out real everyday which title i remember steve schnur who quarterbacked saint louis u. hi to the state championship game and then quarterback northwestern to rose bowl against u._s._c. and i think ninety five he was in there and he whatever we you know he's a couple of years older than me but he'd seeming they're winning us. You know he goes god he goes. You know maybe it shouldn't be lifting weights. You're not even you know that takes young for my class. Ask you know might not be good to be lifted weights before you know growth spurt and you can say now i i still didn't hit a growth spurt but the premise being <hes> <hes> hey <hes> you know lifting weights before the age of fifteen might not be the best thing and i don't know if that's the reason why didn't hit six feet. I have no idea it could have been the cards that i was going to be dealt but my brothers are taller <hes> but i gotta be doing something to get closer and making the team and even though that probably was not let definitely was not the thing to be doing. I should have been like in a cage but indoor cages weren't as commonplace then as they are now so i just that's what i did and it became the blinders to make sure i did it and that's that's what i did with broadcasting ryan kelly's the home loan expert and he is the sponsor of our studios here on the tim mckernan show without him. We don't have a podcast so make sure you're supporting our sponsor. Sir brian kelly the home loan expert dot com and with interest rates dropping and this being home buying season this is a prime time to get in and get yourself a great rate and lock in or if you want to refinance now's the time to do so ryan kelly's the person to do it with he is online at the home loan expert dot com ryan kelly ali the studio sponsor of this program ryan kelly the home loan expert dot com and so i remember looking at schools in this a whim you look back on this stuff and how these little things when you're like fifteen or sixteen can end like set the stage for the rest of your life but that's what it was like what i have done this. If i have made the team correal as dumb as that sounds <hes> it's like okay what are the best <hes> communication slash journalism schools and i remember whoever it was i guess my adviser visors saying you know obviously missouri for journalism indiana. I think communications miami ohio a lot of saint louis you high grads coulda miami ohio and so we looked at those and i just remember thinking it's kind of like i don't really know i'm the oldest of four at at that time. I had a three year old sister. You know my parents you know. We're gonna have to put four kids through college. Still you know now in the best journalism school in the country or at the very least one of the top three at that time with missouri syracuse northwestern is right down the road and i can go and state. Let's go there and so that's what i did did and so then i get new journalism school thinking forever reason that's going to lead to play by play and the first day it's like oh shit. This is like doing t._v. News i five zero interest in tv news. I don't anchor sports but that's michael. Fuck them junior. This is what i'm in and that's what wound up happening and then i started doing t._v. News unfortunately originally it works out and i get to saint louis by the age of twenty three but a couple years in it's like oh. I don't really enjoy this. Even though this was like my dream to get back to saint louis this is my contract came up in two thousand and three a three year deal and <hes> and i had just one in two thousand to october over of two thousand and two the best sports caster in the midwest and the best sports reporter in the midwest and edward r murrow award and i'm like this is going to be great. I'm gonna get a bunch of money in my contract negotiation and alan alan cohen the general manager at the time looks at me in just like has to look at me like oh my god you know it's like me playing thirty handicap and goes yep. We can give you this two percent raise to your deal and i'm like but i just won all these emmys and awards a calf. That's all we can do and i'm kind any kind of looking at me. Like what are you gonna do about it on my oh my god he knows i can't do. What am i gonna do leave. So if you're asking for a regret regret my regret would be that. I didn't take advantage of the fact that i was only twenty five at the time and certainly could have gone and done something in another market but i wanted to be in saint louis that was important. You're asking about location that was important to me <hes> but that is how i got into the career got into so you wonder. I wonder you know now at forty two kind of at the halfway point <hes> i guess beyond the halfway point as far as life goes halfway point career goes <hes> <hes> what is it really is really the best thing to do pursuing something that you enjoy doing or is it better to pursue something like if i would've gone into law school or finance or you know and i don't think i have the mind mathematically for finance <hes> or does focus on business gangster pete here in his m._b._a. And i i don't know on that. I think i think i would guess. Is that a lot of you. Who do make a large amount of money but either bored out of your mind by your job or hate your job look at me and her jealous and then i would maybe tell you some of the stuff that we've gone through to keep the show together and you go. Oh my fucking god. Maybe it isn't all it's cracked up to be because seven at ten. I always say is the greatest. It's the shit that goes on afterwards that we've had to deal with in some of event like i say is public in some of its public but inaccurate and then some of it's almost of it is private <hes> all bydesign <hes> and it's pretty rough you know <hes> it's it's it ha- that hasn't been easy <hes> when my wife and i think about having another other child the tumultuous nature of the world in which i work is a factor you you know candidly so <hes> you know that's. That's that that these are the things i don't know. I don't know i mean but but at the same time i can't imagine many people enjoy what they do for a living more than i do. I don't know but at the same time the other thing the other thing is i would say and i've said this and doug has said this when we're being serious about all this stuff and the catta said this for as much as we joke about it like don't go into the stuff. Don't go into the stuff. We're like lottery ticket winners and by that i mean not not financially but <hes> like when when you look at how many people at the age of eighteen nineteen twenty twenty one twenty two on even the people who do get jobs kind of like you know in the small markets to start out and therefore still in the game how many people want to do it and then how many people are really still doing it twenty years after leaving college i mean you're talking about my god. It's if it's if it's five percent i'd be shocked now. One could say well. It's because you don't have any other marketable job skills and you're kind of cornered in that would be fair <hes> <hes> but it also you know there's an enjoyment factor but it all kinda ties into the first question of you know the enjoyment i wanted the job yes but there's also a consciousness of this will not last forever and <hes> and it may become more of a job so i'd still even to this day even with what we've been through believe that if you can find something you love to do and find somebody dumb enough to pay you to do it. That's the win because when it's all said and done you know. Happiness is the currency for me. Maybe for others. I had somebody who certainly has wealthy <hes> in not like hiding it. <hes> the say to me we revenue revenue one shot in a month or so ago and the person says tim don't let anybody tell you money doesn't buy happiness because i'm telling you i've been rich and i've been poor and this is a hell of a lot the fun being rich and i'm like god bless america. I kind of liked it. You know some people like fuck you because now it's invoked like hate on people who have money but <hes> i enjoyed it. He wasn't santa from brag perspective. <hes> was to say you know. I've been there on both sides of it. This was not an old money conversation and <hes> you know but i don't know. I don't know if i were making like three times. As much as i was making right now but hated it dreaded coming to work. I don't know gangster pete. What do you think on that. Ladies and gentlemen gangster pete an m._b._a. I've been on both sides to i mean. I've made a lot more money and other jobs but i put written premium on enjoying what i do. I think it is so much fun to come here. Even though i make a lot less than i have in the past. Did you something i enjoy doing and hang out with people in laugh and have fun but at the same time it would be nice to make more money so i mean the grass isn't always greener. <hes> if you're a rich guy like the guy you were having lunch with with. You have no idea at least the purpose of this conversation. I don't know who he's thinking about exactly yeah. I think i'd much rather take the money. I don't know it's a tough i dunno i dunno. I dunno it's. I don't know <hes> so specific to your question. J w for me personally is what you wrote. I just wanna be satisfied and content with the work i do and the relationships i built along the way i read that might tell is you are more of an idealist which is good. I think i'm an ideal that doesn't mean that those who are not that's bad but i can relate better because we have that similar quality and therefore i would tell you do what makes makes you happy if you are really consumed with how much you make <hes> which i think everybody is just a varying degrees <hes> than maybe listen to me would not be the right approach because again i mean and i say it and i hope it doesn't come off as a brag. It comes off as a cautionary tale. We're lottery ticket winners just to get a job. I think i remember the guy who hired me a movie in my he might have been saying this because i'm twenty three years old when he can tell me anything by knowing the business and knowing it now even <hes> it's certainly i think he said there were one hundred eighty three tapes on his desk for the job. Okay one eighty threes a lot. You know i mean it's just so for as much joke about it and certainly the industry is not something i would recommend people. I didn't lottery ticket or not. I wouldn't recommend people getting into it and i don't even know. I don't even know what sector of the business i can say yeah do that play by play nope but if you're joe buckets the tits <hes> sports anchor tv nope no way and i don't even know where i can say. It's a good situation there. The people in it kind of get irritated when i say things like i'm letting the secret out but you know i didn't where you wanna be. That's one hundred percent. Were you won't be <hes>. You know ah the podcast thing. There's there's something buffalo springfield. There's something something happening here but it's not just for. Everybody like everybody has a show not everybody but for real a lot of human beings have podcasts a lot of human beings have podcasts podcasts and i guess if it's a way for like you in like fifteen year friends to listen to you talk. It's great but if you want to make it a career just because podcast that does not make it something that you can. Can you know build build sustainable income one but if you already have an audience its way to branch out so oh it's kind of a chicken and egg thing like i've heard stern podcast generally broadcasting well i. I would agree with that but there's some contingencies on it. If you already have an audience show rogin bill simmons <hes> you know david axelrod <hes> but marc maron did not ought and he built it to his credit you can you can you can generate revenue but just like starting a podcast and then talking and going camping and do what he or she does or what they do and we'll have the same so that's not realistic <hes> but i also think most more times than not. It's people who are kind of in a spot in their lives. Where were they don't necessarily need to be making money. It's not people with wives and families to start the podcast okay. This is what i'm gonna do for a living <hes> so j w i really liked the question question has always <hes> we get really good questions on these things they make me think <hes> i like having gangster pete in here <hes> to get his thoughts on it because is a lot of these are kind of t._m._a. Slash career related <hes> to see if i'm on the right path on this so yeah man. I'm telling you i say this. I say this you know when i'm talking talking to people about jobs and and i and i really mean it. I've meant it for years. You can't put a dollar value on lying in bed on sunday night and not dreading reading the next five days now that doesn't mean that it supersedes every other part of your your judgement on whether or not you want to do something but i've been there not often often in my career but i've been there <hes> really kind of the two thousand seven morning. Grind era was a tough time <hes> and and i would lie in bed going. Oh my god at home. I going to get to friday and where i would appreciate the the weekend like never before because before. It's like other weekends coming. That's fine but it's not like. I'm like oh shit. You know good. I don't have to go to work. It'd be like oh. I get to sleep in but it wasn't like oh good. I don't have to go to work but that's a time for a few months where it was a living hell but my my understanding is for a lot of people that's the way that it is and they get the sunday scariest. They're dreading the next few days. They're getting zayed's in the misery of the whole thing and and <hes> and that's there's something to be said for that but it can't be at all expand. You can't go cam gonna make absolutely nothing so i don't have to dread work. <hes> ideally ideally you find the balance which i know is a cop out but there's something to be said for that but <hes> j. w. sounds like you're on the pursuit of happiness and i think that for me i think that's the the right play all right well. How am i doing on time so i have a one year at noon. It's eleven eighteen. What are we going about. Forty minutes really all right next question tim. Let's say you were to the go-to some alternate reality where you had launched t._m._a. Purely as a podcast with the intention of monetize it at some point you can take your knowledge of the business and what you've learned with you but there's no own name recognition for you. Any other hosts are inside s._t._l. How would you go about launching in promoting t._m._a. The podcast in this alternate reality gangster peop- before you even hear my answer sir let see how well you know me for working with me for almost a year to the day i think <hes> what do you think my answer is to this question. Can you repeat the question. Oh my goodness tim. Let's say you were to go to some alternate reality where you had to launch t._m._a. Purely podcast with the intention of monetize it at some point point. How do i monetize. It's your first that always the first question you can take your knowledge of the business in what you've learned with you but there's no name recognition for you or the other hosts or inside s._t. Chill how would you go about launching and promoting the podcast in this alternate reality so that you have no rain name recognition going into into it. How would you do it. The up the campaign. The answer is as i would not do it right and i feel like part of me and i could be wrong. My read is this person thinking about starting a podcast which is fine and there's another all of that but the built in audience like your that was my next email after the one that i just read for real <hes> and it wasn't scheduled out that way but it makes it sound like there was preparation on this but there wasn't sure you wouldn't do it. I would just wouldn't do it and i know that's like really concise and might come off as like flippant right but that's my honest answer is i would not do it because without the audience and without the recognition we would have nothing to present advertisers and therefore we would have no revenue and therefore it would be a hobby and then you can go on social media to like your twenty eight dollars and go. I'm getting fucked. Nobody will hire me and then you become that guy <hes> but that's that's you know there is something to but it's an awkward thing greg. Am singer said this. It's the guy from m._l._b. Network i think i think this is before i think he was this was right at the tail end of seymour's time you weren't on that one on that one on you are my first one. Okay okay and i always kinda dine it but i don't because i can't you can't quantify it. It's a it's like the the supreme court's definition of obscenity you know when you see the it so it sucks but em singer and i guess it's to his credit is yeah. You know these people. They complained employer jobs. Hey sorry you're not talent and i'm like oh my god yeah but i mean the thing is it's kind of like yeah i why yeah i guess i'd but it's i don't know it's at the same time. There might be like like what what am i into right now golf. What will i be into in two years. God only knows whatever it is. I'll be obsessed with that. You can count on that so fucking weird but golfers like aren't like okay yeah. I shot a sixty five. I'm fucking incredible. They're just like yeah. I shot a sixty five. I dunno just kind of what i do and i'm like oh my god you hit at the ball that right they'll have trash and how do you get the paul do that. You know i don't know just what we do. You know in so they just kind of have you know but if they say that it could see you know like we're talented. Sorry you're not like. I did interviews steve kline. There was gonna be a work stoppage and guy on how this happened open specially now that i got to know him well and he was the cardinal player rap and edit television interview with him that all hell broke loose and in the interview interview god bless him <hes> the governor as he was known as the as the player union rep for the cardinals said people don't understand. I'm paraphrasing phrasing but this really did happen. So television came lovie. People don't understand it but anybody can become a doctor or a lawyer. You're not everybody can throw a ball ninety. Five and as you can imagine at didn't play well now. The first part of course is not true and then the second part. Is you have a guy who's making millions of dollars left handed reliever kinda going to fucking bad you now and they're trying to win the public over the union rep so it did so i don't know i it's it's just not. It's not a good business but i'm not things on a good business because of any other reason than it's just it's a tough business to really. I don't know i you you know what i think would be interesting also be awkward but i'm going to at least for a moment venture down this who in saint louis and i'm not talking about joe joe buck so talking local who in saint louis gangster pete. I'm gonna put you on the spot. I'm really curious about this. In the world of sports awards casting would you say has i don't even i don't even know what the right way. I guess has figured it <unk> out or has something where you go yeah. I'd like. I'd like that james carlton carlton state farm insurance durance agency is my insurance agent so this is a first hand endorsement of james carlton and his staff in webster groves three one four nine six one forty eight hundred hundred or go online at carlton insurance dot net. I think a lot of people just okay well. I've got a guy. I've got a lady good. I don't really care to talk about insurance. It's it's something you know. I'm twenty five. Whatever and that's fine. I understand i used to think the same way and then i go down to my basement on march thirtieth at the two thousand seventeen and the basement's flooded and the world changes it just so happens because my interactions with james bond james been so positive that my wife and i switched james carleton <hes> in late two thousand eighteen and i'm telling you if we had not the odyssey that has been a flooded basement throughout all of this precipitation tation in saint louis would have been infinitely more difficult to navigate without somebody is active and on top of james carlton his phone number is three one four nine six one one forty eight hundred or you can go online at carlton insurance dot net and even now he still checks in you know i mean it's it's just a different ballgame and even before we had had that which of course was a substantial issue. <hes> you know we weren't covered on something ripe for forgotten to make a payment. It wasn't like it was like some monster payment. It was a small payment. He's okay to say you know you have made this payment would make sure that's taken care of so you're covered. It's just it's it's different. It's different in a much better way and that's why if you ran into me at a at a bar restaurant and said hey you don't have had happened. Hey tim who's that insurance agent. People email me and i go james carlin here include on the on the email and i know he's going to be on top and i don't think twice about it sound like i'm like oh yeah. Let me tell you about him and then somebody actually wants to follow up and i'm like oh god i hope he does okay the best the absolute best and you're talking about your biggest investments. She wanna make sure they're taken care of properly james carlton and his staff at carlton state eight farmers insurance agency will certainly do that three one four nine six one forty eight hundred or go online at carlton insurance dot net. If your insurance costs a leg and arm called james carlton state i mean danny mac has a pretty good okay. I guess i should take out i should say i guess that'd probably be good but i'm trying to. I guess i was trying to take out like play by play all right. Although it's not my cup of tea with bernie's done i mean he just writes on the website and does a show yeah exactly what he wants to do every night okay but that was more writing. That's how that happened because you know again this is. It's all a trick question. My my answer is really. Nobody and i know appealing. What the hell. I don't know i think frank. Maybe let's say the whole t._m._a. Crew yeah but see you. You've you've experienced part of it for a year to see what goes on behind the scenes and now you know <hes> you know that that some of the things that you have to navigate in order to keep the thing together and that's not the easy. I don't think frank has dealt with that. I don't know <hes> that that's my my my point. In asking a question question that i realize is awkward is here all these people and as you know there are all these people that want the jobs in their teens or twenties and i'm going who and in something like oh well yeah. Maybe maybe you or maybe dog or maybe the cat was you said or maybe burner maybe frank or maybe dan mclaughlin <hes> the bernie had goes writer some talking sportscasting and dan's play by play certainly sportscasting without question question but what i'm saying is in this realm of what we do and the question was about podcasting so therefore i wouldn't include worth writing and play by play and my point bringing bringing up is it's just it's it's tough now if you can get in and you can you know maybe randy character but i mean even randy was whacked. We were thirteen eighty. You know and i don't know how i don't know if he left. I don't know how came west i really don't i mean like randy in respect. Rian in china is just. I don't know i don't remember. I don't remember how that happened. I don't know where when if you was was let go or if he just went to thirteen eighty or stop in between. Maybe it was a k._t._a._r. S maybe i don't know my point is this. It's not easy to and i know the situations. It's not easy to go yeah. Look at this look at this. Look this look at this whereas i can go. Look at this person in this field. The minoan is when this is. There's one that's why i'm saying. It's not a good business. That's why i'm saying that and i hope this comes off the right way and i'm not doing the thing where i jokingly saying. I hope this comes off the right right way. I really want this to come off the right way because i don't want people especially if they are in a position with families to go. I'm funnier in in those guys on t._m._a. Or i can do what randy does right can do a bernie does right can do it. Frank does and i am therefore going to give it a shot. It's just it's it's it's. It's not that it's tough it. The odds are against against you and then some he'll get motivated by that all good. The odds are against me that it's going to be a great story when i do. It and i might have been somebody like that. I don't know <hes> like okay fine. You're saying you know. I remember when i was interning. Cavernous fabrizio's get out of the business. This is ninety eight and like okay. It's fine and you can say that. What are you know you're only calling billions games and cardinals games. How would you know you know and i'm like well. I'll be the exception and that's the thing people think they're going to be the exception and that's it's a great way to think. The problem is i don't even know if there are exceptions because it's it's economics. There are so many people who want the jobs bob supply but there are so few jobs demand so it's in verse and therefore you have no leverage. That's the issue and then the public got. A guy got fucked well if there aren't margins than the ownership isn't doing anything wrong if they're what they're not running a charity so it's a tough spot tough off business so my answer if the question truly wasn't a vacuum what i would do if i were starting t._m._a. Up as a podcast with no recognition in inside any of that stuff i i would not do. That's the honest answer. If you're thinking about doing it. I would tell you not to do it unless you have another job that that's how you're gonna make your money and and then you can use the podcast is like something to <hes> satisfy your creativity and then have an idea of how to build it but not rely on it as a source of income income. I hope that gangster pierre nodding you feel like that. Does that come off right way. Yay tell me and you will tell me you can go fuck yourself. You're coming off arrogant from a perspective nobody but he can really do no. I mean without a built in audience. I mean it's just gonna generate revenues not going to happen right away. It just isn't i listen to. There's some pockets. I'm listening. They don't have anything on there. You know and that's their main thing. So how the hell they make any money all right now. This is the one i think this is going to be the cherry on top well. I wonder only read this email and there really isn't a question on it but it's a good anecdote <hes> tim good morning longtime listener but rarely email. We exchanged some emails when you posted your price of hope article on inside s. t. l. a few years back a couple of years back. So you're open at this point. Almost seven years ago was twenty twelve. My dad was fighting to forms of leukemia at the time and he is beaten it now for almost almost six years beyond that i was in a golf tournament today in chicago and the company that sponsored it <hes> had many of the professional golfers they sponsor ten the tournament. All all of them were awesome very close to hockey players in their demeanor but i wanted to pass along a conversation that i had with gary woodland. You talked about brooks kapka discussing the p._g._a. Championship chip last year and how he said it's the best golf tourneys ever been to after exchanging pleasantries in congratulating gary on the u._s. Open when we started talking about kids and and where we're from since he had just had the twins. He told me that he was from topeka. And i said i was from saint louis. He stopped and asked did you go to the p._g._a. Last year my reply was that i had been there saturday and we were seated on the first hole after they reset for the third round he said quote. I was playing with tiger that day and that was the best tournament that i have ever been into. We talk about it all the time how cool it was how the gallery followed tiger. It was awesome end quote. I thought he was one hundred percent genuine his comments especially with the way that he stopped and then turn around and look at me in the eye when he said i was saying when i said i was from saint louis pretty cool further evidence that i think the players wanna come back. <hes> have a great night eight and beat gay <hes> and mike lee since the caddy makes a difference. Thanks that comes from kevin <hes> gee. That's a reference the fan page club championship which i know all of you are locked in on an hoping to get my comments but i'm just going to have to keep those private for a premium subscription podcast well. That's great to hear that's. I just wanted to write wanted to re set aside for the q. f._t._a. When i got the email i'm telling you <hes> that tournament really resonated with people feed. I left out there yesterday with joe buck not asking about the i know. It's been a year but i would like to what he had to say about. Oh thanks i did see him out there but i saw him out there for practice but he loved it as a golf nerd back welcome back. We joke and you drive drive back up so i can ask you some questions that i forgot to ask <hes> but yeah man. I'll be if not at this point. I would say it's probably thirty percent. I spend spring training florida <hes>. I don't know i really want to. I was really wants to god at this point. I've done it a couple of years. It's like a drug and it's like oh my god. I'll be in saint louis throughout winter and i'm sure most of your going fuck you. I'm always in saint louis throughout winter but <hes> i i would love to i really i want to make the decision now so i can lying wind things up and like have somebody such as gangster pete like live down there and then helped produce and get these interviews with the guys in golf who lived there and do you know sit down interviews <hes> and maybe some videos of you know variety different. They have all these ideas. <hes> and i love to get their takes on the p._g._a. Championship because i get the sense sense that all of them there is will light up. You know if you ask them about the u._s. Open this year. Yeah was at pebble beach but you know. I don't know there's nothing realized as to. What do you think of the u._s. Open this year it didn't it did kinda. Just kinda like was a blah. It was fine. Yeah it just kinda blah. I agree you know now. I mean the majors this year. We're kind of a blah minus obvious one that will forever which is the twenty nineteen masters but the u._s. open was kind of a blah. I feel like they're all going to be kind of a letdown after having it here for us yeah well and also the the the the what were the two major we hadn't wrote the p._g._a. Championship belle reeve and a and the masters retire house anything to compare brought. It's not like there was much drama until kapka started kind of fumble fucking around <hes> at the end of the p._g._a. Woodland's didn't wasn't really much of a sweat <hes> and then who won the open. I can't even think of it right now. Oh shane lowery which which for me is somewhat interesting just mccracken cool. Doesn't you ask a casual sports fan who won the open and they're not even gonna be able to tell you so <hes> the the two thousand nineteen p._j. Championship still gets talked about amongst people outside of saint louis. That's that's my premise all right. Here's the <hes> <hes> here's the question gangster. Pete is a rogue. I think you'll enjoy this. Does he spent a lot of time on cancel culture. Yeah i know i've heard him talk about it but i gather that he spent a lot of time i am on it and this comes from recaps. Recaps apparently a polarizing figure you pro. Do you have recaps blocked. I know iggy and j. Do i use not on the famed nazi. Take a look at you. Here's what here he just. He has good questions for q f._d._a. Tim i've heard you mention almost in self prophesyzing manners that the show in t._m._a. Very well may come to an end as a result of an out of context sound by turning into a social media campaign to have you hashtag canceled to be honest. I used to think this was a very look at me. I'm too big for my britches kind of statement. It seemed to be overly narcissistic to think think that a somewhat localized personality would garner enough attention for people to give a shit if you botched a word or made a joke at the expense of stepdad's or what have you but i now you realize it is a very real and possible outcome. We've seen it with high profile actors comedians and entertainers when it happened to kevin stein cross. I was left shocked and dumbfounded dumfounded. Is he back on the year. Who kevin you listen to like kevin wheeler your headphones or something i don't. I don't recognize that name perfect perfect <hes> i was left shock enough out. I don't know if he's returned to work or not but i believe he is wrongly targeted and that was in january. I believe it was at that point. I realized it could easily happen to any personality on t._m._a. Especially you so with my newfound respect for your acute awareness of the somewhat recent hashtag canceled culture phenomenon. How would you handle it if the twitter crosshairs were aimed at you and it got legs the media rewards juicy eight second sound bite or a snapshot of a quote is misconstrued misconstrued and at that point it doesn't matter anymore he could have tens of thousands tens or hundreds or thousands of impressions within a day and most people wouldn't deep dive into your character resume or body of work properly measure the claim. I might be off base but to me you come across as neurotic analytical. That's a tight read so i would be surprised if you haven't yet thought of your immediate media twenty four hour plan of action and your long term plan of action if you were tomorrow's unjust target. How do you think you would handle it not just personally but with regard to addressing it. How what do you hope you would handle it and lastly. How should people handle it. I'm firmly against hashtag hansel culture. Sincere apologies are no longer valued wanted. The twitter mob is out for blood. Thanks that comes from recaps love the question <hes> gangster pita any thoughts initially. I realized it was directed to me. Specifically lebed your thoughts in general and cancelled culture when he's talking about rogan's had some great guests on this. I've heard recently ending the whole. Did you hear the one with with with today's. No that was a that was a different podcast with that that was excellent yeah <hes> yeah the whole thing disgusts me <hes> i keep waiting for there to be pushed back on the other side so that the other side because the other side because the culture is more often liberal than conservative -servative right. I'm just looking for going on for pushback in general where data twitter mob can't just decide. What's going to happen ryan like i. I think that's it's ridiculous so yeah. I think people should be able to speak their own minds and i don't think that just because you have a group of people on twitter that agree with you you're right. We ash josh. I agree one hundred percent. I hope that time comes. I wonder then playing out hands here like you know from fifteen months away away but if donald trump were to win if it would be in november twenty twenty <hes> which by the way if you were to say tim you've you've got to put a hundred dollars on it. <hes> i would bet. He is going to win what he how. Do you feel that. I just don't see anyone is going to take him down right heart. Is that but i've been saying i think he's gonna win a couple years and then i see what i've seen in watching the debates and i'm going oh my gosh when that's part of the pushback. I'm talking about like i'm not supporting trump in any way but i'm saying the people that can't stand what they see from. The twitter mob they see trump is kind of against that right. Yeah i get it. I'll tell you something. It's something i kinda hit on often but but i'm so i really do like i said i think i'm a character here but the race thing growing up in south saint louis and how much it bothered me and still still bothers me now and i see how career i hated it and as i've said <hes> when i ran for student council president saint louis u. Hi hi my entire platform was based on how african american students we'd probably start with ten to fifteen as freshman and by the time the classes graduated. There'd be like three left and i said that's it's a problem now. It's not it's not it's going to win you an election but i felt that way and i felt this way growing up in south saint louis when i would hear things that i just it wasn't because mike all they said the n. word. I'm offended. I mean you're not thinking that six years old i would think why is it a problem. If a black family moves into the neighborhood and some of you may be listening to going oh my god god you heard that shit. I'm the one hundred percent her that shit and i bet it's still being said plenty of places so i'm very <hes> i don't know what the right were hypersensitive like a negative word. It's as something that for whatever reason throughout my entire life. I really don't like and i felt this way before. It was like in vogue to not like it. <hes> it's like i said if i had to the nineteen ninety-three saint louis you high student council council election. Somebody gotta pull that from the prep news. I'd like to read it holy shit. I think it was a manifesto was odd but it's how i felt but in two thousand nineteen if i were to make a joke that could be construed by somebody looking to take me out canceled culture. They can take me out despite the fact that i'd like to think that might track record people would go. Oh oh my god of like all the people the guys like you know like the complete opposite but that's the thing doesn't matter and your destroyed and then the canceling is the cancel cultures the word that's used but you become untouchable in by that and i'm not talking about al capone own. I'm talking about no one can do business with you. No one can associate with you. It's like you go to an island and you're never heard from again. It's dangerous because what it does is it curtails discussion and so the only thing that is accepted is the line of thought that is the most woke so you have that going going on on the left and then on the right i mean my guy. You're talking about over. We're going to be betting on things involving politics to really. I honestly think that the republican party like if you got these people individual and they knew that it would never get out. What do you think of president trump using the oh my got it. He's the greatest no might go. I really like his policies or you know. I'm really pro-life and i like what he's done with the supreme court those thing but like the really think he's like you know they'd go. You know what happened rear surprised when paul ryan said what he said when he left you know but but they can't say anything anything because they know then they will be snuffed out in won't win their next election so both sides have this thing going hashtag both sides and and it's it's fucking dangerous it it truly does. I don't know if this is something that happens. Once you get into your forties forties or but i've never felt this way before. I was really irritated. Irritate is not the right word confused and i don't know what the right word was because i used disappoint disappointed like a condescending words say jameson when he like you know throw throw something at me. <hes> i don't know i just remember watching the united states invasion of iraq. I was covering missouri and the n._c._a._a. Tournament two two thousand three thousand indianapolis and watching t._v. Just going oh my god. What are we doing. That's what i was thinking. In that moment i just roll my god. What are we doing and that's why hold politicians in the highest esteem who voted against that because it was very unpopular and it was a judgment call in the moment and it took a great deal of courage <hes> to go against the grain at that time because you're kind of lambeau remember freedom fries and all that shit so i'm looking for that person now and when i watched the democratic debate i don't really see it. I still say buddha judge. I see things there that i like and i and as i've said before on this <hes> i don't know if he's electable but then when i say that i go but dear god four years ago and i've said donald trump's electable absolutely not so it's like who can but i'll tell you this the <hes> if joe biden is the guy. I just don't know how in the world donald trump is defeated. I mean he's just he just doesn't avid he might have it as a might have a sidekick so to speak you know but is the main guy. I don't see it so that's why i continue to say. I still think the nominee might be somebody who hasn't announced the running now. You didn't ask me for my opinion. On the twenty twenty election you asked me about cancel culture but what i bring it back to politics because i feel like there is a really large portion of the american population the electorate if you'd wanna use it as such but i think these would also include people who had not happy happy people who would be enthused about voting in november twenty twenty who are wondering what the hell's going on but but in order to wonder aloud what's going on you risk being the target of the cancel culture and that is powerful and so it's go along to get along and get along to go along and end and then it leads to just like if you're on the right you just kinda go okay. This can really weird but i guess everything's okay with the economy economy so okay or or this is really fucking weird but we're getting pro-life justices and that's the most important thing to me <hes> or if here on the left on god i can't stand president trump and i really disagree with what these people are saying the debate by anybody but trump so go along or oh my god <hes> joe biden i really like rocco bomb but this is clearly not barack obama but anybody but trump and i kind of what's going on because you say a if you stand up and say hey this is fucked up then i and both of them can come and get you and they cancelled out so specific t._m._a. Hey i get somebody thinking like why the fuck do you think you or your show is big enough that it would lead to a social media takedown well. My answer is because i've already been there. I've already been there not t._m._a. But i've been there and it's probably why i am as <hes> conscious of of what can happen because i went through it with the albert pools thing one of the darkest times of my life really was for a variety of reasons many of the in like three people know like really really really rude to you i <hes> but it was brutal brutal brutal. I'll always remember people some of whom i'm not even that close to <hes> not because we don't get along but just like the came out of nowhere they like texted or emailed like just like joe. Buck was one <hes> just kind of people's jobs this or that. I'm just there's just a little peek behind the curtain. There like a lot too by the way a lot like i think he was. I think he was calling the game on fox that saturday as a matter of fact <hes> but then later in the week checking on just <hes> but but he wasn't by any means the only one <hes> the cat i recall and that was going on <hes> and the cat and i have butted heads over the years now like a lot but <hes> he was there when that shit was going on <hes> <hes> and <hes> joe straus and bryan burwell in a big way <hes> and there are some people it's like good. I fucking hate hate him and good. You know even like he had nothing to do with this but it doesn't fucking matter good and then there were people who of course i didn't know who are just attacking me on social media or became. I'm like a topic on radio shows all over the country and they're like oh fuck. This gun said no idea and it's like a bite laid out what exactly happened. People go oh my god <hes> but then i'm reigniting signing the whole thing but the reason why i say this will happen is because i've already lifted and i barely survived it so and i had to survive it by. I like it's almost like it. At the end of star wars where luke skywalker flying through whatever the hell it is he's flying through and he's like use the force and i'm like okay this completely counter intuitive to what i think i should do but i have this very i a couple of very wise people instructing me on how to handle it and so i just take take my hands off the steering wheel and okay. I'm gonna use the force and we got through it totally. If i were operating by myself totally counterintuitive and god only knows what happened because it was torture truly was in social media is truly torture <hes> and <hes> and and and as far as ranking the things that made that torture the social media pitchfork mafia element of it <hes> was not you know one of the top reasons but it certainly at all it did was add to it and it was brutal absolutely brutal <hes> and i'm just reading being people and some of whom weren't like dog dog avatar accounts or is the plough hawk likes the sunrise picture accounts <hes> like really believing that they thought they knew it was going going on and then just attacking and it didn't matter what i was gonna say now the issue there with that one part of the using the force so to speak was i was instructed not to say anything <hes> that was part of the whole thing <hes> so in this situation what is is the difference now how i handle it. Now is one of the questions <hes> versus twenty thirteen first off two things things immediately come to mind right away first off. I have no idea what the context would be. <hes> you know is it is it is another situation where it's not a show <music>. I'm hosting <hes> but i'm perceived to be responsible at high would handle it. <hes> or is it coming from. My words is coming from some somebody else's words on the show that i host. Is it a social media thing that wasn't on the radio but one of my co host said on social media you know there's all all these different ways it can happen. You have that secondarily and candidly i would say there's no need to use the word candidly because it's not really that candidate system way there. It is but <hes> biggest difference most important thing that i would say it's different now. In twenty nineteen seen as opposed to twenty thirteen is i am really lucky and i can't can't overstate this enough <hes> because it it's it's huge. It just means the world <hes> two half people round who work with me. <hes> is co workers advisors. Whatever term you'd wanna use <hes> that we would that it would be. You know it would be it. I don't know it just it would be in a <hes>. I don't even know 'cause it's handled properly makes it like you're handling like like like you're like you're like ray donovan fixer <hes> but i'll tell you what the the reason why the cancel culture continues to win as in those who get the things cancelled as i'm sure a lot of these businesses <hes> go okay. We need a sacrificial lamb. It's not worth fighting back. Fuck it. You know here's as your severance package. You gotta be the one to go <hes> or we've got issue the apology and say we're disgusted by whatever it is you know i saw the epstein case the warden at the <hes> at the jail his already been reassigned. It's like okay. You know i mean like there's if you couldn't have bet on that. <hes> you know i mean they'll be more. Was the warden really responsible no but it's just it's the way that you start giving giving people their blood <hes>. How does it stop. I don't know i i don't know part of me is like okay. It's gonna take somebody to okay. I i might lose it all in somebody who actually can't lose it all like in other words not somebody who's a billionaire <hes> or not like an apple apple or something like that and go. I think this is wrong. I know this person. I know that this person was not espousing racist views and you can hate me and you can form a boycott and shut this thing down but i'm not going to fire this person because i'm sick of seeing good good people who weren't doing something bad <hes> get taken out and so now you can take me out but you can't take him out the problem problem with that. If we wanna play out the hand is you then assuming that there are people who work with you and by that i mean i guess for you you <hes> you're now putting their jobs at risk you know so you can be the martyr but if that's going to lead to the business you're operating getting shutdown well now. You're risking the jobs of the people who work with you and then therefore the lives of their families. That's the stuff so this stuff is really kind of. You can workshop it on a podcast and it's yeah i would just do this okay you. You would do this okay then. What would you do about this part. Well i mean that's just you just got well no but this is this is what's going to happen. So what would you do about this part because because this is a decision you're going to have to make are you comfortable with this blood on your hands and that's the tough part about it so from a cancel culture standpoint and i don't wanna make it out that it's a strictly left thing. It'll be great so this'll be a podcast raw. Get people on the left that hate let me <hes> but i think it's more often there. If president trump is reelected did maybe that's the mir that is held up and go okay. This isn't right. We're doing something wrong here but you know at the same time <hes> i if i'm not mistaken in two thousand twelve when mitt romney lost people going. I don't wanna republicans ever going to be back in the white house. You know they're going to have to re famous autopsy of the party and then and then look where we are four years later and where we are at this moment so oh. I don't know if that's necessarily you know. I thought sarah palin was going to be a one off and as it turns out she's like a founding father so you you know i i. I don't know how it's gonna stop. I really don't the anonymity that these platforms provide provide and the fact that outlets that are supposedly credible then we'll prop up these anonymous tweets as evidence <music> of justification for whatever particular story it is that they wouldn't fill a twenty four hour news cycle with is one of the main problems on the whole thing in the podcast podcast that you will hear with joe buck. We talk about how joe used to right after he called the two thousand four world series. There are a bunch of sound on by a bunch. I mean like to sound off letters that section the post-dispatch for older people bitch about shit that they don't like i can't i'm sure like right now. They're unhappy about the cardinal logo changing like like like by a sliver by if i know my audience and by my audience i mean the market. That's what that's what they're pissed about <hes> but they were joe. Buck was totally against the cardinals. During the whole world series and jogos they got swept and they never had a lead. When was i supposed to be for the cardinals. Mending goes panel anybody who had ever right into sound off. This was like right after this was the day the cardinals traded from older so it was like right after the season before the season okay we've now normalized the sound off section and propped cropped up is like a source of of credibility that can then take people out you imagine in two thousand and four got now doug doug the cat. I got you guys go. Because did you see the sound off letter but that's what we've got now with twitter and these outlets will show screen shots. You know somebody with like eight followers and you know it's a burner. There was backlash today. On you know look on it. Look take your pick. I don't give a fuck of its fox news or c._n._n. Whatever site you wanna go to and you will find a story on the front page about backlash or outlet outrage on social media yeah. That's what the stories are built around and so we're fueling the fire the cancellation culture so what would i do. The honest answer is what what is the circumstance. Was it me who said it was. One of my co host. Who said it was it said on our air was it set on social media. There's so many different things. Am i back back in a position where i'm operating a station and now i gotta answer for show that i had nothing to do with but it was on my watch and therefore i i don't know if it is me and if i am the one who caused it and i am going to be canceled i move to jupiter florida. That's where you can find me. That's where you can do. Where are they now piece. That's real fight off like probably a juno beach cafe on a sunday morning. That's where you'll probably track me down. That's where i will be but let's be gone and in a way it's like that'll be sad because my family's here but that's just what i'll do <hes> that's what i that's what i thought through your right <hes> to me recaps. I have thought that that's what i would do. <hes> just it's all right had a great run in at this point reproach in twenty years i was great but that's what i would do but as as far as like how it would be different from what i did experience which i am hypersensitive to it now. I just have fortunately people who work with with me. Who you know are just in it. Just you know i don't know even know what the right word for experienced and wise <hes> you know where you can <hes> it's just a it's a different. It's a different situation but again. It doesn't mean that we that we that we slay the beast. It's how do you manage the beast stranger things. I mean you know that fucking things coming back. It's just how do we end this season okay. How do we out and that's the thing it would be great. I mean it's what article that i oh no. It was the thing you were talking about the sam harris ricky gervais podcast about do you really think i think these people were espousing racist. Fuse isn't that what initially the concern was is that we have racists in positions of power and we need to weed them out well now. It's like mccarthyism now. We're looking for people who aren't communists but just keep the movement going because we're funded by that. We're going to keep acting like this. Person's rain this person's races this person's racist. I and i'm just really there's plenty of things that fire me up at that one really fires me up and as i always say it's like a signature element of the podcast i did not vote for donald trump and there will be no circumstance in twenty twenty in which i vote for donald trump. I assure you that however to label. All of those who voted for donald trump is a racist is so fucked up first off. It's just factually wrong and then secondly. You're missing the point and all your news repeat history. You're unhappy about two thousand sixteen is way till twenty twenty so this throw in being a racist around thing. It's and i think that's where you find a lot of people who might go god. I really am confused by the donald trump thing but i gotta tell you i watch these democratic debates and it's like they're making me out to be the enemy and i don't think i'm a bad person. I know i'm not racist. I know i'm not prejudice if anything i hate that shit but now i feel like they're kind of like coming after me but the held i do wrong and i think that's a real problem and so those people because they put on social media it might be labeled a racist they don't talk and so we don't have an honest discussion. It's a real problem and it is not like the finish line is november number twenty twenty. That's the thing i i think i think there is a misnomer that the finish line is november twenty twenty. It is not so the cancellation asian culture thing is something that i am i mean i don't. I don't really think about it for mayor for myself anymore. I just i think that's kind of how the the show will <hes>. I don't i don't know how much i really think it's how the show will end <hes>. I certainly think it's possible but <hes> with that all said <hes>. It's a great question because i think it's a real problem all right there. It is another questions from the audience in the book. Thank you for all the questions. Thank you for our sponsors. Ryan kelley the home loan expert com james carlton mark hanna johnny lon off in breath gold campaign designer heating cooling online at designer service dot com. Thank you two gangster pete. I'm tim mckernan. This has been tim carney show on the inside s._t._o. Podcast from home loan expert dot com studios.

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Ben Fred Friday  September 25, 2020

Scoops with Danny Mac

24:00 min | 2 months ago

Ben Fred Friday September 25, 2020

"It's a Friday and as we always do a chance to visit with Ben Frederickson at the st. Louis Post-Dispatch. We're presented by our good friends at Henderson and water Cody Henderson and water Cudi see what they offer a dead STL criminal defense. Com STL criminal defense, Normally, we always start talking about baseball, but because we're on the eve of a football season and it kicks off tomorrow at least locally with Mizzou and Alabama. I want to start with that with Ben Frederickson who will be in Columbia, Missouri and Furrow field. There will be fans at faurot field tomorrow and let's chalk football been is always good to hear your voice and football season at least again, locally is here. How are you doing? Well, man good to hear you as well. And and yeah, man, it's going to be an interesting weekend. We've got a massive Cardinal series, but also the start of college football where you've got you've got Missouri joining the party with the SEC and it kind of birth. Was like now officially college football is going to be back in in whatever form. It's going to take this season. So it's going to look different. There's going to be a lot fewer fans in the stands, Missouri has announced a cell phone for it. It's Alabama game, which is going to be the the the police packed sell out that we're used to seeing due to the social distancing requirement in the cap on fans available, but it's going to be off to be interesting. I think we'll we'll see a chance for Eli drinkwitz to make his statement in his first year at the Tigers. He is had to overcome many obstacles that some were expected and both of them or not. It's been a fascinating first first season for him, but I think we're going to get a chance to see what he's about offensively as this season plays out. I think Missouri's goals gotta be to to go out and go big game and try to pull it up set or two. I think that would be a great statement for drinkwitz as team. They get a tough task. They're starting with number to Alabama, which it's odd to say this damn, but it's a motivated Alabama team. They feel like they've been disrespected because they didn't make last year's college football playoff and I'm sure Nick Saban has his guys thinking they're not very good realistic expectations for Mizzou with limited time limit law practice because of covid-19 new coach. What are the expectations realistically? Well, usually we try to put a win total on it, right? And that's kind of the game you play every season as what what number of games should this team win? I don't think this is the right way to go about this year. They're going to play of course and only SEC schedule. They're going to play six at least six ranked teams wage, potentially 7 depending on how things pan out for Mississippi State, which is their last game of the season. So I wouldn't be surprised at this team, you know wins too long to three games usually That would be a huge disappointment. But this year depending on which games those are it might not be I think the goal should be to go out and beat a ranked team, you know mm get one of those signature wins that tells Zoo fans that hey this is the direction this team is moving under Eli drinkwitz, if you get six or seven shots at a ranked team, you'd like to think you can pull the rug out from somebody and they're all going to be up sites upsets across the college football landscape this year. It'd be nice if Missouri can get in on that in terms of how they've they've handled the covid-19 situation with whether it's dealing with the kids back on campus or just their own athletic situation in a general sense. How do you think they've handled it? Well, they've applied Eli drinkwitz for being candid about kind of their numbers and and what they're going through. I think that's been helpful as we try to get ours understanding of what college football is going to look like. Some coaches have really decided not to share anything and and make it make it kind of an in-house issue drinkwitz has kind of taken the opposite way that you think that the public health issue and he wants to be candid about that. But in terms of navigating, you know their way around the virus, I don't know that that any team is going to be better often than any other in some ways. You might be better off if you already had a lot of exposure to it kind of like LSUS talked about I mean Ed orgeron got kind of paying for his, and I probably wasn't the smartest thing to say in the way he said, but when he said the most of their team has had the virus and they're probably knowing what we know about the virus and that age group most off. Probably no point where they're going to be free and clear from it at least for a while. So the thing that we're going to see across college football and we'll see that Mizzou is there will be chances for the depth to really impacted not just because of guys who test positive but also because of guys who are quarantined for for contact tracing so if if you you know at this point moving forward if you could test positive of course, but also if you are, you know deemed as a potential person who could be positive then you're pretty much going to miss a game at least one due to the the rules of of the SEC now it's better for schools that are like Alabama that are testing every day because that allows them to to, you know, get guys back maybe a little sooner but Missouri as of now is testing times a week. So there's a little bit more of a delay time there and some degrees of competitive Advantage for teams at test more often. So Missouri has had its its interactions with it initially wage. Quit said he thought they'd be without as many as eleven players for Saturday's game. He said because some confusion about one of the tests that turned out to not be positive for drop-off number down to 7 at last check. But of course that could change before Saturday too in terms of Alabama. It's kind of you know, you go back to the SEC Championship a few years ago when I'm not using it, I think Alabama had something like forty or forty-two. I think it was like four or five blue chippers and Mizzou had like five or six literally and so when you talk about the depth being tested, well if if Alabama gets hit with it, they can roll out another guy that's been a high school All-American Mizu can't say that so the the elite are going to rise. Is that the way you see it this year in college football. I think so the teams that are the deepest will be the most protected in terms of performance against the the craziness caused by the virus. I think teams that have returning head coaches coordinators that are in familiar systems will be at an advantage due to the decrease to practice times that were available to team. So I think Missouri is a bit of a disadvantage there. So yeah, if you're if you're deep and if you're if you're in a familiar setting and knowing what you're doing, then that's going to help you and and Alabama's in in all of those things. They've got they've got such a talented team. They've got the right combination of motivation because they missed their shot at the championship last year. They took this year. They're going to be motivated by the fact that it could come down to one. If we get to a college football playoff, then it could be one SEC team in it, and that's it. So You know, that's that's going to be that's going to be weighing on on their minds and during these games too. They've got players who were kind of thrust in into early playing time spice last year defensively wage because of some injuries Alabama defense had that are now back and and better off for that. They've got a quarterback who is not too but he's played well and opportunities and any and Thursday for for his shot and they've just got so much star power. And so and and so many rounds of it they yeah. They're they're in a better spot to overcome adversity caused by by covid-19. Situation is the one that Eli drinkwitz has said that there have been times this week during recent practices where he's got a different starting offensive line every day based on who they have available to to the virus. They're going to start grad transfers at receiver positions also at Center. Can you guys they're going to play a true freshman on the defensive side of things? They've got a job I'm Sean Robinson most likely making the start at quarterback who is who is not played a snap from Missouri after sitting out last year. So those they've got some key players who have never played for Mizzou before or a new to this team and this system and they also have you know less much less Talent behind those guys if something goes wrong via injury or if something goes wrong virus, so yeah, the the death is going to be huge just your Alabama has got a lot of it, Missouri not so much Henderson and water County bringing you been Fred Fridays on Scoops with Danny Mac or visit every Friday. We're open Frederick's into the Saint Louis Post Dispatch and see what they offer law firm couple of guys how to say Louis helping out folks in both, Missouri and Illinois, no matter how big the the offense at St., That's criminal defense.com. We were talking last week about the restrictions of high school play in athletics in the state of Missouri specifically in the county wage. Wrote a fascinating article about that gave up a lot of information to a Raiders to digest in the Saint Louis Post-Dispatch. Now, we're a week away from that that particular wage that particular piece and and what you wrote about I'm curious what the response was from your readers. What did you get? I think some people were were appreciative of the information and some people that I asked the wrong questions. It was a mixed some people are are are simply frustrated by the state of things and I totally get that and I think some people are appreciative that the county is dead maybe showing some some resistance to the folding on some of these things for virus or related reasons. Now who know, it's it's really across the board and it depends on how close you are to it and what you're you're in a store. I think that's a lot of this this stuff the county has changed and its stance since since we last talked Sam page announced. This week that the restrictions are rolled back further some of those sports that were previously not allowed to compete in that Medium contact range and below are going to be cleared to compete the sort of high context sports are still on the shelf for now in terms of games of the big one of course being football, but it sounds like as this, you know thousand that fifteen to nineteen year old age group continues to drop which is great news that there's a chance that there could be a further rollback that would allow teams that want the public school football this fall to do so now it would look like a different season. I think the longer they longer they wait and I think some teams have already decided they would rather play in this alternate spring season. I think some teams are not going to circle back or change their direction if they do get clearance from the county but it does sound like the teams that have held out here with hopes of birth. To play this fall might get it. We've already seen some teams some programs that are decided. Hey, we're going to we're going to take our chances. We're going to leave the county and go play a schedule outside of the county. The county really is no power to to stop that. They're not going to you know, shut those places down and they've just said they don't recommend it. So we've seen a lot of reactions to this and it's not the story's not over yet. Of course everybody who's making decisions. They're making thinking think they're doing it for for the best reasons. And you know, I think it is probably some degree tough for some of these people who made these decisions to say, hey, you know, the County's recommending you go to a spring season and then all of a sudden there's a change that might make fall season more more possible. I think there are a lot of mixed messages going on at times and I know there are a lot of folks frustrated too absolutely want to get into st. Louis Blues hockey and then a little bit baseball too. There's been back and forth with the blues song. Their captain and it looks like it's going to hit the open market with Alex pietrangelo, October 9th the start of free agency. What do you think? Does he hit the open market? I think he probably does and I guess my sense and I've always hoped there's a return in store for a Transit on the blues, but it does kind of seem like if he does get to the point where he's hearing offers from other teams and those offers from other systems, perhaps include more money than the blues are willing to give him then it's kind of hard to put the toothpaste back in the tube. I think at that point when you're being recruited by a team with free-agent offers that might be more lucrative than the team that you played for your whole career. It's kind of hard then to turn around and go know I'll go back to to the team that did that offered me last now, if if we're only getting one side of the story, I think that's important to note here. Army is not talking I've reached out to him said that if he wants to clear anything up about what the transload said kind of you know, what the trash Media round has has left the impression of and he declined I think he would prefer that all of this remains in house and it hasn't so I don't know how that's weighing in on things of whack girls. This is playing out but it sounds like you know, pietrangelo is is feels like, you know, the Blues in Fort Randall feel like they're not going to be able to lock in an extension at least until pietrangelo makes the the attempts to see what else is out there in the Blues seem comfortable with that if the rumors are true and there's report of you know, there's there's chatter about the blues offering him like an eight by eight contract and if the blues did that and that wasn't enough then then I think Army is in the right places. Okay, go see what else is out there go see what other teams will offer you a job and I don't think that means negotiations are over but but that to me sounds like a pretty good deal for Alex pietrangelo to stay here to continue to compete for championships and two. Yep. It quite a bit of money in a post-cold War era. Now, there might be teams that are willing to pay a more and if there are they might be best in his calculations to to leave but if the blues offer made by 8 or something really close and that's not good enough then I think they can in good faith say okay, it wasn't good enough you wanted to go for his own reasons. And now let's find a way to to spend that money perhaps in some offense that can help corals life in in a cover up for the the dip that could be produced by by Vladimir tarasenko's injury. So the Saga is not over yet. It's certainly getting a lot of attention and there's still time, you know, they're still ignites chunk of time left before Alex pietrangelo can even here offers for another team. That's why I was a little surprised by the timing of this news at all of a sudden. There's no more conversations between Petra and the blues would make sense to maximize and keep those windows open if the true intent is to fight an extension before he goes and here's other teams. Maybe there's maybe there's a curve ball coming before that. True free agency cycle gets here. You wrote about the postseason wage. Situation in Major League Baseball, you're not a fan of the expanded postseason. I am I like it. I think it's going to be good. But why why don't you like it? What what are your what your thoughts behind this? I think you'll be fine this year because this year is upside down my fear for it moving forward which Rob Manfred has made it very clear that he hopes. It moves forward that he thinks it will fill in that he thinks it's just basically signed sealed and delivered that this will be the norm moving forward is my problem with it is not so much what it creates in a postseason. I feel I feel for what it creates what it does to the regular season, you know baseball is such a long grinding marathon of a regular season and I think decisions that delegitimize it took water it down that make it less meaningful are going to risk people paying less attention to the bulk of the season. I mean winning your Division, I think should matter, you know, you should want off. Will tuning into games and being and and and understanding their their implications on the season when before you get to that playoff push and I think allowing more teams more than half the team to get into the playoffs is going to is going to make that less though. I mean, we've all seen it how it kind of plays out with hockey at times where you're basically writing off the half of the Season or more money because you know, it's not really going to affect the playoffs all that much and really, you know teams that you've kind of tune in more to the second half thinking that it's where the bulk of it is. I mean, I just don't know that baseball wants to have a meeting just regular season and I feel like it should fight to have a meaningful one and I think this is going to this is going to chip away at that and I so I know that there's more money to be made in the expanded playoff. I fear on top of it of just watering on the season. I think it's going to water down the competitiveness of some teams. We baseball's got a tanking problem Dan. I think we can both agree on that wage. Cardinals are unique in that they they try to feel that the competitive team every year and people here are going nuts because the team is is entering the final homestand of the season with a seventy plus percent chance to take the expanded playoffs and people are frustrated. And that's the beauty of Cardinals baseball. Is that even the even the bad years are good years when you compare them to to other places, but you know, if you're going to give old owners some of which refused to try to field competitive teams or want to tank three times to maybe get good through for three times in terms of Seasons. I think you're going to I think you're going to see a watered-down product competitively. I think it hurts the game because fewer teams have more teams have less incentive to to try to build a winner and I think baseball needs more teams are trying to win not more teams that are trying to to sneak into the posters of the 500 or or something close to that record body and and way no tomorrow could wage. Theoretically could be the final time that they're battery mates in a regular-season game at Busch. I don't think that's going to happen. I do think they'll both be back. That's my gut feeling. I don't have any insight into that way. They're needed next year for the Saint Louis Cardinals, even though at an advanced age baseball age. What do you think? Oh, yeah. I think the wainwrights pets you you're happier thrilled if he comes back with white with with Yadi, I mean you've seen how important he is to this pitching staff the kernels of pitch. So well this season he's still clutch and big moments. He's going to get two thousand hits here and he's you know, he's he's a player who who is the face of the team? So, you know, I'm with you I think we're going to be having this conversation about this baby being their last time together next season or beyond that so you got acknowledge it now and and because it might you never know. You know, this season has taught us anything you really never really never know. But but I do think there's prob An easy answer here for the Cardinals when it comes to getting these guys back back together again next season at least it's fascinating. I don't know where you are at and I don't want to put the cart before the horse but it is fascinating cuz I love the off-season. I love the hot stove. Do you have any idea just generally speaking what you think the offseason is going to be like in Major League Baseball because you don't know the budgets for each individual team, you know, there weren't fans in the stands. So you don't know the budgets what teams had before the season now, you have no fans. So what are they look like coming out of this? I just don't know. You don't know if some teams may spend some teams may not I just think it's kind of fascinating what what teams may do if they trade do they sign do they not who knows? What's going to happen this offseason totally suck hard to know much what happens this offseason till we have some sort of idea of what next season looks like no doubt, you know. Yeah. We we know the we're just kind of starting to see some of the financial Ramos Nations of this season, right? I mean the Cardinals recently announced, you know jobs eliminated on on their business and baseball side, which is going to be a reality across the league but we still don't know in 2021. Everything's back to normal. Are they the hinging on the players and the owners which are always contentious toward one another agreeing on some other sort of kind of 1-year plan cuz I'm going to be what carries things into the CBA after 20 21. Our fans can be back. I mean, we there's so much unknown and I think teams that are trying to figure out what to do are also acknowledging that they've kind of just now getting a glimpse of the the Damage Done by this season and they still have no clue really about what next season looks like. So you have to factor in that, you know, the the thing the Cardinals Nation to have to figure out whether this, you know postseason play or not. I think they've got enough sample size now to to decide they have to figure out a way to suck. With this off. It's been the team Dan their pitching is is deep and crazy good. I mean just across the board. Their defense is going to once again the one of the best and baseball they they know they have answers to their strength. They need to find a way to somehow help the offense. Now, they've got some contracts that are in be cumbersome. They've got some decisions on some pending free agents that are going to be changing due to Legacy and they've got they've got a maybe get they've got to make some moves that are maybe uncarded holes like in terms of willingness to to shake some things up a little bit. It's hard for me to imagine making some sort of financial investment in a player that is that is, you know historic for the team based off of the financial restrictions. We're going to see across the sport. However, the alternate case thought that now might be the time because a team that's willing to deal a player of that magnitude might be more might be more up for it considering their own Financial restrictions. So you really until the Cardinals wage In on what they're seeing this season. It's going to be very hard to guess because we don't really know we've given the Cardinals many chances this season to say. Hey, what are you what are you seeing? What's your take on the offense, you know kind of show us the tea leaves a little bit about how you're viewing this what we've heard time and time again and say we're not going to go down that road until we get through this season in part because it's this has been a Chaotic season so long there will come a time where we at Cardinals have to say, okay, you know are they going to is their presentation of fans going to be hey this season was not we're going to do it all over again next year and hope that everybody's healthy and get a true read. I think that's going to be a hard sell if they're if they're approaches. Hey, you know, we lost money by not having players in the stands. We're going to have to find a way to improve the offense but we but we're not going to increase payroll then I'll get that kind of sets of Barbed expectations. Okay, they're going to have to try to find a diamond in the rough somewhere or they say, hey the office is a good enough and we gotta find a way to fix it. That's priority. Number one, then you okay how they go about doing that but until the car off Show kind of what their what their Vibe is. It's going to be we're just going to be guessing which makes this offseason really fascinating some of it. Could I think also be changed by whatever happens to change the season? I mean if the Cardinals get in and their bats can click for a series then it might be a different conversation. You know, they they had can pitch well enough to be the team but they we've never really seen their offense at any sort of stride and if it's in them it has to happen now and then that could also alter the conversation but there's just too much unknown right now to have a good feel for it. Awesome stuff and have fun down at Columbia will catch you up next Friday. Sounds good, man. Be safe and see you here soon.

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Derrick Goold: Ex-Cardinals, Legitimacy of World Series, Neutral Site

Scoops with Danny Mac

21:54 min | Last month

Derrick Goold: Ex-Cardinals, Legitimacy of World Series, Neutral Site

"Let's jump right into it with Derek Google to the st. Louis Post-Dispatch. I'm Dan McLaughlin. Derek is covering the World Series in Texas. It has been unique Derek to have a neutral site out. First of all, great to hear you. How are things good good. Thanks, Dan. Thanks for asking. How are you? I'm doing well a neutral-site. What do you think? Is this been good for baseball? No, I'm not been good for baseball now, but it shouldn't be applied anywhere else. I don't think this I think this should be isolated to this this current time. We're in and it's a response to you know, the circumstance right? They gotta have a bubble. They got to put a bubble somewhere. This place is as good as any I think it's a nice showcase for a new ballpark and I'm glad Texas. That obviously there's the other added part of it off here is that they cabin in Texas where they could have a crowd some other places like if they'd planted in Saint Louis, they're not having a crowd so they're able to sell tickets and stuff to adhere despite the birth. Rising rate of infections in this area, but here we are but I think overall no this is not I'm not one of the people who buy into the the neutral site concept the Superbowl concept Scott boras is a big believer in that you'd like to see baseball move the World Series to a neutral site. So there can be planning for events around it so that it can be kind of a Showcase Event similar to say the College World Series or the Super Bowl or you know, any of those things that they know where they're going to be there's bidding on where it's going to be like the All-Star right and they can kind of build all the ceremony around it. I'm not I'm not like that I had last night's had imagined how game for would have been at the home crowd day. Yeah, the home crowd at Tampa Bay cuz that that was a Tampa Bay home game. Imagine how game one would have been a Dodger Stadium with Clayton Kershaw pitching like that, you know, just just things like that. I mean that's that's where birth Belongs it belongs at home. It's a home game. They went to Great Lengths to play at home during a pandemic during the regular season. That was so that they could be part of the community so they could be in the community. This was a big thing for the players. This is a big thing to try to pull off her baseball. So, how can they just discard that and say yeah, you like neutral site world's there's no no baseball about being home baseball's about getting home. Let's keep the World Series the way it is where the teams play at home. One thing. I have loved though about the postseason this year the expanded postseason. I think this has been great for baseball and I hope I do it moving forward. I like the series. I like the fact that there's not a one-game play in game. I like the fact that everyone was a series, you know, so that that's a positive I think expanded playoffs are here to stay it does make for a long playoff, you know, but it adds a riveting layer to it. I think you know, that's something to keep in mind wage. In terms of what you've seen in this series Kershaw has been really good in this postseason really good it maybe changes the narrative a little bit especially if they win for him on a personal level. It could be their first world championship in thirty-two years and then he had the question. Is it legitimate in 60 Game season? So a lot of things to juggle in this world series, how do you size up some of those subjects? Well, that's legitimate. I mean, I think the team that wins this thing has gone through a lot to get there. You know that the Dodgers are in their fourth week at the same Hotel a lot of these players wage, um, you know, the Rays and on the Dodgers have gone all of those weeks without their families, they're not not all of them are lucky enough to be able to have, you know to have a wife in a in kids to move into the bubble. Some guys are alone in the bubble, you know, not to mention all the testing that they have to go through all the all the regimen and all protocols that they had to go from during the season all the time. Use that they had I think that you know, this Championship is legitimate in ways that just in different ways of surviving the marathon and then exceeding in October, you know, this is a championship of you know, discipline and dedication to the protocols and then just outlasting other teams in a in a Sprint Cup this this was there was no easing into this there was no easy through this season. There was there was no like cutting Innings early to have them available late and they you know that this was all pedal-to-the-metal, you know in fifth gear for the word go. Oh and you also had to follow a tons of covid-19 protocols that obviously would put two teams but other teams had to do their best and and you know, not not all of them follow it all other law not all followed it to a t but they still did enough to home. To keep the virus from leaking into their Clubhouse from seeping into the game from stopping the season and I think that makes this Championship very much legitimate. It's been interesting to Derek Goldberg is you look at the Saint Louis aspect of the World Series. You got a couple of guys so much, you know have local ties yet Sheriff pitch the other day, which I thought was great to see him. And then you have the the one guy that everybody's talking about Randy arose Fairbanks. Well, he yeah Fairbanks is getting some of the publicity but the other guys getting a lot what are people saying on a national level about how this all took place with the Cardinals Rose arena in Tampa Bay a lot of questions as to why that trade happened. I think I think on a national level there's not this real sense that you know, there's not a whole lot of my ideas to who came back in that trade because right Matthew Liberatore is not yet in the majors. He's a prospect and so yep. You got to have to kind of have your eye on the farm to know who came back in that trade. Whereas all eyes are on Randy this October. So get a lot of questions about that. You know what the Cardinals didn't see and what how could they let this guy go to is this have staying power? You know, you get that question a lot too or is there anything different about Randy Rhoads r a n, you know, all those all those questions have a fascinating answers, you know, the the Cardinals traded Rosary in part because the you know, the Rays wanted to make that deal and send right-handed depth in the Outfield. We all know that they were trying to move some of those guys. They were shopping actively shopping. A lot of right-handed outfielders the race had long-standing interest in Jose Martinez and wanted to make that deal the Cardinals. We're really really interested in adding to their left hand in depth and wanted to find if they could a significant Prospect and Liberatore is one of the top prep Prospect or one of the top left handed pitchers out of high school still one of the top left-hand and Prospects who was drafted out of high school. Very young guy a grade Pals with Nolan. Gorman is a lot of folks in the same social now, so, you know, it was a fit for the Cardinals and you know to make that deal happen Jose Martinez was obviously the guy that the Tampa targeted but at home to increase the likelihood of getting Liberatore back or to make that possible they added in the outfielder. I don't know if other outfielders are talked about per se I do know that the rep at one point in time and talked to the Cardinals about O'Neill, you know that they had some interest there. I don't know if the Cardinals resisted trading him or if the Ray said we'd rather have a rosary involved. Some around but the Cardinals felt add depth so they made that you know, what's changed is I mean roserain is a much bigger guy than the guy who played for the cockles. The the story behind that is interesting cuz he dealt with covid-19. He he had a positive test then kept getting positive test. He said he was asymptomatic never felt ill constantly got you know regularly got positive tests for for three weeks a little bit more than three weeks that kept him away from the Rays obviously kept him in a quarantine. He couldn't do much they they they tried to deliver or they set up a thing to deliver groceries to him. So he taught himself to cook and he also just did something like crazy like 300 push-ups a day. Yeah, something like that, right? And so you just built on I mean, he just used the timing quarantine to just build muscle. And he did that. I mean he fifteen pounds heavier than when they saw him in spring training. So there's that's obviously any if it's not just like adding fifteen pounds by like just eating in quarantine and watching Netflix has it was you know, what he taught himself to cook. It was the lean meals that he thought himself to cook a lot of chicken and rice. He was saying, you know, if she was able to pack on strength and so he's a different guy than than the one that the car whole sad and then you know it does this have staying power. Well the guys hit everywhere everywhere everywhere. He's gone. He's hit it's just hit I mean fundamental league and he's hit there. So, you know, I don't know. I mean the trend says that he's in this spot now he certainly has a lot of confidence and he it's so Thursday next year for the Rays. He's going to be a regular and everything Clarity probably going to hit that is going to hit 360. No, probably not cuz he had twenty home runs sure. That's that's reasonable. That would be raised. I'm curious to Derek as you talk to the writers and and Rob Manfred is addressed this a little bit. But what are you hearing about the start of spring training and the season next year maybe even if covid-19 is still here and a vaccine is out and those kind of things. I mean, they they have dealt now with the virus and got through season. But what are you hearing about looking ahead to twenty Twenty-One. I mean lots of questions. They obviously have a spring training schedule how they have a 2021 schedule out. So they have some they have optimism they want they want to at least put it out there on papers that they want to start on top, but it's just the usual questions to go with that and then they know that they're not in control. That's that's been the big thing is they did their best within the bounds of the control that they had to, you know, create a way for the game to be played and and move around the country. I mean, I think that's not that should not be ignored in. Yes. They had the outbreak just they had the Dead. The 18 players. I believe it was with the Marlins and the ten players with the Cardinals and eighteen members of the Cardinals traveling party total. They had the two outbreaks significant outbreaks and then they pivoted and moved and long and involved and the protocols, you know changed over time when the season started there was not going to be playoffs in the bubble. And the season ended here. We are in the World Series and World Series in as a bubble. I think they just they did their best to learn as they went and they're going to have to do the same here in the offseason as as spring training and and the 2021 season approaches God. You know, what? What can they do can can they could could they do a hundred and sixty-two games schedule like this under these parameters? That's a lot. I mean, that's a that's a long haul a lot more travel involved, you know, you talking about hundreds and thousands of more tests, you know, they've already repurposed the lab there a, New Jersey Lake City to run their tests, but that also means that you know, that lab will be focused on the the coronavirus tests and not on performance-enhancing drug tests. So, you know, there's a lot for baseball too kind of consider and all of it hinges on the fact, the one thing that they can't control is the virus is spread in our country. You know, like we're we're seeing Rising rates all around us. That's that's all you know, turn on the news and you can hear all about the just the rising rates are coming back. You know, is this is this is the second wave of the third wave of the fall off or the flu season wave or whatever you want to call it. So what does it look like in January? What does things look like in February? Sure, we have, you know, are they going to partition baseball off into the Cactus League and the and the grapefruit league and try to create these spring training bowls. That's entirely possible. Are they going to push the start of the Season back and hoped and hoped to buy time maybe if there's going to be a Vas? That's entirely possible. So there's a lot of things on the table a lot of questions, but they just don't have answers and that's because we as a whole don't have answers. There's a lot of questions pertaining to the Cardinals to with yeah, you know Molina Wainwright Wang and I guess the biggest question would be if you have fans you can set a budget so you're right. You have an understanding of wage you have coming in and what goes out. So how do you think the Cardinals handle free agency and just a general sense and then dealing with their own free agents to I think they have to I mean, you're right. I think they said they're going to they're going to have this situation where they gotta have a plan in place where if they can sell tickets. They got to have a realistic look at you know, what that looks what that feels like, I mean is that is it going to be forty thousand in the stands next year? I mean they can't count on that. Is it going to be 11,000 like it is in the World Series? Maybe that's possible isn't going to be fifty percent capacity. I mean whatever they deal with they have to think of a place. That is reduced significantly reduced and maybe even have some streamlining elsewhere and what that looks for the for the payroll would be fascinating. You know, they going to make a call back early first on Kolten Wong and then you know kind of move their way through the through the choices from there so that they know what what their payroll is before they go back into free agency and that would include you know, what is Melina come back as as far as salary goes does Wainwright come back cuz he does he want a Xerox copy of that most recent contracts or has he learned more because of the way he pitched or does he want to do is you know a half-season deal cuz this thing worked out so well, is that something that they want to talk to him about is like hey look, you know want you back next season would it be mutually advantageous for it not to be for the whole season to do a Rodger Clemens type thing, you know, I mean you're going to have to log Creative in the way and I think they'll be looking for more short-term fixes than long-term commitments. This this this this Market could actually offer that you know, as as long as housing as it's probably sounds to fans where where when I say that they have short term, you know eyes and and probably reduce spending in that way people here that and off probably, you know in their in in their brain translate that is low-hanging fruit. The thing is that might be available this winter, right? I mean, you're going to have players who are not intended you're going to have outfielders who are ready to be traded because they're in arbitration. You're going to have a couple of guys free agents who are going to look for the best one year deal. They can get to recreate their value. So that next year. I'll be at a year where the CBA is expiring the only finance home. Going to get back and you know, you're talking about. Adians for twenty twenty-two and spending is back in Vogue for teams. Then that's when they want to be available to be free agents. I would assume that the appetite for Molina to come back is is pretty good on both sides. Would you agree with that? I would agree with that. I would I would agree that the I'm eager to see if if Molina a Wandering eye and who engages in that conversation, there are a couple of teams in New York that are looking for. Yep. It might be looking for a veteran catcher, you know, but you know Molina has been very odd that he hasn't wavered from the fact that he would prefer to return to the Cardinals. You know, he obviously want doesn't you know wants to wants to make a salary that he feels is fair recognizes that that's going to be scaled back from what he has been making over the last few years, but he wants to play he wants to wants to be around with the Carlos and you and I both know and I'm sure yep. Heard the same thing that I have ownership has put a value on Legacy players. They that you know, the ownership is said that in this case, you know, because you're you're not talking about ten year deal was you know three-time MVP, you know kind of spending in this case. They really see they like the idea of having a 1,000 guy be there guy and Melina's in that Molina is that guy? He's he's the one that defines that for them. What are some of the name's Derek of the, you know free agents to be or may arbitration players that don't don't make it that you think could fit the Cardinals coming up in in 2021. Yeah, I think you know the arbitration what I'm still kind of working through those names because you know that wage exactly it doesn't crystallize here for another little bit probably, you know, two three four weeks from now because you had teams it'll be like, all right. Well, can we trade this game? Okay. Well, can we can we work out an extension with this guy? Do we want to you know, so there's that that kind of stuff is going on. You know, I think you know the free agents there's something in her there's a sense that Springer is going to try to go for the big contract though. And then there's in this world series. There's a guy Jack Petersen, you know hit a home run right in game five Roy's right-handed pitching destroys right-handed pitching has spent his life as a as a match up man for the you know, basically platooned most of his career with the data oriented Dodge that you know, does that mean that you know for for the his next team that could mean okay, we'll follow that script and get them out there against right-handed pitching and and enjoy for him. It could mean trying to find a team that might give him some shots against left-handed pitching just so he can round out his resume a little bit show that he you know, improve in that regard so he can do that wage. And then go for the big money later. I mean, he's got talent. He's he he's a good Defender. He's got legit power. And as you said, you know, I mean like he just malls right-handed pitching and yep. There's a lot of in the game Dan right-handed pitching right handed pitcher. So, you know, he's twenty twenty eight years old. Yeah. Yeah, so I'm a little little tidbit on that too. He's also Pals with Albert Pujols. So they're the family is close to Albert pools interesting. I didn't know that. Yeah, so, you know, there's a guy there that's that's actually how I was introduced to John Peterson many many years ago was through through Albert and and and tiger Peterson is a hitting coach in the car off early system his brother, right? I knew that I he would be a fit I look at him. I think he's a fit and I just think it's going to be as we wrap it up one of the most intriguing fun offseason spell Actually because there's going to be so many guys that do not get tenured. You know, they they tendered they they just don't get the the deal they become a free agent and all of a sudden like you said, there could be them are out there looking for that one year deal and then re hit the market in when the economy and when our lives kind of come back to quote unquote normal. Yeah, and you ask your question as to what are the names out there and I you know, I mean my thought on that is like I could throw out a bunch of names and speculate my preference is to kind of track those down sure and know so so that's why I mean they're dead. You know that you look at look at the Rays Outfield, right? Okay, you got Renfro and Margo and and Kiermaier Rosa radio and they're not going to bring all those guys back. They'll bring back a rosary practice. He's a rookie next year make the minimum but the Rays aren't going to are going to move on from somebody. You know you have what are the Rockies going to do with some of their outfielders and their wage? Bending and then they're looking to trim costs. I mean, it really looks like that's an area where they may have to make some calls just to reduce payroll. So it's it's things like that. I mean, you know, we we can cast out some names but it's going to be real fascinating sort of lead into December as teams look to move those guys. And so, you know the Cardinals if they can position themselves. Well, they don't have to wait for that month tender. They just have to have their ears open for who's going to be and then try to trade there a great great information appreciated so much enjoying your work down in Texas and we'll see what happens in game six tomorrow. Thanks so much at home. The Post-Dispatch all your work right? Thanks, Daniel. I'm happy to be here. It's a nice little Challenge and it's I think it's important. We know we know how big a baseball town Saint Louis is a part of that is providing baseball coverage for them. So it's important to be at events like this and you can't beat hopefully hopefully rise to the occasion cuz certainly you can't beat a game like game for them. And and sort of what that was for baseball and what that could be for baseball coverage. No doubt. That's Derrick goold of the st. Louis Post-Dispatch.

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Ben Fred Friday  July 3, 2020

Scoops with Danny Mac

23:41 min | 5 months ago

Ben Fred Friday July 3, 2020

"Friday on a holiday weekend the fourth of July we have the chance to visit with Ben. Frederickson, and is always it's brought to you by the good folks at Henderson and Water Cutty, couple of guys in there practicing law in Missouri and Illinois what they offered Stl Criminal Defense Dot Com S. T., l., criminal defense, dot, com and Ben is we kick off this fourth? Fourth of July weekend, happy for the July weekend to you and yours. How are things going back? At Ya things are are good. I'm excited to you know. Be Seeing some some Busch Stadium. Here Friday morning. It's a chance to actually get back to the ballpark and see what this is GonNa look like this summer camp and it's GonNa. Be Weird, it's. It's GonNa, be strange. It's GonNa. Take some getting used to, but I'm excited that. At least there's going to be an attempt, so fingers crossed will will hope it works out, but you know ideally I, you know going back to spring training. I think my bet that we'd be maybe having a baseball games baseball season start on the fourth of July but instead. Instead it's It's so called summer camp, which is not ideal, but certainly better than the alternative, so you're headed to the the ballpark today to at least observe. Maybe you could explain to the fans how that works. There's tier one tier two tier three. How how does this work for the media and what you're going to be involved with the the post-dispatch? Sure so there's the media at least for for my side of things is in Tier Three, which is the furthest from the players at least for the time being What was normal is going to be is going to be not an option I mean there will be no interviews in the clubhouse. There'll be no grabbing somebody. WHO's their field for a few minutes after batting practice We're GONNA be in the building but that's that's about it for now, and I think everybody's understanding of that as we. We try to kind of do the best we can and hopefully overcome. There's some some changes that are able to be made, but right now it's GonNa. Look like showing up getting your temperature taken to make sure you're good to go, and then you'll pretty much be as isolated as possible in the press box. We're going to spread folks out. have distancing between everybody everybody's GonNa be wearing masks, and we'll be able to watch the events live, however, there will not be live in person interviews. There'll be zoom. Interviews after. The workouts are over Hopefully. Some players drop it in there. The cardinals have set up a zoom room of sorts in the facility that they're gonNA. Have guys going talk and and that's going to be how we do it for now. hopefully I think if things go well, maybe there's some sort of distance press conference. Things like that. That can happen later on, but we're GONNA start slow and go from there. So you know people say? Say Well. Why do you need to be there? in person and it's a fair question although I do think you know it is always different to be there and watch something with your with your own eyes There's always things that you can see that. Maybe the you know a broadcast doesn't show and the broadcast are going to do a great job of showing everything that is going on in the game so it's our job to try to maybe. Maybe show a little bit beyond that I think to the thing is it's GonNa be a story in and of itself whether it's like to see this thing, play out, though in there other than the you know the the people who have been deemed necessary, so that's a story in of itself, so It's not as we anybody would want it Dan, but it's it's the best we can do right now, and everybody's pulling in the same direction and the. The cardinals have been helpful in the the our staff has been helpful in trying to figure out a way to make this work, so we're all going to try to make the best out of. There's so many storylines going into this summer camp. I mean you could go in so many different directions. So what's at the top of the Ben Frederickson story lines for you? What what are you looking forward to to? And as you head to Busch Stadium Tomorrow. Or. Are we talking? Including the just the the elephant in the room of grow virus, or we talked in baseball specifically because. They're two very different. I mean Eiloz. If if you will any direction, many think sure well right away. It's how how well the cardinals other teams do at at keeping themselves insulated from the virus, getting in right I mean that is both say the question of the season, and in some ways it's a competitive question teams that do the best job of not having players test positive teams that do the best job of playing with the players. They want to play more than the players they have to play. that's GONNA. Be a part of what decides the season. If it continues, there's also the the injury question. I mean beyond the threat of the virus. We've got a a very schedule oriented sport that is now going to press the pedal to the floor and try to get ready, and that opens up the door to problems with pitchers arms. We're now. I think we're GONNA, see some dead arms some hurdles there for different teams. We're GONNA. See some soft tissue, injuries and setbacks so. Whoever's done the best themselves in shape and river ramps up and the best way possible. That's the story beyond that I mean. We can really kind of refresh the stories we. Headed out of Spring Training you know the and probably even add to it. It seemed like the rotation was more or less set exiting spring because Michael Miles Michael's was hurt when he's healthy i. just thought the cardinals would and should go at the six man rotation, but talking to show the other day. It sounds like they want to get it to five. So that means the competition between Carlos and Kim seems to be back on. That's a huge one. The other thing, too, is that part of the equation shorter season and no clear cut closer. You wonder if they just say okay. Carlos it's sixty games. You're the guy and Kim. It's a left-hander. He's been started before. I wonder if they go in that direction. What do you think? I think they wanna see how Carlos pitches when he's back, you know. there. There's always a little bit of. Concern as to how Carlos is going to return from a period of time. and he wasn't in. Jupiter wasn't in Saint. Louis so there. There's always a little bit of what what's He. GonNa look like. Is this stuff GonNa? Be Good. He Spring I. Mean answered all the questions that looked like he was ready to well. That's how he comes back. Then I think you're doing a disservice not to have them in the rotation. Personally I would think the cardinals say hey. Ten starts starter. Let's roll and we'll get flaherty more if we need to. You know if we need to line them up that way as the season progresses, that makes a lot of sense to me. Guys are probably going to be going a little bit shorter because of the delay. in you know the ramp up here with the three weeks. If if you're stud pitchers ready to go more than that got the. Jack to go deeper. But I really kind of surprised that they're shutting down this notion of a six man rotation so quickly but I think part of that is maybe stirs some competition there from from the guys who want to be in it, so we'll see if maybe that changes seem pretty determined. But when I asked him I, said Okay you. WanNa, five mineralisation. Who's WHO's battling for the fifth spot? He didn't really WANNA get into you. Know a Carlos I. Kim Competition so You know if you have if you have four or five guys you think could be could be battling for fifth spot to me. That just increases the the reasoning to have six but we'll see how that plays out again. The main things going to be making sure everybody's healthy I like the idea of Cam starting. Because here's the thing Dan and you saw it during spring, we both did was. Was GonNa know what to think of this guy this stuff it's. It's they don't know what to do with it, and they're not gonNA get time to figure it out and sixty games You know we saw him throw pitches in spring that had people leaving the bucks shaking their head, and to me the vantage of bringing somebody over that nobody's ever seen before. Is the sneak attack surprise factor it do. We saw it with with Oh when he came over to the cardinals closer? Heck. We saw it with Miles Michelson his first season. The guy's not in the league for a long time, and then all of a sudden. He's there and good. thinking catches people off guard so I think they should try to take advantage of that, but if if Carlos is what he was like at spring in his final kind of turns I think I think you're. You're putting a really good arm in the bullpen when he when he could very well have a spot in the rotation, so we'll see. Maybe it goes back to six, but it seems like it's scheduling up at least for for some healthy competition I think that's what he wants. He doesn't want these guys treating this. As Hey, let's get legs underneath us. Cruise into season. He's GonNa. Go out of his way to make sure they're treating this camp as a competition because he think I think he thinks it will help them from the game star interested in water, cutting a proud sponsor of scoops Danny Mac, dot com, a full-service criminal defense firm dedicated to helping individuals fight criminal charges in Missouri and Illinois State Federal Municipal Courts Think Henderson. Water Cutty, protecting your rights defending your freedom number to. To call three, one, four, six, four, five, forty, four, hundred, three, one, four, six, four, five, forty four hundred visit, their website sto, criminal defense dot com, every every team is going to say the beginning of the season in a short season. Quick start a fast start. A good start is imperative. That's where I think. The cardinals could be difference makers in this year because of their pitching and their depth de agree with that. Absolutely I mean we've talked about it a lot. It's weaponize their death hamill, these players, especially pitchers will. There's no minor league season for these guys to develop in. I don't really know what the what is the development angle and in Springfield I don't really know. Find a lady used these guys especially early when you were going to be able to have. Thirty guys there and the cardinals are going to have guys without clear roles that would be starting other teams Austin. Gombar Ganggopadhya Own I. Mean you've got Alex? Rodriguez who's WHO's doesn't have an innings aren't going to be a problem. It's a sixty to sixty game season. He Got Jordan Hicks is not going to be ready to start. It doesn't sound like, but we'll be there soon. In I don't mean starters start games, but start in the bullpen, but he's going to be in there before too long I mean you've got some real talent that even if you're giving them, you know three to winning. You, know the parents out of the bullpen. That's kind of a no one likes to use. The word piggybacked because it's like insulting to the the starter, but pick another word for it. Who Cares I'm Pat Long. Relief if leveraged properly could be a really nice girl for the cardinals. I was talking to a colleague there about this. You know the reds of this lineup. That is just scary, right? Why shouldn't the cardinals be just too scary? In their pitching rolled out a pitching line about their that one inning, as the next of just nasty, each different stuff that I'll build off each other I think that's the way the cardinals could could really make make their mark on this short season, really intrigued by the competition in the outfield. Let's. Let's not talk about Dylan. Carlson. Let's focus on. Tyler O.`Neil let's focus on lane, Thomas and those two I would assume that tyler. O.`Neil gets first crack at it, and you know what I'm excited to watch the young man play. It's not going to be a full season, but let's see what he can do. They've cleared roster space for him, so it's a chance to see what this young man can do. I like that a life that they have the H. option now because it well even allow. Maybe that that guy who's not starting that day to keep his name in the mix from the D. H. and I know the D. H. is going to bounce around, but call me crazy. It's not hard to imagine that having a day where Tyler O'Neill's A. B. H. and lanes in the outfield vice versa. Depending on the UPS. Depending on how Matt Carpenter Starts Communism and they're gonNA. Move that spot around, but you know. Both of those guys are intriguing personally. I'm I'm fascinated by lane. Thomas Man. I. Think he's a he's. He's more interesting all around player, but Tyler O.`Neil has this powered and I. Get it you know people are. Are Very impatient and and understand it and everybody likes likes the idea of Carlson. I think he'll be here sooner. You know as soon as that service time window closes I think he'll be up in the mix, which is going to put pressure on on Harrison, Baiter and texture fowler, I mean right now. The cardinals are saying this is a one position discussion, but field, and that's giving respect to Harrison bathe her and Dexter, Fowler but. They outfield production-wise was a problem last season, and the two guys who are competing for spots left field are showing that they're providing more production than the other two starters, but I think it could. It could be pretty soon before you're talking about it. Outfield wide, you know competition for playing time especially as Carlson enter so you know. O'Neill has had to sixty game sample sizes in the major stand and a little bit misleading, though because he hasn't really gotten a chance to start all that regularly, he's been pinch hitting. He's been you know appearing as a as A. Replacement at times. He really hasn't had a chance to say. Hey, you know, go out there and play regularly. and I think time is would have made more of a chance to be pushed himself in front of that conversation. If you wouldn't have gotten hurt last year, so I'm with you. I'm eager to see what these guys can do. my thing is not so much as they gotta hold up Carlson to give those guys a chance. Chance more of what what might stop those guys from pushing this competition. The more of left field conversation I think there's a real chance of that. You think it's far fetched I. I said the day. This is the most important month in the history of North American. Sports as baseball tries to get back the NHL. The NBA soon enough We're about two weeks away from the the rookies of the Texans reporting to camp, so NFL's coming back. Soon enough. You'll have college football in their camp starting. So you get my drift? It's it's here. The clock is ticking and for a while. It was kind of like well. It'll be here and you know you hope you can get it going, and but now it's here now. It's starting to turn for Real Is it the most important month in the history of North American sports as they try to finish up seasons and get some going? I think. I'm usually pushing back against. Terms like that but I. don't know how you can disagree with that statement. it's going to be and this is. Why argue people people tell me well this? This world series will have Asterik and I say. First of all I. I disagree with that because to me and asterix is like if someone doesn't have a fair opportunity. Asterix one team has. An improper advantage you know the Astros are stealing signs. That's an astro season. This is everybody started on the same playing field, and there's more significant threats to the season off the field than they're probably ever has been in the history of. American sports as we know them, with this with this virus waiting at the door, trying to take things down so to me that makes the could make these postseasons of more remarkable. It could make the championship being more and again I hope we get to see that. Play out so most important or most fascinating I think yes, absolutely I guess you can say, it's watered down but We're all GONNA BE WATCHING, and we're all going to be talking about this for a long time to come if you gave me a quiz of of who is the champion? Champion of of each season in every sport for the past decade I couldn't name them all, but I bet you know wherever we are. You know ten twenty years from now. We can prob if we did. There will probably be able to name the champions that won these championships. I would guess because it's such a unique time, so I'm with you on that. I think this is GonNa be fascinating I. think There's GonNa be discussions. Happen here as we move forward that really changed has the potential to change the scope of sports You're already seeing. It was college sports. You know politicians thing to the people who run the NC Double A.. How is it possible that you guys don't have an NCW wide plan for for for this virus, and it's calling into question. How is it possible that that these players that make all this money for these schools are not are not being paid me. This is going to have a splintering effect on a lot of different things. And how we cover the game in how we attend games. We don't have all the answers yet, but we're all in this kind of together. Wondering where it's going to go and I I think that does make hugely import Henderson and water, cutting a proud sponsor of scoops Danny. Mac Dot com, a full-service criminal defense firm, dedicated to helping individuals fight criminal charges in Missouri and Illinois State Federal Municipal Courts think, Henderson water, cutty, protecting your rights defending your freedoms number to call three, one, four, six, four, five, forty, four, hundred, three, one, four, six, four, five, thousand four hundred visit, their website sto, criminal defense dot com about the NHL. Now, we're just I. Guess what. Ten days or so from them in face three, coming back to their home cities, and then going out to the bubbles, so we're. We're pretty close and the blues then would try to defend the title. What do you think is it? Is it going to happen? Is it feasible? I think I think there's a chance I understand why they put it to teams in Canada I. Know Not Everybody in my. Mind I love that, but it does seem like that's the best location and you. WanNa put it in a place where you got the best chance of pulling it off again. It's GonNa. Come down to the same thing. We're talking about with baseball. How seriously the players take it How well do they do to keep themselves protected from the virus when they're not within the you know the strict kind of rules of of hockey, if a bunch of these guys are out. In about not wearing masks and doing whatever they want to do. They're not a practices before they go into the hotel bubble. Then there's GonNa be problems I. Mean we already seen? What happened with the MLS hotel down there in Florida you gotta be Kinda cleared before you can be thrown into that group, and now they're players on the teams popping up. Where does it come from How are they getting? There've been something that that decrease. Their chances the more and more i. read about what we know about buyers and there's a lot that we don't know. The more I'm hesitant to zoom that guys who test positive. are going to step out for a couple of weeks and then back if they don't have symptoms that there's a chance of that, you guys are awesome, fanatic then they can be out as they get their negative tests. And then they're back in, and they're not worse off for it, but I have symptoms get sick and feel the effects acros virus. It's going to be significant amount of time probably before they're ready to play at a high level again and you read the comments from the cubs pitching coach, who who's feel feeling not fully up to speed you know thirty days after his last negative test. you read the. The stuff at cardiologists are saying about how this could affect the heart, and how they're really encouraging a slow bill back Tesla's activity for athletes who feel symptoms when they get positive test now ideally no one gets okay, and ideally, if someone gets it there as symptomatic, and if that's the case, then you know you, you take guys out you put somebody in their place, and you bring them back and keep moving, but if if if more players get you know symptoms from this and you're going to start missing. Probably some pretty significant figures and that's when you start to get into a conversation of hey, you know as this worth it be. The people even know the guys playing or are we just filling them with people that nobody wants to go watch I mean. This is the whole conversation conversating bike to avoid so the bubble theory sounded great, and hopefully it works, but I think we're seeing in some of the conversations talking around MLB. Molested. It's not foolproof either so going to be up to the players to really minimize their their lists, and that's banking on the plan working so I. Really Hope that the blues that they get a chance man because I do think they are. I. Don't know how you could bet on any other team to win this thing their style is very straightforward. They have a coach. WHO's not going to be about the nonsense? And they buy in on his on his teaching and I think they'll be geared up and ready to defend their title. They also get the best x factor. In the whole game, there isn't a team. I mean you could argue there isn't a team in professional sports. Set is going to be better off returning. Than they were when they left because the blues get a healthy Vladimir Tarasenko, just thirty goal scorer guy who who could be you know. If he's up to if he's up to speed and fully healthy, and there's no reasonable easy. Isn't that the game changer and he's rested from. From having the time off from the shoulder I mean they're going to be a real threat, so I hope they get the chance. You think it's going to be surreal I'll wrap it up with this, but you think it's going to be surreal for you walking into Busch Stadium Tomorrow. Gay Man I've told myself. Like I kind of made a vow to myself during this time, and I think you you have a job where your your your job you know is is on during the game you know like you. Are you have to be laser focused on every pitch? And ideally you know I'm the same in the press box right, but I'll be honest. Most of my work comes after the game when I got it right and you know with our deadlines and the need to be on twitter, and all this other stuff that we feel like it's important you know one of my biggest things over this time has been like there have been moments where. That I have not been. You know doing a good enough job of just watching the game. And appreciating the fact that there's a game being played, and you know it can be easy to kind of lose track of that when you're answering emails or whatever you know, all these other things that come along with the job and I told myself like. I'M NOT GONNA tend to another game whether it's high school, Football, scrimmage or cardinals, baseball game, and not appreciate the back, and I'm watching the game, so that's kind of what I'm. I'm carrying back and whether there are people they're not whether I can talk to someone in person or not. You know I'm Gonna I'm GonNa not take take for granted the fact that I'm watching a game from a unique vantage point, so that's kind of that's how I'll be entering their with gladly wearing a mask and and eager to follow the rules because I'm excited about seeing something live at this point if he told me. I could get permission and go watch two guys either they could. have paint dry faster I in the front row so. Isn't that the truth well put hey, have a great fourth of July. Enjoy the Ballpark Ben, and as always. Thanks for joining us and we'll We'll talk next Friday. We'll catch you up and we'll see where we're at with baseball and other sports next Friday. Looking forward to seeing you from a safe distance here in the near future, you got it thanks. Ben Henderson and water, cutting a proud sponsor of scoops with Danny, MAC dot com, a full-service criminal defense firm, dedicated to helping individuals fight criminal charges in Missouri and Illinois State Federal Municipal Courts Think Henderson Water Cutty, protecting your rights defending your freedoms number to call three, one, four, six, four, five, forty, four, hundred, three, one, four, six, four, five, thousand four hundred visit, their website sto criminal defense dot com.

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Ben Fred Friday  December 27, 2019

Scoops with Danny Mac

34:18 min | 1 year ago

Ben Fred Friday December 27, 2019

"I am proud to add to the website as an exclusive sponsor. Aben Fred Fridays. The Saint Louis based criminal defense firm of Henderson water. Cutty as many of you know I'm proud to be from Saint Louis and Mick Henderson at Steve Water cutty are from Saint. Louis they call it home. Their firm is the Premier Criminal Donald Defense Firm in Missouri and Illinois so being from Saint. LOUIS THEY WANNA help people from our region and all you have to do is go to their website. St L. Criminal Defense Dot Com that's S. T. L. Criminal Defense Dot com now on that website. You will see the countless testimonials testimony of people who have helped over the many years that they have been doing work for people in the region on the site. There are frequently asked questions categories and a wealth of information to help guide you through the process of figuring out how to make decisions to protect your rights and it doesn't matter how big or small the case they're known for their communication with their clients and this is why you can reach them twenty four hours a day seven days a week and they have a proven track record of handling your criminal. Defense and traffic needs the Saint Louis base race criminal defense firm of Henderson water. Cutty the website again and really go to the website. It's incredibly easy to navigate. St L. Criminal Defense Dot Com. Check it out that's S. T. L. criminal defense dot com or. Call them anytime day or night. Twenty four hours a day the number number three one four six four five forty four hundred three one four six four five four four hundred. The choice of a lawyer is an important decision. Asian and should not be based solely upon advertisement. So I wanted to get you in with five questions about two thousand nineteen and you're the perfect guy to ask the lead. A sports columnist one of them on the Saint. Louis Post dispatch website stltoday.com and the post-dispatch itself. I would assume that this is an easy easy question for you to answer but the top sports story for Saint Louis in two thousand nineteen. It probably happened on the ice. I think it has to Komo unfair to the other great things that happened in Saint Louis Sports this year because as I go back to the Larry Bird reference where he would compete in the three point shooting contests At the All Star game he would go in and say who's playing for second intimidate. Everybody kind of what the blues have done here I do a ranking. Taking every year the top stories you know of the of the calendar year for the post dispatch and it never had number one been this easy since I've been doing it and I I can't imagine it's ever been this easy for anybody since they've been doing it. You only get one first championship and you only get one for a city team. Waited more than half decade for this and you only only get one that happened that was truly historic in that the blues were nearly dead in the water. I mean they changed coaches. They changed goalies. You could not make the story up so I think it's I think it's I think it's I by a country mile. You brought me literally to tears your article and your column Aboud about the parade. And you followed the Captain Alex Petra Angelo. Can you give our listeners. That maybe don't remember or had a chance to read that what that was is all about. It was just a tremendous piece that you put together thinking and there were a million people say well you wrote that well the blues and it's like I'm like well thank thank Houston all like it would have been impossible to not right well about that team because I mean you cannot. You cannot come up with the team. That was more fun to cover more more more fun to write about the the stories that were there to be told Stories of perseverance stories of of of of humor. I mean how could you. You couldn't make up Carl gunners predicting game winning goal while. He's taking a leak next to his coach in Boston. I mean this is really it should be a movie. I wrote that during the during the series and and I truly believe it You know someone will make a lot of money if they do this story right because you can't really capture it in one conversation or in one column but you try to break off little chapters of it and I thought one was following Alex and he is the first blues player to ever lift the Stanley Cup as as as a current player the blues the captain and he had his own story. Dan I mean with with as many questions as he faced In that leadership role he doubted himself at times says they were really struggling During the coaching change he was questioning himself. And the right guy to lead this team. I the right guy to fill David back as shoes news and and look who ends up. He ended up playing for the Stanley Cup. I mean you couldn't I it's storybook stuff and I thought I wanted to. You know kind of get the final. The final story of Alex in the Cup and and presenting it to the fans and it was pretty special. Watch trailed him and he overcame adversity on on the parade and he showed up to do this family and his triplets and they were like. Oh we know you're riding on this this budweiser wagon. So we had to climb this wagon so you had to put his his triplets on a golf cart with his with his folks and his wife got up on the back of this wagon and he was up there for about. I'd say thirty seconds. Then he said you know what. Forget this I'm getting down. I don't I'm taking a cut down. And it was really Alex Portray Ngelo who made the decision to take the Stanley Cup and make the parade really a parade of the people Yeah I don't know that it was planned out but he's just said look. I'M NOT GONNA sit up here and look down on everybody you know. This city has waited a long time for this. I'm taking with me. And he went and walked and he walked the parade route he walked up. He walked down He. I wish I had how many miles it was at one point in time I looked at my phone and it was tracking the miles and it was like double what the parade route was. He pulled people out of the out of the crowd that you know people who are in wheelchairs for for different reasons. He pushed him physically pushed them in their wheelchairs along the parade route. He stopped for a young man who who had down syndrome and and took a photo with them and let them touch the cup. I mean he really made it all inclusive. And that's one thing I heard about about the parade from everybody was that they were so amazed by how interactive it was and how the players make them feel like a part of it and I watched it happen and it happened because of Alex Portray Angelo. Well and I'll ask Chris Kerber coming up next hour. We'll preview the game tonight in Los Angeles about an extension potentially for the captain all right question number two Ben Frederickson our guest your athlete of the year. Twenty Twenty nineteen in Saint Louis Sports. I feel like we need to categories like blues and Non Blues. But for for just this going all in encompassing I have to say Jordan Bennington Day on and there are other guys who are deserving of this but I thought it was demerged of Jordan Bennington that truly put the blues on h championship path. It's amazing what a locked in and and elite goalie can do and and that's what he became the team's confidence when he emerged as has the as the guy for this team was there on a different level. And he's he's done. That even continued it into his second season here but I thought Jordan Bennington emerging as the the backbone in the back of this championship caliber blues team was was hard to top. And and if I had to give him If I could do a non blues I I'd I'd say Jack Flaherty. That's what we saw from Jack. In the second half this baseball season really entrenched him as the ace of this team and one of the best young pitchers and all the baseball how about tier two thousand nineteen moment of the year. Now it could be raising. The Cup could be game seven. It's gotTa be Blues. I'm assuming but maybe it's coming back from the hand pass. That was in the playoffs. That was terrible call for the NHL embarrassing in many ways. I'm throwing out the top of my head but your moment of the year in sports a million a million little moments but for me it in this is I guess Corny but it was taking those gloves fly into the air at Td Garden in Boston Just stat that that that okay. There's nothing that can happen. The building cannot collapse and erase this game and the lead is is finally safe. And it's over and this that that release of of the gloves you know seeing that kind of that if it's forever in my head That's the the snapshot that I will. I will have kind of they did it. And and that was that was at the moment But man a million little moments right. I mean that that response to that hand past game was spectacular. You Pat Maroon and and and the game winner in Saint Louis You know that was clearly if you had to have a photo of of the Ron that that has to be in in the conversation And then if you're if you're going to expand it you know the parade Brett whole million and everybody's GonNa have their own their own favorite. Ah One but but I think for me that just that celebration on the ice and for me personally if I can share a quick personal talking with Tom Stillman on the ice after the after the Stanley Cup win game seven in Boston. Because as you'll remember Dan the post-dispatch had a little tiny story line in this thing with the accidental leak of the congratulatory advertisements and sponsorships. That ran before game six. And it's okay to talk about now at the time it felt like Well like the post-dispatch was about to become the Bartman of of Saint Louis And it'd be it was just a just a mistake and it happened. And they got out and then they lost game mhm six so terribly and you thought Oh. My God opposes batch is going to be on the wikipedia page of of the Blues Curse and in prominent position. Here Talking talking with Tom Stillman after the win saying hey the pope is the paper off the hook and Kinda joking and him giving me a look that was like Kinda funny but also Kinda like still Kinda went up thirty down and Rub your face in the ice a little bit as if I did it but We had a good laugh about that. But that was just a little bit of a moment realizing okay the papers not going to be Blamed by millions here a moment for me and you brought up a great point. One is PAT maroons goal. But there's a great photo of Pat Maroon and he's embracing and and what is the greatest tradition in sports that handshake. And he's there with Ben Bishop another Saint Louis Kid and behind him as that flag of Saint Saint Louis Fan brought that and I thought this is a celebration of hockey in this town. It is exploded in so many ways whether you have the seventeen situation situation The renovations of Enterprise Center winning the Stanley Cup Had the winter classic. Now you have Stanley Cup Championship. I thought that that photo kind of embraced east everything that was happening at that point in time the perfect and that's one belongs not only on the on the wall of folks you know man caves or or or fan caves. Whatever we're calling them these days but but it should be on a billboard for Saint Louis With with the number of young people picking up the game and there there will be kind of like that That boom of hockey players here that were created in part because of this team. And that's something that that's pretty special. You can see it in the excitement about the sport you can see. I mean the kid who lives next door to me Dan. I come home every day. And he's he's shooting. His you know street puck against against the net outside side of his house. And he's you know I talked about the blues. And he he lights up. I mean they created players. They created fans They really think did more for the sport of hockey in this town than than any team. And that's a lot considering. There have been some really great players. There've been some really good teams but this one will always be always be number one question for coach of the year or manager of the year. Mike Scheldt wins it in the National League for the National League Center side of things and they win the Central Asian. Oh boy be hard to pick against Craig. Ruby tough tough year for SHELTIE RIGHT OUT TO WIN National League manager of the year in your first full year as manager and not even win coach of the year. You're in your hometown. But unfortunately for him that's That's what he was up against and I think he's okay with that too He he got a kick out of watching the blues too. So Yeah Craig Brute Man. Every everything he touched turned to gold line changes Or magical the motivation was there. I think we we being the media at times times early on maybe did ruby a disservice by portraying him as this tough guy and he is that. Don't get me wrong. I think the players are scared of him and have a half appreciative of it. Goes Kinda depends on the day. I think they all very much think he could beat them up if it came to that and he's always probably about one threat away from from feeling like he needs to but he's he's more than just just a guy who yells and shouts and used to beat people up hockey. He knows the game. He knows when to push the pedal down he knows when to let off. The gas seems like every time he moves the lines. They respond respond He's handled he continues to handle the Jordan Bennington Jake Allen situation perfectly and I think he's a big reason that that is matched so well with what could be a really tough spot for Jake but he's embraced. I think in part because I mean go back to what he allen had the way he challenged Ladimir Terry Cinco in San Jose. I was there and and he. He was as critical as Vladimir Tarasenko as a coach has been with the blues publicly. And he didn't do it to try to upset Him. He did it to try to inspire him and it worked. It seems like he always had the right buttons to press and we saw it especially in in the hand pass game in Saint Louis where we expected to go to that dressing room and hear about how poor blues and they're out to get us and this is rigged and and and you know this cost us the game and he had gone in in their and whatever he said they were they were. They were drinking his Kool aid because he told them to. Blow it off and that it wasn't going to define the series and they went with that mindset and made it a reality reality in fact it almost I think kind of hurt the sharks because they were asked tons of questions about how lucky they were almost seemed to kind of get in their heads they started getting a little snippy and I think he played that perfectly so he he knows how to ride guys hard win win to do it and he also knows when to show that sense of humor and I go back to one one of those games I forget which one it was where he went in and told them. Hey Boys practice early tomorrow first thing in the morning and they all looked at him like he was crazy and he said I'm just kidding and they all erupt with laughter. Yeah I mean he has a good way about him and these guys are still responding to it now so I don't think this is a message or or style it's GonNa get stale of all of a sudden it's it's sustainable. which is impressive question? Five will wrap up this segment with Ben Frederickson of the Saint. Louis Post dispatch your goat and I'm not talking greatest of all time. WHO's your goat this year in Saint Louis Sports? We'll man we kinda got to it We kind of got to a little bit early because I was gonNA. I was GONNA probably have to say Craig Ba- Ruby but Hey we should probably give some love to to the front office here Because I think Doug Armstrong deserves Ben. Ben I WANNA goat I want I want the negative. I don't WanNa right here on this positive the second all right go ahead and because we gotta do is fine we do a whole segment on this. What is goat these days because now greatest of all time and it is? It's like Lebron James so are we are you gotta defined we gotta specify which goat doing bad goat or good goat. I WANNA bad one. I'm not all peachy keen on this. Show man come on negative. You're the you're the one who's negative negative. Nellie what do you got all right well. Hey let's get down to it. They're it's it's probably going to have to be Matt Carpenter And I say that as a guy who has got a lot of respect respect for Matt Carpenter's career but He is the guy who who season really put the cardinals in a tough spot and they had to try to overcome it as offense just never came around and He's a huge question. Mark moving forward. So that's the one that comes to mind right away You could say you know very autumn but You know that's that's another one. That's that's up for grabs for him because they're all the expectations that were above him in and around this season And and the way it ended at six and six with the inability to put any sort of public scrutiny on the bold Dan because the team just wasn't good enough and Missouri pulled the trigger and and and goes ahead and makes the change Angel football coach. I think I think that would be in consideration as well. But he's gone now so with with with guys who are still around to say carpenter. I'll have five burning questions looking ahead to twenty twenty Ben Frederickson my guests. I am proud to add to the website as an exclusive sponsor. Aben Fred Fridays. The Saint Louis based a criminal defense firm of Henderson water. Cutty as many of you know I'm proud to be from Saint Louis and Mick Henderson Steve. Water cutty are from Saint. Louis they call it home. Their firm is the Premier Criminal Defense Firm in Missouri and Illinois so being from Saint Louis they want to help people from our region and all you have to do is go to their website. St L. Criminal Defense Dot Com that's S. T. L. Criminal Defense Dot com now on that website website you will see the countless testimonials of people who they have helped over the many years that they have been doing work for people in the region agent on the site there are frequently asked questions categories and a wealth of information to help guide you through the process of figuring out how to make make decisions to protect your rights and it doesn't matter how big or small the case they're known for their communication with their clients and this is why hi you can reach them twenty four hours a day seven days a week and they have a proven track record of handling your criminal defense. It's and traffic. Needs the Saint Louis Base criminal defense firm of Henderson water. Cutty the website again and really go to the website. It's it's incredibly easy to navigate. St L. Criminal Defense Dot Com. Check it out that's S. T. L. criminal defense dot com or. Call them anytime the day or night. Twenty four hours a day the number three one four six four five four thousand four hundred three one four six four five forty four four hundred. The choice of a lawyer is an important decision and should not be based solely upon advertisement. What do you want under the tree for sports in Saint? Louis what do you one. They would like I would like less resistance from the state for for soccer I I think that's something that we're GonNa hit on but that's certainly that certainly only up there I would like Like a true and wide open outfield competition for the cardinals Going into two thousand twenty I'd like the best players to play there regardless of of contact situation. I think that would be fun to see and I would like for I would like for people pool to give Ally drink with an open shot and in a fair shake at Mizzou as he tries to put his mark on it. Because I'm a little. I'm intrigued by him. I'm not quite sold yet. But I'm more than more than willing to give him the benefit of the doubt as he tries to elevate the The style of play their lead me into a couple of The burning questions and I'll I'll go right to. MLS for the Lou hundred percent privately financed stadium at the cost of at least four hundred sixty one million dollars. The governor not giving the support for the area that is a part of the public infrastructure surrounding the the stadium which is going to be used for so much more than just soccer special events concerts bars and restaurants going in there. I can't I I mean I cannot understand why the support isn't there from the governor and I'm curious what you think about this and what you think may happen going forward. Well I think people who are against any sort of money for sports any sort of public money in any way shape form or fashion four sports are going to like this reversal by the state. And I don't know that we will change those people's minds and everyone's entitled to their to their own opinion here for people who are questioning this this ask. I would point out the ownership group and who. It's made it up of what that group has done for Saint Louis and the state In in years past if it's pretty easy track record defined in terms of their willingness to give their own money and and do the right things for certainly this region I would also point to the fact that this this proposal has been almost universally praised both locally locally and nationally for its willingness to put forth private dollars and have private ownership of land and the stadium And then I would would also point out that the the request this forty million or thirty. Excuse me thirty million dollars in state tax credits. It has been a part of the plan since the ownership group was you know announced more than a year ago now so there was never a pushback from the state there was never signs of. Hey this isn't gonNA work common nominee. There was never any any sort of. Hey you know we need to talk about this. Ask Not only. Did they know it was coming down. They went out of their way to support the plan You look at the fact that the group gave you know. gave the governor's name to the League in in in in documents that showed the support. You look at the fact that we tend to governor. Mikey who who is from Saint Louis. WHO's a big soccer supporter was at the announcement spoke publicly about the cooperation? That was going to happen between the state and and the ownership group which that of course puts him in a bad spot. Now that the governor and the board controls this ask 'cause decided to turn heel a little bit I don't get it. I think it's politics in motion and I think that the assumption a lot of times is that if you go to people like the Taylor families and the Kavanagh's and you say hey you know we know you want this so we're gonNA take a little bit more away and take a little bit more weighing. Keep asking them to do more that could work And maybe that's what ends up happening here. But you gotta be careful full. I think you know continuing to renege on deals that you make with people who are trying to do a good thing And that's a warning for the state here especially when you compare it with how it looks but some of the money that's been given to Kansas City for stadium projects with some of the money that was given to so the chiefs could move their training camp to Saint Joseph's there's a lot. There's a lot that doesn't add up and I think there's GonNa be some more details that probably come out about this to me. The biggest point that needs to be made is that the support is being asked by the soccer group to the state. It's the same that could provide any developer. Any project of any size that helps offset the public infrastructure costs so if somebody's willing to build killed four hundred sixty one million dollars privately financed And bring it to Saint Louis to help revitalization of downtown a blighted piece of property. I can't understand why the governor would try to roadblock that in any kind of way form or fashion. I think it's wrong I'm steadfast in that belief and I don't think it's the right. Thank you question. Number three can the blues. Repeat Looking ahead to two thousand twenty. I don't see why not I I wrote wrote that. They could entering the season that was laughed at mocked by by the hockey writers. There's a there's a little a blog of the hockey community that kind of said. Oh who look at Saint Saint Louis Cute you know they win a championship. And now they're talking about a dynasty and okay. You know I'll get that. Maybe it was way too optimistic. But it doesn't look that crazy crazy now with you. Look at how the blues are playing without Vladimir Tarasenko for most of the season. They're starting to get healthy again. They overcame this kind of stretch. So we we thought the bottom might drop out and now they're getting guys back and all those guys who had to play were thrown into the fire or are better because they had to carry a low they had to play role. And that's what this team does. That's why Dan they were able to get to the Stanley Cup and win it last year. It wasn't because they had Vladimir Tarasenko. It wasn't because they they had joined bidding teams because they had a full slate of guys who all did their role all did their job. They had you know so many guys who scored postseason goals. And now if you look at how how. This team is spreading across at scoring. It's It's starting to look similar. They've got guys who know their jobs and they do it well and they have guys who can step in and do uh other people's jobs if someone gets hurt not everybody's trying to do the same thing and it all starts with that defense that is making Jordan Bennington and jake alum look really really good again and and that's kind of the the part that I think a lot of people overlook they look at the Blues and they don't see you know maybe some of the brand star names but they overlook this defense it just great insurance and wears teams down and it's not because they're out there just knocking people's blocks off. They're just a BOA constrictor and they and they do it slowly slowly and they do it regularly and the team comes out of their man we can. We can't beat these guys especially when you get them to a series so I think they can do it again. It's a tall ask especially without Tarasenko but think about it if they can keep doing what they're doing which is being the best team one of the best teams around and then they get the postseason postseason if Vladimir Tarasenko is back if he's able to jump in and contribute and your own kind of putting a A booster pack on the team. Now they'll still look for scoring they'll still look for ways to improve but I think they're reaching point here soon where Doug Armstrong will be a similar position where he says do. I really WANNA risk messing with the chemistry of this team because of how. Well they're playing unquestioned for for Ben Frederickson looking ahead to twenty twenty as ally drink quits. Right guy for Mizzou. He better be because he's got a big contract and a big big buy out and lots and lots of perks to that. Deal the guy who only coached one season rarely gets anywhere else. And why does that to happen. I think it needed to because Missouri was taking some lumps in its coaching search That's what happens when you have some friction between your athletic director and the Board of Curator's. Yeah that's what happens when you just fired football coach who had six and six season in which a bowl ban hung over the the team's head for the entire time. You better step up and show that you're committed to not doing a similar thing to the next guy so there will be there'll be a lot of discussion and there should be about alleged drink what's not being on. Jim's Turks initial list. Those first three names Jim. Stir candidate into the curator's top by Blake Anderson at Arkansas State. Skip hold on there as well. Jeff Malkin at army was rejected acted so if Missouri tries to say that you drink which was the first choice it can't The curator said look. Go get a name that is maybe a little bit less proven but has more upside and I think and drink quits fits that mold. His offense is suppose supposed to be kind of a revolutionary hearing they score a ton of points. They scored touchdowns not field goals. I think he's a very smart smart offensive. Mind how will he handle the recruiting. How we handle the scrutiny? We'll see he's got one year under his belt. They won twelve games with roster that he did not recruit route. That team went on to win. It's ballgame without him so clearly he had a good system in place there but happy state is also a bit of a powerhouse at that level. So we're GONNA find out if he was writing the tailwind of of his program or if he was the guy who really kind of spearheaded that team two to three thirteen win season He's GonNa have to. He's GonNa get the recruiting elevated. He's going to have to get as many players to who who played for Oldham and signed up to play wrote them and loved owed him to stick around and that's going to be kind of one of his first battle is limiting the transfers to keep talent in the program and he's GonNa have to go to ODEM could not do day and he's going to have to beat the teams there's supposed to be he's going to have to jump up more often than one time in four years and take down a top twenty five team and he's GonNa have to give him struck what he said he wanted which was a regular the top twenty five football team. I think he can be the guy but we don't have any proof that says for sure that he will be. And that's what that's what this hires about is taking a bit of a risk question. Five Live is baseball to partner. Are the cardinals done with what they've got right now at the roster and can they repeat I do think I'm GonNa lean toward yes because I don't think Marcello will be back Dan I think there could be some sort of a move. Maybe for a left handed bat in the lineup. But I'll I'll just point out that the last time the Arnold we're talking about a left handed bat it was drew Robinson who did not beat out gyro Moon goes for for the job so we'll be a big splash move. I don't know I don't think so. I don't see them. You know pulling off a trade for a known error Nado or or Charlie black men or anything like that. I think this is about but the cardinals have said it was about as this offense getting better from within they. They did that. Kim The the pitcher from Korea. I think that's a really smart thing. I think it probably makes Carlos Martinez more likely to be closer than a lot of people are thinking at the moment. We'll see how it plays out. But in terms of the offense the cardinals have said pretty much. We're GONNA have the same guys back and pretty much. This is going to be about the guys who return getting better and also hopefully catching some some new production from some of these young guys so I I haven't seen anything quite right. Yeah that makes me for sure that they're going to be adding significantly there as we can. They repeat I think that's a tall ask if they don't upgrade the offense The pitching hitching should be very good again. The defense should be very good again. That's GonNa be Mike Shields. Mo here is. They're gonNA pitch well. They're gonNA run the basis. Well they're going to defend well and and the offense is just GonNa they're gonNA have to. I think try to catch lightning in a bottle a little bit Good thing working in their favor is going to be division. Should be down The brewers are replacing placing the guys that they let go or lost. But they're but they're not necessarily doing it with better players. The cubs are talking about trading Kris Bryant and in the pirates took a full on tank the team to watch is going to be the reds Their additions they've made in pitching and offense. Potentially maybe Marcelo's we'll see what happens. Is there That's the that's the team. Con is going to be the sleeper in the division but can the cardinals repeat all the way to the NFL CS. I think that's a I think that's a tall order. If they don't find some way to improve the offense with more certainty Ben Frederickson post-dispatch my guest and before I let you go Ben. I know you're intimately involved with the baseball writers coming up and That's that's An event that is very near and dear to your heart yet and thank you for giving me a chance to talk about it. We've got the SIXTY SECOND ANNUAL BASEBALL WRITERS DINNER COMING UP. It's on Sunday. Sunday January nineteenth at the Marriott. Grand Hotel it's GonNa be a great evening and and this is important to mention early. 'cause it's it's about funding scholarships for aspiring sports writers. We give out scholarships and and in in rewards for upcoming sports writers. I was the recipient of the Rick Hummel formal internship back in two thousand eleven. It's part of the reason I was able to return to the post dispatch. So it's very important to me. We're going to have a great lineup Jack. FLAHERTY will be there. Mike Scheldt Ted Simmons going to be there and that was. That's GONNA be a great game because he'll be able to talk about about his induction to the hall of Fame Colts along. We will have all of the rookie of the year. The minor league players of the year Paul Goldschmidt and also giving an award to build James. Who is kind of the you know the pioneer of baseball advanced baseball statistics as we know it? So tickets are on sale. You can find them at Metro Tech so you can go to Saint Louis B. W. B. B. W. A. dot com. And they. It'll be a link that takes you there If you haven't been before come check it out if you're looking if you're out there looking for that late Christmas gift. It's very easy to get that and put it in a card heard. It would be the head of the Christmas party. You can call metro ticks or you can just go online. And that's probably the best way to do it. The Saint Louis Baseball Writers Association the website. Ben This is fine man. Thanks so much and we'll catch up very very soon human. You should probably mention Scoops website will more time. And you can hear Ben Frederickson on scoops hoops with any MAC every Friday. Is that work for you. I am proud to add to the website as an exclusive sponsor of Ben. Fred Fridays as the Saint Louis based criminal defense firm of Henderson water. Cutty as many of you know. I'm proud to be from Saint Louis and Mick Henderson and Steve Water Cutty. You are from Saint Louis. They call it home. Their firm is the Premier Criminal Defense Firm in Missouri and Illinois so being from Saint. LOUIS THEY WANNA help people from our region and all you have to do is go to their website. St L. Criminal Defense Dot Com that's S. T. L. Criminal Defense Dot com now on that website. You will see the countless testimonials of people who have helped over the many years that they have been doing work for people in the region on the site. There are frequently asked questions categories and a wealth of information to help guide you through the process figuring out how to make decisions to protect your rights. And it doesn't matter how big or small case they're known for their communication with their clients and this is why you can reach them twenty four hours a day seven days a week and they have a proven track record of of handling your criminal. Defense and traffic needs the saint. Louis Base criminal defense firm of Henderson water. Cutty the website again and really go to the website. It's incredibly easy to navigate. St L. Criminal Defense Dot Com. Check it out that's sto criminal defense dot com or recalled them anytime day or night twenty four hours a day the number three one four six four five forty four hundred three one four six six four five four thousand four hundred. The choice of a lawyer is an important decision and should not be based solely upon advertisement.

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E1: The Most Potent Heroin on the Planet

The Undercovers

26:57 min | 1 year ago

E1: The Most Potent Heroin on the Planet

"You're listening to the undercovers brought to you by Wicks listener note this story contains adult content and language the only original podcast undercovers you Chinese occupants it's the seller's now is the time when the tension begins to build as the money and doper drawn together it's what some agents call the flash point and it is the most dangerous sequence of a drug deal because both sides are vulnerable the a middle aged veteran heroin broker of tie extraction George Montoya Six Foot Sinewy Hispanic and Jose Martinez they are undercover agents and as you sees these agents were around death as if written by invitation they bought dope from you would not only change DA cover operations and protocol forever but they would also save my life Friday February Fifth Nineteen Eighty eight Pasadena California just another beautiful day in the San Gabriel Valley some of the most ruthless kingpins in the world there were marked for death by warlords CAPOs in their sicario they survive gunfights straight out of a Michael Bay movie in the middle of the park in the middle of the day the set is reading it starts when the buyers arrived White Volvo Park and wait see him yet not yet inside the Volvo or three men Paul Sema this is the undercovers season one the ghost narrated by Ed O'Neill and for the first time they will personally share their stories in this series for a first season we'll meet Edward Falls because these men are undercover DEA agents and they're not here for a by their hair for a bust your they come a car approaches with Ali Sunny and seventy just like every other day nothing extraordinary ever happens in this scenic Park Pasadena but what is about to happen my name is Eddie Falls I must before reported in Los Angeles from first assignment the heroin us who spent twenty seven years as an agent for the DA his assignments span the globe from L. A. to Hawaii to the Golden Triangle to the Golden Crescent in this park is an ordinary at all a drug deal is about to go down two kilos of Southeast Asian number four heroin right here it has a third in the driver's side pocket and a sub knows thirty eight strapped to his ankle but the guns aren't street Roscoe's their government issue the youngest of the three and the bearer of the by money all three are armed Montoya and Seema have nine millimeters tucked in their belts Martinez approach the Volvo one remained at the trunk while the other walked up to the passenger side the trafficker leaned in and asked recovers remained in the car while the two traffickers approach from the rear the plan is to affect the textbook by bust eighty thousand for two kilos Gatien's grew four suffered the unspeakable during an operation that went terribly awry little I know at the time that the losses that day and they killed their stories include grizzly murders the trails kidnapping assassinations lies and treachery at the highest level of government heroin it would make a small dent in the endless supply chain running to America from the infamous Golden Triangle of Burma Laos and Thailand both traffickers only their life and work include some of the most unbelievable adventurous shockingly violent in harrowing stories imaginable it comes out and all is would be on it including over a dozen da surveillance units who were also fixated on Martinez says he moved to the trunk they waited and listened and watched had they been able to look close enough they may have seen with Seema Montoya and Martinez were seeing Komo at once the UC's sense the same thing something ain't right just then the flash no deal ever moves forward until the flash it was all their eighty thousand large we satisfied the seller it has the Mandi Sima turned Martinez he knew what to do. This was it the moment when the money added Martinez then closed the trunk in return to the drivers seep with the flash complete now it was the sellers turn to show there's silently you'll never have the chance to do it again Red Mustang screams under the gun they before his fifty second birthday I'm just outside Seema's passenger doors to the lead trafficker he looked nervous his eyes darted left and right and beads of sweat were forming on his brow this is how fast it can go bad one minute you're ready to give the bus signal the next year sellers turn into killers and if you don't react immediately and O.`Neil and this is the undercovers season one the ghost episode one genesis never in the equation until well it is see for death they're constantly working the targets incessantly scanning taking inventory moving here adjusting their laterally maneuvering death is you're listening to the undercovers brought to you by wicks the most advanced website building platform available no matter your line of old out of the driver's seat as he went for his ankle gun he took two rows to his legs even after being hit he somehow managed to level is thirty eight and returned fire premium even royal took direct hits to the head George Montoya lay dead in the back seat Paul Seema was slumped in the frontal barely alive Martinez had I can't go Martinez pops the trunk he reaches in pulls out a gym bag in the drug trade this is what is business wicks gives you the freedom to create a unique and powerful website that grows with you with intuitive tools and twenty four seven support wicks will the pulse Sima managed to keep Reading For almost another day until February six the era his wife and eight year old son Jason were at his side when he died only moments before the boy had drawn a heart on a piece of paper and taped to his father's hospital bed the shooting left a haze of smoke smell of cordite and blood lots of both seem so you're proud of go to wicks dot com that's W. I. X. Dot Com use the code you see ten to get ten percent off help you build and grow your online presence our website for undercovers was made with Wicks check it out get inspired and create a professional when young men with big holes in their life usually try to fill them by either fighting authority or running to it young chose the latter and so it began it said I love you daddy good. UC's never think about death when they go under they're just too busy soon follow but as it turned out he decided to just never show up the whole Ferretti started there and it just got wider and deeper undercover has to start somewhere Edward Laurance policies start was in a house in an Irish Catholic section of Saint Louis Three blocks from the local Catholic Church so damned important to me because it was a solo sport I had to do all my own I could take it as far as it could go so there were only to pass I could choose one resistance or to defeat him by achievement and achieve he did young Eddie I was five when I I knew my life would not be a straight line from start to finish a mom and I had just moved from Dallas to Saint Louis to move in with my grandparents my dad was it wasn't good enough for my Stepdad every year the post-dispatch invited the city's finest scholar athletes from the senior classes to dinner with her honored I was chosen it would fall short of his stepfather standards Yes sir sorry Sir I knew from a very early age how it was going to be I would never be good enough for him. Full Athletic and academic scholarships and even finished his high school with perfect attendance so I was the altar boy who became the Jock who became the scholar and still became the youngest eagle scout in the history of the Saint Louis Council receiving the Eagle Medal on his thirteenth birthday and the award to Edward False aw he was a national honor society student he was captain of the High School Basketball Team and also it's track team where his record in the pole vault Ralph he was at his new dad he was a dominating hard core bad ass cop no matter what little that he did and no matter how Willie did it hold for over Thirty Years Pole Vaulting was my sport you heard that right and and I reach out shake his hand man I thought I died and went to heaven but then I look over to my Stepdad and he hadn't even Serpico story brought out my story or at least the story I wanted to make Eddie had chosen a direction I noticed a Ralph that you see I shook Stan museums hand know things like that happen to everybody around this time in his senior year that Eddie made a decision I picked up a copy of the book Serpico which was written by the renowned former New York City police detective Frank Serpico senior year and I was so excited because the guest speaker that year was stand museum now Stan musial is a legend where I come from for a kid from the Lou mm-hmm Eddie folles would always go full throttle for him there was no other way he was awarded multiple class is next step would take very little fuck I'd applied to every federal law enforcement agency and Spooks recruited me but my heart was set on d to have the opportunity to possibly shake stand museums hand was beyond belief so come the dinner I'm sitting at my table eat my rubber doc where's the units were now armed and ready to pounce on the bus signal but it's still hadn't come bill as played by Al Pacino in the movie it grabbed me and it didn't let me go until I finished in fact I read it at least five times and nobody could stop me nobody could tell me anything it was me that pull and that box all I had to do was go full throttle he wasn't about to dive into the deep more accurately he was about to be thrown off a cliff up being signed a Los Angeles just months after the Pasadena shooting any wasn't your typical rookie agent he was a season marine. Da Los Angeles field office three fifty South Figaro Street my first day thirty three agents have been killed in the last fifty years most of these in the past ten as you said I knew them very well chicken and stale salad and here comes Stan musial walking towards my table and he walks right up to me he was selected by the company commander in the senior drill instructors to be the company honor you graduate from the Marine Corps number one in his because their agents were known for heavy UC and aggressively hunting kingpins so I was hired and reported to the academy in July nineteen eighty-eight I would investigator but even though he knew how to investigate knowledge didn't always transfer to the street especially on the global scale of the DA a pursuit a life goal he wanted to be a UC and undercover agent the next step was to figure out the next step where could his in Adina nine months before his little hole wounds were still pink it's forty three Nassir follows like wallace sure I romanticized his exploits but what really got to me was his undercover work solo attitude and his obsession with doing the right thank you even if it cost him everything I don't believe Serpico story is my story no but for some line of reasoning that I can't explain betty you late for suffering damage that was point on Jose Martinez will be my mentor and Guide in the world of undercover that I've been waiting for the DA is unlike any other federal law enfor who men you got shot up survived and if possible I want you to be my senior partner Sir these in Buddy cop movie for these my first big time undercover ever you see has one protecting you and safeguarding your home with instant connection to first responders get the nation's number one smart home security provider eighty tenths Dr full-throttle personality and desire to do good be complemented and rewarded back you with ADT inmates twenty four seven monitoring from the most trusted name in home security it means an experienced team of professionals designing and installing secure smart home just for you using the latest technology including video doorbells indoor outdoor camera Horseman Agency they are anything but conventional in fact being unconventional is why they succeed at will the first okay follies like what what do you know well I do know that nine months ago this group showed what they're made of we lost the undercovers is brought to you by Adt what is real protection mean to you any picked up some binoculars to scope out the room it was on the ground floor of should bucket Holiday Inn Windows facing the street curtains drawn the door wasn't opening Eddie could make it sounds inside people moving but the door was not opening guys they were nervous skittish something wasn't right here he had the flash only one thing was missing where's the tar I don't know very very quiet eddie you take the flash ready ready let's go stay Cooley stay cool S. smart locks and lights all controlled from ADT APP or the sound of your voice it also means over eighteen thousand employees and he showed the flash and that's all it took and there they were the place was dark pigsty as they entered he could tell there was something wrong the bad redefining security felt so natural like I've been there before and some metaphorical former life so here's Ditto NDA parlance the dope refers to the site settings da has the highest rate of any federal agency. Are you ready for this he didn't even have to ask from that Tim follows bullies see yes this was the same Jose Martinez who had narrowly survived the shootout and passes hi while we size each other up it's here within this exchange that decisions are made to finish off the deal rip the other guy off a breakout the chainsaw waving their pistola said Eddie his La grunge flannel but the truth is most drug deals are not ripoffs or robberies normally they are authentic commerce jack we made the bust none of our guys got her if you're streaming this podcast from your smartphone and report on the job is the first day you hit the streets your job is the hunt drug traffickers and put them in jail investigate and prosecute that is your job I got there about three hours early because I couldn't sleep I guess that's one way to beat. La Traffic is here to see special agent Jose Martinez this way trial the network and see the savings for yourself worry free try it for thirty days and love it or get your money back it's that simple find all the great wireless deals you've been looking make them do what you want them to do with them knowing it and what you never want them to do is feel that click because it might just get you killed of your rifle hence citing it eighty you're going to buy a pound achieve in room one twelve of this hotel in exactly twelve minutes of the UC to control the set and the perceptions of the traffickers if you were experienced enough you actually steer the mutual stream of consciousness vulnerable or weak then that little clique in their heads just may signal them to take your money or worse take your money and whack you it is for one low monthly price you heard that right with sprint you can get one of the hottest new phones out there plus unlimited plan for one fantastic price in the bus team ran up the window to the Shotgun Button Smash through the glass as it turned out to smack what coming we're doing a joint operation the Adrenalin rush the smashing glass the bad guys in cuffs his first taste of a drug that for him was stronger than heroin. I've been looking to switch carriers there's never been a better time to make the switch to sprint right now exclusively at sprint you can get both an unlimited plan with one of the newest phones included and if you're wondering about trying out sprint's network your luck because when you make the switch to sprint they'll give you their one hundred percent total satisfaction guaranteed that means actually capitalism at its best but if there is a pause usual sequences that provides them with an unexpected opportunity or if the dopers think you were arms dealers paradise and it was all bait isn't even there but pat down revealed an address and that led to another address wham Bam forty guns in the missing you think scarface that's shit really happens not often but it's always just a click away show me this shit come on he'll be nettle yeah I got the money m sixty machine guns surfaced their missiles anti-tank rockets c four explosives portable air defense systems. Show me the Shit L. D. Netto so picture the scene too anxious Bandidos trigger-happy drug punks in Shit Stain hotel room mm for your local sprint store sprint dot com or by calling a hundred sprint one exclusions and restrictions apply Jim thanks to a joint off between va ATF Defense Department Eddie was looking at an ocean of armaments stacked and stopped full on the undercovers. A new mattress can come with high price tags but during mattress firm save big sale you'll see Zeros everywhere enjoy zero percent dollars in cash and the purest smack in the world who needs words row after row of heavy armaments all there for the taking this is the undercovers starring Ed O'Neill Featuring Sam Daily Eric at Bari Sam that night when he was lying in bed and thinking of the events of the day he was overwhelmed the thrill of it ever heard of the Shan United Army now read it it a larger drug insurgency in history and there Erin Boy Hans airmont pictures couldn't have cast a better villain blond hair blue eyes he looked like some kind of neo Nazi rutger Hauer hand tailored suit Italian this time and it was a feeling he had never felt before idiot yes sir could jumped thank you sir awesome made the deal and capture his ass once and for all and that's when it all went to ship next time not US military weapons he brings them to Ghunsa the opium warlord the most powerful illegal drug Moore to on the Earth and by Jeff Schmidt produced by Mark Ramsey media and Zuzu petals executive producers PG Sherry Christopher Lloyd and Edward Follows Anti Pr for six years put zero dollars down and zero dollars due at signing when you find the bed of your dreams plus you can save up to four hundred dollars on the episode notes just Tapper Swipe over the cover art if you like what you're hearing please give us a five star rating and reviews they are federal law enforcements greatest allies in the war on drugs terrorism organized gangs arms D he's your target welcome to the big time what happened next was unpreced loafers silk tie they all went inside on students say word he didn't need to he had millions of Dot roll the DOD had loaned the agency's enough firepower to take over a small country Hans had seen the flash he approved from there was a short step to come subscribe now on Apple podcasts

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Ben Fred Friday  March 20, 2020

Scoops with Danny Mac

31:53 min | 9 months ago

Ben Fred Friday March 20, 2020

"It is a Friday and that means it's time to visit with Ben Frederickson of the Saint Louis Post dispatch. And we do this. Every Friday on scoops Danny MAC DOT COM or coming to you from the loof US automotive studios fourteen brands. Ten locations fused dot com this is exclusively presented by Henderson and water. Cutty see their services. It S. T. L. CRIMINAL DEFENSE DOT COM S. T. O. Criminal Defense Dot Com. No matter the offense traffic tickets no matter how big no matter how small whatever the case may be they're available twenty four seven at Sto Criminal Defense Dot Com. Will Ben Frederickson. We are back in Saint Louis. Welcome home you had a wild trip on the way home. Did you not. Thanks Dan good to be back. Long trip wasn't that wild because I was trying to More about often I stopped and and limiting exposure to folks. Which is it's easier said than done when you pull up at one of those Overcrowded Florida Rest stops and it looks like the Zombie Apocalypse. It because everybody's driving everywhere So that was a little dicey but hey think I got home More more or less than and good to be back. I mean sixteen hours and had some fun with write a piece for for for the post-dispatch but Mostly just didn't want to get on a plane man and not necessarily the fear of getting corona virus. But just for the fear of You. Know what if there's a shutdown what if there's a quarantine that the airpor- That's one of the things that I was a little concerned about is is making sure I did everything possible to put myself in the best position to go back to whatever this second camp the cardinals are GonNa have because I think there will be in. There should be some protocols on who can get credentialled for that and you're going to have to probably they're probably going to do a little bit of testing to make sure you're not you're not ill So I wanted to try to limit the exposure for that. But you know again. How can you be sure? You'RE NOT GONNA get it at home. It doesn't it doesn't have any rhyme or reason at this point but tried to try to try to play it smart and em- glad to be back home most importantly it's hard to believe it. It seems like a year ago is just a a week in a day that we were playing baseball Jupiter Florida. We were the final televised game on Fox. Sports Midwest of all sports That was the last live game that was on the air And it was incredibly uncomfortable. I was shocked that we were playing. But we did. And then the next day Campus shutdown describe what that was like being around a camp and having understanding that minor. Leaguers are going to get sent home. There are no games but yet the facility was still open. What was it like for me? The the most kind of jarring reality came on Monday You know we had been told going into the weekend that as spring training was cancelled the start of the season was going to be pushed back at least two weeks As soon as that was said we knew it was way too optimistic. It was just kind of a statement that was out there and then immediately realized okay. It's GonNa be way longer that but at the same time you know. The cardinals and a lot of other teams had stressed. Look where we're going to continue to leave Camp Open? It's not mandatory for guys to be here. But those who WANNA stick around we'll be able to do workouts in small groups and really coordinated workouts with a skeleton staff left behind. It sounded like you know the best way to put it. According to those I talked to was going to be that it was kind of like camp before game started at spring training. You guys are getting in their individual work and it's a little more free flowing but it is work and That was kind of the reasoning for why we kind of decided. Hey we'll stay around. Cover some of this stuff you know because there's really this will really be the only thing going on. We know that it's anything. The cardinals do is important to the cardinals fans back home. So you know. They're going to be looking for updates about their team. And this could be both informative and a pleasant distraction for everything else. That's going on so we're GONNA stay. I mean as of Monday morning Dan. I had plans to stay in Jupiter for another month really state until that second cardinals camp started. And you know it was prepared to do that. Had Gone to the grocery store had at stocked up on this planet on going to Roger Dean Stadium at walking back to my condo in staying only being those two places for the next month and Monday morning it was clear that something had had changed and we went to the ballpark expecting to see guys out on the fields you know playing catch you know doing some BP taking grounders and instead it was guys packing up the cars and it was clear that the tone had shifted right about that time here came rob Manfred Walk through the gates of Roger Dean Stadium because he does his teleconferences there. When he's in town he lives in that area so he gave us the blow by which was not Not Surprising And he went in and had a teleconference that told the league owners. Look you know we can leave keys? Facilities Open Go. We cannot have a bunch of players gathering in groups to do coordinated workouts and basically what was told that the players told the owners to tell to the players that timeless. Tell these guys that they need to get to where they to be long term and they need to stay there in. That was clearly a different kind of message what they had received going into the weekend so when we heard that and Manfred elaborate on that when he came back out he did stop and talk to today's golden eye about you know what he said where the path was right now This was the same time the president was saying. Look we need to limit gatherings of of no more than ten people which really would have made any kind of coordinated workouts really hard And guys were taken off so that to me was the day you know. I realized okay. This is baseball shutting down. I mean baseball doesn't really shut down the enemy. As you know we get to the ballpark. We stay late. We linger you know if we we we really don't baseball doesn't really stop it. Kind of just exists in. There's always somebody doing something. And this was the day that they said. Okay you know there might be a few guys year working out hitting the weight room but we cannot have what looks like an unofficial camp going on so at that point we added side to to go home and that was kind of the day that was stuck to me that Monday realizing okay. There really isn't GonNa be anything to cover here. Which is really really rare. Yet is rare in in bill dewitt The third this past week couple of days ago put out a statement basically a letter to fans one of the issues that he discussed was the London series. It still has not been canceled. But you'd have to assume that's next on the docket. Is the the cardinals kind of try to go through what they do? With minor leaguers. They will pay through at least the start of the season. What would have been spring training for them? Then you have to figure out what to do with the major leaguers but as it pertains to the London series at this point it's still on think it's just a matter of time until it's called off I asked Manfred about it when we talked to him on that Monday in Jupiter and and he wasn't ready to pull the plug on it. The vibe around it seems to feel like it's just a matter of time until that gets tabled I would if you bought tickets. I would start reading the refund options there. If you bought flights I would start reading the refund options there. It just doesn't seem likely to me that there will be baseball being played at that time. And if there is I don't think it'll be played internationally You know that maybe that maybe. I'M A doomsday type. And maybe I'll be proven wrong there but I feel pretty confident when I say that. I don't see this happening now. What could happen is the cardinals could play that series in Saint Louis in though they could they could punt the series until next year and go back next year The don't think it will be removed from the dock in terms of it will never happen but I don't think it's going to happen in. June league has already started pulling some of those events off the table. We've seen the the hall of fame. Event has been Has Been Postponed. I think it's just a matter of time until they make a decision on this London thing. I'm sure they're trying to work out. The insurance on the contracts of all that and it's one thing to just Sweating say it's GONNA be be cancelled or pushed back in another thing to to actually announce it you know. They're probably working on a lot of contingency plans But but I do. I think it'd be very very surprising if this goes too much longer with this being held up as a realistic option. You know the Major League Baseball is is talked about still trying to get full one. Sixty two regular-season pushing back the playoffs which it can be done in baseball now. I don't know what that cutoff date would be in terms of what you have to do to start how many doubleheaders you would have. You would eliminate probably the all star break. Maybe you're having to play The POSTSEASON ON NEUTRAL SITES. That are warm weather or domed stadiums. All those things come into play one thing I do know though. Is that the the the further we go away from. What would be opening day and we know that's canceled and you're going to have spring training two point. Oh if if in win notice I said if in win we resume play. I think one of the fascinating things with this is the collaboration between the Players Association and the owners to make sure they'd say hey we understand. We've got a lot of red tape to go through whether it be for service time. How do we pay players? Is it pro rated? I mean all those things are major questions on the business side but the number one thing is you've got to get on the field and you gotta get guys ready and I think you have to have roster manipulation every single day at least initially until pitchers get built up so instead of carrying thirteen pitchers you may have to carry seventeen every night maybe have healthy scratches. Were Adam wainwright on a Monday Goes and he pitches for innings or at three innings. Whatever the case may be and then Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday? He's a scratch and then ready to go on Saturday things like that. But they're they're going to have to be very creative going forward but the bottom line is they've got to get on the field and use. Baseball is a way to get the country back. And Use it as a distraction for what is happening if and when they come back. I think the one hundred sixty two game schedule idea gets more unrealistic. Every day that passes and there's baseball being played. Um You know people have to remember that whatever whatever is agreed upon has to be agreed upon by both the owners and the players in this is a relationship that that is not exactly on the smoothest of waters at times in his in his has really gotten choppier as both sides approached. The you know the the discussion of a new collective bargaining agreements which will start after the two thousand twenty one season. If there's not going to be a work stoppage I think the discussion that happens right now. The one that leads to teams getting to this point the one that leads to that start of what that second camp looks like in the one that leads to what the what this modified seasonable look like. They are going to set the tone I think for this next. Cba and it. It could be the best thing that's ever happened to Labor Negotiations Baseba- it both sides realize. Hey we hate not playing and we are all better off if we find a way to make this work than it could. It could expedite things to make things smoother The thing that it could also do is drive a bigger wedge and it would be very devastating to have some sort of long pause because of Corona virus that turns into a very soon after some sort of strike and I hope that can be avoided. The things that that you're talking about are gonNA have to be discussed. I think it's a great idea of ways to make it possible for teams to withstand more games shorter amount of time potentially a lot more doubleheaders To allow some sort of pitching cushion. that's something that I think is going to be a huge story in this game. Is How pitchers handle this. How team scandal their pitchers. The cardinals should have an edge there. They're deep and they have some arms we're going to be healthier but a time. Baseball comes back. And they're pretty good at figuring out how to manage those arms so the teams that can have a lot of pitching and in best manage it will be at an advantage The other thing that will be a huge deciding factor in how many games are going to be played is if baseball is determined to bring baseball back as it as it had it before or if some modified version. I asked Manfred. Are you guys considering easing back into this? Whenever that time comes by playing games without stands and the stands. Find a way to get them on. Tv without fans. Now the way you would do that would be obviously waiting for crowd limitations to go up to the point that you could have two teams full staff Front Office. All those personnel required In a in a stadium and play a game that can be broadcast with the amount of people that it takes to put on our broadcast that you will get to that point that ability sooner than you will get to way to play in front of forty thousand people so with baseball or the importance of games so much so that they're willing to play without fans he wasn't ready to answer that. I think a lot of that will depend on how these discussions go and also too big picture out. The country handles this. I mean if this is longer if this tastes longer than people hope than there could be more of a need for that when we get over the other side of this corona virus curve and things start to get on the in the right track it could take longer which means that they have to be more willing to make sacrifices at the determined to play these games so these are all huge conversations. I think the backdrop is the CBA and the tensions between the owners and the players. Another thing that's going to be huge. Dan Is the service time element I mean. Players are GonNa want this season treatment season of service time and owners are going to say you guys in play so what what do you mean that. How that's handled is going to be a huge factor. This is weather center and water. Cutting a proud sponsor of scoops with Danny Mac dot com a full-service criminal defense firm dedicated to helping individuals fight criminal charges in Missouri and Illinois State. Federal Municipal Courts. Think Henderson Watercolor protecting your rights defending your freedoms number to call three one. Four six four five four thousand four hundred three one four six four five forty four hundred visit their website. Sto Criminal Defense Dot Com. Let's switch gears and talk a little Blues Hockey and obviously the National Hockey League is still trying to figure out contingency plans to to finish the regular season. The Blues had six home dates Remaining for them on their schedule And then you had the the great run of of playoff hockey. Which is the best in sports? I mean it's just amazing to watch the playoffs and we all saw that last year In terms of what your feelings are with the NHL? I mean it. It seems like in some of the comments that have been coming from the League office. Is that look? We will sacrifice this year to make sure we have a a full run of games. Eighty plus games regular season next year and our playoff run that they would sacrifice what's happening They season what do you think about that? And where where do you stand on that? I understand it To the point that you don't want to let one screwed up season start to warp every other season after that to me making that statement now in addition to the statements from from Gary Bettman and his associates. That talk a lot about not wanting to Bastardize the playoff system for a one year audible That to me reading between the lines. I'm not liking that if I'm a blues fan because what I'm what I'm starting to see is the league. Starting the paint a picture that makes it seem a lot like there's not going to be a postseason when the League is saying. Hey we don't want to mess up the playoffs And change it. You know because there're Asterik by it we'd rather just focus on getting things right by the start of next season. That sounds a lot like. They're getting ready to punt on the play offs and that's especially cruel to the blues because they had put themselves in a great position to make a run at a very rare thing in hockey which is a defense of a Stanley Cup Championship You know everybody said the blues were going to be one time wonders. Everybody said there was no way that that they have a chance to repeat. We were all mocked here in Saint Louis by saying Hey This isn't just a one year team. You know these guys could have a chance to make another run at this and it was panned across the lead by all the hockey experts. Well where were they? When hockey stopped they had gone on another surge. They were they were leading their division. They were when they were the best team in the West. They had made a smart pickup Before the trade deadline and by the way they had military who when this was announced this pause I think we all thought man. This should actually be good for the blues. Because every day that that there isn't a game being played to Cinco shoulder gets a little bit better and he's going to be. He was prime to be the biggest X. factor in hockey You know coming back entering in the postseason or shortly before it And that seemed like a benefit and then you realize the magnitude of this shutdown and how long it could last and you start to hear some of these comments from the League and you go. It might not matter They might not get a chance to defend this thing and it's incredibly cruel. I mean it for I understand it. It's not it's not as if they're punishing the blues on purpose but it. Golly for a team that is in a very clear championship window Can you imagine the chance of of not getting to defend your title after winning the first one in team history? It's a highs and lows for the blues. Obviously this hasn't been announced yet and I don't think they're gonNA they're gonna say it now but it does certainly feel like it's trending their way. Yeah it certainly does In you got to wonder about the business side of this to his Alex Petra Angelo played. His final game is a Saint Louis Blues. That's something you have to think about right now. It's hard to think about that stuff but we're talking sports here we're trying to make a diversion of what's going on but that is something you have to think about totally anything about just the impact financially. I mean we need to continue to cover this but you know. The sports is such a huge economic driver for our region You know the blues are GonNa lose millions of dollars by not having those six final regular season home games And and and there are people in Saint Louis that were interact with every day. We're going to be affected by this whether they make a lot of money or not so much money. I mean this is going to touch everybody from the guys who who run the cameras at the Games to to you and I in different ways In no one's no one's playing a tiny violin for us but there are people who are GonNa be whose lives are going to be changed by this And it's the the people who work at the stadiums. It's the people who work in different areas of the media. It's the people who are credit teams. I mean this is going to be This is going to be something that we're all figuring out how to work through together in across the Saint Louis. It's going to be a pretty big hit. I mean you think about what was supposed to happen tomorrow this. Xfl Game that had been promoted. So heavily was I think they were going to sell it out. Dan I think in an alternate world in a Non Corona Virus. World the biggest. Xfl Game in history goes down tomorrow in Saint Louis. You think they were just out. I really do. I mean you gotta think without could remove all the corona virus distraction and how much promotion would have happened in the and all the names are gonNA start popping up That we're going to be attendance in Unsecured done such a great job of of getting some special surprises Geared up for the game. I think it was going to be close if not a complete sell out of the Dome and and and you think about the you know the the march madness that would have happened. I mean you look at the projected brackets of the teams that could have been in Saint Louis that regional and it breaks your heart I mean I it is we. We're GONNA WE'RE GONNA lose a lot here as a region and it's a very important time to to really rally around each other It's not just sports. It's the businesses. The restaurants would have received a benefit from those crowds coming in the hotels. I think now is a very important time to think about who we have here locally and support one another in whatever way we can You know not everybody's playing with the same deck of cards and in in maybe it's not just giving money. Maybe it's sentence sending your local favorite restaurant a note to let you know you care about if you're thinking about him Mcgowan and get takeout. If you can one night a week I mean we can all do something to kind of help out. The people who are going to be affected by this Vocally the people who you know. We were strong community. Because of you know we we gotta lean on each other right now because because that's that's all we have at this point. I've been gathering special messages from various sports dignitaries to send to the folks that Workers those at our local grocers. But the the ones that chinooks that are if you will on the front lines and long hours long hours and I'm sure they're being tested with their patients and Just something to pick them up. I. It's not money I get it but maybe it's something that to let them know that. Hey we appreciate what you're doing. Thanks for answering our questions. We understand people are on the edge of their seat and you guys are handling it with An unbelievable touch of class and patients. And that's something I think that I've tried to do for the folks Nooks Day. Peacock is doing that and others All our grocers It's such an important time to do that. So it's a valid point that you make Go ahead no go ahead. Well just not going on a spiel here but Assad a message the other day that made me think my friend Joe Niessen who is from Saint Louis. And she's a writer in a works on podcasts. A freelance writers were used to be in sports illustrated. Her Dad's a doctorate. I saw them. We'll where my wife works in. You know I've got a lot of family in that field Me and my wife works at a hospital. My Dad's a doctor are both of my. My both my mother and father are in the medical field and I think too. We gotTA keep those people lifted up and I mean they're they are talking about being on the on the front lines of this that they're not trying they don't get the benefit of trying to avoid this it comes to them and they're dealing with the thoughts about their family and and their wellbeing lots of trying to take care of everybody else so you know it's important. I think. Sometimes we go into that. You Know Hospital Setting We obviously are stress as always super high. And WE GET MR upset when we experienced that coming back toward us in any way shape or form even if it's just perceived it's a good time to remember. Those people at all levels are feeling the stress too so I think compassion empathy is as important right now as as it ever will be. I don't mean to get into your personal business. But what is it like a living with someone like your wife? That's in the medical field. What what happens when she comes home and making sure that you know. Closer washed in hands are washed in those kinds of things. What kind of precautions do you guys take? And if you don't WanNa talk touch upon this I get it but I'm just curious. Well it's it's it's mostly. I think just stressful now. She's in the marketing and NPR side. So she she's not hands on with patients and stuff like that but she's interacting with with the doctors and the in some of the folks who are trying to get the message out and trying to you know both you know both get the word out about precautions and also help people who are who are coming in and getting some obviously procedures in place that that can you know. Make this go smoother. When inevitably there will be there will be continue to be a bigger issue at this in. Saint Louis so I think more than anything. It's just the the the rising stress factor that everybody is experiencing. And you know they don't get to go to work and get away from it their work as become it. So that's that's been the main thing is just is just trying to you know do whatever is possible to help keep people both calm but also you know safe and and the in terms of what precautions. It's just the same thing they're telling everybody else man. Wash your hands a lot Avoid unnecessary up close and personal interactions with folks Go to limit your travel to things that are only necessary. No don't sit around and not have groceries. Go to the grocery store but but don't but up next to somebody at the orange. I'll and not wait for them to get done and go to their carton and go after them You Know Watch. You cannot wash your hands enough. It's nothing there's no secret sauce. It's just being smart and realizing I think most importantly that it's not necessarily about you. A lot of people are healthy and have great immune systems and our young. And feel like you know you see those videos of those morons at in spring break beaches. And they're saying well it's not going to affect me and they're probably right but it could affect their grandparents or it could affect their their parent or their friend who has diabetes or or someone who has who has You know as long as user or asthma. I'm think about people who aren't you. I think that's the best way to go about it. Henderson and water cutting a proud sponsor of scoops with Danny Mac dot com a full-service criminal defense firm dedicated to helping individuals fight criminal charges in Missouri and Illinois State Federal Municipal Courts. Think Henderson water. Cutty protecting your rights defending your freedom number to call three one four six four five forty four hundred three one four six four five forty four hundred visit their website. Sto Criminal Defense Dot Com. This and and we're talking sports here with Ben Frederickson at the Saint Louis Post dispatch again. We do this every Friday on scoops with Danny Mac. And it's a look at the weekend. That's coming up or the week that was but right now. We have no sports but there is some news in sports and that's the NFL. They opened up free agency as well. Nothing happened right. It's just another day in the NFL. I look at it. Two different ways one. Are they being tone deaf to what's happening in our world in in do they care probably not or to? Is this a welcome diversion to what's happening in our world? I'm not sure where I'm at on this. Because you know Tom Brady. Signs WITH TAMPA Bay. And there's going to be a lot of talk about that however Sean Payton comes out and says I've contracted the corona virus. Which is to his credit. I think good about coming out and saying hey you can get anybody. And he You know reiterated what you were just talking about about taking the proper precautions to make sure it doesn't spread so he's using his celebrity. Is You know an advocate to make sure we're doing the right things. Where are you on this? Do you like the fact that the NFL has done this. Or do you think it's it's being toned after what's going on in our world. Well I'm not surprised because it's the NFL sees an opportunity to get attention. It will take And not apologize for it. I think my feelings on the NFL are probably so warped that. I'm not the person to ask. I thought I thought it was a little a little greedy looking a little a little Opportunistic but I do think there will be just as many people maybe more who said it was nice to have something that wasn't corona virus related to pay attention to and they don't have to get no big room with groups full of people to make a trade or to run free agency these are all done and basically quarantine setting anyways it's the GM and the team president in a room with a cell phone And that's how things happen now. It's not you know maybe a teleconference if if anything so. I don't know that it was. It was unsafe Perhaps not the best the best look but the. Nfl doesn't care about that. And also I think there are fans. Don't care about that. They want information released. Threw me for a loop was was not Tom Brady announcing he was signing with with Tampa Bay. If you have an agreement you have an agreement that those things don't stop based off of what's going on the national news. It was Tom Brady announcement that he wasn't going back to New England which he managed to turn this into two two new cycles and typical. Tom Brady Fash could have just announced you signing with Tampa Bay which obviously would have included. The news wasn't going back to New England but he said No. I'm not going back paws. Get that news cycle and then announce that I'm going to Tampa Bay now. That's Tom Brady being Tom Brady in very safe to say that. He does not live in the real world. He lives in in Tom. Brady's world so The NFL is always going to find a way to to create headlines whether the world is ending or whether things are great. So I'm not surprised And I get it. I didn't think it was the best look but again I will fully admit that I'm I'm a little bit I'm a little bit biased. On this topic I gotTa Wonder Too Not THIS BECOMES STAN. Kroenke bashing but Form all that. Well I was just thinking about this in the state of California. You have a ban on movement and that's going to be in place for a while. So what's that mean with the construction of a stadium trying to be in time for for next season? I I got to think that that's on the table right now. It has to be and you're right. Great Point and added to the list of things that have concluded a fight with the aviation administration about it being too close to the airport That awful rainfall they had which basically turned all of their holes for the stadium into ponds that head to drain and then throw in that Whatever chemical they're finding in the in the dirt out there which is now turned into some pretty significant lawsuit It almost seems as if that product is Kirsten. I I I don't know I'm not an expert in these things but certainly seems like. It's it's mounting in costs and headaches for Stan It's already you know billions of dollars over. Its estimate and this is all coming out of his Bach. This is not the This is not a tax payer funded initiative here. It's add up pretty quick. He's got a lot of money but he's thinking a lot of money into this project pretty amazing. Hey Ben stay safe and to your wife. Thank you for everything she's doing and We'll continue to do this every Friday on the website and You have great information. I appreciate it as always man. Thanks for keeping US up and running here too because I do think that while there aren't games there's going to be a ton to talk about with sports. I mean how the World Sports World that we live in navigates. This is GonNa be news and I know people are interested in it. So we'll keep rolling all right buddy. Thank so much toxin Henderson and water. Cutting a proud sponsor of scoops with Danny Mac dot com a full-service criminal defense firm dedicated to helping individuals fight criminal charges in Missouri and Illinois State Federal Municipal Courts. Think Henderson water. Cutty protecting your rights defending your freedoms number to call three one. Four six four five four four hundred three one four six four five forty four hundred visit their website. Sto Criminal Defense Dot Com.

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Pucks with Bernie and Panger  Episode 1  The Launch

Scoops with Danny Mac

21:36 min | 1 year ago

Pucks with Bernie and Panger Episode 1 The Launch

"And welcome aboard this is going to be fun all hockey season we're GONNA be talking to Darren Pang Bernie it's with Birdie and panger on Scoop Danny Mac dot com and is presented by our good friends at Greenville University and Triad Bag and we bring in the Fox sports eight week looking forward to doing this all season long and play against the team that you grew up there loving or at least watching and for many of the players they went into Toronto as kids and they watched many games with their with their mom and dad's eight exchange he seems to have these with Jim Thomas of the post-dispatch and he said before game one been a lot of people wondering can you do it again or you the you it for a full season don't you think he's feeding off that I think he loves it I think he thinks that that's just came all the way he's out to prove every single day that everybody's wrong and he's awesome you save effort blues beat the leaves they love it up they play great against Toronto periods seven straight wins but I think for Bennington specifically lot is on him early on in the mentality of real heavy hockey read off a hot and in Toronto Jordan Bennington one of those guys you mentioned from that Area Richmond Hill suburban Toronto Thirty oh I've been told by a number of guys that played with them in the minors and when you play two hundred one games in the minors you know you meet a lot of people on the way you forge from Ontario on the team it go to Toronto and not just for one game you know the boys are there for three days go to the hall of fame have a chance to be with family go and and then you go Dallas which is great because you have a seven game series last year double overtime everybody's talking about the Dallas Stars contender this year it's so you'd better be ready for that one so it's a special place to go and you WanNa play great there and and and then you go into Ottawa Montreal and then Long Island so I I do the schedule is perfect for them to get there a couple of beers make sure that they got your back as well and that's what he's all about and I've been told by many of the guys they've played with them that that he says a lot of little things just to can all the high fives and Hayworth Cup champions think the schedule gave them an assist in terms of getting locked in question about that I think that's a that's a let's get ready to live in the morning I'm I'm up and ready to go and stretched out into that and a and a flight I'm ready to go hey do you think the blues and the concern that it'd be a big victory lap just to make sure that the players that he's played within the past kick out of what he's saying 'cause everybody they love it internally they love it they what's going to come out of his mouth next and and it's not like nothing was the same as last year and I think that's the dilemma for your good enough to win the Cup hey dummy don't mess with it but if you sit still don't do anything that's a bad look also only a great defenceman three-time all-star but also was Doug Armstrong sorta leading the league no and letting the room no hey we're not going to stand pat that if we can add on we will because for the most part you can get on the road and honestly there's nothing like this trips to Canada and I think early in the season to where the weather's Nice we have we have seven eight guys the army was worried about it a Ba- ruby but the fact that they had the capitals the stars the leaves right out of the gate that Kinda helped them get on their toes and instead the really at the very beginning I'm not I'm not up Adam right off the hop I'm I'm more late night guy than an early morning person but if you tell me that I'm playing golf at US Justin Fox game right now and I really liked watching them within son especially I think that's a really good tandem and I think it's GonNa make Vince done a better defense as well and I think in Dallas already at some point it'll be Colorado Nashville I mean Winnipeg the the division seems to be loaded is there any doubt that it's going to be a rugged battle you may finish real deal and he simply said we'll see I don't think he's changed at all d think he's embracing this idea that people think not that he's a fluke but they're sort of wondering can he Tehran is it coffee what is it I I'm a coffee drinker for sure gotta wake up and have some coffee wipes is clear put the glasses on and then and then ships and if you're a goalie that's GONNA succeed everybody on that team better be a good buddy of yours everybody on that team is a guy that you better after a good game or backing take him out to the bar the game you've seen a lot of managers wanted team one to bring somebody else into that room to have a plan that's not one and to be a not a rallying cry for the rest right before you know all hunger I am and matter of factly I quite frankly Lovech refreshes edition Justin faulk right before the season began you look at a guy like that and you push a little bit harder knowing that that player hasn't won and you wanted to be part of the fabric of what you guys have done but listen Justin Fox listen I think there was a I a game just prior to game one as well something about are you still hungry or are you gonNa stay hungry and he looked at him and said I answered it third and still be a cup contender in this division while a really good team in the central might finish as the number one number two card and and they could still have ninety seven how about this summer the way it played out from the parade on it just it sounds so cliche it I'm not the easiest guy you know I'm more sarcastic than anything but it's go otherwise you're gonna be embarrassed in and you know in in defending the Stanley Cup especially knowing that everybody is going to be really trying to gauge their game up against the chance the broadcast team and being allowed to be on that that plane throughout the playoffs a lot of teams and managers don't allow that they they cut it at a certain point the charity events all the time in the car ride to events my wife will say you know maybe dinner for cancer fundraiser whatever it in the car she'll say to me many times just remember Knbr your hosting this but this is not a roast and every once in a while I get in the car and I'm like you know what this one is a roast and you notice she didn't go to the packer rose she gets on she hates I do the coaching staff throughout the Transall group or Perico or Justin Falk any any time of the game and they're going to be successful so I think they ended the was gonNA compete with Saint Louis Blues in my opinion so that's the part for me is how other teams are going to adapt to play against the Saint Louis Blues Accepted Standard Weekly podcast get the subscription that way each week whether it's Bernier panger it'll be delivered directly to our blues fans make sure you sign up for the subscription but since this is our first visit in this format points so yeah I I think again do Colorado I'm glad you mentioned that because I I I first of all I love watching the play it's like watching trauma players there there's the tops to hear me talk that way but those are fun that was unbelievable moment that was a that was a great time and but I I think I of the of the win was being on that plane for four hours with just the players and the traveling team it was an incredible moment I know it would be great for the let's go back a little bit to the summer the tour the Cup the parade this is our first visit in this format here we want to remind folks to download it Google I tunes wherever you get your L. deviate from it and try to play a fancy game they know what it takes to win so that's where it's going to be interesting to see what is Colorado to adjust to the to the blues last year national up with them the blues unique in the sense that they're more consistent than these teams in the way that they have to play to win they seems like it's been just a magical time for the franchise you were a roaster at mine rose last year I knew I come out of that mouth you know what's funny always home and and the blues went into national and punched him in the nose and then they brought them back to Saint Louis the next night into the same thing that's new national they they they weren't the team all right when you look at the way that everything played out when when you look at the way that the team went and selfishly being per it's everybody's GonNa try to knock it down when you look at that schedule and you see Washington right Oh I think watching integrate team I think they could get right to the Stanley Cup final this year after after winning these were asking everyone not to pull the players off the flow we just don't want to distract whatever you like telling the media basically don't be the problem here leave these guys up riding along within two seconds I thought it doesn't matter these guys are coming down high fiving fans it was just we talked about it and you know you didn't play for the blues but every interview I would have one at home and everybody was anticipated it and that takes a that takes its toll on you mostly I think it did on the players but getting into Boston and winning and looking around offense and we're seeing that right now with Doug Armstrong first and foremost was doing was improving his team and he did that Joel a heck of a defense when there's a different element talking about it but I think it lived up to the hype and that that's kind of why you know a lot of lot of scrutiny went went went on like Brett Hull for example is and that's where you look at them as men and as clear as the NHL and I I can't thank them enough because I felt like I did and I did and the guys but you know as a team this group has one and now he justin Fox in there he's been on some good teams but hasn't sniffed the cop and then you I to be disrespectful but he thinks that what you're asking and it doesn't give you any place as or no no box dancers just comes out with with what he said it's Tom Triad Bank the neighborhood friendly bank located in Franek on Clayton road just west of Lindbergh real easy access off highway sixty four get delivered he's just trying to make your team better and give you give yourself a chance to to fight another day and win another championship and the team is better with Fox in the lineup in my opinion is still early in the season we've seen you're right going back to it I didn't play for the boy was but I'll tell you something about this group of guys they treat you they treated me since I came here eleven years ago like I did and they say no no no distractions nobody's on the plane nobody's here but the blues are not like that and they treated us like part of the team so I'm going to say that the most selfish part we're GONNA have a heck of a party and we're going to have a great time down market street and you know what he did and everybody and I love that part of it I love that the alumnae no no are you ready to help you business owners new span talk to the bank based in Saint Louis moved decisions are being made here a frustrating as that trying to get a loan for ninety two this liberal arts institution offers premed offers online student involvement yeah that's right they'll get involved in local businesses immersed in the on that plane and seeing the Stanley Cup just it just sat there it was just there guys were just staring at the Stanley Cup and then three cons might trophy winners on that plane element Louis great professors really a great experience kids involved in the at Lenox but again everybody is really emerged what they're doing on the campus at all times Greenville they make you a big part of it but the alumni from you know from the paintings in Zucchini and Bruce Athletic and the older guys and besides the guys you're talking about chasers entity a great little town of Greeneville Illinois less than an hour from Saint Louis if you're looking to get away for college but they don't want to go too far it's right up the road from felt like they were a big part of it and they should have we'll come back more questions for paying and each week where to get the folks involved home die hard blues fans have a twitter account where you can fire way your questions we'll do that next and paying her sort of the same way let's do this a friend let's talk about the great one Wayne Gretzky we tease you about it but explain to folks How that friendship started affected the fans showed the the the the players I they set a standard on how to celebrate I think that will live forever and I think teams whether it'd be the cardinals or any any Kinda team sport I think they're going to look back on how the Saint Louis Blues celebrated and go that's the way we want to celebrate it wasn't one person having the Stanley Cup the whole time that season and he always we won the game and he we gotta shut out and he's like one and always a coach and then he ended up coaching Arizona and I was I went name and he was a part owner with dot Bonn and he came to training camp he skated with us he brought Danny Quinn and myself and a couple of other guys we we go into restaurants forward they're unbelievable the goal that was scored in Toronto that TIC TAC toe play five guys talk to the Puck in a matter of seconds and that's the way Colorado Place on I'm looking forward to seeing the blues nobody has that Stanley Cup everywhere not Champs and what I remember about the parade the the police the personnel we're all getting set up along that parade route and they came along and they said hey please ns Larry Robinson and and Ryan Reilly the consummate trophy sitting there and looking at the names of a guys that have won the concept is playoff MVP and the but the way they handle it I'll never get tired of hearing that we went Blues Courtesy Bread Hall the famous Brenton I thought that would be our four each week holy and Castellinis and all the boys I mean they just had so much fun with it all and they'll forever live in that moment even though they didn't win it either but they should rated bank three hundred sixty million acids joke about tried banking dot com less than an hour from St Louis It's Greenville University founded in eighteen you we did with chaser in Dirk Oh these guys for years we would just say what do you think it'll be like the parade down market well what will that be like and I'm sure they got tired of it you are there founded in two thousand five wide range of commercial and personal banking services and how about this actually people behind the counter people there ready to greet the blackhawks I also didn't know this about you you coached at Notre Dame you can tell I googled you you I didn't know you coached at Notre Dame you got cable it's a fun loving guy and and he has much fun at anybody and I've had a number you know cocktails and talk to the holy about this he said I I told everybody when the blues one take into a former blue or somebody who we're going to call it friends Panger we did the baseball segments with Tony Larussa and he knows everybody from Neil Armstrong to bill belichick and Arizona's with Wayne Coach because he called Mike Barnett called and said we want to change their broadcasts consider coming and ESPN I I really enjoyed it to this tiny works at Tsn now and I I love that part of it I I tell you I like the country mass I like business and the decision is made in New York Los Angeles not with dry ed you can find out more at try it banking dot com home equity lines of credit five star free likes to go all the time and and and and he keeps tabs on hockey I mean this is a great guy and so that's how it all started and luckily enough for me I just walked by Wayne Gretzky it freaks everybody out he's just sort of hanging out in St Louis and he seems to me and you would know this better is it almost hard for him to be like I and I had the time of my life learning from the great one being afraid of his traveling on a plane hot stove and talking hockey drinking wine and and just in bars we had to go in the back way through kitchens and and and you know as it turns out he actually coached the game in preseason forest that that that that everybody's idol or superstar he seems so quiet about it that it's like yeah hey I'm just a guy I've just but yet everybody sees him into them like Oh my God it's the great one is that mine I think he loves the fact that people here in Saint Louis They Mike told my goodness that's Wayne Gretzky but they they don't sit down and and coming back they go right over to enterprises families there then they go to Clarkston families they're treating the fans like their their teammates and just the respect that they showed the fans of he's a horrible guy and I I I think that I think maybe the older you get me easier to kind of handle that kind of stuff because he's been doing it forever having so much fun and he's a great man he's great person and number one treats it treats you unbelievably every time it comes to Saint Louis he always calls we had over two sportsman's Winston you have hey careful that's the former calder trophy finalist Darren Pang about that back in eighty seven eighty eight around the counter around the bar and watched everybody you know look at the Stanley Cup and take pictures and he just sat there like a pro guy that's one of the things four times but he's friendship started when I was playing junior hockey the Belleville Bulls drafted me that's the Ontario Hockey League Matrix Jeanneret and they were an expansion team and my second year Wayne Gretzky bought the the only thing I'm gonNA share with our audience yes perfect yeah I think the head coach I was espn's ships and it was my favorite sport I was a Centerman I like to score goals I I didn't play hockey year round and I love the fact that I didn't I play Lacrosse well hard for him I you know what he's been handling it with like twelve years old so I don't think it's hard at all I think he loves it in Saint Louis I think he would live here it lost the rights to the NHL so I was really three agent and sitting there you know thinking of what I'm GonNa do and so I went there zone until for four years I was the broadcaster for Wayne Aspect hockey thinking I might WanNa get into coaching managing of some sort and he asked to come and do their their goalie coach so That's I did that for three years with Dave and I thought I wanted to do when I was younger I just realized I wanted to ask a follow because people will see him at starbucks in front neck brother-in-law who's from Calgary he'll go to a blues game he's like Oh my God who you taken my son Tyler my mom had passed away and boy me Edu for more information about this great institution Else Eastern Conference it's easier to get out of there and I think they're going to be hungry to get back to where they were and I think the team that gets through the West again it's going to be just a grind wouldn't surprise me if there was the Saint Louis Blues in the Washington capitals and final sensational Ocean ovechkin coming back to off the broadcasting from a from a from a young age I love Danny Gallivan the Voice of Hockey night in Canada I actually like Dan Dan Kelly I time I was the director of hockey development with an organization and not in Chicago called the NAPERVILLE favor so I I was like I was really diving into that with Ben Hogan are four let's we'll clip and save for you know next summer but if the blues don't win the Cup who do you think might the washroom not just go and coaching but I I like coaching and I always have so every time I'm watching the way Craig Berube coaches or the way certain coaches handle things whether it be bill bell do something I get that and I tore my acl playing in the NHL I asked permission to work. Cj Call Talk Games and the art will close that with some one time or some quick thoughts from Darren Pang here and maybe each week we'll dig into more the league but right now a little more about Panger the team called the knights from the time I was six years old to the time I was sixteen and we were we had a really unbelievable team won three Canadian National Champs there's no negotiation truth yeah he's a look at scares the daylights out of anybody fill out your force you can play with anybody you got three spots open you know what's what's the word like Elongate a conversation you don't get in a guy's face they say hello they go oh my God you're greatest player ever and then that's it and the home opener hair our weekly visits puck with Bernie and panger right here scoops with Danny Mac dot com it's brought to you by Greenville University in the fine folks at tried backpacking or have yourself also play tennis I play squash and then win team I played hockey. If you didn't make a living out of hockey what was the backup plan what do you think you would have been doing I always it was a favorite of mine as well and I used to play by play guys and when I was playing junior hockey I got traded from the two sevens and anytime I was asked Blue's analyst Darren

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St. Louis Cardinals Off-Season Overview w/ Benjamin Hochman (St. Louis Post-Dispatch) + NLC Top 5 Ps

Painting Corners Podcast

55:27 min | 1 year ago

St. Louis Cardinals Off-Season Overview w/ Benjamin Hochman (St. Louis Post-Dispatch) + NLC Top 5 Ps

"Saint Louis post dispatch writer and author of three books. Benjamin Hochman joins us to talk everything cardinals possible. Whether it be yada, your Molina in pretty much everything else. Saint Louis also the chatterbox today is the top five pitchers in the NFL central. Hope you guys enjoy the upset. Welcome. Painting corners, your weekly gas or all things baseball. Now. Here are your host Austin Hartsfield, and Dave quit cow scheme. Welcome back everybody. We are having another offseason recap this time we have our Benjamin Hochman on Benjamin. How you doing tonight? I'm great thanks for having me on will coming on, man. Everyone at home pretty much knows that this goes on by now. But in case, you're new to the show in case, you know, a couple of Benjamin's friends or family listen to this. We're going to be going over the Saint Louis cardinals. And what their opening day roster is going to be like we're going to start off with future hall of Famer Yati or Molina Augie a few minutes to talk about yadi. And just what do you mean to this team the city just this organization? We know he's going to be a starter. After you talked about him who's gonna be the backup catcher to start on opening day with him because he's gonna need some breaks. What's funny, as you said that he's going to need some breaks in a lot of people agree with you, the one person that disagrees is yada your himself who famously Instagram that he prepares for one hundred sixty two regular season games and eleven wins in the postseason. Oh and all star game every year. Exactly. What you want to hear from your French? Exactly. Yeah. Yeah. He's he's ageless in his mind. And look last season the ad one of his better offense of seasons. It was or maybe not like as good as his MVP candidate ac- seasons. But he he was he was pretty good for Saint Louis and he played a bunch of ballgame. So I mean, I can answer that the backup in real quick. It's it'd be franscisco pain. You Tony paintings son who for the second year in a row will be here in Saint Louis and Francisco will play seldomly, and he is very good friends with yadi air, and they seem to have a good mix of guys. A good group of guys that include yadi and him and Marcelo Zona and the hang out together and gyro moon knows as well. So it's it's a it's a neat. Little fraternity. They have and they're always talking baseball. They stay late after game. Sometimes hang out in the clubhouse and talk baseball often in Spanish, and it's it's pretty cool. So yeah, you to you're Molina, the thumping heart of the Saint Louis cardinals a future hall of Famer like you said, I'm sure some people will point it some advance stats, and and they find ways to poke holes in in his candidacy, but the fact is he was the best defensive catcher of his generation Andy put up some pretty important offensive seasons too. And he has a multiple World Series appearances. It would be pretty bonkers to think that the modern voter doesn't put yadi ear in heading into this year, though, you know, he's a year older. And and and we'll we'll see I mean the old films dumb saying. Zeal saying father time is undefeated. But we don't know if that battle will happen in two thousand nineteen with Yod here. Yeah. I mean, it's hard to argue with nine Gold Gloves. A couple of platinum gloves to World Series and nine all star appearances. But the the question is almost how long, and I think you with this Paul Goldschmidt trade sending Carson Kelly away. I think you put your trust in your ear that he's going to be here for a couple more seasons. Because Carson was sitting back there. You know, waiting on his time, not exactly, you know, lighting up when he did get to play who is the future after yada. I mean, I know the number five prospect last year's still is still in the system. I'm never going to be able to say Andrews last name, but he hit well, double and triple A and limited a shirt, Springfield. But is he the future? What's going on at the catcher position posts yacht ear Molina? Yeah. The the air why space H E, I R we're go. We're big dorks and Saint Louis the yadi air for yadi air is is the aforementioned Andrew Kisner. I believe there's an end like k and it and I end is silent. So it's Kisner and. And he's going to start and AAA in Memphis this year, and they hope he gets a bunch of at bats. And he is the guy they're grooming now to to take over if yadi are indeed a plays two thousand nineteen in two thousand twenty and calls it a career. There we go. Let's go and move to first base. We just talked about Carson Kelly. He was in the deal to get this guy. You trade away one of my personal favorite players in the entire league. And Luke quaver and also trade Andy young to get possibly the best. First basement of his generation and Paul Goldschmidt, six all star. Parents is three Gold Gloves. Four silver sluggers you FA after twenty nineteen though. But the big thing about Paul is you get consistency. He's played ninety six percent of his games after his rookie season. What kind of buzz is in Saint Louis right now in are they excited about Paul Goldschmidt? Oh, yeah. It's funny. When you mentioned the players over traded, though, there's a funny little stories. A sports caster here in town named Bob Ramsey, and he goes somebody goes, hey, the Carter was just got just got Goldschmidt. And he goes. Oh, man. That's awesome. Who did they who do they trait and the guy said Liu quaver Carson, Kelly and young and he said. But he thought he spent palled and Paul the young shortstop. He's like, oh that's too much. Oh my God. Andy young. Oh. But of course, it was Andy young who we're okay with the was leaving. Of course, there's a lot of excitement about getting a guy who as Alex Rae has said at the winter warm up ever since I started hearing his name. It was tasked with thirty home runs and one hundred RBI is Goldsmith is a a winning baseball player. His Gold Gloves pedigree, though, talking to some people the cover the Zona Diamondbacks. They said is defense. Maybe got a tad worse last season and some of the defensive metrics back that up so we'll see. But basically the narrative here at Saint Louis was they finally got a a clean a not clear evidence. I got a a marquee slugger. And they thought they got that last year with Marcello Zeta who I'm sure we'll talk about shortly in the podcast. But but now they've got a they've got a guy Goldschmidt for one season. Who's coming off? Just another great Paul Goldschmidt season. He's one of those guys who's like his worst year is better than most guys best year. And so if he can stay healthy, they think he'll be an enormous part of Saint Louis cardinals in moreover, the owners the ownership the owner himself has been public saying that he wants to sign Goldsmith to a long term deal. So who knows maybe we'll even get that done during spring training, the optimist says, yeah. Well, you gotta think about coal boggles myth this way. He was hitting less than two hundred through the month of may last year, instill wound up top six and MVP voting. I mean, it's pretty. Just figures it out every year. I mean, he is lost in the generation lists with guys like Joey Votto, who's another big name first baseman that is arguably going to be all Famer Fogle might get on that, you know, not first ballot. But he will be in the conversation, you know, third fourth ballot through because he'd literally is the Mars the model consistency. He's gonna be thirty one hundred every year before last year. He's fine. Pretty good defense for you know, bigger slugger as well. And I mean, I base. I mean, your corner infield is pretty much set next year and hopefully for the future with both guys. Get an extension. We'll talk about carpenter later another first base and you got on the Rosser listed is Jose Martinez. Where does he kinda fit into this? You know, with the addition would Goldschmidt. It's pretty interesting because I even wrote about this. I remember like when the calendar turn to September. He was only I think sixteen percentage points behind the. Batting leader in the in the National League. Basically he was like he was like in the hunt for the batting title in September. That's how good of an offense of season. Jose Martinez was having last year. And obviously, I I know we all know that other stats are more important than batting average. But it's you know, it's still means the guys getting a bunch of hits. And and any was and now he's been so I guess I'm getting most teams if you have a guy like that like the next year. It's all right. He's back for more. It's exciting with Jose. It's like oh gosh. I guess we'll we'll we'll stash them on the bench and have you know, play here. And there the manager might shelters pretty confident that because Martinez can play outfield and first base that he'll get in most games. Even if it is just one pinch hit. But yeah, it's it's pretty crazy that a guy with those numbers has kind of become an afterthought as opposed to a key cog. Yes. So it sounds. Like, he's going to be your, you know, your quote, unquote, six man off the bench. If term when he can go in the outfield and going first base, and I mean health he's gotta get a third base real quick for the extra innings. I'm sure he'll be able to do that to Marwood on athletic. Yeah, he's a Marlin Gonzalez. He's a, you know, he's a Brockhall type of player it's turned out to be. And that's not bad thing to have you got him on the contract. What three more years after this? So yeah. Yeah. I make more than he does a man. It's you honestly might at this point. And. So we'll jump to second base because I know awesome. It's gonna really wanna talk about their base. And I want him to was well, two guys. I've questions on one is Colton long in one is jet. Is it Greco girl? Turco jerko. Oh, yes. Right. Name's dave. It is one of those. It's one of those things where when you say it, I get it. Dave. Ever so often. Before I've been good today. So you got genu- Colton Colson not had the best offensive season last year. You got him locked up for two more years with kkob option after that and Jedi. It this year next year. Also, the club option next year third base is locked up. Like, we talked about are. These guys are gonna flip off between second base together is going to be tuned of one. We're going to be there. It's going to be kind of like utility guy are the angles switch off lot scenes and writers what do you think's happening there? It's my understanding that it's Colton longs job. And the reason is defensively he is a Marg wizar- wizard and here in Saint Louis. We don't throw around the term wizard too lightly because we were home to baseball's wizards from for many years at shortstop. But if some of those plays that cold long made last season, we're just absurd and I kinda describe him as a as a basketball point guard when he's when he's dishing on the on the double play. Second base. He's very flashy. And if you look at the defensive runs saved and some of those numbers, I mean, they're through the roof. You could argue that he should have won the gold glove last year, which he did not. But only makes them hungrier and as for as offense two seasons ago. He was pretty good. He gets injured almost every year though. Which is frustrating beheading heading into two thousand eighteen last year. There was a lot of optimism. Ooh. Maybe this is an all star even defensively he was a defensive all star. If you will. But he started off so poorly at the bat him he index or Fowler. And Matt carpenter were just there in the one hundred's. It was terrible. But Colton Doug is way out. And if you look at his splits from last year, how he did I don't have it in front of me, but I suppose after July after June he hit if you will regularly and so his total season stats aren't great. But at least there was optimism as for jet Jerko. Here's another. Guy that you know, probably could start for some major league teams. He's got a lot of pop at he hit thirty home runs. Just two seasons ago. But he will be a a master off the bench. Yeah. And the amount of money that you're paying Colton long. He's another guy that it seems like they bought out his Rb years, and that's not a bad idea. I mean, he's a three and a half four player. He gets. It gets your at bats Jerko like you said could be a starter on a lot of major league teams. I'm sure San Diego would love to have a guy like that back. But if we're looking into the in the distant future, you know, you have a guy like shrunk down there. You have a guy like URI's where do these guys fit into the kind of the picture in the future? That's a great question. I I I think Colton is going to be the second basement here for a long time, and he might even sign another extension. If he has a good year this year in love, Saint Louis. He's really become part of the community. He he has a charity that that's very active, and I know many players have many charities across baseball. But he he seems to really like being part of this organization. So I I just I just pencil him in for me. I can't after the contracts expired, but in my head he's he's there for for quite a while. And I don't know if a amac's rocker who or Tommy admit or whoever will supplant him anytime soon. Shortstop. So we have Paul the young, you know, another guy I love when teams by out. There are beers. We could talk about Paul the young. But I really wanna talk about Mack Matt carpenter. I was gonna say you're gonna skip your guy right there. What a second half. Like what the heck was going on there? It was there anything that seemed to attribute to kind of the turnaround that he had. I mean, there was a stretch there to where he was the best player in baseball. It seemed like it was Matt carpenter homerun watch just to see what he did that day. Yeah. I mean, the only thing we can contribute to that was the salsa that he made an eight. Yeah. I mean, it's the only thing if those listening that don't know he has a garden and his backyard Saint Louis, and he grew the ingredients to make salsa on the first day. He tried it. He hit I believe three home runs at Chicago. And however, the story goes and soon the rest of the cardinals or eating the salsa. Two, and they had an amazing July and August, but to be honest, and Matt will tell you this. And if we really, you know, get on baseball savant, or whatever website you need to look like he didn't. He was hitting is is numbers were terrible early on in the year. But he was still hitting the ball pretty hard and hitting it where he wanted to to an extent. Like, it wasn't like he was striking out at a crazy abnormal rates or anything like that. So he kinda doubled down on his on his hitting approach and just hope and thought that throughout the course of six months things would even out and once he got going he got scorching like you mentioned, and it was a bunch of fun and similar to Jose Martinez. Heading into September talk about how maybe if he if he goes on a Ron Ginette, whomever goes down, maybe wins the battle. It was the same thing with net carpenter. Her and the MVP at that point in time in the air. But a carpenter had a had a definite law that final year. Maybe he ran out of gas. I mean, we can we can assume different things. But I spoke to Matt carpenter at the cardinals winter warm up their their annual convention last weekend. And and to excuse me, a Matt was talking about how he hopes that new hitting coach Jeff Albert he can get on the same page and cook up a plan to where he's more consistent. And maybe maybe doesn't have one of those months where he hits four fifty. But he has more months where he hits three ten if you will. Yeah. No more consistency in his game there instead of going, you know, batting two hundred two months in five hundred two months going even around three three twenty and that that would be huge for the cardinals as well. And you can pencil him Mogo there. And I think he's gonna have another great year. And luckily, he's on the contract for two more year one more year after this. You don't have to worry about extension yet. A guy that's locked up that Austin kinda touchdown quickly. It was pulled young. I mean, he's going to be there for awhile. He's arbiters aboard out contract gets better. And better every year. I mean, he he's locked in there. And I he's obviously going to be a staple. So I'm going to skip over him get to escape over him. But will brush by that considering that we know he's staying this outfield. I love the Southfield when when they want to actually perform, and I say that because I drafted cells soon, a very high my fancy was and it didn't work out at the beginning. But it helped me out the end, but Dexter Fowler. Locked up the great baseball player. Great guy. You know, really good human three more years sixteen point five he ain't going anywhere ozone ah, hopefully, not going anywhere for a while for you. Guys, avoided arbitration this year of signed the twelve point two five million next year, those UFA hopefully, get something locked up there. Although than that, you have no one listed as big money for this outfield, and you've got to center fielder. You gotta leftfielder who's your star who's your regular and starting right fielder for the year. Yeah. So their plan is to move Dexter to right field and Harrison baiter, the the former Florida gator who had a breakout season at least offensively last year. He had I think he led all outfielders in five star catches, he'll he'll start at the center fielder. But I say it like that because he doesn't he only hits one. I think he only hits left these well, and he also struggles against the cubs and the brewers statistically, and he. What's those those teams? And moreover in September he had a he had a downward situation. So I like Harrison a lot. He's one of my favorite personalities on the team their marketing him more. He he's he's because he's a speedster as well. These fun to watch. And so he'll he'll start centerfield and Dexter will be in right field in. Yeah. We we all loved extras personality and his topless minutes in the past last year was really tough for him. He told the post dispatch that he was suffering from depression and was really going through a tough time both physically and mentally during the two thousand eighteen season. The optimist says that he has found his way out of that. At least he has said that. And he honestly like he probably couldn't do worse. If you tried if you look at some of the stats from last year. I mean there there I mean, not I mean, I think he would he hit like one eighty something. You know, no slogging. Few walks amuses abysmal year for Dexter, and he is very fired up about coming back and reclaiming his spot as team leader in team producer. So we'll see what's Baxter. So a really is a lot of excitement about the outfield. But there's a lot of question marks two because I just mentioned two players that are starting with question. Mark the really in my opinion. The biggest question Mark on the entire St Louis cardinals offensive side of things is Marcelo SUNA who had a on even year last year. Rough allot of feathers in town when he slept through a day game and came late and. Like you say he came on strong late in the year. But the the thing that was the most problematic was his shoulder. He had he showed up basically with the bummed shoulder was having trouble throwing and couldn't really throw all year. And so everyone's like, all right. We'll surely hill it will get back on track this off season. Well, the general manager John Mozilla he'd said just a couple of weeks ago that he hadn't had much communication with Marcel who has down the Dominican Republic and not in Jupiter Florida where they wished he was getting rehab on his shoulder. So they didn't even know just how well Marcel was feeling at that point in time. And so once we get down to to Jupiter Florida for camp in just a couple of days or weeks here, we're gonna find out a lot about Marcelo Zuma in which Marcello to has arrived because he's the cleanup hitter for the Saint Louis cardinals. And we can talk about Goldschmidt. But. If you don't get anything out of that left field spot from an offensive production standpoint. I don't know how much better the cardinals are from lashed. So before we get to the the pitching side of things is there a position player prospect that you think will shock a lot of people in twenty nineteen. I mean, you have a guy like Nolan Gorman who's pretty far away. But is there a guy that stands out to you in the system position player was that you just go. Yeah. I think he's doing things in twenty nineteen. Yeah. The the name is lane Thomas. He's an outfielder who they got from Toronto in two thousand seventeen within eighteen months. He had cracked their forty man roster. So he's a guy who has some speed, and and can hit some homers to spoke to Tommy Edmund where I mentioned earlier who's a infield prospect for the cardinals. He said Nov is years in college and pro baseball he'd never seen a combination of power. Speed like lane Thomas so Laignel start AAA Memphis this year, but if Harrison Badir, you know, candidate curveball or what have you maybe lane? Thomas gets gets some at bats get some starts in centerfield for St Louis. 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This is when it gets a little interesting because I wanna talk about before we, you know, hit on the shirt things like Michael's Waqa guys like that. Let's talk about a guy that has a little bit of a question here. And that's Reyaz coming back off that injury. Only had one appearance in two thousand eighteen for the big league roster. What's going on with him? Is he better off being a reliever do they still have full confidence in him that he can be a starter in this league? It's funny because when we had our our pre podcast meeting in you're saying you want me to list five starters, then three key relievers. I the first thing that came my mind is like where or how do I talk about Alex Rae because right now he's he's not slated to be one of the the the five starters. We'll see what happens and he's not slated to be closed or anything like that. They're gonna have to see what he can do. And we will all watch together the scouts the executives his teammates and the. Media to see what else can do during spring. But the optimists says I say that a lot about the cardinals a lot of things after go, right? But it's optimism is cheese. This could be a pretty good team because we're talking about a guy now three as used to be the number one pitching prospect in all of baseball in these still young. And of course, they're really high on him. So who knows I mean, they they expect him to pitch many many endings for Saint Louis this year, probably as a starting pitcher. But I don't know if that means he's in the the Blake March rotation a lot will have to be determined in that regard. So you have twelve men product, you know, you have Michael Walker tech Saint kid, but what is the one through five looking. I give a guy like Michael who was phenomenal last year quietly. Amazing. What is how does the rotation fill out? Who's actually the ace of the staff because I feel like the legit. I know that point. Yeah. Yeah. One. Well, I'm gonna jump in real quick just to say, they're all this. The Carlos Martinez contract will go down as one of the best contracts in baseball by twenty twenty three. You can quote me on that. Carlos Martinez a legitimate stud. And we'll be wanna bet a top five pitcher in baseball by that you're he's your heat on one. He's got he's got. He's got so much town. It's absurd last year. However, there were some discipline issues with him and they were disappointed how he came to camp. They didn't think his body was was ready to go anyone on the deal three different times last season ended up finally putting him in the bullpen as the closer. Which was was nice feel-good story, and he was doing really well as the closer down the stretch, but that was only out of necessity because they knew they couldn't stretch him out as a starter during his third rehab from the from the DL. So key is mentioned those from an offense of standpoint Carlos Martinez. The equivalent big big important question Mark from a pitching standpoint. Because if he didn't can return to his his all star ways from just two seasons. Go three seasons ago. Yeah. You've you've got you've got a legitimate ace than the number two is miles Mike who get Sony. First pitch strikes, who's got confident command seldom walks dudes and had an all star season lasted that's not a bad one. Yes. So I think the third star for Saint Louis will be Jack Flaherty. He hopes to flirt with one hundred eighty hundred ninety endings this year will will see he had a lot of quality starts for Saint Louis. He's a very poised and confident young guy who prepared and some big games. And and they love he's got great stuff. He'll be the if you will the number three starter you mentioned Michael walkup who gets injured a lot. But was having an all star type season last year before the injury. He's if you will your number. Four and then number five is Adam Wainwright, the former Cy Young candidate one of the best pitchers in cardinals history. Who had one of the weirdest years ever last year where on he started out terribly got hurt again, and then came back, and in his mind, he wasn't revealing it to the media at the time. But his mind he was thinking about retiring at season's end. And then something happened in September where he kind of got healthy and found it again, if you will any of that just a couple starts there that were reassured, including one against the dodgers, the pitches, but off in that basically reminded him that he showed him that he still had something left in the tank that sent him to the the offseason confident he signed a ridiculously low contract. One year a lot of incentives in there for endings pitched and things like that. And he's going to he's going to try to make the club's fifth starter. And. And we'll see. But like you like, we all know, Alex Rae SS is looming. Daniel pon Staley owned, John Gaunt's, even Dakota Hudson. There's these other pitchers in the cardinal system. Who got starts last year who proven to be able to pitch in in big games. Austin is a lefty another guy. So we'll have to see what happens with Wainwright because that's that's a huge storyline in Saint Louis because he means so much the fans he's been part of some of the greatest moments of this centuries cardinal history. And but he's not getting a younger. Yeah. He's not getting younger at all. But he has been big part of the organization the pass, and he'll play a role this year for sure and like you said racists looming and he'll get his innings like you said. I mean, if it's like a Nathan of all the type with the Red Sox in the postseason this year where he started one day coming out of the bullpen, the next you never know he might be you know, pitching a little bit here. And there he might end up being the fifth starter for a month or two if there's an injury, but he'll be around. And I wouldn't be surprising the bullpen and speaking of the bullpen. You guys made another big move this year this off season. I feel like that's all that. The cardinals really did is just improve this team. Was you went out and got Andrew Miller, formerly, you know, the grim reaper, obviously was hurt, you know, not himself. That's for sure. But with a lot of rest and a new contract in a little bit off his mind with that and a good contract to especially if he performs anywhere close to what he did in Cleveland in two thousand sixteen eleven million and eleven point five you got Andrew Miller Brett seasonal Luke Gregson who I like, Greg. Naturally a lot. Then you have Dominick Leone. And of course, you still have race looming around who's a seven eight nine guy and who's got to watch out for since you have so much talent in this pen. And because I know the big count talent is Jordan ex. Yeah. Yeah. And then the guy that that you didn't name who I think is kind of the guy to watch is John Brennan who I think will be very effective reliever yet again for Saint Louis he wasn't seventeen and eighteen he was strong down the stretch, especially if you look at his numbers last year. He's just a good guy. Also, very funny quirky guy. Good quote, and he doesn't overpower, but he finds ways distract you out. And so I I look at him getting a lot of the seventh endings if you will now with Andrew Miller. I mean, that's the whole thing is that for years. The cardinals were like man, we need to upgrade. Our our bullpen. We need we need like an Andrew Miller tight. You know, a guy that can go multiple landings a guy. Can pitch high leverage. Whether it's the fifth through the ninth or whatever it is. If only we could get an Andrew Miller type pitcher will now they got the real thing in Andrew Miller the caveat. Of course is he's coming off some injuries. But even last year when he was struggling he still had a high strikeout rate. So that's reassuring for Saint Louis. So I mean, you talk about seven eight nine there'll be days. Maybe Andrew Miller goes Stephanie eight nine if you will depending on the on the scenario, but but yeah, he he'll be key. He'll probably pitch a lot of eighth innings and then Jordan Hicks. Who was one of the craziest stories in baseball last year? He he didn't he wasn't supposed to make the cardinals roster and on the final day of camp. He got a start against the Washington nationals while while the team was up basically the the big team was up in Canada to play the annual game in Montreal against the Blue Jays. So the cardinals are gone, basically like all the starters and the manager ever gone. The kind of leftover dies played against the Washington. Nationals in this seemingly meaningless game for Saint Louis. Jordan Hicks got the start, and he was striking out rundown. Striking out Bryce Harper own those dudes and throwing over one hundred miles per hour and the harmless folks are watching it thinking like wait, wait, wait a second. This is the this isn't the minor leaguers on the on the nationals. These this is the nationals and he's dominating them. This. Guys got to be on our club. So they they they made a move right there. Right. Then there after that start and put them in the bullpen and he pitched on opening day out of the pen and had a lot of great success for Saint Louis has a rookie kind of wore down towards the end. But he kind of changed the narrative of who the fastest thrower is and baseball. It used to always be Chapman. If you look at some of those sites, they show the the speed of Jordan Hicks his fastball, and he famously even hit one oh five last year. He needs to strike out. Dudes more. He needs to improve his slider. More Yati or Molina and Jordan Hicks pointed that out during the winter warm up, and these are these are doable. Things is slider was nasty later in the season at least more than it was in the first part of the season. So yeah, he's just a young gone a fireballer and what a great stories diabetic as well. He takes those shots every day. And he's been in. Operation to a lot of a lot of people in Saint Louis as well playing with believe, it's type two diabetes. So a great story, Jordan Hicks. So we'll see if you get more strikeouts. This year. Yeah. Absolutely. Join hicks. His great store. I didn't know diabetic which is cool to bid. I mean this. I mean being diabetic obviously is going to hold you back max Domi out Montreal Canadian NHL. You know, his dad was an angel player. He's a top six NHL player. He also has diabetes and he's diabetic. So nearly cool. It's something that you know, kinda show people. Hey, a little bit different. Who cares? You can still you can still dominate in a sport and played at a high level. Yeah. With all that there. I mean, everything seems like we said before, you know, before we get on this podcast, and sorta in started recording, you know, we had this locked up. This team is ready to go. She's organization at this point one thing that also helped this team, and it was the sausa-, obviously. You kind of fired your manager midyear you kind of forget that -ccomplish manager and accomplish manager a former player he's been two World Series. I mean, he is a very long resume. What was that? Like, I mean that was a big twist. I mean, also and I were talking about before. And you know, we just want to know from a from a fans respect some of the falls team and everything like that. What was it like around the media? What was a Reich about the team? What was the clubhouse was there meeting? Everyone sit down and say, hey, boys, been fun butter. I got like, oh was it a big you this and that chairs being thrown what was it kind of like? And what was the mood around it afterwards? Because obviously it might have been a little sad for a couple of days. But then you guys went on your hottest streak of the season. Yeah. Yeah. Lots of unpack there when you when you look at Mike Messini, you gotta put it in context with the with the history of the Saint Louis cardinals. They entered the two thousand eighteen season. They had missed the playoff. Offs the previous two years and not. And while they were missing the playoffs there. He their hated rivals. The heated rivalry with this cargo cubs taken off to another level in the cubs became champion and the cardinals were slipping and they entered the two thousand eighteen season knowing that Mike Metheny needed to do something to get the team into the postseason or else they would possibly make a make a change the the the team wouldn't say that publicly, but you know, as a columnist. I I wrote a such and that that that this was his final year if they missed the playoffs, and I even wrote in spring training like look if he they're struggling in June or July mean why why not why why stick with him because this team has a as a lot of great players as could be ninety plus win teen on they clearly weren't playing like that by the time. Mike Metheny was fired. So yeah, they got rid of him and. Derek Gould is is the great beat writer for the post dispatch. He wrote a great story comparing Mike Metheny follow me on this to the the old the basketball coach, Dan isel who was a star with the Denver Nuggets. But then became the coach of the Denver Nuggets. And Dan nestles line was by joining the team as the coach now, I'm possibly giving up the Ovation's in the future the idea of like right now if I walked into the arena, they'd give me a standing ovation from the former star player, but if I'm the coach, and I blow it I'm no longer. Just the former star player, I'm the coach the blue. And that's kind of what happened to Mathie who was a beloved catcher for St Louis. Played on many playoff teams stayed in the community, of course. And then was named manager went to the World Series as the manager. But towards the end there things fell apart under his watch other making a lot of errors. There was a lot of bullpen bungling and the. The cardinals got rid of them. And they promoted a guy who isn't a famous name. But in the cardinals is Mike Schultz was the coaching equivalent of Alex race, if you will a prospect that they groomed in their own system that they thought had major major potential and Mike Schultz is a different man than Mike Athenee. He is he's very more way. More personable. He'll crack a joke. He tells us players. I'm not here to judge you. I'm here to love you. That's his famous quote created a thing called ball talk before the games where he basically has opened his office door two guys that sit here on the couches and tell stories and talk baseball and that created a good vibe around the cardinals. And and yeah, it led to some winning. And they didn't win it off. They I can't remember how many they had last year was eight wins or there in eighty eighty six. Eighty eight range did not make the playoffs for the third year in a row, but there was optimism under my. Built. So here we are. Then they add Andrew Miller than they had Paul Goldschmidt. They hope to get more out of Marcello SUNA. We talked about some of the young players there. A lot of optimism here. Saint louis. The cardinals will make the playoffs. Finally for the first time after missing it for three years and last Sunday, Mr. for three years was last century from nineteen ninety seven to nine hundred ninety nine. So you're awesome. Tell everybody where they can find your work and find you on Twitter. Sure, our website for the Saint Louis post dispatch is S T L today dot com, and I'm on Twitter at Hochman at H O C H M A N at Hochman than mos- on their own on Twitter. So look for in a four to meet some new fans shut his boxes a little while this week. Stephen Bruno actually joins me to talk about the NL central. If you don't know. Stephen is Stephen is a recently retired Chicago Cubs. Infielder sway figured. It'd be perfect die to have on to talk about all these guys one guy in particular. In his top five. He doesn't know how he did it. But he did hit a home run off of him. Stay tuned to find out who it was Dave is actually at the end a little bit of scheduling conflict. They're not really conflict but little interlock, but Dave's comments are at the end. So enjoy it. What is your top five list in this NL central division? It is an absolutely stuck division. Like, we just talked about pitching wise, and even heavier probably reliever was than any other division. What kinda is your top five? Awesome. It's it's it's a tough one. Do the best. I can narrow down not in any particular order. I think. You know, when you when you look at our lists. You know, you can you can switch names here and there, but I would say I'd say haters definitely on the top. He pretty much emerged as as delete reliever his pissed year. I had experienced face him few years and how that go. It's funny. The first couple of times face them. I don't think I saw a fastball. Meaning he threw a fastball. I never saw and actually had homerun off in spring training couple years ago. They had close my eyes in somehow make contact that's something to tell the grandkids. Definitely I would say haters up there. I don't know if it's anyone on any of your list. But I think that Jordan Hicks is is is gonna be. I mean, I know has somewhat of a control issue sometimes. But I think he's going to emerge especially how young he is down the road just here in some of the interviews that he has that guy's got a good head on his shoulder while young he is. So I think he's going to be on my list lesser, obviously is is been a league for many many years as you continue to get continue to get older. You know in the the the less hardy throws. The more accurate is in his location. I think that's what makes him elite is he dominated from velocity standpoint early on his career. And now, he's you know, he's starting to get his location down. Conceit here. See have Lester, you have Hicks hater if hater in which two of the three on my list and Hicks was an honorable mention. Okay. Okay. You know, man. You. I'm going to say I'm gonna say this name, I'm gonna say this name, and you're gonna you're gonna you're gonna critique me. But I believe I believe you Darvish is gonna be on my list as well. Although. I think a you may say I'm biased for for being with the cubs organization. But I think he's a dominant pitcher. I think unfortunately, what he went through last year in injury in not being able to help the team. I think he is is is elite pitcher he's dominate. And I think he's going to help the cubs succeed. He's going to be that that fourth or fifth guy that they need it. Fully definitely a you know can really contribute organization like said amaze dominated in the past with injuries. Fortunately, but I believe he's he's definitely on on my list. He got one more man is tough is phenomenal division. You have guys like Archer, Mike lists. I have a name that you're gonna kinda just probably be like, whoa. Really like we can get to my. List if you wanna try to figure out that v guy. Gimme gimme gimme a second. It's tough, man. You look through all these names, and it's down like there's no other way to put it like, it's it's reliever heavy as the analyst is starter heading. Can we give me some of the names on your list haters, obviously, I think everybody should probably have him number one at this point just because even even with some adversity last year. I mean, you know, the whole digging in people's Twitter thing happened and all that nonsense. That's a whole nother topic. But I mean he was dominant last year. He did everything possible that he could to earn a number one spot on guys 'less, John Lester model for consistency. Nobody nobody is done it better in the time stretch. I mean, he's adjusted still can't though the first base, but you know, some camping we can't fix everything. Would you still the glove? Michael is was phenomenal for the cardinals last year's like kind of quietly put together. One of the best cardinal pitching seasons. In the past ten years. Dave's list includes guy like Carlos Martinez, who's extremely naturally downloaded. Philippi. Romero Jose, glazed they could kinda go hand in hand. If we if we really wanna talk about it, depending on who you prefer better, closer wise, two guys that were absolutely phenomenal for the teams that they played on last year and have the stuff in have the opportunity to do a lot more in the future. Now, an honorable mention that people are gonna roll their eyes that like when we make these lists. It's kinda like projecting what they'll do for twenty nineteen. I think sunny gray is going to have a pretty damn good bounceback year, reuniting with his Vanderbilt pitching coach being out of New York. Despite what people think that everybody's built for New York. I mean, I think that's I think that's a fair statement. Don't you think I'm I agree with that? It's funny. They said I forgot that the. There Johnson moved over to the reds. And he was the pitching coach for Sunday. Great Vanderbilt can realize that I know he was with the brewers previously. But I think that'll help sunny a lot. I mean, he was an absolute Phoenix at Vanderbilt me. They that's a factory, you know, that right? But I mean any any thoughts. I mean, Jordan Nino is again, I I think that. I mean when you look at the last few years in in you look at those. There's analytic stats. I think that those have emerged as in a pretty good evaluator of of in not only offense defense, but also pitching over the last few years. But you kinda you can't forget Kyle Hendricks man, really chant, and it's easy to get lost in the shuffle to you know, he's he's not the stereotypical new age pitcher, you know, he was easy to Tom glavin. Greg Maddux type s player obviously would not the accolades they have yet. But I mean, he is I'm gonna go with him for number five again. I'm cubs heavy, but. With the. Proper. Proof of how successful they were of the last few years somebody go Hendrix, Lester Darvish Hicks in hater. Will this goes at the tail end of the cardinals episode? So the cardinals at thought about a thought about that. Because when I looked at the episode picture, right? It's you and your I will cubs hat on the bottom in at the bottom of the cardinals page. I wonder how cardinals fans are gonna react to that one. But we're just going to go with who's going to go. Jordan Hicks in there. All right. Yeah. I mean is hater the best pitcher that you've ever faced? I was as the best pitcher. Yes. Facing him a few times he faced so many good pitchers over the years in maybe once or twice, but I could say man, he's he's a different animal when you step up in the box, you go from room his wind up to electric his fastball is and talk about spin rate now guy, it gets real low to mid nineties when it comes out looks like it's one hundred five so those one of those guys that you go up to the plate, and you really don't have much of an approach. The only approach you may have is trying to make contact. And there's only a few those guys Mike career that that I had had approached with so haters f for a guy like that. He's not a starter. You don't know when you're going to see him a caddy. No. What are you ready is? He is a guy, you know, you know, you know, when I faced him with the. Colorado Springs faced him with the Black Sea in double in AAA in. He's the type of guy that before the series starts. She go in a just try to watch video of of not only your theirself facing. But other right handed guys in the top or way bottom of the lineup to see how they pitch him how he pitches them. Whereas going first pitcher. Particular counties gonna throw his off speed. He just kinda try to golf tendencies. And that's kinda how I did it with a lot of pitchers is, you know, based on guys like myself as hitters, you know, how how those pitchers you're gonna attack those guys in particular count in particular situations. And then you build your plan off that depending on on how you're feeling that the plate that particular month or week or day it all varies, but. He's a type of guy man that you just gotta go up and try to make contact with fastball. Do you have to give up? They Jordan Hicks. I never got chance to face Jordan Hicks. I think he went from an what was his jump this year from rookie ball the big leagues. Yeah. It was. It was he went like a two year stretch for he came all the way up. It was like an Andrew Benintendi esque. Pole vault, basically, a special player, man. Well, I thank God that I never got the face. Sure, I sure I got a K you my statistic line. So is there anybody that had your number like, you know, facing them like you just couldn't figure them out. That's a good question and them about the ask you the exact opposite here in a second. That's a really good question. Nobody. Number. You know, I can't really think of anybody particular. I know I kind of dumped it on too. So it's like. I always had a problem face in. Over the last two years is when you kinda see guys more consistently planning AAA in in the smaller division. I always had a problem facing Mike Myers. He was as a reliever with the with the Memphis redbirds in. He has plenty of time in the big leagues with the cardinals. But some reason man, he his fist was another one. Like like baiter like Batur haters, the just rose in. I couldn't get on playing with it. I had difficulty. A successful against my did get one hit this year. Resolve my pine tar my bat. And that was an infield hit. But. The guy that I can think off the top of my head anybody that you that you had their number. I don't think Marcus Stroman ever got me out. Really? Yeah. We face each other in college actually played with each other and Heisman, right? He went to do. Go went to Virginia. He's from the northeast right outside New York City. I believe you we went to high school, and but the everytime face them in pro ball end in college. I always always had good at bats against against. Sometimes you see pictures. Well, and you know, maybe catch them on a bad day knew had a good day at kind of thing. So. That's a guy that that that I've always had success against hater is the next Andrew Miller. He's gonna be next grim reaper. He's unbelievable. And he's gonna keep doing it for a while. Unbelievable. Your this year? Unbelievable the playoffs. That's another reason. You gotta be able to do it in both especially if you're gonna be on a good team like the brew crew are so that's why he's one LeicesteR the model of consistency. The guy's been around forever has won multiple series in absolute moose in the playoffs. And he is like Tom Brady where the older he gets. He's still getting better. He's still pitching close to meetings. He's still going to win you bunch of games. And he's gonna keep his ERA at a very manageable route throughout the regular season in the postseason, his, you know, psychopath takes over as even better. Michael is an open like he's just there. He's going to be a top five pitcher in a National League this year. He's sick. He's on a great team. He's gonna have great support. He's not going to have to be the number one star in that team in that town, which I think makes it easier for everybody involved doing it by committee with a bunch of stars is great in another star on that teams calls from tina's. I've been Carlos Martinez legitimately going. To be a top ten pitcher in baseball within next year the year after I think he has all the stuff that people like to say, I think he just needs to learn how to control it at Dickey's. Learn stay in shape there were rumblings of him being a little odd shape and little injury prone. If you get in better shape, if you look at the Galle Raphael Denver's people as worried about him do the treadmill stopping AAA in, you know, loading up on guac and ice cream all the time. It'll be fine. And the last one Trevor Williams, I really like Trevor Williams one of those guys that you heard his name for a long long time. And you're like, okay, he's here. Now, I think you'll be here to stay. I think he's gonna work his way up. I think he's gonna be a great addition to, you know, mid round fantasy is in that realm. But also just going to be a dominant pitcher antigen be quietly like make himself in all star and sunny, gray like you mentioned before on your list. I mean, a he does better in smaller markets. He's going to be in a smaller market. I said if the reds actually made some moves that they would be over seventy seven wins. So I'm sticking to that. I think they win any games this year reuniting with his vandy pitching. Coach is going to help a lot. I mean getting back to his roots. You know, doing the fundamental things. Right. You're not being in New York is going to help a lot. Yeah. It's going to help his mental state for sure. But just getting back to the little things you lose focus in that. You lose you lose. You know, the effort in the drive to do it as well. I mean, you saw him when he was getting rock sometimes he's laughing coming off the mount he's just like I can't believe this on on so bad right now. And I think having him be a reset. He reminds me a lot of that Grinky. He's a little bit of a mental case the stuff is there. But you gotta get them in the right location and Grank he found themselves in Arizona, but he's every other year type guy, I think sunny grades going to bounce back this year. He can't do any worse. Honestly. But I also think getting back in the smaller market with less pressure. And with is big for him. I think being in a familiar place with large vacations is better than jumping around trying to be the man, I don't think grays ever gonna be the man of a staff. He reminds me more like, you know, David price. He doesn't. That's the thing. And that's the thing. He doesn't it. But in New York, he was kinda brought in to be the next big thing. Right. He's going to be the number two in be sevi- sunny Cy youngs for the next ten years and just didn't work out like that.

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Ben Fred Friday  November 1, 2019

Scoops with Danny Mac

36:00 min | 1 year ago

Ben Fred Friday November 1, 2019

"Friday morning on scoops Houdini. Mac Dot Com as always. It is presented by Henderson and water. Kenny full-service criminal defense firm dedicated to helping being individuals fight criminal charges Missouri and Illinois State. That's federal municipal courts. It doesn't matter no matter how big no matter how small the offense just head to their website Henderson water county their website. Sto Criminal Defense Dot Com. They're available twenty four seven at three one four six four five forty forty four hundred three one four six four five forty four hundred. They reached out to me. I guess it's been now well over a year ago and said Hey we'd like to join the scoops family and we hooked him up with Ben Frederickson and they have been the exclusive sponsor of Ben Fred of Friday so with that we say. Good morning into Ben Frederickson at the saint. Louis Post dispatch stltoday.com Ben. Good morning to you morning now are you. I'm doing great You have been I'm busy concerning. MLS We're going to jump right into that Your latest piece in the post dispatch couple of days ago really diving in dissecting what's happening with the stadium for MLS. What can you tell us? Then I think the main thing is that the owners group really is following for their pledge to make they say not just a soccer stadium but what they feel like is is part of a living breathing downtown and the reason to you know. Have people come to downtown West. Even there's not one of the seventeen regular season soccer games and you see that effort throughout the project now that we have the final details the practice field. Are there the training facility. Is there the team headquarters. Everything that this stadium Dr Everything. The soccer team does it will be based in this downtown West Eastern. And the other thing I I think they tried to do. Is it really answer all the questions that were that could be asked of the group entering the kind of the fine details the stadium they they realize their questions about a lease so they said okay. Let's take that off the table. We will own the land we will almost. It will not ask the public for upkeep of the stadium no not ask them for renovations not ask them for Dental Melissa. That day ever comes WE'RE NOT GONNA put up a big ugly parking garage and you know et acute parking problems downtown. We'll put limited parking beneath the practice field and everything else. That's there I think they really took into consideration. Some of the concerns that arrays and try to people a you know an outward facing dual-purpose facility that can be used for a lot of different things and answered some of the biggest questions that that were were natural to ask in a city that had been on the wrong side of a bad lease with the football team. So I think it kind of proves their mission of Hey. This is about more than Thakur. I look at a soccer tuna. Soccer Stadium is not gonNA stick silencing problems but I do think we need more reasons that people downtown and I think this gives people a lot of reasons. What to your concerns about what you saw with the renderings and with this plan well the only really potential concern would be just eating? Sure getting everything everything done in time They hope to break ground in December. It certainly sounds like things are moving in the positive direction with Mode Dot to get the land as long as there are no kind of roadblocks thing. It seems like this should move pretty quickly. I you know any construction project. This big can face delays. They have it backdated out long enough where they feel like if they get started in December they product hosting that first game in two thousand twenty three but any sort of setbacks to kind of cross that time line. I'm pretty fast. Well you know some worried about the property tax and that is really the the hot topic for many many people but the ownership hip group will pay for twenty five years pay what the property taxes on the land acquired for the project as assessed at the time that it was acquired. So so I know that's kind of a lot of Mumbo jumbo and and you wrote about it in your article but try to explain that to the the average listener average fan. Yeah and and this is I think a great my opinion a good compromise a great compromise there were people who said look. You know we've got to stop doing this with not just sports teams but with businesses with with companies etcetera where they come in and they build and they never pay property tax on that land. I get that argument there. This was a little bit more of a unique situation because a lot of the land the majority of the land that's being used for this project was not paying property tax. People say well. Why is that because it was owned by the Missouri Department of Transportation So it was generating no property tax when it was owned by by the state? So that's something to keep in mind this this proposal and it will. It should go through. We'll we'll be for the city to buy that land or for the city to get that land from the state and then the ownership group will buy that land from the city so it will ownership group alone it now their property tax for twenty five years. That's the agreement will be what the assessment of the property tax is on the undeveloped land. So they're we're not gonNA get taxed on what the stadium is they're gonNA get taxed on that land as they receive from the city which receives it from the state and to me. If you're going to pick at at that okay I guess but you know you gotta remember the fact that right now most of that lanes generating no income via property tax. So paying some is certainly better than than paying none and having stadium. That's GONNA join up people for for soccer for e competitions for private venues for concerts to me. He is a pretty good deal. And you're getting property tax on it which you weren't getting before I was looking at some of the other stadium deals whether it be with. MLS or baseball football basketball. I can't find one ben and I'm not trying to be just some you know. Honk for the ownership group. Because I'm not I can't find one that is is this good. I mean this is about as good as it gets. They've made this about as attractive for city to have a new team. New Income New People full coming downtown and a new spirit of the city being revived partially by this. I just can't find many better options. That would have been out there then. What they're proposing? I think it's pretty unique in terms of just the way stadiums are handled in general. It seems like now there's such a public ask always and some league orders for us to to go to a place that's primarily privately funded You know there are. There are exceptions. But usually there's some some sort of pretty significant public asking among thing that was important to the ownership group was to not. Have you know money being diverted away from important city projects Sir or you know things of that nature to to soccer. So that the the breaks they're asking for owner or on things that are related to people coming to the Games which that's a pretty you know pretty fair deal. Those have not really changed from the from the financing package that was overwhelmingly approved of by the Board Board of Aldermen and and I think the fact that they are owning the land and owning the stadium. They're taking the public off the hook for wherever it comes in the future. They're not ten in the city. The city doesn't have to the landlord. That's spreading over over. What happens or future negotiations the ownership group saying? Hey we get it we want to hone it. This is their thing and we're a neighbor in neighboring. You're also invited it everything that we're GONNA do here so yeah I think it is pretty rare and I've even seen some feedback from some you know media outlets or specific stadium experts. I that are usually pretty anti anything any public health or sports whatsoever And even they are saying look. This is a pretty good deal This there's something that is rare and and hopefully it will be something that that other cities kinda point to and say. Hey you know we should model it after that. And it's important to remember to Dan. This is kind of the first. I Taylor family expedition into sports ownership. This is the same family that you know. Help renovate the arch grounds. That gives money to forest park the botanical gardens. Every every you know the the the Symphony Orchestra I mean everything that they do this matches up with that and and if there's any question as as to whether they were going to handle you know the soccer project in a different fashion. Here's evidence that says they're going to use that same way now they WANNA win. They WANNA make money. They want this to be profitable comfortable but they also I think very much value the idea that this they think they hope is going to be. You know a good thing for the kind of helps connect the downtown and gets the people down there. I mean you can see on the rendering how this into each other from you. Go from the arch to Bush to enterprise to the updated union station to the sacristy and then it's not too far to shape it so not too far to to you know central West and enforce partner. Can you can kind of see that that flow of what would keep folks whether they're from saint who not not from Saint Louis and visiting or whether they're in Saint Louis would keep them around the area and kind of enjoying the city has to all you had the chance to visit with the ownership group. How excited are they about What now is basically the final step to get this thing truly rolling well? They're they're playing the little coin now. They're not quite ready to come out in And and and Gosh about it yet and word of that is because of you know the XS that have to be crossed the t's crossed denies dot and all that stuff with the the with the Department of Transportation. It does sound like based off a news this week. Pat is moving in the right direction. But I this percents that I get around the group because there's just this really high level excitement and and I do know that they have been to New York For the to the official League office is to start their official on on warning kind of like their. This is everything you need to do to the team And and and kind of get a checklist as to the order. That's going to go down so it's getting close and it's getting it's getting to the point where we're going to have to start seeing some of these things like names and colors and more importantly from office who's GonNa build the roster of this team. Who's going to coach coach? Those things are looking to start ramping up here with a closer to two thousand twenty two. It sounds like it's far away but it's really not. How excited are you? I I mean in your sports guy and and you have to go in with the unbiased opinion of a being someone. That's covering this to report the news given opinion but also report the the news. And what you did this last week. How excited are you a sports fan in this town? and seeing a revitalization of certain aspects of it just to see this. Now you know come to fruition. Yeah well for the for the city for the soccer fans in the city. I'm Peng the these renderings it's awesome. I mean I don't know I couldn't get excited about it and seeing that photo that that that that rendering of the of the goalie and look like from the from the field. That's that was a pretty cool image. I'm I'M GONNA have I'll be honest I'm GONNA have to get you know. Caught up to speed and to really dive in covering soccer. I haven't done that much I didn't play it And and I've I've followed it loosely but certainly not not like I should have to write about it in terms of when the Games again so I think I'm not the only one in that in that place but we do have a lot of you know media guys in town. Who are you know? Ratcheted it on soccer. I'm not one of them so I've got A. I've got some homework on my own that I need to do to get up to speed. And I've really been focused on kind kind of the XS and os of getting team but as this gets closer and it's going to be learning about. Hey let's let's figure out how this team is going to be built. You know through the through expansion and what players could be available and I think it's GonNa be interesting to see. What kind of approach the ownership group takes because there's kind of two schools of thought in this league you? Did you get like a an older more established. Well known player. Who maybe isn't as good but we'll have that name value and and Kinda wild factor to try to get people to show up where you can kind of use that that opportunity younger lesser known players? That could be better in hope that the fans come to see a team. That's more intent on trying to go to win than it. is they just trying to have a name. So how balanced that and what route they decide to get. I think it's going to be really fascinating. What have you heard about Starting to to set up a front office a President President president of business Ah GM those kind of things. What are what are you hearing about that? Well the only thing I've I've I've really been able to glean clean is is what who might not be a part of it and I think you and I talked about you know. Just kind of this This assumption that Dan Flynn was going to be in the front office in some some way shape or form I think that is cool. A little bit And you know there was. The timing could've worked where he was stepping away from. US Soccer he's got Saint Louis ties and certainly knows was a lot about the game and and now kind of buzz seems to be that he might not be a affiliated as much as folk star. Now he wasn't kind of that unofficial advisory we We it was never given a title but talking to Jim. Cavanaugh at some point in time it kind of seemed like a matter of time until he until he decided to. You know they'd started to make an I was wondering if that might be moving in a different direction but as far as who else that could be or who might be. I don't know I am proud to add to the website as an exclusive sponsor. Aben Fred Fridays. The Saint Louis based criminal defense firm of Henderson water. Cutty as many of you know I'm proud to be from Saint Louis and Mick Henderson Percents Steve. Water cutty are from Saint. Louis they call it home. Their firm is the Premier Criminal Defense Firm Missouri and Illinois so being from Saint. Louis they want to help people from our region and all you have to do is go to their website. St L. Criminal Defense Dot Com that's S. T. L. Criminal all defense dot com now on that website you will see the countless testimonials people who they have helped over the many many years that they have been doing work for people in the region on the site there are frequently asked questions categories and a wealth of information to help guide. Did you through the process of figuring out how to make decisions to protect your rights and it doesn't matter how big or small the case they're known for their communication with their clients and this is why you can reach them twenty four hours a day seven days a week and they have a proven vigne track record of handling your criminal. Defense and traffic needs this. Saint Louis based criminal defense firm of Henderson water. Cutty the the website again and really go to the website. It's incredibly easy to navigate. St L. Criminal Defense Dot Com. Check it out that's S. T. L. criminal defense dot com or. Call them anytime day or night. Twenty four hours a day the number three one four six four five forty four hundred three one four six four five forty four hundred. The choice of a lawyer is an important decision and should not be based solely upon advertisement. Let's switch gears The Blues Lose Vladimir Tarasenko. What happens with this club in the next five months? WELL THEY'RE GONNA be challenged in as much as it would be great to sit. You could make them better or they can you know. No they've lost an elite goal scorer One of the guys on that top if he's not if he's not on that one a level of of a legal scores he's one B and there's not too much of a degree of difference which him and the absolute best he's he's GonNa be out the rest of the season regular season. Maybe he's back for the playoffs. They say they reevaluate and five more than and you hope that everything goes according to plan to maybe FM back if you can get in but you don't really replace Libraries Cinco Day and you have to have everybody do a little bit more and I think the if there's a silver lining here it's a it's GonNa create some Opportunity Cindy for some of these young guys like Clem Causton and others who were kind of Held up and didn't have a chance to make this roster out of camp. We talked about. They're needing to be basically something that created an opportunity. Well this is a pretty big opportunity and it sounds like Doug Armstrong plan is to try to see if they can you know fill the whole from within and then they'll start kind of reaching and and and try and more on the prospect side and then you know depending on how glad he recovers. Maybe there's a way to do something you know on the line if this team needs an infusion the interesting thing is there is they get some salary cap relief because he's on long term. You know it's a long term injury but that also drives up pretty quick the moment that you return how. How do they handle that out of they decide to do it? I don't know that it wouldn't be the worst thing in the world to tell Tarasenko because he dealt with the shoulder multiple times. Say you're going to be down the rest of the season in playoffs included We'll see if I don't think they WanNa make that decision just yet. But how do they recover from it every has to be a little bit. Better Their defenses the I drink to their team has to be on point and they have to spread that thirty goal scoring around One Guy I don't think unless there's a surprise we we don't see come and he's going to do it but everybody's going to have to play a little bit better. It's good for them that they've got Shin scoring because he was so off in the regular season last year and fired up during the postseason. It's really good for them. If they've got David Perron scoring because he's been you know he's been the kind of an offensive weapon for them to start this season. I think they need to get Ryan Reilly going. They need to get some more offense across the board. Because they're they're missing an elite score. Well Mizzou football is often this weekend. Normally we preview that game and then they've got Georgia coming up. How `Bout Barry Odem? I mean three weeks ago. Their top twenty five. Now it's you wondering maybe about his job. Is he on the hot seat right now. In your opinion well I. I don't think he's on the hot seat right now as much as some of the fans will scream and show simply because Jim stor his say once again this week week just what he said at this time last week when we were having similar conversations. He's not going to make a call until the season's over now at the season's over and this is the same vibe around this football team then I think very autumn job very well could be in jeopardy Jim Stewart has talked a lot about wanting to have a top twenty five football team and year. Four of your head coaches season of a coach that you didn't hire if you can't get that done then it's fair to ask. When's it GonNa get done especially when you factor in the talent on this team that what they had in Kelly Bryant and also? Let's be honest. This was probably the softest schedule in. SCC team could ever ask for this season so you know don't we shouldn't distort the reality but we also need to acknowledge it and that is not the kind of athletic director is GonNa fire coach in the middle of the season and he's also going to see how this plays out. I can tell you that there's has no way he liked watching these past two weeks or Missouri looked disinterested at times Like they didn't want to be there and then when they did want to be there. It was often times showing coming up after the whistle or late or heading down. There was some uncharacteristic disturbing moments in these games and if that's the way this trend then then and he's GonNa have not a very good home crowd that Florida game after the Georgia game. And he's GonNa have a hard decision to make but until then he's GonNa you know back his coach and but this play Out I think the the frustration and get it is on a few levels. One is Missouri does not respond well to things that are unexpected. They get beat by backup quarterbacks they could beat by receiver moonlighting as a quarterback. They get beat when it rains. They get beat when you know when when things go unexpectedly good teams is find ways to adapt in the moment. They find ways to fire up when they don't have their best energy they find ways to not let a receiver only wants to run run against them all game. The offense has kind of gone into a bit of a whole and Derek Dooley has to figure out how to get it out and for two weeks now. He hasn't table to do it. Kelly Brian Kind of keys time shutting down. I wonder what's going through his head. He hasn't lost hardly at all in his college career. And now he's he's on a team. That's that's that's turning a bad direction. I think this by we came at a good time but I don't know that three by weeks is going to help you get ready to go play a game at Georgia if your head's not screwed on straight so they've got some soul-searching to do Certainly you know this I. I picked Missouri to go nine three this year and I felt like I was kinda underselling a little bit. That means. They can't lose another game. They're gonNA play Georgia and Florida and back to back weeks. After this by week Tennessee's getting better And Arkansas is pretty bad. That's probably the one guaranteed win left on their schedule but if they play like they did against Vanderbilt and Kentucky they could lose all of them. I think that's where the fan base is and I get it but you know you gotta understand this this athletic director. There's GonNa see what this team can finish up and also remember to that right now. You know this could still be a season. That's banned from a bowl game so if it ends up being being a dud and Missouri's band than than it's fair to say well they wouldn't have been playing in a bowl game anyway so I can't see inside. Jim's Dirk Sad I just know that he wants to see Missouri finished strong and he and if they don't then I think he's going to have a tough call on his hands because you know you can't sell a fan base on the top twenty five team when every time line coach has gotten there within his four seasons. They've lost the next game Kelly Brian. I'm not sure how I'd classify his season. And it's still unfolding with the the Games that you mentioned engineer left. But how would you classify the year. That he's had both been disappointing. And I in some ways feel guilty for some of that. Not that I was the only one hyping Kelly Brian I I think we all were certainly fired up about what he might be able to do. And maybe it was a little too well off the of expectations for him I think in the Wyoming Games aimed you saw him play like a guy who can lift up a team and lead it and he didn't get the response he wanted. But we haven't seen that guy the guy on the sidelines rallying the troops you know in a game. They're losing we haven't seen that guy since then And I don't know if it because he feels like you can't do it or if he's frustrated you know the other thing too is we don't know really and probably we won't ever know how hurt he is right now got his knee. Twisted pretty bad in the troy game he came back impressively and now he's got a hamstring You know strain being that he had in the in in the game against Kentucky so he's beat up and he's also Dan not getting very good blocking from his offensive line which is really. That's that's kind of crushing for for a quarterback. When you feel like you're always you know having someone breathing down your neck? This offense line returned a bunch of guys and it's been bad it's been really bad the the past two weeks and that affects everything it means. They can't run the ball as well. I mean Kelly. Bryant is is worried about getting crushed every time he drops back to pass and and he's not not able to find you know the Alberto's and some of the other receivers so it starts for me at the offensive line but Kelly Bryant got so much attention in such high expectations It was more probably unfair but I do think we expected him to play better than he has he recently. Let's throw some quick hitters. Achy as we wrap it up. The baseball season is is over. I'll start with the cardinals. How active do you expect them to be this off season? Well I I think it will be an active off-season maybe not necessarily as much as go replace a bunch of a bunch of new players. But they've got some decisions now to make that they. I think have been avoiding for a while. But now they're going to come to a head They've gotta start prioritizing some of this gwen about young outfielders. They have They were going to have to learn soon who they view as is legitimate players for the outfield next season. And then I think they're going to have to face a harsh reality with with some veteran players that they all out of money to They're going to have to you decide you know what to do with Matt Carpenter and Dexter Fowler. And we're probably GONNA learn what they're deciding as as they go about making their moves. I think there's a case Atta starting pitcher. I would like to see them. Go after some sort of left handed options than rotation because Austin Gambro while he might be that guy is is going to be a bit of a question mark. You know coming off of the injury injury but to me. The everything that's in play is the entire outfield. Because I don't expect Marcelo's in back unless there's you know unless he surprises us by accepting a qualifying offer and then I think they have to look at at third base. So whether it's Mike Newstalk us and you and you ask that carpenter off the bench and play. Maybe some corner outfield fields. Whether it's You know trying to get a replacement for Zuma we really can't look at options until we kind of get a feel for who they're banking on on and who they're going to scale back a little bit or even try to move so until until they give us a sense of the the plan as to what guys they feel are are locked in and what they're looking to do then you basically have to say well they could do anything to try to stabilize the offense and it and it includes the entire outfield and third base. I think those are probably probably all of your positions that are not locked in. I would imagine everybody else for the most part is is back and then you you update the pitching as you always do. I think the the other thing I would I would bet on would be them not going after any sort of thirty plus expensive relievers. I think that ship has sailed Dan. I think the cardinals have gotten to the point where they feel like they can create them. They can find them in rehab him they can they can. They can come up with guys and much better than they've had success signing guys because that those those signings have have come back to bite them in a in a variety of different ways now and I think they're probably getting close to donald a little bit some of the rules that are on the cusp of being implemented in major league. Baseball Are Coming in twenty twenty one of the interesting ones that may or may not be there electronic strike zone. Where are you with that? Yeah and and people give me a hard time because as you know you and I fight about this regularly. I'm pro the H D h people. Just think like you're just for everything like guys who have to ride the bullpen car and then you you know. US automatic strikes. They were yesterday More of a middle of the road. Pro D. H. Candidate. I don't love this idea of the automatic strikes owned and I was actually getting a chuckle out of seeing Jack. flaherty sticking up for Umpires on twitter during the world series. And here's my thing is if you read into some of the research some of the results it's of of what the automatic strikes have been doing where they've tested them out and some of these minor leagues. They're kind of changing the strike zone like for example. You're fine with yeah. Well you're seeing curbs. That crossed the plate at the front of the plate. And I doubted bottom where where are those are always called dolls by human. Now they're strikes strikes so just you know. There's some changes that are going to be happening because of that and and my thing too is everyone makes the mistake of assuming that that technology. We'll be perfect. But it won't be there will be malfunctions there'll be there'll be you know teams running around with tin foil on their heads assuming that that AH one strike zone up at a home. Ballpark is different than than theirs. I mean this is gonNA open up could potentially open up a Pandora's box maybe it's inevitable. Maybe it's coming in. I don't know that I'm fully against it. But they better make sure they have all the kinks worked out before they go and start replacing these umpires. Who are pretty good at what they do? Now there are some bad up there and the guys who make it about them and WanNa be the star of the show and and you know get rid of those guys. I'm totally with that. But there are a lot of good umpires who who call a pretty consistent strike strike zone. I'm not sure the players are as pro electronic strike zone as a lot of media members. I am proud to add to the website as an exclusive sponsor. Aben Fred Fridays. The Saint Louis based criminal defense firm of Henderson water. Cutty as many of you know I'm proud to be from Saint Louis and Mick Henderson Percents Steve. Water cutty are from Saint. Louis they call it home. Their firm is the Premier Criminal Defense Firm in Missouri and Illinois so being from Saint Louis they want to help people from our region and all you have to do is go to their website. St L. Criminal Defense Dot Com that's S. T. L. Criminal all defense dot com now on that website you will see the countless testimonials people who they have helped over the many many years that they have been doing work for people in the region on the site there are frequently asked questions categories and a wealth of information to help guide. Did you through the process of figuring out how to make decisions to protect your rights and it doesn't matter how big or small the case they're known for their communication with their clients and this is why you can reach them twenty four hours a day seven days a week and they have a proven vigne track record of handling your criminal. Defense and traffic needs the Saint Louis based criminal defense firm of Henderson water. Cutty the the website again and really go to the website. It's incredibly easy to navigate. Sto Criminal Defense Dot Com. Check it out that's sto criminal defense dot com or call them anytime day or night twenty four hours a day the number three one four six four five forty four hundred three one four six four five forty four hundred. The choice of a lawyer is an important decision and should not be based solely upon advertisement expanded ended rosters and then a cutdown of rosters in September. You're good with that. Yes I am these guys. These games are guy to find ways to keep these games from being you know so long and in this day and age our attention spans are are are that of a caffeinated net and you can't ask the average American to sit through again. That's that's long and I get it baseball as long. It doesn't bother me but when you're when you're talking about ways to to make your sport more approachable Oh then you've gotta do what can reasonably to to keep these games moving along and not being able to let a manager cycle through the hundred pitchers as a good way to do that. Final point I want to bring up and we could probably do two hours on this but just generally speaking your thoughts on college athletes athletes being paid for their likeness and their image. I think it's a long time coming. I've got personal views on this as to why college athletes should it'd be paid but The business has grown to the point. That these guys gotta get a piece of it and for them not to see some type of Compensation for it I think is ridiculous. Yeah it's overdue and let's be careful before we just into back and say hey good job because they are Torius for this where they say. We're GONNA do this. We're GonNa do this and then it's you know the time comes as well. They they they know how to say the right thing or not so good about doing the right thing But hopefully the pressure of the state is taking it out of their hands has expedited this process. And and. Here's why I'm a fan of of of name. Image and likeness. I think it's the perfect way to work around the really sticky situation of paying college athletes. And I'm not against them getting being paid from the school you know a paycheck but but it does create a lot of potential problems. And here's what I mean by that. How do you figure out what the pay? The Star softballs starting pitcher compared to the starting quarterback and and there's a lot that goes into that those sports differential diff you know those sports create different amounts of income for the school. Those those jobs are different value jobs. And you can. You can see how that's a pretty slippery slope there. What this does is it? Takes that out of the table. The schools don't have to try to have anything to do with this. They simply say hey if you can create some money off your name image and likeness go for it. Now if the schools are going to put out video games and Jersey sales with those people's numbers on them they should get cut a common sense but this also allows you know Kelly Bryant to go okay to deal with Harpo where he wants to appear on their billboard he can get a cut. The school doesn't have anything to do with that it doesn't have to deal with what about If the star receiver wants that well if if you want that then go get it. I mean really. It's no different and I tried to put it this way because it kind of I think makes people actually think about it as opposed to getting mad about athletes getting paid. It's no different than than a kid. That's on a music. Scholarship to Performing Arts School picking up a job at a concert venue and playing a set after one of his. You know after one of his classes on the weeknight and getting paid. No one gets mad about that. No one gets mad at that. Kid picks up a you know a sponsorship by Qatar Company. 'cause he's that good Nobody cares so this is no different. If you are pro appealing appealable. You're if you're appealing to companies that want to sponsor you you're allowed to go down that road and the schools don't have you don't have to get involved with it now again. That's going to have to be policed and you're GONNA have to make sure sure that you know you're you're trying to fend off. Broke boost tourism. And things like that but really by opening up the door by allowing it you're going to cut out a lot of the CD middlemen by by simply making it. Okay because right now people are getting paid anyway and it's done behind closed doors and and kind of under the radar and it oftentimes fortunately leads to well. People getting getting screwed over as the kids in Oh because people are making deals for them and shoe companies are leveraging them and coaches handlers and oftentimes the kids that are getting cut out. So this actually puts the kids at the forefront and I think the people who are mad about it or the people who are worried about big college sports losing you know any inch of money that they have coming in and they're grabbing the hand over fist. Always great stuff Ben. Thanks so much. We'll catch up again next Friday. Everybody you I am proud to add to the website as an exclusive exclusive sponsor of Ben. Fred Fridays the Saint Louis based criminal defense firm of Henderson water. Cutty as many of you know I'm proud to be from Saint Louis Louis and Mick Henderson and Steve Water cutty are from Saint. Louis they call it home. Their firm is the Premier Criminal Defense Firm in Missouri and Illinois so being from Saint. LOUIS THEY WANNA help people from our region and all you have to do is go to their website. Stl Criminal Defense Dot Com that's S. S. T. L. Criminal Defense Dot com now on that website. You will see the countless testimonials of people who they have helped took over the many years that they have been doing work for people in the region on the site. There are frequently asked questions categories and a wealth of information mation to help guide you through the process of figuring out how to make decisions to protect your rights and it doesn't matter how big or small the case they're known for their communication with their clients and this is why you can reach them twenty four hours a day seven days a week and they have a proven track record of handling your criminal. Defense and traffic needs the saint. Louis Base criminal defense firm of Henderson water water. Cutty the website again and really

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Ben Fred Friday  June 5, 2020

Scoops with Danny Mac

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Ben Fred Friday June 5, 2020

"It is a Friday on scoops with Danny Mac, dot com, and as always. We have the chance to visit with Ben Frederickson of the Saint. Louis Post dispatch, and as always were brought to you by Henderson and water cutty, see what they offered Sto Criminal Defense Dot Com S. T., O., criminal defense, dot, com, no matter how big or small the offense. They're helping out folks in Illinois and Missouri. They've been doing a longtime located in Clayton. It's Henderson and Water County, proud sponsors, Ben Fred Friday and even through the pandemic. Ben Frederickson? We can always count on Henderson and water cutty. Good morning to you. And how are things going with you? I'm good man. We can always count on you picking a fight with me and then and then starting the recording right as we. Get to my good point, so no, no, no, no, I. Started here, I just save it for when we get going. I got a list of topics to get into. There's plenty to talk about. Hey, if we can make it through a pandemic, every Friday going you know twenty thirty minutes with topics, we certainly can make it through on sports returns, and that's where we're going to get and Let's start. Start with hockey I'm GonNa Start with hockey sport that at least has come together been mindful the situation they've tried to be I can't believe I I'm I'm going to say this but Donald Fear and and Gary Bettman are a beacon of light through pandemic I never thought I'd say that, but yet that's where we're at right now, aren't we? You're absolutely right, and it's we have said united. I've talked about this and I've said all along like these leagues have to realize that there's one way to to set this up in the way to set it up to let. You. Know the coronavirus be what derails your season not. Infighting not bickering about not bickering about anything between different sides of of of players owners. Set up something that will will try to make it happen if you get derailed by the virus than everyone of course was going to understand that NHL has done that. The NBA has done that and I think people are looking forward to these tournaments that will determine their postseason. We've got some new details now about the way this post-season tournament will. Will Work and I love it because I think it's big enough. That includes teams that could have made you know had some chance of Iraqi run to get into the playoffs, so you don't feel like those teams got shorted in. You're also GONNA. Funnel it toward. A is really a regular. Sixteen, Game Stanley. Cup playoff best of seven. which is Great. I like that they're going to recede by round I think that's that's the way to do. It I wasn't sure that was going to happen. I'm glad that's happening and I. Think you know there might be some some issues with it. Every every person can probably find one thing. They don't love about it because it's not a perfect situation, but more than anything I'm excited I. Hope it! I hope they get a chance to actually put it into action I hope they're able to pull this thing off. Because my God I mean think about this amount of time we could have coming up. We'll have the NHL playoffs which are the closest thing to crack cocaine on TV the confined allegedly. You'll have this really. What's really going to be kind of a cool MBA tournament? That's GONNA. Be Like you know a tournament of the NBA. And then you're gonNA. Have a you know. Everything else. When we have baseball I. Don't know, but I have to think the baseball players. The baseball owners are looking around going God. Everybody else is getting their stuff together. Getting their ducks in a row and we're sitting here. Continuing to have public bickering as for negotiating, a CVA is instead of trying to figure out a way back around pandemic, and we'll get into that momentarily. You mentioned crack cocaine. For TV. Viewers make sure you keep sto criminal defense by your fingertips. My goodness Ben. You're going wild on this Friday morning. You'll probably need. There's going to be a lot of sleep deprivation so it. Starts Making you crazy sports? Come back to the guys to to have on speed dial, but. I tell you what man it is. It is fun to actually see leagues operating with optimism, and in having plans in place, and not hearing about bickering back and forth I'll credit the national hockey league. They've been quiet. They've been under the radar. We only hear about them doing something when there's something new to announce about them coming back and I think that. That is certainly been refreshing, compared to compared to some of the other stuff seen well, there's no doubt and the commissioners are listening to the players. The players are appreciative with that I I've even heard it go as far as to say that hockey with what his gone on with the pandemic, and just the idea that they could work this part of it. It out. Get back on the ice that it's been beneficial moving forward into their next CBA, so it could go smoothly, and that's my really big concern with with baseball I mean I. do think we're going to see a season. It might only be fifty games. It's going to be slammed down the throats of the players potentially and the players aren't GonNa Forget. Forget it, and they're. They'RE CB is up after next year, and it could get nasty even prior to next season, and we were talking about that with bad news on you know the Reisen. You wrote about it not that long ago. So that's where you really get concerned is that there's GonNa be some raw emotions. Rod nerves come out of these negotiations. It's you're you're you're playing dumb I think if you think that the writing not on the wall for baseball, if if it doesn't figure out a way to to have some sort of an attempt to play in twenty twenty if these sides can not find middle ground, the public pressure of of not being the League to pout and sit out after coronavirus. Coronavirus on all these other leagues try to find a way to come back then how can you have any sort of optimism for what? What will beep negotiations that avoid a work stoppage after the two thousand twenty one season That's if you're optimistic about the two thousand twenty one season, getting off without a hitch to the the pandemic, or what could be lingering? In terms of big group outings after that even if they do find a way to figure out a way to play this season, how are how are we supposed to be encouraged that they're going to be able to roll with the punches that this season would provide we. We saw the news late this week about. You know maybe baseball will leave it up to the states to decide. If if some sort of fan attendance will be allowed at Games. That would mean a change in the revenue numbers right if people are able to go, and maybe they said far apart, but you know that's GonNa. Lead to probably more infighting between me. Everything is going to be. Fought over between these two sides, even if it's an national crisis, so of course, it's GonNa get even uglier when it's time to sit down at a table to figure out the next CBA You know it's so funny to. We hear a lot about you know. This is going to be a bad book for the players. And it will be, but you know it's also going to be a bad book for the owners I mean they have to think Dan about the long term health of their league corn talking about three years with one season. We're talking about three years with no season. There will be people if baseball doesn't find a way to play. That bolt refused to game for years. There will be people who move on and you're gonNA. Have these thrilling. With hockey and basketball can have other you know you're gonNA. Have teams finished our postseason start once before baseball coming back on the grid I, think it baseball would be cutting off its nose to spite face if it can't find some sort of a way to get everybody in the same boat, and even if it does. It is already going to be the league that fought it tooth and nail at every turn, and that's a that's a. that's a bummer, because it had a real opportunity I think to do what it says at wanted always wants to do which has helped the country he'll help. Move forward in blue it. It has blown at every single turn and continues to blow it. Know even Thursday night with. Tony Clark statement throwing it back in the owner's face. At, the players are not interested in the idea of a fifty game season. The owners can say they can impose this, but the players still have to agree with it. You know we have not seen real negotiations. We've seen sabre-rattling and pontificating and in in. Public punching bags, but I hope that it's all for show and there. Some sort of you know at some point. Both sides say okay. Let's really figure this out, but but we have to this point to to hope that's coming I. don't see much. This is where it is short-sighted to not only fans in sponsors and the the window to try to to get baseball back. Let me throw a hypothetical at you. Let's just say this stuff goes off without a hitch. And you're the NHL and you're the NBA and he say gentlemen. This is pretty cool. You know what a what? What what if we decide to start our season late? November early December and finish up and let's just instead of going head to head on Thursday Friday. Saturday Sunday and Monday against football in the fall will just give football there. That'd be their landscape. We we can't. We're not going to beat them, but we can be. We can be baseball and let's finish up and put our primetime stuff against Major League baseball, and maybe even more interest at that time. I think it's open for debate. I really do I. Wonder if some of these legs will will shift in that direction. Especially of baseball, it's playing dead. For. Sure you gotta have a fighting chance. baseball seems to have A. A nod since of it of entitlement when it comes to its place in our average American, sports fandom. Look you and I were in Saint Louis Baseball is a bigger deal in Saint Louis. Today is pretty much anywhere in the country. It is a bigger deal in Saint Louis than it is anywhere else in the country I feel confident saying that as as Tony, with a at least tied for first right, but you go to most places most places on your second third fourth billing so baseball more than any other sport you could argue. Is is is in dire need to be on the radar. Baseball had a chance. It was given this great chance to to lead, and it has fumbled it in fumbling it because it's it can't just can't shake out of its old pattern. Old Pattern is to negotiate down to every final detail and to have this huge fight every time. The players in the owners have to agree with something and. It's old habits and they die hard, but they're gonna Die Baseball was going to die, if if it keeps acting like this and these other leagues comeback and steal the show and good luck trying to get a kid to watch baseball game, if it's not on for for two or three years, and they've had all these experiences with with hockey and basketball, good luck to the players who wanna come back and be in their prime. You'll have guys who go from the prime to being out you know out of. Of their prime on the wrong end of it, you'll have young players who were coming into their prime, who completely out of lack because they haven't played I mean it's like no one in the room. Whether you're in the players from the owner, Jim can say is. Can we take a second and look at the big picture a little bit, and maybe give a little bit in order to get some because it's like you know they're so convinced with beating each other. They can't see that they're all GONNA lose. If there's fifty games I gotTA wonder how many of the big name players come back. That would be a real concern of mine in watching the game I think young players would sixty five percent of the players make under a million dollars into your point. They haven't had their bite at the apple. They want to stay sharp. They need to play. Those that have made their money and we've talked about it a lot if it's only fifty games I, don't know if you're going to see some of those big names. COME BACK! What do you think? And I don't think the players are going to agree to fifty game Henderson water cutting a proud sponsor of scoops with Danny Mac dot com, a full-service criminal defense firm dedicated to helping individuals fight criminal charges in Missouri and Illinois State. Federal Municipal Courts think. Henderson Water cutty protecting your rights defending your freedoms number to call three, one, four, six, four, five, forty, four, hundred, three, one, four, six, four, five, forty four hundred visit, their website sto, criminal defense dot com owners oaken through the CBA mandate. This it's the players players can vary in the players can say. You, know man you know across the board. We're not doing it I mean you've got to have players to play, and in the players cannot have the players say we have health concerns, or the there really is is kind of an unprecedented ability for them to say no. We're not doing it. I. Mean if you reading the statement that the Tony Clark put out late this week. Resoundingly rejected me. That's the that's the word, so you know. Maybe it's maybe it's bluster. Maybe the players don't really have an open. Base what they say! They're not interested in in a fifty game season, so would they? Would they feel Osha? We have to do it I. Don't know that you I don't know that they can be made to do anything right now. Because of the unique circumstances of the virus had their advance that advanced money that was given to the players with the with the assumption that if there is no season, this is what we get. so if there's not some sort of. A renegotiation and it's fifty games or bust I wouldn't be surprised if across the board, the player said we're not GonNa do it I I also wonder if the League's can actually pull this off contact sports if you will the NBA certainly hockey. We just saw. Late yesterday that five Alabama. Football players came down with the corona virus and many schools are starting to report for physicals in various things to get ready for fall sports in College You had three state players ironically enough, even after what Mike Gundy had to say about a month ago about the coronavirus in young people in fighting it off and on. The some of. The nonsense he came out with I gotta wonder if this actually through all the economics, ben of this really truly can be pulled off i. just don't know I I really don't. I. Don't either and you know it's funny. I I was actually talking with my dad about this. Just the other night he's family medicine physician he is. He's tried to come up to speed on on grown viruses as fast as possible as it's become something that you know people in his position are dealing with, and we were talking about no, where's the line when it comes to what you can really tolerate what what you can tolerate, both in terms of actual, having a fair and just competition, but also the the public public relations aspect of it if you have one player, get sick, and he has to go quarantine and he's not a part of games then. I think you know everybody is is probably that's you keep going. Going and league's said we. We don't want to be derailed by one. You know one person getting sick. If you have your entire Infield, or you know your entire offensive line. Than what point can a team not play if you have three teams in a five team division that is sidelined than? Is there a point of continuing the play? Does it become a competition of who can have the fewest players with corona virus for less than a a competition? WHO's the best? Yeah, where those lines and how will they be determined? I don't really think you can know until you try. And hopefully you don't have to have that conversation right, but in we're seeing in these college. Groups of college players getting together in positive tests popping up. We're seeing heart. It's going to be to keep it from passing from player to player when you've got groups in all sports together. It's going to be very hard, and and it's not you know the notion of Oh. My Gosh, all GonNa. Get Die. Know that you know especially young young people or or know usually not at high risk now certain people. No, it doesn't affect everybody. The same way and certain people are more predisposed significant problems, but you know if someone has to be away from the team for for two weeks or potentially more until a certain amount of tests. Let them back in. Then you could have a pretty scarce team could have a pretty scarce conference. Just how fast will go, and how much can it be blocked out? The those things are the unknown in the fair in totally. Responsible Unknowns, we just have to find out, but you know you gotta be able to try before you can find out and so I, think college football will try while really glad. The SEC is actually going to test players coming back I thought that was nuts that they were gonNA leave that up to schools. and Missouri is now saying look. They're gonNA test all their place, I think. Think. You have to do that in order to try to start with pool of players. That doesn't have it that day now. If those guys go out and somebody gets it. You wasted those tests, but you have to do a lot of things to try to start with a group of people that can be together without having it because if you don't then you're then you're screwed from the. The Start Henderson and water cutting a proud sponsor of scoops Danny Mac dot com, a full-service criminal defense firm dedicated to helping individuals fight criminal charges in Missouri and Illinois State Federal Municipal. Courts think Henderson water. cutty protecting your rights defending your freedom number to call three, one, four, six, four, five, forty, four, hundred, three, one, four, six, four, five, forty four hundred visit, their website sto criminal defense. Defense Dot Com and speaking I'm GONNA. Wrap it up with this in speaking of Mizzou, and in our current climate of our country, Corona, virus and ratio unrest clearly across the country Mizzou has kind of been a leader in a way with the Walker Solidarity with the coaches. The players I thought you know it's not just saying something doing something, and that is something to be applauded. Missouri is a, it's a hot. You know it's a hot spot for these discussions. Bisque them going back to the you know the football boycotting the end, the ramifications of it but I thought council. Martin's comments have been remarkable He's he's so uniquely. You know thoughtful about these topics. His he really puts takes time to think about his message and how he wants to to give in I thought he hit all the right notes. And I thought he lied. Drink quits for a guy who is all. That familiar with Mizzou has handled this really well. He's I. Say Look. We're not talking about a political issue here. We're talking about doing the right thing. In allows his players to get out and raise awareness in a in a peaceful. You know really inspiring way guys on the team or getting registered to vote, which is the best way in America make your opinion heard whether whether whether you're whether you're left or rider or independent or whatever I mean. I think that's a really cool. Cool thing now other schools are starting to pick up on and I think it's great. Ecology has hey, when election day rolls around. We're GonNa let our guys you know, have a day off, and that encourages them to get out and vote. However they choose to in that's. That's actual progress. That's meaningful things. That's not putting up a you know an instagram post store or tweeted. It's actually saying we're going to go out and do something and I. think that that's what we all need to do is if we all go out and do something positive. Then I think we're going to be in a better place than we are today than we were yesterday. Always enjoy your writing on these subjects A and you've you've hit the nail on the head on a bunch of them, and you're to be applauded, so I'm sure you get feedback every which way which is part of your job, but that that's that's kind of. Par for the course. That's your territory that drain, aren't you? Yeah, man! We got up. We gotta have. We gotTa have conversations that our topic can always be easy. I'm just glad that we you know. We have people who are willing to discuss and debate. You can't have strong opinions, but I'll say this. You shouldn't have strong opinions unless you're willing to hear. Others and as long as they're presented respectfully than that I think there's I think you're always better off having having conversation so I'm glad that we get to do that I'm glad that folks like listening to us to it and I hope we get to keep doing it with sexual games to talk about Oh God. Believe me. There's been no words that you said on Friday morning. Then talking about real games, it would be nice any great diversity. With everything to Ben It'd be. It sounds cliche but man. It would be a great diversion for the country. It would be awesome to see it. I I was. I was going to wrap it up with this but I I watched. came up on my twitter feeds. One of the NBA players is playing like a pickup game, and somebody just was you know recorded it and they made a little highlight film. I sat and watched it and it was like Oh. This is live sports and yesterday. There was a game on ESPN, not the case, but it was like the top college players in baseball kind of like a showcase game. College kids whatever it was I watched that I it was in, they had up in the monitored, said live, and I was like this is great. You know this. Is it just reminds me of how much I miss. It and I've been doing these town halls for the cardinals, and we had Jeff Superfan and David Stein on Wednesday and they were tremendous talking about what was going on? Oh six in the game at Shea in game, seven and winning in. In Mvp for both of them in the in the in the world series and I realize when I'm done with those for an hour. I didn't think about what was going on with the corona virus in our country. It just gave me an outlet to think about sports not to say that I'm not paying attention to what's happening in the country. Believe me, that's front and center, but it's a diversion and it just reminds me how important sports can be. I'm so deranged. I was cleaning out a closet here. My Dad's house hanging out ear while I'm taking some time off from the paper, I I found old highlight tape of my high school football star, watching ultimate cotton football games. They're real, so they gotTA. They gotTA. They gotta give us something here before too long. Man I just say. We should ended here. Let's just hope that baseball. It has some people in the room or thinking the greater good yet, says We're GONNA. Be In a tough spot as Who are tied to sports in Saint Louis? If if kind of the clear thinking overlooking folks don't grow their voices pretty quick in that game, and and I think we both care about the game a lot and it doesn't need to do this to itself in it, and it really shouldn't and hopefully it won't well put Hey, talk to you next Friday. Ben, thank much sounds good talk to you soon. Soon Henderson and water cutting a proud sponsor of scoops Houdini Danny. Mac Dot com, a full-service criminal defense firm dedicated to helping individuals fight criminal charges in Missouri and Illinois State Federal, municipal. Courts think Henderson Water Cutty, protecting your rights defending your freedoms number to call three, one, four, six, four, five, forty, four, hundred, three, one, four, six, four, five, forty four hundred visit, their website, sto criminal defense dot com.

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Ben Fred Friday  April 24, 2020

Scoops with Danny Mac

29:51 min | 7 months ago

Ben Fred Friday April 24, 2020

"It is a Friday and that means it's time to visit with Ben Frederickson of the Saint. Louis Post Dispatch Ben Fred. Fridays on scoops with Danny Mac dot com is always presented by Henderson and water. Cutty see what they can offer you no matter how big or small the Offense Sto Criminal Defense Dot Com S. T. L. criminal defense dot com. They're available twenty four seven three hundred sixty five days a year. Many thanks to Henderson and water cutting. I think they're going to enjoy our conversation today because we're going to get into a a myriad of topics as we always do but Specifically College sports and the Rams are going to be first off Ben. Good morning to you. Our thanks good morning date. I'm doing well a hidden. You forgot to mention. I think the the Water Cardi brothers are doing something now. Where if you Take up some business with them. They'll give you tips on how to do your own quarantine haircut. I did see that they. They went with the the full buzz. I love that you weeks ago. So it's starting to grow out again now but How did you? How did it feel? I had not had hair that short since I was in high school and My Wife said I looked ten years younger so I guess that's a good thing Go I think it kind of freaked her out but No Man I was going nuts. So if you're if you're on the breaking point just go when sheared off. We're not gonNA probably be seen each other in person for a while so hopefully it sooner rather than later but plenty of time for it to grow back so is it h. e. at all when you feel like. Oh man it's it's it's great it's shampoo you don't have to worry about bedhead. Just roll up wake up and roll out of bed not that you have to worry about it but now anyway but it's a completely liberating I bet it is so if you get a speeding ticket or you know something. That's a little bit more than a speeding ticket. Henderson and water cutty can help you out there. And also once we can stop social distancing. They can help you with a haircut to thing. They need to give some tips on how to do it. Yeah the main thing would be. Don't forget the back that's the you gotta have a kind of a spot in the back. That helps you out. So would you do about yourself? Yeah Yeah Yeah but I've done it before so I wasn't completely a complete newbie at it. But you really got that Kate. More time to the back than you think and it helps if you have somebody come by. Give it a check over before you before you call it done. That's awesome This is also awesome. There's some news with the rams. Isn't there yeah. How about this This was expected. I think by the folks who are paying close attention to this. But it's Kinda complicated things so I I kinda think my job as someone who's WHO's won't pretend to be a lawyer or or even good at that kind of stuff is trying to figure out a way that I can understand it and then try to explain it to people like me who are not as well versed in the know the inner workings of of the legal system. And what happened on this week is is pretty important Although it was expected in what happened was the United States Supreme Court. The highest court in the land had been asked by the. Rams and the other folks who are who are part of this the really the best way to explain it. Dan as I explained it like a game. There's two teams. There's there's the Saint Louis team which is the the city the county and the Dome Authority and there's the the cranky teams. Which is Stan? Kroenke the rams on the entire NFL all of the other thirty one teams and all of those teams owners that's the relocation lawsuit is against what the relocation lawsuit is about is basically calls into question the League's relocation rules which you know those are the the document the rules if you will that the League held up and said we have to follow these. These must be followed. It was the you know the inspiration and the reason that Saint Louis spent sixteen million dollars trying to pitch in create a plan for the Riverfront Stadium. It could have kept the team. It was really are one hope of keeping the rams that they had to negotiate in good faith with their current place before they could leave. And what it what it is specifically says against is that you have to have those conversations and you have to. You have to really exercise all the ways. You could stay at a place before you take off of course. The Rams didn't do that of course there's evidence that we know of probably a lot more that the lawyers know of that shows the rams were going to consider stay in. Saint Louis and other league really grease the wheels and kind of had a habit of saying the relocation guidelines matter. One day turnaround saying they mean nothing when they made the decision to move the rams so that's the relocation lawsuit now from the beginning the rams the cranky side of things have tried to say that this belongs in arbitration. Not In on the track that would lead to a public trial in front of a jury in a Saint Louis courtroom. The rams have wanted this to be under arbitration. They have argued that their terms of their the lease that really gave them the loophole to to push their way out of Saint Louis. They've argued that the terms of that lease Gave them an opportunity to have disagreements about the Lee settled in arbitration and people say well. What's the difference between Arbitration and court? Arbitration is is where big business goes to settle things. It's not court things don't always get out and also it's it's it's a business companies that spend a lot of money that take a lot of things to arbitration can tend to kind of get the upper hand in arbitration because they're frequent their frequent customers. If you wells cranky loves arbitration. It keeps keeps things under wraps. He has a little more influence. Perhaps on how things turn out that the team Saint Louis lawyers have fought tooth and nail to keep this out of arbitration to keep this headed toward court where everything that comes out will be public where where it will be decided by a jury not arbiters and and the rams have pushed for that appealed every time the Saint Louis side one all the way up to the Supreme Court Missouri Supreme Court. Awhile back said Hey. This is not going to arbitration. This is going to court and the rams last chance the Hail Mary a few was taking it and asking the Supreme Court to weigh in on this and the Supreme Court this week Hayward not going to spend our time on this. We've got a million requests that they they turned down a ton of invitations to look at things and they turn this down. So what does that mean and I'm trying to be condensed. You're damn but it means that arbitration is no longer an option. It means that this thing. If it is not settled at some point it will go to a courtroom in Saint Louis in two thousand twenty one. So that's where things stand right now and that's that's good news because arbitration would have been a home field advantage for staying in terms of either selling or seeing this all the way through what. What's Your Gut on? What the folks that represent Saint Louis on their side. They're going to deal. It's a fair question. Obviously that everybody wants to know wonders about Hard to answer because we don't know what they found in their discovery. We know that that Kevin demob said a million times that there was no plan to move which was not the case. We know that as soon as he got to Los Angeles he started talking about long held. Plans to make this happen You know basically coming close to admitting his law is as as anyone could. I mean that interview that he gave to the Los Angeles Times on his way back to. La was really damning in hindsight made a few comments like that not really aged well for a group that argues there was no quote secret plan and we know what Stan Kroenke has said before he stopped talking to media here in Saint Louis There are other things that are there. you know that we're not going to hear about unless or until this trial there. The rams have ended turnover mountains of documents of For discovery to lawyers The league itself has turnover a ton of information according to ESPN which had a really interesting story on this awhile back. When the relocation vote went down there is a letter of inefficacious Stan was on the hook for all these legal expenses. So he's not only cost overruns at his stadium in England. He's paying for all this this document in producing all these documents for discovery. Which I'm sure is bothering him. In part of the reason I wanted to get it to arbitration to. It tends to be cheaper in these situations. But that's still going on so all of that's in the works. The review of the documents all laid in this in the court scheduling order. It has a timeline. What leads up to this trial in twenty twenty one? Another thing that will happen will be basically a years worth of depositions. If you're not a key witness or an expert you know an expert You know called in to be in the trial. Then you'll be deposed. Anelle that will take place before court starts so all of these interviews with four former rams employees with people who have things to answer about how this went down. All that's GonNa take place what comes out of that. Will I think determine could influence the likelihood of a potential settlement there's also has to be a willingness on behalf of the NFL Stan Kroenke whoever's on that side of this too went to settle right now. I am under no impression that there has been any conversation about About a settlement so that they have to want to settle in order to settle. And will they get their perhaps? I don't think the League wants this stuff getting out. I don't think the League wants all of this to become public knowledge. The way it's relocation works. I think I think it would be bad for business if if that happened I also think that the ask on the Saint Louis side of things if it got to that point would be staggeringly high We're talking billions of dollars with a B. So I don't know that the League's going to give that up without a trial personally for my sake guy. I think I hope I. It gets to trial that it'd be fascinating to cover but I also understand where. Saint Louis side has to think about betting it all on that trial versus getting something in hand that could go toward replacing the money that was spent in vain on a ridge process. So that's GonNa be a tough conversation to have and it's hard to know which way could go until we know if that is a desire of cranky and his team and also until we know have a better idea of what the Saint Louis side has on the league and has on the rams who do you think will be asked to testify in this. If you had to make a guess. Who Do you think some of the participants would be? Oh Man I. There's a long list I mean you gotta get them off would have to be included in cranky you know. He can't stay silent if he's honest and under oath. What about Eric Grubman? Who you know was the chief. Tedlar for the League about how much these relocation guidelines bad or why they were important then they were kind of shrugged off of when push came to shove Jerry Jones. Who was an influential part of you know kind of encouraging? Stan and and really hammering through the the rams getting the green light to go he would have to be of interest. Go all the way up to the top with with Roger Goodell I'd want to hear from the owners who didn't vote for this near the two that said No. We don't want to send the the rams to Los Angeles. I mean that's a short list but think of all the employees Dan who were really Suffered the loss of the team from St Louis. There were employees who were not invited to come to Los Angeles. There were employees who were who were not willing to move their families to us. Angels their employees who have been fired after the transition to Los Angeles. There are a lot of people I think would have some interesting things to say about the time line. They received And also to you gotta remember another win that Saint Louis has was the phone records of all. Nfl owners going back. Multiple years and people had misunderstanding. I think of what that means. It's not you know text messages. You can't see the contents of tax. But if you look up your phone bill if you have say over is go go go download your most recent bill look at it and you can see who what numbers you call. What numbers call you for? How Long Day you can see how that information would be valuable to The attorneys who are trying to piece together. The timeline of what really happened of what of what was really happening. It's people's numbers. Why was this owner calling this owner on this day to talk about what it'd be worth finding out because at this day? Kevin Demo was saying something about seeing about the rams not moving here in Saint Louis. Meanwhile these calls were going on behind the scenes. That's that's those are the kind of questions you can get answer when you when you keep this thing in court you mentioned a settlement in the billions with a B. Potentially you would have to think if that's the case in the current economic climate that everybody's end because of the virus would the saint. Louis I be more apt to settle in your opinion. It's a great question and I can't speak for him. I don't know it would be hard to turn down something. Guaranteed like that in hand verses risking it all on a court however to me. It's hard to imagine. You know the Saint Louis said it is not feeling confident. Walking into a Saint Louis courtroom in front of jurors that are picked from the Saint? Louis area I mean that's a that's about home field advantage. That's that's one so I think that's I think I think that's tough to know what the magic amount would be I'll say this though. I WANNA see the league made it an example from as much as anyone but I think what you have to do here in the end is the groups involved. Have to make the best decisions for what they feel. Their constituents are You don't WanNa see you don't WanNa see something loss because you're you're trying to shame the NFL the NFL has no shame. We're not gonNA make it happen. That's not going to change. But you know I think at the very least you get the money back. That was spitting Bain and you get as much as you can to try to you know. Try to help out the community and help out people who who want to be here. I have zero interest. And I'm sure I'll upset some folks by saying this live zero drifts in some sort of potential settlement that could result in the NFL sending back team or or planting an expansion team. Moving the chargers. Here I don't I don't I don't think that it should be on anybody's mind here. Who actually has it saying this of trying to reopen business with the NFL when you have a bad business partner the last thing you should do is give that business partner. Bor- business the NFL made it very clear how it feels about. Saint Louis what it was willing to accept what Cranky said about Saint Louis and that's been proven wrong. I mean all you can. All you have to do is look at the Battle Hawk. Stay in and see just the way in which that team lead the PAC for the xfl ticket sales merchandise sales attendance. A social media failed engagement to say that. Saint Louis didn't support football was was slander and the League went along with that story and tried to promote it and sell it so no. I don't think that Saint Louis should be interested in opening it's arms backup to a league. That is very clearly made made it known that it doesn't think very much of this area so that would be the one thing that I feel strongly about determining what the number is. That's tough to know without knowing what what the lawyers have on the league. But but I don't I would not want to see anything related to giving the NFL. Board business in Saint Louis Anderson and water cutting a proud sponsor of scoops with Danny Mac dot com a full-service criminal defense firm dedicated to helping individuals fight criminal charges in Missouri and Illinois State Federal Municipal Courts. Think Henderson Watercolor protecting your rights defending your freedoms number to call three one. Four six four five four thousand four hundred three one four six four five forty four hundred visit their website. Sto Criminal Defense Dot Com. Speaking of football it is vital to college sports. If we do not see football this fall. What do you think happens to the landscape of college football and college sports as a whole well? I think we're GONNA see some pretty big changes. I think we're already seeing some of them. you've seen certain programs programs get cut. I think there will probably be a discussion about title nine. And perhaps loosening those restrictions at programs that don't make money will be scaled back including some women's Sports City at least for a certain amount of time Some of the more crazy impatient coaching changes the most expensive kind scaleback for a little while. It's going to be very hard for colleges to justify paying coaches not to coach in this in this phase Paying these massive buyouts and then turning around and paying a massive contract to someone who is believed be better. I think that kind of crazy spending is going to be put on hold for a while and I think we could end up having a conversation about some of the financial decisions made by the NCW. Its biggest players. There's a very interesting story this week in The Washington Post about the NC Double A.'s Decision. A while back to find ways to spend a bunch of its reserves. And it did that under the under the decision that it's not good for the NCW to be sitting on a bunch of unused cashed because that makes the argument that they have too much money and should be doing more to help. Student athletes more prevalent so as opposed to finding to pay student athletes and give them a bigger slice of the PIE. The incidentally basically said let's find a way to blow this money and and that's what it has done. I mean we. We see these colleges. They they spend money on facilities Athletic Department. Spend money on to city upgrades. That are that are not necessarily. They spend money on coaching coaching stabs. That that are not proven or they pay if you should. I don't have the number. I could have looked it up but the amount of money that some of these programs have spent on coaches to not coach. Because they've been fired. There clearly can be a better Better way better way. That is hailing better way of handling spending in college. Sports and I think we're going to have those conversations here before too long. I also think we'll see just how important college football is two the CW if they have to push this thing back to January. They'll find a way to make it work They are desperate to play some sort of college football season. I think that's GONNA take precedent. Here is forward. Yeah I you know it's interesting if you can have sports without fans which may happen on the pro ranks will see. Can you do that though in college now? Clearly there are some The conferences that have major major television deals. So there's some money coming in big money coming in with that but generally speaking. Can you have sports in college without fans yes at the biggest levels yes in the this will probably in some ways? Be Even more of a divide between the haves and the have-nots Ohio State. Clemson Texas You know these schools will find a way to make money by playing on TV if you are you know. Let's see San Diego State. Can you do that you know? Or how much of their percentage of money is based off of attendance versus versus TV rights. But every every significant conference has a TV deal and there's a misguided notion that the college sports college football gets most of its money from attendance sales and not TV revenue. They get a lot of money from attendance from butts in seats but that number has been declining and that the other number the TV number has been escalates and these these decision makers will decide like all the other leagues like Pro Sports that some money is better than no money if they have to play in front of no fan so. I think that's something that will probably dictate which which programs survive. Which programs are in a lot better spot if they're allowed to play games in get the benefits of the TV deals Tv money is the biggest thing in live sports period. It doesn't matter whether you're college or or pro now. Some of them make more than others and some of them really will take it if they can't have people in attendance but putting games on. Tv putting live sports on TV is GonNa make any sport a lot of money especially Especially if you can be one of the first to do it because there's such a desperation for and there's been talk of that with the National Hockey League with Gary Bettman the NHL Commissioner. Coming out and saying not only. Do they want to continue to play hockey at some point this summer? But they want to finish the regular season. What did you think about the plan of going? I guess it was white in four different arenas across the country and trying to to do this without fans. Let's kind of similar to the latest. Mlb proposal we've let us come out about there. Being three altered leagues one in Florida one in Arizona in one Texas and I guess what you know. I can understand why Gary Bettman wants to do this. Because you know in the players are going to probably support it because here's why there's not that many games left. It's different for hockey players. Say Yeah I'll go live in Corentin hotel for the rest of the regular season the end. Whatever the postseason looks like. Because it's not that it's not that much time they also a pretty even split about fifty fifty between players and teams when it comes to that when it comes to like that postseason revenue which is a significant portion of the League's overall pot and in addition to that that revenue directly affects next year salary cap. So if you're pending free agent like Alex Betray Angelo. You want to play these games. You want to lead to make that money because it's going to be more money for you on in free agency whether you're going to another team. We're finding a way to stay with the blues. So that's the motivation is finding a way to keep the salary cap at least where it is hopefully grow it as opposed to taking it a step down which will which will mean less money for all so understand certainly the desire as with anything right now. I questioned the viability of. I hope it works. I want I believe me as someone who who will be not be working for two weeks in June because there are no sports to cover at the moment and the impact that that has had this whole thing is had. I want to get back to covering games. I want us to get going however what remains to be answered is is how exactly. It's GonNa work in terms of testing in terms of the level of quarantine of players in terms of what the players are willing to sacrifice. What happens if there's a positive test? All of these things remain questions that while. It's fun to plan and talk about what could happen. We still haven't seen any hard details whether it's hockey or baseball about what it will look like in order to keep it from just coming off the rails if if one player or one team comes down with the virus. Henderson and water cutting a proud sponsor of scoops with Danny Mac dot com a full-service criminal defense firm dedicated to helping individuals fight criminal charges in Missouri and Illinois State Federal Municipal Courts. Think Henderson Water. Cutty protecting your rights defending your freedoms number to call three one four six four five forty four hundred three one four six four five four hundred visit their website. St L. Criminal Defense Dot Com speaking of Hockey Blues Extensions being handed out by Handed out by Doug Armstrong the blues. Gm and you mentioned Alex's pets Angelo and we talked a little bit about this last week but D- do you have any clarity on where that might be. What do you accept? A A one year deal to reset the market as the market then comes back up if we have a full season and fans next year and then the cap goes up or potentially disdain. You know what I'm staying in town. Yeah I'm signing a long term deal and that's that what what do you think? Well I think it would be hard for Petra to take a one year deal Because of the the season he had before things shut down. I mean he really made the most of this year when he was earning himself money. So to bet on yourself to do that all over again. There's some risk there. Maybe he feels confident. He can And and could could be right back in the seat that he was in next year. So it's it's an option the other thing that that would be interesting to me would be if he's if he's wants the money in hand if if he wants to guarantee if he doesn't WanNa take kind of a reset deal. I think this encourages him to be back with the blues. Now some people may disagree and they'll say well the blues you know there's a lot of discussion last week about the Blues Signing Scandal and Oh that means portrays lows gone but if if you look at it that way okay maybe what it does mean for sure? Is that there's enough salary cap space committed next year. That portrays low does resign with the blues at. Somebody's gotta go so that that much we do know but I never looked at it. A scandal being portrayed. The reason for low won't be back to me the scandal signing the extension was about Jabot. Maistre nothing back And I think that's kind of more of the apples to apples. Comparison there the blues. Want ALEX PA- translate to remain with the blues. They WanNa make him a good offer. Will they make them the best offer? I don't know and that's what we're going to get into the fine details here again. I think it kind of helps the blues because there's going to be If the salary cap stays the same or decreases there will be probably fewer teams that can offer portray Angelo. The kind of deal. The Blues cannot come or will not come close to matching if it's if it's relatively close. There are lots of reasons that suggests per change. Low should come back to Saint Louis. He'll never buy another drink in this town again. He has family in the area. He's got a young family. I mean triplets. That you know you wouldn't have to put through a move so what he could end up. Having to decide is what is what is the what is worth the price of leaving and will the decreased or stays the same salary cap you know will attain be able to match that. I don't think knowing Him and knowing what's important to him I don't know as well as some others but just being around a little bit. It's hard for me to imagine. He just wants to go to any team. That will pay him the most. I think he wants the chance to compete. I think he wants the chance to to try to win. That decreases the pool. A little bit more So the blues have ways of of of finding a fit for him if he decides to come back on a competitive deal that I think they're willing to pay him. Well it's GONNA come down. I think to what he wants Whether or not his vision matches up with his agents in who he sides with over kind of his ideal for himself for this kind of chasing of of the most money The Blues can do a million things. They could trade jake out They could they could buy out Alexander Steen they could trade find a way to trade justice faulk. Even though he has no trade clause. Those can be worked around in hockey. He could also be just. Invoked could also be taken in the expansion draft so there are lot of ways. The Blues could free up money. I I took Doug Armstrong's actions Dan as GM who's not going to wait around who wants to have his ducks. Are I think what he's done? Is He's really kind of cleared. The playing field now digest have the portray Angelo situation on his books where he feels like. He has flexibility and he doesn't feel like he has to be backed into a corner when it comes to making a desperate off for for the captain. I'll wrap it up with this here. We are well over a month now into no sports. Just a simple question. What do you Miss About Sports? I'm seeing my my friends man Up there on the top of the list You know it. It's fun to maybe write some more creative things and it's been great catching up with some folks on on the phone but I miss being around everybody at best the conversations that we have in the dugout before a game or you know chatting each other upper stopping by the booth to say before cardinals game. Or that's what. I really enjoy the banter with colleagues. That makes me write better. I think it it's one of the one of the reasons I've always loved this job in felt like I never really worked is because really half a work is hanging out with your buddies so I miss that a lot and I missed turning on a sports game where I don't know what's GonNa Happen to you. That's that's the big part of it as well. Hey man great staff. Hopefully the hair continues to grow out. We'll get an update next week. And you know what I'd like to hear I'd I'd like to say hey. We have a target date. This is the target date. I'd look forward to something like that next week. I don't know about you. Yeah that'd be great. That's something to mark on the calendar and start counting the days down would be ideal. Hey Buddy hang in there. We'll talk to you next Friday. Thanks so much sends Henderson. And cutting a proud sponsor of scoops with Danny Mac dot com a full-service criminal defense firm dedicated to helping individuals fight criminal charges in Missouri and Illinois State. Federal municipal courts. Think Henderson Water. Cutty protecting your rights defending your freedoms number to call three one four six four five forty four hundred three one four six four five thousand four hundred visit their website. Sto Criminal Defense Dot Com.

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The Spanish Flu

True Mysteries of the Pacific Northwest

08:41 min | 8 months ago

The Spanish Flu

"Welcome to kids myths and mysteries. I'm your host kit chrome after over two hundred fifty original and different stories. I've had so many requests to repeat one on the forgotten pandemic the Spanish flu. I decided to repeat that podcast. Now I am reading this with a few changes involved. It was. The Spanish. Flu was an unusually deadly pandemic involving the h. One and one influenza virus in infected five hundred million people around the world or about twenty seven percent of the world population which was around one point nine billion at the time this is nineteen eighteen over fifty million people died yet it was overshadowed by the end of World War One the war to end all wars the creation of the armistice. The Spanish flu was so forgotten. That encyclopedia Britannica didn't include it. In its review of the most eventful events of the Twentieth Century World War One ended in November of Nineteen. Eighteen in this faddish Lou peaked just a month later in early. January nineteen eighteen which means that the flu was going on during World War. One more people died from the Spanish flu than died from bullets in World War. One think about that more people died in the Spanish flu than the war basically. That's it. The economic impact of the United States came in at about one hundred and sixty six point. Five billion dollars now remember. This was nineteen eighteen that would be nearly a trillion dollars in today's dollars areas of the. Us were hit hard. In the winter of one thousand nine hundred eighteen coal deliveries were so affected that many people in New England all along the East Coast couldn't keep their homes warm and they froze to death that winter thousands of businesses across the country were closed. Not for a lack of staff so much as those that were out sick with the flu. It was said that an individual a healthy adult could come in with symptoms of flu. Spanish flu in the morning. Be Sick throughout the day and the following morning he or she would be dead in September of Nineteen Eighteen Philadelphia. Held its liberty loan parade to raise money for war bonds. The patriotic procession consisted of soldiers. Boy Scouts marching bands and local dignitaries and stretch for two miles over two hundred thousand spectators packed the sidewalks seventy two hours after the parade all thirty one hospitals Philadelphia were full and twenty. Six hundred people died with by the end of that week. The Public Health Response. Saint Louis couldn't have been more different. This is something we need to pay attention to today. Even before the first case of Spanish flu have been reported in the city health commissioners looking at other cities and states and the commissioner Dr Max Stark off had local physicians on high alert and Rodent aditorial on the Saint. Louis Post dispatch about the importance of voiding crowds in San Francisco. Health officials put their full faith behind gauze masks and isolation California governor. William Stevens declared that it was a patriotic duty of every American citizen to wear a mask and stay in quarantine. San Francisco eventually made it law citizens cotton public without a massacre worried. Improperly were arrested charged with disturbing the peace and fine five dollars but the Spanish flu circle the Earth. Three times and San Francisco's luck ran out when the third wave of the Spanish flu struck in January. Nineteen nineteen believing mass. Were the main reason that they done so well. With the first wave of the Spanish flu they felt is what saved them. Businesses and theaters. This is during the third wave fought back against public idea that you couldn't gather in public as a result. San Francisco ended up suffering some of the highest death rates from the Spanish flu. Nationwide that proves the isolation. A quarantine makes a difference. The two thousand seven analysis found that if San Francisco had kept all of its anti-flu protections in place. That would be quarantined. Through the spring of Nineteen nineteen could have reduced deaths by ninety percent the immediate economic consequences of nineteen eighteen down from the panic surrounding the spread of the flu. Large cities including New York and Philadelphia were essentially temporarily shut down as their populations became bedridden as it is now in Italy. A lot of lessons to be learned here. Businesses were closed in both cities. Sporting events cancelled private gatherings council including funerals band so that they could spread the disease. So what's the takeaway aside from a history lesson a Lotta takeaways the lesson from nineteen eighteen or many but there are three that standout I the public health response to the spread of the disease must focus on containment? The reason why the nineteen eighteen pandemic resulted in so many death was as so many people caught the disease so fast in the first place and that was before containment that was before quarantined. That was when people were wondering what's going on. This isn't a regular flu season. They were exposed. Because policymakers failed to stop the spread. Indeed there in actions helped spread the flu more widely communicable disease control policy works researchers found that US cities which implemented efforts to reduce infectious contact between people early in nineteen. Eighty outbreak had significantly lower peak death rates than cities that were later to adopt disease containment policies. The second lesson is a good information is Akitas to disease control. We cannot afford a media blackout or worse. An Act of disinformation campaign and we can already see that terrible consequences of such policies in Iran and China. The truth always comes out eventually. There is nothing to be gained from hiding it. Indeed government stand to lose if censorship leads to social unrest political. Scientists are speculating on the long term. Political impact of media manipulation of the corona virus news from China and remember there are three classic stressors that create fear that is something that is unpredictable uncontrollable and sustained and from those three. Stressors comes fear. Communication gets rid of those stressors. The third lesson is that we must prepare for the economic and human consequences of the virus enact to minimize its impact. This pandemic is both a shock to demand and supply justice. So disease is highly contagious. So too is the economic crisis in causes the Labor lost from implementing the recommended fourteen days of self-isolation for suspected cases alone will have serious economic him implications no doubt closing down entire regions or countries are as recently enacted. Italy will no doubt cause a recession? Nusa fiscal policy measures must now also come into play individuals and low-paid precarious employment to serve targeted attention. As much as anyone else where medical care and sick. Leave our costly. This can force people to go to work. Even if they're still carrying the virus justice in one thousand nine hundred eighteen people are polluted. Urban areas are likely to be particularly at risk. These populations that are already more susceptible to respiratory illness due to environmental factors. This would be like are homeless cities special measures help. These groups must be considered. I called this the forgotten pandemic and it was produced here night all sound studio and repeated on request I received over one hundred requests to hear this once again with the little commentary in between brought to you by the Rogue Valley Metaphysical Library of books of mystery and adventure life on the edge at Kit. Crump DOT com internationally known PSYCHIC AND MEDIUM. Sharon Bauer author of the book. Life Eternal love immortal. I'm kick crumbs. Stay well and thanks for listening.

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Scott Highmark

Scoops with Danny Mac

12:52 min | 10 months ago

Scott Highmark

"Hit a home run and get pre-approved for your next refinance or home purchase at the home loan expert Dot Com. Enjoy the PODCAST. Welcome into my podcast with Scott. Hi Mark One. One of the most decorated student athletes in Slough basketball history. Native Saint Louis in came onto the sports scene as a High School Star Parkway West lifting them to their first and only state title back in Nineteen ninety-one at that time he set the state record for points in a championship game at thirty against Colombia. Hickman men his senior year. He was named the Saint. Louis Post dispatch player of the year. First team all state in this visit will talk about playing for Charlie Spoon. Our why he went into Slu and what he's doing now. He had a brief professional basketball career overseas and now is the president of Mosaic Family Wealth a registered investment investment advisory in multifamily office with headquarters. You guessed it right here. In Saint Louis this is brought to you by Triad Bank triad. Bank is a full all service. Financial Institution established in two thousand five a mission to provide a wide range of commercial and personal banking services to closely held businesses. We do our business miss their. It's scoops Danny Mac dot com walk through the doors of Triad Bank in Clayton. And you'll see that they're there to help you. Jim will come out. Meet you with a cup of coffee and talk about the best options for you see more triad banking dot com up next to visit with Scott. Hi Mark it's all aboard the newest restaurant in Saint Louis. The train shed at union the installation perfect place before and after blue's in Cardinal Games historic Saint Louis. Union station is downtown's newest. Dining destination train sheds create a pub and the Soda Fountain. Modern Diner. The train shed union station Scotty first of all. Thanks for stopping by absolutely. Thanks for having me. You Bet what what made you decide to stay at home and go to Slough. Yeah great question I it was interesting. I was reflecting on that the other day and and first of all Always always want to make sure people rich. Our was recruited me so he and his staff in an incredible job of recruiting me and actually there were four or five of us from the Singles Eagles Basketball Club including Julian Winfield a couple of other guys. We all went together either. So they kind of recruits as a group but I will tell you rich ground and his staff did an incredible job handwritten notes every single day from our from the time. I was a sophomore mortels junior until I had actually signed on the dotted line and just the idea of being in my hometown. Being able to play in front of my family and friends get a great education. Wanted to go in the business school. It was just a perfect combination to stay right here in town. What were the other schools you were looking at well? It really came down to Mizzou. I had a visit to you would have been perfect. Yeah you know. Ironically I went on my visit I came back in a week later. They got into sanctions. I don't know if you remember that the early nineties. He's in so. They lost the scholarships that they offered me and three other guys so it was kind of a little bit of an odd time. They were more in the country so it was very tempting that Doug Smith Anthony Peeler. They had had things rolling but that became a little bit more clear to me that I was supposed to stay home once that happened. It was Kinda came down to those two schools. To Visit Su- Minnesota a Stanford Iowa state schools. Like that. When you hear that the number one team in the country is recruiting? You visit put in perspective like man I I belong. I'm I'm pretty good at this. Yeah it was. It was an honor that they would recruit me but it's also scary because I wasn't sure can I really play at this level and I wasn't even sure I could play at Saint Louis until I got there in one of the big things. In addition to coach our in my friends going there was they. The the my freshman year was the first year of the Great Midwest Conference so that was a game changer when you talk about conference affiliation because they went from the MCC to the Great Midwest which included Cincinnati and the state at the time and UAB in Dayton Marquette into Paul and that was a game changer from an opportunity to play at the highest level. So I felt like I could play at the highest level but stay in my hometown and go to the school. I wanted to go to when you watch the game today. It seems like shooting the basketball is is not an art anymore. You're one of the great shooters ever to come out of this town What makes simple question honestly? What makes a great shooter mechanics in? REPETITION is what I was a lot of practice but you can practice the wrong way right. I mean you and I both play golf. You can go out and hit her all day long. And if you're hitting a bra already yeah Jay delsing or other people would say well. You're you're just reinforcing bad habits so really. The important thing is to get the right mechanics early and I had a coach in Memphis Tennessee. Before I moved to Saint Louis who taught me the McCain. I was twelve years old and he taught taught me the right mechanics. I literally never changed my rest of my life. And then it was just a matter of repetition and just wanting to. I just wanted to be a gym rat and just live in the gym but it but if I had bad had mechanics and that's why wouldn't you know you and I do games and and when I see somebody with bad mechanics or the rotations off it just bothers me because I know you can't be a consistently pure shooter mechanics Sarong. You were recruited by rich but then you played a lot for spoon when you think of Charlie Spoon. Our I love him. I did. Games are them. I love being around. It was so much fun. What was it like to play Charlie Spoon? Our it was the best. It was the best in fact. The recruiting process of all the coaches. That recruited me came to my home etc.. I always always thought Charlie spoon our I said that's the God loves to play for a wanted to go to school at Saint. was you but in the process. He was so disarming so fun and you can just tell right away that he truly cared about you as a person and so he came into my sophomore year and it was such a blessing because I ended up getting to play for him and he the first thing he he said to me was after my freshman year we were five and twenty three and he said listen. This is not your job. This is not life and death. This is my job but this is supposed to be fun and we're GonNa Make Basketball Fun for you. We're going to work hard. But we're also going to play hard. And he was consistent to that word from the day he got to the day. I graduated whether I went two for eighteen from the from the field one game. It didn't matter I didn't feel as if he had shame he always would ask me about my family. My grades my girlfriend. Whatever whatever he just truly cared about as you know he's a tool he was authentic? He was genuine in just made a lot of fun. I always say that spoon ball was one of the great eras ever in in basketball. All in this town whether you're talking about high school or college you were in the middle of it. You're the face of it and a lot of ways. You Erwin Claggett H Waldman Donnie Dobbs. All these great names that come from the past if you were to define what spoon ball was how how would you define it. You know it was. It was a fun brand of basketball to watch. I think that's why we had such such great crowds seventeen eighteen thousand people you had. You had a leader like Charlie Spoon Hour. You don't hear often people say. I went to the game to watch a coach but I hear that all the time like the people love to come watch and support Charlie spooner because he was as a person but it was a fun brand of basketball and I credit spoon if you think about his days at southwest Missouri State of Missouri estate the way they played down there was was very much defensive-minded. Slow it down work. The clock Berry hard team team to play against a didn't score a lot of points but he came here solve that we had a different skill. Set you know probably weren't as defensively minded as you like. And and he changed the way he coach based on the personnel which I think ended up being a fun brand of basketball an having a little bit of local connections where you had kids from Saint Louis Louis playing at your hometown school for coach. Charley spoon our really just became magical broadcasting. Now is part of your life. How much do you enjoy it? I love it. I mean I blame you. You got me into it. The ugly row you did you absolutely you said Hey. Have you ever done any television. I said absolutely not he said let's do a game. I got okay here. We are twenty five years later. It's great I love it. I love being with you. I love calling. The Games keeps me connected. I still get butterflies before the game. As if I'm playing the only thing is after after I have. I still have conviction about my hometown team winning but I sleep better at night than I did as a player coach. What do you think about the team now? Under Travis Ford Award and just the style. They play in the excitement. They're starting to bring back to to Billick and basketball. Tell you I love the way. He's building a program. He's building a sustainable program. He did not come in and try to say. This is going to be a quick fix or we're going to get a bunch of junior college players. He bought he bought in freshman and he bought a few transfers to compliment. But he's building it steadily overtime in building a foundation that's building building upon itself in stacking recruiting class. So now on your in your four and I think whether they make the tournament not. This year's team is better than last year there. They have more depth. Yep they're starting to play the style that he wants to play think about. He played for Rick Pitino. He wants to play fast. He wants to get out. He wants to shoot it. He'd like to score more in the seventies and eighties have the personnel yet. To do that. But you're starting to see him build the depth so that he can ultimately play the style. But I think in your four. He's right on track and you know this could be a top twenty five perennial program in Travis. Four we're very lucky to have him. It's kind of you know you look against Aga- and you look at some of these. The the programs that don't play in the the huge power fives but yet they have a great situation of building a situation of a city that supports it. Bilican fans will and the basketball fans here will. I'm kind of with you. I think you can make this into a team that not only gets into the NCAA tournament every year but does some damage. And then you get that one or two kids elite and you never know what happened. Yeah it doesn't take a lot in basketball you. You get a good core foundation. You've got incredible facilities by the best facilities in their league. You've got tons of community support your in a major market yet lots of exposure. And you put that all together with a coach who's dynamic and has has a re dynamic staff that can recruit and attract the right kids and a good culture and a good administration with Chris. May I think they've got all the elements like you. You said be via Gonzaga be a saint. Mary's Xavier a butler. You think about the consistency that those programs have had for the last twenty years. That's what you're trying to build. A Villa Nova. Blues Fan joined the Party all season long at hotshot sports bar and Grill and one of their eleven area locations great food and drink specials available during every blues game. It is your home for Blues Hockey. Remember the blue scored five game this season. You get hotshots legendary tacos for one dollar each the next day find hotshots near you at hotshots. Net Dot com proud partner of the saint. Louis I hope you know about this chinooks rewards APP. If for some reason you don't wear have you been the whole city has been downloading loading this if you're a chinooks rewards member you're going to earn points and the next time you're H nooks. You can use those points for money off digital coupons on the items you want most download they should nukes rewards APP. Get the APP that get you I. I'm going to wrap it up with this I always use you as an example with. I'm serious about with parents or young kids that I talked to about recruiting. Because I'll get asked about it. I said well you can go to that big school out there and and that's fine. That's what you WanNa do and that's great. I said but if you're looking for life beyond basketball and you wanna stay at home and create a name to where you can build a business and your second life so to speak. Look what Scott. Hi Mark has has done so for people that don't know explain what you're doing and I know you're highly successful in your business Well thank you for saying that. I've been in the investment wealth management business. Since I got out of squash played for almost a year in Australia New Zealand and then figuring out I was too slow and not good enough to play for a living and came back in and start in the business and now we have our own company the Mosaic Family Wealth and just incredibly grateful that that I've been put in the situation to be able to work with great families great employees and clients and I love what I do. I'm more excited now than I've ever been but it's hard to think about that as an eighteen year old fortunate my my parents were able to give me some of that perspective and they said Scott Basketball I was GONNA end at some point. You're probably going to be twenty two twenty three years old. Think about the next sixty years of your life beyond that and there's not a day not that you still got a delivered delivered a client. You've got to deliver value every single day and your business just like you do. But there's not a day that doesn't come that go by where somebody doesn't spring up billick in basketball right in my career career and that sort of thing so it can be helpful if used in the right way and and again every kid thinks they're going to play in the NBA. We know that it's it's the top of the top and most of them aren't so the ability stay in my hometown play from my hometown team and then make a career bill family and legacy here. I'm just incredibly grateful. Thank you sir. Yeah thank you good to be with you hair saloon for men. You'll receive the perfect haircut complimentary beverage relaxing shampoo towel and complementary shoeshine all for just twenty two dollars. Hair saloon for men.

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Derrick Goold- February 24, 2020

Scoops with Danny Mac

12:40 min | 9 months ago

Derrick Goold- February 24, 2020

"Hit a home run and get pre-approved for your next refinance your home purchase at the home loan expert Dot Com. Enjoy the podcast coming to you from the Lou fuse automotive studios on scoops with Danny Mac dot com. Where in Jupiter Florida? The Games had begun and a chance to visit with Derek Gold of stltoday.com and the Saint Louis Post dispatch and Derek. Couple of games In the books and I found it interesting on the first game for the cardinals which was on Saturday You're covering a different team in a different look. And maybe how fans evaluate this team Tell me that experience of going to see the Astros. Open up against Washington. I mean to be fair. I did do a double header that day. I did do my job watching the cardinals Dan. I know I know. Just men with my questions will you okay. Then I went south to see Max Scherzer pitch against the Astros on the Astros. First Game Since the you know the firings and the commissioners investigation into the signs stealing since they just were involved in a scandal It was their first start. Our first game I can't really say though that it was those astros first game because there was no regular in the lineup. They really that was interesting. Wasn't it yeah and gas? It shouldn't have been surprised but it's it also speaks to like Houston here. They are again. I mean there are rules about this stuff. You GotTa put four regulars in the lineup right. And it's rare home game and they didn't do his their home gave their home in their home fans and they did not give a single regular the the the lineup that they had Dan. They're combined zero plate appearances zero plate appearances in the postseason. Yeah I don't know how they get away with that. I I was yeah. I was shocked so that lineup stoled it or something. You Know Dusty. Baker was asked about it and he said you know look. The young guys are ahead of the veterans at this point but I mean it is what it is you know why he's doing it But YOU'RE GONNA have to face the music at some point you are and he said he would start trickling them in You know in a way. It was like a nod to the nationals. Let them have their night. There were far more national fans that have bought tickets to a Houston home game. Then Astros fans there's A. There's a real interesting question down there You know sort of press box shattered beyond but at least worth watching is if the Houston fans. Stay away from this team You know I've been wondering that too. Yeah a lot of talent. They have a lot of charisma. But you know will Houston fans show up the ones who did war there war everything I mean. They were dressed to stand out as Houston fan so Kudos to them But there was a lot more nationals fans than than the Astros fans internationals home game. And there's was an interesting kind of atmosphere you know. You have the bane of the chairs. The signs were taken by ushers. So there wasn't a whole lot of signs there Lots and lots of booze for players. Who had no role in it a very very public? I didn't put this and I should have put this in my story but a very very public hug from day Martinez in Dusty Baker before the game during the national anthem I I think you know just in being around there that day what I realized and kind of knew going in Dan. But what I realized is that Houston is GONNA come out of this. Houston is going to have a good season Houston is going to reclaim its reputation. It's GONNA be because dusty Baker is there it's going to be because baseball really likes dusty. Baker and there are a lot of people who think dusty Baker got a raw deal the nationals before they go off win the world series and you know dusty Baker who people are yeah. Let's talk about the cardinals couple of games in the books. Some guys are starting to stand out. I get it. It's only two games but What drew your attention over the weekend when Mondo Sosa first and foremost From a position player standpoint. Strong play defensively. They're the first game than continued strong. Play defensively in the second game. Port Saint Lucie Had the game tying home run had a single to right field pulled a ball off over the wall for the two run homer to tie the game. Three three which is where finished so Just so suggest a strong kind of look I mean just to be more confident player Always had a lot of verve and a Lotta Style. When it came to defense and very reliable he might be. He's on the shortlist for the best defensive player's ING care Probably behind Wong as far as infielders go and behind. Baiter as far as all fielders go and pry behind Thomas but right there maybe just even a straight ahead of all the tourists. But he's always had that it's the offense. Where was the offense GonNa come from consistently take? Could you take a competitor? That could he could. He provide the majors and early but he's shown to do couple. Good Games pitching wise. You saw Genesis Cabrera outing. In the first game of Daniel Pawn Stay Leone was the best pitcher against the mets Three strikeouts good stuff good consistency of mechanics Real you know Just a real assured competitiveness to a matter. You know he's a bit ahead of the other guys because he's trying to make an impression. I thought the other guy that really stood out for me. And it's only one bad but just how carpenter took the ball to left field. Now he had vice. Yeah and and you know. I'm going to bet primarily. The other one was was wind. Aided in being base hit but the first time the ball got deep and he took it to left field. Took it with authority. Which is what. We all have been clamoring about with the shift in particular with Matt Carpenter. And if he's going to get back to the hitter that he was which was to use all fields with authority That's a good sign. I took away that as being an important and I get it. It's only one at bat but I watch him and be. Everything's trying to go to left. There's concerted effort with what he's trying to do and I. I just thought that could be a very important. You know stepping stone in the right direction for him. Yeah live EP. To be exactly You see that against against pitchers who knows what he's trying to do and try to use it against him. I saw him wainwright Ganz Matt Carpenter and live EP. And of course car Wainwright's GonNa want ads. Success and execute those pitches in South. And so he was like all right. You can go the other way with me. Here's what I'm GonNa do any and it worked but you saw carpenter still going like okay that pitch. I go the other way as a pop up. Okay what do I do? You know what I mean. Just kind of thinking through the of what and where he can do with what pitches if his swing is right and he has drilled so much on getting that swing back to where it was where. It's not you know it's sweeping zone not flicking the zone. It's it's driving the ball. The left field not wafting. Its left field It's attacking balls on the outside of the plate. Not ignoring them for a ball. Call or for strike call. You know that he stares at in walked back to the dugout man. I I just think that you know he. He has such a such an innate and gifted feel for the strike zone that act gives him a head start as he now looks to experiment and really focus on. Okay what can I do with A more a signature swing and what he can do as far as driving the ball. I hope you know about this. Chinooks rewards out. If for some reason you don't wear have you been the whole city has been downloading this. If you're a chinooks rewards member you're going to earn points and the next time you're H nooks. You can use those points for money off digital coupons on the items you want most download the chinooks rewards APP. Get the APP that gets you hair saloon for men. You'll receive the perfect haircut complimentary beverage relaxing shampoo. Hot Towel and Amend Complimentary Shoeshine all produced twenty two dollars. Hair saloon for man. Blues Fan joined the Party all season long at hotshot sports bar and Grill at one of their eleven area locations great food and drink specials available during every blues game. It is your home for Blues Hockey. Remember of the blue scored five any game. This season you get hotshots legendary tacos for one dollar each the next day. Find a hotshots near you at hotshots. Net Dot com proud partner of the Saint Louis Blues K. K. Kim made his debut on Saturday. And I thought it looked pretty good. Pretty good curveball is. I'm really interesting to see how he Works with that. You know it's what they would call a show. Now you'll strike Hussein like sixty eight sixty nine miles an hour with that curve. Yeah in any any telegraphy you know. So it's it's something that you know. He's got a not let the hitter. No it's common but if play off the slider I think his fastball plays and the split plays and it's what does he bring those to you. Know I mean. Don't don't rule them out as uh closer guy that is possible other teams looked at him as a potential closer to the cardinals will too. I think to the other one that stood out to me or at least two players that stood out. I love the advanced by Dylan. Carlson and Nolan Gorman. I mean you're seeing a difference even a year later with those guys really. I think a lot would nolan. Gorman agree yeah. I totally agree in control in the box. I mean he always had a lovely swing right like really lovely left. Handed swing just lofting power natural and everything like that just a lot to like about his swing but you wondered how in control of the strike zone. He was like how where he was you know. I mean he'd run into a home run but would he go up there and create a home run. Does that make sense? And I think you know just in watching him In lobby P watching him and the P. watching him now in games he just he looks like a guy who just has a keener high for the type of pitchy needs to then do damage with very. I've been very impressed. He's got a a quietness to him. That wasn't there last year. Our wrap it up with this. Should there be any concern with Goldschmidt? Not Playing Defense with the elbow. What do you think some some Time a few years ago with an elbow issue You know it's so went on the Mistime with the diamondbacks He has described it as just pain and let him to shut down and now it's a matter of rebuilding his strengths. So that you know he doesn't create a worse injury clearly. It's something that he's managed You know we can debate how valuable that is for first Baseman But you don't what you don't want. Is that one dramatic violent. Throw that he's not ready to make to cause an injury that does put them out for a while. And that's what they're protect he gets its now limited him at the plate is not limiting in drills is not letting limited as far as batting practice goes so as of right. Now it's it's some not Not a five alarm fire though agreed. Hey Derek love doing these in. We'll catch up again tomorrow. Thanks so much looking forward to it. Dan Another game another day and soon we're off the northport to see what it's like where Atlanta is. Now you bet should be fun. Thanks Derrick thank the McLaughlin here to tell you about the hometown automotive family. I trust the most the loop US automotive network and you know they are saint. Louis Lou has been a part of Saint Louis for over seven decades. They're proud to support Saint Louis in the surrounding areas with cars youth. Sports and charitable efforts. Fourteen brands ten locations just visit views dot com to start shopping today.

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Caught Offside: Positive press

Caught Offside

59:10 min | 2 years ago

Caught Offside: Positive press

"I think smoking always affected my daily life because I was a closet smoker. It really sort of controlled my entire day. My boss is the one that recommended jewel, so I decided to give it a try. You don't get any of the odor of smoking. There's no ash all over your car. I would say give it a try, get the flavor and satisfaction of smoking without the mess of cigarette. Asher lingering odor switch to Joel check, OJ dot com. Slash sports. If you don't smoke, Vate, don't start warning. This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical. Caught off side with and j. j. d. Benny. Offside for the Upper West side of Manhattan. Andrew, gunslinger j. j. vani what's up man. Hey, how are you in this international break? Yeah, we're coming out of it. We're on the the other side now as it is a Premier League weekend that awaits us, but that is a pod for another day tomorrow. Mainly, yes, we'll have a primarily tomorrow, but but how you get to the international break, I have discovered Citi bike, no, I'm all about Citi bike. You're one of those people? I, it's the only way I want to travel now for those people outside of New York City bike is basically an app where you can pick up a bike at a depth and cycle somewhere and deposited somewhere. And it's all just all say this, I respect you for it. You're, you're getting a workout in. It's probably fun. It is fun to see the city in new life. Yeah. However, as somebody who drives in this city because I drive to work every day, I can tell you that if I ran for mayor. My only platform would be. No biking allowed in in the city that I would eliminate it completely. So you wouldn't units there are just some streets now, the streets that have bike lanes, fine. Everyone like you stay in your lane, the car stays in their line, but that's not. That's like, what would you say five percent of the streets in Manhattan? Well, it's a lot more than it used to be, but in true, it's still not asthma can. So you were? I'm driving there are no bike lanes and it's it's just the work on. It's scary, it will. It can be, but because you have some bikers who follow the rules of the road and then other ones who just don't give a damn, oh, red light, but I'm on a bike. So the rules don't apply cars. We'll wait. Cars will move out of my way. You think you're gonna kill people because they don't care. Because if you're suddenly you're on a bike and it's just like rules, don't matter if I were running for mayor JJ. That would be it. I'd be such a Grinch candidate. You really will biking on my street note, you don't care about carbon footprints. Anything like that by an electric car. I don't care, but just know bikes anyway, it took me eleven minutes to cycle. Oh, but a nice leisurely pace from where time square? Yep, it was lovely, obsolete. Urine is. I'm sure it is. We have a lovely podcast that's going to be headed your way on a pro. I'll tell you why. It's lovely because thing is happening in Columbus that you and I never expected to be happening, and that is that saved. The crew hashtag appears to have worked and it's incredible and a year roughly a year ago at this time was when we began the campaign has saved the crew who was basically when we found out that they were probably what at the time felt like probably leaving and we had Andrew Erickson on from the Columbus post dispatch to talk about what exactly was happening there, and it was a grim bleak interview. And now here we are roughly a year later because it was right around playoff time and it seems like everything's changed and sure enough into Ericsson is gonna come back on the show tonight to talk to us about what has happened. How did we get from point a to point b because it seems like it was not a straight line. So that should be really, really interesting. For all you save the crew hours out there. Also red card man of the match and feeling good about about both of mine. I've a very interesting man of the match. Okay. When I did not think I would be handing out its to Chelsea f c, but the reason is you're, you're giving this all the way. Now interest. I'm only giving away at that. It's Chelsea on I while I hate Chelsea before we get into what we were planning on starting the show with. And that was the friendlies for the US men's national team. We should say, I guess if we're getting out are women of the match that is the US woman because they have officially qualified for next year's World Cup in France. So congratulations to them. Now they are as we're recording. They are twenty minutes away from kickoff right now between the US and Canada in there in a qualifier which doesn't really matter. No teams have qualified for the CONCACAF women's championship bragging rights against you could say on, I suppose they'll want to add to their twenty four goals in four games. And just their utter dominance of the rest of cap? Yeah, it was pretty much a. I mean, not pretty. It was literally a breeze for them. It was. It was not competitive knowledge really wasn't, but they still donors. Exactly. Like it's it's they did exactly what they're supposed to do. They can only control how they play and they played very well. It was never really scary for them at any point, which is what's supposed to happen. And as we know all too well in the sport, it's not what always happens. So I give them credit and you know, like Carli Lloyd Tobin heath, Meghan repeal like the star players are playing star players. This is Julie Foudy on ESPN talking about how it feels like the US women kind of have their swagger back team play with this Wagner in a long time for the United States. I mean, we've always been a country that took pride in being a flooding and strong and fit, and always the challenge which has been on the men's. And the women's side of course, has been worse that creative player, where's the player who can break down a compact defense. And I think with the loss to Sweden in the quarterfinals of the Olympics, and we've talked a lot about this over the last three years. First time, the US team women's team has never made it to the medal rounds of a world championship a World Cup or an Olympics, and what it did is it force Jill Ellis to say, where are those creative players? And I need to start developing them. And so you're seeing the fruits of that labor and Tobin hate looking really good rose. Lavelle who we talked about Lindsay Horon having a ton of confidence repeat? No. And so really that starting ten in front of listen air, they're all excellent on the ball and good at getting forward. Is what she's saying. I would agree with a lot of what she has to say there. I think swaggers too strong a term. Considering the opposition I will say that they're Lavalin particular is impressed me. There's a lot of older players who've come in and have looked really good bought this team, the creative ticking heart of this team is still Meghan repay no, very much. So on against better opposition, you need more player stepping up to the place. And basically it's very hard to judge wear. They're out against this opposition, but we will have a World Cup here next next summer. I'm we World Cup to follow here and it should be fun. It was a ton of fun. Three years ago it gave us the greatest drop you've ever ever had a y which won the, oh, you have to hit it. It's about being somewhere. Oh, you mean this one? Oh, in space. You were on the edge of your seat. Watching the game on Carli Lloyd found herself in speed, and you may weird like almost I've always been part of more partial to this one. Yeah, that had nothing to do with any of that was you were hep dope on sugar bean, whatever was, let's see. Now, let's get into the US men as they are coming off a couple of friendlies against Colombia and Peru. Now, I guess last in the last go around in September, we kind of did sort of like a stock up stock down. What can we do that again? Yeah, absolutely. I have. I have exactly that in front of me guys who are just general concepts that it feels like our stock up and which ones are on their way down. We'll go back and forth here. I'll I'll give you my first one. I have more stock ups than I do stocks down. I would agree with that too. I've called it down stock though, rising stock in downstate, that must be a European distinction that that is made. No, some things I call an i. r. people. We'll never see eye to eye on. I call my broker everyday in ago. Check on the down, stop for me, and he goes by low tanks and I handled. That's it. And you've made millions of dollars off of that. My first one I actually went with Jonathan name on because he of did what I was hoping he would do now. He's a teenager and so there were clearly moments with him where you could see it's all very raw. There were times where his decision making you kinda hope that he would maybe like get rid of the ball a little bit earlier that was the one opportunity against Peru early in the game. When you know he, he did all like a lot of the hard work. He broke through down the left and had Timothy way in, oh, in space, but couldn't quite connect with them on the past. But I just. Like I said, leading into those games, the prospect of him being there was intriguing to me because I want more speed a won't more athleticism. And he like right away. You could see, oh, he has those things. I agree with that. He does. He does look role, but there's there's. I mean, that's per the reports we've been getting from Denmark. That's pretty much what is coaches have been saying and people who've seen him put. He looks at talent, Andre, he looks like he could definitely contribute to this team. Yeah. So he was exciting to me what? What's your first one that you have my stock and it has to be rising stock because people are going to go all. Will you knew about them already, but he's playing in the fourth tier of German football. He's in vertebras reserves, Josh sergeants touches versus Peru. They were relatively limited, but everything he did was magnificent. The fourteen minute flick which released the aforementioned Amman was just brilliant. He's got his back to go white on the right hand side on he has the vision on the awareness to open up. The play an ordinary center forward, and this is why I don't think he is one when pulled out of that position under. We'll do what he'll try and hold the ball up on the line and bring others into play with that quick thinking, he made a huge opportunity for the United States on Amman overcooked up all to Tim Wailua the the twenty six minute pass to a cost totally Fillon onto the radar. That was just it was Berkemp ask the way he played him in. It was excellent. Noah cost touch was terrible. So that's why we forgot about it, but it was. It was fantastic. Forty, six minutes right before the gold chases Dona, fairly ordinary ball into the box. Christ turns sharply and sets up way that should have been another one Croix Burke. You can say where I'm going with this on, and then the goal that says the clever run good delivery from a cost to give him his ju on an a fine finish weeding in the opposite facing the opposite direction, facing the corner flag to to steer into the bottom corner. Everything I see with him. Andrew suggests he's more than a goals guy. Now I should probably tone it down a little bit. He hasn't made a senior appearance yet. Four and knee one, but I have this is why I'm so high on him. I think he's much more than a goalkeeper then a goal scorer he's definitely more than a goalkeeper much more than a goal score, I think is goal creator and he's, he's giving me feelings that I, I don't usually get with American soccer players. Yeah, I definitely enjoyed them in this game as well. The goal that he scored can we just talk about for a minute, like why you your work on the set-pieces a grit? That is it's, it is great, but like how come that's not a thing that just happens way more often across the spy would agree with you. But I think that there is a first of all, there's two reasons. There is a general laziness amongst teams about how they set up their set-pieces. We saw England do the stock formation that I saw on a US highschool feel ten years ago, and it was unbelievable there in a row, and then they break off today. But like you said, why isn't it done more often? Why y from set-piece? Aren't there. More original things happening. Here's another reason. I believe the second reason there are guys who delivered the ball soul. Well, now that whippet in with so much pace, that eight becomes just a thing like grease men. For example, Ericsson for example, just let them do it. Let them do guests. Someone gets a flick, but but those even the guys who do that at the level of guys like you're talking about, it's still feels. I was gonna say, fifty fifty, but the the stats probably bear out that the percentages are in the favor of defender, heading it away before it gets to an attack, I would say so too. But if you run a set piece like this, you're I would say almost guaranteed of now. I can't tell you if the, if the shots going to be blocked, but you're, I feel like you're nearly guaranteed of at least being able to get a shot off. And then like what happened with Josh's sergeant. It takes a deflection and it goes in. I just don't understand why it's not a thing that happens more often, one hundred percent. I agree with you by the way if people wanna check out my favorite misdirection setpiece it's england-argentina woke up ninety eight fly. Sorry. Second round on its heavy in that he's cool, but it's not on that often. Well, things are going to change. I can feel it. Let's see. My next one JJ I went with the this. I guess this is kind of a cop out, but I went with the entire back line from the Peru match for the entire back. Until up until a point. And when we got to stock down, I'll get to that point. I know I know the name of that point. But look, I think coming into the game, I believe Taylor, twelve and set at the start that be combined number of caps among the starting defenders for the US was six. It's like nothing, right. I I, it's just like a completely fresh faced sweat. And the leader of that is carbon. Ca Cameron Carter Vickers who has like barely done anything really of significance for the US in his on loan. Once again, it's Wasi. I mean, that was a really, really inexperienced group playing against a side not identical to, but a world a team that went to a World Cup that couldn't be a bit of a tall order. And I thought they held up well Carter Vickers sweat long cannon, Prue had lengthy stretches of possession in this game, and it felt like that back for remained organized throughout what were some e- even when I guess they're even moments when things broke down for the US and things could have gotten frightening, and they stayed calm. For example, the giveaway in midfield by Josh Arjun in the first half dangerous moment in the game, it led to a counter bitterly in the first two or three minutes was that I was very, very, yeah. It was going to say, I ten, but you might. Be right now lead to a dangerous counterattack for Perot, but the defense, those back for remained calm. They got back and they cleared and and there was no damage done Carter Vickers later in the game misplayed ahead her which is not a good thing, but calmly recovered got back into position and headed away and cleared away. What could have been dangerous ball in now? That was, it was eventually rulers an offside. It wouldn't have counted had gone in, but the fact the Carter Vickers stayed calm. Got back headed out. I was impressed with them. I just generally was I thought that you can look at mistakes on the goal, and I don't think that you can necessarily look at any of those four guys as being the primary culprits and for a group as inexperienced as they were playing on the international level, I give them credit so out the stuck up for for those four. This is a fairly quick one for me. Rising stock those who were not present. If you look at the fullback position, the left hand side, and we know if I being Johnson can slot in there. If you Haas to, we have not solved that problem whatsoever. If you look at. Anthony Robinson in the first game against Colombia, against the experienced Arias, Arias just. Dave Sarkin hot to make change there. He left it all game on areas. Just absolutely destroyed him down that side on so far in Johnson, straight on Ben sweat did not impress me when he came in for for his debut on. So therefore five being Johnson can look at that. If he if he wishes to return, there was rumors that he wants to retire, we don't know. But if if he wishes to return that is somewhere where he can slot into a better job, tighter Adams, Weston mckennie in the center of the park. Nobody has combing joining this two game stand on a made me think in that position in central midfield. I like what Michael Bradley is doing, or I like what will Trump is doing. So those guys, those who were not present their stock has risen in their absence. Okay, that's fair. Although I don't think that like looking at the guys who are playing with maybe the exception of will trap. I think most people know like the guy like those spots don't feel like they're endangered to me like, I think everyone knows Weston mckennie has shown us a lot and we know, but we're if we're putting a, I. Team group out there right now, like he's probably going to be considered for I. Yeah, but I'm just saying that you know the alternatives, the options to play, even alongside west and come in McKinney dependent on formation, aren't there. They're not there. Yeah. Okay. I see. We're saying my last one for this. I did go with Tim way. Yeah, I thought it I, but I'm interested to hear because I'm not. I'm not convinced on Moya picked him for for rising stock other than the fact that I just like, what I I don't. I don't totally know that I can quantify it. I just like what I see from him. I thought against Colombia. I thought he was good in in the role that he was playing and then against Peru, maybe I don't know. Maybe I would have liked to have seen a little bit more. They were talking on the broadcast about wanting to see him make runs a little bit more centrally, and then he did, but the ball, you know, he made the right run, but the ball just never met him. You know, like he could have had a goal had aim on been able to find him with that ball early in the match. I don't know. He just something about his, like I said, with aim on speed, aggressiveness playmaking ability. You know, he way a drew the yellow card when he's getting rid of, you know, he's a burst of speed and defender has no choice, but to kind of body check them like to the throat face area. And I just I. Continue every time I see him play. I just keep walking away thinking, okay, I want. I just wanna see more. I think because of our low of of YouTube highlights Tim ways going to go do well out of the last two games that ball. He played the breakway in the Bali played for Bobby woods. Going against me was brilliant, but no one's going to talk about something that's important when you're in a team is limited. The United States Camby. He gave away the bowl in the initially dope to the HAMAs Rodriguez goal. Now, a lot had to happen after that, but that was after a sustained period of pressure from Columbia, and we couldn't get the bolts when you get it, it's precious. You can't give it away in their in your own half. You just you simply can't do it. The second thing was on the on one of the goals. I can't remember if it was the third goal foreclosure for Columbia and south Anthony Robinson. He's supposed to be back helping Robinson and they're both standing still when I think it was container slid a ball through for that goal. Whichever goal that was. Was that build up? He was. He was caught out and also last night again caught out on his defensive duties, but cross that comes in has to be caught out noted yet until cover himself in glory. No, but that's such a dangerous ball and way on the replay. If you watch, it makes no effort to get to get across and caught that ball out. Now I love what he's doing going forward. I am excited about him Indus PS g team unexcited book Thomas to chew on what he's saying bought the manager looking forward is going to ask him, are going forward is going to have to ask them to do things other than just get on the ball and be exciting and create a tax. There's another side of the game, especially if he's gonna, find himself in a more midfield position. Let's see stock down. I'll just kind of build off of what you were sort of just talking about their DACA Bobby wood as well. Oh, I'm sorry. Just because he's had more just because he scored Simpson is not yet his skulls permitted for the US is actually pretty shocking in a good way. Yeah, but goals are lifeblood for him right now, and that's a nice little run of what. Got three and three games. Yeah, and it's interesting too because he was in good club form. Yeah, that's what I mean right score. That's okay. I'm including the the gaming scored twice for Hanover, right? So keep it rolling as long as possible because we were kind of questioning what he was turning out to be playing in the Bundesliga and maybe things are turning for him stock down, going up what you said. I, I know that you want to blame Tim way for the goal, which I don't quite understand, but he's got to get out and goes down. I'm just saying there's two, there's two sides to the game, especially when you're in a team that's limited, then I will play the layman's roll here and give you de'andre Ettlin. 'cause that was just disappointing. He was just in the game. He was literally just on the, you've been on the field for two minutes and you're shutting off that quickly. Like already, you've lost interest that's unfair to say, lost interest, but like that's a great ball in even if he goes for it, he's he, it's such an awkward ball to even trained. All right, but go for it. No agree with you. But I think it has to be cut out at source. So we're going to offended. Well, all night again. Peru, I really thought. And then like this guy who's supposed to be one of their best, not just defenders, but best players on the team. He comes on and his almost immediately culpable for the for Seattle, don't you have to stop the brilliant cross outsource, you know? Oh yeah, of course. Look, I'm not. He's not one hundred percent responsible, but I think if I'm laying out blame, he's like ninety. Okay. Okay. So that's disappointing to me that one of our best players comes on and then that's, you know, that's the reason that we give up an equalising goal. When all these young inexperienced players did their job for pretty much the entire night. My down stock, I'll I'll go through pretty quickly Kenan cost despite his goal, his assist across these two games. Decide and all I just you've made it to I, his going against Colombia, extremely weather, Ivan late in the box which man you love from from our midfielders on. He picked out sergeant perfectly. But in his general play on the ball, he gives it away too much not is just something I could level at a couple of players on this team. Ben sweat twenty-seven brilliant for him to make his debut makes debut in time, but on make his full debut. Then the following week, I think that's great. It's a great story. I don't think he should play for America again will trap center mid. It's not happening for me for him. Anthony Robinson had a bad night. I don't think he was house by his his winger on that side, who's got to have a more or by the fact that he was getting skinned by areas and Sarkin did nothing and Kenny safe. One shot over the bar against Colombia is all I can remember from that game, he needed to do more on each just between injury that first time against Ghana. We're came off early. He's just not doing it on its own fortunate because I'm sure he's got more talent than what he's showing. Also down stock Alexi Lalas pessimism at the end considering McKinney pulic were missing considering that sergeant didn't start his his. His pessimism at the end of the the FOX coverage of the Columbia game was on warranted. Absolutely unwarranted for a friendly game. In fact, I have found the way and the blueprint for the next manager to be successful hundred. You wanna hear it quickly course do US gold through Bobby wood shall light the way for the next manager. A formula has emerged from this. The constant complaint across how many years for the US is what. Inability to keep the ball for lengths of time extended Lance that is literally bef- not interrupted, but that is literally my next stock down was the possession, right? So for we see, we don't have food to set temple and controlled, and it doesn't like it looked like solve itself, even McKinney probably won't be that Regina STA that we need our, that we, you know, the top the top teams have, but I don't think it matters. It's not our strength watts, our strength, our strength is turnovers, just like in the Bobby will go. I think if we can't win the ball in our half and Bill back to front through passing, a high energy, pressing game that bypasses all that through turnovers is absolutely something we can be extremely effective in lamenting it works. We've got the personnel. You talk about the the athleticism of Ammon and the scale of Emma and guys like that way with the youth and energy, it's easy to implement in the short windows. That international football offers. It can be our DNA. It can be our culture. I want the next manager to implement that. Oh, look, you'll say to the boys, lots your front. Three. I'm I'm playing with a phone three. By the way you're going to run, you're going to squeeze you're going to press. We're going to turn overs twenty-five Turkey-Iraq from goal instead of trying to pass, oh, from the back, which we can't stay, cannot do we can't. I look, I, I'm so with you, it's it's unbelievable. But the look, the only thing I guess that they would be hesitant about to going all in on that is can you trust your defense? Because once you break through that initial wave of of US players going for the ball on a high press. Okay. Well, now we've gotten those guys out of the way and now they Andrew, that's coaching, but it also takes towns. I need go players back. That's having the correct spacing between you're holding center midge ure defense. I hear what you're saying. You don't want to do what's banded against England play a highlight and get caught with because Sergio around, you know, I mean, he's. I'm with your toddlers faster than I think we, I think we have to try it. I really do. And there were moments against Peru where you saw it pressing a pie, and I thought instead of just do this right, this more get really good at this so and give just sergeant and pulic way and guys like that opportunity. Close to goal. Yeah. My other stock down was just generally the possession game, because once again, the US showed an inability to keep the ball for long stretches and an inability, like you said to string passes together, they can maybe put one or two, but like they just never put together a lengthy move that leads to something like it just has to happen really fast. Like it's like watching the the game last night. It's. Oh, doing nothing doing nothing. Okay. Quick turnover ball calendar Kosta and puts the shot wide. It's just like they don't kind of. They don't keep the ball and let something develop. It's just like, oh my God, we have it. We got to do something right now. Oh, nothing. Nothing materialized. It's just and it's always been this way against opposition that is comparable to or superior to now. Yeah. If you wanna talk about when the playing. Jeans that they've you the, we don't even do it against Honduras. We rarely do it against those teams. But yes, it is. It is a thing that has become frustrating. I mean, look, Peru, Peru aren't even necessarily a team that looked to play possession game. I mean, they're kind of a counteract counterattacking team in their own right? But even against the side like that, US finished with just thirty two percent possession at home game last night. Only five shots only two on target. You say at home. That's another thing stock down some of these crowds, but it just still feels like the US when they go into some of these games, they're just relying like it's worked for him before against Ghana in the World Cup in two thousand fourteen. What are they have like two chances and they scored on both of them. Yeah. I mean, like they're reliant on that though. We're not gonna have many chances, but when we do, we'd better finish them to do. We have enough great finishers that that's that's like the mentality that we can go into games with an attack. But if you're having turnover so much guys like would see a would want opportunity a gold. I just feel like win the ball high up. Field and let your good players play twenty five, twenty tardy yards from goal rather than we don't have Pirlo. He's not taking it off the bye two whore happening here was Taylor, twelve in and Ian Darke afterwards talking about the US's performance every time you and I do United States men's national team game against high quality competition. It comes down to them defending his a group inset pieces win is ever that opportunity and come where you and I talking about in the run of play. They created four, five, six chances. They had a little bit of possession until they get to that point. Then it's going to be the same. Formula defend is a group look for those. They did defend well, and you restrict Peru to very little eleven shots, dull. They still at eleven jets. Again, one of those shots from thirty yards. I agree with you, but on the other hand, they gave away ball. Yeah, lots possession score onto too much, and that's still a concern for me at the highest level since this kind of competition. Can you really compete do that? But it's an inexperienced wanted to young squad and you have to get your experience in your first game and your first goal, whatnot. They got it tonight. Let's see where this progressives do over the next four or five months. White boys. He can't believe he's asking that question. Can you compete at the highest level if you don't Papa get. Iceland, sorry. Yes, you can is long as you have an alternative plan. You can't go out there and try and wing it, like I believe Clinton did for too long or put too much faith in your players. Like other managers have done that. They're going to pass through teams. It's not going to happen, but you can definitely compete Taylor one hundred percent before we move off of this. I guess my last question about the US right now is when do these results start to matter when I'm watching these games? I still don't care in these friendlies. I just wanna you know, I look at certain guys and as Tim way improving like that. That's all I is that step and look comfortable in that, right. The final score has meant nothing to me basically since we were eliminated against Trinidad. When does that finally change? Well, results. It'll start to change, right? Here's one changes when the manager the new managers installed because he will be judged even on the friendlies. And I would say the quarterfinals with the gold called seriously, they'll think about it. You're gonna have January camp. It's not going to have all your full internationals. It's going to have a hodgepodge of MLS. What about these high profile friendlies coming up next? Well, England in Italy, but we're, we're, we're not gonna manager for that. No, we're probably going to have Dave Sarkin again, I, but the the squad, though that is put out for those games because they're being played in Europe would probably be predominantly a European based American team which is going to consist of a lot of our best players. I'll kind of well hands where injury healthy. Yes, they are. It might be one of our first better chances. One of our first good chances to see what our first team is. Well, let me put it this way. If Sarkin sets the mope like he did in the first half against Colombia, they're going get tonked. Absolutely. Smashed. The second half wound down. They had nothing to lose and they didn't do it for the whole game, but they pressed a little bit and they won't a few balls scored a few goals. And I think I think if. If he's got a full squad to select, you should select it and play it, and they should have a goal. Don't sit back because England or England in the form of their inner probably going to cut your Sunder Italy to the hope to have a goal is all I'm saying. But again, it's going to come from the manager, a manager who's a lame duck, no disrespect to him, but he's lame-duck manager. He's not getting the job. Nobody has an acted like a lame duck manager. He's he has done everything that I think we should have asked. I think I think he's been brilliant this year, and I think the first sign that he ever showed me that he didn't want to get a smashing was against Columbia. The other night they sat so deep, the defendant on the eighteen for large portions of that game. He's, I've done a great job. I've grown to like him though, and I kinda like he wants the job and I sort of feel bad for him because nobody who nobody's talking about them on all what is taking his candidacy serious. No, but also don't forget that the minute he would put his name in the ring and say, I want to be interviewed. They would probably interview him on, you'll have all those people come the woods. And say, well, he's a legacy from the Bruce Arena era which he is on the b that going against him to. He never, he never chance if this was his audition, I would say he's done a pretty good job, but I don't think this is really mattered. I think that the die was cast long long before I would agree. I'll tell you what we're going to take a really quick break, so don't go anywhere. When we come back, we're going to talk to Andrew Erickson of the Columbus post-dispatch about saved. The crew hashtag saved the crew as it appears the Columbus Crew. It's not official. It's not official, but it appears as though the Columbus Crew will be remaining in Columbus. Stay tuned for that. If you're a smoker, you know, switching isn't easy. You've tried vapes and six. They just didn't deliver the satisfaction you expected, but jewel is different. It's not an e cigarette, it's vapor product that actually satisfies plus jewelers simple to use and there's no cigarette ash? No lingering odor as a smoker. You expect a certain nicotine experience, right jewel delivers give jewelry. Try check o. j. u. l. dot com. Mm, slash sports switch and be satisfied. Yes, you can't do both warning this product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical. Back now on quote off side. JJ it's is. A story now that we were excited to get into, because I think it's a story that when we first addressed it, I guess a little over a year roughly a year ago or so. It was this time last year. We were pretty much resigned to this being a bad news story felt like a story that was not going to end happily, but suddenly twists and turns and things about cap. And can I say, we're Ninety-Eight percent, what does it? They always say that the balls at the one yard line? Yeah, that's like the big line. Just sometimes goal line stance app, we have to cross the plan. That's right. Last year around this time, what we're kind of beating around the Bush with here is obviously the Columbus Crew. It appeared as though that they were going to be headed to Austin, Texas, and we had Andrew Erickson on with us from the Columbus post-dispatch back then to kind of talk about what appeared to be a really unfortunate situation for a really passionate fan base in Columbus. One of the banner clubs of of MLS of this league. And now here we are roughly a year later and it looks like the the script. Has flipped, and we have Andrew Erickson back on the program again, Andrew, what's up, man? How are you. I'm doing well guys and actually today's the exact year anniversary of the nets of records sports vendor. So this is this is good timing that we're doing this podcast now it was all planned out ahead of time. Yeah, I feel I feel as if we should all take credit for saving the crew right now on the. Yeah. Before we get into some of the nuances of how we got to where we are now, why don't you? I guess, update us as to exactly where things are with the crew in terms of their future in Columbus. So on Friday, there was announcement from MLS that the Browns under St. and Jimmy has one and Edwards famous family of Columbus, and they run it construction development company here have formed a group intent on buying the crew and key in keeping it in Columbus that obviously marks significant progress. I, you know, in in league conversations with perspective, owners here in Columbus, sets a path for keeping the team here in two thousand nineteen. Obviously that's not quite finished yet. But when you have, you know, in theory, local ownership combined with a committed a molested, keeping a teen ear, you know, it's like you said, it's at the one yard line at this point. Meanwhile, Austin look. On track to begin play. No later than twenty twenty one. Obviously there's some hurdles, Anthony, Precourt, and Precourt sports ventures have to clear down there, but that is the state of things as they are right now. Andrea, you wrote yesterday in the Columbus post-dispatch in a statement, Friday detailing their interest to by Cressey, keep the team in Columbus, Cleveland Browns owner. Jimmy, has them Pete Edwards, junior of Edwards companies of Columbus said there are still money details to be worked out. What are these details? Do we know why think it starts with the purchasing team, the actual figure at which the team is bought and and a source explain to us last week that how that will probably work is Anthony. Precourt will take his equity in psalm in less transfer that down to Austin. And then this grew this ownership group will spin will by Columbus operating rights from MLS directly. So that's who they've been meeting with. That's who they've been dealing with MLS deputy Commissioner. Mark Abbott has been. Columbus, multiple times that has seen the stadium site. You know that that this group views it ideal. So they'll they'll be dealing with MLS directly and I also lewd to it. But I think a stadium site and working out the future of where Chrissy will play after my free stadium is another part as well. There's a group of landowners in the arena district not far from downtown Columbus that seem amenable to working with this potential ownership group and and you is soccer stadium is possibility there setting. It could happen. It's just a matter of getting it financed and you know who pays for all of it. So those those are details still to be worked out. But you know those that ownership group in the league or are not going to make an announcement unless they're confident that that something can get done and get done quickly. Andrew with the story for me as an outsider to the situation, it just as we were saying kind of leading into here, it always felt like an. Inevitability that the crew to Austin was a thing that was going to happen. And then I kinda just like went online one day and it was like, oh, saved. The crew may have worked for me. It felt like it was a thing that happened almost overnight. But for you in Columbus, following the story, had this been building, had this been like getting closer and closer to happening for a while or was it just as much as the prize to you? I think I saw building over time and you know, I think about certain days where I thought of move was most likely, obviously very early on in the process. I thought, like you said, it was inevitable that just because of of the will of Anthony Precourt and Precourt sports ventures in what they wanted to have happened. It was just going to be a case where it was just a matter of time before before us and worked out. But I think once they got the term sheet approves in Austin, that was August that Austin city council voted to approve a term sheet between PSV in the city, and they started working toward a final. You know stadium and development agreement. After that point, it got very quiet in Austin, and it was it was almost like the momentum stalled a bit. And meanwhile, this perspective, ownership group continued meeting with the league. It seemed like the league was willing to listen as time, you know, dragged out further and Austin. It seemed like it was going to be difficult to get a team on the field and twenty nineteen. And at that point I would say late summer early fall is really where I felt the momentum start to shift that progress was being made and that based on a number of factors, it was going to be likely that something could be worked out in Columbus and that a team on the field and twenty nineteen in Austin was going to be difficult. So I think it was a number of factors, but overtime, I think you saw start to shift, Andrew. Let's talk about the new owners on wound. Part of the new ownership is the Haslem of the Cleveland Browns. How would you characterize their ownership of the Browns? And I suppose, are you. Confident that they can run a successful soccer club? Well, I I think that's hard to say. I think you know, at the very least they're, you know, they're operating team in Ohio. I think they understand the importance of of soccer in Columbus, and I think that they have connections to the Columbus partnerships specifically, see columnist partnership, CEO, Alex Fisher, you know that will allow them to get in touch with the Columbus business community in a way that was maybe difficult with Anthony Precourt. And so I think those connections will be there in terms of how much they're willing to spend to transfer in players or to to pay a coach or or for practice facilities. I think that's all to be determined. I think there's an understanding and you know a wealth factor there that you know that they want to do it right, but I think you know, that'll have to be proved over time, but I think you know what the Edwards family and Pete Edwards junior has been the cruise. One of the cruise team doctors since nineteen ninety six. And I think has an understanding of. How the league operates, how the team operates, what the Columbus soccer community is like and how to connect with those people. And so I think that's all you know, important stuff when you're talking about forming an ownership groups. I, I think it's still needs to be proved over time and you know, were a few days into into this announcement happening. So there's definitely more steps that need to be taken. But you know, I think they're off to a to a relatively promising start of the Columbus post dispatch. Joining us here on caught off-side Andro and ask you this. I guess I'll put his a qualifier. Tell me as I'm going through this question here, if my perception of the situation was wrong from the get-go, but with with respect to the league and Don Garber I felt like in the situation, at least to me, he was kinda cast as the villain that he wanted to team in Austin and things we're going to be moved in that direction, come hell or high water. And now this has happened. And I just wonder if. Maybe the way people looked at Garber throughout this process was wrong. I feel like people thought his his desire saying, I want to keep a team in Columbus may have been disingenuous. And now if that happens, I guess for lack of a better to do, we owe him in apology. Well, I think you could you both ways in in the first is that you know, back in twenty sixteen the league started to to make inquiries into Austin and made it clear to Austin city officials that pay solution for a soccer team in Austin as possible outside the parameters of expansion. So they kind of set the table for this to happen, and I think it is worth noting that the league was complicit in this happening. So I think there is, you know, some some blame due to them in that respect. But I think also, you know, even throughout this whole process, the city of Columbus and state of Ohio sued Major League Soccer, they were partying that lawsuit with Precourt sports ventures. They continue discussions with the Columbus partnership with these perspective owners, and I think became more comfortable with them. I think you know more vengeful league in away would've would've. Cut off, talk would have cut off talks and not made that happen. So I think some of it is is just the way things shook out. You know, obviously they're like we like we talked about their the momentum kinda went away and Austin that that opened up, you know, the possibility of talks with Columbus, you know. But I think I think you can kind of you both ways. Obviously, they were able to work something out with the the Columbus business community and with this perspective, ownership group. But you know, certainly were part of of these awesome discussions before they became public to ask a very naive question, but I feel like I'm going to ask it anyway with the best interests of crew supporters at heart. They were really the ones that we're going to be screwed in this move to Austin and on what was going to transpire on thankfully, has been saved from happening finds been crucial to keeping the issue of the Columbus Crew to the forefront and in the media. Is there any indication that the fines will gain a more active role in the running of this club? Vice. Porter's trust our via shares are, is this just going to be a franchise as we know it? I think it will continue to operate and then in the normal aspect and I think something formal, like a supporters trust or Green Bay Packers situation where the community owns the team. I, I don't see something like that happening, but I do think in recognizing the power of of save the crew and and you know the voice, they were able to have throughout this process that they will need to be consulted on certain things. You know, I think if your this incoming ownership group, it would be wise to meet with, you know, save the crew leadership or the fans to to get a sense of, you know what they what they want, and you know what makes a fan base successful in Major League Soccer. So I think there'll be probably more consultation and I think it's a lesson learned in that respect the last year, but I don't see any formal process by which fans old. We'll have a control over over the team. Andrew, last one from me. I'm curious about the players. This. I mean, I imagine, you know, obviously we know about we'll trap and his connection to the region, but have have you have we heard from some of these guys? Are they thrilled at this news how they taken the so far? I think so because throughout this whole process guys are coming up kind of privately and asking, hey, you know, should I be renewing my lease or not? So I have to make a decision on these kinds of things. So I think it makes those little aspects of life just a little bit easier. There's there's at least obviously in professional sports. There's not a whole lot of certainty you can be sold or traded anywhere at any given time. But I think for those players who were under contract for next year, just making it makes things a little bit easier. I talked to Justin Mariam today, who was, you know, very excited about the possibility of being here next year and consider Columbus home. And like I like Josh Williams who grew up in the Akron area and, and you know, really loves Ohio and so is is very again excited that the team is staying. So I think for the most for the guys who vocalized that are excited about the pasta. Ability of of of the teen being here next year and about a situation being worked out for you go, Andrew. How excited are you about the prospects of a ferocious, Ohio, Darby next season. I think it's great. I mean, I, you know, I was at that US open Cup game last season, and just the atmosphere was fantastic. So I, I think it'll be interesting to see she Cincinnati and its first year. What kind of team making field? Obviously they have. They have been into Audie and and some talented players on that team. And then in addition, the crew is going to be a very different team next year. When you think about the likelihood of Gregg, Berhalter leaving will trap and Zach Steph in likely entertaining offers from Europe and playing abroad. It could be a very different type of game, but I think you know, when you're talking about two fan bases that that care about their teams very much one, obviously, a little, you know, a little bit older than the other. You know, I think it's, I think it's a great thing for the state of Ohio. And you know, I think a lot of people are excited about the possibility of that being a rivalry for for years to come well, good stuff. Man, like we said, it's a story that we didn't. Always think was going to have a happy ending. But in the end it feels like that is the direction where we're headed. So we appreciate you on this one year anniversary of of joining us once again and and filling us in. Thanks man. Yeah, you bet. Thanks guys. Thanks to Andrew Erickson. It's a cool story, very happy to see it. And you know, you know what's kind of nice about it is. Yeah, I don't want the people the soccer fans of Austin to kind of be classified as like villains in this, like I know. But I the, the villain, I guess, was Precourt sports ventures. The villain might be the system Andrew, that's yes, I suppose, villain while what? A, what? A huge Tepe way of looking at it. Now the system is to blame, but. Doc, let's ventures is also kind of, but I, but I'm glad to know that like I want everyone to win like I want Columbus to keep their team and Austin a city with no professional sports teams. I think that in a young city like that, I think in MLS team being there is not a bad idea. So I'm glad also for the people of Austin who want a soccer team, so desperately that it looks like they're going to get one to blues. Are here really are if you believe Don Garber that he's cutting this off at twenty eight teams. The loser is whatever other expansion teams out. There were hoping to one day be included like San Antonio is probably screwed now because Austin is still going to get a team. So I doubt that they'll put you know with Houston, Dallas, Austin, I, I just don't see another team going to Texas Saint Louis who is Saint Louis such a soccer hotbed, but it looks like them coming in as an MLS too little too late about Eric Wynalda newly. Stalled is the Las Vegas lights manager Jos today that happened, and they did this coup launch video which I kinda liked and what about them? There's no way for no no way for them to go there trapped in US l. so, I guess those were some of the losers here. But in terms of like the key players that we've been talking about for a while it, it feels like everyone everyone is going to be in the end getting what they want, like it's going to be good PR for in the league. The fan bases of both cities seem like they'll get what they want. So hopefully if this continues to move on the trajectory that it's going, it's it's gonna be a good story. Opened the three tiers promotion relegation one day one day, but that days probably not today or next year or the year after probably many years after that. Red card. You wanna go first? Yup, England away. Topical sold this from the Mur. The FAA have voted to investigate reported violence involving England fans in Seville ahead of the nation's league match for suspend onto night riot, police riot police for the nation's league under dispersed travelling supporters following reports. Some funds had vandalized cars during drink fuelled night of antisocial. Behavior. Video emerged of England fans being chased in the city with the FAA moving quickly to condemn the behavior and outlying their intentions to combat the shameful antics. We condemn the unacceptable behavior witnessed incivility read a statement from the FAA. I wonder how they just that ready to go like copy, paste with the span fixture still to come on tonight. We urge those following the team to respect our holes and act in a responsible manner. The FAA will work in partnership with the UK football policing unit to help identify those involved. And we will sanction any England supporters travelled club member found to be responsible for disorder. It's just an another example of England fans going away on acting deplorably. I'm going to direct people towards a piece by Jack pit broke of the independent where he talks about why English fans act the way they do why they sing the songs they did. It was again another round of Islam, phobic songs anti Irish songs, anti-catholic songs. Again, he writes a brilliant piece which kind of gets into the psyche of the England fan and the coin too insular nature on the almost I suppose, invasion rely tactics that they, they seem they seem to have to take on when they go abroad. It's weird. Do they feel like they're playing a role life? Yes, is who we are. We need. He made his way. I don't get it and they sing songs about things. They're obsessed with the troubles in Northern Ireland obsessed with it, why? Some of these guys were only born like the guys that are in there if they're twenty. Some of the guys that were traveling the. Troubles was was was on its way out. It was. It was over the IRA were on ceasefire. I don't understand it. But again, they're making the headlines for the wrong reasons. And we will talk on the other podcast about the right reasons on England being rather Excellent. Let's see. My red card I went with Roman Lukaku JJ. I typically like we all know that Manchester United are in the midst of a rough patch, and we all know that Lukaku was also in the midst of a rough patch as the Belgian international has gone six straight games for his club without finding the back of the net, but instead of trying to emerge as a leader in a time when it feels like the United are void of them. Lukaku has decided to go the other way. Oh no. And exacerbate their current crisis by strongly intimating, his desire to leave. Here's what he had to say when the topic of him one day playing for you. Ventas came up quote, why not? Mkaku told Gazetta dello sport. I hope it happens. You've have a great project in place and they just keep going every year they get. They try to get stronger without doubt. You've air one of the two or three best teams in Europe. They've got a great coach on the bench and extraordinary players in every area of the team. It's not awful what he said and he could always say, I didn't mean now. I mean later in my career, but you know it first of all, it wasn't that long ago when United, we're one of the two or three best teams in Europe, but now the first sign of trouble instead of talking about working hard to try to turn things around at the club you're currently at, you're going to cut and run and take that route. It's a shame because I've heard so many good things about Lukaku a guy. He's a really good player, but I just feel like this has become too emblematic of the modern athlete that when adversity strikes the for the first thought is, how can I get out of this situation? Not how can I help I fixed the hear what you're saying and you're right to preface your comments by saying that doesn't seem like who Cocco is because look at the way adversity. He was born out of enfor adversity -solutely and he had to fight his way to the very top. He grew up in poverty. So I think this is a reaction to the flack he's being taken from United. It funds from non-united FRANZ. I mean, he had that Instagram post last week where he was on about like classic fourteen year old girl stove, haters, gonna hate or something like that. It's not. He's frustrated and the reason I say it's like emblematic not of him specifically, but of montlake I didn't like when Kevin Durant left Oklahoma City to go to Golden State lays dick out that bothered me to your close man, like try to like you can do this. I don't know. I just Lukaku a great player and United are going through a really bad time right now, and I just like, who is this helping to say, yeah, I would. I wanna play for you. They got a great coach. They're like, I, I don't know it just if our United fan I would. I would read that in thought, you know what then go like, you know, if you're not in this to help us get out of that, then we don't even want. I would like turn on him off, maybe an ugly part of me. I don't know. Stop the nonsense knuckle down. Yeah, yeah. Caught off sides, man of the match. I'm curious for yours. Yeah, Chelsea, f c, I read this in the guardian a few days ago on. Really wanted to talk about it. This is from the eleventh of October. If you want to check it out, Chelsea want to send racist supporters on trips to the Nazi concentration camp outfits instead of imposing binding orders the club own. The club's owner, Roman Abramovich Jewish is that the forefront of the initiative designed to tackle antisemitism among fans. Chelsea want to offer supporters caught being racist the chance to attend education courses at the second World War concentration camp in Poland, instead of being banned from attending matches at the primarily club. If you just ban people, you will never change their behavior. The Chelsea chairman, Bruce book told the sun. This policy gives them the chance to realize what they have done to make them want to behave better. In the past. We would take them from the crowd and buying them for up to three years. Now we say you did something wrong, you of the option we can. We can bind you or you can spend some time with our diversity officers, understanding what you did wrong, Chelsea publicly criticised number of their own funds for anti. Chanting against rivals, Tottenham and September twenty seventeen book said it is hard to act when a group of fifty or one hundred people are chanting that's virtually impossible to deal with or try to drag them out of the stadium. But if we have individuals that we can identify, we can act, the club sent a delegation to outfit for the annual March of the living in April while one hundred fifty staff and supporters went on a ditch rip in June to the site which once housed Nazi death camps while Poland was under German occupation, that is fascinating. Isn't it? The thought of cl- soccer clubs taking on the role of like almost like correction officers, like re trying to rehabilitate our ethical educators that's like a totally new realm for a team to get into. I'm not saying it's a bad idea. It's a really interesting idea. I think it is interesting. It's challenging on. I think it's important. I would not. I don't want to tarnish all Chelsea fans, but I will say they had a massive problem, particularly twenty years ago, like huge. They're away support as documented in the McIntyre undercover documentary which is on YouTube. They were just apartment antisemites racists, and they will travel across your spreading this through violence. So for Chelsea to take this on head on is it's really, I think it's reading northward. I think it's really good of them to do. It will work. It's better than bonding, I think. Yeah, it probably is. But boy, that's that's just a very, it's a such a different route for a club to take. It's very secure. I wonder if if this will happen and well, I'm going to try and follow up with Chelsea f CNC does. Let's see. My man of the match is peer company. He is the father of Manchester City's Vincent company. He also was recently elected mayor in the municipality of Ganshoren in Brussels becoming the first black mayor in Belgium's history. Wow. He arrived in Belgium in one thousand nine hundred ninety. Five is a refugee coming from what is now the Democratic Republic of Congo he only became active in politics about twelve years ago. Vincent took to Instagram and posted the following. After this became official quote history. We are so proud of you. Dad came over from the DR Congo as refugee in nineteen seventy five now gain the trust of your local community. Becoming the first ever black elected mayor in Belgium. It was long overdue, but it's progress, massive, congrats. It's and massive, congrats from us as well. Very cool. PR company mayor I ever black mayor in the country of Belgium. Wow, that is fantastic. And you know, who comes out of the guys guys documentary very well, Vincent Vincent company and his his father-in-law, who's a Man United supporter. Their interaction in the living room was about the best documentary out to offer was. So it was so cool. Why seen it written about Vincent company that you know as his, you know, injuries have plagued him of what could be what has been a brilliant career, but I think he knows where his career is headed and he has now kind of made it a point to, okay, I have this gift of having pep Guardiola as my manager, maybe the best manager on the planet right now. And he is kind of taken it upon himself to shadow him and to observe him and just take on and suck in anything that he can from pep before his career. And so it seems like you know his his father clearly is a leader and it seems like Vincent company shares a lot of those traits and who knows where his career will will be headed. Next row between Vincent companies. Father story on the aforementioned Lukaku story. There's there's some serious amazing immigrant stories come to Belgium, so great stuff. Let's see our thanks to Andrew Erickson from the Columbus post dispatch talking about save the crew. We've got another podcast coming out for you. It depends on you're listening, but probably sometime Thursday afternoon, go through some of the some other stories from the international break should have Miguel Delaney on that podcast as well. And a big what to watch for is couple. Not a ton, but a couple interesting primarily matches as the league returns. This was fun. My friend to you. I say, take, I'll say, let's cycle home together. Listening to cod off side soccer podcast.

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